Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 20
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20 Thursday, Feb. 10, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Fred Allen's Program Tops Radio Poll New York--The tried and true radio stars and programs are still the favorites of,,the radio editors ol the United States. This was revealed Thursday when the results of the 13th annual poll of radio editors, conducted heretofore by the New York .World Telegram, but this year taken over by the Billboard Publishing co., were printed in the current issue of the Billboard. Favorite program of the editors, "the one they really hate to miss" was Fred Aller^s. Although Fred · topped Bob Hope by a vote in the "favorite program" category, Hope again was voted the best comedian on the air. Last year Hope won out in both the top comedian and favorite program' divisions. Other long standing stars arid : programs to take top honors in various divisions this year are- .best quiz contest program, Information Please; favorite dance orchestra, Guy Lombardo; top male vocalist, Bing Crosby; female vocalist, Dinah Shore; sports announcer, Bill Stern; news com, mentator, Raymond Gram Swing. . Announcer, Milton J. Cross; dramatic program, Lux Hadio Theater; childrens' program, Let's . Pretend; concert singer, Gladys SPAATZ--it. Gen. Carl Spaatz commands the American strategic bombing force operating from the British Isles. Swarthout; symphony orchestra. New York Philharmonic. Best quarter hour show, Fred Waring's; single best broadcast, CBS Letter on Race Hatred (at the time of Detroit race riots); best documentary program, Man Behind ' the Gun and best government program, The Family Hour. Although Frank Sinatra was voted to be outstanding new radio star, he bowed to Bing Crosby In the best male vocalist division, thereby proving that the radio editors were little effected by promotion and publicity when the ballots were being cast. NEW m ' V PUDDING MIX So easy to make --So delicious Any pudding you want 'in less than 5 minutes Just add milk and your choice of flavor. Tasty--. economical--wholesome, for it contains dextrose, "a good source of food energy. G«t FI«rf-Tex Pudding Mix at your grocer's end «n joy it today. Bricker for Regular State Ballots for Armed Forces Washington, (U.PJ--Gov. John W. Bricker of Ohio, bringing to the capital his campaign'for the 1914 republican presidential nomination, Thursday put himself on record as favoring regular state ballots or service personnel and called* lor drastic reduction in federal payrolls. Displaying his political wares to a press conference shortly after arriving here, he described he soldier vote controversy as strictly a political issue which he thought should be solved by using regular state ballots rather than .he federal ballots advocated by President Roosevelt. He also took occasion to protest against interference with the coming presidential campaign by foreign sources. One of the 50-odd political writers , present. asked what he thought' of recent, comment in.the British press that Mr. Roosevelt should be re-elected. "I think we ought to elect our own president," Bricker replied. "It is none of their business. We can take care of our own affairs.'' Brickej declined to say how much taxes he thought congress should impose at this time, saying only that he hoped the measure recently approved by congress a few days ago would be adequate. The need, he added, is not now so much 'for additional taxes as it is for effecting a drastic saving in government. "Where'would you cut first?" he \vas asked. ' . . . He replied (hat (here are' roughly 3,500,000 employes of the federal government, and hundreds of thousands of (hem could be dispensed with..The whole federal personnel structure needs a complete overhauling," he added. Bricker said he also wa's opposed to federal housing; declaring that he saw no reason why the government should go in competition with p r i v a t e builders. Asked- if he believed that there could be effective slum clearance under the' direction of private enterprise, Bricker renlied: "Yes! II there can't be. then the country is hopeless.-We v would have to,change our system of government... and I certainly don't want to do that." ' . ' On other subjects. Bricker: Saw no reason for a federal work program to absorb unemployment after the war. Was supremely confident that the republicans would win the presidency in November regardless of who the-nominee may be. Thought the republicans were better equipped than* the demo SAVE AT FEDERAL FRUIT BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS WHEATIES SAVE! BUY THE GALLON HILEX . Y 2 pkgs. 19c E.VHICHED FtOUR OCCIDENT . . . . »* $2.58 CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP . . . .. . 5borsfor23c IN THE SHELL . DIAMOND WALNUTS . Ib. 39c FSESH ROASTED PEANUTS . . . Ib. 25c PO1UTAJ.- ITALIAN Long Spaghetti 2 HANDY Book Matches . . . BORDO SWEETEXED Grapefruit Juice GUEST FANC1- CfT ' " Wax Beans LUX SOAP The Soap of the Beauty Stars Cakes 20C RINSO For Whiter Washes Large Package 23c SUNBRITE Quick, Safe, Can CLEANSER ..:.... sc HORMEL'S SPAM 12-oz. Can. 5 Points AE. 25c *£· 12c Xo ToJuts ^"31c ~~~.,., , _ 0 mmts Fancy Rice 2 Ibs. 19c FANCY s Foinis Navy Beans 3 Ibs. 25c GUEST 'FANCY SMALL WHOLE Green Beans . . . . Points vr 17c FUTURE CUT, SHOESTRING OK Diced Beets 3 Point Cans 23c SUNKIST ORANGES FULL . BOX FOLGER'S COFFEE, Ib. $3.75 DOZ 19c 31c GRAPEFRUIT Texas 5eedte«, Do, POTATOES Idaho Rusicta, 100 lb North Dakota Red Triumphs, 100 Ibs ...... $2.55 BLOCK SALT. 45c Fresh Texas SPINACH. Ib.. lOc Fresh BROCCOLI, Bunch 19c Fresh ENDIVE, Bunch. 19c Fresh California BEETS, Bunch.. lOc Freah ,, RADISHES, Bunch... 5C Fresh PINEAPPLES Each 39c QUALITY BEEF ROASTS, --« I ROUND STEAK, Pound 2o| Pound 39c SWISS CHEESE Ib. 49c VEAL Roasts Ib. 28c Rib Chops.. Ib. 30c LAMB Legs Ib. 37c Shld. Roasts, Ib. 32c Fresh Ground BEEF HAMBURGER, Ib. 26c PORK ROASTS I PORK Lb 28c I Lb. . . CHOPS I PORK LIVER - - 34c| Lb 17c FANCY, FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS Premium Dairy SMOKED TABLE-READY MEATS Premium Braunichweiger, Ib. 35c Minced Ham Ib. 30c Brookfield Links.. Ib. 39c Corned Beef Loaf Ring Bologna.... Stick Chili Ib. 38c Ib. 29c Ib. 29e Fresh Green ONIONS, Bunch. 15cl California " CARROTS, Bunch. lOc SWIFT'S BLAND LARD Ictl7c FEDERAL If MARKETS SHOP HERE AND SAVE DECKER'S PORK FEET . 25c 'U SHIP GOALS ARE THREATENED Manpower Shortages, Job Turnover Assailed Washington, (I?) -- Manpower shortages and job turnover among experienced workers threaten' defeat of 1944's ship production foals, , Admiral Emory S. Land, Jhairrnan of the maritime commission, told the 'senate military committee Thursday. Advocating = national service act to authorize, the drafting of iivilian labor, iaild declared: "Voluntary methods will not jrocure us enough new workers in the Tistit places at the right time. "There are not enough expe- ·ienced workers to maintain 1944 .schedules if the turnover continues at the present high rate." A national service act, he said, would "make certain- that the comparatively few persons at a few spots--few in number but important to the achievement of OFFICER 'ARRAIGNED -- Col. J. J. Canella (above), quartermaster at the army air base at 'Santa Ana, Cal., has been arraigned on a federal complaint charging b r i b e acceptance. After the hearing a news pho- "tosrapher was knocked down by a hard stomach punch alleged delivered by the colonel. He is from Burlington, Iowa. crats to handle postwar problems because republicans in cougress had set Irish standards iu a program for postwar operations in the United States. Said the republican ; party foreign policy plank probably, would be formulated along""the lines of the policy drafted by GOP leaders last year at Mackinac island. He said the foreign policy should be one calling for the United States to co-operate wtih the rest of the nations to maintain world peace and to build world trade. .Denounced the administration's food subsidy plan as "unsound." and said emphatically that he was opposed to it. Repeated his-opposition to national service legislation, saying it might have been useful at the start of the war but that "it is too, late now." Described the winning of the war as the most important single issue in the coming political campaign, and said the war is being conducted in a way of which all Americans can be proud. "Do you, give Roosevelt any credit for that?" he was asked. "Certainly," he replied. "And I believe the armed services should be allowed le continue to wage the war as they are doing now." GOAUSMnDE BY MINNESOTA First State Officially Over Top in Bond Sales Minneapolis, Minn., ( nesota, with a 4th war loan quota of 3200,000,000 was over the top Thursday, the first state in the country to achieve its goal on the basis of actual sales. O. J. Arnold, state chairman of the 4th, war loan drive, received a congratulatory telegram Thursday from Secretary of the Treasury Henry' Morgenthau, Jr., which read: "Congratulations upon Minnesota's being the first state officially to exceed its quota in the 4th war loan. The treasury department appreciates the splendid efforts of you and your co-workers and I hope this fine showing will spur you on to an even greater achievement during the remainder of the drive," Arnold reported that bond sales to date, total 5202,050,000 or $2,650,000 over the state quota. The result, he said, was assured when Ramsey and St. Louis counties joined the 35 other counties in exceeding their quotas. Henne- ptn county was reported as nearing its $80,000,000 goal. The 3 metropolitan counties alone had 5136,000,000 of the quota, but the rest of the state has, sold 70 per qent of the -E bonds issued in the drive. In the 3rd war loan, the outstate counties sold 63 per cent of the E bonds. the war plan--would be available to fill the gaps of needed workers at the particular points of difficulty." , Land said ship 'deliveries in January were the lowest since February, 1943. Production fell from 208 ships in December to 124 last month, he reported.. "This involves much more than manpower difficulties,'' Land said, "but -just the,same the decline, takinr into consideration the other circumstances, was sharper than there was reason to expect" He said 30.CJOO additional men are needed now to work in ship yards. Of theseViO.OOO would be replacements. 'He' estimated that the 1944 ship production, program would require ah average bt 675,- 000.employes, .:· · . ·'.;· . ' Land said the greatest: benefit: from a ^national service '.'.a'ct-~- sought by. President Roosevelt as the'Key of his new legislative program--would be. its "psychological" effect on civilians. "If congress will pass the national service act" he said, "there will be little need to enforce it by law. Our people will enforce it voluntarily. o ur people will do what congress says, but many wilf not do what some director" says. The will of congress is the will of. the people." ' Canada's plant ^breeders have opened millions of acres to agriculture by development of early maturing g rain. M^Clarks HEROINE AT ANZIO -- It. Helen Talboy (above) of DCS ItToincs was credited in press dispatches with orgamzhi? surviving nurses and likinfr charge of the surgical section of a hospital on the Anzio beachhead in Italy after it was bombed br the Germans. Ginger Snaps Corn Country or Brookfield FRESH COOKIES Butter . 450 FIG BARS 16 Points Per Lb. NATIONAli-Peiiri Value 3 Grape Jelly 12-oz. 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OF JUICt O R A M G E S . . . . ;. 5 ^ 45c TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS 3RAPEFRUIT 5 LM . 28c ARIZONA--LARGE SNOW WHITE HEADS Cauliflower Each m CABBAGE 2n»-9 c NEW GREEN SOLID HEADS Each "·^^^·^ ^ CHOICE PREFERRED Center Cut PQRKJCHQPS U. S. CHOICE NONE HIGHER DECKER'S Skinless O7 c Wieners t+ I Ib. FRESH, LEAN LOIN Pork Roast ^ ^^ WINTER CAUGHT Walleye Ol Ib. ^ 'NATIONAL F O O D S T O R E S

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