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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 23, 1818
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NEtV - hK F.y f.NINOPoST. THURSDAY, APRIL 23. ' ' ' franklin Bank. Tho legislator of thi state adjourned last Tuesday Diit between 1 1 mod It o'clock, mod all ear delegation can bom , thi atoning ia the (team boat Richmond. From oo of thorn wo Uara that the Franklin Bank bill which wat rejected in thr hous on Mooda y by a majority of 9, aod considered dead a a door nail, wastry toma mgc or other, called op thr pext day jut bet the legirlatar adjourned. ' and ttrange to tell, pawed by majority of lettn I " Lauo'deoP aaid Mr. Noah tfaii moraiug. But where ere hii joke and his jest Dow ' The council of appointment were ia session when ourinibrmant left Albany, yesterday moo, ' Friee of trhtat. The average price of wheat ia EnglW, the week preceding the 17th March, wu tightyjit ihiUingt tnd three penet tlerling, per quarter, instead of 75. 3J. M accidentally staled ia the Mercantile Advertiser of (hi meru - . . - ." ,", From the National tnlrtligencer, April 21. Thr congiDst of the United Stutet finished its - estion about 8 'clock bt evening, v? II Uie bill have pasted into actt, whot pawax ia both boasts lie bt en heretofore noticed, except the bill to increase the salaries of the head ol departments, Which wai postponed indciiuitely in ,, the mate, on the disagreement of the two house renpectine aaiettdmenu thereto. A ooraplrts list ol the act will be published io . oar axt : having deterred it, that it may be cri tkally corrected by the roll deposited iu thede nartment of ttatt. All the bill relating to the collection of revenue from import, Jfcc. and dutie on imported aritcier, wnicn nun vrcn noiicci a navmg rs - . . l - i i . . ; - . ceireu their third reading, nave become law. The teuton haa terminated harmoniously, and the member bare separated, with the conscious - ntf having generally devoted thnnselve In their public duties tn u exemplary manner, and nUrtainwf toward each other reciprocal feel - s tags ol respect and pood will, . Te com of Theron jiudd. We published, i few day ego, a ttalemeot respecting an offer which, we were informed. Therua Rudd. late clerk of the district roart of New - York, had matte to compound with the United Elite, bit principal creditor, lading that public atten tioo has bro called to that statement, and that it correilneii dented, we have made it our bu line to enquire at the fountain - head for the precise facts; which baring obtained, we preeut to our reader. The tobtttoe of Ra&ViJtrtt proposition, ad - . dreaied to hi counsel, and by them to the United o'tate attorney for the New - York district, ' wai, to ive a bond, with approved turaty, to pay twenty thousand dollars in one year, and, for the residue of the monie deposited with him ai clerk, to give hi own bond, payable, ten thou - and dollar yearly, till the whole wa paid. Thi proposiUoo wa made io October laet. The iteuni proposition, addreued directly to the treasury, wai, in substance, an offer to make ' an extensive contract for supplying the government with cannon. The price gi en by the go - ' Ternment, he dated, being 133 dollar, per ton, and large advance being ganorally made to con tractor, he would require no advance, and would content th - l 33 dollar a ton thould be applied in satisfaction of the amount for which he ' to a delinquent to the public. No other proposition haa been received from Mr. Rudd at the trtatury S and neither of. the lia been accent' - ad. The publication we recently mule, wa oa highly respectable inlormutioo. It i not oa in formation, but on authority, that we now muke the above statement, which wa have deemed lie canary, ia consequence of the correctness of the , tormir ttateuent having been queitioned. Faom th4 Alba j Dmly - idrertiier, April 22. Pursuant to a concurrent resolution nftlir twn me legislature adjourned, laM night between eleven and ttvelven'cWk. We believe more than fifty bill passed ihc Semite. The evening session of the Assembly wa chiefly occupied upon the bill introduced toon eftci the commencement of the scum n, nuking - an appropriation for certain repair of the capital i but wh eh was finally rejected by a small majority. vtrt ej mnunun. Previous totlie adjournment, vote of thank were unanimously pused by, the respective Houses, io the Pieiulent anil hpeKer Itoth of these officers replied in dignified and affee tionate term. Franklin Bank - This is truly a changing . world. On Monday, the bill for incorporating the Franklin Dank, after having: been bandied about between the to houses of legislature - during the whole session, was rejected by a majority of nine, and the bill returned to (be senate, where it originated. Yesterday morn in?, a motion was made to reconsider the bill which prevailed and subsequr - ly the bill was brought back from the Senate, and passed bjt i mj iriij ui mtn. - This bank, it is understood, is considered at aClintonian Institution. At all events, the - Tamanie have made the most determined and violent opposition to its passage i and we are informed that atier the bill wua lost on Voir day, tliey gave vent to their joy by a umptu ous feast and frolic It. - 1 he fiK - nch of the bill however, were not behind baud, for they uUo collected ana inviteii guests to asswt in ue troying the fat thing of Uie laud. Wfcetlirr the latter were more bountiful in the distribu tion of whiskey punch and the juice uftlic grape, we are not informed i but it seems their banquet was turned to the best account. From Uie National .Idcoeale. t, . - . A r i ,. r - i L uj iuo icujuui vi u prucocuitisrs in we osirttprr, it appeart that the cause of the a - cmbly rcj'tiug my claim for land is, my having received 3000 acres of land for my services io the army. I trust it will nut be diemcd impro per in me to represent my claim for land from Uie state. Un the last day of December, litiO, Uie continental army umlertrenl a general reform in which, the five New York regiments were reduced into two ; ofcourse the colouel commanding the 31, 4th auJ ith regiments, became atrnnged. r or our services, as conmmndeie of thcis rcsrimeiil!., we received 3000 a r of land. In Man h, 1TDI, the leiitU.ire ofthe tale of Sew - Yori i c.l l:lw to raise troo on boualics of u - .iai.ropria.d land for fhe de - ftuce of the slate, prnU - d ro - i - rcw wonld aree totubsit, pay,,.l.rthe, arm a J arcauti si thnn. Jn?ret hun5 to the proM, 1 wt,s invited to Uv romuiaud of it,,! Bv the law eadi v.l lir h ve one n' - ht ol 5O0 acres eai.h tub.Jtrrj ilScer two nhU oi ow " wn wpiaiu - .reBri;hts. srJ ea ueid oiucer lour ri. - iu. i. jUO strei on - olid. Th, troop raised acrordm - to thi direction of th - .t act, conliuued u:i 1;t eiv c.pioiud. an ! I r - , - .. ed pay a c.iioael vi,i.tia., ;.. (host ti,xp from the pay m mter snt.loliharn!yofUitf United cuic anu me irotn orembcr, pel. It i, for thi ten ire I cbiai frKB tha tute ot New - York ag - rnt for 2000 a ies of land, a claim to just, ti )U;h I am noejr 78 )ev - olJ, aud 'anoot ex - p. - c to be ar.i tu coitnoe my cUui much longer, I shll enjoia sir children not to neglect it after my 'death. Wa - be f tthr r (wlw was cou - tractw for fti j,p)r 0f i,,,,. ip,) of Jouow r nUemar, sr ao, am informed, UiJayed very brUUijii t idtitti ia opposipg a "t alire, he wu!d le able to leti lie eererity and E - trea attt nding that en ke, and the actirity, the tod, the deprivation and hasard I bad to euotoa - ter, and the turret with which a very eitemire frontier wu protected by the troop ooder, my command.' , - ' If it we not aiking too much, I should like to know where all the dead were buried that were killed durin; the late war by the honorable general who exercwed ae much bittern and d in meciingmy cian. f,, - - . to the lUte w for land richly earned, and for which I bare a good rifrht to claim from the itate of .ew - York KWO acre of hnd ae I had to the pay received from the United States a colonel of a regimeni or I e w - 1 ora aiaxe iroopa. i erred the cmpalim of tlieyear 1780 with the main army under the command of eneral Wuhinmon. Seven ucb campaigna would not etiual the fatieue. anxiety, dutres and hardhin. I endured in one of those campaigns on Uie frontier of theetat t of New - York. For mv service in the continental army I received a gratuny Ol juw acres oi una tor my services mnm i i I . 1 L - I. 111 uie year iei. ana no, wnirn were mugu more severe, I am refused the 3000 acres due to me by the state, agreeably to tbeirown act I thank my uod Uiat, II.oupTi my bodily inhr. mities are inc - eased by old age, my spirit has not become so depraved as to suffer tne to pe tition for help Was 1 in distress and want, I would prefer seeking for aid among the Cherokee or Creek nations of Indians, where I have wilnesied hospitality superior to what 1 have ohkerved among what we term civilized so ciety. ' Dlessed be God I can reflect, with no small pleasure, on the fidelity, assiduity, and success, that accompanied my exertions, in proti cling the dUlrteed frontiera of Uie state which now refuiie me the compensation to which I am evidently entitled. MAR1NUS WILLETT, Those printers who published the proceed - ings uf the assembly respecting my having re ceived 3000 acres of kind, are requested to give tins an insertion. From the Albany Jitgiiler. ' Indtpttuitnl ld toldier. - As there i an act of congreM, patred March 10th, 1818, to provide lor olhcera of the revolutionary war, 1 hereby protejt agaioit that law t and declare I relio quikh all rieht aod title to the whole of the pen i too. thereby granted. And 1 further declare that I never will apply, directly or indirectly, for aid pennon granted by that act : because I think that a nine month's soldier, who never saw the fare of a British foe, and to able to earn 10 or Z dollar a month and bis board, is not eutitlsd to such provision as a veteran who served six or seven year in the most difficult and dangerous teige and battle j in which some lost a leg or an arm, and some both; other taken prisoner. immured in prison or in the sugar - bouse at .ew - iork. and poisoned, as I wa myself, which ha destroyed all health and comfort through life. I will rather have confidence in tha hon. Ste phen Van Rensselaer, proprietor of the manor of Rensselaarwick, on whose munificence I hare lived for 14 year, than to take up with the sor did pittance of iwtnly - iix cenli and Ihree - ttnllu of a ten! per day. la the American revolution I wa a bombadier in col. John Lamb's regiment of artillery of the state of New - York; I al way did my duty as a faithful soldier t I helped in guarding many of our present ruler when they were in their cradle. or dandled io their nurses1 arm i 1 helped at the risk of my Uie, more timet than I can remember, to bring about aod confirm this government, un der which they now enjoy their liberty and their case, while I am doomed to tullor. I now reside ia the town of Bern, in the coun ty of Albany. Jr.UKMIAll KJAJI. rt7" The different printer throughout the U. States, are requested to give the above an inser tion in their respective paper. COXO HESS. It is not necessary, since we have published a List of Acts posted, to detail all the proceedings of the two Houses on Monday the 20th, the last day of the aestiou. The following are the incidents which ap pear more particularly than others to deserve notice. IN THE SENATE. A nu nher of bills were lost by the opera tion of the i uie which forbids a bill receiving two readings on one uav, unless by unanimous consent t among which were, a bill for the re lief of gen. John Stark i a bill for the relief of John Anderson i a bill to authorize the payment eit cei'laiti treasury note a bill for the relief of Frederick Ill - own ( a bill to suspend the side of ctrtain lands in the slate of Louis iana and Mitsissippi territory, tic. were post poned. IN THE HOUSE OF RKVRESENTATIVES. The amendments .of the Senate ti Uie a mendmeuts of this House tn the bill to in. crease the salaries of certain officers ofthe government having been taken up A motion was made by .Mr. Duller to post pone the whole subject indefinitely ; and deci ded in tne negative Ayes. fy noes 36. On the question to concur in the amend ment of the .Senate, going - to substitute 6000 Io - 5J00, as the salary ui the Heads of Depart' nients, it wa decided in the negative, by a majority ot mi vote. The House then determined to insist on its amendment, (disagreed to by the Senate) for increasing Uie sata ies of the Judges of the .mpreiiie Court ol tne I'nited States. A mess ue was received from the senate, an nouncing, Uiat ihcy recede fi - om to much of their amendments to the bill, inrreutmg the salaries of certain ollicer of the government, as relate - to the salaries of Uie secretariciof war aod ofthe u.ivy, that they insist on that part which relates to the talaries ofth secrntaiic ofttntcaodol the treasury, and recede from their oW;ree - oicut to thn aincuJmeiit of (he house, which rai ses tho salaries of the judge of the supreme rouri. Mr. Lowndes, after exprrving hit objection to sanctioning af.y loti'or the discrimination which hltd heretofore existed iu the salaries of the heads of departments, now (hat Uie house wai called uponlolritht'.eon the subject, niovod that the hou.e adhere to its diwcrcriticut to the senate's amendment to the cluuie lixiug thn salaries of (He heads ol ueuanmtuu. 7 his motion was lupported by .Vr. Robertson, of Loo. upon similar grouj.!r i and, after an un successful motion, by Mr blivtiicr, io lay the bul on the table, and one iy .VI r. Hicb, to pott - pone it indefinitely all which will be more par ticulariy noticed with former proceeding oo the bill. Mr. Lowndes motion was agreed to, and the enate informca thereof. Vr. Wilkin tubmitteJ a joint resolution, to continue 'to the widow and children of John l'aiildin;,.deceated, for five year, the petuwo of 2j0 dollars, heretofore allowed to him, as oue of the captors of major Andre. I lis resolution baring been read, it was, on motion of Mr. Wilkin, laid on th table, who observed that the member, l - avrig their atten tion brought to tbs tulject, could bnug with UVm at the next icjsiou the public tnitunenl retpecung thu appropralioo for th duldrca ol me painolic l'4uM.B. On tavtino of Mr rt'dliaaa - s of Con. th com - euttee of the whole bout , J;rhe.l In the further uwsidcralioo of tile rt port of th select committee the expetnn iocarrcd un.ler th 4H., Gth, and 7th arttclct of the treaty of Ghent, and the house then proceeded to caiiMd.r laid report, which concludes with r commending th adoption of th. foUjwiuz reso - luUoa: Reiolvcd, That the president of tha United States b) reauesUd to aifau; with the Britisi governmeot tome mod of deeignatiog th boon - dary line under th 0th tad 7lh article of the treaty of Ghent, which shall require lets time and expttas than the oue which the coaimituoa - srs bav baretofbr pursued. '''' After some debate, ia which Messrs. Williams, of Coo. and Pitkin advocated the adoption of the resolution, and Mr. Ogdoa opposed it, the ques - tioa was decided ia the aUu - Btative, and ui reso lation agreed to. Th boas having acted oa all the btuiaet be fors Hi Messrs. Harritoa aud Pitkin wer appointed a committee jointly with Messrs. Macoo and 1 ait, oa th Dart of th senate, to wait en the presi dent, to inform him that the two bouses, having acted oa th business before intra, were reaay io adjourn ; and Tha said committee having reported that the president had no further communication to make to congress ; Th bout adjourned tint die. Extract of letter from th American coMul at it. Pierre, (Mart.) dated 10th of March, 1K1H. " Since rour departure, we have continued to receive supplies of lumber of every kind. I need hardlv say to you, brin? no mora her until yon bear of a change in the market. Corn con tinues a glut Kice, ol course, Beeps uown, wiu will for sometime. Flour begin to be on the rite t none ha. arrived from the U. Mate since von left a, and onlv two venal have arrived from France, and thev have but little, not worth noticing. Mtmall cargo within the reach of different purchaser!, say four up to eignt Hundred bbl. I believe inicht be sold at $13 and will reach 14 ner bbh each. Should it rue to that or hizber. it i hieblv possible the port will continue open. Th retailer will raise tneir price beyond the proportion oa the rite of Uie cargo t 1 !. 1. 1 1. - will infill. prices, suiu ii uiv ivuii, ri ence the eovemmrnt to open or shut th pdrton the 22d Wpril. Could you b her previout to that, I have no doubt ol your obtaining $ it round eath.n WASHINGTON, (Penn.) April 6, 1818. It is due to society to uublish the following fla - rrant breach of Uie laws of God and mani and it is hoped Uiat Uie editor of newspaper ia th United States, who wua well io moraiuy aoa uie peace and comfort of sociuty, will discriminate the information by giving it an lutertioa ia their paper. On Thursday nisht. fheSJ April inrt. between th hours of niue and ten o'clock, Samuel Her - riott eloped from thit town iu company with Ly - dia Brice, Uis wile of Mr. Thomas Brie, a respectable merchant of (hit borough. Harriott htd been taken into tha family of Mr. Brice, to whom he was related, about sis years ago, in the capacity of a store keeper, and has lived, we believe, in bit family, the greater part, if not the whole of that period, lie cam poor to Mr. U. and was treated by him with the greatest kind - Dett and friendship. About three year ago Mr. B. took him into partnership, and generously al lowed him the half of the profits of th (tore, although be had not a tingle dollar to put into th stock. The partnership continued until a few week back, when it expired by it own li mitation. During all thi time II. wa treated by Mr. B. rather a a ton, than a a distant relation. But mark the base ingratitude with which be repaid thit friendship. Like a serpent, he ttung hi friend in the most vital and tender part. II insinuated himself into the affections of hit wife - (he partner of hit bed th mother of hi beloved child, aod robbed him of her who was as dear to him a his own life. But flagrant and enormous at th guilt of Her - riott matt have been, w are persuaded that iu the progress and accomplishment of thit bate and criminal transaction, the partner of hit guilt bore her full share. Treated, uniformly, by her husband, with teudernes and affection menu fully supplied, by him, with every nereuary and cum fort of life hit I spinets wat bound up in her't ; yet, regardless of every good principle, die has burst asunder the tenderest ties, and de serted him and his beloved child for an uupi in cipled paramour. 1 hat society may be put on their guard, and prevented from affording Ui.s guilty pair any countenance or protection, it th sol object of thit publication; aud for thit purpose it is tlio't proper to give tha following description or their persons : Ilerriott is about 28 years old, tall and - lender made, pi obnbly 5 feet 11 inches high, pale countenance, and rather o down look J he hat loot one fore - tooth in his tinder jaw; alow and mild in bis manner of conversation. I.ydia Knee, whoio maiden name was Uook, it a woman above the middle tiie hat a placid agreeable countenance, with somelhiog of a pensive catt; the it about J!l year of age nrnl, vhat greatly aggravate her crime, ha left an affec tionate daughter in her tenth year. Iter inai - ac ter, until this base tramsction, stood fair, and to their mo - t intim - tte friends and acquaintance, herself and husband appeared to lire happily and contentedly lince their marriage, which took plac nearly twelve year ago. Any information rtspectius; tho aforesaid Har riott, to that he may be brought to puni. - hmeiit, communicated to Thomas brice, merchant, Washington county, P'a. or to John Henderson, merchant, of the city of Baltimore, hit authorised agent, will be thankfully received. PROVIDENCE, (R. I.) April 13. Cnulion. Ou Moaday last, a young man wns bittea by a doj, ou the Went tide of the bridge, which exhibited evident signs of maili - ett. For Innately thi bite wat not to terrre at to fetch blond, or the mnt tevcre consequence! mitlit have been apprehend"!. At the dog wat suffer ed to escape, it it probable be is still al large, and may have bitten others. We mention tin tnat the public may bo on their euard. were th hundreilt of useless dogt u'ett our streets either killed or confined, w think it would greatly add to the safety of our cilixeus BALTIMORE. April tl. Finn. The distressing cry of fire so often oi late heard in ourciiy,ws again resoutided about 10 o'clock on Sunday night. It proud io l.c a stable, belonging to VI r. Molt, oeirly adjacent lolhe Methodist meeting Moue; t.retn itrc t There were fire horse and a considerable nuin tity of bay (the property of :vertl indigent draymen) in it at the time. Four of the h"i s were extricated, the other wa destroyed. The fire communicated to the meeting huise, and several other houses within the immediate vicinity ofthe stable which was happily extinguished without any ranterial injury, by the unremitted and untre.'iried ext - rtiom of the different ie com panies. BUFFALO, April U. Caution to mittrrt A grist - mill, belonging tn Messrs. Wildrr and I eaUxly, in the Village ol .ittica, Geuetea county, was burnt, together with a large quantity of grain, on the evening of in lint instant. I he Duller Tilled the hopper with grain, put the mill in operation, and tell a - lrep. It it supposed to have taken fit by the friction of tho ttones after the grain had run ouL Lott estimated at $ iuuo. riTTSrtURGU, (Penn.) April 14. Unfurlunnlt orrurrenre. A geulleniaa direct from the head of Alleghany river, informs us of an unhappy accident which took place a few miles above the town of Warren, Venango county, on the 4th of th present rootithj Two Iwtats lasbed together, were descending th river from Uie Olean rotat, and navigated by enoas, pre sumed to be unacquainted with the river, they ran noon tha bead of an iMaod which was cover ed with drift wood. One ol them wat driven npoo th wood and auttained n material injury. n otner, in wnicn were a man and tin wile, aa elJerlv lady and several children, broke lone from tb boat to which it wu lfeheJ, &al wsot U, th bottom Th ttuhappy mother, hi her f - s er . wrt I H rot ail inCIIl forts s save ner ouspntnj, - !; - fcer arms, and struggled a foe - time to keep Unm abov water uotil torn other boats, which were ia company, could come to ,ber'urj bat the strength of th cerrent overpowered and wept her away. Two of the children however, wer saved, and taken ou board the other boat, which, by this time, had been got off. Tbeee who perished, wer th mother, her child, and tb old lady, whot bodies bav not yet been louod, haviug been probably driven under the limber, along th side of th Maud. Th or - , vivon arrived at Warren the next day in .roo - ditioa truly deplorable. Th hutband is a man of about forty year ol age, and a decent appear - ance. ni uR..i., - . almost distracted with giief, and round her cltrag Uie remain tag part in lamny in miterable. All th gentleman's effects were lott. 1 SNOW SLIDE. Extract of a letter from Blue - Hill, (Main,) da - ted March 8th. SI W. kin had abundance of SOOWi without any rain, until last Sabbath night, at which time a powenul ram commenced, un ;uouujj - ar rtul1t satVlirrAflCsB took Dlaci There was adrift of snow uuder the precipic of Blue - Hill . , , . i. 1 1 ma. .l..n nv.r moUOtain, juueu to vm auuui v i - - .k.l. ikmar wai teea ruunin? AO Moodav morning ; and about ten o'clock, this huge mast of mow, by the pretture ol water aonve si, "J .11 rlrn Ihevrnnnd. baeinnin? about five rods in width, carrying all before it, above the ur - face of the ground. 1 ne obstacle it met wmi, mm. a small lede of loose rocks, tome of which wer four feet ia circnmlerence : the second wa a rail fence, 15 rod of which wer instantly wept before it ) it then made its way down the mountain, sweeping rocks, brushes, and every thing before it, a distance of more than eighty rods, when it cam in contact with a very heavy ton wall, eight or ten rodt of which were twept clear to the ground, then croning the road took about Uie tarns length of wall aa before mentioned. All this moustroui mass of snow, rau, potts, bushes, rocks, A;c. wer lodged on Uie flat ground, a few rods to th eastward of Mr. Phi - neat Osgood' boute. ' ' " Some of the rocks, which were Judged to weigh more than a too, were carried more than fifteen rods, aud are now lying on the top ef that huge heap. Had Mr. Osgood been ten or fifteen minute sooner in getting nit came to water, tk. wamM nrnhahlv all have been dest roved. for he had just turned them out of his barn, to go to their u - ual place to water, wnicn was m we wake of thu powenul toow - siiue." MAhKlr.U. Oa Wednesday evening latt by the Rev. William W. Phillips, Mr. Thomas Ocpsill, to Mm JaneStrethr - ft. all of this city. iJit.U, This mornine. at 1 o'clock, after an illness of five days, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, wife of Col. William Jones, a red 54 years. Mis relations and friends, are requested to attend her funeral, tomorrow afternoon, at 5 o'clock, Com nis residence. No. 14.$ Fulton - street. Yesterday afternoon, Mit arah Louisa Jay, daughter of John Jay Esq. Her relations and I'riendt are requested to attend her funeral tomorrow afterojon, at 5 o'clock, at No. iJ9 Liberty - street. At the residence of her daughter, (Mrs. Onker) in the city of Washington, F.liznheth, widow of Frederic II. Baron Ue Weittenfel, who died at New - Orlean in the year 1110C. and who wat distinguished for hi devotion to the principles ol the American revolution f ana renaerea, as a Colonel in the army, etiential military service to the United Stales, during Uiat memorable truggle. ZVRXlMi POST MARINE I.Ml CLEARED. Ship Telegraph, Fanning. Charleston Frances Henrietta, Allyn, Antwerp Robert Dickey Brig Gen Brock, Dwyer, Baibadoes D S Kennedy Schr Ann E'iza, Carties, Folly Landing Kliza Jane, Gain, Brothers, Ue Hart, New Packet, Hopkins, Sloop Shcphei dess, Blcvin, Try a 11, Dellingliani, Sally, Jones, Anuon, Dickenson, President, York, Nancy, imack, " Musidora, Griffin, Constitution, Cceihton, N. York Packet, M Cleve, Mary, Bulklev, Siico Norfolk Boston Newport Camdon Snow Hill Sa brook lloston Snowhill West Indies Richmond Middletown Boston ARKirKU THIS fOHKJN'OOA. British brig Hope, Patten, 28 dayt from Sava - na La Mar, Jam. with rum, coffee, dry goods, castor oil and copper, to T Carberry, E llitchic, T Green, Armstrong, Bazclgette It Co. F Allen, Rowland Si Braioe, Pott & M'Kiune, J & W Sterlioz Ji Co. and Doorman & Johnston. Spoke eff Havana, schr Andrew Allen, 23 .day from Boston for (iavana. A letter from Amsterdam of the l'th March, mentions the arrival at Uiat place of ship Helve - bus, Guligar, of Philadelphia, from Uatavia. BELOW a ship aod schooner. 1iRirKD last r.rEjun, Ship Rising States, Swinburne, 12 days from Savannah, with cotton, &c. to Griswolds and Coatrs, J & C Rolton, Geo Ferris, Howard & White, Wm Boyd, Paul Longer, N Si S Delon - guemaire, James Carey, jun. Humplirevs and Hall, and C. W Winter. Paenger, S God dai 1, J R Pendleton, L Washburn, T R Rees, J Whitfield, A Leonard, I 1 Ureenwoml, J J Henry, and M B Matthews. Spoke nothing. British brig Mary, M'L - an, '22 days from Savana La Mar, Jamaica, vyth rum, augarand coffee, to D It Lambert, J H Rickets, G W M'Lean, and to order. Passengers, S Towrlin, C M'Nish. N M Kinzie, W Thomas, W Dickson, and J H Rickets. The brig Hope tailed 4 days before for New York. At Anatto Bav, britr Lord Hill. Hanson, from Savannah. Off' Havana, spoke the Buenos Ayrean brig Independence, of 20 guns. Brig Telegraph, Minim, 13 days from Savannah, with cotton snd cheese, to II Hitchcock & Co Wm Mank. W II Imlay, G W Tab bot, Sturges & Sherman, De Rliam Si DeLes - sert, Peters U Hairiion, Ilogei t t Kneehnd, L .M II Butler. J & C Colton. and S llcy Passenycrs, Messrs. S Blanding, and J Thomp - son. .Union Line Packet sch Pocahontas. Seybert, 3 days from Philadelphia, with tea, cassia, rum, pimea.o, iion, snuff, starch, stationary, &C. to I. Hnmnicdieu it Brown, A G I helps, nnyd Sl Suydam, Smith Si Bailey, Ketclmm & Ten Brook, P Dustan, S Storm Irving. Smith & llollv, Collins it Co. S Wood &. Son, It A: I) Cotheal, W W Wetmore & Co. J Fsiibiirii, F. Ihiyckiiik, Thompson Si Clusnian, and others ; am) miluan stores, to Col Jus. R. Miillanv Sa.lcxl from the Capes in co. with brie Man - . for at. Croix. Sch Hannah, Fessenden, IS days from Eden - ton, with slaves, to J Johnson Si Sons. Sailed in co. sch Polly, F - aston, forN York, and capt. re ecus lor Martinique. Sch .Marv. Gold. 5 days from Fredericks - hiirff, with flour and wheat, - jj Byrnes. Trimble it Co. Sailed with sch Only Daughter, fur Boston. - Dispatch Line sloop Scourre. De Groot. 3 days Irons Itiiladelphia, with tea, ruin, linseed oil, sugar, marble and bricks, to f Grim, ra n - er, Smith it Bailey, Hyer and Brenmer, W F Van Amringe, J Keyeer, G Carter, A Labach, J F Deisplaine, and others. fAO - lf OUR CORRESPONDENT. ' 0fice ofthe Baltimore Patriot, ) Aprils! I J Arrirtd, brig; Findorf, Camell, from Calcut ta tnd 60 days ftom Cape of Good Hope, with .:iv .n,im mvIl asnr and (altpetre. ' Sail ed 15tb Feb. , The ship William, Rutter, of Baltimore, from iiatavia, tor ftiu . Canton s Hinkley, from Canton for Boston, iail - t from the Cane the day before the P. Kx - perienced msich bad weather on the passage i spoke nothing but a vessel trora savannan on the coast, name unknown. ' . y Sch Fame, M'Kierly, from Le Guayra, and oo it.v, from St, Thomas. Left at St. Tho mas, sch Philiani, Johnson, fronv Madeira for Baltimore, in 6 davs sens, oeiongnnt w Norfolk and several'Eastern vessels with lum ber. The brig Esgle, fcley, of Baltimore, naa sailed for Caue Her.ry. Hayti. The F. 17 day on soundings with continual N W gi.le. Steam boat Virginia, hours trom rsorioia. Sch. Cuba, put into Norfi ilk for provuions. bound to Baltimore Brig John SmiUi, from Havana hound to Bristol. K I. was brought in by the pilot boat Plouglibov, Willi the loss of ner ruouer, in a icaay conuiinm. iiuiifi"" Roads, S ships and 1 brig at anchor. NoaroLX. April 20 Arrived sloop Reaper, . ii . , i... f n ILmnlim Jenkins, N York 3 days, bound to Richmond. Brig Margaret Wright, Ivy, put bacic in distress, having sprung aleak. The M. W. tailed hence the 13th inst. with a cargo of corn, bound to Lisbon, and on 14th. when near the edee of theGulph in a severe gale from NN'V shifted her cargo several times, and sprung a - leak, which continued to encrease t was competed to heave overboard nearly every thing on deck, except her cables i cleared au ay her long boat and prepared to abandon the vessel ; bore awav for the first port i both pumps con stantly going, and frequently choking with corn i cut away lier tore top gauan mast, De ing unable to send it down. Took a pilot on Friday at 4 P. M. and anchored inside the Cape about 9 same night. The M. W. has been as tariuuth ax Iato5 21. Schr Mary U Pamela, Dickey, New York, 3 day s. Got ashore on Crauey Island flat jester day, at nan past u a. di. fclooD Atlantic. Woodward, Charleston, 11 dajs. April 7th, off Charleston saw a number of barrel of tar adrift. 9th, off rry ing Pan shoal hadaht - aty gale from N by L, conliiiutd 3b hours, and drove her across the Gulpb. 1 1 tb. in the Guh4i, taw a bowsprit and jib boom of atch. of about Ti tons. 14th, spoke brig Arethusa, 4 daytlrom N xoik for Cliarleston, lo milet to southward of fl altera, with a fair wind, likely to get in the next day. 15th, timke bip Corsair, t duy from N York for Charleston, SO mile to the northward of llatterat, with a fair wind. Brig John Smith, Monroe, with a cargo ol molasses, 19 day from Hat - ana, bound to bristol, tv. . with the lossol tier rudder, and leany oue pump conttantly going. She wat towed into lluniptcn Roads by tire Baltimore Pilot - boat, Commodore Rogers, which fell in with her about 50 miles S. E.of cape Henry, io qnite an unmanageable state. Tht boat went down to her with some men to assist in getting her up into thi har bor. cckr Ranser, Lake, New York, 4C hours from the Hook. Sloop Hardware, Engle, New York 3 day Sloop Jay, Thompson, Petersburg, 64 hour, hound to NYoik. The Steam boat Sea Horse, from New York, boui.d to pert, wni teen off Squan Inlet on Sunday alternoon, l?tti inst. . - . . i . I c i Arnveu in iiampion nuiui yesii - roujr. ouip John and Adnm, capt. Knight, 70 da; t from Liverpool, bound to Richmond. Same day. tell in with th wreck ol a Chebacco boat, of about 45 tons, apparently new, dismasted aud her decks torn up. April 12, long 71, lat 3d, spoke tchr Betsey, r otter, oi notion tor baiuuiore, bound to Ouorto fit hour irora tne cape. Below, the tchr Experiment, of Buckttown, from Boston, bound here. SavAxaan, Apiil 13 Arrived ship Mary, DohglasH, Nork 15 days. Brig Eliza, Adams, Boston 10 days. Sloon Itecrale. Andrews, NYork 8 days. Sloop First - Attempt, Halle, NYoik 10 days. PHILADELPHIA. April 22. - Amved, ship Concttoeu, Marshall, from Lwidoniterry Lett 1 Hilt March, ship Protection, M'CorWIc, dischnr - jing. toUe April 1 1. lut 4G, long 33, ship Par - nusso, of New Bedlord, 18 diyt trom N York, bound to Dublin, with the Iris of tailt ond jolly boat; March 9th, ship Grand Turk, of N York, for Londori'lerry, came to an anchor in Caldrol Bay, near Loch toy le, with lost of bowsprit, y artlt, sails, bead oi ir.e rtioutr, and loreoiuti tpruoK, aftenvardi towed into Lam by n revenue cutter, cargo aupnoaed to be materially damaged. ahip John Dickinton, Baush, of Philadelphia, at Cork' on t ue 14th niarcn, wiieretue nan put into, with the Ion of bowsprit nod foremast. Feb. lat. Ion" 27. thin Robert Burn, ol and for N York, 11 dnyt from Liverpool, whiie laying too, shipped a sea, which carried tiway all three nmt, railings, (launching, couipauioa way, erond male, steward and Se teamen wasl.ed overnoaM, on March 5th, the arrived off 'i'illtnhead to anchor, and wni towed into Killebags, by a re venae cutter. Capt. Marshall, further in'ormsthat the tlnpHibernia, Graham, 17 daytlrom Liverpool, for New York, bad put into Belfast in dis tress, and would have to discharge ; ship Samuel, Logan, arrived at Newry, in 24 days from New - York, and wat to tail 14th April, for same port; the ship West point, was to tail from Newry forN Yoric,?0 M.irch, and ship Thomas Gel ston, uo lor riiiiatieipiua, lit April, an wiin pat' enscrs. NawronT, Aril 13 Arrived, tch Industry, Eas ton, of this port, from Point Petre, and 24 dayt from l - ort lioynl. Uevenue Cutter Vigilant, Cahoone, returned last evening from a cruise off' Block Island, having boarded the following vessels in the of fing : Rng If, Richmond, of and for Bristol, 64 days from Rio Janeiro. Led there, brig Catherine, Wood, ot thu port i brig Matilda Burr, Si days from Matanzas for Warren ; brig Clilu - , Allen, 30 days from Havana for Warren, - brig (lad mi, toung, 30 days from Matunzas for Providence. BOS TON. April CO. - Arrived, bris Marcia. Croiv, 3J dayt from Dominica. No vessels ban twin aljlc to tell since the 1st Marc h, bincethi - Itt Feb. it wot believed 70 tail had touched and proceeded to other Islands for a market. ling Orlennt, I'ratt, 27 days from N Orleans, and ti from the Raliz. Bng Albeit, Prince, 2Crloytfrom Havana. Schr Trial, rUrry, 43 davs from Maluea. and 37 from Gilralter. Left at Mnlnea. shin Union. of N York, for Havana in 7 days; brig Strong, of inarmeneaa, repairing navtng lost her mHinmust, wai to tail for Baltimore, in about 10 dayt. 1'lie Tiial sailed in co. from Gibraltar with (be schr Six Brothers, arrived here a few days time and bring n 'thing later. pok? Mnrtb Stith, lat 33, Ion 38, thip Fisher Ames, of Portland, from the Isle of France lor Copenhagen. Capt Berry inform Uiat he hat experienced heavy eale from the eastward for eighteen day past lie wa in the lat of 69, off cape cablet, in 17 day after leaving Gibraltar. Brie Hazard, li day from N York. Schr Volant, Shute. Cttday from St Croix. The brig Ruthy, Brown, from Gibraltar for Boston, has arrived at rtomnglon. THEATRE. On Friday evening, April 24, will lie presented. ocuwu ur nt.ruiv.Ti, " bit, HOW TO KCLK A UCbkABD. Tyke, Mr. Hiltbn Between tlie play and entertainment a Broad bword Hornpipe will be danced by Itlrt. Parker. To which will rm added, the falls of clyde.. Krnmore, Mr. Pritchard Farmer Lnfiehl, Koberttou Fdwaid Enlicld, Hilton Elkn KcQeld, Mr. Barnes la act 1 a Scotch Dance, by Mr. & Mr. Parker. Perform a nee to tonuueoce at a quarter past seven o'clock :1s" ftlJriKH. r will 1 i,..,. Ilv , ' j - - i j inform bu customers, that th Imihlnnof ihni state has passed a law authorising th drawing ol tb Mdionl aad Owero Road Lotlerr in thit 'city. . ap53 fTr A charity sermon. Cr ilia benrr.s New. York Female 'Assistance Socielv. ;u u preached io the aw Method Lit Church in JoU. ttreet, oil Friday eyeuing next, at half past 7 o'clock. Th following pieces will ba th choir, via : . 7 Old Hundred Before Jehovah's awful thren Barren Fig Tree Although I It fi tre. d,,u not blossom. - JubilaU Oh be Joyful in the Lord, comrxsw t by Mr. S. P. Taylor. . ' ' ' Cbethunt Our Cord it risen from tb dead Cranbrook Come ye Uiat love th lxrd. ' Th object of thit society is to ascitt sick poor women and children. Itt sole denendencs oo subscription! and donations. Th fundi being exhausted, and evral deserving cates of dUlres tiil depending upon them, its mana - ers once mor solicit the patronage of a benevolent puuuc. MARY W. MASON, Sec'rv ' ap 93 J" FIRST W ARD. " ' - (r The Federal Republican Elector of (U Firt Ward are requested lo meet on Salunln. evening, th lath luttaut, at. eight o'clock, at Mr, uatton't L - ong Koom, late Watliinir Hotel. No. 42 Broad - street, to receis. ii,.. port of the comuiittee of Domination. np zj FOURTH WAliU. D7 At a meeting of th fetleral - rennbt;,. - electors ofthe fourth ward, held at Harmon v U.1I mi WMlnMjlQ,.v.hinf.ll,.M.l 1 . . ' - - lafiani, Mo le rt Bmwn, esq. was called to the chair and i tiuiua aj. i.'niukiit rvceiary. On motion, resolved unanimously, that thit meeting approve of the report of the commit!.. ol nomination for charter officers, to represent uiismiru io uin loiuimuu luuuiuoi tut city, and will use every honorable mean to Dronvul ik. tuccets of the following tit ket : William r . V an Aairuige, for alderman . Jamet Tyleo, for assistuat Lewis Harlmau, ) .. Peter Bonnett, Adulph L. Pegrove, coHccior Aaron Williams, juu. . , ' John Campbell, ,com,aWe Resolved, that the proceedinstcfthis meetinr bo signed by the chairman aud secretary, and published. Kobert Brown, ckMirman. T. H. Gates, tee'ry. (Tj JOSEPH KMt.lir, Confectioner, SOC Dioadway, is telling off at reduced prices, a variety uf Sweetmeats, in good order. ap js 4t nj - More prize told and paid at ALCKNo' truly lucky olBoe, no, 122 Broadway. Thit morning, Messrs. Aliens h;td the ploasurenf pay ing to a iortiinate auveuiurer at tneir oince, a prize of $5000 ; and to another, a prize of 1000 dollars. . Every day some cf the many adventurers at Aliens' receive similar favors, ap S3 G. Ai R. WAlTF., inform their customer, aod the public in general, that the le - 'itlaturt of thit tlate hat granted permission to the mans - gert ol the Mil lord and Uwcgo lload Lottery, to draw it in thit rity. ap 1 FOR SALE, i, j. A Boat 67 feet long, 3 A"wl feet 0 inche wide, caicula - L nlvmmrfted for a horse or (team - mJl . . fchoa.t. draw little water, built oi (lie bed materials by the subscriber, with or without the machinery, which is for horse Cower, on a most approved plan, The boat trill e waranted sound, tight aod good ; io fact lliey are new. ALSO, A sloop, now building, cf the best materials, about 80 tuns, calculated for the Philadelphia or southern trade : nml a sloop, now ready lor launching, of about 50 tons; a vessel well calculated for burthen, detpatcii sna eaty urnitoi water, ship - Yards, April 23d, 1813. api31w CHAS. RROWN.VF. For CilA HLKSTO.V. The regular packet britr TELE - iLGRAPH. J - 9. Munro, master; a fin la - t Miiinjr vessel ; will positively tail on 1 hurt - day, the 30th intt. - For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on boarit, oa$t tide Burliog - idip, or to HENRY COWING, ap 53 1 w 191 Front - st. corucr Fulton - st. t ar LH.1 MsLHTON, wM5 The regular packet ship TELE - JMjl", GRAPH, J Fanning, mailer ; is oolj wailing a fair wind ; ran take a few tons mors freight, and accommodate 1 0 mare passengers. Apply on board, west side Fly - market wharf,' or to ANSON G. I'll ELI'S, ap 23 183 Front - ttreet. HrUiiKt.M)CKy The ibip FANNY, W. V. Foreman, matter, is votilirtlu intended lo tail for reenockoa Tuesday th 5th May. weather permitting For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to captain Foreman, oo board, east lid Fly - market wfcarf, or to JOHN GRAHAM St CO. N. B. No freight will be taken in tb abov ship unless engaged oa or before Tuesday th 2!Hh intt. ap 23 tf far FrrtB'hl ttr llhnrte.r - if Una brie TRIDENT, caot. Thome - inn. 919 font; has made but ntia vovatv. nils well, and is in good order. Apply on bond, at 1'ine - street wharf, or to, J08. OSBORN, - np21 28 South - st. WANTED, For a short European voyage, a good , vessel, of about 1000 barrels burthen, that is m readiness to receive a cargo. Apply . to N. k D. TALCOTT. ap 23 . For Freigto or Charier, T - l - C - 1 I V f till. Ji sue ruie scar,, , iXmasteri burthen 133 tont, and now ready to receive a cargo Apply to the master on board, at the east side ofthe Old - tlip, or to BOORMAN U JOHNS ! ua, ap 23 57 fiouth - ttreet a'URKS ISLAND SALT 2400 Inisbelt coarse bricht Turks Island Salt, for tale TUCKER It LA URUA. p 23 59 Houth ttreet. I3ROWN SHEETINGS. I0U pieces Kia JJ SheeUngs, for ale by apSl HURDteSEWALL.65e' - m CLOVE U SEED. tierce reowjivaiu. Clover - Seed, juttree'd and fur sale by ilURDSbEWAlX, ap!0 mSoulh - ttreet. 130 Catet gentlemen' bearers, IstqoahtT 12ft 100 no 800 250 60 20 do do do do do do do do dj men's castors ' do do do rnramt do boys wool ladies halt morocco cap 2d do 1st 5J do d FrT at tat ssi (Sv WHITE, BROTHERS & CO. At their only Hat Ware - bouse, 71 Liberty - slap 23 1 w ENI L'CKY I OHACCO 13 hbds. f f U.IM - 1. r.h .nr fi new. of superior quality landing fiiun the brig White - Oak, at - uuth - ttrcet, near IJurimtr - siip, inr - ISAAC F. ROE, ap 23 lw '03 Murray's - wharf : 2avuv4iui. Catet black crapet ' 2 do coloured d.s 1 do all bigh colours . . - . 1 u:f. 1 d fLrured sartneUs - just received Mtt for tale by f.tll. SHELDON fc CO. p23 1

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