The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 29, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1818
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' o29 " ' ' ' 65 S - utb lreet. - .u..w i. uV:s hales Bensral Cot - Cu i w . , .J Sail dbs w1 - 7 tore, lor sate vy REMSEN tt CO. . 26 South street. - Sw.uii 'i'rRir'f'f) x - r . C bass St Domingo Coffee, 51 do green Tirana do? entitled to drawhacji "tfihbls. superfine Richmond Flour 30 hhds oldKichmond Tobacco , 15 do new do ' do , 18 do do Petersburg do t fde old do - do . . 10 whole and 20 half tierces Rice 7 balM Upland Cotton ,.. rska Madeira Wine . . "V1.,j hii Port Wine in Nidi. CUre. cfa. &ffilS$& in boxes, for talc by II Front - it. o?9 lOt - r . - A 11. I tlit O.ntw. f for 1 iv 1 n'fr.a. - wwv - - 'cr: sale by . , - .rui No 5fi g,,,?,,. "T" iEW, very eligibly situated in the middle t aj,e orst. Jonn s vur..u, m uc .ear. frem the first of May next. Inquire r one year, frem T. it J - SWORDS, of ' Pearl - street. TO LET. G"Jl From the first of May next, the two "jTTnr. brick Houses. No. 492 ami 494 Green. wirh - st. in excellent repair, with or without tables in the rear, and will be let on very rea - tnnuhle terms. Alo, to I1 or Lease, from 1st May next, a very convenient Dwelling Jiouse, opposite Love lane, near the 3 - mile stone, Rnwery, at m - iriit occupied by Profensor Adrain. It is well adapted for' one or two families, having two kitchens, a rooms, pantries, vauns, a stable and coach house, a well of good water, and two cist crns: The garden is very large, and : well stocked w.tli fruit trees and shrubbery, and may bo taken possession ot immediately for terms, apply to Hals fa' & gosman, 4 31 Old - slip, or to CEO GOSMAN, ' ap 29 496 Greeuwich - street. t'Uli AW Lb, A new stone HOUaB and FARM, con . taiuuig 32 acres, situate on the west bank of the Faaic: River, aciioiuio' ire (ami 01 oeraru Rutscrs. Fjo. The laud i of rxrvUent quality and in eeod ordsr, with wood enough on it for the ate of the place. Title uuexcuptiouable. Enquire ofJoieph C. Ilornblower, Ei. Newark, or of the subscriber, on the premues. ,,.29 4t JOU.M TAYLOR. MR. &KYMOIR and Mr. M'GOWAM (lute teachers of Mutlifuiatirs at barren Aa - deni)) propose teat'tring from the first of May, atllKJoldfitabli. - htil uhool room, 1S0 3j.Mott - street, a complete course of Eiifjluli Ld icatioo, comprehending the ;ttlloiving brancht s, to wit : Reading, Wnti. - u;, Arithmetic, tugluh iram - marand Cotnposiiioa, Geography with the ue ol the Global and Maps, Geometry, Men u - at.ou, Surveying, Guaging, 'ai igrUion, Lunar uhser - vations, Algebra, Spherics, Conic Secti tus, Natural Philosophy, Hydrostatic, Pneumalics, Optics, Ac. Ac. Astronomy an.) Fluxions. A2ensri. SEYMOUR ti M'COWA.M, confiding in their approved acquirements diligence hod experience, hope to give full satisfaction to those vbo may patronize Uicir institution. Re - fertneetu Professors Wilsen and Adrain, Columbia Collie. p0 lw 1 APBKSO. well acquaiuted with the Clothiers bmioeis, who understand the superintend - oce of a wool Carding Machiue, and can ane reiecia,iie reiereaces, will inert nnerai encour - aeeniKnt. by apidvios at No. 2fi5 Fulton - strpet. New - York. A man with a family wi.'l he pre. irrriu, who can ue Mirm'iieci wun a uwriimr, kc. adjacent to tho works ap23 t 1 JOARD is wauti'd by a 0'ir.c Man in a rus J J portable family, where there are few ur ob(nleri; near the Coffee - Home mould he preferred. A line addressed ti i. F. 1. at this office, mentioning terms and residence wiil he attended to op 29 It' BOAKDI.NG. EIGHT or nine gentlemen can he acromtno - datesTwilb genteel board, at No. 97 .lolin street - The situation i pleasant. ap!) WAS 1 ED, in a small rcpe:taUe, a middle aged woman, well acquainted with plain cooking, washing and ironing. . rilie matt produce a releresKe frooi her la - ,1 place lor be lionesty an J sohrietyi ''here would be no objection to a Scotch or welch womsn. rn quire at this office. . ap29 If ALB.ISiY CITY STUl.K. IX puran.inte of the act eotitlcd An act to regulate and improve the finances of lite city of Albany," passed March 44th, I88, the commissioners of the W lbuny city stocu, gire notice, that proposals will lie received in Hie city of N. York, by Myndert Van Schaick, Esq. and in the city of Albany by the suhscriber until the 15th uayol May next, for subscriptions to a stock, aot exceedinr two hundred nd fira Iknnnml dollars, bearing iuterett at se per centum per annum, payable semi - annually, at one ol the Vjanks in the city of New - York, to such of the subscribers as reside souOi of tho city of Albany and at one of the banks in ih - i nf alh.n. in .il .u u " - suiTcnoers, 00 trie nrrt days of iMay and November: the nrmrtizd irt..hi. . til ten years alter the date of the certificates to oe nerebiier issued. The mort ample funds,, coasudins; of the re ecrred rents on landi heretr.r.. .oi.i 1. n.. P01)"! n taMal Ux of f RCOO, and all their Z.r " """Ced. uulil Uie stKk created by the said law U redeemed and paid. 1 he terms most favorahle for the conwration rill be accepted, - thatss to say, the highest sum of .e... ' T ' J .... ,u,,u oj ine corporation, a prelereuce bavuigtioCT 5im t,, by Khl) mct btt as.llow, - Twerjty.fl,ejwceot i aoe, and the residue in three equal iustal - lion the first da vnf ?..! 1 ber foHowing, with hiterest from the first of .1 ee per cent. Cer.if,e,0rtf)e srbrk Will be delivered on rTmrnt of the Itut instalment, bearieg in - wtirom the first of .May. ' , tfder bf the Hoard of Consmisnonere, ' . cr, April - Oi.1810. . . T - V" Af'PlicatiODs for the above Stock .will ''ividbjl suDsoiberht the More of J. r Hon Co. the vomer of W.ll and Pearl ' s!J v , . ' M - VAX SCHAICK. JPgdtA..odtM15 ... . JT'KK MEKCUtfi Valitreet. have a. just received ail f .Uf o press, ru ', , OSgKHVATIO.d. vZ?a B3,hu"s Speech in the Hove of no tin iSJb March, 11117, aldrtsfed i "tbffayofOctohrr, 1J17. . e a. i?r ,he'p - l dfiire that tixs2 If f'3"'1 b,,,1!e 'he eye? 01 the: save - He people of England. " S APOLtON. XkJ't 'h October, H17 last volunjr, hy hp ) Tar a. ew'iutu.act. pnt Tf "r,,il,J"! aroendnienU. will be '""sleK. ,, ,(,morrow afternoon, and wili be so7. oa'ix'rsofthUcirv. "Jl . w. a. mehcejn. oocreu p mcsiey, fer every 0e huoUred doUar stock, for the whole or nJ part of the said ter - k, a? way not bo ant.li1 iKe h. ik - ki.i. .000 DOIXARPRIZE!! . . ON Tuesday rf xt the first drawn number h tlie Milt'ord and O - .vegr. Roarl Lottery Will be entitled to a prize of 6,000 DOLLARS. Aimioef 10,OO0iifltratinjiiU may bedran Ihp samp day " a. j '. The Brilliant Schema Is ' . T prua lof 7 0,000 Dollars of 3.0,000 Dollars ifi of 1 0,000 Dollars 0T 5,ooo Dollars 10 140 or 1.000 Dollars of of 50 Dollars l - io Dollars ,' 32' of 3o Dollars A few 1 irkets and Miarei lot b!e at A3LS HIT'S Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway, opio - sit tt City Hotel. ' Where the following lucky Bombers have been sold within a short time. flo. 3320 a prize of 5100,000 1950B do 30,000 30,000 83,000 5,000 20,000 20,000 10323 12IS9 1054 - i SOtill 1Ot).03 do do do do do B8I0 do 15.000 And several of 10,000. 5,000, 5,000 1,000 &c. A correct lift 'f the Drawing will be kept, for the eX'ituinntiou of Tickets gratis. Cah pf.iil for iirires sohl t ALI.F.N'S p 89 M.1M1A rr.Hjr SCHOOL. . VrA(UT4wfN Female School u at lvX Greenwich - street : Male ocbool, Chamber - itrtet. .... 194 14ii 1 In these schools are taught all the branches which constitute a useful and finished education'. We forbear to descend to particulars ; to ofT' - r recomniendationt, or to. mkt great promises. Our patrons are left to judge of the. modes of instruction both moral and icienbjic, by 'tha. improvement of the scholars. . , A LBF.RT PICKET, dp 29 JOHJT W PICK T. demand talu.ilite boilu f;um 1 wipe. RL'INS OF RO.viE, l.eiu a select collection of views and rutuj in Home and iu vicinityquarto, superb col'd j lalp . Illustrations of (be scenery ef the LuVe of Kil - larney and the surrounding couuty, royal 8vo, hot pressed, and fine engravings, ' '1 ,4 The Microcoftn of London, containing nume rous and ele;aut views and dutcriptioos of tlio most interestlr.g objects in the Biitihmelrupohd, 3 vols imperial 4to. - ' : The british Theatre, by Mrs. Iochbald, 35 vols, call super, extra. ' Lord Uacon's Works, by Dr. Shaw, 12 yob 12mo. ' 1 " . ! ' hakpears1s Plays, various editions, in 8v, rJmo, ana I mo. The General BioTRihical Dictionary, con taimngan bitorial ami critical accouut of the lives and writings of the most eminent pcr - ons in every nation, from the earliest accounts to the preseot time : a new edition, revised and enlarged by Alexander Chalmers, 32vol.timo. II'Htoii's Mathematical amU'lidoiopliica Dictionary, 2 vols 41 0. Recreations in Vlathematirs aud Natural Thi - losoiihy, containing amusing dissertations and en quiries, 4 vols Uvo by Hut ton. Mutton's Mathematical and Philosophical TracU, 3 vols vo. 1 he quarto Latin Dictionary of Ainsworth, bound in calf. Hetlerictis' Lexicon, 4to calf. S - chleiner's Greek Lexicon, 2v Geo. Elegant Extrti, 3 vols royal 8vo. Durder's Memoirs of Pious Women, 3 vols 8vo portraits. For tale by A. T. GOODRICH, No. VII Broadway, corner Ccdur - street. ap29 DlliO 30 cases best Utogal Indigo, now landing and for sale by np 88 PKTER RF.MSKN d CO. "WOFFLE, TEA. WISE I - .. - 100 l.agi Java Coffee 9.111 An riru... I o ueueniuro - M . I J HO hali'diels Hyson Skin Tea do . 20 do do Hyson do 10 pipes L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do old Sicily do fj do Lisbon do 60 or. casks old Sherry Wine 0 do . Colu.enar do 50 half and qr. cask do (iron bound) 30 qr. caks Malaga 30 hhds. JatnaicH Rum, 4(1. tc 5th proof 2U0 boxes Ul'iom Raiiins fir sale by J. U J. CODDINGTON, P 9fl 1w ' 204 Front - street. JAVANA MOl.AcJ - LS. 1QJ hhds and 13 LJ tierces, binding ttnsday in front of the sub - crilis store, fur sa!e by G.G. At?. HOWL AND, ap 23 . , 77 Wahingtou street. SUGAR ti TEA. 40 bags Calcutta su - ur, H qr. 8 half and I whole chests lichria Tea, lauding, and lor sale by JOS.OSBORN, op 28 2'1 South - street.' rRE.MtH GOODS. Just received by the - T Comet, from Havre, H.ibit gloves, prune. le shoes Rich figured sattm and taffeta ribbons Embroidered and plain silk hose, shawls ' Suspender, fans, artificial flowers Sdk netu, colleretta, thread hose, and for tale ai 140 Pearl - street, by ap 28 F. 4 H SHELDON fc CO. 1 VM & TE.1 10 hhds Boston rum, aud 15 V bales 1st aud 21 sort hops, lanJinnauJ for tale at 67 South - street, by apza C.f MBRELKNG & PFAR50N. O 1 .1 RCH 50 kegs white starch landing, lor e3 sale by j.ihouji m n uui.iisr , ap 58 . 75 Wall - st. BLEACH'D SHIRTINGS 3 cases bleach ed Shirtings 1 do fine Cotton Balls . ' v Received and for 11 le by " ! THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ao 27 d k c . . 14 street. QUGAR. 60 boxes brown Hnvana Sugar, KJ tannin; inis morning, tor sole by ap 27 ; N. ot D. TALCOTT, BfiOH'.S SHIHTt. yGS. Cases superior 7 - 8 brown shirtiiiirs, this day received and tor sale by The Commission Companr, P7 DC I4H ptarYst. AbUKGS 1 1 tijics r itiii'ii inssbuin. V of srood ouafitr. .titt rrrii'erl hii.I ad! ny LUUKMA.N tl JOllN&I O.N, ap 27 .UUu pip r tyOjo't pies Cncuac rtiaudy, (bupenor quali - ! received and for suie bv GEO W. TALBOT. C1.Ni crai OJ ..liA lira! cscs contauiusg crapes, black, ivIorcU and while do nautili 23 talo. . ' Sarsuels, bla k, fig'd, green aid cross barred .in hews, thick, changeable, green and blue . Florentines, 30 inch black Cciicaus, a sorted colours and white .Satins, Irt chop, colored Crape sliawls 7 - 4 and R - 4 Levanlinta, assorted colours Ilaudkerchit 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled dr chow chow, colored aad figured - 5 wir,g silks astoitii and black .' ' t'ciiices, rihUiiis assorted just received and for sale at C7 5niithtrt, by CiMUHELtfiXl b PE.1 RSO.V. np 21 I U i. V3 hnds. nrM ntattt new rtmn. I" sak: Lt by JACKSON WOOLLEY. ap3 75 Wall - street RAISINS 300 boxes .rrfi Bloom Raisins, land;ng from sloop Rapid, and 'nr r by tfl'KL K SCW ALL, ep 23 ' 65 South - ttrctt lTl SALT. .IT AljCTlOy, Ou Monday next. 4th Mar. il not pre - viously diMXMcd of at nrrvato saSsv tha "uiuir oopprrcu viim AiUUa 1 ions. jwt from lbs carpcatcr'i bands, having had - a tnorougn repair ; lies at Kettor - t. J'.lT i. K. ready to receiva a car - o, and van be ser.t to sra at a trifling expeim. luvculory to be sa at the couiilios houe of . ' ap2a ' LB ROY, BAYARD St CO. Pou a.iLt., , . , The brig HOPE, 130 tons; carries 1100 barrels, S years old.' a first rate vessel of her sire, and in complete order to re ceive a cargo - rying east side Peck - slip j will be sold reannabl - vf pi'ly to " , K. V. ir. OA VEXPORTU CO. ao28 ' '; , tor 6V1 r AJt.S.Hil. . - . .The fast sailing packet. brig LF. - 11,1) Wood, master, 11 uow ioad - ing at Murray s - wharf, ajid having her cargo principally engaged,, will positively sail on UiurbUuy ror reiiiamiler of freidit or pas sage apply on board, or to " I . ; , . , THO. BARRON,' : apS3 4t . 136 Front - street ' .f tor HKHHICK and Ds.Mt W - w, The British brig FAYOU1TK, J. Vfcn JS "eem.i; master, to aail 15th May. For piiisgc, apply to .; ;. GF.ORG r. LACY, ' ' . Na 4 Fulton - slip. A few Horses will be taken on freight, ap 28 tf . - . ...... ' iAi.Hn HUMP, r. TT. ANDIXG 5'i ceroous Soutb - Americau JLi tallow . In (tore, clean fit. Pttersbureh hemp, and German steol, cntilleil to ilra wback rox sale by, JAMES DH OLF, jr." . ,. ' . 57 Froot - strcut. . . For oporto. 1 lie good brig Agenons, to sail ill t all Ibis week 3 passengers can he sc cummtidatednn mideraie (e: ms, for which, ap - lly u above, or to the master on board, at pier no 1.1. ' ' ap 23 .... Kur Lotion and Putllantl, ',''"! klo"Iy AMERICA M,(Stonwo(Hi, jiniiihU r,) will take freight on reasoaa bie erm tor either plac. acd will sai: on Sun ily next Applv to the xwxf ttr on boJi'J, at pier no. 13, east nver, or to VM. U I.UA - ., , 52 Niulh - fc trees. Who offer for sale, now landing from on board said vessel, . ' 100 hi ids vesy upsrior retailing Ma.'.ises' 4 bolt, sugar "i . ALbOr IN STORE, ,. 13 quarter casks London Mdueira Wine ' 6li Loses m Mil. I Candies 10 IthU. Ka..liiir Cordial ap 27 3t f? The ship WOODWIND - 1. Willot, majler.1 will sail ou the '5th Ma r or irtiKin or assage, apply ou ooaro. at riy - Aiar ket a harf, or to - " JONES K MEGRATH,' - up 27 3 kSouth - t. FOR &ALr:, (If applied for this week,) The substautial brig .MAR Y ANN, burJiened 187 tons, slows about 1500 bbls., is well found, and ready for a voyage, having just been graved. If not old this week will take a freight. Apply ou board, at j.ieruo. 6, North River, or lo 1 G. G. Si S. liJV L.AIM', sp23 77 Wajhington - sL 4v The regular packet brig TELE - GRAPH, J. S. Muuro, master; a fine sailing vessel; will positively sail on 1 burs - day, the 30tb hist. For freight or passage, ha ving elegant accommodations, aply on Doara, cast side UuiUii' - slip, or to HENRY COWING, ap 23 I w 191 Front - it. corner Knllon - sl. ruri:H.itihhlmX, Tl, ..Aiiinp ..a. L - n .i.;n Tr! n jiiiC RAPH, J Fan. ling, master; is only vbeS 1 I" .vukw .'a - .r.c. cii.i. waiting a lair wind; can lake a lew tons uiure freight, and accooimoiiate 10 nmre pastn;er. Apply ou board, wet side t ly - market wharf, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, apSJ 1K3 Frout - strset. torOHKKXOCK, The ship. FA N.N Y, W. VY. Foreman, Grreuockon Tuesday the Stb May, weather permitting For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply lo captain Foreman, on board, east side Fly - market wharf, or to ' JOHN GRAHAM & CO. N. B. No freight will be taken in the above ship unless engaged on or before Tuesday the 28ih iu - t. ap 23 If tor VHAHI.K!TOM The elegant aud fast 1 ailinz packet .Sfhoomir TONTINE, S. Hoyt, master; win meet Willi immeliate di pal h, having hall her freight rendy to goon bour J - for remainder, or pa - sage, having comuiodioue accemmodations, apply ou board, e:ut ado Burling lip, or to , . 6'AUL ALLEY, . ap 10 1 98 Pine - it. for Mo - .lLEand UL.HKELY, The fine last adiug SANlJt - KY, 10 tous, rnpt. Weeks, fa rcu - lar leader) ; having 3 - 4lhs of her cargo engaged and on board, will - meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of her freight, orfia - isage, having handsome accommodations, apply On board, east side Old - slip, or to " " PETERS tt HF.RR1CK, ap!3 . 1 . Cloenties - slip. 8 WHITE Lt.AU. Tons best Engluh white lead, ground in oil, m I z, ou and JXiv Kegs ., 5 tous dry do. do. For sale by ' TUCKER &LWURIE5, ap 27 29 South - s. .WHISKEY, sVc, fAOUR, hhds. and tierces V hiskey r 80 bbls Gin 2 tierces Clover - seed, landing and for sale by RANDOLPH SAVAGE, ap 27 3t . , . I7i Front - stsett. GOVV VVOOLLIS. IUaT ree'd per Mcrcirry and Atlantic, a few trusses ol low priced Cloths, and Castimertf, lorsaleby JOS. S. II AKIUSON, ap 7 . . 67 l ine - slrvet. CANTON SILKS, &c 33 cues Canton silk (pxls, r'nisting of Black sarsnets (rolled) ' Clrangeabie do '.'" Damask and embroid'd crape shawls, 6 - 4 7 - 8 and 8 4 4 - 4 Hack frinfed and twil'd hdkfs. 1 .' Black and colored sewing silks do do Cue ton crapes, now landing, for sals by PETER REM SEN U Co. 26 South - street. ALSO 10 cases good choppa romais. p8 - ' ' OALT ti LEMONS. 5000 bushels Lisbon O Salt 300 hoses Lemons, Inndinc from shin Angeli ca, at Burling - slip, and for sale by - . L.. 4 G. GUIS WOLD, ap27 , t0 South strwt. J ilEsubscnberhas juet received fioio Auction a case ef eleront Linens, 6 - 4 India Book and 4 - 4 tamboered Mull Mus lins, which he will sell taw for caOi. - WM. M. ROSS.' ' ao2 gf ' . - . 182 Fnlt'w - street. ' RICHMOND FLOUR. 1C6 bblTIurerfiie 4 dit fine ' 1. . j. V . - .ll:... 1 .: r ...I.. : - .1U UU A wii.i.iifv, HllW I ri MUM, IkUC ff,lJllll - States, and lor t le at IOC Frcnt - street, by ap58 ' TROKE3,DAVlDOMsVCO. . domestic; u PT,ana wajie?. " 'T'JJE suhscrihers kcefi jcwstjn'tly ua b2 4t , L cxtuitiv the iMlcwira ftaoas. Dufch l.,r,. J'.J fc.Li n.. "I'W Croon.s,T 1 t7.,."t7ir':"7"w " V . unn sl Havt : 1 L - iUr, or O. - .i.I.e. ' . ' Cotiiiur . Cuinh Rrusaea. . .BeCewfanc and coiuQn ,, . ' . ... i - . 1 lor.Clarkimitbs If oil alio Lutiy .M4s 'ails and 1 ul.s , . '.. i,AVUel - B. nowa rii.e Viis Sieves , Do ILtir , lo , Whips of every description fci'int, sewing, wrapping, biieug and bull 1'wina ...j . Fish Unes Shoe, ii s:tdlcrs Throod Ui aruofii's , Ballan - cei, iic. . . - .,.' llcartli Erusires.'fan" s - r vy iind tcojiuou '.,'., , Head ' do do do Cloth ' do . do do leavers do W'nite Wa,ih do ', Shoe ii Scrubhii g do Pui.'it Brushes sun Sash Tools .. Claiiip", 4.7, 8 row Furmture Brushes Horse da Bed . Cords, Clothes Uncs , Snsh Cords, Trare RoDeS Wrought and Cut v;:i ad. 1 rtru.u - I vv turn lliev wi sell w holesale or retail on hcral terms. .' ' CEBRA .t;UA113iG. ap Stt ( Peaihstriet. LhiOl - K4 ceroons very errpr1e ,r 'sueded Almils, entitled to l.'bflinee, hr' hv i n .n i.. ri.. ,., Jta OSIJtMIN, ap28 iW ftith sirt. UPLAND 4 NLW - ORLEA VXti'f ro.v. 54 hilts prime UplntuI Ci:ttoa, suutlin from njonp Wne, from Savannah ' C! hales Neiv - Orltats Cottou, landing from sb'p Maria Caroline, for sale hy ' POTT : M'KINNE, ' . , .' t,6'Kouth - 3tifct . ' "In Store! , . 109 hides Upland Cotton ' 29 do Nr w - Orleans do 32 ceroons Cuba Toliacco "t ,' ,., j , 1 tiO rx.xes Windour Glass ' . ' . tj pities CatuloiiTa Wine ' ' II pipes I). L. P. Madeira Wine', bas.been ; in.Kisd 3 vears , '2 ' 9 at. fKks Malnji Wine ' ' ' ' 1 . 2000 beiuijotins - ' " - 1 1 H Iouk Swedes Iron, assorted siee. an27 . tt, - t M.ol'Kl - .'fM this, snjieif. Alosondiia 1 lour. for tale U167 Souih - slieeL. . Zl ..' - BOOKMAN i ; JOHNSTON. op LP. V I IIKIt & GlSltM VN GLA V - WAR K. U' H.CEIV F.l) per F.rln, from ln1on,aqiiai lit v of blue, crncu and vnd bkins, red roans, and prime blue morocco. . . ALSO, 25 cae; half pint German tumblers, each . 100 do;:. ' ZD cases pints do. do. each 50 do?;. for salebv - J(M. S. IIAKKI.SOV, up '27 tv : - 67 Vine strrrt. I ARD U TOUACCO. - 9U kcKs .TiiTr7i I.J Lard, 3 hhds N. C. l'obacco, I j Mkt Wheat, iaudi.d, lor sale by R. & C. W. DA VEX PORT ii CO. ap27 Ii AVANA MOLASsi.S 18.1 M.ds. and 13 lier en Havana Molasses, lamling this day la ironi 01 tlie suDicriiiers' sioiu, lor sale ny G.G ilOWLA VD, ap 27 77 WasliingLm strnt. : HYDE PARK l8TlTiT7lO , eELr.G I and private Clatricol fccliool is XI. m'ahlished at livde Park. iui chess sstun - tv, state of New - Yoik, under the direction and instruction of Benjamin ALLEN, L. L. D. The institution is designed (o unite with aria ical nnd English Education, the modern lun - gu:ixee. I lie rlnvsirai course will comprise the l.nlin and Greek Languages, Ancient Hutory a'ld Geography, Myihology, Roman nnd Grecian Antiquities. The Enaiish course will comprise 1 Enelisb Grammar, Elocution, Elements ol History, Rhe - torkk, Geography, Penmanship, e'emetitury and pmetu at iviatlietnatics, and tlie ouilines 01 natural Philosophy.' MMtern uantuages win compnte tns t rencn, Spanish, and Italian. ... - - n . Mural and religiousiiistructidn will be attend' ed to, as youth is the rrnut proper time tn inrul enh) and fix those principles ot virtus and piety, which ou - ht to direct nod influence the conduct ol luture life, The pupils of the Institution will be members o'lhe Principal's family, and under his inline diate care and government. Particular atten lion will be paid to their morals aud manners. 1 he government will be strict, hut mild and parental - us aim shall be to give habits of order and industry, nnd inspire a generous emulation. The institution will be furnished with a Library, Maps, Globes, and select Philosophical Apparatus, the use - of which the pupils will be taught, and made familiar with the most important and striking experiments in Natural Philosophy. These w.ll he considered as rewards of good conduct and attention to study, and constitute one of the most interesting sources of amusement and recreation it is known from experience, that much useful knowledge way be thus incidentally communicated. The terms ale three hundred dollars per annum, payable quarterly washing included. . l.l.iiFieal students who study the modern Ian - uu:imv, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter extr.i lor tlie same. The students Iind their beds and bedding. 'I he number ef studeuts is limitod. Gentlemen therefore who are desirous i.f placing Un - it r ns in the institution, will please to make an ear y application. .. . . .. ;.' - Ail letters relative lo the institution, address ed to the suburiher, Hyde Park fost Office, Dutchess Coonty, N. V. will he promptly attended to. BENJAMIN ALLEN. The summer term will commence on the tl'tb of May ' an 25 lw ehl.ECT BOAKDJNG SCHOOL. tfHERE are ot preent five vacancies in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in 1'hilipsbursh, Yonkets, West - Chester County. His system of education is such as to enable bio, to qualify young gentlemen for College or Ihe Counting House within a reasonable time. His school is select, the number of Pupils limited, and the treatment ul tlie most hU:rnl kind. ' The following branches of useful and f "lite Ii - . . .. . .. . (emiuru are tuugui, vif tireek, History, , - , Composition, Writing, r Aritlnnelic, i l.atin, French, English Grammar, ueograpny, Mathematics, Sic. It i picsumed that few Institutions nf the kind cau nfli r greater advantages, whether they regard instrtpuiou in gmeral Uterature, in morai and r Jigi us principles, or iu correct and gentlemanly depoituunt. . The Parsonage in which tlie Pupils are accommodated, is cnuuaodiuui, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeo miles ; to which thcrei. always a direct and easy cominuuica - lioj. ForfuTiher particulars application may r - m: - ue 10 Bi'ti' - p llohart Dr. Wilson, Columbia College . T. C S. Clarkson Esq. Al'Fver, Esq. .. Wm. Hayard, jun. F'.tq. C. D. Co. den, Fq. A. ruerbom, Esq. D!tC2mfiw T. A. r.uimet, Esq, , . ap23 tl A.fc. S - - ti r,. - AN excellent family Ilmse, free from f.ailti, well broke to the harbor, and racks un der the saddle ' Enquire at .133 Pcarl - slrcet. ap 2S Iw 1 kLFFLE PLAITING MACHINE. rilHEsubecnber has lately invented a Machine J. forth ptirptsc of Plattinc Ruffles, for Which I u ttn - f. I . f 1 n . .A a I'aftt.if .,1.1 Mm. STM It fnr U V . . W .'.'.Ul..... U . H L ..... . M ' - '4.1. . .... pu'.ilic htptction at tl e Tontine Celine lloue, the 6rU aid secrnd of May Said mnchiue has hseti f.'r.d to plait tlirt rurflrs, etc. with great expediti n, c atne - s oiul accr.' - cy, aad enurs'y relieves Ihe launi!r;?s from the tedious process of. p!ai:iri lltm hv hand.. It ocihVr soils nor'.eari 'he ruffle, and 'owing to" it portable nnd simple eiwislmilion, mry re uted ov any rion. As experience of it is pfef aaed will insure us patronage. 1'ric jft. ' "' ' Any pers..n wiehiea to obtain tlie patent rfcht fer the state of New - York, can have a tipporlu - pity, as the present re the first lhat have been eficred for sale in this Mnhj. SYLVESTER W. TALBOT. apMStV ... ... , STEAM - BOAT FIRETLY. - ' - 1 m . ru.,iuu - LniusenlSew 'fY'" .wburh, on 1 . I Kl I oesday, the 1 - Vt April. vui .i,.Mti.i.:lili tij J vecaj, inure (t'isi.d buiuidayt at 9 A. M, aud Men burgh oa Midv, VI edntsday and Friday, J 8 A. il. - up 11.'. . X" I - T .. . Tt 1UK SALE. . i , . A Boat C7 feet long, 36 ' ,cet 6 iwhes Hide, calcu la - tea lur a norse or stram - r'ir.l : - l"''ire1lT. - rtraws little w.ter. t ui.. .1 n. otsi iteri!.i rsjrtbe sulrscriber.whh r without the auiM hiuerv. which is for torse oon er. bt. a snntt be n roved plan. - I he boat i be n ..ranted souiiit, tight aud good t in fart they " . " At.:0. fiji A slgop, i iiw: building, of the best - t'i "i"""1'"'" aoouV SO ions, calculated I r the I hi.udehihia or southern trade; and a !fp, now rerulj lor l.tuucl.iiig, of almut 0 tons ; r - ss: - i neu tHiruia;ii lor turuitn, otspaicn and rasr dmftol niter lip - Yards. Aniii J3d. icta. " ?pi:i iw ClUs. RROWNNE. i DOLLARS REWARD. - U ANA WAY from thesuhscrilicr, living in the city ol Nalclu - z. slate ol. Atssi - sitpi, mid - du - el leeeintivr Irtsl. ulnh - Uov,' named 'Aor., lei wen seveuiceu ai.tieightc - eu years itl 3(:e, five leet twy or tljt e.tiichi s digit, viry good l outiti' e ; is plinnt ui.l u Kid i.utured, large toll eyes, erect in d: earri:ti - , si.trtand active, has been accustomed to iumg rarra, very lurh4 ol' that tnort, and is ioi.d ' 1 hoesring of his latent 11 iiner. ii; niu en st kciii'u i nip nai, nils - ed cotton ce:tl, white vest, und .'i cord iKu.tul.Kjuj ol n light colour, und several other uiticlctdJ efi'tiiin::. all which he uuiv huvvchnn - i;cd. It is ncrrtaiiiud tuaci'iluiutv, thatbeem - bniki'd at' Xew' - Oili - at l'.r .the boitof New s' ork, hut Un iiumes ul the vtfitl und master are net known 1 il is Iherufuro pri (.uioeil lhat Nate will lu pass an u Irve iunn as ne no doutt pr." 11 red a r i.ji hifoio be hit this plnci!, ' lie was hnin iu Maryland, lionKed tn a Mr Davis, near ll.criiotvu, l.'ioiul.l lioiu thence nhoul far nrsix'i, by Nlr. James Davis, lo i'l.iiiieic, of ivhoiti I piiic.:o. d him at this place, i.ollong l'iJ.c c ran ed. It liRely he uiuv !uik about the t i' v nf Ncv Yuitt, lor some tin,fi, lie will tbeu pi. lnhly vi'il ihe pri'K i'U.I sea - poih itu.l make hit i..y o, Lag - t rstc.tvn, when) I think he has relations. It is po&wible, liiiwi lie ni"V Imve pjho toNc.v London, Co.i'KClictit, in or'lcr to Le it ifcoteand prevent apprehension. H ., I will pive the shove fctvsrd for sec urirt; ai.d coniinii : him in any i.l in Ihe t'l i'id Stni. - s, and fiivinu ine in'onuitlion thereof directed to WinihrKerin Virginia, as Welles to Edward Tumor, Esq. my m.vnt 111 Nsti lux, and all reasonable charges wiil be paid. '" J A'li ut the same tuiie. ran nlT, a mulatto mun nniiied AMOS, the intimate friend mid soriute of Nuco, at'out twer.ty - twn years old, five h t ei - htnr ten inches Ii it'll, likely nnd robust, h' iu bis sjieech, looks surly when spoken to, his fnee very much broken out with hemps flunk with him n hrown frock coat, one brown nnd one lij;ht pair of pantaloons, a pair of short hired hoot, two 1 air ol shoes, and a French silver watch, be is a tolerable rarreutnr, and was brought frotu Davis county in Tennessee. It is rmiWH'd those fellows are together and .fifty dnllnrt will he paid for tlie apprehension ol 'he liiter. ' PETER ISLF.R. Natrhej, MiMhtippi, March 27, 103. . : up 27 31 ' I HOAtiOIAO A" UKuOKIAX. f flIIIF.b or four Gentlemen, can be aeenm - X. modated, with Board and Ixxlging, on reasonable terms, bv applying at Mrs. Buy - dam's, Fulton - st Brooklyn, about a quarter of a mile from Sieara - Boat terry, . . np 23 iw .. . .. . BERGEN ORPtlANis COURT. Ol tlie 1 erm of March, 1818. Catharine ne Schuyler, nstratrix," Ac. f a A. Schuyler sed.. . . Admin ol John Rule, under Statute. deceased. I piIE court order und direct, That Catharine .L. bchiiyier acmuiistrairix 01 the goods, chattels and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, Xive public notice to the creditors 01 tlie decedent to bring in their claims and demands ngamst the estate ol Uic said decedent, on or he, ore Ihe first dny of May, 'in the year of our Lord eieh - teen hundred and nineteen, hy pulling up notices 10 inatciieci in live 01 me must puniit place 111 the county of Berren, for the space of two montns, and adveriisms; me same lor we lKe space of time in a newspaper printed and pub lished in thy state of New - Jersey, and in anms - .iK - r printed aud published 111 Ihe cily of New - rork. A true transcript from the record. ap 23 2m JUll.x a. nut 1;, Biir'gale. l YOUNG ld from the country, a jed 14 1 U. years, of steady hubits and good calculator, wishes a situation in a dry good store - Apply at 80 Botith - st. . ap 7 ST. PAUM CHUHCH. OH sale a Pew, eligibly situated in St. 1'au Is (Jhurcli. Enquire at No. 42 r rot it - street. . ; ap 28 bt 300 DOI.LAliU HEU'AIiO . WTWA. bsi paid to nuy person or persons who TT. willsivs iuforniiiUnj of the villains who fired the house at Brooklyn 00 Fridayeveoing, I7tk April, eo nut Uiry Bray be brought iojh tice,t.y ;(. ' - JOHN II. MORRISON, ap!3 Iw ' Fly - Market SAUNDERS repclfully iulonns his former T. customers aod the public, that lie lias at length, by the assistance of some friends, so far recovered fiom his late misfortune by tire, as to have resumed his business at No. 18 Wall - street ; where lie continues to manufacture rasor strop, on a principle invented by himself, and which is allowed by all who have tried them, to excel anything hitherto known as they oever, by ever so long use, make the edge of the raxor round, aud therelore render the use of any hone unnecessary. TI.e purchaser needs only a ringle lesson a to its use. r ' ' ap 28 Mli.rOHDftiOVVEGO ROAD LOTTERY. WILL commence drawing ia this city, on the 5th of May; .. - ,. . , , IlmhastTrixes. ,. 70,000 Dollars, ( L, 36,000. DoUars 10,000 Dollars , - 10,tX)0 Dollars 6,000 Dollars - ..A ' ' , ,IKJd dollars ISAAC G. OOl'EN, 40 Wall street, has 1 few Tickets on band, which, he wi1 dispose of to dealers and olbcis, oa the most ac cuminodating terms... , . , op 27 Iw TICKETS ADVANCING !i "VTF.XT TUESDAY, the Grand Road Utlcxy i. v w ill coiumeaoe dra a this r ity, and on o:cuing the wheels, Tickets will advance lo J34 MAMMOTH PhiZES.. - Seventy Th'.uiai.d Dollars, l,i(;t,est prw, which is to lie u warded lo Ihe first drawn eumla r on the 15th day oidrawmg. Ti.irtv Fue Thouiand Dollars, next hixlieL to t o awardrdlo the first drawu numurouthe I Ith day ol drawing. . ; .. Ten Thousand Dollars to the fst number on tl 7ih d.iy. 1 Five Thousand Dollars to the first number on tlie 61b clay. . . Five Thousknd Dollars lo the tint drawn num - her 00 tlie first day. . Ten Thousand Dollars floeting - and may come out on any day, h. sides a great many mors valuable Prises, whii h may lie wbUmed tt .... Lottery k Fxchiue eflice. So. 64 Mairkm - lane, uaii. Tuesday next, the jib of Alay, at tlie fol low ir. hiw prices. m , - . . . Wlw.h: t kKels, 32 I QnarW rs , - $3 ' Halves .It) I.. lifhrtjS 4 Sixfeeo'lcnly two' dollars each. Only 10,000 Ticket, in this lottery.. ell to be drawn in 20 draw inge - tt tw Llatiks to a pnxrr and ui S'nillt - tpnic fiO ap?3 3t , .,,., ivrrimvr - 1 v at sxj - prjBraasAUES;., . BY,p;tL MILLS.k co.;.," - , Thursday, At half p 9 o'clock, 40 c - sea British and French dry goods, kiiMing which are 20 cases ti - eeU imported French good. . , - " Also, best kid gloves ; L;ai a taffeta riiahnnf cane umbrthas ; und one box ' superior thread lai. , . Friday, At 1 l.o'clcck, 3f 0 rau.s Frenrh Drintiae Da. per, at a credit 01 ou days, bamplee may be seen at the auetioo roi - ni. . . Saturday, At 12 o'clrck. 40ti dnn a m .1, Unnri sK.n Fists and bunds of a siiiwrinr minhtv M.iiilit.E ton VULItLWi. .e. F 1 H fc proprietors of the soul hern marble qua J. ries, near Kii.gVCriiLre, civc notice, lhat llu y have 011 hAi..1, and are receiving, at ihs hmKU - lSniige Jxiartlt - and Ltmt - iant, foot of lieach - strvet, ou tho tlatuii rxletuirs stick of marble lor builJinr pf the following (e seiipiwiw, vis . Ashiw ft I Cot loir AVarertaMo ;'( ' . Foundation Slooa t S'.f ps ' ; V Cliiiiii.ry - Pieces ,' Platforms , ."',. Faciugs , , , . SilK Lmlels ,.' .. CbllUUM ;.. r '; .Arches , . ! . ,'. Also lima of the best quality. ' ' . frr" A rou5tant supply of the nbore materials may b calculated uvin; and' those desirous of puixiuiing, or making engagements, will apply ' ' ; EZRA LUDLOW, FeMl . ' " . At tho Yard. 0O GA1ULER (.fbte tn Not IS Wall - s.reet has removed his ap27 4t VLIAa' G' AFI - Y - UK. ., The Sim ktioldcrs are request ed. to meet at the bank on Tuclay the 12th f May next, to choose thirteen directors for tlie ensuing year. ; ;.:''.'. The poll will tse opened at eleven o'clock und close at three o'clock. , . . Hy order of the board of directors, CHAS. WILKES, Cashr. ap28t.Mavl2 . .t'fSi HOdM.s . Two pleasant BED ROOMS to Let, in Qroh.iLv.iy, suitable for single gentlcmea, on sbo - d - rate terms. Inquire at tliis omce . p 2B 3t , . To LET. ! ' HusJ A House pleasantly siltiated In Newark, ho. iiHrtleuUrs enqairs at No. 184 Bowery, up 1121 ' - m r7W JO LET, , Ksjs Am' possession given immediately, the elegant scat litc the evidence of gen J no. A Schuyler, dec situated on the banks of tho I'aswic 1 iver, .opposite the village of Belleville, in this state. There are on the premises a good burn, csrri ;e houne and other' Out holmes, all in good crder. The garden is extensive and plantM with every thing proper for the season, and has in it a quantity of the brat fruit tree of til descriptions.. Any portion uf,Iuiid may be had by the tenant that may be requited. 1 Enqu re of , i CATHERINE SCHUYLER, ' On the premises. Burbadors neck, (New - Jersey.) ) ' April 27, 1818. .5 V. n. The above premises tocethcY with all the o'her dwelling houses and lauds of the late !rn. Jno. A. Schuyler, will shortly be otlertd or sale ,.. - .. ap 28 fit to .lsr. , The larje 3 - story briek bouts 78 Pearl - sl eet ; has every convenience for a large fanai - ly the lower part is shelved for a dry good or hardware store, and will be rented with the house, or separata For particulars apply to . - - r ISAAC O. OGDtJY, np2d Iw , : , 48 Wall - street. t)H SALE or TV LET. - a'S And posses - Inn iciven the lit' ofMav. a new nr.d convenient House of the baieroeat plan, llnished in the best possible manner, situated in rearr street, near ibe nailery, and adjoining tlie new house of Mr. Graries, For particulars enquire of .ROBERT R. HUNTER, No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Libeiiy - streeL np2llgw ' . . .. J5f4 , ioLKT, - . niU .For one or snore tears, tho followinr Houses at Harenvill,near Ihe live mile atone, Uloumiimd ne toad. .' . ' . A Pleiuantlv situated and convenient two sto ry llonso and Stable, with a Garden and four a - eresofland. " .Also A pleasantly situated aad convenient two story House ond Stable, with a large Gardea nnd three acres ol land, both ol the above places aie wcil slocked with dilWeat kind of choke Fruit - trees. ... . ' .' ' . - . Also A pleasantly situated and convenient two story House, with a Stable and two acresof land, k or further particulars enquire of - - J JACOB HARDEN, ap28 lm . Near ihe premises. . 1 t)ll SALE, " ' A smell farm, situated in one Of the cen tre counties of this stale,, 'Phis farm lies oft the banks of m lake, and wifhin a mile of a flourishing aod beautilul village1. On il are a fond farm hoase, bam, Vc. al0 a large and well built dwelj ling house, cutirely rew. The situation of fh d veiling house for beauty of prosper! - Ire. is sr - passed by lew if any other seitee for budding in Ihs mt oriorol the slat. 'Hlie nwner ititendm removing to New - York, will sell this prnfterfy for less than cost, upon lone credit on srood se - - curity, or will exchange it for lands, gtods, tt. l oriurtberparucuiani, enquire "i . Ji 1J. tt K. BEDGWTCK, F"r. ' Law Buildints, Nassau - stisi t, Ne - w Ynrk. ap 16 Plm CU - i ' ' fOt hAUCy ... . . . Belwien.four and fin Lv.ln d acres ol .ilid, together With .two. dki'iug.'au"i and sundry out houses, a ssw - mill, .J W ' r thrte, poo Bsill - seHU, .suilaoie .tora'.y (irsenji. lion of factories;' all couipsctly situated, u ti.e town qf Caaoan, in the couuty of ColuoiLi. - v, in this Ute, and about 22 milts distant, r m iolri Albar.v aud Huuo .T' - e land, for tho most part, is of p - iiu: quality, an I in good culUv .li t, and will be sold in divisions to suit pun (users. The wU - r - priili if s ere Ii as canre - .t often be - m. t with, an t oiiny th'' attention 01 manufacturers J he ureaterpartoi the purchase m.ey mny remaia no mnrfgioge 'v - - ral yeava ,11 del, itdferprriperty is Use cily of New York would icre.T mexrhtng. As f prem.., in oart at Itiut, ere. t be diposd s at all xvrT, (Ley wil' I sold oe vr.Slt ArjJla.. olb ream. ''iirV' ', ."', " H. W. WARNER, New York, or l ' JAsON WARNER, oe the piemn p41UC lawJm .jls' HVlUilltGX. a - Twontficeslnlw bunirings No'. 8, to iIsi" rented from th fiset of .May nexf. Ap ply t No 69 flrondsray. - ' ' p37 " Iw sjj The neat 2 - story bruk liocst, nn - isbtd in the tnoJern style, to Greenwich - street, near Hamsrily - street. , Also, a two story house, brick front, rorssr ot Hauler Jy anil Wahiagton - street Loqiuie of. , . . JOHN 1IAGERTY, . . ap23 Isr G7 rW - t.f IEU nlU. AMENDED. Just published and for wde by v: v ., . THO' - A B. J VNEN, So. 11 fluiham - street. Who lias for sale, an extensive assortment of lav Blanks, of the most appmved form, well printed on good d - pct . ap 88 Tt Ot)l. HATS. 3 rases soprn. ooanfj men's aad hoy's Wool naw, " ly tiimtned ; for sals by vr. PILWORTH, UK1 Wit?: avert. sprst

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