The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1818
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' j - . wise u sEOJsns. . . ; j ,1 bni 20 qr c..k.L - - - - . - ; .mi u.rklkr champs rne JS H.vW". i whole and Half boxes '! HENDERSON CAIRNS, - 77TT - - j tiercel prime i "J ,iCfc. A1,V MOORE fe CO. I v - 41 South - street, J. ...i.niti'i i vi;s:t7 i - iKi bleach YyUbyn."a"' VafcffiiSsfoN COMPANY, .1 140 Pearl meet - .. i - y, tvu jrlA Ar SPiKhS. IslTiouareaodboltirou, assorted sixes . . a i st .itii j a v v - inn casks spikes, fim 4 to C iuches . . ntiiM - utwv." ' 8! Fine - street. 7"WVT0N & COTTON uuuuajjii jU Piime Upland Cotton 1 . - v. t r - v i S 1 tl 2 b; I.vIm India l)attas,nu lanum ! l - E3, p23 68 South - street. . . c in : .u 1. i l l Kit W A.RE. mn i - eiherskeeo constantly on hand an M extensive I eWive assortment of me following goods, vis t Dutch ud English Brooms Duster, or Counter ' Brvihcs Hearth Brushes, fancy, and common llea.1 do rlo do Cloth do do do . Weaver do Wjiih? Wash do ' Shoe 4: Scrubbing do Paints Brushes aud Bait) Tools Clanipi, 4,7, Brow .' Furniture Bruslit Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Sash Cords, Trace Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellowi, fancy and common Do for Elackimtths Hall and Entry Mats Fails and 1 ub Wheel - Barrows Fin Who Sives Do Hair do Whip of eveiy c!r - scriplion Seine, sewing, wrap pine. baiting od ball 1'wine Kith Lipoi Sbr k Sadler. Thread Dcnrboru't , Bulkm CfU, ticK K0 ll'S I Wrought and Cut KaiU Brads Which the? will sell wh - lesale or retail on li - i. rrufj i . 'llvilA. nerai terms. , iwin up 23 76 P. arl strret. HVjON bKI.N 'J KA, BO!ill KfM. tc 60 . - licilt, C'iuiliicr', deh Skin Ten. Kih int, ud Kin l.un cliopi, now landing at Uld - lip. . 'i0 hhiti P"fton New Rum, Sjwnr'i brand, lund.r.e aiuur:mg - np. i.'i STORE, 10 pipe Domtitic 4tii proof Imitation bran dy, ofjfooil quaht) . 10 hl - dk. cl Croix Ruul 90 nillj thi'tt, good lizet ISO bii Kai:e Cinder 400 bitgi Jiuiiper Horri to hli dt I'urii White, for ia!e bv ' apiJlw COHVS.'DUBOIS. piANTON SILK5. - 4 casin ss,oit(.d Colored KJ C;iipn 1 rase uzd high Colored Crappf 2 di (to black - l 8 do Mark Silk l ringed lldkfs. lit chop 2 do hiti colored Concnns t do mrge elognnt fhawli ; Nankin Crapea, jait received and lor nl ty 8,. ..) 6 .South itxeet. J i.Ci inr.D UU.M. - ) hhd. jnflt ree'd Xi f.rialeby J AS. JJ'W'.iLr, Jnnr. p2J 57 Krout - icet. ri'uUACcO, I.AUD, iic 3 hbdi A'orth J Car ilirtn Tolmcco 7i) kt - bnullie rn Lard 13 cask Whmt 4 carkt and 1 bbl Fhwed. for nle by tt. C W. DAVJCM'OilTi; CO. VJlbitKV WI.NKJIJqr. c.k .bi.e..ld O S;ny W;!c, iiitt receird, nml for al by BOOKMAN Si JOHNSTON', apM 57 Siiitb - 'tioft. CI A TON tlLKs. i caiet cvl'd Canton ' Crapps, 1 cac bbrlt do Ho ' 3 do col'd Nankin d 2(1 tale II da $etvitiir, black, cloth and high colors 4 dn blark HdkU 1 do tol'd. fi'd nnd fringed do A ilu black binrhewi , 2 do chang. do 1 do erei it and bine do .1 do bgM Saraoets 1 do b.ark do X do crrcf - b.trr'd do 3 do col'd und white Concani 1 do Itiack Flniniue 1 d. t'.!'d Levantine, juit received and for ttle 67 South - itiet t. ap?3 CA.MBKEI.ENG & PKARRON. TO LF.T, The store and cellar, No. 56 Pearl - trtet, coiner of Broad - ttreet. Applv at 76 Pearl - itref - t. p 2$ it 'ft Manul t'trtri nf Domestic lAquori. rrVlR itdveniser, who lias Mime knowledge - L of the businei,.with a moderate capital, wishes a Partner, already established, or one that has experience, and is perfectly acquainted with the management of Liquors t also, to he well acquainted with doinjf husiness in the city, which mitht in part he considered equi - valent to cupit , or a Cleric, who is eompe. tent to uke an active part in the concern, would be allowed a liberal salary. Addrens M K. at this office, with reference and necessary particidars. - Any person wisbinj; to dispose of an establishntent ot the above ile.cripiion, miebt nnd a purchaser. Apply as tbove. ap23 3l . j iu?.yjCT BO - Rl.VG SCHOOL. I 11 j ?.T..'!P'I1, bve vacant irs in the Hii ipsbursh, Yonkers, Wcst - Cht'ler County His system of education is such estnriMb'e mra to Cju.iiify y.,ung gtnfbrncn for Co..g, "t the Counting House within a reasonable hm" His school is select, the numU r cf Pu.iils limited, - ri , ,,rra,n,fBt of ' hrwral kind. llie following branches of useful and polite li - 'eratHft; are tnught, Til - . .. Tk History, ,:ln ' Composition, renth, Writing, Mg nh Grammar, Arithmetic, oRraphy, Mat - ieraalics, i'c 1 Hisptesnmed (hat few institutions of thekind ran en, t grMcr advant tges, whtlner Ihey 1 eird f itrviLU, n sa Rrueral bterntur", in moral and '..ijious priia'ip s. or in corivrf iwl irrnil. n.l ' duwlnieol. I'te PronaSe in which tlie fius are acconiTOfKlutetl, is comrmvliou, rets - waand i.eatanlly situated. Its distance irora l0'k is about otvciilien miles ; to which r a direct and fisy comnnunic.i - 7". roriurtber JeftMrf.. hm.'.n 11.1 . KiitKulars application may T. S Clarkson, Esq. C M'Ktcr. Eo. wr, 1 . '""(i Vii,on. i',.i lllail'S!, College b Coldtn,Esq. Wis. Hat tTit, jun. Esq. A. sebfrmtrhuro, Lq DXCSmGw FSTixri Tin t r c K IKK MERCEIN, No. Si Wal'l - st Ure . . - - 1 viif IIUIIIW VI 4I P of A,,,so'r. exhibitms the trials of .J1 1 - J - tester and Mr. Mark Tucker, to - - u uie whole case of the Rev. Hoope' nn. r - o a 1 n . - Terr cnoire seieeisnn 01 . ,i a;a 1 , . ... r JtDan importaol books, sn tlie ranous rTcrr'Uof,riwicanJ literature. 1 orhT!?S1'c,ioaof French boo'is, standard ttdelejtnt editions. ap 23 3t ORAXQE WORKS GUNPOWDER milfc subscriber has constantly for sale, pow JL der from the aboveuamed niauufactorr, ine quant) oi wnicn meets me uecioed appro ba Uou of judges of the article. JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. p23 . ' ' ' 57 Frout - nt. NEW MILITIA ACT. 7r A. MLKCEIN, .No. 93 Cjold - stekkt, V w . uas put to presf , toe Act lor liie orgum raiioo acid discipline ol llie Militia of this state. It will he printed on good paper, aud put up in a handsome and portable lorm. N. B. The trade will be supplied on liiwra terms. anSJ It LltANClij M'GOWAiN. Ao. ly ftiar - C bi - t, seuiible ol Ibe very liberal cnrour;u;e - uient lie has received since his commencement iu business, and feeling confident that nu exertions oo bis part (bail be wanting to merit a contin uance, luiorrus nit iriendsand the public that no pains or t - xrence hat been avoided to obtain a stock of (lie l'it liquors of every description, wim u can oe oepenaeu on lor liieir puriiy. Having made arrunxeiucDt, while at Charleston, for a cooktaut tuppiy of GRKLN TURTLE in their ieaou, he will be enabled to lurnish soup of an excellent quality. A book w ill be opened lor subscribers to an ORDINARY, to be on the table every day at a stated hour. ltooins, for private parties, at short notice. N. B. Soil p. ilrel' - Stakr. Ovtteri. Multou Chops aud Kehshes a', all limes. ap ZJ US'P reccited ami for sale by eA.MUKL C'AMPBELU No.8SVaW - stieet, WALSH'S AMERICAN KEUISTER, vor.rMEg 1 and 2 C'ottltntt. lulrodui tiou by the editor: ftlo - qncnce of the senate elegant literature : e!n - ral review of the literature ou outim t.lal Eu rope ; brief notice of cmtincniM public'riticn : finance; sk'.'' h of cientil3c labours, by I'rofetmir Cooper, ol Vhihidtlphia ; conspiracy cl Arnold ;'0J Clinton ; various interesting defiatis in 'he ennte und l ouse of reprc - ciitalives ; li Hsinci - t on Spanish liieraturo ; dcinotic nnd t'Ti:i hronicle ; intertsling l.nrcsn and (Jc.i;ioi.s ; iiite.M.fcttiig debates of the lifi'.irh' parliament ; to the chroni'de, tic. Ac. rnce $J pi r volume. . i I aiiaroiien 10 r.nas iiick. nunisier of the toctcly oi triinrlt in Uit state ol New J. Nanrartcw, Tuiie 1 i l - 2cen!s. LETTER. Eddrrwd to Elizabeth .Walker, MiniMer ol the Siciety ol r'ne.nds iu the staff ol New - York, price 12 1 Scents. apSlw wVi.if w;oTb'uj. CI IX cases of new and elegant Amcy articles kJ men as v : I ' Ladies' work boxen and dressing case?, very clc frant Willing desks, elejrmtly gilt and plain Gilt and painted card rack Fan rucks - Fire and candla tmeii?. painted id a superior manner, with jilt aud coloit - d bandies fiackgrunon bonrdi Muline und tiiorocc o work ba ktls Gctitltmen'!1 shavin; apparatus, Pouches and dresung cane", complete Morocco and mahogany portable desks A few Russia balliirdo. very suiurh Some very elegant portfolios with gilt locks and Kkcts Elegantly gilt borders nnd ,plain Morocco, ftu mii nud roan pocket book, ol various descriptions cpni'g wallets, ol Kussia and morocco, wnn pi'iny olhcr ar'.ir.Ies to.i numerous to mmitioo. For sale wholesale and retail, by N.SVIill DIVIF.!, ati?1! No. 151 Broadway. KlrE OK I tCKr.i's. NEXT Tuesday ek the Grand Ro;.d lottery will coinuiewe drawing, wheu Tick - els will advance to thirtv iour dollars. BCIIEV.E. 1 prize of 7o,ooo Dollars 1 of 35,oo Dollars S . of Dollurs ? . 2 of 5,000 Dollars . .' 10 of 1,000 Dollars lit 1 of 000 Dollars 1 lo of loo JJoil irs 2Zm of a j Dollars Only 10.000 Tickets Present price - .f Tit kets and Shares Whole Tickets 32 I Qmrtors f fl Halves IC l.iglitls 4 Sixteenths '1 ho Dollars. For sale bv .WAsZ'l'aSS Who recently sold thf - .lowi'!K priais, f ing more than ha been sold by any other office in this city, in the short period of six months, viz : No. I'.4M jliyioo 4 647 f 1,000 ;,ooo 1,000 I.OlK) 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 10r 4461 6701 10.n2 17,26 - S l,ooo " And several of 500, 200, 1"0, &c. &c. apV33t ' TICKETS AUVAM lNti!! NEXT Tuesday week Uw Grand Koad lottery will commence drawing, and on opening the wheels, tickets wi! advance to $34. MAMMOTH PHIZES :eveo'y Thouiand Dollars, highest I' rue, whichis to be awarded tothe first draarn number ou the 15th day of drawing. I hirly rive lbwaud uniiars, next nigncat, to bo awarded to the lirsi drawn number on Use lth day of drawing. Ten Tbousaad Dollars to the first number 00 the 7th day. Five Thousand Dollars to the Grst number on the 5th day. Five Thousand Dollars to the first number on the first day. Ten Thousand Dollars floating and rosy come out on any d:), besides a great many mors valuable pr'Z . hirh mav te obtained at Lottery & t Xv.U'; - ilu t, .v a4 .laiJtn - lane, uo'il Tuesday week, tlve 5Ui of May, at the fol lowir.g low prices. Wh ile tickets, $32 i Q i irters $'i Halve 16 I Eishihs 4 Sixteenths oolr two dollars each. Ovy tO.lO 1'Kkets in tin's lottery, all to be draw a in SO drawing not two Planks 10 a prue, ed the smallest ptiie 30. anOyi - MiLOKO .v OVVt.oOii.oa I.Ot iEKY, WIIJ. DR4 Iff THIS CITT. Sfi. M. ALl.KN have ti pleasure ofannoun - cinx to their '.u'lou.ers that the Hon. the Senate and Asseut'ilycf this state, 'on Tuesday last, passed a law, ull - mi - v tha managers of the Mil lord and Owrgo Roart Littery to draw the same in the city of New - York, ud his excellency the governor sanctioned tlie sau.i n lew hnirs pre - nous to the ailjouromeat of IN; legislature, on Tuesday evening. The s heme contains I priieol70,0W DOLLAR 3 1 . 3i.rX IX)LLAK3 lo.txxi dollars 5,IK0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLL H3 30 50 DO..LAI13 140 UK) DOLLARS 3?J0 30 DOLLARS Onlv W,000 tickets, and but 20 days drawing. AJrrnturers wi't obsrne that eiery day's drawing wiiiprrduce a capital prixe, therelore tlioe who would lake a chance should apply immediately t Truly Lorky OSre, No. site thtrity Hntel. 12i Broad.ray, pci np 21 pkEER SKINS - 8 bales prime Deer kin, XJ lac ding and lor sale bv 1 P 19 BALL. ALLEY, 93 Piac - sL PASSAGE FOR. JAMAICA. A few passengers can be afrommoda teu on noaro the shin fAlSlt iU. uant. Holder, for KabnouUi. Jamaica, to sail in the latter part of this week. Application may be made oo board, a little above Catharine Mar ket, or to KOBEllT LENOX. ap22 4t . The packet ship RUBICON, IIoI - L,drede, master, wUl sail tosiUielv on the 2i inst. Three more passenirers can be comfortable accommodated.applv on board, at Jone's wharf, or to ' POTT & M'KIXNE, ap22 56 botith - street. FOR SALE, k.HAf V" ai'l'"Bu iur uui wee, i kkui The substanlial brie MAKV - ANN, burliieued 187 tons, slows about 1500 bids., is well found, aud ready for a voyage, having just been graved. If not sold this week w ill take a freight. Apply ou board, at pier no. 6', North River, or to G. G. Si S. HOW LAND, ap 22 77 Wai - hington - st. fur B.ilttS.HUOt.A Ai tT. H. C&JYTS. Two passengers can be accommodated vftiVjOn board the British schr FRANCIS, .vaiLfc cant. Scott, intetulcd to sail on cunday the uih iust. Apply to captain 5cott on board east side ol Peck - slip, or to MILLS, PURDY fc CO. ap22 3t 212 I'tarl - st. for PORT JIrRIM E, The schr. HONOR & AM RY, Ingoll, master, will sail on the i'7h inst. - v For it eiglit of 200 bbls. or passape, apply to . J. I .MON I AUDKYRIt t , 96 Wall - Ktreet, or E. FISHER, 54 South - street. p2I l or n . - iSIHMi iOX. A. C. The schr. CAItPRNTFJl' SON, irlHubbell, master; will sail 011 6'alur day next. For freight or passage, apply on boat d, at Peck - slip wharf, or at 35 Peck - slip. It. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. up 21 - for trcwht or Charter, t The ship lLK.iUS, recently repair - iiai?lel. and a fast sailer, will slow 1800 barrels, and is ready to receive a cargo Ap ply to CaMUKELENG & l'EAR: - ON, ap 20 br .Stwlh - aireet. tor tteiiilit or Charter, f 1 nc line ong 1 uiit.. i , 1 uuuiwn maiter, 212 tons: ha made bnt one voyago, rails well, aud is in good order. Apply ou boaid, at I uie - Mreet wharf, or to apSO JOS. OrBORN, 28 S(iuth - Bt. for Lll'tillHOOL, vv5 1'ne rui'eiior fast sailing ship BELLE jcap; SAVAGE, Hcory Russell, mailer, bur 11 e.i :i - 2i tons ; will rail wilh all possible dispatch For freight or passage, apply ou board, at whurl, or to JOHN W. RUSSELL, ap lfl lw 68 Pine - tt. . . for CIURLfi TUX, The elegant and fast sailing packet schooner TONTINE, 8. Hoyt, master ; wili meet with immediate dispatch, having half her freight ready to go on board for remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations apply ou board, cast side burling slip, or to SAUL, AI.L&Y, ap 18 98 Pine - st., ,( The fine last sailing schr SANDUS - SSiUlKY, 120 tons, capt. Weeks, fa regu lar trader) ; baviog 3 - 4ths of her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of her freight, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply . ou board, east side Old - slip, or to PETERS & MERRICK, aplR 49 Cocnties - slip. ting J'UM - lMZ. - ihi), Holdridge, iM master, for LIVERPOOL, to sail po - .?L 1 '''? (weather permit I ins) on Sunday the &ih instant can take 50 bales cotton on in ight, and a few passengers. Apply on lioard, east side Fly - Market slip, or to UOGLRI & KNEEHNI), ,r No. 70. South - street. Consignees are informed that the goods re maining on board ou .Monday, "will necessarily have to go into the public store. ' '"" ap 18 f Fur UVERPOOL, ; . , JVuliy Co tail potitirely on Iht li fy init.) xdMy The fust sailing brig HOPE, Arnold master 1 can accommodate several passengers, having handsome accommodations, if application is made immediately, on board at Pine - st. wharf, or to ' GRIS WOLDS & COATE9, ap 10 63 ioiith street I ANTON SlLKS. 3 cases black Sewing KJ hilks 4 cases hl'k fringed Hdkfs. 1 case cros barred do. I case changeable bincbews, just landed and sale by J. OoBOUN, ap 21 X8 South - street, BW. ROGERS ii CO. iNo. 235 i'earl - it . have iust received K casks Files 7 cases Mill, I'itt and Cross Cut Saws . 6 casks Hand, I'ai neland Tenon Saws Which they will sell on verr reasonable terms by the package. np iw VT AN KEENS, 4c 2000 pieces long yellow Ji .ankteus 1500 do blue nankeens entitled to debenture & bales BaAas, landing, and for sale by J. OS BORN, ap 20 23 Sou'h - itreet. GERMAN LINENS, VTOW landing, a few bales blown hempen 1.1 Ticklenbures, Ditto Otnaburirs. Brown Rolls and Shirting unco. ALSO ON HAND, White and brown Platillas Bretagnes, Dowlas, Creas, Listados Book Checks, Checks No. t Hessiens, Bays, Flaxen Osnnhurgs Superior Dutch Blark and Blue Cloths Colored and Black Galloons, assorted in suita ble numbers. I apes, Coffee Mills Brown frame, Toilet and Pocket Glasses Lo - king Glass Plates, assorted sizes Waters, Lead Pencils, Sugar Cane Knives Card - Wire, Holland Din k, and 80 boxes Pategrtiss Cheese. t or sale on reasonable terms by G. ti T. MEYER, p20 Iw 116 Washington street. OtbAiU MOLASsES. 77 hhds. and 3d O bbls. Muscovado Sugar' 43 boxes brown ii 5 do white Sugar 140 hi ids good quality Molasses, binding from hrig Venus, ut Pier 13. E. R. fi - r snli by GOODHl EMCO. sp 21 44 South strr, t. O L.N.NY BAGS. - - A quantily.forsi.le by CEBU - t it CUMING, 78 Pearl - street ap 2 SUPERIOR BOLTING CLOTHS. A sreo - a'soilnitat of Holland, warrarded inciting cloths, of the brst quality, at ancouimotily lowpii.f. by J. M'CRU KAN, . ap Z2 M 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street LD COPPER. SUOOIbs. old Copper, lor le bv p22 77 Wasliiegtno street VJU'KKFlNS A'.'.LRidN CLOTHS 5 O sni.u) ni.Miran blue and black loth lisuitiM LitjIihelJ and Torrnftoa lactury, or sule low by t.5 TCOMMISSiO - N COMPANY, ap IX 148 Pearl - street 1 J f ADE1RA WINE. - 4 pipes, 27 lihds. and xv jl ou onarur casus mgn navorea iooaon particular Madeira Wine, hi for immediate Me, and warranted pure as imported, for sale U quantities to suit purcbaseis, fy TUCKER LAURIE3, ap 21 - 29 South street. I ' EN l LiCk TOBACCO i'a hhds. nfsu - 1 Dehor ntiklitr. rw - eiiMl n, tiii SAri,;t. Oaa, fur sale at No. 106 Front - street, by epifl J KUh.E.9 DAVIDMIN k CO. CANTON SILKS. 8 eases black and X - bared sarscnetts and ribbons. Undine and for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, ap21 67 Sniith - strt - et. loHN AbKM. WILLINK 4i Co. oCer for J sale 35 cases superior Bengal Indigo Several casks smalts, particularly desirable for bleachers and paper rankers 4 casks hardware A lew bales catiimeres and shalloon's, shawls, ap 20 S' landing this day at Pine - streel wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by GRISWOLO& tUATM, or RIPLEY, CENTER 4 CO. ap 7 GK South - st. KfMifHItJ) TALLOW U HIOF.X. A FEW thousand pounds Mew - York 'I allow, and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, lor sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh II tf . WHITE LEAD, AQUA FORTIS.fcc 10 tons Drv White Lead 2 tons W hite Lead iu oil, in 211 and 56 lb kegs 5 no Sucrior Red Lead Shift Lead, 4 and 51b ! yellow Black Paints Paris While and Spanish Bit,wu Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. ALSO OH HAND. 9 cases best Loudon Aqua Fortis, ground stopjiers , ... - 1 case Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirits of Sails For sale by ATKINSONS A FLEMING, ap20 2w No. 167 Pearl - street. LIVERPOOL COAL. NOW landing from English brig Thomas Nay lor, a cargo of Liverpool New - Pit Coal ofthe best quality ror sale 111 lots to suit fur chaseis, by LAING RANDOLPH, 9B Vesey - street, or JXO.VAN BlSSUM, nplflGt' 2o Fulton - street - IRA '.'0 chests hvson skin tea, late im portation, fir sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, ap20 75 Wall - street. I ti C. iMCliOLS, lit l'earl - ttrett, bave.iu - t si . received in addition to lliuir former assortment , - 4 ca'es colored Cnnlon crapes 2 do black do. 2 do black simhetvs . 1 do nin e's, 2 do bla k tik Ldkls 2 do fine India book rilu'!ins 1 do Mull do. 3 do l aniliouied and Seeded 2 do Itnilntinn Merino shawls, assorted 1 do biiiidminahkls. 1 do fine Ronials 2 do Maddnpolbim and steam Loom Shirt - 2 do Madras Hdlifj. lings 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platillas 2 do fancy Cravats, assorted 1 do while Jeans, 2 do cotton Cnstimeres 1 do fine w hile and buff Quillings 2 bales diodes' llouibazells 1 case Ribbons, assorted 2 cases black, white purple Kid Gloves 4 tiunks Furniture Plates, nnd - 4 do superfine Calicoes, which they offer for sale at a smull advance for cash. ap20 14t riMlOY CANDLES. 400 boxes Mould Uao - X dies, just received from Converse's factory, and for sale by CEMENT h GALE, antZU) IW Pio. ou mrr rirrci. A YOU Mi Lad trom the country, agea M years, of Bteady habits and good calcula - tor, wishes a situation in a dry good store. pply t 86 South - st. up 17 HVilii HI', fl.,iAALL, PljYH,itc. TTEN'A'aud women's cotton stockings If A A few bales luptrline while flannel, verj wide do do red and yellow do Berlin and military cords Green table rovers, different sixes Best London pins, 3 I - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2,5 mi xt pins, 1 - 4, I 2 and lib Mourning plus aud short whites White cliapel needles, M sorted Brass wire No. 24 and 25 Card wire No. 27 and 32 Hooks and eyes, Thimbles .1Uo on hand, Engliih looking glass plates, onsilvered For sale by ATKINSONS ii FLEMING, ap 20 3vr 107 Pcarl - st. C10FFEE RUM. 64 hbds. Cne green cof - J fee, and 2U hhds Runs, landing from brig favorite, aud for sJe by MICH. KEARNEY, or GEO. LACY, sp 20 4 Fulton - street. ij fl YtRtiLMA LOU A CCO ii FLOUR. tj) f hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQ.UES, MEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washtngton - st B ANDANNAS, &c 9 cases, containing fine anu cuiuiuou uuuuaunai unu s.uui(e(, xso mats tin mtwrflfl fThnmtfcfl mnA Tlnmlannna 20 bales Baftas. different descriptions, ree'd ana ior saie uy res r.iv ivs.ncr..s tw a r , i lit - .a,... n i i' ttt i - ,t ... a.n ap 21 YY OODS J OCK GLOVES. 2 cases reund and drawn seam men's and women's Gloves, lor sale by GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Water - street ap2l tl.ARKT.i A few r.ea I jilnur Clarel. vin 1 tasre 181 1. a s a mole narcel. said to be sune - nor to any ever onered in wis i uy. ior sale uy apl PEI ER REMSEN fcCO it Jl machine cotton csirds. lor s ilo by the COMMISSION COMPANY, ap 22 148 Pearl street. LINSEED OIL 15 casks Linseed Oil, Ian ding, and for sale by WALSH Sc GALLAGHER, ap 22 66SouUi - slrect. lOLL.iMJ GIN. US pipes of ad proof J.JL Holland Gin, of an excellent finality, now landing at Coflee - House - slip, and for sale bv vv. ii 9. IKAIU. sp22 T OLt - O GIN 11 pipes Holland, XM. received by the ship Henry, t r salt by ap 22 LE ROY, UAYAKIJ K CO' 1 TOR A CCO A. YD f LOUR. U A Hhds. very superior Kentucky tobacco, rtceired per snip - flnr.uquaoi 30 bbls. Baltimore Howard - street floor 300 do Rii hmoml do branded Bent creek" 2 1 ke - s manufactured tobacco, 8 handr, J & T. Mbby 3C balf do ladies twist receire'l pertchooo - er Fanay ti Mary, and t )Lvcr Wolcott, snj for ale bv WALSH 31 IMU - auiimh 22 66 Forth st AlXtilC GluDS. - - ii) caoes cotton JL snpes i dosaperfne Ginghams 111 do vouiuM u 5 d i bkarh and biown sueelinga I do 3 4 and 7 l Tickings 10 do cassioelts susd sa'ttcetts JfX1ilb rottcD y .ru rsmrted aembtrs, and a gere - al bsosuuei.l of Lomtstic Cotton, and VV titles good., for sal ty p . - v COMMISSION COMPAN Y, ,ptt 143 Pewt - rtreft. SUMAC 270 bags flii MabeaSamac.Jort imported, and for bi pr.rcels to suit par. chasers by - O.O.kS IIOWLAND, ap!7 ' 77 WiingtoB - strect. ti AURAS HDKFS 6 cases Madras Imkfs. iVI handsosiie patterns, and entitled to debto ture.'ioit ree'd, and for sals by np 17 D HEI IIUNEtCO 1LOUR and TOB ACCO. iUO barrels Kicli - . mond Superfine Floor, f Haxall's braidj 45 kegs Manufactured i'obicro, 8 to the Ciund, ol veiy Cue quality, lauding from schr. gam , ' IN STtllU, rU) harrels Richmond Flour &i kegs Manufactured Tobacco (fine) 75 do. common . 7 hhds old Virginia Leaf . ' 10 do new do 28 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, a prime parcel Fur sale at No. 108 Front - street, by TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. ap 9? !w AMI I U P .NAILS, iorsale CEBRA fc f U.MING, 75 Pearl - street. UPLAND COTTON. 4 holes prime Upland Col Ion, landine Irom bri Amelia. Iroto Savannah, for sals bv POTT K M'KINNE, , P20 f,6 boutlMstrert. SI LAM - BOA I FIUK KsVvT CmT , .UO" This boat ill com 7l i ' nf.uce running between Nc rTenAl - - - York nnd Netrhurgh jiSrrf Tueidnv. ll.. 1 PI. A,,r,'t She will leave .. wA'ork evervTuesdav. Thurs day and Saturday, tt 9 A M. ande'hurgb on iTiuiiuay, cauesuay una r n.tay, M u A. ni. ap 11 ' ' Petri iu HI. l'aut'i aiul M. J' hu'i L'hi'prt, for ut .. tin n. rilllEprws in eU Paul's auJ St. J aim's Chap - JL . c - L, the assetsed prices of wbich have not betu paid, or secured, will bn sold at aurtion by Blecckrr k Bibby, in the repect:va thaprl, those in f t. Taul'son Friday tiio tith lnt. and those in St. John's, ou Saturday the vtjth mst. at II o'cl.vk. A. l. apSQ - it "1 OAKl) 'rt AN I'RI), lor an elderly Udy, JLJ (on moderate term. - ) in a small private bund), residing m the upper put ofthe city a situation west of Broadway, between IUicL and Walkei - strceis, would be preftired A line addressed to B X.J und kfi altbisuflicv, stating tei ms, number in f.n jly, i esidtnee &c wi I be a' tended to ap I'l at" fXV fullx.tJ.f.. M'ijJ A Imnd'ome moderti built two story House, No. 1 13 tdiamher - strecl, ininpli llv fin - ibed by the 1st of May. l.injuiie No. i.'23 ttu - iiie - tieet. no ill Iw. Mlriil For sale or to let, Uie neaulilul plai o called Mout - Altn, seven miles from the City Hall, on the North River, Hdfoinlng lord ('our tcnay's. It contains 20 acres l land nudcr im provement wilha large gardcu in good snndi - lion, a variety ol Iruit trees, aud every convenience a family may require. For terms which are reasonable, and if sold a lougcrtdil git en il wished, apply to X. & D. TALCOTT, ap 20 61 ?outh it. 'JO LAV or FOR S.ll.f. That conveniont tiirec story brick houre coiner of Broadway and Broome street. Allll, A two. story frame buse, wi'h six lots of ground, in broadway, between Bleccker and Prince streets. ALSO, The store, with a vault and cellar, corner ol Chamber and Cbathom - stieets, Enouire of F. ANDKRSON, np 21 tlstMay No. 4 Bow'int Green. UIATELL HOAHDiMI. FRANKLIN HOUK.. This new, Spacious and splendid Huildinir, situated in Mrosd - wuv. the irreat atxlf.oibiotiable street tl'ividlng the centre of the city, at the corner of Dev st. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of May next, lor tlie reception ol Hoarder. It is fitted, nnd will be furnished m a man ner not surpassed, for convenience mid tie gance, by any private dwelling i i the citv. It occupies the most eligible situation, bring central, in view ol the Park and City - Hall ; 'be np,.er apartments overlooking' the whole lov n, commanding a view of .the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including the Hook, the Nai iows, und the Harbour and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it. either for elegance of structure or sit uation and no expense having been spar - 1 ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, and faniiliesvisitnig the city, the most genteel, pleas ic and retired a - partmen'.s. The choicest of Wiiicitud Liquors will be lurnisiieu, aim no trouuie or expense will be spar cd.lo make the enteitaiiinitnt plea sant, rare and excellent This i siabl'wdMiitnl is intended exclusively for t.enteel Horn ling MRS. HENDERSON. fob 24 n&C.lf ' TO HL SOLD r - 3 At public vendue, on the premises, on Monday, the lourtliday ol .May, (H not previously disposed ol ut priv .le sale) 'the i - iriu whereon the subscrilser now resides situate iu New - Ro - chelln about sixty inns of excellent land remarkably well wooded ai d water - erf a tolerable goodhiuse and barn thereon within ball a mile of a Methodist and Baptist Meeting, an Episcopal Chinch, an Academy and Presbyterian Meeting ( - re and a hall miks from apu.'.lic landing, where market boat - ply weekly to and from New - York Post Office within a mile. It is a desirable situation for Uie gentlemen aud farmer. Any furtlier descii.lion is deemed unnecessary, as none will buy without viewing. For further information enquire of ELIJAH WARD, No. 2V Bowery, Or the subscriber, on the premises I who will give au indipulable title, for II same. THOMAS KICKS. New Rochelle, April 23, 1818. ap 22 10l TO LtT, 4113 A psrt ofthe store, No. 81 Pine - street, Apply on the premises. apl7 BV order ol Julio Garrelson, Lsquir,, urst judge of the court of common pleas, in and for the county of Richmond and stale of New - Yuk, notice is hereby riven to all trie creditors ol Christian I. Bedell, ofthe county and stale a - foresaid, an insolvent debtor, to appear before me at my i ilko, in the town of Soul I field, iu said county, on trie tbirtietri any m iiay next, ai 2 o'clock iu the alternouo of said day, lo shew cause, if an they have, wbv an ainmnl of the said insolvent' estate should not be made for the benelit of all bis c red i lots, and be be. dis charged, according to an act of be Jgislatuie of the state of New - York, enutieo - - a.i aci giring relief in cases of iusolvrm y" and the ac ts amendip the same. Dated Rich.uonJ teuuty, lh7lhit of Apr.1. A. D. ! - CHRISTIAN I BEDELL. apf? 6w AN enquiry into lb most proper means to be adapted in the mamgement of 'ying - m om.n. wilh critical remarkson the medical re - i ..t thm ,leth of the Prince ( harlot' of Wales by W. M Irel - ml, member ol trie twnl Collore of Surgeons, Ixmdna member IH'l V ' ' - . . ... ofthe New - York Historical Society; late ofthe nodical staff of lb British army, tic. v,.Vork. puhli - hed by JAMES EAST - BURN K CO. at the Literary Rooms, corner of B'taday aa jriiKS - street. ap tt XI T 1HE Reioureesof tha Uiotedlais ol Ame rica, or a view of thai a; - iciilt?ralt com mercial, mantilactnmig, oitauriai, poli'sr - a!, literary, moral cl religious capac'ty and chartrter of tbe American peojde. By J. Ilnsi !, co m - llor at law, author of the Rcsouicr' ol Uie Bri tish empire. Price Jl. Tor nla ry COLI.IN3 K Ii AN.sAY, ap 22 . o. K0 T tMl st. PUBLIC SALES. BY FRANKLIN k MINTUR.f. Friday, 10 o'clock, at No. 46 White - street (instead of tins day) a variety ol vaibaMe liOi"ehoW furniture, whicb may be viewed ut any time la the day after IU oVhvk. BY BLl - ti B1BBY, On Fritlav atterruior, 3 o'clock at the Albany Raun. 100 logs Ver ct o'b St. DMr.inpi. m.Jioirabf, Uie cargo ofscur. Lyciogu,, clecitd .hi the Ibeu'ard count from a la gt quantity by ii ery ' competent judge. Thia pnrcel 'cttiisixU tif crotch and myrtle venier and table wood, tnil. is worthy (be particular attention, of cabin t makers. - 1 M.HRHI.E tOL tiLU.OIAXi, .e. r JM HE proprietors of the southern oiarbUs qua - JL ricr, mar Kicg's - bridge, gite notice, that thr.y have on band, and - are rsceiving, at Ike A'mx'r - Bridge Marble and Limt - lard, tool of Beach stree t, m the Hudson river, an exunstve stock of marble tor building, of the following descriptions, viz s Asblar Copuig 'Watertabla IVumhition Slooa , Ste)S . Chiivuy - l'iecesj Platforms - Fatipgs Sill Lintels Columns Archest ' ' Also Lime ofthe best quality. rrr - A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated nponj itnu tho e deti'ous of purchasing, ol makmg engagrnien' - . win appiy to EZRA bl'ULUlV, Feb 11 At tha Yard. REMOVAL. ftT N. SMITH DAVIES has remoed bis chemical perfume manufactory aud warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, on unor north of Li berty - street, on the west side of Broadway. . inch 27 REMOVAL. ' JOHN F. BURGWIN,. has removed hie ofhee , from No. 77, to 78 South - street, where l.e offers for sale, 400 bbls. of Wilmington Turpentine. - ap 16 7t . NO 1 ICE. T The society for iustrucling the Deaf and Dumb meat this afternoon, al the Mayor's office, at 4oM.M.k. np 13 JNO.B. SCOTT, fecr'y. NOTICE. Qr The Annual election fur Directors of Uie ft.iuk f America, will be held at the Bank, oo Mtii.dav Die 4di day of May next. The poll will pen at 10 am) close at 2 o'clock. By order of tlie board ol aire. iois. GEO. NEWBCLD.Cashr. 1 op 20 NOTICE. ftfv The Annual - exhibition of the Columbi an ivitho Lot: i, in Si'cietv, will be celebrated in theCcllcge Hull, on Friday evening next, the 24th iust at sey.Ml o'clock liroUsely, 'I h - tder gy ol the l ily. Mid the members ol tlie Pl.ihv l.eiian sot it ty are rtsnectiuny rt quesien to t - tend. Honorary niembeis may piocuie I K kefs at ibe College Hall, on Wednesday afternoon at 4i.'c!.fk. ' N. B. A ticket will admit a cent.'emnn, and as many ladies as may please to aciompany him. apji4l il'; - Ibe hiERCAN I ILL INbU RANCH COMPANY will be m.dytn roceive .iptdica - tion at their oilier, No 43 Wall stie t, "ii Hie 1st day ol M. y next. Thu s.ibsciiplion 4ooks will continue open until i iiuisuay next, m sju insw at o'clock r. m. apzt j3t M. C. PA PERSON, Attorney ut luw, has removed from No. 4H, to No. 4.1 Pine - street, dtret tlv oppusile thu oll'ue of the Evetiinj - Post up i 31 NO PICE. fjr The dircrtois d the sociuty for the in - liui.tion ol the deaf and d.,uib, are requt sted to l punctual in their atiei.diuice at a mcriing, to be held on '1 hursdiiy, 2 id in'taiit, at the Mayor's Ihi e, City Hotel, al 4 o'clock, P. M. i.p2 JOHN B. SCOTT, BecVy. ' TO PRINTERS. ' '1 VIE subscribers have on band fu enf the fol - I ..... .,.!;.... . .!! !;..,. I gmm Piiiner, N nparuil and Pearl, whith lliey offer fur sale on lowtcims. Old type metal will be received in payment, and a iilniul price allowed for it. N. B. Orders for stcreo - fytKi works exec utcd with uenloess and d'spatch COLLINS. IIANNAY. ap22l2:C6t FRENCH rCHOOL. ,f R. VALUE'S Morning School, for the 1 V I Frrncn Language, w ill conmieM e on 'lie brst of May next, at 60 Ctiaiiel - stutt. whrietwo new chif sot gentlemen will be taught trout 6 to 9 o'tlot k. I lrt - ri will lie no interruption in the l'racluini evenins established to Ins schorl, to converse in French once a week, wilh his lamily. Mr. V. Instructs in private families and scuoe - mies. ROOMS TO LET. One or twe single geutjemea may be secern meddled with a parlour and bedroom. Fur further particulars, please to apply as a ap Si lw WAN TED by a 'ingis t'eiilltnnti, a sitting room and lied room, ( furnished or itufur nislied) in ageiileel part ol the town, wilh break - last, uirect to u. i. at uus ciiice. ao223t KOOSEV1 L'i' - S'i'RXE i NOTICE. NOTICE is ben by given to all prisons interested, that the couimissioners of estimate aim assessment, at pointed by tbe supreme court yf iudn Mture ol (lie state rf New - York, to per lor ru certain duties rela'iie to Uie enlarging and improving part of Roosevelt street, between Batuvia Laue and Front - street. In tho said city, have completed the estimate and assessment, as rcll ni the loss ami damage susinintn, mer and above the benefit and advautsge receiv ed, by tbe owners f the I tod and nemtscs re quire d for said improveinetit, as kih oi nw ben, li' and advantage recrivto ui aim in nw lands ami premise not reijuired for said im - i,n,mnit. And that we I ho sa'd CnflllMl'in - ershave droited a true aoj y ol such etiin ito und assesstivt nt ia tlm clerk's offics cl' t' - t nly Of New York, for tlminMi - clionet wlssms - verlt may concern. And not i e is hereby b.rd r given, that the corrected and revised rep irt oi Use said commissioners of estimate an I asscstii'iil, will be prese Med to H - supreme nsn - j i 'i . ... d. .(,.!. nl .X.W - lr'B, al inecu, nau ol the city of New York, on Th..l..y. the seventh day of M;.y n. x', at the opining A liie . ...Irn.irlcn Uiatdar, or as soon Iherwinvr at couiis. I can be rn ard Irtercoii. Dated tl.U 2td Jar of Apri', I8IH. JOII V FOIIBLS, tommis'wwers. NOU JAII a??? I4 I LlillUK.i tlA'J'ri I case, Hots, No. M) 10 lJ 5'l, for sal" by A. D. DURAND t BOUUDEL, sp ?2 Ji) J use - street. PA PtN P RAP 1 KAl's. . " 'l'RAI'3 loc catching ra's or m see, upon a a ts - 1 tireiy new and tu;hlv improved priocipte, lor sale by. t.EO. M. W H.HON, r.p n lJ t awr - strret. RAISIN 175 I'LAI E 4c 65 kcjslresU lalagt Ra - sin , 270 br.xes Tin iMt 1 3d IX 40 flox Anieriean Seytlies, approved brnnos .84 buodirs svar Ust( paper 44 rums boe wrapping Paper 1 bos Tmlil "S'orted 4J bWs. ground Ciiawcod 6 balrs Liquoriee r.l . , 4 boxes tciew Auga.e . . 200 bass Juniper Ui ie. forsMe by ROGERS it POST, .p 21 t VAVAL STORW - 5'W boll 7'urpecLiue, I5tl do. Tr. fiir saw rr R. A C. W. DAVESPi RT k CO. - sp 22

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