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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1818
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- ' - - r . vn u ariTWPARt. 9n( J andquart bars, a part ef which is entitled to debenture. , I 100 ton "unJ iron, amorted, frem 1 - to v ,oo Lwadta flat 5ro.,fro 1 to in - SO aottch Bat qo Rimm in ' 50 do eonntry iroo assort! 20doplP"harn,ouliU 1 W do axletrse and crowbar mould . - . , 10 do horse - shoe mould I ft) do brtxirt'. rod, akorted, from 3 - lG to WdodiMtwdboi' - 'rpIaUiron . ifydo rluh and Ameran Hoop. 10 do &flib(L) blistered iUl ' 10 do Bwedoi tteel - 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do - ". 6 do ihearaodeaitited :; do Brirfol and Nova Scotia piadrtonei ' 500 a'SchoJ wrted, from 60 to 20001b. I do about 9000:bs.. " - 60 roll sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 8 lb per foot r: iSo casks .Pikea, 'd - from4to 9 betel 200 do cut nails, from 2d lo XVd ' 00 do wrought nailt,' assorted ' 0 do liate and horse naiJ , ' 10 ton iron pot and bake pans Bora 1 lo 10 gallons, entitled to debenture, s tout English spelter ... 50 do American holiow ware, consisting or Pot, kettles, bake - pan. Skillets, spiders, tea kettles, Andirons, tic. , 10 casks trace, oi ana boat chains Anvil, vices, and beak irons Forge, sledge and hand hammers , Mill, cross - cat and pit saws Cart, Waggon and Chair Boxe WudowGlase of diflitrent sixes Shovel. Spades, Hoe, etc. Together with a general assottnent or Hard - wsre and Cutlery, for tale oo reasonable terms, ware ana v b DUNCOMB, No.363 WatersteoxocrofJamet - shp. aiht3 1m . ' jvP Qr. casks colmeaaf wine I'M qr casks and 800 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 hall do sweet Malawi 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles such 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 60 do printing do letter 14 hhds English glassware, consisting; ol wines ' : aad tumblers assorted . 100 boxes anchovies and 60 do oli vet - 1 box French kid glove 1 do ostrich (salhcrs, very rich 1 do engraving 9 case felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian rags, 500 marble mortars ." 23 cases marble slabs, veiuod and statuary, assorted size 5 boxes Naples shaving soap - ( ' " 1 do watch glasses . - .. , ' 3 case manna in flake , - - . 100 bales Calcutta goods, coosUting of Baflas, putkab and callipatty costahs : Cauulpore, cbomocollyolibnna, lucklpore andtoogaport " , ' Bannahj, jullapore and mow Checks, white, red and bin gillab . Madras pattern do "' ' jooteo and froctsoy romals, for sale by '. - '.' . CHA8. U OGDtUN, and y ,.w i,i ABRM. OCUE5, - . ik" Wahingoa - st. ' JAMAICA fcUtiAR. it HVM.M hhds. bu - ear and 0 punc heons Rum, received per brig . : Wood nan, from Fort Maria, Jamaica - landing . tin day at pier no. 10 East River, for sole by READK k UK FEYSTKR, an 15 1w ' - 31 Osd Mip. HOLLAND DVCK, fcrtale bv CHAS - L. OG DEN, and ABR. OGDEN. WashinrUMi - street. HK.aVER hats. JOHN FORD ba just rccaived and it now openinR a large assortment of London and American Beavers, Castors, Rorams, and Children' Hals ; all or which no n now offering lor sale at hia wholesale and retail Bat Store, No. 11 Vlaidea - laae. apUlm MUSKETS, FOWLING PIECES, etc. FUR - THOUSANL MUgKETS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to doben tort. 4 boxes well assorted glassware 3 ceroom dotant Indigo, and A few pieces superfine Cloth, for sate by : J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap7lm 7? W awing ton - street. FOUR Hundred ton first quality Nova Scotia Platter for sale m lots to suit purchasers Apply to ' ' " .. - - WALTER flpEXSOS, 1?4 Froot - st. , , . '. ' . . comer of burling - slip, or to ., , .. JOHN BYERS, foot of llKrrieoa - U ' v mchl7 North River. DRY GOODS. t r(:, .TAJSCY plate Cali - r. - icoea,.. - , Superiinn calicoes acd chialtes ... .j 4 4, 6 4 .(ambric tnusiin. Carnortc iwutlt " Plain taiWd It tew. "d mulls' ' t - ' llaio. and f faaborM 4 ttowiif loe aJi st i - - ' .it . 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 lm bnc giugliams Black aud coi'd oarn - ,brks Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fascy cravr.ts, twjlled and plain . Madras lidkft, pint . Hair cord cambrics, eoftonballi . White k coPd threads tiik, kid, 4nd cotton gloves Sill hose, silk florea - Wt . Black bombaieent florence silk, ribbont, tattnons rloreouea, ptaia aad figured inrioia atiat, plaid lust hop JiagM black silk hkfs elvet bindings, tapes, bobbins 'amitaicalicoet,and chnxxn - H8, 6 - 4. 7 - 4 and M nrioted Cambric ,lwl M imitation do. cauiner do. 8flno, lont nt taA upriated wcwd and cambric if'oocastimem li florentints MSk . arollamMdrtean, Oo ihi rtii... ecerrtdb,thel,f Mamillet Quiltifigt, ' royal nbbt V tubs and printed tat . eeos. Cotton brown Hollands bwansdowa, toilauells, nmnrippt Cotton aodwoisted bo ' tir it - . Irish linens sheet in z Bettoos. bed tick Fine aad superfine eat - .timervj , - Yorkshire fine and superfine clntha . . London do do 6uperoae ladies clnths Bom hazel ts, ratiuett Imperial cords, vigo - nia eassimeret Stockinetts, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baixet ' FerreUs, worsted bindings . - Shirt buttont, cotton lac Pari oe Us and soeffle gaute Slack and white tbulle lac - Leno aoawlt, Estopil - lat Sewing ti!k, assorted - colors Linen cambrics Tabk cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 It 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dunitiet Fancy Leno, k figured Mutlkit Cam brir. Trimmings, t FloMiret 5ocrsK - ker Ginghanit Romall lidkfs. Silk Cleck Ginghams &tl 3 eolM Cawbnc garments OU Cloths . Brown Linens Merino 6hts Cottnn bandannoet ' 9 - 8 coPd atrip'd taco - aettt India muslins, i e &c. arrivals aad for mle by ' HACCERTY AUSTEN, 157 Fcarl - itrcct, TAKER SKINS, ic tU bale sheared Deer AJ blun 6 bale Deer stuns, in the hair 39 Bear skin. 17 Otter do 100 Beaver Fur, fust received nrr brie Orleans, from New - Orleans, for sale at 87 Cofiue House - slip, by - . LAIDLAW, GIRAULTet CO' t no mi tn autre, 33 hhd. very vrime Kentucky Tobacco 30 bag green St. Domingo coflto . .5 bale BonibaseU 1 cawt French cambric . 1 bale black cloth 1 case French boot tops ap 10 lOt ASSAr (ETlLlA. 3 cases very supsrior As - eaia'lida, landing and for aak by ap 7 JOSEPH OS BORN, xliSouth - st. G UNlY BAGS. - 2U00, ior sale by. f CEBRA & CUMING, ar 13 7fi feari - stwt A Q Ml IX HUM k SUQJtli. X J Hhds tint quality sugar ' 72 puncheons Rum . ' Received per brig Tbomar & Edward, from St. Croix Landing this day at pier No. 1 1, ast River, and for sale by - READE & DE PEYSTER, p 16 1w 31 Old - slip. WHITE LEAD, NICARAGUA WOOD ic. rfEN tons white Lead ground in oil, in kegs ol 112, 5Cand!8lb. 8 tons dry while Lead 20 do Nicaragua Wood ' '' 40 casks Paris white 3S bokes Tin Plate . 10 tons Lignumvitao . 30 boxes London Mustard 23 kegt do do. For sale hv TUCKER it LAUR1E3, up 17 59 feouth - strt - e. Q ALT. 4000 huohel tot. Bait, Inr sale kj by DO lei rJr. rMUi'r. It uu. ap2U t)i CohVe houie rli. Greek, ton s.ii.k, A small farm, situated In on of the era tre counties of this state. This farm lies on the baik if a lake, and within a mile of a flourish ins and beautiful village. Ou it are a good furu. house, barn. Sic. also a laree and well liuutdwel. line house, entirely new. The situation of the d velline house for beauty of prospect, Ac. issur passed by lew if any other siutes lor building in the interior of the state. The owner intending removing to New - York, will sell this property ior lets than cost, upou a long credit on good - cority, or will exchange it lor lanns, gouui, nc. For lurtlier particulars, enquire of H. 1. it R. SEDGWICK, Einra. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New - York, ap 15 Plm Ctf aEiXCT7iOARDING SCHOOL INHERE nre at present (ire vacancies in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S (School, in Philips burh, Youkers, West - tlitster County. Hi svstern of education is such as to ec ible him to qualify youug gentleuien for Colli de nrUMtUoutillng House wiiuih a rvuionauie muo. Hie school is select, the number of PuniU limited, and the troatnieot of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful aud pokte li - terulurn ur taught, vu : uaun, French, Kmrlisb Grammar, Ueorapiiy, netaaorto Bishop tlobart Dr. Wilton, Columbia Colleu - e C. U. 1'olden, Fq. T. A. Emmet, Esq, ap io History, Composition, Writing, Aritliinetic, Mathematics, tic. It i bresamed that few Instil utions of the kind caaonrr grfacer Mivuatagcs, wnellM - r nify regaro itstructioo so general lilsralbrev in moral and rslistuus orincmles.or in cerrect and xentlfsuan - Iv .iletiortUMiat. The t'arsonaae in which the l upus are accommoaaied, it oommonious, reu - red and pleusaully ntuuWd. Its distance Iroiu New York is about seventeen' miles : to which there n always a uircct and easy rommunica - lio.i. Forlurlhrl parlituUrs application may T. S. Clarkson, Esq. t.' M'Evers, Esq. Wm. tavird, iun. Esq, A. Scbcrnirrhorn, Esq. )&C2m5w rRosrxcics op mi . HEMP81EAU ACADEMY. The Rev. timotbi ci.owas, a.m. Priucipal. - oottooo - TTAVING purchased that larse and conmo - Ll dious buitdiue in the village of Hempatead, Queens County, lately occupied by Mr. George HoweL the subscriber proDuses In out a an Aca demy therein, on Monday, the 27(h instant, for noarumg young Kenuemeu ana insiruciing inein in any of thOMi branches or science and literature usually comprehended in an academical course. That every tcbolarmay be under tlie constant and immediate toperintendance ol the Principal, uotra will he admitted into Ihi academy a students but those who are also boarders. A very few students from the village, or its immediate vicinity, will be the only exception to this rule, II, ii v n l i , iiiv h.iiiib vi iunt nivani ceed the means of accommodation in the acade my, hoard may be procured in private families in the neighbourhood. Should the public patronage be extended to thu laatitutioo sufficiently to warrant the mea sure, additional teachers will be procured. The year will be divided into two terms of tuition. " The summer term will commence the last Monday in April, and wdl continue twenty three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty thrro weeks. This arrange - aieul will leave a vacation of about three week allrr each term. - The price of boarding, tuition, candles and fuel, both in school and rooms, will he 100 dol lars each term. Books, washing, mending, and any necessary article or clothing, will oe lurrusn - ed by the subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, njattruss or bed, and bedding, to be fur - nlihrd bv each atadent. The patron of this institution may be ntsured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. Tbe rules of the academy most be strictly complied with, by every tcboUr. (r - FOREIGNERS, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English language, will be admitted as hoarders into the Hempttead Academy. Private apartments and separate ta bles will be furnished on the most reasonable term, and every facility will be afforded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance with the Ian - gutge. For thr information of strange rs it may betta ted, that Hempstead is a pleasant tillage and ost town, remarkable for its healthiness, only twen ty one mile east of tbe city of New - York ; that it enjoy the advantage of public worship in tbe fretnyterian, EpiscotKd, and Methodist forms ; and that a stage runs from tbe city three time a week, on one of the bett road in America. . Parents desirous of placing their children at school, or foreigners wishing to be initroctcd in the English language, are respectfully requested to visit the subscriber, at Hempstead, where they will receive luller inlormauoa reipecuug wc proposed institutioe. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. Or - The subscriber hereby declares hi - qnaliucdaprjrubatioe or the establishment propo - m - A hv thi tUnl. Mr. Clowrt. Convinced as be is of Mr. Clowes' a in rue ouahncati'ios, both of tha Kxait nd thr krrt. for auDeriuteadine tech an institutios, ha dees not betitat to recommend him to public confidence, and hi ecaitesny to public patronage. At, in nam, Hector oi St. Geo. Chorch, UesnpsUad. Hempstead, 3d April, lBttt. (gjr 1 be above protpecto tncett with niy CHARLES WEBSTER, . Potior of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead A bag lettered M Hempstead Academy" will be left at G. C. Laoedon's LoK - Isiaad Steam - Boat Hotel, for communications with any person at (ached to tbe instrtalioo. ' p7 rjaViClavrtf " COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, . 14C rCLTOM - CTRXCr, - ( Ross's Buildiam. near BroadwaT.i To connoisseurs and amateurs of tlie Fine Art, and to (he enlightenod public Vf New - York. - rT'HE proprietor of an extmuive collection ol L pictures, the works of the moat eminent painters, havitur iust arrived from Europe, where he ha purchased them from the cubinets of Rom,Napltia, Florence. Pari, Auwtetdam and Lotuioa, at a very cuoaideruble cxpence, )rcp set to exiiioii inem lo uie lamei sjki tmiemr of thiscitr and its vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will be far superior to any at yet offered in the U. States, tne picture being uixtoubted'y origu&i consisting of upwards of 300 pictures, by the beat masters. - v Admission 60 cent' each, of .one dollar per month. Hours from lOin - ttutmarnios toaeven in the evening:. Catalog uu but 1m had at Uie Gallery.. Siiil) The store Gl Fulteo - strceL Enquire on the premiws. ' ap4 6w AgeiiUeuian and (us ludy, cau be accomuto - daled with board in aresuectabkt private family, with or without a parlour, furnished or unluruiahtd, in Grecnwich - stm - t, ocur Rector - street, ou or about the 1st of may ensuing. Knquire at init umce. p m iw f ill, J 111 I,' H IKifk u I V' w m 4 mw mr scabs' Vat a . For sale, the Dover Iron Manufucturint; iLaiab ithment. in tbe county of Morris, unu slute of New - Jersey : consisiina; of a rolling and siiv ting Mill, in good repair, which works two ar or rollers ana cutters, shears, c. an at tne same time : a valuable foree with two fires and oue hammer in food repair ; a stock of coal and ore on band, sufficient to make fifty tons of iron ; a good saw mill, a cut nun factory in gooa repair, sufficient in employ winy men, aua uiuy on e tended to employ one huiidrd more i a brad cut' ting inuchine and a steel furnace in good repair, convenient to the works is a store and a number of house for the accommodation of families, and excellent stabling for teams that may be neces sary to keep 'or the use ol the estaUianment ; al an. oichaids. pasture ami meadow lots, immc diately udjcibiug the works, with timber Und in any quantity, not exceediug two thuuaand five hundred acres, within three miles of said works, Tbe great vein of irou ore, commencing at tlie noted cuckasunoy mine, runs more than 2 miles through this trnct, and three minut are now opro. lioui which Ihelbi'get are supplied with ore, ana more may be opened and ore raised to supply works to any extent ; the mines aru within Itvo miles of said works, and good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at tlie forgo at two and a half dollars per ton. The above described works are situated on Rocitawa River, about eight mile from Mor - ristown, twenty five miles from Elizuhelh low, and about the saiuedistauce from Newark, with good tnrupiUo roads leading from said works to eacn piace, in a pieusani neanny suuuuon, wiu in a good neighborhood, there being two Presbyterian Churches within lour miles, and a friend' meeting houie within two miles ol saidpiuce. This stand lor collecting bar iroo mr Urn slitting miil is very coinniandiPBi there being nearly ope hundred forge tires in the county ; most of them are on the streams above Dover, uuu lite iron, in going to New - York market, cuii conveniently pass inoffi works. Al this mill ireiuenlly lour Ions 01 bar irou Ian ve been silt and bumlleil into nail and spike tods in aday, nd up arils of one hundred tons of nails have hui - u made in a year. A lare amount oi goods may tx: sold itt tins place in exchange lor bar iron,procurmg sup Clies, &c.Vc. Tln re are valuable scitcs hotna - oveh below on this tract, on which more works may be erected. ' " ; ALSO, .. . . ...i J I hat valuable, well unowii farm, Ivmz in tlie towushiu of Raadolpli. ahout two miles troin Do. v.r, and six miles trom Murristowu, and Within one quarter ofa unitot (hUnioii'uhspftsTad, near Pleasant valley, called tlie Distilk - ry Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part of which is excellent meadow, one lourtii part plough and pasture land, und tbe remainder limber. A considerable part of tbe timber is of the original f - rowth, and is suitable lor sawine, the other part is thnlty young umber, from rjfteen to tweuty years growth. There are on said farm upward of six hundred apple tree:, in fine order, eight to sixteen year old, Uie most oi them oi graded fruit, and mora than half of tlit - m Harison apples, so famous lor cider, i 'Jlte meadows are dut and free front stone, through h bicb runs two lively stream ol water, and nearly the whole may bo watered. One of these slretinis h sufficient for a grist - mill or other works there aru saw mills a grist - mill, av fulling null and od mill, on Uie same stream. On said ann are (wo valuable acites for waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable pond, with twelve or filteen feet head. Below this the water can be taken into a race, and in less than twenty chain, on good firm ground, is more than twenty feet fall. In tins way tlie water can bo worked twice over willi the expense of only one dam Tliere is on said 4ann an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, hooted and well hooped with iron, sufficient l hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works is the still - house, so convenient y situated that the whole operation it completed without pumping Tbe water for condensing tbe spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of tbe still hoeae. nd ha sufficient bead to run into the cistern. Tbe buildings conust of wo small Irame dwellings, one good frame barn, 54 Teet long by 88 feel wide, under a part 01 which is a good cellar there are also hay house, cow sucus, ax. ALSO, - 1 Valuable property at Lour wood. In the town ship of Jefle rnn, six miles from Dover, on tne main branch ol Koiktfway Haver, consisting ol a very value tile iorse, wtth two urea and one nam user ; abundance of water the whole year, a large pond, and n very warm situation, and for fifteen years past ha made a much iron as any two fires in the county. The ore is within lour miles, and a part of the road turnpiked. The several tracts connected with this establishment amount altogether to altout fourteen hundred" acres, the greater part timber, to make a durable supply oi coal for the forge. Immediately adjoining the fiirge it very valuable plow and meadow land auukieut fo three farms of one hundred acre each, with hootet, orchard and hams, beside several good dwellings for the families that may be employed in working the lorge. Tbe whole or any part of this very valuable property will be sold at such price and credit a will make it worthy the attention ol any person wishint: to purchase. For further iniormatiou enquire of JACOB LOSEV, at IXyer. ISRAr,L CAM IELI, at Morristown. BLACK WELL ax M't ARLAN, at N. York, frh SttDfct'ri t.G and HAKNK&b. HANDSOME Gig, of tbe best workman t akin, hut littla wntn f ttlan. a lumM. tri match, ior sale at A. QUICK'S, Coach - Ware - nvuie, D3 ornao - iireei. ap in iw Abl I Ua I ION in a couatiog - hoose, broker's, sottery - ottice or aortioa store, is wanted by a middle - aged, married gentleman, who i well calculated togire aalitfactioa in any of the above line writing a good hand, being a good ac - ooontant, aad pessaasmg the French, German, and Italian language. The beat reference aud racommetxhitioot can be given. rrr A Im iLklr.J to F. 8. and IeA at this ofice will ba prqqiplly attended to. npl7 COOKAXD MVRSE. ' ITA5TEP, ks nsaU fajnily.awhite T T who uodcrslaad cooking, washing and ironing. . . , Also, a gurl about 14 years oM to take care of two chitdrut) Nooe need saake application but ' Dto woo can orxxluc tesiiatosiab of rood dsaracter. Aryly at 177 - etreet. ap tj 4t , . (Tl ft) LET A TSLOOJUlJfODjtLK. . 1 "Ttu IuuiU anil lln..i.iv In ll. estatoof John Shaw, tituaud oa the eighth ate - au. On Uie rtmisetar an excellent double bouse, - stable, coach and ice honse, witb every thing else requisite for such an etUhUsbotant. 11 it pre med any ; other descriutioa is atmocetsa - i" snofy inciwcd to rent will virvt) in ptare. Also, the larea liia nrouf atura ia the mr m bouse 1 1 Ond IJ Parl - trat t where thrre is ftii sale sodieojd Madera Wine, by Ui Demijolin. rT lauucr arucutar, appiy o liMijlr9 A.ViM ni. BKA1V, ; 1 1 PeT - tret. iOR SALE UK JULKA. ' Lots in tbe 5, 6. 8, and 10 Wards i many of wlch are oa reguluted and pevod sUeets. No moary will be required uuder ten years, if toki, suwieM cjsccptea. Several 4 wo and thrr stor v bowet. on whicli a greui carioi nm money reniam oa ayortgage. . I L.AniVi AT KF.n HIKlk' ' Aa excetlentstaurl for busineso, nth tti acre or land, pasanUy situated, with a whaxr, store house ftiid tinrn. COTTOJI and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, ' Near Ntw - Haven, with 41 acre of land, and a never tailiaVsstreitin. upon wtktchtR) mill may be eiecwo, Mtiin a uiuct. - ocy ot watersoreacn. Apply at . Ao, 2 Greenwich slruet i . jan IJ rills property at Brooklyn, belonging lo li Mitatai ol Cars Ludlow, luceasad. couust - mg ol a ndw tin ee story brick house and iotof ground, a siiore nouse, lormeny occupH'ii - is a distillery,' a small frame builoinir and lot ol ground, and two vacant lots adjoining ti e above premises. 1 his property i situated within a lew rod of the teaiu - hoat terry, on the road to Pierpout'a Distillery, and extends from the hill to the river. . - - Also lo let, from tlie Unit of May next, the house and lauds On the bill, in the rear of the a - hove described premises. '1 he hnunti is well a - dapted for a private lankily or for a public house The situation, Iroiu its eh vated ixxilino. com mends a very extensive i fid beautiiul view of the city, the LastKiver and Uay of Aew - xcrk. The grounds (urrouniing tW house (about five ft IV l L . . . acres oi inna; are in . ns sxaio m cuiuvauwo, For uruw, puly to . - GEO. W. MORTON, ml) 21 if No. 59 William - rt. MOUN r VERNON HO l r;i THE subscriber lake this metbod lo in form the poblic that ba has taken lor the emu mg season tliat well known stand formerly o cu pu d by Dyde, abosit fiv miles from the City Hull, on the Boston road txu intend to open it us a public houie iuf lb reception of company, on the 6rt of May next, wbeu getlemau and la - diet will he accommodated with every Couilurt and elcgauce lo he expected at such a. home, oo the must roatonahle tei ins. Tbe best of liquors of every toil will be always kupt ready. . , EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Warded a good woman cook. ai 2 1m ' ' r UK SA LK UU i'O LLA3E, On accommodaiiug turms, a oouiWr el Watur and. building loth, nsiu - mnl, adjoining tbe oavy - yard. al Eiooklyu. . For naviculars, ou - quiioof,i! ' ! .t - 1 ' , h .. SAMUEL EVANS, ' . jtuiWtf'i ' BrodVlvn;1 j ' ': . ' , vo i..2v I... . The mMI 3. story hrkk house .No - (" Vmfi - street, suitable for a person carryioc on a trade iuthhousr.,luiving .". light garret and a widdlio& sites! store - 1 Possession given imuio - diaxciv; .. fbiicuire.iir , ... : - ' - " DAVJU STlLLWAGGON. . j . oihSltf, , .Slor.t - strm - t.near Bmad - Mrret. ; Tr 11 ht one nr mnrt itunj, The' fbuWih? Imates - house No. 90 A Br. udway, two door abnve Washington Hall. with a conch bouse in he r ;,r if n ouirt d - r Alio. a time story brick h u - e ,'o. 416, in said street. AIo, a hew and ecnle'J tivu story brick house. corner of Lisptuurd uil Chunh - trreets, the terms moderate, r or iurinr particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. mhjf SI ap Id yjiLUAULU HOOKS. J VST raiyed and for kW by E. VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below I'ine - itrealt Caviar theory of the earth! Wilkinson's Memoir Detldridje' works, Srolsfivo; HuiiUr' bacrd Bkvrut'liy, 5 vols f'.vo j Dole - UnviUe's French ' and English pictiouary, to which in prefixed a I'ryncb Grammar, .., , i I'O LET, th lower pari pt a gaotrel house in Spruce - si. Eoquire as above. 1 - f., t .,1 i : t OUS.iLKUrt lV Lh.Tt v ' At a low reut, aud iMMseniba riven iem - diautly, the targ and eltgant 3 story brick house No. 104 Greuich - trei, replete with every convenience tur a large family, tltoato iw OM'Oi the moslheallby and pleasant parts of tlie city: auu Being oica lo vvaliingtor - stret, commands a fine view of the Hudson River and Jersey shore.: If eoid, the terms will be very easy, a most of the money may remain on mortgage fur iOor It yeanApply at No. 133 or UU Pearl - ttrttt. . - .I - km... .'..I apIS TO LKT. . . I Those two' fire proof dwellinc lliuit. No. 74 and 76 Matt street, alout ten minute walk from the Coffee House. . They will if put in coupl - te repair, aod well rnh - ulaird fotieHJ ttel fainilwa. Apply at Not 137 Water timet. ' mhlltf Htute, blaiile, Gardrn, ke. at Ureenuuh, , . ' ', TO LET : ! Tbe aubscrilier will let or lease. Inr a term of years, hi bouse at Giennwiciu, It is pleasantly situated on the bank of tlie Hudson, and calculated to accooimodntv a laree family. For term, apply to . , DJVIE BETHUNE, janaii ' ST. vva'l street. G Tu LET, At a low rent, a three story dwelling in Aorfulk - at Enquire Of dwell it mh 26 El): N. COX, rkk S6 )VatUtrt - t. ' TO LKf OH l.e.iht - ., . , ; From the Itt May uexL en 'reasonable (emit, a larxe cooveirteutdwellinic house, oppo site Love Lane, near tlie two mitest. Bowery. at preseni orcupieu ny rtlnH Adruios Wi ll calculated fori wo iHniifirs. having two kitchens, witb t rooms, pantiies and vault, a stable and coach house, a well of good water and two cit tern. It lib a very large ganlen, well stocked with shrut - s and fruit tree i notatstiou of which can be hud on tlie 1st April next. , A lo to rent, a genteel 3 story brick house No. 4M Greenwich - street, with or without a stable the rear. Apply at fvo 4'JQ UrrenwlrVst. to lIALbEY 4i COS MAN, nbSl tf 14 fsW - sttn. 'JO LhtT From the first cf May next, 'a front roent - iag room oa the second floor, together With thie apper lofta. Enquire No. 167 Pea.1 street. jan S4 II ' OAiJMLIuA .... Eight lot of eround t!rsr.Jy lileated oo Uie north aide of Stauton - strcet, and extending iron rsex to Aorfuja - street AH, lour tuis adjouiinr thereto, and Irou line oo Essex - street, each lot btnneSj teet front and rear, by lUUftet kt depth. Tliese twelve lot may be uerchanrf at a .are aaodarala nrkie.' for cash, and il not dis posed, of at print al before the 7tii dsyoT M ay, they w ill on iriat day oe aoia ai puimw hia. at tl - e Tootiae O.tlee lioa, at I o'clock. by BLEECKEllaC BloBY, with v. bout a map 1 : STO&F. TO LET. IWJI Hie fire proof atom in Covernetira - liuie, between Water ainl IVont - atrect, roin May next. A pi ly to . , nihil 'I . . 29 houtli - etreet. e'"" '" WUT," ' " TU GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - tir - rect. 11m sttuaitou of this house, and Ks acooiiodatioos, justly reenter it an object Will worth Use aiUnUon ol any cajrsM deMrou ofkc r p. ing a IsKraUve public house. It will be let, fur - tudMhior uoluruwhad, and immediate t - ommumi given. Apply at No 137 WateMtrtet. - mh 17 if . . FOR eALE, aAt rBOMtnyy in thk cit o oKW - yoRR. Ct A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II J' Bowerv STABI.K in th l,nr tnvll.. r with the LfJT, 44 leet front, 42 fixt rear and mi wm earn sion. HOtJSF. ami LOT No. 37 Vesey - tlreet , and House and Lot No. 39 Vrsey - sUeet. A bOSO aad MORTGAGE lor 1300 dollars, do and do for 7ii k do aad. . do (of 450 . do On valuable uronerty in tlta city of New - York. The isiierett has alwaj, bctB pnncturlly paid. Fur particulars inquitf at the uflice of . STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, , i ; deelOtf 5o. ST Wall - s1n - t. , s7rx : " n.iiVAAt'A iii GHEKAIVKU. To he let. the house aad xround - frontinr On Greenwich Lane, belonging to tlie twtatu of tne late Samuel Milligau, and at prcseut occu pied by Mr. David Ely. For particular enquire of JOHN M'KF.F, lumber uwrchaut, fool of N. Moore - stre,4, vr vf y. rnmuir - tn ice Man oi iNew - nou. - feh8tf - Tt 1 The tpaciou 4 - etory lire proof atore , at tne toot of Liberjy - strr et. lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray 4r Sont. PoHcion to be (riven on the first May next For terms, apply to .MAJOR St CILIXoHE, ap .9 " 79 (up atii - s) line - sti eet. The house in Hudsou - sauare, lately occupied by John U. Murray, tq. It i po cioua ami cIcL'unt, and poetted of every r quibite convi'iiirnce. Punaesaiou inty be uwl iiiimeuiatcly J or terms, apply to MAJOR it CILLESI'IE. . 7X (up tir) Pinentrert. X. 0. Tlit above ropi rty yt ill ht uuld to any one ilewnma to puichusc, and the pay iiietit made convenient. . an P ' Ui Htll.UIAGb. Two officsa hi Law Buildings No. 3, to lie rtutel." Apply on the - pri'Uiiiss. lo JAMES A. HAMILTON, Eui.ur iaNo.oll BitMidway li b tdtf . . ! POti&rtLk, OH TO LHl - large two storv. House aid ahout 10 ncicsof land, tietweeu the 6 and 7 mile i tout. Bioouiingduie Road. or iHrttrular eiiqnue oi Alta.8. Del'Eii - I Lit, nplllru Near llir I'm inpes. 710 LA V, From the 1st of May next, the lower couutinir room or oo m south - street. : 'i .:. - - ALbO. ' . '. .The. tipper counting room, Ho. 7 1 Bouth - st. - r - Apply o , V JAMfca l'WOLF, Jr. , . leb 13 . ; - ., .,. .. hi - r ront.alraat llOilhr; TO BfTLtTTT Silaatad about 3 - 4 mists Irosa the City Hull, on tke out pxwt - roaU, and adjoimiig tlie housea of G. k Hi Wait. ) The house w a neat ly fluisbed oo, aud tttfor a tmjll family ; hut i aitiiati and celiar, i parlors, 3 bad - rooms, and X, goaU ceiled gar - ralt.. i her is a small garden, and k stab) lit . for a horse aud gig. ' Inquire next tloor lo Use premuet, or at 64 Mmduo - lan. p 13. - ' C tor iuie or lo 4. el. The house and grounds of the subscriber ul itloomingiiHie, m - arineo nn:c stone, siiiinutl on thu banks of the North Kiyer. Th lloutu is modern built, 60 feet front with trrriiri d piatsas and coovoaieal out houses, aJI recently painted. nnd in couipkle order. . - The groumls are highly cultivated, the garden extensive anil goodand there are on the place a tticat variety of shrubs. fruit aud, forest retfl and uuip yf excellent water. For terms, which, will bp reasona arnlyto a' ALaWBEaCI - YJXlUT, auie, ap t 1m ' ' ' 07 Pine - ttrrt. s - .Tbe House No. 78 Droad - slrret. with the oUiie, ttrire - hiiuse, and slahks contiguous, and all - Cllf,IUIII& MKIlU. . f ..Ltf. tor...... i,. ' ' " ' IU L.A!!., 1 For a term of rears, in lots or parcels, thai part of Rose Hill situ it on the W, 3d. and 4Ui avenue, on thetfUil, 24th, 26fb, Wlh, 7lh, tlflh, aud S0th afreet, winch heluigt lollr. Aun Roger. For particular apply lo JAlttt. A. HAlfl.lU.V, mh 13 If No. 31 jw Bulk inns. TO LtC'J', : The lollnwina Houses, vif : I hehouse No. 9i Jolui - strtit . ., - . .i The house No. V7 fo The house and store No. 395 Pearl - street The house and store No. Ill Cherry - street , J A. Jt, 5 w, biiAtV, febff No.S flowery. . O' f" I'W Tli store No. SO Wall - street. Fosse. siou may be hud iniuitdialeJy Apply ad No. 18 hp I II . 'lO L&Ji&k., Jwtiermni atavs. 1'he house and lot No. SO Cedar - atrei t :oainiuingsix rooms with lire place,, betide the kitclieii, patilrict, vaults. c, UU a wtii pi ochJ For sale, the nneipirrd term, eleven years, of the lot No. 69 Murrav - slieiL in the occupation of William Patttr.Mi, no le ue from the Lpisce - psi vnsriHuu oi. y.iini. imjuire oi - - J. W. 4 W. IJ. OIUUI.IUAHr fehtSdlf. ' . t - No. 44 Pine - street. istore end Cellar to 11. The Store and Cellar No, C7 line street loi,etlow, apply ou the premises. - ap aw 'till IT ln tfill A genteel S - stury brick ho one, with t snug enrden, havhiga stahlc in the rear, situat ed In the aiot Pl - ant part ol iiroailway, aDii' SOmiauieswalkfriMii the Cily Hli reul 40 lerauuum. r or particulars, apply 17 t eiir - treet. ap 4 x w ' tu J. n r. The handsome 3 story brirk house and stable No. 310 Broadway, r or terms enquire ai ap A. IIUISU'S lntelligenreollke, 59 CUmUr - strecL II ' ' ' - - Cr OT) L,tT, ' A coovcnint two slory hoie, pleaianl - l Taiattd inCUarle tr. - et, ivernn - - uen - rahle irsidence foi a carlman or iun.hann rent luw. For particular enquire ai ,o s nnirrayr rtreet. ' ' " 1'14tf JZZ - f'fo x.r. " " ilUf The store Wr cellar room ot thore ihrea storv houses No. 10 and It Broad - rtretl. Also, a good house at Greeawnb, and' ooe at HrlJw, whh two and a knit vt of groesU, oetManhaiUuitiUe. Apply at && atroadwar. orta : ) CilAB. OAKLcil,'' apStr . - .4tlrow1 - reef. nut fuuoy arunr. To let and pofetsion Cmt of Atay next. I ha lour .torT1 lite u'roof store. Kn.' 54 h - uth - at. olthecrowodlslcll, lor oi Itxrtwet - atvOtrt iukI Ukl - ahje. Uiiiuii ol fti who may la? ditpuxd tu purtliaic ' aiKvi - nlaar. . !rte - A t i V - i.. Iwar.att raw t Washiiictoii. 8th AnnL I ft7" Proaosaiswili he rrcfived at this V - pariaiiut, until first August text, to fprnisb t j, contract From one to six millions of brick ' - ' Fiomeoe. tutwo atillions of cubic feet ofbti! - , J ding stoiisr . e rum ten thousand to Grty thdmand Laihtltof etneeiube.' ' - .. j - ' ' s To he delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Ponfcuartruin, River Mississippi, and Lake Ba - . ratsria the time when ihe first delivery n'Uf mude,and the quantity which cno be - delivered in each succeeding U,e first dtiivtry, roust be iaied with the terms.' ' l'ropoaala will also fo received for froos fifty to our hundred carientrs I lor Irtm ona hundred to one hundred and fifty, masons ; td from two hundred to three hundred labnrei, to proc eed to Mobile and Louiriana, to construct buildings of various rltsr riptions at the before mentioned iSIa - ' c. It would lie preterawe to case tne tnatuos. carpenter, and lahurcr lurnithedaiidacoanpaa'' i tf by master workmen, rrungf ments would he made loimnkit the person ettL - naed to exe cute U.e work, iroin July to November, at those ; positions embraced pi the before auemiotn - o tua.v ce. which tX'iilir upon tlie Gulf ol Mexico - t.iiSRgeriMirit would iiut be made for a shorter penod than alidit uieuthe, Satisfactory ecuri(y would be rtouirritior the laitlilul iwriormaoco ol any runlracl that may be made. '1'he teimt tip - , on which workmaailiip and labor would bojtt - iwibwu, uiuai pa vilu u uie propocni.. - t Brigadier General and Chief Engineer . The printers of the Portland Gatrtte, TX M.'i, th Centinel ard Patriot, Both a the Evening 1'nit and tlie Columbian, New York ; tl Com - .' monweultb, I'iltsiiurgh, Pcnn. I the Rf porter, Lexington, Kn.; and the Gazette, N. w - Or - leaos, v ill please to insert the foregoing for one mouth and lorwwd their accounts lo the Eogi - . n.rr DcpBrlniPiil. ap13 1ni iMlso btAbntY having talon tlie pleasantly situated house No. 13 North Moore - . , street, inlorin her Iriendstlia she intends c moviny thereon the first ofMty nxl,aodon tho . fiHirth will bu ready to receive your ladies, n - :, tber as hoarders or day k holars. The yarioua . hrawdie of useful, and ornamental Education, , ivill lie taught upon her osaul terms, which may, be known liv applying at No. CO Johs - ttioct,, m. 14 tot' . f r", BANK CF NEW YOrlK. " ' ' 07 - TH (.resideni nnd director give notice, that a dividend ol lour and a half per cent on Ihe capital stork nfthfl bank, will he made oil tlie' - I st day of M ay net I. for ti pried ul six mopths, from tlie 1st Noveiuher Mi 7. to the 1st ol May liilO, r.avuLle to (Iw slotkholdi rs at the Bank a demand. By nnlrr of the hoard of tluectert. p 16 loif CHAM - WILKF - tfi 1 ' ILl.rl - t" ". ru rr7 AH persnnii liaviug any claim teairurt the - ol th lute tun of Whiiitg it Watsoiv upou txckatigi dccountM, are hereby notified that unless lucli claims be presented before lite l&th , day vf May 'niiXt, the uUcribr will consider ihroi itiiim, and win not reUdn any lunoi nv, his hand for the purpose, of maeting thcni. ap 10 3tr 4 ii. vy. - . . ..' onCETr. ' 7"' fjXy'All perton hav in demand against (lie. I'stui of Doctor Archibald IIro4.,deceaarrl,re lequekted to sefid their account lo IheoOicaoC' the subscriber, No. 6 Ntsau - tttt. . - - raiifciwAi ininiii;, Mh Vt ilm . Arimlailrat. CL '.'i wotiiare. ui the New - 1 oik Library so - ciety, FOR bAl.K, price each, roqutro at no. 134 Broadway. ' ' mh 2 ,'. . AOTICE. fj T1e iuliic ribers have formed connection for tlie purpose of traotactinK (miinii"ri. Beeines, uuder the firm ot S. and T. WHITTE MORE, nnd kill for the present do bnsioest at No. 61) Boulk and 1V9 Pearl - streets t and will constantly keep tor aaie a genet al assortment of Cotlon and Woolen Cards, of the HMUutfaclurt ot' Uie Uie New - York Manufacturing Company, , Just received. Perachr. Sandutliy, Uitm bile, and lor sale, '; , ,(, , IJ bale Utere mi i , , ; : 24 tack Entice Root ? of prime quai. , 2 dolleeiwnx.' r , . BAML. wBITTEMOREL,' ap t Im ' T1MO. WHITTfcMORE? (D Mr. LAI - LOP liaviiiu - ukeu the houso - No. 21 Hroailwsy, now in tlie occupancy of Mr. - John 1. Clover, ofiera from the 1st of May next, a remuence to grniicnitn, ana lauic. . J na ploiintncof (he aituxtiotiiiceds oo comment. mil 24 tf . MRb. DKLUC.E, loiUmar, trau J'nris, N,o. t8 lleed - itreet, inform Umladio tt New. York.wd barcuttoasort, thai beside her eprinr batt, tlu ha just received a handset aMt - meot of f aria aboae, faakineablo mertn tbawlv Lirguora atf, (oip ImU, flower 4CV ap in - . iw .' - - .... - .i . , QtiJJi b.1Lt A farm Id the villi. t ot West Bloorofieil. itilLssev'counfy, stnte of New - Jerssy, within W mile oi the city of Mew - York, eonUHiing ahout Unity actc o land, uuout six mr of which" ia weodlarMt, of a youaa; oad, ll.nlty growth, ot, well timbered (he residue consists of good rnea - uv.i wty l vhhh iirviwf,,, iii a fi uiiiih. iwaririf; condiiuia, from whit hicideroi Mm first quality cut he Hiado,tliffuithriu40iatluiiecoUtctioo There Is ou the iirtiuise new kasue uxxlem, huilt house, iiTthe liest material and well finlih - ed, two stories high, 40 leet in length and 33 fret in depth, containing five laree room with fire placet in each, fc - etdea kitchen and BrtmttU ia the garret. Also, garden, no excellent bans, cow boete, ka. a The uhove oWribad property will be tokl befow ti value, th uhtcrihor M - tng detirout of (elllimi wilh his foully in tease omi of Ibe western stjtcs. 'i ties situation oi' it is terv Iwallby und dtiiialiUs, being oo (he turnpike road, vliiclt will shoitly he in coutinuaiion of tlie grot Western Turnpike leading flora the cily of Jersey lo Lake Erie, and Is a tood stand tffhef for a store or tavern. 'Thf surrounding country. eVKuhtfoh. aadrs tctttd byaoaeisi point of pruaiiect. asitcnasaaaadta fail aarwof Uwesty of Aew - Yerk, boye. river npd the Aifontic, Ocea. 3 h r i a variety of Irml in lb soesoat iu gieat profusioa j aa l large .' ver failusg IreauM of waUr ran configuou lo the village, whereon arc trecU d large colfon and wovlea lactone in full operation. ' " 1 1. aihulr ut a uart of the land Will ht ffokr . airh il ss snav suit the tMirchaaer. and military bounty rood wdl be takea ia part pay. meat.. V . ' ' " r or term, api'ty to Jl ttedUen, kq. la, the city of Nw - Ymk, r Utbe tubscriber e Ui irmief wke will give ad bidispajSaMe till. spill :" . rriHAi'Vi r. Jiii - rj - . TO LET.. " 1 . A very contenieia bouse, wUK about hau u acre of ground, about a mile troan the ' city, adjoining 111 bouse occupied by Mc More - : wood, Utaixt Green wka aod th Broadway road., Aplilj to. . ' KH5 R - MURRAY. , mil 35 if ' , Hudxiw - aquare. ruR ailt - E. aS A two storv rk3uaufuatevl in pearl. street. Brooklyn. trVeioa may w had on the Srat of May next, for part uiare, appty to the subacribcr, on U)C premise. - ndt Utf . ja!ij iiiu - Jon o.fX., . ... a I LJ f two - story brick fo - t Uoo Lo. No. :I3 Cherry - slraat Ker temv, tte. apply M 71 Pcxri - sTra. mra - L ,3 From 11 first of May next, the Hew V,ltGre - .tf cel. near BrvaJnay. Jm fkiyxt ' ... - ! . JJ.CKAIG. 'uttbeprtjit;. i 'I' i 1 ,! I ;;,if! , ' V ' K . . : .3 . ' ''. - - V) '

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