The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 27, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1818
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4 r At . eseeliox ofth rdtrl Republican & IriJ!Tirf Wiri to.j toe .JTc lined re - election ". aiia bw 3J' xi,t the following can - - K Ebbetn, Collector. - - "Jlohert Graham,! Constable. ;ftftlJt - Th. ttbetbl l!MSaniiUlr. That the thank, eflhie "id to John B. Coles. nd 10 u"isAAC 6EBRING, Cbairiwffl ; nrk.Tvi Wyoor, grtfry.... Jtrytf WARD. ' .; w Tw Ata respectable meeting of elector. V No 173 Chrrj - rtet, op Eatuky, ave. .'22. " Apra th. folio wing UcMH r MOfficirs ta - 'Cwwortod at lb. .swing '1 : ,' 1 ' ; David Lyon ) Assessor. ' " i.. 'JaroeionCoxi . r v Morris Oakley, Collector. " - . r - Robert Phillip J Constables. " ' ' ; j Willi 1 .' - 1' A n thoMeloctort of thk ward who are (Wend - 4 ' lv to the ticket, requested to meet at 'battlM No. 173 Cherry - street, th eveo - ' i , n .ntw if lh Meetinc v. " O P 27 Eturland rut Halifax, If. S. - r wttm fur - His Britannic Msiesty's ' pjlet Duke of York, will be received at tlic Post Office, till Wednesday uipikmi, me .ofMsy. iwu,.hhiu ' ' . . NOTICE. ...' rrv A special meeting nf Ihe New - fork MamnniMioo6o'ieT will be held this evening ot 27 4lb mo lt Am'. Sec'ry. - ' - Tht Amtritan Imurance C'ommnv. ' r (tt" Tb Stockholder are notified, that the ''iinnaal election Tor Director will be held at the ' oik - , oo Toewlay, the 12tli day ' Mny nest. ' Thr poll will openat It itnd rlime at 2 o'clock. Bt order of 'he Presidntnd Director, P" P.HOYT. Sec'ry. (gr The creditor oi - Mr. SYDNRV HKW. lTTare reniieited to meet at the bflire of Mr HIke.No 3 Law Ruildins. on M fiat of Mav next, between the boar of 10 und 3 o'clock of the Mm day. for the purpote of receiving their dirideadi on a tiool wttlrment of her estate. JVew - Yurk, April 7,iaia. - . t ,,v JOSHUA 6EC0R.J MIS,le.' ' ' P7tTy ' fftiiet to Tavern Keepers and iirotrrt. (J5r Licento Tavern Keeper and Gro - eertfrom the Mayor and ComniiMioner ofi'.x - cif, wilt be itiued at the Mayo' Office, io Hie City Hall, bet weea the hour of tea and one o'clock, oe tht teveraj day, and for the different ward Id Mcceuioo, io the order following, . vji: . lit ward do do do do do do - do . ' r do on (be 5th May ' . An . 2d .M ;.Mb Stli Cth , ... 7th nth . - 9lh do do do do' 7tb.' do ' fith k 9th do f 1Mb ft Itthdo - I3fh 14th do " 5tbk l6Uido do do do do Wth a lKtbito 0th - eta. 10th tOUl i no ao r - All nmooa who know of 'W obiecttoM. a - do do Kainst the (ranting of ficenae to any of (note wno now hold trtea, are wpicuuw rn to give HiroraaatMa at Ibe Mayor' Office, bo Yore the Una for pontine theoi above - men - ' lirnejli and thoe ffenUemea, who have taken ' t pu to ioetti(te Um Mbjecl .and conider it "' of i jficiwot mnMl. are particularly invited to V aunt ia fiHoithing all tb ioforiaatioa iq tbir "..power. - y . - y; , r ' .. .n . - B J order, i',... - - , . . i ; : . , SIDEU.F. M. " p7tf - ; , 2a DOLI - HRS WARD. ' The aobscriber' dweirm - hoc wa Ibr - s obly entered oo Sattmlay Digit In through th r pawago waytead'nf: into Dover - itreeU." After ' the Imomwm entered, ecrotary itandiuff in the parloar wa broVen open, and jUiree watch teal, caaed with gold; atolea. A taeie w?al are wall known, .having been the otlbject - of b - gal scrutiny ia a late cauaa in the auyorV $oart, nod for. that porpoeo marked with afo'it acid and ' abo, deeply filed, it .i belie vej Aliiit they may lead to the dcieclion ofthe o0itadev ,,Xh abov , nward wiH bo paidnpon hi conric tiofVr t ! '. rnT aiTiit wt ' tptrt at ,338 PearUt.', - v , Brtir 1l)M - fAXA IID, T ' - For UVtRPOOL,' ' sail to nor row, can still accommodate 2 or 3 piJttnjeri. App'y 'on board," side Fly - , market slip, or to - jw j. V - , BOCEBT & KISREtAND, i - 8T t ' A .o. - rr;8otithatreet.1 . "!.?. - . ' fr Botltm mtd PorthtL , TiM ,UP AMERICA II, (St on wood, . v i - , am"f" I will take TreicDt on reasons . ,: tie term for either plaeend sa ri on Sun - , Jay next. Apply to the tnutti jm board, at 1 pier no. 13, oast river, or toiw - Xf . v, . VVM. ft CHA8,PORTErV ... - .' . . - .... er Sflutlitree.. 100 hhds very superior tetojliag 4 bbl. Sugar 1 Maiaases also, ta store. ': 11 rmarter cask Loedon Madeira Winn ! sfFC J jflxee toowld Candlea.v - rx J Z 10 hh,n - f jhoy CnMiat I T7 3t . " ... . - . rir . """'i f VO lh 'P WOODBINE. J. Willef, V Y - iwjrf - will nil oa th lh M. .rc r pasnge, apply s iward at Fly - Mar fcet wfeari; or to , . ' .JOSE3 ft MEGRAtII, ! ; pt7 - r 83Soulh - - XwroOL HAT3 3 cases superior ?aUt f men's and hy' .Vool Hats, banosome - j imooku , ior saie oj i v - .WDILWORTH, , tollSr ' . - l90 tater streii SUGAR. - 60 .boxrs brown Hstm, lamUogtbi morning, for sale br . pg7 N. fc D.VaLCQTT. "C,t'l' - ' bhls. sopotfi Arexandrra Flour, ; ' J? for sale at 57 South - street '., Mj COO KM A f JOHNSTON." iTTPf.AND JCEW - OaXEANS COTTON. KJ A4 bate prime Uplaod Cotton, landm fromsioon Wava. frea iuuvik , . . ' " Ptk J'.w - Ockaa .CMton, ksndinf from iiuariavroiiae,or sate ay - tPVTTvA.M'KISNE. ' . . - i W bouth - atreeL ' i , 5ro.. - J"!ij, ; 109 bale Upland Cotton . . 29 Wew - Orieaiwdoi. , i . 3S ceroons Cuba Tohacco 36 boxes Window Grass - - - - pipe Catalonia Wjno . . , ; 11. pipesO. I P. Madeira Win ;ht been imported 5 vear " V, catk Malaga Wino 00Demijohne ' 111 tons Swedes Iron, assorted sires. . spt7 s - ' - . . , WHITK Lf - AD, - Tow bast EnjUih whiu lead, rroustd in oil, lIS,56andtSIbkep tons dry do. do. For saJo by ' . TrCKER ft LURIE - P?7 BLEACH'ft SHIRTINGS. - 3 cases Ueacb - odSbirtiagl Xu - i i v V. Id fioe Cotton Balls,. ... ' Received and for sale by '. i TH K COMMISSION COM PA It T, ; a 7 d at 0 v . U8 Pearl (treeU. (aD TOBACCO. 9 keg Soothe ni J Lard, 3 hhds N. C. Tobacco, 13 casks Wheat, iaadrd, for sale frr . - ... f a. fc.C. W - PAVENPORTftCO. - AVAAA MOLAbai.S - iy3 Uwli. and 13 tierce Havana Molatses, iandin this day m front ofth ubcriiien' (tore, forule hy . . : M.G tcH. HOWLAND, . . ap zi - . 'i arinjoa tireei. OS.NAliUKGb U bate lax'cr OMaburt; of good panlity, iurt received and for sale by bOOftAlAN ft JOtfJISTO.V, itp 27 . " twi.ii . LETHl'.&GErlA,GLXi - WAl6, "OBCEIVEU pe ejrin,' tiom Jjmdon, aqvaW XV. tity of blue, sreen And red skjntv red rvan and prune blue monocco. i - . ' AL&O, ' i. 25 cases half pint German tumblers, ' each '"; - 100 do. " ' - ' 20 eases pinu do; do. each' 50'doi. for a,leby , . JOi. HARRISON, ap 27 .lw i ' " . , , 67 Pinetreet SICILY I.KMO.jj. - e60 hoses Sicily L monk nut renrived and for sale by " J GEORGE W. TALBOT, ap t7 , - . 55 pinetreet CHINA sitlin A SILKS. JO can Canton Silks, con - iftins of . '. Black amllcross - harrpd ?nnnetl Sewing tiilk. Mark Sinchew 7 8 faucy biid 4 - 4 blk fringed Ildkfs , Crane Sliawls, Florenfinr,snd ' , Double l lorencei, imitniion of French pattern ; iuit rc - reived and for sale by aptl IIURD kSKWALL,65Soath - t. CJAL'l' tl LbMOiNb. 6000 buiitra Liton O Salt 300 hoxe Lemons, landinc from iliip Angeli ca, at Burling slip, ami for sale hy . N. Li. ii G.GRISW'OLD, ap27l . ' 86 Snalh street. . 4.UROHrJi SHIHThVGS. Caies sa(erior 7 - 8 brown shirtings, this day received, and for le by . t i tie cunmiuion company, ap47 J&C - . 148Pearl - rt. STATE LAWS. The new fee bill, and the new fifty dollar act, are this day received, and for sale by ' , , - ' T, & J. SWORDS, ap 2T 160 Pearl - st. TTtOUll pi Cognac Brandy, (Superior juaii - A ty.) it received anil lor raie dv ap - ' GLO. W.TALBOT. WHISKEY. &ic T?OUR hhd. and 5 tierce Whikey ft tin hi. I. fiin ' t tierce Clovcr - M - ed, landing ond for sale bj niKimi PN irsivini'. T np27 3t 175 Front - streeL . LOW WOOLUSS. I U3T ree'd ner Mercury and Atlantic, a few I trusset of low priced Cloths, and Casti inert, lorioleby JUS. a. n Anrti avr.n, ap 87 ' . .. ., i - 1 67 Pine - rtreet. ALAU, is wanted, fur a term ot years, in a Lottery Office. No. 114 Broadway, one would be proponed who has been in an office, good recommendations will be required. - ! 1 WA.NTtD, BY a single gentleman, an unfuroiihed room, for one rar from Mav neit. It is wished on the North River side of Broadway. Addreu a. d. ai iso. 4!f jonn - itreec. . ap zi n A YOl'NU MAN,, of good character and re - XI tpcrtable, want a tituation in a cooatmg room or grocery store ba writes a good hand, i somewhat acquainted with, accounts, and can rivo satisfactory - reference. A lino addressed W. H. K and left at this office, or at Messrs. Barker & Juioi,' No. PearMreet, will be attended fd. 2 ' " ' ap Tt - 1 w T . JUftV UVlLUISiiH. Two office fat Law Doildings No. 3, to be rented tram the first of Jay nexL - Ap ply at So. 6 Broadway. ' apS7 iw liioMOLLAKS RtWARD. RUNAWAY from ttietuhscriher, living ia the city of Nate her, ttate of Misisippi, mid dle nf Deccmlier but, a Mulatto Bov, named N ACK, betwtrf n seventeen and eighteen years of ftjer. uve i eel iwn nr uirer. iik ikk iipciu vers eohq coantenance; Is pliant and good natured, large r..n . . - . I . I inn eves, erect in mt curnuse, nin niiu avuvu, of that ri6rt, and isfond of tvussling of bis talent as armer.' ne na on a giazeamip nay mined rtrtton coat, white 'test and lienners eord pantaloons of a light colour, and several other article of clothing, all which be may have chanted.' ' tt it ascertained to a certainty, that he em barked at New - Orleans for the port of New - York, hut the nnnves of the vessel and master are hot knowa t it Is therefore presumed that Nare will endeavor to pas as' a free man as he no doubt pnicured fe pass before be left this place; lie was born in Maryland," belonged to a Mr Davis, near Hagerstown, brought from thenCe'kbont five or'tix years ago, by Mr. James Davis, to Tennessee, of whom I purchased him at this place, not long ifor he ran off. It it likely be may lurk about the city of New - York, tot some tiuic, he will then probably visit the principal sea - ports and mane hi way to nag - crttow n, where 1 think he ha relations. It is possible, hnwerer,that he may have gone to New - lcudon, Connecticut, In order to be remote and pftvent apprehension. wilt give the - above reward for secarinr and cVBn(nr hint in any iail in the United - States, and "living me information thereof directed to WtrVilietter in Virginia, at well as to I'd ward Tamer, Esq. any stent in Nalches, and all rea ooable charces will he paid. About the same lime, ran off, a mulatto man darned AMOS, (he intimate friend and associate of Nace, about tvrrnty - two years old, fits tett eight or ten inches ldi;h, likely and robust, lisp io hi speech, I'tok tu. ly wUn spoken to, hi face very much liroken out with bumps; took with hia a brown frock coat, one brown and one light pair nf pantaloons, a pair of short laced boots, two pair of shoes, and a French silver watch, he fsn tolerable carpenter, and was brought from Davis count ia rennsesee. It i (apposed those fellow are together t and flf dollar will .ba pasa lor the apprenonaion oi ine inner. v . JETER ISLER. ""Notches, Mississippi, March 27, 18)8. i ap Zl 3t 17"illAAl bUTLER. laborer and white - 1 T washer, informs his nomeroos customers he ba removed from bis former red?nce in Hudsos - tlrecL, and bow IItm in th now boose lately built, ia Chapai - strost; tho last bonsa on th west id of the way, with bis sign over th door, where ho will bo happy to receive the command! of I boM who wuh to employ ap27 4t ... .. . . - WANTED, A SMALL genteel House, containing 3 or 4 Room, nod kitchen, with a garden, J or 4 t J bJV. Ill ouj Mil. ' .1 .., wi r.iles trom'tbe City - Hotel.' Apply aj no. i apS7 1w Gold - street. iJlhatyaphic PrinU, r J tgravingi on Sttnt. BY tbo Coaset, from Franca, wo have received a parcel of Irtbisphie prints, by those celebrated Frock artists, Vernei nod Last erg, fte - fto. ! - - - ' '' A curioos srwciiaaasof aa important aad ntw - ly tlisoovarod art, wbick may truly brsaid to form a new era mthsfbM art, these prioU will bo viewod with much iatarsst, nod tney are also aaikhed dasiras, aad elegant ongrmvings tor sale at ao. 134 Broadway, by A. T. tHJOUlUCM S s - o. N. B. Wo bare received, bv late arrivals from Earland. na assortmsttt of valuable nod standard mathematical, botanical and tniscaUaoons works also, now pabUcalieos, and bocks with superb engravings, ftc. ftc ftc. , . ap S7 . TO Lt"f " " Tlic store MiliA.t& la an 'excellent stand for every sortof txuPH's rent moderate, mo possekion msy btuken imaic diately. '4 Koquire at ;. v - - AVirTF.BERG'9 Office, ap 2T 3t ' ' No. TS Maidcn - Iane. " Bk order of iotm Ckrrtlcm, jq. firvl jortfre oi the court oi common pleas of Kichtnnnd county, and state oi New - York, aetir is hereby given to all the creditor of fta'tamel Martin, oi the county and itate uforctahL an iniolvent debtor, to appear before the said lodec, at the court house in tlie town of Swithoeld, in said county, on the thirteenth day of June next, at two o'clock ia the afternoon of said dav. to sticw Lcause.i'any they havn, why - an atugameiit of M M4.uoiveHi'a r.Mata wiould irtu .mane, for the btjicfil of all hi creditor, sod be bo din charged, according to an act ol the lerulature of the Tate ot New - fork, entitled " an act for jiving re'ief in cac of iirfolvenc,1 nnd tlx - acts aiuendiogtlit kime. Dated Richmond county, theSSdof ApHllA. D. 18IB. - ' ' , m - .u. ; t ' MATH ARIEL MARTW, apgl'loM - 6wl . . BY order ol John Garretino, Kiquire, first jodge of the court of common pleu. in and for the county of Richmond and ttate of New - York, notice h hereby given to all the creditor of Chriitiao I. Bedell, ol the county aad state a - foresaid, an insolvent debtor, - to appear before me etinv o&cjg, in (he town of Soutlineld, insnid county, on the thirtieth day of May nest, at two o'clock ia the afternoon of laid dav. to hew caote, ifai'j they have, why an attignment of Uc aia intoirent' eiaie mould not ro tnnie for tlie benefit of all hi creditor, aad be lie discharged, according to an act of the Ltgiilatore of the (Lite of MeW'York, tnlitled " un net fur giving relief in cases of insolvency" and the act amending the same. Dated Richmond county, (he Ttbday of April, A D. 1818. apg7 Iaw5w CHRIS1 IAN I. BEDKLL. I.N CllArtCKRY. Archibald Morrisou. "I I N pursuanco of a ii - J 1 decretal order of Abraham Springvteen, ir. ! this honorable court laaac rowell and JJan inade in the aj'e iel Riker. ) cauae, will be sold ai - J public auction, at the Tontine Coflee House, in the city ol New - York, under the direction ol the subscriber, one ol' the master of this court, on Mnndiiv. the 27th dav of April next, at cltvto o'clock io the forenoon of tnataay, lourieen year, nine monin nnn nvc day unexpired term of a certain lease of all tlie tilth part on the north tide of those three certain lots ol ground situated in the seventh ward ol the cily of New - York, on the east side of Jeflcrson - street, distinguished in a limp made of the landt of Henry Rutgers, by number nine hundred and thirteen, nine hunurtd and lourtcen and nine hundred and fifteen ; hounded westerly in front by Jefferson - lrt t easterly ih the rear hy lot nuin her nine (isndrtd and sis.Wen'! northerly on one sJe by Division street t end southerly on the nth - 'erside bf Qic remaining five sixths of tho fure - saidi lot nomher' nine boodred and thirteen, nine hundred and fourteen, and nine hundred nnd 'find fifteen ( contaiaing in breadth, in front' and rear, nineteen feet, and in tenctli seventy eiht feet, be the same wore or lets, on each side ; al ways excepting from off the rear, or east end of tno said lot, a pussnge, or gangway, oi niacieei, lor the uteofsaid lot and those ndioinin. To - either with the dwelling house and buildings erected and built upoa the said premises, and the aiipurtennnccs thereunto belonging, uateij March 2Gth, 1813. CH AS. G. FERRIS, ' ' ' Master in Chancery. The above property will be sold under the di rection of the subscriber. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter in Chancery, mh tS tl26 Ap6 ft Ap20 Iw . fri The tale of the above property is post poned to Thursday next, the 30th instant, at 12 o'ciocK, at me tame place. , AjlCt) A 11 A MIL. I U.s, ab$7dt ' Matter in Chancery. MILKJKD t UWLUO KOAO LUT J KIU. S U'Li coitimeoce drawing in va cny, on y v , vie sm oi may. ' ' Highet Priies, ,70,000 Dollars. , . I 35,000 Dollars . ' 10,000 Dollars ,' . 10,000 Dollars 5.000 Dollars I ' 5.000 Dollars " ISAAC G. OGDEN. 48 Wall street, ha a lew itcaei reniBining on nana, wiui:a n wui r r - . i . i . t i. :n Uis pose of to dealer aud other, on Uie most ac commodating term. np g7 Iw RISE OF TICKr.'l'S. NEXT Tuesday work the Grand Road Lottery will commence drawing, when i ick. eU - will advance to thirty four dollars. . ..t. i u. SCHEME. 1 prise of 7a,op Dollars I ' of 3&,ooa Dollars .i - . t . of Dollar , - . . . f , of 6,oo Dollars - : T : . , 10 ' of 4,ooo Dollars - So - of 5 oo Dollars ''. .( ' 140 - of loo Uollers ' ' '. , ... 32oo . of So Dollars ' . i Only 10,000 Tickets '. - Present price of Ticket and ShJre ' ' Whole Tickets $33 Quarters ' $H Halves" - ' lJEighths - 4 . Sixteenths Two Dollars. ' For sale by RTW&I'SJSjvii Who recently o d the fo lowing prises, being more than has been (old by any otlier office in this city, in the short period of six month, vis No. 15440 J 1 0,000 No. 4,647 $1,000 15S58 ' 18311 4461 6701 3,000 1,000 ' l,ooo ' 1,000 ,4 w r 7.J80 7,305 19,IhS 90.163 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1 f,o.?. 1,ooo - And several of 500, tOO, 100, ftc. ftc p 7 ' ap iJ W I lDIA BLINDS ft MAI 6. E J vr India window blind . 1 bcxs table qmtt, foe sals by . r . r - , CEBRA ft CUMING, ap 25 - ' - 76Pearl - t. RICE. 40 tierces prime Rice, for sale by . CLARK, MOORE k CO. - ap' S3 5t ' - 41 South - street WjJ Boxes new Spermaceti candle 10 Cask Bordeaux claret, tuitabl for bot - " ' " tleing 1000 bbl whalebone, in tab' ' 60 coils cordage, assorted size ' . Clean St, Patarsburg hemp and Kentucky hempen yarns, In lots to suit purchasers - For sal by HAYDOCK ft JENKINS, ap5 Iw'. 153 South - it. f pt. 244chesu Hyson Skin Tea, or the JL ship Hope's cargo, fresh and of superior quality, entitled td drawback,' just received, and, tor sale ty , . . , tiLO.. IV. TAUIOT, ap 25 55 Pine - street O HEFFIELD aad blRMINGHAM GOODs O 6 casks neatly assorted table knives and I do do do small cutlery ' Torkt 00 - ow no lauie anives c luras, wilL small cutlery 1 1 do ' do do sews 1 do do do files 1 do do do edge tools - '' 1 do do Britannia Tea Tots A few casks candle sticks, belt hinges, wood ' ' screws, commode Knobs, and 1 case bottoss. For sale very Mr hy f J NO. M'C R ACK AN, api43t ' 8t 1 - t Pears - street. I El It. - i PA rLR. 0 cases, low priced, for Li ale at 77 Washington street, by - . apli G. L. &8. HOW LAND. WROUGHT ANI CUT NAILS, for sale by CEURA CUMING, ap , - - 76 Pearl - tree4. WIN'UOW GLAlS 60U oO i' t boxes ' Rnitnl W'nwlr,. f.luL (roia 6 bw 8 to 10 oy I , jess rvceivcn aaa rar uk oj . HURD fcEWALL, C5 oui6 ! . . . .. street. 'rt IV far Cvy St. Danurwr, vtH brij MARY - AX,' Umpbier, 3 - yA.wntttert to sail on . tVednesday next tur tVcight, which, will be taken very low, or passage, apply to - . ' ; ... G, G. JJt fJ.TROWLAND, : ap '." 7T WMhinfTton - street." s ; rrr - - ' ' FOH bALt, - v 441 ' ' i ' (If applied for tbi wek, i ly ! ' Th. inhalant;! krl. M A R V. A STTJ. bunnt oed 187 tons, itows about 1500 bbl., i weiifooud, and ready for a voyage, having just been graved. If not sold this week will take a freight.. Apply, on board, at pier no. 6, Korlb River, or to ,M H '. ' . t ' - i s Cft S, HOWLAKDv - npSt ic 77 Wwhrrrtoo - rt. : I "S ( ,. tor .UjaMi W, ' .. tho regular packet brig TELE - GRAPH. J. 6. Munro - tuarter t a fine fat tultnr tassel: will positivtrly sail on Thurs day , tho 30; h InsLf . For freight or passage, ba ring elegant accommodation), apply on board, oast, side Burling - slip, or to ' " ': HENRY CO WiTirj, apS31w 131 Front - st. corner FulWn - tL fr forCHJiHLkSJVJf, in The re ralar packet hip TELE - ilStfu GRAPH, J Fanoiug. master t i only waiting a fair wind; - can take a few tons mors freight, and accommodate 10 more passengers. Apply on board, west tide r ly - market wharf, or to , AXMSUiS u. I IltLil C, ap43 183 Front - street. ttr ORtCt.AUCK. ti. s" aimvv w u r..,. Ym iiti'" i pntiHretu intended to sail for Greeiiock on Tuesday the 5lh May, weatlier permitting 1 or freight or pasrage, having good accommodation, apply to captain Foreman, oo board, eatt side r ly - nirKet wliart, or to JOHN GRAHAM it CO. N. 0. No freight will ba taken in the above ship nnles engaged on or before Tuesday th iilihlnst. . np ?J tl PASSAGE FOR JAMAICA. A few passengers can be accommoda ted on hoard the ship l AUir it;, i.ani. Holder, for Falmouth, Jamuica, to mil in the latter part of this week. Application may be made on bourd, a little above Catharine Mar kct, or to ., ROBERT LENOX. ; ap i2 4f tor CHAULtla'lX), Jtf& The elegant and fast sailing packet MIL; schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, roaster ; will meet with immediate dUpatch, having half her freight ready to goon board for remainder, or passage, havi - .g commodious accommodations, apply on board, east side uurling slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 08 Pine - it. t or MUHJLi: and ULAKEIA'. Tho fine last sailing schr SAN DUS KY, 120 tons, cant. Weeks, (a rcgu l;ir Uder) ; haviug 3 - 4lhs of her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with immediate dispatch For the remainder of her freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply oo board, east side Old - slip, or to PETERS ft DERRICK, np18 t9 Coentie - slip. MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. FROM $3000 to $30,000, to loan on bond and mortra?e on approved property in the city and county of New - York Apply to A.'II. LAVVKKIVLt ti W. ap24 3t No. 40 Wall - st. AMERICAN GOODS. WM. F. at SAM.U. MOTT, No. 1G6 Pesrl street, offer for isle the following Ameri can cotton aad woollen good i cac orown sinning , K , u 4 do bleached do ' ' . '8 do 3 - 4 Check ;7 do 4 - 4 do " "" ' 4 do Cotlon Hall ' " t do Sewinsr Thread ' ' 4 do Knitting Yarnt do Sattinetts SO case Plaid 5 do. Blue Stripes ; 5 do Bod Ticks t 1 do Denims: I do Milinets 40 do Twist and Fiilinir. assorted from No. 10 bales Candltwick. . 5 to IS arn mo. ?a ziv Mr. hjil.hKTiL Madam UOQUKT, . No, 7 Nasrau - street, i HAVE Oi honor to inform tha public in general aud the ladies of New - York io par ticular, that they manufacture and have con - tjaatfy on hand an assortment of artificial flower. v At their (tore ar als to be found, and to be deposed of by wholesale and retail, ' . .., ... . Parfumarv of a varv description, among which are the celebrated ImH fir final, and tho most approved essences and pomatums for tho com - plexioO.,1 ' , . j. . i ', Tortou snail combs ana thimoiss A complete assortment of worked dresses, ha wis, fichus and band,, , , . Umbrella and parasols Merino, knit and velvet ridicule I silk fichu stocking and glove for ladies and gentlemen Ladies' clastic garters . , . Spring and ball silk dresses Ball do. embroidered with chenille and orna mented with flowers i silk scarls , : Prunslls aud silk shoos . Levantines, floronces, tatin, taffetas, ftc. And in sliort, every thing connected with th ladies' toilette. ap2& . lai" MONEY TO LOAN. QIa Thousand Llollars may b bad on mort - O cage on real estate in trus city. Appiy .7 - JOHN G. WARREN SO to ap 24 3t 46 Wall - street. CI OF FEE, FLOUR, TOBACCO tic 46 J tints St. Domiaeo Coflee i 51 do green Ha vana, do, eo titled to darw back. . 375 bbl. super On lucuntond nour - 30 hhds old Richmond tobacco 15 do new do do 18 do do Petersburg" do 7 do old 8o do 10 whole and 20 half tierce Rice 7 bale Upland Cotton - , . 6 quarter cask Madeira Wine . Red and whit port Wine in hhds. Claret of a sanerior aualitv. in boxes of oa doxen. for sal by ' AVDE.AI ulULEidllc ap ?5 ll2Front - treet. 2CATOff SILKS. Case black crap - 2 do coloured do j 1 do. all high colour . , 5 do black tlriaged handkerchief . , 1 do figured sarmctts jot received and or rale by F. ft U. SHELDON ft CO. . ap23 lw - . . i4U raari - w. A YOUNG Lad from the country, aged 14 rears, of steady kabiU and rood ealcula - lOT, wisne m ituavwra iu urj Apply at 86 soutn - st. p 17 ftC. NICHOLS. 13f Fearl - sireet, Mv insi J . received ia addition to their former assort ment , 4 case colored Ganton crape . . . . j . i . L. L. X ao mac oo, z ao mm m. . 1 do satsneu, Zdobtacksils; ndtUS 2 do fine India book Mnslins 1 do M ull do. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino sliswls, assorted ' - 1 do bandanna hkf. 1 do fine Romai 2 do Maddapollam and steaia Loom SMrt - 2 do Madras Hdkf. ',. J t do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do browa do ; ,. 2 do Cotton Piatillu 2 do fancy Cravats, astorted 1 do while Jeaa, 2 dp cotton Cassimer 1 do oe white and buff Quillings . 2 bales Rhodes' BombaxclU . , 1 case Ribbons, assorted " 2 cases black, white k parple Kd Glovu - 4 funk ruraitar Plates, sad 4 do setwrfino Cslscoes, which 0ey offer for ( tale al a small adraoc lorcasn. - , i ap 20141, '. - .. - '. STZkiS - tOkT FIRE - FLY. fcran n . v. , r Th b"l 1 "of - Tl . witacensnaing between New I '' r ' aad Newburgh, oa 1 uetday, the 14th April. wui i,iiiJtw. York every Teesday, Thurs - ilsy and Hltn4jt at 9 A. M. and NewlMtrg h oa Monday, VY doesday and 1 nday, at tl A. M, ap ' 1 ' ' . " rvn a - ,jl.c , - ,i ri.u a a l L". A Bunt' 67 teet long, 36 leet o mcnes wine, caicui led for n horse or steam boat. - drawa little - water, IkiiIi ..I ihu best materiuls by the subscriber, with or without thw wincninery, w men is ior norse power, on a most approve! plan, - Tlie boat will be wnrntcd sound, tight and good ia fact they areoew. . ' i r ..,? - ... ALSO. - Ji5 A sloop, now building, of the best mat trials, about 80 tons, calculated fr iiie Philadelphia or southern trade : and a loop, row ready for laanching, of about 50 ton ; avets.1 well ( alcnUted tor burthen,' despatch unoeay draft ol water. - . - snip - yards, ApnIVJd, 1818, r.p3 Iw - ClUi! ' - 3!ft , BROWNNE. ClUFFEE k. UUil. - i4lil.ds. fine green cof - J fee, and tn hhds Hum, landing f rom brig Favorite, aud lor ml by , , , i ftlttH. NLAKNET, or , . GEO. LACY,' a apW ... 4 Fslton - street. Uf K Of PA 'J'KltJK Hftv Rl', - By Wm. Wirt. Esci. U 00. fi fHK puhlither deems it uuuecrssnry (o say X any thing In. favor nf tha merit of this work, contenting himself jv.illt mentioning that the first edition of 3500 roi.ies were all disposed of in a few month. Th SJ improved edition for sale by V - ROU. M'DERMUT, ap 2i 3w . . St PearWst. A YOUNG heftlihv womiiii. with a full bresst lA. of Milk, wishes to take child to nurse, in consequence of the lost of her own. ' Enqaire at C9 Harmon strict. . .. npiAlm" PltR SAl.K. A HOR?E. well broke to the lumrtt, and L. paces uniUrthe snddle, price 300 dollars, Enquire at Miavv stable, in Liberty streets near Ilroad way. ' ' ap 'iS Iwj " TO PRINTERS. ' " 'THE suhtcriliers lmv uti hniidtvpe.offlie fill L lowins sise. six: Pica, btiwll ria, Loni! Primer, Nonpnreil and Pearl, Vil.ii h they off r for sale on low trim. ' Vhi type - mcttil will he received in payment, nnd a liberal price allowed for it. .... N. B. Order for fereo - fyf work executed wiiu neatne and despnien ' 1 , COLLINS ft II ANNA YJ ap tt I2!C6 USI received ainl lor sale by .,VlUr.L 3 CAMI'HELU No. 8(1 Water - street, ' i WALSH'S AMERICAN REdlii'lOR, .' vm.nsir.B I and t. . ' t Cinlrnti Introdui lioo by the editor i tto quence ol tlie senate ; eli gnnt literature l gene, ral review of the literature of continental I'm rojie: brief notice of continental iwlilicblionii Ii nance: sketch of cicnilic labours, by l'roiesor Cooper, of Philadelphia ; conspirarV cf Arnold anu ciinton variout interesting aenaie in n teuale nnd house of representatives t fragment on Snaniib literature i domestic and fi rtiicn chronic e i interesting law cases and ilecitioi.s interest!!!" debates of the Hnllh parilnineiu ; appendix lo the chronicle, ftc. Ac. price $i per volume. , LET'i'ER addressed to Eliat Hicks minister ol tha Sot:iety of fiend in the state or new York, hv J Nsncarrr.w, iirire If l - X cent. LETTER addreised to kJisabeUi VValKer, Minister of the Society of Friend in th slate of New - iora, price IX i - acenv. apaaiw - " 1 i . . .iri a iAi a fcj'l'L i . ATANTED to hire, a room witlr a store at V V tached to it. calculated for a retail xro - eery, ora private room only. Apply at APptyai , HBUusne street.' op4 3t" FRKNCH bCMOOL. . w . nIR. VALUE'S , Morning School, for . the IV A French Language, will commence oa the first of May neat, at 60 Chapel - street. where two new clatsesofcentlenien will be taught Irom 6to If o'clock. . 1'Cere will be an interruption ia the Practising evening established in his school, to converse in rrcm u once a ween, wim ui taiuuj. Mr. V. instructs in private families and acade mies. ROOMS TO LET. i - ;ry One or two single gentlemen may be accom mndated with a parlour and bed room. "" f or further particular, please to appiy a a - hove. ap Vt Iw" ORAtOR WORKS GUNPOWDER. ; , T' H E tubscriber has constantly for sale, pow der from tho aborenamed tnsnufaclorv, the qualit) of which meets the decided approbation of judge of th article. jAJiLsu'tvuM.Jf.. ap 23 . h 57 Front - L ' rRANCIS M'GOWAN. No. 126 Fly Mar - V ket, enibte of the very liberal enrournKe - ment Iw has received iore hi commencement in business, and feeling confident that no exertion on ni pan snail ne warning to mfini a cnnuie nance, miorm hi mend a an uie panne mat no pains orexpenc has beesi avoided to obtain a stock of the best liquors of every description, which can M depended on tor meir purny. flavins mad arrangement, while's! Chsrte. ton, Ibr a constant lupply ol GREEN. TURTLE in their season, h will b: saabled to furnish soup of an excellent quality. ' . . A book will be opened for ubcribrs to an ORDINARY, to b oa Us tabl vry day at a staUd boor. . .: . .. , Rooms, for private parties, at a short notice. N. B. Soup, Beef - Steak, Oysters, Mutton Chop and Relishes at all times. - vi ; ap3 - : ' : .4 SEAMSTRESS. A MIDDLE aged woman withe to obtain a situation in a respectable family as team - stress the be - tsf recommeadalioo can b giv - n Apply atNo.,197 Church - stxoet. , . ap 24 3 ; HOARD k LODGING. Three or four Gen JLJ tlemen, caa ba genteelly sccommodS'ed with permanent. Board and Lodging, or board without lodging on foaaonabl term, at No. 100 Uroadway. ' ' ap v oi - tit) REWARD LOST, at th Cofbo - booj slip, a rod morocco pocket - book, containing about $ 130 ia Now - York paper t C35 Slat Bans: or Norux - Carolina, and a tw not of head oa gentletaaa in Virginia. Th abov reward, with th thanks ofth owner, shall b paid to any person leaving th book and cooUots at No; 88 Uaaos - strsst, ap 25 3t ... ... nS.i t. - r UUARiilNG SCHOOL. INHERE ar at present fiv vacancies la tb i Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, la Philipsbargh, Yonker, Wet - Chtter uouaiy. II.. nf Mtnratidi i aeh St to enable him to ouihfv vooer gentleflten for Colltge or the Cotmtiag Ifoose within a reawoaWe time. His school is select, th number of FpU Hmileo, and the trentnteat ofthe most liberal fund, i Th following branches of seful aad pht li - terator ar Uught, Vis : - y Greek, , . , J.n,orr ltiaT - - ' Compowtsoe, , rmdi, - ; - ' I Wriiiirg, . ' Englisk Grammar, . krmnim (iMsrtmr. .1 MalhesxsstJCS, ftft, H?J Jrei - med th.t few lMUtlKs of tb kind ... rr .(r advantage, whether thy regard insfrectioa In frenersa nieruare, ta stronu ana retigioes pncilcjOr to correct and gentVmaa - Pa4ls ar accommodated. Is corn mod knst, rots - rtd and pseasaally si tasted. It dtstaac from Sew York s aboat rssstea sail i to which there i al way a direct aad assy ronxmmisca - tioa. - Fothvuer panscmiar appucatsosi may be made io BUhep Hobart Or. Wilton, Colambia T. ft. Clark ton, Esq. C BPEvers, a. Colleg Wm. Savard. inn. Tjta CD. CodVa,rq. A. Scbenaerboro, Eaif. P. A. Flatlet, Lm). ap 23 DtsCSoCsr PURLIC SALES. " - 1BY P. I. MILLS ft CO. Vv - ' ;"' - : ' "i; Tho.rsday, ". .'" - ' At half put 9 o'clock, 40 cases British' and f. - French dry gooda, among which are' 20 cases s fresh imported Fronch good.. ' ' . ' TH E proprietors of th southern marble qoaj ria, near tang's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, . at lb Kmfi - Iiriitt Marblt and Limt - lfrd, fylti Beach - strest, on Use Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following do SUjpiMXU, T1J i i f - Athlar Coping ' . Foundation Ston. Chimeey - llecee . Facinp . Colnmos " , ' . WatertaWo Steps ' 1 riatfonns " SiUs, Lintels Arctic ' : Also Lima of lie best quality. , C7 A coortant lupply of the above matralr may ba calculalod apoot and Umm dosiroos of . ptrchasio;, or making engagements, srill apply too . .1' EZRA LUDLOW, - Feb 11. . r,r,:: At the Yard. .0 A PAKTiM ER WAN J ED toon of tha best land in tha cily for a safe and locraliso businas. .4 tingle man would be preferred, and not more than 500 capital required. Address A. M. at this olfice. ' ap S5 St n lies' ' (t7 Tlie masters and owners of vcmcIi. be longing to (he cities of Albany and Troy, .wish to hire a basin, for a number of years, oo tha north Riser side of this city, for tl accommodation of these vessel exclusively, for which a . uucrai compensation will be I ne Suoscn - oer are a cotnniiltee appotnUd lb? the purpose ' of receiving proposal for the am.. And the lropruiors oi tno woarvea on rue norm iviver are requeued la hand ia their proposals to either of I he lubtcribert, sUtiug the aiUiMioa and their term, respectively. " . , is. ii. A note addrrised to either or th sun - tcriliers, left at Joseph C. Cooper's, lint's Ha sin or at R. ft Lm Reed's, Coeutie Slip, will be attended to ' ,,. .' , , , ' . New - York, 51th April, 1818. ' ' JisRNUM WHIPPLE, , GEOIKiE MOW I KAf it, l'ETER DONNELLY. , , iuiiii. ii rucu, D. LUSH ELL, . , CURDON GRANT. , ' : ... np H 1m . - REMOVAL. . rf N. 8MITH DAV1E9 ha removed bis fhrmiral perfum manufactory and warehousa from No. 130 Broadway, on door north of Li - berty - itrect, op lb west sids of Li road way. ' rmli27 " - .' '. ,' V NOTICE. Oy The Annual tle lion for Directors of tha flank of America, will ht) held at the Bank, on the 4ihdovofMv next. The poll will al 10 and close at 2 o'clock. By order of the hoard of direr lor. , GEO. KEWBOLD, Cashr. cry JObF.PH KMCHT. Crmfectioner. 206 Proadwav,' H selling off at reduced prices, a variety .f Sweetmeats, in roodorder. 'in At' - ' . i. try J A . G U T fW A LD T, ha removed from M Ait si - r x r.. :.i. t... u ues to msnufhetur hi PIANO - FORTES on aa satire new and Improved construction, tb result of many years cktt application aad study, for wpachbanow ha obtamad lttUr paUnt. Oa gamiaaUon by coonounsor of music, b fiat - tars kimMlf that they will msct with lhir ap - nrobaUon, and merit public nstratvag and ho feel proud, that bw piano - frtS hav mat with th unanimous spproval of the most eminent pro fesenr of music t th following ttimoniI of which they kindly hav granted him, to meat the public eyo; - .' .' , We, the subscribers, protestors of mosio, do certify, that w hav carefully examined Mr. J. A. Guttwahlt' piano - forte, which, for ingenuity and excellent of work nan ship and ucuforoa brilliancy sf toue, w desrredly recommend to pnbhc patronage. Messrs. Gil las, Etienoa, RJ. - Meets, C. Thibaulf, Chnrls Gilfort." ' ' TO LET, on th ram premise, a aiaiij larg nnd commouioos r tor nnd back room ' adjoining, with or without a front cellar. . . . ap Im . , , . . ., . JU LKT or fUR SALt. ''That convenient three storr brick botwa Corner of Broadway and Broome street. - ' I.'. ' ; Al.BV, A two ttory frame boas, with ix lot of ground, ia tlroadwny, between Bleecker and Prlnce' - itreet. - ' - ' ' . . '"ALSO, ' " , Theetore. with h vault and cellar, comer of Chamber aad CV.athanstrrets, Enquire of " ' ". ' K ANDERSON, anil list May1 - v:' No. 4 Bowling Green. TO LtXT.i c 7 A brick Stable, in Lumber Ireet En - iniie at No. C9 Greenwich - street, n. ap 14 tf v . , TO LET. .: .M And immediate possession given.. On of th bed stands for a Boarding Hosts, ia fhi city, or it ssay be coasertetl into ofico's, if mora agreeable,, and a mors pablic and pisaaant tila - atioa is not to b found. , Esquir at thaofik of th Evening Post, . . ' ' ap 24 Ti Let for one or mort nar, The following houses bout No. 204 Broadway, two door abort Wastiingtoa Hall, with a coach boose la tb rear if required Also, a thre story brick bouse No. 415, in said itroet. Also, a new aad genteel two dory brick bous. corner of lispensrd and Churcb - streeU, th terms moderate, i or luruitr pamcuiars, appiy at 415 Broadway. hI5 tf Q; , . tVR SALE, A mall farm, situated in on of the cen tra counties of thii itate. This farm lies oo the bank of a lake, sad witbia a mil of a flourishing aad beaoUfal villag., Oa it ar agood farm ho,fcara,ftc.aloa larg and well bwltdwe! ling noase, entirely aw. Tb ailsialioa of tb d yelling boss for beauty of prospect, Ac Is surpassed by fewlfaey otbsf scite foroaildiog ta tb iotrioe of tb tat. "Sb owaer intending removing lo Nsw - York, will aril this property for Jet than cost, upon a long credit oo goods - carity, or will exchange it for lands fod . Fof further particvlars, enquire of H. 1). R - SEDGWICK. Ewr. ; Law Buildings, Nae - tret, Kan - York. apltFlna tu Thatfor No. 20 Wall - street.' Posse . sioa msy be bad immediately Apply at No. 18. . . 1 A ' j . . ii i I n i Q . t un oal.1 . (Or exchanged for property In UiMTHy) . A neat country House srt th vscinlty of Eli - . gabelhtown, N. J ) beautifully situated on the Post - road t at present ia the occupation of Dnct. Grant. ' It eontatrw eight rooms with a pitlia in front tnd rear, good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, and ceUer i there is also, a coach - house," stable for two hertex, and other convenient osil buildinps, all in, piod repair, aboilt an acre oi land, laid out in a hxadoome garden and orchard, wLich afford a vsriely of clioioe frnit, asparagus, ftc, and a well of ex - ceilent water, with, a good pump. Term will be made liberal. Apply to - JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, apSJ Ins 75 Wall - street. 7. " TO LET, m Th neat 2 - story brick IJOUSE, fin ished the moJara style, to Urtsioi aeitr Hansorsly - itrtwC . , Also, a two story bouse, brick front corr of pC5 lw , 167 Peart - it. '' Sr 1 ... i . ' ' '"l, '"''. f i '.XI w lis 1 1 i I r. v . i

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