The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 25, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1818
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' tfcl W - - aud lucratire preferred, and j,gl.mnwoaldb. ire J. Address ip C5 2t . ri, mailers " " ' - . . - i, he cities of Att.pny and . - 1 .wr - t. rl Trov. wish iwsi" - " - . fora number of yean, on me Skiver side of this cilT, J KCmo. can. no tlie TOitelt exciusivrij, - WnrEatozfwill be pive.. ne subscri - f ViiM n. - pointed for the Purpose n V " nmnoKiU for the same. And the rfnffStaww North Hire. proprKw - - , t() iWd io ,. - propowli neither .criber., .fating the situation and theirj addressed io either of the sub - left at Joseph C. Cooper's, bent ua - ST!??! R - I Reed's, Coentie. Slip, will be "!. Mth April, 1818. ",w barsl'M wHirn - r; GEORGE MONTEATH. , PF.TF.R DONNELLY. HICHD.H. FITCH. B. BUSH NELL, GURDON GRANT. p 25 lm - - i . v.: - UAflY.AXN. Lamnhier. w I I1C WiiJ j - ::,, til - "" i "". ". , . i f - a sail On VVCUMCSUUY FuTfreight, which will oe uucen very iuw, pajf. apply to Gts n0WLASD, P an 25 Washington - street rpOBACCO and tliUun.. s num. vcrj uire ' ' " I 1 I I Till! I X Kentucky looacco, 29 do Virginia do 70 ke?s Manufactured Tobacco, No. 1 6 do Half pound roll 2 do Ladies twist i J - .Anntnn Vavfa hand OVl U'J. LVIIIIIl"ll " - 0) barrel! Richmond Flour, (Haxall's brand; SfiO dO "O ..uuilliv vi w For tale at No. 106 Front - itire, oy TROKES, DAVID30N ft CO ap25 V jT TOHALCO. 4jkri Kentucky manufactured tobacco landing from ship Anmsquam, from fiew - ur leant, and lor tale oy PETER REMSCN CO., jpS5 26 South - st, P7T browx sivuj: tjX." caski brown stont, of an excellent quality for family me, lor salo try p. BETHUNE Si CO. ap 25 92 Coflee - Hout dip, 11 fii l'NDlA BLINDS Ai .MA I S. 1 UU India window blinds 1 boxet table mat, for sale by CEBRA & CUMING, p K 76 Pearl - st. r O VUO.M .Vibs'l AKD 40 boxes first uual I i i(y rrih London Mutard each bnx contain' ioe C dotto ol 141 1 ii. rim. lor sum ty TUCKER LAURIKS. ap 35 29 Soutli stmt. T LTTEK FAr - KK. 6 as. low pneud, fjr XJ sate at 77 Washington tief t liy pt5 G. G. H 3. HOWL A VI). TEA. 244 chests llysnn Skin l ea, oi'the ship Hope's cargo, fresh and of superior quality, entitled to drawback, just received, slid tor sale by CEO. W. TALBOT, ap 25 55 I'ine - strcet, COFFEr!, FLUUH, TOBACCO &o.46 bas St. Uominco C - .tTee t 51 do green Ha vana, do, entitled to narwbacK. 375 Will, superfine Richmond fl mr . 30 hhdi. old Richmond tobacco 15 do new do do . . 1H do do FettTihurg do . , ' 7 do old - do do k JO w hole Hnd SO half tierces Ric 7 bales Upland Cotton A quarter cvUs Madirm Wine '. Rod and whits port Wine in hhds. . Clartt of a superior quality, in boxes of one conn, lor tale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, apfj II Front - lre. t, JLUvZ Roxes new Scrmaceti candles 10 caikt Bordeaux claret, suitable for bot - .' Ueiny ! 1000 bblt wtialebone, in si ab - 60 coils cordaee, aborted tizes Clean St. Petersburg hemp and Keotuckr hempen yarns, in lots to suit pari lwer - For sile bT 1IAVUUCKK JKMMSS, :. ap 25 1w 152 SouUi - tt.: Jdr. BALLET & Madame OUQUKT, No. 7 Nassau - street, HAVE the honor to inform the public in general and the ladies of New - York in par ticular, that they manufacture and have - con. dftntlv An Kami n u l .r - t rf a rt i fi r'n tlnmmim Althtir store are also to be found, aud to be disposed oi by wholesale and retail, Perfumftrv nf vmrv ilftirrintinn. femnnv which are the clebra,Ul Loit I'iretnal, and the most ipprovea essences ana pomatums lor toe com. pinion. A complete assortment, of worked dresses, wawu, nrnus ana oanas ITmhrlln nnrt i9muIi Merino, knit aud velvet ridicule, t silk fichos P. 1 . . . .. . . i "wiinji ami snores lor lauies ana renuemcn nuuc gsners Spring and ball silk dretses Ball do. embroidered with chenille and orna mented with flowers t silk scarfs PrunellF a:ul silk hoes Levantines, florenrm. lim laiT.t. ! And in short, arcrv it.imr nii k. ln.l;aS t:i.. 0 .... """" wiirue. nnvi lm Mil if :v 3 The house and 1 ill At r.Pfinf wrun .r il In Messrs. Shotwcll It Son, to ther with that part or russet occupied by Mr. Vanderpool, being 29 feet I inch in front on William - street, and 40 feet 8 inches in dpth, will be sold at auction hv f r:ui i . . . . ' viwj oa . - rionuay at II o'clock the Tontine Cofles House. ap 25 It at J - IIH Vj t ikyu (Or exchanged fur property in this city) A neat cotintn Huu ... .h. ni - . abethtown, (N.J.J beautifully situated on the rojt - road i at present in the occupation of wi. urant. It contain eight rooms with j h" " front and rear, agtiod kitchen, wash "use. milk - ronm. nrt .ll . ,k. :. - i. . towh house, stable for two horses, and other w - ivenient out luildinga, all in ffjod repair, witan acre of land, laid out in a handsome liMen and orchard, which afford a variety of 'ct iruit, asparajua, kc. and a well of ex - silent water, wiUi a good pump. Terms will - nuue liberal. Apply to JACKiON U WOOI.LKY, P25 1m yr w.ii. .i. Ti . I L' i iswa - ,v - . r r w?' - un - - - . DHjuern style, iq Uretnwcb - stret, , io iiory noue, brick front, corner ( n,arl; and Washington - ttr - et - Fjxjuireof of PW 1W 1BT P...1 llHUkLOuULu. - - Thret!orfour Gen - u a - jhi ta.i itli n ' be r nteelly accomrood ed board 160 MnvLiodf,nff 00 'eaaonable lei - ma, i at No. - "1111 away. ap 25 6t T 0T $ M.EWAKU. lj t the CoBfee - bouse slip, a red Jtsw.toST t"book ntaininR about $ 130 in r. ..""a paper, ev. Pit - f w ii. rrt. nf ...J . . 1 1 y Z bor rward, wilh lh thinks boo!!'",' b P""1 to any persoti leavin; rr - pA PARTNER. WANTED tK. - t. i - .he citr for a an 9; - r So. 38 I 1 DuatM - atmt. ' LllE Or PA TRICK ItEXtlY, By Wm. Wit, Esq. 4 0o. nnilE publifher deems it unneccssarr (a tav JL any thins; to favor of the merits of this work, contenting himself with mtotiooinj; Uiat the first edition of K0O co)iet were all disputed of in a few mourns, - j he 2 unproved edition lor sale by ; ROB. M'DF.RMUT, ap 25 3w - - 222 l earl - st. A VOt'NU healthy wuiuun, with a lull brenst r.f Mitlr. wil.B tn ItlLlt ft rt.i'r! In i.nrc In toinrquriw.1 ui mc iua( ui iter una. tiKjuiir at 69 Harmnp - strfct. apSalu r .t - i . . HVUE PAKK liVbl 1IUTIOJN. A SELECT and private Classical Scbool it established At Hyde Park, uutchct coun - tr, statnof New - Yoik, undtr the dint lion and U'truction or Benjaruia ALLEN, U L. I). The institution it drtignrd to unite withaclat tical and English Education, the modern languages. The classical course will comprise the Latin and Greek Languages, Ancient History and Geography, Mythojogy, Roman and Grecian Antiquum. The English course will comprise English Grammar, Elocution, Elements of History. lUie - torick, Geography, Tenmanship, elementary and practical iviainemauct, and the outlines of natural Philosophy. Modern Languages will comprise the Fiench, Spanish, nnd Italian. Moral and religious instruction will be attend ed to, at youth is the most proper time to inculcate and nx those principles ol virtue and piety, which 0112M to direct and influence the conduct of future In. The pupils of the Institution will be members of the Principal's family, and under his immediate rare and government. Particular atten tion will be paid Io llieir morals and manners. The Kovernment will lie strict, but mild nnd pa rentalits aim shall he to give habit of order ana inu3try, and inspire a generous emulation. The institution will he furnished with a Library, Maps, Globes, and telrct Philosophical Apparatus, the use of which the pupils will be tuught, and made familiar with the most important and strikine experiments in Natural Philoso phy. These will be considered as rewards of good conduct and attention to study, and contti tuti; one ol the moit interesting sources of amuse ment and recreation, it is known from expe rience that mm h useful knowledge may be thus incidentally communicated. The terms are three hundred dollars per an ouru, payable quarterly washing included. Classical students who studv the modern Inn guages, will be charged 10 dollars per quarter extra lor me same. The students had their beds and heddinir. The number cf students is limited. Gentle men therefore who are detirout of placing their torn io the institution, will please to make an early application. All letters relative to the institution, address ed to the subscriber, Hyde Park Post Office, Dutchess County, N. V. will he promptly at - tended to. BENJAMIN ALLEN. The summer term will commence on the 2Pth of May. np 25 Iw ANEW Map of the world on Merrator's projection, with the tracks nf the principal navigators and circum - naigatori, including the cruise of tho President Frigate to the North i'ea, and the cruise of commodore Porter in the Pacific Ocean during the late war, by John Melirh, with at'couipanyio' volume containing a ge ographical ihocriptioti of the world, price $12. illclislrs mapol the. United stales rnd the con tiguous British and SpanUh rosst&sions, price $10. Melierrt travellers dictionary (new edition) price $2. do do bound at a pocket book, price $2 50. do do with 2 inapt, price $3. Just received and for sale by W. B. GILLEY, ap 25 '92 Broadway. FOR SALE. AlIOU?E, well broke to the harness, and paces under the saddle, price 200 dollar. Enquire at 6'haws stable, in Liberty - street, near Broadway. ap 25 lw KlE OK IICKKTS. NEXT Tuesday wc - k the Grand Road Lottery will commence drawing, when Tickets will advance to thirty four dollars. 1 prize of 7o,ooo Dollars 1 of 35,ooo Dollars of Dollars of 5.000 Dollurs 2 2 10 3o 14o of of of of l,ooo Dollars 5oo Dollars loo Dollars 32oo 3o Dollars Only 10.000 Tickets. Present price of Tickets and Shares Whole Tickets $32 I Quarters $ft Halves 16 Eighths 4 Sixteenth! 1 wo Dollars. - For tale by 1363oarLway. Who recently sold the following prizes. I it in" more than hat been told by any oilier office in this city, in the short period or six months, vit No. 15440 $ 1 0,000 4,647 $1,000 15558 16312 44G4 6701 a,ooo ,ooo 1,ooo 1,000 7,280 7.35 19,062 20.f6J 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 17,265, 1,000 And several of 500, 200, 100, &c. fcc. ap f 5 3t IJKOADCLO Ills et k hUSEX MERES. J J 4 bales assorted Broadcloth 1 do do Kerseymeres. F or sale very low, by ap 24 3t 62 1 - 2 Pearl - ttreet, DOMbS i ll, MOTHER WAREa, rIHE subscribers keep constantly on hand an JL extensive assortment ol the loiiowing goods, viz Dutch and Enzlish Gunny Bagt, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Head do do do (..'loth do do do Weaven do White Wash do Shoe 4: Scrubbing do Paint Brashes and Hall and Entry Mats rails and J ubs Y heel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de tcription Sash Tools Clamps 4. "i 8 row Kurnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cordt. CloUiet Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baking and bail J wine Fish Lines Lines Shoe Ic sadlert Thread Sash Cords. Trace Dearborn's Ballan ces, itc Rones Wroagtit and Cat Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. thnnA UUMI.xu, ap23 7G Pearl tl net 'PURKS ISLAND SALT. - 2 bushels X coarse bright Turks Island Salt, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIKS, ap 23 29 Sotrth ttreet. 1 Q H IA E ii SEOARS. JL O bhds and 20 qr casks L. P. Madeira wine 150 cases Leoville it Raazan claret, of the vintage of 1812 SO do i fill and tiMrklinr champagne 80000 Havana segars, in whole asd half boxes or sal by HENDERSON k CAIRNS, ap2J 81 Pioc - tt. f ENGLISH IKOX U AfATAA". X Vf Tons square aod bolt iron, assorted sixes 100 casks spike, fro 4 U 6 inches Tb snaner entitled tn drawbaclr, (rr sal by HENDERSON fcC AlRNSi , ap 23 81 Fae - ttreet.3 ff ,. ri)H BALK., . . - . 'J.V fll'nnni;.! t. ihl. fc.U A v. ili TU suMaotial Lrii' jMARY - AXX. hurtlseneJ 137 tons, stows about 1500 bbhv, is well loitnO, aod ready for a vojage, tuving just been graved. If Bot told tlu'i week vrt(l tuka a freight. Aptly on board, at pitr i.o. 6, North luver, or ! , G. G, Si'S. 1I0WLAND, ap2i 77 Waohington - rt tor rOKT - AL - PRUfCE. Tlie sclir. HONOR ti AMEY, IngolL i, master, will sail oo the 2Tth int. l or Ireijjht of 2Q0 bbls. or passage, apply to J. 1 MONTAUDEVEUT, 96 Wall - street, or E. FISHER, 54 South - sUeet. tip 21 tor VHAHLtyrvX, it., .i.. 1... i : irrt r rui,r javc( vw ie I a,vniiiiMi j. g. Muuro, master: a line laat wiling vessel; will positively sail on Thurs day, the 30th iost. For freight or passage, ha ving elegant accommodations, apply on board, cast side Uurliog slip, or to HENRY COWING, ap231w 191 Front - st. corner Fulton - st. t or CHA KLES J UjY, The regular packet ship TELE - li II A I II, J ranning, master; is only waiting a fair wind ; ran take a few tons more freight, nnd accommodate 10 mare pafengers. Apply on board, west side F!y - market whatf, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, ap 23 1H3 r root - street, . tor OH E OCA", - M4 The ship FANNY, W. W Foreman, JXjLill master, is rmtittrth inleuded to sail for Greenock on Tuesday the 5th May, weather permitting For frei'.'htor paage, having good accommodations, apply to captain foreman, board, cast tide Fly - market wharf, or to JOli UKAil AM it UU. N. B. No freight will he taken in the above ship unless engaged on or before Tuesday the 28th inst. ap 25 tl f or Freight or Charter, it fine brig TRIDENT, capt.Thnmp son, 212 Ions; ha made but nnc voyage, sails well, and it io good order. Apply on board, at l'me - ilreet wharl, or to J03. OSBORN, ap2J 2 South - st. WATt.i), For a short European voyage, a good vessel, of about 1000 barrels burthen, that is in t eadincst to receive a cargo. Apply to N. ic D. TALUOTT. ap 23 . For Frtiehl or Charter, The fine sclir. LINGAN, J. Hale, master; burthen 132 tons, and now ready to receive a cai go Apply to the mas ten on board, at the east aide of the Old - slip, or to BOOKMAN &' JOHNSTON, t,p 23 57 Aouth - street. PASSAGE FOR JAMAICA. A few pastengert can he ncromnioihv ted on board the ship PACIFIC, Cnpl holder, lor I - nlincuth, Jamaica, to sail in the latter part of this week Application may he made on board, a little above L - atlmn - ic Mar - ktt, or to ROBERT LENOX. ap 22 41 Hricr HtM.tij4y.ji HI). Haldmhr. mmler, for l.lVEtil'OOl., to sail y sitively (weather permitting) on Sunday the iljth instant can take 50 bales cotton on fre ight, and a few passengers. Apply on board, eatl side Fly - Market slip, orto BOGERT &. KN'F.F.LAND, No. 70 South - street. Consignees are informed that the goods remaining on board oo .Monday, will necessarily have to go luto the public store. ap In For h rcighl or Ctuirter, The ship f - lLE.V US, recently repaired, and a fast saile, will s'.ow 1800 barrels, and it ready to receive a cargo Ap. ply to CaMIIRKLENG & PEAR - UN, ap 20 67 Aoiith - sireet. tor freight or Charter, Tk. r. . u: i ' ij itirvr ri.AmnM VA'tmattr. 212 ons; has mtiile but one HM 4 I nr iuio uii ijwiyfe.., I, i mini L.guu voyage, sails well, aod it in good order. Apply on board, at Pine - ttreet wharf, or 'o ap 20 JOS. OSBORN, 28 Soulh tt. For CHA RLE sToW, The elegant and fat sailing packet schooner TONTIN E, S. Hoyt, master; will meet with immediate dispatch, having hall her freight ready to go on board for remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations apply oo board, east side Burling slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 98 Pine - tt. For MUitJLEanU BLAKELY, The fine last sailing sclir SA.NDU8 KY, 120 tons capt. Weeks (a regu lar trader) ; having 3 - 4ths of her cargp engaged and on board, will meet with immediate din.alcn, For the remainder of her freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board, east side Old - slip, or to PETERS & HERRICK, ap!8 29 Coenties - slip MOhY TO LOAN. SIX Thousand Dollars may he had on mort gbze ou real estate in this city. Apply to JOHN G. WARREN tc SON. ap 24 3t 46 Wall - street. SHEFFIELD and BIRMINGHAM GOODS IO 6 casks neatly assorted table knives and I do do do small cutlery I lora 4 do do do table knives & lorks, witb small cutlery 1 do do do saws 1 do do do files 1 do do do edge tools 1 do do Britannia Tea Pots A few casks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood screws, commode Know, and 1 case buttons. F or sale very low by JNO. M'CRACKAN, npt43t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street AAlKKlUA.N WOOD. - . YA7 F - u SAML MOTT.No. 166 Pearl f V street, oiler lor sale the following American cotton and woollen goods : 5 cases Brown Shirtings 4 do bleached do 6 do 3 - 4 Checks ; 7 do 4 - 4 do - 4 do Cotton Balls 2 do Sewing Thread 2 do Knitting Yarn ; 2 do Sattinetta 20 cases Plaids & do Blue Stripes ;5 do Bed Ticks 1 do Denims; I do Milinets 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 bales Candltwick. 5 to 12 in mo. 4 iw U1CL. M tierces prime Rice, lor sale by CLARK, MOORE k CO. ap 23 St 4 1 tioulh - street. JH C. NICHOLS. I3f Pearl - street, have just - received in addition to their former assortment 4 cases colored Canton crape 2 do black do. 2 do black sirtchews 1 4 sarsnets, 2 do black silk bdkfs 2 do fine India bonk Muslins 1 do Mull d't. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino shawls, assorted 1 do riaodannahk:s. 1 do fine RornsJs 2 do Madditpollam and steam Loom Shirt - 2 di Madras Hdkfs. logs 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do browa do 2 do Cotton Platillaa 2 do lanry Cravats assorted 1 do whiteJeana,2docttton Castinseres i 1 do hue white ami buu ((outingi ' 2 bales Rliodes' Combine Us 1 case Ribboos, assorted 2 rases black, white tt purple Kid Glove . 4 trut.ks Karnilure Plates, end ' 4 do ssperfine Calicoes, which they offer for sale at a small advance for cath. pprv I4t MONEY TO LOAN 0$ DO.ND AND MORTGAGE. FROM 3000 to 30,000, to loan on bond and mortgage) on approvJ property in tht city ainl county of New - Yerk Ap)ly to A. II. LAWRENCE At CO. p24 3t ' No. 40 Wall - st. C COFFEE MILLS. 3 ratkt, lor sale by - CEBRA .1: CUMING, I'p ll 76 Pearl - street. CO W EE TrUM. - 54 liltTfiiie "greet) cof - fe:, and 20 hhds Rum, landing Vrom brig Favorite, aod for sale hy MICH. KEARNEY, or GEO. LACY, p20 4 Fulton - strret. HOLLAND GIN. 11 pipes Holland tiin, received bv the ship llenrv, fir sal.' by p 22 LB ROY, I1AYAHD ii CO 2CAJlVtllLKi. Caset Hark crapes 2 do coloured do 1 do all high colours S do black fringed handkerchiefs I do figured tartnetts just received and or saU by r. & H . S II ELDO N & CO. ap 23 lw UOPearkst. YSON SKIN TEA, B0S1ON nVSHke. 80 chests, Clothier's fresh Skin Tea, Elding and King Lun chops, now lauding at Old - slip. SO hhds. Bo - Ion New Rum, Spear's brand, landing at Burling - slip. IN STORE, 10 rirs Domestic 4th proof Imitation bran dy, good quality. . 10 hhds st Croix Rum 20 rolls Sheet Lead, good tizflt 150 hags Race Ginger - 400 bags Jumper Berries 25 hhds 1 'aris bile, for sale by np23 1w CORNS. DUBOIS. AD CU I AIL - , tor sale CEBRA A CUMING, 76 Pearl - street, ap22 lOHN AUKM. WILLINK ii CO. t.Cer (or J sale 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several rnsks smalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware A lew baits castimercs and thalloon's, thnwli. ap 20 tJUGAR. 12 hhds New Orleans tucar, 3 landing this day at Piue - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sal e by - GRi?WOL;)S i COATE.S, or RIPLEY, CENTER i CO. ap 7 Cll South - st. k 11 HHt IMA TOR A LC'O ii FLOUR. O 4 hhds ol,l Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 116 bbls fine Hour 15 do middling ilo. For hale by VAStiUEA, MF.l'RO ii CLF.EMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washington - st. HttolERY, FUtJfSEL, PlAS,Hc. MEN'iS'aud wnoicii's cotton stockings A few bales tuperfiue while tlanuel, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlio and military cords Gicen table rovers, different sizes Best London pin, 3 12, 4, 4 1 - 2,5 mixt pins, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourning pins and short whites White chapel needles, assorted Brasv wire No. 24 and 25 Card wire No. 27 and 32 Hooks and eyet. Thimbles Also on wind", English looking elan plates, nnsilvcred For salebr ATKINSONS & FLEMING, ap 20 3w 167 fearl - t. R AlslNS, '1 IN 1'LA'lEax 65 kct fresli Malaira Ra sint 91ft Tin nl ite 1 - 3(1 IX 40 dot. American Seytb s, approved brand H bundles sugar loal paper 44 reams blue wrapping Paper 1 box Tin fod assorted 49 bhls. ground Camwood 5 hnlct Liquorice root 4 boxes tcrew Augurs 200 bags Juniper betrie", forsale by ROGKKSa: POST, ap21 fit (.ErtVlA LINENS. MOW landinc. a few bales hiown hempen JJN Tiklen buret, Ditto Osnaburgt, Brown Rolls and blurting Linen. ALSO ON HAND, White and brown Platillas Brctapnet, Dowlas t'reat, Littados Book Checks, Checkt No. 2 Ilettiuns, Bays, Flaxen Osnahurgs Superior - Dutch Black and Blue Cloths Colored and Black Galloons assorted in suita ble numbers. . Taiei, Coffee Mills Brown frame, Toilet and Pocket Glastes Locking Glass Platet, assorted sizes Wafers, Lead Pencils, Sugar Cane Knives Card - Wire, Holland Duck, aod 1(0 boxes Patcgrass Cheese. For tale on reasonable term by a t. nf urvrn . at. J. f'l, ap20 Iw 116 Washington street. 130 J1A TU. Caset gentlemen's beavers, 1st quality 120 100 110 200 250 60 30 do do dj 21 do do do do do do do men't canton do do do rorami do tl boyt wool ladies' hatt morocco capt 1st 2d do do For sals by WHITE, BROTHERS & CO At their only Hat Ware - bouse, 71 Liberty - it ap 23 1 w "ENTUCKY TOBACCO 13 hhds. 7 "f JLV. which are old and 6 new, of superior quality landing from the brig White - Oak, at outh - strect, near uurnng - uiip, lor saie ny ISAAC F. ROE, ap 23 lw 98 Murray 's - wharf. HEllRY WINE. 30 qr. catkt choice old J Sherry Wine, just received, and for sale by 1,.lU tl . M I. lAllUU'PflV Till - , jubv mninii iui - a,c BOORMAN ft JOHNSTON, ap 23 67 South - street. 'IHfcRev. SAMUEL NO I T. Junr. contin 1 net hit SHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at 181 Fulton - street. The particular design of thit institution it to furnish the best advantages lor prosecuting 1 courie 01 useful study, beyond the common rudi aients of knowledge. The course ol study it a rollows : Grammar. Arithmetic and higher branches of Mathematics Geography and Astronomy, Rhetoric, Logic and Composition, Ancient and Modern Histrry, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Elements ol Chy niisti , and Evident et of Natural and Revealed Religion. TheseC' - nd Quarter will commence 011 Thurs day. Mar 7lb. The school will then be under the care of Mr. and Mrs. Nott, and the number of pupils he limited to forty. Those who design to attend the school will find a manifest advantage in being present at the commencement Of tlie quarter, that they may to lr noon their atudiea in classes Tlie terms of tuition arc niteeo a .nars per quarter. Thrs e or for young ladies caabe acco - imo - dated with board in ivir. jtioti'i lamny. For farther information, refereuce may be bad to an v of the following jiersons. Revd Dr. Romeyn. Rev. Mr. gpnnc, R - vd. Mr Whelpley, Rev. Mr. M'Clelland. Mr. Jhn f. Mumford, Mr. Jonathan Little, Mr Peter 1 1 ' m. r MT - nt. Mr. Zechsnah Uwt Mr. David L. Dodge, Henry W. vvar - .r n. api4 6t ... v Zrnriii. - ui. - it I Ai.lXtW ti if IUHi - a KEW Ih - vu.'nd pounds New - Ywk l allow, A and 2000 SlaogMned Hides, lor sale. Ailyo T. GIBBONS, i ly - Marluf, auhlltf . STEAM BOAT FlrXTLt. - r 03" Thi u,i wi:J coea I . ' w.ut running baiwera New M,l41' aJ'ai mi J v,"u and .'ewLuigh, v aaiT"' i,TT - ' a1'1 "esdav. the 14lh April. iUt ni hritve .New - York every Tuesday, Than - day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newburgti on Monday, ednetuay and Friday, at 8 A. M. ap 11 FOR SaLK, A Boat 67 feet long, 20 feet 6 inches wide, calcula ted lor a horse or steam - draws little wnier, hum ol Hie iit - ti in alerinlt by the subscriber, wi1!. lachiuerv. which is for hoisr or witliout the marhin power, on a most sproved plan, 1 be boat will lie waranted sound, tijfbt and good I in fact they ire new. j rfr ALSO, ,At A sloop, now building, of the best 1. materials, about 80 tons, calculated lor the Philadelphia or southern trade : and a sloop, now read) lor launching, of about 60 tons ; a vessel well calculated lor burthen, delisted and easy draft of water. bliip - Yardt, Apiil23d, 1813. p?3 lw Cllt. - . BROWN NE. JUST rt(piv,,i U ,,r tale hy SAMUEL CAMPBELL. No 8J Vu r tt.t. t. WALSH'S A VEKIC AN REIjISIER, vtiLrwrs I and 2 Confnti liilruclm tion by - tlie editor; eloquence ol the arnutr I - h gai.1 iiletalun; ; general reiicw - f Hie litei.Unrt 1. 1 lonliiitlitdl Europe; hriol notice ol c..fU;ii,.tii;il piMli(.utions t Ii nam e ; tkeichoi it inifilii - Uiwurs, iy I'rolctor L'ihiht, ol Pbilr.di - lphU ; conspiracy of Arnold xi'd Clint'in ; vartons interest iKbale io th M.nri(e aud I'oim of repreeiitunvi!t ; liugiucut on Hpnnith lilcruture ; domestic and l irtin chronicle ; int rt - !iaa Lw uict U'lil crcitioi.s ; interesting debates ol tl. - . luiiiih parliament - , appnulix to the i nroiiit le, iir, at. Price $J ner volume. LE T I l.R il(lrstd to Elias Ilick, minister ol ll.e fjcicty of r tii - titU in the state 01 lev J Nancnrnnv, price li I 2cints. LETTER eddressrd to Elizabtlli Wulkrr, Miiiiflef tn the .'ocm ty nl Frit nds m the st.tle ol New - York, pnee IV I 2 cctiti. np 2j Iw' A YOUMi l I'.oiii the cniitil'y, ageil 1 - 1 1m yc i' - s, of steadj liiihi'.n and giKiil ralcu a lor, v. liVct a in in a iliy gct,,d store. Apply at Kt" Couth - at. hp 17 FRKMJH I R. VALUE'S Mc t IIOOI,. ruicK Sihool, for tl 1 I IVt nt ti !. n ti f. inii' .ne, will t ouiiiiem e t n 'l.i - hislil'.Mn) iient. at (ii Ii.ijm l - lreel, whr! tti i nt w cbi'srsol Keiiib'tiien i ill tie taught .r mi 6 t Ut.'tio' lt, ',i ii. il, t no ii,lrrr.pii'ii n the I furiifi.:j rvi mug esillilished ill Ms fclioni, I coiAti" ri I n in li oik i ii week, with Mr. V. instructs in ( luatt iauiiiiv aud aiade mits. ROOMS TO LET. One or two tingle gci.Ui int - ii n ay he nccom inndatctl villi apmimir and bed room. For furiht - r p.'ttiiculars, p. ease to apply a a hove. ep t'l lw Jo MaimiKliiieri of lumtl:t l.tquort. fTMlK advcV.iscr, wlio has some knouletlge JL of the l.iisii fss, illi n nrotlrrnte capital. wishes a I'.otoer, bli eady rslahlisliCil, orotic that lias rxpci lenre, uinl is pi - rfrctlv acquaint ed with the nikiugenient nf i .is i also, to he well acri'iaihtt'il with doiiiL' busi ess in I he city, which might in pai l he ionnlrrel rqtii - t alent to capital ; or a Clerk, who is competent to take an active part in the r.wiccrn, would be allowed a liberal aalnry. Address M It. at thi ofllcc, with reference and neces - ary particulars. P. S. AnV person wishinir to dispof e of an ctitablishment of the above description, migbl find apiirciiaset. Apply as above. ap23 3t UMAh'K l UtA'6 tiC.V i'UH UEH; rllU substriber hascoustantly for sale, pnw JL tier from the abovcuanvd manul.ctory, tlie quality of which meets the decided approba tion of judges of the article. JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. ap 23 57 Front - r'. IRANI IS M'GOWiN. No. .20 Fly Mar r kit. teriible of the very liberal cficonr. ge. ment he hns received smt e his comnieucriiit nl in biiiinett, and feeling coniident that ii'i exr.rti nt on hit part shall he iv an ting Io merit ft ci - Mir: - u nee, infuriiis hit fhenilaiid the pulilic tin t no faint or ex pence has hn - n ovoid - ,! In obtain a tto'kt'f Ihc - liest li'iriort of every description, winch can he tli:pi iid:l oi lor their purity. Having iium.c arr.,nz''niRtitt. while nt t l.arlci" - Ion, lornrin.iiteul supply ol G KEEN TUIU'l.i in their season, he will ho enabled to furnish soup ol an excellent (juahty. ,i u.kju v in ne opem ti lor s'liiscriix - tt to tn ORDINARY, tube on lire table every Cay nl a siaien nnur. , Kooina, for prirnte parties, at a short ntdice .V M. Sonn. Beef Steaki, Ovslrrt. Mutton Cli - ips mid Relishes at oil liuiet. ap 23 P HE CARPEN I ER'. - ii NEW GUIDE, be - JL ing a eouiplete biio't of linei lor carped. ten and joinert, treating fully on practical geo metry, the theory and practice well explained ainl exemphhed ou eighty - four copper plates includiug some olwervationi and calcul v tions on the strength of timber, by peter Nichol son. Laws of the Sea, with referencei to maritime commerce during peace and war, from the Gor man of r rederick J. Jar.olvwti, advocate. AI - toua, 1815, by Wm. Friek, counsellor nt law. Cuv ler's theory nf the earth, to which it adJ ed the Geology nf North America, hy professor Samuel . .Milcbill. All the recent works of Wm.Cobhett, Esq A great variety cf interesting books for young persons. Elegant Maps of the United States, mounted on rollers just received and fir sale by ELIAS VALKNTINP., 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine st p 24 KOOMb WAN'IED. 1 4 TANTED to hire, a room with a store at VV tached to it, calculated for a retail gro cery, or a private room only. Apply at ap54 3t HBDuane street. A SEAMSTRESS. A MIDDLE aged woman wishes to obtain a Il tituat - on in a respectable family as seam stress the best of recommendations can be giv en Apply at No. 197 Church - ttreet. ap24 3t TICKETS ADVANCING ! ! TVTEXT Tuesday week tlie Grand Koad M i.1 tery will commence drawing, and on open ing the wheels, tickets will advance to f34. MAMMOTH PHIZES Seventy Thousand Dollars blithest prize, which is to be awarded totbe first drawn number on tlie 15th day of drawing. Thirty - F ive Thousand Dollars neat highest, Io he awarded to tlie first drawn number oa the 1 Ith day ol drawing. Ten Thousand Dollars to the first number on u,eJlh ?.? ... hm... ir. ihrfint number on Five I iiou,uuu pwi - . ""f fv'e Thoutand Dollars to II Crtt nmlr 00 'TUusand Dollars floating - and may c j... m rr.t man snort. come out ou anj - jar, """r - jr f, valltabie prizes, wbKii my - - "" Lotferr k. I x haoii - - ii' - , No. 54 Maiden - tane, an'il Toesdaj week, the 5lh of May, at the following low pricea. Whole tickets, f - t I Woartvr Sit Halve 16 I Eighths 4 Sifeenthsc.nlv tw dollars each. Only lO.OCK) TH - kef in this Mtt ry. nil to r drawn in 20 drawing rcrt wo blank to a prize, and the smallest prize fJO. ap 23 31 liSf CiiANGERYi - : . - BY .R L. - MILL ft CO. ' Monday, 2 Cavc inrn best drwn ivaud seam wooo'siock gloves, 2. do Motnins Hne cotton hoie, 2do woPtUtick fan, 2do gi!' - fctit'ons, 1 dodiTiiity, I doflfie diAwlnj ri.OKU 1 i! Cut - tun uiiihrelia - r, d.) tlomcnio cloths, i d Vs - ilraabtlk'.i. I d.i white bordered pccL.1 d 1 do blue aavtd !nl, feme cloths, c3 fe, be.'.ford cortli, ic. !' MA RULE FOR Rllt.OJM, Ic. TMF. praprirr ol the K iithe - uaiarMequa - riet. near KiugVUiie. - gh ccUce. that t riey have on, ar. l urv iet:iving, ut tl.n img t - Rnttge Aurllt and Li n - lurd, kxt of beaeii - strect, ou the ilusou liver, au filro.ive lock nf marl u lor buildirg, ol the fouowibg de - :np!ion.i, vis : Adilar - Ccping ' Fom. tntion Fiona ! f 4iiaii!ey - Piecli Fafitigi Coluntni Watertat lc Slept Platforms Sills, LintrL An.hes Ato J imc v.1 the bet qiulity. X? A countant nipply ci lbalove material aiHv becait uirt'ed upoa; an,? luoto attimus oi j urchming, or making er.gagt .uentt, will apply to tJutlA L.UDI OW, Feb 11 At the Yard. nr.MoVAL. . ' 3 N. SMI I'll DAVIE? has rrnvvrd hi chemical peifnmo manuianory amd Warehouts) irnui No. 136 Broadway, one ifw north of Li' beiiy - street, ou the west side of Broadway. mth 27 NOTICE. Tlie Annual tletlim f Directors nf thai Bank if Acit rn.a, will I e held at the Br tilt, on Moodu ti e 4th d iy ol May next. The p"H u'iH open nt Id aud clnsi at 2 o'clock. By outer Of tlie bourd of directors GEO. lEV BOLD, Cashr. np20 - 'Xr HOHr.l. I WAIIT tun. rcpwllully iuli - rmi hit rtl toiirs, that the legfiature ol this .dtte has pa.'d a law authorising the dm win; of its Milfcrd and Owego Road Jxiltn v in this) ci'y. " , 23 It) I'RlsTEKB , MIKsitbji riliers hav on hand 'jpenf the fol - I lowir'u t'Ses. vizt I'icn, Hmall Pics. I " ."iiiii - r, Nonpan - il and Pearl, which tU.nfTnr lo' sale on low trrms Old type n.elul wio h trceivrdiiiphynient, and a liberal price allowed tor it. N. B Order for tterro - type works exfcoled with nertat'ts und d - spHifh ' COLLINS A HAN NAY. an it g(.6t - FIRSP AllD. iXT lie Federal Rr pul l. nn Electors of it First tVard kre requesti - d to meet on Sulurttar evening, the 25th instant, at eight n't loci , at vi r. tiastno'a Long noom, late uathirgioB Hotel. 10. 42 Broad sttrtt, to receive there - poit 01 thecomuiilteeol ooBiinatioo. Hp cc'r JOSEPH KMCII I , Omfettionrr, 200 (woHtluay, is selling olf at reduced prices, a variety ol Sweetmeats, 111 good order. tip .'3 4t A7INDOVV CLAbH. - MHI Ml Htt box V V Bristol Window Glass, from 8 by 8 to 10 by 12,jut received and lor tale by 'llllllll . UL - Uf All C U L. . iikivu ocinnuii) vj gvriwHmw ap24 4J TEHrS'JLSG TRIALS. KIKK k MERC LIS, No. 22 WalliVha? just received, OlTiciul Documentt of tht) ,. 1 . . it . t . . . , t riimiery 01 vioaoy, eanioiuua; vim viait at die Revd. J. Cheitrr and Mr. Mark Tucker, together with the wholo case of the Re. Hooper ' - 'A " Alto, per Fanny from Greenock and Miaerrs Smyth from London, a very choice) selcelioa of hew classical and important books mth various departments of science and literature, dlso, a very choir selection of French books standard work' ami elegant editions. ap 23 3t f&xU JU LAT or FttR SjilH. jjj That 1 enveoicnt three story brick house comer of Broadway nnd Broome street. ALSO, . A two story fame house, with lix lots of ground, in Broadway, belweeu uieccker and mice streets. , ALSO, 'filestore, with a vault and cellar, corner of Cliaiiilrer and Chatham - streets, Enuuireof K ANUEKSUX, 1 vn 51 llttMay No. 4 Bowling Green. TV LET. A brick Stable, in Lumber street. En - quue at No 6 Grttenwifh - tlreet. ap24tf TO LET, And immediate potseiiitu given. On ol 1 he best ttandt lor a Boarding House, in this) city, or it may be converted into otSca't, if more agreeable, and a more public and pleasant ati'in ii not to be found. Enquire at the rffice of . tlie Evening Post, sp 24 'Jo Lr fjr vtu or mori gtari, The following houses house No. 294 Broadway, two doors above Washington Hall. with a coach house ia the rear if required Alto, a three story brick house No. 4J5, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, corner of Litpeuard and Church - streets, the terms moderate, r or lurmer particulars apply at 415 Broadwvy. run 13 u ("y FUR HALE. VAiH A handsome modern built two story House, No. 143 Chamber - street, completly finished by the lit of May. Enquire No. 223 Iht - aoe - ttreet. ap 20 lw tVR SALE, ' t) A small farm, situated in one of the centre counties oi this state. This farm .lies on the bank! of a lake, and within a mile of a flourishing and beautiful village. Oo it are a good farm house, bain, tie alsq a large and well built dweig ling house, entirely new. The situation of the d veiling house for beauty of prospect, kr. is surpassed ly rcw if ary other scitr for building in the interior of tlie state. The owner intending removing to New - York, will sell this property for less than cost, upon a long credit on food security, or will exchange it for lands goods Cc - For lurther particulars, eiwuirc of If D - ft R - SEDGWICK, Eton. Law Buildings Nassau - street, New - York, ap 15 1'lm Clf a TO l.t.T, The store No. 20 Wall - street. Potsee - sion may lie had immediately Apply at No. 18. ap 1 tf .ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. risIKKE are si present ive vaca - r.iei iu wet I Itevd. WILLIAM POWELL'S St hool.ia rhilipsbergh, Yookers, West - Chester County . His system of education isasxh as to enable him to ouhhfv voung gentleaiea lor coiitM or the Counting Ifoase wlthia a reasonable time. Ilia school is select, the saber of Pupils hoilted. and the treatment of the most liberal kind. I'he following branches of useful aad pout li terature are taught, via : Greek, History. Latin, - . . French, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. English Grammar, Urography, Maliieinatvct, Sic It i presumed that few lastitutioMof thekiad eon orler greater advantage, whether they regard tnttrvcuue, in general nwraiare, to morai ua religious priocn4e, or in correct and gentkmaa - ly deportment. 1 he rarsonage in wnicn ids Punilt are accommodated, is ronuaodKMss reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance Iron New York is about seventeen mile to whicn thereii always a direct and easy comiasca - tioj. ForfurUier particulars appltcatsoa asay hemuleto . r - i.i,. p llobart V .,,VZ - 1 TJ, D, i, - o, CCumt - i. C. D. - , Esq. A. SJcitwraoT - , m,.

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