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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, April 24, 1818
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ST - - ... FRIDAY, APRIL 24. ' tJ " n" officc the r' - I'H( Ettning Pott, will be removed to morrow, to the new building in Willkm - et: opposite the Bank Cof. fee - House, ; .The editor f the National Advocate ii requested to inform the public, what authority be dm lor laying, mat in icuenuuu imnw w - i port a ticket for assembly, at the ensuing elec tion. It U well known that thtirjncraIcoUMV i v... ,:.aiu..i ikonlwn inn. and "that no s ticcetsors bar been chosen in their ttead. m r .i r i . n w r,f will jive (heir offrage, we presume, for the men or mta of the best moral character among (nose held up on tone oue of the tickeU published by the diner cut sect iota of the tame party. All we 'atk it tolet o a'ooo. We are, for the present, eatitfted with the leading: tuiasuref pnrtued bv Mr. Monroe. . This, we sitiderstaod, it the language of the federalist!, at individual!, at Washington, and thit it oar. ' Atmointmenti. Vfa from a letter re ceivrd ih morning by the editor of the Columbian, that .the Council, at (heir tilting last Wed nesday, undo the following appointments for tbiacily: Garret Gilbert, register, rice W. T. Slocum, resigned. ' Henry Whcatoo, Elbert Herring, (in the place of Robert San ton,) and John B. Scott, Justices of the justices court. Cadwallader D. Colden, and Joaas Micturn, directors of the Franklin Bank. Jacob Mott, director of the Bank of America. Tboani Kirk, director of the Dicnix Sank. Robert G. Wdsoa, Bandy - Hook branch - pilot lUtllHPl VHWI 1111114 Lawrtu(.ts, V lilt - CUl , - m .. . Saadine, inspectors of turnpike roads, in Rich mood county and a few in other districts. ' The Council then adjourned to meet next day (Thursday) at 11 o'clock A. M. wbn, it is ex. pected. the auctioneer! and other appointments. will be made lor this city. An extra session of the Council, it it said, will be held in June next. . OrdinationOn Thursday the 23d instant, J!be Right Rerd. Bishop Croet held an ordination In M. - otro'i Church, Elizattthtown, and admitted Mr, rraurii H. Cumiugtolheboly order of deacons. On this 6ccaino morning prayer was jertbrmed hy the Revd. J. C. RndJ, and an spjiropriale tertnon was preached by the Rerd. L. P. Bayard. Lalutfrom Kurope. We received London pprt latt evening to the 25th of March, brought by the fast failing tliip Mercury, capt Hi, m 27 dyt from Liv rpwil. Hie Mercury ailad erly in the month of March, butow - inr to xdverse winds was compelled to put hm V t - iri uul tiink her drnurtunr the last time from Liverpool, on the 27th March. On thuSSd Feb. a Russian Kpin.lron, onJrr tbe mmmand of Rear - Admind V'olli r, anchored in the bay of Cadii. It consisted of Are h is of th line of 74 gnus each, aud three 44 - gnn filtrates in a complete state of armament. Their destination is Bouth - America. On the 23d of March, there wu a meeting in London of the chumpioni of l'arliumentury re - Arm. ' A ludicrous account of their proceed ing from the Courier, will be found among our extract! thia evening. The King of Spain has declared the porta of Alicant, Cadix, St. Andero, and Corunna free porta. ALiverpooUetter of the 2ith March, says the lt weeks' average of Wheat is 84 6. Flour 54 to 56a. ; Upland Cotton 19 1 - 2 to 21 , l ad. ' 3000 barrels American Flour were told at Li ei pool on the S4.h March at 55 shillings A letter from Capt Graham, of the ship Hi bernia, states that lie was discharging on the 9th March, extent of damage to the cargo not . tli en ascertained. . American Stocks at London, March 12. New Sites 104 Mi Sevens 110 1 - 2 a 111. Bank Shares, Fine Wheat was sold in the London Corn market on the 23d March at the prices of the proceeding week, but ordinary was dull. Liverpool, March 15. THE SHIP Ml IS tit v A. Extract of a letter trni Capt. William Sketch' ley, of the ship Minerva ilaunl from lllnixil, Lech Broom, f 7ih Krbr.iurv, 1813, which presents a uiot dislresune account oi the eflVrtcof a gnlr wnicn uie Tvstut viicuuiiiutcti iuuu auvr sue this port f I left you on the l.lh imt. and on getting down to the Skerries tne mil blew hard Iruiu the 8. W. I oore up that nirht lor the north rhnimcl, and I' r bi - tit following w. pal the Mull ol l nn - lire, tlie ' - ind still prevailing from S. W. I puthed tliei.hiD to the wstiird when an opportunity OnTrC Or Tile HUM iiui - hi iiK - tut.irj rHii.n btitwa georally under bye poles the greater I . i - i ii .: trnrt of the time, till Hie Slut nut. in int. 8. Ion. 'Ji On tilts dxle, at t'iree o'clock in the inorniiif . thru lyin to under two reel's of tli initrn, blowinr ticuii'iHlouftly heavy, tlirvea foaming beyond nil dcfriptian.she was strurk with one too hrd to decHbc, which cit:ried awny my mwin and niixen ma - thy the bosra,'uo evory ininfpoovctneaecK wiih vneoftlie ere, bitlwaikt, rails, stauncheons tore t'.ie rovrri'ne hoards up, and at that moment I rtprrted the foremust and bowtpnt to IoUjw. Ih ; skork ou lime spurs was so treat a to .'tail thecutWRler tliiee inches from Uie main Mem, head r.l all c hip. The hinlHl!inr on the nrerk of the tpait utiident lo bile her, 1 got her olTj Deinrs tne wtnn to clear Iter of the wreck, anil to preveul her 6,1m - ; .he was all open in her appr works , in il,i, horri.1 situation the we.s pnoped by Hie f x, .love in iledea.l li - lits, swept the ikk tire and af - , w.,vg Mutton (ihr mate) ami oec of tlie crew o, rlmar.!. I,. re3 iine l,rsBectine,cr moment he would have foaiidered ; the sea m.ikinR c ..,,. urea, h ovpr ..... , ... me ca:,m ,.,.lv, . ,ie h , , letfiTufeet water in her liuM. m.. - water in her hold, mv crew nrnrlv i dimimUied iu innntwr, it was i,n,.i - i rcorniK thceabin win w r..J puitipwe ecurr.l i.,..ra i ,,, p,w,illW. with uhs oi btankeis, bedv and ever. m..vea."J thm0', the e ccawuiliy driviug every tiling in ."M."'i Tnt?.lc,,i,c',i'."''?inallitt1,rv, I Set . .... - - - - i - .ma sia sju to M , lint blew inf. nl,b.ii., yet it tavtMW.ihr , , ir in w. oi me iorraii lu ram hr - i..; ..e i.n;; mis I Hinlert a - oil as I . .wild trt ,.IV men (aH worn e - w) to lwn.1 it for a twail and ilh thj ail arn - d in this harbnir, where we Jlavc met wiln the most hind and frien.lls i.. an. e to mot ntrjoniiiiarvdceree inen ol all de - crij.lKM. x wiO, end, 0,er ajjj d most f rauutoutly. r - :l. paned unin liie hip. i h. b.V - na uc on the il.l.wlien we surrrnlej in rreeio?l.e hm,n - rta warticle of canvas left . s - evyt t'ie .;re - ton atirl.el i. . .. - I tit 'of another Ittur from CJ. $UMtj, iTs , Monk & .. " How Is h'poetibU for sne to tell you, to ertdi - tion lo my former 4ittresed account, mat Die snip it barm down to tbe water's edge r xss '" 7 e'dotk, (Wednesday) whilst in any Il - mh, having been eoouuefl inert irons snv wmm rry of fire was beard from ibe ship ; crippled and ill as 1 was, 1 immedietrly rot on board, apd found the tore part betwixt tbe deck ess fire, and eo far advanced that it was impossible to get it under, though there was every assistance reudered i from the shore. We used ever? effort lo save her till the deefct were Darning , - - . .... , nan oftlie carco wi from tbe after hatchway, and this pasWof the ship I did not leave tiU the names louoweu we up mt companion ; I bad previously scuttled her afl - We cut the cable, and let her drift on thore in shut - low wticr. The tide risinp, the took the gronnd, then on fire fore aud aft, the foremast falling ioon alter. She continued burning till the water reached the fire : the after part of the ship under .ha rarra totally destroyed, wltli the ei - reniioa of about SO bales, ami these were thrown overboard and drifted on thore. The bottom of the thip it full of hardware in bulk, the packages destioyed. ' You are aware of mv havine lost all that ap pertained to tl cook - house ; 1 procured here a larpepol for the use of the crew, and theonly means ol usmr It was uv tmkins a 0 - ep iiiatiorin, at least 3 ft. from the deck, of laree stones and sand, which I considered perfectly tale, ana at rnucii to at if I had my proper caboose ; but, by some fatality, it must have penetrated tin ouch this to the deck, and finally through to between aecas, Delore II was discovered. My bodily sintering, prevented me from being there at all limes, but I was pre cise and particular in my ilireclions to my second officer, and a very careful mail employed from the shore lo assist him, a will as the crew, in their taking care of the ship ; also to the cut - lom - lioiie ollicer, who was put on board at my solicitation, for the preservation of the cargo, and lo prevent emlM'tr.lemeiit. More could not be dune : all this is too much for me, it has nl - most annihilated me. I have at much prenence of iniml in intricate situations as any man, but a repetition ol evils will trv the soul ol the strongest. "LO.NDO.N, March 13. 1 it stated, (hat besides Lord Castlrreagh, the Uulat Kiclielieu will also be present at the con, itreit of tovereixni. The Cone rets, it ttetill said will be held ut Uu'seldorff. The Knipercrt of Kutsia and Austria, and the King ol I'rutsia, alter meetins at Vienna, were expected to proceed toeether to Frankfort, where residences were preparing for them. After remaining some time there, lb. y go on to Uusselilorif. It is said, that among other thinirs, there will lie a question l)C' lore the Congress respecting Coureiitiont on the subject of Kuropean Commerce. Other objects are also to he discussed, which were not fully ar ranged ul mo LOngrett oi Vienna. LONDON, March 18. In the house of commons on Monday night, the chancellor of the etcbequer announced tbe im portant measure of buildiug new churches and chapelt through' nt England. trice of bullion. 1 'ortujal gold in com, and foreign gold in bars, were yesterday at 4 Is. New dollar at 5s. 5d. and silver iu ban ttaod - ard at 5i. 4d. Jltlimpt at a$tat$inalion.K shocking cir - cunulaiire occurred on Sunday morning at the spam'h chapel, in Manrhestar - square. A r ranch Maval ollicer entered It with a drawn broad sword, make hit way through tho congregation, who Wero on their knees in tho act of triplication, jumped over the railing before the alter, and made several cult across Hie hands and arms ol Mr. .Matthias, (the officiating Priest.) who retreated bai kwards to the sacristy, still followed hy the assassin. The alarm immediately brought lie ( - ongregntioo te tne prict't assistance, and (he ajMsin (supposed to be insane) was secured nod loil'ed in Mary - le - none watch - house He was on Monday brought to Marlborough - street office charged with the felony. In hit defence, he ptvoner fwhof o namo it appeart it Leon de Cnftaui) declared that he went to the chapel fr the purpose of killing the Inert, and that he was act ual td to this horrible deed in consequence of the Inest having came J him to be turned out of the chapel, and refusing him the sacrament on the grounds of iusanity. He therefore could not receire the sacrament in any other chapel, and he was resolved to kill the clergyman, i he prisoner was remanded. I'tdritrianitm. Barnet who it now 74 year of tea, hat uudertakra a'l unparalleled task, rontidennr hit time of life, to walk 62 miles n day for 21 sucreuire days ; he started yesterday from the 13th mile - stone, at UoailorJ, to the s!one'i - ud, White - chapel. Betting it sis to four against hit accoinpliuun; the umlertatfinir LU.MJUN, .March 20. In Prussia, a report prevails that the King is on the point of inarying (a main gaiuht) a Mins Vnn llradestein, a lady of reat beauty, daUL'liter to the .Minister AleckUiiberg schwe rin, now lodged with her mother at the Koyal palace. Humour says that at an interview which the (kike of Clarence had with Ministers on the subject of hit marriage with Miss Wickbam, they slat, d the objection that there was to the Itnyiil Assent but intimated that to an union with a Koyal Princess of a Foreign Pro tut ant Itoii - e the assent of his Royal High nest the Prince Itegent ui Council would be given.' The Duke of Cbrence contented to Hi is ar. - nngement, ami an oiler of an alliance with a youthful t'i incest of Hesse has been transmitted by a special messenger. Ilolh Houses of Parliament adjourned, yes terdav, to Thuvsdav, the 2d of April. f)t$ lu(ion if f oriamei. The Courier hat the following article ition this iiihject : M As the tileni - e of litis paper respecting the reports of an immediate dissolution ot Parliament may be construed into a confirmation of them, it is necessary to repeat that we believe them to be groundless. Parliament will probably be dissolved at the U' ual tune, the expiration ol six yeais, which will happen in October next Itcports to the contrai y are only rai ,ed by election jobbers. Whv should the present Minis try desire the disiolution of Parliament ' They cannot wi - h a new one to be mure friend Iv to their measures." The hosiers and frame - work knitters of Nottingham, Leicester, and that neighborhood, to the number ot IO.OOj, are now petitioning Par liament, in consequence of the distress they experience. A half yearly dividend of five per cent was jester lay morning declared at the Uatik ol hug land upun Ual i It alocK. Apples are now in such profusion in the markets at Rotterdam, that tl.ey are selling at only s.x guilders, or ten shillings the ton. A whole length lignre of the Duke of Wei - lington, carved in a supei ior st le, will be pla ced at the head of the Waterloo man of war. of o4 guns, now building at I'm unioutli. There are said to be at present iu tins coun try several persons Irom America, who are uin most improper means to promote emigration to the united Males and who have succeeded al ready in sedurin; about 300 people to join in the scheme of commencing a new colony in the back kxIs ol Kentucky. Gut Light. - It is slated, that since the inlro ductio'i of this superior and economical light into manufarlories,lhe prevalent comaiulsol fever, mllamatinn ol the throat, stomach, luugt, Kc, which chiefly existed from October to the end of rebruary, are rrea'.lv reduced. I his result u attributed to the burning of gat instead of wltale ou. LOXDOV, March 21. The Duke of Wellington is said to have ad dressed a note to the Ministers of the Allied Powers upon th Cairns of Pnisi.ia. On Thur.lay afternoon, Wright, the York - i.ire pedestrian, aged 52. completed his arduous task of waiting CM mi!e in ten succes - ''e - aj . tit syaney gardens. Hath, in half an hour within the precribed time. He perfor - mel the feat with such spirit and viKour at ueciuoaiy prove him the first pedestrian of "i u .y t an i u u said he ba ofleaed to Walk oumiiej mi noun, on Monday next i k teller from Frankfort the Main, dated the l?th IL states, that the Count dc las Ctsat was ttill detained there, in cootetjuetire of the state t kit h.ith ' - Th Bank of England advertised in J etaays Gutette. that iDer are now ready to issue to caco of the London Bankers, current silver Coin t tbe amount of 20,001), if applied for before wc 6thday of July next. Tbe precise days are fixed on which tbe Key. al marriarf s In conlemolution Will take rsee AcroruiriC to uie latest arrangements, uiaiot m Princess Llixabelh will be sotemnired on the old of April and that of the Duke of Cambridge on .. . . . . . 1 . - ' . . the I4tn ot toe fame mourn. LONDON, March 23. rtn Ihm mmh nfMirrh. ttm 1,'OoVon. the Drin cipal theatre in Paris, took fire, and in twofijurt Irom ift being discovered, wasiotany oesuuyeu. Tlie L'Odeon wet situated on an isolated emi nence, with tDaeiout avenuet It ains to it, which together with the circumstance! of a light wind and rain, orenrrine at Uie time, V preven ted n more extensive devastation The walls of (he Salle de Spectacles, successfully resisted the immense beat, and the apartments contiguous to the theatre were preserved. Five dead bodies were found in the rains, aod several of Ibe firemen were badly wouoded. A thief with tome valuable articles, being discov ered and pursued bi the guard, threw himself irom Uie upper galleiies into the flames. The principalpart of the wardrobe of the actors which was ol great value, wat rontumed. Numerous subscriptions were making for the ac tors aod for reiiuildina the theatre. It it not un derstood in what way the lire wu communicated. The old theatre L'Odeon, was burnt down the lmti of Alarch IVJV. LONDON. March 1 4. The wretch who attempted the life of the duke of Wellington has been, according to several private letters received from. Paris, arrested Canlillon it said to be bis name. lie had bten in the army, and is stated to have been chosen by the authors of the plot on account of hit daring intrepidity, aod of his attachment to t'tose principles br which Europe has been made the sceno of such butchery and bloodshed. One private letter in a morniuz paiier tart, that "it is an infernal conception ol a very small number of f rench refugees, aided by tome Belgian! who participate in their dangerous principles, and who cannot accustom themselves lo the repo.e which Europe ie enjoyiug." That the Freuth refugees, wbofc elements wore discord and war and pillage, should be inimical to a system which lias put them down, we can easily believe Uut why should nay Belgians make common cause with them They at least had no reason to be satisfied with those events which made them the slaves of France, and exposed them to all the miseries or Bonaparte's tyranny. Another private letter from Paris, lays, " that after the attempt upon the Duke of Wellington, the assasrio succeeded in retraining Brussels, whence he returned to hit mistress in Paris. It it from Ibe revelation! of Ibis woman, who was in Ins confidence, that the Freuch authorities have obtained (it is affirmed) the most circumstantial and positive testimony. Tbe active vi gilance of the police was already directed to the assassin's mistress, on account of Maul met demanding a bed in her apartment the night of his arrival in Tarit. Yesterday the veneraMe champion of parli amentary reform, major Cartwright, bestowed, at it wat announced, iu Palace ynnt, hit la. t le gacy, on the people of England, in a string ol resolution ana ;elilioo, so long, it wat deemed necessary to their being rend that he should occupy no time in speeches. The meeting wat marked by some novelty. The proceedings were broken into short parts, and had more of a dramatic and entertaining effect than on former occasions, when they had been fouud to confound, lire, and disperse the spectators. Great pains had been taken to arrange tho busincrs of the day at previous private meetings, that no desultory ebullitions, no democratic intrusions, should deform the beauty of the major's gift. Lord Cochrane, Mr. Hunt, kc. had not been let into the ortenlout secrets, or if lot iu, had not concur red in them, tor they broke iu upon the order laid down, ami considerably disturbed the harmony upon which the secret committee had Calculated. ' One of the first resolutions consisted in an assertion, that during many years the parliamentary reformers have been the constant objects ol iho calumny and persecutions of those who are interested in corruption ; and by way of totting t good example, the venerable mnjor presently proposed another resolution, calumniating, in the most gross and scandalous manner, lord Vomers, for having written a very able pamphlet aginl reform, which would not hare been noticrd by ihe major, had it not shaken hit caue and ttung him to the heart, to that meek heart of his which it so free from any spirit of detraction. The venerable major accused lord Somen in a formal resolution; and Mr. Hunt ditcorered that his lor,lhip it the descendant of a groat thief, who had been impeached by the commons fur robbing the people of their property, which frreat thij was acquitted by the lords, who thereby opened a door for every tpecict of fraud aud villainy. Mr. Huut did not mean by this that the acquit tals of I lone and Dr. Watfon opened a door for biarphemy and Irea oo. Such inferences he only draws when acquittalt are against hii wishes. There wat something so indecent in the major' resolution, however, thit on the sug'eftion of lord Cochrane, it was withdrawir, the major ix - pressing himself contented if it wat thought h had fixed " a ttigma" on lord Somen. This, irom the complainant against caltimuy! But calumny it a favorite food with the Pahtce - yanl reformers, universally. It is the sauce thai makes all they rat delicious. Hem e each ol Ihe chiefs largely supplied the guests. .Vr. Hunt and tir Francis liurdett calumniated Mr. Cantiiug in tho grmsot manner at the dread champion of the present houjo of commons ; the latter adding a savoury di - h of slander against lord Sidinouth and Mr. Wilbcrforce. And all this wat done to show how justly the Palace - yard reformers complain of the calumuici heaped upon them ! Among Ihe incidents worth noticing, were lord Corhrane's disapproval of printed petitions to the house of commons, iu opposition to Ihe opinion of .he venerable ma)or, Ins lord'htp conceiving that ii h petitious could not be supposed to convey tho Sntancous sentiments of tho petitioners His lordship said, no less than four hundred forced petitions had been tent to him to he present - ed, and he pretended to believe they hd been forged by the enemies of reform. Now, we think Jifferently. We know of several tliat were pre - wnted, professing to rome from places that never hear J of them till they were announced iu Ihe newspaper reports of the. proceedings in parliament. The trial in the hark pa;e of our paper yesterday, gave a curious and most instructive account of the way in which these petitions are got up. A person was paid three shillings ler day, for wandering about and procuring signatures to a petition for reform, as be was told, of which he knew not the contents, nor the persons who signed it. I le got three, shillings a day far hit trouble, that wat all he cared about. We know that a year ago etnitsaiiet were hired in London, to go over the country, proposing petitions far reform in various rouutry towns and villages ; the country newspapers at the time al - lorded evidence of this latt, and we have reason to inspect those emissaries, to shew themselves worthy of their hire, fabricated petitions and sent them op to London, as tbe petitions of towns and vdbvges, which never had hea - d a word upon the subject. This b the way in which those petitions were surged, and not, nt the noble lord ays, by the enemies of reform. Aod is there any difficulty in guessing at the parties who promote this infamous practice .' Have we forgot the Middlesex election of 1801, when wretches were hired by the hundred to perjure themselves, u ! lid so perjure themselves by voting for sir Fran cis Bordett, they receiving a stipulated hire for uiKllM'sf IhV'rrufie. tWa IDIOT of 1... .,ie I daily, tome twice t - dar ; tbe facuar.ctetordintii reports of the trialaef some 01 those miscreants for those penuries, t Thomas Price, Matthew Creese, fce.J published by Hatcbard. And would it be wonderful ifthe same parlies now resorted to similar meant to procure petitions' for reform ? Mr. Hunt called on sir Francis Burdett and lord Cochrane, tbe representative! of Westmin - ter. ta declare their opinions upon universal luflrage. They answered, "not upon compul sion." jUke I - alt tall, they wouiu notoecom - nolleiL and tbe servile mob applauded their re serve, though this parly are bow exhorting the electors all over the kingdom to propose teste to candidates at the next general election. Being called upon to declare bit principles of reform. tir Francis uurtlett repueu Dy vague geaer.u. - ties, boasting of his humanity and zeal for the liberties of his country. Mr. Hunt had tome enemies present. Oneoflhem exclaimed, he (Mr. ilnnt) bad no right to tpeak at he was not a Westminster bouseliolder. Yet this did not pre. vent auolher from soliciting a speech from Mr. Wooler, avpwing, at the time, be wat no West - minster householder, just as a theatrical singer is called upon for a song at a public dinner. Mr. Wooler obeyed the call. A Mr. Cbas. Pitt at - tempt d to tpeak, but not being known, the mob would not hear bim, lest be should derange that which bad b.en settled at the previout .private meeting. And all this was done for the cause of freedom, to enable the meeting to judge of the question after - due deliberation ! To secure unanimity, tbey would hear only one side. ' The major reminded every one of their shores in the government, which each in his mind converted into money, idleness and dissipation. Lord Cochrane affirmed that fear wat the ttrong - est motive which operatod in the house of commons, and advised public meelingt to intimidate it. He was in a grave mood, and complained of the levity or the old major, who attempted lo oe wit'yonlord Somen. Tbe major kissed the rod. admiltine that hit wit was unseasonable. .Vr. Hunt, alluding to Hampden, advised the refusal to pay taxes, taying, thai brave patriot took op the sword and overtaned the tyranny which sought to rob him. , At thit the mob ex - Dressed disapprobation, recollecting Mr. Hunt's advice to re.ort to phyiical force at Spa - fields. Mr. Hunt complained that neither Sir rrauri; Burdett nor lord Cochrane closely attended their duty as representatives of Westminster, saying, Mr. Canning was tcourgiog the reformers so severely, turning them into such ridicule and contempt, they were losing ground. Tho two representatives, with an aristocratic hauteur, dis dained to be catechised, and replied only by a - busing Ihe house of commons ; which, by permitting the many libels upon it, appears to us lo endanger the whole interesli and welfare of the state it is appointed to protect. - rAK.13, Alarcn Sf. The Seine has riren considerably, and hat over flowed the low ground on itt banks. Numerous accidents were caused on Saturdny at Paris, by a tremendous hurricane. Several persons passing wero blown down opon the quays, nnd even hones were stopped in their courto a hackney coachman was killed on hit box, in the Kne de Bac, hy ti e mil oi a cnunney ; tilrt and tlatis fell in showers. The If ad on the roof of the Bank of France, the roof of the Palais Bourbon, nod those of several public edifices, were very considerably damnged. Several cabriolets, stationed near the Pont Lout XVI. were blown over. Tho accounts from Munich tlate, (hat subterranean detonations had been heard there, similar to those which, nt Mexico, preceded shocks ol earthquakes. In consequence of these detonations, horsei were found in their stables covered with tweat. It It added, that trenches had been dug in order to endeavour to discover the cause aud origin or these subterranean ini'es. PARIS, March 16. The late tempest has caused great ravages in the department of Cotes - du - Nord; upwards of 150.000 apples trees were blon down or torn up by the roots, and nearly all the dwelling houses in the open country were greatly damaged. A letter from gentleman on board Uie coo grass, dated Rio Janerio, 7th Feb. mentions they arrived nt that place on the 39th of January, and were to depart on the 8th of Feb. for the river La Data, whtcb is at bar south as the frigate is contemplated to proceed. The letter adds that we may look for the return of the frigate in June. BOSTON, jlpril 22. By the Canton, from Canton, arrived last evening, which stopped at St. Helena, I eb. 2j, we learn that Bonaparte en joyed good health - heard nothing of his having been alHicted with the liver complaint. MAItltlKD, On Wednesday evening last, hy the Rev. Gardiner Spring, Mr. Charles De Forest, mer chant, to Miss Catharine Burlock, daughter of! Mr. 1 homas llurlock DIED, Suddenly, yesterday morning, in Ihe 67th year of bis age, Lewis Gibson, an old and respectable citizen. Hit mends and acquaintances are hereby invited to attend hit funeral thit afternoon at 4 o'clock, from hit late residence at Cor - lear's - llook. At New London, Sunday night last, James l - eivis, esq. a respectable inhabitant of that city. .it - KA7.W - POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Rubicon, Holdredge, Havre Pott & M'Kinue Sloop Aurora, Hull, Providence Canton Crape, Lee, Dightnn Jane, Taylor, New - Brunswick Mechanic, .Smith, Richmond Hi othors, Framb' Ts, Do Traveller, Beaston, Do Mary, Bunce, Hartford Regulator, Howes, Newbern .nam En mis mtKSOuj. Schr. Royal Oak, Smith, 4 day! from Eden - ton, svii.i slaves and hams to W. it J. Ray, II. P. Havens, and J.J. Lahouisse. Sch Lucretia, Catnbcll, 14 davs from Car - tine, wilh lumber, to J. F. Delapiainc. fcchr Evening Post, Tilyou, 50 day! from Princes - Island, with ivory, gum nnd gold dust, to F. CeLhard. Left ut Cape Mount, the brig Belvi - dere, dwati, of Boston. A Spanish Guineaman had beta on the Coait and plundered the ship Dinoa, Dawson, of Liverpool j the was afterwards luken by the t'onp of war Cherub. Had seen no American vessels while on the coast except the Belvidere, the crew of which vessel were well, except one teaman who died at Go - ree. 20th inst. in lit 40. 40. Ion 63. saw a ihio standing to the northward and eastward, appa rently wim ner mainmast gone. 21st inst, lat 40, 39, Ion "0, xike sloop Venus from Savannah, bouod to N York. Sloop Rising Sun, bates, 9 dart from Savan - nh, with bve oak. to J & C iioltnn. fin Fri. day last, spoke brig Edward and Mary, Irom T. manu ior yv a - bmgton f t;. ,eft schr Elix A Nancy Soulc, for N York next day. Five passen ger!. ItlRll'F.O IAST EVEyiJiXJ, . Ship Mcrctirv. Kne. 27 Havi fmn, l drr goods, ia - . to J. Crabaw at Co. Toby k North, J. Thomson tt Son, kid.all hi Wiltnon, Henderson LCainies, T. Wright, G. Binrtey. Lawrence, Ra - IT e.. morewooo, marsh Brooks, A. BmickerholTAi Co. G. Wragg, W. Wcvman it. r"01'. R - H. Sager, A. S. Willctls, C. ft J. l. Molfe, C. Gascoirne P.Gunman.W.W Hever, Lernbert Brothers, T. Wrigley, Fish U Grinnrll, J. Bow - en, D Cmwihcr, S. Corp, J. L Bowne.H. f W. Delafield, P. Remscu t Co. S. ii J. Hudson, lUttrick. Lee &Co. J. Wi, - l,!lm ll;n I, rvi,. A. S. porool. I. Wright Son, J. It N. Haighi, J - Adams, R. Leggett, Cornell at Nostrand.T. t I. - - bnwiniLc ab vF. 11. saies, J. T laCK. 9. W. Shimd k Co. L. StnntUic, U. CoggiU, W. W. k J. r r - v..i r. rkanee. F - T. Marsh. Atwster, Cook kCo'.T.'k X Dwjght, W. W. UooUeyfc Co. Fellows fc - Young, fc.jKotbinSi , w - r7"'" MVver, Rogers, H mwron t P - WerttBon, E Canoisg, hi Rogers U Son, D Dunham, it Gill t Co.Laverty, Shelters tl Co. W. Gavins, J. ti 8. Harrison, J. Oixon, Uuryee u mum, s s. r nJ.n i R Keveridre. Sailed Marco 5C,' in co. with ship James Monroe, for N. York. Off Nentucket Shoals, tpoke brig John Lgdon, 31 dayt from Surrinam for rorttmoutn, is. t a i UnM. ...mmI nun islands of ice. Ibe Mernvw u obliged to nut back to Liverpool twice once with lost of topmasts aod one man - i - a fn, ih Knnka il.e M. has had a suc cession of westerly gales, in one of which k I her stern boats sod bad her dead lights stove in. bip Ann Maria, Waile, ar. at Liverpool xm oiarei., . the Othello on the Uthboth from this port. Ships Venus, and William, both for New York, sailed from London 6th March. Left at Liverpool, ready for sea, ships Magnet, Atlantic, Lady Gallatin, Columbia and Canton, all for N.York ; Reliecea - Sims, Adrians, Jane, and Halcyon, lor rniiaiiri - nu. r.ivsrnud I'arlcet. Milo. and In ie Sal ly, for Boston. Ship Ann. Crocker, for N.York, Mat in sail abool lit Annl. Consifmees by sliip Comet, Center, from Havre, 400,000 dollars to the V 9. bank, plainer and dry roods, to T. Phclit k Co. Ripley, Center i: Co. k k Tripletl, P. D. Turcot!, 8. Fales.T. Wiggleworth of Philadelphia, H. Cowing, S. Sansford, Curcier, jnnisi u nirvrmii it. u w nt - r . wiwiia e jntstt - rt a ts Kavesies U Co. Uaillard, verme a u. i.aiorgue, Lay fcThouroo, F..; A.BruueU, r.Uetsonileot Co. I. a. Uurand, S. V. Boul nl, B. Desobrv, L. Larue, Sipourney . Haydrn i Co Cairnes lit Rhodet, D. L. Dodge, A.Tappau ai Co. B. Hide, J. Whet - ten. V. ii H Sheldon Si Co. Dc Rliam Ik De Les sen, X. Colombel, Le Roy, Bayard fc t. L. t.ou - dain. I.. Suites. Varct t Son. Sulflett. A LeLievc, D. G.Gillies.Cheriott, Wilkes ii. Co. P. Predncuiix, I . Itullier M.C0. J. u. Mane, 9. Bailiv, nicnarus, Taylor It Welder, T. C. Cope tt Son, V. V. Riviere. J. it S. Haight, H IkS. Delongueinnre, J. Bou - . J l. C. ,71... f I,.. 1 II ennua, si. Jinse, 01. vicivr, u. uimnuiu, v. Belaiee, C'onnt D'Espienvillr, J.'Eoslburn, Mills tt Napier, J. J. Bovie, J. W. Patterson, Dr. Hosack, A. T. Goodrich. H.fc Barclay. Haviland, Bodee ii Cozrmere. l'ussengers, capt. A. Mackeniie, G. Jones, A. Bourguiny, E. Delpnt. J. Gravillon, L. Clmroit, M. Mulleu.S Blave, M.Uoutier, wife It 3 children, M. Cormier, wife tt son, A. Bourie, k Madam Drsrourt. The Comet was on soundings last'l'hursday GOmilci from dandy Hook, the If.lh day out from Havre. The wind being ahead, she bore away and put into New London, lost Saturday, nnd waslust evening nt Sands' Point, in Long Island sound. SHIPPING LIST, March 1Z. Deal, March II Came down the river, the Henrietta, Douglass, for Baltimore. The John - Wiiisloe, from Savannah, is on shore near Cnlshol Castle, and it is feared she will be obliged to discharge to get olf. the Amelia, Aimstroiig,troin IN ew - ur leans ana Watcrford for Liverpool, wat on thoro the 10th inst. near Ihe Rock Perch, but expected to get off next tide. March 13. VmcmI 1 n . I i n it L..v Kmut.Ynrh. thf nlAi.. Stoddard : and Criterion. Averv. For Philadel phia, the Apollo, llicc ; and Electro, Todd. For icw urlraus, the swallow, runups. At the Clyde, March 8, the Venus, Morns, Iew Orleans. At Leilh, March 11, the Iris, Smith, from new York. On" Portland, March 6, the Thomas, Strickland, from Charleston, wilh ranch damage. Al Mogadore, the Sarah & Louisa, Proctor ; and Good Hope, Clarke, both from lew York. 1 . 1 . V 1 e. . 1. 1 1 .1 . : ' ' . . I 1 11 uie irxei, feu. w, uie siu..v..iib, viumgnu, tiutuvia. March 11. Al Dublin, March 11, the Elisabeth, Tinkhnm, New York ; nod V iUon, llore, Wilmiiigtoii. At Gravesend, March '13, the Albert, Swan, Virginia. At Portsmouth, Alarcb 13, tue fancy, s.aing, Baltimore. At Bremen, the America, Bremner, Havana and Falmouth. It is reported, that the Frances, from Savannah to Bremen, was totally lost on the 4th of March, between Portland and the Needles, and only 4 ol ihe crew saved. JWurrh 15. At the Clyde, March 11, the Homer, Bell, Sa vannali. Falmouth, March 13 Ssilcd, tbe Duke of York Packet, with mails of Ihe 4th inst. for America; Fianeis.r'revling Packet, ior do. wilh a mail ol tne - Uli ol r ebruarv. At Gravesend, March 14, the Henry Clay, Thomas, Charleston. At iNewry, March 15, the Emulation, Jenkins, from ISew - iork. ' ' Al Porttmnuth. March 14, the William, Collin from London for New - York. At Ramsgate, March 15, the Betsey, Harvey, Boston ; and barque Uideou, Lollm, Irom bonuon lor new - fork, with loss 01 an nncnor ami cauie Torbay, March 12 Sailed, the Janett - Dimlop, for Greenock, havine rode out the tate enles. At Amsterdam, Alarch 7, the Numa, Skerring - ton, Norfolk. At Marseilles, March 4, the Fliza - Si - Maria, Sa lem. Iu the Texel, March 2, the Hope, Conklin, Bal. The Dublin - Packet, Coles, of N. York, parted from both her cables during a sudden squall at Water ford, and went on shore, but got off without damage. .WircA 17. Deal, March 16th Sailed, Ihe thip Venut, Sco vel. fiora London, for New - York. Dundee, Man h7, sailed, the Psyche, Erskine ; ami Jean, brown, both lor. ew - Tork. - At Portsmouth, March 16, the Favourite, Ken - nard, Charleston, with lost of bulwarks, and much strained. At the Garonne, March 10, the Bergcrc, Charleston. In the Texel, March the Xenophon, Lord, ol New - York, from Charleston, leaky, having been ashore. The Christopher Gore, Johnson, from N. York to Amsterdam, was lost the 51 b of March, off the Tcxcl. The captain nnd 3 men saved. The Criterion, Sherburne, from Baltimore, to Amsterdam, was driven ashore off the Texel, on the bill inst. and was got otftha Dili. The Superb, Freeman, from Rotterdam for N. York, was seen the 10th Ore a perfect wreck, and deserted by the crew. TI.e Thomas, Strickland, from Charleston to London, w hich w as off Portland on the 8th inst. has not since been heard of. Wan 18. At Bristol, March lb, the Ann, Vibbert, Wilmington. At the Clyde, March 12, the Phoebe, New - York ; Haard, Hannah, Philadelphia At Cowes, March 16, the Robert Edwards, Irom London for Charleston ; brie Cannon, Delano, from Hamburg, for New - York; Favourite, kennard, from Charleston ; Tontine, Turly, from Loudou for Philadelphia. Gravesend, Murcb 17, sailed, the Galen, Tracy, for Boiton. March 19. At Cork, March 12, the Swanwick, Graves,' Charleston. At Bremen, March 'J, the Washington, Blakely, Boston. At Leghorn, the Free - Ocean, Philadelphia ; Penguin, llolines, Boston' Al Marseilles, Ihe r.lizabeui, Jacob, Alexandria. Al Trieste, the Adriatic, Boston. The Hunter, Magnet, and James Murdoch, for Philadelphia, have put into Pavillac. Morch S3. Oft Dover, March 21 it, the Radius, Delano, from New York 2d, the Elbe, Patterson, from Charleston for Hamburgh. At Dublin, the John - Dickinson, Bnush, J hi lad. At Falmouth, March S2d, the Princess Elisa beth Packet, from New York. At Gravesend, March 20, the Rockingham, Wil liams, Savannah. Sailed, March ii, the George, .oyes, Irom Lamdoii lor iew lorn. At New - Haven, March SI, the Friendship, Weeks, from Boston to Milford. At Duukirk, March 11, tbe Marguante, Robin, Charleston. At Hontliier, the Phrnix, Bennet, Charleston, Al Marseilles, the Legal - Tender, from New Orleans. At Rochelle, the Zcno, Norfolk. LIVERPOOL, March 24. Ar. Abigail, Brown, N. York ; Draper, Adams, do. ; Sea Gull, M'lu - tosh, Charleston ; Nancy, Harrison, Savannah ; ratcnf, banign, do. ; venut, walker, do. March 18. Ar. Hamilton, Bathgate, Charleston; Shamrock, Savannah; Amelia, Armstrong, New Orleans ; Hercules, Macy, H. York. The Alexander Kuchan, Clements, from New York ar. at Liv. 24th March. The Goodies. M'Cullock. from Charleston, and Union, Blair, from New Orleans, at tbe Clyde. fLr - . , ...... ine cawaru, sriueuuen, irom Baltimore, ior Liverpool, at Cork. The Liv. Trader, from Savannah, for Liver pool, and another Am. ship unknown, fordo, at Studwell Roads llth inst. . The Jane, for Philadelphia, got foul of the New - tune, for Dublin, in the river, and carried aws her mainmast. The Neptune sprung ber tart. matt, and lost ber bowsprit. There is large ship sunk a short distance from the floating light. - Cleared, March 13. William, Hague, N York leant, nt Ihe Clyde. A large In - ig from Amevira, is wrecked near the coast. March J6. The Robert Burns, Coffin, bene, for N.York, at Kdlbegs 3d inst. with lotTof masts, bowsprit and rudder, having thrown part of her cargo overboard. Eight men were washed eveboard three of them regained Ihe ship, nds were drowned. She bad proceeded at for at long! BOSTON, April Sl.Arrived, schr Mary fc Nancy, Houdlette, 18 dayt from Matauzat. . April 17, lat SO 10 Ion 69 1 - 2, boarded schooner James and Mary, 18 days from Turks Island having been dismasted on the 18th, foremost then oa deck ncroM the long boat, hull tight and in good order; saved her sails and riggiug; wat in want of nothing but oil or candles ; supplied hep with the latter. Ship Canton, from Canton, with teas, tilki and nankins. Spoke, March 1C, lat 2 28 S loo 27 W ship Ramdollolday, 50 days from Isle of France for N York. The Canton put into Uie Cape of Good Hope for medical advice and refreshment Feb. 2, and stopped 10 dayt. Ebip William Rutter, of Baltimore, put io distress, having onl 3 men able to walk the deck, the remainder be - ing tick the left for Amsterdam Feb. 1 1 brie Findorff, Catliell, from Calcutta, put in in tress, to tail oil the 15th Feb. The ship Independence, of Boston, wat spoken by an English, brig off Cape of Good Hope, Deo. 25, for Calcutta. Feb. 25, stopped at St. Helona for r.edjl cal advice. The brig Nancy & Man', Bornicoat, bene for Liverpool, sprung aleak, and was run on shore at the mouth of Kennebec River, on Sunday latt. She had got about 10 or is leagues K. of Cape Ann, when she sprung aleak blowing fresh and a heavy sex - the leak increasing fast, was oblitred to thmv overboard part of the cargo to lighten - bore away for the nearest port, and run Iter ashore on a sand beach, where the sits upright and it sale. THEATRE. On Friday evening, April 24, will be preiented. SCHOOL OF REFORM, OR, BOW TO Rl'LE A HUSBAND. Tyke, Mr. Hilton Between the play and enterUinmeut a Broad Sword Hornpipe will be danced by Mrt. Parker. To which will he added, THE FALLS OF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritchard Farmer Entield, Robertson Edward Entield, , Hilton Ellen Entield, Mrt. Barnet In act 1 a Scotch Dance, by Mr. ii Mn. Parker. Performance to commence at n quarter past seven oVIoek. NOTICE. (ry The Anniversary of the Columbian Pti - tho Logian Society, will be celebrated by an Exhibition, poiitivcly this evening, at 7 o'clock, precisely. The Clergy of the City, and the member! of the Philo Lexian Society, are respectfully in - vited to attend. N. B. A ticket will admit a Gentleman and as many Ladies, as may please to accompany bim - The doors will be opened, at a quarter before 1 o'clock, precisely. ap 24 It Tvo more pritcj sold at .1 LLEAS. , This morning Messrs. Aliens hod the pleasure of informing a young gentleman in one of the bunks in this city, that hit ticket had drawn a prize of One Thousand Dollars, to another, also a clerk in a bank, a pria of Five Hundred Dollars. The bank gentlemen, are respectfully informed, that more prizes are in deposit, and will be paid in specie, at Aliens, truly lucky office. ' ap24 from the national Advocate paid for. y At a numerous meeting of citizens, beld at Harmony Hall on Thursday evening, 23d init. convened agreeably to public notice. J as. Smith Esq. was unanimously called to Ihe chair, and James R. fc'tuart, wat appointed Secretary, tbe following preamble and retoluliont were a - dented ; Whereat the virulence of party feelings which have to long distracted and divided toe people of the United States, and, in a particular manner the citizen! of this state, are rapidly losing their baneful and destructive influence 1 and whereas we approve the sentiment! of President Monroe, on thit subject, as expressed in hii various communication!, believine at we do, that the period has arrived when people unawed by i If created dictators should act for themselves nnd select for office turn persons at will truly and faithfully represent their (eelirgt and interests. And whereas certain individuals hare at - lumed to themselves the sole and exclusive right r,f flrxitriialino' who shall represent in the coun cils of the nation thit great commercial empori um, branding with epithets the most opiwoonuua nml .inuiamiiitahle everv indenendent man who dares to act in opposition to their violeot and aoti - rcpubhcan mandates. Resolved, inai tince men wno nave uem hmen bsr a nartv have invariably forwarded ih n.l i.rthme hsr whom thesj were ol acedia office, entirely ditregarding the true interett of the country, we contider that the time hat arrived when party distinctions should be abolished and that the only inquiries concerning a candidate for office should be, is be capable ? is he honest ? it he faithful to tbe'comlitutioa' Resolved, That a committee of two person fmm e. - l. u'grit he annninteJ to select suitable cand idates to represent the city, and county of New - York in the next legislature, and that the committee be requested to select such men as will fairly represent the true interest of their constituent!, without regard, to pony. Resolved, That Ceorge Hodgson, Wdlura Mott, Tobias H. Gale, Thomas R. Mercein, Ph 1 n Baxter, be appointed to nominate m said committee, and that they report immediately to this meeting. The said committee Having nrsireur. . ported the following persons : trtl fforrf Jonss Mapes, uarrei oiucm. Second Ward Abraham Valentine, J Humbort, jun. 'iTiird Ward wm. r. itoe, iicnj. r - fourth Ward Hugh M'Cormick, Gilbert Mount. fifth Ward - John I. Westervelt, mom. Franklin. , . Sixth Ward Daniel E. Tylee, Ricnara s Walker Seventh fTorrf - Wm. L. Mott, James smiui. Eighth rFonf - Edmond Kirby, Nicholas Rootne. . Ninth IFari - Samttel Kipp, Andrew jacs - Tenth Ward - Jaiat Palmer, Daniel Wbv sl,'P - . . . Resolved, That the above named person - appointed the nominating committee, mfnUr ed in the second resolution, and that they requested to meet at 7 o'clock, on Frsoay evening, tne icim msu kik;u".. No. 5 Courtla.idt - street . . Uesotved, That the proceedings of tiu meeting be signed by the chairman and secretary, and published in all the papers of tw cirr. JAMES SMITH, Chairman. . mr nT Cu'sV JAMKa ti. SlUAM.iw.J. ap 24 lt Bristol Window Uiats, irom by 12, just received and for sale by iitreeL UUftU m Btvy aukj oa 1 ap24 1

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