The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 23, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1818
Page 4
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'IN CHANCERY! I . IS CHAJtCERY. "s i ik.uMwriMb ID mrseenr of a m. II decretal order of Abraham SlrgstetB, jr. lUM.boorbl cowl s . Powell aod Uu f Blade m the bov ,i..Kikf. leaawe, willbetoldat 1 public auction, at tot Tontine Coffee UW the city of fir w - York, auderUtedirectio(UMbcriber, one of tbt afthia court. oa. Monday, the 17tb day (April aext, at elevta o'clock u ibe forenoon of that day, louneea yean, aine mootnt nua nv ' tra unexpired term of a certain lease of alt the tixlh part oa Hie mirth tide of tbote three certain too 01 ground siiuateu ia ute aevwuu win n m city of New - York, on the east aide of Jefficrioa - atrecL. ibsUoguisbed in a unn made of the (audi of Henry Rutgere, by aatober nine baodred and Thirteen, Mine hundred ana loeneeu ana imw hwi - ' tired and fifleewt hounded wvtterly in front by JeffurM - atreet j easterly in the rear by M oam ber cine hundred asd tixtcra j nortiieriy oo one aide by LHrnioe ttrtet ; andtoutberly on the otb - f tide oy tne remainieg ne mh " ,. - .stud loti. number nine ouodrod and tlurteeo. Bine hundred aad rbmleen, aod nine hundred tad aod fin - en t containing w oreauin, in iruut , re.r,w..iettn feet, aod in lengui cc.f I I I .... uawi nma nr ImA. OS CtCi; illiC; tl - ..v. .mti:u from offtbe rear, or end of the taid lot, a passage, or gangway, of Blue feet, ' or the eseofiaid lot end those adjoining. I o - . ...Mr with the dwelling bouse aad building . erected and bailt upon the laid premise, aod the appurtenance, thereunto belonging. . Dated Marcs SUth, 1818 " ' . ' ; Mailer in Chancery. l' - The a Sore property will be told aadei the di - rtUott of we subscriber. JAMES A.HAMIICP.V " Master in Chancery. mh t thru Ap6 ft ApOT Iw - . ". ,. . K CilANCERY. Tothebooorabletbaudce and aaaietanl jaaticea of tlie court of comoaoa pieaaio - aad for Ibe county ol Orange THE prttion ef ticorge 1). Wickbnra of the town of Uoaben,' n the county of. Orange, reopertAilly fheweth That yoar petitioner ia ' aeiaed in lee aimpie at lea act In common of one equal andivided aaoiety or half pait of all Ibat certain tracl, piece or parcel of land, tituate, lying and being in the town of Warwick, in the county of Orange, - known and dittinguiahed at lot number two, in the tubdiriiion of great mountain int number ibnrteen, in the patent of Chceae - corka, containing two hundred and ciateen acrea of land,, or thereabout. - And your petitioner further the weth, that be it teitcd ni aloreiaid of one undivided moiety or balf part of all tliat oertain other lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, ait Jit, lying and brine in theteid town of Warwick, ami known and diatinguiihcd at loin urn Iter three, In (lie a&ld tuhdlviiioo of great ntonriUin lol number fourteen, io the laid patent ol Clieee - cocWa, coiilalaing two hundred und thirty ncrra of IwjiI w lliereahouta.. ' And your petitioner further atieweth. that torn perrm or pertun, to f nr iwtitionef unknown, it or are aeiied afore - ' aKl, ih the remaining etiul uad'vided moiety or italf part of earhol the nhova - mentinned and de - arriiied Ms, pii'Cet or parcelaof hod. And yoar petitioner further ahewith, that be it deairout to have partition maile of the albretaid landa tefie - niKOtaand h'tfilitaiDifiti, between your petilion - nrend the inid peraiin oreraoi)a unknown n a - lor( rtiil, arcordin to the aoveral and ri active f it;lit ol tlieacvurul pMrtiea nforeaaiil, ot, in, and tortienime. Whcrelnr your potitinner praya, - that all and lingular, the aaid land, trncineiitt and herht.iruent, lorellier with (lie righta, rueniber, privilrgti and m purtennrtu tltvreiin tolieloiiin or in any wie apwrlaining, may iw divid. - d ty connnia iom - n, to In appointed by thii h Hibrjhle Ci urt, inpununote nt the iro Vnionaof tlte art entitle an ntt fur the purlitiirft of lunda. And your petitiinr ahull rvrr pry, fcc. Dated thia aixihihtr of Kehrunry, one thou - itid eiilit humlrert nnd oi' - litrcn. ' GF.'JHUK l. SVICKflAM. John and Alot'r Durr. Att'irt. lie pletiud lu ttiko ni.lice Ihut a petition, of WHICH ;lue aiiom H a cupy, will he pretcnl - fid to tlie judea nnd acailinnl juaticet of the court ttt connu' B' i lea in and lor the rountT of Orapg at the curt hnute in tioahen, hi the lait - Monday of Mny nest, at ten o'clock, in itio fori noon of tln.t ilay, or at aoon tru re - otter ai rouncl rrm ho heard. And nn ap - nlicntion uiJ thrifiipon be innde to (lie aaid court lor (reappointment ol corauiiaaioncra, to make partition ol the l.inu, tenertienti and hcredila menta above drscried, with (hn nppiirtenancea, accoTdtnjr, to tho prayer of the laid petition, end in rnrs'iancc ol the act entitled an act for 'lit partition of Jandi. Dated 01b February, 1G1U Wc are. &:c. s J NO. & ALEX. DUE ft, AtCiee for the above named petitioner. To the perion oi prraona unknown, intcrettei! in the above detrtibed land?, orwhonKnevrreiae it ran)' concern. - h h I4!nv IIAI in My ftfiiairuoto - g 'Tdivjuke Road and tlrulge Companj. ftr The ttockliolritiit are reaueatrd to at ten i ettlie atoreof Mil' a Hitrhcuck, corner of nliiiden LiiinK and nafuu atitet, from 12 to 3 o'f - iocic on Monday, the tllhdny ol May nxt, fortlie purpue of ejecting ninti director!, to run rtXe the affair of the company for ona year iroiu iiiai uay. new - 1 ora, npni uin, ii in. SAM. OsUUJtU, Secretary 'aJl91aw5w At a cuprt of , hooctrv held lor the atttir 'of New - York, at the city of Alhuuy, on - the aixteenth day of March, iu the jear ' " of oar Lord one thouiaod eij;ht hundred and eigtiteeo. rax.EftT, 'i he honorable Jatnrt Kent, Eaquire, Chaurrllnr. Thouiaa baten J r. f Joaepb Anoahleand John Bia - t tell. IT nprearinsr hy the alTulavit orSamnel 8 Gardiner, which ia filed, that proct - aaoftuiipajna, to appear and anawer in the above cnuit, hath been regularly iaaued ngaintt the above - named defendnut, John fiiaaell, but that the tnid John tlnell reidea at Lit.'htield. in the ttate of Con - aecticut, out of the junadirtinn of thia court thi motion of S. W. Jonet, Kiqnira, tolicitnr for the complainant, it i ordered that the aaid John Lill du cauae hia appearance to he entered and hit anawer to lie filed in thia canae, within four montiit i row me data ot ttu order, or in urfnult ttiereof (hat the complainant'a billot complnint ba taken pro - conleno ogninat him. Aa.l it i further ordered, that a copy of thia order he published, within twenty dart from the date hereof. in one or avore of the public newpnpcre piinted w m.tataie, loruie apace m eight wcekiiociea tively, once at leaat ktver? week. A Copy 'HA AC L. KIP, mhtO Iaw8w Aaiatant Kee later. t'OH HALF, isetwreti mar and ore hundred acrea tuad, toeetber with two dwelliuar hounea. and aundry out houaei, a aaw - mill, and two or mree tine miit - aent, auitahlu lor any decri - tion of factorie; all eompartly tituated, in the townof Canaan, in the county of Columbia, in thia atalc, an I about 2i milea diitant, from both ..... , ,Uu.jn i ne laud, lor tbe inoit part, ia ai prime quality, and in food cultivation, ktif avail ! arttfl "U; ' ' " - "iuo auil purohaaera. The w jter.privilege are veh at cannot often be met with, aad worthy the attention of manufac turere. The greater part ol the pun haae monv mny rtmam on niortgHSe everl ye ra, if dei re.l,orp.operty in U.n , ity of New York would - u ue uipoen iT at aii VKart.they will be aold onvBiit BEasoa B TBMMt. Eoniiirr of oBa - 11. W. WARVFR. N, J ASON WARMER, on the piemiut. 4 Iaw3m ap A Anran .Icodmy tf Ute Fin - - .irtt. rtr Ike tprits exhrfjtiior, of tin aradiiy wu. wopnwi u mm puhlicoa Monday the 18th ct aiay next. Artist are reque - tod - to tend whiterH - ailicl - they intend U. offer for exhibi - tfan, on or beCt Saturday. th May aAer - ji oooe run iw receive,! . Ut enlcr ., !'7:,XR - ROBERTSON, wv'ry, . Pl3 ?liJJlawll6May ' ": - O s jr. r. . a mt'r.TTim roy - th lima limited ft ia. Jaw - r smart, to ber and lodastrioiit lad Bnderatandi all kind home - work, and taking car of honest alao working oa a larut wi tardea Jl ia aioateea yeartof at aod of good diapwilion. Aoj peraoa that want a lad potaetaing thoae qualiucauoBt, wiu gea lion ct mo. Xi Bowery, ELIJAH WARD. ib SO tr roR rrauaaiao t iBcimoaj A MAP OK MEXICO AM) LOUISIANA. '1 'HE publicalioa of trdaMap baa beo under - I . .! the imprudoa. that it will et iniormatioa, hUry inU - reatin; at tfja evenl. fnl criaie, aad the valuable Alape which the author ha procared, durim biaaereral toon through Mrxko, In ft yeare 1H06, I0O7, 1812, IBU. I8I&. 1816. and 1817. induce him to beluivethat the Map, Wiineveo au in impenevMon", win oo mtKb the aaoat perfect which bat aptfeared before the pehlic. - 1'hii Mao will contain the lateit and beet in - Ihrmatina irom the ditroveni - t aad poeMMionf of (he Amrnuan. Spaniah, Kuaion, Urilifh aod rrcnrh traveller and aavigiilore aad repreara - tine the clairne M their reiiwctive aoverouMUti oo me nnrinwefiera ceaei at nruenca. The Mup will include that portion of North America, whirh liea between the lalhroua of Ua - rien. and iheeUth deem: ol Worth l.alitudv.and from the . Miinmppi Jliver weatwardly to Hie I'ciB Ocean. . In aiae tlie Map will be about ail hr Ave feet. anil will be projected on a acale of 40 luilt - t to Die inch, to be delivertd to the tubaciibera at fif teen flltaraM:h. i. - SUbiis March 7, IfllH. np7tAut . i , . roti SALE. THE time of a imart lllack Girl, that can doallkinda of houe - work and cooking, aucti a it nrceaaar) for a la roily, oraiiitahle Inra public booa. She underitBiirti cooking of oyi trra, brafateaki, Ate. nnd would l a valuable acquinitioo to any public bouie , a preferenre would rw given to any pf;parn kee pint: the tame, that rctidca in the couorry. 8oUl fnr rmoiher reaaao than the want of a mauler.' For further particulara, inquire at the corner ot Broadway aod Grand - atreet, Mount Sociil. N. B. She ia aold at hor own requeat. apO tf ' MANLKAClOKV OK bILVLH WAUK. JW. FORBEa, No. 90 Uroadway.ont door above Wall - itreet, reapeclfully inloroii hii frieada and the public Ihnt he continuei to manufacture tilvtr tea and table actt church plate, ipoona, Ibrki, ladlet, waitcra, urna, aiphont, fiih knivea, 4iO &c. of the latett and moit elegant pattern!, of the tint quality of ailvf r and aupe - rior workmanship, at the lowest price for ctuh. All ordert eiecuted In maaterly manuer, aud warranted in all catel at leaat equal to any ar - ticlet of iflvor manufactured or fold in thii city. Io audition to hit own manuMcturet, lie ana oo baud an aoortment of rich plated abdfaucy hard waro, which ho will ditpose of very low, routining of candleaticka, cake baikelr, carton, bot'Je caaton, anuueit and tray, plated ou ateel, a very autierior article; cle?aat pen. pocket andiportfman'a knivea, with variety of artictea not enumerated. - mch3U 1m U0AKU1NO. rentlemen ctn he accommodttrd A FEW IX with Board, map III Board, in a private landly, in n pica ant part of the city of fcnquirc et Una op II lm office & VALUAULL lUOl'Mll I. xl",U The aurncrilernfTera fur iale a valuable farm, 73 milea from New - York, Ivinz 7 uiilet south of Poujlikeepur, on the pisr.road, within I 4 ol a miie ol the nidti oti the fall. - of Wappin - ;er'i - CrK, and in the neihliorhoud of aeverid InndiDg from which alonpa aail weekly. It con - laint llOacrciol level, fertile land, withajoung orchard of grafted fruit, wood iuiPu itnt for find, and Oil in good hdice. I he houee cunlatui eve - ral roomi, haa a emxi bam. and alt in caci - llenl repair. Ui litualiou bein on an elevated iiluin, reudcr tlio place not only he.ilthy, but preirutu from the dwelling a tlliritl'ul inlund pruipect. Alao, anntlier tot of 4IJacre,caiti(ioiii.tothe aliove, and bonudtJ aoulherly .y the fulli ol VappiDger' - Creek. The l:uid ia fertile, in n - cellcnt fcace, nod of eary cultivation. WUu reiulen thii property valuable, if, that it way te made a place of colebhty. There ia already e - rected ou the falla a aaw - niill of great capacity, a - tnill, which eiiioyt the custom ol Hit neighborhood, beiidea aeveral other Kitea for factorica, unoccupied. 1'he whole force of the creek Can be diverted with a little cxpenceao at to drive a range oi nulla on a level plot of grouud just below the fall, and accenaible by an easy navigation ( where factoriei of every di - Kriplioo, with every facility of power and trausportatioo can hecourtrutted. AWu, a flour - mill, of the Grit rlaas. The mlll - hou i large, with 4 run of Burr ttonc, and calculated for 6, with new machinery for manufacturing wheat, kc. with an elevator for miaing giain from vesela lido the upper loft ol the null. Connected with Ihe mill it a large tore houae for itormj wheat and flour. With the mill will ba aold 63 acre of excellent land, on which ia rituated five dwelling; biu.ei, a large bam, hay house, carriage hnuie, corn rrin, hoveli. 4c. acoopei 'a ibop calculated (m ?0 handt. Two of rlie houwn are new and well calculated for genteel familiet : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervale landrope formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in front. There are few placet which asaocinte to many accommodating qualifications tor the merchant. mechanic or farmer. If nut aold at private tale before Tuesday the Slat April, it will on that day be ouered at ac taon. , For terma, rc. apply to PETER MF.SIER, No. S5 !eaver - atrcet. Feb 'JO ABRAHAM MDMF.R. buAUU WA.N I ti l. rj WO young gentlemen, are defironi of pro - I cnrin permanent tioar.l in a genteel pri vate familv, where there ait - no boadert.rr not exctrding two or three. A hue nddreaed to J. L. C. I. and left at thia cuice, Hill meet with at tentinn. ap 18 tooTiiERU nurnier or irw - oHK. is HE it renieuihered, That on Ihe aecond day of April, in the forty aecond ear of Ihe Inde - . I . . L . 1 , . . V. . S . ( k I I lrnuriiee 01 inr einiien iate oi America, v il - liain J. r n of the ta'd diHrict, hath depoaited in thi the title of a hook, the rijrtil whrrrol herl'iima aa author, in the worda aad figurea following, to wit : Keporla of caet adjudged in the court of Chancery of New - Y.rk : hy William Johnaon, Councilor r.t Law, vil. II ; containirs the caiei rrr.m January, 1816, to September, 1617, inclu - ire.M In conformity to the actofthe consrtit of the United Slutet, entitled. Ad act for the encou - rngemeotnf learning, hy securing ihe copies of map, cnnrlt aud hoom, to tne authora and proprietors of inch enpiet during the timea therein mentioned (" and also to an art, entitled, ' An act, tupplemenlary to an act, entitled, an act for the rocomasemrntof learning, by ercuri.ig tlie copiea ol maps, chartt and I'ooka. to tlie author and proprietor! of tuch copies, during the timet therein mentioned, and extending Ihe benefit thereof to the arta of deaigning. engraving, aad etching historical and other print " ja.a:l ivilu Clerk of the toulhern diatrict of New - York, ap 13 4v PLAaTEK OF PARIS MANtKAC'l'ORY, At the foot of Harriaon - ttrcet, North - River, t7l7"IIEIlE manufactured Plaater, forcomi - e'ea and other pii'poa. may he had, warranted of the lirat quality, at out dollar and twtn - lyJuttnUperkutirl. l he tnanuiactory ia conducted by Mr. John uter, wno haa aeivd a regular apprentice ahip toihemanon buMntt. mnS1 John byers. - '", HARNESS r li i . 1 11. s' n lac "otKman - . . n.,., g ,. ,,0j ,atJ,pM tl House, 52 Broad ttreet. 0p 13 iw I fSLMGESTIO:, o EODh STOMACH, ' I IS acknowledged by medical writ era to bet complaint Ot atubbom kind, aod at all tinea very difficult of care. Thia it auflkieotly iihsa - i trated in tbediaappointnicat of thoaa who anfor - tenatety tflfTereuderit, M tiej, for tle rnat part, find that after having triatd many tliingt to little or no parpoee, they are at laat obliged to oe (for perhapt the reaaamder of life) tuck arttclea at can at beat but lliate the diaeaae. Under luch circumttaiKet, anymediciiie capnbleof removing Ihe complaint, mint surely be tin article highly cVaerving the attention of all th we wbo are afflicted with it ; ttnh a rombiuation iatn be met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYfeEP - I IC or STOMACH FILLS the tucccat of which ba never vet been eoutlled. for the cure of liyapepaie in ita moat complicated form, met at loat oi appetite, nauuiay nean iiurn, naunen - cy, knawmg pain in the uiruacn, pain iu m aide, great eoativeneaa, py4itiea iu Ibe couLle - nanre, languor, lowueia or apints, pain lu uie bend, tirligo or giddroeaa, and diaturbed altcp. Whoever appliva Ihcte pilla iu the above diaeate, according to the direction, will uver he diiap - K)inted. at they have never been once known to lad in producing a radical nnd permanent cure. The aa of a tingle box will convince tlie moat ntielievinx of their etficcy. They will iiimt effectually remove all oumea of tlie ttninarh, mil iberefy by M'Ulrahziugkieacid, hut by correcting that morbid atate ol Iheiccretiona which givea nae to it. and at the aame time will retiore to the debilitated nrgaua of dielion, tba tone and rigoor whkh it arwolutely uecetaary to the well being of tlie animal economy.' 1'rire ue dollar iier Uit. For aal br JOHN C. MORKI30X, Droggirt, No. 1880reeowich - atreet. Where may he had, wholtaale and retail, a larue and eeneral aaaorfment of genuine lirst and Medicinet : Eurgeout fualrumenta; Apol'ie - can't Glaat - Ware ; Engliahand American Patent Medicinea. Alao, Dyer'a and Kuller'a Aiti - del, Medicine Clieiti, tVc. On liberal tenia. mh t.t zin WHfcATO.M'b l lCli Ul.'l MKNT. THE long and aucceitful wm of thia ointoieat ia a aufliticnt retouimendation, at it haa been found to tie a nleaaant, ife and certain re medy for that diingreeabie diieaae in a'l ill ila get. It ia for tale ait Ihe city of New - York, by J. A. tl VT. R. Post, No. 41 William - itreet; I. U T. t'lurk, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; 11. II. Scliieffi lm il Co. No. 193 Pearl - etrret; Law - rence & Keeae. No. 195 Pearl - atreel l Hull 4 Bowne, 1 40 Pearl afreet ; R. U L. Murray, 3IJ I'carl - atreet ; J. n. urarthurai, 314 i cari - iirrei ; John Penford, No. 4 Fleh he r - atreet : Duryec & Poe, in Pearl - afreet; J "tin C. Mormon, 1811 Greenwich - atreet; John P. Fiaher, 106 Broadway; Walter At Seaman, cornel of Chaiiiber - it. and Broadway, and alao inCbatham - atrect : and in abort it may be procaad at moat of the Drug Morcain thia city Alao in Philadelphia, of tt. Willie rell & Sona ; George Hnriell , Nnrth & Ko ;eri, and almott all the druggiita in tlio principal towoa in the United Bfatea. LIKKWIIE, WHEATON'3 JAUNDICE BITTER" may he had at the above pacea. jan 226m CI103S - S I RF.ET NOTICE. NOTICE ia hereby given to aU peraona inter - cited, that the coHiiuiaaiouert of ealimale and aifieraiiientannointi'd hr the tunreme court of judicature of tlie ttate of New - York, to per - loria certain nutlet relative to the enlarg ing and improving Lm - itreet, in Ihe tixth ward of Ihe city of New York, have completed heir eMiinate and aaaeanient, aa well of the Ion and daniHge atiatnioed over nnd above the benefit nnd advunlage receiwd by the ownera of the laiidi nnd premiaea required for ,iid improve - ! ueiit, nalo ol Ihe bunufit and advantnKea re - reivtdby the ownera mid parliea inlereated of: Ann inreraiu landaaiitl prennaet not required for Ihe aaid improvemente. And Ihnt we the aaid cnnuuiMioni ra have depoaited a tiue cni y of m.lieuimutc and utaeimiient, in the clerk a ol - lne nl the city ot New - York, fortlie impectioo oi wtiomioever it may concern. Ana notice hereby further given, that the rpcrt of theiaid cnruiiiiaiioneriofeatimatcatid aaseatioeut will be preaenteu to the tupreme cunrt of judi:aure of the atate of New York, at the City Hall of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of lav n"l. at the oneiiimc ol the court on Hint day, or aa anontheiealteraacounael can he heard thereon. Unted thia 17th day ol April. 1UIH. JOHN FORBES. ) WILLIAM TOKREY, Commiaiiooert JOHN L. LA WRLMCE. J np 17 I4t HENRY - STREET NOTICE. XTOTIC'K ia htrel viiveo lo all neraoni infer. cited, that (lie comniiisioners of estimate and a:sment, atpointed by the anpreme court of judicature of the statu of New York, toper - form certain duties relative to the enlurgiiig, extending and improving Henry - ttreet, between Clinton and Grand - ttrreta, io the eighth ward ol the city of New Yorki have completed their a - 1 innate and aif Mment, aa well ol the loaa ami damage auatained over and above the benefit and advantage received hy Iheownert of Ihe land and preiinxea required for the aaid improvement, a alio of the lienefit and ailvantage received hy Ihe owner and partie inlereated of and in certain land and premise not required lr the ama improvement And that we, Ihe jaid rnmmiision - er. have depwited a true copy of tuch ertimate and aeaamenl in Ihe cleru't omt ., m tne city of New - York, fur the inspection of whnmaoever it may concern ; nndiotice ii hereby furtbergiv - n, that the report of the 'itl cnmmi'iioneraof ca - timate aad nisraa ment will be presented to the au preme court of ludiratureof the'taleof N. York, at the City Hall of the city of N. York, on Moo - day, the in"th dav of May next, ot the opening of the court nn that day, or at toon thereafter aa cuniel i - an he heard thereon. Dated thia 17th day of April. 1818. juii. riiKKr.s. Wii.LIAM TORREY,Commusionera r., HENRY MEIGS, np 17 14t r INSICED OIL and ST.CROIX RUM, now I. J landinr from on hoard the tlnnn Superior, Lapt. Morer, at Old - alip for aaie riy ap tf) ;orns. B0I3. . i i..LD Ai r li Vil...' aik.Mle aud retail copper, pewter, tin, and heet trou kitchen furniture WARE - HOUsF - No. 38 MaiJeu - lane, .New - York : where may be had Plain and pi aim u he d block tin coflee pott Do. . do. biggent and filterert 1 k. do. tea and coffee unit Do. do. brwett pattern dih covert Do. do. cheese plattt and toastara Do. do. tauce and ttew pana Do. do. tea and chocolate pots; with every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and sheet - iron line, a manufactured and soil, oo Uie moat reasonable terms, at their factory, no. 71 Fulloa - atrcet, between Fit cmcn'i - hall A - ..d uolj - rtreet. N. B. Wholesale order executed in the hast manner, aod at the lowest prices. ap 8 3taw2w L:M ITCH VLVT.VEMT. . WARRANTED an infallible remedy at one application, may be used with perfect aalety ou inraott a wecK old, not onatain'D a particle ol mercury ,cr any daugeron iogn dkntt whatever, and not accompanied with tbtl olfcn - sivt satell whick attends the application of other remedies. The abort Birdirinea are prepared aril ml J at LEE'S Medtciae Sttwc, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, md told by S. CARLE, cornel of Fulloa and Water - streets. fr"SSbi and coantry liore - ketpen tupj lied ca bocrai icrmt, ju h Il f I tjiiaii i liir Tiii n iwrnTrtirtil! LWABBAieiA k u. - .liv, twaliwiV.. , (pababaio T I a M. ' I. rTiwxfkCB and ' t - t AVFS Newhurebeve aatwi - B V ' - ; Tll ry Sunday, Tmtday, WT' - o"d Thuraday oiormngf , at mx lhr. n'rlock. runt tliruUgh a" - ... , ... - it., - u.,1 Mnittroavrr. Bloomingourgn, nioouicii.., - j IVIiite Lake, C'ohcton, Mount Pleaaact, treat Bend.CiM)iiauzoP'iiit,Owega, J Ink a, aod Ge neva, In Canandaigua. ' Rctiirniiif? Icavet oanatwaigua every i"' day, Wedinrstlay and Friday moroinga attln ee o'clock, ami arrivet at Newburgh, the third dav in lime to take the Steam - toau allien arrive in New - Yoik the following moniinp;. tX3 mn.v ht txptelfd tliat nl all Umtt when lU simm koaii alter thfir dagi ninning, Oial liia mil nil at lo met! ihtm. i t, whole route will be perfomea in wife dava.from the firnt of May. until the fTrat t November ami' num me nrsj. nu.cmuv. until the fifteenth of .December, and from the fifteenth of March un it the first of May, in ... ilaiH - - ttnd from the 15th fK ceniher, un, til the iifiecnth of March the same line will be continued to the city nf .New - York and. run from thence to Cairn .'daitrua in lour tav. n.nn,.rt tpuvrllinir from New - A'urk to r.nnanda'n - ua. Niafrara or lluffalo, cun lcae N York in the cveniiiif ateam - boaU, and arrive in Catiandaigua in three day a distanre oflln ee hundred wiiLt. The line is well fumidied with Eood. new carnatreas good Imraea, aim rieefni and exberieiiccd drivers Every altrn tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller mfe, eay and expeditious ; and it is believed that the accommodations on thia line are euual to unv line ill the state, fTT rKu Irom .ewouign uiananuaigva FOL'HTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A ! - aneh - jI the aame line runt three times att'M'k from Ithaca to Auburn. Alo, a line rims from Oweiro Tioga 1'oint; thence throuyli Newtown and Paiiiied l'ost, to Bath, c. . . BAGGAGE, at usual, at the risk of the owner. David Godfrry, Bloomin nghurgh, fleaaant, i aiigo, E. C. St. John, Mount Plea L. it R. Mniiiimg,Lhenaii Luther Gere. Ilhica, Proprie' tori. finrnuel Grrenhff, Geneva, I Oliver I'htlpa, Laming, J lob 14 dim j 77 r. &OU.YO H TFJiM liO.l 7 - LJ K. ihe proprietor, with view of accommodating Ihe anrttrejv public, by extending tiie line mfamm&imlf ivorwien, iiueiiii the eapt - iiiiieiil wilbthri Fulton, Cnpt. Law, and thia route (if found practicable) will be continued during f ho aea - on. The line will in future he from New York to Norwich, nt follow : The Connecticut, t M" Bunker, will leave New - York every .Monday, H'tdiuidafi and t'riduy, at U tVIi:k, iu the morning, lor Aetr - rlaien. Ihe r niton, (.apt Law, will leate JV'onricA at 6 o'clock in the morning of Ihe aame daya, touch M A" tit - London and depart Irnm thence lor sieto - n aven a. o o'clock. Tho boata will meet at JVtu Horen, nnd denart from tlit nce everv Monday. H oVajv and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tlie evening the .nnecucul lor .vetu - x ore, aua it.e ruuon lor Aiff - mdon"and ffortrieh. mh!7 VALUABLE REAL LbTAl'K FOR bALE, 15 TDX tITT OT HEW TURK. FIVE lota of ground on the weal aide ofGrten - wich - itree.T, between Veitry and Deahroa - ae - rtrer ta, 'Z5 hy 80. r otir do in the rc;r ot tne aoove, trontirg on theea - t aide of Washington - ttreet, 45 by 80. Fichl do in Ihe block below, he I ween Wash ington and Wett - itreetr. in Montgomery county. C000 arrea of Land in Lawreuce't purchaae, near Fait Cauada Crctk, cutiie noitb tide ot the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 arret of Land, in the towni of Mount Morria and Dayton. In Eaaei County. 7U32 acret of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the Count v of Lewii. 12.10 acrea of land io CuMcrland, Chaaanit Purilmte. In Saraloea County. 600 acret in Palmei af purchue. Enquire dar - tireet Enquire at tlieorlice of liea aubtcriber, 34 C BEV. ROBINSON. mh'7f Yl,!,1,! .M liiiwrvi.u, i'i. - u . - aii., - . - :. M comer of Fulton - street, New - York, hay - in" received a large aopply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day at Martin, 57 High Hol - born, London, offert tlie aame, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most hberul and advantageous to purchaser. . This inestimable composition, with half the u - sua) labor, produCea a moat brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varuin ; anorus peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil Ihe finest linen s ia perfectly free from any unpleasant smell; and will return aita virtues in any climate. Aa an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood th tost and commanded the most extensive sale in nil quarters of the globo, lor upward of half a century. Eeb 10 ' "PaR. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of I f Medicine in the military I loipitali of Nap - lea, and admitted a member of tbe Medical So ciety of New - York, where he hat resided tince tlie year I 'j;s ann ma reputation aou aucce in practice, ia now established in the knowledge of the public hynearSCO yeara experience, rontin - uet to be consulted at hia nlhce, No. 3it Watcr - ttreet, opposite Crane wharf. In Rheumatic and Venereal rasrr, Dr. De An - geli ha been wonderfully nccraful ; and the most terrihle efiVcta ol tlinte dindet have Ire - uently been cared by him in a short space ol lime without inconvenience to Ihe patient. Ohitructinns, ulcers in Ihe throat and palate, si illness of the mints, paint in Uie limbs, eruption of the akin, tocether with a numerous train of evil, iiriamg from ceylect or improperly treating nl the nio - tiusidioua ol roaladies, baveciren wat to his mode of treatment in an almost incredible manner. Ii is extraordinary torcest ia, in a great rueaxire at'nbutalile to hi well known Ami rheumatic and Anti - Sphilic Syrup, which. whilst they eradicate every form of disease, rea tore the emaciated patient lo vigor, aud health. apIS Im Gfciv FLE.viAN'S SHAVING CAsLS. 07" A tupcrior aort ment of gentle men's Sha ring cava, dressing box et. portable desk, tra velling pouches wilh Ink lards ;Jadit work box es, morocco, mahocany, satin wood and unlina leather, work tioxes ja - paaed dressing cav,i;c. lor sale vb&lesule and retail, hy N. SMITH D IVIES. No. 151 Broadway. Also, a general assortment of Perfumery and fancy articles ; shaving soap and liquid; tooth powder, paste and lotion; milk of mtvs; lipsalve : mid cream ; amine oil ; violet sha v in: pciwder ; pomatum ; plain aad scented hair powder ; almond paste nnd powder ; pearl powdc - r aod rouse ; ratort, razor strap hint paste t tor tntae rh. lL horn and ivory remha ; nccd!e :dura bar. ink ; tails of kamn ; tooth, cloh, havin;, aaitand harr lirtslrf - a ; almond, vtulet, olive. ! a tasnioe, pnlia, and oilier sos ; trnit kmvet ; pew and pocket Knives : scissors; tnulf Loxea ; hair piua ; nad many other articles, too oumemas to rotntinn. P. S. Gnat alio waace lo wholesale t'eaVrt. apIS . 110' in b ' ! : POST COACU US a PIIILADELPWA A Bt WAT o fowLEt - rtooR V J 1 tMfORTAST TO FASSr.CFR8. Nn fmsnwt ittn w 'ilh i.r i. ot chair' line. PARTNERSHIP - DISSOLVED, ANUUlXt - SITION WF.VIVfcW. ANEW Line of Pwt Coachet wilt every con - aenienee for maavngrrt and bajreage, im Springt - TH HOUGH IN ONE DA i . The Pott Coach will start :'rom Hie Coach office, old No. I Courtland - etrert, N. York, every morning, (Sunday a excrpUrd) at half part five o'clock, by wav of Newark, New - llruniwit k, Princeton, Trenton and Hriatol, and arrive at PhihulelJiia the f arae aflrrnoon, nt 6 oVIoc.k. I be new bteam Boat Line Inrtuatry ttiu nan from New - York everv luomms. 8unda't ex cepted, nt ID o'clock in the Steam II ml Atalan - la, lodge, itt I r. - ntun. and orrivn at inirvn ipnin. .n bieam Boat, next morning at iu o cK . - - are a doiiara. ; . P. S. PasMrnccra aie rqneleu to call ond lake Ihtir aeata at Ihv office Old No. 1 fyourt - landt - Mrw t, New - York. United State Mail Coach, for trulailelphia, B.'dfiiuore nnd W ailiingion City, aviib eveiy convenience lor pataengcra and imy:yie, on apringa. The U. S. mail coach w ill ili.rt frmti the coaehollice, old o. I Uouitiandt - ttn - et, rtw York, every day ot 2 o't hn k, P. .VI. nnd airive at Philadelphia next morning at C o'clock. O.ily naui iiircri admitted. For teata in the above named l.iue. apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at Ihe old tataohihed Crach, Stage and bteom Boat effue, at tl old No. 1 Courtlnndt - fiiect, the second oluce from Broadwav. New - York t or In A. I. hUUU RICH ii CO. No. 2I Broadway, comer ol Ctr dar - frpet. New - York. ftT"AII good nnd bngzsee at the risk of (he owner. J03I.PH LVO.V. !?0.S i CO. N. B Expreaaea aenl to any part of the Con linent.hy THOMAS UHlTFIIXD. ap 21 lOsT CHAlah. - vf - A' t f r - irr - ' - (MS fObl CHAI. - jr. will havt .vew torkeve ry day (Sunday excepted) nlMII pait in the morninsor wnvof Newark, only six paaaen - gers admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the same eieimrj. r are through, kJ The new Steam Boat Line Kxperinienf, will leave New - York every day fSunday excepted) at half past 2 o'clock, in the Steam Bni,? Aialan - la. and arrive nt Plnhidelriia the next day M 4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat AiTN A from Bristol. Fcr beala in the above lines, npply at the Poet Cr.&lse. Stne nnrl ffrum r5"rt 'luce, I in nroaa wav. opposite the Ci'v Hotel. ; Allgooda and baggage at tlie risque of Uie owner. JOHN N. GUMMING. Newark. JOHN Gl'l.ICK k. SON?. Princeton STOCKTON U HOWELL, Philadelphia H. txpreua initio any pari of the Union. ap o JfOKTU Jilt LU bTh.lM 1U1A I S. I be t. hancellor Living r l aton v. ill leave New York fcrrrvtw - on Saturday, theSllth irft. boat leave New York every Tuesday, 'Iburaday and Saturday, at b P.M. and Albany on same daysai 9 A. M. unlil lurlher notice. mh Vf f'l LAM ltA I FOR SALE fjrt - t..lo, a well hniah - '' bed Ste - uii Boat, of small JtMjiirr tvilh 2 cabins, and col 2CZiculiited to cairy convenient i nixmi nxiy passengers - lit r full ii ol the belt timber, and she I copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a hoe oi running iinruediaU'ly. She diatvt but thirty - two' inchcaof water, nad frcro tlie advautageouacoii - atruclion of her machinery, can he worked at one half the dniiy expenie ol ateam - buut in general hbe will le aidd a great bargain, il applied lor ahorfly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mhiWIif - ISAAC - tL fXHO IM - A. tO. rvVlF i' - fcUI'E MAIL LilACliLfl, rvR rmi.AnKi.rBi , oat to dinner. . . The piihlick house t are good, and rrasonnble in Iheir rhareet. Tbedrivtrs, horresaiidc.oM.h - ci nre not interior to any others now running between these wo cities.. Tbe heautiful country, and the eirt Hence of tlie load ou this rout, connected wilt, the safely, comfort, and reasonable expencea, are beleived to be strong inducement to travellers in giving thia line a decided prefer ence. The slnelest attention will be observed hy thevroprieloia in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and package will go at tlie riak ol the owner unle insured and receipted Ijr by the clrrtt of aaid office. Stage tare only $5, with a generou allowance of la.ggnge. Parlies wishing lo travel at their leisure, may eng.'ige the Coach on reasonable term exclusively tolhemaelyea, hy applying one day previous to iiarting." ' For eats apply at Nr. 5 Courtlanril - street, New - York. LYON, SONS, A CO. np S Proprietor. r u ii ii I l. A U b li I 11 1 A i Twenty - five milea land carruige, via New - Brunswick and I nnfou. In new post coachet . Do. good stages, 0 Do, forecastle or deck pTtsrrrs 2 60 Connected by the .team boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The stowm boat Olive Branch will leave Iew - Yoi x every day, Sun davs excepted, from the north tide of the Batte ry, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadel phia, io as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, ui time to lake the IJt - ton Line Baltimore steam - boats, This line has a connection with the bcrt boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake lo Norfolk ; as alio those of the North River and ?wiaJ ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause littln, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the passengers will leave New York after the banks opeu, and arrive in Phila del phia before the hours nl business, without la tigue in travelling or want of sleep, tbe land carriage bcin'r moch Irs than by any oilier rtmle between the two cities. For seata ia the a hive line apply to WILLIAM U JAQUES. At the Union f An Sleain Boat Office, in Mar kelficld - strcet, north able of the Battery, be tween Gieenwir.h K Whiiigtoii - atreets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. fx3" Ail goada and baggage at Uie riak of tlio owner. up 4' N. SMITH D A V I E S. Wholesale and retail Chymical Periumer, ' Nn. I;l crqaow a v, . BEGS lcavo to inform his irmud and customer, that l.e has on hand an e.Mtd.aivt assortment o perfumery and fancy articles viz : alia - ving soap snd li jiiid ; wa'hiitj; orp in cake arfl twin amitiiie tilt cold cream ; elwrcr.l nnd chrmicai ft - ntifnc ; rouge end pearl powder; plain itnd scrnted hair pi.trder ; almond powd'?! and parte ; milk r.fro - e - IHr,l and volt pina - tmn ; tooth. cMh, fh nin,", hair, mi! coruh brushes, nf siivrirr qnaliiy ; riznr; Vi'rrs ; P"n ahd f ket knivea; shavinj uih! i.'rts - ting case ; pocket Ivv ar I e.uj.V cither article, too nnuvroui tc n;en'!',3I ior ;;Vc AhoUsa't ud rctaa. up C y i, i, TtTift Lfftte new ion: AttittftfL'! mon.mK(feuadi.y,sex VfSSffceyh d) at 8 o'clock, and ar - .!igJVrive iu ri.iladelpl.ia next uj hi I a I I . ductreurj pthr Jrtow how l d' - aUg,.. ... ' I ween thtrgalfaat diller. .fe XJ.of tb city J;,nriOU:,13 memlr of the far - why of phym . and ourgery there, dn, it fa t r to rri wm, .wervat o, tfcc abuse of MERCURY i raah, indiarriminate, Bnd an. ftllrW i,rfka Pee. tive of uiliaite ain ur aaiaU ore annually merct.rialii. a out of tiZ'. eticc. Tbediaeaaa we have ia wew owe If . 7 rciuitt tWeily to thia source.' " W Jf a. nil thai u young man, the hope of Ida coealrv 17! the dai Img ot hit parent, ahould be tniu ted . way iron, bji uk - priiapecu uaU eujoyment, of ll i.;toHmtjaxtfii ur - aarid roomtai ud by a diseaae not in lit own nature fatal IVl which only proves to from neglect or imim.. treatment A peotlemar, "(late DrJ IK tieM) now perfectly heary and well, hZi iWl . under phyH:iaBt of fertHl practici!, tirveii ' aud rejieatudly talival. il ; when rcommetriTrf il vr. n. (uj a gwtirman f tiii citw hi, bor.. wt ro t aniiua, and hia lieih dron ! tali or tf., 4. iricodi" declorl he could not rcaiiiblir .J!"' 5 wo moiilha longer. Timuanadt exiH - rmj.a! know wiui hat eaaetind .fcfy Dr. If nJS cab U.e everut eaoea. and ronlirmi Uie'cr n!3!" " ' lutioa. The Doctor's plan (advertiiimVb ti cei'ary to guard Uie imblic nuainrt tl,e ... . mercury, and other fatal de.'uiioo, held forth Prraoiit, theielore, havinp contracted a roT vale disorder, or awr - ctiiig lacnt poiaoa 7I admonished not to tomtwr with li.. - tioa, cr conceal tie duordor, till rroi ry, uie reuinina or an old ru or other lmtmrititt of the blood. .. on . er complaints of a delicate nature in tior" sex. sl - ould ixnt - mber posterity, nni;' do - 'er to thetr consciencea. br malii.,. "T I ) r7 1 1 7 u f hi old "LuT IL ut bis old irnil re; ; t, No. o4,Wale, - ,lreet, Z"hoZ liahmeti ol l)ld - alip, to ontain that prompt aaaislanre a loot cab'ulntfil to prevent dincloaure. An.i k. let me claim your rnma attention Remenih,. anperficial cure ia no cure at all ; unless Uiebn aim s is radically done, you will certaiiily hivl .in i'iiuu uui .iiu wiui reuounied ma liiiii.'y, at soma future period ; pcrba; then Vvill ie too late for remedy . Don't you often meet ia the street miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of note on their face .'. Take waruiu br aeech you. - . Ki Dr. H's. character for akiU and rtubborn iota - trrity being universally kuown in this city, tnt lot4,giiiiiantee to patieutt liiut driicary and f ctecy hifhertn unknown, and iiaving coiiiined Im cractire h.r veart pal, excluaively toUiecureol ilivasea of the blood ayafeni, tliey may aafely cai - ulate on Ibe moat decided advauldLet iiicoa. suiting Dr. H. . . Gieeta eradicated in' twe or three wetitV - . Strt'cturra removed Wftlion' bougiet "r any other iniliunient ; and all dehiluiraj likewiae all old ulcerations, fittulu't kt . A plurality of olticea are prorlded, and loiita - :itcd (hat paiir nta are not espoaed toeach other'a ohaervution. Open till half past 9 in the evening. , AI! peiaofia concerned are invited lo be free ia calling, and speaking with Dr. II. which ia Ire of coat. And here the I uctpr cannot avoid tlit i sprtsaion of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, ami for the decided preference fit ii in limed u ith just cause) long given him by a ludii inua pulilie. All lettert mutt be poat paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug S7lv ' E it. F. A S' luperim method nfcuring a certain Diaease, ianowurfiier aally acknowledged in lliia city ; bis mode ol treatment is perfectly mild, tale, ei. twditious. and hia chargn iottoini!, in every u strtuce he warrmilt a curt, aud will return the pay if aa doet not perform agreeahit to contract. 'I'!,, alrii lull lyrrurll bIi - .i. nk.. ..l & m in. .. - . - n.i.j - , uurri mi, 'there are mnny peisons iu thia city hud ita vicinity, laboring under varioua - . - hrnnic ditenara, tuch a cancer, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistula, diseases of tlie urethra, bladder aad kuluiet, old complicated complaiutt of a certain nature, biliout aad other ottrc - tioris, rbeumatum, Ac. which tliey consider iocs - rable, tiny can certainly be cured fin general) by apply ine at lr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 9, Petk - alip, having practised io extelsivi hoipithla iu Lurojie It years, under some of I) tint Snrgeona and l'hyaiciana in the world, an4 made thoae obatiuate disease! bit Constant atudy for 30 vear,. . Pet H t' The rubscribcr bavin; recently returned from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, be takct this mclhod of informing hia frirods and the public, that all those wht are ao unfortunate aa to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap. plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. ' Jan 52 VM. PURVIS.' frt - WHEATON DA VIS, Fnncy :iair Manufac turert, No. 153 Fulton - ttreet, opposite St. Pault Church offer for eale, wholeialt aad retail, a large aod elegaot at - aortraent of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold H hronre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converaa - lion Chaira. Sofat, Eetteei. Loungeea, Muiic Stools, ilc. Ordert irom any part ot theconUMntcxecuito with neatuc.i and di.patch. : Old Cbalrt repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 JfEW DttESSIA'G ROOX. AFRUME.NTO, No. 1 YV all - street, J?" " . turned from Italy, has tlie honour tt mwrm the gentlemen, that he cuts and drettei hair the latest Kyle, nnd in a mar ner to at to tsiom it to the liitioguomy. He has for sale aqo" - ty of RAZORS ol the first quality, f'r". not please on trial, Uie purclmaen aie at to return them, and receive tlie money - ' i " likewise procured a very one none, onoc,yt, - to icitore rawra toavery keen edge aadalwuia (hty not cut he will receive no recompftif' r - Ttwae gentlemen who roav please to bof!jrl' with tlieir pntronage, may depend oo tbe n particular and reapectful attendance. ' N. B. Genth'inen who auhscriba bythCar - ter wiil have their rarorr, Ac. kept exclusively . for themselves. , P. A pood tourntrman wanteo. . nyv;i mhCtf a ahnve. FOK , rpiiF. CIRCULATING LIBRARY, laBr s' - X ton - atveet, near Broadway, coniatir, ol an exlensiveaml cJu icsf collection of hratoo e!, voyage, biography, romtmc, aovcw, tale, plv, review, roag?7ine, Arc. Coljlos;ueniny becxamined at the horary, which it open for tubsciibers, aa uaual. inUti NEW - YORK : .. - ri PRINTED WaVD PUIiLlSHXD MICHAEL PUHA'UAMk CO. No. 42 I'lns - trnKETr t Tta

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