The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 6
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SIX ·DENTIST WANTS ;- "QUICK TRIAL' 'Admits He Gave Chloroform That Resulted in Death of Girl, 18. RICHMOND, Va., (/P)--Dr. H Gr, Miller; a middle aged dentist, was quoted by Sheriff J. Mason Smith Thursday as confessing he "administered the chloroform thai killed pretty Cleo Sprouse, whose .body was found Tuesday beside a. cemetery wall. Smith said the dentist expressed a wish for a "quick trial" Ths sheriff attributed both a verbal and a written statement to the dentist. He said Miller, arrested f at Charlottesville on a charge of murder signed a statement soon after officers brought him 'to Henrico county (Richmond) jail. Previously " the sheriff said, Miller confessed verbally wnile enroute f r o m Charlottesville, where the body of the 18 year old , high school girl was found Tuesday beside a stone wall separating : .the/cemetery and golf course of the University of Virginia. ; Planned Illegal Operation. The .dentist was quoted as saying he placed the body there after nightfall Monday. She was dead, then, he said, from chloroform he administered as he prepared to perform an illegal operation in a car six miles outside the city. Miller insisted he was not responsible for the girl's condition, Sheriff Smith said. When the girl died of the anaesthetic, Smith said Miller related, he waited until nightfall to drive back into town and remove the body from the car. She had removed an " undergarment, Miller said, and he dropped it'in the leaves beside the wall; A chloroform can, balanced opening down over the girl's Dr.E. C.Martin CHIROPODIST Successor to Dr. 3. D. Rceler SIB 1st. Nat. Bk. Bldg. Ph. 331 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 4 ·1937 "Gambled With Death" Four persons met death in Ihe-wrcckage pictured above. Three of the.victims were brothers who hail attended the wedding of a fourth brother a few hours previously. The irony of this slory was thai they had borrowed (he wrecked car in order to start the liappy honeymooners off on their wedding trip. _ · . They were .hurrying home later, al a speed estimated at more than 60 miles an hour. Suddenly as they neared a curve,-they saw an approaching (ruck. The truck driver sensed clisasler and pulled as far off to his right as possible. The sedan's high speed caused it to cross to the lett side of the roail and crash into the truck, striking its gasoline tank which was located behind the driver's ,cab. Both truck and sedan overturneu and burst into flames. The sedan was completely destroyed, but the truck driver, seizing: a fire extinguisher, managed to put out the flames on his truck before collapsing. The helper on the truck and two ot the brothers were, killed instantly ami the third brother died a few days later from a fractured skull and third degree burns. '·· Slow down before you enter a curve. Joy and enthusiasm are all right in their'place but should not be allowed to influence your driving speed. "Exhilaration" and "acceleration" may spell disaster for a car driver, officers of the Cerro Gordo county safety council point out while conducting a drive this week for membership. mouth and nostrils, which were packed with saturated medical cotton, provided the clew, Smith said, that led to Miller's arrest, Suspected His Patient. A Charlottesville druggist, the officer said, reported the dentist complained the can disappeared 'rom his office. Questioned, Smith said, Miller told of suspect- ng den, a patient, of taking it. Commonwealth's Attorney W. O. Fife of Albemarle, who joined the questioning, said Hubert 'arver, a salesman, told the in- errogators Miller had returned a :ar. lie had borrowed Monday 'reeking with chloroform" and containing bits of cotton. Fife of Albemarle said he would ask Circuit Judge Lemuel F. Smith of Charlottesvilic to call a special session of the grand jury to consider the case. 578 Deaths Reported Among Iowa Children From 1 to 5,inl936 DES MOINES, (fP) -- Deaths among children in the age group of one to five years, inclusive, totaled 578 in Iowa during 193S, with accidental causes accounting for 102 or 17.6 per cent of the deaths, the state department of health reported Thursday, Nearly twice as many boys as girls died ot injuries, the department said. NATION'S AUTO DEATHS ON RISE All Time Record for Firs Month of'Year Is Set for 1937. CHICAGO, (UP)--The nation' automobile deaths for January to taled 3,050, an all time record fo the first month of the year, the na tional safety council reported. The death toll was about 2( per cent higher than January 1936, and exceeded by 200 deaths the previous high established in January, 1934. Despite its unfavorable comparison with other January's the report showed, the council said, tha traffic deaths "ran true to form in a sizable seasonable drop from the December, 1936, total." Twenty of the 28 states report- ng for January had more deaths :his year than the corresponding mon'h of 1936. Included were California, Illinois, - Maryland Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania The report showed Nevada be;an the year with a 100 per cen -·eduction in motor deaths having no deaths in January, 1937, againsi '.wo for January, 1935. Among the country's 13 cities ol more than 500,000 population which as a group advanced 26 pex cent, only three cities, Boston San Francisco and Chicago, reported drops in traffic 1 , fatalities Vlilwaukee and St. Louis were the same for January o£ both years. Although New York City had a relatively bad January recorc which showed 73 deaths compared with 43 for January, 1D36, the report showed that city started 193" m a tie with Boston for the "best' death rate among ahe larger cities The rate for each was 12.2 deaths per 100,000 population. Cities between 250,000 and 500,000 pjpulation began the year with a 45 per cent jump in traffic deaths. Fatalities., in cities be- ,ween 100,000 and 250,000 jumped 8 per cent; in cities between 50,100 and 100,000, deaths remainec he same with neither an increase or decrease from January, 193S Traffic deaths in cities between !5,000 and 50,000 rose 9 per. cent. SPECIAL FOR YOU BUTTER-NUT MAKES BOTH D R I P AND PERCOLATOR G R I N D For economy and fine results use the grind made special y for your method oE coffee mak- 'ing Drip Grind for Drip and Silex coffee. Regular Grind for percolator or coffee pot. Thi* is a special Butter-Nut advantage. SPECIAL MELLOWING t( Every can of Butter-Nut Coffee is a "prize package." It contains an extra' portion of supremely fine flavor--just what it takes to make unusually delicious coffee. Butter-Nut's new Special Mellowing Process tends to that. This new method matures the flavor of fine coffee, making it richer, smoother and mellower. Natural acids fade to a faint, pleasing trace. It is the kind of coffee you always hoped someone would make someday. Try it--it has something extra. M E L L O W E D Supervisors Voice Belief · - . · in Economy of Home Rule See 'Nothing Wrong 1 in Item* ~~ Objected to by State Official. "We are positive of the fact tha Cerro Gordo county or any ot'hei. county in the state of Iowa is better able to handle the relief anc do it cheaper than by being tied up with the state organization." -~,. That was the answer of the (}hvpr Aa? fn Jerro Gordo county board of sup- ^ u v c r TMU».LU Tvisors Thursday to an objection made by Ralph E. Kittinger, Des Moines, of the Iowa Emergency Relief administration, to part ol a statement made by Harry Sonder- jaard, chairman o£ the local board in a. Globe-Gazette item in February on the operation' of the re- Banlc and Trust company of Min- lief office. neapolis, is to address a meeting In this item Chairman Sonder- °. f ,' he Mas °n cit y District Asso- gaard was quoted on as stating ^ a \ lo , n £ L l £e Underwriters at the that he expected home rule in ret £° tel Hanford Friday ' TM ief was going to' prove a move for economy in Cerro Gordo :ounty. Objected to Paragraph. A paragraph in the story to which Mr. Kittinger voiced objection in a communication to the 31obe-Gazette read as follows: "One oE the advantages of home :ontrol, it was pointed out, comes n the purchase of vegetables anc itliei- goods. These are now bough n close range of Mason 'City whereas previously considerable quantities were shipped from Des Moines and other sections of the state." Mr. Kiltinger's explanation o this situation was as follows: "During all of the.time that state and federal funds were granted to ^erro Gordo county, relief was .irovided by the issuance of orders which were filled by local merchants, who, after filling the orders, submitted them for payment either from county funds or by this administration," he said. "The only supplies that were shipped .or distribution to relief families vere those which were granted to Iowa by the Federal Surplus Commodities corporation. "These commodities were pur- ihased from producers in an effort o assure a proper return to such producers. Instead of allowing ommodities so purchased to re- Tlain 1 unused in the fields, they vere distributed to persons in leed of relief in addition to the egular relief allowances. None of hese products were bought with ocal funds nor with federal and tate funds, provided through this drmni 5 (ration. Still Available. "Surplus commodities are still vailable for distribution in addi- ion to relief allowances in those ounties in which the need for re- lef is determined by an overseer f-the poor, whose' training'^and 'xperience in relief giving will meet the federal requirements." Thursday morning the Globe- razetle received the following omumcation f r o m Chairman ondergaard, setting forth his and le other board members' posi- ion on the matter. Following is ue letter: Sees "Nothing Wronff." "Regarding the letter that was eceived by you from Mr. Kitten- er, the board of supervisors or ·erro Gordo county, Iowa, cannot ee anything wrong with the para- raph that he objects to. "We know that since Jan, 1, 937, we have received no surplus ommodities from the state or fed- _ral government and the only way -erro Gordo county, Iowa, cannot e able to receive surplus commodities would be by tying up ur organization in Cerro Gordo ounty with the state organization. By that we mean that we have 0 put somebody from the outside n charge of our relief organiza- ion in this county and we would e paying 90 per cent of the costs nd they would be running the ffice. "We are positive of the fact at Cerro Gordo county or anv ther county in the state o~f owa is b e t t e r able to han- le the relief and do it cheap-' i- than by b e i n g 'tied up ·ith the state organization. We 'ill prove this to our people nnd 1 tbem before this year is over ust the same as several other ounties nearby are doing at the resent time. We hope that more aunties will do the same thing s we believe that you cannot eat home rule as far as relief rganizations or any other organ- zations are concerned. "We hope this slates our posi- on. "Respectfully yours, I'Harry. Sondergaard, chairman, "Board of Supervisors, "Cerro Gordo County."- THINGS IN TERRIBLE STATE IN LINAN AS RATS WAR ON CATS H A N G C H O W , China, (#)_ hings are in a terribje state in inan vill?:e, just a few hours /alk west of here. The rats are ating the cals and the inhabitants re loo intimidated to do anything bout it. Lilian long has been noted in astern China for the precocious- ess of its rodent population but ven Linan never has had any- jiing like this before. The amazed populace is mostly ust standing around watching uge families of rats gang up on leir arch enemies and do what very rat always wanted to do. The rats have developed a echnic of hunting in gangs un- 1 they see a cat that looks like it night.not have heard what is gong on. Then, one of the bigger, raver rats slips away from the coup. · He assumps the terrified rat ex- ression that cats arc so used to seeing; the victim starts the hunt, the "dare to die" decoy leads him a merry chase right into an ambush, then the rest of the. rat gang cl05es in and rends him limb from limb. There are very few cats Linan now. in at. Insurance Meeting Oliver Aas, prominent in football in the days he attended the University of Minesota and now trust officer ol the First National Bank and Trust company of Min- evening. racefan g will open with a o clock dinner. Mr. Aas will speak on the relationship of insurance and trusts. ITALY LAUNCHES 7- POINT DRIVE Fascists Seek Increase in National Birthrate for "Military Power." R O M E , ( / P J -- F a s c i s t Italy launched a seven point drivt Thursday to increase the national birthrate for "military power" and "a secure future for the fatherland." The fascist grand council, with Premier Mussolini presiding, outlined the drastic provisions to halt Italy's declining birthrate and assure more children to supply fascist armies of the future. The plan, placing heavy economic burdens on bachelors and childless husbands, was the second such stringent step to be taken by the council in its current series of meetings. To Strensthen Army. Monday night, the council acted to strengthen the Italian army of the present, drafting all able- bodied men into 33 years of almost continuous service between the ages of 18 and 55. 1 Last night's meeting, lasting info the early morning, was concerned with making sure that man power would be available. Under the program adopted by the grand council, highest governing body of fascism, heads of large families .will receive not only preference in employment, but wage increases in proportion to the number of children they contribute to the nation. .Want Large Families. "On large families," a com- munique said, "in exceptional times for the fatherland will fall the heavier sacrifices and greater contributions of men." Salaries will be fixed for fan-flies rather than for individuals and laws will be revised to assure stability of living conditions for large families. Loans will be made to .enable couples to marry, the stale will assist in providing dowries for brides and will sponsor insurance for young workmen. 50c Barbaso! Shaving: Cream 39- [CAMAY SOAP £ 24 BAYER ASPIRIN Bottle 100 Pfnt RUBBING ALCOHOL 23c EAGLE BRAND MILK 50c REL For Head Colds! (Ditcontinaid Size) 5c Wilbur {Chocolate! Bars , . ' 1 I Plain or wilh pe EXTRA VALUE! 40* BOST Tooth Patte with a 25cTEFRA Toatft Braih 6 5 c ^ C Valuel 9 RUSSIAN MINERAL OIL BottleJ SOc JERGEN'S LOTION 33 · "· .· »m.«, BHH1 -·· . i . i ·i a. i. i mm | Certain-Safe MODESSl 18 2 Boxes 35c 25c BISODOL POWDER 17 103 N. Federal Ave. 30* HILL'S ·^rr-m^f^r-aaiMr^ QUININE 14* ( L I M I T - 2 ) #!«* STAR 604 ANGELUS ( L I M I T - 50» IMOLLE SHAVING- CREAM 2T (LIMIT- i) "··--··^··M P I N T 'MILK OF MAGNESIA C L I M l T - 1 ) ·^HH|HBH|H^BSM^EHKSMnBSBBBK^^Bw«^w ELECTRICAL WEEK c /,. .-/J ~t IX 9*r Spiciat 2 Site*! Formerly talJ at JS.9X! Beautiful Mirror Glass ELECTRIC CLOCKS C/IOt'C* o Thty toil/ Pint lime theie eiQuiiite clocki i · I lliii cinbelicv»ble low price. ottered Moottreraft 3 W»y Elec. Heating Pad . Underwriter* 4 9 8 Approved! . . A · Othira 2.98 and 3.98 Special 2 Stic Underwriter's Approved ELECTRIC TOASTER t Gen at no Mica Element Sentitiontlly t Toa'« 2 ilice I ec! (or ihit Volume oncel 8Lb. Guaranteed Electric Iron Sintalional $CIC Vela, at . . CPO Genuine mica element. P A C K A R D LektiroShaver Work* °n g t If A.C.°'D.C. . *1 Save* lime and money. COUGHS -COLDS Bromo Quinine {££;:, 31 c ,60c Rent CM,* ..... ,49 C Smith Bros. 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