The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 25, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1818
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Drticnut y Lord Knktnt. and tigned by kit LuritZm rnnd the JK'r, tnnrcion tht Jiiuma'tyihe iwtut lot, aguinu fit intemiuij lWuvse it k manifest that Uki ha been tx Widely spread trtiUonHi conspiracy, jsoreten a - r c sleuwadisaffe tioa to the government, since t M secret comn - ittw, whose report it It we foaudalon ol Uiif proceeding, do UiweWci i ex - pre Uir thlttion in delivering foirdtlded o, tuioo, tbat not coty the coeutrj in general, l,..t Ihna ii;lriil arht - ra the c!eln Of th Curly employed, tiie great body ol the r?p'e. had remained untawled even during reriod toe grealett internal difficulty and ciitireti;" ' tinghirlht at forts. inai in lrwururm. w... not formidably by their numbers, tliough actna j i : .. .I itiAueh tht lea py an aiirocsous sn, j language osed iy many personi ensued U enterprise, and particularly by iheir leaders, ten .1 m l ulnectl were the 0 - Terthrow of Ike established government, yet that urh objects were txtraraganl when lra with tb inarteaiat mean whch UT Pf"?' aad that act Hading iheir ""V"" ved, Mxted,totheirtoppon.iid th tillage! llirough which they paf atrong lr - diiposilioii being manifested aeamM their cause . dVroject, .oaTe of them had thrown away lbir pikes Wot the militarg afftartd, and that on theorsishew of .orce bad Jiiperscd their lea - den attempting in vaiu to rally Ibem" id. Because in inch attale of thing o con olinrly detcribed by the committee, and so al - iBOitludkroonly detractive of every idea of o nnaed rebellion, or dangeroui inorrcr.tion, more .n - iall airainiit a coterament topported by u. h untninitA Dwiole. and toch an imnnie military force, we cannot bat think that a differ - oat and left alarming comae o;hl in wie poli - in ha Imm nurtiied. and that tranquility aiish(hae bcnequatlr retord by a vigoroui viu - uiinn ntth BtAinary tawt and live eiertioni Of a tigiUM Mgitr.ry ,wiibootany upp mi m rd hA iialilin ffwoilnm. HUT it U Uie UTlinPt M lection and tpeedy eiecutioo of a fete palpable ' etfeedtrt.' rawer man miayea piwKuin;i aiuM numhwri uivni doabtl'ul trttimouy, tbatin vett Ut coyrtt of Jutticn with taluUry terror end forc6 3d - - Becane (lie departure from tliit jt and jndiciout ra6d of proceeding gave n inditcrimi - nata inKrlaiic to the accul, wliiltt it expo aod tlit adinlnittratioo of Government to a Jani,'trout dufMpert. . 4ta, - ili"Cue (iruwhen the Act ofllaheat Corput it auirptuded, none no. itiht account ooglil to M appreniin'ira upoa uui'iikuibimc iH:ion. or. ti ua tha iRiKntk - e of tbe rUiwrl, op oa " lucu ttpectatiunt of evidence at MinnUn tviv anaTOuiahly Telinqoitlied,n but upon tucb . tfroortdtoniy at wonu le uti warraitit tor ar - icttt and tnalt iu wdinary timet, th only legal Vet of the SiiipcDfinn being that it tuiptndt . the MlertH ' ol fneucrotea i we minx, inrB' fore, tliat it rmwrnl InJcmnitT for $Uth flu mrtiii nd hng vnftimmietUt, ought not en - o to have be propwid to I'af b;nment. until an ym and impai til iiivettttion hid taken place. 6th. Ilcnu, from tlx aiutaaen .mcipl ol tbitbUl, nalicioiNaaJaienlonoui tuegaiity ar qnUy oaproter'.ud, on the falte and unCuodil Mfunoiiau tOMt kilormatioru ougtit to be indu trtminMttjt and atrpthmU tenrct, bat even if W CAOIQ Brta mm WIiIKII itotoiwu vomytrm tUi urn actually in force, and . extnor Juiary powen are In action fcr their tupprauioo, iacr - ey could in all cntet bejostiljd, yet we never could commt Id iUconliuuanre After order wji t(ord ttie lain being then tolGi Cmt to protect gooi turjt eti (or having hooeitly ditcharged their dotitt, audbecaarc holding out iu ;h general propnctt of Indemirtty it a dhgpmm encou - ragemrat to rfarcmiary inlbrmen, who make an Inform!! tralfic la tht livrt ani lilrrtir rfmnn kind, dcivitg and difirntcit. the govr ranuiut, wbilit they betray the innocent whom they ac - 'cuta. Cth. Bocaoft it bj tot the nrrfi'iennf rettrl to toch aecret and impure tourctt ol evidence in ra et of ubrxaut ntcemti, .but tht ryicnio'ic tn coworemeiit of it, which we conceive iitanc tiontd by Uiii bill that we protert nyaiitat nnd ceo lemo, tinct the tucocfful pronccutioot nf ihr vrorrttraitufi and libellert can bring no icciirily to the government of thu cotiatrf, unlot the conduct of ite minuter and of itt parliament, by a faithful adherence to the free principlrt of Uie conftilutieo, thnll conttandr expote the maic ally of their treawoi and Uie fulM hood of their JibaUoui complainu. Errkina, Kin?, Auckland, Carnarvon, Vauxl IloUand, Grosvcnor, ' ( Laatdown, Lauilcnlulc, Rottlyn. Monlfnrd. PORTSMOUTH, March 7. Tht tremendmu ilarmi. On Weliu sday lat about five o'clock, - a gale of wind Lommrticed here from the tnuthWAni, whi' h, by its violence, annroaibed neaiiv to a hurricane. It acted with tucb irrf liitiUe power upon the tea, thut the tide roee five feet higher tbr.t the ordinary apring - tidea. and maiutaiued thnt height Ihrrr houn after it thou Id bre ebbul : it wae h water between nine and ten, aud to continue I until midniibt; and by parting and ilettroyin, iti accustomed bound (in tome parti to full half a aVile extent) property to a vast amount wa le - atreyed. Tbe buildop between the Round Tower and . the i'oinl are either in rains, washed away, or their foundation! undermined. The iraler wai t wo feet above the in Point - ttreet. The dHinign done to property In the cel)r and lnwer momt was very great. Several tmall buildinf "exl the harbour1! moirb were wuhi.d away, with the ttrpt at the rally - psrtr, and their phlfonus ; and the ilauliter - houit wharf wai murJi damaged. Tho tea made a coinvlete tweach tlnvah the beach al goutrnea, betweeutbe Castle a id La apt Koii, and inundated the common and old mora., wh ire a farm houte bat bem motiy yean (landing, the bamtrs ol which had tcarcely time to lare Un - telvM. liortey !. - land ) entiraly overflowed, and CA ten iliecp were drowned Uw - e. All the arabla land al l.umpt rort was likewise inun - ibttd. and 13 acre of wheat on the farm of; Mr. Gain. lun. were instantly wa.hed op. A building, about 350yardt from the hore, full ofi teed pot toe t, was watnou uown oy uie vioicuce of the wavei. I oe iiasiar innre prrsenis a inr - uriiing intan' - e of the naa!ive wviglit and ow - er ol asitalcd water, where two exteotive breaihet are msd in that wlid 't - Me sea - wall (erected for the protection of tbe hospital)' and the ponderous mines and masonry work of "0 torn weight, were th'owu down level with tbe teaihore. . The water exteuJed to Haslar bar racks, the mest - roorn of whicli was overflowed, Tot brig U.imsley, of and from Sunderland, wai the only veel lott : she drove, and by ttriking on the ellow of the Hone, biUed. The crew got into the Imat aod hun on to the wreck until Hit moruiug. htn they were takeu off al day. light, by a pilot boat and '.andrd here. WEYMOUTH, March 5. Latt evening it Wrw a mmt tremmid.iu gale at scuth - eat. At the westward ! Portland he rtbhleJUnhu strewed with re k, wine, lemons, cable, roup, ic. and (our lidiri were thi' morning wiuhr - d on fhore, but we are unt able to acertain any particular, whether a treio or Eajluh veuul, as vet " LlVEarOOL, Manh7. The Xeptune, , from ew - Vork, for Dublin, bat beeu boardel by un 5. iiit.,.i having been driveo out of Dublin Hay, witulote oi mi or ancoon anu cauir. DOVEIl. Marrh R. The late dreadful gidet froji tbe south - west have dooe no other damage to the harbour than Oirowio an immense bar of iarh arrost it, wMci has prevented rotny veel taking aLel'er h.; - t f.oa the storm ; t'lwe Uut are in thf birbon' h - iv rerrived no daina whatever, but ill nragei hav. been ex leaded tad ft rent part of the town tad 'aaoy nouet are j - nrtiailv - UDmjfeJ the barrij at ead the extraordinary kigb i A TXartVi'i ereby, h i rrmo - ed the tl; u f t . .van tbe aortli pier bead srul Lc cloa, ij l - y Bo&rwiaing the quay l - i u dirtanca, bat accaJtooea lrv. n u bu.ll starcliousM ia XonUl Uultwy, otwt DS to the board of ordnance," and 1 thadsevaax di fi is to into lb im. . &eri( appr.Ue - ilont are entertained of Uie new hot aod cow balhs, which hava been asJare bow erecting oo the parade, as ahouM It continue to blow hard with the nigMtide, the remainder oT tha ord - nun atnra.hnau - 1. ami the bathiag - roomt must iaeritablT ro : pile are now driving down to endeavour to pmerve tbe latter. Several dead bodies have been washed ashore between here an t fWl. and alio at Rte and Broad - stairs, .and pari of wreck, tpanand a number of halfxoken of srunls have Been ihciou up uere. ... . IIONITON. (Devon.) March 5. This town was yesterday visited by one of the most awful hurricane the oldest inhabitant here ever remembers. It commenced about three o'clock in the afternoon, and continued with una bated furv, attended with the moit violent rain. until ien o'clock at night. Whether this sever storm was confined to (hit part of England, or central in other parte, I cannot tell, but ite ef fects were dreadful. Mouses unroofed, barut and tree blown d.Vwn in all directions in and a bout thiiVlace. The mailt and other coaches were not - able to get through to Exeter from here, owing to 15 larre elms beios blown down. and lying across the road between Jlonitoo and Fanncy briugot. . NFJV.YOliK EVFJWtQ POST. 8ATURDAY, APRIL tS. Furllur txtracti from London papert We contioue oar extract this eveoinr from late London pnpert ; and particularly we republih tha PROTEST by the lords hi the minority, against the proceeding of the ministry ia sus pending the flabeat Corput act, and Uia me inres connected with it. An act of parliament bat patted to carry into effect an article of the late treaty, which provide for (he exportation of British goods direct to the Coiled State upon the tama terms at when exported to any foreign country. A similar act hat been paved on our part. The ship Milo hat arrived at Boston in 25 day from Liverpool. ' Our corrapondont liar tent at a proof - sheet of extracts from London paper to the evening of tht 25th of March ; one day later than was brought by tbe ship Mercurv which arrived at thit port latt Thursday. FROM OUR CO Tl II F.SPoAl) KMT. . Office of the Patriot ) ll"Kton, April IS. Extract from paper by ibc Mi'o. LONDON, March 24. The President, late Americ.ii fiimte. ix te br repaired her establi hmcnt will bi GO gun and carronudet. TluAorth Pole.!' it laid that Loid C'.ch - ran I'ta caused a tteam boat to be built, in which lie intend to make a vovaire to the Ni th Pole, and from thence, to Uehring - , - ti ail. Hhe it to be ichooner - riged, and wdl he kecompanied by tome old colliei, la.lcn with coals, at far a Hpitzbergen. Here the couU will be Ukcn into the acli - 1 and ua Uie run u only 5 rlay to the pole, and from thence to llolir ng' Strait 9 rtnys, and a it it intended to make me of tailt when the wind is fkir, hi liordihip it langnine in hope of beitig the lirst to acconiplish the V passage over the pole, and tnut to pet both ot i lie parliamentary i ewards, amounting to '2r,0M)L Hiidsml. March 17. The number of vcmelt thut per'ul ed in the tnrmiiof tiie 4th and 6tli of thit month i et - timated at 140, between the 1 1 elder and Calais only. Gr.soa, Feb. 25. Tbe commander of the tquadron of the U. fta'ct of America in the a), diterranean, has rcqtiireil the Orv of Algiere to give order to bucruizera not to take the libe - ty inf .tureof viiitinir American vessel, under ny preiext atever, because, as the plague prevail in the territory of Algiers, it i as much to be feared t:iat Uie cuntugeon might, be spi ead by tlicse visits. He added, that in case of refusal, he bad order to give chase to the .leine vessel, and to iink tlirm. If all the maritime 'owers would hold die same energetic lau - LUge, tiiere wouia nut he so mucli reason to leur that these cruisers would communicate l,e plague to us, aitd their piracies would cease of themselves 7ii the E!crtnrt of Ihr Sccvnd Congrrjiioiial District. r ri.i ow i. m.LMS, I take tbe hhertv tif offering myself tn vou ns a Candit - ito rt the entiling Eire lion, tor inrmlierof t'nngress. I am a ie ilmi such a step is, in ihi. part of the Union, unutiml ; but it is not, llifref ne necFttnrily impnper. ror it cniuiot be denied, llutt in iliuhC stiiics, where a practice iliHWent from our own irrrtil, the people have m - lili.iu l'"n repriiarlied ilh clinonin nieii, dtlicienl either in talents or inti - grity. The nchl of'cin, iruarnnti'i d by the Cmistitu'ion ami s lie Luwt to everv Llerlur, if a richt sarrrd anil unalienulile, ami no no mination enn or ouchl to take it awav. Nonii iialion made by repectnlle ini'n, arc, in mror cin - s ontiilnl to rcupccl ; lut to conti nu that llicy are biiHlinjr, is to assei t that the rinht of few to nominate, is superior to the rk lit of the hole bortv ol the people to rlect. Wlirrethe People are thrini lve Hiqtiainieil with ihr iiuuli i.itiont of the Candiiliiti'i surh no'iiiiiatmiis srrm I.) he unnecessary, unlrsi llin Klector, iihoiisiIiIc tn the value of turn" ilr.nvsl pnnh p , nnd a liulcd with llie enjoymi nl of the lii:'liesl prrror lives ut freemen, nre dipnu?d to n Id nit toother the exercise of Iheir own opinions. Whenever thnt occurs, correct principle s of Liberty and he - publicanism st ill be but little regarded, and but a little while preserve!!. How often lias it happened, in the enthusiasm of party cnnHirts, that nominations have Imn niHde hi coniiintti'i, ny nisnnemeiit, barmn, roinurnmise aud intri"iie. And bow ollen liavi party men lieen coinrlli'd to rhnnne between the rianccr ol iiiiiirinir i!eu parly, anil tlirtr disliki of the Candidate ? liut now . w hen party acha lions have subsided, how nmrh lieiter would it be if those wIki are willing lo .erve uirir lellow - riti' cent, should announce their williii);neaa, thus pit' in the w holt body of the people the art mil, prac tiealriebt and power of Kleetion, instead of vest ing thai powif in a t'oiuuiiitee, however numerous ami rt - spertahk i 1 am, it I know niv own principles, a Itepuldicau ; and at surh I will hI - nav lxur etiinony ataint prnctke whirh nbiidpp the nclitsol a free people ; and especial Iv such ua hate a tendency to restrict the mt iniporant of those rtlil, that of choosing then own rrpreeentatives, Iree from every cties ol routrool, or apprrhruion of reproarh. It lif - n every Ete - tor shall vote acrordiog to his own best jnoV neiit, the legitimate' and couitiiutmnal au - llinritv of the people will bf really erlechte and murine. And it is to every elector in this his in iiKnrrull r.lllKI'll V. that I adllrTSS SUV' self. I solicit no committee for a nomination. 'I rail on no meetings for support. I pleilfe myeHf . n . . .1 ...a I . . ...... to uo i any as us urroieu iiiiiuint:i. a oo '(tend neither time nor money in the election ; and, 1 am not aware of anr friends who are dupoMfl to do ii for me. Indeed I do not desire to be fleeted, unless it be the result of tlie unbiased aod soiitaiMoiis choice of tnr fellow - citisens. 1 o be thus electni, would imleed be an honour which I am ambitious enough to covet : and faithfully toiWhai jr niy dniv to such n commuiiilt, would Im - my greami priil'e shu ileliht. Hut tiiere is one view in whirh Sucre in Vuch an attempt would bp hailed w ith joy by rrerv re - iiuiiM - Tatrmi. every true Republican I it would lac.iiahlv wore thu freedom, and w ith h the purity ol IJertiotit ihat auimoity of party which has for more than t ent y yeur. dtrncled our county , hat fortunately rome to anenrt. iimU - s indeed there shnuM, to krrp it, be . vnllicieul number of t'.e whom iictorTcanBtppcar,aDd wboa triumph ren - d, rs ferociou tbe Aiiitrica a people lU number eftuchlmuit alwavtbe small, , aod the great body of tbe community feel and' arkauw ledge that llie strict ami rigorosst diwipline f f party, which, hi (lie lull violence ot ourciiUtct, was, in some avoidable, te wow wiioltytmtieceosary. In ihis slnte. and indeed thrmirhout the Ur.inn, the amiable charter and conciliatine deportrneat of the V resident of the I'nited Slates, have drawn I otiH iMappMuaeHmuscuiesuusiapriiinjnc w hich bis administration is rouduclro, has se cured him the support of all worthy and intelligent men. In sucn a state et imngi, wnen men - sir no longer any party conflicts, when truth there ran be none, l lie re being no cause for tlx m, lit tie els teems nccessnrv to tlie security ana nrrmunearv of the nttlblic welfare, than that the mole should be reoresenled bv men devoted to tlie preservation of heir rights, and capable of Hiding in tbe advancement of the general proo - env. If. in ilkrse resoeet. lelkiwciUZeu. you should be disposed to consider me lift lets entitled to your confluence than Uiote wimmc name nay be announced in a more pompous suiu imuusio$ form. 1 shall endeavor to serve you with all liuth - fulness, and to the utmost of my ability. HHIViUUtm - ttntt, AVsJ - For, jtrfUU, IKlS.j BARE.MT GAEDEMER. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Oflice of tlie City Gazette, Charleston, I Friday, April 17. From A'auuu By (lie British sloop Betsey, wa have received from our atteative correspood' ent. a file of Nassau papert to tlie 4th intt. incla live, from which wc have exttacted tome marine intelligence for this day's paper. Several American veuels. it will be Perceived, bave re cently been wrecked on Abaco, Ileneaga and tbe f ionda Heef. NASSAU. March tl Hit Maietly's brig Beaver, Capt. Felix, arrived on Thursday, from the Havana. A day or two before her departure, as we are informed, the roval order lor the abolition of the slave trade wai published there. Tbit may have giveiJ rite to the report of tlie publication of an order interdicting Inreiga trade. On her pattuge upa M.'iran rriiiur hhll tlw. auil&ritV to fift at th Beaver, hut being afterward brought to, fieri commander excuaeil him tell oy laying limine took tbe Beater for a Guineaman. she wa commissioned at Samuna. The cruiser of the Patriot swarm about tlie Havana and along the roast of Cuba. A panih frigate with about 3 millions of dollars bat been lately driven on shore at Campecbe 1 the crew and money were taved. - - The bo'uterout weather experienced from the 4 ill to the li)th imL has caused the losses of several vessels daaonir our reefs and bank ; nnd our wreckers have evinced further proofs of their ready exertion in behalf of the unfortunate Whatever may be imputed by the uncandid and illiberal lo Ibe adventurous pursuit of these har dy people, it is impossible to withhold from them the credit and praise ol being most tiielnl in then avocaliooi to the intrrert of humanity, at well in the preservation of property, a ia the rescue of their fellow - creaturci from destruction. March 23. Current! of the ocean On the 4th of March, 1013, a Imtllu wa picked up on th N. E. side oi Kleuthera, in about lat 24. 30, Ion 76, 30, W containing a paper, on whuh wa written " Ship John Tobin, Hill August, 11)16 lat 32, uorlh, long 27, 20. with a tine breeze, N. ll,n On tlie back of the same paper W. bwain - Extracts of a letter from a lady. . " WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. " Oa Wednesday we were at Mrs. MoorcVt Jrawlig - roolt. It wai immensely crowded, so much so, that the ladies, who were all superbly dressed, did not appear to much advautage. - lit, ii on roe i an exceedingly elegant woman; in person tuid maunert the is very much like the elraut Mr. W.of Iloton. he wtiu a splendid lama dre, tho border round the bottom embroidered with gold half a yard in depth, aud Ihi' kiy tpaugled ; her huad - ilres of Uie tamo, with a Drilliant gold sprig in limit. " The graud talooti, or dm wing - room, i circular thu furniture and paper c.riuiou aud gold ; .lie curtain and chaiu, criawon win, i Icanllv wrought in orange silk, with gilr cornice aud fringe to correspond. The chair frapir are massy gilt. In tho centre it lutpeaded ua elegant chandelier. The fire place is marble, the mantle supported by two figure carved. Hi fire geer broute. The gilding, pier glasses, mar ble and gilt tahlei are correspondingly elegant. " Another too.n it fiirnuhed with yelliw pa per, curtains, chairs, fee. with a very clg - ..nt piauo. In the centre stiqds a very handsome oiarblo table. " 1 he next room is green and gold. " I ne lourui, whii h u the Uinuig - room, M itone colored paper, ornamented with silver. - I he lour wera opeued the first levee day." . . Extract from a letter ef Mestn. J. S. Carter k Co. to a commercial house in Boston, dated LIVERPOOL. .Varch 26. " No material change has lately occurred in the market Flo'ir 5lis aud iinprovinz; ashes dull, alinoct iinpcfMilde lo effect sale, particular ly m peail; potaGIs ; iv.q 44s steady ; tar 19 20s; turpentine 176d a 19s steady i cotton, in demand, Is 9d a Is 9 3 - 4d, and improving t g hx! s'ave. jjt - z per ivi. amltcarce; tltratbuis cop per advanciag; hotis, a little better! naval stores ut moderate prices are like! j to pay wcU." Frum the National Inttlligrnrtr, April 23. Military .4 pptintmenlt. The fiillowinir ap point nienls have been nude by the President, tt'itn the const nt ol the senate, under the act just passeJ, for reducing the Maff of the Ai mv t Brigadier General William Cumming - , Quar - ler - Aister (icneral. Culonel George Gibson, Commissary Gene ral Joseph Ixivell, Surgeon General. Tobias Welkins and ). C. Bronaiigli, A si is taut 4'urgeons ien oral. The other Hospital Surgeons and Males are made post Surgeons. 5. A. Morrow and It A. Winder, Judge Auvocaies, antl IT. t.ave Jones, Chaplain and Professor at the Military Academy. We are rutiiiesUd to ttMe, that information having yesterduy reticrad this piare of Copt. Hundy having junied overboard, on hit voyage Inuu i'lirtkiiioullito Baltimore, iu a tit of iusanity, Mr. Mumford, of North Carolina, his brother - in - law, has been unexpectedly obliged to bend his way for Poi Isumutli, instead of homeward, at tie was Boom proceerung. RICHMOND, (Vir.) April 21. IaIhI from the toulhrrn mrmu The folio i::g is an extract of a letter lo a gentleman of lint puce, l rum an otiicer, dated " FORT SCOTT. March 28. I ttirpect gen. Gaines' wreck will iorm th most striking circumstance of this campaign. Though there has been uo scanty share of privation, of danger aud of hard - .hip, we shall have lit tle to make a " Gazette" of; eipeomlly from Uie present lorce employ eu. here are now ou the march to the Mickasucky town (about 60 miles pom this post. Just below the Spanish line) about 3100 whites aud UOOludians, beside a thousand mounted Tennessee troops, which are every moment ex per led. On ourrroingthe line, which tbe hostile party had been led to believe we would not do, tbe Indians scattered very much : indued I aos inclined to believe, thai mutt ol those who bave committed no actual hxlility a g dint as have dispersed themselves to av Mil the un flooding storm. The Mickatuckies, who are tbe most powerful town which wat considered hostile, (rated at 500 warriors,) are ia:d to have returned te their homes ; and it it supposed by many, will yield without a iSie same terms which were tormcly offered, the givm up the murderer?," will he now adhered Ut on our part. I do not Ibmk there are now 500 In ditnt ui arms against or. The old Nrjro Fort ha been made tenable, mat! 1 believe a a tlactofdeforil." 'wiitS. ll.'1ark.iir d.ivlut JitusU shifted 20 dcjrrBS A Iatrttde forOier eortb. Oa Susday w knvl noWrinnd ycloru3 morusu. (2tf - h April) see Lji.. c - :' - Gibou,no traamwtUJ alour.ljulfcaleir - cnit court of the rnorder of Pertlrow, bnt who obtained a new trial in tonteuaence of the low late of btalth o which he wa reduced, wa - .im irat (n the bar. durmt the latt week, lo tb titv s aod oa tiaturdaT, the jury returned a ver - Some exception, we learn, ha been taken by his counsel, which wiU probably go op lo the gene - ralcourl. : ' - . - ' ; ' SAVANNAH, AprU 14. nbuwi alarm. We have Just seen a gentleman who arrived in Ibis city last night, from Dariea. He informs w , that mi fconday last the major ol tbe regimes in vYaru county reached Dariea, with ilispwtobet far gen. Hopkins the lubstanco of which were that the Indians had entered Wayne coon y, burnt several houses, and that the inhabitant were flying for refuge into Gfynn. On Monday last, our informant states that general Hopkins issued orders for the militia of MMntosh and Glynn, to march in pursuit of the Indians, forthwith. From Hit army. We have seeo a letter from an officer id tbe army, dated Hartford, 27 lb ult, which stated that he had Just received order to join Jackson ; and that in the course of eight or nine dayi, Old Hickory would go apinst tbe hostile tarage. Generals Jackson, Gaines, and Glascock, left Fort Scott on the 1 1th ult. io order to meet tome provisions that were on Uie way from New - Orleans, and on the 14th met a supply sufficient, with which they immediately proceeded on to the Mickaiukee towns t tbe force; consisting of about 500 regulars, 1000 militia, and several commands of Indians, amounting in the aggregate lo about 1C00. On the 20th, M'lntosh'i command of 776 Indians, left Fort Scott to join Jackson, which it wai supposed ould lie effected on the 2Sth, previous lo the contemplated attack oa the Mickasukecs. CHARLESTON, April 17. It is reported that 4 Spanlih Oflici ri have been executed, to avenge tlie death of General Mina. Extract of a letter to the Editor of the Winyaw Intelligencer, dated in Sumter District, odi iost. "Tbe Eoidemic it vcrv fatal on Jeffrey's Creek, in lJar'ir.eton. Mr. G. lost three out ol hit family yesterday. Diatht frequeut. AN ACT concerning navigation. Be it enacted by the senate and house of re presentatives of the United Statei of America, in congress assembled, that Irom aud after the thir tieth of September next, the port of the United States shall be and rtuiain closed againrt every vessel owned wholly or in part by a subject or subjects of his Britannic Majesty, coming or arriving from any wrt or plate in a colony or territory of hit Britannic Majesty, that is or shall be. bv the ordinary lawt ot navigation and trade, dosed' against vessels owned by citizens of the United Statei : aud such vessel, that m the coarte of the voyage, shall hava touched at, or claarcd out from, any port or place in a or territory of Greal - Kritam, which shall or may be. bv Uie ordinary law of navigation nnd trade aforesaid, opea to vessels owni d by citi.ens of the United States, shall, nevertheless, bo deem ed to have come from the port or place in the colony or territory of Great - Britain, closed as a - foresaid, against ves - els owned by citizens of the United States, from winch such vessel cleared out and tailed before touching al and clearing out from an intermediate aod opeu port or place as aforesaid ; and every such vessel, so excluded Irom the ports ot the United States, that tha 1 en ter or attempt to enter the same, in violation of thu act, shall, wr.h her tackle, apparel, amilur nit ure', together with the cargo on board such vessel, he forfeited to the lun'.ed slates. Sec. 2.. And b it further enacted. That from and after the aforesaid Uii ticlh of Septcaiber next, the owner, consumec, or agent, of every vessel owned wholly, or iq part, by a subject or subiectt of bis Britannic matestv, wtiicu snail bave been duly entered in any port of the Uni ted States, and on board of which shall have been there laden for exportation auy article or articles of Uie growth, produce, or manufacture of tbe United State, other than provisions ai.d sea tore necessary for the vo) age, shall, befoi r tucb vessel shall have been cleared outward at the custom house, give bond in a sum double the value of tui.h arUclcs, with one or more sureties, to the satisfaction of Uie collector, that the arti cle er articles so laden on board such vt - sel for exportation, shall be land, d ia some tiort or place other than a port or place ia a colony or territory of his Britannic majesty, which, by thf ordinary laws of navigation a id trade, is clowd agiiuat versi Is owned by citizens of the United States; and any stich vessel that Miall sail, or a tempt to tail from any port nf the United Hates, without having complied with the provi sioo aforesaid, by giving bond as aforesaid, (hall, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with the article or articles aforesaid, ladeu on board tha same at aforesaid, bo forfeited to the United states : J 'rmided alicaut, that nothing in Uiu act contained tl.all be so deemed or constru ed, mas to violate auy provision of the convention tn regulate commerce between the tcrrito rit - i of the I'nited States anil his Britauni': ma - ietty, signed the tlii'tl day of July, one thousand oijjlit hundred nnd fitteen. Sec. 3. And he it further enacted, That the form of the bond aforesaid shall be prescribed by the secretary of the department ot the treasury, and the tame shall ad may be discharged, and not otherwise, by producipg, wilhin one year aner the date thereof, a like certificate, to that required by and under the regulations cunlaintd in Ihe ei'hty - firsl section of the act to n irti late, the collection of duties on imports," pa - eil the tecoud day of March, seventeen hundred aud ninety - nine, that tbe articlei of the growth, produce aud manufacture of the United States, laden as al iresaul, were unladen and landed rou - formably to the provisions of this act, or, in rase, of loss by sea, by capture, er other una voidable accident, by the production of such other proils as the nature of the case will admit, according to the provision! of the said eighty - first section of the act aforesaid. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, that all penalties and forf eitures incurred by lon - e ol thit art, shall be tucd tor, recovered, distributed, and accounted for i and may be mitigated or re mitted, in the manner, and according to the pro visions ot the reveuu laws ol the United Stat. H. CLAY, Speaker of the house of representatives Jill's U AILLAKD, President of the senate, pro tempore April 18, loI8 Approved, JAMES MONROE. One iy later from Lirrrpoel. By the arrival (just as our paper was going to press) of Ihe fat sailing ship Atlaalic, capt Mallack, ia 26 day. from Liverpool, we have received the Liverpool Mercury of March 27. We hav only time for the following : LIVERPOOL, March 27. Prinet ItezenCt Utrrr to the Dvke of Wel lington. private letter from Paris, dated arth II, give tbe following a a copy of Ihe letter srliich the pnoce rrzvnt - vrote to Lb duke of Wellington, oa the occaoa of the late atiac oa hu persou : C erfon hmttr, Fthruary 14. My dear friend I cannot deny myself th - pleatare of writing yea a frw Lne. fir th pur pose of expressing to yoa holh the hippinev which I feel at Uie news, which has just raclit mc, olyo'ir escape (thanks to thvine Providcocc) irvaj a case auctnpl lormej apinit yoiji, aniijao, to tor ror lite of dry al of be old 1 I I. and II R k k k I R l ar k 111 tor go ey. 1 1 of two sch. ved of out. ta. B O 1 D B cl, ter iv, I M. mi hria !.k the Ktittarot J hcrr6r and icuiinMwri jVitli which 1 wa fil'.d, itt the hfay aid batencM V such aa atrocious attack. 1 caootil.T, m common with the r est ol the nation, crier np inaui.vuig Ui supremp gcodmtts .otDiviM, Providence, bavin protected life as iwportatt to Ihe great Interest of our own country, a for the preservation of the gennai inuquimy - .Tht yon msy long c - cml'oa to eti jr.? n so precioui lo us all, ii the most artloiil wish vour sincere and aflecbonate f liend, "GLOHGE, P. ft." Dittrc$ing Uiipvrcck. The tlu'p Julia - Acn, John Burkett, tailed from London the lSlli en. bound to Boston, with a cargo ofbardwar nnd goods, aud 64 pasteugars, principally .r - uj - tiihfamilin. Oo the I7in March, lor Z o'clock" night, off Cape Sabler, started a butt forward and theihip filled and went down in less than an hour with all on board, except eight souli, out seventy - nine, who escaped in the jolly boat, and were picked op and landed at Annapolis in Nova - Scotia. Among the passenger Hated to lost are, Dott MMntosh, formerly residing at Cambridge ; Mr. Purvis, of ITiiladclphla 5 Mr. Ellis, of Baltimore and a French gentle men connected witii sir. tjirara in rnnaaei phia. The 2d mate of the Jul lann was among ihuse saved, and lias arrived at Portland. Tbe City Inspector reports the death of 58 per - 011 from the Itth clay 01 April, to ue lot 11 day ofAuril, 1 18, of the following disease. 1; apoplexy ; 1 asthma 1 , cousuu'ti - tion6; eonvuUion 5 ; diarrhoea I ; dropsy 3; dropsy in the head 1 ; fever, inflammatory I ; fever, remittent 1 lever, typhus i ; hives ol croup 4 ; inflammation ol the bowels 1; inflam mation of the chest 1; intemperance 1; uie as let 1 ; age 1 ; palscy 2 ; peripaeuniony 2; pleuritr 1 trhirrut of the liver 1 ; sore throat 2 ; ipnsius ; still born 3 ; strangury 1 ( suicide 4, tabes mesenteries 4 ; teething 1 ; unknown 3 ; worms GEORGKCU.VHNG, City Inspector. Two by taking Laudanum, cue by Annie, one by drowning. I DIED, At Middlelown, (Con.) on the 2 lit intt. Almy Wnrne. aged 75 years. . Mrt. CLEARED, Ship Lorenzo, Savage, Chariest n sachem, uevtii, Loan, Fosdick, Brig Reindeer, Hazard, Antwerp Jamci Love tt. Liverpool J Barker. Bordeaux Hazard & Williamt St. Christophers Savannah Charleston Catharine, Collier, Amelia, Mott, Schr Margaret, Caswell, Olive - Branch, Gray, Herald, Thorp, Olire - Brancb, Fowler, Suffolk Murfreesborough Annapoli, H S Brooks ft Iloyt KichmotiH Hurt ford Wahington Boston New - London Do. Molly, Somen, Ono, Delano, Carpcuters - Son, Huhliell, Mornine - rtar, Ililsbure, Sloop Eliza, Davis, Montgomery, Coit, Burdite, Gains, Hartford Whitfield. Pitts, Suowhill Charles, Mason, Saco Rambler, Aitchio, Norfolk Martin, God.'rry, Richmond Throe Brothers, Snow Roc - htster Lydia sV Mary, Doughty, Richmond jftmrm rw.s tOREA'coA, Ship Atlantic. Matlack, 26 days from Liverpool, with a full cargo dry goods and hemp, to Hicks, Lawrence & Co. n J Mowatt, J J Jenkins, W K Niven 81 Co. Kip !i Ingrabam, J Bowen, D Crowther, Austin 8e Andrews, B &i IlaightSci J Hudson, E Dod;; sun, F Thompson, J Spcukman, K Homaits, J Simson, J Jen kins, T Suflcrn, A Thompson, Hart ii Nazro, II Auger, G H Newbold, J Graham, Willis & White, l a Kennedy, Fish & Grinncll, A Law - fence, Day, Downs & Bastburn, I Wright, lrd and Olmstcad, J If Lawrence, Crary and Bab - coc':, 1. tJixon, Van nchuick ti tuvan, 1. Wi - ijrht, J Bingley, Wa.d & litsliop. Geo Cog - gill, S Cass. A - iiiearman, lingers, Wintln op & Co. J Itcail, A Hewitt, Major Jc Gillispie, G. Wrajrg, i.eo. Uliance, J liarrifjn, P Kemsen V - o. J Cooper & Co. Richard, Taylor & Co. Wells & Upson, S March i Brooks, J Taylor Sun, D Had. 11, W W k T LCIies er, J Hazard, Aikiii, Fisher L Co. D S'one it Co King llillioiise, Uie master, and to order. hssengers, Mr. Jnhu Stirling, Rob. Paterson, John Allen, A. M'Kcnzie, A. Hewitt, W. Black wood, J. ivrGilhver, Mrs. Matlack k d.ughter, Mtlvn, O. N. Boslwkk, J. Crcighton, of Ball. The Atalanta sailed from Liverpool on the evening of tho 27th of March in co with the Ann, Crocker ; JuiUna, Tombs ; Maria, Duplex ; aud several others. The Ann - Maria arrived two days before. The Ganges, of New - York, was full of water in Ihe king's dock bason. The Hal cyon, of Philadelphia, had hero ashore, and was obliged to ge in the graving dock. The Carolina - Ann would sail iu a few days. Ship Alerander - Mansfic'd, names, 42 days from Belfast, and 24 days from the land, with linens, pork, potstoes, arc. to J Flack, owner, StiHein. A BelK J k W Sterling, It M'Vick - k Co. J Charters, . Rog - era k Son, Simms Crcighton, Dunlup k Grant, J Thompson, It l.ivan, W Calvert, N Shaw. W & ti Craiff, It Oit, and H llcamet. Patsentrers, J. Cauffltey, Mary Ann Caughey, John Cmgliey, J. Clark, Jane Barnett, and 59 in the steerage, hailed co. with ship vuliam, Taylor, fur Italli - ninie. Spoke nothing. .Sailed on tbe 12th Varch. The passengers in the above vessel. return their grateful thanks to Capt. Barnes, his polite attention to them, during the pussage llrii? Domestic. Hartley, 19 days from St. Ja - de Cuba, willi sugar and cofl'ee, to R Dick Lett, brig Samuel, ot Unstol, K. 1. tor Ual - more, in 20 days ; sch Eliza, Duncan, of Baltimore, from Lairuira, disch 1 sloop America, Brunswick, Main, for New York its a day or ; brig Nancj, of Boston, loading, uncrr ; Jane, Furlong, of Baltimore, sold ; brig , Lane, just arrived from N York, disch; ship United Slates, of Philadelphia, just arri from the Mediterranean ; biig Victory, of Newcastle, Maine, loaning 1 sch aally, Wins - low, of I'rovid nee, R. I. sailed 4 days befoie. April '.i, lat 36 25, long 72, spoke brig Hero, Boston, from N Orleans bound do. 13 days Brig Ann, Newcomh. 26 day from Bordeaux, with brandy, wine and dry goods, tjj ii L felon - T Cartwrcut. B Detohry, Boeart a Knee - land, P Handeut, C'nzeaux tl Cundom, G. Bozat, Desobry, L Boaniioux, '1' Richards S V Bou - hcdf P VV Livingston. EGondable, P II Tuyts, Bizat, L Goudain, Ft A Bruocll, E Booaffe, I Ilurand, Y l.srouiseliere, L Larue. J C Patlon. T Aine. J J ones k Son, L Sollier. B De sobry, M Ro:, J Bouhrd, J B Durnnd, Caze aud Kichaud. 1' r. beignetl, J U hi Hard t w Alegnie. C'rassous, B Desoby, A Murcoinh, T Cnrttr, Avmr, W Murcomh. Passenrers, Mr. Tarn - nad lady, J B Martinions, D Curto, B Jar - quemel, E i Matte, M Caura, B Grathur. Af being 4 dayioutput into Kochford, in dit - tret.. :chr Export, Chapman, 20 day from Blake - with cotti n, to S M'Coun, A k G W hiliK - y, ten S Ik - rack. W Emery. Pas Jenifers G. Gardner, Ksq. mid Son. M. Morse, R. 1 1 art, J Johnston. Brig Cora, Scudder, for Cotton i days ? tchr Marning Star, Harkin, for New laratasdaytt Dr:g iVlnry, lormiorK liixii; Rival, rrince, 01 hotujo, waHinsT frs - izht ; p Mary, Lrstvr, in lbi river, bourd tt Blake - !.yt:hr Mary - Ann. Lr fling well, cf N York, for Urinm ; schr Aomco, H!ge, "ntinsctir nomco, Htxlge, or Boston, tor V steels at Mobile, sloop Eatters Trader, .it Fj'he r, toadiog for iloiljh i Khr Jamei M'Kj.. ley, Oihfirn, saiied in co down the fiver, but went ashore at Mobile Point in a gale of ivrnd Bloop Scoharrie,Driggi, 15 days from Gib. ra, Cuba, with sugar, molasses, honev and t. bacco, to C A Clark."" - Ift Tto Amei'ican res. ids there. 12 days since, oil Wj.ttilai,d lsl. nnd, ss w a Ilii'ish brrof wtr in clise ()f I Carthagenian privtecr - r - 2 passtngers apot. nothin j. ' BELOW, - - c Ship Dublin Tacket, Coles, Dublin and Wa. teiford. 20 dart, with coal, tmtatn. M'Brido.' ' ' Fbip Maria Caroline, from Jf Orleans, to C R Duirio. " British tchr Pcrteveranre, 30 dayt from KLo ton, Jam. to Armstrong, Cazelgette & Co. ikhr I'J 'adi k Mary, from M. Marys, with lire oak. . inRII ED LAST ErnNING', Ship Amphion. Goodrich, 2 days from New London, wiUi 8000 bushels salt, to llyey Brenmero. Co. ' Sch Golden - Pheasant, Creighton, 5 dtyt from Richmond, with flour, to T Buckley and Son. Sch Mary - Ann, Morris, 5 days from Charles, ton, with logwood, to Day, Downs k Eaatburn! Sailed in co. with sloops George, f.r N Y'otk' and Randolph, Luddington, for New Haven. ' The ship Comet, from Havre, arrived at Pine - street wharf yesterday morning. The bi iff Alfred, of this port, has arrived at ' Havana, last from St Salvador. Spoken, April 3, Iat3u30, long 70 30 shli William, of N York, 13 days from N Orleans for Liverpool. , , Deal, M.ich 23. Put back, by contrary winds, Galen, Tracy, for Boston ; Venus, Sco. vill, N York ; the American ship George, for N York, lost anchor and cables this morning. Vatgate, March 23. An American thipj N York for London, is gone out of our road during last night, supposed lo have been blown to sea during the gale. f rom our Correspondent. Baltimore Patriot oflice, April U noon. Arrived, schr Cuba, Clackner, 20 day from Havana. Itrig George P. Stevenson, Clark, 144 dayi from Manill.i, and 115 from Java Head. Left, the brig Hindu, Whitney, for Boston in 30 days; ship Iris, Woodbury, for do io 60. Spoke, in the latitude ol Guadeloupe, a brig belonging to Kr nnrbunk, name uuknown. Experienced very bad weather on the coast. Passed iu the bay liotind up, a brig from Savannah and 000 from Button. NORFOLK, April 21. Arrived, schr Hyder Ally, Marshall, from Baltimore bound to Charleston, laden with corn; put in ia distress, to repair, having lost her foremast in a sudden squall on Saturday morning, t.etwecn Old Point Comfort and Cape Hem y, tut fortunately sustained bo other damage. We leam that two patr iot schrt. went up tbe bay for Baltimore on Sunday. A brig from sea went up the bay yesterday. 1 A brer bound to thit port wai at anchor 011 th Horse Shoe yesterday noon. Charles - tost, April 17 Arrived, brig Martha, Vincent, Havana 6 days. British sloop Betsey, Kelly, Nassau, N. T.9 days, with specie. Nisiac, March 18. The sloop Margaret, of Nw York, Henry Hughs, master, from Port - au - Prince, with a cargo of coffee and logwood, was wrecked at llrnegua on the 1st inst the coffee ha been laved and brought to this port, where the r.uti - ter arrived yeteri'.ay in the Sea Flower. The brig Ant, of Bath, from that port bound to Havana, arrived here on Sunday last this vessel on the 24th ult. at sea, upset in a severe gale, and lost her mainsail, with ail the spars, sails, &c. belonging thereto her boats, cam - bouse and every thing on deck. Tl' American sch Young Sachem, Rtith, master, from Norfolk bound to N Orleans, wis lately wrecked on Abaco ; the vessel entirely lost the master, crew and passengers and 101 slaves have been saved and arrived here in two wrecking vessels. The American brig Sally. Fairs, muter, from Rhode - Island bound to Havana, arrived here on the 26th Feb. and sailed again two days afterwards for her port of destination - she has since been wrecked on the Florida Reef, fiom whence the crew and cargo hive been brought to this port ' ; A Spanish brig from Bordeaux bound to Ua - vana has also been cast away at the Gingerbread Ground the crew and part of tlie cargo have been saved the farmer were landed on a Key one of the Biminies, and may be expected up here in a day or two part of the cargo has been saved and arrived yesterday - March f5. Arrived American sch. Macdo - nottgh, M.CIoud, from Mobile. April 4. Ar. sch Havana Packet, Cocken, Charleston. Cleared, Am. sch Maedonough, M 'Cloud, N Orleans. I he ship Elizabeth, David Paton, master, from Luce ., Jamaica, bound to Glasgow, hu been wrecked on the Bahama Bank, near the west end of Grand Bahama. Capt. Paton arrived here a tew days ago, arid hu returned to the wreck with several vessels in order to save as much us possible of the cargo. A brig from New - Orleans, (said to be tht Two Brothers,) ha also been cast away on the Bahama Bank, the crew of which have gone on to the United States in a brig from Jamaica, which grounded on Uie Bank, but got off and proceeded on ber voyage. SAVAN1AH, April 15. Arrived, brig Doris, May, Bordeaux, 47 day, lo lat 40, long iioke tbip Sachem, of New York, front Loadoa bound to S York, all w. - ll. On founding, a few dayi tince, tpoke eioop Sally, of Warren, R. 3 dayt from Savannah, ditmaitcd, asked to b reported. Bosroir, April 21 Arrived sch. Two Bp Uiera, Raddal, 52 days from N Orleans. THEATRE. This evening will be presented, the pity f THE MOUNTAINEERS Ottavian, Mr. Rorni In act 2d, a Spanish fandango will De aanw - by Mr. aod Mrt. Parker. To which will be added, LITTLE RtD R1D1NQ HOOD, Or, a visit to my grandmother. Performance to commence at a quarter pan seven o'clock. UK NO si L. rj7J. A.GUTTWALD JaiMmovdlrom No. 44 to No 57 Jtfaidtn - lane. where he continues to manufacture his PIANO - FORTES o . entire new and improved construction, lbreru ofmaay years close application aod study, W which he now has obtained Utters potent, ua examination by connoisseurs of music, he B ten himself that they will meet with their approbation, and merit public patronage ; J e feeh proud, that his piano - fortes have m wu tiie unanimous approval of Uie mott eminent pro fe - son of music; the following testimonial which they kindly have granted him, to ei tbe public eye : . iv. th. nWrilir. nmfeesors of mostc, "? certify, that w have carefully examined Mr. J - A. Gultwaiut' piano - tones, wwt - u, . 11 " 1 1 I umJora ity ana excellent 01 - ui.w r , brilliancy of tone, we deservedly rwommenil nnblic patronage. Messrs. Gille, Eticnne, Rd. 1 .... 7 1. , . r : 1 f tt Meets, U. I DiKfUll, vnariej oiutii. far TO LET, on the ame re"ia Iti. Y lir nnd commouiooi ttore and back rooas Juju;g, widi or without a frout ceUar. ap2j lta

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