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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 29, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. 15 CUANCERT. Archibald Monw. IN persuance or a 1 decretal order Of . ' Abraham Sprwc - teen, jr. . - 1mm Powell and Du - hi Riker. thii booorable court road in the abort caase. will be told at nob tic auction, at the XoatHM t'oCee House, in the city ofNew - Tork, uvter tlit direclioa oi inc tubtcnoer. one oi ine mss - ars of this court, oe Monday, the 27th da of A prii nexl, at cievea o'clock In the foctoooo of that daw fourteen Vein. nine noatba tod fir ! auaaniMd term o a curiam lease of all tbt ixU. pari oq (be north aid of thoae Unto certain lots of ground Nl anted ia tba seventh ward ol the city of Ne - v - fork, oa tnteait two m jeneraoa - atreet, dittiogiriihtd ia a map mad of the land of Henry Rutgers, by number! nine baodrtd Md thirteen, rim bunoreu aoa ranta moo tmc - dred and Alteon l botnded wrtterly ia front by ImlTrrtrmtrfpt i easterly in the rear by lot nam : ber nil ir hundred aadiixterai ortherly oo one aide by Division street t aoutiwriy oa uienui - er aide by the remauiiag five tixlh of tht afore - taid M. aumber eine hnodred aad thirteen, aW hundred aad fourteen, and nine beadred and and WVet coataiawf in orwuin, ia irom rear, uioe'eea feet, aod m Miigio ivwr '" Wt. be U mt more or lest, oa each iidei always excepting from off tin rear, or et ead of tbe (aid lot, a pnstege, or rorw, of aiae feet, tor It aseof id lot ad those td.tounng To aether with Oie dwelling borne and buildup erected and built a poo the aaid prtnuats, and tbe appurtenance thereunto belonging. Dated WfT CHAS.O.TEaRIS.: - Master m Chancery. The abort property will be told Kudu tbe di - rtxtioa of tl tubscribsr. ' . . , JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter in Chancery. snh tothtfiApftfeAPtXMw ' fr - r - TV lalseftha above nrooerty it pott - pmedtoT..jrday text, tbe 30th Want, at It O'cioca, MUteaaimwaca. JAMES A HAMILTON, . ab27dl Master ia Chancery, iWioassfrurg JWnaiee flood md Brldgt The ttockboUlerfr art rtaneitcd to at teod at the ttort of Milet Hilcbcock, corner of Maidea Laoa and Nattaa ttntet, from IS to I o'clock on Monday, the 1Kb day ofMayaext, for the Dtronae of election nine director, to aia - aage the affir of the company for one ytar Iron uataay. new - iora, npm otn, itio. 8AM. 0B0a, Secratary. anttwSw . Atacoortofrbaacery held for the ataie afNew - Sork, at tbe city of Albany, oa the tisteenlh day of Marca, u ine ear of oar Lord one thowtad eight baadred aad eignteeu. ' The honorable Jamet Kent, Etqalre, r aa akai ak . . ' Chaarallnr . .Tlmaa Uaaea M. I . JowphAoaahieaadr'obaBi - ii. "IT ktinearina: by the af davit of Samuel 8. Car - TS" . . I ... .1.. mt, - m kalk niiMtr. Bnira d m. uu utulchu a u la um. 1 . 1 f ! II L ... . I A .1 J .i I.L. BUiell re idee at Litchfield, ia tbe lUte of Con aectirot, out of tht iaritdictioa of tiiit court On motion of 9. W. one, Caqtire, tollcitor for the complainant, it it ordered that tbe iikI John Biuell docaute hi appearance to be entered find hi uwer to be filed in tiiit caote, within four moatlit fmm tba date of tbit order, or in default tbeftoi mat ine coropiauiiwvt nm oi compiamt batakea pro - confeito again! him. And it it further ordered, that a copy of tbia order be pab liebed. within twenty dart from the date hereof, ia one or mora of the public newspaper printed in tin itate, for tbe tpace of eight week tuctet - tiveiy, one at lean u every wee a. a t 'in ir i rip ,, . - tahWfaw8w Attiitant Ref itter. ' IS CiiANCtRY. etnte of New - Tork, u. I!f purwance ofon order of tbit honorable court, beanos date tbe lUtb day of January, 1818, will be told at pahlic auction, at the Tontine 1 Coffee Houie, in tbe city or iVew York, ander tht direciioo ol the tubtcribcr, at one of the mat ' tert of rhi court, ia Itparuit lolt or oareea, oa 1 hartday, tht twenty uura nay or July ntit, at twelve o'clock at aooa, All tbott certaia pie - cat or parcvlt tad tract of land, knowa a the north tail tectioa of tbe tenth towmhip, ia the twelve town ta Tioga county, being let Not. ; W, tf, ta, 13, 30, 3, and 3U. Lot No, t0 contain about eighty acret t lot No. t7,aboutone hundred aad avt acaet t lot Wo. f.8, 39. 30, end . thirty two. each etataiaing oat handred aad four ' acme, three fourth and 36 rode of land t lot No. 3D roataiaa 80 3 4 and nineteen rod. Alto, wttt half of lot So. S4, which half contain 61 acre. And aknlotaMoa. I, 3, 4, 0 and 7. oa Uie gfa lying weaterly aad adjoining oa iitd aertheatit tectioa. and wat torvaved aad ad ded to aaid aactioa to make ap a deficiency in aaid tertioa. bv a mUtake ia a former tarvrr. Said lot Not. I, , 3, 4 and 0, enntaining about . Art acre tach I tort lot no. 7 about twenty five l ogeiner wtio an ana nneaiar, ine pre' iei aad appurteaance. Dated April IB, 1818. JAAle.9 A. HAMILTON, ' ap 18 lawtdt Matter In Chancery. FRENCH ACADEMY. No. 109 broadwav, ffy Mr. SUCHARD avail himself of thU medium to offer hi thank to those pnreatt . aad Btnrdian who have mtruttad bim with the care of their children, altering them and the pub lie that the tame unremitting attention to their atudiei aad comfort, and lenient and gentle mode . of treatment shall bt observed, that ha met their general approbation and patronni . - One of the principal advantage of (hi ettah lirhment, which ha already met with arrest en . coaragcnieat, iitheeatira eirwiionof all but the French lanatace It the a eneral conversation of the school. I ktrtftrt it u la b Mmdtritotd thai none will t tdmilUd tut rwA at vUf nil tatma A ranch tthuiar: Fenmanhip tnuarht by aa English matter. Tbe number of acbolar w limited to 15. - la addttioa to the mnv respect able referencea Mr. 8. caa give ia tbit city, he 'thinkt that tba most satisfactory are the parent of hit Mtarat scholar. An evening tchool, for the accommodation of ' gent'eaa wbOMenggeasentj preclude aa earlier ato - aoaaoa. - Fee tenat apply a above, frost 1 J t 3 o'clock ! 6T Tat Spaoiih Langwng taagtit in a epa ' rate amrtmeat, by a Spanish gentleman. apW aodtw MJ and retail copper, pewter, tin, and (beet iroa kiU - W fumitore WARE. HOUSE, ffo. 38 .wajuaa - iane, ew - York: where mar Beat riaia and plaanwhed block tin cofiea poU Do. do. tea aad coffee urn 1V. Do. Do. D. do. newest pattera duh covert do. castas plate end toaster aac and stew pan do. do. tea aad CEnoeJsU . . .f" "Um copper, pewter, Mock - tin, " ""i - u iui a aiaoeiaciured and sold, on the must reasonable term, at their factor - , do. 71 ralUtt iireet, between Tnemea's - ball and Olld - ttrael. N, B. Wholerala orderi esecuted ia tba best auKier, nan at u lowest ptices. ap8 aw2w .VeubFern Soriit l.tlrttr Notice i fxreby srina, that the armeal tkcUan for twelve trustees of the New. York Society Library, will bt beJd at the lihruy in Va. laa - street, oa Tuesday, th VWh iauxnl, fmm n(H - .bJl two o'clock f. M. Diied tpni i3ih, apUeodlw (T BOSW1XL LEMOIKK (eaotetiote to aad recoetaMaded by WiUiaa ft Htary lilt all) traaaact readae aad aoamiatma baaacta, Pefertbarg, (Virginia. - ; ' ' Theyooraiioaally make astvaacct apoa tea - ttgitarolicommiited to their charge - RaMaace in iVew.York la Metwt. Campbell Laurence, and Wat. aad Beat!. Craig. mh30od6w , A r - RiVAi tfaayotaflmroectabUity, vubeitoobtaiatwo or throe coaUi permaoaat boardera. Tbe aitaalJoa bauy er tha Citv.HalL Tor a larM treat bmodjoaMly fura - bad, eickt aotlart par wook ifaeparata rooaM are required, they caa hare tbeai. . A liae directed to H. Y. arith Base and irr to be fbood, aad Uft at tbit o&ca, will be atteadedio. :. A rented respectable yonnf lady, wba wWbet toreMdeiaapriTBU faaily, who caapeyonlr a aaull eaai tor board, and would make aertelf weful by ateiftior with her needle m the faaiily, would bear oft Mtaatioo by directinf a line to D. H. aad Warier it at thit office, with, aame and the place at which to be called ea. ap 94 ood3f e' - 't . t'OH SALE. A eery valuable FARM, aear Eliza - bcthtown, in Neweraey. containine; 109acret, with every improvement neceatarv fnr a nna. Will bt told very reaaonable, and the termi made accommodating, or will bt escbanged ftr pornerty in New - Tork. I'oueasion may bt bad at any time 4. H. UltWHCAt;!, ap 17 3Uwlm No, 55 Pinetreet. AJfl U U M M A.' A very profitable FARM, of 110 acre, ird under cultivation, the mi doe wood land, titaate oa the tea thore, a quarter of a mile below the Barrow, oa the Btatea .Hand tide and a tbort ride from the tteam boat ferry iaadiof. It civet a very eitenaive view of tht bay and et t iron of New - York, within tht Marrow, aad of Bandv Hook and the ocean - tor proaiiect euualled by none. Tbe title it uaqoeitioaabi, 1 wo iniru m tne purcnaae money may - remain tecoredupoatnt tana. Apply 10 A . u. ron - tawoa inepremitet, orio W. A. 6EbT, 143 Creenwich - itreet. TO LEI', a convenient new t itory houie, adjoining the above, with a garden and about aa acre or lead, t or term apply at above, aih 3 eodtf McaaaT bii.i. waaiioa novt. t TO LKT. k 11 From the fint of Mav neit. the houie knowa by the name of the " Maaion Hoote of Murray Hill," about three and aa hair mile iron tbe city I bounded oa the Harlem Road. The boeet ii convenient and roomy, and would an twer for a gentleman' tumater retidence, i hoardinc tchool or public houie. Tliere are a bout 4 acret of c round beloocuir to tbe prrmite. divided into a garden, orchard aad I two. There it alto oa the premitet a ttablt and coach boo, eat - boete, Ice. aad a well of good water. Tbe building it handtomely tituated, commanding a beautiliil protpect and convenient to the public road. Aa laduilnout gardener would be more than able to pay the rente from tlit fruit aad vegetable which ne could raite The property will be rented very reatonabl to a good tenant, for further particular, enquire oa inn premitet. or aino. 7 raatuea - iant. apiaeoaii Oll BALK THEtimeofatmart black Girl, that caa do all kinda of houie - work aad cookinr. uchaioecear) fbralaniily, ortailable lor a public boute. 8he understand cooking of oy - ten, beaftteaki, tie, and would bt a valuable acquiiitioo to any public hooae , a i reference would be civea to any pcrton keeping the nme, thM retidet in the country. Bold For no other reatoo than the want or a matter. For further particular, inquire at the corner ol Broadway n. II. But l tow at bar owa request. ap9 tf PROSPECTUS voa roBi.inninio av soancairrioir A MAP OF MEXICO AN L) LOUISIANA. ' I MIE publicatioa of thii Map hni been under L taken with the impression, that it will ea hibit iniormatioa, hiahly intrrettiiur at thit event' lul critii, aad the valuable Ma which the au - thor hu procured, durini hiitevera) tour through aiexico, in uie yeon iuuo, iov, iuiz, iuij, IUI6, 1016, tod 1817. induce bim to beltive that the Map, with even all it imperfection, will he ich the most perfect which bat appeared be fore the public. Tbit Map will contain the laleit and belt in formation irom tbe ditcoverie aad poetetiioni of the Amerkaa, 8panih, Rustiaa, British and French travellers and navigator and repreteo - tine the claim of their retuective Kovernment oa tht Northwettera coast of America. Tbe Map will include that portion of North America, which lie between the lithmut of Da lies, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and .1. : j . : . . ' . 1 1 . ... irua iuw juiMiMippi luver wetiwaraiy to we ranuo ireran. In lite the Map will be about tlx by five teet. and will be projected on a scale of 40 mile to the inch, to be delivered to the lubtcribert at fifteen dellartrscb. Natche,Mrrh7.miB. ap7Ml WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and successful use of thi ointment is a ludicient recommendation, a it ha been found to be a pleatant, safe and certnia re medy lor mat uiMgreeanie disease m ail it tla r. it I lor tale hi the city or New - York, by A. ft W. R. Poet, No. 41 Williamtreott I. 61 T. (Jlark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; It. H Schieffelia ft Co. No. 193 Pearl - it rest i Law rence ft Keeee, No. 195 Pearl - ttreet i Hull A Bowne, 148 Pearl itreet ; R. ft L. Murray, 313 rtan - sireet 1 1, fa. Braununt, 314 rean - ttreet ; Joha Penford. No. 4 Fletcher - treet : Durvee ft Poe, in Pearl - ttreet i Joha C. Morrison, IflS breeowKb - itreett John r. risher, IW Hroud way t Walter t Seaman, cornel of Chamber - it, aud Broadway, and also ia Chatham - street t aad in abort it may be procured at most of the Drug sMoret ia thi citv Alio in Pbilailelnhia. of 8. Wilherell Son ; George llarrell , North ft R free rs, and almost a 4 the druggUt ia the principal lowm in in umusu etaie. - S.IKEWI1C. WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may oe nan at inn anove pine. aa zz om BALUABLE REfAL ESTATE FOR SALE, in tbb citv or aaw ioaa. ?IVE lot of ground oa the wct side of Green V wicli - ttreet, between Veitry and Detbrot tet - itreett, U hy 80. Four do ia the rear of the above, fronting on toe east tide oi wasninctoa - ttrett, Zo by r.u. - tight do in the block below, between Wash mgtoa aad Wcst - ttreett. Ia Mnntromerv Coantv. 6000 arret of Land lo Lawrtnce't purchnte. aear East Canada Creek, oa tht north tide of the Mohawk. In Frank Ha Coaal v. 15,169. acre of Land, ia tbe town of Mount Slorn and uayton. In Essex Coantv. ?83t acret of Land ia the town of Barryttort la tht Cotmty of Lea - is. 1t50 acret of land ia Caaterland, Chattanit Pure base. la Saratoga County. C800 acre ia Palmer' Porrhaie. Enqoirt at tbe office of the btcriber, 34 Ce dar - tret, BEV. RODl.XSOV mhlTtf PRA.1CIS M'GOWAN. No. 128 Fly Mar f k' t. sertibf of the very liberal - .nrrxir ce ment he hat rec ra ved tiarw hi commcoceBienlin business, aad feetiaz cooadent that no rxtrtioat oa hb part shall be wanting to aterit a emtio - aance, wsorms hi mead aad the public that no pains orexpeece oa oea) 'avoided ro ortaia a Mock of tts but liqaort of every description. imn can ie oepeade'l on mr their puniy. Having null rrraioerit", wl i! - at Charlrs - toa, toracoaslaniswpply of GREEN TURTLE m their season, be wfl' be enabled to furnish toep of aa excellent qaMity. nHninS,itTwl7,,,M ' Mbcriher to aa . W !iA.RV' be oa the table every day at Ron, (ne prirate psrlies, at a short notice N. 8 Ssip, Btef - iStr.ks. Oyitcrt, Mat loo Chnp, ad Rtiiiijo alaUUtoa. tpt3 !.tlNGriK6?f eOL'R fiTOUACH, traied ia the diaappoiatatrwt of thoae who unror - tanatety letrormiderit, a thaj, for the moat part, AmI thtf after hitine tried BUI tbiet M lit Je or wo purpete, they are at laat obliged to ate (for peroaia we reauiuaer nc turn) aaui caa at beet bat fallialt the dueate. Under toch ciw iMfta, anv atedicina raDable of remo ving the complaint, mutt turely be aa article highly deterring tbe atteatioa of atl th wt who art aJtOicted with it tach a combination it to lie m .ilk ia DR. MEAII'H ANTUUYeEf - YU1 ar STOMACH PILLS the leccem of which hu never yet been equalled, for the cure of dytperaia in it mott complicated form, tach at loe of appetite, aau tea, heartburn, flutalee - cy. knawiog paio ia the atomacb, paia in the tide, great coetivenete, palenem ia tbe countenance, languor, lowne of tpirita, pain ia tbe head, virtign or gidilineaa, and disturbed tlcep. Whoever applies liiete pill in the above diteaae, accordinc to the directiua, will never be ditap - poiated, a tbey have never beta once known to fail ib proaucin a iwuvai uhi )hiiikw The ateofa tingle bos will convince the moot enbelieving of their efficacy. They will moat ellectaaily remove aUtoaraett of the ttomacb, not merely by neutraJiiinf the acid, bat by cor - rectiaf that morbid rUt ol Iberecretion which givea me 10 ii, ana at wm Mm to ibadrbilitated organ of digestion, that tone aad vigour which iiabaolotely neceatarv to the well brine of the animal economy, rrice one dollar per boa. For tale by JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggitt, No. 1 88 Green wicb - ttreet. Where mav be had. wholeiale and retail, a large and genual attortment of genuine Drug! ana jneoictnea I ourgeuna iimmiiKnui au 'ary'Ulatt'WaielJIunBna nnwricu lent Medicine. Alio, Dyer'i and Fuller' aiU clet, Medicine Cbttti, Uc. Oa liberal term. rohM Sra odthiii diitrict or naw - Toac. t. nD it remembered, That oa lb terond day U of April, in tbe forty tecoadyearof the Inde - wndfura of the United State of America. Wil liam Jobiwon, of the laid dirlrw t, bath depoiited in tbit office Uie title of a booR, tnc nxnt wnereoi he rbiinii a author, la the word and oguret 101 lowine. to wit : " Report of rare adjudged ia tht court ol ChaacervofNew - York; by William Johoton, Coaomllorat Law, voL II ; containing the caae from January, 1810, to September, Hill, tnciu uve." la conformity to the act or the enngrru of the United Stai. entitled. " An act' for the encou ragement of learning, by securing the copie of mapt , chart and boost, io tne aumori aoa proprietor! oitix h copiei during the timet therein mentioned;" and alto to an act, entitled, "An art, Mipplemeatary to aa act, entitled, aa act for . Z r t : L. . .... ine cocograajcnientui leunmg. u miinij, copiei of map, chart and bookt, to the author and proprietor oftucb copie, during tbe time tiierew meoiionea, tno exienainar uie neoenit thereof to tbe art of deiirnuric, enrravins, nod etebmg bMtoncal and other prinu." jAirir.3 lfii,Lk Clerk of (he loathe rn diitrict of New - York ap!3 4w 1 w ... fl 15 . IIIIL'I . At rn . uet hi SHOOL FOR YOUNG LAPlfcS at 181 Fulton - etreet The particular detiim of thit inttitution it to mruiiii tbe ueit aovantaKe lor proaecuunjr a course of uteiul itady, beyond the common rudiment of knowledge. J he courte or iludy m at follow : Knxliih Grammar. Arithmetic and higher hranchei of Mathematics Geography and Atlronony, Kbetoric, locic and Componition, Ancient ami Modern Hiitory. Natural and Moral foiloiopiiy, cieinenti oi i nymiiiry, and Evidence of Natural and Revealed Religion. The second Quarter will commence oa l'hun - day, May 7lh. The school will tlien bt under 'III, Hlgl fill A IK3 CtHrUI Will UICH WB MU'IVJI I the car of Mr. and Mra. Nott,aadtbe number I ol pupui be limited to lorty. 1 1 hose who detira to aiueno tne tcnooi win nna a maaiiest advantage to being present at the commencement m the quarter, uiai wey may eater upoa their studies in cUttet. The term of tuition art fifteea dollar per quarter. Three or four young ladiei can be accommodated with board in Mr. Notl'i family. For further information, reference may be bad to anv of the followioc nenoni. Revd. Dr. Romevn. Rev. Mr. Sprinr. Revd. Mr. Whelpley, Rev. Mr. M'Clelland, Mr. John I. Mumford, Mr. Jonathan Little, Mr Peter f - - il t, . D u. I . - . J ...... M. 7l..nik tjBUIUWf iir - IWIMCIIOI SJVTWa, ..... MV..fa.in4 Lewis, Mr. David L. Dodge, Henry W. War ner, I'M. ap Z4 ot O IXJ L.KT A TBLOOMLUlALE, The hoot and rrouodt belonrimr to the etlate of John Shaw, situated oa the eighth ave - oue. On the premitet are aa excellent oouoie bouse, stable, coach aad ict bouse, with every thing etee requisite for tnch an establishment. It is pretumed any other description i annecena - rv. as thoae inclined to rent will view the place - Also, the Inrae fire proof itore in the rear of housetl I and 13 Pearl - street t where there i lot ale some old Madera Wine, by tba Demijohn. r or further particular, apply to . ANN M. SHAW, Jsa 19 II I'eaH - street. MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBES, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, reipectfully informt his fnendi and the public that he continues to aaanu factor silver tea and table Kits, church plate, poont, forks, ladles, waiter, urns, siphons, bth knives, ftc. ftc. of the latest and most elegant pattinu, of tbe first quality of silver and supe rior workmanship, at tne lowest prices tor cam All orders executed m a masterly manner, and warranted in all cases at lean equal to any ar ticlct of silver manufactured or sold in this city. In addition to bit own manufactures, be baton hand to assortment of rick plated and fancy hard ware, which ht will dispose of very low. coo sitting of candlesticks, cake barketi, carton, bottle castors, sou (Tert and tray, plated oo steel, ta very superior article; elegant pea, pocket and iportsman't knives, with a variety of articles aot enumerated. men 30 lm fR. DE ANGELI3, formerly practitioner of U Medicine in the military liorpitsjsor Pino les, and admitted a member of the Medical Society of New - York, where he ha resided since the year 1798, and hit reputation and tucce - s in practice, is bow eitahlithed ia Uie knowledge of we paouc ny near zu years experience, common to be consulted at bit office. No. Ji2 Water - st'eet, apposite Craoo wharf. In lUieumatic and venereal case. Dr. De A li re lit has bn wonderfully successful t aad the mott terrible effccti of those disorder bate fre quently heea cared by him io a tbort (pace of u oe wuuuui iBWOFcnicmT id we psueni. ,i..t....: . ..i . I .i . . i a stilTness of the fonts, paint in the limb, emotions .'imrin:iiii. uiccrs in ure uiroai ana of tbe (kin, together with a numeroe train of evils ariiinr, from neglect or improperly treating of the most intidiou of maladies have (tivea way to on aaooe cm treatment in an almmt incredible sn inner. His extraordinary luccetti. in arrest neasure attributable to hit well known Antirheumatic and Anti - Sjphilic Syrups, which, ahiltt tbey eradicate every form of disease, restore the emsriated patient to vigor, aud health. ap!8 lm LKPS ITCH OUfTXEyT. IITARR ANTED an infallible remedv at nor V v applicttion, may bt ased with perfect tafetyoti in Unit a week old, aol contain'ng a particle ot sercury,cr any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that oflaa avt smell which at lends the application of other remsdisw. , Too store medicine art prepared and sold at LEE'S Mediciae Store, No. 48 M aide - Lane, and told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton aad Water - otreeta. - lVwgsists aad country store keeper topplied oa liberal Urau. Jan 29 !.tlNGESTIO?f,lt eOL'R fiTOKACII, 18 arinowleded fcy aaedicU writeri to Ota cooii'taut 04 ktubboni kiad, and at atl tiam tary d(& alt of care. Tbit u aalScieaUy illaa. i) m mnmM i i wi. m sli'gn STBii in siaat . . u Ji r ii I L A D : L F a I A , . Twenty - five milet land carriage, r Ktw - Bruaiwick and Trenton. ; U new post coachei " 5 tn Do.gooditag, ii2 Do. foracattle or deck pastenrert 3 SO Connected by the tleam bonto OLIVE BRANCH and FHILADELI'HIA. The tieam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sunday excepted, from tbe north aide of tbe Battery, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Ptasoaseri w.ll lodge at Trenton, aod take the steam - boat Philadelphia, eo a to arrive u Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, io time to take the Union Line Baltimore iteam - boata. ' Thi line ha a connection with the best boU oa the Delaware and Chempeake lo Norfolk ; at also those of th North River and Soand t and their several arrival are calculated to cause little, if any delay. ' Thi ii a peedy and certainly the most convenient rout, a the passenger will leave New. York after the hanki open, and arrive ia Philadelphia before tbe hour of bovine, without fa - tirdi in travelling or want of deep, the land carriare being much lew than by any other rout between the twocilie. th shove Hne anDlv to WILLIAM B j AGUES, At the Uolna Line Steam Boat Odiie, ia Mar kerfielit - street. north tide of the Battery, bt' twerB Greenwich it Wnehingioo - rtreeU, or to The CArl Al on ooara. (OT All good and baggnge at tbe ritk of the owner. P ........ . mm. . m I i ftI. THt. cVUJyU o i rwi.Ti ojjii uum - Tbe proprietor!, wiui a view of accommodating the nublic bvextendiof the line to Norwich, intend making eauvrineHl with the Fulton. Capt. Law, and thi route (if found practicable) will bt continued durine the seaarw. I ne line win in mure oe iron aw iotk u . . .... . . . r kt V L. a Norwich, at tollowi: the Connecticut, cape. Bunker, will leave New - tork every Monday. Wednesday and t'nduy, at 8 o'clock, io the morning, lor New - Havea. The Fulton, Cat will leave AvrwteA at 6 o'clock in tbe morning of toe tame day, touch at A'ae - London and depart from thence for .Yew. even at 8 o'clock. The boat will meet m JVew Woien, and denart from thence every Monday, trtanei day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tht evening the Connecticut lur Yrw - x era, ana we r uuon mr Jiae - London and AertiiVi. 17 WILUAM, iNo. IsW v...i - .t. corner of Fulton - atreet. New - York, hav - ing received a large tupply of the real JAPAN B LACKING, of Day ft Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, London, offer tbe same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or homecomnmption, on termt the mott liberal and adrantageoui to pur chaser. Thit inettimable compotitioo, with half the a - tual, produces a most brilliant jet Mack, fully equal to the highett japan varnish; afford - peculiar noarithment to the leather it will not toil the finest linen ; It perfectly free from any unpleasant tmell; and will retain Iti virtue tu any climate. A an incontroveniDi prooi ix uie superior .Treil.ncs of thit blacking, it ha iood tbe test I 1 .11 and commanded the most extemive mle io all qoartert oi use gum, t tury Feb 16 ROOSEVELT - STREET NOTICE. TVTOTICE it hereby civen to all pertons inter JN cited, that the coiDmiiiioiten of eitimate sod t,eisment. anDointed bv the supreme court vf judicature ol tbe state of New - York, to pet - form certain dutie relative to the enlarging and imnrovinr a Part of Roosevelt treet, between Batavia Lane aod Front - itreet, in the nid city, have cnmoleted the estimate and astrismeiit, as well of tht lost and damage tuttaintd, over and above the benefit and advantage receiv ed, by the owners of the land and premises required for the said improvement, usMioofthe benent and advantage recti vsa oi nna in crruuu land and premises not reUired lor (aid improvement. And that we the laid commisiion - ershave df posit td a true aopy of inch estimate and asiestmeat io the clerk's oUW of the city of New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice ia hereby further given, that the corrected and revised report of the said commissioners of estimate aad nssetsmeot, will be pree rtcd to the supreme court of judicature ot Uie itate of New - Yoik, at the city hall of the city of New York, onThurtday, t lie seventh day of May next, at the opening of the md court on mat nay, or aa soon iitereauer cnuiuu'l can be heard thereon. Dated thi Jid dayof April, 1818. JOHN FORBKS, commuuoner. NOAH J Atl V 15, apt! I4t V CROSS - STREET NOTICE. TTOTlCE ii hereby given to all prrtons inter - ettcd. that the commissioners ol estimate and assessment aooointed hv the laureate court of judicature of tbe itate of New - York, to per - e . i . . I . ' . ... I lorm cenoin auues reiaiive o ine eiiiaif; - ing and improving Cross - street, in the aixth ward of the city of New - York, have completed their estimate nail tKsment, at well of tbe lots and damage sustained over and above Uie bene fit and advantage received ny tne owner oi xnt land aad premise required for spid improvement, at also of the benefit and advantaees re ceived by the owaer and parties interested ol and taceraia land and premise not required for the (aid improvement!. And that we the taiil commissioners nave deposited a tine coy such estimate and assessment, in the clerk's flee o( the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice is hereby further given, that the rsport of the said commissioners of estimate aod atersmlit will be presented tn the supreme court of judicature of the state of New York, at the City Hail of Uie city of New York, on Monday, the fourth dayof May an i, at me opening oi uie court on mat day, or ar inonthereaflerairoujisel can beheurd Uiereon. uated tins 7U) day ol April, liilt JOHN FORBES. WILLIAM TORRET, Commirtioeer. JOHN L. LAWRENCE, j apl7 I4t HENRY - STREET KOI ICE. AXOTICt it hereby riven to all Hereon inter Ll eited, that tbe commissioners of esiirante and assessment, appointed nv the supreme court otjudiobtureoftbc at ate of New York, toper - form certain diiuei rotative to the enlarging, extending and improving Henry - itrerl, between Clinton and Graixl - st recta, in the eighth went ol the city of New York, have completed their estimate and assessment, ai well ol the ion and sustained over and above Uie bent lit and advantage received by the ownen of Uie land and piiiiiei required for the laid improvement. also of Use beneGt and advantage received by the owner' and pinies interested of and in certain lands and prtaiisei not required for the nid im provemeot. And that we. the laid commission ers. have deposited a true copy of ruch estimate ami nwrssmem in ine cierrt's oaict, rl Use citv or ivew - i ork, for the inspection ol aboms lever it may concern ; and notice is hereby fjrther e - iv en, that the report of the said commiwiooersof es - tuaate and assessment will be presented to she sa premecourt of Mrratureof tbeilsteofM. York atthe City Hall of the city of N. York, on loi day, the loarlh day of May next, at tbe opening of the court on that day, or aa ooa Inereait - rr as coontet can It beard themon. Dated thit l"Ui day of April, litlH. JOHN FORHE.S, ) WILLIAM roRRET,Comiionrt HENRY MEIGS, S ep 17 1 3 POST COACH UX? ro PJIlUDELPaiA . aw wa or rowut - awK ' nroRTAJiT to VAttaasxRi. , No coeaectioa with the pnst chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every eon - sjwrieaee for par lencer tad baggage, on Sprint; 'I'll ROUG H IS ONE DAY. ' - Tbe Post Coach will tart from the Giach of - 6rr lAA No. I CnurtlRmt - stiML N. YorB. every morning, (Sunday excepted) at half past five o'clock, by way cf Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton sud tiriitol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, a' 5 o'clock. . The new Steam Boat Line Industry will (tart from Hew - York every morning, Mindav ex - cented. at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalaii - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at rinlndelliia, in a fcieam Boat, next morning at 10 o'ciock. Fare & dnlinrs. P. 8. Pasieneer are rvquetted to call and take their teati at the office Old No. 1 Coort' landt - ttreet, New - York. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wathingtoa City, with every convenience for naiteneera and nareaaT, ou spring. The U. S. mail coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - itreet, New York, every day at X o'clock, r. jvi . and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Oclj 8 nasaeneen admitted. For seats in tlm above named Lines, apply to I nus. wni l r if.i.u, at ine old enai nsnea Coach, Stage and Strain Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - ttieet, the second oltke from Broadway, zvew - york t or to a. i . twu RICH ft CO. No. 124 Broadway, comer ot Ce dar - strect. New - York. fJTAII food and baggage at the risk of (be owner. jvst.rn u w;v, ev.v. - j ; uu. N. B Expreise tent to any port of the Cou tuenLhy THOMAS WHITFIELD. apl rOoi CHAISE. a tO; CtlAlcL will leave iew - York eve J ry day (Sunday excepted) at hall past 5 in the moraine by wayoi rv warx, oniy iix patten - gen admitted, and arrive io Philadelphia the same eveninr. Fare thronsh. S8 The new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave New - York everv davffiondaT excepted) t hitlf rait 2 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalan - tn. and arrive at Philadelphia the next day at 4 o'clock, by Uie Steam Boat ACTNA from Bristol. r or beat io the above nnei, apply at in roil Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Office, 118 Broad wav. onnoiite the Citv Hotel. flC - All goodi and baggage at the risque of the owner. JOHN N. CUMM1NG, Newark. JOHN GULICK & 60NS, Princeton. STOCKTON ft HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Espreuti lent ft any fart of the Union. ap8 XtnRTH Rlk Ml STEAM BOATS. The Chancellor Livingston will leave New - York m Saturday, the 28th inst. ' - at S P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Thurtday and Saturday, at 5 P.M. and Albany on same day at 9 A. M. until further notice, mh 25 STEAMBOAT FOR SALE. ft - .For nl, a wtll fii:ish - bed Steam Boat, of small w Li in ulIIm , i iW tiie. with 2 cabins, and cal - mdSKLL ' S - AliASculated to carry convenient l.v unoul sixty DBssengeri Her hull il of the best timber, and tbe n copper bottomed up to toe hendi, prepared to he put into a line oi running immediately. She draw but thirty - two iucheiof water, and from the advantaseoun construction ot her machinery, can be worked at one half the daily expente of steam - boats in gineral the will be told agrrat bargain, l applied lor shortly. Enquire at No. 43 Wall - street, of mhxW ISAAC fi. OGDKi ft UO. SWIFP SURE MAIL COACHES, tu riiit.AOKi.raia, jv - a. (CV - lx;av New - York yJOCi eteiy moruinc (S - unday'ex nCeptcd) at KoVkick, and i n rrive io Philadelphia next d y tu dinner. ' The pnlilkk bouse are rood, and reasonable in their charset. The driven, horseiandcoacli - es are not inferior to aoy other rui - .v running between tbeie two cities. Tbe benutiful country, and Uie excellence of the roadson this rout, con nected wlin Uie safety, comfort, and reasoouble exp nccs, are heleived to be itrviu inducements to traveller in giving tins line a derided prefer eoce. The itrictest attention will he observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baersage and package! will to at tbe risk i,l the owner unless insured and receipted for by the clerk of said office. staze fare only So. with a eeneroui allowance of baggage. Parties wishinj to travel at their leisure, may engnge tne t.oncn on rrasonanie terms exclusively lo themselves, by apply inc one day previous to starting - r or seat apply at sto. a coortlandt - tireeu New - York. LYON. SONS, it CO, tip1 Proprietor. Nkwburub and caaoaiudamxii, - 8tai.b - TBRXK TIM M A WEXK. EAVES Newburgb eve - iinu s uursuBj oiurinii, ni three o'clock, ruaa through Mnotgnmsry, Bloomiogbiirgh, Monticello, by tVbite Lake, Cnsbecton, .Mount I'leasnut, t.'real Bend, Cbenansro Point, Owexa. Itliica. and (it - neva, toCansndaigoa. ' Ketnniii - p; lea - es Canandaitnu even Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o clock, and arrives at Iteabiirirb, the third day in time to take the Steam - bouts which arrive in New - York the follow ine morninr. (Jj Il may bt trptrlr.d thai ol all Itmn vhrn Iht sltam - lxutlt allrr their eayt of running, thol thu line will alter it) at to meet them. Tht whole route w'.H be perfbmed in three day, from the firat of May, until the first of November and from the brat of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the Cftcenlh of March un it the first of May, in f mr days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth ofMarch the tame line will be continued to the city nf New - York and run from tli ence to Cana"laigua in four daya. I'usenger travelling from New - York to CnsndiTiia, Kiarara or BuiTlo, c.n leave N York in the evening (team - bouts, and arrive '.n Canand.tigna in three davt a distance of three hundred mile. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller fe, easy ard expeditions ; and it i believed that Uie accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the itate. (fj FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLL, v RS. N. B. A b anch of the time line mux three timet a week from IUiaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from 0.vei 1'Uit Point, thence througli Kewtoa n and Piiinrd Post, to Hath, a. IUGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, nioominclnirgli. t.. k,. oi. jrxui. .ilium i itntinu i L. ft R - Manning, Chenango, jProprie - Samuel GreenlifT, Cenera, . I . Oliver t'bclpt, I .anting, J mb 14 46a. A diattramg pxtkekao, ?n es.sili - . . f twea thuurs thai !iT . D'TfRHORSE,f,rm,rli of tba city ofLotdon, aa manner of the fhr.ati .. and surgery there, deeo,, ittu d. ty to repeat tome owmi.. " tb abuse of MERCURy ted ate thereof, bat been prodoe. tive of infinite r,r r taads are annually mercurialised oat ' i - .'.' ence. J bt disease we have in view ... tal result chiefly to this source. What a ni V that a young man, the hope of lui coatrv Lie darling of mi pa. - eLt, should be tnl way from mi U prospect aad enjoymenUof h. by U,ecoaequence oroiie aiujuarded mom? and by a disease not in iU own oarer feuLT wlachotily provei so from aegiect or imororl. treatmenu" A geotlemai., (lalt ttTOg' lient) now perfectiy hear'y and well, bad hi aiKlerphyiK - iaii of grneij practice, m - f? and reatedly talival.d ; wlie. icWoffi Dr. Ii. (hy a geolltsmaa of tbi city) bii TtZZ were carious, and hit llcih dropping from tbT hi friecdi declared be could aot pouiblvnir! - t wo month longer. Tboutaadi eMnmenb.'!!! know wiUi what eaae and safety Dr. HerS Cdtet the reverttt cases, aod confirms the'r!" tutioa. The Doctor'a plan (adverhiieri Cj cemary to guard Uie public against fAtahusIi u ercury, and other fatal delusion, tey ("z? Peitons, Uierefcre, having contract a iT vat disorder, or uspcUicg latent num v"" ud.nonishtd not to tamper with their conltii f iot, or conctid the disorder, till put rnL ry ; oUier having the remain of t oidl" or other imparitie of tlie blood, u ii tr tt complainU of a delicate n dan;, in tex. ihould remember poiterity, and do in.? to their conscifDcet, by .loakine snnnV?. to Dr. II. at hi. old and rtsMK? liihmenL No. 64 Water - treet, fwlwil; of 0ld - .7ip, to obtain that orompt aHii!? , lone calculated to prevent ditcloiure. And her let me claim your seriout attDtionReaien' a u)ierfiual cure i no cure at all ; aulest tbe ba tinesi i radically done, you will cerrainl hall the disorder brer.k out again witli redoubled ms lijrniiy. at some future period s pethept Uiea will be too late for remedy. Don't yot often meet 1 the llrerts miserable, mutilated beiegs, wiUMsl even a bit tf nose on their fact I Take warniar I beseech yoe. ' , Dr. Jd'. ctaracter for skill and stubborn , - Bu. gri !y being oniver Uy known - ia thii city. IBC( 1804, guarantee to patients that (leucacr a.i l is - crecy hitherto unknown, and having eooaed practica mr veari paat, excluiivelv to thecureol iliseatei of IM blood iyitm. they may iely calculate oo the most decided advautaeei u, at lulling Dr. H. - a J. G!eet( eradicated in two or thra treekt. Sfrii turci removed wiUiout bougie or nay e'tb - tr instrument and all debilitifi i likewise jj old ulcerations, nstuia' lev. A plurality of office are prorided, and to itt ated that patient are not exposed tossed other' observation. Open till half patt 9 iu (he evening. AI! persons concerned are invited tt bt free ia calling, and ipeaking wiUi Dr. H. which it ire of coiL Ana here the Doctor tacnot avoid tht wtpreuion of gratitude for innumerable rerorn - meadatioci, and for Uie decided preference (it is presumed with jnitcautc) long given him by a ludicious puhlic. H. B. All letter matt be poit paid. Dr. Fuchanaa. . . Aug 27 Iji tioa: DR - EVANS' laprrixi jaeUiod of curing a certain Diase, iinowaniver - tally arkiuitvledged in this city ; his mode of trerrtmeet ii perfec - Uy mild. laie. ei - praiuous. anu mi coargit reasonable. In every it stance he warrant a cars, and will return Uie oav ifha pfylon not perform tgrettblt There are many persons in thit city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic d lie is?, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or king evil, fistula, disease of m urethra, bladder and kidnica, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and otl er obstructions, rlieumatisru, s c. which litey consider incs - in generaii eiore, no. exteruivi hospiiali in Europe 12 year, under aome of th firs i Bureoni and Phyiiciao in th world, aa mar'! t'icre oiminau; usca - ei ins constant ttvot for 30 veiirs. Oct 12 TT3 The tuhmriber harior recenUf retortJel from England with an important improvement oa tht artificial tprnii LLG. ht takes thu methet of mfurming his friends and the public, that all those who are so unfortunate at to be la want sf a leg, or arm, they ran be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Usrilay - ilreit, Nrw - Tork. Jao 22 WM. fURVI frt - VVHEATON A DA VIST Fancy Cbair Matsfac turers, No. 153 Kalton - etreet, opjioiitt 8t Paul Charch offer for tale, wboletale tad retail, a large aad elegant ss - ormcnt of Cnrld Jlipl's plain painted and ornament ed in gold A hronne. BatnboJ, Plain and Cilt Bail, Rork - , ing, Sewing, nad Convem - tioa Chair. Soft. Sctlea, Lcungecs, Music Stools, lie. . ' Orders Irom any part of the continent exvi with neatness and diipatcli. . 1 Old Chain repaired, painted and oroameeloi,; nih 9 i A'UVDnESSIJfGJiOOM. A FRL'MEiNTO, No. 1 Wallitrtet,)" J . turned from Italy, Lai Uie bonotif tt the gentlemen, that ht cats tod drtatei tw - the latest ty le, ami ia a marntr to at to "T it to the phitiO);ooniy. He bai for talt atuan ly of RAZORS of Uie first quaMy, if not please oa trial. Uie purchaser aie at J,"J to return mem, and receive wemowey. likewise procured a very fine hone, aad to i trtore raxon to a very keeafdse nis - y noi cut oo win mTin r. i - - jsi Those pcutiemea who may pleate to homr i with Uieir patronage, may depend oa IU " particular and rerpertftl attendatce. v IS. It. Gentlemen who ubscrib bylhr' ter will Use their razor, Ac kept extBww.j lor UM - mteivca. , .u P. 6. A auod jourorymaa wtateo. ,vy , as above. THE CIRCULATING L1BRART, 13 t. - ttreet, near Eroadirsy, roosMC''' eitensive and ciioice collet tioa of tor - vets, voyaer. biograpby. romance, an - ""S. - - - . , .1 alurh it open lor tuoicrioeri, mh4tr nu.VOBf . MICHAEL BvhfUAX g Xos 49 vil.LlAl - TV.vv - 'rTOTa 1" Babk i.oFrxr - nossa, V - m urn - ' pi"7 J3k faille, '41 ey can wxinii i - s tsira i by applyiURi'r. cv isivo - o ivienicai ft. Pcck - siip, Laving practised in

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