The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 22, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 22, 1818
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IN CHANCERY; ; t IX CHANCERY. r" ' ' dale of New - York. . I J r tmeaoce of an order of (hi honorable court, tieuiing dale U 1'Jlbday ot January, 1013, ,11 ...kl at eublic auciioo. at he Tontine Coffee lluuie, ia lbe city or New - York, wider tbe di it - tnoo of Oie subscriber, M one of the mat - ti tt of (his court, in U'melt hit or parttls, oa : jtiuradur, tiie twenty t!iirl day of July next, kl twdra o'clock at noTrt, "All those cartoia pie - , : cOj or parcel aad of land, knows m tl.e . north eait aectiua of the tea Lb (ownthip, ia lbe - twels - e town in Tioga comity, being kti No. 2G. 27. S3. 29. 'JO. Si. and 38. iot iio. 8 con tain about eighty acre j lot No. 87, boot one hundred and live acaet f lot Wo. 13, 29, 30. and Uilrt y 1 wo. CHcb containing CM hundred and four acre, three fcarih and So rod of land) ; let No. ffH t - m - tnltta 9:1 - 1 A anil ,ttAfMit tafia. ' AIM. - west halt of lot No. S - i. which half rootaia 61 ' acm. Ami alao lota No. I, 3, 4, ft aid 7, - on (he gure lying westerly acd adjoining on ald uorhent section, and waa surveyed awl added to aid let lion to make ap a dtikieficy io ' iaid eecltoa, by a mietake ia a former server. : Said loU No. 1, X, 3, 4 and 0, containing about fifty avert i curb ; aad lot Ho. 7 a boot twenty Ore acres. Together with all and tkguhtr, the premises and ai - purltnane. Paled April 13, 1U18. JAMES A. HAMILTON, - ap 18 lawtrtt' Heater in Chancery. . N OirCE i hereby five to the Slorkbo'd eft of I lie Seneca Turnpike Road Coino - : nv. tbat their anoual meetini will h boldoo for the election of Directors, oa Lbe lrtt Monday ia May next, atthieto'efockio the afternoon, at 1 the hoate of Motet Bngg, ia the village of Itka, ; m he County of Oueida. . - J.K1RKLASD, 6ec'y ,. - - mHSO Iaw4w . - 1 FVH AWL.. ACOIH'REl) BOYUie time limited by law a amart, to her and ieduatrioai lad . nndcrttaud all kind house - work, and taking carr of nonet ; also working oa a farm or in a . . . i . i.i " . guriirn nr iiinciern ysara oi age aoa in good disposition. Any peraoa that want a lad r .1 .' 1 . i' . in . it wmctiip? iikiw quanucauuae, wiu get uiiurina - . uon ai no. xs 0iwery. . : tah 6 if t KLMIH WARD. ' PROdl - ECTUB " J ro pvat.itBiso bt fOMCErrrioa; V AA1AP'K MEltCO ANUtOUIjlAXA. r HE publicatioa ol tih Map bat beeo ander .. . J. raum wiut iiw lapmuoo. mai it - wiu ei ' liiiiit inioruiatiiNi, highly interfiling at (hit ereof - ful criiii. aud the valuable Mara wbkh Ihe au thor ha procered, darinc hi te veral tour tbrouib - jiieaico, in lou year iou, ioiz. ioij. . 1815, 1810, aad 1017. induce turn to befciv - e thai - tl .Md, witberen all it imparf'ectiont. will be '.. wocli (be soil pcrfact wbkh bat appeared be - lurettie pohljc. . , .... , 'J bio Map will confab (be laieit aad beet in - formalioa iroja the diicoreriet aad Doeioa cl the AoKrieaa, tSpanitru Kuuian, Bntih aad ; Freot L traveller ami aavieatort and reDfetea - UriK (hecliimt of their reiiiecrive (OTeroaeoU . vu inruiwenrrn coaai oi noarncaw The Map Mill include that portion of North America, wiuca ur iiweea me iiuiaau oi ua - fromtbe MiMiuippj Ri weitwardJ to the t raenr vrran. .... .. la aia (l.t Map will be about tls bj fire feet, "ani will be pr.' K - ctcd on a ai - ale of 40 mile to 'ihe inrh, to be delivered to the tubicriben at 01 - ir nmmni ten. - "W.H - het, March T,I8W. apTUal t'OR SALE. i THE time ofa tmart black Cirl, that can do all kind of houte - work and cooking, rucbatiioecetanr) for a familj, ormitablelcra public boua hi uudt - ntand cooking of ova tert, healileakt, tie. and would be a valuable ' acauhiiion to anv public boute . a preference would be given te any pcrann keeniiiKtiie me, , thttteiiduin the eountrv. Su'd . ( noo'her .'. teatoo Ihantbe want of a muter. 'r fnrthnr particulara, inqnir attlm comer ol tiro! way 'and Urvml - itrct - t, Mount Social. . If B. Sbo it tojU at Ler own requett. : L ap9 If . MANUKcroav of fciuvr.K WAiti: W. TOFIBE. No. W Breed way, one door J . above Wall - tlreet, retpectfully iuformabu fi'Ieftd and the public that ht continue to manu - factore iilvr lea aud table tetti, church plate, v tfoona, fiirlu, ladlot, waiton, utm, tiphooa, fitb t kttivvv be. Vc. of (be lateat and anoit elegant i )ta(tenu, of (be firt quality of tilver and up ! l ier worUaianiliip, at the loweat price toe cash. ' All order executed in a masterly manner, and warranted id all catoa at leait equal to any ar tcuM oi tuver manuiaciurtu or oi j in tni" .city. , . - ' - ; . i ' Io additioa to hi own muafacture, he bat on ; band an aitortmeut of rki plated and fancy bard ware, wbick be will diipote of very low, - con - . dating of candle tkka, cake basket, castor, . bottle carton, ; anufltr and trays, plated on , ateol, a very luperior artkltt alenat pea. , ,iockct audtportsman knivti, with a variety of article not enumerated. . men 30 lm ' ' BOAKUlJia: ' A FEW gentleroca t - aa be arcomnnHiled vXX with Board, ia a private lawilv, in a nlent an partef the city of Jersey. Enqeiie at thl oio - e - . ap II im ., - - , VALUABLE tKOPERTY. kl - M ' Tb (ubtcriber Hen for tale a valuable - laran, 73 mile front New - York, lying 7 mile touLO oi rougnaeeptie, on sue puK - roau, wiuiin - 1 - 4 of mile of (be mills aa the fall of VVappiu - , gerVCreak, and ia the neighborhood of teveral ." Itjsdinet b - eru which ilooue sail weekly. - It coo - 1 taiaa 11 9 acre of Uvel,fBrtilelaad, wiihayoeng orchard of grafted fruit, wood sutficltaot ttrfuel. . and au aa good taac. 1 be boat contains ral reoa, bat a good bam, aad all ia excellent . t repair. It wiaaiioa being oa an elevated plain. readen the place not only healthy, but pre tee I from thu dwelling a delightful inland prospect . 1: Alto, another lot of 40 acre, couliruout to the - above, and bnundaj toatherly by the fall of i YTappuigvr'o.ireelc. The Uadrt fertile, la ex caUent fence, auJof tatv culUvation. What randen this prepcrty valuabln, it, that it tnay be made place of Celebrity . There i airradv - ' rected oa the fall a taw - vmiil of srwat capacity. a eardintf - ttill, which enjoy the mttcai of the N asaighborliood, betide teveral other ttilce for factortes, unoccopirdt ' Tlie whole rorce of (he creek can be diverted with a tittle aapenoeto at to drive a range of mills ea a level plot of ground ' just below the nils, and acctviible by .an easy . nerigtioa where factorie of every dercriptioo. with every racibty of power aad transportation can oecouKruruo. ., . .. , , , . Aha. a floor - snill, ot the firvt claat, - . Tbe iaiU - boute u large, with 4 ma of Bur it case, and calculated for 6, with new taacbinery for ' iDanufactnriu wheat, tie. with aa elevator .for raiting eraiu from veaeel into tbe epper loft of : tbeaiilU Connected with - the still .at a large store honsr for vtonoe wheat and flour. With the mill wiV) be told S3 acree of exoelleal land, on which ia rVlualed five dwelling heueet, . a targe barn, hay houte, carriage houte, com wit, hovels, 4.c. a ioooof 'a shop calculated fc 'JO hands. Two of the homes are new and well calculated far genteel fam'diet t They command a view of the river, wi'Jt a beautiful intervale Undw - spe formed by the meandehag oi the oreOt iaiustdialalv infrooL There are few place which awociat a saan acromaMklatiog qnaliUcalioa for (bt merchant, nxchauic or farmer. If not aoU at private salt before Tuetday tlie tlrt April, it will on that day be offored at taction. For terms c. apply to PETER J1ESIER, . xa ocaver - nreei. febSO ABRAHAM MESIC.R. ' ' BOARD WANTED. TTO young gentlemen, are deio at pro - ceri.vt; iwrmanmt board in a gwiteet private faaaily, wberr tlre are no boadeta, or not f xr, e ling two re three A Uae addressed to J. - ('. Laid, lirt at thit ot will tteet with at - ueuva. .... ap I J - in for the SEW TliAXtLATlOS Of THE i - 'IBLE.! jdeukatxd r rwssiiit, J To Ilia Hoyal Higuaua (' rriwa HrxtnL OS Mm tofMuUir 1318, wu pub jal'l ja LotKtoo, ia quarto, price oa deity, lta - r royal t - t part 1, fanewtraMlatioaof ; .'tJJC HOLY BISLE: Conpriaiog the Old and Mew TeabuhcuU. . HI iOUt BX1XAXT, I Au - Jjorof The tlUtoryof all BeligUmi." - U may be oeceuafy to inaorat the puolic, tbat no truiIliou bat beea taarle from Ihe ordinal Hebrew ainccllw tMbyear of Clirut. In (he fourth cesiary Jerome niodt) tit Latin veraiou ft oat Ibis Grtek traata(ioii ; fma wbicti care the Latin Vatgate, and front tb Latia Val?aU all toe ICarepaao traaalatione have bet - a aiade ; Uieroby perpatualutt; all the error of tlie flrt LnuMialocs. To (bit trfcatlation will beaddad varioae aofet i ia licit the traAtlaior. wbu ha foregward oi twenty year devoted huliae(o thu workt pledcet buneeb'to bring full auluority from (Iw origiool for any varwlioo b baa made jrora tiie received tranilaUoa. ' The followiBr relereoce ara made to aoir.a of our tneetleamd writer, who were decidedly of DfiKuuo, juuu a mtw vaanauon oi ID a ecnpiuiea wa absolute It aecenar : not onlv aa account of um (rcai uuprvnmeaii la far wngOBge. BUI DC - cauta be traaiUton baveeixed repectztliioet av)t eifuliol... " erea veruon of the Bible ticcntnJ ia a lununcr tnitablc to (he matnitooe of the ejadurta - kifS ocfi a neuure would Lave a rlkect trn - dfr&cf to eitatbili the butn ol tboiuaiwk 'UHn. titcomo. An accarata traeahiu i. nrod aadtupported by lacrad critkhib, ! (fBKih aad aikiiice aiott of lbe objnctiaee .f w( aud pronuieraviiit iftiimcUicaU'iBm. CAT, frrf. 1731. " .N..'bi wuuld mew aCactuaily coo - ducelo tJUi end, than exbilutaag die fioly ckriu - juit ligl.t, by an accurate reviaaj of our vulgar traatiution." Dr. JwlhU riilMioi. ftrmnn uiiv uiciiiitnea in a luora uivauiieau aud uurtiam, 175B. The eraiua now in uc ia many ploce doe not exhibit tlie Mine of the jexi, ami H.inaKu it beiidnt in un infinite Bi'iu berof untance. yjurc'ii Citf. en Jub, iTJi. M VVoevercxniii our Vrnion in prcent1ie, will find (bat it it amburuon nnd iiu nrwr - t v.n in matter of the higbctt impoilnL.',iuiu - or SymoniU' Ubterealioni on fie CTvtdtmry of iHTmmu r (riurn, i vv. tarsal iu - proveiuoiiN oiuhl aow be m ule, becaute Ihs Hebrew aodGreekLaiisuaetbave been much cultivated and far belter auderttood, ioce (be Tear lflOO.A;eiiiHe Jiemarli, He. I7t7, S. C. - it not muuien ine true n nte or (bo Hebrew In not a few place. Do we not know the advan tage cowraouiy taken by the encmiet of ILevn lalioo, of triumphing in objection plausibly rni ed agaiMt (be Uivine Word, Boon the liaiUof aa nntourui text or Iratulatioo P'Bla - ntgU Prtlim. Due. to Jeremiah, !7U. f hi work will Bfobablv be coaorited In tea purt. a. W IKLXCTED rAUACXt, Shewing tbecontra( Utwr - i tb old and new 1 ranifatiuna. OLD TKANbLATlOX ' t Kiar. V. 18. ia (fail thin tb Larrf nardnn t ditsui. uim wiien lay maiier cocaein into (he houte of Rimraon to wonhip (here, and he lenhelhot) tar hand, and I bow aivatlf .ia the Ik. , .L. . boute of IUboob, the Lord pardon threervaiil thit thing. a root ia. o. BDallevii be In (be citv. and (he Lord halb not doneit? " . Isaiah fx. 3. - 1'hou hast miittlDliaif the nfln and nt incread (he mv i iw ix brr in accord inar to (be iov in harveai. and u sbm rm. joke when (hey divide the spoil. rrev. kvs. 4. I he Lord talb marie all thing bimtelA Tea ereo tbe wkked fur the day of il. i . .. I 801. Xvl.CS. And tt cane im ran whma evil tpirit from God wa epon Btuf. itaian vi iv. mane the heart ol tl.ia penple fat, and make their ear Imrv. nnd shut n(r eves t - lrtt Umy with their eye, and bear with umi rnr, um un - mmma WIIB tucir hearts convert, aiid i. o Li - alod. .. ... (tea. UL la sad the LurJ GeA u,(l. rUhnM. t'.amaa bWlW atone ofa. b. l,,nm rand ami evil . aad bow, lest he put forth hi unnd, ana imaiR ant i uie tree oi me, ami eat, ana Itve lor ever. Get, vi. 4. There were jiantiiu tlie earth in those day. lb, ver. 6 And it rcpentf d (he Lord (hftt lie bad made man oa (be earth, and it grieved him at hit heart, lb. ver. 14. Make thee aa ark of Orpbcrwood roufut sntlt thoumtkein the ark, ant! thai! pitch it within and nilhoot with pitch. . Cb. axxvii. 3. Now Israel loved Joseph more than all Ins children, lecausehe was tin: ton ol bit old age: tad he made Liu a coat of many colour. Jer. iv 10. Then ail I. Ah Lord God. sure ly Ihoe bait greatly deceived tbia people, and Jerusalem, stying. Yt (bull have peace ; where as ine iworti reHcnem unto trie tout. I Ch. ax v. O Lord, thou haa( deceived m. and I wa deci ived : Una art itnmter thau L andhfkt jm 'Vailed. rtfcW l tlA3L.AllU.. In thit think! will Jehovah uutdon tbv tervan( ? tVbfii mv 1'iiii cann to tbe bnuie of Kiniiuou Io wor'hijp there, then he leai.ed on my baud, and I tnyti:ll wonhiptd in the houte of Kimnioa : sinco I tii tell worshipped in (lit house ol lliui - muo, win Jcnuvali, l pray thee, pardon tliy ser vant in um luiug. bhall evil bt in the city, and Jehovah buthnot retiuitc'd it? Thou hat multiplied (lie nation. bat thou not increased the joy they joy before tin e accor ding to the joy iu harvest, aud as when Ibcv divide the poil. . tueo rtjutcc . a. 1 a .a t . . Jtnovao nainoraaioeu all to answer btm 1 tiiu ano me wtcned lor the day ol wickedness. Now It was btn tb tpirit of God was upon Saul. . . Tbe heart of (hit neonta Was made e - rots. alto hi ears heavy, and bit eve were turned aside : Ifti he should sea with his eyes and hear with his ean, or hi heart ihould undcrslaud, and leturn, and be healed. Then Jrborab God laid. Behold tbe man was like owe oft; with bnoa ledge of good and evil; aad therefore, If be will put forth In hand, and lake alto of tbe tree of life ; then he shall rat, and live tourer. - . - Tb apoitnte wen on Oi earth in thote daj. Yvt J uvh - wa rat6cd (hat he bad made mmi n i.w eor.h J thooitb be idolized Minted at iiu a. iift. Mtticc lor lhe aa ark of (he wood of Gopher ; apartmeula Ihoa thalt make in the ark : there Uimj tiiait iXiate, within and withoat, by atonement. Now Itnel pnferred Joeph, before any of hit oai foraiwretaoroftheelilerfliip alter dim: and lie made for him a ril ure of toppliration. . Then I said, Ah I Lord Jehovah, truly In desolation thee havt drsolMed thH people, eveu to Jeruvsilrm, lor laying, Peace thall be among y oa: but the tword rearhelh to the soul. Tbim tmsl parMaded me, O Jehovah: tliu I wa peisatdvdj; (boa ha itreDgthencd me, aud hait prevailed. - ' SUBSCRIBER'S NAMES. - If. R. H. the Prince Regent, 6 copkt The Quern ' Hit Royal HighaeH (tie Dtikc of York. Hit Rovat HicI'Dest the I hike of Kent. ' flit Royal Higlines the Duke of Cumberland. Hi Rnynl HiKhnett Ur Dukt OlSuasex. Hi Rovnl Hiehnes the Duke of Cambridge, Her K. Highness (be Priacrv Augusta Sophia Her KoyallligtiDeMlne rnacett LlisaocUi. Her Royal Hishnett Ihe Prince Mary Her Royal II it hue 1 (he Princes Sophia. Hi Roval Highnes Ihe I rake of UloiK - ctter With a avBierou List of Nobibly Gentry, and other OCT THOMAS B. WAIT ft SONS propose tftpuomo ine aoove wort: oy purmcnpiioa. Etich nart. on demi nuarlo. which In London at S3 60, shall be printed in Bottom, or good paper aad a new and rlrgnnl type, at fw daitan, to be laKi m qUV?T.r. 10 (Kaa - ivoscnocn, mm twrter. . - - - ' A tb aathnr ha been nernrfrted to drdical hi transhttiet Io Ibe Prince Recent, and at (be vtM - ea, tae Itoyaj t amitv. and a nasaeroet list or fvobrirty end retry are anieag the tabtertberl, there raa be ma dnuM ef Ibe hirt repwtaLioa of the aettior, and of the corrector and vvee or - wraooxy 01 uie work. ,. apla3uatw LINSEED OIL aad ST. CROIX RUM, now Udil fro"oa board Uw W - opnar, Cpt - 6tortr,atOJd - Sp Fotaale by PW CORNS, DVCW3. in be iSLjiotSti0.v.'oa'sota sTOMAiir.' IS ackaowicdsiii by ncdicul writer to b.k M. coeapiMuii oi ttuMwrn khm, and ai au nine very oiiiicaii ui cia. T In tufficicoiry iiiua - (rated in UtiiippoatiM!nt of (bote who anior - loaaiely auiier axdor it at tbei . for (be moat part, Mud Uiut ajitr baviug tried taaay Ibiajt to little or ao purpute, Uiey are at lait obiijed to ate (lor pcrkai the rraiaiLdt - r of life) tack articlct a tun at beat but palliate lb diactue. Under tucb tiictuatUuxet, anytutdiciiie Capable of rt ino - iius (be couiubuut. laokt ujv be an article highly detorviog the altentiou tfall livwe wbo are amicted wim it ; tucn a combination um oe uwl witla W DU ftlLAu'ij AM 1 1 - UisLr' TIC or STOMACH 11LLS tt.e auccea of alucb baa never yet been cijuallul, for the cure of dyifpaia ia it noat com plicated form, tuch at um ol appetite, aaaiea, heart Imrn, flatulea - cy. kaawmg pain ia the ttHuach, pain ia (lie aide, great co(iveaett, paleuct in Uie couotc - aaoce, languor, lowaet of ipiriU, pain in (be brad, virtio or giddine, and ditterbed tloep - - r - VYboever applie tbete pill in the above diaeue, accordio; to ibe direction, will never be diiap - pouited,h they have anver been once known to tail ia iDtlociag a radical arid permanent cure, its uae of a tingle box will convince the inott anbt - rieving of their eflitucy. They will n.ot effectually remove all touruei of (lie ttomacb, aotrnereiv bvaeutralitiuc tiie acid, but bv cor recting that laorbid U(e of thctecretMM wbkb give rue to it, and at inc aama time win reuorc to tbedebilitatiid organ of digettion, dial tune aad vigour which i absolutely oecittarv fj the wen Mine oi uie aoimai etuouuiir. a iilu w dollar per box. For tale by ) - JOILV C. MOHKIbON, DrugiM ho. IttU Ureeuwkh - tlreeL Where tnav be bad. wholesale and retail, targe and central aortaieot of genuine bruga atiti fVlmiiuue i Surgeon Intlrumentt; Apoinc - ca.y' (ilatcWart t Eiilih and Anierkan Pa tent medicine. Alto, uytr - e unu r uiieri aiu clea, Medkine CLcaU, iu. On liberal term. mhS5 Vin N. b W I T H 1) A V 1 E 8, Wboktale atid retail Chymkal I'eriuoier, 0. lal DROADWAV, BEGS leave to inforoi hi Irieud and cuttom era, thot he hat on blind an exleniive aitort meet oi Drrfurutrv and funcv article, vil : aba - vin oap and liquid ; w lulling oap in cake and ball I antique oil ; cold cream ; charcoal and cbrmical ik - ntifric : roue and nearl twwdcr ; plain and aceoled hair powder ; alinond poaidKr and paale ; milk of rote ; bard and tolt pomatum ; tooth, cluth, (bavin;, buir, nail and comb bruw'.ca, of luperior quality ; razor; tciiior ; Dn and nocttet knivc i tliavms ami arts - liar cuei :iockt't book und many other arti clet, too auiuerout to mention, lor tale wboltruh and retail. ap B WfifcA'IOiM'B I'iCH OINTMENT. rTMlE long and auccculul use of (hi oinlment JL is a sufficient recommendation, a it ha iicen found to be a iileataut, safe and certain le - inedy for that disagreeable uisente in nil it (ta ct, it it lor taut in ine city ot new - 1 or a, ry . A. 41 VV. K. t'ott, No. 41 U'illiam - itreeti I. ti T, No. Ui Maiden - Lane ; H. H. ScliitflVlin If Co. ISo. 193 ftail street i Lawrence a: Kcete, No. 19i l'eurl - treet ; Hull te Bonne. I4C Pearl itreet I R. ti L. Murray, 313 Peari - itrert ; J - AI. Hradliurtt, 314 i'earl - ttrect ; JoLn Penford, No. 4 t'leti ber - ttreet ; Uuryee ti Poe, io Penrl - ttreet 5 John C. Morrison, 1(J8 Grenv.idi - trttt ; John P. Fitlier, 106 Broadway t Walter & Ctauiun, coruei of Chamber - it. and Broad ay, and olio inCl'ihUiam - ttreet ; and abort it may be tiirxurcd at inoe( ol the Drue Store in this ci'y Alto in Pbilndelpbit, of a. wnnerell eons : uttoree tianeil , iorib U lio - aers, and almost a'l the iiruistt in (lie principal towns in (be United hluln. WH EATON'S VaUNUk3e D1TTER8 mav had at the above places. jan236n BOAItll VVANTKl). Iy a Uly in a private family,' klie will iurnish her Led room Complete. None nerd oppl.V, lut person ui' Uit firnt respectability. Liupuirc at ;J Mur ray - street. i.p iu TOFARV1ERS. rTHE subscriber can furuirh the fnruiera M. (he adiaceul country with grouud l'btster f Paris in auy quantity, on the shortest notice, 111 barrtl or otherwise. JOHN JBYE11S, Feb 83 tf Foot of llarrwon - tt. N. R. IjJiJfDaCifH l FLOH kH P.UXJ'lliG. i. WALL, pupil ol tbe celebratrd Geo Miller, of Uulilin, Teacher of Lsodicapt and Flower Painting, Drawing from 'Nature, Cliarartenatic, rniipxe, tic. avc, tor terms apply at No. 44 rainu - sirect : wtmre tpeti ui ntol liia works may be teen. v. u. WALb hopes iroiuiutyie of paint ing, method nl ti - achiug, and a trict attention Io the dutii ot hi iroictioo. to merit a cootin uanre ( thtie favour he hat to amply received. npTwj VALUARLt: HOOK. JUST received aud for tale by EL1AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - atreet : Wllkiuton's Momoin, 3 vol 8 vo t Rob Roy, couJ Philadelphia edilioii, with a glossary of the Scottish word and phrasal 1 A great variety of new and interesting book for children, 18mo. Alto, juit received by Uie nary tltia, ir'Ui London, and fr tale at above, a valuable .utort - ment ortlitologicul and mitcel anoou worUt, ic ry scarce. Kngraving aud co)iiier - plaU priniicg executed with ueatnes aad despatch. . an H CROSS - S TREET NOTICE. NOTlCt ia hereby given to all person inter - tiled, that Ibe nmmissioncr of etlioiate anil alignment apjMinted by Ihe supreaie court of judicature of tbe ilate of New - York, (0 per - loun ttrtum dutiet telatite to the enlarging nnd - improving Cms - itreet, ia tlie sixth ward of the city ol New - York, have completed their estimate und asiessuieut, as well of Uie rest and tUtunce sustained over ar.d abott tht hear yi and advantage received by the owners of ti '.alios ami premises required Inr s;ud improvement, as alto 01 the benefit anal advantage received by the owners and partite interested ol and in certain lands and preiniae not 1. qurd lor tbe aaid iuiprovcrurnta. And that wetlie said couiuiitsioM n have deposited a (iu.cpy ol I...i:....l. un.l f...A.....f .., ... lurlf AIL UVIIC.II1I Hm.riUV.ll., IM w - (ice of Uie citv of New York, for (be iiuiiecUon of wlioimoever it may concern. Aud notice is hereby further Kiven. that Ibe rport of Uietaid c'oiuuAtiione'rtot'ettiir.ateand asaesitneut will be preaeottd to tbe supreme court of iudkaiare of (tin slAla ol rvw xora;. at im suy iuii 01 ine city of New York, on Monday, Ibe fourth day ol May Of xt, at the opening 01 tlie court on day, or ut .m therealter as counsel can Ihi beard thereon, ivaieii lint !7Uiclay 01 April. IClii JOHN FORHKS. WILLIAM IORREY, Comoiitsionert. JOHN U. LAWRENCE.), ap 17 I4t s HENRY - STREET NOTICE. ' XT OTIC E i hereby ei vea to all penoot inter - iy cited, tbat tbe rommitsioreri of estimate and aMrHin'ht. aiiDohtled hr the snnreme evert nljudioaturr ofthe ttate of New York, toper - lorm certain duuia relative 10 uie enlarging, ea - terulinc and iuiorovimr Hearv - etrpet. between Clinton and Grand - tta - ets ia the eigbUi ward of the city ol New York, have completed Ustir estimate and ateratmcot, a well ol tbe let and dainoge uttamed over and above Uie benefit end advantage received by the owners ol lbe laud and premises reqtured for Ihe said improi - etnent, as also of lb beowfit aad advant ige received by the owner aad partiot utnretted of aad in certain land aad premise not required for lh (aid int oroverueat Aad that we. Ibe aaidcommissioa ers have depoeited a trae copy ,c0 f' imate and arent ia Ibe cjerk oCcv, ol (be ci(y of New - York, for Uie ianmction of whomaorver it aaav roncera: aad notice it berebv fyrileriv ea, that the report ofthe said commivaioaenofe - timate aad tummerl will be presented t trie oreme coart of nMlsratsre of tbe itale of N. York at the Citv Kail of tbe rfty of N. York, oa Monday, the foerfh day of May next, at the opetung nf tbe court ew that day, or aa aooa thereafter at 000 inrreanrr Dated tbia 1 rMel raa be heard thereon. da ofArwil, ni JOHN FOilRER, 1 WlcUAM TtKRET, Coatsistiooert ' HENRY 1DIGS 5 p 11 lit ' SlKBSnCU Md AAlDl.lCCAlnVTACI' ' - .. t EAVES Newboreh e0' ' . . $ f - T 1 1 . o.l tmAnm. etday. e at :and Tbartday momin (throe o'clock, rue Uirougn Mnntgomtry, Dloomingbergb, Moalicello, by White Lake, Cosbectoo. Mount Pleaiant, Orea( Bead, Chenango rotnt, Uwega, luiica, ana uc - Beva, OCaaandaigea. - Hetiirninc lea vet Ctnandaitrua every Moo Oty, Wednetday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, (he third dav in time to take Uie Steam - boau wuicn arrive in New - York the following rooming. (0 A may it tzptxttd that at all limit a Acts tht ttiam - bai aim Qui days ef running, lluil (hit lute trill alter i m to mrci (hem. ' The whole route will be perfbmed in three days from fin of May, until the tint of Kovemocr ana irom ue nm 01 iocinucr until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four ilart and from tlie 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to tbe city of New - York and run from thetice to CauanUaigua in four day. l'asaengcrt traveling from New - York to Canandaijjuo, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in tlie evcnintr (team - boats, and arrive in Canamlaigua in three day a distance ofUiree hundred mik. The line ia well furnished witli rood, new carriage t rood homes and careful and experienced drivera Every attention will be paid to render the passage of Uie traveller tafe, easy and expeditious 1 and it i believed that tlie accomntodationa on this line arc equal to any line in the ttate, . f7 FAKE from Newuurgn to wnanuaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A b aneh of the tame lide runt three timet a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line mna from Owego Tioga Point thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, He. BACGACE, as usual, at the ruk of the owner. David Godfrey, Bloominehurgh, E. J. St. John, Mount Pleaiant, L. & R. Manning, Clieuango, Luther Gere, Itluca, J. Proprie tor. Oliver i'bclps, Laming, J mh 14 dGia VALUABLE REHL EaTATE FOR SALE, IN Trial CITY or EW - YOHK. FIVE lot of ground on the wttt side of Greenwich - street, between Vestry and Desbroa - ses - s(rctla,2ohy CO. Four du ia Uie rear ol tlie aoore, ironung on theeatt side of Washington - street, 15 by bU. hiebt do in the block below, between Wasli - inbtou and Wrtt - streett. IB Montgomery county. 6000 acre of Land in Lawrence' purchase. near East Canada Creek, on the north tide of tbv Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.1C2 acre of Land, in tbe towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. in csscx iounty. 7832 acres of Land in tbe (own of Barryinore. Id Uie County of Lcwii. 1250 acre ol land iu Casterltuid, Cliattanii Purchase. Ia Saratoga County. 8 GOO acres iu I'altuer't purchase. Enquire bt (be odke of tbe subscriber, 34 Ce dar - meet. BEV. ROBINSON. mh7tf , ITCU OLKTMWJ, w ARRAN TED aa infallible remedy at one upplication, may be used with perfect wlety ou iiifant a week old, not couluuwig a particle ol mercury ,cr any dangerous mgreuioni whatever, aud not accoauiaaieu wim uiai vueu - live r uiell which atleniL, the application of ether remedies. ' Tlie above medkines are preared nnd sold at LEE'S Meihcine Store, No. 46 Mnideu - Lane, and sold by 8. CARLE, coruei of Fulton and Water - atreeU. ' Drusirists and country store - keepers supplied on liberal termi. . jan z V .' - ! itVjcjK.i..U, .;' - - i, i - f T corner of Fulloo - ttreet, New - York, having received a large lupply of tbe real JAPAN R LACKING, of Day ft Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, LmmIou, offers the tame, ia wholesale or rstail, for exportation, or bomeosuiptioo, 00 teroii tbe most liberal and advantageoui to pur rbasera. . Tbia inestimable compotitioo, with half the u - vul labor, produce a most brilliant jet black, fullv 'j Jal to UM highest japan varnish ; abort pacol.Hr biMtrnbrnent to the leather; It will Bot soil Ibe rinrst lincu ; is perfoctiy free rroat any uuplentaut rmcll; an J will retain its virtue in any climate. ' ! - Aa ao irmontrovertible proof cf the auporior txcellenc of this blacking, it has stood the tert and commanded the most exteniva tale 10 all quarters ol Uie globe, for upwardt of half a cen - urv. . reo 10 riR. DE ANGEL1S, formerly prucailirmer of WJ Medicin in the military HotpitMf Nap les nnd admitted a member of Uie Medical Society of Nrw - York, where be bat retidud tince Uie year 17011, and bit reputation and lucceat is pruclice, it now eit.Vilitked ia uie knowledge of the public by Bear SO vear experience, coulio - ur to be contulted at Li office, No. tti Water - Street, opputite Crane whaif. In Kheumatic auJ Venerea caws, Ur. Lie An - Sflit bat been wonderfully tucctmful ; and tlie most terrible effects oftltosr disorder have Ire - quently been cared by Inm in u short space of lime without inconvenience so me paucnt. - ' Obitructions. ulcert la (lie Uirnat nnd lmlate, itifinca ol toe iaints, paint in Uie liiub, ernoliout of (he kin, lojtellier with aeumcroiit train of evil, ariuns; froia oelnctor iinptarwriy treatu g of tbe uio.1 iniilieus of maladies, hnveeiveowav to hi mode of treatment in an atmost incrediMr miuiner. Hia exlronrdinary (oroeas it, in a great measure attributable Iu hi well known Anti - rneuaialic and . Anli - Svpniuu - Syrnpt, wind) whilst tin y eradicate eveiy lortno) diaensr, rel tore tht: emaciated patient Io vigor, and health. ap 10 ln" "OiN I'l. E.MAN'S SlFWIN't CAiEsi. , m. fjrj" A supenor assort mcut of eenlle men's biia - tng caic, drt - ssiiig box - e. iinrtable desks, Ira vellins pinches u if Link - si ands t iadiet work box S morocco, mahogany, aaUa wood and malina leather, work ooxm, ja paned dreatiut: cases, iic lor tale wholesale and re - n! 'sm'ith daVies. No. 1SI Broadway Alto, t rr aeral tJMirtment of Perfumery and fane j anklet ihavio soap wad hquid 1 tooth powder, rstie aua lotion . bmik m rotes 1 lip salve : cold cream raUque oU t violet (having powder t Doavatua : pbxie and tceated hair pow - der 1 almond paita and powder ) pearl powder and roucr rators raxor ttrap and pane ; lor - tniee hUL bora and tvorv romhs 1 needle, ;dura ble ink ; tahi of lemon 1 toctli, cloth, ahantig nail and ban bretbet t almond, violet, olive, ia vamioK, pabm, ioacalar and other toapt fNil knivet t pea and pocket knives : sciatort ; sand" botes t hsir pint t aad many other artkket, too Bumercui to Bteatioa P. s. Great lUowtace to wholesale dealer. k18 . ' - ' v - . POST CHAISE. '" - t - 'j rT - ' A POST CHAIsL wiU leave Aew - York every day (Sunday excepted) at half paa!5 in (he morninc by way of N v. ark, only aix passen - gera admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the tame evening. Fare through, 8 ; Tbe new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave New - York every day (Sunday excepted) atbalf past 2 o'clock, m tbe Steam Boat Alalaa - ta, and arrive at Philadelphia the next day at 4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat XTfSA from Bristol. For bents in tbe above lines ' u,e 1ott Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Office, 1 IS Broad - wiiv. onixttito tha Cltv Holfl. All good and baggage at Uie riiqoe of Uie owner. 'JOHN N - CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GUL1CK ti SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON ft HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Kxprutu tent to any part of the Union. ap8 " STfJiiTU JtlfklH STEAM BOATS. fjot The Chancellor Living - . aton will leave New - York 'itsg - aw - Tfoti Saturday, tbe lth iost. Wi - zrar - - - r - wtr - " o r. m. - 1 uere win oe a boat leo ve New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 P. M. and Albany on tame day at 9 A. M. until further notke. rah 25 tg1. Tbe proprietor, with a A view of accommodating the rto n'li 'In public, by extending tbe line sjwj Norwich, intend making the experiment with the Fulton, CapL Law, and thit route (if foaad practicable) will be continued daring Ilia season. . . . The Hue will in future he from New York to Norwkb, a follow t The Connecticut, ( apt. Hanker, will leave New - tork every Monday, Wedntidag and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in Ibe uorniug, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, C'apt Law, will leave JYvrwich at 0 o'clock in the morning of tlie tame day, touch at JS' eta. London aud depart from Ibetice for J"tu - Hacen at 8 o'clock - The boat will meet at Atv Hacen, aad depart from thence every Monday, Wtdnet - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tbe evening the Connecticut lor JYtw - Xorb, aud tbe Fulton lor Xcw - lsOiuion and Ji'oruich. inhl7 STEAM BOAT FOR PALE. For (ale, a well unuh - hed Steam Boat, of truall tize, with 2 cabins and cal - T''".. - . - fS culated to carry convenient ly atiodt nxtr paenir.en Her hull l of the liest timber, and the 1 copper bottomed up Io the bends prepared to be put into a line of running imnieuiaieiy. sne crawl out ininy - two incite of water, and from tbe advantageous con - atruction of her machinery, can lie worked at one half tbe daily expense of steam - boat in general. She will be told a great bargain, if appiiedfor shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mh 20tf . ISAAC G. OGOKN & CO. SWIFT SURE MAIL COAClits, . FOR raiLADKirBIA, - rrrTt OCT' Leave New - York F:Vj2 eve inorninr ( Sunday'iex - gcepteuiai oo'cioce, ana ar - trivj in Philuillnhi n n,T( iv to dinner. . . Tlie public k house t are good, and reasonable in their tharaes. The drivers, hones and couches nre not interior to any other now running be tween these two citie. Tbe beautiful country, and tlie excellence of the roadsonthi rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving tms nne a oeciaea preicr ence. 'Phe strictest atteuttoa will be observed hy the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at tlie lisk of tlie owr r unlets insured and receipted for by the clerk oi said office. Stage tare only $5, withe generous allowance of baggage. Parliea wishing to travel at their Iciruie. may vogage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves by niilyiog one day previous to ttarting. . .. ' For teat apply at No. 5 Courtlaodt - ilreet, New - York. LYON, SONS, it CO. . npt ' ' Proprietor. ' umojf LINK.. f . i - 1 1 1 L A D E L f il 1 A . Twenty - five mile Und carriage, via New - Bruntwkk aod Trenton. - In new post coaches $5 Do. good stages - 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pa - agera 3 50 Connected by the (team boat OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The (team - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sunday! excepted, from (ho north side of the Battery, at II o'clock A. M. Passenger will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadelphia, to at to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next moruiug, in time to lake the Union Linn BtJtimore tteam - boatt. - ' Thit line hat a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Cherapeake to Norfolk ; as alio (bote of (he North River and Sound 1 and their several arrival are calculated to cause little, if any delay. , .... v,,.. . I bis it a toeedv s certainly . use man con venient rout, at the passenger will leave New - York after the bank open, and arnve in rmia - delphia before Uie hour of bonnes, withoat fa tigue in travelling; or want ol sleep, tne lana carriaire being much less than by 'any other mote between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam BoatOfnce, in Mar - ketfleld itreet. north tide of the Battery, be tween Greenwkh ft Wathinzton - streets, or to The CA1TAIN on board fjr AH good and baggage at the risk of Uie owner. - p . soGTBaan bisthict of bkw - yokk, 13 E it remembered, lliat on the second day I J nf Ann I. in the lortv second vearol Uie Uule - n - nilf nc ofthe United States of America. Wil Hum Jdinsm, of Ihe said district, hath deposited in thit office tbe title ol a book, tbe right wuereol he chxiait at author, in the word and bgurcs lot kiwifiir. la wit : r - ' " Report of cftc adjudged in the court of Chancery of New - York : bv William Johosna, Counsellor at Law, vol. II I cmrlaininc the c - .vs from January, 1816, toSeptember,tu, inclu sive - ." . 1. . a , ; : if lu conformity to Ihe actof the congres ol(be United State , entitled An act lor tins encoB - ratenitat of karuing, hy lecuring the copies ol r t, eharU and books (0 (lie authors and pro prietor ofiiK'h copse during the tune therein mentioned t" and also to aa act, entitled, "An art, (upplemeniary to an act, entitled, an act for Uie encouragement of learning, by ecuring Ihe copies of maps, ( hart and hook, to Uie authors end proprietors ol sucn copies ourinr; uw uuin titereiu mentioned, and extending the benefits the - oaf to the arts of desienine, eneravine, and elcbiug historical and outer prmta." , jAiica iiuij, Ckrk of the southern district of New - York. apl3 4w PLASTER OF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - ttreet, North - River, 1 K THERE manufactured Plaster, forcorm V ve and other pa - poe, may be had. war ranted ofthe firs! quality, at one dollar and Iwtn - la Km mtnlt ver butheL . The manufactory it conducted by Mr. John Tucker, wbo hat served a regular apprentice ship t tlie maiou bonnets. run SI - JOHN BYERS. FOR SALE. A FIRST rate fat trotting Hone, tnd a full - ionabL Gut. but litUe used. Alao, a light neat one bors waggon Ap ply to THOMAS H. THOMS, - ap 13 10 WiUiaTO4tKCL A?fll at ?Sfet DOCTOR HORNE,formettt and largery there, deemt it his da. ly to repeat ome oowjerstiont at tbe abut of MERCURYT a rash, indiscriminate, and anowab - tive of infinits miir 1 and aanwially mercurialiied oat of evhL nce. The disease we have iaw "wet iilT UI rewlu chiefly to tai. rce. 1 (hat a young man, the hope of bit co.ntry.tS (he darling of hu parents ahonld be tnikhed way from ail the proapect ud enjoyjSt? liT. byUiecor,iqtiences of one mgaiiedmo.I? and by a dan notiy .U XfST which only prove o from iierlect M inr" treatmen( A gentlemar, e DrKfET lient) now perfcetiy beary and well, 'bad (i uaurphy - iaaof genei - I ractice, .Uvea?? and rejieatedrytalivaudi wUn ic1ml5S?' Dr. Hi (by a, ?f Udttr were carious and hit flesh droprnt: from if1 hit friendi declared he could nothj?. 5 two month longer. TJ1ou.aiKl.&"' know with what eate and safety Dr. cts uie severest caae. and confirm theVTT tuUon. Tb. Doctor', plan (advertuiv cettary to guard the public against the mercury, and other fatal delusions held forts Femora, therefore, having contracted a - ,"!! vat disorder, or auipecUng latent poison. V? - admonished not to tamper with their cmmk, tiou, or conceal the ditorder. tUI nasi li. ry j otherthavine; the lemaint f aVoiaT or other impunuet of Uie blood, as well Mi er complaiutt of a delicate natare. iaIiiir" tex. ihould remember pottwity, d to their consciences by makk r,n'iV.ri to Dr. U. at bit old iodTuK lishment, No. 64 Water - .tre "'tl - of Old - th'u, (0 obtain tbat prompt M lone calt ulated to prevent ditcloture. And fc let ma claim your serious attentfon - Rememhlt a .nperficial cure i no cure at aU ; eritethe ha. inesi is radically done, you will certainly hav. Uie disorder break out again with redoubled ma lignity. at torn luture period perlian thea will be (00 late forreniedy. Don't you often meet il! the ttreeU miserable, mutilated beings without even a bit of nose; on their face I Take wa - nkr 1 beteech you. Dr. H'. character for (kill and stubborn int. gnty being univenally known inUiucity. ntJ. 1804, guarantee to 1 - alien t that delicacy Ld a, ciecy liitherto unknown, aad having coafined tat practice for year past, exclusively to tbecareof diseases of the blood yttm. Uiey may safely cai. culate on Uie most decided advantagei in en. suiting Dr. H. - Gleets eradicated in two or three weeks... Strictures removed without bough: or any U,. er instrument and all deUhUet ; likewie aU old ulcerations, fiatula't tu. , A plurality of ofiicet are provided, and to site, ated that patient are not exposed to each other observation. Open till half past 9 in Uie evening. AI! persons concerned are invited to be free it railing, and speaking with Dr.H. which is .tree of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid Uie expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendations and for the decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) long given him by a jutliciou public. .,..,.' H. B. All letter mult be pott paid. ' f ' Dr. Buchanan. : .' Aug7 l 770.V. DlR. EVANS' superior "jnethod of curiag a ccr - tnin Xisea4, is now univer - tally acknowledged intlii city : iu mode of treatiaaa it perfecUy mild, tafe, ei - pcasuDu. ana tut coargi 1 reasoaable. In every u atance he warraot a cere, and will reternthe oar if h. vvV VH l - ioee not penorm agrteablt ... m aract "l ne Hrictoat tecrecy alwayt obtervetf. lliere are many persons in this citv and il vi. cinity, laboring under virions chronic diseatts men a coin i luremHo uicers tcrofuia evil, natula. disease - of the nrethra. ladder and kidnies old complicated conipTaasfta ofa certaia nature, tuboir aad other obatrao (ions, rheumatiun, c. wbkh they consider ince rattle, Ukt can ccnemiy uv enrea in gene rati by applyinr atDr, EVANS'S Medical Store. N. FeA - aiin. havior practised in extelislft hospitals in Europe 1 yean, under tome of tht firtt Surgeon arid PhyiiciaM in th world, aad made Uioie obttiuata diteate hi; conttant itudy for30veap. ... Pet it VT7 Tbe tubtcriber bavin recently returned from England with an important improvement 01 tho artificial tpring LEG, be take thit method of informing bis friendi and the public, that all those who are to uafortuoaU a to be In want ef a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Bsrclay - ttrawt, New - York. JaoSlf .. ,. tVIrl. fUUVlik 1' :(ir wheaton a tja via, 3. Fancv Chair Manuac turers No. 153 Fulloo - auoe'i ODUOSlie OU 1 BUM Wl"" .offer for (ale, wholesale aad retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld juapk, plain painted and ornameal ed in gold t bron'te, B amboo, Elain and Gilt Balls, Rock - ig, Sewing, and Convene tion Chain. Sofa. Settee, LbtingeesMnaic Stools' ftc, , . , , ,) Urder iron any ran 01 uieconuneaiexecair with neatness AoJ, dup&tch. ' ' , Old Chain repaired, painted and ornaatateo mh9 ' . , , . JtkW DmESSIA'Q room. Lt - AFRUMEATO, No. 1 Wolt - uwi,JrT" . turned from Italy, ha ibe honoar te the gentlemen, that be cut and divela m the Tatert ttyle, and in a marBfTto ti tb aoop' it to the iiiognomy. He bat for aJ a; ty of RAZOtlb ol Uve Snt quamy, - ".r'JZL not ple at on trial, the parchasers aie at uo"j lo return (hem, and receive Uie money. likewise procured a very fine hone, Y to restore razors to a very keen ed( - e Ihty not cut be will receive bo Thorerenilemen who may pleas to bornui - iih thr mtrnnmra. nav depend OB Uie aw particular and reipertful attendance. - ' IS. B. Gentlemen who lubicribe bylh I,r terwiU have their raxorsc. kept eidurrrj for themselves. , trait P. S. A good journeyman wanwu. - ry aa above. ' FVK SALE, J:,,rtPj. rpllE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, IM 1 .,..! ..r hrnadwav. consisting " exlentiveand dioice collet tioe of 1",lorili veia, voyages, Dn - giiij, (ales, plays reviews magarinesevC. Catalogueimay be examined at lb utirary, whit h it open for tubtcribers at atuai. Bnin jvir - ivivi, ttUXTED Ah'D rUBLISBXP ' MICHAEL BuhrBAM 4 CO. No. 4? Prwa - aTfYtTV 1

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