The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 21, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY: IN CHANCERY. " ihtuu Mornsos, " IN.penraaac of as. . , I 1 decretal order of AbrmhraSuringtB,jr. I this honorable court Pavall aad Du I made U the above ' Whtei' I cause, will be sold a - - 1 public suction, at tne 7oBtiM Cofle House, ia the city of New - York, twdertbe directioa of the sebeenber, on of the , Miters of Uiii court, oa Monday, (lie 27 tb dsy f April next, at eleven o'clock ia toe forenoon of that day, fourteen yean, im ssonuus aoa utb nrs unexpired term ofaurtaia tease of all the - tiaUi part oa the north da of those three certain lob of ground situated in tlx seventh ward of the cityof iw - xork, oa ine eat i aura oi venersoo - , street, distinguished ia a map aide of the land of Henry Rutgers, by number nine hundred aod thirteen, mm hundred aad Marten ana nine Hundred and fifteen I bouodad westerly in front bj Jfeflerfon - strect i easterly jo the rear by lot num ber nine bu' - Ired and sixteen noruiany oa one tide by Division street j and southerly on the otb - Cf Hoe oy ine remaiuuif nn nana ut turn aiuiv " said lots, number aiaa hundred and thirteen. Bine hundred aod fourteen, and nine hundred and and fifteen ; containing in breadth, in (root and - rear, nineteen feet, and in length seventy eight tt h the .mm nora or less, on each fide i al - . ways excepting from off the rear, or east end of VM said KN, B passage, ur gMiIi m iunini, L the nseof said lot and those adjoining. To - gether with the dwelling bouse and building ; erected and built 1000 the said premise, and the appurtenances thereunto belonging. Dated : March 26th, 1818. CHAS. G. FERRIS, Master ia Chancery, mh Mth6Ap6fcADUlw FOR SALE, M A very valuable PARM, neap Elixa - btthtown, in New J rsey, containing 109 acres, with every improvement necesaryfbr a farm. Will be sold very reasonable, and the terms made accommodating, or will be exchanged for purperty in Mew - York. Possession anay be had at any time J. if. LAWRENCE, ap 17 8tawlm Ko. 55 Fine - street. A LAW. To amend the Law relative to the Park, Bntte ' ry and Bowliog - Green. Fused April 13, 1818. BE it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city o' New - York, in C'omm a Council convened, That if any person or person shall, after being forbid or warned not 10 do (0, oy any person tnereunto ouiy authorised, walk over, stand or lie upon any part 01 ine para or nailery wnicn 11 iaia oui or appropriated for eras or shrubbery, without permission from the Mayor of the said city, or in hi absence, tbe Recorder or one 01 ine Aldermen j every such person shall, for every offence, forfeit and the sum of two Dollars. Sec. S. Aad be it further ordained, That ifj any person or person thall pull up, breaK down, trample apoa, or injure any of the tree, grass. or anruooery, 10 eiuier ni ine saw piucei, crj person so offending, (hall for any such offence, forfeit and pay tbe sum of Five Dollars. Sec. 3 - And be it further ordsfned, That the keeper of the said Park or Battery, is hereby required to tee this law enforced against person offiwdiog in the premises. B) the Common Council. J. MOHTOV, Clerk. Qy - The Printers to the corporation are re - qU 'sttid to insert the above three times a week lor one month. ap 15 eodlro OAB.D - Severn! gentlemen can be aixom - 1 modated with Board, at No. SO Vescy - st. af 15 eodgw Aei - fr Socitly Library. fjy Notice i berehy given, thnt ihe annual elrction for twelve truttettof the New - York So - ciutv I brarv. will be held at the library in Vas - au - strvut, on Tuesday, the With inttttut, from ooor. till two o'clock 1'. M. DMed April I3lh, iai3. a. ui.KLUK.t.11, beery fn 15 xojw s: ton j. - yf.f., A wry rrofitahlo F ARM, of 1 10 acre, two ihinli umfer cultivation, tlm residue wood land, situate n the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Matro Inland side and a hort ridd imm tlie steam boat ferry landing It arivea it verv eilensive view of the bay and en vironsof Vew - York, within the Narrow, and of Sunrlv Hook and the ocean For prospect is equalled hy none. The title i unquestionable.. Two thirds of the prchae money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. fountain on the premie, or to W. A. SEEI.Y. l't3Grernwich - treet. TO LET, a conveniei t new 2 story house, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre of land. For term apply a above. mh 3 eodtf MVajLAI HILL MANHloa BOOSE. Q70 LET, Fr ra the first of May next, the house known by the name of the " Mansion House of Mnivav Hill." atx ut thr e aad an sslf milrifrom the city : bounded on the (larlam Road. The house it convenient and r'tomv, and wuuld jo wer for a gentleman1 lunnner r - si .ence, a hoardine scbeol or public hcue. There area. bunt 4 acres of ground belonging to the premises, divided into a gardeo, orchard and I two. There is alto on the pjeoiises a ttable and coach bouse, out - house, sc. ad a well of good water Tbe building is handsomely situated, commanding a beautiful prospect and convenient to the public road. An industrious gardener would " more than nlile to pay the rents from the fruits and vegetable which he could raise. Tlie property will be rented very reasonable to a good tenant. For further particular, enquire on IIik premise, or at No. 7 iaiutn lane. an13fodtf CONEY WOOL. .J CUT received, 1?0ulhs first quality Coney Wool, for sale in lots to auit purchasers, at a very reduced price, ALSO, 1000 German Hare shin 1000 Smyrna do do 300 lb. Canada Beaver 3000 Red Fox skins, Musk Rat. Racoon, lie or sale by WM. OIL WORTH, aplOeodtw - 190 Water - street. . o.,t,r.LU tt JrRAie.iw'o i.Kt JLJ) and retail topper, pewter, tin, and sheet - iron kitchen furniture WARE - HOUSE, No. 38 Mai lcQ - Une, New - York: where may be Bad Plain and clannisbed block tin coffee pots Do. do. biersens Andfillerers Do.' do. tea and cone urns IV. do. newest pattern dish rover Do do. Do. do. cheese plalet and toasters sauce aud stew pan tea and Chocolate nnts w'llh nm Do. do. other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and sheet - iron line, a manufacture! aud sold, on the most reasonable terms, at their factory, no 71 Fulton - street, between Fiiemen's - hall and GoU - ttreeL N. B. W holesale orders executed in ih. k manner, and at the lowest prioaa. ap 8 3aw3w 0ZT BOSWELLfc LEMOINE (successors to and recommended by William ti Henry Hax all) trtasact vendue and commission business, Petersburg, (Vircinia. Theyocrasionally make advance! noon con - sgnsaetit cofsuutted to their charge. Reference tn ew - york to Mesrs. tamphell at Laurence. una rwat. man oami. vmg. ran M eoito BOARDINO. FEW genUemea caa Im accommodated Xa. with Board, ia priva' (family, in a pleas office we kiij 01 jersey nonire at this P 11 la a - r - v - - .j 5 of to on or, ' hi the of r on MtDJCAL BCnCRCZ LOTTXJ - T Ho. S. A C U E M E. - lX tpriie of . 100,000 ia 100,000 . l'. of 60,000 50,000 i.:" , ef mkx 20,000 1 . of 10,000 10,000 1 of 6,000 4VW0 t of ' S.000 4,000 45 of 1.000 45,000 st of " 100 s,oo 5,360 of 30 160,000 464 Prizes 10,53 Blanks 160X10 Tickets at Jfc each. 400,000 Lass lhaa two blanKs to a prise. Will draw are hundred number each day an til coa Dieted. Part of the above prize to be determined as follow. The lint drawn lumber from the flint to the fifteenth day inclusive shall be entitled to f 1,000 eacn. The first drawn three thousand blank to be en titled to $30 each. THE FIRST DS AW SDMISE OR THK 16th day . . . . , . $1,000 17th day 1,000 18th day . . . . . . . 1.000 19th day ...... 1.000 30th day . . . . . . 0.000 lt day 1,000 ltd day . . . . . . . 1,000 Z3d day . ' 1.O00 14th day S.000 ZMh day 100,000 The drawing to commence on tbe Brst Tues day in August neat. Ticket for sale by the manager until tbe 18th April. All tbe ticket remaining in their haods will be sold at auction, accord ine to law. at the Union Hotel, ia the city New - York, on the 27th April neat, at ten o'ciock Mine lore noon. 8A.ML. I.. MITCHILL, - Z ISAAC DENN1STON, g MOSS KENT JEREMIAH JOHNSON .3 JOHN M'LEAN, )? mhI9eodtm WH SALE. A FIRST rate fast trotting Horse, and a fash - ionabb - Gig, but little used. Also, a light neat one horse waggon. Apply to THOMAS II. THOMAS, ap IS 10 William - street. fO SALE, A COLOURED BOY the time limited by lawa smart, sober and iodustrious lad understands all kinds house - work, and takiog car 01 hones 1 also working on a mrm or in a garden He is nineteen year of age and of a rood disposition. Any person trial wants a lad possessing mose qualification, win get inlorma tion at Notf5 Bowery, mh 36 tT ELIJAH WARD. 'PHE owoerofthe French Boarding House, J. No. tlfl Court land street, havine concluded decline on the 25th of this roonth.oflV rs for sale accommodating terms, tbe household furni ture of hi establishment, which he will dispose either in whole or in part. For further infor mation, inquire as anove. ap 8 zw PROSPECTUS yon rcKLitniRc at iPsscRirrioiv A MAP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. PIIE publication of tnisMap has bea under - L tnken with Uie impreiiioii. that it will ci - t lit ini'ormation, highly into retting at this eventful crisis , and tbe valuable Map which the author has procured, during bin several tours through Mexico, in the yar 1806, 1807, It) 12, 1813, 11115, 1010, and 1817. induce him to heleivethat Map, with even all its imperfections, will be uiucti tne most pertect which bus appeared before the public. I hn Man will contain the latest and best information from the discoveries and possessions Uie Americ an, Spanish, Russiun, British and leuvn travellers and navigators ami repreten - una; uie claims 01 ineir respective governmeuu ihe Northwestern const of America. The Map sviH include that portion of North America, which lir twtween the Isthmus of Da - ritn. and ih4Sth decree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the r.u im' ucean. In site the Map will be about sit by five feet. and will be projected on a scale: of 40 miles to Uie inch, to be delivered to the subscriber at of - teen dollar acb. Natches, March 7, IftlO. ap7tAot FOR SALE, 'pHE rime of a smart Black Girl, that can X do all kinds of house - work and cooking. suchasisnecessarj foralumily, or suitable lor a public house. She understands cooking of oy tert, beefsteaks, ate. and would be a valuable acquisition to any public bouse , a preference wculd be given to any person keeping the tame, tint resides in the country. Suld for no other reason 1 nan tne want or a matter, t or further particulars, inquire at the comer ol Broadway and Ornnd street, Mount Social. N B. She 1 sold at her own request. ap9 tf VIANUFACI'OUY OK SILVER WARE. W. FORBEA, No. 90 door ' . above Wall - street, respectfully iufurms his friends and the public that be continues to manu farture silver tea aod table setts, chinch plate, spoon, forks, lailles, wnilcr, urns, siphons, fiili knives, Sic. He. ol the latest and most elegaut patterns, of the first quality of silver ami superior workmanship, at the lowest prices for cah. All orders executed iu a masterly manner, and warranted in all caies at least equal to any ar ticles of silver manufactured or told in this city. Iu addition to his own manufactures, he has ou hand ao assortment of rich plated aud fancy hard ware, which he will dispoje of very low, con sisting of candlesticks, cake baskets, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated ou steel, a very superior article; elegant pen. pocket and tporUman's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. mcb.O Im 'PHE vacation in Mrs. SHED I) EN'S Board X 111s Schotd, ht Newark, N. J. will termi nate on the last of April, and the exercises of the school will be resumed on the first of Mav next. There are now a tew vacancies and tl:ote parents or guardians who may have it in contemplation tn place their daughtrrt or wards under her tharee are ruuuetted to make earlv annlicatMii In this school are taught ti e English ai.d French language, (and latin, if required) writing and arithmetic, geography aud astronomy, plain ami fancy needle - work, inuic, dmicing, Sic. The system by which Mrs. Sbedden teaches the French language is quilt - new in this country, and u.eriis notice, as it facilitates in a surprising dc grt - e tbe acquirement of the accent. Terms may ne ascertained oy application to Airs. rlEO wcwara, 11. j 1 ner relerenres are, James Stoughtoo, V'jq. New - York t Revd. L. P. Bayard and Col. James Hedden, Newaik. p7tvj THK ART Ot AlF.UW.Vb. T W. GALLAUDET, 49 Fulton - street, ha JL . in pre;, TUE ART OF SWIMMING A aerie of practical instructions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the art of swim aiimr aiay be readily attained, with every d vantage of power in the water. Accompanied with twelve copper - plat engravings, compri ting twenty - six appropriate figures, correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action and atti tude, in every branch of that mvaluable art " The exercise of swimming is one of the mo?t healthy and agreeable ia the world." Fnok un. By J. Frost, many years teacher of Ue art at Noitingbam, England. To which is added, ur. t ranklm's trealis. also, nm anecdote re tiwctin; swimming. Copy - right secured. ap 15 iw WCLrMK WAHTEli. ANTED, in a wholesale dry rood tore, M 14. i - . 1 , - - , m rrnun woo writes m goou band, and is pertVtly qualified to take charge Of a Set of bmka kn k. A ui . , " - v r - uj "wvuic ruiry. spellers addrened to D. it B. at Urn oHice, with referen cesofcrutracterandcaoabOity, will meet with immedia' attention. r5 lw 'UNMBAUS - iii, tor sie by. CEBRA At CU.MIXG, 7 PMl - trett. p 13 & in he rXDlGESTfON, oft SOUR STOMACH, IS acknowledged by medical writer to be a complaint of stubborn kind, and at all time very difficult of cure. This is suOkieotiy illustrated ia die disappointment of those who unfortunately suffer under it, as they, fur the most part, find that after having tried maay things to little or ao purpose, they are at last obliged to M (for perhaps the remainder of life) such articles as can at best but palliate the disease. Under iuch circumstance, any medicine capable of removing the comnlaiitt. anust surelv be an article highly deserving tbe attention of all those wbo are ainicted witn it ; such a comninanon is in w met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTI - DYsEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the success of which has never yet beeu equalled, for tbe cure of dyipepsia in its most complicated form, lucb a loss of appetite, nauiea, heart burn, latulen - cy. koawing pain in Ue stomach, pain in the side, great costiveuess, paleacs in the countenance, languor, lownes of spirit, pain in Uie head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pill in the above disease, according to tip direction!, will never be disappointed, as they have never been oece known to lail in producing a radical aad permanent cure. The use of a (ingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not luerefy by neutralising tbe acid, but bycor - . 1 . 1 - 1 .... 1 . L. a ... I. ir I. leciinz inuri asoruia iuk 01 uie nvicuum .m"' gives rue to it, and at the same time will rcitore to thedebilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well heinc of the animal economy. Price one dollar per boa. t'orsaleby JOH.V C. MORRISON, Druggist, No. 188 Greenwich - street, Where mav be had. wholesale and retail, a large and gen ml assortment of genuine Drug and Mediants t surgeons initruojenis 5 Apoinc carv's Glass - Ware : Enirli'h and American Pa tent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and fuller's aiti cles, Medicint Chests, &c. On liberal term, mh ti 2m N. SMITH D A V I E S. Wholesale and retail Chymical Perfumer, No. 151 BROADWAY, BEGS leave to inform his friends and cuitom ers, Uiat he has 00 hand no extensive assort meal 01 nerfuiu rv and fancy art i( let. vis : sha ving soap and liquid ; washing soap in cakes and balls 1 antique oil ; cold cream 1 charcoal and chymical deotifric 1 rouge and pearl powder ; plain and scented hair powder ; almond powder ana paste ; miia 01 roses ; nara ana sou pomatum 1 tooth, cloth, shaving, hair, nail and comb brushes, of superior quality ; tutors ; tcitsors ; nen and pocket knives 1 stiavine and ures - sinr coses : Docket books and many other arti cles, too numerous to menUon, for sale wholesale and retail. ap A VHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and successful use ol this ointment is a sufficient recommendation, hi it ha oeen found to he a pleasant, safu and certain re medy for that disagreeable disease in all it tta - es. it i lor tale in trie city 01 rew - 1 ora, ny . A. AC VY. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. T Clark, No. 85 Maidea - Laoe ; H. H. Schicffclin it Co. No. 193 Pearl street; Lawrence & Kecte, No. 195 Pearl - street ; flail i Bowne, 146 Pearl street ; 11. & L.Murray, 313 Pearl - street : J. M. Rradhiirst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryee ii roe, in I'earl - treeti J"hn C. Mormon, 18U Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, 100 Broadway; Walter tl Seaman, cornel of Chaoibtr - sl. ID J t I . : ' 1 .. 1 1 1 . . n .1 short it may be procured at most of the Drug Stores in thin city Also in Philadtlphia, of S. u:, f. . r - ...... Iln..,ll vnr4h it lln. at u'HH , ucviqi ..naiii ,i,wiiu itert, and almost ad the drugitts ia the principal towns in the United Slates. i.txrwiaa, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may had at the above places. jnn?26ni BOARD WANTED. By a lady inaprrvate family, she will furnish her bed room complete. None need apply, but persons of the first respectability. Enquire at 15 Mur ray - street, ap 10 TO FARMERS. T' HE subscriber can furnish the farmers of I Uie adjacent country with ground Platter of Paris in any quantity, on the shortest notice, in barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb S3 tf Foot of Harrison(st. N. R, MMJSCAFE FLOWER PAUfllSG, I t U. WALL. Diioil of the celebrated Geo V Miller, of Dublin, Teacher of Landscape and Flower Painting, Drawing from Nature, Characteristic, Foliage, tic. cVc. For terms, apply at No. 44 Nassau - street ; where speci mens of hi work may be seen. W. U. WALL hopes, Irom bit style 01 paint ing, method of teaching, and a strict atteotion to the dude of his profession, to merit a contin uance ef those favour he ha so amply received ap9 2fft VALUABLE BOOKS. JUST received and for sale by ELIAS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street ; Wilkinson's Memoirs, 3 volt fl vo ; Rob Roy, second Philadelphia edition, with a glossary ol the Scottish words and phrases ; A great variety of new and interesting books for children, 18moi. Also, just received by Ihe Mary Cliza, from London, and for sale as above, a valuable assort ment of theological and miscellaneous works, ve ry scarce. Engraving and copper - plate printing exe uted with neatness and despatch. np h CROSS - STREET NOTICE. VT OTICE it htreby given to all persons mter 1 ested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment nppoin'td hy the supreme court ifjudicuture of the ttate of ."Mew - X oik, to per 101 m riTtnoi duties relative to Ihe enlarz iiig and iioprnviiig Cross - street, in the sixth Waldo tl,e. - i ol New - York, have completed tlw.r ttiiiu.ite un I ns'e.tinent, at well of the loss and ih ui; c siKiamed ovi - r and above the bene fit and advaii'dge received hy the ownen of the lundt and preuatts required lor said improve. ment, as tlo 01 H.e be i - elit ana advantages re ceived ny the owner, and parties interested 01 and iu certain lauds and premises not required for tbe said iinprn tmi'ts. And that we the said commissioners have demsited a tiue copy of surbeatiiunte and asseiii m, in the clerk's of fice of the city of New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice j hireliv further eiven. that the r?U"'rt of the said cotnrwmioiiert of estimate and assessment will be presented to the supreme court of judicature of tlie state, of New York, at tbe Citv Hall of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of iay next, at ine opening 01 ine court on mai day, or at mon thereafter at counsel can be heard Iheieon Hate, 1 mil 7Ui day 01 April, luiu. JOHN FORCES. WILLIAM TORR EY, Comminioners JOHN L. LAWRENCE. ) np 17 I4t HENRY - STREET NOTICE. VTOTICK it hereby riven to all persons inter Ll esled, that the commissioner of estimate and asM ssment, appointed hy the supreme court ol judionture of Uie state of New York, to per - lorm certain dutir relative to the enlarging, ex - tendins; and imnrovinr ilenrv - street. between Clinton and Grand - streets, in the eighth ward ol the city of New York, have completed their estimate and assessment, a well ol the loss and dtirnuze sustained over and above the benefit and advanlace received hy tbe owners of Uie land and premises required for the said improvement, at also of Uie benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested of and incertiin lands and premises not required lor tn said im pmvement. And that we, the said commission' ers. have deposited a true copy of tuch ettimatr. and assessment in the clerk' ofV , of the city of New - York, for Uie inspection of whomsoever it may coocern ; and notice is berehy further given, that the report ofthe said commi winners of es timate and assessment will be presented to the s mmt ronrt ol tuilicature of the state of N. York, at the City Hall of the city of N. York, on Monday, Uie fourth day of May next, at the opening nf the court on that day. or a anno thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated this 17th day of April. 1818. JOHN FORBES, 1 WILLIAM TORREY, Commissioner HENRY MEIGS. ) up 17 Ht Nxwivaert and caAstaioamaiHTA TBRII TtMa A WXKK. f r THS1I LAVr.s newoorgn w rv Sunday, 'luesoay, PHUana inursuaj muini,', three o'clock, run through ubiifff. RlnominetMireB. itioniiccuu, uj White Lake, Coshectoo, Mouut Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango roint, Uwega, liuica, iki' neva, toCanandaigua. Returning leaves Canandaieua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning at Uiree Vlnck. and arrives at NewDurgn. tnemiru day in time to take the Steam - boats which .rrive in New - Yuik the following morninpr. $y U stay bt u peeled that at all times vhen the lUam - bcals alter their days of running, that this hnueill alter so as to meet Hum. The whole route will be perfumed in three day, from the first of Mav, until Uie firt of Xovemoer ana trom tne nrsi 01 nucmut. until Uie fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from tbe 15th December, un til Uie fifteenth of March the ame line will bt continued to the eity of New - York and run from thence to Canandaieua in four days. Passenger travelling; from New - York to Canandaigtia, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three day a distance of three hundred mile. The line is well furnished wiUi good, new carriages ; good homes, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller afe, easy and expeditious ; and it U believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. (ft - FAKE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; Uicnce Uirough Newtown and Painted Post, to Bulb, &c. V BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh, V. i V St. John. Mount I'leosai;L L. k R - Manning, Chenango, l Proprie - l.uther Gere. Ithica. tor, Samuel GreenlitT, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laiitiug, mh 14 dfiin VALUABLE REM. ESTATE FOR SALE, isr ma UTT or saw youk. F'lVE lots of ground tn the west tide of Greenwich - street, between Vettry and Desbro - ses - streets, 25 by 80. f our do in the rear 01 ine auove, ironung 00 the east side of Washington - street, 25 by 80. F.ibIiI do in the block below, between Wash ington and West - ttrcetf. in Montgomery uouniy. COCK) acres ol L;uid in Lawrence's purchase, near Kast Canada Creek, ou the north side ol the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,182 acre of Land, in Uie towm of Mount Morris and Dayton. in Lssex iOuniy. "32 acre of Land iu the town of Barry more. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acre of land iu Caiterlaud, Chastanit Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acres in Palaieris purchase. Enuuire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf LEE'S ITCH OINTMENT, ARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used with perfect safety on infants a week old, not containing particle ol mercury ,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accomuauied with that offen sive smell which attends Oa application of other remedies. The above medicine are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied 00 liberal terms. Jan 29 WlL .1.1M liOORER, io. - an taici - st. corner of Folton - street, New - York, hay s' received a large supply of tbe real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day & Martin, 97 High Hol - bom, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or nome centumpuon, on terms Uie most liberal and advantageous to pur chaser. This inestimable composition, with half the a - tual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnit h ; affords peculiar nourishment to tne leather; it win not soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free front any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. At an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellmca of this blacking, it has stood tbe test and commanded the most extensive rale in all quarters of th globe, for upwards of half a cen tury, reh 10 T"R. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of J Medicine in the military Hospitals of map les, and admitted a member of the Medical Society of New - Y oik, where he hat resided since Ihe year 1798, and his reputation and success in practice, is now established in the knowledge of me puouc ny near iu years experience, connn - ues to be consulted at hit office, No. ti Water - street, opposite Crane wharf. In Rheumatic and venereal cases. Dr. De An gelis has been wonderfully successful ; and the most terrible enects ol those disorders have ire. qucntly been cured by him in a short space of lime wnnoui inconvenience to ine paiieni. Obstructions, ulcers in the thmat and palate, stillness of the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together with a numerous train of evils, arising from neglect or improperly treatini nf the most insidious of maladies, have given way to his mode of treatment in an almost incredible manner. His extraordinary tuccest is, in a great measure atlriDuianie to his well known Auu rheumatic and AnU - S)phi!ic Syrups, which, whiltt they eradicate every form of disease, res tore the emaciated patient to vigor, and health. apio 1 Hi GENTLEMAN'S SHAVING CASES. QT" A superior assort ment of gentlemen's Sha ving cases, dressing box es. portable desks tra veiling pouche with Ink (lands ; ladies work box et, morocco, mnhoeany. satin wood and malina leather, work boxes, ja, paned dressing cases,c tor sale wholesale and re tail, by N. SMITH DAVIES. No. 151 Broadway, Alto, a reneral assortment of Perfumery aod fancy articles t shaving soap and liquid ; tooth powder, paste and lotion ; milk of rote: lip salve : cold cream t antique oil ; violet shaving powder ; pomatum ; plain aad scented hair powder ; almond paste and powder ; pearl powder ana rouge ; rasors, ratnr straps and paste ; tortoise sheiL horn and ivory combs : needles :dnra ble ink ; salts of lemon ; tooth, cloth, shaving, nail and hair brushes ; almond, violet, olive, ie tamine, palm, vernacular and other soaps ; fruit knive ; pea ami pocket knive ; scissors: snuff boxes ; hair pin t nnd many other articles, too autnerout to mention. P. S. Gr4t allowance to wholesale dealers. apl6 at ly to in es d POST CHAISE.' : ( 1; wTha J S - 5'? - A 103T ClIAIcL wii.ifcavertew.iowvr l ry day (Sunday the mornins by way uttrm nffmilteu. and mm evtunift. are tnroun a leaveNev7 - York cviry day fSunday excepted) bnlf past 8 o'clockin the bteam float Atalan - ta. anJ arrive at Philadelphia thenextdayat 4 TLn nam HfOxtm Kniiff l.lflP t. o'clock, by theSUaro BoiitiETNA from Bristol. For B'eaU in the at,ve h., apply tthePo.t Chaise Stage and matvu oince. iweroau - w.t, . . OCT AJigooo. anu oaggage atuic .uH Itkn uwner. JOHN N. CUMMINU, Newark. JOHN GULICK tl SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia JV. B. Expresses sent to any part of the Union. ap8 JfOH fU Hlf ER STEAM JiOAlS. The ChanceUor Living - ton will leave New - York on Saturday, Uie 28th inst. at 5 P. M. There will be a boat leavcf New York every Tuesday, Thursday Ar lhtip - zlav I and Saturday, at 5 P. M. and Alnany on tame days at v A. M. until further notice. mn 75 TH f QUJfO uTEAM BOA T - LLYE. Ihe proprietors, with view of accomiaodaiinK tue - ... .1 ihee,vw,u the Fulton; Capt Low, ar d this route (if found practicable) will be coutinued during the season. I he line will in tcture oe irom :ew torts to Norwich, at follows: Ihe Connecticut, Capt. bunker, will leave New York every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, iu Ihe mornins. lor xvew - riaven. I fur ruitoo, capt Law. will leave JS'uneieh at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame days, touch if few - London ant Depart from lnenc lor .ftrui naven at o et hT JV.u. Wa, T Monday, I tdnes - o'clock. The boat will meet and depart from trwnce evert daii and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the jy anu , ray, at 1 dims in ine evening - uie ?trCilC?L,"r - ? aud 1 Uin,,rr ""K:tc" - STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. will itave New - York eve excepted) a ha , pa. S t rr'iT Vldlad - hK 1 I 0 For .ile, a well finish - Gleet eradicated ifltwt or three weeks. hed Steam Boat, of small Stricture removed without bougies or any o'th - tiie, Kiiha rnbiDs.aodcal - er instrument ; and all debilities t libei'u .11 eulated to carry convenient - itonul sixty passengers II11 bull is of the A plurality ol othces are prorided, and so situ - bett timlier. and ihe is copper bottomed uo ited that patients are not exposed toeachnthr by appiyuieat Ur. i - VAiS'S Medical Store, No, 9 PeA - th'p, having practised in extennrt kiisnitalt in EuroDe It year, under come ofiiw the bends, prepared to be put into a hne of running immediately. She draw but thiity - two inches of water, and from Uie advantageous con - struction 01 her machinery, can be worked at one half the daily espeuse of steam - boats in general, the will be sold a great bargain, if applied lor . 1 r " . i. - . n 11 , . . . I shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mti sum iaai; u. uiiurn c to SVV1FT - SUHE MAIL COACHES, ' FOR PHILADELPHIA. try Leave new - York ! eve - vmorninsfSundav'iex fcepted) at U o'clock, and ar - rnve in fhiiadeiphia next av to dinner. Tlie publick house are good, and reasonable tbeir charge. Trie drivers, horses ana coacu - are not inferior to any others now running be' iween mete wocuiis. toe ucoumui tuuuirr, and the excellence of Uie roads on this rout, connected with the safetr. comfort, and reasonable expences, are beteived to be strong inducements to travellers in eivinc this line a decided prefer ence. The strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in eivirnr xeneral satisfaction All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured ana receipted tor rjy tne rlrk nf tnirf ntHre. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance of bBscnee. Parties wishing to travel at their leiture, may eugage the Coach on reasonable leruiscaciusivnijf luuiruiKKcs, uj I'fijruin vuri day previous to starting. - r ,e 1 ulLADELPHIA Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches (5 Do, good stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck passengers 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH aod PHILADELPHIA. The tam - boat Olive Rennrhvill l N.w.Tnrir aver da. Sun. day excepted, from the north tide of the Batte - at 1 1 o'clock A. 11. rassengers will loagc nt Trenton, and take Uie steam - boat Philadel phia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock tbe next morning, in time to lake the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats, This line has a connection with the best boats on tbe Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as alo those of the North River and Sound ; aad their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most convenient rout, a the paneneer will leave New - York after the bank open, and arms in rtiila - delohia before tbe hours ol business, without la tigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage beinz much less than by any other route between tbe two cities. For teats in the above line ane - lv to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketfield - ttreet. north tide of the battery, be tween Greenwich & Washington - streets or to The CAPTAIN on board. All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap SOUTHERN DISTRICT Of HEW - VORK. IS, DE it remembered. That on the second day U of April, in the forty second year of the - lnde oendence of the United States of America, Wil liam Jnhnim, of the said district, hath deposited in this office Uie Utle of a book, the right whereol he claims as author, in the words and Dgures 101 low in z. to wit : " Reports of cases adiudtred in the court 01 Chancery of New - York : by William Johnson, Counsellor at Law, vol. II ; containing the cases from January, 1816, to beptember, Ittl 1 , mclu tive." In conformity to Uie actof the congress of the United States, entitled " An act for Uie encou ragement of learning, hy securing the copies 01 ttw, suHs, v.'. Proprietor. ;vo,v i v 1 a viiii.iiui - .ii maps, cnaru ana noo&s, 10 ine auinori anu pro - . f . yrip u .rth. i , prieWsnch copies Juring the time. teWJto mentioned ;" and t nd also to an act, entitled,." An acL.uPp.emen.aryoanact,enUtled.anactfor Uie encouragement of learning, by securing the ?&tti?! aud proprietors of tuch copiet, during the times therein Utioned, and eteiding the .benefit. tliereof to Ute art of designing, engraving, and etchiug hisloncai and other prints." JAA1LS DILL, Clerk of Uie southern district of New - York. ap 13 4w PLASTEROF PARIS MANUFACTORY. At tbe foot of Harrison - street, North - River, 1 ATHERE manulactured Plaster, forcorni V V ees and other purposes, may be had, war - ranted of the first quality, at one avllar and ticen - ty fine rrnlM tut bmhel. ine maniiiartory is conducted oy Mr. jonn Tucker, wbo ha served a regular apprentice - 1 .... . (hip to the mason basinet, tub SI JOHN BYER9. GENTFEL BOARDING. rriWO gentlemen may l accommodated wilhl J board imroediatelv. 00 reasonable terms I and a gentleman and hu wife, from the fint ofl May, can be accommodated with a large, plea - 1 tant room aod board, by applying at No. 49 Dey I itrret. eploiw 4lKMit Pihc know kow to distinnja . . LWlkjvn Itiinri flttiff A.Km waattci. DOCTOR HORNE, frmerf, othe city cf Irndoa, sm number of the faculty of Aymt aod surgery there. tWin. it L. J. ty to repeat sonie ontwatiooa oa the abuse of MERCURy rash, indUcrioinate, aad unqosJi - ,,n. - inoa - tbe dafhug of hi parenU. should hi " T. 'Zl f TOr? - l a TjrT! "a'J 2!r, OW - .,oaure aJ av from all h nrmn. . . - j - ""MI a - XSa A aeA em aTl rl IB1,PrPt .J.& - fop UBdcr physician, of geneiJ pTactie " and reiieatcdlysalivatsd: when r.A,mT. mr.fl.(by a gwUeman of tbii cityTLTiT l were carious, and hi flesh dropping from th hi friends declared be could not possibly suk two months longer. Thouwds exper.,,! know with what ease and .safety Dr. H TrTn' cate tie severest case, and confirm the'.!!?.T? tution. The Doctor" plan (advcrUs".a,i: cestary to ruard tbe public atraiiut tk. . . mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth rcrswi, therefore, having cootracJed tTnri vute disorder, or suspecting latent poison T admonished not to tamper with their eollls;. f inn. nr rnnraal in j, .tia.,rri..r 'n tion, or conceal the disorder, till past p nfhrshnTiliir th ..e . ' - or other impurities of the blood, as well anJT I .Z rZ J.' aua 00 lustir. to their consciences, by making amjhViin - ills - At tat basd uau nuu ifiruisi ukl. . . t 1 a t at mm i bhj . 1 - ,jllnem No. 64 Watfcr - ,treet, four booT.. idaim HST EEtfiS" a superficial cure is no cure at all ; unlets the bil siuest is radically done, you will certainly haw tne uisoraer Dreaa out aguiu W1U1 redoubled m lignity, at iome future period ; perhatis then will be too late lor remedy . Don't you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beinn. ,;,i J? even a bit of nose on their face I Talu I beseech you. Dr. Pi's, character for skill and rlhn 1... ? beiug this dt ' C(4i:i.nitherto unknown, and bavin ec.Siy. ytUr foryears past, exclusively to totcmS uitcase. of tie blood mtam, they may saf.M rulate r - a tbe most decided advantage, iicam. suiting Dr. II. b " old ulcerations, fistula' ici , ohtervatioo. Open till half past 9 in the evening. : All per tons concerned are invited to be free in calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which is tree of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tba expression of gratitude for innumerable recom menaauons, and lor tne decided preference tit it I : . I. : . 1 .... presumed with just cause) lone given him bva judicious public. . n. aii letter matt he pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 37 1 NEITHER (1UALKLR1 NOR lMPOHl - JIUN. DR. me EVAN'S" tutxriM rmeuioa 01 ennrur a cer . . . . tain DiseaM, is now univer ally acknowledged in this city ; his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe, ex peaiuoot. ana ni cnarga icmHDiius. iu every 11 - stance he warrants - a curs, and will return Uie payif be doe not perform agreeable 10 contract. lliere are many persons in this citv anrf its U cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, inrh cancer, old inveterate ulcers. uWui yin,m fistulas, diseases of th i,r - bladder end kidnies, old complicated complaint 0r, certain nature, Diuoua ana oiner oostruc ,ion, rheumatism, tec. which they consider iocu - first Surgeons and Physician in tbe world,' ana made those obstinate diseases his constant stody fot 30 veart - ' Oct 1 (XT3 The subscriber baying recently returned fronl E''glnd with an important improvement 00 runciai spring Ltu, he takes ibis method of informing hi friends and the public, that all tho who so unfortunate a to be In want of " "61 .."imuiuui UJ r - plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 3 WM. PURVIS. (KrWHEATON DA VIS, Fancy Chair Maaufac turers, No. 153 Fultoo - ttreet, opposite St. Paul Church oner for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold h hroate, Bambo, Plain and Cilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converse tion Chain. Sofa. Settees Loungeet, Music Stools, lie. Urdert from any part or the continent execute with neatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. tnh9 - NEW DnESSiNQ ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - treesj' " . turned from Italy, hat the honour to info tbe gentlemen, that he cut and dresses Mir j Uie Vatett style, and in a manner so at to wopi it to the phisiognomy. He ha for ale mm lit. if tbeyoo iisn ais u - w liberty . . ' - vtt t &wteuSR J""J,l,.keeneJe aiidtboal . . .1 J il..iMMf. He bat " Va, V.nbsaseto honor hi Thoe fZt' particular and respectful attendance. ' . b. tienttemea wnouoscrio uj - - - j - H kept exclusively ter will have their razors, Ac. lor tnemteivcs. . .... . anlf p A v,uvt loumermajt wanveu. - rr.' . - . - - i j u . r . mhfitf as above. THE CIRCULATING IJBRARY, IM too - rtreet. near Broadway, eitensive and choice collecUoa of hMtoOsJ"? I 1. K;..rJ, maasusce. B0VI !.', ' "f - 1 - - , " v h t,e. plays, reviews maganne, c. r. . 1 Catalogues may be examined at the uorari which i open I hich is open for subscribers a Buai. mh4tf NEW - YORK t " PRINTED AND PUBLlSEXD X1CBAEL BURNBAM CO. No. 41 Pirra - UTMavr. . uuusa, uiaii. utc uuuri III litts table , tney can cenaimy iwcum tin general) - , 1 11 in if

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