The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 21
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

I Jawbone With 53 Teeth [ Classed by Scientists ' j- Philadelphia. (U.PJ--A 2 0 - i n c h ^jawbone containing 53 t e e t h , ; found in suburban Philadelphia, ·, has been classified by scientists as i belonging to a elepsysaurus a [ crocodile-like creature that flour* isned m North America some 200 ' 000,000 years ago. ' Scientists at the Philadelphia Academy ot Natural Sciences said the fossil was the first jaw found on the continent. The elepsysau- rus was.said to be from 10 to 20 feet long and was at its height when dinosaurs were small and inconsequential. Goldfield --Lt. Viola Huyck of Sparks, Nev., and Lt, Ethel Neumann of .Baltimore, Md., who are stationed at Fort Des Moines, spent Sunday al the W. H. Mantle home. I . . L Allies Push Diplomacy foreign policy The objective is 2-fold--to split o f f . from Germany as much outside support and cooperation as possible, and to pave the way for- invading forces striking from both the north and south. Expected developments include: France -- Broadened'recognition of the authority of the French National Committee o£ Liberation at Algiers which will assure its right to govern liberated areas of France until reasonably normal civil machinery can be set up to give them a voice in government. Ilaly -- Reconsideration of the whole question of keeping King Vittorio Emanuele in power, a step which may result in his get- tins out before the allied armies reach Rome; also expansion of the territory in southern Italy under the jurisdiction of the Italian government. Spain--Close observation of the means which the Franco government employs to make good its announced intention of maintain- HERE'S WHY YOU'LL LIKE Deckers COARSE GROUND RING BOLOGNA · ... Decker's is mildly spiced,' perfectly seasoned, so flavorful and nutritious. The quality meat is coarse ground and delicious tasting. So, when you want- Bologna that you know is good . . . ask for Decker's Coarse Ground Ring Bologna? '* Coq " e Ground Rin 9 Bologna is a Family favorite . . . and can enjoy it today because you SAVE points and money on every pound. ing "strict neutrality." This is what the allies want, instead of a neutrality" favorable to Germany ., Finland--Use of whatever diplomatic measures may be possible in conjunction with Russian military actions, such as the recent bombings o£ Helsinki, to get Finland out of the war. Some authorities believe it still is not too late for the Finns to make peace with Russia and Britain and preserve their territorial integrity but they have little time in which to act. A change in the American policy toward the French committee, headed by General Charles DeGaulle, was foreshadowed, by disclosure in official quarters Wednesday that the subject is under consideration by President Roosevelt and the war department. Some announcement mny be forthcoming A O m the white house relatively soon. The committee's governmental machinery includes a consultative assembly at AJgiers which numbers among its members several leaders of.' the. French .underground. Recognition by London and Washington oJ the committee's right to exercise initial authority over liberated areas in France is expected to facilitate both military collaboration with the French forces outside France and the underground forces inside. Once France IB free it will be up to the people themselves say whether the DeGaulle temporary government becomes the national government. The French situation presents some problems similar to those raised in Italy, since as the armies move forward some sort of control must be provided for the areas to the rear. In Italy this control has been exercised to date by Marshal Bndoglio acting in the name of the king. Considerable opposition to continuing the king in power has developed, however, is now known the United States no longer feels it desirable to insist on his remaining. Many authorities here doubt that the king ever will enter Rome again as vulcr. Dougherty--p a u 1 Conner's of Chicago is visiting in the Will Conncrs home this week. · One fourtH of the U. S. population is still without public library service, according to a recent sur- WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS FRUITS { VEC. , b 7c I9c H( ONIONS __ ***^*"**»» ~«u ji ie uoz. * / V CRANBERRIES £ _ , b 29c RUTABAGAS -- YAMS -- DATES -- FIGS Libby's Whole DAT ATAEC No , - SWEET rUTATQES Pts. Car, Motr's O.'d Fashioned .- -P" CIDER - . . . . . : . . . . '/ 2 -Gol.J 0 ,39C LETTUCE -- CELERY -- PEPPERS -- CARROTS CABBAGE , b 6 c Coin. VnwDAVBi GRAPEFRUIT Large, 80 Sixe. FRESH MEATS Corn Country or Brookfield - BUTTER . . . . . . . , ,, 45c BEEF ROAST 2} C ° 1 BACON JOWLS , b 15c CHEESE ",, J6c Roth's and Morrell's Wisconsin Longhorn E-Z Serve CORNED BEEF ·=B5i SB* HEARTS -- TAILS -- SPARE RIBS' LOAF ............. 12-.,. Con BOLOGNA , b 25c BACON ENDS APPLE SAUCE, No. 2 Can OYSTERS -- NECK BONES -- HOCKS GOLDEN SYRUP -5-lb. Jar NASH COFFEE, 36c Ib.. 29c| RAISINS, Box . . . . 15c CREAM OF WHEAT bx 22c GRAPE-NUTS 15e Boxes POST TOASTIES, POST BRAN FLAKES. 25C lOc Boxes ROLLED OATS 15c Standby. 3-lb. Tube 19c NO. 10 CANS PEACHES PLUMS PEARS PUMPKIN Hiawatha SWEET PICKLES, Jar. . .. 24c RIPE OLIVES, Pint Can. . . . 29C POPCORN, Pound . . . . 15c PURE MISSISSIPPI CANE SYRUP, T /2 Gallon, Ceiling Price $1.H. 99c DRIED PRUNES, 2-lb. Bag 29c| Sun Maid CURRANTS, Box. 22c Lcbby's or Standby FRUIT COCKTAIL '. 2 1 /2 Can BABY FOOD 34c Heine. 3 Cans SALAD DRESSING or SANDWICH SPREAD. 25c Strained or Whole CRANBERRY SAUCE Can 18c FLUF-TEX Pudding Mix, 3--15c Packages. Mother Hubbard PANCAKE g Ib. FLOUR... SNO-SHEEN CAKE FLOUR, Package BUY MORE WAR BONDS SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE ,Ph«*« 434 We Reserve Right t» Limit 301 So. F«d. FARMERS! WE PAY 32c FOR EGGS JAP PRISONERS ARE DOCILE Difference Seen as Allies Make Advance By CHARLES P. AKNOT tlrSu £ ress War Corespondent With V. S. Expeditionary Force, Kwajalcin, Jan. 31. (U.PJ--The first Japanese prisoners of the Marshall islands campaign to reach this flagship came aboard. They were docile .and overly polite. Fourteen mouths ago, the Japanese prisoners I met at'Guadal- canal appeared haughty and arro- fant and convinced--despite reverses iu the Soloiriojis--of Japanese invincibility. Although they still displayed Iheir oriental imperturbability, the Marshall islands prisoners vvere different. Eight prisoners were captured in the first hour of the offensive m the southern portion of the Kwajalein atoll, indicating thai slowly but surely the Japanese propaganda of "death before cap ture" was being exploded. The prisoner bag during the first few hours of the campaign 'was more than half the total captured in the entire 21-day Attu campaign last spring. Of an estimated 2,300 Japanese on Attu only a small number were taken alive. (Admiral Chester W. Nimitz announced Monday that 264 Japanese were taken prisoner in Kwajalein campaign.) the 1 U Plans for Pan-American Conference loiva City--Understanding of relations between the United States and the Latin-American nations, will be promoted at the University of Iowa for the 2nd time with a conference on inter- American affairs. Director Bruce E. Mahan, of tbc extension division, chairman of the committee, said that the affair will occur June 22, 23 and 24 with the co-operation of the office of the co-ordinatoi- of inter-American affairs in Washington, D. C. A similar conference was held by the university last June and the 1944 affair, as in 1943, will be one of a series at major American educational institutions. General aim is acquainting the public with essential facts about the neighbors to the south. Although no definite program yet has been drawn up. the sessions -will feature distinguished speakers, exhibits and motion pictures, and demonstrations of. music and art of the various republics. General topics which will be covered include historical relationships, cultural, literary, and artistic aspects; commerce and geography, and education. Latin- American students now on the Iowa campus will participate and the Pan-American league of Iowa City will assist. With all sessions open to the public without charge, invitation announcements will be sent to such state groups as Iowa Federation of Women's clubs, Parent- Teachers association, American Legion, and Legion Auxiliary. Plan Rehabilitation ' Sites for Servicemen Ottawa. (U.R) -- The Rideau Health and Occupational Center, first of 5 "reconditioning plants 1 ' Tor Canadian servicemen who need specialized occupational and rehabilitation treatment, is expected to be in partial operation by early summer on the banks of the Rideau river, near Ottawa. Other centers will be located at or near Montreal, Toronto, London, Ont., and Vancouver. Toronto and Montreal projects will accommodate about 400 patients and the Ottawa, Vancouver and London centers, about 200. The Ottawa plant will cost $170,000 for 5 of 9 buildings planned. Bids lor construction of the other 4 plants were expecte'd to be asked for within a few weeks. In addition to the 9 buildings which eventually will comprise the Rideau Center, the Canadian Red Cross has offered to erect another structure to house n gymnasium, swimming pool and auditorium. "To these quiet retreats we will send men who find convalescence and readjustment difficult," said Pensions Minister Ian MacKenzie. "They will not necessarily be neuropsychiatric cases, e i t h e r . Through occupational therapy, we will restore these men to a new point of view, relieve them of anxiety and train them in the habit of work. Understanding, not sentimentality, is our psychological approach. Our object is to restore the d i s a b l e d man to functional social usefulness." More Interest in God Shown by Married Man Everett, Mass., (U.R--Married servicemen are more concerned with religion than their bachelor brothers, according to Chaplain William Babb of Everett, veteran of Tarawa. "Men on watch throughout the night often get to discussing religion," he explained. "Sooner or later they get to the point where they wake up the chaplain in the wee small hours of the morning to get themselves straightened out With God." Bong, With 21 'Definite/Is 1st Army Ace Luke Field, A r i z . , ' (U.PJ--Cli- maxing tlie already outstanding record of Luke Field graduates in combat throughout the world Lapl. Hit-hard 1. Bong, who won Ins wings at this AAF Training m f » d , Pilot school in Jan 1 , ir ? s becol "e (he No. 1 ace of the United States army air forces. Captain Bong, whose home is m Poplar, Wis., shot down 21 Jap planes and probably destroyed 6 more, the war department bureau of public relations announced in acclaiming him the foremost of all army aces. With 14(i missions and 3C5 hours' of operational combat flying in the southwest Pacific to his credit, Captain B o n g has participated in aerial battles 'over Milne Bay, Huon Gulf, Bismarck sea, Oro bay, Buna, Wewak Lac ami in 4 missions over Rabanl. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster the Distinguished Flying Cross with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters and the An- Medal with 9 Oak Loaf Clusters. He also wears the presidcn- Tfaursday, Feb. 10, 1914 Vf MASON. CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE tial citation ribbon presented, to his fighter squadron. Capt. Bong, who has returned to the United States on his first leave from combat, plans to return to the southwest Pacific after completing a temporary duty in Washington, D. C. DIAMOND BROS. 30 EAST STATE STREET - ACROSS FROM SEARS, ROEBUCK TWO-POUND JAR Lady Corinne CITRUS Marmalade NO POINTS NEEDED QUART JAR PICKLED Pigs 9 Feet Jlc 0 LB. BOX Crackers, 36c Morton's Table 10-lb Bag Salt....l9c Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 46c JUMBO ROASTED LB. Peanuts . 29c SLICED SWEET CUCUMBER PINT Pickles.. 15c 1 LB. JAR ATWOOD Coffee . . ?lc Quart Bottle Floor Wax Acrowax. 39c COFFEE At Attractive Prices Diamond's Best . 30c Moca Bean '.... 21c Brilliant 21e 3 BOXES MINUTE Gelatine. 33c 3 Bars Toilet Soap *)A«t SWEETHEART 4UC 2 LARGE BOXES Borax . . 2?c 2 BOXES Borax-0.25c DIAMOND'S BEST CAKE BOX Flour ... 19c STRIKALITE 6 BOXES Matches . 21c Diamond's Best Lg Box Oatmeal. 19c Hy-Power Brincl All-Meat Chili Con Carnc 25c NO. 1 CANS Hurray's Cocktail BOX Crackers. 25c 3'^ Lb. Bag Reputation Pancake FLOUR . 19c FLUF-TEX Pudding Mix 29c ·· MARSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit 10 for... 39c New California * - _ CABBAGE, Ib 5C Head % flA*. LETTUCE.. lforI9C California CARROTS, 2 Bunches...; Fancy Creom Style Golden Bantam Corn l*. I9c 10 Points Per Can CONCENTRATED CLEANER BOX Pertex.. 23c 3 LB. BAG NAVY Beans... 25c 2 POINTS PER LB. REPUTATION LB Oleo .... 27c C POINTS Strictly Fresh EGGS doz. 32c White Meat K 0 u. £.,,, Tuna c . . 28c 5 POINTS 3-lb. Can Diamond's Best £m^. SHORTENING. .. . O/C 15 POINTS Bower City, Sweet Variety, Selected Small 10 Points Per Can 12 OZ. CAN LUNCHEON M e a t . . . 37c 5 POINTS 1 Lb. Jar Pe;ich and Cherry Preserves 25c 8 POINTS PLAIN 2 LBS. Noodles . 19c NO POINTS Rider's Tomato 5 CANS Soup . . . 25c 4 POINTS PER CAN FANCY. IN HEAVY SYRUP PEACHES, 4 2 No. 2'/ 2 Cans. . . 4M» 30 POINTS PER CAN Beef Steak Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Hot Sauce, Pickled Peppers, «j%« Bottle 1UC MULBERRY BACON, Ib ...... - ........... 19c FANCY DRY SALAMI, Ib ................ 39c LARD 2 Pound "%f^ Pk 9 .......... 35C LONG HORN CHEESE, Ib ............. 37c DRIED BEEF, Ib. 58c ^··i^^H JONATHAN APPLES 2 Ibs. for . 23c LEMONS, Doiert PARSNIPS, RUTABAGAS or TURNIPS, 5 Ib.... - - _ 25c «··- ZC K - L - I - M - O The Most Modern. Efficient ECONOMICAL, ' SOAPLESS SUDSER, BOX 3 PACKAGES LIPTON'S Soup Mix 25c RYE OR RYE-GRAHAM 5 Lb Bag Flour . . . 22c MIXED LB. Nuts . . . 35c 2 Large Boxes Post BRAN FLAKES ____ SUGAR Pound Pkg. Granulated 33 2 Large Boxes Grapenut^ Flakes . . 27c 4 CANS KITCHEN Klenzer . 2Jc 2 LB. BAG ARCADY Dog Food 19c 4 LB. PACKAGE Farina . . 25c VITAMIN ENRICHED FLOUR tt Diamond's Best $1.98 Reputation $1.85 LARGE CAN PLAIN Ovaltine. 59c 2 Boxes GRAPE-NUTS 4 BAR DEAL FAIRY Soap.... 1 Lb. .Tar Baking Powder Soap . . . . 20c 1 Lb. Jar Baking Powder Calumet . 17c BRER RABBIT Molasses, quart jar 37c GREEN' OR ··"·"· 2 NO. 2 CANS Beans... 25c Baking CHOCOLATE, Bar 2 Tall Cans Extra Fancy Pork and Beans 23c 8 POINTS LOOSE WILES BUTTER Hi-Ho . . QUART JAR Peanut Butter 41c KAY DEE Mineral Blocks $1.75 A Complete Mineral Mixture Compressed into One Block REPUTATION BRAND CHICKEN FEED IN IOO-LB. BAGS Egg- Mash $3.59 Scratch Grains $3.33 NODESS 22c 56's 89c BLOCK SALT, ca. 4ac NO. 4 CRUSHED 100 LBS ROCK SALT ._ _ 77c

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