The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1818
Page 3
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r prJlltlNO MACtllNE. rhM0bui,ie, t A frfSS Wt n&et. ftc. with gnat fottnd " & d cura7' 80(1 'nUr,:,,i iriAiiri 11. ft tW "ftnt a the first that have been BilMVre in this State tat nrvr olkrctf fcr w SYLVESTER W. TALBOT. p58 foli;,G - NEXT IUFDAY. i.FORDMdOwego Road 'lottery will 1 prize of 70,000 y T - .ll W Jv' of 35,ooo Italian of I0.000 Dollart 'of 5,0 t0"'lr, of Dollan of 5oo Ltal'wt 1 S 2 10 3o 14o f loo Lallan 3o Dollar UW, Of i mwW Tickets sad 20 day drawing. irulv Lucky uai' - ,io. A 1i M - uunt will I t and othen c ;OiUiuuu"a IP - ' will commence drawing n to . ci.j, i. iJnin" the wheel, Tickets will advance to $34 "f " MAMMOTH PRIZES. n. .... - ., I fllira i.ivhst rtfl. which U to l awarded to Ilia rt drawn miualier , the 15th dayof drawing. Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, next ingnesi, lb awarded to the first drawn number on the m fbouiaud Dollar, to the firat ..umber on ek "7lh rfftV. v 'rkA..arw4 nnlUra to the fir it number on f IVfJ iiinwtw' " r: ThMHAtid Dollar! to the .irt drawn nunv ins k am th tint OAT I fB I uuwim - n - come out cn ny day, b - iJc a c rent many more Lottery ft rh.i,g w. . , An 51 Maiden lane. mill I itcaudj WWK, JUI VI iuj, HI 'l loin low pricei. Whole ticketi, 432 I Quarters 3 Uale 16 I Kil.'ln 4 Siiteenthi oolr two dollnn each. Ouly 10,000 Ticket! in litis lottt - ry, all to he drawn in SO drawim; not two blank! to a prize, and the auialkit prize fJO. ap iS 3t PROSPKCTCS OP THE HRMPHTI'lll ACADEMY. Tbt Rev. timothy CLOWE, a.m. Principal. - oooUooo - HAVING purchased that large and cemmo - diows bulldins in the village of Hempstead, Queens Connty, lately occupied by Mr George ti - wel, the subscriber propuses to open an Acs - demy Uiereio, on Monday, the 17th instant, for knarHinv vnumr ffentlKmen and instructinc them in any ofthose branches of scieme andlitera - tort usually comprenenoea in an atnucuncai roursn. That every scholar may be under the eonrtani and immediate uperintendaoce of the Principal, none will be admitted into tnis academy ai 'u - omti bat those who are also boarders. A very few stidents from the village, or its immediate Tiaiuty, will oe Uie only exception ro this rule. If. however, the Dumber of students should ex ceed the means of accommodation in the acade my, board may be procured in private families is the neighbourhood. Should the public patronage be eitendcd to Uut institution sufficiently to v. arrant me mea sure. additionhJ teacher will be procured. The year will be divided into two terms of anion, l lie summer lerui win commence tur last Monday ia April, and will continue twenty - three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrange - Beot will leave a vacation ol about three weeks after each term. The prke ol" boanlinp, tuition, candles and fiael, both in school and rooms, will be 100 dollars each term. But, two or in' re scholars sent by the same person, the children of clergymen, or those who are intended for the ministry (of any denomination) will be hoarded mid instructed for $90 each per term. In all cases, a dduc tiM of 5 per cent, will be made for payment in advance. Books, washing, sending, and any necessary article of clothing, will be furnished by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, mattrass or bed, and bedding, to be fur - nithed by each student. The patrons of this institutioa may be assured that its lystem of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules of the academy must be strictly complied with, by every scholar. (fcj - FOREIGNERS, desirous or acquiring a ra ... . - .. I ..... 1 1, t ...I I . L. L' I : .1. 1 .... g.oiuwniivai kmmmigTui lilt d'Clllll iaili,uar will he admitted as boarders into the Hempsteud Academy. Private apartment! and separate ta bleawilfhe furnUi'ied on the most reasonable terms, and every lacility will be afforded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance with the Ian - Sjuae. F or the information of strangers it ted.that Hempstead is a pleasant illage and post town, remarkable for its healthiness. ty one miles east of the city of New - York ; that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist tortus s and that a stage ran from the city three time a week, on one of the best roads in America. Parents desirous of pla itig their children at school, or foreigners wishing to he instructed in the English language, are respectfully requested to visit the subscriber, at H they will receive fuller intbrinatii o ref pt ctiiig the faVfUtYU uiauiuiiuo. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, Aprils, 1U18. ffc"7" '1 hesuhscriber hcrrliv dfrl.Trpt hia nn qualified approbation of Uie establishment pni - sed by the Revd. Mr. Clowes - Convinced as lie is ofMr. Clowes ample qualifications, both .! the head aedtbe heart, for superintending such SO institution, he dnl nnt hrlllntn tn ri.rmriim.nrl hiai to public confidence, and his academy to ruut patronage.' cr. I rl II A HI, Rector oiSt. Geo. Church. Heoipsttad Hempstead, 3d April, 1818. . (Kr The above prospectus meets wilh my a'iy concurrence. p CHARLES WEBSTER, . rsitorof the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead A bs lettered " Hemstead Academy" will be lt t G. C. Langdon's Long - Island Steum - Boat "i, iot communications witn any person at - cbed to the institution. A Female department is connected with the &rirmy. Young Ladies to be boarded in toe ! 7 PJawCSawtf A BROW S1IIIIT1.GS. Cases superior 7 - C browu siurtings, this day wea aau for tMe by The Commission Com pany, 7 BkC mparl - st. RGS II b;.le I'lnTpn Otunhu l of good quality, nt received and for sale ' BUUKilA ft JOHNSTON, sp 87 pOUR pipes Cognac Brandy, (Superior quali - . W J1"' received aod for sale by P GEO. VV. TALBOT. nFT.AND k KEW - ORLEAS3 COTTON. 54 bale prime Upland Cotton, landing from iloop Wave, from Sa? anaab ' S3 hale N'ew - OrUaa Cotton, kindin: from hip Maria Caroline, far at by ,F POTT A: M'KINXE, it fcouth - itreet. In Start, 100 halet Upland Cotton 29 do Aew - Orleam do Tl cerooni Cuha Tohi.cco 26 boie Window Gluu 6j pipe Catalonia Wine 11 pipe O. L. P. Madeira Wise ; ha been imported 5 veart 9 or. csk Malaga Wine 2000 Demijohn 111 too Swedes Iron, aj sorted tizei. ap 27 1,'LOl'n. bid, topeif. Aleiondrur'iour, f for tale at 57 South - itreet. ap27 , GOOKMA3 ic JOHSSTOV. LEA I'HKIt & tiERMAN GLAis - WAKE. RECEIVED per Erin, from London, quantity of blue, preen and red kins, red roank, and prime blue morocco. AWU, 25 cases half pint German tumblers, each , 100 dor. 20 cases pint do. do. each 50 doz. for salebv JOS. S. H ARKISOV, ap 17 lw 67 Pine - street. I ARD ti TOBACCt). 90 keg Southern I.J Lar.l, 3 hhd M. C. Tubaixo, 13 caiki Wheat, landed, for ale by K. & C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. ap87 I i A VAN A MOLASSKS 1U3 hhd. and 13 LI liertet Havana Molaste, landing tliii day in front of the ubacriter' (tore, for tale hy G.G S. HOWLAND, ap 27 ' 77 Waliine;ton treeL CJ TATE LAW?. The new tee bill.aiul the 3 new fifty dollar act, ore this day received, and fur sale by T. & J. SWORD J. ap 27 ,160 1'e.irl - st LONDO.N MUsTAKD. 40 lioxetlintqual ity frel. Loudon MuMard each boi contain iug C dozen of 14II h tlts. lor tale hy TUCKER LAUR1E3. np 55 89 Booth street C "111 I.N A j - ILKS. JO cases Caulon Silk, con J aitt'.ng of Black and rrosi - barred Sartntti S wio bilkr, hlark Sinchew 7 8 fancy and 4 4blk fringed lIHkf Crae blmwlt, Flormtine, and Itaulile Kloienret, imitation of French pat terns ; just received and for sale by .M. - S7 IIUK1) hSEWAMi.eSSoulh - at. A.ui.Ul. A.N GOODS. I 7 M. F. & SAML. MOTT, No. 166 Pearl V V iiet, olti r Inrsale be following Ameri can cotton and woollen Roods 5 caics Broun bhirlings' 4 do bleached do ' 5 do 3 - 4 Cbei ks ; 7 do 4 4 do 4 do Cotton Itnlls 5 do Pwing Thread 3 do Knitting Yarn ; 3 do Sattinettt SO caies I'Uid 5 do Blue Stripes ; 5 do Bed Tirks 1 do DeRinis; I do Milinet 40 do Twist and Killine. assorted from o 10 bales Candlcwick. r to 12 4th nio. 4 iw CIOKFEK. FLt - Url, T(IU( t Aic 'Mii ) bass St. Di;niiiigo C.ffi r ; 51 do green Ha vana, do, entitled to onrw hack 37a hhls. superfine Richmond flour 30 hhds old Richmond tobacco 15 do new do do 18 do do Petersburg do 7 do old do do 10 whole and 20 half tieices Rice 7 bales Upland Cotton 6 quarter casks Madeira Wine Red and white port Wine in hhds. Claret of a siierior quality, in boxes of ouc dozen, lor sale oy ROBERT GILLESPIE, p ?5 112 Front - street. nrQO. HATS. 3 casus sumriur qualiti V v men's and boy's Wool Hats, handsome ly trimmed ; tor sale by W. DILWORTU, ap275t 190 Water - stieet. SIX cases of new and elegant fancy articlet such as Ladies' work boxes and dressing casrs, very ele - Kant Writing decks, elegantly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fas racks Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gut auu colored handles Backgamon board via line and morocco work baskets Gentlemen's shaving apparatus, Pouches and dressing cases, complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks A few Russia leather do. very superb Some very elegant portfolios with gill locks and pockets ElegauUy gilt borders and plain Morocco, Rut sia and roan pocket books, ol various descrip tions Spring wallets, of Russia and Morocco, with many otber arucies too numerous to mcuuon For sale wholesale and retail, by . SMITH DAVIES, np IV No. 151 Broadway. BLEACH'DbHUU lNUs. 3 cases bleach ed Shirtings 1 do fine Cotton Balls Received and for sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ap 27 d k c 141! Pearl street. HYDKPAKK 1VSTITU1ION. A SELECT and pm ate Classical School establislied at Hyde Park, uuichess county, state of New - York, under the direction and instruction of Benjamin AL.L.1.11, 1 u. u. 1'be institution is designed to unite with a clas sical and English Education, the modem lan i'h rlaiiiral course will comDrise the Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Antiquities. The English coune will comprise English Grammar, Elocution, Dements of History, Rhe - torick, Geography, Penmanship, elementary and practical Mathematics, ana uie outlines 01 natural Philosophy. Modern Languages will comprise the French, tpfiniiiaiia auu itaiiau Moral and religious instruction will be attended to, as youth is the most proper lime to incul t ate and fix those principles ol virtue and piety, which ought to direct and influence the conduct ol luture life. The pupils of the Institution will be memben of the fnncipal's laruiiy, ana unoer nis imme diate care and government, ramcuiar un lion will he paid to their morals and manners. - ill 1m strict, but mild and pa rental - its aim shall be to give habits of order and industry, and iniire a generous emulation. The institution will be furnished with a Library, Maps, Glo - es, ard elect Philosoplnca! Apparatus, uie use 01 wntcn me pupus wm u. tau?ht. and made familiar with the most import ant and striking experiments in Na'ura: Philoso phy. These will be coosideie! as rt a:.! ol good conduct and attention to stuny, nr,d consti tute cne ol the most interesting sources ol aiuuse - mentanrl r.f nation. It is known troiu expe rience that u.u h useful knowledge may be thus ncidehtiiliy 1 ommumcstcd. Tlie terms ar three hundred dollars per an num. rmmlilp nnar t,.r!v washing included. Classical stuiients who study the modem lan guages, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter extra (or the same. The students find their beds and bedding. Th nnmhtr cf studeut is limited - Gentle men therefore who ared"iros of placing their sons in the institution, will ple.ue to make an ear ly application. All Irtlrri mlatire to the institution, address ed to the subucriber, Hyde Park ost CrS' - e. Dut - bess County, . V - will he rrompi jr ai teh!pd to. BENJAMIN ALLL.V T.'ie sumiBer term will comaence on the it tb of May. ap ti lw " Brig TOM - L4 ZA RD, A For UVERPOOL, to sail to mor - &row. can still accommodate 2 or 3 pasengers. App'y on board, east side Fly uiaraei Slip, or to ' BOGERT ft KNEEL AND, P 27 No. 70 South - street. Aer Botlon and Portland, It?) The ,oop ANfERlcA N (Stonwood, iLfitSimssU r.) will take freiirlit on reaona - ble terms lor either place, and will sail on Sun day next. Apply to the master on board, at pier no. 13, east river, or to WM. ft CHAS. PORTER, 51 SotiUi - strees. Who offer for sale, now land in r from on board said vessel. 100 hhds very superior retailing Malasies' . 4 bbls. Sugar ALSO, IN STORE, 11 quarter casks London Madeira Wiue 60 boxes mould Candies H bliU. Kaspbury Cordial op 27 3 1 r tor Afc' - iLf.W.o, i6iy The ship WOODUINE, J. Willet, A2tl inater. will sail un the Sill Mav For reigiit or pai - ap, apply on board at Hy - Mar - Eet wharf, or to JONES & MEG RATH, ap 27 b3 South - sL . ... For Hit C'tlil of At. Domingo, ii The bri MARY - ANN, Lamphier, Xtiiki, master ; to sail cn Wednesday next Pur freight, which will be taken very low, or passage, apply to u. u. k s. nunuaau, ap 25 77 Was.hington - street. FOR SALK, K III aiinTui1 for llui tvi - rk. 1 Th .iih.lanlil l.riv M4kV - 4NN. dKJH. " " 19 ' burlhened 187 tous, slows about 15(H) bbls., it well found, and ready for a voyage, having jutt hern praveJ. If not sold this week will take a freight. Apply ou board, at pier no. 6, North rliver, or to G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, ap Z'2 77 Washington st. fvrVtUHLKyrOA', Tho regular packet brig TELK R Al'il. J. . M unro. master : a Hue l.t - ailiuir vessel : will posilii'tly tail ou Thin v dav. the )'h inst. For freight or rassare. ha ving elegant acconiinodalious, apply on Loai J, eadt side Burling slip, or to HENRY COWING, ap?3 1w 191 Front - st. corner Fulton - st. tor CH.v tUsKHJXKY, The regular packet ship TELE CCRAI'H, J Fanning;, master: is only waiting a fair winds can lake a few tons more freight, and accommodate 10 mare passengers. 'ply on board, west sido Fly - market wharf, or to ANbo.N u. riiELia, ap 23 183 Front - street, torUliEt.,OCK, Tt,. .i.i.. is mvv w iv r..m - in kILSBl IIIOHIIIFI..,...!. ... . . . .V. V. ... '..'i'r. master, is pvsituelu intended to sail for Greenock on Tuc - day the 5th May, weather permitting For freight or pat - sage, having good accomuiodations. apply to taptniu r oremau, on board, cart aiJe r iy - iuarket wiiarl, or to JOHN GRAHAM 4 CO. N. B. No freight will be taken in the above ship unless engaged on or before Tuesday the 2lith lust. an 23 If far CH.IItLEA'fO.Y. - J The elegant and fast sailing packet Jl schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, master; wdl meet with immrdia'e dispatch, having hall her freight ready to goon board - for remainder, or parage, having commodious accommodations, apply on board, east sce Burling slip, or tj I SAIL ALLEY, ap 18 1 98 Pine - t. for MOHlLE and BLJKKLY, 94 Th fine ,Mt soling schr SANDUS VLM.KY, 120 tons, capt. Weeks, fa regu lar trader) ; having S - 4tb of her cargo engaged and on board, will miet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder'of her Ireight, of passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board, east side OKI slip, or to PETERS ft riERIUCK, aptfi 9 Cuen'irs - slip. 8 mum Tons best Engli h whitn lend, ground in oil, in 112, 56 and UJtlb kes 5 ton dry do. do. For rnlc by TUCKER ft L - iURIES, ap 27 29 South - st. WHISKEY, ftc FOUR hhds. and 5 tioiccs Whiskey 80 bbls Gin 2 tierces Clover - sred, landing nnd for sale by RANDOLPH ft SAVAGE, ap 27 3t 175 Frunt - strer.t. Mr. BALLET U Madame GOqUt.T, No. 7 Nassau - street, HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in par ticular, that they manufacture and have constantly on hand an assortment of artificial flowers At their store are also to be lound, and to be disposed of by wholesale and retail. Perfumery of every description, among which are the celebrated l.att rircmat, and the most approved essences and pomatums frr .he com plexion. Tortoise shell combs and thimble A complete assortment of worked dresses, shawls, fichus and bands Umbrellas and parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicules ; silk fichus Mocking! and glove for ladies and gentlemen Ladies' elatbc garters Spring and ball silk dresses Ball do. embroidered with chenille and ornamented with flowers ; silk scarls Prunelle and silk shoes Letantines, florences, satins, taffetas, tc. And in short, every thing connected with the lathes1 toilette. ap25 lm' LOW WOOLL1NS. I UST ree'd per Mercury and Atlantic, a few tl trasses of low priced Cloths, ami Castiniens, lor tale hy joa. b. innniao., apr7 67 Pine - street SICILY LEMONS. 2j0 boxes Sicily Lemons, just received and for sale by GEORGE W. TAI.BOT, apt7 55 Piue - stn'et. OALT ft LEMONS. 50U0 bushels Lisnon O Salt 300 boxes Lemons, landing from (hip Angeli ca, at Burring - slip, and for sale by fi. L.. ft G.GR1SWOLD, ap27 86 South street. m a fiiOJf'JV STOUT. cj vf casks brown stout, of an excellent quality lor lamuj use, icr saie ny D. UM I1UHL ti to. ap 25 92 Coffee - House slip. 1 ft C. NICHOLS. 13 Pearl - street, have iuai J received iu addition to their former assort ment 4 cases colored Canton crapes 2 do black do. 2 do black sinchews 1 d o sarsnets, 2 do blai k siik hdkfa 2 d' fine India hook Vlutlius 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino shawls, assorted I do handanua hkis. 1 do fine Rumals t do Maddaollain and steam Loom Shirt - 2 do Mndrass Hdkfs. ings 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Liota , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton flotillas 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted 1 do white Jeans, 2 do cotton Cassimeres 1 do one white and buff Quil tings 2 bales Rhodes' liorabasetU t case Ribbons, assorted 3 cases black, white ex purple Kid Gloves 4 trunks Furniture Plates, and 4 do superfine Calicoes, which they offer for tt,: at a t mail advance for cash. Bp 20 l4t 8TEAM - 80AT FIRE - FLT. . U7" I nu boat win com - - I srw nrm runninr hf wa Nc - vrh aMi 5twburgh, en - - j i i . i . ... . - i lArSv I win leave .V w - York everr Tuesday. Thars a . .i", vetuaj, uiv itm itpru. - day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newburgli on trionaay, vveunesoay ana I naay, at S A. ul ap 1 1 . FOR SALE, j - y mm A Ooai b led long, 3t f ly feet 6 inches wide, calcula - i nimjTinjTted lor a horse or steam - SffWi - - ii - ll ST;"'" - uraws nine wuier, I...... ... ..... ...i - t. II. u UHIH m ill. ii - ... HI.I.II.I. .IJ III. IHHIIU.l.1.1111 or without the machinery, which is for horse power, on a most approved plan, The boat will he waraated sound, tight lJ good j in fact they are new. AL50, vial A sloop, now building, of the best Jji materials, about 80 tons, calculated fir the Philmlelphia cr southern trade : btid a tloop, new rend) lor launching, of about 50tons : u r.'ssti wen calculated lor but me a, tle.pauii and easy draft ol water. Ship - Ynnls, Apiil'JJd, 1CI8. ap231w ( HAS. BROWNNK. ClOFFEEft Kl, Vi. - 54 bbds. lint - grrrn rf - J fee, and - Si hhds Rum, landing Iroin hri Favorite, and lor sale hy MICII.KERNEY,or GEO. LACY, spQO 4 Fulton - street. I inia 1 - OlA BLINDS U MAPS. I I Vfvf India window blinds 2 boxes table mats, for sale hy CEBRA ft CUMING, ao2r 76 l'c - arl - st. U1CE. 5i0 tierces prime luce, lor sale by CLARK, MOORE h CO. np 23 5 1 41 soiiih - street. f Hl'f.HM. LAAlJi.h.H, W A'A, 4e. J VI Itoxes new Speroviccti candles 10 conks Kotdvaux claret, suitable for bot - tlemg 1000 bbls whali bone, in slab 50 coils (onlaio, assorted sizes Clean St. fYtifrsburg Uemp and Kentucky hempen varus, iu lots to suit purihacra - For tale by HA l DUCK. i Jr.fft.l.a, ap 2 1 w 152 S'Uitli - st. 'ILV. 244 chests llyvin Skin Tea, of the JL sh;l) Hope s cnrio, fresh and ofsuperor ... i . i i i. ; l u iuiiiv. enimeu to uiawuacK. iiisi rcccivcu, anu lor saie uy i r t I . UhO. W. l ALIHH, np 25 S3 Pine - streeL 1. 1 H EFr'lELI and Hi R.V1 INGHAM GOODS. O 6 casks neatly assorted tuhle knives and I di) do do small cutlery forks 4 uo ao ui) laoie Knives: loras, with small cutlery 1 d do do saws 1 do dq do fil t 1 do do do rdjft tool 1 do do Britannia Tea Pols A few casks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood screws, commode Knobs, nml I case button. For sale very low by J.0. AlH. - llAUK AiM, ap?43t 1.2 1 - 2 t'earl - itreet. El 1 LtV PAPER. 6 caw, low priced, for . i .., in. - i ; . .. .. . j aie at ii ttatningion screi, ny ap'.'5 G. G. ft 8 HOWLAM). ROUGH!' AND CUT NAILS, inrsale f V by CEdRA It CUMING, , ap 2 76 Pearl - street. UTNDOW GLACS - 500 60 lett boxes Bristol Window Glass, from 6 hy 8 to 10 by 12,jut received and tor sale by HURD & SEW ALL, 65 South itreel. np4 fpHE CARPENTER' NEW GUIDE, be - JL. ing a complete book of line for carpen ter and foiners, treating fully on practical geo metry, the theory and practice well explained and fully exemplified on eighty - lour copper plate!, including some otiservations ana calcula tions on the strength of timber, by Peter Nichol son. Laws of the Sea, with references to maritime commerce during peace and war, from the Ger man of Frederick J. Jacobson, advocate. AI tona, 1815, by Wm. Frick, counsellor at law. Cuvicr's theory of the earth, to which is add ed the Geology of North America, by professor Samuel I., .viiicniu. All the recent works of Wm. Cnbbett, Etn. A great variety of interesting books tor young persons. Elegant Maps of the United Mates, mounted on rollers just received and fir sale by ELI AS VALEN I l.sE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine st. ap 24 J US I received ami for sale by SAMUEL CAMPBELL, No. 88 Water - street, WALSH'S AMERICAN REGIS I Ell, voi.unsF.t 1 and 2 Con'mts. Introduction by tlie editor; eloquence of the senate ; elegant literature general review of the literature of continental Europe : brief notice of continental pu'ihcatiuns : fi nance; sketch of scientific labours, hy Professor Cooper at Philadelphia ; conspiracy oi Arnold and Clinton ; various interesting debates in the senate and house of representatives ; fragment on Spanish literature ; domestic and foreign cnromcie ; interesting law cases cuiu : iiun , inlprestinir debate of the British Parliiiment : appendix to the chronicle, ftc. Vc. Price $ - i per volume. LET I ER addressed tn F.lins Hicks, minister o the Society of Friend in the state of New - lork.hy J ixancarrow, price ii i zcenis. LETTER addressed to Elizalxlh Walker, Minister ol the Society of Friends ia the state of New - York, price 12 1 - 2 cents. ap 23 iw - LltEUt' JM THICK ti h. li I', w. v .ri i nn i, iu. - . ill, l. w. THE publither deems it unnecessary to say any thing in favor of the merits of this i. . ..i :.. l '. r H:it. m..i..;ii lliat Wunt, lArilLCIJIIUlg lilun - ri, r. I u uinii,i..ii.., th tint edition of 2500 copies were all du noted c .. C l U TI. o.l Imninuul All .( mn Ol III ICW UAIUUU. IIC W IIUJ.I....V. for tale by ROB. M'DERMUT, ap 2i 3w 222 Pearl - st. VYOl 'NO healthy woman, with lull breast of Milk, withes to take a child to i.ure, in consequence of the lost of her own. Enquire et 69 Harman - street. ap itvsiw - fOH D.i Lt. k HORPE. well broke to Uie harress, and paces under the saddle, price 200 dollars. Enquire at Shaws stable, in Liberty street, near Hroartwsy. . ap i3 iw liriLLIA.M BUTLER, laborer and white - f Y washer, informs his numerous customers he has removed from his former resid - iice in Hudson - street, and now lives in the new bouse lately built, in Chapel - itrert ; the last house on the west side of the way, with his sign over the door, where he will be happy to receive the commands of those who wish to employ mm, ap27 4t WAV I 1 - II a SMALL trmfprl House, containing 3 or 4 j. Rooms, and kitchen, with a garde n, 2 or 4 miles from the City - Hotel. Apply at Gnhl - stiwt. ap27 lw A LAD, is wanted, for a term of years, in a loUerv Office. No. 1 14 Broadway, one would be preferred who has been in an oflice, good recommendations will be required, ap 27 WANTED, BY a single gentleman, an unfurnished room, for one year from May next. It is wi - hcd on the North River side of Broadway. Address A. B. at No. Ci Jolm - streeL ap 27 - it A YOUNG MAN, of good character and respectable, wants a situation in a counting room or grocery store he writes a good hand, is somewhat acquainted with account., an! can give satisfactory references. A lm. addressed Jo W. H. E. and left t this ouVe, or at Messrs. R,rk.r ft Guuio. No. TJ) Pearl - street, wdl be attecHleJlo. P 27 Kn - R. S. GARLIN'KR lm rcm&VMl lis ie to No. 13 Wall - s'rvet. .. 27 4t IN CUAivCERY. Archibald Morrison. i I N punuaat e of a r. ' 1 decretal order ol Abraham Springsteen, jr. 1 this honorable court I sum - Puwell and Dan - (made in the alrote irl Riker. ! cause, will be fid al J iiubiic auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, undt r the direction l Uie subscriber, one ol the matters of tins court, on Monday, the 27tli day of April next, at eleit b o'clock tu the loienoon ol that day, fourteen years, nine months and live days une spired term ot a certain lease of all the sixth part on Ue north side of thost three certain lots ol ground situated in the seventh wsM ol lu ity of Neiv - York, on the east side ol Jeffeisoiir ttti - et, distinguished in a map made of the lands ol Henry Rutgers, hy numbers nine hundred and thirteen, nine hundred and lourleeii and niiiC hundred and Clteen ; houndid westerly in front by Jem r n - tmei ; easterly inlherrar ny ioi number nine hundred and sixteeu ; northerly on one side hy Divn - ion street : and southerly on the oth er tide by the remaining five sixths of the afore said inn, numiier tnue liumtred and thirteen, ni::t hundred and srteen, and nine hundred and anil iilitcii ; t nntaining in breadth, in Iront and rear, nineteen let t, and in length seventy eight feet, he the tame ine.rn nr less, on each side l al ways excepting; fimu ifT the rear, or east end of Hie laid lot, a passage, or gangway, of niue feet, for the use of said lot and llxo - e adjoining. To grthrr with tho dwelling house and buildings erected and built upon the said premises, snd iiw appunenancct uiereunto belonging - Ualed ilarchV - oU), IU18. CHAS.G. FERRIS, . Master in Chancery. The above properly will be sold uader the direction of the subscriber. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master in Chuuctry. mh 26 tl.26 Ap6 ft Ap20 lw ftT - The sale ol the above property is post poned to Thursday next, the 30tli luttant, at 12 u', at uie same piuce. JAMES A HAMILTON, ah27 dts Master in Chancery. KM I'Ol.l.AHS REWARD. Tl ANA WAY from the subscriber, living io the J I, city ol Natchez, stale ol .Misto'iinm, mid die of December last, a Mulatto liov, named NACE, between seventeen and eighteen yean of I' I' . . ' I I I I age, nve icet two or uiree inrncs ui;ii, v ry goon couiitcmtnce; is pliant and goid nutured, large full eyes, erect in his carriage, smart and active, has hern uccustomed to riding races, very lone of that sport, and is fond of boasting oi his talent as a rider. lie lud on a ciaz u chip hat, mix ed cotton coat, white vest and Ilcnut t's cord pantaloons of a light colour, and several other articles oi clothing, an wiiicu ne may nave cnao gcd. it is ascertained to a certainty, that he em1 harked at New Orleans fur the port of New York, but the names ol the vessel aud master are not known ; it is therefore presumed that Nat e will endeavor to pass as a free man as he nn doubt procured a Jret fnn helore he lelt this place. He was born in Maryland, belonged to a Mr Davit, near Hagentown, brought from thence about five or six years ago, by Mr. James Davit, to Tennessee, of whom I purchased him nt this place, not loyig before he ran cff. It is nicely he may lurk about the city or ,eiv - 1 orit. lor some time, he will then probably visit the ptinripul sea - ports and in (ike his way to ilag crttown, where I think he bat relations. It it possible, however, that he may huve gone to New - London, loniier.tirut, iu order to be remote and prevent apprehension. I will give the above reward for securing and confining him in any jail in the United Stales, ana giving me inormuuon tncreoi airenmi to 111; T .... - j T: II . - , J I ti int pester in viriniu,as wen ns to i - .uwuiu Turner, Esq. my agent in Natchez, and all reasonable charges will be paid. About the same time, ran nfT, a mulatto man named AMOS, Uie intimate friend and associate of Nace. about twentv - two years old. live feet eight or ten inches high, likely and robust, lisps iu bis speech, looks surly when molten to, his lace very much broken out with bumps ; took with him a brown frock coat, one brown and one light pair of pantaloons, a pair of short laced Pools, two pair of shoes, and a French silver watch, he is a tolerable carpenter, and was brought from Davis county in Tehnastee. It is supposed those ftllnws are together; and Jifty dollnri will be paid for the apprehension ol the latter. PETER ISLER. Natrhet, Mississippi, March 27, 18 18. an 27 31 SUGAR. HU boxes brown Havana Sugar, landing this morning, for sale hy p27 N. ft I). TALCOTT, LAW HI 11. DINGs. JA H Two olficrt in Law Buildings No. 3, to sjJiilhe rented from the Orst of .Way next. Ap ply at No. 59 Krnadway. ap7 lw 7"u l.HT. nil The store No. 52 Maiden - lane, it is an excellent stand for every sort of hns'iness rent moderate, and possesion may betaken mime. diatcly P.nquire at tVITTRi lll.Hti 3 Office, ap 27 3t No. 75 Maiden - lane. fi"t IXt Lf.T, lf;S The store No. 20 Wall - street. Posses sion may be had immediately Apply at No. 18. hp 1 tl EfA TO LET, sTiiD The neat 2 - .tory brick HOUSE, fin ished in the modern style, in Green wit h - itrett, near Hamersly - street. Also, a two ttory house, brick front, corner of Hamcrtly and Wailiingimi - street Enquire of JOHN HAGER TY, ap25 lw 167 Pearl - st. IO Lt - .T or t)H SALE. Ttiut mnvrnii - nt fhn afnrw hrirlt hnns,. comer of Broadway and Broome street. A1.00, S Imi, .(nr. frrxmm Imnu. Willi ! hit rf ground, in llroadwny, between Uleccker and Prince - street. ALSO, Tl. .Inp - with ti viiult anil rjillsr. rnmAr nl Chamber and Chatham - streets, Enquire of ap 21 tlstMay No. 4 Howling Green. fffjl 7) LIT. tS2 A brick Stable, in Lumber street. 'En - quite at No f,9 Greenwich - street. ap24tf jjsjt TO LET, ISm And immediate possession given. .( of I he best stands for a Boarding House, in I TO LET, One of I he best stands for a Boarding House, in tins city, orit may be converted into office's, if more cn e able, aud a more public and pleasant situ - at ion is not to be und. Enquire at the oflice of IN - Evening I'ost, Bp iV - ft 'Jo f'tr one or mmr yiari, The following bouses home No. 294 Broadway, two doors above Washington Hall, with a coach bouse in the rear if required Also, a time story orirk bouse No. 415, in said street. Also, a pew snd genteel two story hrr k house. corner of l.ispenarn ana Churcn sirtts, me terms moderate. For further particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. rnhl tf tUH SALE, . .:. ,...i,. m ihi, .iiip Thii f.irm lies on the I i small larm. suumrn in c m - bank of a lake, and within a mile of a II unsli - ing and heautilul village On it are a g0.:.l lurri house, bam, ftc also a larg snd well built dwi , house, entirely new. The situation oi be d telling bouse for b - auly of prospect, Ac. is sur - pawed by lew if any otber vritrs for building in tl interior of the state. Khe owner inter - ling V . .? - . credit on eood se - 1IC llllllllll.. VI UH.....U. ..... lor lets man i i - - r . ruritv, or iviI cxchaie it for lands, goods, ftc. Kor lurtlier W)nlS"WwirK v.nn tl. D. ft R - SEDGWICK, Lsqrs. Law Buildings, Nassao - sUeet, New - York. ap'l5 Plm Ctf TO PRINTERS. - 1 - lie. SUntcriiil . no. VII II IIU IT IT VI iik ivr L lowing sizes viz : Pica, Small Pica, Long Primer, Nrn.pareil and Pearl, which they offer . r ' .. . . i 'ii . ror siv mi i"" 1 - received in payment, aod a liberal price allowed ioriL N. B - Orden for stereo - type works executed with neatness and despatch WbuiiU SS IlA.i.ia I. ap2312tCet PUBLIC SALES. BY P. L. MILLS ft CO. Thursday, . i ' At half past 9 o'clock. 40 cases British snd Freiich dry goods, smong which are 20 cases fresh imported French gnods. taluiday, At 12 o'tlock. 4M - i:ozin lo.h imnnrted Chits Flats and of ,, superior t. - aliiy. MAKH..i - roi tii.tLLtl.KU. n. rjlHE proprietors ol ihe souUierntnarMoqua J JL ries, near KingVltridge, gne nvti'. til at" they have on hand, and r.n recVivinc. at Us . .... .. B ntufi - nnage jnarott end i.imtard, loot of Ueach - rt' e t, on the Hud - on river, an extensive dock ol aiarMe lor building, of the tiJIowinr de - senpuout, vis . Athlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pisces Facings Columns Wate ruble Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the belt quality. ny A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of pill tliailUgi ur HJUtti riijj.(,uuir, .ni tl'KJ to UllA LUULUH. Feb 11 At the Yard. NO I ICE. . ft7 The matters and owoers of vessels be longing to the cities of Albany and T roy, wish to hire a beiin, for a number of years, on the North River side of this city, for the accommodation of these vessels exclusively, for whit b liberal compensation will be given. J he lunscn - wcn nie a tuuiiuiiiee appointed lor tne purposes of receiving proposals for the same. And I ha proprietor ot the wharves oo the north Kiver are requested to hand in their proposal to either of the subscribers, stating the situation and their serms, respectively. in. u. A note addressed to either of the subscribers, left at Joseph C. Cooper's, Lent's II sv sin, or at R. ft L. Reed's, Coenties Blip, will be aiienaea to. New - York, 25lh April. 1810. BaRNUM WHIPPLE, GF.ORGK MONTEATH, PF.TF.R OONNKLLY. RICH I). H. FITCH, B. BUSHNFLL, GURDON GRANT. np251m t or England via Hahax, JV. S. OC Letters for His Britannic Majesty' Packet Duke of York, will be received' at the Pott Office, till Wednesday afie noon, the 6th of May. . T. W. MOORE, Agent ap27 'J'fit American huuranct Company. fbV The Stockholders are notiOd. that the annual election lor Directors will be held at the oflice, nn Tuesday, tlie 12th day of May next. me poii will 'ipen at iz and close at z o'tioca. ry order ur the l iendentand Ihrectors, np 27 P. HOYT, Bec'rj . .1:. . - vl tVlin. L V lj i - iju x ILT IIID blCHIHll, Ul IHIti LI11CII J T. II - r .,...1 ,n . , .T. r sjr. II bic ii:iJuriril in iiic.: a, um uuicv ul imit, Khike, No 3 Law Building, on 2d day of May next, between the hours ol 10 and 3 o'clock of the snme day, for the purpoteof rernviog their dividnidt on a final settlemrnt of her estate. New - York, April 27, 1MB. GEORGE G!IJRS, JOSHUA SECOR ( Assignees. np - a tyiyz nVV.: ... T..... I.'. . J tl . iiitr iu . iii.i . ..,.F.r. him. vi' ...I.. f r - I .i..iivtt tn 1'B.rn KMriMri titul CvVA. certfrnm the Mayor and Comniissionsr of Excise, will he issued at the Mayor's Office, in the City Hall, between the hours of t - n and one o'clock, on the several days, and lor the ainer - ent wards in succession, in th order following, vis : 1st ward on the 6th May 2d do do tlth do 3d da do 7th tie 4th do do tlth ft 9th do 6th do do ' 11th ft Hth do Cih do do 13th ft 14th do 7th do do 15th ft 16th do fith do do . 18th ft 19th do 9th do do 20th do 10th do do 2lttftt?d do . All persons who know of any objections a - gainst the granting of licenses to any of tnnsa who now hold them, are respectfully requested iA ...a ... - ..... i : . . it.. s.t..A.s. rn I,. iciiiiui iiioiiiiii a. iiiv iiurm vun.., .rv fore the time for granting then as tbova - mentioned ; and thote gentlemen who have taken ........ ,A . i. : . . .. i . 1 ; film ... iiirciinin ,111 ,ui)ri I, Mlfu t - uiimuc of suflicit nt moment, are particularly invited to assist in furnishing all tlie information in their power. , ny oraer, J. SI DELL, F. M. Ap TV tl 25 DOLLARS REWARD. ny The subscriber's dwelling - hnote was for cibly entered on Saturday night last through the passage way leading into Dover - street. After ths bouse was entered, a secretary standing m the parlour was broken open, and three watch seals, cased with gold, stolen. At these seals a: well known, having been the subject of legal scrutiny in a late cause In the mayor's court, and for that purpose marked with a strong acid and also deeply filed, it is believed that they may lad to the detection of the offender, ih above reward will be paid upon hi conviction. JOHN ANTHON, np27 2t 338 Pearl - sL REMOVAL. ny N. SMITH DA VIES has rsmnved hi (hemical perfume msnufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. mcu 27 NOTICE - fty - The Annual election for Directors of Uie Dank of America, will be beld at the Bank, on Monday the 4th day of May next. The poll will open at 10 and close at 2 o'clock. By order of the board of directors. GEO. NEW BOLD, Cashr. ap 20 HF.M0FAL. jyj A.GUTTWALDI'.hMremovedrom No. 44 to No. 75 Afaidtn - lane, whei he coiitin - ues to manufacture his PIANO - FOR'I Es on an entire new and improved construf lion, the ieult of many years close application sod study, for which be now has obtained letters patent. On examination by ronueisseors cf music, be flatten himself that they will tutw t w ih their approbation, and merit public pntronaga and he feels proud, that his piano - fortet hve met with the unanimous approval of the most eminent pro fefsors of mtisici (he following testimonials of which they kindly have grained bun, to meet the public eye: ... Ws. the subfcnliers, professon of music, do certify, that we have carefnlly examined Mr. J. A Gullwaldt's piano - fortes, which, for ingoou - itv and excellonce of workmanship and utuform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly rscommend to public patroaage. Metsrs. Gills, Etienne, Rd. Meetz, C. ThiUult, Charles GUert." TO LET, on tlie same premises, tis - l large and commodious stors and back roooa adjoining, with or without a front cellar. ap25 1m 11 MILF'ORI) ft OWEGO ROAD LO I i ELY. A; ILL commence drawing in this atr,.oo V tlie 5tb of May. Highest Prizes, 70,000 Dollan I 35,f00 Dollan 10,000 Dollars I0.IHH) Dollan 5.000 Dollan 5,(XJ Italian ISAAC G OGDEN, 48 Wall strett. has a few Tickets rerrsimtg n hai.d, which be will us pose ol to dealeis andolhrrs, oo Hie rnott C - ct snmodating terms. ap 27 Iw A YOUNG Lad from the eonntry, aged 14 years, or steady habits and good cale.i a - tor. ! - s iu .tion in a dry good sto - e. Apply at 86 South - st. P '

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