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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, April 27, 1818
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jfEir - rohK rtJfiAO post. MONDAY, APRIL, S7.,V ' ' tTf Tne office of the' ft - York Evening t put,' it removed to the new building in Wtt - liam - etrcct, opposite the Bank Coffee - Howe. IXt mwiti tieclio for Hit tUU and for th common council of this city bejiot to - morrow, '' and perhap H may t ipctd that way who, for yn, lav been eccnttoened to y o Ibing oq similar occari on, should not reoiam o - . tirnry silent ape tint ( - but, wld It lk (Lifer - no between our riliutioathea (we tpek ber W MertiM) Md oar dtiMtiM now. . Jt m v " thantwlr aaontlubc we ceased to ad ti i party to oppoeaioo to any nad did Indulge the bumbl cxpecUtio f beiof eoffered , quietly and petceebl to withdraw from a coo - , tatt, which, ia reality, no longer existed I there V being Utile, if any thing, leA to coo lend about, nod to be BBSoIerted in ouf retirement. - We " . could not oppoie meature which we formerly ' originated aid supported ai ear own, merely fcocnute our political adrereariee had adopted them i and we were cooteoUd, tney inouw car '.' won the sorenjment, upon principle to wliich UCThadereoUybeaiocnerti. We dU Indeed trust, to their swgoanimity and to their oenaa of justice, that we should recti vt, at leant, V torn wall part of that InBaence io the manage - onto! the public concern, which every men intooiely, to proportion to hit capacity, inlegri - . i.. and ftdelit to the Institution noder which . , Retire, If entitled. We did not luppoaethal we were to be iied to n ttaka'and boll - baited, nor to be hauled down with the cry of mad dog Can It be wondered at, then, if we look with cool indiffvrenca at each of the twoeectiom of the pane party, whoieem equally Incnned to - treat at ia tbie manner t Tbey are now about ( Uturgagelu a contest, to try which can do the r other the meet harm f And why thouU we care about the knot ? Both equally appear dnpotod to do at harm, and wherefore Aoiild we feel con " corn about the euccew of either? It cannot be - denied that with both aftderclitl it comidtrtdan . - . Among the candidates, I observe the name of ' SUas Wood, for coorrtssasaa. But itUcharjoJ tjpon turn by one party that be is a (ederalitt I Iomw him eoate daten or fifteen yean since, and knew bun to b an intelligent, active, able and worthy man, inch a man as I thould suppose Would reflect credit en hie electors but he it denounced at a federalist, although he it brought forward at the particular solicitation of the county of Saflulk,) long celebrated for its weight ia the oppotlU scale, and if this charge it believed, be will doubtleat lot his election, whatever may be kit integrity er lalentt.'.. , .. ,, . . . .... u. . Instead of thetime't having arrived, tpoken ol ly JeCstwen, when the only questions to be ;ked I of a candidate for odea. are. " it he boo est, it be capable, Is he friendly t the constitution," the only question! deemed material are, Is he trae to Mr. Clinton, or it he true to Mr. Tornp - ' kiut. and if he active to fetch aud carry f ? JppoitmtnU The appointments lately made by the Council, are spoken of, with ooe, or psr - s ; hap two exceptions, at the most mjuJiciout ever mad, v" .... ' v. ' The lubscriber hat just been' Informed that tear of the electors of lh; ptb ward have It in . contemplatioa to nommato and support Htm at a candidate at the ensuing elect ion for the office of alderman of said ward, although he had, at he t apposed, when repeatedly applied, to on thd subject, most unequivocally declined IbaLhonor. It is respect for the electors aod inhabitants of the " - ward in which he bat resided for many yean, : and from whom he hat experienced many proof, of confidence and friendship, at weU as from his Ainwillingnett that any of their tuAragei should . be erroneously bestowed, constrain him in this . public manner to inform them, that he it not a candidate for the office of alderman, and that ii ' elected he could not terve. " NICHOLAS FISH. .Dytlte President of the United State of A - m erica. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, by an act of the Lieutenant Governor. Council and Assembly of Hit Dritannic . Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia, patted in the year 1816, it wat, among other thinn, en - acted, that from and after the first day or May, of that year, " no Plaitter of Paria, otherwise called Gypsum, which should be laden or put on board any thip or vessel at any port or place . within the limits of the aaid Province, to be transported frem thence to any other port or place within or without the laid limits, should, directly or indirectly be unladen or landed, or put on shore, at any port or piuce in tue u - nited State of America, eastward of Boston. . in the atatc of Massachusetts, ihhp unladen or nut on board any American ship, vrasel, boat. or ahallop. of any description, at any port or place eaa.ward of Boston aforesaid, under the - penally of the forfeiture of every tuch ship or vessel from wmcn any turn riauier oi rant. or Gypttim. thould be unladen contrary to the nrovuion of the taid act, toiretlier with her - boat. U' kle, apparel, and furui'.ure, to be sicx ed and prosecuted in manner thereinafter mentioned." . - And whereas, by an act of the Congrcse of the united State, pakted on the tlurd day oi March, 18)7, in was enacted that froro and after the f lurtli day of July, then, neat, no Plainer of i'eris, the production of any country, or its dependencies, from wnicb the vet - tela of the Un ted gU'ei were not permitted to bring the same ankle, slioutd be imported into the United States in any fore gn vessel nd that all I'laitter of Pari, impc ted, or attempted to be import ed, into tue United States, contrary to the true intent and meaning of the aaid act of Conrrett, a - .xl the venae! in which " the wine might be imported, or aUemnteii m ' be imported, together with tli canro tackle. apparel, and fiirniture. tliould be fwfeited to the United State and liable to be seized. prosecuted, and condemned, in the manner thereto prrtmbed ; ;"' And whereas, by the taid act of coarresa. was Jurthr enactdd, Ouu Uk tam should a - riaoe ant N ia fore Bv yriT from lb thirty - Cfrtdty af January, one th.MianJ eight hundr.d and tevenieear rmrnieJ, norarthclcst, that U . anyforeinatioaeritjdepeadeocic, whin, at ths time of the pawaga of the aanl act of coo grata, had ia force rerulatieat on the tuhject oi - Uj trad ia planar of pans, prohih'. - 'c; the et jerUUon thereof to enrUin pact of tU VnUadtconOeratic that tbVjw nirerart prlcn It prreideot of the United Stale wae thereby autborued to declare that fact, ij nn procuma - boa; andtharetlrKtioMuapoiedby the said act of congees thowtd, trout th dal f ocaprof lamaUon, cease and be nlicoauunea m reiaiion to the nntioa or it dependcndei, auconunaios tuch rrolAtiont t ' And whereat, an art of (he lieutenant jorer - aor. coeaci). and aaMmfcly of hi Britannic ma jesty! prorince ef Kora fccotia, repealiuf the a - bore mnitioowa act ot ine tain province, pnw m the rear 1818. hai been oAciallf commuBirv tedby hie eaid awjeetyit envoy extraordinary and miniitor plenipo'enliary to thii orernntent :' And wherea, by the laid repeaUiif ad of ihe Mkl province of Kera 6cotia, ea ef the dipen deneue of tne Unued KinsOuea of ureal vruain and Ireland, the refulaliont at the limn of the uniMtse of the eaid act of eoorro. ia fcrce in the aid provmcn en im turned of tne traae w put tor of Pari, prohibitinr the eiportation thereof to certain portt of the Untied Atatee, nave been and are ducootinued t - - v Now, iherrlbre, I, Janet Monroe, president of the United Statet of America, do, by this my proclamation, declare that fact, and that tne re ttrictioae impoted bv Ihetaid act of conerett, do, from the date hereof, ceaie, and are diicontinued, io relation to hit Britannic majatty'a taid pro vince o nova fccotia. . Given under my hand, at the city of Wash ington,' this twenty - third dy of April, in the year of our Lord one thoutn'od ciht hundred and eighteen, and In the iorty - tecond year of tne loaeenuance of we uniieu ATaict. J,1rMONROK. Oy the president : - ,' , , J aim QuvtriJdami, Seerttaryof Stole. .'.' Navy Department, ) April?, 1818. ( Capt. J. D Elliott, U. S. Havy s SirIn complying with a resolution of con. greet, pasted on the 29lb day of January, 1813, and on behalf of the preoident of the United States, I bava the honor of handing to yon 44 an elegant tword. with tuilable emblemt and devi ces, in testimony o the just sense entertained by congrem of yoar gallantry and good conduct, in boarding and capturing the British brigt Detroit and latodouia, while anchored under tne pro - tectioa of fort tne." Among the variou official duties devolving upon me, I nave a nigh degree of tfttisfacaon io the fjeribrtnance of Uiit: and at the tame time to add the assurance of my personal esteem and re spect for your honorable services at an officer, and your character at a gentleman. , With the best wishes for your irotnerity and happiness. I nave ue nonor io tt, arc. B. W. CROWSLVSHIELD. . Norfolk, April 13, I8I8.T - Em Yoor letter, and the tword which vou preseoted to me io compliance with a resolution oC Congress, have both been received: I want terms to eiprew the mingled tentioientt of gratitude aod pride inspired by this token of mblic conndenca. A'cai to the consciousness of having endeavored to do hit duty, every officer must value (he aDnrobation of hit country. . I know indeed, that tlie success which hat procured me tbie honor should be ascribed to (lie rallantrv and good conduct of those k horn it wat my good fortune to command, rather than to my personal skill, and that I owe this distinction more to the generosity of Concrcss then to my own merit; but this very consideration will animate my Al lure rnoru io jusury the distinction which my country hat deigned to confer oa tne. t or me Kind and nattering manner in which J"f oave ueca pieaseu io maae toit coromunict. tioo, beCyoo toacceiH my acknowledee you have been pleated to make tbit coromunict n 'n.u - dieut tervant, J.P.ELLIOTT. Hon. B. W. Crowninsliielrf, "i .. Secretary of the Navy. - ' ' : MlLLtfeVKVILLt. April 14. IniutnMuritrtjYit have been politely fa - vorea oy a gentleman m this place with tin fbllowinr unpleasant intellieence. Extract of a U tter from Mr. Thomat Herbert to hit . fa ther in one county, dated Poplar Spring, AiaDama lerniorv. March 21" Yeaten a captain Willi a Butler, Ounicl Shaw, and W ilium Gardner, all formerly of Joaea county. Georgia, were killed hv Jndant ,, Capt Spaf - ford and . other who were in company made their escape. Colonel Dale with thirty men have came to our nasikUuica i and ihei are thirty Choctaw and seventeen regulars on their way. 4 W e expect tlicm to - morrow. We have built a fort at this place which we have Called ' tort Dale ' J he women, children and wargon hav been aetit to Fort CUiborne. u. uioo nat orciereu oui two companies ot militia, one from Clarke and the other from Montgomery." . . . ' Another letter dated 31at of March itys "Hie Indians have not committed any murder lince my last We have just returned from a scout which we extended to the futher - moil lare prong of Coneco, there we turned down the tli earn and went about twenty milts. and were compelled to return in conwquence oi tne want or provisions, we made no dis coveriea, except tome old Indian tii. Some Choctaws who went un the creek vesterdav. discovered four Indian With their women and children, who, bring - upon their guard and near a swamp, made their escape, leavinir be hind fifty deer skint, tome cooking utensils ami arieu venison, all or which the Choctaws broUKht into fort to - dav. Wr have iust re ceived information from the Tort at Fine - Bar ren, that there were eight Indian teen nrar there yesterday, who had tlolcn anroe com from a Mr: Earnest, and that reort of guns wctb ucarn in uie neignuomooa next morning. We are making preparation to put tue them Our force consist of 24 voluntet - ra, 17 regular!, 20 Choctaw and 14 Creekt from Mac - nack'a party. We tlull drive them hence in a short lime." Lxtractof a letter to a gentleman in Boston, dated Rio Jakiibo. Feb. 8 On the 6th intt. I wit neaard the splendid ceremonr of the corona. lion of the King of Portugal and the Brazils. it loo; place in the pretence of all the gran - dcet and 13,000 troops, under the title of John 1 1. An Austrian rrirate hat arrived from Triettc, with an ambassador cxti aordinary. I ne wongrett iniraie it now here, atier a pas age of iS days from Norfolk. The sloop ofl war untaru left bere about the let of Novem ber fur Valpraio. Extract of a letter fotn the house of the Ameri can consul at Utwvool, dated 26th March, 1818. The protrrct of a c ban re of mind, which hit for torn weekt detained the vetteli in our port, now induce nt to mouse our adticet at to our market for American produce. The demand lor cotton hat been very regular during tht last tore weeka, and prtcce hav latterly unproved a utile, particularly th Hotter quabbct of Orleans and Uplands i aod Sea - ManUs ten rally in manufacturing demand continue good, bat .cnstaeraDie tupphet ar yet to com forward, larucuiany rrom .New - Orleans, aud w woald not encouraue the expectation of any mattrial oeyooo our prtcnt quoUtnoi Iht market if, however, very steady. Mid any increased de - and anigl.t ra w it or prb:ipt l - 2d perlb. 'i he drniioj Jo, th what u impro,, and 54a it o&red for New - York flour in quantity, bul holders are uuwillinj t0 take lh price, and auut of thrm xdc for 66. a JTs - Lhe ,at of 4 - mericaa flour hu therefor ms yet becu very limned, being held at a pric raUter tugh in pro - rrUon to wbaU rrom lha gsoaral Nat of th corn market ia tbit country, and .taking into that th portt would remain open feaiil August Should w tee accasioa to alurr this cinion w ihall advise jou. ' '' ' ' '" . LowjuaUuof leaf tobece (ef aUeertontv cept Mary lauds of which there nre none here) hav advanced laturly, bsing wanted fore v H. ami tha artirta ia very slcadv at our Quo tation th stock iu port of nil kinds It 4230 hhds. which it noderaU. and W uwstm 401ft it appear likely that a good ptvportion of what tt now on iiann wui D inpotawaiu oreerat rricw, (and perhaps for tow tear a in. dinr advance.) bvfore the arrival of the new crop ia August ad ncptemuer, ami pnrn wr ui ter may open 1 - Sd jpor lb. lower than the pre - ac nt rule. i . j - Of lata the sale of asho Us been much cen - finad I a lha trade, few sueculaton havtaf enter ed inn anarkrt during the last week boklcrt of pott bava been more auxions to soil, out wunom submittinr to any material decline. Pearl are verv dull there doe not appear much eapecta tlou of any material alteration in prices of either descnptKaa. Itic tt steady, i . . W are very tnily your, ' ' v MAURY tt LATHAM. , i ' . . .i ' ' Fnm the Albany ZuV Aitertittr, April tS. A ininl reuilutioo of the twoboutet of the le liilalure wat passed a few dayt previoue to th adjournment, requesting the chancellor and judge to frame a general insolvent law for thii state, and report the tame to in next sc(ism - lure. Extract from an act entitled an act relative to Hanks, and for other purposes, passed Slsl 'April, 1818. . And be it further enacted. That the second section of th act entitled an net, to amend the act entitled " an act to incorporate the stock bolder of the Cank of Orange, Clh April, 1813, and for other purposes,'' patted April 15, 1817, be aud the tame is hereby repealed. Ik fallowing ii tlu rieakd ixiwn r'femd to i . , tn tin abwt Mouse . And be it further enacted. That the president, dirortort and company of each of the incorpo rated banks in the state or New - 1 orR, tnau nere - after be entitled to demaud and receive on inter est not exceeding seven per ceutuai per annum on all loans and discounts made by each of them for a longer period than 00 dayt, any thing in the acta of incorporation of any ol the taid banks U the contrary not withstanding. . , Hy s law pasted at the lata session ol ih le gislature of this state, it it enacted M that if any incorporated bank shall refute to pay any of its bills or notes, hereafter to be uwued, in lawful money of the United Statet, on demand, the holder of tuch bills or notes shall b entitled to recover the amount thereof in - an action on the esse, for money lent, with interest thereon, at the rale often per centum per annum, from the time of such refusal with cutis. John Van Net Yates, Esq. wat yesterday ap pointed secretary of state, vice Lbarlet u. Coop er, fja. removed. ' The council of appointment have adjourned, to meet again in June. APPOINTMENTS, By the eoHneil of appthitmetU jtrterday. Albany John V. N. Vales, secretary of slate, vie Charles I). Cooper, removed. Solomon Van Rensselteer, adjutant general. Anthony Lamb, commissary general. . Joseph Wilton, in spector of fish, vice Stephen W.Johuroo, resigned. Andrew Wilson, inspector of beef and pork. JVfio - rorJfc. John fJcdienU coroner. Edward M'Laufrhlin, commissioner of excise, vice Eve - rardut Warner, removed. Charles K. Gardner, commissary of Ibe division of artillery, to reside in the city of New - York. George Wilton, of lb 1st ward, Tunis Wortman, of the 3d ward, Noah Bartlett, of th Oth ward, Cary Dunn, jr. of tho 8th ward, John V. Brevort, and James Flanagan, of the Oth ward, aod Charles Holt, of th 11Kb ward, assistant justices, vice rhihp Tabele, F.liiha Morrell, Lewis Aorevine, Motes Cunningham, John Dougherty, Olen Hubbard, ad Ezra Frost, removed. Charles Chrnlian, special Justice, vice Josiah Hedden removed, Nichol II. Derinir, commissioner of th htalth office, vice Famoel Torbet removed. Auctioneers for the city of New - York, Mar tin Hodiuau, Jama Bleacker, Thomas Frank lin, David R. Dunham, Claudius u. rontaine, William C. Holly, Abraham Bouduine, Corne lias 8. Barstow, Peter MCarly, Charles Town, Silas Ilirk, Nathaniel G.' Ingraham, Ijiwrence fowen.Simoo Nath:,n,Joha P. Deidcnrk, James Karrcll, William S. Hick, Sampson M. Isaacs, Rolicrt M'Menoroy, Thomas Tnpler, Mordecai Myers, Leonard Seaman, Abraham G. Thorn p - on, r.lim v, Uo, Junes liourlay, martin tvit - mis, Jateph C, Cooper, Solomon Seixat, Myo - dert Van Achaick, John Y. Cebra, Cha't. Byrne, John I.edyard, Simon Pleat, David Crane, Ste phen uurdett, Oliver u. Kane. - firrrne. Mow?s I. Cauline, judge advocate general ol thii state. , ( . SALEM, April S3. Lott of trhr. AneUr. of (hit port. About 4 o'clock on Tuesday morning last, th tchr. Ang ler, sbillaner, rrom Ualtimore,vialhe V ineyard, ran a.hor ou the southeast breaker off Baker's Iflsnd Aliout two o'clock the made the light. and bore up to go to the eastward of Uiote break er : and when Judging her sufficiently clear of tne iboals, the court was altered for the light, which was shut in immediately after, occasioned by soow and sleet and the tide setting N. E. she truck, bilged and did off. Nothing it tared but i a ddis Hour mat wat on dock, she will proba My go to piecet ; her matt heads are jutt above water. Capt. bbillaber hat pursued th trad to Baltimore, in the Angler, for several year pan, witn uncommon industry and expedition, mi w ixiier nat never be lore mtt with a sio - il accident worth naming. UTICA, AprU 13. J7oooerwAma(i - On the 31st of March last, a letter wat taken from the post - office in Sullivan, containing ooe thousand dollar, and another on th Saturday following, containing lour nunartd and tevanty - tni dollar, liotb were mailed at Afaoliut aod directed to real! - men in Utica. The lost of the letter occasioned much anxioty and pain, especially to the re - specliv post - masters, and inductd them to make active exertion to delect the plunderer. H hat been detected and the money all recovered - The name of the villain it Bebe, who wat enabled to commit the theft in consequence of per minion occasionally allowed him to assist in the post - office at bulhvan. Ibisincestody. We understand throbdry happened io lb absence of th post - master, W. K. Fuller, esq. and that Bebe wat not a clerk in the office, nor wat he en trusted in any measure, by the pott - matter, with the care of the office. If had been in the neighbourhood some months under the care of a physician, who in the absence of the post - master acted as hit deputy. The result of this traniactioa completely exonerate from blame Mr. Fuller and all the other post - matters on th road. At a meeting of the Director of the Franklin Bank, on Saturday cvenintr. Gen. Robert Borardus, w at unanimously elected President, and Henry Pott, jr. Esq. Cashier. Isaac wrigni was elected, on Saturday, a Director of the Phenix Bunk. The ship Angelica, arrived last eveniaa from Lisbon, lias sixteen thousand teiea hundred oie - oe of gold, (valu eight dollars each) for th U. n. s . n I . . .a a - ouusr can. ivauy Jitr. FHOM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Cjfir of I'm - CUt Gtstltt. CHARLtSTO.N. April 16. " Rrpfttf Actual 6alm for Week Mtt Cotton Sea Itlaad. 6U a eeeti 70 n - Stained do. 4a I Stan tret 63 a is t Ffvnr Kti. 31 a S3 eeela i Sljiarat 4i M a V RicePrltfl. $6 1 Seeood quality, S 1 - S. - ' v , naamdenT (,up) Jill lfoWphin 11 ... iirAm Aniui ultt Lav been made dtt ring the week, bat not to any very a;ieat extent and mo improvement ia price hatbetf. noticed. u any description of goods. .... - Oroceriet - Jamnrca Rem, nn cjwrwve it telling at and a Ultje ahove our quoi aioo ; im - m coJMtderahlr ak could be effected at the pnet mmled. The parcel of Molasses which hruuehi our higbett quotation, "wat of a ' 1?rj Yayxrrirx quaUtvrTbcr i no Livrrjiool fiait anVat, bokkrt are consequently asking higher prices than thai quoteo. tojitfe ims auvnntcu - sioce our last s Sugar coutiane pretty ttcady at enr quotation. - ... ..... .. Flout It pltTs n llc w ,!ev7 . ' Corn Hu met a further reduction in pine, (be alack on hand it large, and no improvement MnrfMl iniiAMttafaflv. - ' i - . Tobacco Comiouet heavy, tut the price of Lattj( ar tuii mawinincn. i v - . , litre (.11. jsriate uumiiv. is acan c, auvt vc readily at eur qwoUtioa.Ql C ; iuicrior ouali - iie ar notia to food dt - mandr , Cotton Sea, Wand support, 'lie price t which Uiey were - Advanced last week i uie quantity cn sale very limited j and ome bolder arc ouentlv loukioa - fur a Kill further advance. lplandt Ot prime quality, bring our liigbril quotation, particularly if ia square balct i lin stock in. market tt ill large. . .. .. ' CHARLESTON. April 19. Arrived, Brititli brig Mary, Robertson, 13 dnvt from Havana, in dittres. bound to Cowet, (Eng - J On Sunday night last, 131b tort, in lit zv, w, lougin ix'. in alieavy squall from 8 8 W carried away the fore and main topmatt, and caused the vrsiel to leak to mucn, tnai tne WW o ouugea to iana ner tar. Schooner Marllia, Kiellen, 17 dayt from Cape Henry. Left chr Amphion, Mills, of nnd for Baltiwote, waiting a cargo. Two Dutch ships from Europe, one loaded with drygoodt, and the other with 80,000 Specie Dollars on board, arri - a. few davt before the Martha tailed. The mar ket at Cape Henry wat completely glutted with American prooucc. voioiiiiu pruuu.e and high. ' ' " Sloop Jamet. Vincent, 1 day from St Marys Saw a brig off the bar on Saturday morr.ii c, with the fott of her main top - matt. The U. S. brig Enterprite Lieut Kearney, tailed from St Mary't en Tuctday last, bound to Appalachico - la. i - - . Cleared. tliipCeret, Forsyth, Liverpool ; Ma ry Ann, Morris. N York tlon Sally, Seymour, N York t sloop Randolph, LudJinston, N Ilaveo. Sailed, ships Sally, Watson, lor Liverpool ; Sybil, Turner, do ; Cumberland, Odoni, iloj I'o - rhal - ootat, Howland, do $ brig Curlew, Young, urei - uocK. FROM OUR CO fiR ESP O WD EA7. Office of the Union, ? Philadelphia, April 35 noon S . 'Arrived, ship Natchez, Wamick, 116 dayt from Datavia, with coffee, to John MCrea Left UaUvia 29th Dec. with the Margaret, Hen ner, for Philail i Horatio, Hunker, of N York for Bombay brig Ocean, Bond, of N York for Amsterdam Anchored at N. Inland lit Jan. and found there the Comptny't brig Penan, capt Maine, from Penang, with patscngert, waiting for the homeward bound China vhipt. 2d, arrived French thip Indian, Langlade, from Manilla for Bordeaux. . Left N. Island 5th, and parted from the Ocean, Horatio, and Margaret 7th; in the Btraita of 6'unda. 13th, lat 10, 8. Ion. 102, apoketlnp Wm. & John, Blake - man, 23 dayt from Canton for New York, all well, who left ship Thoma Scattergood, and Phenix, of and for Philadelphia about 15th Jan. April 8th. lat 35. long 60, ipoke briir Jose phine, Kitt. 8 day from Philadelphia for La Guira, all well. The chip North America, Krwin, of thu part, from Amtterdam.and tlnp Clarissa, King, of Salem, were the only Amer ican vetteli at Batavia. 1 lie t:iaritsa would proceed to an eat tern port, not being able to procure a cargo. The last government tale of coffee was 16 per pecal. Arrived, britr Jamet Murdock, Mathieu, 28 daya from Bordeaux. - Sailed from the Cordovan Slit March, with the thip Magnet, Garwood, and Hunter, West, fur this port i Rebecca, Turner, of U. York, fof IT. Orleans ; brig Bordeaux, Bateman, for n York. ' Lett, - brig Uuttavut, Dole, N. Orleans, 1st April ships Ea, lludd, Baltimore, dot Patterson, Pallet, N Orleans, readv t Lucy Ann, Arnold, Charleston,. 1st. April Amiable Matilda, Meyers, N. York, unc i Gen. Scott, Collin, do. do. t brig South American, Hewitt, una i ships Thalia, flutler, Philadelphia, 1st April ; thip Illinois, Funk, NYork, do. opoke nothing. Sell Resolution, Marshall, 7 dayt from New - York. .The R. lost the back of her rudder te - cond d&y out. - v. Brig Feliciana. Franklin, 120 dayt from New Orleant. Left, 1st Jan. ship Tennessee, for Philadelphia, in 14 day ; brigs Argo, and Hannah er Rebecca, do. uncertain. Sloop Only Daughter, Ireland, 4 dayt from Cleared, thip Lancatter, West, Liverpool. From Canlon l h William 4: John, arrived Ibis forenoon from Canton, wat boarded the 1st of January by a boat (rum lh Dutch company's brig Mary - Ana, at the (oath entrance of Banca Straits, and informed that the Malay had at tacked the Dutch settlement of Atinlou and suffered a severe defeat. The Malay privatr erf were extremely troublesome in Banca and Gas par Straights. There wat a piratical ship, Ame rican built, of 28 guns and 400 men, cruising a round the Thousaad Itlands, manned - with F.n - gluh, French, Spanish, aod Americans. , She was supposed to bava n Bueoot Ayrean coaimito, but plundered every vessel the fell in with An American ship bad been overhauled by her and robbed. The thip Horatio and Ocaan of Naw - York, nnd th Margaret of Philadelphia went through th Straits of Suoda on the 4th January. Th crews of Iht two first named hip ware very tickly. ; Th William and John wat tpoken by a British vewel from Batavia, who informed that it wat very tickly at that place. Th mortality wat nvr greater. HIED, In London, in March last. Marv. the wife nf John Delafiehl, Jun. Esq. of Rust'el Square. ILHUfUfO POST MARUfK LIST. CLEARED. Ship L'Hyaci ithe, Carron Guadaloupe J P Durand Schr Rising Sun, Campbell, . Edentou Cbarlet Hays, Thompson, Washington NC Sloop lUpid, Wakliu, Providence uHKlvi.D I HIS FORFJYUO. Ship William tt John. Blakeman. 12S davt from Canton, with teas, tilks, fee. to John Jacob Astor. Left at Wampoa, thip Alert, Porter, ol Boston, for Manilla Dee 13 ; Paragon, Wild, of do anknowo where bo aod j brig Vancouver, of and tor Boston, to tail lit of January, 1818 i Flying Foh, Fitch, of do a sealing voyage ; brig Alexander, Bankroll, of and lor Boston, tea. ioiui amp jrumbuu, Aboro, of and for Providence, SSth Jan. 1 Iris Rambler. Holdea. f do. for do. do. thip Ootario, Depeytur, of aod for New - York 1st Feb. ; thip Tbos. Scat, tergood, Wariooa. of aod for Philadelphia. xwn Jan.) unpi - hmnix, M'tiibbersofaod fordo ooi amp nagg, Adams, of and for Baltimore, win January. Brig Morning - Star, Allen, 25 day (rota Mar - tiaique, St. Piorret, with tnolaise. coee, aad specie, to H. Harbeck. Left at it t'ierrrt a - bot60 nil of America vessel. Th port WMld b closed on lb 15th of April. . Schr Henry LVtuton, Wood, day from Ckerlettoa, in ballast and IS passengers, to the mailer. - ,. Cloop Sally, Rierwo. ii dayt frcm St r. (ajurtimwitbinota andencoa, to ftV . a. Ii.a ., p..wi.m. C. Drlvte. aid PaulDeryte. Led, achr ltj Arm, Dai, f ri ii. x..ii whr Mornux Stas. of .lew WUi - .,i.fW.. , - , . London, Just arrived ; 'f ''i """".""'L Kevertyi 10 diry rh Rov - T in 4 dayt Ann Mary, Jacoh, of .1 ork, ia Three Setters, Foll.rd. of rertericksbuwh, l London, lust kfrlvrd ; a nr u .t, v "j, - .. - ' j l n n... ml ti.hil 6; to i...,,! rla !hrieOi:lavian.Chan - drerr for Baltimore k tlay t brig Syeon, ek. for Newluryport onccrtaia i tlorni Jam Monroe, tothekward for a cargo. April 15, lal u S3, Ion 69 SO, spoke brig Argo. from Portland for Norfolk, out 3 dayt. Market extremely du"' iRTuvFn ijist,: ' British Pecket Duke of York, Capt Prier, 43 dayt from Falmouth, via llalilax, B uaye - orutmni no mail hut from the latter plac. The Fen, and March Mails were liotb put on brd the J raneit Fleeting Packet, which sailed in eo. from ral - mouth, to touch at Bermuda Passenerrs from Halifax, two Mit Gaiters, Mr L Mr. Gallel, Mr. Wevholt, aud Mr. Barlow.' (H.difax papers to lAhinsl - - "' Ship Dublin Packet, Cole, ftom Dphlm. and 6 days from Wnterlord, Irclmirt, with linen, coelj, wine and. puialocs, to J. M'BrWe, W. bhaw. J. Lanphlirf,. W. Jamet, Kelley U M BrideJ MVicar Hfiiirnan. i. suiu - m. a. nni. t.iiik - . Sc Vn. April 8 spoke the lug Vrnitt, lt. W long 41,40.' h. r. Uju.1v. lUnr ,. Bvrne, John Srrave, J. K - ifftrtf, r twrell, Micnaei M'Crann. Mnll. M Grann. T. Kohiiicoo, C Uafney i. Cnldw;ll.J.Fofov, B. Fiuuielly &J lUynolds. On the Banki iu lat 43, ,40N. saw great quanta! of ice. . . - . , h .. '. . .. t, (.!'; - - . . Ship Angelica, Shepherd, 35 days from Lisbon, with wine, sail, trail, kc. to N. L, 4: O. Onsw.rfil, W. Neilson fc Son, and CI, O. k S. Hlad. Sailed March ti, hicomnnny wilh briy Hero, Lin coln, for Boston. Left brig Casket, Barton, fr Savannah in t days ; tlnp Cornelia, lor ninanrs - phia, in 4 ; ship Vcnrtonl, bound up the Balilc, and a brie aud 2 schrs. in quarantine, unknown. Shin Marv - Almv. (at auarnnUne) Capt. Almy, of Providence, in 18 days from Havana, with sugar, coffee, molasses, hide, fcc to Mr. Ware, supercargo, G U.ii S. Hov. land, Geo. Dutch, B. Desohry, H. H. Sbeiffelin, S. O. Sheltoii, L. ti C. Dc Forrl. Passengers, Mr. Zeno rSroiisou, ami lirs. - tine Higby. Sailed in company with bug Areo, Greelv, for Portland ; brig Francis, Brafier, do. ; bii? Eliza - Ann, Morris, for Bristol ; and tchr;. Shibboleth, for' Newport. Off the Isaacs, wat bearded by - a small privateer schooner of I gun, and 'JU men, auu rouoeo el several suiau arucira. Ie!'t brig Hope, iust arrived from Nt - w York ; brig Marv - Ann, of Pbilad. from New Orleans, in 10 davt : bries Juno, loading for Providence 20th nprn , rame, Arnoia, tiirn; u, unn juit ar from New York ; Marv, Brewster, ditch ; Maiv, Stackpole: Oriziinbo, kemble, up for New tora ; nai ai nope, rrovincnce ah, miihii do; Dolphin, do, just ar ; Friendship, lor Bristol in b ; tchr Ophelia, loading for New fork ; ships Jewel, Portland, and Sagadaliocfc, Button, hull loadinr. An embarro wat exDectcd le be luid hn - medialelv. in conteauence ol a Spanish fleet of merchantmen being ready for tea. - Markets flour, 20; pork 15, and beef 15 . - Ship Maria Caroline, Mncy, Sll day from New Orleaot. and 15 from the Bahxe, with pork, tobac co, Hour, aud cotton, to R. C. lhiflie. B. W. lto - fi?rs tt Co. Jones ii Mrgrath, Smith k Bailey, U ahuan U Torrey. Sailed from the Bnlize In co: with brig Actress, roller, corn ; orig ruir Ame rican, Marshall, lor JNorlolk. cellar tne wmr.e, ship Emily, Robinson, lor Liverpool ; brig William, of krnnrbunk. for Falmouth ; ship Man - litis, Tarr, for Europe : sloop Stork, of Sulrm, for WMiraiiNr. . Britr Soerdr Peace, Fosdick, 5 davt from Sa vannah, wilh roilon, rice lie. to Bell tt Timpton, RapeJye itPurdy.J. Magee tCo. B. Drsobry, J. D. Newloni Lawrence, Kanelye h Co. L. pondain, and Cambrrleng it Pearson. Passengers, Met art. Collin az Child. Mrs.Lathrop k 4 children, Messra. Ogtbury, Morgan, Gibbon, Lyon, Spencer, linger - , ford b IVttkint. : Brit - Srirn, Bracket!. 35 dayt from New Or leant. and St from She Bailee, with auger, molav ... I I I T..I I. Tn.r lullll lot . . a I iu iriu. It inuiwu , w"i . mri . t3, 4, Ions. 19, 20, spoke brig Cora, 8 davt from ITioutir, lor BOHuii. . rjpui.r hi iiic riwr, unu. uie Turn, tchr. Samuel, of Bale: brisr Savannah Pack et, Cooui - r ; tchr. Gleaner, Saunders, from Ha vana ; tlnp Union t utter, bo daya li ora Havre. Passed 24 sail in att. bound up.' bailed in co. with brit: Hero, Somhwick, fur Boston, 12lh insl 14 leasrues from Matanaas, spoke acbr. Fume, from Salem, for Mntansas. ' .. Brig Trideul, Corey, 26 dayt from Surrioam, with roulettes, to Burrill k Cahoona, B. H. Rath - bone, and Fish k Orinnell. . Left, brim, Jlotuud, Cook, Salem; Augusta, Lee, do.: Akby, Porter, INcm burypart ; t rolic, MarwKk, rortlauu ; o, Fot ler.uloocester : Ceil. Jackson, Loriug, Boston ; Juno, Libhy, do. all unc. when to tail : tch Green, Anlhnnv. N. Bedford, in 6. Snoke. tut. 94, lonc TO, ship Balloon, of Baltimore, 14 dayt from S. Orleans, lor Liveroool. "' ". Ui - ist INrw York, ryie, 99 nay s rrom nioiranor, with hide, horns, and hair, toCheriott. Wilkes to Co. Lett tchr. Roque, Wilket, of Salem, to sail in . . - . . 'ti l. r. fti i uavs lor Havana ; urig nenry, uuicn, oi n.ior; for Havnn. in 3 days. April 3 1, in lat. 30, long 71, spoke schr. Zephyr, 8 dayt from Warren, R. I. for new - UrlraiH. ,!' Brie David - Porter, Lathrcto,7 davt from Char leston, wrta molasses and'piue ptank, ta Vande - wairr. Wheeler it Co. . . French brig Bonne Henriette, Japple, 98 dayt from Havre, with plaster and dry good, to Jus. Bouchaud.' . i - '.' - . " ! Schr. Sea Serpent, Williams, 28 dayt from Sur - iaa - n, via St. - Liutatia, 16 days, with molastet, old copper, tic. to J. M. Lowry fa. Co.. Left at taller place, brig Samnon, for Cntline in 8 ; schr. Mary U Nancyr of Hallowell, for New York, in 14; teiir. Betsey, II a the way j to tail tame day; schr. Three Sisters, Pollard, for St. Thomas, n 2; tchr. Hugh G. Seymour, Re veil, for Ball, in 18. Spoke April IS, fat. 31, long. 6H, thip Lrdia, from Lisbon, for Baltimore. 19t,h lat. 34, long. 68, tcheoner Grevhound, Hoadley, from Laguira, for New York. iOth, lat 38, long. 70, brig New - racaei, irom new unnni ror amioo. Schr. Leonidns, Turner, 4 dayt from Baltimore, with pin, cotton, cocoa, nankeens, tin plates ue, to IV. W. tt J. li. Todd, (owners,; J. While it Co and others. 'i Schr. Indepedence, Hay net, 8 days from Lu bec. with nlastcr. to Ward li BishoD. Schr. Favorite, Borland, (of Damarisrotta,") IS aaytiminriavana, wub oiolasset and Iruit, to U. u ti s. Howland. J lie schr. f'henix, wat to sail for New - York in 3 dayt : and several others, not recollected. Off Havana. - was boarded by a Car. thaeciiian brig of war, having with her a ship aod brig, ner prises, both just out of the Havana. Paa - seiifrei; , Mr. niiichill ami Mr. rascal it Schr Clita it Mary, from St. Marrt. Br. schooner Prrsevcranre, Cock,' 20 days from Kingston, Jam. with ram, copper, cotton, oil, fcc. to J. Hillyer kCo. In lat 39, Un 73, spoke a tchr from Havana, for N. York. Schr Jacqnemei Packet, Domioick, 23 day from Laeuira, and 16 from Aguadilla, Porto Rico, with cou'ee, molasses, hides, specie, fee. Left at former place, onl v the Greyhound, of N. Haven, for n. tora, in i aavt. Schr Mary, Nickerton. 6 davt fir. Boston, with fish and piaster, to B. Blossom. senr Anrora, Mali, B dayt from Boston, with merehandice, to sundries. Schr Triumph. Lee. 23 davs from St. Thomas. with brandy, to De Rham b De Lessen, and thy master. Left a tch for New York, ready for tea. Sailed in co. with schr . Brraot. for Norfolk. Spoke nothing. ' - " - J tnerehandiae, to srmdries. ' ) - Schr. Favourite, Hoot, 20 day from Porto Rico, with coffee, sucwr fee. to A. Cranstoo L Co. M. Bathurtt, and the master. - .i. - - scbr. Mary rtose, Uimock, S8 davt froia citv of St. Domingo, with mahogany ana molaases, to Casetux It Condom; and the master. Left achr. 1 bree sitters, frail, ror Nrw - lork, in i days. Schr. Caroline, Wilcox, 6 day from Urorre - town, ballast. Sloop Wave, Brown. S davt from Savannah. with cotton, to Port It M'Kmnf, 9 pattengers. Sloop America. Stanwowd. tt dava tmm Si Jago de Cuba, with loolaseet fee to IV. It C, Por ter, cert, April 3, tchr. Industry, llyau, for Ball, repairinr; brig Franklin, Lane, lo sail iu 14 ds. ; Victory, Bray, do, ia 15; Nancy, Pickri, Boston, 12; Samuel, Brownell, of Bristol, for Bait na 6: tchr Oi tries K. Mallorr. for Norfolk, hi Ln - i uea. tyre, rtraei, railad. to its ; iJiia - Wil - liaaw, Bait. - in li Sfwkr, off Sr. Jagw harbor, tchr. Baltimnre, 16 dayt from New Orleans. April 7, tchr. Eagle, Prior, 13 dayt from Philadelphia, for St. Jago de Cuba. 22, lai.33, 47, song. 71, SO, brig Alexander, Wiuslow, 63 dayt from Ireland, fell of paMoirers, boand ta Norfolk." - Bloop Urort, l abor. MoningsMs, . ' Sloon Oroire. Kkh - irirr. CkilMi. 6. kaQarr Left schr. Heary - Dnwaaon, aod New - Orfeont, both for New - York next dev. . .. i . Sloop Maria,, from Providence,, with merchan - t'ier , " . ' l9 RrH,l1' ,Iy"'"iRt', from Claries fcloop Cokimlua, Parker, odaya from SavetoS wMhtollon,toJ.M M;eekO. Left ,looD Twl? Brathert, ta sail i 2 dayt for New York. Moti0ay,ffCape Fear, spoke sloop Vlier Bedford, for Norfolk, in . with sItSm'a ?i Yarmouth, having the oigbt before, off Cane R. maiw, kwt her Captain overboard Captain O'Brien, hence, at Havana, on lh, i ' mtt. off Memory Rock, spoke orig Two Brk ers,.frorn .Vw Orleaut for IUmuurgba4PbS. ashore at Little Bahama Bank, uulmnt - hcrrwL der, and discharged part of her cargo po SaS Key. A large thip died the EkMb?ih,of GU? cow,wtt totally lost near the Two hVmh!, . '.7" tamegaie. . , , The leftert from Liverpool hy the Hibenil. Which put into Ireland, are received bv the AW ander Maiwiield. - - ".'.'Jr. The ship William, which got ashore in Feb1 lu, in Prinre't Bay, was towd up ynterday - ' Tb ship Foster, More, .pas arrived ; at . JYrtc Vrtapu - Aprd 3. Ia yiterJtpF, ig Joseph, ;Bosiontri 5, for Liverpool. AiZ ISrw - lork, ship Mary ;brig lie uiki ui imimrj icr Liverpool Oftawa, Liverpool Packet.Vrir llcrlar 5 ij. for Havre ; thip Teneaee, for PhiUd ; 1ht iu,' Sannnah April 14. - IIIHIUIHCJl, ' " f - y f,' I 18. t lud, brig Gov. Honl i ; tchr Industry, Beckaitb, Jv( kins 1'arr, t rovidrncc Vork. etr - Ar. tloop Packet, from Havana. ' 1 Cleared at Halifax, Apl, 13, schr Ellxah - ii. .1 From Jamaica Papers, to Match 2$L - Al t l mouth, 25th, brig Amethytt, Greig, f, n v'?' At Kingston, 26th, tchr. Bry, M'Corroirl Tts Oricans. - Sailed from dQ. 2Hh,iailrt schTS.1. 3eavfy,forKennelunk Ar. SSth Urig Elite DuaJL WilniniRloi:, via Montego Buy !thjp lir ju' Craig, Edinglnn, from do. ,. SmrriNo Lit, March S3. Txia.Viflr at U. don - for N. York, Solon, Sloddard, ,A rZ rion, Avery For Philad. Elevtra, Todd tot ti Oib - ant, Swallow, Phillip At Cowet, 23d. L tenia, Low. from Chni lesion At Falinoath? 22d" Alert, Francis, from Charleston, for Liverpool Sailed from Gravetrnd, 24ih, Apollo, Rice, ftoi The Hanmili, flwanlt, of N. Brunswick, is car' rird into Mn. ente, full of water. " - - JWrrA24. - Al Clyde, 17th,' put bark, Strth, Badger, for N. l oik, with lost of anchor aad ta - lr ; at do. 19th. Fnion, Blair, N. Orlean, s, Porisinouth, 231, Ctrtar, Richardsoa, from Ne Castle, for Baltimore. The Radius, of N Vort was blown out of Margate Roads on Sunday airlit iiiidilittnpposedwtiittnten. - s BOSTON, April 23. ArrivH brig Mary 1 ate, from Bay of Honduras, with mahomy' logwood and fustic, to T.fcE. Motley. raVco - rcr, R. G. Potts, of Philadelphia., Tie Mary hat ou board two men belonging to the thip Mi - ry & Betsey, of Charleston, (3. 8i) SatksakV Aot tin, master, which tailed from BaltiiMort on Ik Oth November,' 18 1?, bound to NeaAOrieani. Nothing niaieriid oc urring until the 31 .Dec. being in th latitude ef tlie Grand Cayman,. tht wind blowing fresh frolrl the north, tli. sprung aleak in her bottom. : Every pfliirt wu madt to save the thip i but the leak increaeiac ratL har. ing eight feet water in the bold, deetned H autt ajrimbl to leara her and take to - the boatt; accordingly, 33 in number, embarked In .the long - boat, at night, (the rawl being stove aloof. kle) 4 (iaves) lc in left on board, on account of pot being abl to carry them m the long - btti. Tlie sea larinf very heavy, obliged th boat ta keep right before it until th 9tb Dec, whet tbsy made the land ahead that proved to be the easternmost part ot thn.MuMuito there, on the evening of the 9th ran th beat on hor, the surf running very high, and out of th 33 toalt oa board the boat, only 8 lived to reach tee shore, th rest befog drowned ia the turf, vis : ., Munttof fAtrfroirnetf - ' - NatbanieJ Autt hi,' natter, John Lincoln, mate, Chnnlrt, 'Pinninglnii, Edward McClinton, m. Podfroid,' J1r. Batten and Mr.herbert, fatsengci4,7acohAlson, Robert Lkonard, John Currao, - Benjamui 6gia - not and Archibald Campbell, eeaorany wad IS back. slaves. S ' t - ..i ,r? w Jt - t Sai td Charlet Tylar, 2d mat, Pedro Cat kt aod Jacob' Wa.hins - toa IvnVn.. , , es . K J J w ii Samuel Pierce and John Horton, leamto, Robert Milbl vteward, Jamet Smith, stamaru jani jonn jackton, cooX lh two last ar ou .board iheMary. "jv'A 'iA r.' w - Th Mary ha likewit on board a trunk, cos - taming all bW papers belonging to ton Mary tad Betsey, which wen picked up by abnlnduuit - . Tb Mary tt - BeUey lately beletiged tw las town.. - '' - ''' - - ' ; vj.ot'T, 'l Schr" John b Philip, Slephet A. Green' matkr, of aad from New Haven, (Coa.) ' bound to 91 Thomat It Porto Rico, wat picked up at tn Feb. 14 1818 near the Island of Bonnacca.ia at 16, 32 li. Ion' L0 70. entirely drtmatted, fait' water, and her hatchet open by a tutting tch; they took from her 60 bbb) macaerei ad a on pert ; by her (naniiett ah wat of the burdeaa' 67 torn, built at Freetown (Mat.) aad owaei by Nicboht Jaffrey, Wuliajtbordig, - aad tat captain l Tnetsnnckerel was ditpoted of at Hot - dura, tor th - par tie t concerned - From tin quaatity or wearing apparel fl'qrur to her Main, it was conjectured Abe had tome, paarngert. NOilFOLK. April Sl. - Arrivrd, tchr Cbt, Clackoer.15 day from Havana, with a cargt of coffee tic. bound to Baltimore, put ia oa account of head winds; nd for tappliut . of arovit - ioni. Capt. C - informs that Ameriraa pfodoot wat very low at Havana, and that of the Island care and high, coffee wat 19 a f 20. per lOOlbi and sugar 9 a $13, exclusive 'of other extwncea Capt. C further states, that. tlm patriotic brit Independentla del Sod, Orion aids. stiUemaia - dofftb harbor, blockading it, (the tliiptJeioa, Brown, one of lh tquadroh, havioe; wrthdrawt) bat tattered a Spanish thip aad brut, th fonts with a million, th t)i Iter with $500,000 on loard to put him aad get ia, after exchadgbigV with the hp,: auppeaiag hermit wat cotjecn - red to He a man of war, at Uie had n very n - kbh appearance both yetsels were ftea vtrt Cm. - ii t 'V .y - wu.' - r.l'ti r - Sloop AHigttof, Hart4 day frci N fork. - - Sloop Pilgrim, Cole, 4 day from N York. Schr Rising erm. Brown, 8' day Croat Havana.' ' A fleet of eoerchautmea.wnder I eoarey, wat expected to tail tliortly for Cadi. '' Cam down the - rivers, and rut in tirtta stores, be. schra." Virginia,' Fabias, forcalextj and Neptune, Noble, for Bottrin. In Hampton amptofi - ltoatftvchr Fh'ehtr Brytn, davt from St. Thoma. . The F. has bee o ia coatt for the last 1 0 day,' daHng which ' sb ha expenenceo a ronnmteo 1 ernes m rcr j ale from the westward, irl enr wmcti, 8, tetig . 73. carried a way (be bead of her wi marb, and fort teveml tmall ipart.' ' k BOSTON, April AmveValfJt Hkrroil, 182 dayt from Calcatta, (viVeyan0 with sugar, aidtrer. ruony.bast. tie. t SchfLydia, Wiloo,"fom J Yerki n SIood Ann - Maria. Smith, from Ww - Hsjvj. Oa Mdajr4?nr4 April J7? will btp Hughd, Tracy. , 4 Mr. BoVp Fi'SW. " : - trttcnai Florence," - , ' , . . . Mr. tract .: - , To whstn wui b . v - OSCAR AND MAUVIMA' Otcnr, . Mr. rr"' , Carrol, ...j. .. s., ... . - rm - Mahrioa, , Mrt - P". i. .... - r.i B.ii.t . cyvtrh Slratsnpt um lire ruvne uf urn uukh vi . I. and Highland Fhng wrll b tttttoea oj tv and Mr. I arise r, tcemuaca " - . t Scotch Ilighiand ilaaptpev j . 11 Performaacn to commence al a tjaarttrP" - ! tevea o' tock. t - i r' FIFTH H A till. 3T7 rjf TK UCn.nt 1r.lors of tb Sin w'" hav agreed to tar - port th following tici Philip Brasher, aklarmeo. - - Thomat Demarett, assistant. - ViUiam BeirUn, collector. i :&ayjrr - 'v' ; S.'S.' OATlDIER has .Mred " aP 7 4t cetio. .3 Vli tacU

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