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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 22, 1818
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WEDVUSDAY, APRIL Ti ,'Tbe editor thanks Mr, Noah lor his sympathy with bit situation, bat b sorr to say Mr. Noah . hai ba entirely asitjafbrmed, at to his being '' out and well j be has Dot : yet' left his chamber : ; as no u be if abt to attend to aitboinst, Mr xtoaa may reij upou oetng auij nuorocu n iw All MlBw mm itW lWJ l n jj - r'" 7 that the musical talents tad exertions of oar at ent h rives to fereirnen. more (hlhinki) than ii tocomin. a people who boett to macb on : iWi n Th writer, if imbi. Mint fun filtd Um mjm mm mmwwi vm m . i , mi r ihmifi. r ... a ft. ma Hi .mtatil and ' accompli country - wiman, Mr. French, who ' stands alawg tidmwl him rtady to deny ins justness of lb eentare.' How, f would ask, the V , public tatto to be Improved bat by eoooumpnj '" ' tl. - - . hlMh aKmitf Ihe ma ma from ? ' Tbe tbip Cooestog. spoke list Friday, elf ,. igHarbor, la xoaays fret luoodonaerry, r - ' rired it Philadelphia retterday forenoon. Scant " Utters brought by her reached town by tbia " ' w - oommfi mad. Tat ships rrotecUon and U rand :; Turk, had arrived at Londaaderry from this part. The ihip Robert Burnt, from Liverpool ''' for tbto port, has bees towed into Kellybegs, Ireland, totally dismasted i the second onto, ' board aad lost . . .', ' fh tbip Marlsv Theresa, kiddy, tailed this Btornlnr fcr Havre, with tbe following patten rert t D. L. Harainia, E. Sande. Mr. and Sirs. Abloo, Mr. Borrtksrs and daughter, P Loatatoft G. F. Trwstschks, aod Messrs. Fir., P. Fane, Reaux, Bonnot and Duflaut, . , The tentifflintf cxpreawd ia the Wlowint; ad ' drew to the electort tf the county of Oneida, ore recommended to the peraial of every well . .La aam - L1mWLa ' lntmmtmA Inl! 1M n ol a,:1 .a ppote them and met areryeOurt to render them ajopopalar, bat we trait tbe rood eeaet of the ' people, at huje, win percti'va their raided a i . ' UTICA, April 14. - Aft A r II til A AAAAtbtA A Ka aIaIaM aT Ka oonnty of OoeuU, held at the court borne io i: Whitotboroech, oo tht 19th March, 1818, Resolved, 1 bat uw tuetuij recommend to .' the elector, of the county of Oueida, the hooer - able 4 HEffRTR.5TORR8.Etii; ; at candidate for representative to coon - em. ! 1 I mi.. ' . nmoiveu, iimi t GEORGE HUNTIffOTON, EZEKIEL BACON, THOMAS H. HAMILTON, 5 JOEL BRISTOLL, and ' ' r' iru rnrwin P an f be aaJ they are hereby Vecommended as candi . date for members of assembly, ; ; GEORGE DOOblTTLE, Ch'n. ' F. Sufn - si Bretu. b'te'v. March 13, 1018. . , , ,V ' It St with pleatore we nave beheld, ia tbe coanciu of tne naiioa, an aDaitment oi party ' seal and rancour, in all tliat regards foreign po - .' Iky. and the most gentral aad important rerula - tioot of the rovernmeat. There now exists no ground tor reproacbing eitner of tbe laU Cea - . - - . r 1 1 r ti . t L j - i teouing rmrvee wiu umuuer onuw peruaii Aft Waihiiutu All la aa a nuliK A aaaaa.I '. t Whatever diversKv of oisinloa mae arise from local CotMidenttioeis or secliorkl interests,' the V coQiMeraUeot and the mteresti are American. Na oaa ssow oondemm the fundiiiB system.' Ihe . ties hi the respective limes of , their ascendency, have, by their acta, supported or adopted all those toeatBret. . A nary it no longer a subject of alarm.. Those princijdu, which Haoiibon recommended at fundamental, no longer awaken : hi feart of any one. Time and experience, have ' hVinced their wisdom. Conviction has succeed ;.' to dislruiC. ' Al J the former opponents of " that distinguished statesman, unite with his ' triends, la acknowledging the soumlnsis of his tvindnles. and tupporUnr the tyttem hVan - . mvsJ. The terms federal and republican re obsolete at the teat of government. They are made use of m para remote trom Washington, i Driacipally by we amtatiout and ueeijiiln., at ' topic of declamation .by which to 4o0ame the patsioat of the people. Such men reactive, that. '' In no way. can they to readily obtain the sollu "' ence and offices, to which neither their talents . .. . . i. .i .?. . i thir Ineir vinuet jutuv cnuue inetu. as in uw toited feeling of a misguided people - - The madnem of the many hat ever been the gain of a vecw, and those lewr are toorreqaently anprin cicled. . " : - Although In the natltaal legislature,' there Is - bappilv no dinsioo, at to the great and impor tant subjects which formerly gave rite to aaimt ' ted discussions and excited the most hostile feel ,' logs: yet, we are not exempted from all those trouble and divisions which have tomelimet at - , , tended republican governmtuts. A diversity of ,.: ceoSirtint; inlerestt eiutt, and it productive ol . ' teriout diuicaltiet, aad a course of conduct in the admioittratioa of the geaeral government, v maaifcttty partial to one great aection of tbe . - anion od mjunout to the other, t or many "yean, the southern and wetUm states have, in 'art unreasonable degree, appropriated to them. t, eel vet the Important offices and the power of I i. - ernmeoL And Wt laws wbicn nave tei u. esmcted. ml rather ravorahle to the viewt mid wishes f eoutheni pbatera, thaa just to the la - i borious eobnlatioa of the commercial and maau - . - ... . nik t 1 tht north raid aoalb, hat not beta held with an even hand. Ad attentive examination of public measure wul thow the justice of the above re marks. '.., ... Sew.Tork it, by thouandt, the Jargrst sUte m the Uuiiie. : Scarcely an othoe ol pobucai cta sequence has tht held under the government, since Virginia attained the atcondeacy. The 'Tithcv of vscsKpresideut conn ao eAcient pow. - . er, sutd ss rpinieJ with the tame respert at. the oaioa of lieutenant - jtevtrnor. Not a member from New - York has been appointed cwurmao to aa important committee for many years. Virginia ha usually been honored with live or six of those apjiointmenls, and the oth - rt have been) . distributed to the sUle. uuder her fo - trring care J to the touth and west ef the Potomack. The state ef New York, from th number of ner ireemeo, Ue richness of hrr soil, In wealth, the inUUijceore aod enlerpnia ot her citix - ns, an 1 her superior ommerrl .dvantajes, to eali tied to the ftrrt contidcnitkin amnnr'tita siataa yet ia tact, New - York berHorore Ins h Ait n. more tadaeoco ia the concerm of (he government than. the most roconiderb'e slats. Nthni. C HtM hart produced thi ede' t, aal have redu. ced a to a lees than teceiiJarv stuti.m, but the . perptual aa ) vrslrnt d:i - tiout which Save ex ssted among oartalvm A houlnit. - d against htelfcao never tind or pro p - r. - We .h hjU not ' c - o ure oo severelr who take ailrantage of oar divisions. But even tke liti'y of.wltN .1 . saorsut canool jut'Us tbebe'ter o iited polrioaa of the touth in eicitisg Ibose diruiorj. Jtijto leil the duly thab the tottreat ef Jf ew - Tork lb retiit thete SweoUrt of (Lsunioo, and to exert bt r ondivuled Utth m ebtatnur tbe H - job lb which the it jiwtlyeotitM. ' . ' r It it with view of coociliatiea, with at) ardent with to allay tb, bittefwnt of party fcalinf, to rOiy a contest whtch be oe object, and produces imbecility and aataeroat evils, that snaoy of the ritiira of Oneida cbonty pTOi a ticket of CM: didatet tor tbe aswmbly e( both of the late polite calparUesw They propoMitwithanhooeUeoa - viction, that the beet Interest of the eUMTe. qurret sack a met re trow every court witlan it booadt, with a cootckHtmete that tor di vitww mutt be healed, or we thajl continue to be the snort er saielirU ef some state, far leta import. anL but more waited. . Can there bt a want of meroaoimitjr m the proposal? Can then be matraanieail or the exercise of Sound Judgment ia remting to accede to it f . Throe of the . pnspeted' caadidatea, Meter. Huniiogtoa, BrfatbU, and 6U1, bare often been honored ' with the offraret of the county, and there can be no necessity of a recoenuiesKtsitioe of them, noraeed any tbmgbe eaufto make Sir. Hamilton known to tbe elector! i !e hat been to loor a retident of the county and judro of Ihe rommott pleas, that be cannot be ooknown. Mr. Bacon, from tbe retired life he bat led amooe us, requires to be more particularly noticed. Mr. Hacon, about three yean tmee, removed from MattachiuetU to the villare of Utict, whert be has been, and it eorared in mercautile business. He is the tame gentleman who was lately comp troller ef the treasury oT the United State, was first judge of the western circuit of Mastirhu - setts, and for many year a very useful and lo - (laential member of oongrest from toe county ot Berkshire. . , The meeting with great pleasure would hive nominated a candidate for the assembly from that part of the county of Otwego, which is coo nected with Oneida in elections, but no person attended from that quarter, and no information could bo obtained of any individual who would hart been generally acceptable to tbe people. By order of the committee of Oneida county, .GKOnGK DOOLITTLE, chairman. JAME3 PLATT, ecy. Tbe following reply to Mercs. toe mast con elude the dispute oa the subject. "" t or Ike Eteninq Poil. Tbe party who opens a dispute does not stand . f. - ... l.U L on su iwr (rvuuu wiui ne readers ns - siis opponent, unless the former be heard in reply. Those who cannot confute, may observe, the argument which it not undereleod, must be misrepresented. It is, therefore, merely to place the papers of Uluscnooi on fair ground, that any reply rt made to tne pa pen of 11 creator, To much of them, no reply it necessary. OUschool's arroment respectinr (be station ry price of loans, he it willing to commit to the reader with the answer to it, with two remarks : 1. I hat men do retire from buuness, because they are rich, and are desirous of sue and quiet : more retire in prosperous limes than in others, because it takes less time to get rich t therefore, in brisk times, when most capital is wanted, most it put into market and io dull timet, tht contrary it the case. t. That in periods of haxanloui trade, money (as a general trith) remains at plenty, and loans at low to the responsible mail at at others : to men who are not responsible, loans become difficult, because they are unsafe t and this difficulty it not to be overcome by adding to tha rats of interest, but by giving a guarantee. On word here at to the degrees of security, as tpoken of in Mercator't latt number. Tbe statement of the supposed gradation of security from I per ceut to an even chance, 65 per cent, and to forth, thews the futility of this reasoning. Wat ever an instance known, that a regular, able merchant added 60 per cent to the price of his goout, on account of the ttandingof tbe purcha ser ? In such a case, he either askt guaran tee, or refuses to trust. Merchant in trade make only three divisions of security good pay, ilow but ssis, and unsafe. The ordinary rate ot interest it calculated for tbe second tht Ant hat a deduction the last it not trusted. If merchant! were to calculate the standing of their customers by the percentage, (not to speak ef the invidiontness of it,) it would occupy all their time, and end at last in mere guess. ; ,.; - ,. The Arst reason for tbe usury laws, in Ihe 3d no, ol Oldtcbool, it mis - stated by Mercator; he divide what it indivisible. Tht argument is, to prevent too tpeedy accumulation of wealth, aod to make Inter est at low at possible." To prevent the merchant in trade from getting rich is not desired. ' Rut when he retires from trade, and changes activity for ease, it b politic, and, as tne roercnaiu may uoote u retire or not, it is not arbitrary, to ' preserve to the . induttrioas men, wlto hire his capital, at large a portion of thermits of their foduitryL as can be.Uunt, con sistently with a reasonable inducement for lending. The ox on the threshing floor must not be muzzled: It is belter that Ihe profits of trade should remain dispersed, in I be bands of those who made them, than ro to increase a heap al ready lanre enough. , . In replying to the second reason in tht same no. .Mercator mnUkes the. reason why tht usur er demands a security, and alto tht nature of the security given. He states, that because the note lie. of a person In foiling circumstances, who is driven to a usurer, it void, the latter has a pledge put in hit hand. Tht reason it not bocauia such note, kc it void, (lor all security for usurious loans it equally void,) but because the merchants credit it bad : the security would be deaamled, if tbe note, Ac were valid, and no law araintt usury existed. Neither it the security given a pledge : with a pledge in hit hands, tbe merchant can borrow of the banks or of any lender of mo ney, for this is the best security, aod that at tha leg! rale : besides, giving a pledge, like a tale, would Detrey his embarrassed condition. The security given, it one, which gives the usurer power over the merchants property in whole or in part, remaiuing in his owo hands. Thii power it as liable to be made void by tbe merchant at a note, kc. but the usurer confides iu the subject of bit usury, as one who utll rut resist him : to such, for tht most part, doe be confine his dealing. Now if the utury lawt were re. tealod, tbe failuip man would be equally oblig ed to riva tht required tscurity: nor would auy other than tbe present nsnreri, bt wiUiogto deal wi'h him and undergo the trouble and odium ol such a connexion with an insolvent estate. It it taid, the effects of a monopoly are not to be dreaded : it it well known, that the broken or the baokt of this city could make money scirce almost in a day would they not take the advantage? Landholders, at a class, art not at indepeudont at money holders ; and teaaatt are not 'more eager to hire booses than borrowers of atone t to hire it Yet houses stand mntr everv rear on account of bixh rents s and landlords are known to nave uieaectueu taran i.m awaa ftAnnf ft In fisina rents. It it asked ho w we shal I fix tht degree of sense which shall need the protection of lawt ? Yet we know, that some men are weak, aad can be easily over - reached, etpeciaJlj in so deceitful a contract at a loan upon interest: that men too are in distress and advantar if taken of it per - hapt tht fact of payiug bigh interest is as good a criterion of a man's condition as can be de sited. Not one of the ettmpJee of tva - 'iow of the usury law in VtercatorH 4lh No. would escape its force, unless the usurer committed penury Sow it w too much to my that usurers (giving ihe devil his doe) won Id generally twtar false. How capital is taken out of the loan market, when it is invested ia stocks, is inconceivable. Government stock u a direct loan : bank and insurance ttnrkt art all m nlcTsd in loan. I must now bid tbe public tire welt. In taking leave of Merrator, I should bare thanked him or hit compliment, did I not believe that he wivU it under a btlief that ho bad confuted Orichoct - H a duellist rr'atcly flert hit aid to tht saan whom he bat murtally wounded: but aWeling myself etitt alive and unbtjrt, tad coosci - ous tot Mercator was at aoeloaioa, I mum re - tervt my thanks, and decline paying him any oommiaenlt to bit acatonts or to Dt mtorma - tion. OLD SCHOOL. . 1 . ; , a t - Frtm tht Jlbang Dailj Jdverliter, Ayril 20. TKtAneruu bill, crtatinr a new state stock of one million dollars, at 6 per cent, to redeem the present 7 per cent loan, wa taken up in tht Senate, on Saturday. Mr. Oirden in the chair, and debated at tome lengili The peri od of trn year, limited bv the Assembly with ia which the stock should be irredeemable, wtt ttkkert out, on a division, 14 to 1J i and the clause to amended as to limit the period within which the stock should be irredeemable to Ave rears. This amendment was carried 16 to 13. '1 hose voting in the negative prefer - mg a still shorter period, three years, within w hich the stock should be irredeemable The new clauses were added, on motion ot Mr. Young one of which provides, that if tbe loan ahouid be taken by either of the banks in the city of New - York, that off ering tht best terms tbould liave the treasury deposit in that city. I he bill at amended was passed to be engrossed. The bill restricting private banking sral for other purpose, hat passed the nousc ol A&sem bly, at it came from the Senate, without a mendment It except from it operation Ja cob Darker exchange bank in New - York, for the term of three years, and exeepts also tbe Uttct Insurance and CMtskiit Aqueduct uotd - paniet, from the operation of the bill giving them, however, no new righto, nor recognising them as bankuir companies. Writ e habau emynu.A Dill reported ny the committee on Courts of Justice to amend the set securing the benefit of tbe writ of Ha beas Corpus, was takrn up in the Assembly in committee of the whole, on Friday last. It pasted without amendment. Messrs. Day and Oakley in favor of the bill i Mr. L'UhoeHer a raintt it. Sec. I. declares that the benefit of the writ shall extend to all cases of unj ust imprisonment and deum er. Sec. 2, gives to tli e judge or other officer slowing tbe writ, the right or enquiring into the circumstances of tbe case by the testimony of witnesses, without confining1 him to the return made to tbe writ. - cec. 4, gives the officer allowing the writ, the power to issue an attachment in order to enforce obedience to the urit authorises the officer to whom it is directed to order out the power of his county in case of resistance, and to bring the party for whote benefit the writ is issued before him. i Bee. 5, subjects to fine not exceeding - glOOO and imprisonment for a time not exceeding 6 months, any person who shall aid and assist any other person in eluding the service of the writ by withdrawing or etcapmr from the Ju risdiction of thU ttate - Frora Ihe same, April SI. The Viet Pniidtnpt Jijfaiu.Ylt have not time for comment upon the folio win most extra. ordinary resolution which yesterday originated in tbe Senate. Cicero's latin might well be brought into use again " Kotolverl, fit the hon. the Assembly concur herein) That William Daynrd, CadwaOader D. tjoioen ana nonert uogardus, re, and iftey are hereby nominated and appointed commissioners to adjust and audit at the city of New - York, the residue ol tne accounts oetween lJaniei u. Tomp kins, late uovernor oi this stale and the taid state, in lelation to reteipl$, trprniti, ad ranees and txlrm unices for the public, during hisadmluistralioool the government of said state, upon just and equitable principles ; sod that they or a maiomy m tnem. report ttieir Droceeuincs to tbe comptroller previous lo tlie next session of the legislature t tad the taid commnnoners or a majority of them are fuither authorised and em powered to examine vouchers, receive evidence, and adjust t finally settle ell questions and coo - trovers'iee that msy arise between the said Daniel D. Tompkins and offirsar.d persoasto whom advances or payments may have btea made by him oo account of the public, which may be sub mitted to them in writing by the parlies concera - Mr.' Tibbits rote, and after a few pertinent re marks, introduced tlie following smeodmeotio addition M and that the said commusiooen re - port to the Legiilature ut their next tessioa, the particular iteml of expenditure contain d in the accounts and vouchers which may be allowed by them, and shewing the bs lance which may be due from him to the state." ' - .' ' r: Thii nroDotitioo was aecatircd. all the sena tors present voting artiest it, excepting Messrs. Tibbctt, Uitmit, snd frey, : .. . , t waa rubat. - qiiently lent to the House, where it was concurred In. The Senate have agreed to the bill tuthoruinc tn Hurler meeting of tha Legislature. We were mistaken yesterday - in stating that lbs bill from tht senate to restrain private bank - inr, pasted tht house on Saturday. It wat tak en up yesterday in committee of the whole, and me ayes ana uoet cauea on tne ursi proviso which exempts Jacob Barker1! Exchange Bank for the term of three ytan from tht general pro - fuUlion against private banking, when the iro - vuo pawed 65 to 30. All other exception in Ike Ull were strirkea out, 1 Mr. Harkley labored nine lime to have the Utile Falls Aqueduct Company, by Whom it apptan it nat Been in coniempiauoo to rstue bank paper, excepted fiom the operation oltne bill but without success , , y. The bill - from tht tenite incorporating the Franklin Bank in the city of New - York, was A - ally rejected by the assembly yesttnlay. The bill for lacorporatinsr uia IN orin - Hirer Steam - Boat Company wat alto rejected 63 to 33. Frcn tht .llbany Argut, April tl. The supply bill passed the Assembly on Saturday. The pay of the members it, at has been usual for some years, fixed at 5 dollars per diem and Mr. Dnx is allowed the pay of a member up to tbe lime that tbe resolution for hit admission wat Anally rejected, about two weeks ago. Tbe bills for establishing a state tgricultur al society have been rejreh d. The militia bill hat Anally pasted. Hie bill telative lo ttate prisons has been amended in ten ate, so as to authorize the in ipectors to enlarge the yard at New - York, that the prisoners can be generally employed in sawing and working marble. There is a cer Uinty, we understand, of bavins' sufficient em ployment of this kind, and of its affording a gi cat saving to the state. Frtm tht Rational lntettigrneer, April SO. This is the day fixed on, by a joint resolu lion of both Homes, for terminating the pres ent session of Congress. Tunucii to much bu sines has been done for the thrt e last weeks, and particularly on Saturday, (of which a eon - dented view is given under the proper bead,) much yet remains far the greater part oi which must be left undone. In the House of Repreecnta' ivea, no leu than an hundred and forty subjects aieyeion the list of the orders of the day, principally, it is true, of a minor character, and many of them unfavorable re port on petitions, which would probably ne rer have ban called up. Whatever remains undone in that House, will, under the rale a - d opted at the present low ion, be continued o ver to the next. It is well the fcenate have but little business before them, at in that body the rule it different, and subject must, as heretofore in tne oiner Mouse, De or if mated It net at each session. An attempt was on Saturday made to ex tend the session a week longer ; but borne has too marry attractions after ao long an absence, to We' easily retired. Th. motion therefore failed on baturJay. aad it not more lery to soceccd to - day. ' ' : IX SENATE April 13. Tli mi ate eat all day. and met also in the evening at 7 o'clock, and tat until near 1 1 o'clk. Tne result of uveir proceedings iuisa w. Tbe lollewing bills, aU from the bouse of representatives, and previously acted on, were mA a third time aed oasred. via : ' ' For the retUfof John Dillon. For the relief of Thomas liairisoo. For tbe relief ol John Work. To cnotinut in force aa act relating lo settlen oa bads of the United States. For tbe relief of volunteer tsoanted cavalry. For the relief of tbe widow and children of Jacob Graeft, deceased. For tbe relief of Job B. Dabney. Making lb port of Bttb a port of entry for East India vessels, and establish a port of entry at Bel fast. To mcornorate the Columbian Institute and for other purposes. To increase the pay of j tht militia when in actual service. An act sup plementary to the several acts relative to direct taxes and internal duties. The followinr bills, also from tbe bouse of re presentatives, were read a third time and passed, with amendments, wbicb yet require tne con correnc of the other house, vis i To increase the duties on certain manufactur ed articles imported into the United States, (copper, saddlery, Russia sheeting, cat glass. Arc.) Provulinr for the deposites of wines and distilled spirits in public vra re bouses. To continue in force, from and after the 30th June, 1819, to the same date in 1 826, to much of the act to regulate tbe duties on in ports and tonnage, and tor otner purposes, as relates to the daliet on woollen and cotton goods (tbe amendment not changing the principle.) For the relief of captains Gist and Johnson. Retpectinr the organization of the army. For the relief ol certain friendly Creek Indians. To increase the duty on iron imported, and for other purpose. Supplementary to the actio regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage, parted in 1789. The bill for the relief of Henry King, and the bill concerning invalid pensioners, both from the nous of representatives, were rejected, (the latter on account of the lateness of the period of the Session at which it wat tent up, not allowing room for due investigation of the numerous cases included in it ) Tbe amendment of tbe house to the bill to increase the salaries of certain officers therein mentioned, were taken a p. On tbe question to agree to that amendment which propose to increase the compensation of tbe judges of the supreme court of the U. Stales, the question wat decided at folio wt : Yeas, 19 nays, 13. The senate being equally divided, the amend ment wat rejected. To amendment! of tha bout to tne tame bill, which reduced the salaries proposed for the heads of departments from 6,500 to 6,500, wat agreed to, with an amendment (yet requiring the concurrence of the home) Axing them at 6,000. Various other billt patted different stages, but were not conclusively acted on. HOUSE OF RF.PR KSEJYTA T1VES. April 18. Tbe bill from the senate concerning tonnage and ditcriminatinr duties In certain cases, was read the third lime and passed. Mr. Bloom field moved that when tne nouse adjourn, it adjourn to to - morrow, (Sunday,) 10 o'clock, but subsequently, after tome opposition, withdrew his motion. Mr. Mercer, after expressing hit disapproba tion of a Sabbath meeting of the house, moved that it meet at 6 o'clock oa Monday morning. Thii wat negatived ayes 44 ; and Mr. Pindull moved Uiat when the bouse ad journ, it be to 8 o'clock on Monday morning - negatived. Tbe bouse adjourned to Monday, at 10 o'clk. ""BOSTON, April 18. Thenl. t. Mr. Philiprs closed Ui brtl encase ment Inst evening. If a constant series of houses crowded with taste and science, and evidences of satisfaction which increased with every new representation, cia form a test of merit, his reputation as the Arst performer which hat been heard oa our boards, it permanently established. we need add no more. Owing to the inclemency of tbe weather during the Arst part of Mr. fhilipos' engagement, and the difficulty of Drocuring tickets tinre, many In dies and some gentlemen have not yet had an opportunity of witnessiug the powers of thi ac complished vocalist. It is therefore hoped that the managers, will gratify tht town by a renewal of the engagement. PBiLAitLraia, April 21 We were misinformed with respect to the persons who were committed to our Prison on Sunday last. They were not tne persons supposed to have robbed the Pittsburg Bank ; but two convicts from a distant county, sent to our Prison, to expiate their oflences. It is said a doubloon was lately round in a codfish at Halifax. JoBusTowis, April 15. Melancholy Accident. Yesterday afternoon, as Christian Yanney, ton of Henry Yanney, of tint town, was engaged in cleaning an old lime kiln of. rubbish, in the town of Palatine, the arch suddenly gave way, and he was buried in the ruins. He was taken out speechless, and in a few hour expired, in the 24th year of hit age, leaving a wife to whom be btd been mar ried but a tew weeks and numerous relat'ves, to mourn his untimely exit. He wat an industrious, steady young man, and bid fair to be come a useful member of society. OGDENSBUROH, April 14. Dittresting Accident. Oa Thursday last, 7 en in a canoe, were precipitated over tbe dam at Grass River, and notwithstanding every ex ertun wat made, tix of them were drowned. The names of tht unfortunate men were Asa Lord, Abraham Lflomis, Joseph Loomis, Ore Daggett, Ezra Bigelow, and Leonard Reed. SECOND WARD. Elitha W. King, for alderman Samuel Steven, assistant ' Abraham Valetine, I William W. Foy, J M!sor Henry W. Peckwell, collector John C. Gilliae, James G. Rhodes THIRD WARD. Anthony L. Underbill, for Alderman, Leonard Kip, Assistant, Nathaniel C Griffith,) . . , Hermanns Tallman, AMeMor Francis V. M nn y, Collector, FOURTH WARD. (r The Federal Republican F.lectore of the Fourth Ward, are requested to attend a general meeting, at Harmony - Hall, on Wednesday Evening next, al half past 7 o'clock, to hear the report of their Committee ofivomiiiation. ap 80 , DIED, Last evening, after a short and painful illness, Mr. Alexander Ogsbury, in the eighty - tecoud year of his age. The friends of me family, as well at those of his sons, Alexander aad Francis Ogsbury, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, to - morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from bit late residence, No. 19 Murray - street. At Albany, Mr John Cook. . tFSXIXG POST MA Riff S LIST. CLEARED 3chr. Packet Oscar, Allen, Proridence Three Sisters, Lore I), Salem Sarah - A on, Baldwin, Marliaiqse b market Otho, llieia. Bottoa ' lteaolfe, Watroot, V. BaHiaeor i Dauntless, Travis, ' Richmond Sloop Knickerbocker, VYtbb, ; PhiladdiJCia , V - . L'Uogwtedtra at Browa. . ARRIVED TWH rOAAAOOA, Bcbr Sally, Edwards, X8 days front Tiinidad de Cuba, witb molasses aad honey, to Benin et Bailey. Vessels left reported by tha brig Me - cbaaic. 6th inst. kt 90, long 75, spoke the Patriot privaleer brig American Libra, 3 days from rirUtnai - nacruitt. Tbe brie Alliance, rat ten, of Keonebunk, was to sail forfbilad. on the 30th April 8ch Milo, Tanman, 13 days from MatanxuL. Lodie.t Havre, brig Gov. Brooks, for It j o:ii ;k hm nlenoatra.rnj. - u..7. - ..?. ror order. Sailed in co. with bng Cleopatra, vtuajv mWW tm. Mean sail about 7th MarrJ to for Providence. R. I. Left, ships Fox.Bassett, to sail 1st May , Gen Jackson, Tsylor, lOdays for Havana i brig Pomona, Hedge, ready for set i Mentor, for K J. loading i.uarny, Atkins, commenced loading j schr Superior, Knowlton, ready for sea Comet, George, for Boston, 6 days Jane, Hills, ditch Mary, Clark, for Boston, next day ; and about 20 vessels loading with molasses fur R. Island. Sen Rising bun, Uunpbell, id aayi rrora Edenton. with stoves, to the master. Sailed in co with sch Sallv Ann, Walker, for Albany. Schr Fanny and Mary, Cole, 4 days from Rich mond, witb flour and tobacco to Walsh &t tial - lagber, I horn at nawxnurti. I yarrow, lr vine. Kirk k Mercein, aod Strong k Havens. Sch Loiran. Holmes, 96 hours from Richmond wharf, with flour and tobacco, to G R Dujfie, A Freeland, B M Myers, C Du Bow, ClsrK ana Pelletreau, T Buckley U Son, Strong & Ha vens, ttoorman fit jonnston, u souie, aiorm, Baily k Co. Trokes, Davidson At Co. and T Irvin. Sch Belvidere. Johnston, from Petersburg, 34 hours from the Cape, with cotton, flour, fcc. to J as C Seguine, and Walsh h Gallagher 8 passengers. Schr Tell - tale, Churchward, from Norfolk, and 39 hours from the Cape to Sandy - Hook, with gin, molasses, oil, tobacco, and old copper, to W & S Craig, A Carton, M'Gregor & Darling, G Richards, Ward ft Bithpp, and the master. 17 passengers. SIood Jane. Thompson. 40 hours from Norfolk, with molasses and tobacco to D Bethune It Co and G Kichards. SIood Oliver Wolcott. Satlerlee, 6 days from Baltimore, wi.h flour and lemons to J Johnston, and Walsh & Gallagher. Sloop Danan, Vail, 6 days from savannah, with molasses stud cotton to Pott tl M'Kinne, Brooks tl Hovt and White. Left sloop Colum hia. for fliYork in 3 days sloop Aretas, Hoit, io t days ; sloop Ware, Brown, in 5 days. Sloop uaieo strong, Bianwooo, z atyt irom Philadelphia, with flour and tobacco, to flyer It Rankin, R Reynolds, H W Field, Cowks 4 Bidwell, Jackson k Brown, nd J C Cooper. oailed this forenoon, ship Kvergreeo, for Li verpool ; and brig Eliza, for Charleston. BELOW 1 schr. Wind, W. b. W. ARRIVED LAST EFENl AO, Brig Levant, Wood, 13 days from Savannah, to Thomas Barron, with cotton, rice, tobacco, kc. to Pott h M'Kinne, J Barker, 1) Bethune & Co. J Bell, Cunningham ft M'Corniick, A Wevman k Co. C Dil Vechio, L Goble, J Tich - enor, Keliy ft M'Bride, Saul Alley, T Phelps k Co Thos Carpenter k Son, H Thomas, P Lamnson. and J M arc and. Sailed in co. with tchrt Nancy, for N Bedford ; Tatler, for do. Passed at the Light at anchor, ship Uryxa, for Havre, and U. S. bng lTometneu. fasten - irer. Mr. Naniraser. lady and children. Mess Crooker, Carpenter, Satterlee, Bradley, and 1 1 i . . l. . .. . . :i master sjonas, anu o in uic siccrajc. npm 15. lat 34 29. long 73. spoke briar Hammer. Pollard, 10 days from Savannah. 16th, at 3 P. M. lat 56 30, long 74 30, passed the body fa man in seamans dress, black hair, had been in the water to appearance 4 or 5 days. The Levant ba been off the Hook 4 days. Sch Lingan. Uale. S days from Alexandria, with flour, to Hay ft Wood, B Cbase, Boorman ft Johnston, Bailey ft Russell, De Rham ft De Lessen, Walsh ft Gallagher, M'Crea ft Slidell, J Hale. J F Bull, Therasson ft Adams, and W Vernon. Sailed in co. with sch Chance,. Pat terson, lot Boston. Sloop Huntress, 14 hours from New - Haven, with sugar, rum and cider spirits Sloop Emeline, 2 days N Haven, with rum and cider brandy, to tbe master. Sloop Lydia ft Mary, Doughty, 5 days from Richmond, witb coal, to Laing ex itandnipn. Sloop Cornelia, llemminrwuy, from New - Ha ven, wuu rum, to Aiuitora c uemngweu. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Union, Philadelphia. April tl noon. I Tbe shiD and brig reported below, are the Cooettoga, Marshall, from Londonderry,' and Hero, Bailey, from Savannah. Frtm ffntre Papert to Maxh 27. Advertised, for Boston. Roxana, Williams ; for Baltimore, ship Mexico, Dayton, and brig Canada, Smith. For New - iork, Vine de Kou - en, Leport ; Georg - v Smith ; Belfast, Bunker; William Henry. Stackpole i Favorite, Hilltard ; Manchester Packet, Burke j Debby ft Elixa, Rogers i Adonis, Champun Spartan, John son. ior Charleston, ie uuguay irouen, Auvray. For Gaudaloupe, brig James, Can - tine. The ship Christopher, Hayes, from Liver pool, for Charleston, in ballast, put into Bor deaux, 17th March. At Dunkirk, March 10, Margaret, Robin, Charleston. At bordeaux, 10th, Shepherdess, Lines, of New - Haven, from Charleston. At Marseilles. 4th. brig Muneo Park, Lincoln, from Alexandria, and brig Eli - za - Reillv. omall. from Norfolk. i he ahip William, ot oaiem, was condemned at Fayal as unset wormy , , At Havre, March 5, ship Alexander, or a. York, from Savannah. Feb. 26, ' ar. acb. Fan ny, Barber, from New - York. At Kocheiie, the Boston ten madeira, racx et, last from Madeira. At Antwerp, Feb 26, the Ventroaa, AtvelL from Savannah. At Havre, 12th, the Tybee, Cobb, trom Savannah. The ship Christopher Gore, from this port from Amsterdam, is lost on tbe Haact ; cap. tain, and part of the crew saved. Tbe brig Hollon, Andrews, of NYork from Charleston to Amsterdam, with 1087 tierces rice, 50 bales cotton, kc. went ashore on the 10th of March, on the Haaks, and it lost, with all her cargo except 30 bales cotton. Crew saved. By news from Yarmouth, of the 7th March, we learn that tlie Hope, Snow, from Amster dam, for Boston, is rone ashore Sailed from Marseilles, Feb. 26, sch Octave, Murdock, for IN Orleans. At Bordeaux, 23d Feb. Illinois. Funk, from N York and Thalia, Butler, from Charleston. A letter from Amsterdam of March 18, says. " It is reported that tbe Cleopatra, with cot ton, to this place, is lost." The sch Ann k Mary, of NYork, from Rich mond, tor tteraeaux, is lost at the Cordovan. The brig Ohio was to sail from Amsterdam about the 20th March, for X York. The Amelia, of N York, it lost in the Eng. lish Channel. Paris, March 21. The Lucy, from Water - ford, for Jersey, is wrecked on the beach of Langhome, and a lare brig from Ireland for America, with provisions, is lost at Uonally. The Parker ft Sons, from Liverpool for N Orleans, was on the rocks, near Liverpool, but got olT with ber rudder damaged, and set into port The Tontine, Surley, from London to Philadelphia, has lost her anchors and cable. The Amelia, Armstrong, from N Orleans aad Waierfork, got aground near Liverpool, but wa expected to be got otT. At Rochelle, March 13, the Zeno, Howes, from Norfolk. Havre, March 16, The number already knowrj of vessels rtranded, or which have suffered more or leu in the porta, or on the coart of LflgW, to the terrible gale ol the 4th ana r.t. i .a . - . . ... . . jui, ueisi suuntgaie, o ai utu, o at Port, month, 3 at Cowes, 9 at Southampton, 11 tt larwMuin, ana a at otner places. Tbe South Anvrica, Hewitt, ofPhilad. arrived at Bordeaux, from S Meant, 23d Feb. xx - Marseilles, narcD , brig Ann, Roasfraa. 4Vs etertbunr, Va. ' The ship blotet Brown, from New York for Bordeaux, was lost at the mouth of the Gar. ronney 28tb Feb. crew tared It was honed HTll VI uia w vat sws asanas aT Ka AaMa swaatla4 Kaw I " t ' X rth. 20, Julie Jotephmfrom St, i?3d, Tbemire. Villemare. A .a bomtaux, Feb 21, Gen Scott, Coffin, from w York. At Antwerp, Feb 19, Ventrotta, Ab well, Savannah. At Rochelle. thin Rr.nj. from Charleston; Catharine.and Madeira Pack ci, irum ooBiuii. rvi iiarsciuet, r eb 12. law. 3tone, from N York. THEATRE. For the beneflt of Mr Keene. And the last night of his eogacemenL teoooC'oooo On Wednesday evening, April 25, will be ere. THE DUENNA. Don Carlo.. m. v. In which character he will sing Had I iUm! for falsehood fram'd,' Gentle maid, ah Twhy suspect me, Ah I sure a pair,' and intro duce' toves xoung iredai.' ' Isaac Mendosa,, Mr. Bam.. Louisa, Mitt Johnson Between the play and farce Mr. Keene will sinr Eveleeo's Bower, accompanisd on the grand piano by Mr. .Moran. After which Mr. Moran will play Duttekh celebrated concerto, and introduce the Irish air of Gary Owen. ' To which will bt added, HUSBANtS AND WIVES. Capt. Tickall, Mr. Pritchard capt wingnam, Robertton Humphrey uruo, Hilton Rose, Mrs. Barnes. Performance to commence at a anartpr n. seven o'clock. rt7 - M. C. PATERSON, Attomee uT has removed from No. 48, to No. 43 Pine - street directly opposite the office of the Evening - Post. ap ii m t COLLKGfc OF NEW - JERSEYS OCT" The students of this college are reujiaded that, agreeably to the ttetutet of the college, the summer session will 'commence on Thursday. Oat fourteenth day of May next at noon. ASH BEL GREEN, President Printers of newspapers, generally, are respectfully requested to give this notice a tinete insertion in their papers, gratis. . apt It NOTICE , . . - CT" Tht directort of tbe society for tht instruction of tbe deaf and dumb, are requested to be punctual ia their attendance at a meeting, t be held on Thursday, 23d instant, at the Major's office. City Hotel, at 4 o'clock, P. M. aplt JOHN B. SCOTT, Sec'ry. V The Annual Meeting of tlie Marine Bislx Society of New - York wat held in the Methodist Church in John ttreet, on Monday eveninr Anril 50th The rneetmr was opened witb prayer bv the Rev. Mr. Maclay. Tbe report of tbe proceeding of tbe Society for the last year wat read by the Corresponding Secretary. Motions for accepting and Dublishinr the R - port ior presenting ine monks ol tne Society to the Officers and Managers of tbe Institution and to the captain and seamen who had promoted the interests of the Society, were made fuxt seconded by the Rev. Messrs. Milnor and Maclay, by Messrs. Beinune, w. woolsey, e. coil, o. H. flicks, the Rev. Mr. Ireland, and Mr. R. Havens, aad were passed unanimously. i ne audience wat very respectable, and appeared much era lifted. The addresses on the occasion were highly Interesting and impressive : it was particularly gratifying to observe some of our most respectable merchants coming forward and addrnoine the assembly In a manner expressive TrtMir artp interest ia the moral and religious welfare ef the teamen of onr country. ' i The following remkmcn were elected the officers and managers of tbe Society for the ensuiag year - . ' : i . ' - Jonathan Little, Esquire, President Capt. John IVhetten, First Vice President " Mr Joseph Smith, Second, do. . Capt. Christopher Priare Third, do. ' Mr. John Wiinington, Fourth, do. Mr. Najah Taylor, Treasurer . Rev. Ward Stafford, Corresponding Secretary - Daniel Lord, jun. Esq. Recordmg Secretary. . . M4HA6EB8.. Capt. G. Havens , Capt. Asa Welden . rs. it nommeuieu ; Thomas Bettt A R. Miller , . J. Moore W. W hillock I. Burr, jr. T. Cot I re U J. Webb J. Clourh J. Atwood R Law E. Carman - J. Breath W.Jocelin S. Holmes R. Bromley - J.Hague J.Eldridge O. Congar U.S. Of den u. i nomas W. Willis Esq. Messrs W.C. Brooks1 P. W. Enrt - A.O. Pbelpt T. C. Butler ' " W. Nexsen O. M. Traeey J. H. Taylor J. WntitU Dr. C. E. Badeau Mr . Rariaoud Thos Fanning vy.tkigate Seamen and others, may become members of the Society on application to either of the officers of the Society, or at the depository. No 41 Fulton street; where may be obtained free of et - prate, the Constitution, Addresses, and first Re - port of the Society. O iff. PASSAGE FOR JAMAICA. wM A few passengers can be ecconnsode - V ;V.tH oo board the ship. PACIFIC, Capt Holder, for Falmouth, Jamaica, to tail ia the latter part of this week. Application may be made on board, a little above Catharine Market, or to ROBERT LENOX . ap4t ' - Vs - . PJiSSAQE for HAVRE. witi Tht packet ship RUBICON, Hoi - IViMiMiiw. matter, will sail positively oa the 5th inst Three more passengers can be comfortable accommodated .apply on board, at Jone's wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE,. ' ap23 56 South - street r, ' FOR SALE, - (If applied for thii wtek,) ' Tht substantial brig MARY - AXN, burthened 187 tons, stows about 1600 bob - is well found, and ready for a voyage, baring Just been graved. If not sold this week will tax a freight. Apply oa board, at pier no. 6, Uw River, or to G. G. ft S. ROWLAND, " ap 22 77 Waihingtoo - st . For BARUADOta ft ST. VlCtJfTS. c Two patseogert can be aecomssodatM vi4oa board the British schr FRANCIS, jeapt. Scott, intended to tad on dunday the Abih inst. Apply to captain Scott ea board east side of Peckrslip, or to MILLS, PITRDT ft CO. p22 tit Petrl - tU SJUPEUIOR BOLTING CLOIHS. A ea - O era) assortmeat of Holland, warranted bolting cloths, of the first quality, at uncommoalj low prices, by - J. M'CRACICAN, apKSt 6t l - tPeari - ttreet INSLED OIL, - 15 catkt Linseed Oil, laa - J ding, Ariel fftt I hv WALSH h GALLAGHER, 66 South - ttreet aott HOLLAND GIN 25 pipes ot 2d proof Holland Gin, of an excellent mialftv, now landing at CotTee - House - slip, and for ale by - - W. ft S.CBAJO. ap22 HOLLAND GIN. 11 pipes Uol. - ano uin, received by the ship Henry, for sale by ap S3 LB ROY, RATARD CO"

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