The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 25, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1818
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NUMBER 4350 84 do H. Starr, 4 - ' TROY f!lMlll ra IIS NI .8,3 ,,3 8 1, 8 1 8 1 , 8 1,2 8 1 M'KeS,, 1, 8 .8 1, 8 l,t 9 1, 3 1 twist 8.ifhalflb.r0lls ra w. known ail(J Manor w - u - t f W Ma oi ine awnv , . r ' - .i - vi rcnnt of ' . , eptO "aZZ, ef the diferent Minbei qua.. t. - dM,:,ated. For talc CORNELIUS DU BOIS, ;. - . 36 Front - street A FIR.VT rtte Cut trotting Horse, and a fash; A ionauk - UnJ, ouueu Alio, a light neat pae horse wargori. Ap - ohto THOMAS 11 THOMAS, r ;p 1 , Hi William - street - ' N - A KEENS, ate 2U00 piece Jooj yellow Nnkfni : '. . 1500 do blue nankeens entitled to debenture 5 bftlei BaP - at, landing, and for tale by . J. OSBORN, .n) ' 2a Snttth - tlreet. FANCY pla'e Cali - Superfine cahcoei and rhietiet 4 4, 9 - 8. 6 4 cambric muliei Cambric jaconett Flaiatkmbor'd k tew - td ai'illt riria and tambor'd booknw'lini 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric guieharol Black and col'd cam - briri Velvets and eorda, beaver glove Fancy crarati, twilled and plain Madrtss hdkfl, pint Uair cord cambrics, cotton balls White i col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton a love Silk hose, silk florco - Bi n. hombarrent FU retire silk, ribbons, galloons florenrvs, plain and fi - gured , . lujinie sttina, plaid lustringi Fring'd black silk bkft Velvet binding, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and ruintut 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric . shawls , 7 4 Y 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 cassiniere . . dt. aad.iino, fongee mnd fttcrvr hdkls. Vack'i bdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric diiakips Jeaiw, cotton catimere S(ned Florentines Cl.k do Mad'tollum and iteam loom shirtings Marseilles Qailtingi, royal ribht While and printed sateens Cotton brown liollands SwnnidoD, toilaoetts, silk stripes Cotton and wasted ho siery" Irish linens ft sheetings Buttons, htd ticks Fine ami luperlioe ca - ' liuieres Yoikshirefine and su - . rfio cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths Bomharctti, raliuetta Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassiineret Btockimtts, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Fttrretls, worsted binding Shirt buttons, cotton tact Parts netts and souffle game L'liu k rnd white thnllr lace m Ijeno snawtt, Estopil - las Senig silk, assorted cbrs IJiien cumhrict Tallin cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 Si 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy t,eno, it ngarad Mutlins Cambnc Trimmings, V i - Flounces Feenui ker Ginghams Rt oiHll Hdkls. Silk Cbi. - ck tiingliam tKH col'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths tttowo Linen Merino Shawl Cotton bandaunoes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - netts I Irti'i.i oiuk'ins, Xc Ale. Received by the late arrivals and f r ale by ... r - i . I ill T I . VT i a iu - il.i, aah54dtf?iw 16? Pe - lreef. LtAOH UsttiK'iIM3. J7 cases bleach ed Shirtings i . I do fine Cotton Balls Received :md tor sule b? THE COMMISSION COMPANY, an S3 d at c 14K Parl street. WHI1KLb.AU, AQUA FOKTIS, &c 10 tons Dry While Lead t km White L - ad iu oil, in 18 and 56 lb kegs 5 do Superior Red Lead Sheet Lfd, 4 and 5lb ; yellow Black Paints. Paris White and painutt Brown Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. ALIO riSi HARD, 9 cases best London Aqua Forti, ground Hoppers I case Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirits of Salt for tale by ATKINSONS It FLEMING, apgQtw No. 167 Pearl - street. DK lb AiUt.Lib, iririucrly prrsitioner i f Medicine in Uie military llot(iit;vlinf Nap 'cs, and admitted a member ol the Ainlical So - rirtw r.f .l.... I.. i.n. .;., t I e year i"9R, and his reputatiin and succps in actice, U now etHhlishod in the knowledge of i.d imoiic nj near "u vears expencn' e. rontin - to he coniulted at his office, No. 82 Water - st reel, opposite Crana wharf. In Uheumatic and Venereal cases, Dr. D An - lis has been wonderlully successful ; and the in 1st terrible effects ol those disorders h.. in. ineaUy beea cared by h m in sliort space of 11 no - riuraui inconvenience to ine patient. Obslractioaa, ak - erj in the throat and palate, M.flnest of the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions ol the skin, together with a numerous train ul j il, arising front neglect or improperly treating the most icsidious ot maladies, bave niven way t'. his mode of treatment in mn Almiiat inrAiu taanner. His extraordinary success is, in a great miuHutiiie in nia wen Known Anll - rbeuiarttic and Anti - 6)philic Syrup, whiuh, hilst tly eradicate every form of disease, rea - the emarinted patient to vigor, and health, ap 16 lm ALUAtlLK HIAI. L&i A i r. FOK. SjALfc, I mvp i rn t,TT ' w 0Rt - I lVblottol ground on thr west side of Crecn - ich - stwt, ht - tween VesUy and Desbroa - - Mtreels,tihy80. v Tour do In the rear of the above, frontin; on 'east side of Washington - street, 25 hy Kit. tigiitdo in the block below, hetwteu Wnsh - 'ttotiand Wett - ttrects. In r CC90 pr r i ..t t. r ..1 - . i lists'. .Tu VtCaniM,a Creek, on the north side I - ri - . ol . a,i82 acres of Latd, in the town of Mount ' arm and Darton. j ... j - o, Kaiii County. acres of Land in the town of Barry mo .. iu me Toumy oi jewis. rBt'3cre of land in Ciaterlaod, Cbassanis In ?aratrfi County. " terse in PalroerS purchase. 4 at theoSce of (he aubscrihtr, 34 Htf . ... tiOAKIl.Ci Ce BF.V. R0BI5SON. 4 zr. a'lemen ran ! arcomm'Mlated Part of the city of J, rsty. inquire ot this X j. " - '"I'l.i. - syu mm ni'tifli. Nl tm Ztt3"? flfci'"1 from Converse's fartcry, s'fhy ttEMENTfcr.ALE. ,w No. 60 Water street. SW - YORIS: EVENING - POST. Jne t.ajntal thus stt apart and secund, together with the accumulation of premium, tan be made liable for no other lo;ses of thr Institution than those arising from its Life Polities and annuities. Una affording io the Customer tin most substantial security. Written applications for insurance and annu ities, I'Htitijf the name, ate and place of hirth and residence of the party will he received and ans'.vrrgiveu preparatory to opening policies on the day alove named. a A iur.l. A. UWiiKSti; i'reudenL JAMKS RENWICK, Actuary, ap II D&l lm B t Y order of J'.ha Garretimii, Esquire, firet jiinge or ti.e rourtoi common pleas, in aol for the ronnty of Kicbmnnd and state of New - York, notice is hereby piven to all the creditors of Christian I. Bedell, ofthe county and itate a - lorrsiiiu, an losolveol debtor, to appear before ine Kirov I'lhte, luthe town m sotit hheld. in mn ronnty, on th thirtieth day of May next, at I oMota in the allernoun of said day, to shew Ch'jse, if any thev have, why an assignment of the sail insolvent's eiute sh'jjtu not tie niadt for the benefit of all his creditors, and be be discharged, according to an act of the Legislature of thettate of New - York, entitled an act lor giving relief in cases of insolvency" and the actr amending tl tame. Dated Richmond count, the 7 th day of Apr. I. A.D. I a IK. CHRISTIAN I. EEDELL. ap gg 6w WHKA'I O.Va 1 1 Ctl ul v'l ML.M V TlIE Ion: and successful use oi this ointment JL is a sufficient reconimemlnlion, as it bas 'MfO found to lie a pleasant, safe and certain ie medy for that disagreeable dmase in all it sta set. It is for sale in the city of New - York, hy J. A. U W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. at T t'Jark, No. 85 'Maiden - Lane ; H. H ScMetTLlin & Co. No. 193 Pearl street! Law. fence Ai Keese. No. 195 Pearl - street i Hull lr Bowne, 146 Pearl street R. & L. Murray, 313 Pearl - streeJ ;). M. Bradburst, 314 Pearl - street t John Pcnfortl. No. 4 Flett tter - st'ect l Durvee : Poe, in Pearl - street; John C Morrison, 183 Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, U'6 Broad way ; Walter 4t Seaman, cornel of Lhamoer - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may bs procured at mott of the Drug Storet in this city Alto in Philadelphia, of 8. Withereil It Sont i Geonre Hanell . North b Ro gers, and almost ad the drrgutt in tlte principal toirni in uie United Mates. - U'HEATO.VS VaUNDICF. CITTERN may he hart nt the above placet. ianS26ni MANLFAC I OltY OK blLVKK WARE. JV. FORBES, Xo.CO Broadway, one door . nbove Wall - street, repectfully informs his friends and the public that he continue? to manufacture silver tea and table setts, chnreli plate, spoons, forkf, ladles, waiter", urns siphon, fish knives, &c. Lc. of Ills latest and me eli - g - .tnt pattern!, of the first quality of silvr and superior workaanmhip, at Uie lowest prices for cash. All orders executed hi a masterly manner, and warranted in all cafes at lea't equal to any ar tides of silver manulactorcd or sold in this city. In adJition to bis own minnfartore. he has on hand an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he will ditpose of very low, f oo - sistin; of candlesticks, cake ba;kclr, cattors. bottle castors, rnufiVrs and trays, plated oe. steel. very superior article t elegant pen. pocket and rporttstan's knives, wi!h a variety of article Wot enumerated. awnnilm LEGHORN HATa. I caK, froa.No.3st to 50, 'ornleb ;i ,; A. D. L'URA - ND & BOl'RDEL, ap?2 30Pi!if - t - t. SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1 01 8. IN C11ANCF.RY. Archibald Morrisou. IN oursuance of a , 1 decretal order of Abraham Springsteen, jr. ! this honorable court Isaac Powell and Dan - f made io the above id Raker. i cause, will be sold at j puuiic auction, at ine Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction nfthe subscriber, one of the masters of this court, on Monday, the 27th day of April next, at eleven o'clock id the forenoon of that day, fourteen year, nine months aiid five day unexpired term ofacertahs lease of all the ixtb part on the north side of those three certain lots of ground situated in the seventh ward of the city of New - York, on the east tide of Jefferson - street, distinguished in a map made of I be lands of Henry Rutgers, by numbers nine hundred and thirteen, nine hundred and fourteen and nine hundred and fifteen ; bounded westerly in front by JefiVrtog - street ; easterly in the rear by lot number nine hundred and sixteen ; northerly on one side by Division street t end southerly on tlte other aide by the remaining five sixth of the aforesaid lots, number nine hundred aiid thirteen, nine hundred and fourteen, and niae bandied and and fifteen ; containing in breadth, ia iront and rear, nineteen feet, and in length seventy eight feet, be the tame more or lets, on each side : always excepting from offtlie rear, or east end of the said lot, a passage, or gangway, of nine feet, for the aseof said lot and those adioininsj. Together with the dwelling house and building erected and built upon the said premises, and the appurtenances tbereuuto beloogiag. Dated March 86th, 181B. CHAS. G. FERRIS, Matter in Chancery. ' The above property will be sold under the di rection of the subscriber. , JAMES A. HAMILTON, Mailer in Chancery, mn 6 th2C Ar6 & AjitOlw eUU'CJ IBLOUMIMUDALK, The house and grounds belonging to the estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth avenue. On the premise are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing elte requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any other description it unnecessary, at those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the large fireproof store in the rear of houses 1 1 and t J Pearl - street ; where there is for tale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. r or lurtherpanicaiars, appty to ANN M. SHAW, Jan 29 II Pearl - street arrX t - .iLUABLK PHOP&Hik: aaJiJj For sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Lsiaiilishinrnt, in Uie county ol Morns, and state of New - Jersey ; consisting of a rolling and slit - tiug Mill, in good repair, which work Iwo pair ol rollers and cutters, shea r., ate. an at uie same lime ; a valuable forge with two fires and one bammer in good repair ; a stock of coal and ore on hand, suilinient to make fifty tout of iron ; a good saw mill ; a cut nail factory in good repair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may he extended to employ one hundred more ; a brad cutting machine and a sti - el furnace in good repair; ronvenirrfl to the works is a store and a number of nouses lor the Mccomiiiodaliun of lamibcs, and excellent ttahhiu; lor team that may he necessary to keen lor Uie use of the estiblfshment ; alto, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, immediately adjoining the works, wilh timber land in uny quantity, not exceeding two thousand live hundred acres, within three miles of said works. The ereat vein of iron ore, commencing at the noted cackatunny mine, runt more than 4 miles through thit tract, and three mines are now open, from which the Ibrge are supplied with ore, and more may M opened and ore raised to supply worn to any extent ; me mines are wiuim two lilies Of saxl works, and good roads, so mat uie fie can be raised and delivered at the forge at woaud a halfdoilait per ton. The above described works are situated on Rocaaway Kiver, about eight milet from Mor - rislowo, twraty bvs miles from Elisabeth Town, and about the same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads lendirg from said works to each piHte, in a pleasant healthy siluauoo, anu in a good neighborhood, there being two Presby terian Churches within lour roues, and a menus' meeting house within two miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar iron for the flit ting mill it very commanding, there being nearly one hundred Ibrge firet in Ine county ; most of them are on the ttreamt above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, can conveniently pait those works. At tbit mill freouenlly four toot ot bar iron have been tlit and bundled into nail and ipike rodt in a day, and upwards of one hundred tons of nails have been made in a year. A large amount ol goods may be told at this place in exchange for bar iron.procuring tup plies, sc. tic. mere are vaiuaoie tcitet notna - Love tt below on this trnct,on whjcb more workt may be erected. ALSO, That valuable well known farm, lying in the township ot Randolph, abouttwo miles from Dover, and six miles Irom Murriitowa, and within one quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant vallt.y, called the Distillery Kanu, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part ol which is excellent meadow, one 1'iurth part plough and pasture land, and the remainder limber. A considerable purl ol't.'w timber is ot the original growth, and is suitable for sawing, the other part is thrifty young timber, irnnitilteen to twenty years growth. There are on said farm upwards ol six hundred apple trees, in tine order, eight to sixteen years old, the most oi them ol grafted fruit, and more than half oi them Hanson apples, so famous lor cidrr. The meadows are flat and free from stone, through ivhich runt two lively streams oi wall r, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of these stieams la sufficient lor a gritt - mill or other woi! ; there are taw mills, a grist - mill, a lulling Dull and oil mill, on the same stream. Oo said farm are two valuable scitet for water works, a convenient i heap place to erect a short dam, nl raises couSHifTx hie pond, with twelve or hlteen feet head. Jfclow fins tlie water can be taken into a race, ar.d in less than twenty chain, on good firm ground, is more than twenty fret fall. In this way the water can he worked twice oyer with the expense of only one daw. There is on said farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cidrr works it (he still - house, to conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping. The water for condening the spirit is supplied from a never fairing spring, within six rods ol the still house, and hat sufficient head to run into the citterns. The buildings coniist of two small frame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 36 feel wide, under a part of which is a good cellar ; there are also hay house, cow sh.edi, &c. ALSO, Valu - ible property at Longwood, in the town - ship ot Jeflerson, six miles irom Dover, on the mam branch of Kockaway River, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two tires and one hammer ; ahiinddn':eoi water thewtrele year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen ye.irs past has inn - le at much iron at any two fires in tue county. The ore is within four miles, and a part of the road turnpifced. The several tracts connected with thit establishment amount altogether Io about fourteen hundred" acres, the greater part timber, to make a durable supply of coal for tiielorgt:. " lii.rufdiiittly adj'wiiiig the forge is very valuable plow and meadow land tntficsril fo three forms ei ot hundred arret each, with honses, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for th - families that may be employed in working tlW lorge. Tli wlo!e 6r any part of thit very ya'oa'ile property will be sold at such price and credit at will snake it worthy the atteotiow M any person wishing to purchase. For further information esxruireof - ' . . f ' JACOB LOSEY. at Dover. ;.. ISRAEL CAN FIELD, at Morratown. BLACKWLLL t M'r ARLAN, at N. York. . :. h eSD&Of . ri TO let art r.rjt&tL liyj From the 1st May next, on reasonable terms, large convenient dwelling home, opposite Love Lane, near the two taiile stone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrains well vn.rcu,v.iwv ibidiiis. navmg iwo niicueui, with 8 ronsnt, pantries aad vaalt, a stable and coach bouse, a well of good water aad two cisterns. It has a very large garden, well stocked with thruhe and iruit tree possession of which can oe nao on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a trenteel 3 store brick house No 49 Greenwich - street, with or without a stable law rear. Apply at PJo. 496 Um - owx - b - st orto HALtSEY At GOSMAN, mh tl tf 34 Old - slip. fOU OsiLK OH 'iO LKASt., JXrttm the 5. 0. 8. and 10 Wards: many ol which are on regulated and paved streets. No money wui oe rcipnred under lea years, U sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. . Several two and three ttorv hneset. on which a great pan oi ine money remain on mortgage. LiAlMJIHU AT II.1J IIUUIl. An eacelkalsland for business, with ten acres of lata, pleasantly situated, wiUi a wharl, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with dOacretof land, and a never failing stream, upon which SO millrmay be ereciea, wiin a sumcienry or waierioreacn. Apply at ' No. Greenwich stmeL jah 13 tf The property at Brooklyn, belonging to the estate til cary L.uUlow. deceased, c.tnsisi - iog ol a new three t lory brick house and lot of ground, a sure notitr, lorroeny occupied as a distillery, a una II fiame building and lot ol ground, and two vacant lots adjoining the above oreniitet. Thit property it situated within a few rods ofthe tteam - hoat ferry, on the road to Pierpont't Dutillery, and extends front the bill to the river. ' Alto to M, from the first of May next, the house and auds on the hill, in the rear of the a - bove detenned premises. 1 lie house is wen a - daptrd for a private family or for a public house. The situation, irom its elevated position, com mands a very extensive and beautiful view ol tlie city, the Jbati lliver and Bay or new - lorn. The grounds turroun - ling tlie house (about five acres oi iaou are in a uign stats oi cuiuvauon For terms, apply to GEO. W. MORTON, mh 91 tf No. 59 William st. ite.t. rori.eALLoH'JOLt.AE. sjftH On accommodating terms, a number ol Iu LET, sirlti i At a low rent, a three story brick owening; in ivoriuia - ii. enquire oi UMljllll : U iO LI T, The small 3 story brick house No. 87 PrdVl - slret t, suitable for a person carrying on a trade in the house, having a light garret and a middling sited store Possession given immediately. Enquire of , , tfiis new ear sr in a skav J'AVIU C I IL.I.iVYAljUU.11, mh 31 tf Stoee - itrf et, near Broad - street. NO 42 PINE - STKEET. U manufactured 1 0y U m of U follpwirS qJaliut bread 2 5$. Muier Co - S - tGenelcher, j06 A J00" Ede" 144 io P. R - Rt '! deAeroWair ICt do Jess b Co. H0doR.HoghfcCo. U do It Cantor, 45 do P. G. Creniuaw, 21 do R. PoHoo, - 87 P. lM7s .., " I I Iff. IMXtlStJIMfl?. I - I t. - . - . . ... - 7 T - """?' urn WSUHAXCE, ap ll lm e, rrpTb UNION INSURANCE COM PANT. incorporated by tlsa Legitlatw tf the btatt of ft 'iL 1 . r fitvo I am, vim a cnarter oi unumilej duration. lor maaing uriv nicun AViwj bjsu granting ANNUITIES, will commence basinets on the first day of .Vay nest, at no. 58 WaU - treeL The more prominent objects embraced bv this 2 ... ... ' coinnany, t. utnougn they are prepared to enter en lavorauie term mte all cou tracts in an shape connected with the view of their institution,) are as follows : Tit the laboring clou ef (lit tommunily, to Jtfe - chmniet, to CUrii m uuihe mni pricatt oifku. to CUrgymet, toProfettersin Cotlrga, to Mihtary men, anu au outers possessea ol nzeu iocomes, which will terminate with their own lives, they offer a secure meant of providing tor their fami lies, Dy setting apart a small portion ef their an nual saving to that purpose. To tapitaluU, they offer the safe investment and certain improvement of their surplus in coene to the benefit of their descendants. ' To married mm, they offer provision to their teirfotr, by an appropriation to that purpose of j tmau annual sums, during Uie continuance of the marriage, and on the tame principle they offer to me aiiymtetq bankrupt tilalet, and the purchasers of property, subject to the right of dotrer, a mode of exiinsuishing that claim, bv riving an equivalent lor the surrender of the right of the wise. .... ' To pmrtnts, they present a mode ef eodowin? , 4 r . . ..... H - . ., - . . . uioir tniaai cuuuren, auorauig to mem, il iney reach a certain age, a much larger sum compared with the original premium, than can be acquired by .Any mode of accumulation at interest. To $ingle pertvru,' who may have no heirs. they offer the means of greatly increasing their annual income through the purchase ot hie an niiiliA. To voune veonle. of active emnlovment. whoe exerlioot and earnings must diminish with their sncreasing years, they offer a support for the de cliue of life, by paymenU of comparatively small amount, while their season of industry shall con tinue. The. Company has provided Tables calcu lated upon true principles from the most correct data, which at tlte tame time combine the safely of the office, and the inter it of the customer Of the retultt of these Tables some specimens are subjoined, from which. the advantage to the holders of Contracts with them may be estimated. A htallhy ttertpn, of the age oi tiventy - seven years, hy an annual payment oi 'Jtro 97 - 100 dollars during his life, may secure to his heirs the sum of One Hundred IJoliart, or larger amount by a proportionate premium. .1 lituband, aged thirty, wiiote wile's age is twenty - five, may, by the annual payment of 7toM 100 Uollart, while both live, cerure to his widow the turn of One Hundred DoUan, which the cempany will exchange fcr an equivalent annuity, if required. At the nee of fifty an annuity tor the reuiniru der ofthe lile may I bought for about ten and a quarter yrarU pwelmte, orfnt the rate of nine end 3 - 4 per tent on the sum invested. A Ulher may, by tho payment of one fiun - drtd dollari at the birth of a child, secure to that child, when it shall rearh the ac of twenty - one years, the sum ot tix hundred and furty - mu dtl - from Oit oet of tirenhi - nne, an annual pay ment of tMeen 111 - 100 Dollars till the. age of t'ifly, will 'crura to the party an annuity of One Hundred Uollart tor tho residue of his or her life. " ' If a person IwlJing a Polieii of Life Tnturanet for any period beyond cue year should feel desi rotis to rrlioquirii it, tho company will be ready at all timet lo treat for a rc - pnrchase. " An adequate porhvn of the Capital of thit Cnm - panyistet tiport by tharter, andinaybe tntriatfd, f orretion rtquire, for the pwput if Life Insurance and slntiutttei, and srtured upon real r.tlale uithin the state of Air - lorfc, of the value uf at leant ftflf per tenl abort, the. amount loaned.. . a; 1 it tf.U liJM. vtf hurt'. jul ree'd l, f sale by,, rJAS. U'WOLP, Jenr. rp tj ' ' " !" Frout - rtrecf . water and building lots, near and adjoining thr navy - yard, at .Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of SAMUEL r.V ANS, jan 52 tf Brooklyn. mh 26 F.O : N. COX, r nr.. it 9U HII - BlrCi. TO ijf.T, A part of the ttore, No. 81 Pine - street. Apply on the premises. art 17 MON I - ALT A. For tale or to let, the beautiful place called MonUAlta, seven milet from the City Hall, on the North River, adjoining lord Lonr tenay's. it contains SO acres of land under lm provement, Jrith a large garden in good coodi lien, A variety of fruit trees, and every - twnve - mence a family may require, r or terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long - credit given if wished, apply to PI. tt V. TAlitU I T, ap 20 64 fc'outb - sf. COLUMBIAN PIC'iURE GALLERY, . 146 FVLTOIT - aTRlCET, fRoss's Buildincs. near Broadway.) To connoisseur and amateur ofthe Fine Art, and to the enlightened public of New - York. ''pHE proprirtor of an extensive collection of L pictures, the workt of the mott eminent pointers, having just arrived from Europe, where he has purchased them from the cabioets ol Home, Naples, lorence. rant, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable expence, propo ses to exhibU them to the Indies and gentlemen of thit city and itt vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, ICth of April. It will be far tuperinr to any at yet offered in tlie U. States, the picture! being undoubtedly original consisting of upwards ot 200 pictures, by the best Admission 50 centt each, or one dollar per month. Hours from 10 in the morn in to seven in the evening. Catalogue may be bad at the Gallery. The store 61 Fulton - street. Enquire on tlie incomes. ap 4 5w HI l.h'.T. iSS From the first of May next, a front count - ine room on the second floor, together with the upper lout, enquire no. io reaii - ttrett. tllHH tOHHALk... Elch lots of rround pleasantly situated on me north side of Stantnn - ttreet, and extending from Essex to Norioik - ttreett r Alto, lour lots adjoining thereto, and Irontint on Essex - street, each k ' being 25 feet front and rear, by 100 feet in depth. Thte twelve lots may be purchased at a very moderate price, for cash, and if sot dis posed ol at pnvatf sate neiore ine nn oay oi viav. tnev win on mat any oe soin at punnc Auc tion, at the Tontine Coffee House, at ItoVlock, by tl olooi, with whom a map ofthe ground it left, for the inspection of those who may he du posed to purchase, ap 15 tmay7 eTt TO UE SOLD At public vmdue, on the premises, on Monday, the fourth day of May. (if uot previ - iut - iy disposed of nt private tale) the farm whereon tlie subscriber now reside situate in New - Ro - chrlle onlniiung about sixty acres of excel lent land remarkably well wooded and water eda tolerable good hoose and baru thereon within ball a mile or a Methodist and Baptist Meetirur. an Episcopal Church, an Academy and Prethyterian Meeting ore and a half miles from a public landing, where market boat ply weekly to and from New - York Post Oflk - e within a mile It it a desirable situation for the gentlemen and farmer. Any furtlierdesr.riptiim is deemed nnneressary, a none will buy witliuut viewing, r or further information enquire ot ELIJAH WARD. No. 25 Bowery. Or the subscriber, on the premises ; who will rive an indisputable title for the swine. i no'iAa niv uc. New - Rorheile, April S3, 1818. ap 22 10l RIURII WAVTFI1 rpVVO voonx rentlrmen. are desirous of pro - JL curing jwrmaieiit board in a genteel private family, where there are no hodcrt,cr "t exceeding two or three. A line noaressen io E.C. I. and left at thit office, will meet witn at teotion. ap 18 PLAsTEROF PARIS MANUFACTOR Y, At the toot of Harrison - street, North - River, tX THERE mamrar tared Plaster, for com i - lv . ...i k,. - .... - .t h had. war - ranted ofthe first qualify, at seeirantieen - ihe manufiuiory is cofldectcd y Mr. John Tnrkrr. vho TiAS srven rncii orincmji - - nip mine mason "ri!es. . mh 21 vw - i.v siMis. V1 STORE IO LET. i, 1 j) The fire proof store in Goreriieur - lane, between Water and rront - sLreet, Irom ItiMiynext. Apply to TUCKER t LAIUIE5, mh31 39 Smitli - street. TO LET, The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - tar - itrett. 1 he situation of this house, and itt accommodations, justly render it an object well wor,h the attention of any person desirous ef keeping a lucrative public house. It will be let, furnished or unfurnished, and immediate possewion given. Apply at No 137 W ater ttreet. mh 17 U rOK SALE, witAi rtuMtTi in - the ciTt or hbw - iom. QA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowery STABLE in the rear together with the IX)T, 44 feet Iront, 42 ft rear, and 125 feet on each tide. t HOUSE ami IXT No. 37 Vesey - ttreet : nod House aad Lot No 39 Vesey - street. A BUND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars, do - and do for 750 do do and do for 4M) do On valuable property in the rily of New - York. The interest has always Iteen punctually paid. For particular! inquiie at the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf On. 27 Wall - street. 13 HtiillJtrCt. at OKEhMH ICH. To he let, the house and grounds fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate ol ine late eamuei lYiiiiian, and at present occ. pied hy Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE. lumber merchant, fool of N. Moore - street, er oi l UUIhf'l it' . 11.. !.... I. A, v V I. a. i ,vii.v.ur iii in, uuik ui iicw - iuift, fehSot k4j 1 he spacious 4 story fire proof ttore, at ti.e loot of Liberty - street, latrly occupied by Messrs. J. Murray It Sons. Possession to be given on the first May next. For terms, apply to MAJOR Si GILLESPIE, ap 9 79 (upstairs) Pme - sti eet, i o j.txr. The house in llii(lon - eqiiare, lately occupied by Joiin K. Murray, Ejkj. It is spa - rinut and elegant, and iiossetsed uf every re. qutsite convenience. Poaaeasiiin may bu had immeuialely for terms, apply to MAJOR bi t.UXKSPIE, 79 (up stairs) l'i. e - sirtct. N. B. Tlie above propi rty ill be sold to any one elesirout to purchase, and the pay ment maile convenient. ap 0 .TH tXisliLr.. OH JVLtLi, tAi'til A large two story, House aid shout 10 h irsoi iniui, hetwrep ine o a. in 7 mile stones Hloouiincduie Road. For purtimlars enquire of NICKS. DePEY.STER, ap 1 1 lm Near the PrrniMet. HOUSE JO BE LET, Situated about 2 3 - 4 milet Irom the City - Hull, on the old pott - road, and adjoining the houres of G. It R. Waile. The house is a neatly finirhed ooe, and III for a small family hat a kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bed - room., and 2 good eeiled garrets. There it a small garden, and a liable - fit for a bona and gig. Inquire next door to the preniiiot, or at 54 laidvn - lane. ap 13 ; ' ' r or dale or la Let. The house and ernundi ofthe tuhtr riher atiliorminrdnle. near the 5 mile stone, situated on the banks ol the north uiver. I lie noun u modem built, 50 feet front with terraced pintstit and convenient out houses, alt recently painted, and in complete order. 'J he grounds are highly cultivated, the garden extensive and good and there are on I lie place a grenl vnn ly ol shruhs, fruit and forest treef, and a pump of excellent waler. For terms, which will be reasonable, apply to s. a. l,a w r - . up l lm P7 rine - strecT. A OA HALL OH JO LtT, At a low rent, and possession given ijime -, the large and elegant 3 dory brick house No. 104 Grecuwichtreoi, replete with every convenience for alarms family, situate in one ol the most healthy and pleasant parti ol lb city l and being open to Waihington - street, command, a fine view of the Hudson Hirer and Jcrsoy ihore. If told, the terms will be very easy, a'i most of the money may remain on mortgage fnr 10 or 12 years Apply at lo. 1TJ or 142 renn - ttreet. npl srt TO Lt.T, Uw9 The House No. 70 Broad street, with tlie Office, store - house, and ttablea contiguous, end appeitaiDing therein. 1 u ttiAsr For a term of years, in lott or parcels, that part of Rote Hillsiiuate on the 2d, Jd.and 4lh avenues, on uiexju, S4tn, zatn,zoin,zin, xoui, and SVlh streets, which brk - ugt to Mrs. Ann Ro - gert. For particular, apply to J A .11 S. A. IMHIIill'ii, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built ingt. jftsw. fOH iALK, al'jsl The two - story brick front Honse and Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For terms, tic. apply at 71 Pearl - streeL mat 3 ' jw JU Lr.Abt, fur term of years, (': The house and lot No. 20 Cedar street, cnuiainingsix rooms with fire places, liesidcs Ihc kitchen, pantries, vaults. c. and a wen oi gooo rater. For sale, the unexpired term, eleveo years, of the lot no. 09 Murray street, in me occupation of William Patterson, on lease from the Episcopal Church du St. Esprit. Inquire of r .in a hiiiil li I U t. vv. r vv. t. piui.i.iais, febUdtf No. 44 I iae - itreet. eTO LET, A convenient Iwo story honse, pleasant Iv situated in Charles - stret, Greenwich a desi rshU residence lor a cartraao or mechanic rent low. For particulars enquire at No 69 Murray - street. ap 14 tf Ju LLP. n,S The ttores and cellar room ol those three ttorv houses No. 10 and 12 Broad - slrett Also, a gwd house at Greenwich, and one at Harlrm. with two and a hall aeret of ground, near Manhaltanville. Apply at 5 j Brondway, orto LtlAS., tipStr 141 smnt - strt. JollS The follTwine Houses, vii: Theirouse No. 9S John - street The house No. 97 do The honse and store No. 305 Tearl - street Thehouseand store fK$9 feb21 No. 5 flowery. in uel IV Lr.T, Tk. liw oroof dwellin: nTT4 aed 76 Moll stn. - et. aboet tea minute, wait from Uie Coffee ll . hr - y will U pot walk from nmplete repair, and well rawsaaiwi nr, fr. famiUeT. App' No Wnler ttal. com mh l t' OLiN f. VEU.VOA HO I rO. . HfllrHE sobsrriber takes this mcthud lo in - forui the public Uwt be hru Ukrsj for the eottt - or season that well known stand sormetil occn - liied by DyJs, about five milet fsom the City Hall, on the Be.m road, and intends to open it as a public bouse for tho reception of Company, oo the Crst of May next, when gttletac and la - die will be svxooiBKtdfttad thin every comfort mhI rlrpnc to be expect a al socft a hear, on the most reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort wilt he al. way kept ready. i .KA V.ALDWZ.LL. N. D. Vxntc! a (cod. wemna Cook., ap In LimiMer Ix - partmea. . ' Wairui.nton.Uth April, IC 8. J fl Propesals will l received at thit De - pafiiuent, until first August next, to fitrnith bf contract From one to six.millinfis of brie k From one to two millions of cubic liwt r.f buil ding stnne r ton ten thousand to fifty thousand bushels of atone lime. To be delivered in cood order at Mobile. Lake Pcietcl.artrnin, River Mississippi, and Lake Ua - rataria the lime wlien the fiisl dehtcry can be made, and the quantity which can he drliserrd in each month succeeding Ihefinl delivery, oust be stated with the terms. Proposals wi! lso he received for front fifty toon, hundred carpenters; lor Irom me hundred, to one hundred and City masons; and from two hundred to three hundred laberrrt, to proceed to Mobile anil Louiiaoa, to construct building! of vanous descnptions at the De - lore mentioned pit - cet, It would be rreieruble to nnve the masons, rarperters, and laborers furnished and acon psn - ied hy master workmen. Arrant rtienti would, be made toimploy thersous ei.jinged to execute the work, irom July to November, at thoso pout ions embraced in the before mcnlK.ned pla - oes. which border upon Hie Gull ol Mexico tjigncenumtt would oni ce made ler a snorter - period than right months, t - nliitacti y sei - urily wouu lie rrauired I ir the taithiul p norm am a W any contrai l that fuay he rusde. The terms upon which workmanship and labor would be per - vruieu, mull ne si - itu in ine proposal. j.orewirr, - ".. Brigadier Genertl aad t'hiel Engineer. . - ti. ., - ;.. - . .i i - .,i..j n. i n nt - i iv i mi iih; ..iii. in . itr. ,,,... L. I1 .... I A V, 1 U ... i . it L . - J inn lynirsri nni I aniui, iii ii'n $ Ul r.vlilllK Post and Hie. Ci lurabian, New York t t orn - , monweallh, PUtstiurgh, Pcnn.i the Reporter, Islington, Ken. ; and the Ghtntle., New - Orleans, v ill please to insert the foregoing for one month nml lorwnid tbeir accounts to tV EngU rues DepartiM'iit. . up 13 lm ytT - Mlsft M - .AUlltY hhnic lak.n tho pleasantly sitiintnl b' - iif n 13 North Mflore - . street, iiuorn.s In r rrlends tbat she hiti ns)t re - mm ins there en tin lrtclftiy next, ar.d en the) fourth w ill be ready to re ci ite yennt ladies, ei iher as boarders nr day I olars, i hc various umnchet (if useful and cirnnmentnl Education, will betauclif upon her usual terms, whleh may be knon hy applying at No. 56 John - street. apHlPr' ;; BANK OF NEW ouk , Oy TS - president and directon give notice,, tlihf a dividend ol four and a hall per cent oit the capital ttock oU batik, will U Qiad en tho 111 day of May jwal, for the periiid 1 1 ijx Otoliths, from the 1st Novi mber 1817, Io the 1st of May, 1818, paysble lo Uie storkholdt rt at the Bank on demand By order ol the board of director. ap 16 tin t HAH W IJ.KF.f, Casl.iw. , iWllCrJ. ., 4 fT9 All tiertont Imviog anyclaimilzainitrtlv atsigiieeol the late firm of VVlsiti, gA. Walsu u)nii trehongt arcoMul, are haiet y netified tiiaA unless such cluimt be primrtcd hsiore - the ,,llUe day of May nrat, Ilia sul sr ribcr will .uoasietrjr them as sedis? and will not retain any lundt lit hit hands for tlie purpose of meeting them, ap lu aw n. v. w r - NOTTTT:". - r" ftfr All persont having ilemondt naainttth estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, dee t ass d, are requested intend their aecnunta Iii (IwoUuevl the turner Hit r, io. o iam sinet. - I L.Ir.lV J artunl.O, . Mk 97 lm Aili.iuii.iiAlAv Nt'1'lt.i. . fjy Tt'e subscriber have formed a emmrc - lioo tor the purpose of ImnSk' tina. t oinniir - ion, Business, undtr the firm of S. ml T V lU'i TE MOR and will I'vr tlie pretnt do busim ss at No. 60 South imd )29 Pr nrl streets j and mil - constantly keep lor sale a general assortment of Cottpn and Wnoli.i.t.ariis.e.f the nuinufae - ture of the late New. York .Mimilm luring (Company. Just received, per trbr. Sandutky, irwn Mo. bile, and for sale, 13 hales De, r SUna 1 22 sacks tnake Root 5 of prime q'jal. t do Beeswax. SAML. VvHlTTEMORRl, ' ap 2 lm "J 1MO. W HITTEMPRK. 0, Alia. tiALLt' having taken the honta - No. 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oilers from the ll of Muj nextK a residence to gentlemen and itdict, I lie plrssantnrssof the situation needs no comment mh 24 tr TO LET, A very convenient house, with about hail an acre of rround, about a mile Iron the - city, adjoining the house occupied ly Mr. fcnre - wruKL iKotwitt lircenwtcn and the nroaaway road. Apply to JOIIN R. MURRAY, ' mh 25 1 Hnihon - squtii. - ' ' VALUABLE t'ROl'l It'l l. The sutifcribrroOers for sals a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - lork, lying 7 mile south of Pouhkeepric, on the post - roait, wiihiu 14 ofa mils of the mills on the lulls of Wapiiin - ger's - Creek, and in the neighborhood of several landings Iiy - .ui which sloops sail werxiy. ii eon' uios 1 10 acret of level, fertile land, with a younr; orchard of grafted fruit, wood luflkiei.t for fuer, sml all in good fence. Tlie boose contains sere - " ral rooms, has a good bam, ana tu in excrueci repair. Its situation Leinr ouan'slevaled plain,' renders the place not only healthy, bat present! . . . . . . , i . i . e , . i , i from me uwniuug a ueugniiui uiibuu j'nr'n Alto, another lolot 40 acres, contiguous to the Uve, and bounded southerly by the foils of Wapuiuger'vlreek. I lie land is lertiie, in ex - cefltnt fence, and of easy cultivation. What' renders thit proix?rf y valuable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. Tbtre it already rerted on the falls a saw mill of great caiiw ify, a cardiDg - mill, which enjoyt the custom of the ..:.i,i - Awl tuuLtaa uooral nthar scitet for factories, uuorcupled. The whole force of the rreek can be diverted wilh a little expsnce so to drive a range of mill, on a level plot or grvurm ust below tlit falls, and acrefit - ie oy au ea.y navigaUoo ; where foctenes uf every ue - cnp.. with every facility of power and traosjiorUtioo can be coortrocU d. . Also, a flonr - miUft of in c. o - . ill - hsuse it large, wilh 4 run of Burr ttone and calculated ar 6, with new machinery for - - .briUrii.e whist. A;c. with an tlevatnr for raising graio from vesscli kilo the upper loft of Ith the mill la a larre ,lore house for storing wheat and Cour. With the mill will be sold 63 acret ri excellent land, on which is titnated five dwelling rkmsetv a large ham. Lay hoose, carriage house.' corn. critM, hovel - . Arc. a rwper't shop calculated (ov 20 hand. Two of the boaict are new and well IfoBHra, jcaie - nlaleel for genteel families : They commarxt a view ui ine river, wi n a twaoiiiui uncrvmv landt - Mps fm med by the meandering ofthe creek; immediately Iii front. There are few tlaeee wh;ch associate so many acrammndatin quaUfiiralioos lor the mere bant. mecltamc or farmer. If nol sold al private tale before Teeeday the tlrt April, it will on that day be offered al For terms, te. apply fo PETER M ESI EH, No. 5" Beaver - st reel. reh20 ABRAHAM MESIfcH - Two rAVes ia Us BuiMiagt No - be teoted. Aly oethe 1 re.wfc to A. HAMILTON, Esq. or atNo.6 Broadway. h - h gidtf . - .!.. c M lllavnext. the Hoeit) o. 1 52Gr. en - sl.ect, nev vi. - - - i - t, at th pne'ri. . ... P 3,B

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