The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 28, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, April 28, 1818
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" ' ( A' . J;'; . i hp . jwr - YJtJC evening post. TUESDAY, APRIL 28. 7 CT The office of tlie Woe - York Lxtning ' - Pott, is removed o the new building in Wil - liuo - ftreet, opposite the Bank Coffee - Home. . , ' Speaking ot the appointaaent, Mr. Noah, in . - hi paper of yesterday, tajv, Had Mr. Cliotoo (elected honorable, capable federalists I" ' never will tolerate republicans) he would have been commended ; be could bare lott do politl cal reootalioo bv the appointment of federalists fberetoaie immaterial words are omitted, end wooUbave gwtified moderaU mea generaf!." When I yesterday wrote a fcw observation oa the illiberal end impolitic. sentimert which bare been avowed by both clioo of the party irbihhaiucteledU)power,Ihadnotweethe , Iityj panf h, or, I certain! ihould not bar. involved equally both In the same censure. Mr. Jioeh koew, without my cobfrontinf him w than extract from a former paper, which I shall not do, that he haa not always hell this language V of magnanimity. .' Ut ttf rather cooeider him a .'V' rpeakiot the tenUmcntt that hii party hold at thiiUme and henceforth. He to not so blinded by political aiiimowty, but that he can tee that ' there are among the federalist!, gentlemen both honorable and capable, from among whom inch selections might te made for office, at would nut detract from any manH pope arity but.ou the contrary, would meet the approbation and even : the commendation of all moderate men, wnate ver might be lh Ir political opinion. This you will, perhapi sayis not a great stretch ol gone. rotity, neither, not such an extraordinary stretch as ihould' call forth any eipremooi of gratitude but let me tell yoa, as the time go, and "teeing what we have teen, seeing what we do tee,", at the very moment while I am writing thi pra - graph, 1 one, thiuk it a mark of 1 bralit that ii entitled to more than a rilent acknowledg ment; audi make it not grudgingly. That Prty, by whatever name distinguished, or bow - ever they my pots the xmntngt ground, can never proeper, who nuke systematic oppression a leading object of their creed. Serf, tat vtrbum. . t ' By the Milo, in 4 days from Savannah, we have received the Savannah Museum ol the f hut. containing the account of Ceo. Jackioo't hajig come up with the Indians and given them baltlo. Frumlht jAvguila ChrmkUtxtra April 18. INDIAN BATTLE Cant. Callii, who h. juit arrived in thii plare from Fort Hawkins, ha politely furnished us wilb the following highly important intelligence: About the 6th inst'gen. Jackson attacked and burnt tiie Mickiuuckee Town, with an in - cons .derble lose on his part. The loss of the Indi ns is not slated. Previous to and afu - r the action a number of the enemy surrender! themselves prisoners. AH Uteir resources, (a - monir which were 1000 Head of cattle) were ta ken or Destroyed. The celebrated prophet Francis, and one of the principal' chief mini were hanetd. - UeneralJacksoa alterwardi proceeded to St. Marks, and took Dotsettton of the fortress with out opporittoo. It is the impression that this , blow has been so decisive, that Hie war with the . iDdians is bow ai an eon, ana uiar. uie ucorgie Billiua wul soon return to tneir Domes. PearAng. The following very ingenioos me thod of taking game is copied from a late English paper. " The game keepers of the earl of Carlisle, - at Castle Howard, going their rounds a few nights ago, observed a light traversing the fMd. in a very extraordinary manner, apparently . moving of itseli. They watched it for some time with amazement, when, at length, it made a sudden stop, and they observed, for the first time, three men draw a net towards the light, which proved to be a setter - dog, with a lantcrr ' fixed upon his head, so that he could ran;e the . field, and, on bis stopping, the poachers knew where the game lav. Toe whale of the pourh en were apprehended, and committed for trial." At the theatre, Charleston, (3. C.) on the evening of the 18th instant, during the perform - . ance, a yonng man iu the gallery threw from a bottle a quantity of photphona on the floor, which, flashing up and throwing a sudden glare of lijht rounJ, alarmed the audience with the . idea that the house was on fire. Fire ! was in stantly echoed from every quarter, and in a few . minutes the house was emptied ; but without any serious injury to asy one. Several ladies fainted ; bonnets, bats and shoes were lost, clothes torn, 4c. 1c. before the truth could be madr known and order restored. The story which we publiil.ed on Saturday o1 the shipwreck of the Juliaoa, is suf petted to be a fabrication. To tht EUclori of Me Olh Ward. The subscriber has juet been informed that torn of the electors of the Olh ward have it iu contemplation to nominate anJ support hiin as a candidate at the e.touiiig election for the office ol alderman of said ward, although be bad, as be supposed, when repeatedly applied to on that subject, moet unequivocally dtcliucd that honor. Respect for tho ciectors ami inhabitant of (be ward in which he has resided for many years, and from whom he his experienced many proofs of couQdcnce and friendship, as well as from his mwiUiogness that any of their suffrage should be erroneously bestowed, co tut rain him in thii public manner to inform them, that he is not a candidate tor the olCe of klJtrinau, and that ii elected he will not serve. NICHOLAS FHH. The sldp Sea - Fox, Fanning, from the Souih Seas, with 1400 btl sea - elephant's oil, bound to this port, and a brig, supposed to be the Jane - i Maria, wljth went out in company, went in'.c New - London yesUrday. NEW - dai.EAN?, Marth 07. William Wyatt, who kd been convicted in the district court of the L'uiied Strtlej for this distiict. of the murder of enpt. Cororlius Drij - col!, wns yrntcrlay senlecred to lie banned en fh.fitS nJune ccit. The ruurder was com mitted at st - a. oo bdrd da ktIh - Kox, ot which Dricoll was inkier ainl Uyatt matj, ou a vcy - age from this - ort to Vera Cruz. It appeared oo lha trial that a dispute aro.e brtweea tneai in oonsnuuice of scene auscjuduct on the part of wyatt, tor which the capuun ttircateaoa to dts - "c him trnm his iCtUoom Uie vesel. From In 1 i !i its t ti t y ' . . revenge bi - mlf b, mnrderhjf carried it into execution wh rcomtaac 1 the boj t barbarous croelt jr.. Having laueo A 1 . aP Ml IMS an the attempt to poisoo turn Dy mi xmg wu - in his sopp, he shot him twico through the beau with a pistol a be lay asleep us n """ tJsew dilpalched bias with a kaifc, and thre w Use hody inlotbesea. After bivinf tho. glutted ha thitit for blood, be eodMwed to prevad on the crew to carry the vessel into a Spanish port and dispose of ter cargo. Instead of complriiiX, .i. ' , kim i it, mad took the vessel to the port of destination, whence Wynit was brought to this place ie the U. 9. schr rirebraod. We are informed that a gentleman who was aecending the river in a perogoe oa Monday evening, was followed by some persons in a boat, who after overtaking bim and securing bis er rants, robbed bim of upwards of three thousand dollars.' Yesterday the vUlains were discovered arl not enlv this moner. out property to en im mense amount wu.foond stored m an enclosure in the Fauxbourr St. Mary : A moor other va tuables, the plate, which had been stolen from in I'anaita Union ixxhre. some time aro. f.mnd. From the cmantitv or plunder ana uic arms discovered on the premises, no doubt can b entertained . that a regular ana extensive irang was organized, and that they bad f r a lona; period cartied on their nefarious practices with sue ess and impunity. We hope this discovery will Infuse a little more energy into our police, and uvluce a vigilant searcn in eve ry suspicious part of the city and suburbs. , RICH.VOND. prd 24. Weare sorry to understand, that Spring Garden, the elegant teat of Ju'lze Roane in Hano ver count v. was on Saturday last red iced to ashes. Tbe wiad was uncommonly high on that dav. and no effort that could be made were sin - ncient to arrest the prwrressef the names. I ne roof cau;ht fire from the chimney while the familv were at dints or . Afost of the valuable furniture was saved from destruction - The out houses escaped The dwelling house was In ured. ., ' SAVANNAH. April SI. Fire .'Yesterday afternoon, tke tan - works the upper part of the ciiy, were burnt into ash's the wiud was high, and the flame raged furiously for a short time, but providentially they hd not extmd to anr of the adjacent buildings Mr. Mulen's lost must be about S or $00,000. ' Fritndthip When I see leaves drop from the trees, in the betrinninjr of Autumn, just such, think I, is the friendship of the vorld. Whilst the sao of maintenance lots, my tricnds swarm in abundance but, in the winter of my need, they leave me caked. He is a happy man that nas a true friend at his need i but he is more happy that hath no need of a friend. The City Inspector reports the death of fit per - sous from the 18th day of April, to the - lath day of April, 1818, of the following disease. Awidfiv 1 : consuoiPtiog 8; convulsion 5; contuuon t dropsy 2; dropty in the head 3; drowned 1 , fever hectic 1 ; fever, inflammatory fever, typhus 7 t btemoptysis 1 lnves or croup 3 s iiiil'.mimation ol the bowels 1; inflammation oi the chest t ; insanity 1 ; marasmus 1 ; In ace 1 1 palsev 1 1 ixjripneumony 1 ; pleurisy I t kinet evil I : still born 3 i suicide 1 ; tabes mesenterica 1 ; unknown 1 ; whoopini cough 1. City Inspector. By aniuic. ELECTION. We are desired to state, that the poll of the first ward is held at Mrs. Gaston's, 42 Broad street. BILA3 WOOD, Jtfrmoer of Congrttt. FUiST WAHD. Peter, Mesier, for Alderman TlioniM Bolton, Assistant. John V. a. Varkk, A" laniel I. Ehbets, Collector. Rolxrt Urabain, I r.nn,.tthu. ; l'eter Hojer, J, Constables. SECOSn WARD. Eluha W. King, for alderman Samuel Steveus, assistant Abraham Valentine, ) ., ' WdhamW.Fox, I8"8"0" Henry W. Peckwell, collector John C. Gillian, James G. Rhodes T1URD WARD. Anthony L Underbill, for Alderman, lonard Kip, Asiinnt, Nathaiiirl O. GriffiltH .. Hermanns Tallman, J Assessors - Francis V. Many, Collector, F.lijuh Fountain, I f..,,.!.! - . Oliver A. White, J '0Du,,l0, FOURTH WARD. William f. Van Amrinje, for alderman James Tylee, for assistant Lewi Hartman, Peter Bonnelt, , Me0r' Adulph L. Degrove, collector . i r - 1 1 i Aaron, jun. r . - i,,,. Jolin Campbell, FIFTH WARD. The indeuendenl electors of the 5th ward have agreed to support tbe following ticket : Philip Brasher, alderman. Thomas Deuiarest, assistant. William Benian, collector. George button, ) ( Richard Kidney, John itnker, Uriah Rider, constables. SEVEKTllWAUn. James Smith, for Alderman. John Leveridje, for Assistant Alderman. IhividLyc - n tAutmtnt Jameson Cox ) Moriii Oakley, Collector. Robert Phillips ) n AIConkIin JConsUblos. MA Kill KD, La;t evening, by the Kev. Mr. Creighton, Anthony R. Livingiton, Fji. to M Anna - Maria llrdm ui, dautilcr of Martin llnthnau, Ksq. On Satunlav eveninc last, bv (hi; Rrvd Mr. Pnrkinson, Mr. Uirhard 'an luser. of Statrn Island, to Miss Mary 1 ruox, of Nirewsuury, Jersey. UIKI), Al Charleston, in tlie 7?lh year of his age, Mr. WILLIAM JOUSOA, a native ol IU - York, bot for more thiu half a century one of the most useful and respectable of the inhabitants of Lhirleston. , r - FEXUfO POST MA lil.S E US I 'CLEARED. hip Cottm - Plant, Fash, Savannah Merchant, Odiryne, Liverpool Jon. Orden Brig Tom - Hazard, Holdredgr, Liverpool Uoirert li lneeiana Reuben and Eliza. Stewart. London Dunlap ti Grant ieoparu. Later, Schr. Eo:errze,.4rey, )r;illa, baker, Milo, Faraham, Three Meters. l.aU Gen. Jajksoa, Cla; - ton, Alexandria Castine Boston Savannah Baltimore &now - Hiil r raucis, &colt, lirbadoee, St. Vincent Mill, Purdy 4 Co. Patmot, Gray, Suffolk S!.op lit. "gar, Johnson, Portland wil.iiir. Barnard, Kantncket EetTT, Gonid, 'Boston A KhiyED TI'IS TRE.VOt).N. it fiim .....I .'l.l. i. r'finrrlr.tft Wil J j'l '"", . fc mJu,. . PMMreie, capt. - . . t 1 i ill - j Bvoce, Mrs Uatneid atM Mies nswei. v Seertsy.cffHatleras. spoke sloop Triton, from Baltimore for N York, in a leaky coodition. . Oil the Hook saw tbe brig Victory, 44 days from Barcelona, wailM otoera. . v . .. . a... h. I Packet. Vail. 3 days from Killing orth, (Con ) with ballast, to Chas. M organ. BELOW, Brig Edward - Byam, from Antigoa. bch Felicity, 8mait,from 1'orto Rice, to A 8 UalletL and 2 ship. Bri David Porter, Lathrop, 1 day from Cbarlestoo, with molasses and lumber, to an - dewaler, Wheeler i Co. . Schr RisibK States tow, aays irom ik - u iiii Afir knd tobacco, to Boormao r JolAsbm, Wiisoo Thomsosi, t A G Lurnllard, S Campncll k Son, Durand k BWdel, A SHal - lett, VV BGilley,N Lawrence. TbhapUr.D Be - nun a s rue, - Hawxbarst Two passentrers. , tichr Fraok, Cole, 5 days from Danen Geo. withcotten, rice end cedar stave, to C R Dul - fle. Left, brig Resign, Sandfords schrs Gen Brown, Wellding, and - , Drink water, all for Jf YerkiaSdavs., Oo Suoday, 100 milessouth of Sandy Hook, spoke sloop Wm. Henry, 11 aays irons sjnariesion ior a i or. iscnr 1 reveller, iiewiy, oa)m ilk fl .e - in riniith tl UaileV. 2Stll 1111. 60 mile JE ofCaiie Henry, epoke brig Ptiillippa. Lyle, from Kington, Jam. for BalUuore, 25 days out. , Schr Gen. Jacbnn, lledden, a days irom Snnwhill, with corn, to tbe master. Schr Eliia and Nancy, Sule,6 day frcmSa vaniitth, with live oak, to J V C. Bolton. Left. ,oop .Unit, for N York, 16th April. Pchr Industry, Beck with, 7 lays frgm Savannah, with cottoo and tar, to J Barker and Web - slcr V Mersereaa. , Sdir Spartan, Smith, H day irom Boston, wiuj merchandise, lot) G Hubbard, and others. Schr Union, Merseneau, 48 hours from Sor - foik. with shiogles, to the maater. l!ni, I. in mrht Fair Trader. Osborn, 4 days from Philadelphia, with tea, iron, brick, &c. to L'Hommedieu U Brown, owner. II . W. Field, J. Smilli, Mulford k LeflSngwell, Patrick Aywar tz Co. II. b. 1). Cot heal, Euydam tl VVvckoff. R. Tbompon, T. Remen ii Co. J. Graham k Co. I. Wright S Soo, and other. Krhr Ambuscade. Skidmorc. 4 day from Georeelown, with cotton, rice, and naval rtores to 8. Penny b. Son, N. Rogers, Roger, Winlb rop & Co. R. Leegett, and the master. , Paa - seiiger Daniel Williams sloop Spartan, oiouiague, o uay irom turn - ton, with tave and fish to Wanog KimDeriy Sloop Areta llovt, .7 days iroui savannan, with live oak timber, to J. &C. Bolton, and Bell ft Timpson. 13d instant, off Cape Hatte ras, spoke Gen. Jackson, 6 days from NYurk. Sloop Henrietta. Jiowell. 3 days from Snow - bill, with staves Mid shingles, to the master bloop Mary Jane, uarey, z uays irom uenio - pen, Dot. with staves, to tbe master. sloop Friendship, Baker, S days from Chinco - teague, with tbe master. Sloop Kapid, ueers, a uays irom uosiod, wiui tea, burr stone, raisin, ice. to 1). It u Hub bard, J. C. Newton, llurd V Sewall, and others. Sloop Enterprise, uates, z days irotn nappa - hanuock. with staves, to the captain. Sailed in co. rhr Mary, for New - York. Bloop Una Aon, nun, irom rroviaence ii - 1 with rum Mid dry goods, to Bailey h Russell. 1 Sloop Hero, Simpson, 7 day from Falmouth, Maine, with talt, to the master. BKLUW une schooner. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Patriot Office, Boston,) April 26 Arrived. Brie Cora, Scuildrr. IV day from Blakelv. Left 6th inst. hris Mary, Damon. N York. 20 dav: Rival. Prinrc, Boston 30 ; schrs Vlornine Star, Harskiu. N York 6 s Maria - Ann, I (flinawell, New Orleans. At Mohile, sloop Ktern Trader. Fidier, Boston 20 day ; hris Sumatra, for Liverpool, and schr Merino, Gross Havannn, via rensaroia a dav. eenrs rvmeo, Hedee, for New Orleans K sport, Chapman, lor New York i Jame Mc Kinlay. Ostiorn, do. all lailt d the 2d Inst i' poke ttilh, Iat30 28 loog 78 28. brig Syren, 8 day from .New - Orleans lor .New - York, rasneneer. messrs josepn uoonn - ler, Tborai Truut and A I dm Hayward The I .ore ha a cargo of cotton, deer - ikin, fox - skins Sic. Bris New Packet. Thacher. from New - Orle ins, and 22 days from the Baliie. Sailed from the Balixe 41b. in co. with ship Speculator, Codd for Liverpool : hris Hero, Southworth, for Bo ton. Brie 1 riton, I ratt, Irom Bocton, arr. at the liulire the 2d. Nup Otuo, IB days from I'tiil'.d at do - Brit Bulah, Morean, Irom Boston, pns Kd up the 2d ; barnu Miry was still ashore, an or ine rarso naa reen uiscnareeti Bn Ann - Maria. Patten. 4 days from Cayen ne, and 18 from Basseterre, (Guad.) I - eft at the inrmer place, zsin, un. arnr iiio, tuson, wai - 'ins cargo for Salem ; Union. Woodbury, Bca - verlv. do ; sloop Caroline, Allen, sailed 29th for Baltimore ; schr hlarcellus, Adams touched March 20th, from Para and sailed for Martinique she lelt at Para, March llth I brig Orion, fool, ewburyport ; tlory. Morns, Irom lioston ; Chauncy, Snow, New - York ; schr Suky, Paur,i'., Huston. lA ll al uaudnloupe, itn, inti. senr Roily, Lynch, Plymouth, next day : Cornelia, dis ; a Philndel. brig with mules, froio the Orono - ko. lust arr. saoke Hit), off Antieua, oris; Ann, Sherwood, 6 days from Trinidad foi Portland , same day off St. Kitts, brig Harriot, Purringtoo, 20 days from Gardner, for a market ; 22d, iat 40 30, long 67 40, ship Andes, 4 days from Phil - ad. for Liverpool. Passt ngers, Messrs. S. Ca bot and Wm. Willis Ship Juno, Doak, 27 days from Liverpool, sailed 29lh, and brings London and Liverpool papers one day later than brought by the Milo rhip Falcon, Lewis, tailed the day before for Boston. Spoke, 4th inst. Iat 48, 40, Ion 25, ship Sampson, from Philadelphia for Liverpool. 9th, Iat 42, 40, Ion 41 fell in with the wreck of sch Dolphin, of Vinal - IIavcn, full of water, main mast gone, cargo lumber on board, boarded hrr and found forward or the loremast a temporary shelter mad of spars, sails, tec. and under it man deadj a small packet lay near bim, and a box containing bread, and several small bag; bread hanging in the for nj;in. A blue coat with metal buttons was near him ; gold rings iu his ears, which we took out, and buried him. The veeiel was about 60 tons burthen, and appa rently new. 1 he J uno has a cargo of salt, lead, block tin, hardware, earthenware, and glass bot - ties. Brir Pomona, IIede, 16 days from Matanzas. Left, ship Fox, of and for N York, loading ; brig - Charity, Atkins not berun to load; Mentor, Car, dis. i Brothers, Smith, just arrived ; hi Gen. Jarksnn, of Bristol, (R I) loading for i.o rope srh Comet, for Boston, in 4 days ; sch , Knoylton, for Salem ; , inry - Ann, C lurtt, for Boston in 2 or 3 days ; Jane, Hills, for Charleston, uncertain. Sailed in co with brig Cleopatra for .N York, and sch .Melofordo. Briz Brmn. Burnhaia. 17 dnvs from West End, bt. Croix. Left ship Carolina - Packet, Cartwrilit, faun New - York discharging i schr racket. W unwell, lor Boston; rianter, oond wiu, fordo, disci, t Munroe. IMarce, for llamp den. Spoke April 12th. Ut 40 long 67 20, trig Mechanic, 5 Hay from Baltimore ; 21st Int 40, long 69, hris: Ann, from horlenux for M. York ; saioe daysctir Trio, 6 days from Bermuda for Penobecot. Pasenrer Mr. Leonard Kalwock. BiLilxoae April 27. Arrived, bri Jane, Jelliso'i, 22 dav a from Havana. Brie Spartan tz William, from Savannah Sch Rover, Mulhkcn, 32 days fom Aux Left, ach Good Intent, Pitch, from Baltimore, 10 days ; brijr L on, Chapman, Sa lem, 30 days i sch Lively, Smith, of Salem for N Orleans tbe fatriot br g KeniiPiican was under seizure April I5Ui, Ut iQ 36, long 75, spoke ach Caatigator, from Philadelphia for Mobile. Sch Col. Geo. Armiitrad, Gatchair, 10 day from Havana. Siuled in ro wi'h about 20 sul, bound mostly to the United State, among ttiem the sch Union and brig Adela, for New York. Left brijf Mary, Stansbury, or Baltimore, unc ship Gen &mith, of do, loading for . '. ' '' ' s. rVJ n .n - ..v rv.wariL for Baits - LCguont - rj i.lund. of irmre, 4 as I - " - s - - - - - - - - N York, . - f davs .slop torn Patterson, and sell talyp - i ' .i K Drliuii t briir James Suiter, lor Philad. 4 daya. The ship Madison; Cunningham of Bali unore, eaiWd fee Ku - PHIl.AUr.ijrsii, - tishshiaCrisia, Mead, 68 days from Newcas tle, (.ng ) witn coaii, , , . THE ATRE. : " - : '.1 i For the benefit of Mr. Holland, scene painter On Wednesday evening, April 29, will be pro - tea'eu, me cnsiinwoy wi . - . SECRETS WORTH KNOWING. . Egerton, ... - ... , Mr rntciiaru Nicholas, .. ., ?" a VST ; f;: HoSerU. MrsGreville, Mn - Grobon RoseSdney, Dar ley In the course of tlie evening. 1 be Post Captain and a Fatnotic un, win n sung uy jv gentleman, 1st apiiearanr upon any stage. To which will be added, OSCARAiND MALVINA. Oscar. rraer Malvina. - "" In the coure of the Ballet, a Scotch Stratshpey and Hichland Tling wilt be aancea ny mr. and Mr. Parker,1 nccompeoied on tbe Scotch Highland Baspipe. Performance to commence al a quarter past even o'clock. r"T - At a numerous and respectable meeting of the independent electors of the tfixdi VVard, assembled at Underbill's Buildings Mr. Isaac Kip, having been eppointed Chairman, and John M. Cannon. Esq. Secretary, the following resolutions were unanimously adrpted. j.,wl Tims rAffnmiifpe hi annointed to . 1m:, - rr - - - noroinat tuitable persons lor Charter Officers. Tbe gentlemen who composed mat commiivee reported the following ticket. al I joclninHD LiBuroiicct ,UI niuciwwi William Bolmer, forAwi - tant , . Henry Ackerman, for Collector. f - M for Constables. Archibald Mills, S Dr..niil That nrouM ever honorable exeN tioa to ensure the election of the above candidates Resolved, That the proceedings be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and be published in ine oaiiy papers ui u - it r ' RilC VIP rhuirman. John M. Cannon, Sec'ry. ap xo ii u J VA' n? A Ji'lf. VI, Hie. rr The .Vlnrkhnhlera are reonesi ed to meet attlie bank on Tuesday the 12th of May next, to choose thirteen directors ior me ensuing year. The nnll wilt he nnenetl at eleven o'clock and close at three o'clock. By order of the board of directors, CHAS. WILKES, Cashr. ap 28 tMav 12 Large and elegant LOOKING GlAiEi at AVliYVJX. ft7 P. L. JtflLLS & Co. will ell at Jlfesar. Kirk Si Aferceiu' loos room. Wall - street, to morrow at 10 o'clock, au extensive assortment of looking glasses from 70 by 36 inches to Si by 24, framed in the most modern stile ana ot me Deti quality they may be examined at any time previous to the sale. ap xa ii - t OOAA C BRA AD Y. ry To - morrow, (Wednesday) 12 o'clock, on Pier No. 6. North River, 90 pipes first quality cognac brandy 4th proof, now landing from brig Amu, JtewcomD, just arrived Irom Bordeaux Terms at sale, ap 28 U HOFFMAN Si (3 MISS. tUH SALE Ai' AUCTION, Ui On Monday next, 4th May, it not pre - jgg&viously disposed of at private tale, the fa.1 ailinr coppered snip A BlOb I U, Z50 tons, just from the carpenter's hands having had a thorough repair ( lies at Kector - st. wnari, . n. ready to receive a cargo, apd can be sent to sea at a trifling expense. Inventory to be teen at the counting house of ap28 L,r. HOY, BATAUU at IAJ. FitR HALL, The brig HOPE, 130 tont; carries 1 100 barrels. 2 years old, a first rate vessel of her size, and in complete order to re ceive a cargo; lying east side Peck - slip ; will be sold reasonable Wpply to Ii. il C. W. VArKA'rVKTUVU. ap28 For SAVANNAH. , The fast sailing packet bri? Lb. iiVANT, D. Wood, master, is now load ing at Murray's - wharf, and having her cargo principally engaged, will positively sail on Thursday For remainder of freight or pas sage, apply on board, or to THO. BARRON, ap 28 4t 136 Front - street. For BE H BICE and Dr.MtR.ilu4, The Hrit h hr if PVfl?lTP. .? m. Weeman master, to sail 15 th May. For passage, apply to GEORGE LACY, No 4 Fulton - slip. A few staves will be taken on freight sp 28 tf 1A ..LOW, UEMt, tie. Y ANDING - 52 ceroons South - American U tallow In store, clean St. Petersburgh hemp, and German steel, entitled to drawback For ale by J A M E3 D' WO LF, jr. 57 Frout - strect. For OPORTO, The good brig Agenoria, to in all this week ; 3 passengers ca be uc commudatedon moderate terms, for which, apply as above, or to the master on board, at pier no 13. apZS 1A VfOb SILK?, ice 33 cases Canton silk V7 gotids, consittinj; of , Black sarsnets (roiled) Changeable do Damask and embroid'd crape shawls, 6 - 4 7 8 and H - 4 4 - 4 black fringed and twil'd hdkfs. Black and colored sewinc silk , do do Carton crapes, now landing, ror aie ry rr. l r.u Kr. vi sts ft; U'J. 24 south - street. ALSO 10 cases good choppa roruals. "P8 uo.mlstii;moihkk wakes. I'nt. suoscnrvis ketp constantly on hand at L extensive ajsortincolof tiie fohowinz soods. viz : Dutch aud Broom Er.g!ih Gunny Bag', Pope Him! Cnnnts Brushes Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, ftttcy and common Do for P.larksmiths cy and con - .ruuo Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash dn Shoe Ai Scrubhii.g do Paint lirushe and Sash Cool Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushe Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace T.opes Hall ann Entry Mat ran and 1 uhs Wheel - Burrow Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de' scnption teine, tewing, wrap ping, balemz and hall Twine Fish Lint Shoe i. sadlers Thread IVrrbcrn' Buliao - ces, Sic. vv rongt.t and Cut Nails aid! Brads Which they will tell wholesale or retiil on li. beral terms. CEBKA it CUMING, ap.28 76 reart - tret. T)CIIMO5DrL0URv - 16 hUt ptrfine 11 4 do fine from chr Risiag - imt - irrtet. by i.j States and for ' le at 10 Firimt - srreet, by ..ap?8 - TROKE3, DA IDtu.' 1 DKiO - 30 cases best tigai 100150, nw laad.'ng and forsale by ap8 rr.Tfcii nr.ivitiu - JL . 1 1 . II . X ALMUMto. tt ceroona very superior sou shelled A laaoods entitled to debenture, for sale hv ' jurs. uooun - .v, ap 28 ' 2il Si0th tlre.eL 'J HK subscriber lias just received fruni Auc - J. lion a case ef elegant Luieol, 6 - 4 India Book and 4 - 4 t am loured Mull Mut - 1 lies which be will sell low for ca?li. WM. M. ROSS. inp2ft2t 8i Fulton - street. C OFFEE, TEA j WINE, Ac 100 bags Jata Coffee I , 0 je5en(ure 2t0 do Green do 80 half chests II y too Skin Tea do 20 do do Hyson do 10 pipes L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do old Sicily do 20 do Lisbon . do 60 qr. casks old Sherry Wine . . 50 do Colueuar - do ' SO half and qr. casks do (iron bound) JO qr. rasas Malaga - 30 hhd. Jamaica Rum, 4th It 51b proof SOO boxes Bloom Raisin for sale by J.fc J.CODDINGTON, ap 28 1w 204 front - street. HAVANA MOLASSES. 183 hhd and 12 tierce, landintr this dav iu front of the sub - cribers store, for sale by U. t. r. tiuniiAHU, ap 23 77 Washington - street. SUGAR U TEA 60 bags Calcutta sugar, 8 qr. 8 half and 1 whole chests Bobea Tea, landing, and lor sale by UOBUrt.V, p 28 28 South - street. EUM. 23 hhds. first proof new Hum. for sale by J ACKSON & WOOLLEY, ap 24 75 Wall - street WHISKEY. 19 hhd. Philad. rye whiskey, landing from schr Fair - Trader, at Old - slip, for sale by JACKSON t WOOLLEY, 75 Wall street. an 28 RAlslNS 31JO boxes ireah Bloom Ramus, landing from sloop Rapid, and for sale by HUKU SZ.WALL, ap 28 65 South - street. , ALhH & GALLAGHER, 66 South - st. V offer for sale, 160 hhd. old Richmond Tobacco, principally prime quality, adapted to the Irish market 180 do new ditto 60 do prime Kentucky do 200 kees Richmond manufactured do. branded Price. Lab by, c. 20 half do Ladies Twist 450 bblt Richmond Flour, belt brands 200 do Petersburg do 100 do Fredericksburg do 60 casks London Dry White Lead 24 casks English mustard 3 butts London Porter 25 casks Clartt, entitled to debenture 15 do Linseed Oil 4 puncheons Rabbit Skint - 1200 ream medium Printing Paper 130 do Cap No. 1 t 2 30 erott Frets Papers, Sic. ap 28 C.4NTON MLKS 102 cases containing crapes, black, colored and white do nankin 28 tale arsuets, black, fig'd, green and crow barred Ainchew, black, changeable, greeu and blue Florentines, 30 inch black Concans, assorted colours and while Latins 1st chop, colored Crape shawls, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 Levantines, assorted colour Handkerchiefs 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled do chow chow, colored and figured . Sewing silks assorted and black Poniees, rihbon assorted just received and for sal at 67 Aoulb - ttreet, by VAMBRELEJS'O Si PEARSON. ap28 IRKNCII GOODS Just received by the JL? Comet, from Havre, Habit gloves, prunelle shoe Rich figured sattin and taffeta ribbons Embroidered and plain ailk hose, shawls Suspenders, fans, artificial flowers Silk netts, collcrctis, thread hose, and for sale at 140 Pearl - street, by ap 28 F. & H. SHELDON & CO. 13UJtf & TE.I 10 hhds Boston rum. and 15 m bales 1st and 2J sort hops, landing and for ate at 0 aoutn - sireet, by ap23 C.VIBRELENG & PEARSON. S '.iRCH 60 kegs white starch landing, for sale by JACKSON fc WOOLLEY, 75 VVall - st. ap28 ST. PAUL'S CULHCU. TTOR sale a Pew, eligibly situated in St. JL Paul's Church. Enquire at No. 42 Front - street. ap 28 6t 300 DOLLAHS REWARD WILL be paid to any person or persons who will give information of the villains who fired the house at Brooklyn 00 Friday evening:, 17th April, so that they may be brought to jus tice, by JOHN H. MORRISON, ap28 lw Fly - Market. TO LET, The large 3 - story brick house 78 Pearl st'eet; has every convenience for a large fami lythe lower part u shelved for a dry good or hardware sti rc, and will be rented with tht house, or separate For particulars apply to ISAAC G. OGftEN, ap 28 tw 48 Wall - street. Ci MlKsDEtlS resptctlully informs his former JT. customers ai.d the puMic, that he bas at length, by the assistance olsnme friends so far re nvi'sed from his late mi' fortune l.y fire, as to have resuoedhis business at No. 18 Wall - street ; where he continue to mrinufirture razor streps, on a principle iureiitcd by himself, and which it allowed by nil who hare tried Uiem, to excel anv thine hitherto known : at thev never, bv ever so lone use, make the edge of the rnxor round, ttnd there( re render the Mte. of any bone unnecessary. The purchaser needt only a single lesson as 10 its u.e. ne nas on nana a large as kortoirnt ol the most elerant perfumery ever im ported, and ladiet are most respectfully request cd to rail. p 28 .1 HORSK FUR SAi.E. A N excellent family Mo - se, free from faidts, XI well broke to the harness, and racks un. der the saddle. Enquire at 133 Pearl - street. ap 2V lw tSPl FOR SALE or TO LET. And potscs - ion given tbe 1st of May, a new and convenient House of tiie basement plan, finished in tne best possible manner, situated io Pearl - street, near the Battery, and adjoining the new iicuse i ojr. vjrvcies. For particulars enquire of ROrfiCRT R. HUNTER, No. 135 Greenwich, corner of Liberty - street ap 28 2w TO LILT, For one or more years, tbe followin Houses at Harreuville,oear the five mile stone, ttKMrningaaie ronu. A pleasantls situited and convenient two sto ry House and stable, with a Garden and lour a. cresofland. Also A pleasantly filiated and convenient two story House and Stuhl, with a large Garden and three acre oi larn, botu ol ine above placet are well stocked with different kindt of choice t ruit treet. Also A pleasantly situated and convnnient two itory House, with a Stable and two acres of lauu. 1 ur turuicr paiucuian enquire 01 Jacob uaksen, ap 23 lm .Near tbe premises. Q Two pleasant RFI) Rnrvwa 4. , 1 ri... .'..ii.ivr. .r:".;r " w TO LET ' JAJH Honas pleasantly siteated m Newark 1 or particular i nquire at No. 184 Bowerv wepOTtt - . . - TO LET, And possession e - iven immedi.s.tJ the flmnllMt late the rmlA. r A. Schuyler, dec situated on the banks of the Passaic river, opposite the village of Belle, ville, in this state. There are on the premises a good barn, carriage - house and other out houses, all in good order. The garden is ex - tensive and planted with every tbjng ptuper lor the season, and has in it a quantity of the best fruit trees of all descriptions. Any nor tion of land may be had by the tenant that may" be required. Enquire of 1 CATHERINE SCHUYLEH, On the premises. Barbadoes neck, (New - Jersey,) - April27, 1818. J N. B. The above premises together with .is the other dwelling - houses and lands of the late gen, J no. A. Schuyler, will shortly be offered for sale. an 28 t BOARDING IN BROOKLYN. " THREE or four Gentlemen, can be accommodated, with Board and Lodirino. " reasonable terms, by applying at Mn L... dam's, Fulton - st. Brooklyn, about a quarter of u uilic irum dichiii - uuav icrry. ap 38 lw BbKGEN Oill'HANb COURT Of the Term of March, imst Catharine Schuyler, . Adnunistratnx, c ol John A. decensed. Schuyler .Rule, under Ststste. rpHKcourt order and direct. That Cathario X Schuyler administratrix of the stooHl xk.t tel and credits 01 John A. Scbuvler. der rive public notice to tbe creditors of the dec! dent to bring in tbeirclaims and demand against uiv riic ui uiv hui uc.rueui, on or oetore - tho first day of May, in the year of our Lord eigtw teen hundred and nineteen, by putting op notice to that effect io Ave of tbe most public place in tbe county of Bergen, for the space of two month, and advertising the lame for tne like space of time in a newspaper printed tad pt. liaised in the itate of Ntw - Jertey, and is aaews - aper primed and poo utned in the city U Ktw - fork. , A true transcript from the record. ap 28 2m JOHN A. BO Y D, Sur'gate. Southern Dittrict of jVoe - fwa, at. - BE it remembered, that on the twenty fifth day of April, in the forty second year of the independence of the United States of America, Edra. M. Blunt, of the said dittrict. hath deposit ed in thi office the title of a chart, the right whereof he claimt at author and proprietor tbe wordi and fiure following, to wit : A iew Chart of Cast I londa and the Bahama Bank, extending - from St. Simon's Itlaad to lis. van a, exhibiting the tracks and soundings of the ship James and sloop Elita In 1810 1 thip Fran - cit, 1812 ; tkip Albion, l'J 16 ; schooner Catha rine, 1817: and tchoom r Retrieve, in 1818 1 to - eether with set of currents tide, Ac. and tailing direction! for crossing the Bank, by Edmund M. blunt, author of the American uoatt ruot. In conformity to the act of tho congress or tht United States entitled " an act for tht encoar - agemrnt ol learning, by securing the copies ol maps chart and 000 a to tne autnors and pro prietors of such copies during tbe time therein mentioned." And alto to an act, entitled " aa act, supplementary to an act, entitled an act for the enccouragement of learning, by securing tne enpie of Maps Chart, and book to tlte author and proprietors or urh copies during the time merein menuonea, ana extending tho Denents Uiereol to the arts of designing, engraving, sod etching historical and other prints." - J AMK3 DILL. Clerk of the southern district of New - York. . aiMARsr. In bandine the above chart to tbe public, tht editor ha particularly consulted the interest of tne navigator, it contains tne ainerent paissgea to and from the Havana, New Orleans tic. witfc a plan of tbe harbour of Havana, en every eitet - tive scale, which will supercede the necessity af a pilot even to those who never before visited it ' un nog island, on inc oarnour 01 mstan, (new Providence) a light house has lately been ereow ed, which it is important the navigator should bt informed 01, at in approaching the note in tot Wall, and falling to the southward, makings light he i not appriied of, would bave a teades - cy to lead him into error. There is also a light house erected on the Moro Cestle, entrance ef Havana, neither of which have ever been notices' on any chart previont to this. Over tbe Bsha - ma Bank, we hare asrertainttd from aqnestioa - able authorities six different tracks with ouadV ings, currents, set of the tides, and timet of bih water, with a very sale track over Salt Key Bank, which we recommend in preference tt pasting Double Headed Shot Key on the tar - board hand, as it saves yon from a troog and dangerous current which sets 00 Carrysforf Reef and Florida Shore. p8 FEE BILL AMENDED. Just published and for tale by THOVA3 B. JABSEN, No". 11 Chathaavstreet. Who has for sale, an extensive assortment of Law Blanks, of the most approved forsis, well printed on good paper. ap 28 2t NEW WORK3J RECENTLY published and for sale byfT. B. GILLhY, 92 Broadway, opposite Tris - ity Church Yard, Legh's Travel in Egypt and beyond the Cataracts, price 1 75 PitkinU Statistical View of tbe United States, price 3 60 Bri.ted't Resources of the United States P Memoirs and remains of the lab Reversed Charles JJuck, containing extract front au arv and interestint - letters to bis friends inf" speraed with various observations, aplaaaUsT and illustrative ol hit character ana www - John ityles D. D. price tl 15. Cappe's sermons and life, price $i. Taber's sermons price $2 tS. Forsyth's remarks on Italy, 2 60. Paris chit chat, $1 75. Robroy, fine 2 dolt, coarse 1 75. 1 Manners, price Idols. ' Mandeville by Wm. Godwin, price 17 Caleb William, price 1 60 and 2 dek Ballaore ofCum'ort, price I 75 ' Rosabella or a Mothers roarnage, 07 thor of "Santo Set estiana"&c. Sic. P" Knight 01 St John by Miss Ann Man ronw , price 1 75 1 " " T.) BE DH.1WN INTHISClW - . , n . ... n - ..n intTSRI V1 ralie, jtv.v.u iivn,i jr St' J. commence drawing in the 1,, Yo.k next Tuesday, when Tickets will W - vanced to 3i dollars. Tbe fol,oW,S.p'!jij6 Prizes may be obtained of R. 'VAITtO" - Broadway : . For thirty - two dollars eacn. 70,000 Dollars 35.000 ttnir 10,000 Dollar. 10,000 DUwt 5,000 Dollar. 5,000 l)Uart For sixteen dollars each. rw rk..u. 17.000 Dollars siwRdlar. 5.000 Dollar. For eight dollar? each, 17,500 Dollars, ,"50 DcO 2,600 Dollani, 2,500 DoUart. For four dollars each, . 8,750 Dcllare, 4,375 150 Dollars u For two dollars each . 4,375 Dollai, 2,187 Dollars, 625 Dollar, 625 Dollars, Whole tickeU 3 Quarters dixieemni iui . , RrfS For 1. by ROBERT WTITE, jr. 1 WWJ WUUtYVaV 1 rnntt I fit? I'lUM m Urjr.

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