The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 27, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1818
Page 4
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t i v. M0 Mi t )' : 'I. ; '(.. :; 4i - 1 ' .... v., , BTATw or TEW - TOftC, u, IK inmum of a decretal orur of thi bonota - bit court, bearing dte the sixteenth deyiof . October ItuLwill b sold at public aacUon, nlQ.e .1 online Cofiea IIok, ia tbe city of New - York, ' alelUdirectiof tbetnhecriher, asoutoffoe la tter of tbit court, oa rftdiMdoo Vtm:eottk 4 7 of January aesU at tweve o'clock, at eoon, . ail that certaialol, tractor tte4atid, sitae - - ted m the county .of iJeiaware, u m ww "' - New - lock, aud in Evan' fatcat. and knownby rwki lot tliiri four, and bounded a follow : to v ' gMiui!atMixeai4beapofU)otfcwe rteadi In, marked Not 34 aod 31 being the northeast corner or H itif acta i Uieoce along the aorta ', bound thereof Ui eighty moe oegrees, ww mm huiuimi ml i mati eit - ht chaiot aal ninety tit" tidka to a beech tree marked Wo 31 aod 34; ' being the southeast corner of lot (No. 33,) auaj - oer miny nine I uieoce aiong turn wt , thereof, jnrth three, degrees, eat eighty on chain and twenty kokt to a beech tree marked Mo. 31 aad 34 1 tbence aloox tbeaoulb boMtdaol lot (So. 31 nuasher thirl r one. north eighty aloe V.dfriMLMit (he diitanre al one hundred end WW t uuiat,toa atake end beep of struts "bonce I - j! apelh thirty nierhtini atari twenty font link M a bMcfa tree Marked No. B Uac DortA eifO'J Joe decreet, eatt twenty chaial to tbe west - wound of tot thirty t thence along .' eoth forty foorcnOint and ninety ail Iwke toB ' nlHceof beranihrt eomairirrg nine hundred aw) " ! tort vWm acre aad three fourth of aa err ' - j Jaod, with the apparteaattua. And ohm, all iW - certain other lot, Uacl,orpafcel iaml, Wa U4hHU county ef Delaware, lathe ataU oi. New - York, ia Euw latent, aud fcaowa by ' - 1 greet M thirty (even, and U bounded aa fol - . - hr t)egtoaic at ft bemlock tree ' mark ed Ne. 37 and 4U, beint; the aortbeaat cor - ""per ' of lot Mo. (40) aainbcr forty t Uieou aiomt the north bounds thereof, toutli, ei(h - ' tyaue defreey wt one hoodied aiai thirty - - far chain and ten lint to beech ' - aarkedo 36 ft 37 tbeoce north throe rte - (reee. eatt eenty ei(bt cbaiai to Beech tret with atooee roeod tt 1 theoce on the tenth bound oi lot thirty fbar north eighty aLe demee, eat one knadrad aad tbirtr chaintto a Birch tree ' ' anarked thirty terca tod tturty - eijht j thence oa 'the wtet bendi oilol tbirtr - et)rit, toirth terenty - ,r'1eijht chain to the plwe of begimloX. coataiotoi one tltMUeed aad twenty - four acre aad eat fourth of aa acre of land with the appurtwoc. . - . jaM3 a.' Hamilton, Dec 3 law - Utrft - ilaater in Cbaocenr. ' Ctr The (ale Of the above pmvertv i iMMtpo - . ned to toe aichteenth day of Fthruary next at tbe aame hear aad place, uaiea Jan. 7, mio. , . JAMES A. HAMILTON, ; JaaYtawt r - i . Maater ia Chancery; . I The tale of the abort Broparty i imtpoaed to r. the IStb day of May nest, at the tame hour aad puce., vaica leu. iu, ibiu. . ' JAM23 A. HAMILTON, - fchl8 ttri Matter in Chwirery. . J ,wkta4Juitel Vhaaery, held for lite (taMol Mew York, at the Chancellor! DweUiuf - ' I Ioua.ia the citv of Albasv.onthe twenty ' - ' tUrdday of March, in the year of onr Lord 5l one thoutind ewht hundred and eighteen. '' Prmnt The Hoo. Janet Kent, lltquiru, C'uim - ' cellar. ' PLitlp Scheyler, Pliihp Jeremutli Schuyler, Heattclner hchnvler, fcttpUo Van - V'iKaaeielaa., Jr. TliiUpCtMirch, ruter Cm - reread Catherine bit wile, Julia Church, Rudolph liuuner end Elizabeth bit wile, ; Kichard Church, aa iaiant by tiit aid Phi lip Church hit neat friend, Kiit4beUi flaw villuu, Aki - uxW Hamilton Morton, i'liilip . . Scfiuyler Morton, Cunieha L. Morton, U ' lleKwa Mary Motton, infuou by die tuid fhiiip Schuylet their aett irieuU r and Cathariu Van KeouclaerMukotue.. ! - :'. ' - . - ' t. 1 - Job R Bleerken Eliiaheth Brincker. ''fcolf, Morri . Miller, and Maria hit wifr. Cbarlea Lhiulty and Ulawuaa hit wiK Manha ttrtdrtreet. wamuel Vradttreet, t - Thomat Morrw,' Ijhomae Biddte. John 1 1 . Vbarton aad William UuW aad CatlRfiue I m rtWHWix"! w - rajrer in win. . '. - j , " rilHE comnlauiaot above named havin filed 1 1 . i o i I - t.. - : r - L their bill io the above mentioned cawte for ', the partldoo of the following parcel of land, thai it to tay aparallelocraiu ia tlie couutiet of Ooei - da and Herkiruer. in tin ttate,oa tbe toutb tide t of tlt craoted on the tecond day of Janua - - i - T I7i4, tujuarpb Worrell and other, coram m - f., Jy called Cotby'a Manor, fywg along and npou ,, the tooth boundary of the aaid patent at it bate, being 'Chtui aodsK wiai mora or letftu 'breadth, nod the wboh, eataiit of the eolith lint or bouudary of the laid patent, t. . 4tEi cbaait ' inoreorie la lim;tfi, uudrhilip Schuyler, uui: of loecomptainanit, oanng maun aaauumvn uu - Bused to the aid hill of the trutJi of the allegatiooi ' ' therein contained ret pactiag tiie unknown ow - brtnf the id partlierograui. It i tburvnrjon, .M motion of Mr. J. V lleary. ooonoeei for Vie complaiuaalV ordered that all partiet interetUd ' ia Um tuid paralleiograu of land apiwar aud an - - twer the compUiniiut't lull fili - d io the abutu . caute, by the eleventh, day oi July east, to UV ' end Uiat locate of default. UtacomoUiaaut'ihill may be decreed to be taken pro couhjmo agaiatt all tneh unkaowa partka v ahall hot appear and ' kinwer by tbe taw day. . And. let a copy of thit order ha publUlicd for three caleadar month, onca at lektt ia everv week, la a newtPeDur Prin - ted lathe city of N - Yorv aad in the city ef AUiany. Atopy; . . s. MOSS K2T; RegUler. it 'mil 30 HwSnv - ' - i," .i NOTICli. r. .V) O 'Tteereditom of 4w. Bleakley, of tbe .".ucity f A'ew - Yora. tatslveut, are hereby notified si toalUodattUofiee l the eutaoribery nteiraer u - ; of - tun aaid iuolret)t, wider Vie ot entitled r - a act fur giviag mlief nrcn of ineniven ;," atllie Luw BuildinctOle I.eAce No. 3, titntte tn Kawau - itreeUia the city of Aew - York, to ascertain end exaaiine the ai vuaMt due to . them retiiecltvely. oo the. tweidy CAh duy oi "April a it, between the hour of 10 A. 51. and 3 - r, M. Aad the laid cri!ir are further notified, that a dividend of the ettato of tnid iotolveot will ,be made by tit tubteriber,', at the ,plai - afore - aid, aud hetateeu the hour above mentiotied, oa - ;rh twenty mui day of Way next. ISew - lork l - eb.4th.IUia. .. .. .. V. ' . ; .A , - . tZBON KLOSSfTf. - - s i teh & I aw 3m .. - V. , 4 - t; - . - .UJ CHANCERY. 'f John B. Mrrv. l'' ' ' l i r - I - ' - , - ). ::u.: va.' v.i .n V State of New - Yerk, w ' ' t ;f Jemee Wilioa.' V - - t ' - ' . . - IN pouae of deereUl wrder of thl bo - r . BOvraUe eourv made la the above eauee, will be , - mM a. wubKe auction, at the Tontine Collet - f llonte. ie the erty f Kew - York, ander - thedl - - teeiiew of Uie tubMriaer,' a one of the matter! ' ,dUii onnrt, en Tueoday the teeoad day of Ben - tcmoer netr, at iei ve - i nooe, an tnat tratt of land oinmg on the toetrof Lowville, aad Ivlacia tbeeeunty of LsWb. in the ttate afore - . aaid, being part ef great lot No, 4 of Maeomb' purcnaae. aura ofnprce u in hhs kuvth vm .ertahi plan or ntap made by David Bronton tad 11. AVnite, m Uie year llot, from No. IM to Mi inetuwve. aouiun.g together 3XX a are f land, with the appurtenaiieat thereto belong - . ing qr any wiie appertaining. Dated June ail, (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, ! V " UeUdtd. ; JIaurmChaneery. ' 'it 1S "J 04 tueboe prupeit) i rjoarponfed Io the firat day of May next, at Ibetetuu iMtVMid place: Dated Jan ii, 18 18. ' i en . J.AMfcs A HAMILTON, Jaot4:UwtMyl ; MtkteriaCbanceJy. N OTICE U hereby given to Uie 8tockhod - pv, um urcir I'voai meeung will he tio duu tt th election of Uircctore, the Cm Mond in M iV next, at Uirur o'clock ia th tDitiun, the boae ol Moara Bngg, iu the villagu of Ltiia, fn lha f mlnf OV itfl s rl in the Couutr of Ootid a. A mtnean Academy if lu t'ou AtU. .' ftTr 1 "be exh'h.iion of t4 aca Irmv will be opened Wthe public on Monday Uie 1 BUi of May ncxV Artrtu are reque - led to. tend Whatever ai tide Ok y iuieod to olTnr for exhibi t oe, oo or bcktre tiaiurday, PU, MaT er which Bene ran W reivl. Bv order. ALEXR. RnEErtTSON, aee'rv. ? 13 Su&lwlliry it f I I 1 u. I ,if;t :trz uint, VRrxriI lCADV.Mr. Ko. 1S9 rtaawat CCT Wr.'Kt CUAKI avail binMeii of uxiiua te offer Lit beet tbarrkt to Ihooe rmrenU aid an rdtaua who have ibiraeted bun wtwtne are of theii ciildrtn, aerinttbei and tbe pah - be that tbe tame eareoiirtins attention to their etedie and comfort, aad leaietrt aad (eatle avnle of treetaeot (ball be obterveaVthtt ha met tlitir cenerai approbelioa aad Bntroaase. . One of IM principal advantage of thia eUh. litheaeat, which bet already atet with freat to. rirmtmmt. fai the entire eichuuoe of all bet thm t nnrl kmcaaca i j thr cenerai coavereation ortkenchool. iiurtff U w to b vnitrtfrU that mil at mbnikJ but nteh ut infWie eccentt Frmeh taUnrra. rentaantliip tanrbt by nm haetiih matter. The namber of achoiart U limited to t5. In addition to the waoy rerpect able reterence Mr. 8 - a five in thit city, he fiinke ttat the meat tatitfactery are the pnreau al kia nmrat arholar. , i , . . ' . Aaeeeaina tchool, lor tbe accommodation of ccntleien wkoaeenfarenvtiiti proc lad aa earlier i!nndftce. , , t , . Tor temt apply at above. Iron 19 to 3 o'clock. Orr The Stiemab Mineeaae taeaht in a teoa - taoanparMatnt, ny a cpauao geauemaa. r erniTw - l.,H.oiU.LD ft flUSEK'a whoai U aad retail copper, pewter, lia, and heet iron kitchen furniture VARE - HOUb; No. 38 Untoon - laae, New - Tork : where may be had . i'Uia and ptanuUhxl block tin coffee (oU , Uo. do. . biggene ad Ulereri Do. do, tea aad ouffee a raj i lio. . do. newett pattern ditb cover - - ' Do. do. cheese plate and loatter Do. da. tance and ttew paot . Dow do. lea and ctocoUUi pott; wilh every other article in tbe copper, pewter, block - tin, and tbeet - iroa line, at manufactured and told, oa the naoet reatooable term, at their factory, no. 7 1 rwltoo - ttreet, betwecu FueineaVbaU tad UoM - etreet. If. B. Who! teal orJert tsecuted ia Ike bett Msser, nod at the lowett price, apt 3uw3w ,. Q A bethurwn, i t OH HALtU A very valuable VARM. near Eli ta in WewJtrtey. containiRr 109 acre. with every improvement neceuarr ror a tans. Will be told very reaaonable. and the term made aecoramoxlutaip, or will be eirhanred tat norprrty in New - Totk. roue ion may be luul at any time. - ' ' J. II. LAWKKtLK, ' an 17 Sttwlm No. 55 Pine - tree1. L OA UD. beverti aeotlaruen caa be accom - moriaied with Bnard. al JSo. 'M Vetef - tt. ap lieodiw . . ,. - i i Aruhfer tacitly Ltbraru. 1 ftr Notice it herebv aiven. that lit annual eKclion for twelve traitret of the New - York Bo - ciety Library, will be held at the library ia Nat - tan timet, oa Tuetdny, the "lith inrluot, from mnrl till two O'clock V. M. Doted April I3lls 1UI8. , A. liLEECKKR, beefy. ap is eodtw 1 A very profitable r'AUM. of MO acre. two Uiiidt under callivatiou. the reaidott wood land, titnate on the tea thore, a qnorler of a mil below the narrow, on the cuten luund tide and a lliort ride Irom tbe tteam boat ferry lamline;. nivet a verv eiienuve view oi t lie Dav aim en - iron Of Xew - YorV, within the Narrow, and of SihIV n0K and the ocean rr protpeel ti equalled hv none. The title it unquettinuubie. wo imrat oi uie purcnate money inav remnia tecured nion the lend. Apply to A. V. D. fountain on the nremitri. or to , , . i . , W. A. gCCLY.lHSGreenwich - ttreet. TO LET. n convenient new S ttorv hoote, adjolnirig the above, with a garden and about an acre vr lien. or wrmt appiy at auove. mh3 eodtf ;; MORBAt him. xan.iiojr nbne. TO LET, Fmm the flrtt of May he it, the hoe known by the anioe of the ,w Mention House of Murray HilL" about three and an half milet front the city i bounded oa the Hart a1 in Road. The boute jacoavenieat nod roomy, and would au - twer for a gentleman' aummcy reiidepce, : a hoarding acuooi or punucnouie. iiiere area boat 4 acre of ground heloniciiur to the preiuiiet. divided into a ganlen, orchard and l iwa. There iitlto on the premitet n itnble and coach - boae, out - bout, He. and a well of good waer. ina numiini; it naniieoineiy iiisaien, cmamamlinir, a beautilul ptoepeel and conveaienl to Ihe puima road. An ludoatriou gardener woaiu be more then able to pay Uie rent from tle fruit and regetable which he coukl raie. The property will be rented very reatonahle te a good tenant. 'or lurtbrrprtrticutare, eotjuire ou utf prvMT uc utw. 4 maiuen - iane. apl3eodU,. , .,., . OCT BOBWEI.Lft I.EMOIME (tnccetton to and rocom men led by William ft Hear Hex aH) vrantact Vendee and commiaiioa batineu, Peterthurg, (Virginia. . Tbey occationsll v make advance epon roe - rignrnenticrxamilted tu their charge. Reference lit New - York to Mr. Campbell at laureuce. nt, u.wi. .inffK. wtn.mrronow A Xl wuhe to obtain two or three gentlemen a permanent hoarder. Theeitualiea Mairy and near the City - Hall. For n large front , mom bandom1y furn'uhed,' eight dollar per weak if tepnrate roomt are required, tbey can have thorn. A lioe directed to H. Y. with name and where te be (bund, and left at tbii office, will be attended to. . , n genteel rorpectaDle young tedy, who wiihet 14 retid m privaie family, who can ne nol - atmall um for board, nml would make herwlf welut by aatuting with her needle iu family, woald bear of a titualion bv directing a lie to D. H. and leaving it at thit office, wltli name and tbe place' at which to be called on .'"ap S4 eodJl ' ' ' ' . FOR BALE, TnCUtneofaiinart tllack Girl, that can do all kiad of houie - work and rooking, ttM - hatitnecrttar for a family, orwitnhle lor a lunlic bout. She andentand cookine ofov ten, bealtteakt, ftc. and would be a valuable afqmtiUod to nay public boute . apreierrare would be given to any perton keeping the tame. (bat rejidet in the country c Sold lor ne other teatn) than the want or a muter. For further particular, iaquire at Uie cornel of Broadway aria wrjnu - iuwoi, nioeni oociai. ' . ti - B. She it told at her owniecjueiL - ,P U , 1 "I' J I i I II. w ". LItV9 ITCH UiXTJVKX1, , WARRANTED an kfttUibl remadv at or eppneation, ma be' eed wilh:"vcrfcct nailicta nt mtrt - an rt nnv J:mf rnm tnrmluihl whatever, and oot xcouiiuiied with 0t ofTatv ' . . . uve oiU wUkb attend Uu aivLcatiou ul other reaaeuiM., . ; ....... .....f ftie above madiriiiaa are Urertared mil anld at LEE'S - Mcdjciu Hturm, Kav45 Mailen - Lnne. ad told by 8. CARLE, come of r ulioa and vi aier - ireu. Di ngjivu and country tore keepn tophlied a nUrat Urou. , . 3 - VI I""8 "lik S. - dcaaeM1r.,dkfi. paiiern, and ciuiikd to daa ture, pitt ree'd, ocJ for le hy P7 D.LtrUU.SCO. on a 'lDicmiart. a tjoua itomaCH. 1 A. akjmlMlmd ttv aoadinl writer 10 ieki 1 coa.pion.i0f inbbpnt kiodniMi at all time vrv diuM artof cue. Thit r ucieniiy tue - t tralod m the diet ppowtiaent of Hiom who aalor - tuaately tuner eoder it, a they , tut the aaoet part, thiit after ha vine triad iv imaat to or no perveac, tht t are at but obliged to oe (lor perunfn Uie remainder of hie) ewtb article a can at bttt but palliate the dwento. Uiuieruch ciicumalaacea. anv medicine caoablaof remo ving the comiilaiuL mut tnrely be an article highly deeming the attention ot all 11km who are affltcted who it t uin a comninaunn i v ur met with m DR. MKADd ANTI - UYcEl' - tlC or STOMACH FILLS the auvcurt u hiebkaeaever yet been aqualled, for the cere of dyapeptiaM It moet complicated lurai, Midi at loa of appetite, nan a - a, heart hirrn, lUtulea - cy, Juawiog paia in the ilomub, pain ie die ide, great cottiveue, palenet ta the roonle - naace.tancnor. towtiei of nirit. pain n the head, virtigo Or giddioe,' ami dMturbed leep. - n rviiuever appiie inec puit m ineenove oi acenrdiac la Hie direcUune. will never be diap - pointed, a they have never been once known to rail la predeuog a radical ana purmaucni cere. The uteofaiinxlebox will convince the mot n believing of their tfliency. . They will ioot eflcctnaliy nmove ntiioorne oi uie nomacn, not (urrlv hv aeatraliaiae tlia acid, bet bvcor - lectin tliat morbid ttite ol Uieecretioi which givet rue to it, ann ai rve mum uuh win to the debilitated organ of digetion, that tone and vigour wlikh it attolutely oecetMry to the well being of the animal economy, rrice one dollar per hn. I'orial bv JOHN C. MORRISON, Dreggitt, .. . No.l8UGreenwich - itreet. Where may be bad, wholetale aad retail, large and geatral attortment of genuine lniR and Medicate t eurjwx.i tntirumenu; yiporic cary (la - Ware i Englith and American ra (ant Medicine. Alio, Dyer' and r uller! ati tie. Medirm ChetU, ftc Oa literal term. Mints m ' ' ovraenx puraitT or aaw - iona, . BE it remembered, Tuat on the tecond daj of April, in the forty tecond year of tlie Inde neaih - aca oftlie United stale of America. Wil iiam Ji.hmoe, of the taid dm rift, hath depoiiled in Un i offii the title of a book, the ritttit whereoi lie rhunii at author, io the word aad ngurei rot In wiiiir. to wit I ' " Report of caet adjodfrd (n Uie court ol Chancery of New - York : by Willitni Johnton, Conmellorat Law, vol. II s containing the cte from Januarv. 1316. to September. 1U17. indu - ive." In conformity to the act or the congre oru United Stale, entitled. M Aa act for I he enrot - ragement of learning, by tecuring the copie ul mar, cbartt aud hook, to the author and pro pnetort of inch copie during the tirne therein mentioned t" arid alto to an act, entitled, " An act. lunnlersentarvlo an art. entitled, nn act lot the encouragement of learning, by tecuring the copie of map, chart ami book, to tbe author aod proprietor of luth copie, during Uie timer therein mentioned, and exteoding the heoefilt thereof to the art of detiguing, engraving, aud etching biiturical and other prinu " - tll.l. - Clerk of the toutliemditlrict of New - York. apt:i 4ir i LlfK WHUHASfC&, be. a - :! be UNION INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated by Uie Legulatuit of ti. Stait W Mew York, with a diarter of uulimited duratioo, aur making LIFE INSURANCES and granting AJiMUITILs, will commence buiuieiton Uie iirat duy of Jlfay next, at no. 6d Wall - ttreet. The more ptnmuient ohjecl embraced by thit couinuny, ( UUiougti they are prepared to enter .favorable terini iulo all coulraclt in any diapo connecled wilh the view of Ulcir iiutitu - lion,) nre ailbllowi: I t tfu mooring trait of tlu community, to Jut - elmniet, ft Clerki m public mi4 prirait qfficei, tu Ltrrgumen, fe rrufemrt in CoUrget, to JMuary wen, and all other poneued ol fixed income, which will terminate with their owu live, they oiler n tecure mead of providing for their rami - lie, by Milling auurl a tmall poruon of their annual mvinn to that purpoie. .To onoiiafwli,. they eber the iai uiveatment and cerinia unprovement oi tneir turpi u ui' come to the benefU of Ihtir deaceodaat. Toniomrd mrH, they offer a proviniott to Uieir trirfoip, by aa approprialioa to that pin - pot of mail annual "um, uunngmv Hwuuusiwfw uiv marriage, and on tbe name principle Ihey ofler to Uie tigneettf bankrupt etlalet, and Uie pur chaser ol property. auMact to the right oi cover, mode of exfingabbing that claim, by giviag tu equivaleut lor the turrender of the n - ht or lb wile. - ' '"' To permf. they preeent a mode ef endowipe tlieir KUaot MiiMreo, abordiug to them, if they reach a certain age, much larger turn compar ed with tbe original premium, than can be acquired by any modi of aecumttlatk at iutervwt, ' i o imgtt eenent, wno may inive no - nein, they offer the mean of greatly increasing their annual income through the piirUUt of life au nultiet. ' '.! T veunr people, of active employment, whore exerlion and earniogt mure diminbh with tlieir mcreaunj year, they offer e tuniiort for the de - cliae of Ufe, by payaienta of comparatively tmall amount, wbde their caonof industry ahall con tiau. ' Tbe Company ha provided Tablet calcu lit ted upoo true principle, from the mmt coiTecl data, which at the inme timeeouittuie the Mly of the olficc, nod Uie iuterttt of Uie cuttomer Of the teiull of theae T able toeie tpecimo are uh" inU, frooi which the ndvantaget to Uie bolderioiCkiutniclt Wiiu Iheia aiv be estimated, A httlihn penon, ef Uie age ot twenty - ecveo year, by an mutual payment ot 'Jico 97 - 101) dot Ian during hi life, may lecure io hit heir the u in of One tJimdrta UoUart, or a larger aniouut bv a orooortiouala oremiuin. : ' A Mwbtiul, aged thirtyy whore wuV age b iweniy - uva, may, oy m anuuai pairmeui Tint 30 - 100 DoUum, while both Uve, eeenre to hi widow the turn of Oft Hundred VoUart, which U company will exchange for aa eui - valeot anuuity, it requireu. t At the art of fifty an annuity for the remain der of the ble may be bought for about fen end a quarter year purthatt, or at the rata of nine arid 3 - 4 per etnt oa tbe turn mvetted. I A Jallift mar, by Iho payment of one hun dred doUitrt at the birlh of a child, eecare to Ulat cnu.i, wna it tnnii reacn tne age rx twenty - one yean, tbe um of tic hundred end erfy - one eW - lart. ' 1 ' ' ' ' . i ' from the ore of Itctmra - one, an Mioual pay - mont of Acren 18 - 100 DvUnrt till the age of 7.v, will toenre to (he party an annuity ot One Huitdrtdi DoUmr for Ihe reaidue of hi or bar life. I ; If a pemm hotiint m Petry of Life Innmmct tor any penou beyood one year thoald feel ded row Io rtliuquith it, Uie company will bo ready at nil Ume to treat for a re - i - urthme. v n odequuU perfion of tlu Ceuiof Hf iku Coat' pmuji it tet opart By charter, and aviy be mrrtotrd, Deration rrcuirt, for the purpnt of Life In - mrtoxc and Annuiiiet, and tontred vton trot t - ttale mthm the ttate of Wrw t trc, of Uii retire of Koo,AJiJy per etnt above the amount ieenrd. iTkc Capital thut tet opart and mured, hgelltcr tnth Ike arrutnulalton of premium, em be made liable for no other tenet of the iiulttution Mm Aoir ennnif from ttt Life fnliriri and atmuttiet. lb ut affuidtnn to tlu Cuttnur lite mott tuhttOHkat tecunif. , .... VV'nlteo appliratioo for iaiarnace aad aenil itie, atating the name, age and place of birth aud retideocd of the party will be received and uwer given preparafory to ojteuiu; pulicie on Uie uy above mbuki.' . . , ' biMLEL A HWRENCE, l'reiident. JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, ap II DftClm . BEAVER HATS. JOHN FORD bat jtt it reived and it now opening a large euortmt.i( of Lotidnn and Amrrx - an Ueavert. Castor. Rorama. nod Chil dnn't Hat i all of which be it now offering for aie a nn wnoiaiaie ana reuui Ual etore, ito. . li Jl a i Jen - lane. ajiAlm d I h A I) t h Twotf - Av mile wnd Cantese. tiaVeW - , Brumrwick and Trenton. ' H i.Mwpotte fs i Dotgoedtiaget, ' 4 M . Do. torecatUe or deck pa - agert . 3 60J Coonerled by therteaio boat OU V CBRANCH and PH1LADELHHA. Tke ueam - boatOUve Urauchwill leave NenvYork every day, Sun - day eJtMpteJ, from the north aide of the Rettery, at II o'clock A. M. fatten f era will ledge at Trootoo.'ond take rh tteam - boai thimdtb - pbia, to at to arrive m Philadelprria kt, 10 dtlork the Betmorioy,.Su' Uain; to Uke;ilW,youn Line BaNinWoycam - UauH ', ' .!,., ) , Tii lute hat atonnectiou wHll U bett watr on the Delaware apd Chmpoake te fyylk i aeaUekotrof, Uie Nertb River ami tounu i and their everai arrival ure calculated tocautr little, if any delay,, . ' T" Tbit it a tpeedy aud certainly tbe moot roo - venieut rout, nt the pamngeri will leave New - York after tbe bnnkt open, nod arrive io IHila - delphia. before Uie hour of bovineM, wrtbout fatigue in travailing or want of tleep. Uie land carriage being much let than by any otbar roete between Uie two citie. ' : For eeatt ia Uie above line apply to - 'J ' WILLIAM B JAQUES, At tt Union Lioe Stdaro BorttOdVe, ia Mar - ketlhrld - ttreet, north tide of the Battery, be tweeo Gieeowkh Ac Watrnngtoo - rtreet,or to The CAPTAIN on board. Otr All goodt and baggage at the rik of Uie owner. p 4 I be proprietor, witn a view of accommodating Uie public, byeitending Uie Hue ; &i l i. . i. : . . mio am wil n. lutcati iubbuiil lie etuertotrnt with the fullou, Capt. Law.aiid hi route (if found pracikable) will be conliautd during me eaon. The line will in future he from New Toik to Norwich, at followt. The Conuer tuut, tp(. Hunker, will leave New - iork every Monti), If einztday and ftiday, at 8 o'rhKik, io the morning, tot New - Haen. The Tulton,' Capt Law, will reave AonrtrA at 6 o'chnk in tlx uiuniiogol Uieiamedayi, touch at Arr - nifwi and depart from thence for Jfete - Havtn it b o'clock. The boat will meet at Aitur Maun, nnil itmiRrt fmm tlu nce everv Munduv. Wtdnet - 4a and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor ,Vt - i'ork, and the FultoM for Crwljnulm and fanrirh ' nth 17 1 V1LI.1AM HOOK.e.M tsu. it vou - ft. f Y cc comer of Fultoo - itreet, New - York, hav - ins received a Inrge tupply of tbe real JAPAN ULAiJKlnti, or uay ol aiarun, r riign rioi - horn, fjoudoo, offert Uie tame, in wholetale or retail, for exportation, or home cootnuiption, oo term the mott liberal and advanlajeout to pur - cbaten. , , Thit inettimable compntitum, wrth half Uie u - tnal labor, produce a mott brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japao varnu - h J nflbnh peculiar nonrwnmeul to tne ieiner u win not toil the nnit linen it perfectly free from any unpleatant tmeu - , and wdl retain iti virtuei to any climate. . ' ' " At an incontrovtnioie prooi ol. tne tuptruir excellence of thit hlacklug, it ba ttood the test and commanded the moet extensive tale Io all quartan of the globe, for upward of half a cen tury. . ; ton 10 n rmnrVKi .t - rt r - ket niT1CE. LTOT ICE ! hereby aiven to all prraon inter y etted, that the couiinimionen of ettjmate end atieMment. apDointed hv the tuprr.tne court yr judicature oi me ttate oi new - lora, to per - - - A. iJt taM... . r. . mi .Mil. it n Mt improving a part of Roceevelt e'rertt betweeu BaUvia Lane andFronwttrvcLta the taid city, have cnmpJetad the ertwatUe aad aateineat, at well or the Joet ann aemage tuevatnea, over and above Uie beneht and advaoUcB . rocerv. ed, by the owner ef the land and premise re quired Kir Uie aaid leiprovemeiiLi aa man oi tnr benefit aod advantage received of and in certain landt and premitet aoi requnea lor tain ioj - urnvameiit. And that we the card co'mmiMion. en have drpotited atriw opy ofeuch eitiniHte and atsettment ia the oterk't oince ol tne city of New York, for the inpectiia of whomsoever it may concern. 1 And notice it Iwreby further fiv - ett, that the corrected - tmd revited report of lite taid ceioiniteiooen of eetimate and atteitmeat. ill be preee nted to the lucre me court of iadi tat ure of tbe ttate of Ntw - York. at the city hall of the ritv of New - York.onTburtdav, these. venth dar of "lay next, at the opening oi uie aaid court ou that day. or at toon Uwrealter a couuael caa be heard tUeivoa Dated thit 2Sd .... ,aVHN V'l,VIJ - .Jt - j I VUWUHIVWCli r noau Ah.vis:li u , i ; 2? 141 , ttf .v xrx n rt'Q n. - M.:..!A.. CROSS - STREET - NOTICE. ... ' XTOT1CE it hereby given to U iwrtoot jntrr Ll etted. that the tomuiiuiotiere of Umate and aiterament appointed by the luprenie court ol judicature ot Uie Male ol New - 1 oik, to perform certain ilutiea relative to the rnlarg - iag and iwroving CroM - atrrt, iu the tixth ward of the city ol New - York, have completed their ettimate and attetMneiit, a well of the loat and damage aiMtaioed over and above the leoe fit aud advantage received Mr the ownen of the land and preunie required lot taid improvement, at alto of the benefit and advantage received by the owner and parti inleretled - pi and ia certain laodt and premitet oot required tor the laid improvement. And Uiat wenetaid rommniiooen have deposited a true copy ol tuch ettimate aud aMettiocal. in the clerk r of fice ol the at v of New York, for the iovpectinn of wLointoever it may coocern. Aod notice it hereby liirtbcr gtvea. that ihe mvwtof llietairl ciUMitiutoftcreoi ettimate and attexmeut will be resented to the enprtme court of fodicalare of the ttate ot tew lork. at the City llall or Ihe city of New York, oo Monday, the foaith day of May nxt, at tlie opening of the court on day, or at toon tliereattrratcouniel caa he heard theieon. uied inn nth flay c.f April. IUia. JOHH FORBKS. ' Wl I, l.l AM TOR RET, Couutiuiootrt JOHN L. LAWRENCE. J P17 Ut , . . , HENRY - STREET NOTICE. VTOTICE it hereby given to all pertun inter etted. that the rouimiinonera of eitituati and attcttmeut, appointed hy the aupreme court ot judicata of tr, itale oi New York, toper - win cruunauucs relative ie uie enlarging, extending and improving Henry - strwl, brtwteo Clinton aud GraiKUtreet. in lite riithlh ward ol ineciiy oinew lorn, nave rouipiuted their et - timale and attemuent, a Wt H ui tlie lout and danSK iutamed over and aliote the beaelit and advaiiUce rccvived by the owner ni the land and premi riHiuirrd lor the id imprevemrnt, a alio of the benefit aud advantage received by tire ownertand rartiet iuleretted of nod iacerlam UihIi and pieiuitriimt reqaiMd for tlie taid improvement. Aad that wo, tlie a iidoommiiaimi - era. have deporiied a true copy of tuch eti,Blt aud BMettmeat ia tlie clerk'a odiea - oflLa rilv Ui .Sew - York, for tiw intpeHf of wWwwvtrr h may concern i an,l aotrce i Irftrctty fort her giv - en,iitiii me rpooniw.aincuuiniiioiifrlole - uouie and aitetment will lie iwnwitled the tu - lireme court of imliralureof ritetiniM.u N' Ynrh at the City Hail of the city w N. York, oa Moo - aay, we KMiruiflHVoiitiay next, nt Uw - oueaif ol the coort on that day, nr a toon thertfuiier a, couniel ra ie rd tUrtun., Dated C4t 7U aay nr akij, mm. WiuLlAM TORIlEy,JC3auw:oiieft HEXRY MUCi, S - ap 17 Ut k'llil r'inhlULLIUIIl' , ' , - a, i ' - ..'.';:it2,iit"rr:f.!f'f fOST COACH HSR ra fHIIDtLfllU : .. ' Bf teak va - Tvt,ka - MOoii' ' ttt0nTAT TO VAHBVOnUI.' , ' Hn rnxwllw wilh Ate noot cbaite line.'' PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AAD OPPO SITION REVIVED. 'A NEW l.ineof PovtCoacbc wiUieverfeon - XX vetiMHice for pMener aad baagae,i on gpnngTHttoUCfl IW ONE. DAY.' M id reel onrJi will tun ire. n uie vcu Are. old No. I Cnurllaad - etrmL N. YoriueveVV ororpttrg, thindy - .eicrpted) t half . pant "nVe "flock, br wliy of Ntivtrk, New - Brunwii:lf.j rnoceion. iTenioo ' tixi Drioi. ana rnw t'hrdelii' theiame afternoon, at 5 o'rk4 The new Steam Uoat Line Indettry tiN fieri irora new - York every mornug, Minanyt ex - cented. at Ifl o'clock tn ihe Ktaain Boat Alalan - ta, loHg at Trrnton, and arrive nt Philadelphia, in a steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollar. . . I P. 8. Patieogrrt are reqoetted to call and take their tear at the ( dice Old JSo. I Coatt - iandt - treet. New - York. '! ' .i llinfed Stale Mail Coach, for fhiladeiphjh, Ballintore and Waliinion Ciy, with tveiv conveaienre lor patfrngtr mid haggagr, no pring. j r u. B. mail concnwui turt iron. the - coach ottire, old Mo. 1 Uourtiaodt - ttreet, new York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at riiihidelphi next morr.lng at 0 o'clock. Only 6 pruterucert admitted. , ' r'or teett inthc above named Line, epnlv to THOb. VVHITKItLD, at lb old et'ai liihed Coat b, Stage and Sleato Boat office,' at Uie old No. I Courtlandl - t:ieel, the tecond odko from Broadway' New - York : or toA..T. GOODRICH ft CO. No. 134 Broadway, cornea of Ce - dHMlreet. New - York. ' i : fJT All good and. baggage at the rrtk of Uie owner. juat - rti i.itirv, eu,s at n. A. B Cijiri tent to auy pfrt rf the Con - uoem, oy epl T110MA6 U1T1ELD. lOoi' CuAlbE. A CliAlSE will leave ew - York ere - XV ,ry i day fSundty excepted) athalpailS in ihe moraine Oy way of Newark, only tix itamen. ger admitted, and arrive iu Philadelphia Uie tame evening. , Fare through, $H ' The new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave New - York every day (Sundny exrepled) ithirpet 1 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atairut - la, and arrive at PlJIrtdelphin the next day at 4 o'rtork, by the 9ttam Boat MTSA from Bi iitol. For Seat in the above line, apply at the I'ott Chalte Stnge and Steara Bnat Otlice, 1 18 Broad way, optMiaite trie t - Hy Hotel. 1 ' i i (Or All goodt and bcReo at the ruqae of tbe owner. . - - v ' . - ' - JOHN N.CUMMINK, Newark. " v JOHN C.l'LICK f ONS, Princefon. STOCKTON ft HOWtl.L.PhJlHdetifhia. A. B. i.Tyreitet tent to anyjar( of the num. JfORTlI JllftH STEAM BOATS., ' Tbe Chiwictllor Ltving - ton will leave New. York 'on Saturday, tire tilth Intl. ;t 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tueday,t Thursday and Saturday, al & f. rvi. ami - a many a tume dayitttt A. M. witil farther notk'e. ' ' t STEAMBOAT KORtfA LEi ' : (O - For tale, a well finWi - .(' bed S(eim Boitt, of. tmall Ute, wtlliS rahin,rMir(l - rZfp - xcylatcd to carry ronyenierit - Ijr atnuit aixty. pauenser Hr hull if the het limber, and tlx w copper bottomed hp to lb benria, prepared to be put a tirim ol runniiiir immediately.. She draw but thirl v - 4 wo ijirheef water, and from the advantageouicoO - Mructitm or net machinery, can he worked at we half tlie daily rioeote of (tenu - bnktt, in general Mie win ne oid a great, it appDedhM thonly. Enquire nt No. 4SVVntl - rtreet, ol " i ' miizuti tsAAU u. uuur.n cy1 SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES , VOA rBILADKLrpiA, , , i ' - TOW OCT .Ideate jvcw - yoyk tCn - i.eve - y uiorning(Sunday1ea 'rTceplvd) al Ho'ckotk, iui tr - tive m ruilaueipuia pexl duv to dinner. . . ,'. . . ,,, i.,, - ', I he publick houtei are good, and rrtiooable lit their rharget. Thedrirers, burtetaiulcqtAih - ct are not inferior to oitj other irnw rpruiinii between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, ttad tlvef eXccl'f - Qce of Ibe rnad oo Ud roat, connected with Uie latVty, cmnfort, aud reasonable expenre. are beleived t be itnxit induceruealt to Iravellert in giving thit line a derided prefer ence. . i ne .uricim aiteniion win ne oiwerved by the proprietor! in giving genertd tatiilai ti - in. All hitggngn and prick agss will go at the itk ol the owner unlet insured tuid leteLiled for fiv Uie clerk of taid office . ... , '.. i - tge lareotily fa, will - a cenroni allowance ofbaggrtge. - IV I let yrithing o t'nvel al their Iriiure. may chsngn the Coach on' reatuotble termt ekclutively to tlieoiielvet by applying one iiay Tai.tttt. ; v .( , .... h, ( For tent apply nt No.: 5 Cotirilandi - tfreeU New - York. LYON., SONS ir CO. i NKKkVKUMnnd t'4"AP4Mii; - aya44t "TT" Ttatt TiaM a. tvs.xk. j Vjfrf I E4VES Newburgb eve - k - JM1?, I J ,ry' Similar. Tuetdtv r - yrKwand.l hurtday moruinsi. nt "three o'clock, runt tltroush Mnntg.miry, Bloominghorgh, Mootit'elln, jiiy While Lake, Cofhectnii, Mount Pleaianf, Great Bend, Cbeuangt point. Owes, . llliita,. aud G - neia. tMJanandausua. . : Retur ning leaeet Canandaiirua every Mbh - day, Wctliieadxy and Friday inttrningaat tbrer o'clock, arid arrives at Newburgh, the titlid day in time to take tlie Steamdmau which arrive ta Slew - York Uie thllowmjr mummis (Jj may be expected that iiatlltmrt iin Ihe tleam - boalt laer their dayt vf ruranngt lltat thit lint wilt alter to at to meet them. .. . Tbe whole route will be jwforheil .in Uiree dav,from tbe first ofMiy, until tlie tint of) November nd rinnv the tirsl of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the hneentli of Alarch wj the first of Mfi in four days and from the 15th December, until tlie fifieenth of Mwtli ttie Mine Hue will be continued to the city' of New - York anil run from thence to dutaMltiftJa in four r!r. ' Pataengert travelling fhim New - York to Canxndara, Niagara or llnffalo,can lce N Yak in the evening steam - boats, and arm em Canand:iifpia iiiUtucilay a duttarwit ojtlirec hundred mitt s. Tlie line it well ftiruuvhrtl with good, new ciirrixge i Jood horse, and carefui and expet - .veis krvatten tiou will be paid to reiider the paaabgcof llie traveller tare, eany ami expeditirrun t sod it U believed that the acouioiiiMuitiotw'm, ibia line are equal lonnvluie in Uie We. . - ! . - i (TT" FARE from Newburjrb to Caqanclaibj POURTFJiM DOLLARS. r - i - .n - i" . N. B. A bk of the game Imr ral tta ee time a wee i froru ItbaCato Aubtrrn. AIm. lincrxna fnim Oxtpo Tiotrw - - Po'nw. thu.rc MUrouiiU . AewUiwnand Paiihed Post, to 0 t,V UiUi, v . I rLli oiilUe ftc. - , . V - i I1ACGAGE, at listial, at t!ie rl1 i ilavid tJorffrey. nioninnvlHrrih,"J - - r RWtiBnin, ChenaifcW, a t t'roiie '.' - ti' jf - J - VtHrT anaXaI! t I I tSen.weinreenl.u', Geneva, ' ' Oliver tVliitiL - iUiis, J . sjj 11 dCia m nawnning peonr ajtow new te e5et4gr.Lt ! ntwawUiingemuirerliTr.V r m w tfto repea WW 4U ntmee of MERCirrtv - ? rath, mdierrimtnM - .ndU, ed ate thereof, iWbein tiro of MnuiSi - f - anot tnercnrialwi - Zi" ence. The rliteaie we have fat view nwi? ti;' tat reuH chiety to thit won. wT? f the; a yvmng man. the hone nf t.:. - JISS.? P", die darhag of bit parenta, ibould I wy 'ro u - ? I'"tec and th25?2,. .Zr ' " - aj nVsi by thocobteqaeniV r one Lr, id by n diteate not t ft. JSS which only prove to from krW t 7 reatmeaU',,l.fo7 5uiitMjrP tient) how perfecty UariT.?,? Uv'tSjI!: under phytici. ofenei J pracfJciJ JJf - were cerfoevnorl hit tteth drw.ptrtt frZJ it hi fnendedeomn - d he ouM MjZ&i two month longer, Tboortad.r'r koOH with what ae and itatet, 7i l?a',T Ctfte Uie eeverctt caw, and ortMnS.Vl .? tabrm TbeJ3octor. VAJft: cemary to guard Uie public agaiatt fj JT", mercury, and other fatal deluiioi,s uuSX " Penon., Uierefore, hntiitg contrarjS - viita rt;order, or epectiJIg hteM prt - trWiionUtted not to tamper with tbe r ', ' too, or conceal the iiorder, tattmoi r, , othmbatiag the ten.xiM iTlT'' or oUier impuntiet of the filooiL m"u er couipiairta of a deljrate oatu,. j" - J! ex. diould remember nohritv J . to Uieir contciencet, by rame oil to Dr. B. at Ut .aid ami ELS?? .itlent, No. 64 Water - three t, lour IkZT?. i ViM - pf - t oy V'r0XAJ ."OlPl. VTVmm 1Hnti,. o calculated to pi v eul (WUireTA ilLL" t me claim your asrioo attentrp1jT tupeiiir iai care i an Cure at nll ...l... .r w,.ti. radically done, job ill certainly w Ihe duorrier hreitk out Again with redouiwJv lenity, at tome future pi - wd pertrant Uiea wTu too Hit for really. IKia't yo oiheuMi !. he ttrr - e't miarrahle, mutilated beitun. ven a tut ol tote on Uieir face f - Tat - ' Iitterch you. i , . i Dr. H'. chnractfv for skill and rtnl u.. ri y being uiiivenally known fa titi city. J. 1804, guarantee to paderJlt that delaracy isrlT. rreryhitlTerto unknowrj. and prai - tice fi.r vtt past, exclatively to the core or rliwatei of the 6!"id tyttf m. fticy meyfuyct. utnir fn uie uiwi arciaea advantages tier ailing Dr. H. , Gleets eradicated inlwa or ' Stricture removed without Itoagws rw aay other inttiunteut ; au.1 nil. debn'ideti baeuite all old ulceration, rmiila' rVr. - ; ir - . A plurauty ol odicesare prorided, and to tits, ted that relit alt are not exnow - il latu - k nh..i. obtervatioo. Open till half putt 9 iu tl.e owning. Al! pet top concerned are i.iiricrf to he free is r.ulhtig, nJ ipeahipg with Ih - .H. which it rrt or cot. Ami here the I 'octor cannot kvoitl th. xpreMioaofaratitade or iuat: inert ble recna. oiendatinn, and for tne tlciotd pre y renrs (it nrctamea wnniuii caute toug given bun hyt H. h. am letren mutt he pott paid. , Dr. Buchauan, ' ' . . . iMvr it, - yt - . - ,", L i. I 1 1 j , - iivn "I . tLJL? JfHiltlLJilibALA KMC JiOH lMtOM. ,770JV. t - . v... v, TH.. EVANfM,r,., Amethnd of curing a cer - vrwn iiieate, nnowanirer - ally tcknowlorlBTd intl.ia city : hit mode of treitment w, perierlly mild, tafe, e - rwdiliouv n)d bit charg.t "nasoiiulilo. In every h - tan( he vcarraat a er, hM will retnrn the piy if be iritlefl iMit - ' nl lie tfHtiitl - eecrecy' elwavt olaMi. 'latere are uiknV iierton in tbit city aaH It. rfnity, lh boring koder variout chronic dieM, tcn nt aecerav unt urretcrnie altera, sctmeln or ning" eviu muiva. tnavntes of tne amnra, blrtdiler rkidniet, Old coinplirrafed complairna ora certain nmnre, biiicu ann .outer ortttrao licnt, rlirowatim,,:c. wntnn tftey consider iaca - rabie, 4hey' con cerntiniy tie cured (mgcnenl) hyrfplvinsatDr.EVAN8SMedkaitore. No, 9, fefWip,! having pracUted in exufurvt hotpitaw is karppv It years, under tome el" tb (irtt tiirrgeoea and PhyticiaM) m the world, and uitulr tliote oheluuitu uieatef bit cooataat ifody AfTOyrnt. " , , . .. Oct l rr Thk ur?crihei Trtrin recently returned from England with an ftnponant bapreVtoieiitoa the artafidkl tpring htU, he take IhUriatlbed of mforming'hit rnertd and the public, that all tbote who are ro unfortunate at to be In wttt of leg, or arm, Utey caa be accommodated by apply mg at No. 71 Banlay wtraxt, New - Vert, , iWrlJEATf.T'DA VI ST Fancy Chair Maaafac fturers. 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