The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1937 ツキ Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE; MARCH: 4'テつキテつァテつキ 1937 FIVE3 CONSERVATION UNIT ON SPOT Advance. Proposal to Cut . State Board From Seven Members to Three. DBS MOINES, (.I 3 )--A drive tc reduce the membership of the Iowa conservation commission from seven to three and to place the three members on a lull time bnsis was in the hands of the Io\va house of representatives Thursday. The proposal is sponsored by Representative W. A. Yager (D) of Spirit Lake, and other northwestern -Iowa representatives who say the present commission is unwieldy, and that as a result "Iowa's Jake region is in decadence." "Lakes arc Suffering." An outspoken critic of the present se!-up, Yager charged that its members "are trying to satisfy the whims of their home localities," and that as a consequence the Okoboji and Spirit Lakes areas are "suffering." If the Iowa lake region, mid- west summer resort mecca, is to be preserved and adequately improved Yager said, the commission must be thoroughly conscious of the importance of a long-time program. The bill would provide for appointment of the three members by the 'governor with ratification テつキ by a two-thirds senate vote. The appointees would serve for six- year terms and would be paid S3.600 yearly. The present members are paid on a per diem basis with a limit of $500 yearly. Five New measures. The Yager bill was one of five new house measures added to the docket today. The others would provide for equalization of utility assessments with general assessments; would permit war veterans to operate newsstands in courthouses, and would legalize action by the city of Dubuque in joining with the federal government in the erection of a self-liquidating swimming pool. The legalizing act would dispense with the necessity for a city election to approve the project. Two measures were passed by the house Thursday. One adopted 95 to 3 would amend the state election laws to provide that in contests for public office the cost would be absorbed by the county where the election was set aside or where the incumbent was unsealed. The other adopteH by a vote of 99 to 0 would provide that residential building restrictions would remains in force when tax deeds are given. Both were senate bills. Hold Everything OUR ANNUAL SPRING voss SALE will be announced tomorrow in Friday's Globe-Gazette. NESS/ II NO 'CDErテつォl A.VE. FORGET CHAPTER 36. Janet hadn't the remotest idea when she was going to see Russell Bede again. He had said nothing about it when he was leaving. In fact he had said little after Joel had arrived and part oテつ」 Janet's anger toward Joel was because he had destroyed the pleasantness that had marked the late afternoon and evening. While she couldn't put her. finger on anything definite that Joel had said or done, she was conscious--and so was Bede--of Joel's coldness which was entire- V unwarranted. Also she was angry, truly angry [or the first time in her marriage, toward her husband for his churlishness toward her. Their rela tionship from the beginning had been marked by courtesy and while they had had quarrels in the fashion of most married people, they had been brief squalls that had blown over lightly with ex plunations and the light winds of laughter. When Janet went upstairs that night after Bede's leaving, she was angry with the kind of hot anger that .stilled her tongue and made her feel strong and unforgiving. She went into her own bedroom and closed the door between her room and Joel's. She bathed and went back to her dressing table and cold creamed her face leisurely. Her feeling did not pass or lessen. Joel had been rude to her guest and Joel had been rude to her, and for the first time in her experience she was not going to compromise. If Joel was not going to apologize, she was going to make no explanations. She heard his slep, which was heavy, on the stairs. With her hand poised midway between hex' face and the cold cream jar, she waited n trifle anxiously for him to stop at her door. He didn't. She heard him pass and go into his own room. Still she had no feeling of remorse. If Joel had made no resolutions regarding their marriage, Janet had; she had decided that first day of her marriage that no night in their lives together would ever pass on a misunderstanding. That she would do everything in her power to make all things clear and honest between them. Striking her soft hair over and over again with her hairbrush, she was thinking of that and thinking of the nights when she kept her worries, her fears to herself. Suddenly the number of them became proportionately great. She had had fears about money, about the lack of it, and later, the extravagant expenditure of it. She had worried about Joel's future in those early days when she was bending her energies toward pushing and helping him. More recently, she had worried about the women in his life, worried about what his career was doing to the artist in him, albeit she was beginning to realize--though she would not put it into words--that Joel was not an artist. He was a capable actor, a competent actor but he was not an artist. But that didn't really matter. She hadn't married him because she had fallen in love with the artist; she had fallen in love with the man. Truly that man had brought her many worries which he was never to worry about. That was all lighf with Janet. It was a woman's place to take those burdens silently in the code that Janet inherited. 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She heard him wall; to the far corner of the room where his book shelves were, return to his bed, get up and walk to the shelf again. If it were the right kind of a loving little wife, I'd get up and go to him and tell him that I was only taking a cue from him, that I really haven't got another date with Russell, she thought. But then she thought of Russell, of his kind face, of his pleasant, happy manner toward her, of the entertaining hours she had spent with him. He had deserved a lot better than Joel had given. She thought of the times when she had been studiously gracious to the women who frankly disregarded her and flaunted their interest in Joel. She thought of how lightly Joel had passed those times over, accepting the idea that his wife would do that naturally. Well, it was time he learned a lesson. She liked Russell Bede and Russell Bede liked her and she intended to make a friend of him. Hadn't Joel said lie wanted her to feel free? Well, then, let him get used to the idea instead of flying off the handle and acting rude lo a guest in his own house the very first time that Janet had shown an intelligent interest in another man. What an idiot Joel was to think that Russell was a "beau!" She smiled to herself remembering the distance that had sprung up between them as soon as Russell learned that she was married. There would certainly never be anything between them lor Joel to worry about. Just before she went lo sleep, she thought of a line Martha Colby had quoted to her: "Let him stew in his own juice." Tomorrow she would tell Joel that she had been angry and was not going to have a date with Russell Bede at all. But that tomorrow did not come. In the .morning Joel telephoned her from the studio to ask her to pack some linens for him and send them to the studio. The company was leaving at once for Death valley to shoot some scenes. The weather conditions were unexpectedly right and the director was going to take advantage of them. The entire company was leaving that day. Janet tried to read Joel's emotions toward her in his voice hut it was hurried and quiet as usual. She decided that he had forgotten the incident and thought how like a woman she was to dramatize it into something important. She packed his linens, a dressing gown, slippers, his favorite pipe, a new novel he was reading and added a small note telling him she would miss him and would be a good girl until he returned. Later she was glad she hadn't said she would promise not to see Russell Bede. For she did see him. She didn't intend to. Her anger heat soon cooled down and her sauce-for-the-goose r e s o l u t i o n faded. Nothing was important to her if it stood between her and Joel. She was cool, pleasant and impersonal when Russell Bede called her a day or so later tn thank her for his pleasant visit They chatted easily lo the conclusion of their telephone conversation and Janet knew that Russell was waiting*for an opportunity to invite himself -to her house again or to ask to see her, but she did not give him the opportunity. Still, she could not avoid him, for Caroline Maynard would not give her the opportunity. She must come over for tennis, Caroline insisted. And when she learned that Joel was away, nothing would do but Janet was lo join them. And so Janet and Russell were thrown together and they were happy in each other's company. Back in Chester they would have said of Russell t h a t "he wears well." It was Russell who took Janet home from parties and sat with her on the terrace sipping a highball. Sometimes they raided the refrigerator and sat in Janet's kitchen. Russell took her lo previews and they dined together publicly before the show. One afternoon Russell asked her if she would run clown to Santa Monica with him in his car. Janet accepted, knowing well that if she felt entirely at ease on the basis of friendship t h a t it was a false ease. She was entirely aware that Russell was falling in love with her. His unguarded eyes following her in the midst of crowds gave him away. She thought: He's got to go home and he'll forget me. Joel will be back soon and, when ,Tccl is back, we'll alt be friends and Russell will never dare to speak I'll enjoy this f r i e n d s h i p a little longer and everything will work out. (To Be Continued) Auxiliary First in Ranking of Amateurs Held at Nora Springs NORA SPRINGS--In the Nora Springs amateur contest Wednesday night, the American Legion Auxiliary won first place, presenting a pantomime under the direction of Harold Smith. Participating were Sam Swoarington, Mrs. Joe Bergcmeyer, Louis Jacobson, Jay Lindsay. Ellen Dare Rosella Dancliff and Carl Eng- cseth. Second place went to the Ugo Jfio club, which gave a musical number. FIDAC ACTIVITIES ARE DESCRIBED Purpose, Accomplishments of Peace Organization Enumerated. "Fidac is the name oテつ」 the inter- allied federation of eight million service men of the World war," said Mrs. Tim Phalen Wednesday night on the American Legion hour over KGLO in answer to the question "What Is Fidac?" "Seventeen years, ago the allied veterans met in Paris and formed a permanent organization tiiat should continue their friendship in peace as in.war. The word Fidac is a coined word formed from the initial letters of the formal title of the organization 'Federation In- teralliee des Anciens Combattants,' French words meaning Federation Interallied of Former Combatants. The 11 nations which have membership in Fidac are the United States, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Rumania, Portugal, Czechoslovakia and Greece," continued Mrs. Phalen. "The headquarters of this congress is in Paris, but the custom of holding the congress in different countries gives each country the opportunity to have its peo- ple see the working of the organization and the other nations an opportunity to see the host nation and understand more intimately its government and traditions. The American Legion is the member from the United States and at least ten delegates are sent as representatives." Mrs. Phalen continued her talk, enumerating the purpose of Fidac, its activities and its accomplishments. She told of an essay contest being sponsored by the Legion to give the youth of America an understanding of the aims and ideals of the American Legion and Fidac. This year's essay subject, she said, is "How Can International Disputes Be Settled in the Spirit of Fidac?" Leo J. Flynn Funeral Services at Dubuque DUBUQUE, (A 3 )--Funeral services for Leo J. Flynn, 57, allorney- examiner for the Interstate Commerce Commission who died here Wednesday afternoon after a brief illness, { were to be held here Friday morning. Flynn was with the I. C, C. for more than a quarter of a century. He wrote the report on which congress based present truck and bus regulations. More than 1,045 brands of feeds were registered for sale in Massachusetts by 208 manufacturers and dealers during the year 1935-36. Dedication. Sixteen years ago, Dean E. J. Kyle of the school of agriculture, Texas A. and M. college, had a dream. It came true recently when President T. O. Walton dedicated the new $300,000 animal industries building, PAINFUL CORNS GO llnllof in .1 Sacamfa or Money Hack I O D テつサ 1 S C , the nevr itxlina diacovery, eucU fill tornuMS anil pain in 3 seconds, .hist woi your unc. n r i. n o-xi n m t i n at your uruRgiBi icxiay テつサ テつサuffer no longer. Satisfaction or tnotioy baak, tfte ARCH SALE DAYS Shoes with new lines!... New style details! 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