Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 17, 1934 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 17 1934 JAPAN DRAFTS NOTE FOR li. S. Insists She Holds Special Responsibility to Keep Peace in Asia. TOKIO, April 17. UPlWThe draft of a "restatement and clarification" of Japan's policy toward China which may tie made the basis of protests to the United States was revealed to the Associated Press today. From a. high official source, it ·was learned the draft already has been submitted by the foreign office to Foreign Minister Koki Hirota for approval, It will be communicated shortly to the Japanese minister at Nanking and to all other Japanese officials now in China. Japan Claims Responsibility. .The draft contains a statement of Japan's insistence that she holds special responsibility to "maintain the peace in east Asia" and to determine that China's contacts with other powers shall not be of such a nature as to jeopardize that peace. In order that other powers may "fully understand," an official spokesman said the draft probably will be communicated to Japanese ambassadors in Washington and other capitals to serve as basis for explanations to the governments to which they are accredited. Objects to Anns Aid. The draft declares: "Japan must object" when efforts to aid China take the form of "the supplying of military airplanes, the establishment of airdromes, the furnishing- of military advisers and instructors, and the granting of political loans." The spokesman declined to state how this would be applicable to the sales by American manufacturers of airplanes to China, participation by American companies in the establishment of Chinese air routes; the United States government's cotton and wheat loan to 1 · China and the employment of American aviation instructors by the Chinese government. Hawks Is Included. He continued, however: History shows that technical or financil aid to China almost inevitably becomes military or political, in which event Japan must object." There are many American aviators in China at the present tune selling airplanes and instructing Chinese flyers. Among these American airmen is Frank Hawks, speed pilot, who is demonstrating a huge bomber to Chinese government authorities. Cuban Commission ^ to Study Legality of Debt to Chase Bank - HAVANA, -April 17. GB--President Carlo's' 'Mendieta appointed a commission today to investigate the legality of Cuba's debt to the Chase National bank of New York. Cuban government officals have held the obligation "illegitimate" because it was contracted by the deposed President Gerardo Machado without the approval "of the Cuban people." President Mendieta announced last week when Cuba declared moratorium on Morgan and Speyer loans of approximately 550,000,000 that the Chase debt would be investigated. On the commission named today are Guillermo De Montagu, magis trate of the supreme court; Ernesto Dihigo Lopez, professor of law a Havana university, and Ricardo Sarabasa Blanco, Havana attorney Hudson Named Manager. ROCKFORD, April 17.--S. S Hudson, Clear Lake, has been hirei as manager and buttermaker at th Rockford Co-operative Daily asso ciation to succeed L. O. Smith wh has been manager for the past fiv years. Mr, Hudson was employed b the Clear Lake creamery for eigh years and recently has been sales man for a creamery supply compan out of Des Moines. A country doctor is one who can tell a boll from measles without th help of a. laboratory girl.--Lincoln Star. Why Children Need a Liquid Laxative The temporary relief children ge from unwise dosing with hars cathartics may cause bowel strain and even set up irritation in th kidneys. A properly prepared liqui laxative brings a perfect movement There is no discomfort at the tim and no weakness after. You don' have to give the child "a doubl dose" a day or two later. Can constipation be safely relieve in children? ''Yes!" say medical men "YesI" say many mothers who hav followed this sensible medical advice 1. Select a good liquid laxative. 2 Give the dose you find suited to th system. 3. Gradually reduce the dos until the bowels are moving regularl without aid. An approved liquid laxative (or that is widely used for children) Dr. Caldwelf's Syrup Pepsin, JTh mild laxative action of this excellen preparation is the best form of he! for children--and grown-ups, tot The dose can be regulated for an age or need. Your druggist has Dr ; Caldwell Syrup Pepsin. Member N. R. A. JOLLY GARNER DIES Constitutional Rights Stressed by Cress in Talk to Waverly Group WAVERLY, April 17.--Speaking before the Veterans of Foreign Wars stag dinner here, G. E. Cress, candidate for lieutenant governor, strongly condemned w h a t h e tearmed the trend to the violation of constitutional rights as pertain- ng to the average citizen. Commenting on the propaganda used during the World war, Mr. iress said, "You were told that you were fighting to make the world safe for democracy but you may be called upon to save democracy in ;his nation. W« think of heroes as .hose who have made the supreme JoJly Garner (above), 48 year old brother of Vice President John N. Garner, shot himself to death at his home in El Paso, Tex. (Associated Press Photo). !y Thomson Has Hard Time Raising Money On Check Count Fine AUSTIN, April 17.-- R. C. CCy) homson, who was convicted in 921 for the embezzlement of ?!,87,000 from the Geo. A. Hormel ompany, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge · in connection with le issuing of a worthless check or 511.35 in justice court here this morning. Justice R. L. Stimson sentenced im to -pay a fine of 525 and costs r serve 30 days in jail. Unable to ay the fine, Thomson was granted 0 days by the justice to raise the money. The complaint, charging him with etting money under false pretenses y issuing a worthless check, was gned by H. P. Laslett of the Aus- n Auto company. The check was resented to the Austin Auto corn- any on April 8, 1933, when Mr. homson made a purchase there. After he had pleaded guilty to i.e charge, Mr. Thomson stated that ·hen he presented the check to the ustin Auto company he had no intention of fraud and believed the Heck was good. He said he -would ,ry ' to raise the money to cover he check. Convicted o£ one of the , most sensational embezzlement cases in the history ·of-MiBnes6ta,:ne.:entered Stillwater prison, Sept. .7, .1921. : He was released on March 22, 1930 anc placed on parole. His parole expired April 11, 1932. sacrifice for American ideals but American ideals have never been designated by the jumbled letters of the alphabet." Calling attention to the destruction of life and property on the highways of Iowa, the speaker compared the number of Iowa soldiers killed in action during the World war to the number of lives lost through automobile accidents on the highways. He said: "The death toll, especially among children, is deplorable. We cannot value the life of a child in dollars and cents. We must have state supervision of our highways." Dance Held at Farm. ORCHARD--Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Halvorsen gave a charivari dance at the Ralph Fox farm. Iowa Falls Council to Hear Bond Objectors IOWA FALLS, April 17.--At a meeting of the city council May 2 the matter of the issuance of $20,000 sewer fund bonds will be considered. At that time or previous thereto, five or more taxpayers may file a petition setting forth their objections. Proceeds from the bonds will be used to build a sewage disposal plant and any additional sewers necessary to handle the sewage system of the city. It is anticipated government aid will be given in the sum of 512,000. Link Preston nas two sons. One is in politics and the other isn't much good either.--Atchison Globe. 3 SENTENCED IN IOWA BOND CASE Two Women and Man Admit Sale of Bonds Stolen at Marshailtown. CINCINNATI, April 11. UP)-Three persons who pleaded 'guilty in the sale here of bonds stolen from an aged, Iowa woman, were sentenced today, two women drawing indeterminate sentences in the Marysville reformatory, and a man getting a one; to seven year term iu the Ohio penitentiary. Sentences to the reformatory were given Mrs. Nancy Wright, Youogstown, and her sister-io-law, Mrs. Thomas Treharne, Wenona, 111. Thomas Trehame, Mrs. Wright's brother, was sent to the penitentiary. The three pleaded guilty last week to charges o£ receiving and concealing stolen property in connection with the sale here of some $60,000 of bonds stolen from Mrs. Martha Gillespie, 84 year old recluse of Marshailtown, Iowa. Mrs. Wright admitted she sold the bonds to a bank here at the request of C. C. Culberston of Marshailtown, who is now under arrest in Iowa, along with Mrs. Edna Brown, also of Marshailtown, both of whom face indictments here. Given at Good Hope. BURT, April 17.--The cast of the play, "The Lost Church," which was given at the Methodist church here two weeks ago, went to the Good Hope country church and presented the play there. Gall Stone Colic Avoid operation If possible. Treat tho cause In a uenslble, painless, inexpensive way at home. Write Home Drug Co., 18*57 No. Fourth St., Minneapolis, Minn., for a recognized practicing specialist's prescription on liver and sutl bladder trouble for literature and treatment which has been giving gratifying results for 28 years. Sold under money back Kuarantee. Clip tBla out NOW.--Advertisement. Walter M. Rosene of Ogden Named to Game Commission DES MOINES, April 17. UP)-Walter M. Rosene of Ogden today was appointed a member of the state fish and game commission by lov. Clyde L. Herring. Rosene will fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of J. N. Darling of Des Moines, who left the board when he was appointed Chief of the federal bureau of biological survey in Washington. Rosene, who is a republican, will serve until such time as Darling is able to resume his work on the Iowa board, Governor Herring said. President of the city National bank at Ogden for a. number of years, Rosene has been active in northern Iowa fish and game work. Cast Is Announced for Mitchell Junior Play MITCHELL, April 17.-- Clarice Ritter and Harold Allen will take the leading parts in the play, "A Scream in the Dark," to be presented by the high school junior class Friday evening at the school auditorium. Other members of the cast are Ruth Sharper, Bessie Orth Francis Zaruba, Delos Schrader, Alfred Schmidt, Harold Clayton and Harley May. _ _____ Will Contest Case Is Heard in Algona Court ALGONA, April 17. -- J u d g e Heald, Spencer, opened court Monday morning. The William Treptow case for contest of will was brought up. Court was dismissed at noon sc the judge and others could attenc the funeral services of the wife of Judge De Land of Spirit Lake Court was resumed Tuesday morning. _ Entertained at Mitchell. OSAGE-- Mrs. R. L. Dockertj and daughter, Ruth, entertained the Lucretia Deering chapter, D. A. R. Monday evening for their monthly dinner and program at their home at Mitchell. A roll call of garden hints was followed by the magazine review, by Mrs. W. J. Towner, and a book review. "Gilman of Redford" by Stearns Davis, read by Mrs. W. E. Sheldon. Entertain Letter Carriers. BELMOND, April 17.--Mr. anc Mrs. T. N. Davenport entertainec the Wright county rural letter carriers in their home Saturday night Thirty carriers and their wives and children were present from Hampton, Eagle Grove, Goldfield and Dows. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Bailey formerly here, but now of Clear Lake, were also present. OUR GREATEST SALE Wednesday--Thursday--Friday--Saturday APRIL 1 8 - 1 9 - 2 O - 2 1 OUR GREATEST VALUES BUY NOW -SAVE H0V**E££ NEW FRESH GOODS TOILET GOODS FACE POWDERS ROSSES S .50 Fleur du Midi Face _ Powder, White 2 for $.51 .50 Fleur du Midi Face Powder, Natural 2 for .51 .50 Fleur du Midi Face ;..;, :.. . Powder, Brunette......2for .51 1.00 Spring Blossoms Face 'V. ..-··"'-· Powder, White 2 for .61 1.00 Spring Blossoms Face Powder, Natural 2 for .61 1.00 Spring Blossoms Face Powder, Brunette 2 for .61 1.00 Spring Blossoms Face Powder, Deep Ivory 2 for .61 ROUGE--COMPACTS $ .50 Fleur du Midi Rouge, Raspberry 2 for $.51 .50 Fleur du Midi Rouge, Strawberry 2 for .51 .50 Fleur du Midi Rouge, Medium 2 for .51 .75 Spring Blossoms Rouge, Flame 2 for .61 .75 Spring Blossoms Rouge, Medium 2 for .61 .75 Spring Blossoms Rouge, . Poppy 2 for .61 THIS SALE IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT YOU BUY ANY STEM ON THIS LIST At R E G U L A R P R B C E AND GET A N O T H E R JUST LIKE SI FOR ONE CENT Hundreds of One Cent Sale Bargains PURE COD LIVER OIL PINTS CAMPHOR 2 ICE for LOTION 53.C NELSON'S BABY POWDER 26c ALMOND AND CUCUMBER CREAM 51C FINEST 2 MINERAL f or OIL PINTS BEEF IRON , WINE · J1.DS Size 2 for *1.9t COLONIAL o CLUB * SHAVING JJ r CREAM 5 1C 50c PENSLAR DENTAL CREAM TOILET GOODS CREAMS and LOTIONS For the Skin $ .50 Fleur du Midi Buttermilk Cleansing Cream 2 for $.51 .50 Fleur du Midi Cold Cream.2 for -.51 .50 Fleur du Midi Tissue Cream 2 for .51 .50 Fleur du Midi Vanishing Cream 2 for .51 .50 Fleur duMidi Vanishing Cream Lotion 2 for .51 .50 Fleur du Midi Facial Astringent 2 for .51 .75 Spring Blossoms Cold Cream ;2 for .61 .50 Spring Blossoms Almond and Buttermilk Cream. .2 for .51 .75 Spring Blossoms Vanishing Cream 2 for .61 .50 Penslar Almond Cucumber Cream 2 for .51 .50 Camphor Ice Lotion 2 for .51 .50 Cocoa Butter Cold Cream 2 for .51 .75 Theatrical Cold Cream, lib 2for .76 QUALITY ROBBER Hot Water Bottle Jugular price ?i.2S Capacity 2 quarts; This Sale - 2 fflf · Fountain Syringe, one piece bag, extra rapid flow tube, full 2 quart capacity. 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F O R Y O U R M E D I C I N E C A B I N E T Stock Up Now USEFUL THIM0S YOU MEED 25 Cent Antiseptine Tooth Paste 50 Cent Milk of Magnesia--Pints 50 Cent Aspirin Tablets--100's 75 Cent Cold Cream--1 Pound Tins 75 Cent Pure Cod Liver Oii--Pints 60 Cent Nelson's Magnesia Mixture 60 Cent Antiseptine--Pints 25 Cent Hinkie's Tablets--100's 50 Cent Colonial Club Shaving Cream 50 Cent Pen-Gesic £S$ B for Pain E V E R Y SAY 2 for 26C 2 for Sic 2 for 5iC 2 for 76C 2 for 76C 2 for GIC 2 for GIC 2 for 26C 2 for Sic 2 for SIC PERFUMES and TOILET WATERS The Famous CoBonial Club Toiletries for Men FOR THE MEN THE EXTRA PACKAGE FOR COLONIAL CLUB SHAVING The Famous The Finest North Iowa's Largest Drug Stock 116 SOUTH FEDERAL PHONE 921 Stationery of individuality BEAUTIFUL PACKAGES HAMMERMILL Laid Antique Fine Stationery 72 Sheets 72 Envelopes $1.00 VALUE 49c For the T E E T H M O U T H AND GUMS $ .50 Mag-lac Tooth Paste 2 for $.51 .60 Antiseptine Mouth Wash 2 for .61 .50 Penslar Dental Cream 2 for .51 75 Boraline Mouth Wash 2 for .76 .50 Mag-lac Tooth Brush 2 for .51 .50 Penslar Tooth Brush 2 for .51 .25 Children's Tooth Brush 2 for .26 ,25 Antiseptine Tooth Paste 2 for .26 FORTHEBABY S .25 Baby Castile Soap 2 for $.26 .25 Nelson's Baby Powder 2 for .26 .20 Boric Acid Powder 2 for .21 .50 Milk of Magnesia 2 for .51 .25 Zinc Stearate 2 for .26 .25 Aromatic Castor Oil 2 for .26 .50 Aromatic Cascara Ext 2 for .51 4

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