The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 22, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1818
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- .rrn I KTi FLOITR. , , 300 de""", torrtt. 8 hands. J & '. - Si BUUM ' - P.Labby - ' . :... 4 - - - nr uHmi ?7 b ary. end Oliver Wolcolt Md for tals ,68 Sonth it. MESIIC GOODS. ) eaeG5 L' jj wperto Gingham. - 'giobffi.n I brown .heeting. . j do S 4 and 7 - 8 . , 10 do e.intt. aad .altinett immoib cotton yam eworted number and a 148 Pearl - treet . w m .nn Bi xsnwaw - machine cotton w 'Tp f v "commission WAxr. XI '...ruiriN t:LOTH3. 25 SU StfHS - black StKtlXtebfleld and Tomugton factory. iofM,etow COMMISSION COMPANY,, . t . 148 Pearl - tret F - nfand TOBACCO. 200 barrel. Rich S Flour, fHax.ll'. brand) 45" Uur.ctu - ed Tobacco, 8 to the . poind oFrery fine quality, landing from chr. . IN STORE, . 260 barrel Richmond Flour '. - 60 ke! Manufactured Tobacco (fine) ' . 75 do. common 7 hbds. old Virginia Leaf 1U no new - 8 bbdt Kentucky rob:co, a prime parcel 1. . Nr. in Frutit - ttrwet. br ' ur TROKES, DAVIDSON it CO ep221w XTAVAb SiOilta tvu odii. xurpcuunc, 11 liO do. Tur, lor iaie 07 X R. C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. apt? "ALU LUl'r.v. ZUWIO. oiu vw:i iui . J. .1 . I J 1 ,tt"by G.G&S.HOWLAND. p 22 .77 Watbineon - itrret G UNJiY BAGS. A quaulily.i'or ante by CEBttAfiCtMINGV n 78 Pearl - ilrret. - r TaTROUGHT AND CUT NAILS, for tale WW bT tJBBIUa IVDIinu, J . . 76 Pearl - street, EG HORN II ATS. I eate, from N 0. 30 to 1 J 60. for tale ny A. D. DURAND ft BOURDEL, an 12 - . 30 Fine - atreet. mr WAN TED by a tingle gentleman, a titling room and bed room, (furnished orunfur Bisncaj in agraieci pari ui uie wwii, wiui uiva1 ' fast. Direct to G. C. at tbit office. - apflll TO PRINTERS. rPHE Hbtcriben hate on bandtvpeoflhe fol X lowing titea, vii : Pica, Small Pica, ln Primer, Nonpareil aad Pearl, which tney offer tot tale 00 low terini. Old type metal will be received in payment, and a liberal price allowed lorn. , . ' N. B. Order for itereo - type works executed with neatneii and detpatcn COLL1N8 & HANNAY. ap212tC6t ' ROOSEVELT - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE it hereby gitcn to all prrtont inter r - it m1. that the coaimittiooen of ettimate .and aaretiment. appuiated by ibe tapreme court yf judicature of me naie 01 new - iom, u ir - fctia certaia dutiet relative to the enlarging and ' improving a part f Rooterelt atreet, between BaUvia Laae and Front - street, in the said city, have completed the Mtimats aad aHewmeot, a well of Ibe lota, and damage tattaincd, over W ihim th. benefit and adrantose receiv ¬ ed, by tbe owner of the land and premiiei re - - mi far Mro aaid improvement, a alto of the benefit and ad ran (age received of and in certain nuMi aou premise not required tor said 11a - f pro tment. And that we Ibe said commiuion - . tnhava drpotited a trae aopy of uch ettimatr aad aweiuDent in tbe clerk' office of tbe citv , of New York, for the inspection of wbomtoever it t may coocera. , Aad notice is brreny further civ - !" en, that tbe corrected and reviled reiort of the ' said commiiiionert of ettimata and attetsment,, will be pre uted to the supreme court of judicature of the ttate of New - York, at the city hall of tbe city of New York, "O Thursdny, the seventh day of May next, at the oiwnin: of the md court on that day, or a soon thereafter aa eonaaei caa be beard tbereow. Uated in 11 ZZa dy of April, 1818. JOHN FOR B hlS, uommiiMoaert. I4t - .'...:. - 'TO HE SOLD At twblie vendue, on the nremite. on Moadav. the fourth dn of M av. f if not Drevioaa - ry diipattd of at private talc) the farm whereon tbe obtenbeT now reiitk - t litnste in Ne - Ro - .cbelle(ootaiaios about tixty acres of excel - 'lest land remarkably well wooded and'water - d a tolerable good nouie and barn thereon ' within hair a mile of a Melhodti( and vUaptut Meetinj, t Epiicbpal Churcbi an Academy and 'yterian - Meeting oce 'and, a hall mile Jron a public' landint;, where market boati ply ; weekly to and from New - York Post Office within a mile. It u a deiirable situation fur the fentlenwa and farmer. Any further description 3 deemed annereanr. a dmu mill hnm Hilhnut , viewing. For tnrtUar infbrnMitloa enquu of - ELIJAH WARD, No. ti BovrerJ, Or the tahtcriher - mi tha h tt give a induputable title for the tame. ' ' . . UOMAS RICHE. Wew Rocbelle, April ti 1818. ' pJtlOt. BY order of John Uarretton, Equirt, firtt judge of the court of common pleat, in and for the cwmty of Richmond aad Mate of New - Tprfc, notice it hereby riven to art the creditor ef Chruuan I. BedelL of the county and state a - fcret uid, an iusolveflt debtor, to appear before me at my office, in the town of Soethfleld, in taid unty, oa the thirtieth day of May next, at X o'clock in the ailemooa of said day, to shew estte, if aay tbejrbave, why an alignment of the said intoleent' etUte should hot be made tor the benefit of all hi creditors, and he be dis - f06?'0 10 c of the Lejriilatur the itnte of New - York, entitled aS act for lng relief in case of insolvency" and the acts Jeeodiae the tame. Dated Rich mood county, th7lhdj Of April. A.D. 1818. 1 ' CHRISTIAN I. BEDELL. Pit . .. 1 - . .; . , m CHINKSE PLZZLE8. A T. GOORlCHJi CO. No. tt4 Broedway. 5 - corner of Cedat - ilreet, eppotil the City have publishrd and for tale, by the dot - a TSS,7 ? w d,tio' from tbe latett Cbiaere, all tbe new figures, aot contained in any rj - 'eopy, and every finra in the book and "7 tj numbered for convenient reference The may be had of a variety ef different kind lu??1 roe wood ' wod bra and pur - 7"ood, lrory or pearl, and need only to be Jt10 be admired, for tlieir correcutets and iil - pi' ft Co. have also made and for sale, ed Maps of tbe United States, Europe, TtLSf PoJkrt Glo,, Portable Maps, 7Jert Directory in the U. 8. 'pit N o ' n Jtmericn, etc. and A mquiry into the most proper means to lopted in the management of 'yiug - in jTVilh critical rtmarkt 00 the naeilical re - dcln rf Princem CharloUe Wr' WM ,1'id member of tbe ' el FA. it 1 01 Seeon. London ; member i Jew - York Honca Soriatj Uu of the r'g' of the BritiA army, c. aTIrr? by JAMES EAST - "'MPuie - itreet. . " 7 pj? fJUE fteeoorcei of the United Slates ofAAe - nca, or n new or tbe agricultural, commercial, maanfactnrin, financial,' political, lite - raryr saoral and religion capacity nod character of tbe Amencaa people, ny 1. oruiea, counsellor at law, author of the Resource of the Bri tish empire. rricll. for sale by ' COLLINS L IIANNAY, b ' ' No. 130 Peart - tt. Y DOCKET GLOBES: Cake of Carmine X Pink (or Carmine) Saucers ; Card Racks ; battledore and snuiuccocxs ; Sleet nog rune ; Gilt Ridicule Springs; Ivory and bonecheit men 1 backsammoo Itoanlt : amulet, and iroell - ine bottle. Received from Europe and for tale by & 'T fiftn'tuinu . rtrt ap tt 124 Broadway. GRAND M1LFORO K OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, v AUTHORIZED by the States of New - York and New Jersey, will positively commence drawing 00 tbe Slh ni next montn. In Ibis city. SCHEME. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 36,000 DOLLARS t 10,000 DOLLARS S 5,000 DOLLARS 10 . 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DO.XARS . 140 100 DOLLARS 3200 30 DOLLARS Unequalled by any other Lottery, previouity urawn 10 uiu tiaie, in Hingniiuaena uriiiiaucj of scheme, and it ohiect, vis. Internal Improve ment, must Ne a (till greater inducemeut to the citizen 01 nem - ion, aud tneatate 01 aew - jer - ev. toadven'ure in this rich Lttcrv. .liter are only 10,000 Tickets, JfJO.OOO the capital prize, and l be completed mmdrhwin):. r.v - erv drawine nroduce a rauitul itationarv prize. and an avcri.gROl lOcspitulfl atiiig piize All prize payable at the Union Bank of Mew - York 60 day alter tbe completion of drawing, andcaih advancer! fr all pnzct hy the .. 1 a toon a Dresented. Whole tickets $32 1 Quarter 0 Halves - 16 i Eihths Sixteentln, S dollar. In a tnrietv of numbers. A lihrral discount made to those who take a number of ticket. I be price will be advanced to $31 on tbe commencement 01 ue arawing. apSl r1E.. 20 cheats hyson skin tea, late im JL portatlon, for tale bv JACKSON '& WOOLLEY, ap20 75 Wall - street. I U C. NICHOLS, m Pearl - street, have jul O . received m audition to their former tusort ment 4 cases colored Canton crapes it do black do 2 do black sinchews 1 do tarinelt, 2 do black silk, hdkft ' 2 do fine India book Muslim 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 1 do Imifjtion Merino tliawlt, utsnrted 1 do bandanna hk I. 1 do fii.e Romal 2 da MailddoolUin and tleain Loom Shirt - 2 do Madrati Hdkfs. ingt f do 4 - 4 Irish Linen , z do Drawn do 2 do Cotton Platillat 2 do fancy Cravait, aitorled 1 do white Jeans, 2 do cotton Casiimerel 1 do fine white and half Quillings , 2 hides Khcdet' Uomhazetls 1 case Rihlwios, anorted 2 cases black, while k purple Kid Gloves 4 trunks Furniture I'lattn, and 4 do superfine Calicoes, which they offer for sale at a small advance forcath. ap0 14t T 1ROY CANDLES. 400 hoxe Mould Can - diet, iutt received from Convene' factorv. and for tale by BEMKNT (t GALE, ap20 lw No. 60 Water ttreet JOHN A BUM. WILLLNK i CO offer lor tale, at their ttorv No. 73 Wathisg ton - it. 202 ton of the belt orrel coal, and 101 crate assorted eat then ware, jutt receiv'd bv the British brie Thomas Navlor. Gill, mat ter, from Liverpool. ap 40 3t Pari tu HI. PauCt and SI. JomU t'lupel, for tale ef Auction. rp HE pewt in St. PauPt and St. John1! Chap - JL elf, the attested price of which have not been paid, or secured, will be told at auction by Bleecker tl liibhy, m the respective chapelt, those hi M. Paul't on Friday the 25tb int. and those id St. John's, on Saturday tbe 26th tart, at 1 1 o'clock, A. vi. , . ap 20 4t IS CHA VCr'.ltV. Archibald Morrison. IN penuaoce of a rt I I decretal order 01 Abraham Springsteen, jr. ! this honorable court Isaac roweti and aa - 1 u.ade in tne ooove l Rike. i ! .nM public auction, at the Tontine CotTea House, in the city of New - York, under the direction n the subscriber, one of the matters of this court, on Mondar. the 27th day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the lorenoon of that day, fourteen yean, nine months and five days unexpired term of a certain lease of all the sixth part on the n Jrth side of those three certain lots of tfronnrf situated in the seventh ward of tbe city of New - York, on the east side of Jefferson - street, distinguished in a map made of tbe lauds of Henry Kutgeri, by numbers nine hundred and thirteen, nine hundred and fourteen and nine hundred and fifteen ; bounded wrtterly in front by Jetfenon - ttrret ; easterly in the rear by lot number oine hundred and sixteen ; northerly on one id by Division Itreet t and southerly on the other side by the remaining five sixth of tbe afore said lots, number nine bundred and thirteen, aiee hundred and fourteen, and nine hundred and and fifteen ( containing; ia breadth, in (runt aud rear, nineteen feet, and in length seventy eight tret, be tne taint more or let, on each tide : ai war excepting from off the rear, or eatt end of Uie (aid lot, a passage, or gangway, ol nine leet, for the uso of said lot and those ndioining. To gether with the dwelling bouse and buildings erected and built upon the said premises, uad tne appurtenances thereunto belonging. Unled aiarcnzDin, 1010. CHAS. U. FEKrUS, - '' Master in Chancery. Tbe above property will be sold under tbe di rection ef the subscriber. JAME3 A. HAMILTON, ' Muter in Chancery. mh 26 th26 Ap6 ft AptO lw OARD WANTED, for aii elderly Lady, (on moderate terms) in n small private T)ity, residirg in the upper part of the city; situation wetuf Broadway, between Barclay and - treet, would be preferred A line addressed toll X.J and left at this office, stating1 terms; number 'in family, residence fcc will be attended to ' " ap 21 3t - S3 A handsome modern built two storv noute,io. I4J l - namber - street. comoletlv Bo ihhe.1 by the 1st of May. Enquire No. 223 Da a ne - ttreet. ap 20 t w 4TX . alON f - ALTA 43 For tale or to let the beautiful place caueu mont - Alla, terra mile from the Ctty Hall, on the North River, adjoininr lord Ceur teoayH. It contain 20 acres ot laud under improvement with a large garden ia good Condi tion, variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if told a long credit given if witnea, nppry w N. c D. TALCOTT, P . 64South - L QTO LKT r FOR SALE. Thatcoovenieot three ttorv brick botua corner of Broadway and Broome street . AL8U, A two Storv frame house, with ail lota of ground, ia Broadway, between Bleecker aad rriDce - streets. . ALSO, Tbe store, with a rsult and cellar, corner of Chamber aod Cbsthaa - ttreett, Enquire of , E. ANDEKSOiS, . aptltlsOIsy Ro. 4 Bowling Creea. pipe, 37 XAnit, uA lfl 50 Quarter casks bitb flavored London Kb particular Madeira Wine, fit for immediate etc, and warranted pure at imported, for sale in qean titles to suit purchasers, by . TUCKER k LAURIES, ap tV ' ' 29 South street. T" NTUCKY TOllACCO. 28 hhds. oftu - XV nor quality, received per brig White - Oak, for sale at No. 100 Front - tlrert, by ap21 TKOKEd DAVIDSON ic CO. 1 ANTON S1IX5 8 case black and X bared aarsenetu and ribbons, landing and tor sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, ap21 f7 Akmth - street JOHN ABRM. WILL1NK ii CO. offer for tale 35 caiet superior Bengal Indigo Several casks emails, particularly deiirable for bleacher and paper maker 4 caiki hardware A few bale castimere and shalloon's, shawls. ap 30 CJUGAR. 172 hhds New Orleans, 3 landing this day at Pine - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by GRIS WOLDS k COATES, or RIPLEY, CENTER k CO. ap 7 68 Sooth - tt. iOlXIHCRZD TALLOW U UlOiCH. FEW thousand pound New - York Tallow, CX. and 2000 Slaughtered Hide, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh II tf ill ! E LEAD, AQUA FOUTiS, tic 10 tons Drv W hite Lead 2 Inns While Lad in oil, 10 28 and 56 lb kegs 5 do Superior Red Lead Sheet Lead, 4 and Sib ; yellow Black Paint Paris W hite and Spanish Itiown . Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. aijo on HAND. 9 caie best Loudon Aqua Fortis, ground toppen 1 cue Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case Spirits of Salt For sale by ATKINSONS k FLEMING, ap 20 2w No. 167 Pearl - street CJUMAC 200 bagt freth Malaga Sumacjusl kj ioiiorted and lor sale in parcels to aim pur chater?, by G G. At S. HOW LAND. np 17 77 Washington - stie' - t LIVERPOOL. COAL. N' OW landing from English brig Thomas Nay lor, a cargo of Liverpool New - Pit Coal ei me oesi quality ror saie in 101110 pun (ui chaseri, by LAING K RANDOLPH, 98 Vetey - street, or J NO. VAN BUSSUM, ap 18 6t 206 Fulton - street LEATHER 1 UST received per Erin, from London, and , lor talo in lots to suit purchasers, a lew ca se containing Blue, grreu and red Skiver Bark Skives Ked Roans ; and Prime Blue .Morocco JOS. 8. HARRISON L CO. np 17 lw 67 Pine - street, jVf E W RICE. 107 tierces ol very prime new . Rice will be landed tomorrow morning; Irom onboard the sloop Young Romp, at St' vent' wharf, for sale by MAJOR b GILLESPIE, ap 203t 79 Pine ttreet. 4. YOUNG Lad from the country, aged 14 ill years, of steady habits and good calculator, wishes a situation in a dry gtxd store. Apply at 86 South - st. . ap 17 SPRINCi GOODS, landing from ship Fanny, from Greenock 4 - 4 plain,' sewed and tamboured India mull muslins 4 - 4 rich tamboured India book muslin 4 - 4 drawing mucins for dresses ..j 4 - 4 plain fine jaconctt 4 - 4 Madrass bdkf ' 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 (triped ginghams ' ' ; 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 7 - 4 cotton imitation lb wis '' ' ' Super black and blue Cloth Men and women's cotton Stockinet Linen Threadt, assorted, b black sewing Silt Marseille Quilts 13 - 16 and 4 - 4 Linen Bed - Ticking and Dowlas 1 . ' . 1 1 . . n 1.' 1 : 'one ana orown imiiauon nussi - cneeuiig Ravens Duck ALSO. 100 firkins pickled Scotch Herrings, in lots to suit purchaser, at No. 2 Sloat - lane, liy ap io iw wm, ' - uuuui. JUS F received from' Bordeaux, 60 boxes fruit In brandy ' ' - ; ' ' 'I .'9 boxr - s Elix. deGarru , '. , 9 do Eaq de Mettemberg ' f t do Cologoe Water - ' 1 ' " V 3 barrels Cantharides, Glauber 8alts find Manpa,intortf ' . 2 boxes Red Bark, pulv'd - - . 1 do Sirop Pect ral de Lamoureaox ' ' 4 do Writing Ink, of a very seperior quality, r ' in small jugs . - - ' 10 do - Medicioes, tome of which are valuable Elastic Bandage, Tincture and Powder for the Teeth, ire. be. For (ale oa reasonable term, by - PETER LUDLOW, ap 16 lw ,. 111 Pearl - Mreet, . Jiichmtmd and Lynchburg wumufaeturtd .v. . .. TOBACCO. - - f fff kef, now landing firem sundry ves lUtU tels, of the following qualities and brands: 63 kegs, Shelton ic Williamson, S hands, 1, 2, 3 46 do f . Miller k Co. 8. 38 do J. P. Ege, - 8 4" do George Fletcher, . ' 8 103 do John Enders, r - ' 8 144 do D. R. Rom, 8 1.2,3 1 1 1 1. 1 r Lt 3 do P. Holts k Co. 8 61 do Anderson, Blair k M'Eeage, i, 122 do Jette Hare it Co. 8 120 do R. Hughes & Co. 8 1,2 63 do R. Cantor, ' 8 1, t 45 do F. G. Crenrbaw, 8 1, 21 do R. Datton, 12 2 87 do J. b P. Labby, 8. k ladyH twist 81 do II. Starr, 8. k hainb.roll: Most of the above brands are well known and approved of in this market, on account of the quality, and uniformity of the diferent numben by which the qualities are designated. . For tale by CORNELIUS DU BOIS, p20 . ' 36 Front - street. MAHOGANY, TOBACCO and MOLASSES . ... ... . . 100 log choice mahogany, crotch and myrtle 4 1 reroooa sooaoco, im 49 hhd Svruo Molute. r ' Thecarsoof ichr Lvcurens. from the citv of 01. iom wgo, tor saie ny ' . lUtUVbUUS K. UUFFIE, 86C.H. Slip. . is itoaa. Leaf and manaiact'd Tobacco and Richmond flour. . 4 - , . ap205t HoslKRY, FLA JVJVfL, PLVS, te. 1 T EN'S and women's cottoo stockiogs if JL A few bales superfine white flannel, very do do red aad yellow - . : da Berlin and military cordi Green table coven, different size Best London pint, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 nixt pint, i - z ana 110 - - Mourning pin and short white White chapel needle, assorted Brass wire No. 24 and 25 - , . Card wire Nev 27 aad 32 Hoots and eyes, Thimble - AlHtdrt4.''i - Eegtiih look In? glam plates. nritilrereJ For tale by . A J KlcOAS c FLEMING, ',; P 3W, . , , ,J .167 Pearl - st, COFFEE ft RUM 54 Ibds. Hoc greea coffee, and 20 hhd Rum. laadina: irom bru Favorite, and for saJe br . , - GEO. LAC If , J p90 4 FaltotMtree t T It ADEIRA WIN E.' Taf PoRT - AU - rRIXCX, The achr, HONOR ft AM E Y, InguU, master, will sail on theSTth mat - Fur freight of 200 bbl. or passage, apply to '. J. I MUNTAUUEVKKI, ' 96 Widl - atrtet, or E. FISHER, 54 South - etreet. apSl - iLll. r sr W - 'WiSHi.VG'iOA, - V. C. . Th achr. CARPENTER'S SON, HubbelL master t will sail on Sstur ay next. Tor freigut or pasuire, apply on board, at Peck slip wharf, oral : Feck - Uip. R. & C W. DAVENrORT 6v CO. ap 21 turCliA.iLt.Si'OJ; v r - t at n iirb - l Aft in I s I .r 5j - GRAPH, J. Failing, matters to tail on I hursday 7Jd in.L with wht freight may uiicr. For freieht or passage, haviim t uperior accom modations, apply on board, west tide Fly maiket wuarl, or to ANSON G. WILLI'S, no 20 183 Front - st For Fretclil or Charier, The ship FILE - .N OS, recently repair ed, and a last sailer, win now low barrels, and it ready to receive a caro. Ap. ply t CAMBRELENG ft PEAR?ON, up 20 ' 67 Sooih - street. bur li'mtrhi AP ( .'AMrer. . The fine brur TRIDENT. Thompson matter. 212 tutis: has made but one vovaire. sails well, and i io mod order. Apply on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to ' ap 20 JOS. OiBOUW.SH coum si. Her LIVRRPQOL, i The superior f:ut tailing ship ULLLL SAVAGE, Henry llutsell, uwier, uur then 326 torn : will tail with all possible dis patch For freight or passage, apply on board, at wnari, or to JOHN W. RU33F.LL, ap 18 lw 98 Pine - tt, for CHARLk.l)r, Tbe elrgaut and Lut sailing packe schooner TrviTI.NE, S. Hoyt master will meet with immediate diniatth, having half her freight ready to goon board for remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations. apply on board, east tide Burling flip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 . 93 l'iie - st, ... unui v ui aisvi.Y 'I'h. fin la.t .uiliiinr trr HA X f)L'3 KY, 120 tons, capt. Veeks, (a regu Uur trader) ; having 3 - 4hi of her cargo engaged and on board, Will meet with immediate a iff aim For the remainder of her freight, or pa - age havinsr handsome accommotlations, apply ou board, eatt side Old - slip, or to PETERS &IIF,RRICK, ap18 ?9 Coen'ies - lip. Brte 'i V.V - tlsi ZARD, huldndge, mailer, for LIVERPOOL, to sail po sitively (weather permitting) on Sunday the 2olh instant can take 50 bales cotton on freight, and a few panengen. Apply on board, east side Fly - Market slip, orto BOUERT & KNEELAND, . ' No. 70 South - street Consignee are informed that the goods remaining on board 011 .Monday, will neceesarily have to go into the public store. ap 18 For LIYKRPOUL, (To tail potUivtlyonthe iruf.) ' Tli e fkst sail ing brig I IO PE, Arnold master 1 can accommodate several passengers, havinc handsome accommodations, if applica tion is made immediately, on board at I'inc - st wnart, or to GRISWOLDS & COATED, ap 10 68 South - street BW. ROGERS At CO No. . have fntt received 23a Pearl - st 8 cuk File , , 7 caie Mill, Pitt and Crott Cut Saw 6 casks Hand. 1'annel and Tenon Saw Which they will sell on very reasonable terms ny the package. ap in iw 1VTANKEENS, tVc 2000 pieces long yellow .l iMaalceeos 1500 do blue nankeens entitled to debenture 6 bale Baftas, landing, and for sale by J. OSBORN, ap20 28 Soulh - street Ai ( MALAGA WINE, Sic. fir J V Quarter taskt tweet Malaga wine 150 boxes Muscatel raisins, and 19 ceroont almonds, now landing at Dover - street wharf, from schooner Dash, for sale by , STEVENS ft MACTIER, ap 15 Tt 157 South - st. GERMAN LINENS. - NOW landing, a few bale biowa hempen Ticklenburcs, Ditto Otnaburgs, Brown Rolls and Shirting Linen. ALSO ON HAND, ' ' White and brown Platilla " Bretagnes, Dow la t, Creas, Liitadoa Book Checks, Check No. 2 Hessians, Bays, Flaxen Otnabnrg Superior Dutch Black and Blur Cloths Colored and Black Galloons, assorted ia suitable numben. Taes, Coffee Mill Brown frame, Toilet and Pocket Glasses , Looking Glass Plate, assorted size ' Wafer, Lead Pencil, Sugar Cane Knive ' Card - Wire, Holland Duck, and 80 boxe Pategrati Cheese. For tale on reasonable terms br : ' G. ft T. METER, - ap 20 lw '116 Washington street, BAMJANN AS, fcc 9 cases, containing fane and common Bandanna and Luogee Ro mal 3 do luperfine Chop Pat and Bandanna 20 bales Baftas, different descriptions, ree'd and for tale by PETER REMSEN ft CO. ap 21 v 1 ANTON blLKS. 3 cases black Sewing VJ Silks 4 case hl'k frirged Hdkft. 1 case crots barred do 1 rate changeable Sincbews, jail la eded and sale by J. ucuun. - v. ap 21 23 South - street 1 1 OOIJSTOCK GLOVES. 2 cases round V and draw a team men't - aud women and draws Glove, for tale by GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Watet - ttreet apil PATENT RAT TRAPS, T R A PS for catching rats or mice, opoa aa en. A tirely new and highly improved principle, for sale by GEO. M. WILSU., epzi 130 Water - ttreet. OUGARft MOLASSES. 77 hhds. and 3 sJ bbls. Muscovado Sugar 43 boxes brown & 5 do while Sosar 140 hhds. good quality Molasses, landing from brig Venus, at ttcr 13. . K.. lor tale by .. . GOODHUE ft CO. aptl 44 Sonth street I JAISIMS, UN PLATE ac ou ktgsfreth JLI .naiaga nain 270 boxes Tin plate l - 3d IX 40 dot. American Scythe, approved brandt ' H4 Duodiei lusar loar paper ''' 44 ream blue wrapping Paper ' 1 box Tin foil attorted . 49 bblt. gmond Camwood ' - ' ' 6 bale Liquorice root 1 4 boxe crew Aagurt - .. - 200 bagt Juoiper berrfet, for sale by" ' ROGERS A POST, ' wp21 6t ' : CLARET, A few cases Latour Claret, via - tus - e 181 1, a sample parcel, said to he upe - rior to any ever offered In thi t iy, fcr tele by a)SI , r t - rillllf't UIIM CW1 twinrkliafla. 1 nLTn .1 n, revived tlirsct froc Jamaica, aad for ease ia loU, te titbrn. try .' . J. . . 1 u I ; I ' TwCfclOleiZAUiubo, Bp fi 23 Sofrtlt - vtreet d itjc txsun.ijvtr, fc. - EPTh UN IO INSC Si A!, CK COMPANT, mcoqerated by Uie Ugu!.lr: rf th Stalt a ft I ark, with a charwr ol uiniunteu doratiott. for making LIFE INSURANCES and granting AAAUITlEa, will commence Dottaeeton the firtt day of Afay next, at no. 66 WaU - rtreet. Tbe more urominenl objects embraced by thi company, (although (key are prepared to euter on favorable term into H coutractt in any shape connected with the views of their institu tion,) are at follow 1 , To Uu Udturine cfou 0 MecotaiMtnify, fe Jvt - chania, It Clerkt tnyuiilifnd proal office, fe Uereymen, Io Vryftuurt 11 CoUrzm, f mMMimry men, and all other res - tssed of fixed incomes, which will terminate with thwir ownJivtt, tby oiler a secure meant of providiug for their fami net, by setting apart a tmall pot tioe of tnetr an - uaal ssviii to tiut Lurpce. ' . " To canualitlt. titer olTer the sat investment anil certain improvement of their surplus in come 10 the bouent cj their dascuidants. I o married men. Iher oiler a provision to their iriifout, by an appropriation to that purpose of null annual turns, during the continuance of the marriage, aad on the tame principle they oiler 10 me autgntttif bankrupt rslatct, and ihe pur - chastrt of property, subject to the light ol'dotrer, a moa ol exlinguurung tlmtrlaim, by giving an equivalent lor the turrcudcr ol the right of the wife. To partnii, thrv rree cut a mode ef eodowinc their infant children, affording to them, if Ihey reach a certain age, a much larger sum compared with the original premium, than can be acquired by any mode of accumulation at interest. 1 o tmtrie pertnni, who may bare no neir, they offer the meant of greally incrrasing their annual income through tbe purchase ol die an. nuitiet. To tounr people, of active emplovment whose exertions and earningt munt dininuh with their increasing years, they oiler a sappnrt for the de. cliue of life, by pay menu of companitirrly small amount, while their teason of industry shall cou tinoe. The Company ha provided Tablet ralcu lated upon true principles from the most, correct data, which at the tame time roaibine the safety of the nlhre, and the interest of the customer Ol (be result ol llicje i allies tome scnncnt are subjoined, from which the advantages to the howcrsol Cciitracts wilh them may beetlimatcd A hi all), v person, of the ajo of twenty - evrn years, by an annual payment ef V 97 - 100 dollars during hit life, may secure to his huirs the turn of One. Hundred Doltan, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. A husband, aged thirty, tvhote wife's age twenty - five, may, by the annual payment ol Tire 30 - 100 IJoUan, while both live, secure to his widow the turn of One Hundred Dotart, which the company will exchange for an equivalent annuity, if required. At Ihe age 0 fifty an annuity for the remainder of tbe lite may be bought for about ten and a quarter tenr's purthate, or at the rale of nine end 3 - 4 prr cent on the turn ihveucd. A father may, by Ido payment of oni hundred dollar! at the birth of a child, secure Io thut child, when it (ball reach the ago of twenty - one year, the um of sur hundred and forty - one dt Ian x , . '.. ,. '' from the ape of Iwenfy - one, tut annual pay - ment of F.Uven ! UK) JMIart till 1hn age .of fifty, will secure to ihe party an annuity ol 0;ir Hundred Dollart lor tho residue of bis or her life. '. ". '. ' , 1 If a tirrion balding a Poliry of Life Imurvnce for any perioJ beyond one year. should leel detl rout to rclinquisbj it, the comany will be ready at all time to treat for a re - purchne.' - " ' - An adequate portion of Uu (..irpttalaf (hit Com' paHy it til opart byeharter, and mJr kt inrftaud, if eaium re mure, nrtnt vurpott IrLirt in ruranre and Armuitiet, ana treured upon. real Ktlale within the ttatt f JVtir - Fork, if tin sqjuc y at least fifty per cent above the mvieuntJeaned. The Capital thut Iff apart and lecurtd, together vilh the areumuUUion if premium, ran It made liable for no other htiet of Uu hulilutioh than thoie anting from tit Lift Polirutanmannuilirt, tiiui affording It Ihe Cvttonur the moil tubilanlml teeurtly. Written application for Insurance and annil itie, dating the name, ago nnd place of birth and resilience of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to opening policies on the day anove named. SAMUEL A. LAWREiVCE, President JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, ap 11 DfcClm FRENCH ACADEMY, No. 193 broapwat. frT - Mr. 8LTHAHD availt himself of this medium to offer hit best thanks to those parents and guardian who have intrusted him with the care of their children, assuring them nnd the put lie mm me tame unremitting aiieiiiinn 10 tncir studies and comfort, and lenient and gentle mode of treatment thall be observed, that has met their general approbation and patronage. tme 01 the principal advantaees 01 tins ettab lishment, which hat already met with great encouragement, i the entire exclusion of all but the French language ia the genera) conversation of the school, therefore it it It be vnderttood thai none uiu be admitted but tuch at intend to became A reneh tehulnri. 1'eoinansliln (aiuht bv an English master. The number of scholar it limited to 25. In addition to the many respectable reference Ivjr - 8. can 'give in this city, he thin It 1 that the most satisfactory are the parents ol hit present scholars. , An evening school, lor the accommodation ol gentlemen whose engagements preclude aa eazlier auenaance. , For terms apply si above, from l2to3o'cI)ck fj - Tbe Spanish Langu;ige taught 10 a separate apartment, by a Spatisb geotlemao. j ap 20 eo12w ' - " . try - t - tXJR bALtL, ijj Tbat valuable landing nnd (tore, late tbe ptopertv of Richard Daviir Esq. on she eatf hanks of Hedton't River, end in the fluarishing village of i'ouebkepsie, - Dutchest county, and state of New - York, with or without about 14 acrei of excellent land, valuable for building, lot or tillage 1 about three acre of which it aa orchard of fruit of all kinds. The. building at tached to this property are a good dwelling bowse, barns shed and other out - hoe tes. neenstary (or any family, with aa excellent well of water and ice - house adjoining ; a ttore - BOM 900 foot in lengtli, with convenience for receiving and delivering all kind of produce with ease and eafe - ty unequalled by any In tin ttate. bavins every door level with Ibe road ; three stories high, and cellar underneath. Also, a grocery store and dwelling house 6 feet by 24. for a public bowse, with a barn and hone ihed 100 feet long, and a whan arjout MXireei irofii,in gooderdrr; a platter borne and horse shed, on1 the south side, of a - bout 80 feet with every convenience for receiving and delivering of all kinds lumber and plat - . a tt if 1 1 miA 4f Ihia r.Atuus4w aru rtitaviKii iw uitr ittrflil ME swwaavtmsn i k..;i nL.i (1? .a.K (.. .! two exceiknf. ij s it us, tiu"pt va awu, V - i siH.ii, ' I ererj we k to and from Nc - Yorla, well freight - ted. The vrtPtnt powpwor U w.ios to declin k.:M aHs.Ata ; HTM - rJ wtrtt mh'.at fill attend to it ; he will therefore dispose of Ibe a - uuiuicvh srii)& ati jifv - j an ijv me - hnv nrnm.rrr a barrain. and make the lame eaiytotliepurthasers, at a greater part of the pnrchase money may rrmaia oa mortgage several years, if required, of M - A r ar m w Poeghkeeptie, 18th Apnl, 1818. ap 21 d - TT re - Qry HimiJilA - JOHJiutitiAJLtt. O $ bbdt old Virginia tobacco , 65 do aew crop de do . 1 66 bbitfiae flour - . v 1 - ! 15 do middling do. For tale by VASqUES, MEURON ft CLEEJIAX Teb7 4 . No. 72 Wubitsrtoo - vt. , .BTEAM - BOAT FIRE - FLY v ?i - Ctrr 1 dm amt will cnn. menca ranning between New York and New burgh. j on ji rnuay, uie ttui pru ?he wiHk - ave At w - York every Tard3y, ltan - llsr lllil SlitnNl.V. ,1 S i . M mA Km: Monday, Weaaeroay aad Friday, at 8 A. M. . I 9 t I ' - . BY P. U MILLS ft CO. Io morrow, ; ' AthalfpDt9o'rlock,attheir auction roora, . No 148 Peari - Btreet j amwie which are, two bales cup. blue and bUck cloilm, 3 do comtion saved list blue do 1 2 trunk mp. calicoes 1 2 case gingham 1 1 do Madras hdk?j Ido.. veletconli Ido superior coU butt - int 1 Ido cotton lace 1 2 do white and red gmund pck - et bdkts. 1 do. check'd pullicMs 2 do. buff ground rich chintz thawL j 2 do cotton j ulli - cati 1 do. cotton kails 1 4 cases domestio gingiiamsi 3 do fancy muslins; Ido steam - ' loem shirting y 1 do hucksbuck towelling 2 bales hearth rug 1 caesuperf. cotton hoej 2 trunk meu's lrWa ami round team Weod - tiock glovet 1 I trunk gretn paratolt, and a variety of other articlt. At 12 o'clock, 8baletcottonbaglngandhettiaas . 2500 yards domestic tow cloth. ' ( BY FRANKLIN kiMINTURN. , Friday, ... inr.vinrlr at ,o. dfi While ttrect finttead oflhii day) a variety 01 valuable honteliold furniture, which nmy be viewed at any time la the day ufler 10 o'clock. ' . . BY BLEECKER ft BIBBY, ' ThurtiLy J31. At 68 Chambert. at 10 o'clock, a quantity etvm - t tfuali inttuKI m KfMlmhrili - furrt it I it - aV aOrW j a iviy etti iwiirmi aavHtvv n a a jp tii nig 01 paxeui uuiing lauiea, rose wouu, wu table, 3 ideboaid marble tops ana ceuercis to mutch, fashionable 1 mahogany and fancy . chair, elegant tophaa, pier tabic marble top run. olate and plated ware, decant dmine and tea china, cut glat, bedstead, matrasses, table cloths, towels and sheet 1, with a very large quantity of kitchen furniture. AUo, tapipa very oiu luperior . - viaaeira wine. On Friday afternoon, ' 3 o'clock at the Albany Buin. 100 log very choice St. Domingn mahogany, the cargo of tchr. Lycurgus, selected on the lerw ai d coast from a la ge quantity by a very competent judgr. Tin parcel consist of crotch und myrtle venier and table wood, and 1 worthy the particular attention of cabinet makers. M.IUiil.k. tOU UClLDlMi, ke. Tl I E pi oprivtnra of the southern marble qua - riue, near kiogVUridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and ara receiving, at tha K'ing't - Bridgt Marble and Lime - lard, foot of lUai.h - ttrei t, on th Hnd - on river, an extensive slock of marblo lor building, of the following de scriptions, viz : .. Ashlar Coping . ' Foundation Eton Cbunaey - Piecaaj Facing . 1. Column ' ' Watortable .. S'.rp ... Plutform I Sills, Liirtahv Archct Al(v I.ime of the Test quality. rr? - ' A 1 OJ' supply of the above materials may be eakulatrd upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making tncagrmcnts, will apply to EiSUA i.UULOW, Fob II At the Yard. . REMOVAL. T7' Nj SMITH lA VIES ha remoSsrtliis chemical pnrfiimo manufactory nnd warehouse from No, 136 Broadway, one door north of Li berty - street, on th west side of Broadway. , mt - ozi. - , - v . . HF.MOVAL r . .j ! JOHN F. BURGWIVi ha removed hia ofTlce : from No. 77,' to 73 Sotlh - sti eet, whera m ' .nn ill 1 . r ..Ml . . lie oner turskie, iw pci. cj miniwgwa Turpentine. ' p 16,7t IVU IILE. . ' ' - . ,Tho society for lostruciing (he Deaf and Dumb meet this afternoon, at the Mayor's office, at 4 o'clock, ' . ' , apl3 , JXO.B.SCOTT.Secr'y. - NOTICE. ' fj' The Annual election for Directnn of Ihe Bank of Amuricn, will beheld at Ihe Bank, on M.xiday Ihe 4th day of May next 'I be poll will open nt 10 and cloie at 2 o'clock. By ordtr of (he board 01 directors. ' ' GEO. NEWBOLD, Catlir. p2D ftOTlCE. 0 - " The Annual exhibition of Ihe Columbf. au 1't'ithn Lncjnn Society, will be celebrated in the College Hall, on Friday evening next, the 24th Intl. nt teven o'clock precisely. 1 h clergy of the city, end tbe memlien of the'Pfiilo - Lexian society are retpecllut'y rtquetted to attend. Honorary members my 'procure Ticket 4 o'clock. . - . . . N. B. A ticket will admit a gentleman, and as many ladies ai stay please to accompany him. pSi 4t . ' . . " (p - Ibe MEHCAN1ILE LNtoUHA.NCE COMPANY will be ready to receive application at their oilier, N 43 Wall stieet, on the ltt day of May next Tke cubscrlplion booki will continue open until Thursday next, the nut. at 3 o'clock P. M. f. ap2l 3t THE MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW - YORK," . INCORPORATED by aa act of the Lrgitla - ture of lias state, with a capital of tMO.O XI, (br the purpose of insuring agaiust MARINE risque, and ea LIFE or LIVES and to grant AMVLi l lES wilt open the books to receive ubtcriptiotw, at their office, No. 43 Wall - street, Uusday at 12 o'clock, aad will contiuoe them open at the rame place from 13 aatil 9 o'clock daily,. ualsl 23d intt inclusive. ii " l ... JOHN r. mowioku, rresiacm. ' BENJAMIN G. MINTURN, Anristant. aiaacToas. Garrit B. Abeel ' Robert H. Bowrve 1 James Mage " Jamea M'Bride . Benjamin Marshall 1 Jacob Barker Henry Eck ford Ferdinand Buydam - Johua Underbill William Veraoo J. G. Pearswa, jr. Rtifus Davenport James B. MuTray . . Francis Sailor - Haul .tllry Richard lfoilnf Mote Field " Jamei D' Wolfe, Jr, Charles Hall. ap2l St MA t AKJJ. R. WHALE res;iecifu'iy maki known to the ladiei n.l eentl mee of .Tiew - iora, irat in centeqwence of Mr. French taking ber Concert oa Tuetdav, btt next public will be on Wednes - HavlheSId. 1 P Of UPLA.M CHI J 'l.v. Xi nsi - t prime Upland Cot toe, landing from brig Amelia, - - . . . limuSt' - iDlk for ieWtYT ' trk'W 1 11a7IICItfC - ' ' : pon & ' PtWltel, TO Lr. d A part of ihr etore, bo. CI Pine - etreet Apply on the premise. - ap 17 FRENCH SCHOOL. MR. VALUE' Morniirg s.,.yl, for tna French Lanrunje, wul o mmence en the Unlet May next, at 6tf C&arel street where two new classes ofr,eitVnien will be tau;u irom 6 tu o'clock. - Tlrt - ve w f'l be no interrupt roe in tbe Practisine eemne tbl:sneci in hit nheel, to converse in French voce a week, with family. air. V. to tracts ia private lamilic aad acaae mies. . ROOM3 TO LET. Oct or Iwe liable gev.O'men may be accommodated with a pr flour aad bed rono. For further particulars, pie. to apply at a - bova. s apfl lw KI1K 2s.MERCF.IN, 22 Wall - tfree, have jutl rectirod aid for ta.e, Otaoal Poca - meuti of th P,btery ' AJhaiiy, exhjliaj 'it Wlalief ihe Rt.vJ. Jchh Cbetter and Mr. viarkTncker, toye.uer with the whole case of the Bird. Hooper Caasaming - P - 'PUBLIC, SL

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