The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1939 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 18
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18 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTR 7,000 HEAD OF SWINE RECEIVED Advance Is Mostly on Heavy Butchers;' Top Reaches $7.90 A , - · _ ^ _ W Active to 10 Cents Higher in Chicago Charles CityN WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 19: CHICAGO, e hog market was fairly active and steady to 10 cents higher Wednesday, with receipts of 7,000 head, about 2.00C less than expected. The advance was mostly on medium weight and heavy butchers. The top was 57.90. (U. S. department of agriculture)--Salable hogs 7,000; fairly ; active; steady to 10 cents higher than Tuesday's average; advance mostly on medium weight and heavy butchers; top $7.90; good and choice 180 to 230 lbs. $7.70 to S7.90; 240 to 270 lbs. $7AO to $7.65280 to.350 lbs. butchers $7 to $7.35; good 400 to 500 Ibs. packing sows, S6.50 to $6.75; lighter weights to .56.90. Salable cattle 8,000; calves 500; another active 'market on all killing classes; steers and yearlings steady fb 25 cents higher; mostly strong to 15 cents up; killing quality improved; more and better grade yearlings here; light heifer and mixed yearlings firm; cowsi£5 ; strong; bulls scarce and steady; - - ' vealers slow, steady; largely steer run with weighty kinds predominating; early top $13.05; to $13.75 bid and refused, however, on prime long yearlings; numerous loads fed steers and yearlings S12 'to 313.40; bulk steers $9.25 to $12; choice heifers up fo $11.'25; cutter cows $4.75 to S6; weighty sausage bulls to $7.40; light veal- ers 53.50 to $9.50; weighty offerings $10 to $11. Salable sheep 8,000; late Tuesday; fat lambs mostly steady; top $9.10; bulk 97 Ibs. down $8.75 to 59; 100 to 105 Jbs. weights 58.50 to $8.90; sheep strong to higher; quality improved; fed western ewes S3 to S5.25; scaling 107 to 13a lbs.; Wednesday's trade moderately active; strong to 15 cents higher; good to choice lambs S8.- to $9.1o; bulk held higher; sheep steady; choice ewes $5. lambj mainly S8.50as.85; load 107 Ib. av. erage S8.35; slaughter eives up to 54 Bono feeding or shearing Iambs offered. ' KA.VSAS crry LIVESTOCK (Wednniiy Market) KANSAS CITY. M-U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 1,300; fajrly active, steady to lOc higher than Tuesday's average; top S« ·' P acke " S7--W down; good to choice ho-°» i 5 0 lbs ' 57.25a7.«; 250 to 310 lbs. SD.PJ7.20: sou's $6.25^/6.40; few $650 CATTLE 2,700: calves 300; heel steers and yearlings steady to strong; spots 10 to 15c higher; she stock s!o\v, steadv- bulls n-rajf to 25c lower.- vealer sand killing calves little changed; stocker and feeder classes scarce, steady; medium and good fed steers S3«fI0.75; strong- weight steers $11; fed hel/ers ia.7Sii9.60; some held higher; coivs 5637.25; selected vealers 510.50. SHEEP 5.000; scattered opening salci lambs strong; sheep strong to 25c higher- lambs 5«.50S8.75; best held lilgher; top Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS WHEAT LOSES PART OF GAIN Advance Cent, Then Decline Half Cent Near Trading Close CHICAGO, After advanc- Livestock prices at midwest markets Wednesdav; AUSTHf, ·: 350 to 400 lbs. S6.25fi6.55; packinE oivs 275 to 350 Ibs. $6.155 6.43; 350 lo 4'3 05. S6.05-S6.35; 423 to 550 lbs. S5.9586-5- .·0 lbs. and up Jj.05Sf6.25. ALBERT LEA. Minn.--Hogs Steady lo to 10 cents higher; 140 to 150 lb*. (G.\0 io.2j; 150 to 160 lbs. S6.45S6.60; 160 to 01 lbs. S6.S5©7.00; 170 to ISO lbs. S7.15® i° 7 ^° £j- SraS'-W; 220 to 250 Ibs. SG.GOS6.75; 290 to 325 lbs! ing a cent, due partly to belated recognition of the scope of political changes going on in central Europe, wheat prices Wednesday lost about half of their gains. Weakness of corn, with May contracts falling at times to within i cent of the lowest level since 1934, unsettled the wheat pit. Weakness in securities also disturbed the grain trade. Wheat closed Vs. to *, cen higher than Tuesday, May 67 5 s t 67% cents, July 67T's to 68 cents corn unchanged to V 4 cent lower May 47% to 47% cents, July 491 cents; oats unchanged to % cen higher. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN ( W e d n e s d a y Mftrlcet) _ CHICAGO, W5--Cash wheat No. 3 ilV,Ci No. 4 mixed 63c; sample grade hard 6jc; sample grade yellow hard. i to 33 ° lbs - ' 6 -30«6.45: 350 Ibs. S6.latjj6.30; SOV ,-E 275 to 350 lbs SC.20S6.35: 350 to 425 lbs. S6.0556.20: 425 to =00 lbs. M.SOgc.OS; iOO to 550 lb=. S5.75 . . . 65.90; 550 to 600 Ibs. 55.COS3.75. IV.lTEBLOO-Hoes steady. £|" ! J- tonl! !l°«"- Prlcts unchanged. chan°e'a B -* WDS -Ho«s and citllc un- grade -6c - Oats Ko. 2 white 32g32*sc; No. 3, aail'.c; sample grade white 27=',S29".c Barley malting 5I960c nom.; lccd"3o 42c nom. « - , : ver- HO to loO Ibs. SB. 15 8 6.43: 150 to 160 Ibs S6.oOH6.80; 160 to 170 Ills. W.70S-7; 170 to 180 Ibs. S7S7.30; 180 to 220 lbs. SMOte '·«: 220 to MO Ibs. 4ff.S5eT.25! 250 to - lb !- 5 6 - EO «'-10: 270 to 290 Ibs. 56.65® ito. w.sese.80; 323 to ,. 5; 350 to 400 lbs. ?5.15 ?-% ?' ^ k " s 2 " *" 350 Ibi. SS.10gff.4fl; 5-on ° 42 ° Ib! - ^6.30; 425 to 500 lbs So.90Si6.20; 500 f o 550 lb 550 to 600 Ibs. S5.S5g5.95. Timoth. seed S2.85S3.15 clover seed $13®16 nom.; red top 59.25 nom. nom.; red Moson City Grain - ·" . 2 » to Local Livestock Steady. ilASON CITY~For Wednesday ...... 140-150 »5.35-6.05 !Sht lights ...... 130-160 $6.43-6.55 Good light 1/ehts . . . . 160-170 COMBINED HOG KECEJFTS (Weanesday 3Iarketl DES WOINES. W _U. S. department ot agnculture. Combined hog receipts a' -0 concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at S a. m. Wednesday w e r c l TM l MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 white oats 21c No. 3 yellow corn 34 C New ear com No. 2 soybeans Barley 30c 70c 25-35c WEDNESDAY OEA1N CLOSE CHICAGO, n - "Good light butchers .. 130-200 S7 30-T 40 - Good light butchers .. 200-220 S7 30-7 40 tjood me. wt. butchers 220-230 S7.20-7 30 Good me. \rt. butchers 250-270 S7.05.7a5 Good me. wt. butchers 270-250 S6S5-S95 Good me. \vt. butchers 290-325 S6 70-6 BO Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 kss-S.'ea Good hea\T butchers . . 350-100 SC.W-6.50 Good packing sows ... 273-350 S6.35-6.45 ^°°* SOWS ............ 350-425 56.25-6.35 Good sows ............ 425-300 S6.15-6.25 . . 500-550 S6.15-8.25 G ° CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy Jio 00-1 100 cood to choice steers, heavy s 8 50- 9~50 Medium to good jtcers ..... * 5 7.59. |'|g Fair (o medium steers ...... I 6 50- 7 50 ?i?f *1 felr steers .......... S 1-00- 6 00 Choice to prime yearlinss .... 5 9.00- 9 50 ° o: 290 to 350 Ibs. $6.50^6.93: pack- ° W 2 7 1 ° 35 ° lbs " Bx! S6.20S6.55; r-mr. FORECAST CHICAGO. «v-Official estimated live- Representative Sales .... . - nr yearlings ... s 0.00- 900 Medium to good yearlings ... S 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers ..... j BOO- 900 Medium to good hellers ...ll | ?^- l'$ Fair to medium heiftrs ...... $ 6.00- -7.00 Plaua to fair heifers ...... S 4 0 0 600 .. ; I 3 M" too "' " Canners .... £° e m 'buS"" hcavy Calves, good to choice 130-190 S 7J)3- *M S ,IZ- i m r Cd ' t0 £0od 13 °- IM S 6-30- 1M , - i r ' - S 6-30- Calves. Infer, to mcd. 130-190 S 2.30 d r SHEEP Genuine spring Iambs, good 10 choice ...... 70 tin : ? 3n Sprtag lambs. E o o d i o choice Spring lambs.' medium' io eood° * e -°°- S p r n g ' commTM B00d to OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) ^ u - s - ««»" 9D '° 20 ° 240 to 260 360 . sows steady, J6.35fe640- stags steady at S6.75 dou-n- p?gs SCMM ie ? a ^ **°"S weiBhts $B.75. g C CATTLE, salable 4.000; fed slccr. """"Ss. heifers active,' s i" n . "fj S 5" i ,,'° I3c hi = her : TM«-s fully steady; bulls steady to weak; vealeS S£i rln^t 'TM ran fed h CHICAGO. Heavy-6-1 237 « 284 51 (-^/--Representative salcs- HOGS i Medium-- 1VHEAT-- Mar. .. . -May ... . July Sept COHN-Mar. May July Sepl OATS-May July - Sept. High .68 .6BV1 .63Vi .69!. .W. .50V. .51 .6-i'i .673;, .67=, .49 U .50 Sk SOY BEANS-^ May July . Oct RYE-- July ... Sept. ., LARD-Mar. ... Mar ... ·July ... Sept. .. ·28?* .27?! .26% .43 .44=1 .45'. .- 6.72 ... 6.37 .. 7.02 6.63 6.80 6.97 ,67V.-6 .28*. .27 ii -26»i -45-44T4 6.60 6.63 6.80 6.97 Light- as 69 307 132 IKS 183 7.60172 7.33167 !OS 246 Lights-151 141 7.65 Steers- 21 30 20 18 1100 1445 1224 1003 926 Fat 73 213 220 =00 Lambs-87 94 7.00,29 7.60:32 7.751 CATTLE Helfe 13.75 27 13.65f45 13.50120 67S 12.25, SHEEP !Slaughter E 9.25; loo 103 9.15 : 200 113 9-00:15 130 «.75| OMAHA GB/M.V (Wcdnesaiy Market) , ^Hf 1 '^ w--Wheat, dark hard No. 3. 66: = c: hard No. 2. 65c; No 3 64"i«r 66i2C; N'o. 4. 6I69C; No. 5. oT'i^KJc- northern spring smutty No. 3 65?ic Corn, yellow' No. 3, 41»ic. Hyc none. Barley none. industrial Production In February of Each Year Source of Ddfa: Federal Reserve Board Stock List VORK STOCKS ly Final Quotations! . -· --^ Associated Press Air- Seduction 56!i Kresco Al Ch Dye 175" 10 88 52 371; 4.85 4.50 Miscellaneous NE1V YORK SUGAR C W e d u e s d a y Marketl NEW YOHK, m-F ,,? F mnls around noon. World futures advanced with the rally TMlum2=°« Wh f C ""' 5UKar '"de? n {£ ^tnJ"^ a '* P=nny reduction in re- fmed. The list mu 1 lo IK points higher S $1 ' 1TO Mi SOUTH ST. rAt-L MVednesdav ^r . Spot raw sugar advanced 2 points in rcmafne",? °f,,f hjll TM"= ^^^ Raflned remained within a range of 4.25 to 4.W CHICAGO FOTATOES steady demand tc; Idaho nortlicm steady; demand light- per cut: Idaho Russet Burfcanks MINNEAPOLIS GRAIX (Wednesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (-Pj -- Wheat receipts Wednesday 49 cars; « a year ago. Quotations =i cent higher. Cash: No. I heavy ?,,, i n Sf.^TM,? 3 ' 4s ' e '= c: *** northern i *." j '~'~ l l °^c; ?*°- 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana \vinter 711*31731,1:: hard amber durum No. 1, Elii'gW-c; No 1 red durum 60!-ic. KANSAS crrr GRAI.V (lVfdnt5d»j- Mirliet KANSAS CITY, eat 84 cars: . Com 1 car; No. 2 nom. . . ar; unchanged to \x higher- 46?l47c: No. 3 com. 45Sj46I-3 c : viZf w » - · o - nonv 44!=S46!-,c; No. 2 mixed nom. 44i«f c No. 3 nom. 44!i?45 : !4c. «.«nnoc. Oats i cars; unchanged to Me higher- aSigraJ" 6 " om - 29V '® 30c : No - ' TM^- Mflo maize nom. TOiec Kafir nom, 69l7jc. Bye nom. 4-J',i^45ii c Barley nom, Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO Telephone 1300, "Mason City Allied sirs Am Can Am r Fo Am Loco Am R Sts 15~a Am Roll Mill 18«Ct Am Em i Ref 46 Am Stl Fdrs 32'i Am Sug Ref 20i* Am Tel i T 162^i Am Tob B 86V Am \Va W-ks 12', Anaconda 28 Arm 111 .1 Atch T t s F 36'- AU Hefin 22 " Auburn Auto 3*i Bait Ohio 6« Jamsdall !6b Jendix Aviat "'a'-, Beth stl 7oii ,, Alrpl 23?-; Jorden 201^ 3org-Warner 30!~ "ridgep Brass 13?^ Judd Xllg G^i Can D G Ale 13 ^an Pac .33; ?ase Caterp Tract Ches A: Ohio C 4: N W C i G W ~ M St P i p 34 C R I i: P Chrysler 79tL "oca Cola I27'i jol O i- E l=i 'oml Solv 11 * 'omwlth i So I^i on Edison 331-, on Oil z\- on Can 41 on Oil Del 28»i orn Prod 65 = a urtiss-Wright 6«« e«re i Co 22' v re i Co pfd 2$% ou«las Air 69 -i u Pont 15=?; stnian 173' Fo t Lt lot; airbanks-Mo 38V- irestone 23Vn ten Elec jnii !en foods ·en mills en Mot illette oodrJch oodyear ^j^. Gt Nor Ry pfd 257! Homcstake e-l'i Hudson 71'^ Hupp Mot js^ m Cent IBU Int Harvest Hii tot Nick Can Si" Int Tel T 8*i 93 36?i 81 33' Jphns-^ranv Kennecott Lambert n Libbey O F G 54 Loews 47i IMarsh Field !Sb Maytag 5^; Mdcont Pet la'i Mont Ward 5°»i Nash-Kelv T^i Nat Bisc 25*3 Nat Cash Reg 23^ Nat Dairy Pro lo'k Nat Distill 27= B Nat Lead 24^ Nat Pow LI 8-?i K Y Cent !S=i -No Amer Av 16^4 North Amer 24}; Nor Pac 11?^ Oliver Farm 23''-, Otis Elei-at 22*1 Otis steel 113J Oiv-ens 111 Gl 5711 Packard 31, farm Pict in 1 '. Penick Ford Penney Penn Ry Phillips Pet Proc Gam Pullman Pure Oil Hadio Rom Rand Repub SI1 Hey Too B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Studebaker Swift Co 18'i Texas Corp 43»« Tex Gulf Sul 30^ Tim Roll B 49?i Transamerica 6:^ TM Carbide 85=i Union Pac 100 Unit -Air i_i iiTi Unit Aiicr cor 37 7 « Unit Corp Unit Drug 6Ti U S Gypsum 104 V S Indus Ale 24 U S Rubber 48V U S Steel 60-" Avalgreen 18 : Warner Pict 57; West Un Tel 21-; West El Mfe 1IH1 Wilson Co 4?i iVooHi-orth 431- Wrigley Jr Boil Yellou- Truck Wi Youngstown 4' 54 2ii'; 40, 57'! 34'i, 9 ·i5»l 13 ",i 29ii 13 17 43V. 10V4 STOCKS DROP 1 TO 4 POINTS Comment by British Ministers Upsets Traders' Composure NEW YORK, (TPj--The stock market had a spell of nervousness Wednesday over European events ancl many shares dropped 1 to 4 points before the selling passed its The composure security markets ttad shown in face of the latest nazi drive to the east appeared to c - ? , been " pset b . y c °mmcnt of British ministers in parliament, caning the German march into Bohemia a shock to confidence ana announcing postponement of ?^ 1 trade m 'ssion to Berlin Many brokers, hoxverer thought stocks had been due for a setback after the rise the last two weeks ·JnrTnnn 53 ?.'' 0115 amou "^ to 1,.200,000 shares. Especially weak were U S Steel,.Bethlehem, Chrysler Gen eral Motors, General Elect'ric, U b. Rubber, Kennecott, Westing' house, du Pont, Youngstown Montgomery Ward and America OFFICE AT 603 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PHONE 1052 DON K. SANDELL, Mgr., Residence, Phone 937-j News Correspondent, Phone 318 Legion Auxiliary Opens Safety Drive. CHARLES CITY--The American Legion Auxiliary opened a drive for more safety on the streets of Charles City and vicin- ny by distributing safety seals representing 30 different forms of safety. The seals are to be used on mail and packages. Telephone. . C ° rporate backed dow ... " -- -- "--j wav,*kcu UIJW with stocks but most commoditie stuck to a narrow course In the curb, the selling took point or so from Creole, Electri Bond and Share, Lake Shor mines and Newmont Bond Market r o p e p TM,T?! e C»ecfto-SIOvaW» 8s of '31 fell i points to 47 in one transaction, the S of '.-.2 were offered at 60. but no bid were .shown. The Ss of '51 closed T oUler Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by JLAMSON BROTHERS CO SEM 0f S* in Ba e'*-- Close Totll skies DOW JONES AVEBAGES J ,",- s - Bails U7 ' 6S 31 - ;i5 i · recalled that Austrian government bond have paid nothing to American h since Germany t ook over t h a t U. S. treasuries were . . virtually only group disptaylns steadiness deSln Were " P Sma11 iracllons °" A few utilities showed gains. Aon hese were American Telephone 3' 0 66. Brooklyn United Gas 5s and Co h Ua ?H i % GaS ,, !ind , E1!c!ric 5s ' On th! ° lh °' hand, fraclional losses were reeUteret by American and Foreirn Power 5s American Water Works 6_«, Internationa Telephone 5s and Western Union 5s. Rails slipped, with the exception Mlssour -Kansas-Te^as 5s of ·(.£ Wc nate a?-s o£ 'i 4 and a few others. Foreign governments v.-cre generaUs lov.-er by fractions. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade / . . 19-1. Eggs, cash I2-l4c Butter, Iowa State Brand 2Sc Butter, Corn Country 27c Butter, Plymouth og c Butter, Very Best ' 97,. Butter, Clear Lake ... ?7 C Butter. Brookfield .. ·; Russet Potatoes, peck 3,,; Early Ohio Potatoes, peck 3- c ·EDITOR'S NOT-These~r=p- resentative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. ' CHICAGO STOCKS !o U rd er co r ° S "'· »"«" Piel, ??, r ;l S?. «i Walgrcon Cities Serv X'EW T Am Gas i- El 38^, Cyanamid 26 Am Su Po\v *j Ark Nat Gas 2^: Can Marconi l\ : , El Bd Eh 11 Ford Mo Can 22 r» Igreen K CURB Niag Hud Pow s« Nilcs-Bom-Po 6'=i Pennroad l-, S O Ky ,3=; Un Gas «i Un Li i- Pou- 2V« NEW YORK (Wednesday M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. W^Esgs 43.081: steady o (irm: mixed colors, extra fancy s; . ection l!!V,«22c; standards Wisue^c- '*·"** " 5 f 18c: seco "ls 17ic: medium^ l.Uc; dirties No. I. nlm'c; average sluSlc !iC; S ' 0ra|t: Paclted lirsli Butter 879,484. steady. Creamers- higher han extra 22. i5b 23'.ic; extra (92 score) ' t c . ' 8 3 " 9 " '^^ SCM ' lds (M - 28S.6SO, steady. Prices un- Cheesc changed. .£? W .T.?» K STOCKS' EI G pct pld (S25 par) 8 Cent St P i L 7 P pct pld ""' 531 Continental Gas i Elec pfd 91 Creamery Package com . . 19 Hearst Cons A 41- Geo A Hormel A pfd ...'.." 104 Jte Gto A Hormcl com 241:, Valley ssection Cobblers 90 per cent U J owa Electric Co 7 pct pfd 1, ?1.27',i; North Dakota Earlv T S Lt Pow 6 pct P fd 0 per cent U. S. No. 1 *i s- i,,'_ l a El ec *-t «= Pow Sib pct oi S74o h'rt s S7.40 bid on good ana choice down; sows 56.40^6.15 ' lbs choice la and choic undenone and siovx crrr LIVESTOCK ivelne,sday 3Iarket) clo SsI ° UX CIW w '~ siou '-- City livestock . * r - . ; buU common to good cows So 7S Two Tickets Filed for Municipal Vote Planned March 27 EAGLE GROVE--The city election will be held Monday March Two tickets are in the field, as follows: People's ticket: For mayor James H. Martin, present incumbent: councilmen, first ward, C,. i.. Maxwell; second ward T L Rogerson: third ' Shurtz: fourth ward, Harry ward, A B Parsons: at large, Otto L. Larson, and «. is.. Ulir; assessor. Paul Flower- park commissioner, L. D MacNaughton. T v, ;-.--,,-'" Sib pct pfd 66 Ii Elec Lt Pow 7 pct pfd ',3 la Power Light G pct p f d . 102 la Public Service 6 pct pfd ! 97 la Public Service 6ii pct pfd 93 la Public Service 7 prt pfd .101 la South Ulll 6 pct pfd 's la South utll 6'i pct nfd ' -7 la South Util 7 pct PW "."Jo Minnesota P L 6 pct pfd 81 Minnesota P i- L 7 pct pfd M Northern St Jo-.ver 6 pct pfd 63 ^ T °rthem St Power 7 pct pM 73 Rath Packing 3 pel pfd ... 103 Sioux City Gas El T pct pfd 93 united Lt «: Power Clajj A . 2!', United Lt Power pfd . . . , ' . ' M ' * Imltcd Lt i Hys 6 pet p t d . . 83 " n !! c 2 « P.TS 6.3S pet pfd 84 United Lt i Rys 7 pct p f d . . SI Western Grocer pfd ......... 73 vV estem Grocer com 4 10 11 93 20 10?' 23" 6^ 7 33 .14 67 63 104 106 99 100 103 28 29 82 92 70 75 So So 83 93 80 6 Hides Visit at Ames aid Burke of Joris Davis of - l ? Saturday in Ames they visited at the Clivc home. Baldwin Loco 14?, Brlggs sup 2G?V Cerro de Pas 42 Ches i Ohio 37'-i C M S P i p T* Congoleum 2i-« Cudahy Pack M 1 '. Curtiss-Wri 241, Dist Corp Sea 13'. Elec Auto LI ;jJi Eric B R tK Foster-'SVheel Frceport Tex Gen Am Tr Glidden Co Gobel Houston Oil Inspiration Indus Hayon Kroger Lcjiigh Port 21 !i 36'i 24 Motor Prod Ohio Oil Packard Mot Park Utah Cop 1 Plymouth Pub Ser N J Pullman Purity Bafc R K O Rco I\lol St Jo Lead Simmons · 29 So Cal Edison 26 Sperry Corp 42: St G S: E s Tidewater 14 Vanadium 25 Union Oil Cal 19' Un Gas Im 12- White Motors 11 "Worth Pump 19 -II i". s. Bo.vns NEW yORK.""?riu' I " k "Boveri bonds closed Wednesday- Treasury- 3-i s 46-49 111.5 Trcasuri' 3s 31-33 103.12. Federal Farm M| K 3 S 49 I03 , 0 Home On-ners Loan 3s 52 108.8. Dumont Girl Named to Phi Kappa Phi, Scholastic Society CHICAGO PRODUCE ( W e d n e s d a y .Market) CHICAGO. «,--Butter 53S.B33. steady- prices unchanged. E SSs 18.531. steady; prices u n c h a n g e d . CHICAGO POtLInr ( W e d n e s d a y Market) CHICAGO. W_Poultry live, 23 trucks: hens firm: balance steady; Plymouth KocJc broilers 19c; other prices unchanged. COURT VERDICT IS AFFIRMED Supreme Court in Decision Upholds Ruling of Graven CHAgLES CITY--A decision of Judge Henry Graven in the Floyd county district court April 8, 1938 was affirmed by the supreme court this week. In the decree Judge Graven ordered the board of supervisors to remit unpaid taxes for 1932-33 on the capital stock of the closed Farmers Saving bank of Colwell. The bank closed Jan. 20, 1933. The suit was brought against the board by Frank Brunner, a former director of the bank v'ho now lives in Nora Springs. The supervisors carried the case to the supreme court. Stockholders who will benefit from not having to pay the tax besides Mr. Brunner are: Robert Cross, George B. Dai-row, J. L Easterly, Anna Easterly A. P Ebert, A. S. Keiss, H. D. Missman! «. A. Sweet. Julius Valeska, PLANNING FOR CHOIR CONCERT St. Olaf Singers of Northfield, Minn., to Give Program CHARLES CITY-The regular Tf, '"?u 0r , the muslc department of the Charles City Women's club was held Tuesday afternoon in the Saint Charles hotel. Mrs. P A Henmng, chairman, announced the tickets for the concert by Saint Olafs choir, Northfield, Minn were being distributed by the ticket committee and asked the club members to make their reservations soon so the out of town requests could be filled. A request for blocks of seats from St Ansgar and Osage have been received The program for the afternoon was m charge of Mrs.. George Wentland and Mrs. Jack Hart who continued the study of American music by presenting a program on conductors. Both classical and swing band nationally known conductors were mention,.,-! Dr. - - _ - , . . . « 1 ( I I n , ^ euar jv a ns W i l l South bout . h , IS experiences in the oouth sea islands. Envin Larson, who was to have given a la i k on " Pr3l:ll( . al L V!j Knowledge" before the busineff- womens department, was out of " ""Mrs^ Alton Sanders sub- a program were mentioned Next Tuesday afternoon rant Cedar GILLETTE WILL OPPOSE DUNN States Mason Cityan's Re-appointment by F. R. Will Be Fought WASHINGTON, (If) -- Senator Gillette said Wednesday he would oppose senate confirmation i£ President Roosevelt reappointed Ed Dunn of Mason City as district attorney for northern Iowa. Gillette intimated in "an interview he would be able to muster considerable senatorial support in opposition to Dunn's confirmation. The attorney's term expired Wednesday. Cillefte Not Asked Dunn is unacceptable to Gillette, the latter said, because he took part in the administration's attempt to defeat the senator in the Iowa primary last year Gillette said Wednesday he had not been asked to recommend an appointee for the district attor- neyship or for a marshal's job now occupied by Hold-over John Keefe of Sioux- City. Gillette, it was learned Wednesday, discussed the situation with department of justice representatives last week. He gave them the names of candidates who would be acceptable to him. Dunn's name was not on the list. Herring Is Optimistic Senator Herring said cryptically Wednesday be believed "everything will turn out all right" in connection with the attorneyship Persons in touch with the situation said reappointment of Dunn might bring upon the president ' . , _ a George Waidlich, C. C. Zimmer Dave Zimmer, R. V. Zimmerman and A. H. Linn. Charles City Briefs CHARLES CITY _ Theodore Swartzrock died Tuesday afternoon in the Cedar Valley hospital, -the body was taken,to Rockford where sevices will be held. The Elks club has provided 60 pairs of shoes for needy children n the schools. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Smith received a letter from their son \Iarvin, seaman with the U s navy who is on the battleship," Maryland, sent from the Virgin slands. He is with the fleet of 134 mips on war maneuvers and was ·equtred to stand watch four hours at a time looking for enemy planes and submarines. Seaman Smith vrote the war game would soon e over and the fleet would go to Hew York to see the World's fair Fifteen members of Excelsior chapter of the Eastern Star went o Nashua Monday night to attend he chapter meeting. Mrs. Pearl ilae Fluegel, Charles City, was he district instructor. Mrs. lone Mclnroy of Riceville ad a major operation in the Cedar Valley hospital Tuesday. Mrs. Raymond Shannon of Greene has been admitted to the Cedar Valley hospital. The revival services scheduled T S ^ v £ ek in the Saint Charles lethodist church had to be post- oned as so many were ill with ie flu. The American Legion Auxiliary ie Legionnaires will have a party Vednesday evening in the Legion all. The event will celebrate the poetry RETURN FROM TRIPS CHARLES CITY-Winler trav- sr P nrt ?re returnin S this week after spending several weeks at the warm resorts. Mr. and Mi's. W H Fairbanks came Tuesday from a two months' stay in Florida in T A e- , Who spent the winter in Los Angeles, Cal. has returned ° ' ° we wil1 rema fm F m ai l k Stanford has returned from a winter's sojourn in Atlanta, Ga., with his daughter Mr and Mrs. CarUsle Ellis are expected Thursday from Califor! ma where they have been for a "». . T1 «ir son, Charles, will spend his vacahon from Shattuck ventieth anniversary American Legion. of the . Mrs. Cora Rabe has gone to Vebster City to spend three weeks t the home of her daughter, Mrs eo Rodewald. W. H. Brown, county agent, is pending the week at the Iowa ex- ension conference in Ames Dr and Mrs C. W. McQuillen nd daughter, Mary Lou, went to mcago Tuesday evening to spend few days on pleasure. March Meeting for P. TV A. Scheduled at Wesley on March 20 WESLEY-- The regular March F- T- A. meeting will be held Monday night, March 20 at the nigh school auditorium with the Farm Bureau having a part in the program. E. V. Pierce, game warden, wtlt show slides on the protection of wild game, and the girls' glee club will give vocal selections. The teachers will make up the serving committee for the meeting. ,, . . . o£ senatorial wrath like Jttat which followed his naming of Floyd Roberts to be a fediral judge in Virginia. Senators Glass and Byrd of Virginia opposed Roberts' appointment and the sen- f,,c A anf ° ver » T hetoing vote refused confirmation. Arthritis Treatment Explained at Medical Post Graduate School «», Dr - J V .?· Coulter . professor of physical therapy at Northwestern medical school, Chicago, was the speaker at the second meeting of the post graduate study' Tuesdav evening at the Hotel Hanford. The professor explained the use of heat massage and exercise in the treatment of arthritis. He discussed the types of apparatus used m the field and pointed out the importance of the type of treatment as an adjunct to medical and surgical treatment. The meetings will be held week% on Tuesday nights in the Hotel ^^l^t 1 ; ^.J^^niP of Gathers at Hutchins HUTCHINS-Mrs. E. J. Titus of Bntt was hostess Friday afternoon to the Hutchins Bible study class and their leader, Mrs. Maria CHICAGO PRODUCE FUTURES (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. «,--Butter futures, storage stds.: Close Nov. 221-c. Ens futures, refri. stds.: Ocl 19UC- storaee packed .firsts Starch 18!ac; April ISc; May 17-gc. Emmetsburg Girl on Mortar Board at SUI EMMETSBURG -- Word W m received here Monday that Miss Mary Helen Morling of Emmetsburg has been named to the Mortar board, an honorary women's scholastic group, at the State University of Iowa. Miss Morling is a daughter of Mrs. W. H. Morling , of Emmetsburg. She attended i Northwestern university at Evans- tor, and Stephen college in Missouri before transferring to Iowa rin Jean Austin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will S Austin and a senior student in biology at Iowa State college at Ames, has been elected to Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorary society. Election is based entirely on scholarship, students bemg selected from the upper one-sixteenth of the senior class. Jean will be one of seventy-three to be initiated April 3. a t h P r oarc at the Monday election. They will serve three year terms. Honor Roll in High School Announced by Goldfield Educator GOLDFIELD - The honor roll for the fourth period as an- J!? ul £ e 2i£ y , Supt °- F - Moore °f the Goldf le ld school is as follows: beruors James Edwards, Mary Lou Kelly and Wyatt Thompson- juniors, Shirley Loobey; sophomores, K e n t Knutson. Veva Moore Barbara Jane Moseley, Betty Samuclson; freshmen, Ken- Jr. J. C. Kaiser, Dr. H. I. Wilson Picked at Rockwell ROCKWELL--Dr. J. C. Kaiser and Dr. H. I. Wilson Monday emerged as winners for the two vacancies for the term of three i years each, John Cahill for the | two year term and Fred G. Eilers for the one year term in the school election. Mrs. Minnie Murphy was elected treasurer without opposition. The vote for the five competing candidates for the two three-year vacancies was J. C. Kaiser, 200; H i. Wilson, 163; Gerald Miller. 113- Pi',' e L Kellogg ' 97: D - N - Campbell, 58. For the term of two years John Cahill polled J60 votes and Max Kruggel 157. For the one year term Fred G Eilers received 135 votes, A H Jackson 113 votes and the Rev Fred Landdeck 77 votes There was a total vote of 327 Paulson of 'Wesley. The business session was in charge of Mrs. Henry Weiland S' cre( J presT ^ e "t- A letter tmm Mi^ Bertha Klubben, home mission- ry serving m Kentucky was read Lunchjwas served by the hostess! Reduction in Osage Power Rates Made OSAGE-- The Central States Power and Light company is announcing another reduction in light, power and heat rates here m Osage to be effective April 1 on March bills. The residential service wil! be 51 for the first kilowatt hours or less; all over 100 £w£ n W ' !1 b e three cents P« *i * £ om . merclal service will be SI for the first' 16 kilowatts or less Erholm Addresses Lutheran Brotherhood at Trinity Church hrS 6 *'?£ it Z Lutheran Brotherhood held its regular monthly T,t H"^ '" the chureh Priors Tuesday^ evening, with the Rev. ^ °^ m ? f the dress T. chu «* giving the ad- aress. The minister told of the need of the church in eve" day socially in these critical es. He stressed the need of the a i tar to strengthen thl -f S , 3nd make ce rtain of the spiritual guidance of the chil- * r if °! lowi "S ^e address a short business meeting was held and a lunch was served. Sharlene Mae Shelp Services Held Here Funeral services for Sharlene M«B Shelp, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shelp, 514 First street northeast, were held at the Patterson funeral home Tue=dav afternoon. =_udjr C ? ?1 \ J - Lce Lewis ' P the First Baptist church, h, was a n d t h e K\VH. 1 residential be 52 ' 75 f « optional first Three Elected to Board at Belmond BELMOND--The regular election of directors for the Belmond independent school district was held on Monday at the Belmond city hall. G. F. Elder and John Greenlander were re-elected and Ray Henderson was elected to fill ' hre vacancy left by the death of W. A. Parker. At Parental Home ------ -- -- ..-.,. nuuiey rianson and Evelyn HeJbark: seventh - · --o--- ^ .«*v^,-,. /\uis emi Stevenson and Jlerle Martin. ter. of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. - ..^. fu^kuhj, m i . d i m ivirs, vjruS Kumbley. Miss Rumbley has been _ u employed at Fort Dodge this win- Women's Group Has Session at Kanawha KANAWHA - The Woman's coumy club met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. K. K. Del"er The afternoon was spent in games and contests with Mrs. Harry Mewes and Mrs. Martin Thompson in charge. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lloyd Philips o f'u C1 ~ e . nce Jordanger, Mrs. Ralph Fisner and Mrs. Grains The next meeting will be held at the home of Miss Ollie Olson. ATTENT) FUNERAL C H E S T E R -- Mr. and Mrs. George Larson and Mr, and Mrs. vernon Thus attended the funeral of (heir father, Lambert Weis in Austin Minn.. Monday morning. Mr. Weis fell on ice and broke his hip March 5 and died in Mercy hospital in Cresco March 9. in charge of services. Miss Ruth Stevens sang "There's a Friend for Little Children" ail " Burial was at cemetery. R. B. Irons Talks at Meeting of Agencies Thirty members of the Council or Social Agencies met at the Mason City Y. M. C. A. Wednes- aay noon for a luncheon meeting T. , Irons ' superintendent of schools, gave a report on his recent trip to the American association of School Administrators in Cleveland, Ohio. Frank Ball presided at the meeting. Visit Parental Home MILLER--Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Gruben and children, Norma and Donme, of Nora Springs, spent Friday at the parental E. B. Larson home. i - « Of thc e e " s club will hold a stag party Thursday evening. The group will meet at the Y. M. C. A. at 6:30 in the evening for dinner and fol- owmg will adjourn to the Ha- tnorn Motor Parts company store for the stag party, W A N T E D PREFERRED AND COMMON STOCKS of RATH PACKING COMPANY Waterloo A. M. SCHANKE COMPANY Telephone 1300 Mason City, Iowa

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