The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 24, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1818
Page 3
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I jftSl!2lSip BUN. G - ""' I CSlfc.WSM.StOOktli.t.., rcn came w w torn, T - rvear oia,m twi . r. siaia tisi?r its irLvira tmlt in tb most fuoiwuuiu - tWXFLi rintme - For term, apply WI1obu" - GRrNNELU 96 Fin - tt . .1 - rr nln Snerm. Candles fCCO and FLOUK.0 hhd.. prune ' l.rt!JSSiS landing thi. day r ,uY - 7i7k am! schr. I.ingan, and lor ft. p White 0 - k.nd .ch fc J01fNaT0N. eby id 24 r " 4 H 4 bita Broadcloth, . ldo do Kerymercs, For ale very low, by , M'CRACKAN, P.2 1 - 2 Pearl - itreet. P WM F & SAML MOTT, No. 16 Pearl street, offer lor isle tht followiog America cotton and woollen goods : 5 eases Bmn Shirting 4 do bleachd do 5 do 3 - 4 Check i 7 do 4 - 4 do . 4 do Cotton Balls do Sewing Thread . 2 do Knitting Yarn j 2 do Saltinett 50 cases riaia ; 5 do Blue Stripe ; 5 do Bed Tick 1 do Denirai; I do Milinet 40 do Twist and Filling, assorted from No. 10 balei Candlt wick. . 5 to 12 4th mo. 24 2w TtlJ VI 20 hhds. Orst prooinew num. lorinie V), MvaaUil nuuniiti, p4 75 Wall - street riARGO OF SHIP CRUTTENDEN. l 01 boxes best refined Saltpetre 35 boxe but Bengal Indigo 36i bagi roarie ground Becrboom Sugar 369 bags Ginger ; 325 do Bice 3 bales picked Senna 12 do beit temped Gum Copal 455 bags Tumeric 20 bales Cotton, first qualify. 37 quarter ami half cask Sherry Wine, old and of very superior quality. A few casks of Castor Oil 40 bales large size coat skins 3600 bullock hint put up for London market 12 cases Choppa Romuls 11 bales Penascor A do Seersuckers 6 do white Gurrahs, now landing and for sale by PETER REMSEN ft CO. ap 24 i - iuii'i'in ik ...1 uibuivi.iuu con 1 lj Hi tmmjm BUM " ' . . . . . 1 . . . . - - 0 6 casks neatly aborted table knives and 1 no 00 uo small cuuery ior 4 do do do table knives forks, with small cutlery 1 do do do saws 1 do do do files 1 do do do edge tools 1 do do Britannia Tea Pots A few casks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood screws, commode knobs, and 1 case buttons. For sale very low by JNQ. M'CRACKAN, np J4 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. MOiNtA TO LOAN. SIX Thousand Dollars may be bad on mort - care on real estate io this city. Apply to JOHN G. WARREN SOX. ap U 3t 4d Wall - street. MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT - GAGE. H0M $3000 to $30,000, to loan on bond and mortgage on approved property in the city and county of New - York Apply to A. H. LAWRENCE ft CO. ap 24 3t No. 40 Wall - it. A PRIVATE family of the first respectability. IV. withes to obtain two or three gontlemen as permanent boarders. The situation is airy and tar the City - Hall. For a large front room hindjomelv furnished, eight dollars per week if separate rooms are required, they can have them. A line directed to H. i. with name and where to be found, and left at this office, will be attended to. A genteel respectable young lady, who wishes to reside in a private family, who can pay only a small sum for board, and would make herself useful by assisting with her needle in the family. woaU hear of a situation by directing a line to 1). II. and leaving it at this office,, with name and toe place at which to be called on. ap(4 eod3l rTlHE CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE, be X ioga complete txv'x of Toes for carpen ters and joiners, treating fully on practical ireo mstry, the theory and practice well explained and fully exemplified on eighty - four copperplates, including some observations and calculi - utms on the strength of Umber, by Peter Nichol sou. ' Laws of the Sea, with references to maritime commerce dunn; peace and war, fro as the Ger man of Frederick J. Jacobson, advocate. Al tona, 1815, by Wm. Frick, counsellor at law. Cuvier's theorv of the earth, to which is add. ed the Geology of North America, by professor C. 1 U:..l.. All the recent works of Wm. Cobbett, Esq. A great variety of interesting books for voun; persons. Elegant Maps of the United States, mounted m ruuers jusi received and for sale by ELI AS VALENTINE, - 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine at. ap 24 ROOMS WANTED. 1 A7ANTED to hire, a room ith mtnr t tacbed to it, calculated for a retail gro - v.j, ura private roooioniy. Apply at P24 3t fill Diane street. TUERev. RAMIIKI. flTT fin,!tth,U SH0OL' F0H VOUNG LADIES at 181 Fullon.,lr.l The particular design of this institution is to w ... ,,1 aiivaniages lor prosecuting a wuneof useful study, beyond the common rudi - t be coarse of study is as follows : Amometic and higher branches of Mathematics WfWT9rJ...J A r'Tj iu nsironoiTiy, Metonc, lxic and Composition, Knt ami Modern History, ural and Moral Philosophy, njenUofChyuJMry.aod tyidcnces of Natural and Revealed Religion. im. ,,,eco.nd quarter will commence on Thurs - "Ti May 7th. The school will tl - .n be under nf ? .Mr - tnd Mrfc No,1 nd Ul number Pk1!? 64 limi,ed ,a fortT - a J'e,who design to attend the school will Gad amfest advantage in being present at the rencement of the quarter, that they may en - wPontlieir studies in classes. )Jterms of tuition are fifteen djllars per fcllli'0! ?nr younK ' - i c" d accommo - rw"b board in Mr. Nott's family, to J ,r7er information, - eference may be bad MnJLPf - Roweyn, Rev. Mr. Sprioe. P VlT'P'flt Rev. Mr. M'Clelland, Nlr. Lt,rRen"eler Havens, Mr. Zechariah 'i Mr. David L. Uodge, Henry W. War - ap24 6t TO LET. tSf.. ..'Stable, la Lmnber - .'reet. Ea - '"""treeawjch - stretL aptltf to ' of Rodni IrM !1 1 v I T" TOBACCO. 60 boxes brown it Z!ritoUrf Tobacco, from brig , Southern Dulricl ef Xtw - Yuk. . BE tt remembered, that on the twenty third day of April, in the forty - second year of the independence 01 we vmieu oiaies 01 America. J. r. Hance. of the said district, bath deposited io this office the title of a sheet, the right whereof be claims at author and proprietor, in the words following, to. wit : " A Grand Sonata for two performers on the Piano - Forte, composed and dedicated to 1. U, Cramer. Esq. by J. F. Hance." la conformity to the act of the congress of the United States, entitled " an act for the encou ragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, chart and noons to the authors and proprietor of such copies, during the times therein mentioned ;" And also, an act entitled 11 an act supplementary to an act, entitled an net for the encouragement 01 learning, oy securing the co - Dies of map, chart and books to the authors and proprietor of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, ana extending the benefits thereof to the arts of desigmur, engraving and etching, historical and other prints. JAME9 DILL, Clerk of tbe Southern District of New - York; EDWD. TREKOR,ATss't. Clerk, ap 24 lt A MIDDLE aged woman wishes to obtain a 1m. situation in a respectable family a scam stress the best of recommendations can be giv enApply atno. l7 Churco - ilreet. p 24 3: TO LET, MiiJl And immediate possession given. One oftLe best stands for a Boarding House, io this city, or it may be converted into oiiice's, u more agreeable, and a more public and lilensant situ ation is not to be found. Enquire at the office of the few - nine rost, ep V4 DRAWING APPROACHING ON Tuesday week, commenre's drawing in t hi city, the Grand Road Lottery, and the Tickets on that day will advance to 34 Lfoi lars. 1 prire of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DO,. LA US 140 100 DOLLARS 3 - 200 30 DOLLARS Only 10,000 tickets, which are now offered for Whole tickets $32 1 Quarter $n Halve 10 Likhths Sixteenths 2 dollars. These valuable chance are now rapidly sel ling at ap S4 yy rought AND CUT NAILS, iursale CEURA CUMING, 76 Pearl - street. up zz I OHN AURM. WILLINK at CO. oner tor J sale 1 r a . tnnorinr Hnnivnt fnrtiiro Several casks smalts, particularly desirable lor nieacners ana acr manurs 4 casks hardwire A lew bales casiiuiere and shalloon's, shawl ap 20 SJUGAR. 172 htuls New Orleans sugar, ) landing this day at Pine - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by - GRISWOL'OS I COATES, or RIPLEY, CENTER CO. ap7 CO South - st. Will I E LEAD. AQUA 1 ORT1S, - c 10 tons Dry White Lead t tons White Lead in oil, in 28 and 561b kegs 5 do Superior Red Lead Sheet Lead, 4 and 51b ; yellow Black Paint Paris White and Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. alio ois HAND, 9 case best London Aqua Fortis, ground stonoers I case uu oi vitnoi ; i case spirits oi cans For sale by ATKINSONS FLEMING, ap 20 2w No. IC7 Pearl street. TROY CANDLES. 400 boxes Mould Can dies, just received f roro Converse's lactory, and for sale by REM ENT (c GALE, apSO Iw No. 60 Water ttreet. HOSIERY, FLsi SfJfEL, PINS, tie. T4 ft EN'S and women's cotton stockings ItJL A few bales superfine while flanuel, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table covers, different sizes - Best London pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2,5 mix t pins, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 and lib Mourning pins and short white Whit chapel needles, assorted Brass wire No. 24 and 25 Cart wire No. 27 and 32 Hooks and eyes. Thimbles Alto on hand. English looking glass plates, unsilvereJ For sal by AThJN - OassrL.r.MI. - iU, ap20 3w 167 Pearl - sL r 1ANTON SILKS. 9 case col'd Canton J Crapes, 1 case black do do 3 do col'd Nankin do 2Rtale 1 1 do Sewing, black, cloth and high color 4 do black rfd - l 1 do col'd, fig'd and fringed do 3 do black Sinchew 2 do chang. do 1 do creen and blue do 1 do 6g'd barsneU 1 do black do 2 do cross - barr'd do 3 do col'd and white Coocan I Ha Itlnrk Florentine 1 do col'd Levantine, just received and for sale at b 7 south - street. apt3 CAMBRELESG & PEARSON l W. ROGEKS oi CO. No. - 235 Pearl - sL J. have iust received 8 cask Files 7 cases Mill, Pitt and Cross Cut Saw 6 casks Hand. Panneland Tenon Saws Which they will sell on very reasonable terms by the package. ap io i w 13 AISIN3, TIN PLATE 4c. 65 kegs fresh XI Malaga Kaisins 270 hnies Tin nlaln l - 3d IX 40 do. American Scythes, approved brands 84 bundle sugar loal paper 44 reams blue wrappiog Paper 1 hex Tin foil assorted 49 bbls. ground Camwood 5 bale Liquorice root 4 boxes screw Augurs 200 bag Juniper ber ries, for sale by ROGERS POST, ap 21 6t GERMAN Ll.NKNa. OW landing, a few bale biowu hempen Ticklenburzs. Ditto Osoabures. Browa Rolls and Shirting Linen. ALSO ON HAND, White and brown Platillas Bretagnes, Dowlaa, Creas, List ados 1 Book Checks, Check No. 2 Hessians, Bays, Flaxen Osnabnrgs Superior Dutch Black and Blue Cloths Colored and Black Galloon, assorted in Muta ble numbers. Tapes, Coffee Mill Brown frame, Toilet and Pocket Glasses Looking Glass Plate, assorted sites Wafers, Lead Pencils, Sugar Cane Koive Card - Wire, Holland Deck, and B0 boxes Pategraa Cheese. For sale on reasonable terms by G. it T. MEYER, ap 20 1 w 116 Washington street TEA. CO chest hyson skin tea, late importation, for sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, ap 20 75 WalUtreet. . rig TOM - HAZARD, IloU,isj muter, for LIVERPOOL, to sail positively (weather permitting) on Sunday the 2jth instant can take SO fain cotton on freight, and a few passenger. - ' Apply on board, can siae r ly - .viamei sup, or to BOGERT & KNEEL AND, No. 70 South - tcet. Consignee are informed that the goods remaining on board on Jtfnaday, will necessarily have to go into the public store. ap 18 rpURKS ISLAiND SALT. 2400 bushels JL coarse bright Turks Island Salt, for sale by TUCKER &LAURIE8, ap23 29 South roet. BHOWN SHEETINGS. 100 piece Russia Sheetings, for sale by ap 23 HURD ti 8EWALL. 65 Bouth - sL 130 HATS. Cases gentlemen's beavers, 1st quality 120 100 110 00 SiO 60 30 do do do do do do do do do 2d do do do meu'i do do do, castors do rorams 1st Sd boy wool ladies' hats morocco cap For sale by WHITE, BROTHERS & CO. At their only Hat Ware - house, 7 Liberty - sL . ap 23 1 w K' ENTUCKY TOBACCO. 13 hlids. 7 of which are old and C new, of superior quality landing; from the brig; White - Oak, at feoutu - btreet, near Burlingslip, for sale by ISAAC F. ROK, ap 23 lw 93 MurrayVwharf. 2 CAjnvAsiLha. Cases black crane . 2 do coloured do 1 do all high colour 5 do black fringed handkerchieb 1 do figured sarsnetts - just received aud for sale by F. fc II. SHELDON ti CO. ap23 Iw 140 l'rl - st. 18 IFIA'F. k fiEVARS. hhda nnd 20 rr casks L. P. Madeira wine 150 cases Leovillo ft Rauzun Caret, of Uie vintage of 1812 - 20 do still and sparkling c)impn;ne - 80000 Havana segarf, in whole and half boxes For sale by HENDERSON CAIRNS, ap33 81 Pinc - !t. K.CL - ap235t - 0 tierces primp ftire, forle hy CLARK, MOORE k CO. 41 South - slrvet. &XGLISH IRON H SPIR ES. X vf Tons square and boll iron, assorted sixes 100 cacks spikei, from 4 to 6 inches The former euMled to drawback, for sale bj HENDERSON Sz CAIRNS, ap23 CI Pine street. Corn prim O.N ti COTTON GOODS 15 bale prime Upland Cotton 2 baits India lluflas, now landing from ship Kiting; States, and fir .sale by CRISWOLDS COATES, ap 23 C3 South - street. PO.MKolIC Ai OTHER WAKESj. rfHK subscribers keep constantlyon hand ax VIS Dutch nnd English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fitney Broom Duster, or Counter Brushes and Hearth Brushes, fan common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wiie Sieve Do Hair do Whip of every de cy and common Head no no fin Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Ssh Tool scription Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furuiture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes beine, sewing, wrapping, baking, aud ball 4 wine Fuh LiiH Line Shoe v - iadlers Thread Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Dearborn' Ballan ces, tic Which they will sell holcsale or retail on li - Der.u terms. u.uha, ap23 76 Pearl - stnet, I lYhON fcKIN TEA, tfllb 1 ON RUM, tic. LL 80 chests, Clothier's, fresh Skin l ea, Kin ing and King Luo chops, now landing at Old - slip. 20 hhds. Boston New Rum, Spear' brand, landing at Burling - slip. IN STORE, 10 pipe Domestic 4Ui proof Imitation bran dy, of good quality. 10 hhds St Croix Rum 20 rolls Sheet Lead, good sixes 150 bag Race Ginger - 400 bags Juniper Berries 25 hhds Paris White, for sale by ep 23 lr CORNS. DUBOIS. n IF.CI'IFIED RUM. 20 hhds. just ree'd I I for sale by JAS. D'WOLF, Junr, ap 23 57 Front - street. ' p OH ACCO, LARD, tic 3 hhd North L Carolina Tobacco 70 kegs Southern Lard 13 casks Wheal 4 cask and I hbl Flaxseed, for sale by R.fcC. W. DAVENPORT CO. ap23 HEURY WINE: 30 qr. caiks choice old Sherry V ine, just received, and for sale by BuuninAxv a jurimsi ui, ap 23 57 South - street. I EGHORN HATS. 1 cate, from No. 30 to l4 50, for sale by A. D. DURAND ft BOURDEL, ap 22 30 Pine - street. HOLLAND GIN 11 pipes Holland Gin, received by the ship Henry, for ak - bv p KUl, HAY AKU 61 Utr I ft C. NICHOLS. 132 Pearl - street, have just w . receivcu in aaaiuon io uieir lormer assort - ment 4 caes colored Canton crape 2 do black do. 2 do black sinchew 1 do sarsnets, 2 do bla k silk bdkft 2 do fine India book Muslins 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino shawls, assorted 1 do bandanna hkis. 1 do line Romals t do MaddaiiolUm and steam Loom Shirt - 2 do Madrass Hdkfs. finrs u j . . f i , : m j I i x uo - i irisn Liinea , ion urowo ao 2 do Cotton Platillas 2 do fancy Cravat, assorted 1 do white Jeans, 2 do cotton Cassimere 1 do fine white and buff Quilting 2 bale Rhodes' BombaxetU 1 case Ribbons, assorted 2 case black, white at purple Kid Glove 4 trunk Furoitare Plates, and 4 do superfine Calicoes, which the? offer for saie at a small advance lor case. , ap 30 I4t 11 LEACH'D SH1RTIN G3. - 37 cases bleach - J ed Sliirting 1 do fine Cotton Balls Received and for sale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ap 23 d c 148 Pearl street RENDERED TALLOW ft HIDES. FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, XJL and zuuu Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. mb 1 1 ll COFFEE ft RUM. - 54 hhds. fine green cof - fee. and SO hhds Rum. landing from brie Favorite, and for sale by MILH. KKAIULI, Or GEO. LACY, ap20 4 Fulton - street T TOLLAND GIN 25 pipe of 2d proof! XX Holland bin, or an excellent quality. now landing; at Coffee - House - slip, and for aale bv . W. ft S.CRAIG. ap 32 STEAM - BOAT nun - FLY. ' ' v Cm - m w - . CO" Thi boat will ton maceruming bet wees new York and Newbunrh, on 1'aesdav. the 14th April. Sue will k - kv. NewYork every Twesday, 'i burs - day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Mewuurcb oa Muaduy, Wedoesusy and Friday, at 8 A. M. ap 11 FOR SALE, A Boat 67 feet lonz. 36 fl - ct 6 inches wide, calrula - ted for a horse or strum - boat, draw little water, uui ul the ntsl nmterials by tlw ubsrrilcr, with or without the machinery, which i for horse power, on a most approved plun, The hoat Hill be waranted sound, tight and good ; in fact I hey are new. ALSO, A sloop, now build inir. of the best materials, about 80 tons, calculated lor the Philadelphia or southern trade : awl a sloon. now readv fur InunchiiTi. of al). it 50 tons , a vessel well calculated for burthen, despatch and easy drartof water. Ship - Yards, April ZJd, TS1B. ap23 Iw CHAS. DRQWNNE J - orCtlARLEyJVX, Th resular packet brig TELE GRAPH. J. 3. Monro, maotur; a fine fail sailintr vessel: will positively sail on 1 hurj. day, the 30th init. For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, ca. - t side Rarling - tlip, or to HENRY COWING, ap 23 1 w 191 Front - st. corner Fulton - st, . Far CHARLESTON. uatkel shin TELE GRAPH. J Fanniner. master: is only waiting a fair wind ; can lake a few tona more freight, nnd accommodate 10 mero passengers. Apply on board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to AMSUrt u. i ui!.L,rs, ap 23 183 Front - street tor UREEAOCK, 1 ho ship FANNY, W. W Foreman, matter, is posilirtly intended to sail for Greenoc k on Tuesday the 5th May, weather Dcrniittins For freight or passage, having good accommodation?, apply to captain Foreman, on board, east side t ly - niarKet wtiarl, or to JOHN GRAHAM CO N. B. No freight will be taken in the above liip unless engaged on or beforp Tue'dav the 2(ith iust. ap ZJ ll For Freight or Charter, Tbt fioe brig TRIDENT, capt.Thomp - llron, 212 tout: hasmado but one voyage, sails w ell, and is in good order. Apply ou Loard, at Pine - street wharf, or to JOS. OSBORN, up 23 2H South - st. WAATe.D, 4M For a khort Europr ail voyage, a good jK vessel, ol about 1000 barnU burthen, that is iu readiness to receive a cargo. Apply to N. D. TALCOTT. ap 2.1 For Freight or Charier, The hne sclir. l.iitiAi, J. Male, imaster; burthen 132 tons, and now rendy to receive a cargo Apply to the master on board, nt the east side ofthe Ohl - slip, or to BOOKMAN ti JOHNSTON, up 23 57 Aoutli - street. PASSAGE FOR JAMAICA. A few passengers can be acrouimoda - ted on board the ship PACIFIC, Cap!. ulder. for Falmouth, Jamaica, to sil in the latter part of this week. Application inuv lie made on board, a little ft hove Catharine Market, or to ROBERT LENOX, ap 22 4t PASSAUEfor UjiFRH. The packet ship RUBICON, Hoi - dredee, master, will sail positively on the 25th inst. Three more passenger can be comfortable accommodated,appty on board, at June a wharf, or to POTT ft M'KIN.NE, ap 22 56 Sonth - ntreet. FOR 8ALK, (If applied for this week,) The substantial tlg MARY - ANN, biirlhened 1U7 tons, stows about 1500 bhls.,' is well found, and ready for a voyage, having just been graved. If not sold this week will taken freight. ApJy on board, at pier no. C, North River, or to G. G. & S. IIOWLAND, ap 22 77 Wahingtoo - tL For BARUADOLS ft ST. VI. CENTS. Two passengers can be accommodated ion board the Uriti - h S'hr FRANCIS, capt. Scott, intended to sail on Sunday the 20 1 h iDxt. Apply to captain 5cott on board east side of Peck - slip, or to MILLS, I URDY ft CO. ap22 3t 212 Pearl - st. For HORT - Ai - ritlNCE, Theschr. HONOR ft AMP.Y.Ingoll, master, will sail on the J7th inst For freight of 200 bbls. or passage, apply to J. L. MUN I AUU - VKKT, 96 Wall - street, or E. FISHER, 54 South - street. p21 For WASHINGTON, N. C. The chr. CARPENTER'S SON, llubbell, master; will sail on .Satur day next. For freight or passage, .apply on board, at Peck - slip wharf, or al ;is Peck - slip R. ft C. W. DAVENITJUT ft CO. ap 21 For Freight or Charter, The ship SILEN US, recently repaired, and a fast sailer, will stow 1800 barrels, and is ready to receive a cargo. Ap ply to CAMBHELENG ft PEARSON, ap 20 t7 .Viulb - sireet. For Fieiehl or Charter, Tb fine brig TRIDENT, Thompson master. 212 tons: has made but one voyage, sails well, and is in rood order. Apply on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to ap 20 JOS. OSBORN, IB South - st. For LIVRRFOOL, The superior fast tailing ship BELLE SAVAGE, Henry Russell, master, bur then 326 tons ; will sail with all possible dispatch For freight or passage, apply on board, at wharf, or to ' JOHN W. RUSSELL, ap 18 Iw 98 Pine - st, tor CHARLESTON, Tbe elegant and fast sailing packet schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, master ; will meet with immediate dispatch, haviur half ber freizht ready to go on board for remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations apply on board, east sid Burling slip, or to OAUL A - I, ap 18 08 Pine - st or MOHJLE and BLAKELY, Th fine last ruling scbr SAN DUS KY, 120 tons, capt. Weeks (a regu lar trader) ; having 3 - 4ths of her cargo enraged and on board, will meet with immediate dirpatcb, For th remainder of her freight, or paarage, bavin handsome accommodation, apply on board, east aid Old - slip, or to ri.Ti.K3 41 11 MMWim apl.1 29 Coentir - lip. For LIVERPOOL, (To tail Muitirelg onthtiith wis.) . lie fast sailine brig IIOPB, Arnoiu master j can accommodate several passengers, bavins; handsome accommodations, if applies - km is made immediately, on Doaru rk wharf, or to , ,p 10 . 63 Soatb - ttrert. m m mm. - mm snT' FLOUR and TOBACC0. - SOO Iwrreh F - ii - h - snond Sniierfine Flour, fllaiail' hrasMl) 45 ke Manulactjired Tobacco, U to the pound, of very flue quality, afedtng ffOia cbr. b8'm - " : INStOREV" J SCO barrel Richmond Flour to kegs Manufactured Tobacco (fine) . 75 do. commoo . . 7 hhd. old Virginia Leaf t .' . . . , . 10 do new do ' " '. S8 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, a prime parcel For sale at No. 106 Front - street, by ' TROKE9, DAVIDSON tt CO. ap22 1w O fj F IRIS IMA 'I OHA CCO ft PLOUil. O sf lihdsoLI Virzioir tobaoto ' 55 do new crop do do ' f6 bbls fine dour ' ' " 15 do middling do. Forralebf VASQUEi, M EUR ON ft CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 1 Wathui?ton - st. 7 o .Munujutlurm of liomtitte Liquors. TWMIY. advert ier, who lias some knowledge JL of the business, with a moderate capital. wishes a Partner, already cst.MUhcd, or one mat nas experience, and is perfectly acquainted with the management of Liquors i also, to be well acquainted with doing bu..ines in the city, which might in part he coaxidered equi - taicnt to cupiiai t orauiert:, vim is competent to take an active part in the concern, would be allowed a liberal salary. Address M K. at this office, with reference and necessary particulars. I. 8. Any person wishing to dispose of an rstubluhment of the above description, might una a purchaser. Apply a above, ap 23 3t ORANGE WORKS Gt.V POWDER. rilHE subscriber has constantly for sale, ran JL der from th abovciiamcd manufactory, the qualit) or which meets the decided approba lion of Judge of the article. JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. ap 23 57 Protit - st. IKANCIS M'GOW'AN. o. I!i9 Fly Mar Jl ket. sensible of the very liberal tncoiirnue - ment he has received since his commencement in business, and filling confident that ro cxrrlbint on his part shall he wanting to merit a continuance, informs his friend ami (he public thnt no pains orexpence bus liten avoidi - U to iiIiIhiii i stock of the best li'iuors of every description wnicn can bedrHnueu r.n lor Ibeir purity. Having made arrangements, wl tie nt Charles ton, loracot.tautsniplyol GKKr.N TURTLE in their season, he will be enabled to furniiii soup of an excellent quality. A book will be opened lor suhsr riliers to nn ORDINARY, to be on thu table every rfuy nt a staled hour. Rooms, for private imrlir - s, at a short notic e N. B. boun. hief Steak". Ovsfcrs. Mutton Chops hod Utilities at all times. np UST rcieited ami for sle by SAMUEL CAMI'llELL, No. f..l Water - stirel, W ALSH'S AMERICAN REGISTER, voi.cme 1 nnd 2 ' Contmti Introdui tion bv the editor ; elo quence ol the srnalc ; elegant literature s grie - rul review of the literature ol contiinntul Europe; brief notice of continental publications ; fi nance; sketih of scientific labours, by I roletior Cooper ol Philadelphia; conspiracy of Arnold and Clinton ; various interesting debutes in the tenotc nnd house of representatives ; fingiuent on ciianim meraiure : uoinesuc ami lorcin chronicle ; interesting law cases mid decisions ; interesting debates of the iiiiuili parliament; aniientlix to the chronicle, ftc. 4c. Price $i tier volume. LET I ER addressed to Eliss flicks, minister of tbo Society of Friends in the state of New - York, by J Manr.arrow, price It I - Scents. LETTER addressed to Llizabclh Walker, Minister ofthe Society of Friends la the state of New - York, price 12 1 - 2 cents. ap 23 Iw NEW FANCY GOo Da. SIX cases of new and elegant fancy articles, such as Ladies' work buses and dressing cases, very ele gant Writing desks, elegantly gilt nnd plain Gilt and painted card racks, Fan racks Fire and candle screens, painted in a superior manner, with gilt and colored linndlct fiackamnn boards I Maline and morocco work baikrl Gentlemen's shaving apparatus, Pouches iiid dressing cares, complr In Morocco and mahogany portable dcrks K few Russia leather do. very sup' - rh Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks nnd pockets Elegantly gilt border and plain Morocco, rtns - ia and roan pocket books, of various descriptions Spring wallets, of Russia nnd Morocco, with many other ar'icles too numerous to meution. For sale wholesale and retail, by N. , SMITH DAVIES, ap 23 No. 151 Broadway. RlaE OF TICkEI S. NEXTTuenlay we. k the Grand Road Lottery will commence drawing, when Tickets will advance to thirty fourdoliais. SCHEME. I prize of 7o,ooo Dollar 1 of 35,oco Dollars 2 of Dollar , 2 of 5,ooo Dollar 10 of l,ooo Dollar 3q of 600 Dollar 14o of loo Hollars 32oo of 3o Dollar Only 10,000 Ticket Present price nf Tickets and Share Whole Tickets 32 I Quarter f 8 Halve 16 fcighthv 4 Sixteenths '1 wo Dollar. ' For sale bv 330,BrotLiray; Who recently sold the following nrixes, txing more than has been sold by any other office in this city, in the short period of six months, vis No. 15440 f No. 4.647 1 1 ,000 15558 1G3I2 4464 6701 3,000 7,280 1,000 1,000 1,000 7,5 19,062 20.?6J 1,000 I 1,000 17.265. l,ooo And several of 500, 200, 100, ftc. ap?33t ftc. TICKETS ADVANCING I N' EXT Tuesday week the Grand Road Lot tery will commence drawing, and on open ing tbe wheels, tickets will advance to $34. MAMMOTH PRIZES Seventy Thousand Dollars, hiirhest pnie, which is to be awarded 10 the first drawn number oa the 15th day of drawing. Thirtv.FiTH Thnuiand Dollar, next bielmt. i. i, ..i.i in trmmn number oa the I iiM,.nin.;r,r. ... a,. . 1 11 it.. r., .nniK.p on I I en 1 nousana uuuin iu um ui.. "l - ite Thousand Dollar to fie first number 00 the 5th day. . Five 'J'hoasand Dollar to tne um v. "?It - r..nd Dollar, floaling - and my come out on ny day, besides a great many more valuable pnies. wuicu uj " Lottery ft r.X(Jiang?i.fbce, No. 54 Maiden - lane, onlil Tuesday week, the 5th of May, at tbe following low prices. Whole ticket!, Waartrr f J Halve 16 I Eiglnh 4 Sixteenths only two eollur each. Ooly 10,000 Tirken in Oiis lottery, all to be drawn in 20 drawings not two blanks to ai prize, and tbe il!eitp?iK$3J. - C. tb a 1 MA RELIC FOR tUlLDUiO. 'if. TH E preprietors of th souther marble qtik ries, near KiogVBridge, give notice, that ihey have oa band, and are receiving, at lasts ' Kmft - Bnigt Marble and Lime - lir, smn Dead rtrssl, on th Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor t uilding, of th following de scripuans, vis i Ashlar Coping Foundation 8 ton Chimney - Pi ce ' Facinp Column . Watcrtabl Step l'btformi Silh, Lintels Archc Also Lime of th best quality. rT - " A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon t and those deurou of purchasing, or making enragemtnts, will apply to y , . EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At the Yard. rlKMOVAL. Oy N. SMITH DA VIES has removed his chemical perfum manufactory and warehouse, from No. YZ& Broadway, one door north of Li berty - slreet, on the west side of Broadway, mth 27 NOTICE. ftfy The Annual election for Directors of the flank of America, will be held at the Bank, oa Mondav tie 4th day of May next. The poll will open at 10 and close at t o'cloc k. - By order of urn ooara or directors. GEO. NEWBOLD, Caabr. ap 20 . i NOTICE. fr7 - Tbe Annual exhibition of the Columhi an Peilho Lngian Society, will he celebrated in the College Hall, on Friday evening next, the Tlii tost, nt seven o'clock precisely. I mi clergy of the city, and the member of th Philo - Lexian society are respectfully requested to at tend. Honorary member may procure Ticket at the College Hall, on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. N. B. A ticket will admit a gentleman, and is many ladies as may please to accompany him. ap2t 4t (J - M. C. PATERSON, Attorney at law, has removed from No. 48, to No. 43 Pine - street, directly opposite the otlice ofthe Evening - Post. np .2 3t r ROBERT .WAITE, jun. respectfully informs his cuilomors, that the legislature of this state has passed a law aulhoiiiing the drawing of the Milford and Owego Road Lottery in thi city. . ' ap 23 ' TO PRINTERS. 'JIIE suhsciibers have on ban! type of tlie fol - L lowing siies, vil : Pica, Small Pica, Long Pfiner, Nonpareil nnd Pearl, which they offer lor silo on low ttims. Old type metal will be received in payment, and a liberal price allowed for if. N. M. Orders for stereo - type work executed with neatness and ) spatch COLLINS ft HANNAT. np22 121C6t fTs A chanty sermon, for the benefit of tb New - York Female Awn - lance Society, wdl be preached io the new Methodist Church in John - - treet, on tridsy evening neat, at half past 7 o'oliM k. The following pieces will be sung by the choir, vix : Old Hundred Before Jehovah's awful throne Barren Fig Tree Allliough the fi Irs shall oot blossom. J ubilnii Ob ! b joyful in tli Lord, compose by Mr. S. P. Taylor. Lheshunl Uur l - ord is men from th dead. Craubrook Come ye that love the Lord. The object of this society is to assist sick poor women and children. It sole dependence is ups on subscription! and donatioos. Th fund be ing exhausted, and several deserving case of distress still depending upon tlism. It managers once more solicit the patronage of ft benevolent public. .! ma n i . iriA&un, eee'ry. ap 23 f t FIRST WARD. (fc - The Federal Republican Elector of the First Ward are requested to meet on Saturday evening, th 25lh mitsot, at eight o'clock, at Mrs. Gnston's Long Room, late Washington Hotel, No. 42 Broad - street, to receive the report of the committee of nomination. np S3 (rj JOSEPH K.Mtill l , Confectioner, 206 Rroadwnv, is selling off at reduced prices, a variety - of Sweetmeats, in good order. up .'3 it FUKNCH bCHOOL. R. VALUE'S Morning School, for the is I French Lnneuasre, will cnnimenr on the first of May next, ut 60 Chanel - street, where two new ctasscsof gentlemen will he taught front 6 to 9 o'clock. Tbere will be no interruption in the Practisinc evening established in In school, to converse in French once a week, with his family. Mr. V. nut 1 uc Is In private families and acade mie. ROOMS TO LET. One or tw single gentlemen may be accommodated with a pailour and bed room. For further particular, please to apply a - hove. apfl lw WAN'I ED by a single gentleman, a sitting room and bed room, (furnished or unfurnished) in agealeel part of the town, with breakfast. Direct to G. C. at this office. p223t flpt TO LET or FVR SALE. luU That convenient three story brick bouse corner of Broadway and Broome street. ALSO, A two story frame bouse, with six lot of ground, in Broadway, between Blceckcr and Prince street. ALSO, ' The store, with a vault and cellar, corner ol Chamlier and Ci.alhani - streels, Enquire of K ANDr.RBO.v, np21t1stYTay No. 4 Bowling Green. sM.LCT BOARDING BCHOOL. 1 Ml ERE are at present live vacancies in the . Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in Plulipshurgh, Yoekers, West - Chester Lounty. Hi system of education I such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for Colleg or the Counting House within a reasonable time. His school is select, Hie number of Pnpilr limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following br. nches of aseful and polite li terature are taught, vis : Greek. History, Latin, French, fjigliih Grammar, Geography, JI.J.;.a Com posit ion, Writing, Arithmetic, Mathematics, ftc Institutions of the kind ran oiler great - ! advantaRes, whether Oiey regard i - .t.i;Z. in ,rm - rm ijieraturc. in moral and ,i.ui.iivm m r , . liiou princniles, or 10 correct sura nmu - tpD - ly ffeporunem. i .. - . ui, Puiiila r Bccommodnted, is commodious, reti red and pleasantly situated. It distance from yew Yorkisanoui seveniran miiestui wnicn there ii alws a direct and easy commuoica - tio.i. Forfurtlier particaUr applicaUoa asay be made ro l)ini"p Hobart T. 8. CUrkson, Fq. C M'Evera. jq. Wat. tayard.jaa. Esq. A. ScberanerborB, Esq. DtC2m6w Dr. Wilson, Columbia College D. Coklen, Esq. T. A. F.mnset, Esq. ap 23 AYOUNG Lad front the country, aged 14 .years, of stesdjr habits and good calculator wishes a situation in a dry good store. Apply at 86 Soulh - tt ap 17 INTERESTING TRIALS. KIRK ft MERC El N, No.22 Wall - st have just received. Official Documents ofthe Presbytery of Albany, exhibiting tb trial of Revd. J. Chester and Mr. Mark Tocker, together with the whole case of the Rev. Hoopee Gumming. Also, per Fanny from Greenock and llinervn Smyth front London, a very choice as.eetion of nw clacl and rwaot books, in vru ... r - ir and litrratur. Aie, very choice - leclioe of French books JtaJsJard works and elrcaat editiow. ap Z3 9t "ti . - ! - 1 w - 1 ; 1 t l. i ' - !

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