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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1818
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. rsantieens 1 j00 do bine naskeent entitled to debeatwre ' '6 baki Baftas. Jandicg.'and for iak by J. OSBORN, p SO rj SoBih - itmU ILL J - LJJL - U " - FRIDAY, APRIL 24, NUMBER 4913 12 PINE - STREET. . l , , i . 10IC. , NO. nUhnd'nJLh manufactured - nn akrgs, now lanaioc from sundry ves - 'l.Shrftoo Williamson, 8 hJ,, 1.2,3 g$oY. Miller Co. J J.J3 - . z - .,,. S'intrher. 1 I S3 do 1'. Holt Co. 1 1, 1. 2 doJessellarc &Co, ft j?0 doll. Hughes w - 83 do R. Cotor, 45 dot'. 0. Cremhaw, 21 do R. PnttoB, 87 do J. & T. Labby, 8 8 8 1 Z '8,4 lade's twist 8,4 hall Ib.rolls ! - t f in ihif market, on account of the 2? which Ue qualities are designated. For sale by which inqcoR!(ELlu DU .B013f . 3d Front - etreet. tajS v - , AllOUA - t I, luunvW sum wvuiw 100 togs Tholce mahogany, crotch and myrtle 47 ceroons tobacco, and .n i.t..i. hju nn Mnlnaie. The caiofschirLvcurgus, from the city of c iinminira. fomnle nv , C0fU(LIU3 R. UUFFIK, , UCC.H.SIip. I STORE. jtf and manufact'd Tobacco and Richmond , F lour. : - ap0 5t .rfi LYbUtiAAtt, . ir - 5Th. UNION INSURANCE COM PAST, incorporated by the LeguUilme uf the Mate of JlfW Xtrk, Wlln cuarcer w uunuiiicu uuuimi, for making LIFE INSURANCES and granting ANNUITIES, will commence business on the first day of Afay next, at no. 60 WaU - slrcet Tlie more prominent object embraced by thin company, ( dthough they are prepared to enter on favorable terms indi all contracts in any shape connected with the views of their institution,) are as follows : T Ihe laboring class of Vie community, to Mechanics, lo CUrki in public and private officii, to Clergymen, to Vnfessors in VolUges, to Military men, and all others possessed of fixed incomes, which will terminate with their own lives, they offer a secure means of providing for their families, by setting apart a taiall portion of their annual saving to that purpose. To capitalists, they offer the sale investment and certain improvement of their surplus income to the beutfit of their descendants. . To married men. they offi:r a provision to their teUmes, by an appropriation to that purposo of small annual sum;, during; toe continuance oi ine marriage, and on the same principle they offer to the aifnte tf bankrupt ettaltt, and the purchasers of property, subject to the right ofdoieer, a mode of extinguishing thai, claim, by jiving an equivalent for the surrender of tho rights of the wife. To parents, they present ft mode ef endowing their infant ch'ddreo, affording to them, if they reach a certain age, a much larger sum tompar - ed with the orijml premium, than can be acquired by any mode of accumulation at interest. To tingle pnsons, who may have no heirs, they otTer tho meant - of" irreaily iucrrasiujf their annual income through the purchase of Ufa au - nuiiies. To young peoplf, of active employment, whose eurliuns and earuiug? must diminiih with Uieir iocreanug years, they uffera support for ihode - clias of life, by paynienu of comparatively small amount, while their season of industry shall continue. The Company has provided Tables calculated upon true principles from the met correct data, which at the same time combine the safety of the olfice, and the interest of the customer Of the results of these Tables tome specimens are subjoined, from which the advantage to the holders of Contracts wiih them mav be estimated. A healthy person, of the je of twenty - seven years, by an annual aymeut of Ixro 97 - 100 dollars during hu life, may secure to his heirs the sum of One Hundrut Dvllart, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. JI Husband, aged thirty, svhiwe wife's age is twenty - five, may, by the annual payment of T30 100 Dollars, while both live, secure to hu widow the turn of Vnt Hundred Dollars, Which the company will exchange for an equivalent annuity, if required. Jit the aee of fiflv an annuity lor the remain der of the life may be bought for about ten arid a quarter .veer's purchase, or at the rate of nine end 3 - 4 per cent on the sum invi sied. ' A father may, by tho pay meat of one hundred dollai s at the birth of a child, secure to that child, when it shall reach the age of twenty - one years, the sura of six hundred and fvrty - onedol - iar. from the age of titenlu - one, an annual pay ment of iltren 18 - 100 Dollars till the age of Fifty, will secure to ilia party an annuity of One Hundred Dollars lor the residue of bis or her life If a person holJini! Poiry of Life Insurance tor any period beyond mm year should feel dei rous to relimiuish it, the compun - .v will be ready at all times to treat for a re - t'rtiie. An adequate portion of the Cnpii'atof this Com - pant is set ayart by charter, anduuybe increased, tf occasion require, for the trumott of Life In surance and Annuities, and secured upon real miaummm me state of Anc - loik, f Vie talue of atlca't fifty per cent above the. tunount loaned. The Capital thus set apart and secured, tigelher rilhthe accumulation of premium, can be made uaoie jot no other losses of the Iwtitution than those arising from its Life Policies mi minuilin. Am affm ding lo the Customer the m ost substantial security. t Written i - pplicntions for insurance and annuities staling the name, age and place of birth tad residence of the party will bo received and answers given preparatory to opening policies on v uij anoro nameu. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, apll D&Clm t - IH! SJ.V 4 FIRST rate fast trotting Hot sc, and a fash; - . Miaou - nui iitue used. Alto, a light "eat one horse waggon. Ap - plyto TIIOYIAS II. THOMAS, P W 10 WiUiam .treet. I - MONTVI.T. HjJ For sale or to let, Ihe buauliful place d Mont - AlU, seven miles ft - om the City , - m nmn uiver, ajjonunf lord Cour s. It ctoolains 20 acres of WmJ under im - rement. wilh a large garden in good coodi - variety of fruit tree?, and every court j - " - j ; iruiic. r or leruu, wnico 1ijsonable, fnd if sold a long credit given if .M N - & D - TALCOTT, JL50 ISouth - st. Nnw , LIVERPOOL. COAL. xl ,'a,ulin8 from English hrig Thomas f Ih. tSl Tr' ' .c,rS0 of Liverpool New - Pit Coal cWjJ'1 quality For sale in loUlo oit pr - """J LA1NG & RANDOLPH, 08 Vetey - street, or tDlSfss JNO.VAN BL'SSUM, PW6t . rultcii - itrttt. rnotrccTOs or thk HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The Rev - timoth clowbb, a.m. Principal. - evoiMioo - TTAVING purchased that laree and commo - IjL dinua bulldins in the village of Hemrslead. Hueen Couuty, inteijr occupied by Mr tjeorge HoweLthe subscriber proDueea to open an Aca demy tlierein, on Monday, tbe t7lh instant, foi boaidtnc yuung eeniiemen and UMtructinE tlietn ui any inose oraatoef oi Kient e and lilera1 ture utualiy comprehended in an academical course. That every scholar may be under the constant and immediate tuperintendance of the Princioal. none will be admitted into this academy at tu - aenis nui inote wno are also Doaruers. A very few students from the village, or its ianiediate t trinity, will be the only eiciption to this rule. li. However, tM numuer ol students Moatd tx ceed the means of accommodation in the acade my, board may be procured in private families in the neighbourhood. Should the aulilic patronage he exlended to this institution stiffkiently to warrant the ma - ... - J.i.i: 1 I :n I niiri auumuiiui icw - ucia win tic iiijiuicu. - The year will he divided into two terms of iuiiiou. i ne summer lerin win commence uie last Monday lo April, and will continue twenty tlin - c weeks. Tlie winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. This arrangement will leave a vacation of about three weeks alter each term. The price of boarding, tuition, candles and fuel. both in school and rooms, will be 100 dol lars each turn. But, two or more scholars sent by the tame person, the children of clergymen, or those who are iutendtd for the ministry (ol any denomination) will lie boarded and instructed for $00 each per term. In all cases, a deduction of 5 per cent, will be made for payment in advance, book, wasning, lucnning, unu uu ncresry article ol clothing, win ue luraisu - ed by the subscriber at the most reduced prices, A cot. m.itlrass or bed, and bedding, to be lur - niiliKil hv itnrh student. The patrons of Ibis institution may he assured its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules of the academy must bo strictly coniti ied with, bveverv scholar. (fcj - FOREIUNr.Rrj, desirous of acquiring a gnuiiinatical knowledge of the English language, will he admitted as boarders into theflciupsteud Academv. Private BDartments and separate la bits will bo furnished ou the wont reasonable ttriM, and every facility will be aff. rded tu a speedy aud tnorougn accuaimancc wmi mr iuji guage. For the infcrniatinn of strangers it may lesta led,that Ileropslcxd is a phtasaut village and post tt.un. reniiiikuhle for its healthiness, oiily tweu - ly one miles east of the city ol New - York; that it enjoys the advantage of public worship in the t'resovterian, Episcopal, and Methodist lor.uis ; and that a stage runt from Uie city three Uwes a ween, on one ol lie ueti roaas in America. Parents desirous of placing their children at srno'ii, or lomgorn wuning 10 oe innruci' - " the English language, are reitectlully request to visit the u!m illier, at llrmiinesd. who they will receive fuller iulormalii u respecting the prui'oscu iiismuuon. TIMOTHY CLOWESs. Ilempstend, April J, Itiltl. ' ftr Thesuliscrilier herc v declares hit un - quuljficdapnrohaiionof the establishuienl rropi - sed by the tievd. Mr. Clowes Convinced as lie is of Mr. Clowes' ample qualifications, both ol the head ai.d the heart, for superintending ttu b an Ineiilutiun.uc does not tiesilnte to recowiuemi bim to public coufuleure, and his academy tu public patronage. 6ETHHART, Rector oiet. Ceo. CliPreh, Hempstead. Hempstead, Ud April, IttlO. t7" 1'he ahove"tropectui sneeti with my heady concurrence lIIAKLI. YVCU3TI.H, ' P.ttorcf Ihe Presbyterian Church, Hem(istcnd. A has k'ttered " Hemmtead Acftdeiiiv".will he left at (J. C. Laogdou's Long - Island Sttam - Ooat HUel, lor communications Willi any person at tached to the institution. A Female department is connected with Uie Academy. Young Ladies to be boarded ui the village ap 7 rjawCSawtr G&JfTMLL HVAHDISU. FRANKLIN IIOUE. This new, spacious and splendid fluilding, situated in Bmad - way, the great and fuahionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the. corner of Uev t. will be opened by the subscriber on Ihe 1st of. .May next, tor the l eceplion of uoarder. It is fitted, and furnislictl in a manner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in the city. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the - Park and City - Hall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including tht - Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour i ami It is believed that no House in the country et - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation i and no expense having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will oiler to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the City, the most genteel, pietvint ana retire;! s partments. Ihe choicest ot Wine una Liquor will be furnished, ana no trouble or expense will be make Uie entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent This establishment is intended exclusively fur Centeel Hoarding Mil. HKNUEIISU.N. feh4 DfcCtf ttr TO BK SOLD ikliii At public vendue, on the premises, on MoiHlav. the fourth day of May, (if not previous ly disputed of at private sale) the farm whereon the subscriber now resides siutaie in new - no civile f ontftinutt about sixtv acres of excel lent land raiuarkablv well wooded and water - ed a tolerable good noose and bsrn thereon wiunn nan a mile ol a itietnodisf ana uaptisi Mcetinc, an Episcopal Church, an Academy and Presbyterian Meetiojr net and a half miles from a oahlic landinr. where market boat ply weekly to and from New - York Post Offi - je withiu a mile. It U a desirable si'oation for the eentlemen and farmer. Anv further description is dt - emed unnecessBry, as none will hay without viewing. For norther information enquire of ELIJAH WARD, No. !i5 Bowery, Or the suhscrilier, on the premises i who will give an indisputable title lor the same. THOMAS RICHE, New - Rocbelle, April S3, 1818. ap 22 10i tfra, TO LKT, iJrj A part of the; store. No. 81 Pine - treet. Apply on Uie premises. ap 17 BY order of Jobo Garretsou, Esquire, first judge of the court of common pleat, in ad (or the county of Richmond and state of New - York, notice is hereby firtn to all the creditors of Christian I. Bedell, rf the county and stnte a - foresaid, an insolvent debtor, to apjuar before me st my office, in the town ofSouthoVId, in aid county, ou the thirtieth day of May next, at t o'clock in the aflernnoo of said day. to sliew cause, if any titer bave, why an assignment ef tne sain intoiteora estate should aoi oe maue for the benefit of all his creditors, and be he cbs - cha'ed, according to an act of the Legislature oi tne state oi Mew - York, entitled " so act inr giving relief in cases of insolvency" and Use acts ameiuhng the same. Dated Richmond couoty, the7tlida of April. A.O. CHRISTIAN 1. BEDELL. ap 12 6w 7VT A NKEENS, &c S00O pieces long yellow A gentleman and bit lady, can be accommo dated with boand in a retpectabia private family, wilh or without a parlour, lurnisjied or unfurnished, in Greenwich - street, near Ktctor - strtet, on or a boat the 1st of May enseing. Enquire at this Office. ap 13 I w' e VALUABLE. PROPtMl Y. For tale, the Dover Iron Mamsfactariiig Establishment, ia sue county of Morris, aud stale of New - Jersey ; coitsisling oia rolling and slit - ling Mill, in good repair, which works two pair of rollers and cutters, shears, Ace. all at the same time ; a valuable fbrge with two flies and one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal and ore oo hand, sudicitat le make filly tons of iron ; a good saw mill ; a cat nail factory ia good repair, safficient to employ thirty men, and way be extended to employ one hundrtd more ( a brad cutting machine and a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the svoiks is i store and a number of houses for tbe accommodation of families, and excellent stabling for teams that may be necessary to keep for the use of the establishment ; also, orchards, oasture and meadow kits, imme diately adjoining the works, with timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two thousand live hundred noes, wilhin three miles of said works. The great veiu of iron ore,' commencing at the noted ouckasuiiny mine, runs more than '4 raik s through tins tract, and three mines are uow open, from which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may be opei,ed and ore raised to sui ply works to any extent ; the mines are within two mile's of said workj, anil good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two ajid a nan dollars per ton. The above described works are situated on KoCKawav Kivtr, about eight wilt s Irons Mor rislown, twenty five miles lioin Elisabeth Town, and ahuu the same distance from Newark, wilh gooil turnpike roads leading from said works to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good neiuhhorhhod, there being two I'reihy - teriun Churches within ibur miles, and a friends1 meeting house within two miles ol said place, 'lliis Mtjiid lor collecting bar iron lor the slit ling mid is very commanding, there being nearly one buudred loice hies in tins county ; most ol them are on Uie streams above Dover, and the iron, iu going to New - York iuaikl, cau conveniently pass those works. At this mill lieiuenlly four tons ol bur iron have been slit and bundled into nail nqd spike tods in adoy, end upwards of one hundred inns oi nuns nave ueen nMue in a year. A large amount ol goods may be sold at this place in cxcnangi loruai irui,rri snug sup ulies. &c.fcc. .There are valuxlne scitcs both a - hove below on tins tracl,oo which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable w - ( II known farm, lying in the towushi ol Kaudulph, ubout two wiles from Dover, and six unlet lioin Morristown, aod within oi.e qnuiUj ol a mileol (he Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, oulainmg about three huudred acres, about one fourth part ol v.hihi excellent mtudow, one louith pa t plough and pasture lauii, una uie remainder limber. A tcusiderable part cl tl.e timber is of Uie original giowlli, and it suitable lor sawiug, ihe other part is tliultj young timbtr, from bitt en to twenty yearsgrowlh Thtrn are on said farm upward ol six huiidmtl apple trees, in Hue order, eight to sixteen curs old, the most ol tlitiu cm gralltd fruit, ami more than ball oi Ihtui liarisun hpdIi s, so iuuious lor cider. The meadOH s are Cat and flee How stone, through which runs to lively streams ol wisier, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of Uwse streams is sufficient lor a srist - mul or - oilier works : there are saw mills, a grist milt, a ful ling null and oil mill, oa Uie same stream - Oo said tiros are lw vhluable scitcs for water works, a convenieut cheap place to erect a short dam, aind raise a considerable pond, wilh tweKe or fifteen feet head Below this the water too he taken into a race atid in ks than twenty chains, on good flrnj ground, is more than twenty leet fall. In Oils tray the witter xau tnrwvrtnrd twice over wilh Uie? expense ol only one dam - There is on said tarns an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, bi - used uud vttll hooped wilh iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred bariels of cider. Connected to Ihe ci h - r works is Uie still - bouse, so conveiueiitly situated (hat the whole operation is couiplebd without numbing. The water for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never tailing spring, within six rods of the still bouse, and has sulficieut head to run into the cisterns. - The buildings cotnist of (wo small frame dwellings, one good Irame ham, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part of which is a good cellar : there are also Day Douse, cow sheds, &c., Valuable property at Longwood, in the town ship of Jetler - on, six miles Ironi Duver, oo tne main branch of Rockawny River, consisting ol'a very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer abundance ol water the whole year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen years past has made as much iron as any two fires ui tbe county. The ore is MiUiin lour milts, aod a part ol the rond turopiked. I he several tracts connected with this establishment amount altogether lo about fourteen hundred' at res, the great - tr part timber, to make a durable supply ol coal lortueiorge. iinnieaiaieiy adjoining uie lorge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient lb three faims of one hundred acres each, wiUi house, orchard and barns, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the forge. The whole or any part of this very valuable property will be sold at such pikes and credit as will make it worthy Urn attention of any person wishing to purchase, for - further information elKiuireof JACOB l.Oc EY, at Dover. ISRAEL CAN FIELD, at Morristown. BLACKWELL h M'f ARLAN, at N. York feh 26 D&Ctl BOARD WANTED. TWO young gentlemen, are desirous of procuring permanent board in a genteel private family, where there are no hoaders. or not exci ediug two or three. A line addressed to J. k.. s , I. and lelt at this oUice, will meet with at tention, ap 18 PLASTER OF PARI3 MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River, sTHERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni - V V ces and other pu - poses, may be had, warranted of the first quality, at one dollar and twenty ice tents per bushel. 1'he manufactory is conducted by Mr. John 1 ucaer, wnnnas served a regular apprentice ship to the mason business, mh 21 JOHN BYER3. ROOSEVF.LT - STREE P NOTICE. TVTOTICfc is hereby given to all pervms inter li ested, that the commissioners of estimate and asfenmeut. appointed b the supreme court yf judicature of the slate f New - York, to perform certain d jties relative to the enlarging and improvinr, a part f Roosevelt street, between Batavia Lane and Front - street in the Aid city. have c mpleted thetxlimale and well of (lie lots and damage sustained, over and above the Deneot anil advantage receiv ed. by the owners of tlie land and premises re quired for Ihe said improiemt - ul, as also of Ihe benefit and advantage received of and iiKertain loans and premises not required lor uid im urovement. And Uiatwe the said commission rshave deposited a trmr eopy of such eslimnle and asseMtnent in tl.e clerk's office of the city of New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it mar concern. And notice is hereby further giv trtt that tbe corrected and revised report of Uie said commissioners of estimate and assessment, will be pretexted to the supreme court of judi cature oi tr.e state oi . - sew - lorn, at the city Dan of I'ms city of New York, on Thursday, Uie seventh day of May next, at the openiug of the said court on that day, or at, soon thereafter as couoael can be tcard thereon. Dated this 22d day of April, IS 10. ' ROCEK STROVG.l IOIIN rORBi - 3, Coamirtioacra. hOAU JARV1S, J . . C toletatbluom mo da l siJ The hdnse and erouniti tichmoiu In the estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth avenue. On the pieiniset are an excellent double nnose, siauir, coach and ice house, with every Ihingelse requisite for such an establishment. It is piesumed any other description is unnecessary, M those inclined to rent wilt view Ihe nlate. Also, the large fire proof store in the rearot bouses! t and 13 Pearl - street ; where there is for sale vojiicold Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. r mii iur particulars, aruiy to 1 ivm at QlllW j aim sua Tf, 29 II Prarl - street. or ol Wil'l SOU H.iLK OH TU L.tAat, Lou in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: mant ifls are on resulaled and paved streets. No money win be reuired under leu years, if told, interest excepted. Several two and three story bouses, on which a great part oi me money remain on mortgage 5 bnJm.XU A I 11CU UUUIi. At excellent stand for buniiii M. with Inn arris oi land, pleasantly situated, with a wbarl, store house and barn. COI TON sod WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, mar lw - liaven, viith w acres ol land, and a never fuiling stream, upon which ill skills uiny be erec ieu, wun a suuiciency oi water tor each. Apply at Mo. 2 Greenwich street jan 13 tf , , . .' OH Lk The rroperty at Brooklyn, belonging to Hit estate oi caiy Ludlow, deceased, consist ing of a new Uiree story brick house and lot of ground, a store house, lonneriy occupied as a distillery, a small frame building aud lot ol ground, and two vacant lots nd (Dining Ihe above, oremises. Ibis rronertv is situated within a few rods of the stenni - hoat ferry, on the road to Piernotit's Distillery, and extends from the hill to list river. 'Also to let, from the first of May next, the house and lands on the hill, in the rear of the n liove described premises. - The bouse is well a - r!siiud lor a private Iniuily or for a public house Tbe situatioo, irora its ehvated position, commands a very extensive mid beautiful view oi the city, tbe East River and Bny oi Mew - York. inegrounus surrounung u,e nouse (about ove acres of land) ai in a bigh itato of cultivation. ror terms, nppiy to GEO. W. MORTON, mhSltf No.5'1 William - st. MOUNP VERNON DO I EL. THE subscriber lakes this method to in form the public that be has taken for the en;u ing season that well known stand formerly occu pied by Dyde, about five mile from the Cily flail, on the t;ostnn road, ocd intends lo open il as a public house for tho reception of ccmpany, on the first of May next, when getlemcn and la dies will be accommodated wilh every con fur t aud elegance lo be expected at suih a house, on the most reasonable terini. The bei - t of liquors of every rort will le al ways kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. II. Wanted a good woman cook, .ap 2 Im full bALEUIt J'O LEA6E, On acrnmmodutin ttrm. a number el wmer and building lot?, next' aud adjoining the uuvy - yard,"at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of BAMUMl f.VA.IS, fan 22 If Brooklyn. A 70 LtT. iiSjn 1'he small 3 story brick house No. IT Fearl - strect, suitable for a person currying on a trade in Ihe house, having a light garret and a nuditiuig sited store, t osseision given iiume diately. Enquire of - . laviuariLiiWAUtiUN, mh 31 tf Stone - streel, nenr Hmod - street. To Lei for one or more years. The following houses - house No. 29 - t Uroadway, two (lours above Washington Hall, with a couch house in the ream required Also. a three story brick hou - eNo. 415, iusoid street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, corner of Lispenard and Church - si reels, Ihe terms moderate. For further particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. mhVl.r tf TO LET OH LEASE, From Ihe 1st Mav next, on reasonable leiuis, a large converted! dwelling house, oppo site Love Lane, near tlie two milestone, Bowery, at preseut orcupied by Prnfeftor Adrain; well calculated fur two families, having two kitchens, with H rooms, pauvues and vault, a stable and coach house, a well of good water and two cisterns. It has a very large garden, well stocked with shrubs and fruit trees : ixisscssioa of which can he had on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a gruteel Jslory brick house No. 492 Greenwich - street, wiih or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No. 498 Greenwich - st. orto HALSEY ii GOP MAN, u.h?l tf 34 Old - slip. CULU.Y1UU.V PICTl'KK GALLERY, 146 rcLTO.I STRREr, (Ross1! Buildings, near Broadway.) To connoisseurs and amateurs of tlie Fine Arts, and to Uie enlightened public ol New - York. rMlE proprietor of an extensive collection ol L pictures. Use works of Ihe most eminent p.i inters, having jutt arrived from Europe, where he has purchased them from the cabinets ol Rome, Naples, Florence. Paris, Amsteidam rnd London, at a very considerable expe nee, propo ses to exhibit (hem to the ladies and gentlemen of this city and it vicinity. 'Ih exhibition will begin oo Thursday, 16th of April. It will he far superior to any as yet offered in the U. States, the pictures being undoubtedly originals c insist ing ol upwards ol xuu pictures, by Ibe best masters. Admission SO cents earh, or one dollar per month. Hours from 10 in (he luornin to seveu in ihe evening. Catalogues mav be had at the Gallery. ffVi 7U LET, 4jju The store 6 1 Futtcn - strect. Enquire oo the preeoii ap 4 6w it l l.fT jfsL' From the first of May next, a front count inn ro - itn on tbe second floor, together with the upper mits. enquire no. 107 i ea.l street. jan n ti rOh a. I.E. Kicht lots of remind n!. - ,innflv ailiiatH . . I r, - m J wa.HH.w on ll i - north side of Utaotnn - itrect, and extending (rom t.ssex to . - vonolK - streets Also, hiur lots adjoining thereto, and fronting on Essex - street, each lot being 25 feet front and rear, by 100 feel in depth. Thrse twelve lots may be purchased at a very moderate price, for cash, and if not disposed of at private sale before the 7th day of May, they will on that day be told at public Auction, at the Tontine) Cr - fiVe Houc, at li o'clock, by BLEECKKR&t BIBBY, with whom a mp of Uie ground is lett, for the inspection of Uiose who may be (lispotcd to purchase, up 15 tmay7 EOli SALt A small farm, situated in one of the en tre counties of this state. 'Iliis farm lies on Uie banks of a lake, :ind within a mile of a (I urish - ing aod beautiful village. On it are a good farti. house, barn, Yc. alroa large and well built dwel ling hoese, entirely new. Tho situation of the d veiling house for beauty of protpect, Ac. is surpassed by few if any other scit - s for building in the interior oi uie staie. rise owner laienoing removing to New - York, will srU this property for sets than cost, toon a lone credit ne good se curity, or will exchange it for lands, goods, Vc. t or lunber particulars, enquirs ni II D. ft R. SEW. WICK, Emits. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New - York. r ft Pins Ctf tVH SALE. House. No. 14J Chamlier - stieet, eompMly fin ish' u oj the lit of May. Enquire No. 223 Dss - aBextrett. p w ivy Q STORE '1 0 LET, The fire proof store in Goveineurs - lane, 4etween Water and Front - street, from. 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER k LAURIES, mh3l 29 South - street. TO LET, The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - ttr - ttrei. The situation of this house, and ils accommodations, tustlv render it an cbiect well I worth the attention of suy person desirous ef keep. ;s mtramt puuuc nouse. ii will Dt let, lur - oisheder nufuruithed, and immediate posieuion given. Apply svtNo 137 Water street. mh 17 if FOR SALE, scat, raohentv isj tbk citv ni atw - voRx. QA BRICK IKlUf E and Lot No. 1 1 Bowery STABLE iu th - rnp in - ih. er wilh Ihe LOT, 44 feet front, 42 fttt rear, aud 145 fee.t on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vcsey - strcet ; and House and Lot No 30 V ncv - strert. A BOND and MORTGAGE lor itQO dollars, do ami l for 700 do do and do Tor 4M do On valuable properly in the city of New York. The interest has always been pnne tunlly paid. For particulars inquhe at Ihe office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINF., dee 10 If No. 27 Wall - strret. ftfc.itDftAC. of OUEKjVH CM. To be let, the house and grounds fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of the late eamuei itiungan, ana at present occu pied hv Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE. lumber merchant, foot of N. Memre - lrert,er of I rniLt.L.r., in tne is an it oliNew - lork. le.h H tf tffiul The spacious 4 story lire proor store, at tu c foot of Liberty - street, lately ccupied by Messrs. J. Murray 4r Sous. I'ouehsion to be given on the, first Muy next. For terinu, spply to M A.I UU ti GILI.K' - l'lE, ap 9 79 (up stair) Pine - street JU LET. The house in Hudson - square, lately occupied by John 11. Mtiriay. Esii. It is spa cious and elegant, unil pnnttsseu ol every re. quixite convenience. Possession may be hud immediately - for terms, apply to MAJOR il GILLESPIE, 79 (tip stairs) Picc - sireet. N. ft. The above prcpe - rty w ill be sold to any one ties nous to purchase, and the pay' nient made convenient, an 9 0 S.1LE, OH TO LET, A large two stnrv. House ni d about 10 a i rf land, between the 6 and 7 mile stones. lilGOUiintdaie Koad. tor particulars enmuie uf N1CK3. DePEYSTEH, ap 1 1 Im Near the Premises. HOUSE TO BE LET, Situated about 2 3 - 4 miles from the City' Hull, on the old post - road, anJ adjoining the houses of G. k R. Waite. The bouse is a ueht - t 41 t 1 . l.i II t ., - .1 iy uuuneo one, nnu m lor smuii mmuy i lias a I kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bud - room, and 2 good ceiled garrets. There is a small garden, and a stable tit for a horst and gig. Inipurt next door to Uie pit mists, or at 54 .la.dcn - iane. p 13 . (T' - Wx tor Hale or to Let, sjsxuJy The house and grounds of tbe subscriber MtUloomingdule, near the 5 mile stone, situated on the bunks of (he NorUi River. The House is modern built, 60 feet front with terraced pinsias aud convenient out bouses, all recently painled, and in complete order. 1 he grounds are highly cultivated, Uie garden extensive and good and (here are no the phnre gieat variety of shrubs, fruit aod forest Iteei, and a pump of excellent water. For terms, which will be reasonable. arpiy to o. a. ia vv ii r.Ath, up I im 07 fiue - street. t OH HALE OH TO LET, At a low rent, and possession given inme - diattly, the large and elegants story brick home .vo. IU I Greauwich - street, replete with every convenience dr a large family, situate in one ol Ihe most healthy and pleasaut parts or Ihe city i and being open to Washington - rt eet, commands a fine view of the Hudson River and Jersey shore. If sold, the teinis will be very easy, as most of the money may remain on mortgage for lUor li years Apply at No. 133 or 142 I'earl - street. apIO 'JO LET, Tbe House No. 7U Broad stre et, with Uie ice, store - home, and siabttt contiguous, auu appertaining Uiereto. iu i.r.A:r., For a termofvears. in lots or parcels, thai part rf Rose Hill situufe on the 2d, Ud, and 4th avenues, mi the?Jd, 24lh, 25th, - JGth, 27th, 2111 h, and 29th streets, which belongs to Mrs. Ann Rogers. For particular, apply tu JAiYlCd A. ilAMH.lUiV, mh 13 If No. 3 Law Built inns. Km SALE. msI The two - story brick front House and Lot No. XI Cherry - street For term?, tic. apply at 70 Pearl - street. mar 3 'iO LsT, The store No. 20 Wall - strret. Posses sion may Le had immediately Apply at No. 13. ap I ti 'TO LEA HE, fur m term of years, The house and lot No. 20 Cedar - street, containing six rooms with fire places, besides the kitchen, pantries, vaults, le. and a well ol good wnter. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, of the lot No. b'J Murray - street, in the occupation of William I'sttertm, on lease from the Episco pal Churcbduet. tspnt. inquire ol J. vv. W. U. .VlUl.l.lUA.'V, feh 2 - 5 dtf No. 4 1 Pine - street, TU LET. The handsome 3 story brick house and stable No. 310 Broadway. Fur terms eiiuuire at A. IIUT30V3 Intelligence ollice, 59 Chamber - stiect. aplt 2m TtJ LET, A convenient two story house, clrosaot It situated in Charles - street. Greenwich a desi' rnhle resnienre lor a cartman or mcnanic rem low. For particulars enquire at No 69 Murray - street. SpiSM fVtf Tu Lr 'T, U.tiT, The stores and cellar room ot those Ihieo story houses No. 10 and It Broad - street. Also, a good hruse at Greenwich, snu on ni Harlrm. with two and a hall acres if grouod, near Manhallauville. Apply at, j liroajwsy. ap2tf 141 Fruat - street. JXJ LET, l lie - lioose No. yr, John - street The house No. W7 d I he house and store No. 305 Pearl street The house aud store No. Ill Cherry - street i0t JAMES W. SHAW, feh 2 1 No. & Bowery. M Jti l.k T. stjjl Tbos two Sre proof dwelling Houses, NoTi4 and 76 Molt street, about ten minutes walk irou U.C Coffee House. They will be put io complete repair, and well calculated for genteel families. Apply at No. VSl WaterttreeL mhlltf TU LET. At alow rent, a three) story brick dwelling ia Not folk - it. Fxquire of fcll i N. UUa, tnh Vi 96 WaU - f trtet, Fjiaineer iJepartment, Washing Uiii. 8th April, 18 8. V , ft7 - Proposals will be received at this De - menu uutil first August next, to furnish by. ' contract From one to six millions of brick ' From one to two millions of c - bh - feet ef boil - i ding stent 1 rous ten thousand to fifty thousand bashtls of store lime. To he delivered in good order at Mehilc,Lake Poatchurtrnin, River Mississippi, aad Lake Ba - rataria tl.e time when the first delsveiy tun be made, and Ihe cuantity which ran be delivered iu each month suceeeding Uie first delivery, WiUlt be slated with the terms. Proposals will also he received for frost fifty to one humlree! carpenters; lor Irora one bmadreil to one hundred and liny masooti and from two hundred lo three hundred, topweedto Mobile and L uisiaus, to coi.struct building or vuricus ilese - riptiunsal the beloie mentioord pla ces, it would be r referable to have tne masons. carpenters, and laborers furnished and acosjnpao ndhymsster workmen. Airangiiistiiis would he in aili - toe mrhiv Ihe i.ersons eiESSi d to eie - cule tlie work, Ironi July to November, at ihoso positions embraced in Ihe beiort meuiionea places, whiih Ix.rder upon Ihe Gull ol Mexico r.iig'ui mi nts would neil be made inr a snoreei period than eight months. Satisfactory sectrliy would be rtuuued lor ihe laiihiul pencrmaat e oi any contract that iiiay be nie - de. '1 he teinis upon which workmanship and labor would bepu - lormeu, must tie stieoin tne rroposMs. J.G'hWlFT, Brigadier General end Chief Engineer. The printers of the Portlsnd Gtte.tte, D. M. J the Centinel and Patriot, Bosti a t tbe Evrnlcg Post and the Columbian, New Ynrk ! Uie Commonwealth, Pitlsbuigh, Penn.tthe Reporter, Lexington, Km. i nnd the Castile, New - Orleans, will please to insert the foiegcieg lor one month and forward their accounts to the Engineer Department.' up 13 lm (r Mi& SEA UU It Y having taken Uiu pleasantly situated Imuse No. 13 North Moore - urt - et, inlorius In r Irietds that the intends removing tht i eon the first of May next, and on Uie fourth will be re tdy to receive jouni lailie, either as boaidcrs or day scholais. The ariose branches of useful ard ornamental Education, will be taught upon her usual terms, which may be known by applying at No. 46 JoU - ilreet. ... id mi RANK OF NEW - YORK. fty - TSi presiJeht and directors give notice, that a dividend of four suds half per cent tu ih capital stoc k cl the bank, will be made cuthe 1st day cf May next, for Ihe peril d ol six months, from ti e 1st Noviraber 1817, to Ihe 1st of May IU1U, payable to the sloe k holders at (be Bssit oo demand. By order ol Ihe boaid ol diin (cn, npiGtm? CTIAS. WlLKF.", CasfrVr, NOIICK. XT3 Alt persons having any claims tminst th assignee of tbe late fiim of Whitiig ii Watson, upon exchange aecmnts, are hereby notified Use. unless such claims be presrnted before tbe l&lls day of Muy next, the subscriber will consider hem as iillln:. and will not retain any funds iu hi. i,,,,,..,. lh. ,,rn f , ,a o II w WarnC - d 1 - . ... . ......a.... NOTICE'. - : ft7 - All pertnnt having demnndt against th estate ol Doctor Archibald Ilruee, deceased, arts requested to teun ineir accounts to theoDteci Uiu tubsciiber, No. 6 Nsssau - stuct. - ( i Llr.ll JAX MUPKO, Mh?7 lm Administrator, NOTICE. 07" The tuhscrihert have formed aconnec - liuu for the pnrpoee of transuding Commission Business, under the firm ol S. and T W 1111 TE MORE, nnd will for I lie present do business it No. 60 South and I29 Pea il - streets; and will constantly keep for sale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of tbe manufactuit of Ihe late New - York Mnaufarturicaj Company. Just received, per schr. Sandusky, from Mo bile, antl lor sale, 13 bales Deer Skint i it sacks Snake Root uf prime quel. 2 do Beeswax. ) SAML. WHITTKlYORr, ap 2 Im HMO. WUITTf.MORE. try - Alis. GALLOP having taken the house No. 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, offers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. Ibo pleasantness of Uie situation needs no comment. mh 2 tr rT . TO LtT, ui;i A rerv conrenient house, wun bdouc hail au acre of ground, about a milt from th city, adjoining the bouse occupied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich, and the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 If Hudson - squire. eV Al.UAULE i'HOPERTI. The subscriber oHers for sale a valuable farm, "3 miles from New - York, lying7nulea south of Poughkcepsit, on the post - road, withiu 1 - 4 of a mile of the mills on the tails of vvaupin - ger's - Crtek, and in Uie neighborhood of several laudings fpm which sloops sail weekly. It con - taint 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young; orchard of grafted fruil, wood suuVieot for fuel. and all in good fence. The bouse contains several rooms, hat a good barn, and all in excellent repair, lit situation being on an elevated plain, reuders Uie plnce not ouly healthy, but prestol from Uie dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to tne above, and bounded southerly by Uie falls of Wappinger's - Craek. Tht land is fertile, in excellent fcuce, aad of easy cultivation. What rentiers this property valuable, is, that it asay ot made a plate of celebrity. Thera is already e - recUd on the fal's a saw - mill of great capacity,, a carding - mill, which enjoys tbe custom of loss neighborhood, besides several other scilee Ut factories, unoccupied. Tht whole force of Uiu creek can be diverted with a liltii expeuctso a to drive a range of mills cn a Itvtl plot of ground just below the falls, and accessible by an easy navigation t where factories of every dttcriplion, with every feti.iiy of power and Irauspoitatioui can be constructed. Also, a flour - mill, of P a fi - st class. Tb mill - bouse is large, with 4 roa of Burr etooer, and calculated for 6, with new machinery for muufcturing wheat, kc. wilh an elevator for raiMur eraia from vessels into Uaa upper loft tit the mill. Connected With Ihe tnill it a large store bous for storing wheat and flour. Wilh tht mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent laud, on which it situated five dwelling kotttet. a large barn, hay bouse, carriage bouse, corn crib, hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated fov 20 hands. Two of tne nooses are new aad wall culcalated for genteel families s They command a view ol in river, wUn a beautiful intervale landscapa formed by tbe sneaodericg of Ihe creek immediately ia frooL Tbers are Ur placet which associate so as any accomssodaUng quaUtkatioua for the Baerchanl, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at privata salt before Tuetdty the 21st April, it will on that day be offered at aac - . tion. ' For terms, fcc. apply to PETER MCSICR, No. beavtr - ttrtet. Feb 20 ABRAHAM M ESTER. LAW BUILDtMiS. Two offices ia Law Baildinrt No. 3, t ha rented. Apply oath premises, m. J AM LA A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No, 69 Broadway. vhrxitr C, IXiLET, J) Frost tbe first of May next, the Hons - No. I520reea strtct, near EvdWT - rnm.i, a: the prinlcn. , ap 8 2 4 i 4

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