The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 17, 1934 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 17 1934 DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS l--Pass into law 6--Cowboy's rope 11--A tract of land 13--A holy day 14--Observe 15--Newspaper paragraphs 17--An expression of affirmation 18--Diminutive of Edward 19--Aluminum (symbol) ' 20--Toward i 22--Right (abbr.) i 23--Male offspring- '55--Contraction for It is 37--Instigates or incites 28--Used by baseball teams 29--Before 31--Australian ostrich 33--A musical note 34--Red Cross (abbr.) 36--Either ! 37--Trinity term (abbr.) [39--A lyric poem 141--Musical instrument '44--Devoured 145--To oppose :"--Quickness of perception '·43--Upright In position 50--Mohammedan princes DOWN l--Language of the Gael* 2--Wants 3--Period of time 4--Order of the Crown of India (abbr.) 5--Fatiguing: work 6--To rsmain in existence 7--Like S--Pig pen 9--Those who foreset 10--Orator (abbr.) · 12--New Testament (abbr.i 13--Printer's measure 116--Piece out 19--Ire 21--Weasel-Ilka animal 24--Poetic for over 26--A doctrine or system 29--A large sea duck 130--Diminutive of Margaret ;32--To give out audible sound '33--Form of tear 35--Price of anything 36--One time · 38--A number (pi.) W--Compass point 42--Right (abbr.) 43--River In Germany 44--A biblical character 46--Suffix used as an adjective termination with general sense of pertaining to 48--Unmarried (abbr.) Answer to previous puzzle O.E.S. DISTRICT 19 "Chapters Represented at Lodge Gathering Held at Charles City. CHARLES CITY, April IT. --The high school auditorium was filled last evening for the closing ceremonies of the Eastern Star which held a district meeting here yesterday. Ideal weather brought a large - attendance from 19 chapters in this district to attend the three meetings planned by Mrs. Pearl Mae Fluegel, district inspecter. Eighteen officers from the Waver- Vy chapter had luncheon at the Garden cafe and other visiting groups had luncheon before the afternoon session which was held in the high school auditorium. It is estimated about 600 attended the sessions. A banquet was served at 6 o'clock in the Masonic Temple followed by the ceremonies in the high school auditorium. Mrs. Maud Bowers, grand worthy matron of Orient, was escorted to the east by eight Knights Templar in uniform and received by Miss Emina Stoecker, worthy matron of Excelsior chapter and the Rev. A. A. Hideout, worthy patron. She was presented a gift of flowers by the Rainbow Girls. Mrs. Bowers was a gTiest of Mrs. Fluegel while in the city. Mary, Emma Korinke Speakers on Iowa at Club in Charles City CHARLES CITY, April 17 __ A program -on Iowa was presented last evening by Mary and Emma Korinke at the regular meeting of the St. Charles club which met with Daisie Morris and Mary Montgomery last evening. Emma Korinke summarized the industries of the state which give employment to more than 82,000 persona Between three and four thousand factories located in Iowa purchase materials worth $580,000,000. Iowa manufacturing has increased 200 per cent in the last 20 years and ranks twentieth among the states in this line. The factories support about one eighth of the population of the state. Mary Korinke gave a sketch of Henry Wallace, secretary of agriculture, and spoke briefly oc some of the new laws passed by the last legislature . Charlotte Magdsick read the program for next year during the business session which was presided over by Mrs. A. G. Regel The year's work will close in two weeks with a dinner and social evening. Farm Record Meetings in Floyd County End CHARLES CITY, April 17.-- A ·cries of farm record book meetings which were held in each township by the county agenf was completed with a meeting in Rockford town- ship Friday evening. Between five and six hundred farmers attended the meetings and took part in the discussion of the value in keeping a farm business record. Charts were shown.which presented some of the benefits of keeping records and the different typ'es of books available weer discussed. A number of farmers requested copies of the farm business record which is published by the extension service at Ames. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, April 17. CT)--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 144, on track 439, total U. S. shipments 671; old stock, slightly -weaker, supplies liberal, demand and trading slow; sacked per cwt-: Idaho russets U. S. No. 1, $l.603'1.67^s; combination grade $1.35; U. S. No. 2, 51,27^ ©1.30; Washington combination russets $1.45; Colorado McCIures U. S. No. 1, $1.65; Nebraska triumphs S1.40; North Dakota Red river Chios U. S. No. 1, $1:33; Michigan russet rurals fine quality SI.50. New stock, slightly weaker, supplies rather liberal, demand and trading moderate; Texas bliss triumphs U. S. No. 1, $1.55@1.60 for 50 lb. sacks. MINNEAPOLIS FIX)UB. MINNEAPOLIS, April 17. t-P)--Flour 30c lower. Carload lots, family patents 56.45® 6.55 a barrel in 98 lb. cotton sacks. Shipments, 24,928. Pure bran, S17@17.50. Standard ^middlings, $15.5Q@1G. NEW YORK SCGAH. NEW YORK, April 17. (JP--Raw sugar quiet early today, unchanged. Futures steady. Refined unchanged. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, April 17. (^P?--Seeds unchanged. JOHN F.CLARK AND CO. MARKET INFORMATION 325 L O. O. F. BIdsr. i'lione »4 April 17.-CLOSING PRODUCE IETTER. S--Spot market was steady with all grades quoted unchanged except storage packed which were i£c lower. The storage input In the four markets yesterday was 2,739 cases less than last year. Liquidation weakened future deliveries and closing prices were %c lower. It is likely that more selling will cause further slight decUnes. Potatoes--Market was weak, May selling at a new low for the season, closing at 51.57. Butter--Butter was freely offered on the spot call and this resulted In a decline in quotations of '/ic to tec. The withdrawals in the four markets yesterday were 87,848 pounds more than last year. Trading In futures was quiet but market showed an easier lone and closings were ^c lower. Further reactions are probable. Donlon Gives Address to Farm Bureau at Fenton FENTON, April 17--The regular monthly meeting: of the Independence township Farm Bureau was held with Mrs. A. H. Meyer in charge of the program, including a reading, "The Widow's Mites," Hulda Wolder; Danish folk dance, pupils of district No. 5; talk, Alice Dreyer. P. H. Donlon, state representative, was the 'main speaker, jiving a talk on the retail sales tax. Se told how it was made, how it 'unctions and what it is expected ;o accomplish. HOG MARKET WEAK, MOSTLY 10 CENTS LOWER TRADE HEAVY IN GRAIN FUTURES Swift Price Changes Mad With Big Downturns Predominating. CHICAGO, April 17, UK--Eno mous transfers of ownership i grain futures today accompanie swift changes In price, with bi downturns predominating-. The wheat market at Urn showed losses of approximately cents a bushel for 48 hours. Recur rent waves of general selling swep the grain pits, forcing new kra price records for the season in everj cereal. Some recovery in values near th end of the day was associated wit upturns of securities and of cotton with more favorable comment from Washington regarding enactment of proposed silver legis lation. Wheat closed nervous, !%-!% un der yesterday's finish, May 78%-% July 78%-%; corn %-% down, Ma 42%-%; July 45%-%; oats % of to % up, and provisions unchange to 12 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, April 17. tn--Wheat, no sites corn. No. 2 raised 43Sc; No. 2 yellow ol 43%c; No. 3 yellow 42S®43c; No. 2 whit 45»;c; oats No. 3 white 27J4c: rye, no sales barley 42(u80c; timothy seed cwt.; clover seed $11012 cwt. MasonGty Grain MASON CITY, April 17.-parley 30 ^ 5 No. 2 yellow olfl shelled-corn ..31 No. 3 yellow new shelled corn ..30 No. 3 yellow ear corn 29 White oats, No. 3, 30 Iba. or better ' 20l WHEAT-May July Sept. CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEr-- May July Sept LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July- -.-;.-.-.- TUESDAY GRAI.Y CLOSE CHICAGO, April Hidli Low .79% .76!i ·T9«i .77'.* · SO?, .7S« .40 .43 . 3.90 . 5.95 . 6.15 H.82 S.87 0.05 17. cm-Clos .78?, .78% .793 .42 36 . .4' .2611 .2875 .28 S 9 IB .53% .55 S .35 li .3714 .3811 5.S7 5.92 6.12 7.72 8.02 TUESDAT CKA1N OPEX WHEAT-Hay July Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May July Sept LARD-Hay July Sept ·BELLIES-- May July CHICAGO. April 17. (.PI-Open close Close Today Yesterday Tr. Ago .73 .78 »; -79?; .40 .43 .45 .2514 .=4 ii .2C14 5.87 . 6.05 .SO .801S -311S .42-11 .455; .47% .26% ^27=4 .35% .3651 ·3SH 5.80 5.95 6.13 .62% .63 S .35 .36T4 .45 .4611 M'A 4,52 4.62 4.75 2 5.25 5 5.50 OMAHA GRAIN. OMAEA. April 17. (.TJ--Wheat: Hard No 2, 69--fc872c; No. 4. 68%c: spring smutty, No. 2, 66c; mixed No. 4, GSV-c. Corn: Yellow No. 2, 37%c; mixed NO. 1. 37C. ' Oats: No trading reported. KANSAS CITr GRADT. KANSAS CITY, April 17. UPi--Wheat: 35 cars; Si@3c lower. No. 2 dark hard 73!£c; No. 3, 6614@7714c nominal: No. 2 hard 71% 67414C; No. 3, 69®73c; No. 2 red 721.c; No. 3. 72=4®73 : Jic. close: May, 70o; July, 71c: September, 7214c. ' Corn: 18 cars: %@lc lower. No. 2 white 4H8-S2C nominal; No. 3, 401i@41^c nominal; No. 2 yellow 39%c; billing 401ic; No. 3, 3H(T3gUc nomlual: No. 2 mixed 3S03SSC nominal; No. 3, 371i(f?38%c nominal, close: May, 3Slic: July, 40%c. Oats: 1 car; nominally unchanged. No. 1 ·white 28®2S$lc nominal; No. 3, 2714 @2Sc nominal. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS. April 17. CP--Wheat receipts 17 cars compared with 47 a year ago Market l%c lower. · ,, Cash: No.-1 northern 78^^81^c; No, 1 dam northern 15 rrotein 78«S@82sic; 14 protein 78S@S2Sc; 13 protein 78%®82«tc; 12 protein 78%©82So; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 protein 79-H5PSl%c: to arrive 79S®813ie; No. 1 amoer durum 93®99c; No. 2 amber durum 92g?98c: No. 1 red durum 76c; May 75%c; July 75Sjc; September 76'4 c. Corn No. 3 yellow 3SK(S39c, Oats No. 3 white 24M®25;ic. Nero wasn't so bad. He fiddled while Rome burned, but he didn't try to grab a profit at public ex- ense.--Kessinger's Review. N. S. Tjernagel to Be Installed Sunday at Forest City, Thornton THORNTON, April IT.--The Rev. N. S. Tjernagel of the Synod Lutheran churches in Forest City and Thornton will be installed with special services Sunday. He will be installed in the Synod Lutheran church at Forest City at 10:30 a. m. by the Rev. H. Ingebritson .of Lake Mills, assisted by some of the neighboring pastors. The new pastor will preach his inaugural sermon at each service. Mr. Tjernagel ia the son of the Rev. H. M. Tjernagel of Lawler, who is president of the Norwegian synod of the American Lutheran church. He was farmerly located as missionary at Sheyenrie, N Dak. He was graduated in 1932 from Lutheran Theological seminary, Thiensville, Wis. His residence will be in the Produce MASON CITY, April 17-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy Seng, 4}fc Ibs. and over , .10c Light hens 6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags '...6c Old cocks (heavy) 5c Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 12e* Eggs, in trade 13-14o* Butter, Plymouth 28c Butter, Clear Lake 25c Butter, State Brand 28c Butter, Very Best 28c Butter, Dairy Maid 25c Butter, Brookfield 25c Potatoes, peck 30c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHICAGO CHICAGO. April 17. (JP--Poultry, live. 1 car, 31 trucks, steady; hens Ins. and under 161£c, over 5 Ibs. ISc: Leghorn hens 14c; Rock and colored Iryers 24c: Rock springs 23S ) 24c. colored 23c; Rock And colored broilers 24c, · Leghorn 22c, barebacks 19c; roosters 9c; turkeys 12Q18c: spring J16c, old ducks ll%g145ic; ducks geese Sc. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. April 17. LW--Butter 7,742 easy; creamery--specials (93 score) 22% 23c: extras (92) 22c; extra firsts (90-91 21%c: firsts (88-88) 21H@21V4c; second (86-87) 20%c: standards (90 centralize carlots) 22iic. Eggs 29,450, steady, prices unchanged. PRODUCE FETCHES. CHICAGO, April 17. (.TV-Egg future close: Storage packed firsts April 17%c refrigerator standards October 1914C. Butter futures closed: Storage standard November 23% c. Potato futures closed: Idaho russets Ma 51.57. NEW IOHK PRODUCE. NEW TOEK. April 17. LT!--Eggs. 40.484 weak. Mixed colors, special packs or sclec tions from fresh receipts 19SP2054C; stand ards and commercial standards IS'/ifjjt^c firsts 17@17^c; seconds letSlG^c; medi urns, 40 Ibs., and dirties No. 1. 42 Ibs., 16'. JH-c; a\-erage checks 15% @ }ic; storag packed firsts 17«l«!lSc. Butter, 17.432, easier. Creamery, highe .ban extra 23 1 /i@'24c: extra (92 score) 23c first (87 to Si scores) 22 1 /~@ : £c: second unquoted; centralized (90 score) 22!£c. 2fElV lOHK NEW YORK, April 17. Ml--Live poultry eak. B'rollers, express I2tff25c; turkeys, xpress 18®22c; other express and ai: reight unquoted. Dressed poultry firm. Fowls, fresh and rozen, 153T19C; other grades unchanged. HIDES, WOOL ....... .5c Jactations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES lorsehides lured beef hides ... Green beef hides ... WOOL i clean bright...,,,,.,. 24c lb. emibright ,,,.....,...... 23c lb. Dejects .................... 19c Ib. WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, April 17. LTV-U. S. depart- .ent of agriculture-Very little wool was sold to the Boston arket. The extremely small demand was ot sufficient to establish market values, owever, mediums fleeces of the old clip ere reported weaker because of the prices . which the early new wools were being "fered. Fair quantities of graded strictly irablng 56s, % b'ood o( the early shorn eeces from Ohio, Michigan and New York ere available here at 37c In the grease, bile strictly combing 4Ss. 50s, !-i blood un similar clips were offered, at around 5c. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF INCORPORATION j Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that the under- gned have associated themselves together nder and by virtue of Chapter 384, Title C1X of the 1931 Code of Iowa, and acts jnendatory thereto, as a corporation and ave adopted articles of incorporation which rovides as follows, to-wit: (1) The name ot this corporation shall B. B. Shoe Company, Inc., and Its rincipal place of business shall be at iason City, Iowa. (2) The general nature of the business be transacted by this corporation shall e the buying and selling; and dealing In at holesaie or retail, in shoes, hosiery, purses, loves and aH kindred lines. Also the leas- ig as lessor or lessee of store buildings nd departments In stores, and the buying, illing and dealing In stores and stocks of hoes, hosiery, purses, gloves and kindred nes of every kind and description. (3) The amount of capital stock author- led is one hundred (100) shares of no par alue; ail stock to be paid for in full be- ore Issued, the consideration therefore to e fixed by the board of directors under he direction of the stockholders at the time f the Issuance of same. The capital stock tail be non-assessable. (4) This corporation shall commence busl- ess on the 14Ui day of -April, 1934, and ontinue for a period of twenty years. (C) The affairs of this corporation shall : conducted by a board of directors con- sting of not leas than one nor more than ve directors who shall be stockholders of ic corporation. The officers shall consist . President, Vice President, Secretary nd Treasurer. The directors are to be ected at the annual meeting of the stock- oiders to be held on the first Tuesday of anuary of each year and until the first nnual meeting to be held on the first ""uesday in January 1935 the following per- in shall be director: Ben Birenbaum of .ason City, Iowa. The officers of the cor- oration are to be elected by the board of rectors at the annual meeting and until lelr successors are elected and qualified, en Birenbaum of Mason City, Iowa, shall President, Vice President, Secretary and reasurer. (6) The private property of the stock- olders of this corporation shall be exempt om any liability for any Indebtedness of corporation. BEN BIRENBAUM . Levinson, Attorney. of Richland Lutheran church, hornton. Mr. Tjernagel succeeds the Rev. Imer Brewer, who went to Buck- ye, Iowa. ovejoy, Vinton, Named Nashua Superintendent NASHUA, April 17.--The Nashua oard of education elected John ovejoy, of Vinton, supertendent. r. Lovejoy is a graduate of Coe jllege, and has taken advanced at the University of Iowa, iss McCulIoch was re-elected prin- oal. $4 TOP LOWEST SINCE FEB. 1 Bulk of 22,000 Run Sold From Around $3.50 to $3.90. CHICAGO, April 17. OP)--The hog market was weak today with prices mostly 10 cents lower. The top stood at $4, lowest price paid here since Feb. 1. The bulk sold from around ?3.50 to $3.90. Receipts were about normal here, the run of 22,000 being in line wit estimates and the same as a weel ago, but slightly larger than a yea ago. Demand for dressed pork i slow. Outside markets also reported re ceipts about normal, but trade slow with prices from barely steady t mostly 10 and 15 cents lower. Cattle trade was active and strong. Best steers on sale brough the top price of ?8, first time this price had been paid since the week ending Nov. 28, 1932. A carload 0 38 head weighing 1,218 Ibs., brough the peak with another load of 25 head weighing 1,426 Ibs., bringing 57.90 and 19 head of weighty steers, 1,158 Ibs., making $7.80. Sheep were also active, because of small receipts, with prices most ly 25 cents higher. Best woolskins were held upward to $10. All in' terests were looking for supplies. Hog Markets Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, April 17.-- UflOS Hog prices mostly 10 cents lower. Best sorted lights 200-240 $3A( Best medium weight butchers 240-260 $ Best heavy butchers , . , , 260-300 $3.23 Best prime heavy butchers .. 300-350 53.10 J3est packing sows, smooth .. 300-350 $2.70 Beat heavy sows, smooth .. 350-400 52.60 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 J2.50 Light lights, fair to good, (140, 160, 180) $2.20, 52.70, ?2.00 CATTLE Jbolce young steers .. 900-1,000 liedluin to good yearling steers 900-1,000 53.75-4.50 Choice com fed sleers 1.000-1.200 J4.50-5.25 Jedlum to good c^rn fed steers 1,000-1.200 53.73-4.50 w grade steera .. J2.50-3.50 Fair helfera floo-800 52.75-3.5u Good heifers 600-800 53.50-4.00 Cholca to prim* betters 600-800 54.00-4.50 Butchers cows. raJr to good ....52.00-2.50 Good to Choice coWa ............52.50-2.75 Choice to prime cows ....,...,...$2.75-3.00 nferlor canuers - .75-1,00 to good winners $1.25-1.50 cutter cows $1,50-2.00 Common to fair bulls .51.75-2.25 Fair to good heavy bulls 52.00-2.25 Good to Choice bulls 52.25-2.75 Good to choice calves, 130-190.. 54.00-5.00 iledlum to good calves, 130-190 $3.00-4.00 nferlor and common calves ... $3.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs 70-90 $7.75-8.25 Jedium to good Iambs ... 70-60 56-75-7.75 Buck tamos 51 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, April 17. UP)--U. S. depart- aeni of agriculture-HOGS 22,000 Including 6,000 direct; mar:et mostly 10 cents lower than Monday; 70 to 240 Ibs. $3.85©3.95; top $4; 250 to 00 Ibs. 53.75iS3.00: light lights $2.5U@ ; pigs 53.25 downward: packing sows 3@3.25; light light good and choice 140 160 Ibs. 53.40^3.90; light weight 160 200 Ibs. 53*75g?4; medium weight 200 to 50 Ibs. 53.80@4; heavy weight 250 to 350 bs. $3.60@3.90; packing sows medium and ood 275 to 550 Ibs. S2.95@3.95; pigs good nd choice 100 to 130 Ibs. 52.253.40. CATTLE 6,000; calves 4,000; steers scal- ng over 1,100 Ibs., 25c higher; active at dvance: 58 paid for 1,218 Ib. averages; 426 Ibs. 57.90; 1,510 Ibs. $7.65: light tears and yearlings steady to strong; most lasses strong to shade higher; bulk of run old early and killers still looking for welgh- steers; slaughter cattle and vealers: tears, good and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs., 6.50@-7.90; 900 to 1100 Ibs. Se.SQQ'S; 1100 1300 Ibs. $75@8; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. $6.75 ,, 3; common and medium, 550 to 1300 lbs. r 4.50$t6.75; heifers, good and choice, 530 to 50 Ibs., $5.25@.6.35; common and medium 3-50®5.25; cows, good, $3.75®4.75; com- lon and medium S3£3.75; low cutter and utter $2©3; bulls (yearlings excluded) good beef) S3.35@3.75; cutter, common and me- ium, 535?3.50; vealers, good and choice, 5.50@7.50; medium, $4.50@5.50; cull and cmmon 53.505J4-50; stocker and feeder cat- Steers, good and, choice, 500 to 1050 lb-3. 4-75®6; common and medium $3.50@5. SHEEF 7,000; lat lambs active, opening ales and asking prices 15-25c or more hfgh- r; upward to 510 paid early by small kill- and traders; desirable 82 Ib. clippers old at 58.40; bulk unsold; sheep steady to irong; iambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and loice, $9.75 @10; common and medium $ji9.7fJ; 90 to 9S Ibs., good and choice, S-65®9.90; ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and e, 53.75 ©5.25; all weights, common nd medium, ?3@4.25. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. April 17. CIV-IT. S. apartment of agriculture-CATTLE 2,300; better grade slaughter :«ers and yearlings scarce, steady to trong; lower grades slow, few good year- ngs 565? 6.25; common to medium kinds 4.25@5.50; she stock fully steady; bulls :rong to lOc higher; medium to good heif- rs 54.50^5.75; beef cows $3©4; low cut- 'r» and cutters $1-75^2.75; common and lediuni bulls S2.50®3; good kinds to 53.35; .ockers and feeders scarce, quotable 10-l5c Igher for week; calves 2,600; vealers teady to strong; desirable Hpht weights §4 "5; choice weight selections 55.r0@6. HOGS 5.000; averaging 10-15c lower; lots off more; bulk better 170 to 250 Ibs. 3.50i£3.60; top $3.60; heavier weights and ledium. grades down to 53.15 and below; ood and choice 140 to 160 Ibs. 53^3.40 or etter; pigs mostly 52.50 down to 52 or nder: packing sows, little change, largely 2.SOS3; average cost Monday 53.46; eipht 217. SHEEP 500; opening slow; few early ales good and choice; wooled lambs about eady S9@9.25: most desirable kinds held igher or above $9.50; few fed clipped ambs S7.50: Monday's late bulk fed Cooled limbs S9.10.Jl9.35: late arrival good to noice 77 to SO Ibs. clipped lambs 57.75. MIDWEST 1IOGS Hog prices at midwest markets on Tuesday; WATERLOO --Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs, S2.9ti®3.20; 200 to 260 Ibs. 13.05^3.35; 260 to 300 Ibs. J2.flU®3.23; 300 to 325 Ibs. 52.85®3.15; 325 to 350 Ibs. 52.75^3.05; good packers 52.60(£'2.50. OTTL'MWA --Hog prices unchanged to 10 cents lower: 140 to 160 Ibs. 52; 160 to 180 Ibs. 53; 180 to 200 Jba. $3.45; 200 to 240 Ib3. $3.45; 240 to 2GO Iba. $3.40; 260 to 2SQ Ibs. 53.30; 280 to 310 Ibs. 53-20; 310 t 350 Ibs. 53.05; over 350 IDS. $2 T (J5(^2.y packers under 350 Ibs. $2.50(^2.80; packe 350 to 450 Ibs. $2,40©2,70; packers over 500 Jos. $2.20(;i'2.50; thin packers and pigs priced at killing values. CEDAR RAI'IDS-- Prime hogs ISO to 200 Ibs. $3.20: 200 to 260 Ibg. 53.30; 260 to 2SO Ibs. $3.25; 280 to 300 Ibs. $3.20: 300 to 320 Ibs. $3.15: 320 to 340 Ibs. J3.10 good packers to 350 Ibs. $2.50; to 400 Jbs $2.45; to 450 Ibs. $2.40; to 500 Ibs, $2.35 Corn--No. 2 yellow 36c; No. 3 yellow 3fic DES MOI.VES-- 5-lOc lower; 120 to 160 Ibs. $1.75(^2,75; 160 to 300 Ibs. $2.75^3.35 300 to 400 Ibs. $2.80(03.05; good packers 52.3 5 $' 2.75. AUSTIN--Choice light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs.. $2.70; choice lights, 160 to ISO Ibs $3.05; choice medium. 180 to 200 Ibs., $3.3 200 to 250 Ibs., $3.45; choice heavy butcher. 250 to 290 Ibs., $3.30; 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.15; 350 Ibs. and up $2.95; choice packers 275 to 350 Ibs.. $2.80; 350 to 425 Ibs. $2.70; 425 to 550 Ibs. up $2.60. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES. April 17. LTl--V. s. department, of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 15,700 compared with 10,500 a week ago and 12,200 a year ago. Slow, 5c to 15c mostly 5c to lOc lower than Monday, a few packing sows unchanged; apparently loading fairly liberal for Tuesday. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 tc. 160 Ibs., good and choice S2.63t3.30: light weights 160 to 180 Ibs. S3SP3.50; ISO to 200 Ibs. S3.25SJ3.60: medium weight* 250 to 290 Ibs. 53.15S3.65: 290 to 350 Ibs. $3»3.45; packing sows 275 to 350 Ihs., good. $2.70® 3.05; 350 to 425 IbS. 52.6503: 425 to 550 Ibs. $2.50@2.90. SHEET 3,600; lambs opening steady to 25c higher; other classes scarce, steady; early top fed wooled lambs to shippers $9.70; early sales fresh shorn lambs $7.65 (Ti/7.85; early bids nctive sprinc lambs up to $10.25; shorn ewes down from J3.GO; no choice wooled ewes n offer; early sales shearing lambs $9.155'9.4G. S. de- SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, April 17. kTJ--U. partment of agrlcu'ture -CATTLE 4,000; better grade beef steers and yearlings fairly active, firm; others mostly steady; fat she stock little changed; stockers and feeders active, fully steady; car choice 1122 Ib. beeves 57; some held higher; several sales 56.501f6.75; bulk 55.25 ,25; choice heifers In load lots held above J5.50; most beef cows S2.75i^4; scattered "ales $4.25(^4.50; majority low cutters and cutters $1. 75(^2.50; short load choice 600 b. stockers 55.50. HOGS 6,500; mostly lOc lower than Monday's average; all Interests buying; top 20c off at 53.40; bulk better crade ISO to 270 b, weights S3.25^?3.40; 270 to 340 Ib. velghts $3.10(^3-25; medium grade butch- ·TS mostly $3.15 down; most 140 to 170 Ib. averages 92.50^3.15; sows 52.90S'3; feed- ir pies up to $2.75. SIIEEP 2,000; nothing done early on fed ambs; early bids around 15c lower at $9.25 [own; sellers asking above $9.50 for best ifferings; other killing classes scarce. KANSAS CITY UVE5TOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 17. CIV-U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 4,000; no direct; fairly active, teady to 5c lower; mostly steady with londay's average; 140 to 160 Ibs. 52.75® .35; 160 to 180 Ibs. SS-SO^S-SS; ISO to 200 bs. $3.40rtti3.55; 200 to 220 Ibs. $3.45ffl3.55; 20 to 250 Ibs. 53.50©3.60; 250 to 290 Ibs. 3.40^3.55; 290 to 350 Ibs. 53.30S73.90; acking sows 275 to 550 Ibs. S2.GO(ff3. CATTLE 6.000; calves SOO; killing classes teady to strong: spot? I0-15c higher; tockers and feeders mostly steady; top 1252 b. and 1185 lb- steers S7.40; steers, good nd choice 550 to 900 Ibs. 55.75^7.50; 900 1100 Ibs. S5.S5£'7.60; 1100 to' 1300 Ibs. 6.155J7.60; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. $6fit7-60; cotn- non and medium 550 Ibs. up 53.85©6; helf- ra, good and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs. 84.75® .15; common and medium, 550 to 900 Ibs. 3(jl4.75 j cows, good, S3.501i"4; cmmon and nedlum S2.50573.50; low cutter and cutter 1.35(5'2.50; vealerg (milk fed) medium to holce 53.50(^6.50: cull and common $2.5fl!?j .50; stocker and feeder steers, good and holce (all weights) S4.25^5.73; common nd medium (all -weights) $2.50^4.50. SHEEP 10,000; native lambs strong to 5c higher: no fed lambs sold early; native pring lambs mostly SlO^lO.25; best wooled imbs held above S9.7S: spring lambs, choice 9.75^10.25; good. S9#9.75; medium SSfii ; lambs, good and choice U) 90 Ibs. down 9.25(3:9.65: common and medium 90 Ibs. own. $7-25^9.25; good and choice (s) 90 95 Ibs.. $9t} ; 9.63; yearling wethers, me- lum to choice 90 to 110 Ibs. 55-75^5.25: wes. good and choice 90 to 150 Ibs. $41? 25. )--Quotations based on ewes and weth- rs. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. April 17. (£»--Official estl- lated reecipts tomorrow; Cattle 9,000; hogs 5,000; sheep 7,000. Reoresentative Sales CHICAGO, April meat of agriculture- . . S. depart- Jtepresentatlve sales: HOGS. Light Weights-- OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. April 17. CD--U. S. department ' agriculture-HOGS 10,500; slow, averaging mostly lOc wer than Monday; better ISO to 260 Ibs. 3.25^3.35; top $3.40; medium grades down S3; 270 to 350 Ibs. $3ft'3.25; one load hoice 395 Ibs. $3.03; 150 to ISO Iba. $2.75 '3.25; feeder pips $1.50^2; packing sows 2.75^3; slaps $2J?2.73; average cost Monay 53.2:5: weight 24S. CATTLE 10.000; calves 000: fed steers nd yearlings active, steady to strong, spots i-15c higher; she stock active, strong: tills and vealers fully steady; stockers and eders scarce, strong; fed steers and year- ngs mostly $5.751?7; short fed light steers yearlings SSff-S.75: several loads choice np feds $7ffT7.25; weighty steers 1374 and 02 Ibs. $7.35; heifers 54.50^5.50: few ads S5.605G; beef cows mostly $3^4; odd art choice 84.50; cutUr grades Sl.T5ff2.CO; ediu mbul's 52.65';? 2.S3: top veal- n $6, choice selects $5-50; to all interests. 265 254 3.75 3.85 2.90 3.85 70 65 Medium Weight-241 228 216 205 121S 1426 1538 1574 1092 1842 855 751 196 184 175 37 169 Light Llghts- 52 155 47 145 4.00 3.95 3.35 3.95 CATTLE. Heifers-- S.OO s 725 7.90 29 724 25 966 12 715 Cows-- 5 1194 14 1053 3 387 . 7.80 7-65 7.50 7.00 6.20 5.60 SHEEP. Fed West'n Lambs-- Shorn Ewes-310 SI 10.00 S 125 ISO 73 10.00 21 150 000 83 10.00 1* 154 Clipped Lambs-103 82 S-40 20 63 S.25 3.90 3.90 3.85 3.90 3.80 6.00 5.85 5.00 4.50 4.50 3.75 3.00 2.25 3.60 3.50 3.00 2 in Palo Alto File for G.O.P. Nomination EMMETSBURG, April 17.--Arthur W. Heningsen of Graettinger, a merchant, and Charles Waldron of Emmetsburg, city councilman and barber, announced their candidacies for the republican nomination for state representative from Palo Alto county. P. H. Donlon of Ruthven is the present state representative and is a candidate for reelection. Donlon is a democrat. D. N. Luse, prominent county farmer, is expected to announce his candidacy for the same position in a few days. He is a republican. STOCK MARKET BACK ON FEET s. I: Some Scattered Gains Mad '' but Most Shares Hold I Only Steady. 0 o NEW YORK, April 17. O)-J^ Tranquility reigned in the stoc , r market today following a sharp di s in yesterday's late trading. Som 0 scattered improvement occurre o but the majority of shares wer ° only steady. Armour of Elinoi ,; preferred and American Telephon i got up around 2 points each. U. S j, Steel, Case, National Distillers an : American Smelting were a bit high 8 er. Transfers approximated 850 0 000, shares. Traders kept one eye on Wash ; ington and the other on the grai pit. There was little stimulus from ! either direction and the volume o : equity transactions was the lowes in several sessions. Wheat and corn dropped anothe " cent or so a bushel and the othe n cereals were inclined to slip. A - the same time most of the sellmj I here was attributed to overnigh a margin calls and offerings dwin died after early adjustments. ! Bonds were mildly irregular, al i though some secondary issues wer still in supply. International dolla t rates recorded no importan ) changes. Curb Market 0 s NEW YORK, April 17, OT 1 )-- The cur 5 market resumed its quiet routine today fol 3 owing yesterday afternoon' shakcoul. Prlc D changes were mostly or the fractional van 3 cty and few issues developed any volume. Some attention was paid to scattered ol Issues, notably Creole Petroleum which ad vanced almost a point In a fair turnover - Standard Oil ot Indiana was firm and Hum b!e also improved. J Pittsburgh Plate Glass resumed Its rise 3 although It did not duplicate yesterday- high which represented a new peak for th year. Alcohol shares were narrow movers The utility list had a firm undertone, bu v.-aa not particularly active. Lake Snore Mines, Newmont Mining American Cyanarold "B," Swift and com pany, Pioneer Gold, Wright Hargreavca and Cord corporation were steady. Great Atlan t c and Pacific lost 2 points on an earlj transfer. Bond Market NEW YORK, April 17, (.*!-- Bonds showed a mixed trend during the early trad ng today, with turnover somewhat reduced The steady tone of the stock market fol owing yesterday's weakness was a helpfu nfluence in the secondary group, and prime issues were generally firm. Some of the low priced rails continue* reactionary, although losses were generally light. Allegheny corporation 5s of 1950, Bal tlmore and Ohio 4*s, Milwaukee 5s, Erie 5s, Nickel Plate 4Vis and Southern Railway s yielded fractions to around a point. Industrials and utilities heM within smal ranges with minor gains and losses abou even. Slight improvement was registered In phone 's, Bethlehem Steel 5s, National Dairy 5Hs, Phillips Petroleum 5 Vis, North American 5s and Detroit Edison 4^s. U. S. governments were a shade lower In the treasury division and slightly higher in some of the LIbertys. IT. S. BOND QUOTATION'S NEW YORK. April 17, L* 1 )-- United States government bonds closed: Liberty 3«s 103.26. Liberty First 4s 103.23. Liberty Fourth 4*Ss 104.1. Treasury 4 'As 47-52 111, Treasury 4s 44-54 106.31. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 103.8. Treasury 3V R s 46-49 100.26. Treasury 3s 51-55 99.23. Lamson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO, April 17.-Wheat--Wheat recovered partially from a selling wave during the morning which forced September wheat and rye and ail deliveries of corn, cats and barley to new lows for the season and the tone at the close was somewhat improved. Strength in stocks, an upturn in cotton and late advices that hearings on the commodity regulation bl" had been concluded, with chances of th* measure passing at this session as doubtful, played their part in the slightly better sentiment. All late gains were not held as there continued to be dribbling liquidation on the bulges and the close was lower than yesterday. Heavy overnight margin calls was a factor in the early break. Price changes In al] grains were extremely rapid most of the session, quotations being well out of line on the blackboard with actual transactions n the pit. This was especially the case early n the mornlnc. The market was a broad affair with little attention paid to Individual operations. The buying and selling appeared to be federal and not concentrated. Routine news again attracted very little attention and was scarcely mentioned In the gossip of the day. Coarse Grains -- Cora and oats gave a better performance than wheat and were unchanged to a fraction better at the close, the weakness In the cash markets being without effect. There were persistent claims of export business having been put through in corn and Kansas City reported 50.000 bushels corn had been worked from that market to the gulf presumably for export. Wheat has had a good cleaning out and as legislative news appears to have a more favorable tone, a rally may develop after seme early Irregularity. Butter-- Most grades arc fractionally lower today and In general we would say that the market remains quite unsettled at the decline. EfrfiR-- EarJy In the day the cash egg market was generally steady with quotations un- storage packed grades. Comment -- Temporarily, It would seem that butter and egg markets will be affected by the trends for stocks and grains. REBEKAH OFFICERS FJLAN CARD TARTY Rebekah convention officers will sponsor a card party at the I. O. O. F. hall Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs. S. M. Decker is chairman of arrangements. Americanism: Ridiculing the dirty customs of other lands; permitting the sale of doctored foods that other amis bar as poisonous.-- Davenport Times. Stock List Ai'lV YOBX STOCKS. NEW YORK, Aprl! 17. CR-Final (jDotnUona. Air Roduct 98H I T 4 T 1-114 Alloghany 31« Johns JIanv 36 A! Che Dye 152 Kennecott 21 £ Am Can 103% Krcsse 2«5» Am For Pow 8% Kroger 32',i Am Pow Lt 9 Llg My B 93 ?i Am Sm Bet 43% Locws 31% Am Steel Fdrs 20V 4 Loons \VIIes 41»i Am Sugar 52 Lorlllard ITli A T T 1207, Maytag 1 Am Too B 72 McKess Rob 8H Am Water \Yta 20S Mid Cont Pet 13»i Anaconda 16% M K T 12 /Uchlson 68 Vi Mo Pac 45i' All Eel 29Vi Mont Ward 30?i Auburn 48 ·£ Iforrell 50 Aviation Corp 9 Nash 23}«' Baldwin Loc 13% Nat Else 43-S B' 0 23 Vi Nail Cash Re A 19 Barnsdall S7u Natl Dairy 15 Bendix 1315 Natl Distil 30 Beth Stl 42% Natl Pow U IIS Bordcns 22% N V Cent 3514 Bors Warn 23 N Y N H H 18-11 Burr Add 15'.; No Amer IS'j. Canada Dry 20-)i No Pac 34% Can Pac 16% Oliver Farm 4?i Case 66}£ Oliver Farm pf ... Cerro dc Pasco 36 !£ Packard Sli Ch«s 0 46% Penick i Ford ... Ches Corp 46% Penney GG!B Chi B 111 ... Penn 31 ¥i C N W 13 Phillips pet 19 ft Chic Gt W ... Proc Gam 3.'.!4 Chic Gt W pfd . . . Pullman 57 C M S P P 6V, R C A S'i C M S P P pf 10% R K 0 3« C R I P ... Rem Ran4 I2 Chrysler 5314 Kep Stl 217; Col C E 15% Key Tob B 4314 Comwlth Sou 2% Roy Dutch 36',4 Cons Gas 37 s ! Seara Roeb 49 l y Cons Oil 1211 Shell V 9»i Contl Can 82% Skelly lo*s Cont Ins 32-}i Socony Vac 16!i Contl Mot 1% So Pac 28 Corn Prod 76% St Brands 21V. Curtiss Wr 4H St G B 12«J Dcero pfd 14% St Oil Cal 37 Du Pont 96% St Oil N J 4S% Eastman 91% stew \Varner S'/ H El Pow Lt 71S Stone Web 9 1 /Fo* Film A 1814 Studebakcr 7 " Frceport Tex 48 Tex Corp 26% Gem Am Trans 40-^i Tex Gulf Su 36% Gen El 22 * Tim Roll Bear 34=1, Gen Foods 3414 Un Carb 44'i Gen Motors 38 ^ Un Pac 132 Gillette 11 Unit Air 22% Gobcl gu United Corp 6'i Gold Duct 21% U S Gypsum 40 Goodrich 16 li U S Indus Alch r.l»i Goodyear 351= U S Rubber 21'i Graham Paige 3^4 U S Steel 5iy d Gt Nor pfd 23% Wabash . . Gt West Sup 29K Warner Plct 7--.; Hudson Mtrs 20 1 /- West El Mfg 33 'i III Cent 32 Woolworth 5315 Int Harv 41% WrlR'ey 6214 Int NIc Can- 251; Tel Tr 0% CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO, April 17. (.T)-Cities Sen-Ice 215 Natl standard 24 runier Co s Quaker Oats lOT'i Gt Lakes Air ti Sivlft t Co 17% Ubby-McNell 6% Swift IntI . J9U. M IV utilities U mil and Ind 1% Natl Leather l?t Zenith 3U m.VN-EAPOLIS STOCKS. MINNEAPOLIS, April 17. {.-D--StOCkS closed: First Bank Stock 8%. Northwest Bancorporatlon. no trading. INVESTMENT TRUSTS Bid and asked April 17: Corp Tr Sh AA Mod 2.35 2.4s Corp Tr Sh Acctim Ser . . 2.02 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod 2.35 2.48 Dividend Sh 1.23 1.25 Nationwide Sec 3.-1G 3.r6 Nationwide Sec Vtc ..... 1.32 1.42 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1.89 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 2.45 Quarterly Inc Sh 1.34 1.45 Selected Am Sh 2.72 Selected Cum Eh 7.00 Selected Income Sh 3.62 4.13 Super Corp Am Tr A . . 3.07 U E El L £ Pow A 12'i 13'i U S El L Pow B 2.13 2.23 U S El L Pow B Vtc . . .82 .90 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Corp IS'.i Marshal! Fields 18T4 Borg-War Corp 25 Quaker Oats 10714 Butler Bros 11% Swift Co 17% Cities sen-ice 2'i Swift Intl Co 29% Cord Corp 6S U S Gyp Co 40 Gt Lakes Dred 19-li Walgreen Co 2614 Keys St- Wl ISi-j Zenith Co ZV Lib McN Lib 6% NEW YORK CURB Amer G St El 26% Hecla Mining 6% Am Cyan B 21 Hiram Walker 43»i Am Sup Pow Co 3!a Hud B M fc S 14 vrk Natl G A 1% Humble Oil 46% Assoc G El A 1 NIas Hud Pow 6U Can Marconi 27s Pennroad Corp 3% DIst Corp Seag 20% S 0 Ky Co 1614 El Bb Sh 16?i S 0 Ind Co 27!i ?ord M of Can 241 United Gas Co 3 Ford M of Eng S Un L Pow A 3% NEW YORK STOCKS A aska Juneau 20% Intl Carriers 9^ Am Bank Note 19 !£ Jewel Tea Co 48 i*. \m B Sug Co 12 Kelvinator Co 19 Am C F Co 27T / s Lambert Co 27 y, Am Roll Mills 235; LIq Carb Corp 28% Am Met Co 241s Loose-Wiles 41% Am R S Co 35% Mack Truck 33y- Am Tob Co 70H Mat* Alkali 35V- Arm A Co A 7% McLellan Sirs 4 Assoc Dry Gds 16% Mex fieab Oil S6U leld Ileming 14 '4 Minn Mo Inp 4 test Co 33% Mot Prod 36 Irlggs Mfg Co 16H Mun wear Inc 2 BuSd Mfg Co 5% No Am Avl 6 By A M Co 27 Otis Steel Co O'j. Calif Packing 28% Owen 111 Glass S7 Caterpil Trac 31% Park Utah Cop 5 Coca Cola Co llSli Poop Gas L 36!$ Com Credit 33 'A Pillsbury Flour 25% Com Solvents 2S% Plymouth Oil 131$ Cont Oil 21% Prod Refln % Crm of Wheat 32% Pub Ser of N J 37;' Cud Pack 471i Pure Oil Co 12% ^urKVVri Co A 10 7 /s Pur Bakery 157;, Douglas Alrc 23% Reo Motors 4% Saton Mfg Co 21% St Jos Lead 23% £ Auto Lite 271i Simmons Co 20!^ Srle R R Co 221i So Cal Edison 19% Fire T R 22 Sperry Corp 10 i$ First Natl Strs 65 Ti Wat Assd O 13 Foster-Wheeler 18% U S Smelter 125'A Gliddcn Co 2074 Utll P L A 4 " Gt North Ore 13% Vanadium 26% lahn D Strs 7 Un Oil Cal 17% !ers Choc Co 57 Un Gas Imp 1614 louston Oil 2614 Warren Bros 10% lous Oil (new) 5% Westn Myld 151i Hupp Motors 5 "Westn Union 54% nd Rel Co 314 Young S T 27% ndust Rayon 86% LOANS WANTED Can use several small Farm Mortgages Also City Loans A. M. SCHANKE and Company Telephone 1300 Mason City, Iowa k A

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