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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1818
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NUMBER 4948 THURSDAY, APRIL 23, UUC. NO .2 PINE - STREET. ndry ves - ililies and ShcRoo 4 Waiiamson, 0 hands, 10fl 4, John Fnders, " 44doI. R. !'. ' ,.. i It do P. Hoilz k Co. 1 5? . .V,. Kl - lr 1 M'Keage, 8, 1.2,3 1,8,3 1,8 I, 1,2 1 v" . ... . l.. - lr C n. 8. III w " ' 8 j30 iloR. Hughes t Co. . 63 do R. Cantor, . 45 do F. G. Crn?haw, jl do It. Duttoo, "' i:7 doJ.i 1. LabbjV 8 8 3 14 2 2 3 2 ' ft. llaaV twist , nan iu roll J and Mf Mr. S ' .EEv - utof ":rir, eft. um. the imberj 2 which the qus!i(i are oeHgr.ated. r or by wruut uio 4 - - mi onie rale d20 36 Front - streeL j AHOtiAN i, 1UD uu '"v" - . iwlsl'chMce mahogany, crotch and myrtle 47 reronns tobacco, and t The carzo ohchr Lyeurgus, from the city of st.o.uusB .duff.e, tiC C. il. blip. 1 STORE. ,, Leaf and mariuiact'd Tobacco and HichmHid Fio..r. P " 51 1 ii KH. 1 UST received per Eriu, imiu London, and J ir sale in lot to uit purchaser, a few ca - k containing Blue, gr rii and red Skiver BarJrSUiveri' Red Koan ; and ' ' ' Prune Blue Morocco )Oi. S. HARRISON CO. n 17 Iw 67 Fine - street Ti li.MAC. - A bags fresh Malaga, uniac,just & iimiorted and lor tale iu parcel to suit pur - chasers, !y u. u. o. hum i.n.i u, B, 17 77 Wasliing'on - vtieet. LIU l.M t..Cr - , C. ir'Th UNION INSURANCE COM PANY, incorporated by Hie Legislative of the t'tate of JVtw lark, with a charter ol unlimited duration, fur making - LIFE INSURANCES aud granting iV'VIII I'llV will cmnmanf hiluna tin IIia tint day of - Way next, at no 56 Wall - street. The more pioouuent object embraced by this company, (dlhough. they are prepared to enter oa favorable leruis into all contracts in any shape connected with the view of their institution,) are as folio w : To the laboring class of the community, to JHe - tkunici, to Cltrkt in public mr,4 private ttliet, to C'kryvwn, to Hrufrtturt in Voilrgn, to .Vitttarj uni, and all olhf is pmsefial of fixetl inrom5, which will termioate with their Own liree, thry effcr a secure mean of providing (It their fami - lici. by retling aarl a Mnall' portion of their an - saving lo fiat ur'pc. To ap tahit, lliey utf.;r the fate invwlmnnt and CTtain improvciunut of their inrplus iu - lomfl to the benifil of l!jrir dccndants. . 'J o mumtd men, they ofler a proviiion to tlieir utritiut, tiy an appropi iutinn lo that purpco of mull annual uro, during the continuance cf the Barring", and oa the aine principle they oflVr lettae n igncn f 6onfr; - ritotcs, and I he pur - cYmh" of property, lutjert lo the rijht ofdoirrr, . a meie of ctiiii'iiu - huix tlat cbini, hy sivitig an . equivalent W the turrc niter ol the righbi of the wife. Te pnmitu, tliry presont a mode of endowing their infant cliIJi en, nfi;rlns to tlieio, if they reach a certain a;.;, a much lar - r eum corupar - J with the original prrniium, than (n be ac qaind by any mo.le of accumulation at interest. To inye person, who may have no heirs, they offer the means f greatly increasing tlieir annual income throngh the purchase of life an - uitie. To ymn peoptr, of active cmplovment, whose Hcrtii'Ue and earnings must diminish with tlieir atcreating yean, they ofl'cr a mpporl for the decline of life, by payment 1 of comparatively smnll amount, while their season of industry shall con - ttaae. ' Th Company ha provided Table calculated upon true principles from the mo - t corract data, which at (he rama time combine tin afty of the olficc, and the interest of the customer Of the result of these Table tome specimens are subjoined, from which the aarautagef to the holders ol Contract with them may be estimated. A h - allhy perron, of the ;;e of twentv - evea yean, hy rd annual payment ol Two 97 - 1 (X) dollars during his life, may secure to hi? heirs the sum of One Hmidi td Dulitit, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. ; . f lluibimd, aged thirty, whose wife's age is twe ny five, may, by the aouual payment of dvo - Jt i no liuHari, while Ixith live, secure to hi widow tlx mm of (ne Hundred Dollars, which the company will eichange for an equivalent anuuity, if required. Jit ;ie ogt of fifty an anuuity lor the remain - .W of the life may tie bought for about tm "nd a quarter yearns purchase, or at Hie rate of nine end 3 - 4 per cent on the suro invested. W fillter may, by the payment of one hundred dollars at the birth ofa rhildj secure to that child, when it shall reach ibe age of twenty - one years, the eum of H hundred and fur ly. one del - lars From tlw. og y ttecnty onr, an annual par. aeotof e7rn 11 - 100 Dollar till (he ae of eyry, win secure to ihe part? an annuity of One j'inarea ijouurt ior ina residue ol hu or ber We. If a person Ivilding a Policy ef Lift Imurtrnct fcr any perioJ herood oue year should feel desi roni to relinquish it, the company will be rca - !y t all times to treat for a re - purchase. Jlnoderpuil port urn oflht Capital of Mis Com - aniei apart by charter, and may he inrreand, V arrwien rcqmrt, for Me purpose efLifc In - rmet and . - innvilies, and srrured upon real Wotettithin llit state rf Yiu - York, of the ralur jfatltat fifty per cent alort the. amount loaned, nel apiiat thus til epnrl and teeurx!, together wllu accunwlolton of premium, ran be tnadc wit for no other tu. - sis of f.'ie Lutttuium than wtarumg from Us Life Policies and aniu - lies, "an "fording to the Customer the most substantial Innly. .Written applications for iosnrance and annuls ttatitig the naaie, age and place of birth w rei.lcnre of the party will be received and fr;ireo preparatory to opening policies oo i'yaW.uameJ. SAML'F.L LXWREXCC, President. JAM F.S R F.X WICK, Actuary. Ml U&Clm A rH mt.K. - T rate fsst trotting Hone, and a fsb Ahl - Gig, but little uaed. hi, 1 1'n1'4 ""at one horse wsgron. Ap - POto THOMAS H. TMtiMsS. JL13 10 W.Hn - treL h& BfS;VELl. A: l.EMOIXE (sucreie, ' rpron"nder! hv IVilliam It Henry Hat tvi rshn'r v7'''l,, co'iia.OD l.usmess, iwiw - ,0BI,V maks) advance upi Ww c""" t tl ir charge, fiel tad W TVI? v '" Caapbellv hsi irrJjtr""ona,:v rnb" advance upn eon - Jleferrnre nnr,k?'. now landing frer w 1 fl9U teli, of U following qual. - wi. urue. iua3JeoiBiy CONEY WOOL. JUST received, liOolb first quality Coiej Wool, lor tale in lot to suit purchasers, at a very reduced price. ' ALSO, 1000 German - Hare saina, 1000 Smyrna do do :)(K) lb. Canada Beaver 3000 Red Fit, skins, Musk Rat, Racoon, ic. for sale by . . WM.D1LWOKTU. ap!0eod!vr - 1!KI Water - street. MtUrCAL. tiCtlC.MCELOriEKV iNo. S. 8 C 11 K M E. 1 priM 45 5,3tW of of of .$100,000 $100,000 50,000 20,000 10,000 ilU.UlH) '20,000 10,000 KM) Ji. of of of of of of 5,000 4,000 45,000 5.200 WO,olrO 5 464 Prizes 10,536 Blank 16.000 Ticket at $t each, 400,000 mi than two blank to a prixe. - Will draw five hundred number each day ah til completed. ; '. Part of the above prize to he determined as Ibllnw. The first drawn numbers from the first to the fifteenth day inclusive shall he entitled to $1,000 eacn. The first drawn three thousand blanks to be eh titled to $30 each ' THE FIRST DRAWN Kl'MIIKR OBJ THE Ifiih day . . . . . . $v,000 I7lh day . . .... 1.000 IHIh dy . . . i . . . l.tMtO t9th day . .... . 1,000 2ith day . . . 50.HW 21st day . . . . . 1,000 TM dav . . . .' . ' . I.OOO 23d dy .... , . 1.000 M1h day . . . . . . ' . 2,000 2,'ith dav . 1 . . ... KH,0fU The drawing to commence on the first Tuesday in Auenst nexl. Ticket lor sale by the manners until the l!5!j Apiil. All tie ticket remaining in their tinaoN will be sold at auction, acenrdins to law. at the Union Hotel, in the citf of New - York, on the 27llr April nest, nt ten o'clock in th forenoon 8 A ML. - L. MITCfHLL, 2 ISAAC DEXNI3TON, I g MOSS KENT J Kit EMI AH JOHNSON In JOHN M'LEAV, J? nh 19 eodtm jjr t on ajhf:, yriSl A very valuable FARM, near Eliza uethtown, in New - J - rey, coniainiuf? 109 acres, with every improvement necehsarvttur a farm Will be ttold very reasonable, and ihe terms made accommodating, or will be ex Handed for porpt - rty in New - Turk. Possession may he had at any lime J. II., a;? 17 SVawlm No 55 ine.street. A LAW. ro amend the Law relatiio to th? Park, Battery and Biiwlinsj - tirein. Passed April I J, 1810. HE it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Coinm malt? ol the eiiy o New - York, in C'linru m L'ounnl convened. That if anv person or persons shall, alter teing forbid or warned not to do sc. nv any person inerrunio auiy au - thonsed, wallt'over, sliind or lie upon any part of the park nr Mattery wtiu h i Uid out or ap. pr priateil for gr issor slirubkery. without permission from tlie Mayor of the aUl sly, or in hi absence, the ll.corder or one oi the Aldermen; en ry such win shall, for every ..ffi nee, fnrfeit and py the s'linnl'lwo Dollars. Sec. 2 And be it iiinner omainio, main any person or persons shall null up. breuk down, trjiri le udou. or inmrr any ol the trees, grass or shrubbery, in eitiif - r f I no said places, every peron so olfending, shall for any such offence, forfeit nnd pay the sum of Five I )ollars. Sec. J And ne ii iiinuer oniaint u, mm. me keeper of the aid Park or lliiltery, is hereby required to see this law cnfor ed against persons olTendirg in tlw premises. til tne common i.niincu. J. MOhTt)X, Clerk. 05" The Printers t the co - poration are requested to insert the above three timeaawetU Inr one month. ap 15 rod I in BOAKIi. e er - il neulieiuen inn be ucconi - tnsMlated wi"h Hoard, at No. SO Vesey - st, ap 15 eorlSJw ' ' A'tm - ioik i3iiei:lu Library. ifj" Notice is htreliy gitrn. tbal the animal eVctiifl for twelve trut - tsiif the New - York So - cietv Library, will be held at the library in .Via - sau - s'.reet, ou Tues - lny, (he .'Ulli instaut, from nion till two o'clock P. M. Dated April J3ih, 18I3. A. BLEIXKEK, Secr'y. ap 15 - ixliw you &.u.i , '!:.! a trr nmniftniw r oi i iu arrrw. i'ga" " " J - ., land, iiiuatr n ttie eA vhor(r9 a quarter of a mitt Mow tlif, narrow nn the tlatt - n :nd side ami a thort ride troai the efcaiu bout terry Lmntii ' w wurwr iitluntil'P . - IV Ol (Ii hV mill Til viront of New - York, witliin tlc Narrow., nnd uf L . . . m. .. . I . k ' .1. ...ii..... . CtllKI, IJ"II I.IIV1 irv"M v. I"" J ' - - n .it,. - 1 - . equaneii oy nnne. i ne iiik i uinurin"ii.iin. Two thirds Ol Hie pu' nase money may mnniu sei ntvitnnon the land. Andy to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, or(., vu t. Kfb'I.Y. f :ivrnivirh.lreet Tit I I T a rnnvviiivi.l new 2 storv house. v ...., - - adjoining the above, with aa anlen and about an acre ol land, r or term appiy uue. mh 3 eodtf MCRRAT Bill. MAKHioif HOCblU. r t TO LKT, RjJ From Ihe first of M.iv next, the houtc kno .i tv Ihe name of the "'Mansion House of ; Mum av II di." about three and an half mites trom it c citv: liouni'ed on the Harla'm Road. The house is convenient nod roomy, and would an swer lor a gentleman1 summer residence, a hoarding school or public house. There area hout 4 acres of ground belonging to the pre niisef, ditidrd into p. garden, orchard and lawn. There is also on the premises a stable and coach house, oii( - houses, Ale. and a we'l of good water, t he buildm; is handsomely suuaie.i. coio'nanding a hcrurtiliil prosiiect and convenient to ihe puuli: road. An industrious gardener woo d 1 more than able to pay the rents from i'i" fruit and vegetabb ( which he cou'd riise. The property will be rented very reasonable to a ood tenant. For fortlier particulars, enquire oo the premises, or at No. 7 Maiden - lane, ap 13 eodtf BOHI WANTED. By a - lady in a private family, - he will furtii - .li her beil nxim complete. None ne - d apply, but person of the rirt respectability, ray - iireet. Enquire at la ''ir - , . r. I'll - TO FARMERS, IIHE solCTi!)ercai furpish tha firmer of JL tl adiocsat country with ground Plu'ter of Paris in any qnatitit, oo the shortest notice, in barrels or otherwise. JOHN DYER?, Feb 23 ( Foot of HarTioo - st. N. R. l.ixdscae ai nn r.ii.vnw vv ' O. WALL, pupil of il,t celeb atnl Geo. Viih r. of Duhlin. Teacher of L tdscape ahd Flowrr Pai - tioi, Dr - wing from Nature,! . I CtiararteTivtic, Feiiuge. kc. A - c For terms, ajplyat No. 1 - slt - et j where speci - ajensol his work my be si en. W. G. WALL liopos, fromlrs siyle of pxel - ing, rn'hod of teachn. and a ssti. - t attei.tion lo' the d - jics cfbi rofcs!on, to went a c alii naccr of these favour i - It as oeup!y rrceived! o 9 2 t. ' Agentlemnn and hit dy, can be accommodated with board in a rnntrtuhl., nrivate family, with or without a parlour, turnis'ied o( unfurnished, in Grt tuwitli - strett, near Hector - ticet, on or about the 1st of May ensuing. Enquire at this t)lTw;. Bp IH Iw , r.iLc.thl.L I'liui't - UiW For sale, the Dover Iron Manuiacturinc EtUhlishmeut, in the county ol Morris, and itate of New - Jersey ; consisting 01 a rolling and slitting Mill, in good repair, which worn two pair of rollers and cutlet, (hears, 4cc. all at the tame lime ; a valuable forge with two G. - es and one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal ' and oie oo hand, luincieoi lo nutke bity toe of iron ; a good w mill ; a cut nail factory in nod repair, sulBcieut to employ thirty men, and may ba extended lo employ one humlrtd wore ; a brad cutting maclm.eand a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the work is a store ai d a number of house for the accommodation ot Inmihc, ami excellent (tabling lor tennis that may be necessary to keep for (he use of the establishment ; also, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, immediately ai'joimog the work, wslii timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two thousand live hundred acres, within three milt of said works. The great vein of iron ore, commencing at Hie noted buckasunny mine, runs more than 2 miles through this tract, nod three - mines aienow open, from which (he forges are supplied withoro, ami more may be opened and ore raised to supply work to any extent ; the mine are within two mile ol said work, and good road, so that the ore enn be raised nnd delivered at the forge at two anil a lialldoirars H:rlon. I lie above described work are situated on RocK a iv ay Uiver, ahvut eight miles from Mur ristuwn, twenty live miles Iroin Llirubclh town, aud about (he same distance from Newark, 'with good (urnpike roads luaiiieg from said work to each place, in a pleasant healthy tiliiatinn, and in a good lieinhhorhooil, there heiiif two Presby terian Churches' within (our miles, and a friends' nitttii'g house within two mile 01 laid place. This stand lor collecting bar iron lor (hv slit. tiag mi l if very rouimaiuliiig, there being nearly oae hundred I'otee tire in toe county ; most ol them are oa t'ie streams above JJover, und the iron, in coin" to iew - orll market, can come. niently rass tnnse. works. At this mill ircnnenttv four tons of bar iron have been lit and tnindled iirU nail and .pike rods in a dp - , and upwards of one nuitcrea ions 01 nous iiBve. ihtii maae in a year. A lare uDioanl of good may he sold nt this place m exchange lor bar irnn.proconpg sup nlics. o - 'c. i:. There are valii;.!i.e stile bolh ,i hove tt teldto on this tract, ou which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable will known farm, lying in the township ol Knmlo!h, nlxiuttwo miles Iroin Dover, nr.d six miles from Morristown, and within one ijuartcr ot a mile ol (he Union turrnikc roud, near F.'casant tallty, called the Distiller) rami, containing about thne hundred acres, about one fourth part el ulii - iiii exce llent meadow, one icajrtli part jilouii a!:d pasture land, and the remainder f iinbr r. A considerable part off he timber is of the original growth, and is suitable lor sawin;, the other part is thrifty young timber. I'rrm liiteeo to twenty yearsirrowtti. There are on said farm upwHrdt ol six hundred apple trees, in fine order, eight to sixteen years ild, (ho most ot them ol grafted fruit, and more (ban hall oi them Harif in apples, to famous for cider. The ineadou nrt flat and free from stone, tliroujjti which rims two lively streams of wuter, arid nearly the whole way be watered. One of these streams is sufficient for a grist - mill or other work'; there are taw mills, a grist - mill, a fulling mill nnd oil mill, on the same stream. On aid (arm are two valuable ci(e for water - work, a convenient cheap place to erect a short flam, and raise a considerable pond, w ith twelve ur filteen .et head llelov.Mbi the water can he take n into a - r - tce, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm erotind, is more than twentv vet fall. In this way the water can be worked tuice oyer with the expeuse of only one dam I here is on said farm an exruisive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufl'n n - nt to hold twelve hun dred barrels of ider. Coiumcted fo the cider works islhe Xill - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without putniniw;. The water for condens Mix (lie spirits is supplied Iroin a never failing spring, within sis. rods ol the (till house, and Ims tuAicicnt hei d lo inn into the cisterns. The buildings consist of I wo small name rlwellni' - i. one good frame barn, 54 leet font; hv feel wide, under a part ol which is a eood cellar ; (here are also bay house, COW Slieils, tVC. ALSO, Valuable, property at Lougwood, in the towo 4iip of JelW - on, six mile trom Dover, on tne main branch of Rockaway River, consisting ofa very valuable forge, with two (ires and one hammer ; abundance of water the whole year, a large ikmhI, and a very warm situation, and for lil'teeo years past ha made as much iron a any two tires in the county. I he ore i within lour mile, aud a p u t of the road turnpiked. The several tract connected with this establishment amount alto - tether to about fourteen hurdred'ac re, the ereat er part timber, to make a durable supply ol coal tor the lorg. Immediately adjoining the forge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient in tnree farms of one hundred acre each, with houses, erchard and hams, betide several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the lorge. The wlioie or any part of this very valuable property will be sold a( fuch prices ami credit as will make it worthy the attention of any person wishing to pu chase. For further inlormation enquire of JU'OR I.OSEY. atDe.ver. I5KAKL CAN FIELD, at Morristown. liUCKW KI I. H M' AKLA.M, at N. York . i. v nsa i. 4 ?l I L i I 'luN m a ceu'i'io' houe, Uioker's, X. lolterv - otrico or suction ftor e, i wanted by a middle - aged married gentleman, who i well calculated to give satisfaction in anv ol the above lines writing a good hand, being a good c ex'tmtant, and posefjmg the French, (icrmai1, aim Italian languagrs. The test references and recommendations can be given. Tr A line adlrrtsed to F. S. and left at this odice will be promptly attended to. ap 17 6t COUK.1.Y) .VfiAt'. W ANTED, in a small family, a white woman T v who uuder.Uiiuls cooking, washing and ironing. Al - o, a girl about 14 years old to (akc care ofises to exhibit them to the ladies and gentleuy o two child en None need uialto ai p'ication but ul (bis city and it vicinity. The exhibition will those who can produce tctimoiiiaN of good character. Apply al 177 Wa er - street. ap 20 4t I .IIJMHLIC HOOKS. ri'iT received and for sale by E. VALEV - J I'lNK, 10 - t R midway, 3d door below Pne - tiecl: Cuvier' theory of the earth WilUiu - son's Menial - ; IXlilndge' works, 5vo!sRvo; tl. ..... - o - .l Ulr.n,.kw tli!lii I lAln. Hnvic,f FltfU nJ yM,u,h Diclionarv, to ' w hich is prefixed a French Graaimrir. TJf TO LET, the lower part of a rented ksjt house in prucc - st. Enquire as aboi e. IS f.Y)rt SJtl.F - ifajy A small form, situated in one of t!;e cen tre i ounties ol t. istute. Ibis farm lies on tlie haoks of a lake, and within a mile r,f a A - nirieh - ins aud beautiful village. On it are a good urn house, bain, Kr. alon la - gc and well built dire Irag h Bse, entirety new Tho si(ua(ii of II d veiling hooe for le - auty cf prospect. Ac. issar - passed by few if any other srile lr building in ilie iw'erior or t.Se st.Te. 1 ha owner iptendmp removing to Nrw - Yoik, will sell this property for lest than rest, epori a Ion? credit on g"od se - curitv. or wifl echan;e it for lands, goods, fcc. Fcr jjrt! er r.ttculr, ewp.ire rf H. !. i R. SEDGWICK, ' La lluiklms, N jxau - street, Newicrk. f,i 13 rim Ci 'J O l. L T a - j K I. uu.M At. ljZll.y. The IliMllfl and ernunda 'ictiKiinv So l! estate of John Haw, situated oil tlmeieuth ave - liue. Oinhe ptemites are an excellen. double house, itahle. conch ami ire house, with ever thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any other description is unnecessary, a (hose inclined to rent will view the place. Also the large fire proof store in (ho rcarol house II and 13 Pearl - strtet (here i loi sale some old Madera V me. hy tlie Dcmijolui. rur iuriin;, apply ii AiA M. feilAW, Jxn 29 II Peail - streft. Antil LoUio Hie 6. C. li. hihI H) Wards: in anv ul nhlch are hi rt - guluted and paved streets. No money will Im required under le:( years, if sold, interest exctptrd. UUtlSKS. Several two and thr, e storv homes, on which a great pari of lle money remain on mortgage l,A.Mli:Nlj AT HKIJ HOOK. An excellent si and for husuies. with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, ilnre - hmue and baru. - UOITO.s and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, in i, ..... . .i mar iew - iniven, W illi 4U acres ol land, nnd a never failing stream, upon which 20 riiilboiay Le erected, with a ruiiliejcnry of wati - r for each. Apply at No. 2 O'reeowich struct. jaii IJ if t OU Sss LK, The property n( llrooUlyn. heloniriug lo (lit eslate ol Cut y Ludlow, deceased. s - nnsiM ing nt a new three story brick house ami iot of Krounn, a store imim - , lormerty oceupien as a distillery, a small fiame Innhline mid lot ol ground, and two vacant lots adoinn,g (he ubmo premises. I his properly is situated within a lew rod" of (he sit nm - bna( ferry, on Ihe (ohiI lo I'lerpour l'i(iilcry,aiid extunils liom (be lull to the river. Also lo let, from the first of May nexf, the house hnd litnds on the hill, in the rear of (be a - hove'di'si riried preinies. The house is v. ell n - dapti d for a privnte family or torn public house. The; situation, Iroin its elevated position, com; mauds a very extensive and beautiful i lew ol tlie city, the East River ami 8iy of flew - York. ThegroiniUii suerniinding the houe (about five acres of lau i)iein a high stale of cultivation. r or terms, nj - piy to ulu. w. n;uii 1 1, mh2l(f No..V( - sf. le)L'N f v EilNUN iiOi LL. riHC suhcriler lakes this method (n iu - iia ui the public that hehasttkeu lor the ensuing season that wall known stand formerly cx cu - pieel by JJyde, almut five miles Irom tlie City Hall, on the lioston road, and intends (o open it aa public bouse for the rcccptiou of company, on Ihe first of May next, when gclhineu and ladies will be accommodated with every cooiforl and tlrgance lobe expected at suck a lioure, on the inoi - t reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort will he al ways kept ready. EZRA L ALDWLLL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, an 2 ltn i tUiv UAI.E Ull 1 1 l,l.i ji iw accommodating terms, a inimner i walur and building lots, near and adjoining (he navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en. quire ol 6A1VTUEL EVANS, I'rnrklvn. ian 22 tf uo lkT. The small 3 story brick house No. li' 3 fenn - stteot, suitable for a person carrying on a trade in the house, hating a liht garret and a middling sired (lore. Possession given immediately. Enquire of .... IJAVIU i ILili W AUOUis, mh 31 tf Stom - street, near Hroad - street. "ft - sr To l.H fir out ur wince years, "i'nol The following houses No. SIM Uioiulwny, two eloorsahoie Wnshincton Hall, with a coai li house in the rear if requiri d Also, a three story uric k hou - e No. 416, in said street. Also, a new and gcnbel two story buck house. corner ol ln - pcuurd and l hun h - streel, (lit terms tnoderulc. For lur(li'. - r particulars, apply al 415 Broadway. mh ' 0 TO LET UJt LEA at:, From (he Isi May next, on reasonable teiins, a Iar2 convenient dwelhni: houe, oi.ou - site Love Lane, near the two niilc - ('ne, Bowery, ai presem occupied i y i rcieisor Adrain; well calculated fort wo families, havirg two Uitchen, with U rooms, pantnes nnd vault, a stable and coach house, a well of good water and two cis terns. It ha a very large garden, well stocked with shrubs and Irmt trees ; nossessiou of which can be hud on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a genteel 3 story brick house No. 49i Greenwich sireet, wiih or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No. 496 Green with - st. orto HALSEY ii GOSMAN, nih21 tf 34 Old - slip. UO Lr.T, iuaiii Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, No. 4 arid 7G Mott street, about ten minutes walk frnrn the Coffee House. They will put in complete repair, and well calculated for gen teel families. Apply at No. 137 Witter - street, mh 1 1 tf House, iiublet Oaiden, tic. tit Grtentcutiy I S, rm t l . .,, . . nib I ne lucrscrioer win lei or lease, inr a teiia of years, his house nt Greenwich. It is plea sa:it!y situated on the hanks nf the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms.applyto D1VIE IIETHUNE, Jari3n 92 Wall street. 1 'J LF.T, Ijjlj At a low rent, a three atory brick dwelling in Norfoik - sL Enquire of El) : N. COX, mh 2G 96 Wall - street. COLUMBIAN PIGTl.HE tiALLERY, 146 rei.Tow strks - .t, (Ross's Huildiiigs, near Broadway.) To coiinoiifi urs and amateur of the Fine Arts, and to the enlightened publico' New - York r I Ml E pr pri tor ot nn extensive collection of I picture., the works of the most eminent pointers, havirg inst arrived Irom Europe, whsjrr he has pun liai - d them from the cabinets of T Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable expeiice, propo - ' begin on Thursday, 16th ol April. Itwillhefsf Fiin;ii'ir waijj np Jf i I'lO'reil in 1IW tj.naies, the picture being undoubtedly original cnnsiit ing of upward ol 200 pictures, by the bed mat ter Admission 50 cent each, or enn dollar per rnonin. noursirom mini tie niornirij (oshvpb n he evening. Catalogues may be had at the ii.uiery. f?t3t TO LET. Tlie More CI Fu!(on - s(reet. Enquire on the promises. ap4 5w ,t TO LET, Frorti the first of May next, a front count in iu m ou tl second frxir, together with the upper lolts. Inquire No. 167 Pta.1 street. jan2 tf e FOR I.E. Eijht lot of grogad p'essantly sifuated ou (Jn north ;de of Stantow - stn - et, andexlcndinc from Essex to Norf lk - treet Also, Lur lot adjoining thereto, and fronting on Esx - slreet, eai b let being 25 feet front and rear, by 100 feet in ileplh. These twelve loU may be perehased ata very moderate price, foreesh, uaA ifoo disposed ot at private aole before the 7th day of May, they will on lhat dey be sold at public A ac - i tie n, at the Pontine C'lT Uoa - c, ai I C o'clock, hv BLEECKEIttt BIBCY. .rhoa a snap of tf.e ground is lelf, fcr :r - ;v. - Z - 3l these r.liomay be eSspyetd tJ ; I'.I 't.'. pl5toav7 ' STORE 10 LET, " The fire proof tnre in GoveVneurv lane between Water anil Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to . ' TUCKER 'A: LAURIE.?, mh31 ' 29 fWmtli - sitreet. . - , I O ,r.'l, Tha Gl.onETAVERN. No. 143 Wa - li - trtt. 1 be situation of this house, and its accommodations, Justly rerder it an oljact well woriu ui aiunlioo ol auy purton de? irotw el koep - tug a lucrative public house. It will be lot, fur ninlitdor uiifurm - bt'd, and immediate potes!ion gicn. Apply at No 1J7 Water - street. , mh 17 If ' Kill SALE, meal. rmirw HTV jn rnt cit ur kkw - xork. A tiltlCk. HOUcE and i.nt 'No. II t, nowerv M A hi, Kin , rei.r l..l .. etwi'h Ihe LOT, 44 IfceUront, U It tl Itur, and - j in i mi tmn sioe, HOUSE and LOI' No. 37 Vesey - stroet , ami House rmd 1)1 No. Vewy.'strret. A liOU and MORTGAGE fir l?1fl dollar, do nhd do fne 7 VI it i do and x !'. . , f(,e 4.y tt0 Ontalunhln property in (he cily of New - York. Tlie imerest has always htn pniM l - ally paid. For purith'ulnrs irnaii - e nt (he olliee ef STEPHEN p. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf o. "7 Wnll.str.rt. ' Ht.lUI:JSiJK at UliKrJSiUCH. u lore let, (he lioue and crowds Irnrduur. on lirrenwu ii l.ane. jt - uliing to (he e.tutr (lit late - 1 liihan, and at piisent occur pieii in Mr. I ihviiI I.J v. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KKF, liinder un r haul, fool of N. Moori - trt(.l, er of I' PRINCLE, in Ihe Bank ol New - York. ' lebOTH J O LET, kjf,s? Fhe spacious A (orv lire proof More. at toe toot of Liheitv - strci't, lately ucciipird hv Mraarn. J. Murmv A - Sons, I'ONsessiori (o be given on the fir l Mav nevt Fur terms, apply to MVIDK .V ;iLllFIE, ap y 79 (ipt.iiril I'dic - strcrt. filiS The house in IIiidMiti - square, lately occupied by John R. Murray, Esq. H is tpu - eious and elegant, and poMOM - d of every requisite convenience. PoHsensiuii may be had immediately For terms, apply to Al JOlt Si GILLESPIE, 79 (up utairs) ri.ic - strcct. N. II. The ahoe inopertv ill bu sold to anyone desirous to piuchase, and the pa)' - nicut made convenient. up y ,vo. j i. it it 'jik r l - . oil A huge two story, House nr d nhout 10 aeie.of land, between (he 6 a wl 7 mile stones, Bloomingduie Road. For particulars ciniiiii of NICKS'. Del EYSTER. : np 1 1 1m Near the Premises, 7T) Lt.T, From (lie 1st of May mxf. the lower counting room ul No 54 South sir, cl. AliHI, The upper cuoting room, No. 71 South - it. Appy to JAMta D'WOLF, Jr. ten u it i r Min - nr. ei - fJH IIOUbE TO sjL LKI , IIJJX Situated uIh.uI 23 - 4 nules liom (he Cily. Had, on Ihe old iiotl - road, and ' adjoining lb houses of G. It R. Wails. The liou is a licit. Iy finiebed one, and lit (bra small family i has a kitchen ami cellar, 2 parlors, 'J bed - room, and 2 good te;led garrets. 1 here is a small gardeu, aud a stable fit for a hprsn aud gig. Inquire next door to the pienuics, or at 64 Maiden - lams. ap IJ rnr Aalr ur so t el. (iM' 1 he house and grounds nf the eut at filoomiiigdule, near the 6 milestone, sitnuted on Ihe hanks ol Ihe rsoilli lliver. I he House is modern built, 50 li - el front Willi terraced piuuns and convenient out houses, all recently painted, and in complete order, 'i hegrouinls are Ingtilv cultivated, Ihe garden cxbnfive nnd good and (here are on (be place a ureal vartr Iy ol shrubs, fruit and lores( tri es, and u pump of excellent waler. For terms, which will be reasonable, apply to &. A. LAWRENCE, up I I rn VI rine - lreet. fOM,f.O TO Lr.T. ti At a low rent, and possess ion given ijime - dials ly, the lirge and elegant 3 story brick house No. 104 Greenwich - streei, replete with every convenience for a large family, situatn in one ot (he most healthy and pleasant part nf Ihe city ; and being open to vvarhmglon - ttre'el, commands a fiue view of the Hudeon River and Jersey shore, tf sold, the terms will be very easy, as most of the money may remain on mortgage tor 10 or 12 years Mpply at No. 133 or 142 Pearl - street. ap 16 Ut l.t.T. It The House No. 73 Broad - street, with the oflice, store - house, and stables contiguous, and appeltaining thereto. ' TO LEASE, For a term of year, in lof or parcel, that part of Rose Hill ilu - it cm Hi 2d, :ld, and 4lh avenue, on me 53d, xiin, v.jin, soiri. inn, nu, and i'9lb streets, which lielr.ns to Mrs. Ami Ho ger. f or particular, appiy io jA.ut.n . n.i sifi. i v.', mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built hiks. FOHAsiLr:. Tho two - story bric k front Home and Lot No. S3 Cherry - strett ror temif, kc. apply al 76 Pearl - street. mar 3 UO Lr.T, The store No. 20 Wull - strr - et. Posses sion may be had immediately Apply art No. 16. ap 1 tf UO i.hsliiE. J - ira term of years, Thelamieand lot No. 20 Cedar street, CCMll .Tiningsixmswithfire place., be.i hen, panlrie., vaults. Ac. and a well of good,, jn kite water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, of (be lot No. h't IMurray siren, in the ficcupaitoo ol William Patterson, on lease from tha Episcopal Church du 1st. Esprit. Inquire of J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, feb 25 dtf No. 44 Pine - street. ifcZi, i 1 0 LET. very low, A genteel 2 - story brick house, with a snug garden, having a ttuMe in the rear, siliinl - ed iu the mod plearant part of Broadway, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent f'I..O per annum. For j articular., apply 17 Cedar - street. P Vw TO LF.T, rs - i. . i i . o .... t.,:..r l.oit - nnd sUuiu No. JI0 Broailvay. For term 1 1 q'llie i A. IIUTM''S Intelligence otfica, 59 ClnmUr - stiCi 1. HMJl pe iinmiM'ipr a. - iwi apt! 3 i.r m, A crmvenieot two st'"y b ne, pleasant U - Hunted io Charles lr - t, Green,. I. a !en rabie lesidiore foe a ca Imari or him I.k - iic ic. low. Fof parlicalais euqarro at j'j Mirrav. street. aplltf ii'ili Tt.e tore and cellar room et three scirv bons .No. 10 r. - ij 12 Broad street. Also, a good lioote at tuetenwu h, nnd one at Harlifm, with two and a ball xi te of ground. near Manhattanvilie. Appiy nt 55 Croi.dwrv, ortt C11AS. OAKLEY, apStf 141 Front - vtrect. JAMAICA RUM 2i (lunrheor. 'fbich priof,) lust received direct from Jbiu.ucu, and ror sale in kU, to suit parchaser. by TUCKER i LAUR1 r Sauth street. , Engineer I par rm - iii, I Washmj - soii, Blh April, 18 8. Oy Proposals will lie received at thi De - , panmenl, unlit firsl August uext, to furnish by contract . Fromcna to six million of brick ' 1 From one totwo million of cubic feet of huil - llii.; tone - - From tun thousand loCfly thonsend bushels of tor lime. To b delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Psntcharlrtiiii, River Missis - ipm, and Lake Ha - ralnria the liuie when the first ilibxery ran ba made, and the quantity which ran l e delivered in each moi.tb succeeding thelirst delivtry, must lie stated Willi On terms. ' i'rcnosals wilt also be received for from fifty to.un liumlr, (tchrnters ; lor In m ore bundled n one hundred and kify p.iisons j and liom two untlred (odiree huni.:ed laborers, lop'oceedto .Mobile ami L iiimhuh, (o nntruct bmidings of 1 various descriplions at (lie belore n.entiou(d pla ces. t would e preh ratile to have the masons, rnrpentcr, arid labcrvrt Iumn4iedand acoua - i - d by master workmen. A rrangeiuf lit w uhl, lf made loeiMilov the pei - mns iii'i'Ttd to exe cute the work, trom July (o Now inlie - r, at (hose pojiiior seini rm eu in ine nemit ineroioeeo pin - , ces, which hordtr upon the Gull ol Mexico r.riijHsemeii(s would iml lie made lor a sl.oner In rii.d then cihlit months, iralisloctory sei uniy would t e reumred loi tlie (ailhful pcriouniince of any i - onlr.iri (but may t emDile. The terms upon which work mi. nl.i,) and labor would liicr - lolined, liiust l) Sl.ti it 111 11,0 propreaK. - i. s. t - viir i , J!ri;;ailii r fJerternl and Chief Enginerr. ' Tl e rrind rs nf the P rtlnd Garette, I). M. t the (.'out Kiel hi, d Patriot, Host' n the t veiling Post and be t'oluiiibiiiti, New Y'.rk ll,e t. cm - monwi altb, I'illsliiiiph, 1 1 on. the Keffntler, Li xinston, Kin. ( Mid' 1ii ttazslle, NiW - Or - ' Ipans, ill pUiase iu ui - rt il - e lorcgoing hr caa . month mid I. ii ward ll.eii accounts lo die t igl - iii - er De uituien1 - . ' . 111 I in (Lj Mlf.a rf.Alit ni iiuioik taken the ph asKii'ly si'nali (I In use No. 13 North - .Moore - street, iiilorins In r lr irud that she ialrnds re - mi'viiir tlien in the hist olMi - y next, unci on the I'. u rlh w ill l.e ready lo n i ite iing iinlies, either as boardi rs or (!n y siholais. 'J le various biaiiches ol iih fill Mid einuineiitlil Eduration, - wilt btaiii:ht upon I er muni term, which may he known by apphing ul No. bb Joliu - slieel. up 14 MM. " HANK . r NEW YtnK. ftr - TV ciesuh ut and directors tive notice. - that a dividend of four and a hall per cent on Ihn capital stock ol (he bark, will I made (it (he Isl day of May next, fur the pern d o six niotiilir, from Hie 1st Nov niber 1317, to the 1st ot May III I (I, payable to tin; ttixk holder at Ihe Bunk on demand. By order of the board of diiirfors. np lb lii,2 I HA.S. VMLKKsyf a - NO I ICE. . 'Tf' All person having anv claims agninrt the, ' . aoiKiireol the late fnm ol Whitirg & Uatfon, y' upon ixthouge accounts, arc hereby notifitd 'J - t unless such claims be presrultd be lor thv ilh day of May next, the subset iber will comUler them as settl'd arid will rot ictaili any lundt iu. his baiab liir the pueinue of meeting tbrni. apl3w H. W. WARNER. " io i Ice. . frr - All persons having iVmands against the rsiAie of Diiclor Archibald Briiee,d eased, are i ( - qui sted to send tl cir accounts lo Uir Clllcf o the subsciiber, No. h Nassau - strut.' iirt'u tu ( lain a Mh?7 1m' ' - ' Administrator (Xj - 'I wo sliaics iu tin. New - Vol k Library society, FOR bALF, price $25 each. F.uqiiir at no. 124 llroadwav. mh '.'fl ... NeflCE. - ' Tl. - e subscribers buvo formed connection lor the purpose of traosactiig t oininissioii Uusinci'i, under the firm ol b. and T Will PTE MOKE, nnd vi ill for the present do businessat No. t'tl Eolith and )"9 Pearl streets I and will constantly ktep lor sale a general assortment of ( i.tlon nnd Woolen t'arrif, of the iiinniif ture of (he late New - York .Maniilni (uring Ompnny. Just received, per sedir. Sandusky, from Mobile, arid lor sale, ; I J dales Pin r ?Hin 1 Hi nn k hnake Root of prime qua). - 2 do Bieswax. 1 !MML. WHITTFMORE, spflm ! 1 1.MO. W11IT1 KMOKE. ft' Mia. 4, ALLOC having taken the bouse. No. 21 llroadwav, now in the occuuaiify of Mr. John I. Glover, ofK'is from the lnt of May next, a rcHiilence to i,eiitlenien and ladies, I he pleasantncKsof the Situationneeds no tjoiiirticiit. rnli 2i tl i i FUH .S.ll.h A farm in the villneeof West BloomfieM, in r.srex county, sinte ol Ncw - Jurtry, wiihin PI miiesol the i Hy ol New York, coldainipg about thirty ai res ol land, about six a res of which is woodland, ol a young M'd lliiilly gronlti, Mid well limbered j ihe residue renkist of good mi - a - d w, w ith young on bant, in a proMnhe learitg condition, uoiu whii lioilrr ol tne nrsi quamy ran he made, tlie Iridl beiuito' a choice collection. There I ou the pn nines a new frame modern, biiiil bouse, of IU - best urcb - riais and well finish ed, two s'crie, lifih, 4ti lo t in length and 32ttet in depth. otaining five large room with lire - places in enrh, I i.!oa I. itcneu and npartnit nW hi Ihe garret. Also, a garden, an ex elleiit barn, cow house, he. The above descrilied j rcperty will he sold below its value, the tubscritier being desirous olselttans with his family inoeti: of (lie western si sirs. 1 be tiluattonol it i very healthy and desirable, being h ttie lurr.pike roud, which will slioMly be in continuation ol the great Western Turnpike cadii: Irom (heciM oi Jr - sry In Lake Fne, and is Unocal ilaiid tiilierfor a siorr or tatem. I he surrounding country is delightful, and is exererted by none in iulr' prospeit, as it c nunaiids a full t iew ed" the city of New - York, bays, nrer nnd lb Atlantic Ocean. 'I ht re is a variety of fruit In fl e eeax - a in rrent Driiiusion: and large never large oner r ...... in il, , illi r - . I lie wt.olc or a part rf the land w' " ' with II hotir, as mr.y - uit ti e ptr. baser, and military be - uofy lands will be taken in part ply - ror terms, apply to Ja'ish Ileddcn, Fsq in thec - ty ef New - York, ertothe nitecr.ber on he .reoiies who will give an mdii pitiable title. .,,,10 gw El II It AI M P. A I ILE3. . .TO LET, :)'! A very convenient boa e, widi about h:..i aii ncre of ground, about a mile from fji e ils. coli a.iiog Ibe house occupied by Vr. M. - re -, I e - iaij.1 (ireensrich and the BrcaUway road. Apply 10 . JOHN n. Wr.ilAY, ml) 2.", tf Hud - on - equare. Oll OALU . ,fj A to story bouse situated in Pot. - l - sirn, llierf'kljn. l'ose - .ion rvj.y be bar', on. the bi st of May iicL ' For partk uurs, rP' vii in, ' luii uu s.iixr fv. s ttits. nib 25 tt J AJKLS 1U.U Fr.m 'lie firtt of Mny'ncxl, the Hca'e. Ni IjiCnea lr et, tear liioadway. - .ime at (..e tiitnteis. sp if ;iw TO LKI. Tl - e f.i'losving Hou'ei, v.'x: 1 - iu.e N'. 9 ' JoJifl - sirtct The h'wsc No. i' C The house and tiore fVo C5 Pesrl - r - trtct fi.K,l No. 6 iwry. t - i I r. nMiis . !), Il tWeiiff.l. IV1 r - ntoc preodyis. to JAMES ' ..k 0: esf - m

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