Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1931 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 26
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\ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 17 1931 HOLDOVER STEERS ARE DRAG ON MART PRICES HIGHER IN EARLY HOGS Boost Comes as Surprise in Selling Side; Lambs Slightly Higher. ..CHICAGO, March 17..OB--Good grade steers held over from the unsatisfactory market yesterday add- ed'sufficient numbers to the 5,500 head of matured cattle in 1 today's run to take the edge off the market in the opening. rounds. Commission men were anxious to be rid of. these 510.00 cattle, however, and many loads of heavy and'longfed corn, belt steers sold at ?9'.50 to $10.00, about as they .were bid yesterday, with shippers doing most of the buying, Limited supplies of light and cheap steers and broad demand for · light butcher stock made the. rest'of the early cattle market steady with the day before. . - . . i · ' · ' . - : . Stronger prices in the 1 early Hog market were somewhat of a surprise to even the celling side, as there was,little in the usual indications of the trend to'point toward an active session. Dressed pork was In light demand at most . eastern points, the run at 11 markets exceeding last Tuesday's by 1.500 with, 81,800 against 71,300 at that time, and Chicago's supply of 21,000 was augmented by 8,000 holdovers, lightweight hogs sold at th2 highest prices paid Monday in-the opening- trade r at $8.15 to $8.25 for choice ,180 to 210 Ib. kinds, while 250 Ib. butchers made $7.75. -, :', Encouraged by continued bullishness .In. ; -the'; dressed lamb market yesterday and a' Tuesday run at Chicago of only 15,000, Compared to 25.000 a week" ago today,'sheep merchants held out. for . slightly higher prices at the outset and best grades were offered at $9.25 and better. Medium weight fat lambs at $8.25 down were the first to move, however, and this was considered - about steady with yesterday. Packers took'1.369 directs. HORS closed' very alow unevenly steady to lOe.hlnher. 'Cattle finished steady and «hecp fully 25c higher. .cost Monday 17.08, weight Including 6.40; averagi 270. ' . CATTLE 7,000, Including 000 calves; Jed steers and yearlings slow', steady to weak; she «tock weak; bulls about steady; vsalere weak, to EOc lower; stackers and feeoera scarce, steady; red steers and yearlings mostly J78.25: Jew loads J8.5fl@8.75; yearlings up to S9.2S; heifers mostly ?8S7.25; bulk beef cows $4.2505.23; cutter grades J303.75; medium bulls S3.75g4; few heavy bee! hulls ?3.75; practical top vealers $7.50. ' SHEEP 11,000; Iambi 25c higher; sheep and feeders -Btroag; early sales Jed wooled lambs -90-9B Ib. averages $8.6508.75; top cars to: shippers J9, average 77 ibs.; ewo top J4.0Q; feeding lamb: .up to 58.25. KANSAS cits'LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, March IT. (.T--tJ. S. department of asrlculture-- HOGS 6.000; 280 direct; strong to mostly lOe higher than Monday's average; top S7.7!i on 170-220 Ibs. Good and choice 140-1RO Ibs. $7.10£»7.70: 160-180 Ibs. VI.25@7.75; 180-200 Ibs. J7.35O7.75; 200-220 Ibs. J7 45 @7.75; 220-250 Ibs. $7,40®7.75; 250-290 Ibs. S7.25S7.60; 290-350 Ibs. 57.loe7.40; pack- Ing sows'275-500 Ibs. $6.15@d.75; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 Ibsi-56.75®7.50. CATTLE : 5,000; calves 300; generally steady; rather 'alow on fed steers and the belter kinds of light yearlings; early top light. weight steers $9; steers, good and choice, 600-900 Ibs. S7.7SeiO.25; 900-1100 Ibs. J7.75@10.25; 110Q-1300 Ibs. $7.75010; 1300-1500 Ibs. J-7.75@10: common and medium 600 Ibs. up 55@7.75; hellers, good and choice, 530-850 Ibs. »6.50®9; common and medium 350-850 Its. 54.25®6.50; cows, good and choice »4.75@6.25; common and medium $4®4.75; low cutlet and cutter S2.75© 4: veilers (milk fed), medium to choice $5«f 8;~cull and common 53.5005; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice Call weights) fft.755r8.75: common 'and medium (all weights) S4®8.75. · LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 17.--Estimated receipts of hogs, .6,000; cattle, 8,000; cheep, 10,000. LATE SELLING DROPS GRAINS Favorable Crop Reports Act as Bullish Factor in Market. CHICAGO, March 17. UP-=Late selling which developed on price bulges in wheat had a bearish effect on all grains today near the close. Favorable crop reports about domestic winter wheat came from the southwest and North American export dealings were, apparently at a standstill. Government-sponsored agencies were said to have offered wheat abroad but effected no sales. Wheat closed heavy, unchanged to 1V4C lower; corn «@!Ho down; oats unchanged to He up and .provisions showing a rtaa ot Market Notes By TICKER TAPE 2 to 10 cents. Local Hogs MASON CTTY, March .17.-- Best ·sorted lightSi-180 to 230 Ibs., $7.30; best medium weight "butchers. 210 to '260 Ibs., $7.10; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs,, $6.80; beat prime heavy .autchers, 310 to 3?0 lbs.; : $6.60; nest packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., $6.00; best heavy .sows, 360 to 400 -lbs. r $5.^0. ' : . - :: '"'.' CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, March 'if.'- UP-- United States *ebartment of. agriculture -- . ' UOQS 21,000, 41,000 direct; slow: steady to 'IOC -higher; top" $8.30; bulk 140-210 Iba. $8.10@8.25; 220-320 IDs. J7.I6O8.00; pigs S7.257.75: -packing sows 36.25SP6.60; light lights HO-160 Ibs. t8.10@8.25; light .weight 180-200 Ib3. 58,1508.30; medium weight 200250 Ibs S7.6Q@8.25; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. J7.00®7.75; packing BOWS 275-BOO Ibs. «.20®6.65: slaughter pigs 100-130 Ibs. J7.CO ' ' MVESTOCK FORECAST. .CHICAGO, March 17. (.JP1--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 8,000; hogs 19.000; sheep 12.000. · . Representative Sales BEPBESENXATTVi: SA1ES CHICAGO. March 17. i W)--ReprescntnUve sales aa selected by tli« United States department or- agriculture-CASTLE g+eers-- · · Heifers-10.25 10 649 B.25 10.00 23 658 8.50 . 9.50 19 853 7.50 9.00 12 98-i 8.85 8.75' COWB-- 20 23 22 36 24 25 25 IS 33 22 17 16 Native 225 118 120 158 85 117 78 173" 240 113 90 159 10 32 30 MOO 1150 1150 1273 1042 992 1229 97B 1087 1065 912 1020 . S81. Larahs- 78 85 ' aa 75 94 9S 85 72 81 MS 105 71 03 69 63 1265 1140 985 857 8.15 21 S.25 12 8.00 8 7.75 10 7.50 , 7)25 . 7.00 SHEEP . Fed Weslems- 156 · 85 800 87 910 96 750 '98 2SO 102 Fat Ewea-- 6.60 5.25 4.25 3.25 30 64 22 n 10 121 125 160 150 IBS Heavyweicht-- 38 , 334 63 312 52 2B5 53 ' 2 8 1 55 ' 269 82 263' Medium Weights-^ «4 246 7/85 68 231 7.7S 85 , 228 '7.H5 81 t-ZlS - 8.00 57 211 8.10 69 i 203 ' 8.20- 9.50 B.40 9.35 9.25 9.15 S.OO 8.90 8.85 8.75 8.65 8.50 8.25 8.00 7.75 ' 7.00 HOGS Light Weights-- ·fa 187 192 ' . 180 32- 177 69 168 45 162 " Light Lights--14 153 27 149 55 142 IB 136 9.50 ».35 9.25 19.00 8.75 7.15 7.25. 63 7.30 . 77 7.40 7.45 7.60 5.00 4.8.1 4.75 8.25 8.15 8.20 8.10 8.25 S.13 8.1-J 8.20 8.10 CHICAGO CASH OHAHf CHICAGO, March 17. Lin--Wheat--No. 3 hard 79@79Vlc. Com--No. 2 mixed 62«@%c: No. 3 mixed 60W«f01 We: No. 4 mixed SSVlW^c: No. 5 mixed 58c; No. 1 yellow (old) 66«c: No. 2 yellow 63063Vic: No. 3 yellow 60@ 62 c; No/ 4 yellow 58@61e; No. 5 ycMow 57M@58c; No. 2'white S3Mc; No. 3 white 62®63c; NA 4 white 5814c; No. 5 white 58c. Oats--No. 2 white 32c; No. 3 white 31Hc. Timothy seed S8.5508.75. Clover seed 512.00gH9.50. Lard 9.22. , Bibs 11.50. Bellies 11.50. ·' MASON CITY GRAIN MASpN CITY, March 17 . Barley 30c Oats 22c Shelled corn, No. 4 43c Ear corn ^.............40c GrainFutures CORN -Mar. \old.. .. new. . . May old. . new. .*. July ....... Sept ........ WHEAT-Mar. old. . . . new. . . May old.... new... July ....... Sept ........ OATS-Mar. old . . . . May old. .. . new. ,. July ....... Sept. ....... RYE-Mar. old. . . . old . . . . new. . . TUBS DA V GRAIN CtOSK. CHICAGO, March 17.. (/PI-- May July Hog Markets . · CATTLE 5,500; talves 1,000; killing quality plain; largely steer .and yearling run with lower grades predominating; desirable light mixed and heifer yearlings strong; selling mostly at 57.50SJ8.00; with a sprinkling at fO.OO- and hitter; not many steers Here of value lo Bell above »9.00; most early aales being at $7.00©8.50; slaughter cattle and vealera, steers' good and choice fiOO- SOO Ibs. t8.7S@ll.00; tOO -1100 lb. 53.50® 11.00; 1100-1300 Ibs. $8.50010.75; 13001500 Ib?. $8.GO@10.75; common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. JS.258'8.50; heifers good And choice 550-850 'Ibs. 58.0009.75: common and medium ?6.00@8. 25; cows good and choice 9,5.0007.00; common and medium -$4.25@ 5,25; low cutter and cutter J3.25©4.25; bulls {yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef] J4.254J5.75: cutter to medium 13.7504.75 vealers. (milk led) good and choice 56.50® S.50; medium '$6.0006.50;. cull and common 54.00^6.00? stocker and feeder cattle, steers good and choice BOO-1050 Ibs. $7.25®8.50 common and medtum 55.25 @ 7.25.. SHEEP- 15,000; strong to unevenly high «r; fat lambs active; several loads to outsiders $9.25@9.35; some held higher; packers mostly 58.75@0.25; cBppors 57.50@ 8.25. Slaughter sheep and lambs; X*ambs, 00 Ibs. down, good -and choice $8.75@B.fiO; medium S7.SO58.75; 91-100 Ibff .,. medium tu choice 57.25^)9.25; all weights, common .S3 O7.50; ewes, 90-150 Ibi. $3.5005; all weights^ cull and common $2© 4; feeding lambs', -60-75 Ihs., *7.65@8.25. SOCTH ST. PABT. 'LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL,, March 17. UD--U. 8. department of agriculture-- CATT1.G 2,300; steers and yearlings In fairly liberal supply; bidding weak to 25c lower on these. Best heavy steers .held around $9; other desirable offerings considered salable at ¥-©8.60; ordinary short feds down to $8.50 or below; ahe fltoctc alow and weak; fat cows mostly $5.25 and down; butcher heifers largely I5.256.00; cutters and bulls steady. Calves 2,500; market about steady considering Improved quality; good grade vealers mostly }8; choice kinds $£. HOGS 9,500; .market steady to strong; Bome sales medium and heavy butchers 10- · 15c higher; top $7.60; paid for sorted kinds around 200 Ibes. and down; most 220-240 . Ib. welgbU 17.2507.40; early bulk 240-300 Ib. -weights *7.S5@7.40; early bulk 240-300 Ib. butchers »7®7.25; fnw heavier weights down to $8.85 or below; both pigs and llgtit lights $7.60; sows $5.75@a or better; average cost Monday 57.18, weight 238. SHEEP -700: market steady to 25c higher on fat lambs; few natives $8@8.50: strictly choice fed -westerns considered aalable up to.58.75; lirowouts-J6@7; few native ewes 530*. · · . B; THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa market* Tuesday: CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hoga: Mediums ;"@7-20; heavies 56.75® 6.85 r llfchta J7fj) 7.20; packers 55.50S?B.lo. DES aiOINES--1,100; steady; prime lights {0.90S7.30; prime mediums $6.75(07.25; prime heavies 36^35@7.10; good packers 55.5030.10. OTTUJRVA--100 higher; 120-150 Ibs. {5.30; 150-170 Ibs. J6.00; 170-220 Ibs. 57.25; 120-260 lt». J7.05; 280-300 Ibs. *8.75; 300. 350 )bi. JO.-15; over 350 Ibi. 18.15; goad packers 15.80; fair packers $4.CO. WATERLOO--Prime boss. 180-220- Ibs. S6.90@7.20; 220-250 Ibs.. JO.SOCI'T.IO; 250300 Iba. 16.4093.70; 300-350 Ibs. $6.20@ 6.GO; good, packers J5.80@5.Q3. · . Mar. ....... May ... ---July ....... BELLIES-May ...... July ....... High .63% .6354 .65% .66=4 · 67ft .67% .79% .63(4 .03 % .37% .1?* '.4U4, 9.27 : 0.45 .63% .0014 .6614 .7954 .79(4 .611k .02 H .321,1, .32% .3256 .32'i .37 y. .39% 9.20 0.30 .63 i .64* .66 Vi .66 M, .79 «, .79 U .30'.! .32V, .32 »; .37% .39 to 9.22 9.25 9.37 11.45 11.55 Another advance In the price of silver to a new high on the movement was the chief bull argument Monday and it found reflection In stocks concerned such as International Telephone and Telegraph and International Match. Otherwise there was nothing In the news that could be regarded as having any bearing.on tha market The treasury estimated that the first quarter .Income tar receipts, would be around 5100,000,000 or 15 per cent less than last- year, but the market seemed to show little concern over this apparently because It had bsen generally expected.- TELEVISION ANNOtJNCEStENT ASOCSES ELECTRIC ISSUES Westlnghouse Electric. General Electric and other Issues concerned with television showed buying Interests on reports that television broadcasts would be started In New York city within the next two weeks by an undisclosed group. Interests Identified with the long side of the market In Columbia Grapho- phozie were less enthusiastic, altho both jt and-Radio-Corporation were turned over In large volume but at moderately declining prices. IE tho much talked of merger of Columbia Graphophone and. Graphophone, Ltd., U consummated, Radio Corporation will benefit thru Its 57 per cent ownership In the latter. DIAMOND MATCH IN GOOD POSITION , , International Match -was" also helped by an analysis of the company prepared by- one of the largest Investment houses which pointed put that this year's earnings may ap7 proach J10 a share and' that the stock wag entitled to an Investment level between 75 and 90. Strength (n Fost«r-Whc«5er was it: trlbuted to the .belief that an Important announcement would be forthcoming soon. Statisticians figures that ^Diamond Match's earnings last year amounted to 51.09 a share on the new stock. The performance of Union Carbide Indicated satis faction over last, year's results. Expansion of activities mentioned In .the annual statement was favorably regarded. Vanadium's earnings were about In line with expectations.- The group working In Weatvaco Is said to be the same as that In Mead-Johnson. FIRJINESS DISPLAYED BY MOT01J 8HABES Firmness displayed by tna motor stocks directs attention to the fact that they have undergone deflation for some two years, while It Is iust about 18 months -since the rest of the list was at the peak. The highs of -1929 were 91% for General Motors on March 24, 135 for Chrysler on Jan. 2 and 118% for Nash on Jan. 25, for example. The decline before the crisis In October had already been fiubstantlal. Earnings fell off la 1029 thru sales, particularly of low priced cars, held up. For 1929 and 1928 respectively, shares earnings.-were S5.49 and 56.14 fnr General Motors, 54.9* and J8.40 for Chrysler and 30.60-and S7.63 for Nash. The merger results In 1930 were responsible for the reduction of dividends from $6 to 54 by Is'ash and from $3 -to SI by Chrysler, while extra dividends that amounted to GO cents to 1929 were discontinued by General Motors altho the regular S3 dividends have been maintained thus far by the latter. STEEL PRODUCTION SHOWS INCREASE Steel'lngot production In the Chicago district was sJIfihtJy above BO per cent of capacity at the opening of the week, a gain of more than 2 points and the highest rate of the year In this territory. Steel sheet out- pUt waa at 70 per cent of capacity, compared \vlth 60 per cent last week. The sharp Increase In steel Ingot and sheet steel output In the west was the result of the receipt of a largo number of miscellaneous ordersi most ot which were labeled "rush',' delivery. Additional blast furnace and open-hearth capacity -was. added by leading producers here. STOCK MARKET IS UNSETTLED Bull Aggressiveness During Morning Strikes Strong . -Opposition. NEW .YORK, .March . 17. UP)-Bull leaders in today's stock market found Wall street stubbornly refusing 1 to" ignore the current low level of corporate profits, despite promises of improvement later in the year. Bullishness' developed some aggressiveness _ during the morning but' selling of the electrical equipment and rail issues unsettled the market by midday. A somewhat cheerless report by the president of Missouri-Kansas-Texas, in announcing discontinuance of dividends on the common stock, initiated last year, was a bearish influence. During the morning, several of the utility, food'and-merchandising issues worked substantially higher, Public Service df New Jersey and General foods, each rose 2 points to the heat levels of the year, and other issues rising- a point or two included U. S. Steel, American Can, American Telephone, Electric Auto- lite, International Nickel, Woolworth, Nash and Byers. Westinghouse Electric and Baltimore and Ohio lost 2 polrits each .and Eastman and Columbian Carbon about 4. General Electric sold off a point. Conditions in this market, however, continued none too encouraging to traders favoring either side of the price movement. Against the decline disclosed no important volume of stock for sale. Bears nowi have to contend with the widespread belief that the business cycle has reached bottom, and is slowly bend- inp upward. President Cahill of the Katy. railroad, in discussing the dividend action, declined to make a prediction as to the near term outlook, but was of the opinion that 1932 will see B, return of good business. Selling of the electrical equipments appeared to be based on trade reports that the incoming volume of business is none too satisfactory. Credit continued in excessive supply in the cal! loan market, with outside offerings at 1 per cent. STOCK UST NEW YORK STOCKS. · NEW YORK, March 17. UFO-: . Final Quotations. Reduo .100 K C So Kelvlnator Kennecott · Kresge Kroger Lleg i My B Air Allegheny Al Ch 4* Dye 160'4 Allls Chal Mfg 36Vi A m . C a u . 122% Am Car A. Fdy 35- Am Coral Al - 12 H Am For Pow 45H Am Intl 20%. Am Loco 27 ^i Am Pow T 57 Am Rad St San 20 Am Roll Mill- - 30% Am Sm " Ref Arn Steel Fdrs Am Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Arm of 111 B Atcfti^on Atl Rel Auburn Aviation Corp B O Bamadall A Bendlx Av Beth SI CHARGES PLAGIARISM Loose Wiles. Lortllard Louis O 4 E A i. GRAIN OPEN ' . ' · · · CHICAGO, March 17. UP}-- IIOQ FUTURES CHICAGO, March 17. ;P)--Hog futures- Offered. LIGHTS-April May Sept. 8.25 MEDIUMS-Mar. 7.S5 May 8.80 HEAVIES-May ... Sept 8.75 Sept Bid. 8.00 S.OO 9.00 7.7E S.OO CORN-Mar. old new... May old new... July '... Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old - new... May old.... new... July ;..:... Sept. OATS-Mar. old.... n e w , . . May old.... new... July Sept RYE-Mar. otd new... May old new... July Sept LARD-^- i Mar. May July BELLIES-May July : Close Yr. Ago. .63% ,.8154. (First Half) (Last Halo 1.05 % 1.07% .82% .60 H . .10.13 . .10.35 . .10.55 . .12.87 ..12.75 Close Yes'd'y. .62% .03% .(J5lt .86% .67* .67 «, .79 » .70% .81% .S3 .03 '.i 1 .63VI .30 '. .3211 .32!! .32% .37% .40% .41% .41!i .42% 9.20 9.20 8.32 11.3S 11.60 Open Today. .63 Vi .63 VI .65W, .79W. .70% .81% '.83 M, .62% .62% .30 VI .32% .32% .37% .4011 .41 .41» 9.20 9.30 LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER Curb Market 9.00 COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, 1 March 17. un--U. S. de partment of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration ards and 7 packing plants located In In- terlor'Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 10,300 compared with 11,300 a week ago. Market strong to 15c higher, mostly 5-15o higher -than Monday's average with receipts comparatively light In most sections; sovta steady to lOc up; bulk 170-230 Ib. averages 57.107.45. Choice' 180-210 Ib. weights up to 57.50 and slightly higher at some stations; 240-270 Ib. weights largely $6.75®7.20; few big weights down to around 58.50. Quotations for ' good and choice: Light lights, 140-160 Ibs.. $8.6007.40; 180-200 Ibs. $7.15@7.50; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. 57.1607.50; 220-250 Ibs. »7®7.45; heavy weights 250-280 Ibs. $8.70@7.25; 280350 Ibs. ?8.45®7. : Good packing sows 275-350 Ibs. 55.703 6.25; 350-425 Ibs. 55.50ffl5.85; 425-550 Ibs. $5.23jj-5.65. KANSAS CITY GRAIN KANSAS CITY, March 17. (rtV-Wheat 86 cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 70@73c; No. 3, 701$c; No. 2 hard 70S71c; No. 3, 69V4©70Hc; No. 2-red nominally 72 «j)7Sc; No. 3, nominally 70®72e. Corn 69 cars; unchanged to %c lower; No. 2 white 66c; No. 3, 53c; No. 2 yellow 57V6c; No. 3, 05057C; .No. 2 mixed 54%c; No. 3, 5305-ic. . . Oats 4 cars; unchanged; No. 2 white nominally 33®33We; No. 3 nominally 32%©33c. Rye 41%4c' Barley--Nominally 4014 @44c. GRAIN MARKET REVIEW. CHICAGO, March 17.-WHEAT--A weak turn at Winnipeg and an easing In- corn'prices, turned^a^ steady wheat market suddenly downward ID the last few minutes'of trading.-July declined to 61%c, within %c, of the low of the season. Support came mainly from holders of bids, but It was Insufficient to stem the decline. News of the day was not convincing either way. Liverpool failed to fully reflect our advance of yesterday, while Buenos Aires -was higher. presumably.- because weather conditions were leas favorable. Only a small amount . o f . Manitoba wheat was taken for export. The farm board was. said to have offered overnight, but had no acceptances. Bfoomhall reported that Australla hod ^sold 10 run cargoes to China In the past few days as the result of the sharp upturn In silver. Crop advices were generally, favorable. See nothing, but a trading market ahead awaiting developments'. CORN--A reflection of yesterday's advance was seen In the large offerings iof corn today by the country. Bookings were 45,000. These offerings dlil, not have much effect on the cosh'situation, but they depressed the futures and with the weakness In wheat turned corn downward. Many buyers of the morning: became sellers late In the session, the closing tone being heavy. Shipping demand gave some evidence of Im- provenmnt. March com at Rotterdam closed today at 10 cents over July. It was reported that largo shippers of South African corn were -buying back previous March and April shipments contracts to Canada. Should tho opening tomorrow uhow a further recession think It would be good place to purchase for moderate turn. Liverpool due 7ic lower. NEW YORK, March 17. I/T)--The curb market was. quietly firm today. Here - and there an Issue moved into new high ground for the year as speculation .for the rise met with a thin volume of offerings, but fluctuations generally were small. Metal aircraft and food specialty shares provided the futures of the advance. Mead Johnson .was actively bought during the morning when U rose more than 3 points to a new high, "but -the advance was largely lost. Douglas Aircraft 5 made another new high. Noranda Mines and Newmont were strong, the former pushing thru Its previous high. Zonlte Products exceeded yesterday's -best price; which had been a-new 1931 top, and there was an upturn in Van Camp Packing. Ford of -England and Stutz Motors moved In opposite directions, the latter sag- ging'about a point while, the shares pf the British' Ford · company rallied. Deere . and Glen Alden were steady." · r Strength of. United corporation pulled the warrants to a new hi ph. Oils were mixed. Standard of IndianaVia prominent, moving up the better part of a point while Vacuum' and Humble eased. Cities Service was firm around yesterday's higher levels. Call money 2 per cent. Mack Math Alkali May D S 50% Maytag 27il McK ft Rob 53 V4 Mex Sea Oil 183VJ Mid Cont" Oil 118% M K T 705i Mo Pac 38 Mont Ward 2 Morrell 185% Mot Wheel 19V4 Nash 194H Nat Bis . 5 Nat C R A 72V4 Nat Dairy 12 Vi Nat Paw L 22 U Nat Tea 60S N Y Central Bora en 74 M NY Nil t H Borg Warn 2Six No Am Briggs 21 NO p M Burr AdJ 2SVi , Oliver P Cal Hecta 9*i Otis St Can Dry 36 Pac G E Can Pac . 41H Packard Case 112H Pan Am Pet B 34 Cerro de Pasco 27^ Para vPub 44 Ches 4 O 40V4 Pathe Chic Gt W BH Penlck Ford Chic Gt W p« 23V4 Fenn C i N W 37 VU Phil Pet C R I i P 58V4 Pills Fl Chrysler 231i Proc t Gam Coca Cola 16014 Pub Ser N J Col Fuel lr 25 Pullman Col O E 42 ti Radio Col Grapho 14 Is Rad K O Coml Solv 19 Vi Reading Comwlth Bo 11V4 Rem Rand Congoleurn 10 Reo Consol Gas 106% Rep Et] Contt Can 57% .Hey Tob B Contl Ins 48% Roy Dutch Contl Mot 4 St L San P Com Prod 84 V, Seare R Cudahy, . , 48 Shell U .Curtlss-Wr 5VV Simmons Deere pf 21V6 Sinclair Drug Inc 75ft SkeJIy Du Pont »99 V.i So Pac · Eastman 134 So Pr Sug El Pow L 56V4 So Rail Erie 30 Stand Brds Fox Film A 33% St Olt Cal Preeport Tex 36*1 St Oil N J Genl EU 5014 St Oil N Y Gen Foods 53 Stew Warn Gen Motors 44% Stone Web Gen Pub Ser. 21 Slude Gillette 32VI Tex Corp Gobel ' 8'«i Tex Cult sul Gold Duat . 39% Tim Roll B Goodrich 18 Union Carb Goodyear 48V4 Unit Alrc Gran Paige 4K Unit etc Granby lOSi Unit Corp Gt No Ry pf 61V4 U S Ind Ale - - - - - - - ·- u s R u b U S Bmelt 5-i U S SUcl 8 Vanadium 5 Vi Wabash 5311 Ward Bah A 22 Vi Warn PIx 11H W Mary 73*4 West Air 4 West B i 3 VI Willys Ov 56 Vi Woolworth 18 H Wrlgley 36',4 Yell Tr 74V4 Youne S 4 W CHICAGO STOCKS · By The Associated Press. Beat Creamery . 78V1 Mld-w U 0 pfd 100 Cen Pub Ber A 19V4 Midland U pld 20% Cities 'Service 18V! Nat Stand 32*i Gr Lakes Al'rc 4V4 Quaker Oats Grtgsby-Grunow 5% Rath Pack Insull Ut Inv 4GH Swift Co Katr Drug 24V4 Swift Intl Kell Switch OW Unit Gan Llbby McNeil 11 *i U S Gypsum Maj Household SVi Utll Ind Mld-W Utll 24Vi-Zenith Gt No 1 Ore ctf 21 Vi Gt W Sugar Griff Grun Hahn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Ind Ref Int Comb Eng Inll Har Int Nick Can I T ft T Johns Manv Bond Market 33V 43 40'.. 22 VS 110 88 V4 85% 52 4K 14 Vi 52V4 10 2V4 44 5BVi 12 Vi 35 93% 24 V^ 21% 75 15V* B« 21V4 7251 39% 36 5SK 8H .18 9W 98 *, 11H 19;t 85 45% 45% 22% 20V. 47% 30 " 52 «i 57 . 66 34 Vi 0 30 Vi 69 Vi 17 V4 24% 14 5 VI 67 17 VI 24 VS 13 Vi 16 34V4 Mfg 87% 64 77 14 20 VI 160 29 4 38% 10 Vi S51 4'.i Claiming that Eugene O'Neill had purloined material from a book of hers to write "Strange Interlude," Miss Georges lyewys (above) has started suit in the federal court, New York, against the- noted playwright. STATE SCHOOLS TO ENTER MEET High Schools Will Compete in Sole State Indoor Tourney April 4. IOWA CITY, March V 17.--More than 30 of the state's high schools are expected to enter the University · of Iowa's tenth annual interscholastic track and field meet in the Hawkeye field house April 4. Held by invitation of the Iowa . high school athletic association, the meet has a 14-event program and ; is open only to athletes from Iowa schools. . Entries close, with G. T. Bresnahan March 30. The meet is the only indoor championship affair for high school athletes held in the state. GORDON KILLING LEAD BLOWS UP Man Who Named Murderers Confesses He Wanted to Sell Story. NEW YORK, -March 17. Another lead in the Vivian Gordon murder mystery dissolved into thin air today. A man who named to police two men he said committed the murder, broke down and admitted he concocted the story in the hope of selling it to newspapers. At first the informant said he was George Hennessey, but later give his name as Teddy Spanish. His first story was that the day before the red-haired vice graft tipster's body was found in a park with a noose about the neck, he met "two Italians." The Italians toW him that if he had any messages for -Miss Gordon he should deliver them at once, because "she is leaving town tonight." Despite Spanish's repudiation of the story, District Attorney McLaughlin said he wjuld seek to hold him as a material witness. MALLARD ENTERS PLAY WITH VETS MALLARD, March 17. UF--A tfeajn of veterans, experienced in the gruelling play of the high school basketball finals tournament will represent Mallard high school at Des Moines this week-end. The Mallard quintet, one of the two teams entering the final tournament for the last two years In succession, boasts a record of 16 victories and one defeat during the regular season; This includes triumphs over Spencer, Emmetsburg -* and Plover, class A teams. The lone defeat was by a narrow 21 to 20 margin at the hands of · Swea City. Mallard has drawn one of the toughest assignments In the finals tournament, meeting the strong Roosevelt high team of Des Motneg in its first round game Thursday evening. In the sectional meet at Plover, Mallard scored three victories, amassing a total of 107 points to its opponents' 33. Its two the district tournament at Spirit Lake netted an aggregate victory of 71 to 48. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LABISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 s. de- OMAHA. GRAIN. OMAHA, March 17. I/P1--Wheat--Hard No. 1, -70^5c; No. 2, 70@70c: northern spring No. 2, 88®70\4c; mined No. 3. 67c. Corn--Yellow No. 2, 55%@S6V4c; No, 3, 53«c; mixed No. 3, 52c; No. 4, Sl@52%c. Oats--Not quoted. \ PRODUCE MISCELLANEOUS B1OTTX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 17. UFl--V. partment of agriculture-^CATTLE 2,000; calves 100; /ed yearlings fairly active, steady to B Irons; matured steers unchanged; she stock firm; bulls and vealera little 'changed; -Btockera and feeders steady; led yearlings $9; good medium ·weight beeves held above 18.75; bulk (T.25 (38.25; few loads heifers ?6,50«7.50r choice heavy' feaahera $7.75: most,.caws I4.25 S.25; majority medium bulls J3.75a4; odd lots fltockers up $8-25.. HOOS 7,000, 75-billed thru: fairly active to shippers; mostly 10-15C higher, for 160240 Ib. butchers; 300-S40 Ibs. 10-20c up. others dull; packing sows 10-15c up; 160'"190 Ib«. »7.40S?7.60; top J7.60; 200-220 tbs. *7.25®T.30; 200-240 Ibs. »7.15tfJ7.40; 300340 Ibs. ?7®7.10; packing towa largely $6.2.-. 136.SO. SHEEP 3.000. fat lamhr opening aroun.1 3Sc higher io-aMpperg; odd lot* locally ft;d wooled lambs J8.75; holding fed western offering* considerably higher or around .$9; aged sheep and feeders scarce, steady; fe^ f*t ewes J4.2S; quotable top J4.8S; feeding Iambi uJable *S down. OMAHA MVESTOCK. OSfATTA, if»reh 17. (JP--U. S. department of ngrleulture-- HCOS 12,500: fully 10-20C higher; top 17.75 on 1RO-200 )b. lights; bulk 170-230 Ib ·welchU *7. BOO 7.75: 230-280 Ib. butchers *7.25@7.SO; 280-350 Ib. averages $7ff7.25: picking lows 2Ic higher, mostly $8.259 POTATO MAKKET CHICAGO, March^.17. #·--U. S. department of agriculture--POTATOES--122,. on track 260; total United States shipments, 743; slightly stronger trading, moderate; sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round whites, 51.40 to $1.55; mostly $1.45 to $1.50; Minnesota round whites, $1.30 to $1.40; Idaho Russets, No. 1, $1.50 to $1.70; mostly $1.60 to $l.t5;- commercials, $1.35 to $1.45; No. 2, 1.30 to $1.35; Colorado brown beauties, $1.65 to $1.75; red McClures, $1.90. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS, MarcU 17. UK-Flour, unchanged. Shipments, 33,809. Bran, $17.00 to $17,50; standard middlings, $16.50 to $17.00. NEW YORK SCTOAR. NEW YORK. M«rc)l 17. I,T-- Raw susar steadier at 3.20C. Raw futures at midday 3 to 4 points net higher. Refined unchanged at 4.40C. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOtEDO, March 17. W--Seed unchanged. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, March 17. im--Hay, H cars, unchanged. · MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 17. ,,T--Wheat-138 cars compared to 125 a year ago. Unchanged. Cosh, No. 1 northern 73H®77'Ac; No. 1 dark northern, 12, 13, U and 15-per cent protein 7440'7754c; No. 1 dark, hart Montana H per cent protein 73'Ac; to arrive 70!4@71Wc; No. 1 amber durum 70lfc ®73',4c: No. 2 amber durum 68WS71V4C; No. 1 rrf durum 63',4c: May 76%c; July 68Kc; Sept. 81«c. Corn--No. 3 yellow 53J5Bc. Oats--No. 3 white Barley---31®52c. Rye--No. 1, 33 Flax--No. 1, tl.52mii)1.57\i. Hammond Five Shoots 2,892 Totalfor Top BUFFALO, N. Y., March 17. (m-- Various teams m the A - m e r i can Bowling congress t o u r n a - ment will attempt to wrest the lead from the Phil Smldt and Sons five. Hammond, Ind., who shot into the top spot Saturday with a 2,892 total. Paul Day, 21 year old Louisville pin smasher, crashed thru to the top in the all-event division last night with an aggregate total of 1918, displacing Charley Daw, Milweukee by 65 pins. Change Baseball Rule INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--A change in the rules of the American Legion Junior baseball program w!l! permit teams to enroll 15 players this season. MASON CITY, March 17.-Cash Quotations by 23. G.. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) 16c . PODI.TBX Stags 13o Heavy hens, 4% Ibs 14c Light hens lie Old cocks, heavy 8c Ducks .: 12c Geese " c Mercbnnts Quotations. Eggs, in trade 20c Eggs, cash · · -18c Butter, Plymouth ,. · · 3?c Butter, Clear Lake 3ic Butter, State Brand 36c Butter, dairy -29c Potatoes 35c. and 40c a peck CHICAGO POULTRY" " "~CHICAGO, March 17. CiF)--Poul- try, alive, 1 car, 21 trucks; firm; fowls, 23.00 to 24.00; broilers, \\'~ to 2 Ibs., 36 to 38; Leghorn broilers, 30 to 32; roosters, 15; turkeys, 25; ducks, 20 to 23; geese, 15. NEW YORK, March 17. I.T)--There .was no doubt ot the trend of the bond market today. Issues which were not higher were usually steady and quiet. The firmer tone. In rail issues, which appeared yesterday broadened out today and higher prices were the rule. Missouri Pa clflc aeries F 53, Pennsylvania General 414s and series r 4Hs and New York Chicago and St. Louts 4^a of 197S were some of the more active obligations to go higher. Philadelphia and Reading Coal . and Iron 63 made a good jump on Btcady trading. Atchlson ms ot ItMS, international Telephone 4^3, Krueger and Toll 5s and Loews 6s also were higher. . The advance was less marked among foreign obligations. Australian '5s of 1857, Brazilian 6Hs and Uruguayan 6s . mado outstanding gains. ' , Most public utilities - were steady and quiet. American and Foreign Power 53 experienced some selling pressure but the trading ia most members of the group was limited. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 17. I.VI--V States government ' bonds closed: Liberty 3V4s 101.27.- First 4Us 102.27. Fourth 4Vis 103.28. Treasury. 4!ia -112.0; · Kelvlnalar Corp 14 Vi Lambert Co 85% Liquid Garb Cp 52Vi MathlesDn Alk 25-% JfcK Robb 13Vj Nev Cons Cop ISV'i Otis Steel 14Vk Pathe Exchange 2 Plllsbury F4our 35 Pure Oil Co 9V1 Purity Bak Cp 54 Reading Co 77 · Reo Grande Oil 7V4 Reo Motors 8X Schulte Re Sirs 8'.i So Calif Edison 52Vj Standard Brds 19% Superior Oil 1U Tobacco Prod 3Vfi U S Real im 32% Vanadium 67 Wabash Ry 17 VI Western Myld IS . Western Union 138 V5 Wrlgley Jr Cb 77W HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 808 Fifth Street Southwest Horse hides .$1.50-52.00 Cured beef hides 4'/aC Green beef hides ....'. ..3%c CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO. March 17. t. : P)--Butter. 15.597;. unsettled; creamery--Extras (92 score) I9c; standards, 90 score carlots) 29c; extru firsts 90-91 score) 28Vi®28V4c: firsts (6889 score) 27827«c; seconds (86-87 score) 25®26c. Eggs, 31,595; easier; extra firsts 21c; frcnh graded firsts 18V4W19C; ordinary firsts 1S«: storage packid ilmts 21Sc; storage packed extras 22Vic. I-ROnUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 17. 1P\--Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts. March 21c; i!o. April 22y,c; refrigerator standards; Nov Butter futures closed: storage standard!, March 25Me. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. KANSAS-CITY, March I f . /T)--Hens 18 819c. Other produce unchanged. NEW YORK POULTRY NEW YORK, March 17. · «·--Poultry- Live, not quoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK. March 17. (.PI--Eggs, 54,696; Irregular. Mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected heavy 24@24VSc; extra 23 023Vc; extra first 22@22Vic: first 21'Ac: storage packed, closely selected . heavy 24 ft 24Vic; extra first 23©23Vic: / first 22® 22V£c; medium firsts 21c. Nearby and nearby western hennery white, closely selected extra 28@27%c. Butter, 18,610; · steady. Creamery higher than extra · 30^30VSc; extra (92 score) 291.4c; first (88-91 score) 27@20c. Cheese. 300,416; steady. NEW YORK STOCKS Ab P P Co 11V4 Indian Ret Am Beet Sugar 3% Am Car Fdy 35 Am Metal 21% Am Tob . HR?s Am Zc Ld Sin 7 Ar ft Co B (111) 134 ABSOC Dry Gds 27Vi Baldwin Lo 2S-JS Brlggs Mfg Co 21Vi Bust Co 43i Burr Add, Marh 28W Bush Terminal 27VI Butt« Cop Zc 2 Calif Packing 43'M Com Credit 22Vi Coml Solvents 19 V$ ConL Motors 4 Cont Oil « 9V4 Cudahy Pack 48 Curtlss Wr pfd 7 Davl Chemical 10V^ First Natl Sirs 54% Ftsk Rubber % Gen Mills.. 46 !4 Hershey Ch Co 97 VI Hous Oil (new) 12% NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Am For P Co 26% Hud B M S Am'Gas * El 81% Am Sup Pow 17% Ark N G A 5% AS30C G 4 E A 22% Can Marconi 3V4 Deforest Radio 6Vi Durant Motor 2% Elsler El 4% El Bd Sh 67V4 Ford Mo ol Can 27V4 Ford Mo of Eng 171t Fox Theaters A 4% Hecla Mining 6% CHICAGO STOCKS All Mo Ind 2% Hor G A Aub Auto Co 18 4 "A Ben Av! Corp 22% Borg-Warn Corp 28 V4 Butler Bros 6V4 Cont Chic Corp 8?k Chic Inv 3% Cord Company 10V4 Gt Lakes Alrc 4 Grigsby-Grunow 5Vi MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS Ft Bk SK Corp 22S MINNEAPOLIS CR.AIN MARKET CASH SAI.KS Flax 152V4 to 157'.4 Humble Oil Niag i Hud No Am Avl at Pennroait Corp S O Ind S O Ky Trans Air T United Gaa Un L P A U S Eal Pro A Utll P L Vacuum Oil Walgreen Drug SH "57 15 3% 7VS 32Vi 22 Vi 5% 10 31* 00 Vz 12% 56 « 26 Co 26 Keysto Bt Sc Wl IOV, Nat Leather % Nat Standard 32% Quaker Oats 160 Unit Corp «« U a Gypsum 44 VS U I Corp '8% U S Rad Tele 30VS Crack Legion Team CRESTLINB, Ohio. -- McWhirter post 488 of the American Legion-is sponsoring a Legion basketball team thp.t has defeated most of the teams in this section of the state. Most of the players are former !et- termen of various Ohio colleges. ' Clubhouse Planned BURBANK, Cal.--The" local post of the American Legion recently voted to purchase a lot where it la olanned-to erect a clubhouse soon. Plans for the proposed building will be drawn and submitted to the post membership at an early date. New Type of Tunnel Will Test Airplanes STRATFORD, Conn., March 17. (UP)--A new" type of wind tunnel for testing model airplanes to determine structural weaknesses--a vertical tunnel--has been constructed here under the direction of Prof. D. E. Olshevsky of Yale university, the instructor. The tunnel was constructed . by the Sikorsky Aviation corporation at its plant here after Professor Olshevsky had convinced Igor Sikorsky, the Russian airplane builder, of its practicality. 'Advantages of the vertical tunnel over the horizontal, according- to the professor, are: The verticil! air stream results in an experimental section easily- nccEEsifole and observable thru 360 degrees. IOWA TANK MEN DRILL FOR MEET Lob dell, Champion,, Diver, Injured as He Makes Big Showing. IOWA CITY, March. 17.--Athletes who helped the University of Iowa team to share second place in the Western conference championship swimming- meet now have started . preparations for the title affair of the National Collegiate Athletic association. It is likely that both the 400-yard tree style and 300-yard medley relay teams will enter .the meet at Chicago March ,27 and 28. Ixb(lell Receives Injury Wentworth Lobdell, who successfully defended, his Big Ten fancy diving: championship, will be unable to compete in the national meet because of a fractured wrist, Coach D. A. Armbruster said Monday; On his next to the last dive. Labdell struck the springboard and his right wrist-bone snapped. He came back for his final attempt and scored the points which made him champion. The star had been incapacitated for five weeks with a knee injury. Last March the lowau was runner-up for the N. C. A. A. title. WhenHhe lowans scored 20 points at Ann Arbor last Saturday they exceeded all previous high scores made in conference title competi-. tton by Old Gold teams and placed the-university higher than ever before. Northwestern, 1930 champion, was forced to share second place with the Hawkeyes. The best previous Iowa performance was five years ago when 11 points netted fourth place. Five Swam on Teams Five men swam on the two relay teams which scored half of lowa'a points at Ann Arbor. Hurry Ha. 1 ?- kins, Steve "Nielsen, Ray Mohl and Jack McGuire formed the team which won second in the free style relay, while Mohl and Haskins, with the addition of.Rollie Evans, were the medley relay trio, winner of third place. William McCulley. who in winning second in the 44,0-yard free style placed higher than any other previous Iowa distance swimmer, is likely to try for a place on the free style relay team, passing up the individual event in which he would have little chance to pJace against several Olympic swimmers. Bobby Jones to Meet- His Rival Von Elm SAN DIEGO, Cal., March 17. /Pl --Bobby Jones, golf dom'3 king, will meet one of his greatest rivals of amateur days, George Von Elm, now a professional, in a charity exhibition match at the Agua Calienta Golf club Sunday, March 29. Jones will pair with Leo Dieg'el, former national professional golf champion, now pro at the Agua.Ca- liente club, against Von Elm and Mortie Dutra, professional of the Virginia County;:,club, Jxing -' The match ^wili- Davenport Police Get Permission for Radio WASHINGTON, March 17. The radio commission today granted application of the city of Davenport, Iowa, for a permit to construct a radio broadcasting station to be used by the city police. The. station will operate on 1,712 kilocycles with 50 watts power and unlimited time. Brookline Movie Fans Soon to Have Theater BROOKLKINE, Mass., March 17. (IIP)--Brookline, wealthiest town in Massachusetts, soon is to be introduced to. something new in the way of local entertainment--the movies. A" theater, now being planned, will be the first cinema house in the town's long history. Citizens only recently approved the idea. Previously, movie fans had gone to Boston. Mother of Assistant Attorney General Dies WASHINGTON, March 17. (JP-Mrs. Electa Richardson, 87, mother of Seth Richardson, assistant attorney general, died today-of in- [uries received when struck by an automobile last Sunday night. The accident occurred near her home as she was crossing the street on her way to church. Her body will be taken to Ortonville, Minn., where she once lived. Iowa University Alumni to Hold Waverly Banquet CLARKSVILLE, March 17.--Uni vnraity of Iowa alumni of Clarks- yille will attend the banquet to b" held at the Guild hall in Waverly Wednesday evening. The afterdin- ner entertainment will consist of Iowa songs and Iowa talks. The main address 'of the evening will be Tlven by a member of the faculty from Iowa City. EXHIBITION BASEBALL SAN ANTONIO--New York (N) 9; Chicago (A) 6. . ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--New York (A) 8; Boston (N) 6. ' BRADENTON, Fla.--St. Louis (N) 7; Philadelphia (A) 4. L A K E L A ND, Fla.--Cincinnati (N) 12; Columbus (AA 11. SAN FRANCISCO--M i s s i o n a (PCD 8; Detroit (A) 6. HIS PILES HEALED AFTER 35 YEARS Missus--Dfia'-. I nrw the sweetest litf.lft hat d-vvTown today. Mister--^Piit it on and let mo see how-you look in it.-- Mr. John A. Raab, Dallas City, El., was entirely healed of Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering for 35 years. He urges all suf ferers to write The Thornton Minor Clinic, Suite 420, 926 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., for a new free copyrighted book which explains a mild, sure treatment for hemorrhoids (piles) and all forma of rectal diseases. This treatment 'ios restored more than 40,000 peo- ·ile to renewed health in the past 53 years. In writing for the book, there is no cost or obligation.

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