The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1939 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 A LINE OTIPE ByT. PIPE Stick to the Pipe--Let the Smoke Blow Where it Will MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, J939 OH WHERE OH WHERE Oh where, oh where, is that first robin at. Oh where can it be today? It's sunning itself in the sunny south, 'Stead of freezing in loway. Is there nothing that can be done, no action be taken, no movement started toward relieving the ice bound people of northern loway from the curse laid upon them by the "$%-'{) 3 /i-M"l?;cO exasperated so and so and so groundhog? For veil nigh six weeks now he has held us bound in his frigid grasp with but a day's respite now and then. And as for the first robin, he would have to c o m e fully equipped with woolen pants and ear muffs to long survive the rigors of our early spring weather. OR TO EVEN SHORTLY SURVIVE. Our personal nomination for the best travel guide we have ever seen. The State Farm Insurance company. And our thanks to Ray Van Note, good looking and easy to like Chicago; and North Western Ry. ticket agent, for presenting us a copy of the giude. . Our friend Jimmy Holub, popular manager of the local Western Union office had a rather hectic experience last Saturday night. Along about 9 o'clock p. m., the telegraph wires in our office began to act up and finally ceased to function.- Business of putting in frantic calls for Kubbard, justly famous North Western railway lineman. Business · of "Hub" arriving at office dressed in his store clothes. Business of locating trouble at the W. U. office .from whence comes the juice for our wires. Business of locating Mr. Holub and getting him to the W. XT. fountain of juice. Extended conferences- between Hub and Jim. Comes James; to the office and takes Hub to th'e'-W. U. Comes 3 o'clock in the morning and Jim and Hub atop a pole near the Milwaukee depot, Jim's brand new Phord V 8 left standing adjacent with lights alit and key in bey hole. Presently Jim looks down and observes car extremely disappeared. Business of rushing to nearest phone and making frantic call to police. Business o£ police asking for description of car. "Aha," quote police department, "we have already recovered the :. car for you so cease your worry. We found it down near the Milwaukee depot, lights lit, key Tn car, and no one around. Come and get it." "Come and get it like so much," replied James, "bring that darn car back down here where you found .it." Which the police did. As for the cause of the wire trouble, nothing much only a 100 wire cable soaked through with water and requiring about three or four days work for a gang of men to repair. A ^^ --. ^ -A MAN ON HIS DAY OFF Arose early at 11 a. m. as is' my wont and descend stairway in search of sustenence which am informed will be available at noon as usual whereupon return to the upper floor of residence and remove surplus hirsute adornment with razor of more or less cutting ability. Did then once more descend stairs and read Chicago ne\yspaper until noon day meal eating time was announced of which did partake with great gusto and considerable appetite. Informed by good wife that new Buix automobile had met with accident previous afternoon having been backed into by a plebian truck about 4 o'clock while parked on west side of Congregational church which news distressed me very much. The wife further advised i said truck was wearing official license plate of which she obtained identificating number. Also name of pleasant, good looking gentleman who was passing and witnessed the accident. Also that Halph Holden, general master mechanic of the Buix garage had advised amount of money required to put the Buix back in its former exquisite beauty, grace, and charm. Decide to take long walk for healths sake. What a. cold raw southeast wind. Cliff Ross drives by in Pointyak, Offers to give us aide. Wave him onward. Swell guy is Cliff. Slip on ice and nearly fall down. Good looking woman sees the gymnastics and laughs. Hoped she would slip on ice but she didn't. Into Carl Livergoods and get watch inspected. 27 seconds slow. Up to see H. C. Brown if insurance on car covers damage. It doesn't. Too much deductible, ·what ever that is. Mr. Brown however says if it was a city truck the city insurance would cover damage. Promised to investigate and advise. Tried to sell me more insurance. Came away from there. Into Mason City Loan and Investment to pay box rent long past due. Afraid good! looking office gal would bawl me out but she smiled instead. Drop in on Arnold at his justly famous auto repair shop. Too busy to talk to me. Drop in on old friend Unkle John Lepper. He gave me bad news. Said it was reported long hard winter had greatly damaged dandelion plants. Feel very sad. Meet old friend Mike Hogan of Dougherty. Gave me all the Dougherty news. He's a real fellow. Catch a ride h o m e and spend rest of day reading a I dcctecali\ e story and making up a I flower seed order. And so to bed for much needed rest. --· -Extra! Extra!! Wednesday P. M. Just discovered one of hyacinths has stuck its head up through a snow drift. Hurraw! Spring has came. -- i ai me nome It is to be hoped that Earl and March 11. red do not take themselves too Plans wen PEPPY PALS 4-H GROUP GATHERS Meeting Conducted by St. Ansgai- 4-H Club in Wirth Home ST. ANSGAR--A variety of well chosen color schemes for their rooms was given by members of the Peppy Pals 4-H club of St Ansgar township as they responded to roll call when they met I at the home of Marjorie Wirth Fred seriously in their justly famous controversy regarding editorial influence. Editorials were invented for use as a safety valve for editors overwrought feeling. We doubt if they are read as much as editors hope they will be. We also doubt if any editorial ever written influenced a voter to change his political opinion. If a reader agrees with the sentiment expressed in an editorial he thinks its great and tells others about it. If not, he thinks its the bunk and tells everybody about it. ·However, we do hope Earl does not permit democratic editorials to appear in his paper. Why use good space for so few readers. Members of Sunday School Class Meet ALEXANDER--Mr. and'-Ml-s. Willard Latham entertained in their home the members of the Young People's Sunday school class of the United church. Entertainment consisted of Chinese checker games. Mrs. Latham served a luncheon. were discussed for the lunches they will sell at the Farm Bureau meeting, at the Arthui Hanson home March 17. "Evening Prayer" was sung by the group. Shirley Knutson gave a talk on "What I Need and What I Should Eliminate in My Room." Mrs. Myron Webster assister by Mrs. Earl Hossiter, gave a talk on color schemes, backgrounds, wallpaper and pictures. Each girl made a color wheel and mounted a picture. Mrs. Rossited gave a demonstration on home dyeing. "Courtesy on the Street" was discussed by Norma Schultz. Three pictures were discussed by Frances Thompson, Neva Koster and Bernice Kleckner. The opera "Hansel and Gretel" was discussed by Mrs. Rossiter and several selections from that opera were played. Lunch was served by the hostess. During 1933-38, the United States regained nearly one-half of the Latin America export trade it lost between 1929 and 1932. Girl Is Shot in Love Spat County Attorney Sam Goodwin at Paul Valley, Okla., said that Carole Morrison, 18 year old high school student, rode with her boy friend for an hour and a half after she was shot three times in a quarrel over a date with another boy. She was given an even chance to recover. ENTERTAINS CLUB HUTCHINS --Miss Inez Eckels entertained the S. O. S. club Saturday afternoon at her home. Fancy work and the making of reed and raffia mats occupied the time. Miss Eckels, assisted by her mother, Mrs. Perm Eckels, served lunch at the afternoon's close. HOW TO RELIEVE COLDS Simply Follow These Easy Directions lo Ease the Pain and Discomfort and Sore Throat Atcompanyini Golds BLOUSE O F T H E 1. To MU p«fn and dsccmfort jnd reduce liver tike 2 Bayer Tablets--Alnk a glass of water. Repeat In 2 hour*. | 2. If tftroat ft raw from cold, crush anil dissolve 3 Bayer Tablets hi % glut of water... garjfe. THE SIMPLE WAY pictured above otten brings amazingly fast relief from discomfort and sore throat accompanying colds. Try it. Then -- see your doctor. He probably will tell you. to continue Tvilh the Bayer Aspirin because it acts so fast to relieve discomforts of a cold. And to reduce fever. This simple way, hacked by scientific authority, has largely supplanted the use of strong medicines in easing cold symptoms. Perhaps the easiest, most effective way yet discovered. But make sure you cet genuine BAYER Aspirin. 13 FOR 13 TAB LCT* 2 FULL DOZEN Us r i,»i. As Seen in Vogue This smart little blouse is one you should add to your collection of suit blouses. It is one of many in our stock of fashionable blouses which includes liew frilly types, so£t pastel shirts, laces, silks, rayons and batistes Priced at S3.50 it is a splendid value. Others from 91.98 to $5.95. SECOND FLOOR PICK OFFICERS OF OS AGE CLUB Mrs. Thompson Is Elected President of City Federation OSAGE--The City Federation held its monthly meeting Monday afternoon at the city rest room. The Osage Naturalist club presented the following program which was announced by Mrs. James Naden, the Naturalist club's program committee chairman: a reading by Frances Law; a book review of "Listen, The Wind," by Anne Lindbergh, given by Mrs. W. D. Adidson: music by the wood wind quartet from the high school directed by Frank Piersol. Election of officers resulted as follows: President, Mrs. Urban Thompson; first vice president, Mrs. Willis Stittsworth; second vice president, Mrs. Vern Tenney; secretary, Mrs. Ingvald Iverson; treasurer, Mrs. Henry Frick. Officers of Home Project Club of Township Elected ' NEW HAMPTON--The Jacksonville township home project club elected the tollowing officers; Mrs. Halvor Nelson, chairman; Mrs. Carl Miller, publicity; Mrs. A. J. Bohr, health, and Mrs. Grover Johnson, music. Alexander Couple Married 49 Years ALEXANDER--Mr. and Mrs. Ed Richards celebrated their forty-ninth wedding anniversary Sunday. They were first entertained ill the home ot Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hansen during the day. The evening WHS spent i: their own home when their son, R«y and family came. BUY NOW ON OUR NEW LIBERALIZED CHARGE PLAN SPRING 1939 SUITS-TOPCOATS '19 s0 - '25 - '30 to '40 By HART SCHAFFNER MARX - STYLEMOR VARSITY TOWN - UNDERGRAD Get to Know Little Brown Church Pastor on Vacation NASHUA--The Rev. William Kent is taking a two weeks' vacation from his duties as pastor ot the Little Brown church, because of the bad condition of the new road leading from Nashua to Hie church, which has been under-" f construction the past year for a black top surface, in the spring. He will continue the performing of marriage ceremonies as they come during his vacation. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ' lit Mvaiaf tu'uf U G« 7ht liver ihould pour out two pound* of w o e B y t e m s poione *n you ·unk »ud the world looVi punk. A mere bowel movement docin't get tfc the cjLUie. It Uktft those good, old C*rter'» LUlIo Llvtr Villa to jcet theie two poundi of bilo flowlnjr freely and tutlic you l«t "up and up." Harmlm, gentlr* yet am»t* tn* In ruftkfftfr hH« ^o\r freely. Aik fat C*rt«t'»I.StU Liver Flit* by oami Stubbornly refuifr tnjtbltig elM* ON FEDERAL -- OPPOSITE THE PARK OFFER A NEW LIBERALIZED CHARGE ACCOUNT SERVICE AN E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D 90 DAY CHARGE PLAN A friendlier, easier, longer-paced plan that will enable thousands of men to buy the clothing and furnishings they want and need for themselves and their boys--instead of waiting or "doing without," HERE'S HOW IT WORKS (On March Purchases for Example) PAY NOTHING UNTIL APRIL Simply sign the request to start this new service and divide your total month's purchases into 3 equal payments as shown below: PAY A T H I R D A P R I L P A Y A T H I R D MAY NO DOWN PAYMENT -NO INTEREST NO CARRYING CHARGES Payments for April Purchases Extended to May, June and July Payments for May Purchases Extended to June, July, Aug., Etc. This new Credit Plan is offered to every North Iowa man or woman who is regularly employed, has a steady income and satisfactory credit references. Ever on the alert to bring you every buying advantage -- every shopping convenience, we now bring you this newest, most liberal, most modern plan of credit -- a plan adopted by many of the finest, most progressive stores in the nation. The new Liberalized policy changes nothing else in our store . . . Pledged to you is our sincerity of ever adhering to those Gildner traditions of good style--good quality, and above all--· GOOD VALUE. Come in and fill out our Liberalized Charge Account card. Then take advantage of this new plan in any department . . . Men's clothing, furnishings, hats and shoes . . . Boys' clothing and furnishings . . . Women's hose. The added convenience of this Liberalized idea in charge account service should tempt you to begin Spring buying now. To buy many of those things you had always wanted at the time you want them. It's another advantage to you in Gildners' MODERN PROGRESSIVE storekeeping policies--strictly attuned to the times.

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