Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 7, 1936 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1936
Page 26
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TWENTY-SIX MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 7 1936 NOTICE OF HEAEING ON PROPOSED BUDGET AND APPBOPKIATION ORDINANCE t Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Mason City, Iowa, will hold a Public Hearing at the Council Room in the City Hall In said City at 9:00 A. M. on the 6th day of April, 1936, on the following proposed Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for the period of April 1, 1936, to March 31, 193T. Ordinance No. 297 An Ordinance Proposing the Budget and Making Appropriations for the expenditures for the City of Mason City for the Fiscal Year beginning April 1, 1936 and ending March 31, 1937. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MASON CITY, IOWA: Section 1. That the Budget is proposed and estimated revenues in the various funds are hereby appropriated for the payment of 'Such expenditures as are properly chargeable to such funds, during the fiscal year April 1, 193G, to March 31, 1937, as follows: Section 2. CONSOLIDATED FUND Estimated Receipts Corporation, Grading, Improvement, and Sewer Levies--5.75 Mills A--General Fund Police Court Fines and Fees 5 Licenses Departmental Fees Cigarette Licenses Beer Permits Taxes 7,000.00 3.500.00 3,500.00 5.000.00 9,000.00 53.900.00 New Equipment Available for Expenses properly chargeable to this Fund Section 6. 300.00 5,100.00 $ 42,500.00 FIRE EQUIPMENT FUND Receipts From,.317 Mill Levy S 5,700.00 Appropriations New Equipment 5 0,700.00 Section 7. PARK,FUND Receipts From .395 Mill Levy $ 7,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 193S 5,000.00 5 12,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages 5 4,000.00 Material and Supplies 1,400.00 New Construction 1,600.00 Available for Permanent Improvements. 5,000.00 5 12,000.00 Estimated Balance. March 31. 1936 15,000.00 B--Grading- Fund Primary Road Maintenance 3,200.00 Poll .T^xes · · 5,000.00 Taxes : 27,600.00 C--Improvement Taxes · · 13,oGU.uu D--Sewer Maintenance Taxes 14,000.00 Total Estimated Receipts APPROPRIATIONS A--General Fund . : 1--General Government Salaries' of Manager, Clerk, Auditor, Stenographer, Attorney, Treasurer. i Board of Review : ·.... . Office Supplies,. etc. . . . . . . : . . - - . '. .$ 10,700.011 ' 2.500.UO S 13,000.00 2--Police Department Salaries, including Police Judge Traffic Control Motor Patroi 1,800.00 Police Station and Jail 1,300.00 Telephone, Telegraph and Signal System New. Equipment Miscellaneous Supplies Balance Available .5 38,000.00 800.00 1,000.00 1.400.00 1,500.00 4,200.00 5 50,000.00 -Health Department Salaries of Director, Technician, Laboratory Asst. and Inspector 4.300.00 Supplies 1,000.00 Isolation Hospital Operation 900.00 Maintenance and Repairs 1,000.00 Miscellaneous SOO.OO 4--City Hall Salaries, Wages, Janitor Supplies Lighting Heat -City Offices and Scale House Inspection, Gas and Plumbing Office Supplies Salary, Weightmaster 6--Engineering Department Salaries and Wages Supplies Motor Equipment General Equipment Balance Available Chargeable to Storm Sewer Fund .· 8,000.00 .? 900.00 200.00 400.00 500.00 $ 2,000.00 .,$ 600.00 500.00 900.00 5 2,000.00 ,.? 4,020.00 450.00 700.00 300.00 3,180.00 S 8.700.00 2,400.00 $ 6,300.00" 7--Elections. Publications, Insurance and Other - Expenses properly Chargeable to this Fund 5 15,600.00 .Total General Fund B--Grading Fund Salaries and Wages 5 14,000.00 Maintenance and Operating Equipment.. New Motor Equipment Maintenance of Team ., Supplies Any other Expense properly chargeable to this Fund ... i 5,000.00 3,500.00 600.00 5,000.00 7,700.00 5 35,800.00 6,450.00 C--Improvement Bonds and Interest ? Any other Expenses chargeable to this Fund 7,050.00 ' 5 13,500.00 D--Sewer Maintenance Fund 1--Disposal Plant Salaries and Wages $ 2,400.00 Power and Light 2,200.00 Supplies 1,000.00 WPA Repair Material 1,400.00 . ' . . · S 7,000.00 2--Maintenance of Sewers $ 2.000.00 3--Construction of Sewers 5,000.00 S 14,000.00 Section 3. TOTAL CONSOLIDATED LIGHT FUND - - Receipts From 1.25 Mill Levy From .5 Mill Levy '. From General Fund Less Estimated Overdraft March 31, 1936 S 23,700.00 1,800.00 3,500.00 4,500.00 5 24,500.00 Appropriations Lighting Streets and Alleys $ 24,500.00 Section 4. GARBAGE FUND · Receipts From .5 Mill Levy S 9,200.00 ' Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 3,500.00 5 12,700.00 Appropriations Incinerator plant Lighting and Supplies 5 500.00 Collections Contract 6.000.00 City Dumps 2,000.00 Available for Paved Street Cleaning 4,200.00 S 12,700.00 Section 5. FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND Receipts From 2.214 Mill Levy ? 40,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 2.500.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages Maintenance of Equipment Maintenance of Station Insurance Supplies, Medical Services and Laundry 5 42.500.00 ,S 34,000.00 1,000.00 1.000.00 200.00 ·100.00 $ 96,900.00 30,800.00 13,500.00 14,000.00 5160,200.00 Section S. BRIDGE FUND Receipts Estimated Balance March 31. 1936 5 1,670.00 Appropriations For Maintenance of Present Bridges or New Construction S 1,670.00 Section 9. MUNICIPAL BAND FUND Receipts From .274 Mill Levy $ 5,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 1,900.00 $ 6,900.00 Appropriations Summer Concerts 5 5,000.00 Director's Salary 500.00 Miscellaneous Supplies 500.00 Balance 900.00 5 6,900.00 Section 10. COMFORT STATION FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy S 2,200.00 Appropriations · To Comfort Station Commission S 2.200.00 Section 11. LIBRARY FUND Receipts From 1.25 Mill Levy ? 23,700.00 Interest on Securities 300.00 Fines and Fees 1,000.00 5 25,000.00 Appropriations To -Library Board S 25,000.00 Section 12. WATER DEPARTMENT Receipts From .528 Mill Levy S 9,000.00 From Sale of Water 95,000.00 From Meters, Services, etc 5,000.00 From Labor and Material 4,000.00 From Miscellaneous 1,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1936 45,000.00 ?159,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages 5 36,000.00 Coal and Power 15,000.00 Payment of Bonds and Interest 14,000.00 New Equipment 1,000.00 Motor Equipment Repairs and Supplies.. 1,500.00 Additions to Distribution System 12,000.00 Meters Services and Other Supplies 18,500.00 Available for Improvements or Debt" Retirement 61,000.00 Section 13. WATER BOND FUND Receipts From .528 Mill Levy 5 Estimated Balance March 31, 193B 5159,000.00 9,000.00 8,000.00 5 17,000.00 Appropriations Payment of Bonds and Interest $ 17,000.00 Section 14. BRIDGE BOND FUND Receipts From .254 Mill Levy Estimated Balance Karch 31, 1936 S 96.900.00 Bonds . Interest Balance Appropriations ·(Section 15. .$ 4,1500.00 1,700.00 $ 6,200.00 .? 4.000.00 300.00 1,900.00 5 6,200.00 GENERAL BOND FUND Receipts From 2.75 Mill Levy $ 50,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31/1936 ...... 10,000.00 Bonds Payable Interest Payable Balance Appropriations Section 16. S 60,000.00 .$ 31,000.00 . 14.512.50 . 14,487.50 S 60,000.00 5160,200.00 CITY HALL BOND FU1JD Receipts From .125 Mill Levy .$ 2,200.00 Appropriations Interest Payable S 500.00 Balance 1,700.00 S 2,200.00 Section 17. POLICEMENS' PENSION FUND Receipts From .120 Mill Levy ·$ 2,300.00 Deposits Policemen 300.00 Interest on Securities ... Estimated Balance March il, 1936 Pensions Available for Investment Balance Appropriations 692.50 1,000.00 5 4.292.50 ..$ 3.0SO.OO 2,500.00 712.50 ? 4,292.50 Section IS. FIREMENS' PENSION FUND Receipts From .125 Mill Levy $ 2,300.00 Deposits Firemen 300.00 Interest on Securities 847.50 Estimated Balance March 31, 19?6 ... 600.00 I Pensions Available for Investment Balance Appropriations 5 4,047.50 ...S 2,040.00 1,500.00 507.50 City Council for adoption at the City Hall at 9:00 A. M., April 6,1936. Section 22. PUBLICATION That this ordinance shall be published In the Mason City Globe-Gazette at least two weeks prior to said date of hearing. Proposed this 18th day of March, 1936. W. S. WILCOX, J. T. LAIRD, DAVID OLSON, L. A. DAVEY, Councilmen. Attest: Rena B, Mack. City Clerk. Adopted as Proposed this 6th day of April, 1956. W. S. WILCOX, A. J. MARSHALL. H. C. BROWN, RAY E. PAULEY, L. A. DAVEY, Councilmen. Attest: Rena B. Mack, City Clerk. Classified Advertising Information THE TUTTS by Young Fifteen cents a lino first Insertion. Ten cent a a tine for each consecutive subsequent tnscrtloo. (Count five average words to tnc line.) Seven Insertions are elven for the price or six. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADVEKTI3ING 70 cents per column tncb. each insertion. A discount or 15 per csnl will be allowed on all classified advertisements paid lot at the time or insertion or not later lhao 5 dajs thereafter. No credit extended for classified ad*, f or- IDR If there is an account thirty days old more, All out-of-town ads are payable in ad- ncc. , . All refunds on Want Ada must be ca.'led r within 30 days of the cancellation dute the order. Minimum charge tor single advertisement, cents. Answer to "blind" advcrtlscmchta muat be dressed to the tetter stated ID the ad, re of the t_l lobe-Gaze tic. Under no drc^m* ances will be Globn-tJazcUc reveal the ime of those Inserting "blind" advertlse- PHONE 3800 tween 3 a. m. and 6 p. m. and ask tor the Ad Taker. FARRELL. Dr. V. A., 09, died at a local hospital Monday morning at 5:30 o'clock from an embolism as tne result of a hip injury. Funeral services will be held Wednesday after- loon at 3 o'clock at the Sirst M. K church, with the Rev. C. K- Flyim n charge. Burial will he at Elmwood cemetery. The Randall funeral home in charge. LEGAL NOTICE { .NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE ! STATE OF IOWA, i Ceiro Gordo Conniy. ss. I To Fred Keeler and Rational Clay Products I Company, and to whom It may concern: You arc hereby notified that by virtue of a special execution, to me directed and is- °ued out of Ihc office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, wltnin and for Cerro Gordo County, upon a Judgment rendered in said Court in favor of Albert F. Trettln. P, W. Glassel, Gertie Ejorgo. Will Meyer, Jacob Nlssen, August Hanson Fred Wanner. G. H. Overbeck, D. Hagens, Jas. E. Trcston, W. N. Williams, J. B. KcGaheran, Ben Hitzhusen. J. C. Eluel W. F Doderer, P. E. Engcbretson, Ole Thompson. C. P. Luick. Fred Scliu- j macher, Mrs. G. A. Bower, H. Roben, P.. A. Holman, Mary Elston. $ -1,0-17.50 Section. 19. ' s STORM SEWER FUND Receipts From Sale of Bonds S 90,892.33 Appropriations Construction Storm Sewer S RO.S92.iJ5 Section 20. EFFECT That the provisions of this ordinance arc declared to be necessary for the operation of the various City functions and shall be in effect ten days from and after its passage and publication. Section 21. HEARING That the said Budget will be considered by the , ri v.«.-«. *-.-..j ~ T. Gardne:. | T. C. Cullinan, J. A. Brown, Archie A. ! Harvey. Jessie L. Blair, otto J. Joiumon. T, J. Klimesh, H. D- Paine, H. H. Heath. A. B. Wilder, C. E. Waldron, and all others similarly situated, plaintiffs and all other parties 'to Hie judgment as follows, to-wit: Mollie H. Atherton, Luko J. Ager. George B. Anundsen, Martiia Anundscn Chllton, B*n Bear, Jcannette Brown, Maude Broivn Kiken- bcrry. Eppie Brown, Agnes Brown, P. A. i Bryant. Patrick Boyle. Henry C. BlucI, J. 1 w. Broers, JfcJHe" Barry Bock, Mary N. I Barry. George Brandt, C. S. Berryman, R. 1 W. Barclay. Lena Buckhouse, Nellie Calla- Rhan. O. 'G. Gaspers," D. Carstens, Sr., j Frank Cookman, F. G. Cochran. Burton i Carrott, J. J. dune. John W. Carroll, fiid- ! ney A. Dent. W. T. Donohue, Emit W, j EcUer, Daisy L. Erbes, Feter J. Fox, Annie I Finn. Krs. Minnie B, Prlot, Fred 'Gibbs, i F. C. Galser. Henry Glawe. Herman iill- j ritter, -1I-. J. Hogan. Mrs. Charles J. Hapen, J. L. James, C. H. Johnson. John Jacobson, John Janssen. Frank Jansick. John A- Kelly, Geo. Karnatz, Peter Kelly, Mrs. Marie C, Kennedy, MisSjLizzle Lamm. Mary Lamm, Kev. P. Leahy, Mrs. Emma J. Kelly. J. M. Malloy. Fred. Killer. J. P. Moilroney, John Merrill. 0. P. Morton, Jas. McCumick, D. L. McCarville, Ellen McMillan. John . Ellen McMillan, Mrs. Mary E, J^cCon-ie. R. B. Newcom, Pearl O'Harrow, Mary 0'Harrow, Anton Oelman, Betty Opava. T. P. Ohlson, G. W. Peoples. Jrs. trustee, Guy F. Payne, Herbert D. Paine, H. D. Paine, Florence A. Peoples, Henry Reeves, John Rensinke. J. E. Reilly, Lawrence Rcllly, D. P. Ryan, Rev. E. Slattery. D. A. Sorgdrager, W. H. Eheka. Fred E- Sheka John W. Smith, G. Seeman, A. N. Stark. C, F. W. Stark, John C. Smart, Mrs, Lydia Steiner, A. J. Thompson, W, J. Torpsy," Geo. Thompson, Harry Ulfert. R. Van Zyl. Sr., E. J. Welser. C. M-. Wilson, W. J. \'3rk. Mrs. Harriet H. Zarbaugn. Erlinp- A Anun'dsen. E. Bock as Executor of the Estate of Thos. A. Berry, decU, Wm, Walch, Mrs. Howard Brown, Mcrvyl Brown Paul, F. A. Ontjes--A. G. Brenneck. IV A. Qontjes, assignee, Madge L- Snipps as agent, B. H. Brown, Eirchard Brush, Asent. Mrs. John Cavanaugh, Mary Cook. Michael J. Conrin, Margaret cahalan. James P. Conrin. Mrs. Mary Curley, Thos. F. L'onrin, Agnes O'Leary, Earl Crooks. Mrs. Alice Coons, A. B. Coon, Lillian Proud fit. Grace Quads. Roman Catholic Diocese ot DCS Moltics, G. L. Bergan, Bishop; Hattle A. DweHe, dec'd., Martin Dwellc Kneeland and Frank E. Kneciand. heirs and legatees, F. A. Ontjes. assignee; O. Densmore, dec'd., Kits Densmore, widow and Claire Densmore, sole heirs and legatees, F. A. Ontjes, assignee; Margaret Ketchcit, Mrs. AHa L. Lantz, trustee; F. A. Kox as executor of thp estate o£ Chris Fox. dec'd.: D. D, Fuller. Lynn Fuller. Catherine Fuller Cashman. Geo. E. Fuller. A. C. Gustafson. Frank Hoflcr, E. G. Dunn, assignee; E. Hoxle, dec'd,. Mrs. E. Hoxie. dec'ri.. H. C. Grls- wold, heir, F, A, Ontjes, assignee: W. C, { Hofer. as administrator of the estate o] · Wm." Hofer. dec'd.; Winnie A. Johnson \ Mrs. Ralph O. Blshe!, Mrs, Gco. K. Piar- I soil. Elvin G. Johnson. Emil Thellen ai administrator of the rstate ot Meta John' sun. dec'd,; Hannah M. Scnultz, Winnie A Johnson, ismma Bower, Rose Johnson ai puardian of David and Bob Johnson, Minors John Johnson. Chas. B. Johnson. Wm. H Johnson, L. A. Fritz. J£ary Ktrner as ex ecutrix of the estate of Frank Kirner dec'tf. ; EJeonora Klimesh. Mrs. Lizzi Lamm, L. C. Urlaub, KHzafceth, Lukes. Caro D. Mercness. D. J. Mereness, Mrs. C. G. Scherer. nee Mabel H. M-crcuess. A, G. KereneRR, Mamie E. Middleton. Helen Esther Middleton, Myra Alice Middleton. Tal- fonl L. Middleton. Flora A. Warren. Maude Van Patten. Elizabeth McManus. Thomas E. M-cManus, D. J. McManus. R. J. McManus. "rs. ceo. Kclsh. Jas. McManus, Clyde Ited- rcond, Man-id U. Wioprnan 35 administrator of the eslatc of Rev, M. O'Callnghan. dcc'd.; Nellie Onlson Dubes. Esther Ohlson Bootnby, Arthur Ohlson, Roy G, Ohlson, Clifford Ontom. C. S. ftfedeeel as Administrator of the estate of John C. Ricdcsel, dec'd.; F. E. FJstriro. sole heir and legatee. I Cavic Ristrim. R. J. Wiesman, assignee; i Katf K e i l l y H i l l . Lawrence Rcllly. J. E. j Rcilly, K m i l y Hartley, Beczie M. Kchwciecr. W. P. Doderer. dcc'd.. D. W. Kreldcr, , assignee; Mrs. .1- V. SI irk. sometimes known ,is Mr*. Lilly Slnrk. Wrldon Stark, Marl ha Stark. Mari'jn Stark. i;icn Stftrk, Krnest Stark. Orlin Stark. Minnie Tillman. Kenneth TlUman. Mr*. Vera Robins.on, M i n n i e 'nil- | man as guardian of Lola TlUman. a minor; Estclla \Vlndcckcr, Mrs. Clara Harris, Ar- thur windeckcr, H. W, Windccker, C. J. Welscr, inc.; Johnson White, dec'd., sole heirs Lottie B. White, dec'd., Frank White and Lulu White Galbreath, F. A. Ontjes, assignee; Sarah E. Maher, James, Wagner, race Wagner Patten, Eva E. Wagner, Leon Vagner. Glen J. Wagner. Fernc E. Campell, Florence M. Cook, Gco. F. Wagner, Frances Wagner Purcell, M-. Ruth Wagner, frs Vary Boreson. Wilfred Wesley Pom- U, Hazel Bagwell. Effle Kltzel. Paul U ames, as guardian of Dorothy May Porter. .vdla Irene Porter, Hazel Isabelle Porter, iwrencc Stevens Porter, Kugene Burton Hawkins, Reva Leigh Hawkins; Eva E. Vacner, M. Ruth Wagner, Feme Wagner Campbell. Leon Wagner, Frances Wagner Purcell Florence M. Cook, Geo. F. Wa Glen J Wagner, Grace Wagner Patten, Minnie Wagner, H. G. WUber, deed.; sole heirs Hattic Wilber. Mubel Wilber, Cora Groves and Gayle Ristrim. R. J. Wiegman. assignee; Gco. F. K. White. Earl J£. Dean and Fidelia A Dean, as esecutors ot the ·state of A- M. Dean, dec'd.; D. McMillan ind R McStillan; plalntirfs, inten'enors and parties entitled to participate In the senefits of the judgment rendered in this ·ause, and against F. E. Keeler and Na- ional Clay products Company, defendants or the sum o£ Forty-five and 13-1OC '^·1513) Dollars for each share ot preferred itock of the Natlgoal Clay Works owned · y plaintiffs and intervenors and others iimllarly situated who filed Intention to loin herein on or before December 1, 1933 and on which there is now due on salo udniaent the sum of Eighty-six thousand one hundred twenty an d 17-100 (586,120-17) Collars, 1 have levied upon the following lescribed real and personal property as follows, to-wit: East Fifty (30) Acres of ihc TS'ortnwest Quarter (NWVi) and tlip, Enst Fifty (50) Acres of Ine Southwest Quarter (SW'4 of Section EiRht (8) in Township Ninetysix (90) North of Banffe Twenty (20) West of the Fifth P. M., Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa. I steam shovel and «!ras line and clam 5liell: 1 planer lor machine simp; i three ton chain hoist: 1 stlw block die; 1 automatic brick cutting machine; I electric motor for silo cutting table; 1 three tine pitchfork; 2 scoop shovels: 1 stove; 3 bundles of oM belting; 1 screw jack; 1 lot of btrKfnsr. bolts, brass, whistle, chains and blacksmith tools and key drifts; I Mlo block machine: 1 brick machine; 1 roll nnd shaft: 1 saw outfit; 2 brick facing machines; 300 drying rare; 7 die beads for blocks and tile; 18 block dies; 3 brick dies; 12 tile dies; 4 heads for blocks; 1 chain block; 1 Kranultttor; 3 pus mite: 1 milt; 1 tile cutting table: 1 block cutting table; 1 block cutting table; 1 chimney hlock cutting table; 4 elevators? 1 fet nf wills: 1. set of disintegrator rolls: I romnwm set of rolls; I elevator hoist; 1,000 ft. cbaln cable: 2 clay cars; 1 30-H. electric motor; 19 belts on machinery; 48 pulleys on shafts; 'i elevators; 1 tool box; 2 cupboard*; 1 stock room of old cast- InRs; fi rolls of old beltln.t; 2 pullc.vs; 1 rope drive; t 25-H, electric motor; 3 old radiators: 1 tank pump; 5 pulleys; shovel engine, old. repuJretf; 2 steam shovels; I ear pulley and motor; 3 dump carts: I model T J r ord yard truck: 1 lumber vmeon: l tank wagon; I old auger mill, outside: 1 oM steam shovel; for repairs;" 10 wheel barrouva, outside; 1 40-horsE motor; 2 transfers. Ifsldc: 6 transfers, outside; 2 blacksmith vices; ItliUstlalc ' 'o. turning lathe and tools: 3 emrry stands and grinder; 1 srinilstone; I JKlfe (linn* trip bnnmjer; 1 power drill: I blacksmith Tor?e: t heat Inn stove; 1 tool cupboard: 1 Hectrlc motor; I pair strcl shear*: 1 model T Ford motor: 1 nn\-H: 1 power hack saw: 14 belt pnlloys; "fl ft shnftlnp; 5 belts; I clothes cupboanl: 40 ft. coM rolled sltaftlnfr; ?s it. sns pipe: 1 pinion sear for atiffcr mill: 1 J 0-ton jack; 1 flO-H. elect He motor: 1 100-H. electric motor: 1 electric motor; .1 Clock fiiphonrd: 2 tlmp card cabinets: 1 S-ft. step ladder: l 6" shaft. 8 ft. lont;; 2 clnthrs cupboards; 1 flat bottom 4-wbcel truck: 1 6-If. motor: 1 5-H. motor: · Mtralxht back chairs; 1 roll top desk; 1 filing cabinet: 1 kitchen cabinet; 1 kitchen sink; I Fairbanks platform scale 1 s-H. electric motor; 4 sallons pkwti cement: I 150-H. electric motor; 6 pinion sears; 2 belt pullers: 1 roll of cable I Corliss steam eniclne; I upright wooden water tank; 1 Insersol bond air compressor: I air tank: 1 high voltage switch board; 1 electric controller: 1 electric con. tfollcr; G wheel barrows; 3 steam boilers 1 steam pump; ] water softener: 1 roll ok heltlns; I pipe vice nnd table: AT PLAN" '0. 2: 3 steam boilers: 1 pranulator; 2 PHC mills: 2 Corliss enslnes; 1 lot palleyft nnd shaftlnc (the above No. 3 pro Pfrty Is not complete, and held there fo' repairs): All bells, shaftings and pulley used to run plants. And that on the 4th day of May, 193 at 1 o'clock P. M., at the National Cla Products Company, located on the East acres of the XWVi and the East 50 acr of the s\VU or Section S Toivnshtp :,*orth of Ransc 10. \Vcst of the Sth P. .V Cerro uordo County. lo\va, 1 w i l l procccil p t l l the same in FRtlsfnction of said ex c-.itlon, together with all legal costs ,icv- 'nc. Daictl -At the R n c r l f i ' s o f l i c c i^ 1 M""1 C i t y , Iowa, this 1th day of A p r i l . UOG. J. ?.r. KOBERTSON. S h e r i f f O f r i o Gortlo County. Iowa. F. A. Ontjes, riainllff's Attorney. KOSSACK, Mrs, Amelia, 75, died at her home, 325 Carolina avenue southeast, Monday morning follow- ne an illness. Funeral services will be held at the Randall funeral home at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, with the Rev. William Galbreth, pastor of the Olivet M. E. church, m charge of services. Burial w,«i be at Elnwood cemetery. The Raudall "uueral home in charge. INDEX TO CLASSIFIED Classifications a r e numbered according to the position in which they appear ID the section. creages gents . . . . . . . . r \s, for Rent , nusenients _... Houses ^ur Kent 46 Instruction . . . . . 37 insurance .. 11. uto Accessories 82 itos for Sale .. 72 uto Storage A79 uto Trucks SO ,to Repairing .. 81 cauty Parlors .,, 16 .oard, Room .,. 49 onds d£. Materials usiness Locations 39 MS in ess Opportunities 29 ifes. Restaurants . .., 1? artl of Thanks ~ cmeteries - . . . . A3 Tilropodlsts ...... 13 -13 ,. . 21 Icaners, Dyers . IS Cottages A46 eatli NoLiccs . , . 1 ·ntlats ...A37 ogs. Birds. Pets £3 dueatlotia.1 Opportunities .... *0 Icctrical Service 61 mpluyment Scrv- Ice ...ASU nrros for Sale . , GO arms for Rent .A5Q arm Machinery 51 orista * cods ..,.. A55 ·unerol Directors 3 urs 19 arage for Rent G3 aruge for Sale 61* arclcns 41 fta 60 elp Wanted, wilb Jnv ,, 30 elp Wanted, Female 31 elp Wanted, Male ...... elp Wanted, Male, Female ,A36 ide. Wool, Furs 78 ouseboJd Goods 73 ouses for Sale 47 Investment ..... In Mamoriam . job Printing .. Laundries . ..-.Livestock for Sale 52 Location Wanted 65 Lost and Found 6 Lots for Sale .._. Machinery Milk Misc. for Sale .. Misc. for Rent . . Money to Loan .. Mortgages --· atjonuments Musical Instr. .... Nursery Stock ,. Osteopaths Optometrists . . . . A I T Offices for Rent ti.' Offica Furn., Fix.A63 Office Equipment Painting. Decor. Personals Photographers ... Plumbing, JHg. .. Poultry. Eggs . Real Es. Loans Radio Supplies .. Rtal EstatD for RcQt . A8 » 3-1 32 Sale or Trade Sale or Rent Salesladies Salesmen Seeds, Feeds Eerv. Offered Situation Wtd. Stamps, Coins Stationery . . . Stocks 7 Summer Cottages 6 Swap Service . . . 3., Travel Bureau .... A5 Trade or Erich. . 42 Upholstering . . . . 59 Wtd. to Borrow . 77 Wtd, to Buy . . . . Wtd. Misc. A Wtd. to Rent .. Wearing Apparel Lodges and Societies L O. O. F. LODGE NO. SM Vfc E. STATE 1'HONES S144-W*S14* Zcetlng every Tuesday 11'A P. M. J. O. ROBINSON. N. G. Ph. SliS Y V A Y M A N CLOSSQN Rec. See's*. 34G7. a. J. PINE. Fin, Sec'7. Death Notices 1 SKUTTLE John L., 63, died at a local hospital Friday evening at 7:20 o'clock after an illness of about a week. Funeral services win be held at the McAuley funeral home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be at Memorial park cemetery. The McAuley funeral home in charge. ____ Funeral Directors t McAUUS? FtineraJ Home -- Complete service day and night. 8 fa. Adama Phone 651. MEYER Funeral Home--Dependable service. 126 Third St. N. E. Phone 1505- PATTERSON Funeral Home -- A. service for those who care. Ambulance. 322 N. Wash.. Phone 1140. RANDALL Funeral Home--Ambulance service. 104 3rd SL N. E. Ph. Sll C. E. Snipps, H. B. Major. Cemeteries A3 MEMORIAL PARK--"The Cemetery Beautiful." Perpetual maintenance. Office 612, L O.F. Bldg. Pb 172 or 1S27J. G. M. Woodruff. Florists BRIGHTEN your home with spring flowers and plants. Tulips, hyacinths, freesias, narcissus, etc. Kembles Greenhouse. Fh. 55. Personals FREE WALLPAPER!--Ceiling free with every room of sidewall and border you buy. Hurry! We sell for less. Star Wallpaper and Paint. Co FREE! Ceiling papers FREE! Make your selection' from S90 wallpaper patterns. Compare! Ralph S. Shepherd Paint. Paper. IS First St. S. E. Opp. Chapman's. Money to Loan 8 ~~AUTO LOANS ~ FURNITURE LOANS Home Loan nance COMPANY 204 Foresters Bldg. ORBEIS Of B1UOSE AMU S. FE11EUA1 PhoDB 127S Meei= tlrst and third Tun- daya of eacn mQotb. Every 4t£ Tucsdav ts family aigbt. W. P. CHAMBERL1N. Dictator. Phone 2549. WILLIAM GROTH. SCC'7. Phone 1278 BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. 115 A. F. AND A. M.--7:30 f. M. Stated communication first Thursday o£ each month. G. I. WOOD. W. jr. C. P. SHIPLEY, Eec'y. HARDING LODGE NO. Mfl A. F. AND A. SI. 7.-30 P. 8!. Stated meeting First Friday or each month. L, L. RAYMOND. W. Ifj. C. C. HALPHIDE. Sec'y. NEtUHBOKS OF UEKK-A MOOSE HALL Camp meets 2nd and tfi Thursday. 7:30 P. M, Clun meets l^t and 3rd Thursdays, 2 F. M. iTARGAKET JOHNSON. Oracle. KJlY BUDWOP.TH, RBC. Phons 1372W RKUEKAII LODGE NO. 108 , O. K. HALL--8 T. 51. Instruction class Wednesday, 2-4 P. JJ., and Tea Party In I. O. 0. F. Parlor. MRS. W A V M A N CLOSSON, M. U. adtil UHS. WIN NUTTING. R. S. MBW. J'.'RS. H. B. KOL1V1KSKA. JT. S. USSJ. LOANS Up to $300.00 on FURNITURE, AUTOS. LIVESTOCK, MACHINERY, DIAMONDS AND OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY Anywhere in North Iowa. Interest charged only on thn unpaid balance for the actual time used. Free Information. C. L. Pine Loan Company Diagonally Opposite 1st Nat'l. Bank 204 Weir Eldg'., Mason City, Iowa Personal Signature LOANS To Salaried People Easiest and Most Convenient Method of Borrowing. Immediate Service Strictly Confidential. Security Loan Co. 321 First Nat'l Bldg. Ph. 412 Security Loan Co. and diamond loans $30 to £300. Personal service. 31U 1st Nat'l. Bank. Pbone 412. I LOW COST LOANS You'll like HUMPHREY'S friendly service and liberal policy. 19% North Federal Ave. Phone 57S. HUMPHREY AUNTHET By Robert Quillen VETERANS' LOANS Strictly Confidential, 550 to $300.00 To those veterans who need cash immediately for a constructive purpose. Loans can be made only to employed veterans, on our regular basis, except special concessions are being made on unusually liberal terms--with no repayment expected until the bonus money ia available. United Financial Service 8--1st St. N. W. Phone 1414 "It's old man Jim's business, but I wouldn't scrimp and save for sixty years Just : j to leave a lot o' spcndin' i! money for a wild boy." MONEY for purchasing-Money for building- Money for refinancing homes at 5% and up. The satisfactory type of loan. Mason City Loan Investment Co. 109 E. STATE MONEY TO LOAN on Mason Dly home. Alliance Investment Co. Pbone SIS).

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