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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 29, 1818
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. Ftom tht Kali - nat lauQi OFFICIAL 1 STUrrJVTS.? i tt 7 Title oi all Uie act a i resolutions pasted by . tbe fifteenth tvtigre of th V. Stales, at tocir mucoid svrijre yj ui v . Busies, u weir j scroti, ( - Uk - hbfpiy)0J.Jw bltZM JJ4 ber, 181 1, aaJeoded cn tilt YOth of April, l,)aV?ttirr with derarieil of Uie house' . fir A smuou ccmbtr, . 1813, id wliich they respective1? wlginateJ, and flic I t fit M - l!r rt an r li tun a . - .tin wr rl if tTtstiM IMIt r. " " tidsnt. , 1.. Ae act to abolish the ioteroul i . House, Dm, 23, ,1817. . .; s 1 duties - . ' - 2. To remit th duty on a' painting presented ' to tbe Fennsytvauta hospital, lot, Jan. 14, Jan. 14. ieia. ' r' ' 4.' Further to proton the rofiUananc of th uut at Philadelphia. - . House, Jan. 14, ISIS. 5. Art act jylowiug compensation to the aiem - ' Mrs of the seuaia, memos ra ol tbe hottse of rep - o reseulive of too United States, and te the delegate of tbelerritorics, and repealing all other : lainootUUuWict.' Houe, Jan., 1818. ; e L' i i:.r..r iv:.i - ...i tl - . I 'U .Houe, Jan. W, 1318. - i '. , 1 For (ht rollofof Joel Eanrood. llooat, Jan. ' 2?, 1818. ' . , . j r 3. Mkui;furthorirovUionf)r repairioj 111 9. To benefit of tint wback on airr - Viiandije tratitpertcil bj laol conveyance fro.n( . Urutol to iiuMon; - aud from Bml.Hi to Urittol, in " Uk mtttef m if the tame were tranfjwted !Coatwin - fcnale, Fel. C, IC1D. , ' , , ; ,; ' 10. ' lMng aiiprnjirialiim for the pay mtrit of thearrtarajt j - wliich lure br.m iucv:Td for the jui.poi i i inn oiuiury ctuniiwiuiciii iiccvhum l t tbo l.lof January, llil". lioutf, Kob.iO, 1818. i . 1 1, J' ituiorfiorate the Coluoibiau liMUrance Cotnuany of Ae&udria. Iiu, Feb. 16, 1813. ili. MiWny pmri - ioa for tlie retabliluDpnt of . additional UnUnOkek irf the territory of Mu - sou - .ti., llo, Fb. l7, lb!8 . .,(! . ' ' nsisr mnunHiniiu mi. inr iii.tii ii.irr i.l v I, . .1. ! i ' . . we or tfte L'nitet Matm Tor tlie year 1810 v Hpuee, Feb. 19, 1818. ' ' '' ' ; "'Vfc 14 Conceriiioj the diritt'of .'QrnntVtck ii the irate of Georgia. Situate. Mar.b9. 1818. ' ' '' 15. 1 o fiu'Sorie rcrftiii imtluvn of public i land, to willidruw their etilriet, and trnmfer Hi ntiueyt paiil there on. . Senate. March 9, 1818, 18. 8upp1emeutary to the act entitled act lurther eiteadiua; tbe tiinelbr itiuiar and IocjUd military IanU warrautt, and tor other . curpoiPi." . Senate, Match 9, 18(B. ,,. 17. For th relief of major - jeoeraj Arthur St tJlair. Hoote, March 9, 1818. 18. Pruvidior for lb sale of certain lands in the di'tnrt of Marirtta, and for the location ol j. claioii and al of certain laodt in the district of , VMceuiies. benate, .Hertb Ib 1819, .19. To Drovide for certain otfrsotu eflrared in the land aad naval serrke of the Luited htatei in the revololiooarv mnr. . . tlnnui Maivh III. , 1CI8. . - k . . .v . ZU. or Uie relief ol UraeV Soitb. llotue, Warcu in, 10115, tl. Malting appropriations for the tapport of (De nary ol Uie UmU J states lor the year 1813. ; Hou - e, Mflrcb 18, 1818. . ., , ti. For alterinr the. tiaio for holdinr the dii trtct court lor tne - Untnct of Virginia, lloutr, March 10,1018. ... . v . ,23. tslcndiof the time for locating; military land warrants ii Certain cjwei. ienate. lurch S7, 1818. " t4. In adJi'ion to " an act making appropriation nr reiairin? certain rrifuU thnriiik iurri. bed." Smalo, March 7,.l8l8. ii. Fur tha relief of Johu liaU. llotue, .4pril 3. 1818. ; ' . ' i . S'l. Allowing adlitiunal salary and clerk hire to the surveyor fur thi' llliunis aul M'mi - .io)iter ' rilorici,and other purposes. ' Senate. April 3, ioi' , , ' hoite. iail.a d uulilic uln.'Ut within the cnuutv of Alexandria, In thi dbtrict f Columbia. IlJiie. April 3, 1818 . . - 23. For ihe relief of Joha Small. Senate ' 2!). To provide Inr the due execution of Ihe law or thi; United Mutee wuhiiithe .taleof .Vlis - iMrfppi. Jlotit.' . April 3,. lolC.. . . .. " '30, Fir - tlie . rctiqf i.f. Abraham Byington. , IIouv "April 3, 1818. . , , - : . 31, Alleriug tlio time fur holding a sesflnn ol v the district court in the district of Uius, House. April 1 181B - - a - 1 ' ' ' x. For the relief of William Fjlrvardi and . Johua.i'tublis. botmte. April'3, 1818., ' , 33. Reopcctin the courts of the United i'tatet " within tlie fle of Xew - Vork, House. April 3, 1818. . . . ' 31. An act supphmeotary to the not, entitled "an act to authonie tlie state of Ten'iesnee tu lsue jrranti and perfect tillv to certain lai U therein described. anJ In tiu ihm rhimi i.. tl... vacant and luiai iiropriated land within the same,1' paued the eiithterntli of ApriLonethnu sand eiit hundred and six. fctuate. AurU 4, 1813. . . . . 35. Toestahliib the fiat; of the United States. Houe April4,18t8. v' 38.! Declarins; the consent of congress to an act of lb state of North - Carolina, for the relief of sick and disabled American seamen. ' Swate. April 4, 1818. 37. Te regulate the fee of public notaries in th count of Wathiugujo, in the district of Columbia. Senate., April 4, 1818. ' - ' - r (Ta httoncludtd m ourntxt ) XKIV - YUHK EVKXLS'Q FusT. WEDNr.SfMYt APRIL 29. , ' A'e are jiut told front autliority which we be - lisve miy be relied on, that it is reduced to a certainty that Mr. Gardeuier will be elscted I y a haodsooie najor:ty. The priuciplcs set forth in bis address to the elector must meet the ap probation of all men of fair minds, to whateur .... .M o ,h,v mftv Ki.ttn . I . ' ' ' j t'orgtd rerorttiThe most singular forgery " cverlruown, waf, a few months since, discover ed to have beeu comoiitted, not of private deeds, but of the public records cf private deeds. The geuuine record of the deeds in question, madt nearlva centnry sjo, were very adroitly cutout of the book, at.'lbany, by some pesson who con trivrd to get access to the o.Tice at a lime when nobody was present, aud the forytry dexterously made to supply its place by mean of paste or ;1ue. A Cop; of the d. ls was called for by oas AVUUam Teller, fi.r the purpose f bcui; used in a court of law and furnUInn; the necessary evidence of bis tills to a large e.late, when, bj mere accident, th (orerywas discorired just in tiai to preveut the fraud contemplated. By the followin; account finm the Albany Ar;u, we prisume those ccuesmed iutlus scene of iot - qu ty have bcn diKovettJ. " We some tune ajo mwitioaedr tliat certain puMic rccoris b:vd L.jcn Iwed in the office nf the secretary of ttiilr. V.'ill.5rn Teller onwliom suspicion rri1, has s;nce bt - cn hron - h; in 'US Cttv. on u warrin iti:t (. I'.im .t..:tr ?ew - Yrk( n.l undt - ione in ermimiti - iii te Ihe recorder. He renlulrly icrti - U lir denying aty knowlr !jr of the forjery. Fhort'y Iter, however, the discuvreJ tli por - 'son whnhad trntlsa the forjr - I .Ued - , t;nd on , taking bin to the secretary's o(fi , tins pcrsou rrn'.uv rscojniled his hand wr.ti'iy, and h testified copied the forced deeds at the re - 4N u 0 I to t a the to we f m,i quest ofthe laid William Teller, he alledgias at Hi tUt he wanted tTiens 16 knd 44 Wo - k.criS i - bwB.ttfiwfr3.!'.' J ?t ' BU. cn Hotrt, Cterf Will, eta. . W. LaigTit, esq. D. j ? '""i Moo ers, John J. Morgan, esq. r. ciemeoi i. Mooro, RevJ. Mr. S. F. Jarvss. J Ferguson. M a,,.. Blcickr,4vI)tv.CkrUiIik Culian CV.rt.Unck. esq. were alerted mimln truiteM of tb Rew - York Society LU j y f . t The Bnitenifjr of Maryland, bare conferred! the drrree of I). D. on the Rev'd. Edmund D B;irry, A. M. of Baltimore, laU of tbii city. At an ordination held in Trinity church, in thii cifj, on Saturday last, (ihefeitival of St, Mark,) VI r Rodney Rouetcr, cf Connecticot, wai ad mitted by the RL Her. Bishop Hobart, to the holy order of deacon. ' ' ' r - J The act passed at, the late eion of Uie Le gUluture of this state, concerning Lotteries, contaiin the fbllowinp section. . And be it ftirther enar ed. That it shall be the express duty or the tnsnairers or lotteries I red apwinted, or liereafier to be appoint ed, umlrr anv law or tins (Tate, to cnrct proof of the infraction of the law of this suite in respect to private lotteries, in re - peet to the sle f tickets , in the - Utt ries of other state, andin respeet to the Insurance Of ot tery tickets, and the sil mansjrenl shall pro secute and bnnjf to justice, all persons onend ng in the premises ' From the Duleknt'Oiierver, printed ol Pough n. . .u icrpttc, Jlprtlin. ' V " TO T1IE. PUI5LIC. 1 The interest taken by inj. friend in the libel Vm iiuhlUationi which were made against me, hi nenrrpapercalled the JUptiblkan tltrald, and n the result ol tbe two suits commenced by me ftiramst the editors of that paper, fortbepubbca tions the nue rharjing me with btirgatmng snA my poiittcal npponenlt, tlio oi her rrftetting on my intticnt'j induces me to Inform the pubbc, that these suits were pot at is?oe as soon as could be done, under tbe rules sod practice of the court I'be suits were noticed and ready for trial at the Uutcbet circuit court, boldeo last week in thu town, when the defendants made an agreement, tod guv to my counsel the certificates which are hereto annexed, and now mide public. I forbear all remark, and only submit to tlie pub lie the certificate given by the defendants. which fully shew the terms on which the suits were discharged. JAMES TAM. MADGE, Jun Pvugltlutpiie, April J7, 1818. .. ' Supreme Court. Jnmct Tallm - idge. jun v Veriek Ii. Stockholm ana iMtnat Urmcneiuhn. SVt certify that the publication in the paper dited by us, called tbe Republican Herald, for which this suit was commenced, was a commu nication riven to us, with an assurance that the nets mentioned in it could be made out. but of wtiii n at the time we had nopersontl knowledge. lori investigation, wo are sa(inVd that (he Itarees axiut Mr. Tallmadire :u the nublica lioj are uuloundod ; and tliis beiur so. we feel ourselves bnuod to nake this declamtion, iu jus tice to onrv.vrs as wi'U to lr. Tallm '(le. . 5 I Ot.KMOLM Si BROVVflEJOUN. .prU22, 1818. fc'uifeme Court. times Tallmadgt. jun. vs. D trick D. Stock - wlm H lhtimat tirumejohn. We having after the eloctinu ol last sprinj; declared an opinion, in Uie paper edited by us call ed til Republican Herald, lht James Tnll - aiadge, jun. esq who at the said election was a candidate for onjreis for this district, and had - sen eloctc,!, obtained his election by bargaioiue with a certlui portion of the federal party ; from the iidormatton we bat e since obtained, we are such bargain ever took place, and that therefore the inference we drew from the nir tnnstaoces alteadin? that election, were not wnrrauteJ. - Having tuad this discovery, in jus tice to ourselves and to the persons implicated, we willingly make this stittemcnt, believing that there is ever mnre rnananioiity in acknowledging; thao in prrsiilinjf in error. - STOCKHOLM Sc BROViEJOJl.. April S2, 1818. We promite to pny the ridintilTa coat .in he above entithd suits, withiu sixty days from 'he date hereof, with a reasonable couustl fee in. any is charged. STOCKHOLM &BROWNEJ01IN. April S3, 1818. . Etr - c' oft letter from Capl T)onaldon, of the Adrians, dated Liverpool, March 27, " thi the 25th, blowing a gale from the north, springtides, anil nearly high water, Uie Pr.n. cess Charlotte, liutiaman, drove with two anchor's 'ahead, and struck the Adrians on the starboard bow broke the anchor on that bow which f. II overboard, and was lost curried a - way the cat - head, and quick - work, as far aft as the fore rigging our cable was soon parted by the weight nt potli snips. rxt day not in dock set the carpenters to work - expect to be ready to go nut of dock on the 29Ui, and to sail in a day or two alter. From tin A Ibttrty .irgiu if April 28. The seascn continues uncommonly backward The Hllcber;h and the mountain to the eaL appeared en Frida; revered with snow, wbih we believe h:u Dot yet inolud Uion tiie head water ol tht Hudson. Lake Champlain is nnwever, clear of ire, and th steam boat is in iperation. The Montreal papers received two iys ag,v, mention that tlie ice had broken uj .nir iu ttie miuuie oj tlie I jiwreure fir at CouptrovnW learn with regret, ihat a fire broke out on Thursday nictit, iu the haticr'sshnp of Mr. Ralph Worthington, in the village ol lonperstown, and lu tore it could hi jot nuder, dotroyed seven dwelling houes autl torts. Uie loss ol Mr. tvorthintton, who reprrsenlrd as a worthy induitrious citizen. stated at $7000. The namejoftheoihrr sutTeN era are, Cyrus Clark, J F. F.mst, George S. Crafts, Georce l'pmeruy, and John II. Freutia. i'ha total bs it stated at jlt,000. We state Ihe alove particulars on verbal authority. From the Ommdnga Irgitter, April 21. On thr 3t.t ult. tbe mail was robbed at the iost - ofiice in Sullivan, of 1000 dollars : and on be .Stmday following of tlie additional sum ol 476 dollars. I l,t tmel, wlioar name u John llrete, has been aiipceLcuJed and the money re covered.' COLUM BI A, (S. C.) April tl. The weather ha (at some days past, been an, commonly cold for the time of the year ; we had severe frost in this jdace yesterday morning, which h:is destroyed most of tht tender herbs in gardens, aud we fear Las done much iojury Uie crops of wheat, cot u and cotton, m thesur rouinlu'g country. CaiBLXsmir, April 20. VnsratcmnlU Fret!. The frost last night has, fear, ilie incah ulsble mischief in the ciMintry not oi.lyhas the f.irpromi - e cf an abuniUmt fruit lrvest been blasted, but the staple a - tic!e of the coimtrv has suffered to a deplorable extent. The CoMon Crops were enefally up, and arc totally detroved. We are nrry to team from re - pectable sources tual there iiMich asc.irrity of .seed that t is a d in 1 & ' " fii - AKtiiicrA, (N. Y.J.April 21 - , 00r(!let cWiensV not' ret 41cct uel, extraordftiar u eat her, t thi se.iSon of the year, iwe have witnessed witliiu tlie last Ibrtn gtit'. There bael,l)ceii constant rain (or manv daysT which raised the' waters, P?rjicu - Iarli0ie CaidrjiuT.' lieher' than hat been known for twenty - five yi - ar. Ontlial2Uv inst. it cleared away - pleasantly, and M eyt - rjj day the spring; apputi ed in be opening fa vorably. On Friday last, it again begajt to rain, but soon changed to a snow storm, which continued till yesterday noon. , The siww i - about a foot di Vp. The roads .already verj bud, v m become worse., : ; V V' MORFOLK, April 23. Arrived this morning, brii: Fuir American, Marshall, (of New - York; lidays from ilew - tlrirans. and 13 from tlie Baliie. Cantain M states, that Ihe schooner Caroline. Sermour, of, and born this putt, bound to iNew - Ork - aus, got lost on Abacco on the 4th of March, and tiw mate (Mr. Robert of this town) two French passengers, ai.d ;1 slave were dronrma. .'ir. eawver. a passeo'er on boaid the F. A. hs fa vored me with a file of .New Orleans papers to (he Stn inst. i their contents appear, however, uuite uniniDortaut. . . From some caue, the French colonists who cuuleuiplated a settlement on the Alabama, have removed to the river Trinity, which is oo the frontier of the Sp'niA dominions and adjaceul to he state of Looisiana, in the territory which is in dispute between the United Metes and Spain. 1"his circumstance ha given rise to various conjectures, but no one appears competent to say what are the true motives of tln - ne emigrants. Gen. Lnllemand, in a letter whic h he lias published at New - Orleans, under date of the Istiust. says, "they had no other object than the choice of productive lands, where they might procure laborers and cattle at lo prices, aud from which they might derive a prompt and productive revenue"" that they have no con uection with any assemblage that has heretofore taken place iu those parts, aud will never en jrae either iu privateering or smuggling, nor iu any other occupation that might render them a subject of disquiet to anv people." - In Hampton Roads, bound to City Point, ship Phoenix. iJunbar. 7 dan from N Bedford. Arrived, (team - boat Sea - Horse, Carson, 11 day from .NVork, with loes of ber' larboard wheel hou. - e, carried away by a sea on Wednes day last. The aca - Horse ha put in here lor wood, and will then proceed on to I Carolina, ber place of destination. She has experienced very rough weather on the passage, and for tlie last 3 days has laid in at Smith's inland inlet, waiting the moderation of the weather. MONTREAL. April 18 Last Saturday, the ice broke in the middle of Ihe river before tins city. On Sunday afternoon the opening was choaked with loose ice, which caused a considerable rise of the water, bat not such as to enter the cellars in the lower parts of tne town. On Monday the middle of the nver was open and the water fell since which the ice has moved off slowly, but a large field of it yet remains before tbe town, and obstructs the land ing pf canoe and boat. Fresh fih, however. gt to market, which already afford some relief to the poor. Melancholia accident. On Tuesday, the 31st March last, a younir child of four ears, the son of J B Fontaine, labourer at Verchei es. fell back into kettle of soap which had been just removed from the fire, whilst the mother had gone out iu search of a cover. Wh ,t were hrr surprise and despair on findine her dear infant struggling in tlie unfortunate ket tle! She bad, however, tht courare to with - i Iraw it half boiled. Next day the child died. We often see, through the carelessness of pa rents, things of this nature happening. May the present serve ss an example anil wuroiitg lorwe iiuure. ' Another unfortunate accident. On ' Mondav morning last, opposite Pointe a Caliere, near this city, was drowned Joseph Cusson. He was coming ashore wiih two buckets of water. when the ice broke, and the rapidity of the current in an instant carried nun out of airrl.t. tie has left a wife and several children. ' - ' Bostow, April 27, My the Ann - Maria, Patten, arrived at this port, last fi inn Gtiad&loiipe, we 'earn that hv a short arrival from tlie OronoVe. news had been received from the Spanish Main to March JO, and that the royalists had been defeated in several engagements near Valencia. This date is about a month later than the intelligence recently received from Lajuira of the total defeat of the Patriots. Latest from F.urope. Br the arrival yester day, of the Juno, we have received London pa pers oi tie 2in, and Liverpool to the 2iilh March. At is usual, of late, they contain ua - thing very intrrtbting to the Amuricau reader. 1 bure have been several larjre failures at Got - teuburg. The names ol 10 are mentioned iu the I.nudon paper?, aud amount to two million 240 thousaud dollars 1 Largo sale of Hemp have been made at Liv. crpool, principally it it taij, oa account of the drtuaud for the American uinrUct, in the contemplation of au approaching rupture with .pain. ' There ha been a meeting of tea dealers at LouJoJ, In coii'oqucnre of reports being in circulation respecting the adulteration of tea The English paper state that the value of the Florida to the L'uited States is of much more importanc e than i generally imagined ; and that iatheiiemnsula of East Florida, "there is one of the bct and moit sec ure harbors iu America, whi h will receive from 50 to 100 sud of the line." The Loudon Courier seems to regret that the t'nitrd Stales fhould prohibit all intercourse with the Britiih West India colonies. LONKO.V, March 26. By our private correspondence from Paris, it appears that tne villain who would have mur dcred the Duke of Wellington, was betrayed to ine pour e ny a woman oi tne town with whom he had cohabited. A ubscription was collected at Brussels for the purpose of remunerating the - assio. . The French journals of Saturday came to hand la.'t night, and present us with the report aud details, , llit.i - b in an Imperfect form, of the Duogrl, WDK hliaU rieen deliver, don the prece. ug day. .The general expenditure of 1813 is ftiaiated by the minister at about 41.3S0,000 sterling. A loan it proposed, equivalent in It - amount to 16,000,000 of renia. The recal of some of the French exiles it Kiid ta be decided upoa ; aud amongst others, marshal Soult will not merely he restored lo France, but reinvested with his marshal's baton. Dutch lar ff Letters by the last mail from Hollund aniuiunc", that the proposed alteration in the duties upon importation and transit Lad pasted into a law, xn J was enforced by the various departments of ll.c customs on the 16lti init LIVER TOOL, Maih3 It appears Nun an inq iiry recently inade, tnat the Dutch government are di termiiied to adhere to their present henvy duty on all frrei;n coal', order lo encourage Ihe collieries in Flaoders. Tbe following is an extract ofalctti r from tlie Agent to LliyJ's at Otlcrxl, dated Mrch I8. 1818: "On the 2tl!h inst. will he liirhteH ul the new light no the church of Writ Capelle, in Ihe Island of Wak'herrn ; line still he v ry con - 1 'H irons on ap.iroacl'ir the ishnr) from ihe ooj th ward and wrtlwanf, os the li.l,t will consist of 32 lamps, with I lindcu'woci. eirht re - triors, of 3 J i.h lies, showing a light on tlO de - greet of a circle A rel from Guadeloupe, Inden with sugar and coff. - e, coesi; tied lo Mr Baodaia. Havre, br.s beeu met with at tea without ai y hvioe creature on board, except two mo.ikevs and a 9 !;i,'..,..,i.. i .c parrot, atvo raaea in'o vmenn oiliii nas not lie.juWreU.auhairacroptanbeplajteilbceB jta. - d of Uie crew, who, it i lopr.vsed, i..i..i,niU,b:i)bnta few hours before she was perceived from the road of Wend. v ;;? f tht llttfrt of the 91k H.ard. Thepp!cribir hat just beeo Informed that sou pf .lli electors of the DtU waid Jte jt - in contemplation to nominate and support him a a caaidat at the 'duio; election for tbo office of Jdersaaa of wid ward, althwsgh he bad, a he supposed, wbea repeatedly applied to oft that subject, most unequivocally declined that honor, Respect for tbe electors and inhabiUuHa of Uie ward in which he ha resided for many years, and from whom he has experienced mauy proofv of confidence and friendship, as well as from hif unwillingness that any of their suffrages should be erroneously bestowed, constrain him in tliis public manner to inform them, that he u not a candidate for the office of aldermau, and that if elected be will not serve. , NICHOLAS FISH MAKKIED. ; On' Saturday eveninir last, by the Uev J. Mllnor. Dr. Z. W. Seaman, to Miss Amelia S Clussman. Ou Monday evening, S7th inst. by the Revd Mr. Milnor, Mr. fcamuel I. Borrowe.of thi ci ty, to Mrs. Sarah L Jessup, cf Oranga couaty At Rnnih.K.itst. nn Thursday last. Mr. Saniue Brown, of Nw York, to Mis Maria Crosby of the former place. . DIED. Last evening, .Mrs. Abigail Giraud, wife of Mr. Joseph Giraud. in the 3 1st year other age Hi acquaintance, and those of the family, are invited to attend herluneral Irem wo. Tl mar - kei field rtreet, to - morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock, precisely. 1 This m&ming, in the 21t year of bi tge, Mr David I Mertereau. The friends and acquaint ance.of the deceased are requested to atttnd his Itinera! tomorrow atternoon, at 4 o'clock, at no. 33 Greenwich, near Provost street. Thi morning, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John Gordon, after a lingering illness, aged 55 years The friend and acqui .ntances of tlie family, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to - morrow afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from No. 63 Cherry - street. . , Yesteiday, afterahort. illness, Mrs.Glori. ah rut Hosack. wife of Alexander Hosack, - jun. The relatione and friends of the family,' are respectfully invited to attend her' funeral, without further invitation, to - morrew after noon, at 5 o'clock, from No. 7 Hudson - street. In this city, on the 29th inst M.t. Margaret Knapp, relict of Israel Knapp, of Greenwich, (Conn) At Baltimore, ou the 25th inst. Col. George Armistead. Lately in the Western part of Georgia,' Mr. Be"iamin Harrison, aged about 44 years, t na live of Virginia, but for several years put a resident nf Georgia. He was probably the tat est man in the United States, being, by accu rate admeasurement, seven feet two and a half inches in height ; as to his general we.ght it is unknown, but upon the whole he was well pro portioned. . At St. Croix, on the 4tb inst. Mr. William H Ward, late merchant of this city, aged 34 years, audJenlv, at Shawnoctown, (Indiana Territo ry,) Gen. 'inomas Posey. He was a senator in congress lor tome time from the state of Louisia na, and afterwards the territorial governor of Indiana. At tlie time of his doalh he held the office of Indian agent. EKEJVJVO POST MARINE LIST CLEARED. Ship Pacific, Holden, - Jamaica R lnox Brig Whbe Oak, Metts, Omnecticutt, Blinu, Schr. James Vlonroe, llipkins, . Three Friends, Hamhlin, ' Lady Tompkins, Butler, Sally, Cook, Sloop Halcyon, Gardner, - Success, filings, - Young Hamilton, Post, Boston, Wood, Fame, Barton, Mary Jane, Carey, Savannah II artford Norfolk Edenton, N. C. Richmond , ,. . Boston ,. v ;, Newport do Say brook New - Bedford Wilmington Miltsn, Dtl JKMYKIJ nilS FOHEAOHJ1, Arrived at New - London last Sunday, ship Sea Fox, (belonging to N York) Fanning, 69 lav from livers I - d.tnd, bouth Seas, with a full cargo of sea elephant oil, mother of pearl and seal skins, to j livers, esq. Left, brig Jane Maria, rendleton, of N orlc, nearly load' ed with seal skins, oil, c. to sail in 20 dava There has been in the vicinity of Cape Hum, and on tlie cmst of Pattagoma, an extraordi nary change in the weather, during the last summer, theprcvading wind instead of blow. ing at usual heretofore from the westward, have been at least, three fourths of the time, of the last season, from the eastward, with seve ral heavy aud long gales from that quarter - was informed ry the captain ol au r.oglirh south sea ship, that an American brig and schooner on a staling voyage had been wrecked and lost op Ihe coast of Patlagoma in some of the above galea ; also that a schooner, of and from N York, .Mix, matter, oo a sealing voyage, was at the Falkland ulauds in May last, but had been un successful had cot then 100 skins on board March S9th, lat. 10 15. S. lonx 47 10 W. spoke ihjp Golden Farmer, Norton, of and for Nan tucket, lu month out, from tlie toast of Brasil, wiiii low narreis oi u tiale oil. Capt. .orloo left ou Uie Br.izil Bank in January last the fol lowing whaleing ships belonsins; to Sae - llar - bor, vix : ship Oc tavia, Post, C00 barrels of oil i snip , Muuner, ojtj do ; ship Abigail, Post, 230 do ; ship , Fowler, 80 do. Capt Norton ofoTLied they had much bad weather, with east. erly gales, ou the Coast of Br.izil, during the" lat hern very unsui cc s - ful ; tbe Golden Farmer being Hie only full 'hip heard from. April 19, lat jo a, .t ion t air, sioke ship Little Cheruh, .VP Evert, 5 djy from Savannah for Liverpool. pri! 23, lat. 7 45 .. at 1 1 P. M. in a gale of vvinti aud uiunder storm, the mainmast of the Sea Fox was struck with lightning, doing but little damage to the ship, but knocked down aud wonuded and burnt two of his men, bad') lil'in (he ship at tlie time with a disagreeable sulpherou smell Serrral of her officers and crew also received a slight rhock at the time. The bca - Fox has performed her voyage to iho Soulh Seas iu 7 mouths aad 23 days, and has returned with a full cargo even her xabin is stowed wilb oil aud teal kins. , .. . . Ship Orris, Print, 75 days from Buenos Arret, with specie to G tt T Meyer and VCrea' anil Sliiell, owners, and hides, cocoa, copper, cotton, furs, jalap, hore - hair, horn 3, and seal - ikins, c L ct W W Diforest - aud Ward & Bidwp. Left. hipGco. Washington, YcanLley. for Philad.i i'hi ready for sea; ship.Var.liattan, Freemiu, - f Cdllioiora, not discharged ; Augustus, B iker, 1olaid upi Wnodrop - 6iias, Jenkins, do uncer !io; trigs Charlotte, Eartlctt, for N York in 8 days; Woosterjust arrived from do. Jai.e, Retvet, lor BalUmore, uncertain ; sch Plattshnr , l aiilon, for Baltimore iu I0 days .fprd 6ih, Ut 18, 21, bug 58, 30. spokt bri Hammond, Fowler, 17 days from X York !"r. Baits, all well, llth, spoke the fjreo M - hi - ton, from Rio de la Plata, j8 lays out - infonntd toat ihe had been a.lmre in the river, and Iciking at Ihe rata ol 18 inches per hour ; kepi in co 3 Jap; pv - ted on the uiht of the UJi 21 st. in lat 36, long Ml. 30, spoke ship Resolution, days from rurks - Lland, fr Balh, Maine. B is F rancit Aim, Slubbs, of Boston, 12 days fom Havana, w ith wine, sugir. molasses, bide A.r U Walsh Gllagher, P Hamony. G G ft H wland, and the master - Two brigs end a tehr railed f wo days b - .tnro - for N York Ied, brig Hope, O'Brien, for M Y uk, on the 19th - On lis 18'.h April, lat 57 30, lorg 80 30, lellin mSIK ll.ree Patriot brizk of from II (o 20 gutil endi, sVi were fiUf waitrot; Mr Uifronvoy, SBSieiigfi, .. U klo.bAry,ii - - oU, 34tay fro - VVilstotv, Delaware, Willi corn meai, vo " Bloop Agenoria, Williams, 19 day from St. Thomas, with sugar and hides, to A S Hal - lett - anti C lr1sbrLm rmmtff of - AWeTr' - can vessels Uiere, waiting for cargoes, names not recollected. . Spoke nothing., ten rerry, Tailor. h - .d iiint arriw d in 18 day from Balti more. ' : A scli belonging to N Bedford, saijed 5 days before" for it York. ;uled tliis inomiag, brig Tom - Haiard, for Li - ver,iool, and trig Jane, for India. - 1 . Ship Adorn, Cliamplin.21 days from Havre with plaster and dry goods, to 1'ptttV M'Xinne, and Oris wolds k CoaU owners, Le Roy Bayard & Co A Lelevre, J Trulock, S V BoulBiid, r..rt,. X I ...!. J G Oliver. Aikin. Father it Co. S Hyde, le Kham (V Me lsrt, J Aspinwall, B Desobry, P K fceignette, Kiihards, Tnjlor 4 Wilder, Mr. Siinct, aou teotJiauia a oon. jailed March7,ineo with hip Golconda, for N York : brig Win, Hi:ory, fox do ; James M. for Philad.i Mexico, for Baltimore ; brig Tybee, for Savannah ; Gov. Brook, for New Oilean ; Wanderer, for do i Georgia, do ; Margarets Sarah, for Boston ; Joseph, Berry, do : and ea - rah, Atwood, tor Cape d Vord. ' 1n hip Belfast, for New fork' in 10 day t Manchetter Packet, do uoc. t Favorite, do do ; GeorgiBi Smith, do in 5 , Alfred. Kingsbury, uncer. Canada, Smith, Bait, disco i tehr Spaitan, Johnson, for N i ork ; brig Kosana illiams, uoston, not discharged ; ship Alexander, rlischg; brig Intel - licrenre. Wilson, iust arrived 3.i dav from Dar - ien. April 2, lat 49 38. Ions 46 1 - 2 passed ship William, of Boston. - 10th, lat 41 Its, long4u, poke and supplied with bread, English ship la - bella, from Montego Bay, for Greenock. - loth, lat 41, long CO, spoke brig Mary tt Eliza, 45 day front Messina, tnd 23 front Gibraltar for Boston The A. bus S5,000 dollars specie, for the U. S. Bank. April 4, in long 22, passed ship Golconda, from Havre fur N York. Six days ago, in about long 60, capt. Champlin taw a ship supposed to be the James - Monroe, from Liverpool for thi port. ' . Ship George, foyes, 'from London, 29 days from the land, with 400,000 dollar lor the V. S. Bank, dry goods, he top, iron, nc. 10 s rvemp, owner. w Kogers it Co. Cravys Is Bahrock, bers ft Co. N S Prentiss, T Dixon, R Gillespie, J B Murray ft Son, W Manka, J Lsiobert. Richard Taylor tt Co. Dr. Mitchlll, PJtem ten &' Co.J Bowrrbank, H Bacb,Shipman il Lonl, J Graham ft Ce Jacob ft Williams, J Berry, G Chance, Duryee ft Elliot, Hepburn & Prince, J Levy, R Patten,C White, J Haggerty. the captain and to order. Passengers Mr. J Kemp, Col. Weinys, of NewJersey, Mr.' White, and 14 in the steerage.' Sailed from the Downs 27th March, and the land' end lit April, inco. with 1C0 vessel, among which, ship William, Collin ; Venus, ticovell i brig Cannon, Delano ; and barque Gideon, Coffin, all for N York 5 ships Robert, Edward, for Charleston; Galen, Tracy, lor Boston , brig Apollo, Price for Philadelphia. Ship Tontine. Torley, left Portsmouth 21st March, for Philadelphia. - Left in leotxlon dock, ships Solon, Stoddard, for N York in 6 ; Criterion, Avery, do in 10 i brig Henry Clay Thomas, do in 10 or 12 ; schr Leader, Smith for Boston in 10. Spoke nothing Saw great quantities of ice on the Bank, and a number of tail insight. . . 'i ' British britr Phoebe, Anderson, 43 days from Greenock, with dry goodsv ftc. to the captain. Sailed in co. with brigHaXard, Hannah, for Philadelphia. Spoke ship Adoipa - i - reaenca fjom N O leans, could not leant where bound. Brtish brig Edward .B.vam, Leader, from Antigua and Monttefat, 13 days from Uie latter place, with rum, molasses, and 50,000 specie, toR. Dickey, Goodhue k C. and R Lenox. Passengers, Mr. Carey and servant. Mr. Perit. master HarJenbrook, and W H 6immer, of Boston. ...April 19. lat 2a, long f'6, spoke sch. Ilasliaw, io.da from Providence, fur Kay of Honduras, k . j : ich. Milo, Beetle, 4 dajs from Savannah, with cotton, rice and dry goods, to Bogert It Knecland, L Sollitf, Ijiwrence, Rapehe. ft Co. A W'cyrrun'ft Co. W Weyraan & Co. Aikin. Fiahcr k Co nd ll Kingsland ft Co. Passen - gcrsi Messrs. 1'iiito, Richardson, Kelly, Fish, MonlSwt, N'ghUV. jSiffht. Doyle, James, and Tapp.n who return their thanks to Captain Beetle for bit attention ci Vhe passage. .: , , ' Sch Felicity fimait, Utlajsfroni St. J hp. Porto Rico, with sugary coflee tnd hides, to A 3 Haliett. Uft s h Ghent, Barfe, for Norfolk, in 12 days, the only Am. vessel there. Scb. Eagle, Russel.1,4 days Jroro Washing ton, N C. wiUi naval stores, to U & C W Da - vcnxrt L Cc. O.v Friday, Ut 36. Jing 74 30, spoke sch Blackbeard, from Buenos Ay res, fai Ba.timore. '... , i '. 6lnop Ann, Jolmson, . Jones,. 6 days from Richmond, with cotal, to W Van Tassell. , Sloop Victory, ,l erriman, - 6 days from Rich mond, with coal, to E Hoyt. - ,.' 1 . ' Sloop Patriot.. Crosby, 4 days trom.Nan - tucket, via Ne W.London, with oil, candles and whalebone, to the master, - v ! i . ; .rl' Sloop Rapid, Bradley. 5 days from Boston, with rum, &c. ., ..i - '. c .: - .,. i, Sloop Three Bwthert, - Pratt,' 7 day from riavannah, with cotton, deer skins and lumbe , to J Si C Bolton, i K rUeplwns, S Alley, aad the master.'. On the 32 t inst. ;m lat 32 10, ton HO 45, spoke U States brig Hrometlieus. last e... - i. . i i iitjiii cavHHinn, - on a - criwc..' cHiim 111 iu, with eloni" - u Andrews, for. New Y'ork. ,. On Sunday, off (tipe Hatters s, spoke sell Betsey, HathuwuvV 21 itivt from St. Micie, lor hdeti tun. I'aksengers, Messrs. Dennison, Stephens. shepherd. Jours and Hall.! T" ' '' - Sloop Budget, from Wilmington, N. C. with with rice, &ic. to Mnpman K Lord, and ot tiers BOS I ON, April 27. Arrived, - brrr Catlp. s?e .1. ... r.. t! i;.,n - - 'r l at. rfu Ui IIVUI 411 U.1' . urii, ,1 - 111 .v - deira Packet, Alkuis, to sajl iu 5days; ichr Zciio, with loss of foremist,''uticf rtain when ,t ) sail; ship Brandt, Steiubaur, for plnlail. in a fen days. Spoke, iu lat 41, 48, Ion G5,' 20, brig William & Jane, Gray, for Gibraltar, Fifih inrt. lat. 42 1 - 2, Ion. 3tr ! - barque RoboreUj, Smith. 45 days Iron) Benren. lor taraunah. ' UULXiub' I1ULU April 2 1. Arrived, brvr Four Sisters, Holland, '2 ,Uyt from NYork, for Aewbnnport. - - '. - ' .1 Schr Leo, Sates, 4 (bysfrow Vs!ungtoa, ti C.for Boston. . . v, . 1 1 PHILADELPHIA, April, g. Arrived, brij WUFiam J nomas,. NetU, 10' from PorU a rath. . ; - .',.' . .; . - : . ' , . HatTroaa, April i."7. - a A rrived tch Torpedo,! Spafford. 23 dhys from' Maynguer, - (Porto Itici.) Left scli. Earle, IsH - yfr Baltimore, in 0 days t sch Godfrey, for N York in 1J. The i . cxpeiiencitt very bad weather on the coast. , - .' . .r r - .; ' Sch Harriet, Lewis, 9 days from Boston. NoaroLk, April 23v Arrived fdoop Contti. tution, tAf'o - - ge, 3 days from NYork; ' ..'' Sch Risiug - Sun, Brown, 8 days from Havana. . Stock and Exchange Cfiie. frj3 The tiibcrii'crs have fot aied a fcc - part - nenliip, a stock aod exchange brokers, under th t,rm ci Uavenoort K v - ammann Office No. il Wall - street. . ; ' , - 1 1 t .1 - . . . , Henry .' Cammahn. . Government and state storks, corporation sto k, bank and msuraace stocks, purchased aod nld on commission. " " The various bnuk notes, not current at the banks, purchased at a small discount. Premium paid for Spauisb dollirt. sp$9 1w , DevfTtpnrt t) Cammenn. ahich' tsmifd tail In ine tjui., iBweugri., a. Ltofordand soantiid Jol lw. fr - ;; .. ScI - ivery, Pierce, S day from WfksWngtca, S. r. swlihfMyM store tci A HTan Bokkelen. R H & ti Barclay, Beer at vvoocjiibis. nan ue - Infield, J Taylor 4 Sous, Baltus, Son S C. A S Norwood, I Come, E Riley. N Underwood, G Thnrhurn. F Rorere. Kirk SL Mercein. J Cham . THEATBP. F.tbe tancfit oTMr. Holland, seen. , . I Uo vTeduesday evening, April 23, winv, j 2""' i),e,,s comedy of - . t"1 SECRETS WORTH KNOWING ' r.Rrrvon, - , 11, t, - . - . . Nicholas, Ftostram, uarnes Hilsr. April, Mr. Greville, Mrs. Kose Sydney, la the course of the evening, The Post r anda Patriotic Ode, will he sung br .iy gentleman, 1st appearance .i....1 'arieT , t . To which will be added, " . S' OSCAR AND 9". uri - :.:,. Carrol, Ma I vina, In the course of th Ballet, a Scotch Stra..vL and Highland Fling will he da&W mid Mrs. Parker, accompanied oi . rarker ecnicn Highland Bagpipe Perforniance to commtnee at a quarter twa seven o'clock. i - put (CT THOMAS PIIOKNIX ha. rerT ,fSce from No. 11 Murray, to N0. 68 aXh street. . Hjf jut fTr' A "enllemao and ladv .;.k i. 'r 'etilrel nrivafu familw II... children they would furni h a 'rooniMd'u Uling to live, in a plain 'tyle - Tht terms m ' 29 3t " - at this office. O HA TOtt It j, m MR. ft MRS. IMRhiu ; take place on Tuesday r,eiit ,j,e the Fre nch Fp scopal Church, siuute inline." street, unacr cue aircruon of thi, gtntleman ass steAbv an American V,.i' T' gentleman, both remarkable for Uiewmusical ioirers, who will sing Uie two celebrated nie. era eomnosed bv Mr.' Purr ! of Uie King of France and selected fioinhil Oratorio entitled tlie Calvary, or Magdalen u the foot of the Cross, and. S( . PeterU Tea's. Mrs. Pardiewill sing a piece adapted' to htt voice, composed for the occasion, by Mr.. Moron. Mr ParUie and other Artists and Amstetirs will sing tome beautiful pieces, which will be made known hereafter. - ' ' '' to 29 it . 4'lH Sj4 1.: If applied for within 3 or 4 days, the coppered and Conner f,ten . . wn. tlllU hUTTENDEN. 314 tonss saiis well, carries a large cargo, and may be sent to sea at a small uciiwc, im.iiiu wiuuii sj monvns Dcennew riggea anu mastea Apply to HEM SEN ft CO. 26 Sotith - street. ap 29 ' rfANThD, A good vessel, of 800 to 900 barreli, for a short voyage, that it ready to it. cuve a cargo. 'Apply to ' . N. ft D. TALCOTT, ap 29 64 South - street. For H.I PRE, i The elegant coppered ship AD0KIJ, H. L. ChamnUn, aster, trill b reads io receive a cargo in four days, and sad on tht I 15th May. For freight or passage, having vert I uperior accommodations, apply oa board, at Jones' wharf, or to , , . ,. , . POTT t M'KINNE, or ; . ,. GR1SWOLDS ft COATFJ. , 100 too plaster of paris on board said ship, for ale as above. ap29 ForAMbTEHDAM, - The ship ALBION, capt. Conway, ffine ship and now nearly loaded; will take 100 tons freight if oucred immediately , ..nimte i. nit "VY'J l viuvunecuku, aps9 ; ' 44 SooUwet for SAVANNAH. - The fast snilin? nm lut h;n PtvlsJP. HtLfiTA 1'F.S, Swiubura, aiaateri will not. itsvely sail oo Tuoday next with audi SstWht wi.fKiigsi Miuaj vuui iu, X1M ' '7 wr - fant accommodations apply on boat d at FIj - market wiiaii (west ide nr to UIUSWOLD8 Si COA TF.S, ap29 '"' 68South - L PACKAGE AALE . or itOirooit toons isr aar.TiBioaK. ON MONDAY, Miy 4th, at 14 o'clock, shall sell the tiitiieiiuporlation ol a gouts - man retiring from tiade - consitting of Of 4i PACKAGJ23 BRITISH DRT - M J XJGOOm. imported bf the talt ships. - . APPLtTO&DALL,, np 29 5t "" ' . Auctioaeesx - 11Y&ON I r A AND CAWIA. AT ACCTIOA.. . . - CI 1:1 ON Thursday, 301h inttunt, wHl be sold bj HOFFMAN ft GLASS (kpojite tht T. C. Houae, - ' . , 30 whoteand ) Hyon Tea. Sviloty' cargo. Atit ,, - I f . r - - - . i:.. . 800 bales Cauia, entitled debenture? lV buutrhne Linens. Dw tiers and Hhetttms, m 'r - nnlAifiinir an a. .rf tn mnd a I , nMr fi 11M linens, diapers and (heeling, jutt received froa auction, and for tale by - . n ) t - - . . ' JOH. - t B. Tiit.UsVa.Uiw, ap 29 t , 9a iVUklta - laDt. 1 - ARl l URPENTINE.s - JSt - D barrel Tsr, and 90 do sort Trpentin, n float end for ale ly , m . . ti i u ir. w i . a. h. van uckkflin; p 29 2t Brooklyn, or lo7 tooth - street ' KLSH LEMONS. - OoO bote of Ireth Lis - V hon and Sicily Lemons,1 an pnme order, for saie uy . ' ju.iji, jwn.ioviv n sO 29 2t No. 8 Gotenieurs - leaa.' J AMAICA RUM. A few punebeoas highprf, and fine flavored Jgronica Ruin, will fce - sold in quantities to suit purchasers to rV.te sle,fcy . JL'CJifiipftLAURiEi, ap 29 " ' - fr i;.2J: South - tueet. iVI OL A SSES, UG A R ft COFFEE; . HUB " . , s ' h i ,3 - 4 rtercet rood Kmilihg iHoraitet. 13 bbi. S :i ' A I EjL - IT .T P ..u. .. o iDoaes v'uiie uayan cusot - j N) fi o oo . DrowttxaSK. l f - 7 bars Cnftca. ,u:' a. Landing from ship Mary Xlmv. ft al'j If. em'vnino l. c'iilTK l . ap29 . x 68 South street . " . . ' ... ...jr 9 casks containing old copper and bt, Alto, a - uautity vf Castor Oil, ia t tnding from Ihe tchr. Perseverance, Jfroa J laica, and forsaleby ;? " - ' I v i j. ., ft LACR1ES, ; ap29 29 tJouth trtet. I IAVANA MUSCOVADO fcUGARS - ' IX lOO lihd. prime qanhty . Havana M"fJ" rado Sugars, lauding this day at pier L'stt River, from slufv Mary Aim), lor salt, by ...;v..t GxC'ftS 110WLAD,. ' u . - i - 77 WasbiDgtoo - ttiw' - .i Also lending io front of their store, 130 bhds. 16 tierces Retailing Molaste. . , apS - c.r - - ' . CHIN A SILKS. As entire iatoicsof Caa - tou Silk, consisting of 4 Colored Crape v 4 ' Col'd and black Hdhfa ; Bl. - .ck Sinchews Black and Cliecked Sariqels, . , . , I ''irewuig Silks, assorted. ' i i , Also. cases Double Florence, imitation Freoch And . , , 4 do ast'd sewing Silks, JtT.'t received ana k saleby HL'RD hSEvvALi, KAMiV.4 pipes Cicoc Brftndj. sup riorqnaiitT.ju. rereivetl himI v . . . JfJ e. af 'I'A I RflT. ap29 5 S Pine street. 1 fcrltBOK.N'S BALANCt - S. AB I I . .rl, I 1. P - to.., - v. - oL - - WllD OT without frames, weighiosj frmt 300 to Io0t lots iust reccivccl, for .ate by ,i ' ap TJ : N ti U. 1 ALV.U I J , os - mhus -

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