The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 Thursday, Feb. 1», 1M4 MASON CITY GLOBK-GAZETTE Churchill Will Make War Statement Soon ' London, (U.R)--Prime Minister Churchill will make a statement on the war and international situation in the house of commons soon, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden- announced Thursday. The statement will be followed by a 2- day debate. KROPMAN GROCERY IS 8th St. N. E. Delicious GeUen Brown Crurt Home-Mod* 4 4 ^ BREAD, Any Kind. . 11C HOME-MADE PASTRY Delicious ROASTED g f g ft CHICKENS. ^lOll up We Carry a Complete Line of Fresh Vegetables PORK and BEANS. 3 Cans for.. 'Candy Bars - Bulk Chocolates BUTTER, Pound Folger'i, Hills Bras. COFFEE, fb Ice Cold COKE, 6 f o f . . . . . . AT WASTE PAPER MEETING-Lt. Gen. Brehon Somervell (left) and Donald Nelson, chairman of the war pro-? duction board, chat at an emergency meeting of the United States victory waste paper campaign at New York's Waldorf-Astoria. · · · . ' · Lend-lease shipments of food from the U. S. during the first 11 months of 1943 totaled 10% billion pounds. Thompson 0Neil Co p ;,\" E SERVICE GROCERS '»«" Frosted Foods BUT BIRDS EXE Green Peas _______ 27c Cook Squash 20 BUTTER Clear Lake, pound PORK BOASTS, AA Loin End, 4 pis. lb. . ftOC BEEF ROASTS, oo Chuck, 8 points lb. . . £C VEAL BOASTS, on Shoulder, 7 points lb. . 6OC SPAKE KIBS, 1 point'lb BACON, A o Sliced, 4-points lb. . . . OOC Freslj Dressed Chix Jones Sausage Try Bland Lard 23c GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless, M 96 Size, dozen 4 Choc. Cream go COFFEE, Ib. Bags JZC POP CORN. New, -jo 5 Ibs. / O C POTATOES No. 1 RUSSETS, ro 10 ibs DJC No. 1 EARLY OHIOS, 4 «J 10 Ibs. . . . x ^JC OATMEAL. i Q Large, Jack Sprat . . . . i "C OXTDOL, OO Large tkg. LJC Large Ivory io c Homemade Bread He Homemade Pastry . £B;CH YOUR COCKIH iHD SAKIHC- rt-* HONEVMEAOS^FIOUR lib. SACK tar P K O T f i N S '.- 5 O C C . 6 S S UNITED FRUIT CO. _. _ _ Phone 748-749 33 East State Street Deiiyery Buy War Bonds.. Buy More POTATHFQ ldoho R ""ers, U. S. 1 MM- ITV 1 A 1 UKld Grade 15-lb. Peck 55C 100-lb. Sack $3.45 TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT Seedless, «»- 5 for ............ 25C SWEET, JUICY ORANGES Good Size, Do«n . . . ...... PECAN MEATS lt . 59c ... Me Monarch PEANUT BUTTER K. K. Style or · Regular, Lb. Jar.. Yacht Club TUNA, 7-or. Can 29c Red Kidney BEANS, « -- _ Y. C., 20-Qi. Cor. . 1ZC TOMATO SOUP, Campbell's, -o*. Can, 2 for PINK SALMON, Lb. Tall Con.. Monarch Russian DRESSING, 8 ox.. . Monarch COFFEE, Reg, or Drip, lb... APPLE BUTTER, Y. Club, No. 10 Jar. ... Monarch Pure Preserves and Pure Jellies MONARCH FINER FRUIT, IN HEAVY SYRUP-Bartlert P«or», Apricots, Shortcake Peaches, Green Gage Plums, ^ Boysenberries, Figs, Fruit Cocktail. ffl-HO CRACKERS 19c 5lb ,. 35 c FORK C BEANS ftfc 25c TIRE FAMINE IS CONTINUING ·I- Lean Rations for 1st 6 Months of '44 Seen '. W4shin«Ura,- (M--For the armed forces and for industry, as well as for Joe motorist, the tire famine is on. ., Along with the disclosure that civilians will get 20 to 40 per cent fewer tires in 1944 than expected, Rubber Director Bradley Dewey hinted that essential truck and bus hauling might have to be curtailed. There is a sap. between demand and production of tires for airplanes, combat vehicles and other military uses, Dewey said, and "an even more severe" shortage of heavy-duty truck and bus tires. "Great efforts are being made to close these gaps to a point where only a minimum of essential transport might have to be curtailed," Dewey told a news conference. Production of · civilian tires is being held down deliberately to about 1,000,000 a month, of which only 750,000 are being rationed to the puljlic. The rest are going into a reserve for possible emergencies --such as another boost in heeds of the armed services.. Revised military demands, Dewey said, are primarily responsible for the present acute shortage. For civilian drivers, Eewey summed up the situation in these words: "Tight, but no sigh of disaster." The present lean tire rations will continue for the first 6 months of the year, he predicted, then will loosen up; they will- not become more stringent. Only 18,000,000 to 24,000,000 civilian passenger car tires will be available to drivers this year, he said, instead of the 30,000 000 previously held to be the minimum which had to be produced. As far as the other big civilian question mark is concerned--when is the stretch coming back into girdles?--Dewey said all bets were off on the use of neoprene the synthetic which elastic manufacturers were all ready to use. Manufacturers will have to get along with all-purpose Buna S, from which tires are made. "I'll be surprised if it doesn't turn out to be as good as neoprene," the rubber director said Assuring' against further delay for brassiere, girdle and suspender manufacturers,' Dewey promised that Buna S would not be taken away from them as neoprene was. Real Estate Transfers Asam, Sally Maye, to Irving Speed Wallace, $1. (QCD) The W 60 ft of lots 5 and 8, blk 96 in Paul Felt's Plat M. C. 10-5-43 Lampe, August ,K., and wife to Cecil E. Cannon, ?J. (WD) Lot 3, blk 2 in Swenson and Brager's Add to Ventura. 1-24-44. Central National Bank and Trust company .to Alice M, Sheehy, $1 (QCD) SE qr 10-95-21. 6-22-42. Elce, Laura, and hus., et al, to Ray W. Sherman, $1. (WD) S half of NW qr and KW qr of SW qr of 4-96-21 cont. 120 acres. 9-4-43 The Globe-Gazette It redoo- inc its efforts to obtain complete information about every serviceman in Mason City and Certw Gordo county for its files. When yon call at the Gtobe-Gawtte newsroom for your fl»f, yon are not only paying tribute to your son or husband bat yon are giving us valuable information about lim in the most accurate way possible. This information will become part of a permanent record of the servicemen of this community. Return postage should accompany written request for these free flags. REVEAL BRITISH WERE TRAPPED Broke Out After U. S. Tank Destroyer Attack By HOMER BIGART · The Combined V. S. Press (Distributed'by United Press) With the Fifth Army In Italy, Feb. S-- (U.R)--It may now be revealed that a German counterattack on the night of Feb. 3 attained initial success and succeeded £or several hours in trapping thousands of British troops in "a salient that, then existed north of Aprilia. · | j Fortutubfr the enemy was able to fnUrpoM fewer than 1,- ·M troop* ' between the Isolated British spear bea4 and the main allied force. These troops were supported by 6 or 8 tiger tanks that appeared at dawn Feb.' 4 on a low ridge only a few hundred yards from a highway, the only possible route of escape. The remarkable work of Ara'er- can tank destroyers in knocking out 4 tiger* aided in restoring the situation. In fierce, confused fifihting, the British infantry not only broke the trap but took 300 prisoners. The bulk of the British force was extricated. Some equipmnel was lost. Until late Friday afternoon the situation remained very disturbing. Reserves were put on the alert, but the enemy's capture of high ground dominating the main highway prevented tanks from coming to the aid o£ the isolated force. A counter-attack, launched from the main allied line, narrowed the gap somewhat while British 25-pounders held off German reinforcements. The German attack started an hour before midnight Thursday. Every enemy run seemed trained on the long, thin salient where the British spearhead had halted 18 miles from Borne. The curious thing was that everybody expected it. From the beginning, the British had shoved far ahead of the main bridgehead line. Their initial thrust carried them to Campo Di Carno. A 2nd jump took them to Aprilia, where they crushed the first German counter-attack. Finally, in hard fighting they cut the main Railway line to Canipoleon and SOMETHING NEW PUMPERNICKEL ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER FRI. SAT. FREE D E L I V E R Y W*~ tf FOOD STORE I.IJTSNFEDERAL-W OUR PARKING IOT- PHONE 420 -SLICED BACON ,.!,,,,.*3Se Bacon Ends or Squares, 2 Pis., lb. 19c| Cotton Blossom Oleo, Ib 27C BREAKFAST; CORNMEAL SCRAPPLE, No Points ( FRESH or FROZEN FISH Headless or Dressed Herring Mullet or Codfish Filets 1 . . ; . Fresh. Frozen Pike . " Fresh Frozen, Dressed Pickerel AFRESH OYSTERS Ib. 23c Ib. 39c lb: 29c Ib. 24c Corn Country BUTTER, lb... 46c PORK LOINS TO ROAST, Vz or Whole, Pound RATH'S Luncheon Meat Ph.'. . . 39c CANNED RED OR PINK SALMON BONITO -- TUNA -- SHRIMP Hormel's Minnesota SLAB BACON, ·**- 3 Points ; Ib.ZOC BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Whole Kernel Pkg. Corn . . . . ' . . . . 19c Spinach . . . . . . 21 c Green or Wax Beans .-. . . . . . 21c Boysenberries. . 37c Peaches 29c Lima B e a n s . . . . 27c Peas fir Carrots 24c Yacht Club Brandied MINCE MEAT BUY THIS $2.59 Hollandole Fancy COBBLERS, Peck.. FARMERS BRING US YOUR EGGS AND CHICKENS ·MATED UHARMIN TISSI 4 for 23C TOILET TISSUF 4 for Jack Sprat ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES 39c Fresh Shipment CANDIES FREE PACKAGE SNO-SHEEN CAKE FLOUR When You Purchase PILLSBURY 50-«b. Bag $2.69 NEW POTATOES 3 Ibs. 29c ORANGES 2B ^d5c GRAPEFRUIT p.. die Large Jumbo PASCAL CELERY ...-IDC Large Solid HEAD LETTUCE Jh ,2Ic Jack Sprat TOMATO JUICE, Large 46-o». Con, 6 Ptj. Jack Sprat PEACHES, - f t _ No. 2V 2 Can, 30 prs.49C Read the Large Jack Sprat Ad on This Page For the Many Money and Point Saving Values were a half mile beyond when all signals suddenly turned red,Their salient was' about 2 miles long and scarcely a mile wide. The Germans were quick to exploit this dangerously extended position. SERVICEMEN VISIT Wesley--Service men who spent furloughs last week here with home folks included Ray Carlson of a camp in California; Melvin Attig of Kentucky; Louis SiniD- w?i/ )f / I ^ rth Ca = 0 "na; Leander Wolf of the navy; Joe E., Brown of New Haven, Conn.; Barney Erdmann of California and Ralph Simon of Romulus, Mich. GREET SAILOR FertUe--Mr. and Mrs. W. ---.--- *.**. uiiu mis, t). VV Behl entertained in honor of their grandson, Wilbert F. Stambaugh, machinist's mate 1st class, of Don nelly, Minn. He recently returnei irom 37 months overseas duty ii Hawaii and the southwest Pacifi BECOMES PILOT ,-ja--S. Sgt. Harland Cook i son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cook! was graduated from the Jiaison pilot school at Lanesia, Texas,'' Friday, and received his wings at that time. He ·'will report at Bfowhwood, Tejias, Feb. 15, where c he .will be an observation pilot. Mrs Clark's II SALAD DRESSING FRIDAY SATURDAY Feb. 11-12 Only Pecan Meats %~ IQc MazolaOa Olives Stuffe d i N °- Jack Sprat. . J ar 18c Tidy House fe..'.:. ASlTc Ivory Soap T ARGET _SPECIALlo CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE "The Coffee Tou'vc A! «·» Hoped to rind DUZ small pkg. 9* OXYDOL small pkgr. 9* lge.,pkg. Jack Sprat ENRICHED FLOUR 50 lb. bag '2.59 CORN, Mayflower W h i t e Cream -No. Z Style ' Can TOMATOES, May- « M- flower No. 2 Can 1(|V VEGAMATO C O C K T A I L JUICE, No. 2 -g||_ LaChoy Can 17V MUSTARD, Jock Sprof salad or Ifi-oi. f A-, Horseradish .... Jar A VV BAKING MOLASSES, Mayflower, 24-oi. tot. PRUNES, Santa Clara 50/60 Size.. . . . 2 .Ibs. SCOTCH PEARL BARLEY Quaker's, 16-o*. Pkg ; NAVY BEANS, Choice Hand-Picked.. .2 Ibs. STARCH, Staley's Corn or Gloss, 1-lb. P k 9 . . . . . PEANUTS, No. 1 Fancies-Freshly Roosted Ib. lOc Grapefruit Texas Seedless 96s 44 c Carrots 0,^TM... . 2 BU nche, 19c Cabbage N ew Lb 6c Potatoes ,daho...... rhTo1,J9c Head Lettuce 2 to 21c Parsnips washed 3 .b,. 25c Oranges NOLA TOILET *- STRAINED 16-or. SOAP . . . . . . . . Bar HV HONEY Jar POSTUM !8-oi. f ft- WAFFLE 14:oz. ««_ CEREAL.... Pkg. *7V MIX, Duff's.Pkg. IjC JACK Mason City Stores WILLSON GROCERY «t Fifteenth St. N.,W. K W e K T Phone 2JI ,,, « rf THOMPSON-O'NEIL CO. Ul North Federal Phone 312 ,,, , CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 628 S. Jtckwn phore 996 . CARL GRUPP I32J North Federal Phone 420 BARRETT BROS. 20 Second St. N. E. rhnnc 43 Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU ..... : ............. Manly Iowa H - Kense|t « = K R ' S JACK SPRAT STORE South Federal rhone 2 I g URDAHL VOLD ................ Northwood TED HUMPHREY .................. Plymouth J. E. JACOBSON ................ MOM Sprints W. S. KELSEIT ......................... Rnd * d WM. YERKES . ........... -^ ......... Rockford EDMARONEY ..................... S«Tiledal e D. S. MABB ..................... ...Thornton B01VEN- GRUrp .................. Sheffield SOLBERG A S0\ ................. Ooiixhcrt, W. H. DIETRICH .............. Osa , e ELUNGSON'S .................... '.Carpenter ART WHITE '

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