The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1944 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1944
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MICHIGAN ASKS AIR LEGISLATION BE POSTPONED Aviation Leaders See Congressional Action Barrier to Enterprise By CLARENCE BEY United Press Staff Correspondent Lansint, Mich,, (U.PJ--Michigan aviation leaders, declaring that enactment of pending congressional legislation would stifle aeronautical development and set up rigid barriers against private initiative have petitioned congress to bypass such legislation until 6 months after the war. Copies of resolutions expressing this sentiment have been mailed to all congressmen by Gov. HaYry F. Kelly's special advisory committee on aviation, recently appointed to protect the Wolverine state's place .in postwar air developments. . Bruce E. Anderson of Lansing chairman of the committee, declared that "powerful but -selfish Interests are working day and ttfrW Jn Washington to force throuth eonrress legislation that would shackle the development of aeronautics in this country for generations to come." "These measures not only would further-infringe upon state rights but.would strike a body blow at the people directly engaged in or interested- ia the development of aviation, Anderson stated. "Thev would rob American citizens of their right to modern, low-cost air transportation facilities after the - · would -place final and complete authority in a federal dictator far removed from local problems and responsibility and that indiyidnab, tocaTcom- mumtje^ and state boards of TMtS? WOUW * ·"*- * - Asserting that the government's ultimate.. objective should be to .spread public benefits to the largest possible number of its citizens Anderson said "tOis legislation 1 would forever place aviation Benefits beyond the reach of the aver-age wage-earner with the result that only the rich would be able to uy. either on commercial routes or in privately-owned planes " e l s * la · t h * Illation ° ver to the tew airline now doin* business in " ° of all aviation busine**_pasenrer jervice, airmail, car*, and express na , "Such action would establish a monopolistic and non-competitive control under which the American people would be forced to pay excessive rates to swell the profits of a fSy c °nPanies," he asserted. Hid private automobile ownership been throttled in this fashion 25 years ago. we would not have the convenience of a private ear transportation as we know it today, nor would we have witnessed * a 2 Id -.* rowte of the automo- J Wnstry which expanded op- Portanltie. for all citizens. ' ... American aeronautical authorities agree that more progress has oeen made in aviation during the ftrst 2 years that the United States has been in the war than count the stwtli developmets that are occurring every day? 5 asked § Anderson. "Even after, the t r ^V* Wl " be re « ui «d tc eval- te the new developments and r « **. adequate keislation to rexu^ late the air pla,ne," he added. Anderson pointed out that military control of, aeronautical de- ve opment during the war probably will be extended for some time thereafter and that! "itTM absurd to pass new air regulations tte face of this condition" Althouch demanding that eon- jrress reject all pending aviation legislation, the committee urred I continuous study o f aviation de! velopmenis and trends so as to Prepare legislation after the wa? which will be in the public · !*££ csu Garage Hen Brings Egg Pices Down shouldering the blame for a no se! dive in egg prices. When St. Louis faced a meat shortage several months ago citV dwellers with an eye tb Vied £ ^ eSSs for breakfast bought chicks and installed them in. every available nook. EconTM TM sts and officials viewed with alarm the busy production of garage-dwelling hens, contended that me price of eggs in Missouri would ···M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^- ' · -- »- "ww ( viuvi J_J1UK Public Auction! mile east : eleven n^eT^cf'l^t SS£* B ° rth ^ ' *» U Monday, February 11 Sale Starts at 12:30 O'clock Sha£, 87 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK' -- 87 21 mlik^ows H£AD °* GUERNSEY CATTLE -- 54 · -· CThis herd of C o«s fc a.hfeh producing one and well bred) 3-- HEAD OF HORSES-- 3 1 strawberry roan mare, com- J"lr e years ola ' Vft - HOO: M ^ lue . roa " mare, nine years old, wt. 1400; 1 gray mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1500. 29-- Head of Fall Pigs-- 29 15 tons of alfalfa and timothy hay. About 20 tons silage FARM MACHINERY **» too numerous tc mlnUon? ' * * HANS MONSON, Owner B. A. Reemfcma, Auct . _ ARE YOU MOVING? TODAY ' ? Pml mail if "» " nv opi " OLD ADDRESS or Box No NEW ADDRESS Route or Box . . . . . . - Chonge to New Addresi (Date) Poper now delirertd by m o , l . . . . Corner t . l e t m . n . . . . Mason City Globe-Gazette TOM THRILLS CRIPPLED CHILDREN - Crippled and ·handicapped children at the Rackham school at YpsllanU Lt To^rf l w d the b ?* a * ^ m Of their y° un K Hv * s when Lt. Tommy Harmon, former Michigan football hero, visited the school with Film Starlet Elyse Knox and told them of Stir??! T 6 ? « S « th America and in China. Harmon Is back in the.U S, alter bailing out of his plane during a dog-fight \yith Jap zeroes in China. He was missing for days Previously he was missing in the South American JRul ?* lesTaftei ' hls plane crash ed there. Harmon's nephew Bobby Jensen, is a student at Rackham. HOLD SMITH FUNERAL Clarion--Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Eyler Funeral home for W. P. Smith, 65, who died at his home The Rev. Ralph J. Beebe, pastor of the Congregational church officiated, followed by the Masonic service. Burial was in the Clarion Evergreen cemetery. He leaves his wife and 2 children. Expenditures for public education both in 1939-40 and 1941-42 reached a total of 2.7 billion dollars. CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE As I am Quitting farmine I will hold a closinr out public tion of all my farm stock, implements an Tuesday, February 15 SALE STARTS AT 1:00 O'CLOCK SHARP ?^,° F H° KSE S-- 1 Wacfc team, smooth mouth, 3200- 1 h *' « y " arS °, Id ' 1600: X bay se]diu ^ 5 « are old. 1500; horse, g years old, 1400; 1 bay mare, smooth mouth IsoO 33 HEAD OF CATT1E-4 cows 3 ^j^ and j fe sprlnger . Il««° s y h e \ rth d spr ^ inf heife " (Shorthorns); « j-earKne 3 u-toter «K° rnS i 1SS-, W ^ te Faced w^d, \veight 100 to 900; J winter calves; 1 WhUe Faced bull. 2 years old 31 1 Chert«rftwvt GS hft Chester White boar (papers furnished); - ABOUT 50 PLYMOUTH HOCK HENS AND S BOOSTERS MACIUNERY-Deerinr binder, 8 ft. cut, in good shapefjohn -?» ft «.fa ' s "[ ead «: *«o 10-ft. discs; Western landroUe" 10 ft. mde; wood wheel «-a ff on wilh flare box; steel wheel w a o with flare box; steel wheel mnnine gear; hay rack- « . - r; one - u s e l cribbing-" hor uaterer; 3 galvanized tanks; 3 ho* feeders; 6 ho ff hous«- 210 rods of woven wire; feed cooker; Reliance 5 ton wato"scale with cattle rack; hot oiler; hor troughs; fencer with 'battery" one C HP .rasTn^P*"TM 110 ^ ?""*· ? f « d bunhs - J " h » »«^ chute-7 ft i f / f e: .. p " mp ' ack! set «' «"nnP Planks; dehornine one li ft i,/-i ".!:'V. h ? e shaft with naneers and pulleys: also Many small 1 Itlvi '"" Sha " : Several feet of assorted many small articles too numerous to mention. CLOVER HAY IN STACK LuncTi will be served on the wounds by the Congregational Ladies* Aid H. H. LARSEN. Owner Munnys Reemtsma, Auct. First State Bank, Belmotid. Clerk PUBLIC SALE As I have rented my farm and quit farming I will sell all my personal property at Public Sale without reserve at my farm located 5 m,les north and 3 miles east of Garner; 1 mile south and 3 miles east of Miller; and 3 miles north and 3 miles west of Ventura, on Wednesday, February 16 Sale Begins at 1:00 O'clock H HEAD OF CATTLE-5 milk cow s , coming fresh; 3 yeartinr steers; 2 yearlint heifers; l Hereford bull. 3 HORSES--Bay,mare, coming 4 years old; black mare, 10 years old; brown mare, smooth month. Head of Feeding Hogs MACHINERY-- 1 International 2-row mounted corn picker -»-B- 2-bottom tractor plow, U inch; tandem tractor disc, 8 foot-"Mc- Connlck binder. 8 foot; Oliver manure spreader; McCormick mower - 6 foot; John Deere 999 corn planter; 16-inch «- of rope. S «a,I tools and other articles too numerous to mention Soy Beans, Manchu. TERMS: c ' s ". «· TM»ke arrangement, with your bank. No proper^ to be removed until settled for. PAUL LOTH Ben Keemtsma, Auctioneer Ventura State Bank, Clerk Toledo, Ohio, (UR)-- Toledo police are hoping that' a year ' s term in the house here, where he has been - tUr " Cd fo " owi "8 his 3rd escape. ' .«*»'*. «*·« been In j a a a l o - tal Ol 60 times was Banded an a ? idti °nal 6 months sentence for his latest escape, accomplished i«,, e " P e . sa wed the bars from his the w$ T and clamb ered down AUCTION SALE MONDAY, FEB. 14 at the LUND SALES BARN ._~^ m TM D ? F . A nx * «"· «s - A GOOD RUN OF CATTLE buyers this week for « - d steers, catcher eatt.e and For. this M le we havif listedTM!,,, lot of S pri ne er SHEE AND HOGS s » Id ·* - We wi » cows iet Your Livestock in Earlv c r ,*,- wounB _ _ · ' . aale "ill Start at 12;30 Shar Mason City Auction Co. G(nt.i_ n IHVA ^^r^^9 W. H. Stables, 3758 -- JSS!£,, A ,H C * ION Monday, February 14 Sole to begin at 1 :00 LIVESTOCK smooih FS-I of7prin P "coH S . blaCk """' smooih mou ' h - «*!·" 47. -- HEAD OF CATTLE _ 47 1 2 0 H O 1 S 2800; Hereford bull; 10 head J of 7. FEED heUers? clover and u S f l e o f FARM MACHINERY 7 ft Rodr C , inch 2 bottom plow slat)?OUver^i4 ^i."?! 1 . y " r: I - H ' C - ls Idea manure sprwder- Vs ft i«hi n ? tMn plow: New SOME POTATOES TERMS: Cash or see your banker before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. ~ CARL PETERSON, Owner Ora Bayless, Auctioneer PUBLIC SALE! Tuesday, Feb. 15 Tr »=*=" seeder, with grasl SMdeJ- t 7 Jc K ! od; J U foot »°°sJer steel drag; drae cart- sui i ,^ ect '°? sleel d "8 ; J ^-section ATM TMTs_r M ,,,,,««,,_,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,. oer. Also some feeder pijrs.- 70 WHITE ROCK _ 3 Years Old 'English -Als. out house. FRED STOVER, Jr., Owner Sheffield Savings Bank, Clerk ^·B A Ora Bayless, Auct. If a snake is spitting p blindness. In your face, it (Friday, Feb II 1944 ^ "" cause MAS ^ C1T3f GL ^ PUBLIC SALE February 16, 12:3O 1 hove decided to farm on a smaller scale, and want to dispose of some of my stock and implement*, at my farm . . . The Ingebrerson Place . . . one mile *ourh of Sheffield and four miles weir. WARM LUNCH WILL BE SERVED AX NOON Livestock ? E ure J" 61 ? Sh o rt "0'" eows, to freshen in April. 2 Pure bred roan Shorthorn cows, with calves at tide. * £?£?" eon bc fu " liih «' w'fh some of these. I JXi" e ' aeed eow * *° *'«heB in April. 4 White faced heifers to freshen in Apr!!. 7 steers--long yearlings. 1 Hereford cow, with coif at side. 5 Short yearling steers. 5 Short yearling heifers. 3 Small calves. 2 Milk cows to freshen soon. 2R r e °f x° f ,, na . t ' Ve ewes ' *° Itort [""»n3 in April. 28 Good fall pigs, vaccinated. Machinery 1 two-row John Deere cultivator; 1 drag corf; 11/ 2 gas, 1-45-bushe. utility self feeder 12 . chicken woterer, platform scales, dump rake, e- · i. i eep man 9««. tenant house SVzxlfi r!a Jlu^ 1 ^ 16 -'^ !! b !:? ry f ? ble ' *'*"**' 9xli linoleum rug, round dining table with extra leaves, kitchen cabinet/kitchen chairs, fruit jars. OSCAR DITCH: Owner ORA 8AYLESS, Auct. SHEFFIELD BANK, Clerk CLOSING OUT SALE MONDAY, FEB. 14 \ STARTING AT 12:30 O'CLOCK HORSES: 1 matched team of sorrel geldings 4 and 5 years old, weight 4,000 Ibs., good. ' 12 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 12 lot *. R--M GRAIN AND HAY ,,,. MACHINERY , _ .,,,, ^vuii ia ucwi oincr hpitc* i i / t h» ^ * ^^ TERMS: Cash or make arrangements with your banker H. L. CARPENTER, Owner rl. BrtimmTmd A i t n f ft * · « , , » _ . Closing Out Sale Tuesday, February 15 12:30 O'c.ocR Lunch Servea ^ n the Starts 12:30 O'c.ocR 84 _ HEAD LIVESTOCK -- 84 FARM MACHINERY Power unit: h.immrm;ii- -rs r, ~ =.. ,".,' cjnnaer \\Tiippet Pon-cr unit a ^ r ^ - s - s i - - v i . t . TM CHICKENS-- 60 Leghorn Pullets HOUSEHOLD GOODS S a,e. N ROY LARSON, Owner Sheimo. Auct. - Citizen SaV m M Rank, H.nlontown, Clerk

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