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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, April 24, 1818
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in chancery; I 1.1 CU AACERIT. . . .. ArAibald Morrioo. ; - IN pursuance of decretal order oi Abraham prinrre, it, . i uiii nvnormuia ceui f iiiJe in the above : Isaac Powell and Dan - URiktrr. cause, will be sold at pub'u: auction, at Uif ToabM Coffee House! in Uie city ot .New - York, mkrilie direction, of the subscriber? oae of the 1 waiters of this court, on Mmday, the tlth day . of ipiil steal, at c!t.vtt o'clock lu Ikeloreooontd thatdiy, fourteen year, nine month aod five da; one a pirel term oi a ci taio leae ol all the tilth part ob th north aide of those three ceiUig ' l - .ti of round fitnated ia the atveotb ward ot the city of New - York, on tbeeait tide of Jefferson - street. tJUtiozoitbed ia a man made of Ihe lands nt' Henry Kutiprs, by auiubers aine hundred aod thaiUen, nine hundred and toureeu and nu.e bun - . ird16Aai eifided westerly in front hy JMienno - atreit easterly tn U rear oy ioi ouoi r nior hundred and sixteen ( norU.erly a oot f aidehy 0.viiostrtt.iKl southerly oa theetn - erakieby Ihertmauiiiifoveusihabf Um aforesaid Ma. Minir pine hundred ami thirteen, nine hmxlred and fourtten. and nine hundred eud - nod uViraa Mttl - MMi in Ucdt(), in 'runt and re,r, nineteen feel, and In length seventy tigM H e, e th tame more or lets, on each tide I al - ' av excepting from ofTlhe rear, of east end of the said lot, a Lwssage, or gangway , of uine feet, ' for the use of ii J lot ind Inoto adjoining. 1 o getber with the dwelling houte and buildings erected ami built booh the said premises andi ' the aiipurt. - nanee thereunto belonging - . Dated "March iffth, luT3, . - . ,a CIIA3.G. FERRIS, - '.". - '.'. hi ( Waiter in Cbameiy. The hov'prop?rty mil be told uuder the direction of the tubscrilsrr.' ' JAMES A.I1AMI1.T0N, MaMtrin Chancery. , wh16 11.26 A..0 fcAngQJw . - "iS CHAtMlKRY ' BTA.TB or BEWVOBK, SI. 'IN P'imiiwe of a dsmlal order of thit honor - - I l(e enure. heirin Halt the sixteenth day of Ovtlr last.will be sold at public auction, at the Toiiliii. CoEtw House. iaUiecitr f. New York. ' uuuV the direction 4 the tnbscri tier, atoue ofuie 'iiuitert of tin cobM, w Wtdtwday the itvtnth iliy (T January near, ai twelve oxim:, ai noun, It tl.ot certain A, tract or parcel of land, titua - ted in th ryontj of Ocliware", in the ttute ot Ne"Torw; antf in, Patent, and known b? prrat lot thirty fmir, ntl Ootimtett at follow! : be - giatatjot eu!i hi. 4 heapnf ("wt aenr a l.eerh tree, marked .No. 3 1 und J7 1 being tbe northeaat orneeof tot Witrty term ;thence alooj? the north bound thereof .uth i;ifhtjr nine dtgretr,. w - ri hnndred and t weMt eiht rhiint and ninety Knki to a ncerh tree inurked .No. 31 and 34 i brim thh anntdkHit of lot (.No 33.) num tr (IiittT tlnee i' thence alonitbe eat boundi i ' . ' i .a . . ; i . ' haini and Iwru'T linki t ) a 1m1i tree marked N". 31 and flt i Itirnce Mnns thetotilli tvniwdt of lot (No. J J) iiumlxir tlitrty onn, north eighty nine deijnvr,eaat'the distance of one hundred and four CDiiiur W a aid neap or ti.nit; inenct oath thirty five chain ami twenty foorlinkt to bee (me Marked AO. ; ti.eoi.e norm eigwy nine dejrect, tatt twenty chain to the' wt bound ot lot tliirty five i Uieme alonn the anmc , tooth forty lour chain and ninety aix link to the ' pfiice of hrarioniiY ; containing, nine bundred and tortr i.inr airti and tbiee fourth nf an i re of . tan 4, with th appurtn. - 'ni rt. And njn. n'l that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of Innit, titun ' fed in the cruoiy of IJulHware, in the ttate ot HW York, ia JCvnr.t' Futcnt, and known by rreat lot thirty mven, and it hounded at follow : - UK''minc at a hemlock tree marked No. 37 and 41. being tbe uortheatt corner, of lot No. (tU) nuiuhcr forty ; tlienct alunij tbe noitb bound thereof, outh, tih - tyoint ik'Kret., weatone hundred and thirty - our ehaina and ten tinkt to a beech mpling marked No. 30 & 37 t thence north threo 1e - , greet, enat teveuty eight i hniun to a G - t:rh tree with ttaoea round it t thence on the louth bound' of lot thirty four n - trth riahty nibe ileirrf. eal one IttiMlre'l tn I thirty cb.iinto a Birch tice maikf X thirty tv n and thirt v - eight i them e on the well tviA! ot lot Ihiit r - tl(lil, tniith letrntv - t - isht chaint to thu iiU e of heuiuniui:, containlnx one tnnutnnd nnd twenty - four acre and one i i. . e . ' . i . i . ; - rin oi an bcit oi inmi wiiu iiib ajpurienuici ijjttec, m - cemner x, mw. JA.ME3 A. HAMILTON, Titt 3 Iftwl&dtt Matter in Chancery. ftT Th lale of the above tiroiiertv it potti tied to tM eighteenth UiT nf t'eliruarv nrt at the ajMOour iod pwe. i;atedJan. 7, ikih. I MM Ed A. ItAMll.TOM, Jan7 2aw( Matter in Chancery The tula of the above property it potponed to th. Ilth dy of May neit, at the tamo Lour and place. DMed Tel.. I t, UUK. ' JAMfci A. HAMILTON, tS 18 lawtd M.ifter inChnnrery. ' At a Court of cliaocery, held for the ttate. of New - York, at the Chancellor1 Duelling float. In the city of Aloany.onthe twenty tLird day of March, in the year ol our Lord one thout ioJ eicht hundred and eightren. Pretent The Hon. Jamei Kent, Etqire, Chan cellor. Thilip Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah Schuy nuy - Van C.u - Jcr, nenaaeiaer cnuier, sirpt.en Rcnite'ae , Jr. Philip ( Lurch. Peter grr and Uatnetine hi wile, John Church, KuJoluh Bunner and Eii.abetti liii wife Richard Church, aa in ant by the taid Phi lip Church hit oait fr.en.l, Lmabeth Ham ilton, AleiniidW Hamilton Morton, Phili Schuyler Moitoa, CurtieliA L Morten, & Ueinina Mary Morton, infanta by the taid Philip Jertmitih Schuyler thir oexl triced and Catharine Van Keutit laer Malcuoie. John R Blcerker, Ellxulieth Eri..cker hoff, Alorrit S. llille.f, r.n'l Matitf hi wif', Charti E. Dudley and Maudina hit wifo. Mar ba Hradttrcet, Samuel Braditreet, 1'homat Morns Thorn i Biddle, J hn AVharton and William Hale and Catherine Van Rensselaer fthuvler hi wife. TIHE romi laioant above aaired havin: fi'ct) ,L their hill in the above mentioned caute for tbe partition of the following parcel of land, that it to lay a pnrnlltloKr.vru in Uie counties of Onri - ti.t and Herkimer, in this ttate. on the toulti tide of a patent granted on the second day nf Janua ry, 1794. tojoen v orrull and others, coir m n - ly called Cotliy'i Manor, lying alo.ig and upon the toutfi boundary ol tha laid patent ai it ba - r, beins 20 chain and SO link more or let in breadth, and ihe whole extent of the south line er boundary of the laid patent, i. e. 48.) chains more or lets io length, and Philip Schuyler, one ol tliecomplainanta, having made an affidavit an nexed to the (aid hill of the truth of Ihe allegation therein roolained respecting the unknown owners of the taid pamllelrgram. It it thereuiion ca 'motion of Mr. J. V. Henry, of counsel for the complainRBt't Ordered that all partiei interested ia the uiii parallelogram w land appear ami an - ewcr the complainant' hill filed in the above caute, by the eleventh day ol July next, to Ihe ead that in case of default, thecomplainant't bill may be decreed to be taken pro confetto against all inch unknown partiei a shall not appear and answer by the said day. And let a copy of this erucr oe punn - hert lor three cull ndar inontos, one at least in everv week, in a newsnarjer prin ted iothe city of New - Yoik and in the city of Aiuniiy. j copy. I. - . . MOSS KENT, Register, . .. NOTICE. PT1' ",ltor of John tleakley, of tbe city yf New - York, iniolvrnt, are hereby notit d to attend at theatlice nf Ihe ..bschlwr'aMignee ... niF.nv.Tii, unurr tt art entitled - . .i . .i.. i "oVr""' ". of innlven - V.' "uiiuuiSS .in. I. r.llice Sji. .1 siiwte in si.a.i - .treet, i ihecity of New - York. . ....un .n examine the account due to them re,,iective!y, on Ihe twenty fr,h day o. V.' si j "lwr"n' ""Br or q A. M. and 3 .Y . a a i " T. m"lP,', are turlher notifien ..a. . u.. ,ur,, , um ei'aieoi saul iiisnlvent wdi ..m. lid. VTr. r' ',u,e P1"1" "f"re ssid, anil between the hnnr. nlw - .v. i ... F.Z30N 8L03SON, Aii)fei, kc. feb H Iaw3m ClOFFEt. - Sptrior Java Oiff - e. (or tale t.v au M . .. .. . 23 Soutli - iUeet. ol ti To tion fot an ol I I ! . - C1IASCKBY. JollB It' UuMf 1 1 ' " I ee. " Jafua T - Watim. Suteof Xw - yrk, U IN ipertuiate of a - decrtUl order of lhi he - BObrable eoort, nadeio the above aaute, will be told at publie Mellon, at the Tontine Coffee iloote; la the aity of Kw - Ywrk, under the direction of tbe Writer, at oae of the tauten of thl eoart, ob Tuetdty the tceond day of September tiett, et twelve e'eleek al aooi., all that traet of land (oioiof oe lb towa of Loetille, aad lyiaf ia the auutity of LewU, in tbe aute afore - mid, beiag part of treat lot No. 4 of Maeoeab't purshaae, aad eompriM all the lot kaewa ea a eerula peaaar atep made by David Brooaod and B. Wbicr, mtbe yeae llot, free Ne. Ill to 344 iadueiv. eontaioln logeihar 15,000 acre of land, witathe aiipurteaaoee thereto belong ing or any wita appcrtaioipg, . Dated June 30, 1117. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jygl la4w)td Waiter in Cbancery. 1'he tale of tbe above propeitv it pottuooed to the Artt day of May acit, at the taaie hour nd plate. Dated Jan W, IH IB. Jan 21 lawtMyl . Matter to Chancery. To the honorable tbe Judge aod at - tutunt Jutticet of the court of coinrnon pleat in and lor the coun ty of Orange - The petition of John Oner, of the towa of Co - , atitotinthe county of Or.inge rtpectfully iK - weth THAT your pttit loner it teiaed tafeetlmple, at tenant in common, together with the te - vi ral partiet herein after named, of eight equal undivided forty tiehtli fart, the whole into lortv eight equal pint to he divvied, of in and to all inai certain lot, iraet, piece or parcel ol land, iiiume, i J mi B0" fiog in uie village oi new - burh. in the laid county of Orange ; bounded on the north by the ttreet called the eiiclit rd - ttreet, on the eait by the Huilton river, on the toutrt tiy lauiit mrmeriy btlontia to inrain Wc'ler and CJeorge Monell, and on the wet hy hindt formerly helonginz lo Thoinat Coldcn ; cMitaintnc, n iiimoea. two acretofland. And your petitioner further thewelh, thut John Hutheifurd, of the ttate of New - Jvriey, it alto Mixed at aroreiaid, of tour other equal undivided forty eighth pait of ti e mine. 1 hut ?uaoiiah llibiut.n, at pretent. at your and believe, a retideut in tliat part of Ihe kingdom of Great Britaiu called Knf'md, it blio teiz' d at afuretaid, of four other equal unlimited inrty emhth parttoimetame. Tbbt John Stevrni, otlhe ttate of New - Jertey, it alto arized at afuretaid, of two other equal undivided forty eighth part of the tame. 1'hit Kobrrt L. Livingiton, of the county ol Columbia, in thit ttate. and Margaret, hit wife, in the ritfht of the laid Margaret, ore aiio trtsed ataforciaid, ofoue otter equal undivided forty eighth purl thereof. Ami tlmt Kdtiard P, Livingston, of the taid county of Columbia, and Elisabeth, hi wife, iu the riijlit of the laid Klizabeth, are alo teized ai afnri laid, of one other eyual undivided lOrty eighth part Uicreof. And e.nrueli.i Llvinriton, or the city 01 v - - i. it - .... v.. ii .....T. i. .:...(... ent, a your pelitirnerii informed and believe, a reiident in '' me part of the kingdom of Ureal Britain, and Peter Kane, nftheitatc of New - Jer tey, by virtue nf an act of the legiilaJure of the itnte. veitirsin them, at trustee, the eitate of I'etrr Van bnieh Livinetton. deceaed. are alto teitcd at aforetaid, of four other cquitl undivided ftrty eighth part thereof. And iii.t Aiexnniier Konertton, rf the city ol New - Voi k. and France, hit wile, in the rithl ot the laid r'rancet, are alto wixe d a aforeauid, of Ihe remaining twenty four equal undivided forty eightiipartt thereof. Ana your retmoner further theweth, tnat he is iloirout to have Partition made of all and insular the taid above described premmet, among the taid leveral owners or proprietor Uie name, accord ng to their neveral and retpcctive rigliti ol, m and o the tame. vv h. n - fore your tietitir.ner prayt that the taid ...i.. .i!.,:j.i ..... . i ownert or proprietor, aceonling to their tnid everui and retucctive rights, hy co'timit.ionert teln appointed hy thit honorable tourt, in pur - manreof tdirTtionoi lha act. entitled " An ict for the partition of land "And your peti - nier, a in duty bound, shall ever pray, Kc. JOHN DUE II. John Rutherford, Susannah Robintnn, John Steven, Hubert L. Livingston and Margaret hi wile, Edward P. Livingi - lon aud Elisabeth hii wife, Cornelia Livingiton, Peter Van Burgh Livingnton, Peter Kane, Alexander Robertson "" - J .: on.""!, u.BlJ anurrancctniiwiie. You will he pleated to take notice thit a Peti ot which the preceding h a copy, will he pre - tented to the honorable the Judge and Aniitanl Justices of the Court of Common plea, in and the county of Orange, oa the, lait Monday ol May next, to beheld at the court hnute in Uo - ihen, in and for the taid couniy of Orange, at ten o'clocic in me lorenoon ol that any, or at toon thereafter at coumel can be heard, and an application wi'l thereupon be made lor the appoint ment oi cointniMionr it to ornate rartition oi uie I'reiuitet with the nppurtenancei in tbe laid Peti tion mentioned anil detcrihed, according to the prayer ot the laid Petition, and the directions of act ol the l.eiilature of the elate ot New - York, entitled " an act for the partition of lands." Dated January 10. 1813. JOHN DUER. Alexander Purr, nttorney for petitioner. Feb li lawtlinMay CROSS - STREET NOTICE. VTOTICE it hrebv given to aU penont Inter LI etltd, that the eommittioneu of eitimate and attet traenl appointed h the fjpreme court judicature ol the itate of ivew - iork, to per lorin certain duiiei relative to the eniars ing and improving Cmn itreet. in the tilth ward of the city ol New - York, have completed their eitimate and auetiment, at well or the lot and d - tmae iiiilaincd over and above the benefit and advantage received hy the owncri of the htnri and premises required for s;iid improvement, a also of Ihe benefit and advantage received by the owoerj mid purlin interested ol ami initriun l.imlt ami preimses not rrqu'reil lor tl.e laid iuirove ment. And that we the laid rooiiiii'tinni rs have depotited rt tiue copy nf im lie - ilim.ito and ntse.ssiucnt, in the clerk's ol - Hceol the city ot Jew - York, for the inti - cctmn of whooio ver it may concern. Aud notice is herey lurllicr given, tnat Uie report or Ihe said comiriiioners of estimate and atsettiuent will be resented to the supreme court of judicature of the state of New York, at the City Hall of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of .May n. xi, at we opening ul the court on that dny, or as soonlhereafleras counsel can he heard thereon, unted this Uthday of April. 1818. JOHN FORBES. ) WILLI l.M TORREY. S Commissioners JOHN L. LAWRENCE.) ap 17 14t llkMlk - iThiliiT AUMvJL'. ' NOTICE ii hereby given to ail persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, appointed by the supreme court oi judicature or the state of New York, toper - form certain riutiei relative to the enlarging, ex - tcmlirg and improving Henry - ttreet, bilween Cliuton and Grand - itreets, in the eighth ward ol tbe city ofNew York, have completed their es timate and assessment, as well ol the lots aod damage sustained ever and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners ol the land and premises rt, mired for the said improvement, a also cl the benefit and advantage received hy the owners and partiei interested nf and in certain lands and premisct not rvqmie! for the said Im proveineni. Ana mat we, ihe sain commission ers. have deposited a true copy of such etimote ana asrssmcul in th clerk's obits, ol IPC cy ot New - York, for tbe inipettion of whomsoever it may concern ; and notice is hereby fortbergiv - 'ti,thattl.e reiKrtofllieaJdconiaiisirneisrfes - innate and asset intent will he presented to the? so - P!"e,c.'",t ' ""wlre of the state of N. York, atthe Cny IUII oi tne city of N. York, on Mne - day, the fo,,rth day of May next, at theopenine of the court on that H.. n. .v n.. V... d.n.ntfr,r,1he.!?.e:r,1Utreo' V'tei au I7lh oy of April, Hi is. JOHN FORHF.S. ) lpl7Ut ' ' or are of at cy, vr to of tin on the I in he i - n. I I.VD&EfiTIOV, on SOUR STOMAClf, i 3 aekiiewhedgeif byiUM - dical writer to bet cotcplafartol (tutibom kind, aad at all liae very dtfitcall of erne. Thie it tufucieotly illut - iraieii ia we aitapvotaiaieni ei tnoee woo twivi - toaate!y mifcr aiAier it, athey, for Ihe moat part, Aad tiiut after having tried nraey thingl to lir.le ao purpoae, they are at tatt obliged lo ae (lor perbapi tlie remainder of life) tucb article can at belt but vaUtale U diieate. Unde - rtucb circumttante. any aaedicine capable of remo ving; the complaint, tout tureiy oe au arueic highly deserving the attention of all th we who 111m led with it : uch a combination ito be met with in DR. MEAL'S ANTI - OYsEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the uccei of which bat never yet been equalled, for tbe cure dy ipeptia in itt mott complicated form, tucb loci of appetite, nauea, heartburn, flatulen knawing pain in the ttomach, pain in the tide, great coitiveneii, paleneit iu the countenance, laneuor. lownet of iDiritt. vain in the head, virtigo or giddineit, anddiiturbed deep. notver ai piie fiete putt in ineanove oiksk, accordinc to tbe direction, will never be ditap pointed, at they have never ttees once koowb u Mil in prooucing a rvuicai tutu permasene ceie. Thrf uie of a iicL'!e bos will convince the mott olwli.tins of their efficacy. They wilt mot effectually remove alltouruei of the ttomach, nnl ncrrfw hif nutraiitine liie acid, hut bv cor recting that luorbid ttate oi inerecreiioni wnuu givet rite lo it, and at the tame time will reitore the debilitated organ of digestion, that lone and vigour which ii ahtolntely ueccwary to the well bvins of Uie animal economy. Price one dollrT per box. Konale bv . JOHN C. MORKISON, Drugstit, No. lilOGreeuwich - ttreet Where may be had, wholetale and retail, large and general aiiortment of genuine Urugt anu inenicme ; surgeon inniumrun; niwt carv'a Gla Ware : Enelithand American Pa lent Medicine. Alio, Oyer' and Puller' arti cle, Medicioe Cheit, Sic. va uiorai term. mhx5 Sm PROSPECTUS for rtTBLiinino bit icstcairTiow A MAP OK MEXICO AN O LOUISIANA. rpilE publication ol IhiiMap hai beeu under l taken with the ininreiiion. tlmt it will ex hihit information, highly interetting at thit eventful criiit, and tl.e valuable Mapi which tbe author hat procured, duripc hitteverul tourt through ieaico, ia tl.e yenu itsuo, lour, mis, iou 1815, 1816, and 11117. induce him to beleive that (lie Map, with even all itt imperfections, will he much the inoit perfect which hat appeared be - ,0'?..l?e.liuJ"c: . mi r.i wi. coniain me laieti am van n - the American. Spanuh, Ruiian. liritiih and Frn. h ,r.wCn.r. La nr.lio.iar. nd rnrfien - l - the clai.nt of tlieir retiective goverameuti the .virtiiwetttrn coait oi America. The Map will include that portion of Worth America, wiiicn net Between tne uinmui oi u - rien, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and MiiMiiippi mver wettwaroty w " T'" - .rVu - ei :i. w - v .... i. t.f and will beprnfecled onatcaleof 40 mile to inch, to be delivered to the tubtcriber ut flf - in io iuo iiiau win uxt uuuui wi& ? w ici. teen dollar ach. Natrhet, Man:h7. 1RI0. ap7 tAut tOOTUKRlf BltrRlCT Ot MKW - VORK, IS Oil it remeiubered, That on the tecond day J of April, in the forty tecond vearol thelnde pendence of the United dtaiei ol America. Wil liiim Johnion, of the laid diitrir.t, hath depotited mi villi. r mo uuc oi n uwk, iiic (isnt wiitrrrui hum ai author, In Ihe word! and ourei lot lowing, io wii Reporti of ca.e. adiudged in (he court of o Chancery of New - Y'rlt : by William Johmoo, n'... i .... .i 11 .;..;.. .k - the from January, 1810. to September, 1U17, inclu - tive." lii conformity to the act of the corarci of the c. i i - .,.n.. ..... .. raseiDentoflearuine.h tecurins the cooict oil inao. rhArUantl bnuki. to Ihe huthori aiul uro. nrm Art Aftuoh onmaa rliiriai lha liiiu.a Ihttrainl mentioned " and alio to an act, entitled, An act, tupnlementary U an act, entitled, an act for ......,..... r I....:., k. ik.l w .........., .....a , copiei oi mapt, cnant anu noon, tome auinom .n.l nMnn. ni .1 ...K nn.a nii.imf lha limn. .nil i'iuuiiciui.ui vivici vhiiii. lira uuir.i therein mentioned, and extending the beoelit iheieof to the art of detiimine.eiieravijii?. and etching hiitorical and other print " . 4AIT1C3 UIL.U, Clerk of Ihe touthero diitrict of New - York ap!3 4w NOTICE. A LL penoni Indebted to the eitate of Ruggle XX Hubbard, erquire, lale ihertli of the city and county of New - York, u tntrtff, are requested to make payment to Jame L. Bell, etonire, present sheriff of the city and county oil aw.Yor'ar. on or before the first da of Mav I next or alter that period the biUs remaining on - 1 paid Will be put in suit. i . . ..... . . . . I vmudniiili iijBuniut Feb 1 1 SawtlMay Administratrix. Traruporlatton It Pilliburgh, through the llatt nf Aine - York. rriHF. tubRcriber, who hit been engaged for JL several vein in forwarding merchandize to ditrerent part of the United States, off ers hi services to the merchant and trader ol the western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every decription from the al y of New - York to Pitubunrh. in the sta'.eofl Pennsylvania Goods ahipped at New - York, onboard "tub wrvriRM una" of sloops for Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in a.i short a time, as by any oilier I route yet discovered i the price of transports - All orders executed in a masterly manner, and tion for the whole distance never exceeding six warranted in all cases at least equal to any ar - dollars per cwt Proper care has been taken trrles of silver manufactured or sold in thu to telect eentlemen of respectability aa aeenu on the several routes communicatuiir with the Allegany riven and where extraordinary ex - ertions are rcciuired. a confidential person thoroughly accjuainted with the country, will accompaj - y tue gnoo. au communications on this subiect. rmst Paid, will receive the earliest attention of the subscriber, who for approved security will trive a credit of six months on a urge proportion of the account. CM Altl.ta SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York. 2d February. iSia. Ilefercnce to Messrs Satterlces at Co. and MesKrs. (. Ilyer, and II. Rankiil, New - York. fel 7 2aw iV I 11 A k S Hoa,JjnS School lor young la - LlJL diet. New - Brunswick, New - Jersey, wil! be rc - opeoed, after the tprin? vacation, on Mnmiay the 4tn ol May, when there will be va cancies for several young ladies. Musir, Dm win j aod Dancing by approved instructor. . .. , . bd a z.tww VI. a i a i s. WILSON in - nuhlii - ih.t k. K - ,. mAl " mv wnrcuiuil IU iw u . n.i i. . . . im Broadwav. h.l.o Mulen I . . a a" - HnanJ Libertvttreet. for ? the better accommodation of hi retail customer : where be ha constantly on hand, an extea il.llAH nl h. MM.m - - . ' tlvm aiinnltf - from his manufarlArv. nf I jiilin.' - - II . ' J 1 Beaver Hats, comprising every fashion ami de scription of color, quality, and variety of cat - tern the workmaoibiD excellent, and adapted to this or any other market. He keeps ou hand (which he receives regularlr, once a week, from his factory) a cootaot supply of the first quality of ueollrmen' American Heaver Hats, maim factured under hi own inspection, of dursSle and excellent materials, fiaiihtd ia tbe neatest anil mntl fa)lMMftarl stvU. J. W. alto ha lor sale at hi warehoure. a lam n.l r.mlarlr reclenuhrd . - - ..n meuh tishiooabl Loodoa Beaver Hats, selecteil with great care, as to workmanship and quality. Likewise, American manufactured hats, of eve ry description and kind, suitable to this or any other market. men 30 Sawtf A I ADRAS HDKFS 0 raset Medra hdkfs. . ll haadtotne patteeae, and entitled to debeo lure, ott lC'd, aad for sale by apn p.BETUUSEtiCO. I i I i - TU iOljXt) STE.IM BOATLIMV. 3 mrrtimtaAmXxnx the ' "' I I.. I. . vtAMIinV rh Km (ta Norwich, inUoif ramkicg Uiii route (if fouad practicable) will be cootinned i m ... uith flrie r ii lion, imiil. Mm. miw duriagihe teatoo. . . I he lute wiu io linure ne iron. " Norwich, at follow : 1 he Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - iork every Monday. Hedntiday end Friday, at o'clock, id the morning, tor New - Haves. Tbe f ulton, Lapt Law, will leave JVertrkA at 6 o'clock io tbe mnniiru' nfttwiaiue dara. touch at Jttw - Lortdo aod depart from thence for A - Merer at B il rr i i . ' I . . . V..a U.rML cioca. i ue uuaia win uk - .ml Aemri frnm llteiw - 0 everv day and Friday, at 7 o'clock io Uie evening the Cmiaecticut lor Ym - Pert, and the Pulton for jrev - LomUn and Jfaivuh. win n VALUAbLE KEAL ESPAI E POR oALE, is the UTt of agw - iona:. FIVE lot of ground on the wet lideofGreen - wkb - itrcei, between Vettry and Lfeibrot - u - IrerlL fa hv 80. Four do iu lite rear of the above, fronting ob theeaittideof Wathington - ttreet, zsoy o. tight do in the block below, between Wail ii etna and VVeit - ltreett. Id Montgomery County. 6000 acre of Land iu Lawrence't purchate, near Eat Canada Creek, on the noilk tide oi the Mohuwk. In Franklin Ceuntv. 15.16S acret of Latd, in the town of Mount Morrit and Dayton. In Ettez County. 7032 acret of Land in the iowo of Barry more In tha Count of Lewil. 1250 acrei of land iu Catierlaod, Cbatianii Purchate. Ia Saratoga County. 2600 acret in Palmer' purchate. Enquire at the office of the tuUcriber, 34 Ce dar - ttreet. BEV. ROBINSON. mli t7 tf MIiii.l.lAM HUOKcie. Ao. ' uei - L ww of FuUon.,lreeti New - York.hav 5 "fTP tttfVy . Ihawal JAPAN BLACKING, of Day & Marbn, 97 Hish ilol - born, Loodoo, offer the tame, in wholesale or retail, lor exporuuoo, or noue ceoaumpiion, on term the mott liberal and advantageoui to par - ..., Thu iniimaMe compotition, with half the u ,ual labor, produce a mott brilliant jet black, fullv eoual to the higheft japan varnish ; afford: pouiiar nourwnmeni io ine leainer; iiwiu noi toil the finett linen ; u perfecUy free from any . Ar . ... uuoleatant imell : and will retain it virtue in any climate. At ao incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of thit blacking, it ha stood tbe tett and commanded the moat extentive tale ia all quarters of the globe, for upward of half a cen - tury reii io pR. DE ANGEL1S. formerly practitioner ol XJ M ediciue in the military Hospital of Nap - 'e.. (lmitted a member of the Medical So - 'r c i ,o onl. wnere nf. na' r"'ueu '" vear 1798. and hit reputation and tucceit in Prct,c 00w lablihed in the knowledge of me puoiic oy near iu yeari e.iierierw.e, cimiiu - ue? D con.uneo ae n.icuice, o. irr - ureer. otiooiiie urane wnan. n Kheumatie andV enereal cwei, Dr. De An - "",ru' ' ' f - .. . llllat ICIIIUIV vUvtB uiiiv uituiu'i ' fluently ; been cured by him in a ihort tpace of wnoui inconvenience io in paiirm. - uotirucuoni, uicer in me iiiroai anu uniaw. . . . . ,. - ,;., "r J r ", 1 ' . ,;!. . Ui IL1C ..111. llll. I TTIIH I1UU1LIUU. .lull. u. .. . i . , ?., armng from neglect or improperly treating of the mott loudiou ol maladiei, have Riven wny lo hit mode of treatment in an almoit incredible manner. Hit extraordinary laccett is, in a great measure attributable to his well known Anti rheumatic and Aoti Sphi!ic Syrups, which whilst tlier eradicate every form of ditease, ret tore Uie emaciated patient to vigor, and health. ap id Im" FOR SALE. THE time of a mnrt tilnck Gitl, thot can do all kind of houte - work and cooking, luck as iineceltan for a family, oriui'nhle lora Dub'ic home. She undersianeis cooaiue oi oys tert, beaftleaki, ate. and would be u valuahie acqumuon io uj uuuuu nuuw, (ncicitmc uiAiiIrl h. .iv.. Ia ftn mnnii u.ntn. till) l.imp. I,, . ,u a..i.l .V. n... L.... n,.. ih. ...i r . mi.r. t'nr fnrihr particulars, inquire at the corner ol Broadway and Grand itreet. Mount Social. N. B. She mold at her own requett. ap9 tf MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. T W. FORBEj, No. 90. Broadway, one door IF . above Wall - street, respectfully iu forms hit friends and the public that be continues lo manu facture silver tea and table telLs church plate, spoons, fork, ladles, waiters, uroi, aiphont, fitb knives, &c. &c. of tbe latett aud mott elegant patterns, of tho Ant quality of silver and supe rier tvorkmanthip, at the lowest prices for cash city. In addition to hit own manufactures, he baton nanci an aseonmenioi ncn piatcianuiancy nara ware, which he will ditpose of very low, ron - listing of candlesticks, cako basket, caiton, i"""" vu., uumi u u.;., piavm vo tecl, a very - superior article; elegant pen. pocket and tportiman' knives, with a variety of aniciesnoi eniimeraieu. men jo mi IJOARDINO A FEW gentlemea can bi rl with Board, in a privatt a pleas art part of the city of Jersey. Enquire al thit office ap ii im WHKATON'S ITCH OINTMENT THE long and incceiiful use of thit ointment ii a inffieient recommendation, at it bai been lounrt to he a pleaiant, late and certain remedy fur that disagreeable disease in aU its tta 5et. it i lor tale in the city of New - York, . A. it XT. R. Pott, No. 41 William - ttreet: at i cirirn, no. .naiuen - Lane : 11. H schicffe hn Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Law .. v . in - u i . . . i r ii iicih - c . ntr - r, .iu. i a J reori - sireei : nun Bowne. 146 Pearl - street : 11. & I.. Sl:l n . j ... i ... .. .. ...... . - 7 rean - tireei , .ti. Draunursi, 314 I earl - ttreet John reniord, o. 4 t letrher - ttreet ; Durvee roe, in rean - sirtri; jonn v;. Jlfrnton, 1KB Ureenwich - itreet ; Jofm P. t ither. 106 Broad wit ii .iwiii ecimnii. Liirnci ui e.naniiH'r - ii. uroauwaj , ana biso ine.nainaoj - lireel ; and r r, . , , ... . , - - - - . l tea (AnPI il snnn Bv nkAAiiiul r a V I I" v h siiBi irej I'lwuitrii nt UIUH VI IIIC UTU g,am. ,ki,;. ' n.Aj m J MVil. Ill llll, . r l.'J III i ifiiaui IlllllUn Ul l ...... i. . n .. .. . . . ' wnnereii t sons ; ueorge nariell ,.orth a llo - gers, and almost ad tl.e druggist in the principi iowus u ir.e vuieu riaiet, LIKKWIiK. WHEATON'3 JAUNDICE BITTERS may oe dki ai ue aoove places. tan T4 bm BaftsCaVstaTftaitBl LEt?S ITCH OLYT.VEJfT. 7AR!lANTED an infallible remedy atone I TT application, may be used with perfect safety oa irjanl a week old, cot cootain n; PM ' mwcury.c r any dangerous ingmlient whatever, aod net acccmpaiiied with that offen aive smell which attends Lie application of other remedies, I he above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicioe Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, mid sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - streets Druggists and co nu try store - keepen sop plied on upcrai termi. Jiajv It no the all for our the at in " in lor j an . ,aEWTfcA.XSUTIO.t 0 THE BIBLE. . EBICATRD rEairSMO, To Hi Royal Higboea tha nim e Kgot ' ON the 1st cf March, 1818, was oublisrtl ia Loodoo, ia qaaito, price oa demy, ta roial S4s part I, of a new translation of " ' Vui - teevl.V mm F r Comprising Ihe Old aad New Testaments). f JOB. ST BKM.S.MV, AuthnrnU Tim History of all RelisioM." may be necessary to inform the public, that translation ha l - eeo made frcmllie original Hebrew since Uie 12Uthyear of Chritt. In tbe Mirth century Jerome made hi Latin vertioo from this Greek translation : from which came Latiu Vulgate, aod rom tha Latin Vulgate Ihe European translation Dave ceen maae - , thereby perpetuating all the errors of the first translators. To this translation will be added various notes t in which the tracilr tor, who hai upwards of twenty years devoted bit time to this work, pledget himself to bring full authority from the original for any variation he hat made fiom Uie received translation. The following references are made to tome of mott learned writert, a ho were decidedly of opinion, that a new tranilatioD rf Uie Skri turet wat absolutely necessary : not only on account of great improvement in our lauguoge, .but he - cause the translator! baveericd respecting things most essential. " Here a version of the Bible executed in a manner soitable to the magnitude of the undei ta king, tucb a measure would have a direct ten dency to eitablnh tha faith of thoutandi." hp. Jftiaomo. " Ao accurate traotlation, proved and lupported by tacred criticism, would quash aod tilence mott of the objections, of pert and profane ce.n"BlackviiitV$Sat.Clau.'Prtf. 1731. " Nothing would more effectually conduce to this end, than exhibiting the Holy Scriptures themselves in a more advantageous and just light, by an accurate revisal ol our vulgar translation." Dr. LotrlhU yitilatim Sermon Durham, 1758. " The Version now in use many placet doet not exhibit the tense of Uie text, and initiates it betidet in an infinite number of initancei." JurW's tYir en Job. 1772. Whoeverexaminet our Veriion in pretent use, will find that it is ambiguous and incorrect, even matters of the highest iinDortatice." Proto - Symondi' Obitrralioni on iht txpediencu of .4. - . 1 i.un . . . "i rciiiif mFrrcicni r criivn, I IOJ. eireat improvement might dow be made, became the Hebrew andGreek Languages have been much cultivated and far better understood, since the vear IC0O.' - A;nncol, Jiemaiks, tie. 1787, i. 6. it has miiiHUcn trie true tense ot the Hebrew not a few places. Uo we oot know the advan get commonly taken bvtheenemiei of Reve lation, of triumphing in ohieclioot blautiblv rai ted asaimt the Divine Word, upon the basis of unsounu icxior wrong trauslntion f" ifa - nri's rrtltm, Viic. to Jeremiah, I7b9. 1 hit work will probably be comprised ia ten pant. SOME FEW SELECTED PASSAGES. bewing the contrail between the old and new J rantiaiioni. OLD TRANSLATION. 2 Kincs. v. 18. In thit thinar the Lord nardon Ihy tervant, that when my master coineth iuto the houie of Rimmon to worship there, and he leanem cn my nana, anci I now mvsell in the bouse of Rimmon, the Lord pardon thy servant nils tiling. Amos iii. 6. Shall evil be io Ihe city, and the Lord hath not done it i Isaiah ix. 3. Thou hast multiplied the nation and not increased the joy : they joy before liiee ircoromz io uie joy in barvesr. and as men re. ioire when they divide the spoil. rrov. xvi. 4. 1 he Lord t.ath made all things for himself, yea even tbe wicked for the dav ol evii. - I Sara. xvi. S3. And it came to pass when the evil spirit from God waiupon Saul. liaiah vi. ill. Make Ihe heart of thu people fat, and make their ears heavy, and thut their eyet ; lett they sec with their eyes, ard hear with men ears, ana onaersiana wiui lueir hearts, aod convert, ana oe neaieei. Oen. in. Z?. And the Lord God said. Behold, the man is become as one of ui, to know good aod evil : anil now, leil be put lorlb hit hand, and take alio of tl.e tree of life, and eat, aod live for ever. Gen. vi. 4. There were ciantsin the earth in those dart. in. ver. o And it repented the Lord that be had made man on the earth, and it grieved bim at nit heart. lb. ver. 14. Make thee ao ark of Gcpherwoor! rooms tnalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it witbiu and without wilh pitch. Ch. xxxvii. 3. Mow Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because hej wa Uie ton of hit old age : and he aade him a coat of in nay colours. Jer. iv 10. Then laid I, Ah Lord God, sure ly thou bait greatly deceived this people, and Jerusalem, sai ing, Ye shall have peace 1 where at me iworn reacneui unto tne ioui. Ch. xx. 7. O Lord, thou bast deceived me, and I was deceived : thou art itrmser than I, and hast prevailed. rt.w 1 ttA3L,A I ius. Iu thit Uiiuc will Jehovah pardon thy tenant .' When my lord came to the houte of Rimmon to woribip there, then he leaned on my hand, and I myself worshipped in the houte of Rimmon : ioce I myiell worshipped in tbe house of Rim mon, win jenovan, I pray thee, pardon thy servant in this thing? cnau evu oe in u.e cuy, ana Jenovan oaiDDOi requited it.' Thou hast multiplied the nation, hast thod not increased the joy ? they joy before thee according to the joy in harvest, and ai men rejoice wnen mev uiviue we tpoii. Jehovah bath ordained all lo answer him : thul alio the wicked for fie day of wickedness. XMow it wat, vi ilea tne spirit of Uod was upon Saul. The heart of thit oeonle wat made rroti. alio hit eart heavy, and hit eyet were turned aside ; lett he ibouldiee with hit eyet. and hear wilh hit ears, or his heart should understand, and return, ana oe healed. Thei Jehovah God said. Behold the man was like one of us; with knowledge of good and evil; and therefore, if he will put forth his hand, and take alio of tbe tree of life ; the he shall eat, and live lortver. Tbe aiiostates were on the earth in those day Yet Jehovah was satisfied that he had made man oo the earth ; Uiouali he idolized himself at his heart. Make for thee an ark of the wood of Gopher; apartments thou thalt make in the ark : there thou thalt expiate, within and without, by atone ment. Now Itrael preferred Joieph, before any of hit lont ; lor a successor ot. tbe eldership alter bim : and be uiaue lor mm a vesture oi triplication. Then I taid, Ab 1 Iord Jehovah, truly todct olation thou bait desolated thit people, even to Jerusalem, lor saying, reace shall ot among you but me twora reacnein loine mm. Thou hast periuaded me, O Jehovah: thns I wai periuaded.; thou has strengthened me. aud hast prevailed. SUBSCRIBER'S NAMES. H. R. H. the Prince Regent, 6 copiei The Queen Hit Royal Highness the Duke of York. Hit Royal Highncst the I uke of Kent. Hit Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland. Hit Royal Highueis the Duke of Sussex. Hit Royal Hidine lha Duke of Camhridze. Her II. Highness the Prince Augjuta Sophia tier Koyal Mistiness the rnncess l - .luabelb. Her Royal Hixhueu the Prince Mary Her Roynt Highness tbe Princess boiibia. Hit Koyal Highness the Duke of Clour ester, With a numerous List of Nobility, Gentry, ana omen. GO - THOMAS B. WAIT & S0N3 propose to publiih the above work hy Subscription. Each part, on den - i Quarto, which in London it $3 56, shall be printed in Boston, on good paper and a new and elegant type, at toe dbari, to be paid on delivery. To non - subtcribers, three dojart. A tbe author has been permitted to dedicate his translation to the Prince Recent, and as the fjuet - n, the Royal Family, and a numerous list of Nobility and .entry arc among the subscribers, there can be no dnaht of the high reputation of ineauiuor, anu oi u.e correctness and evea or - thodoxy of the wrk. ap 16 Srlntw OIO and HARNESS. A HANDSOME Gig, of the best workman Z.V ship, .but titUe worn : also, a harness to match, for sale at A. QUICK'S, Coach - W are - - House, 5 otvau iircci, ap lo iw tal that the by and Dr. bis ry or er a be I er a F "v1 A ditctrnUg pibhc know law to d:itinelinfc tweem tkiagi that differ. "JW DOCTOR IWKNPfcrss, - . of the city of IxJ nwmberof tbe faculty of phvJl aod lorgery there, lUsunt it huL ty to repeat tome onmt aimte of MlCUtliv a rath, indiacrisuin.t .i . fied uie thereof, t.VbeTn Tt tive of infinite mischief. VjST luercBnaiized out of exi.7 nce. The disease we have in view owe. :i?1U results chierlv to h;...l .7.?,we a young man, Uie ho J hi coihii.1 darlmg of hU parentouk,6 X'Sttl?? - " J WHVVHIVC, way irom an me prosper.u aod enjoywtntioriil theconsequeBtes ofone ST OlllIB lis own n. - ifi... ... 1 ly provei to from neglect or treatnitnt." A gentlemar, (lale Dr lienl) now perfectly hearty and wellhad bS: under phyiictans of genera practice si m.r repeatedly .alivaBt. d, X H.(by a gf - ntiemao rii kr.Bit,l, were carious, and his flesh dropping fre ,rM friends declared he could aot pets bl' two months longer. TliDBBajBfcJ know with wbat esse and safety Dr? H cates the severest cases, and confirm the'cW" tution. The Doctor's plaa (advertiuU - cessarv to euard Uie public arain.i .rr5 - ' " ri.errurv. ami other fnlal iUI... J"T..l,tt,e i r - - : - " . - . - - "" i new fnrlh rcrsuns, inereiore, Having coatrac.,! vale disorder, or suspecting latent DoiJ!, pn" admoniihed not to tamper with ih,,VVJ!. V Uob, or conceal the disorder, tUI, tlH ; otliershaviug the remain of an old,. " oiler lmpunues of the blood, ttLiJ complaints of a delicate BMu7e ii " sex. should remember potteritr. ,m' .!? tt their consciences, by uiakirar .i' )r. H. at his old and liihment, No. 64 Water - .tre:, i, hwL . ni,i..i;r. i. ,k. vr nouies Weil cVdTplevtdK ie claim your lenou atteationr: "rr luperficial cure is no cure at all ; unless th? h tinestii radically done, you will certainly h ir.e nuoruer orean oiu again with redoubled m, lunity, at tome future period j perhap. then .Si tou late for renieiry. Don't you ohis im..t ;J Uie streets miserable, mutilated heir. even a bit of uote oa their face I Take waT. beseech. vou. practice for years past, exclusively ... n,.. . diteaset of tT.e blood tyttam. U.ey may lafelvcMl culate on Uie most decided advaubgri ii, Ma. lulling Dr. H. " ii lects eradicated in two or Hire vreeki Stricturet removed wiUiouf bousiei t s.v mk! initrumeat ; and all debilitiet i likewise til am uit crauuii, uavuini's oi.y A plurality of oflicet aro prorided, and so tits ated that patients are not expoied toeaehnil.r'. observaliou. Open till half past 9 in Uie tvening. All per tons concerned are invited to be free is culling, and speaking with Dr. II. which it irt. or coit. And here Uie Doctor cannot avoid tht expiession of gratitude for innumerable rerm. mendatioos, and for the decided prei'eresce(it , presuineu wiinjusi cause i long given tuui byt mdicious puhlic. N. B. All letters malt be poit paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Iv WUlHUi (iUALKt.RY AOH lMtUU. Bill. EVANS' luperioi tneUiod of curing a certain Diieate, iiiiowuniver - sally acknowledged io tbi city ; tut mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe, ei - peaiuous, anu on chare. reasonable. In every it stance be warrants a can. and will return the pay if he uoea noi perioral agreeaoie lucuueracc IWre are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring wider various chronic diseases, . .iiv .i I - . ... uininr. wuscrvw. tucti as cancers, oiu inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the aveUira, bladder and ludnies, old complicated complaint! of a certain nature, bilious aad other obitrao tion, rheumatism, ic. which they consider iaca rahle, they can cenainiy do cared tin generajl by applyior at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Rt, 9, Peck - sTip, having practised in exteW, hospitals in Europe 12 years, Bnder some of tU first Surgeons aod Physicians in the world, ass! made those obstinate diseases bis constant ttudv for 30 years. ' Oct 11 KP The tubtcriber havim recently rttumtJ from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEU, he takei thit method of informing hit friend and the public, that U those who are to unfortunate at to be In want of leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at no. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan rz WH, rUKVltj. fT WHEATON k DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turers, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite 8L Paul Church oiler for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold h hroflte, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settees, Loungeet, Music Stools, kc. Orders from any part of the continent execated with neatne.l and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. nh 9 JVEJF DttESSIAfG ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street,)"" "V . turned from l:alv.l.uthehonourtoiafona. the gentlemen, that he cat and Urestei asirm the latest style, and in a mainer so as to adopt it lo the phiriognoniy. He bas for sal a quanti ty of KAZUK3 of the erst quality, h ri not please on trial, the purchasers aie at hbe"1 to return tnero, and receive toe money. " likewise procured a very fine bone, aao eepS to restore razort to a very keen edge and soouw Ihty not cut he will receive no recoBipenc' - r" Those gentlemen who may please to booot Oiai witb Uieir patronage, may aeiena ou u. particular ana resperiiiu auenunuee. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bytheqoar - ter will have their mott, 4c kept eiciutrvay for tbemtelvet. - . P. S. A good journey man wanted. APPJJ as above. "b 6 " tX)R SALE, M . THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Fl - too - street, near Broadway, cootistmtoi bb ex'eoiive and choice collectioB of birtory, travels, voyages, biography, romances, Doven, tale, pie.ys, reviews, magazines, ftc. Catalogues may baexamiued at tbe library, which is open for subscribers, as usual. mh4tf NEW - YORK: - miXTED AND PUBL1SHID XlLiSAEl. BURJfHAM k CO. No. 42 Pif.K - STB.Err. ur. li't. character for skill and stubborn ints. griiy being universally known in city, Z . 1804, guarantee to patients Uiat delicacy ind ! crecv hitherto unknown, and bavin rn - .;...i 7" - f A All X..BjajsB WaJmdM I

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