Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1931 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 8
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTK MARCH 17 1931 Child Art Research to Be Made by Staff 'IOWA CITY,' March · 17.--Ventures into new frontiers of research in the artistic capacity of the child will be undertaken during coming ·months hy an augmented '.staff in the University of Iowa psychology of art laboratory. Aided by a Car-, negie corporation grant of $12,000, half of.which now is available, Dr. Norman C. Meier will direct his research workers in the .completion of a seven y e a r · program. G i f t s amounting 'to between $17,000 and 520,000 since 1925 have made possible the previous studies. Future historians may think the unknown soldier was the one who didn't write any memoirs.--Brooklyn Times. BAUME BENGUE (pronounced : Ben-Gay) quickly relieves the knifelike pain or "crick" in the back due to lumba'go or sacra-iliac disturbance. Its penetrating quality stimulates circulation, lessens congestion and soothes the irritated nerves. Its exceptional pain- relieving properties bring immediate ' comfort. Good for every pain of nerve and muscle. - . -. ' "BeH-Ga« Accept No Substitutes IOWA STATE DAY TO BE OBSERVED District Alumni to Banquet at Mason City Saturday; " Godfrey to Speak. A history of the 73 years of progress made by Iowa State college and a package of music containing words and music of all the old Iowa State songs has been received here for use at the annual banquet of alumni and friends to be held at the. Y. M. C. A. Saturday night. The banquet is in celebration of the birthday of the school and is being observed thruout the United States by groups of Iowa State men and women. George Goedfrey, Algona, member' of the state hoard of education and a former faculty member of the college, will be the principal speaker of the evening. P. F. Hopkins, city manager, will act as toastmaster. .. . 'Oh Marcji 22, 1858, Gov. Ralph P. Lowe signed the/ legislative bill creating the Iowa Agricultural college and experimental farm. Since the actual birthday falls on Sunday this year, the local group has selected Saturday as the day for the celebration. Reservations for the banquet;are to be handled by Marion Olson, county agent for Csrro Gorffo county, with offices at the courthouse. Reservations may be made either by mail or telephone, according to those in charge. The banquet is planned for'alum- ni, students and friends of Iowa State and letters have been mailed to all alumni in Cerro Gordo and Worth counties inviting them and their families to the meeting. Manufacturers Ordered to Drop Monopoly Group NEW YORK, March 17. (ff)--Federal Judge Frank J. Coleman today ordered the dissolution of the Bolt, Nut and Rivet Manufacturers' association, controlling about 95 per cent of the industry, holding that it was in restraint of trade and a violation of the Sherman anti-trust laws. Engineering Exhibit to Be Presented at Iowa U -IOWA CITY, March 17.--A public exhibition of every type of engineering laboratory work will be presented at the University of .Iowa. March 21 by scores of students in the college of engineering. Some of the features of the annual affair will be testing of concrete, steel and wood-in the materials laboratory, experiments, with, the 250,000 volt transformer, largest in the state; .displays of television receiving equipment and miniature models of river control projects. Married at Charles City CHARLES CITY, March 17.--The marriage of Miss Margaret J. Bowers of Rudd and Aaron A. Hoel of Floyd took place Saturday afternoon at c the Christian parsonage. The Rev.' G. A. Hess performed the ceremony in the presence of Miss Helen Meyers and Virgil Hoel as witnesses. Mr. and Mrs. Hoel will live on a farm north of, Floyd. nnouncing a Tke CABLE MIDGET UPRIGHT A - NEW ^nd original creation fitting the' old and loved instrument of music, to modern conditions. ^Occupying the space of two ordinary- chairs placed side by side, "a~nd- low enough to allow the player to look over the top when seated, this new, complete, full-scale and fuller toned piano suits itself to any room in any dwelling. . · This chantiing little piano is made in a ' " variety of woods and in enamels of many j. colors to harmonize with any room ! BUY NOW AND SAVE M 4 Day Piano Special TO HOMES WITHOUT A PIANO '^WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY of - · : this week, during.Mason Citys Spring Opening and the Iowa State Teachers Assn. Convention, we will offer: ^ One New Small Upright Piano for--$195 One New Baby Grand Piano for--$495 ; We Also Have Some Good Buys in Used Pianos at $50 and Up jjgj BUY NOW AND SAVE I WWWCJE - M U S I C CO. 124'North Federal Avenue HONEYMOONERS RETURN SCHROEDER OFF TO START TERM former lowan Begins 2 to i 21 Years for Death of Hitch Hiker. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.,, March 17, 1P--Harold Herbert Schroeder, former iowan, was taken to the Mich- gan City state prison today by automobile to serve a 2 to 21 years sentence for voluntary 'manslaugh- er for the death of an unidentified hitch hiker'near here last spring. An arson indictment against Schroeder was dismissed in criminal court yesterday by Herbert E. Wilson, prosecutor. The torso of the Photo shows William Larimer Mellon, Jr., 20 year old nephew, of Secretary Andrew W. Mellon, and his_bride, upon their return to Pittsburgh, following their honeymoon abroad. Pittsburgh society was surprised last November when it was announced- that" Mellon and' Miss Grace Rowley, whose wedding was to take place the following day, had been married a year. SUITABILITY SAYS SPOT ENTHUSIAST Activity Clothes Must' Offer Freedom, Adaptability. If there is one thingr that influ-. ences sports clothes more prominently than anything else this year, it is the trend;toward suitability to the occasion. It began in the smart resorts of southern France last summer, probably a vigorous reaction against that over-femininity in'fashion which tried to force upon us the. long- sports skirts andsuch decorative pajama outfits thafthey looked as if they belonged in the boudoir. It had all the evidences of a protest when the smartest of the smart appeared day after day in French fisherman's jersey*,beret, and linen or pique trousers that were considered all the more chic for being drenched in .salt water; and, hung, in the Bun until they.i-twere';:weath|r- /beaten. '."'.'.' · "·';'*;···''#··. 'f'-tflv*.';?;-'."' The Smart .Outfit Is Practical/; Today the appropriate clothes, the right equipment for whatever you are doing, are the basic requirements for smartness. Take the question of long skirts. You will agree that long skirted tennis frocks are not appropriate. They re not even smart, for nothing can e smart that is out of place . . . nd a long sports skirt is as out of lace as an evening frock in the aytime. Three inches below the knee is a comfortable length for ports clothes and it is the accepted rule for ttiis season. Where strenuous activity is concerned, clothes must be adaptable and that is the idea behind all aports apparel of today. The waist- ine, is normal because it must stay n jlace while the body is permitted greatest freedom. The matter of sleeves is simple. Tor tennis where the arms must be free, sleeves are omitted entirely. When they do appear, they are loose and free of trimming so they can be turned up like a man's for real action. "Freedom" Crys the Mode. All sports wear ia loosely fitted. The smart sports coat looks even a bit too big for its wearer, while in gloves, every smart woman ask for a size' or two larger than her measure calls for. Most important of all is the right material. Fashion has certainly supplied us lavishly this year with true sports fabrics . . . the linens, the shantungs, the mesh cottons, the knitted fabrics and rough tweeds. We note that stylists are registering alarm at .the prospect of color turned loose so riotously, lest women of not-too-aure discrimmina- tiou in the matter of effects, wil indulge in It to their sorrow. But we greet it with cheers in the sports field, for brilliant shades surely belong 'to the out-doors where nature's vivid summer colors demand all the gayety and fresh ness that can be achieved in the ap parel that · embellishes the land scape. Simple, Tailored for Sports. The return of .tailored things t leadership in sports fashions is in dicatcd by the new summer models The feminine type of dress or sul has given way to plain, well-flttet costumes for spectator as well a active sports. Suits with quite shor jackets, and made of flannel, tweed or knit fabrics are specially favorec Stress ia placed on pleats an pleated effects, Jackets of short bolero effec treated in various ways to giv. more the effect of the top of a one piece dress or overblouse are mad of plain material when'the dress I printed or of plaid or striped effec when the dress is of plain color. Coati WUli Separate Scarfs. Tho all-fabric, unfurred coat the smart coat for casual wear, has a separate fabric scarf whic may be adjusted in the moat flatter ing and individual ways. There nr scarfs that give the effect of cape let, raisTc! collars thnt end in scnrfs that can bs arranged possibilities of greatest individuality. Fashion has gone one step further in its devotion to sun-tan and introduces shorts to be worn with jumpers with sun-backs for the golf course enabling one to tan while getting the daily exercise, instead of reclining on the sands in a bathing suit to acquire a bronze complexion. Pique, linen or shantung are the usual fabrics . . . the more simply they are made the smarter. \ Legion Tourist Fark OSSEO, Minn.---Members of Osseo post of the American Legion have improved the old school- grounds which they bought a year ago and converted it into a touris' park. Plans are now under way to build a clubhouse. Eunice Charlson Is Elected. - LBLAND, March ·;. 17.--At, thi unknown _man was found in Schroeder's burned automobile. Wilson hinted Schroeder might have to serve the maximum of his sentence. "In applying for parole," he said, "the man convicted of voluntary manslaughter must have the signature of the prosecutor who convicted him, the prison board has ruled. I don't intend to sign any application for his parole very soon." 5,000 Coal Miners of ·South Wales Quit Work CARDIFF, Wales, March 17. UP) --Five thousand coa! miners of South Wales quit work today in protest against a wage cut of 14 cents a day awarded recently by the chairman of a joint conciliation board. JOHN DOLES UnlTenal Luther league; me.sting· held at Our Saviour's Lutheran /church Sunday evening Eunice Charlson was elected president; H. O. Haagenson, DON'T GROW OLD JOHN BOLES WARNS "Nowadays no woman need be afraid of birthdays," John Boles says. "Charm isn't by any means measured by years I "Not only stage and screen stars but hundreds of dtherwomen, too, have learned a very important secret of allure. YOUTH is recognised for,the priceless thing it is ... complexions are kept glowing." ; "To keep youthful charm, guard complexion beauty," the famous actresses will tell you. "Keep your skin temptingly smooth, alluringly aglow 1" Actresses the world over use Lux Toilet Soapl At their request, this fragrant, beautifully white soap ia in theaters everywhere ... is official in all film studios. Of the countless Hollywood, 1 Broadway, European stars who use this white soap, some have the skin that is inclined to dryness; some the skin that tends to be oily; some the in-between skin. Whateveryour individual type may be, you, too, will find Lux Toilet Soap a perfect soap!, The caress of ddllar-a-cake Frencii soap KVKLYN IAY« J" 5 * 1 *· LUFE VELEZ Unlrerial vice president; secretary, treasurer. and Arabella Arthur Hugelen, Carlson, Post Collects Clothing COLDWATER, Mich.--The American Legion here recently sponsored movement to collect used clothing or the needy. A "pick-up" day was esignated and the result was five ruckloads of overcoats, suits, resses, shoes and other wearing apparel. Ix;g1on Game Preserve BRANDON, Miss.--Rankin coun- y post of the American Legion recently accepted an offer '' the Pearl River Valley Luir, any of 4,000 acres in No: 1 Ran- cln including Peat lake and a mile of frontage on Pearl river to be .ised as a game preserve. The post voted to build a clubhouse and place a tenant on the property to control forest fires. Will Attend Homecoming. LAMONT, March 17. Iff)--The Rev. R. M. Shipman, superintendent of the Des Moines district of the Methodist church, will return hire March 22 to attend a home-" -ing of members of the'local cou^.sga- tlon of 22 years ago, when the Rev Mr. Shipman was pastor here. Mothers... Watch Children's COLDS C OMMON head coIJs often "settle" in throat and chest where they may become dangerous. Don't take a chance -- at the first sniffle nib on Children's Musterole once every hour for five hours. ·· Children's Musterole is just good old Musterole, you have known so long, in milder, form. This famous blend of oil of mustard, camphor, menthol and other ingredients brings relief naturally. Musterole gen action becauseitisasci entific"cotmrer- irritant"--not just a salve--it penetrates and stimulates blood circulation, helps to.draw out infection and pain. Keep full strength Mustcrole on hand, for adults and the milder--Children's Mustcrole for little tots. All druggists.' CHILDREN'S for Men + Women + Children for Women's Footwear For thrifty early shoppers we present these outstanding values In our first e v e n t " featuring newly arrived footwear for Spring., Every imaginable style. for Men's Oxfords Kids and Patent Leathers! C l . e v e r toes! S o f t , f i n e leathers! Kvery one new anu different. Living Models in Our Windows See the new Spring modes in our windows from 7:30 to 8 P. M. on -living models. G,R.KINNEYCO,inc II fizchu, bow or rcver effects, with | DIAMONDS AT THEIR TRUE VALUE ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL PURCHASE PLAN OUR $100.00 FEATURE From the SOPHISTICATED HAND of EARTH America's foremost ring designer come these ring creations Our Spring Diamond stock is now complete. Don't fail to see our diamond ring ensemble wedding rings that match the solitaire in every detail. Priced at their true value. You may buy them . on our Special Purchase Plan WATCHES DIAMONDS 3 WEST STATE ( li

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