The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1944 ツキ Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1944
Page 12
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E D I T O R I A L S - ^ Chief Scour Nテつォed Is More Adult Leaders TOO MANY things ]jke schools, 1 library books,' running water, the telephone and electricity are taken for granted by too many of us until the -anniversary of their invention or dedication comes around to remind us. 'It is only then, as at a time when we are , denied fresh air and sunshine, that we wonder what we could do without them. This week--right now--is a good time to do a little serious thinking about the Boy Scouts of America. The scouts are now "in the midst of a week's observance of their 34th . anniversary: They rate a salute, for many reasons, but principally right ' now because through 2 world wars and a worldwide depression this organization hasn't once relaxed its efforts. It has helped make 11,000,000 boys into better Americans, and right now that means a very great deal. Every boy in America has a light, to be a scout, but not all of them may, which might suggest something we could do about this anniversary besides salute. Scores of boys in our own city want to be scouts and can't because there aren't enough scout leaders to go テつキ around. ' Any former scouts--or any other men who' realize what \this birthday celebration is all about--will observe the day best by. calling Earle- Behrend at the scout office in Mason City and signing up.. "RIGHT UP HITLER'S ALLET Did You Know? By Frederic J:yHaskin " EDITOR'S NOTE --Em.n a.テつサ4llni thtmulrc, a (U, Hrvhe for question* テつォ feel--Qテつォt counsel--**テつキテつキ!テつォ tiro their full came tat ttitut u Uelosi l ccDls f*r retara pttUtt. dテつォreテつサテつサ Globe.Gairllr fnformitl.i. TMTM Frederic. J. Hiikln. Director. !テつキテつキ, D, C. Are there any Negroes iu con- cress? . , The o n l y one 'is William L. Dawson, Chicago. テつキ . What type of rifle does the Russian infantry use? The 7.62 mm. caliber Mosin- Nagant Pattern 1900. Why is the score of a forfeited baseball fame always 9 to 0? テつキ It . is an arbitrary n u m b e r chosen to represent the score of such games. Who *rt the only 2 women whose aces are recorded in the Bible? p テつキ , They sre Sarah, 107; and Anna 84. W h a t i s California? The golden poppy. Does the British the slate flower of government I .. テつキ , -The Handwriting Seen C WEDEN'S foreign m i n i s t e r , .Christian E, Guenther, reported in a statement to the official Swedish news agency that a prominent Danish official 'had approached Sweden with the -"curious proposal that Sweden occupy Denmark and Norway to guarantee their neutrality in event of a German withdrawal." In. other words, the nazis a r e trying to find a receiver for their 'bankrupt Scandinavian liabilities, now. that they have looted them! Germany wouldn't be sounding out Sweden as a guardian for the Danes and the Norwegians unless Hitler had abandoned hope o'f holding them against an allied invasion. . テつキ テつキ テつキ " ' Chief reason Germany is asking for protective custody for Denmark and Norway is the bitter underground hatred of the Danes and _tne Norwegians toward the nazis and their quislings, which would result in a general massacre the moment Germany pulled out To stave off such a slaughter, Hitler is apparently sounding out Sweden, and the Swedes are not interested, i \ When Germany had an ah-force and was winning on all fronts, Look Out Below Axis on the air a year ago: '.The British bomber command has hot once been'able to put out of action their selected targets of the German armament industry." * * * A question before the house one of these days is going to be whether we should do FOR, WITH ; or TO a defeated\axis enemy. . , * * * There's a : measure of poetic justice in the fact that all of Italy will ultimately be made a battleground. .. ' * * * Alcohol is credited with being* the only known fluid that will make a man see double and feel single. * . * * * . ' ", i テつキ The anti-inflation, rule seems to be: "Buy as many bonds and as little else as possible." i *j * * H he still thinks we're going --. ..-.,, u テつサ--w*. **iutテつォv*r wis. 1C SViUg to have our winter yet, he's indeed an optimist. a rons Norway and Denmark were spoils of war. Now they are no longer nazi assets but liabilities, and fraught with danger. Instead of threatening Sweden with invasion or worse, the nazis are now ask- .ing the Swedes, to hold the bag while they try to shore up their invasion -walls: Your Health By Logan Clendenfng, M. D. WANT FEEDING SteTdl her^ ng a poor fuesser n1 " TM ?テつーX? ht to P revent テつォ THIS IS the first in a series of invariably get? ^ plague and other se テつォous illness, articles on modern ideas of the WT..VI, .-, テつォ.- -medical management of children California Papers, Please Copy' r l t f\rl**-rT i n テつォ . テつォ 4 V -T -3* _. - ft _ i * rf Lend-Lcose Criticism QNE OF OUR exchange editors v assails the lend lease program under which planes, tanks and - other materials of war manufactured in this country went to Britain and Russia instead of to the Philippines. , We doubt that this criticism is well based if we take the long look at the problem. The materials which wenfto Britain are credited with .keeping the Germans away from the Suez, those that went to Russia with keeping the Hitlerites out of Moscow. !テつキ Important t h o u g h the Philip- 'pines be, the fall of Suez and the crushing of Russia would have meant more, pain and suffering for America in this war. The real matter for regret is that we didn't start a bit earlier in our preparedness program and bmld up adequate supplies to protect all of our national inlerests. Jessie Reconsiders . \JISS JESSIE SUMNER o f Uli* nois, one of the limited group of women representatives in congress, recently announced that she would not seek renomination The repuolic is gone, she said. She had despaired of her almost single- handed efforts to save it. Now she announces that she has reconsidered. She's going to seek , re-election. "Various persons decided it was their duty to their country to force me to reconsider " she pomfed out in her characteristic womanly modesty. One of these "various persons" --the only one to come to otsr attention--was the Chicago Tribune whose voice Miss Sumner has been since herjirst day at Washington. About Carl W. Rtfed . A NNOTINCEMENT by Carl W. n Seed of Cresco that he will seek renomination as Iowa state commerce commissioner is pleasing to lowans generally, and particularly to his North Iowa neighbors. Mr. Reed in his various public offices--city attorney, county attorney, state senator, district Judge and commerce commissioner --has proved himself able and effective. It would be hard to overestimate his contribution to the commission on which he now serves. It's our guess that he will ~ -- ---" *"テつォav*agt.J*^aJ.t. UJ. UiLUCliCn Today infant feeding is discussed Next week feeding in' the second and third years of the child's' life. There has been no change which modern science has made in the belief that every child should be breast fed, if possible. Even if only a few weeks or months, even if it has to be supplemented by feedings of cow's milk, it gives the baby a nutritional start in life like nothing else. ' When it is replaced by artificial feeding by .cow's milk a few general principles are all' that need DC known in order for the modern mother to arrange the formula. First, and most important, is cleanliness. The bottles aad nipples must he boiled before every feeding. The milk must be pasteurized or, preferably, boiled. The protein scum which comes to the surface of boiled milk can be skimmed off without danger to the nutritional .quality of the milk since cow's milk has more protein than mother's milk. The second consideration is the nutritional value of the mlik Cow's milk contains only a little more than half as much sugar as mother's milk, so that has to be supplied. テつキThe sugar oテつ」 mother's and cow's TMi is * }ie same --lactose: But. what form of sugar is used to step up cow's milk formula makes little difference--Jactose, maltose,- dextrin preparations or the ordinary cane sugar you use in your'coffee. The formula for the baby on cow's milk is: : Whole milk, 7 ounces (or evaporated milk 3 ounces). Sugar, Vi ounce. Water, up to 10 ounces. Divide this into the number of feedings required. The baby, needs 45 calories per pound of weight per day. To find out how much of the above formula it needs divide the caloric requirement by 20, and the result is the number of ounces of the formula, you need. (Example: For an 8 pound baby--18 ounces in 24 hours.) Up fo two months give 5 or 6 feedings in 24 hours of 3 to テつキI','. ounces per feeding. Additions to milk dietary. All cows milk, (except irradiated), and for safety's sake mother's milk needs the addition of Vitamin D in the torm of cod liver oil (2 te-- spoonsful daily or 4 drops of a c テつー nc fjtrate). Also Vitamin C should be supplied in the form of fresh orange Juice--a teaspoonful fi, テつキ rapidly increased until the juice oテつ」 one orange a day is pven. Cow's milk also needs iron to be supplied independently of the feedings. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From 'Our Exchanges Johnston as a G. O. P. Hope _pecorah Journal: As a speaker able to analyze conditions, E r i c Johnston appealed to Us more than any person we have ever heard He is an independent in thought and action and would, we believe,' appeal to voters of all .parties. Should he become a candidate for off ice. his good horse sense, speaking ability and personal magnetism would carry him far. An American Contrast Northwood Anchor: Our peculiar American way: Harry Bridges an alien ordered deported to his native Australia many months ago called to Washington to confer with a C. I. O. board AND government officials on prosecution of the war. But Washington doesn't give ex-President Herbert Hoover even a pleasant look. A Political Forecast Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette: So we'll guess right now the party nominees this year will be: Democrats, Roosevelt and Wallace; republicans, Dewey arid Warren We don't like either slate" but that's still the way it looks from this corner. In case we're wrong, we'll supply any of the food for the in the British is providing __.. .. . American troops Isles?Great Britain ,, r^,.^^ American forces with substantial amounts of foodstuffs as reverse lend-lease aid. What is the amount of tin in a tin can? In ordinary times it is 9814 Per cent steel and 1% .per cent tin. What is the oldest hospital in the United States? The Pennsylvania hospital in Philadelphia. Which speech of William Jen- nines Bryan was nude into a phonograph record? ' テつキ His free silver speech of acceptance , at the Chicago democratic , convention in 1896. What fa the tale of Raskin's celebrated story for children? The King of the Golden River. Does the bead crow more slow- Jj- 1 ** comparison with the rest of the body? Yes. At birth the head equals one-fourth of the body length while at maturity it is only one- eighth. . . What years are included in lie records of service in the Revolution? ' Only the years 1775-1783. OBSERVING The Cose of Chicago ~ , wqnder if the time hasn't come for the University of Chicago in its athletic program to do 1 of 2 things: 1. Either quit Its/ studied de- emphasis of athletics, or 2. Withdraw from the -Big -10 conference. Following Iowa defeat of Chicago by the lopsided score of 103 to 31, I heard one sports authority say that : .there are テつキ high school teams in Iowa capable of:beating the Maroons by at least 20 points. As matters now stand, the setup isn't fair to anybody. Certainly it does the Chicago boys no good to be used as a conference doormat game after game. Its as if a Class B high school had all of its athletic competition with large Class A schools. It's carrying "learning,'how to lose" much too far. The whole business is unfair to other members of the conference Teams w h i c h do not schedule setup games with Chicago are penalized in the win and lose percentage column. .This wouldn't be written, of cdurse, if the condition alluded to were a temporary war emergency. Chicago's athletic de-emphasis policy, however, was put into effect about .10 years before the war came along. \ ' .. ^ The.Wine is at hand when Chi- r(--- *-~ *テつキ---テつォ--- テつキTve brought some more BOOM ... BOOM . ..BANG1". cago should either get into conference where its athletes could compete on terms of equality or shift to an intra-muraf program oテつ」 physical education. --V-Gen. Marshall Humor : yield to nobody in my admiration for Gen. George Marshall. And now, having proof that along with all his nther fine qualities he.has a swell sense of humor, that admiration is even greater. . . . . , -- was provided at a dinner arranged by Secre- tary of War Stimson to-honor the chief of staff on his 63d birthday Marshall was last to arrive After greeting everybody he responded briefly to a toast. In his response he remarked t h a t the army had. greatly expanded the scope of its duties'in recent days and that probably it should add a new song to its repertoire oテつ」 military ditties.. Then lie lined up a mystified group of generals, stepped in front of them as choral director and broke into the opening strains of: "I've Been Working on the Railroad, x -. - The assembled brass hats who had then been theoretically running the' rajlroads- for 8 days ]oined in heartily. Lincoln, Railroad Lawyer ',suspect that if .Abraham Lincoln were seeking the . Presidency today on the same basis as in 1860, there would ii 5 ?Se who would rise up to call him a "tool of .the interests " -The most lucrative of ,his law clients was the Illinois Central railroad. For one legal battle,'Mr Lincoln had demanded and received the hitherto-unheard of sum,of $5,000. In other words, he was a railroad attorney. And railroad altor-. neys, generally speaking, 'aren't, very popular these days Incidentally, much of the I. .C.'s テつキ m f. m those days, as now, was in the dep south; It suffered seriously from the Civil war, presided over by its former counsel. The Day's Bouquet' T 0 ; THE MASON CITY FOB- , LIC--for its support of the (| "Friends of Libraries" movement ! reflected in an increasing mem- i 1 bership in the local association.* One of the services of this organ- '' ization which more than justifies its existence is its program of collecting and preserving the service records of local men and women in the uniformed services. Mcpon City Globe-Gazette * An A.- W. LEE NIWBTATtJt *'?SL E X?T *テつォ* D テつサ LEE r. LOOMS - . . . , , W. EAU. BALL - Huutez ENOCH A. NOKEM . . CitT XXOXO L. GCCK - AATCttlsiBr MJT, Entered as second-daa matter ABtO 17, 1939. at the postouice at Mason City. Iowa, under the テつサct of March 3, Itriv MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS -- Thテつサ Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use tor republicaUon of all newi dtspalchra credited to It or not otherwut credited in this paper and also the local t news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Mason City and Clear Like by year. 119 Mason City and Clear Lalw by w5テつ」 ate OitsUe. IM Mil* zテつォテつォ--Per yezr'uo- t months S5.50; 3 months $3; j mcnlh SL n iBテつサkt-*'i i a?*w?f tr テつキ?テつキ J""" ***テつキ "* テつォiu*in JM Hues Af MaTfln fit*' テつキ.テつォテつキ* O.UM. .t t^Snテつ」*Dijテつ」trt.^S MaMテつォ CHr uテつォ Clear Laia: -~ er year by carrier ...UOJテつサテつォ fer week by carrier r 5 "er year by matt .'..I.:! J TJM By mail.* months ....I."..."" 5 テつサテつォ 3y mail 3 raons ..... テつキ x zju By mall 1 month ;"1.'";| the was of tie Nations com- Exposition of 'テつキ Sheffield Press: Mrs. Lula Storck says-that she thinks it is fine to play golf in January in Iowa; but she prefers digging parsnips and having a few good meals from them. She dug some from her garden last Thursday and some of her friends said they were delicious, so we'll just take their word for it. テつキ . "Unusual" Weather ' Hampton Chronicle: If a Californian were visiting here we could say to him, "very unusual weather," or we could say "regular California . weather, why go south?" Even the old timers have admitted they have "never seen anything like it." Our Phony Patriots Estherville News: We wonder how those buyers who have been cashing their bonds think they are helping to win the war? Some even cash one pocketful of bonds to buy others to pretend to be patriotic. That's helping a lot isn't it? Proof of G. O. P. Life Manly Signal: Some people are fearful of the fact there is so much rivalry among prospective republican candidates this year. Well, nobody ever wanted to ride a dead horse. . A Season for Optimists Davenport Democrat: S p r i n g will bring the usual number of optimists -- f o l k s who believe everything they read in a seed catalog. _ Come, Come, Governor Creston_Advertiseri It Is time , " -- - O*"~-テつォ-i U i C l U UtZ Will nc both rcnominated and re-elected. And that will be a break for the people of Iowa. ;l- . " . . . テつキ テつキ ./:. , ' - テつキ テつサ v T the f i r s t year - テつー - ern children's practice believes in furnishing extra food besides milk early m life--much earlier than was formerly the practice. The following indicates the schedule: Cereal, 2 to 4 months. Vegetables, (pureed at first, afterwards whole) 2 to 6 months Fruit, 3 lo 7 months. Breadstuffs, {zweibach, toast) 5 to 8 months. Egg, 3 to 6 months. Meat/5 to 10 months. -- r--~-- .i***,i-4i.*ocn AV 15 iime for Gov. Dewey to drop the coy maiden attitude and get either in or out of the presidential race. Editorial of Day WE'RE UNITED George C. Hanscn in Bclmond Independent The United States! The United Nations! The United Armies! Never before have we heard and used "united" with such meaning as now. Our states 3,000 miles from cast to west are as united as the smallest of bordering states. Nations 15,000 miles apart are united now against a common enemy. The fighting forces of many nations and races are facing the enemy side by side--in China, in Europe, in the South Pacific and in Russia, united in command and purpose. ' UNITED aclion-starts with a cooperative effort and an understanding of-the man at your side, of the men in'your outfit and of the men on your ship or station. Is there time now for petty bickering, prejudices and mistrusts? Now is ttieaime to put our minds and efforts to the mental and physical conditioning that will put our strength against an enemy that has for years tried to disunite these United States. The "United" in the U n i t e d States starts with YOU! How large an area do the-Grand Banks cover? The area is approximately equal to that of the state of Pennsylva- What superstition attaches to the zircon? . It was thought to prevent the Which is the more expensive coal to mine, anthracite or bituminous? Anthracite, How many people attended thi races at Hialeah Park during iJs last season? , 521,430. Has anyone ever fried to produce a spineless cactus? Luther Burbank spent many years in such experimentation. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette. Files FORTY YEABS AGO January proved to be one of the coldest months in northern Iowa that has been experienced in years. Not since 1899 has there been such intense cold and then the average for the month was 12 degrees above. This year the average for the month was 11, with a normal of 15. The Prince of Pilsen with his suite of 70 persons arrived in the city this morning from the south on the Central and are nicely es- conced at the various hotels. THIRTY YEARS AGO Books were placed in the Jackson school today by the public library making five schools of the city now supplied with advantages of the public library without having to go such a long distance to get books. Residents of Midland Heights have filed a petition w'ith the council asking that street lights be provided in that addition. TWENTY YEARS AGO Mrs. T. T. Blaise, Mrs. J. E. McMahon and Miss Katherine Trissel went to Crystal Lake Friday where they acted as judges of an oratorical contest in which Britt pupils also participated. Owing to serious damage by- fire to St. John's church, the building will not be fit for use for some weeks. Services will be held in the lodge room of the Elks. TEN YEAflS AGO Edwin Matzen, Mason City, has been appointed assistant Polk county agent, it was announced i Friday by Frank Reynolds, county agent. Miss Hazel Coc, registered dental hygienist, lectured to an assembly of students at St. Joseph's school Friday on care of the teeth. lumbers by the American Logon drum and bugle corps and Henry Raun and his Little German band were presented Friday at the meeting of McKinley community center. Clover Couplets By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center BAKERY BUSS When I'm In tawn I love itt ateo To smell around b.ktrr .hop. And leテつォc mr nose wllk such deliテつォl,n テつキJテつォ cテつサn I He (テつサlne* tr.m sonnds or sich To snilt ibose ullirylnr テつォmelK * S!?,. '"** 'l 1 "* breid warmly diテつサtel. While rtvtllnt in ?) W a n H i s h m t n t , テつ」テつサ doifhnot, cake テつサii! cookie scents The Inner man tn]os few Irtals More thin lheテつォ aromatfc w e e l Thai tln|le his r...テつサ. ,, h e テつサテつキテつォ eテつサ(en In テつサ kakery. NO.TMAU KKKTtAUKKI FINISHED NOW AWYWWY -. "WERE.' rr-S DONE/ HAVE TO GET THESE ffOFlE TOTHE HOSPITAL OTHER AMBULANCE SHOULD KM HWテつ」 SOON.'WSHOULPER HURTS ...MusrvE BwisHP.rrwwEN AMBULANCE... CLEAR.' THE AIR HMD'S OVER *X1 LOOK EXHAUSTER OR- NORTH...REST* WHILE.. TIL テつォ3 WHAT 1 CAN 1MTHE... SUE BROWM ONT LET ME HRRV HER. BOOKS HOME! CH, NOT..... HOW ABOUT YCKJ AMP MARY UOiilSE? SAUU.V OZINE7 'THAT- CHlU-plSH LOVE; 1 テつキ TOLDALl THESE MJASTOTEu. OIONT we? GftVETHBMTCnwS to NOTM U CMOPA.JSeTWt?: T--^^ I r----: T. aao, nooiwe THEY ,, MAKE MCA. THINK HE'D COMB BACK FDR HIS JAIUBWO 36TTHe FOBTUNEWAXI HIS WIPE.* - MlOlNS-PUVテつ」E OP THE YOUR MAJE5TY THAT'S THE TICKET/ r~'CAUSE THERE EULLY AtoiT. NO I AIN'T WO BUCK MALE/ I BATHED (JQOD THIKIK WE BETTER -テつキテつサ テつキ.テつキテつォ-- bテつォ.f テつサi_/\ / i lurvcr i / GIT LAW MERRY MREf (COMPEHTIOW/ ^ SOUTH JERSEY IN THIS V ' " PEOPLE.OFCAMELOT HIKING TOE PRICE OF BUTTER 5yvr'5~ BLACKMAIL/ VO'ALL 5UAH-1T WON'T PUT VO'AO. .OUT NONE? ME WITH A NICE LADY-BUT I 5LWH 15 IBEC06N1ZED VOU RK3HTOFF- FBOM1HH PICTURE DRVESrSORRY; M6ETABODOYOF TCUW OFTEN MEN- COME.' SHOW ME WHERE THIS KRAKKA CREATURE DWELLS.; NO, BRICK! 1WONT LET Hテつ」V, HAP, fEft PETE'S WHATS TH 1 BIG テつキ.IDEA?-- DAG MAH BOHテつ」5, VOu HVZ A SPOuTiN- 'BOUT CIVILIANS FtGHTIN' Ttf WAR' OfO you IT m NOT? COURSE! BUT HAlNTHO BUTS'. FUST THttiG TO LEARN IS OBEV I'M COQPORAL Of

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