The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

SAVINGS OSCO DRUG -- Thursday - Friday- Saturday-MINERAL ylL "*"«·»·· !«·... (J9c BRUSHLESS SHAVE CREAM ahf\* 9c CLEANSING TISSUE sw- 17c PHILLIPS TOOTH PASTE -M I. ABSORBINE JR. (umiti) '^s ··*«........'58c Athletic Supporters All Siiei 49c Halibut Liver Oil 100 Sunshine Certified A D Vitamin · Capsules, Box Fitted Cases Top Groin Leather. 8 Pet. Billfolds $1.50 Genuine Leather 98c GAMES, · . " «ji Bingo, Baseball, etc. . . . L 1C LUXOR HAND CREAM i 98c 61c TOBACCO POUCH, 75c Value ' . . . VALENTINE n _ _ FOLDERS -; . .. 9 C t o / 9 c WORLD GLOBES A, .X for Gifls . . : $1.49 PEN DESK SETS. '*« in- Complete $9.25 SCRAP BOOKS, ' Large Sine . TUEKMOMETERS, J A 75c Stainless Steel 49C DUST GOGGLES, on CCSCO : ..; , O"C HAIR BRUSH, $2.00 Rotator VELVET 14 oz. Tobacco, Glass METAL LUNCH KITS With Bottle ' NECKTIES, 50c Value, Boxed AFTER SHAVE LOTION, 75c Huntsman .' PICTURE FRAMES, Plate Glass WRITING PORTFOLIO, Leatherette Cover . . . LADIES' HAND BAGS, $3.50 Lealher GIN RUMMY, Complete Set, Boxed PLATING CARDS, ' 75c Guild, Fancr, Boxed PIE PLATES. Oven Tested Glass, 2 for $1.49 39c $2.29 33c 59c $1.98 98c $1.98 $1.49 59c Drip-o-iator 8-Cup. Glazed China. (Limit P . . Pastel Stationery $1.00. 100 Sheets, gQ 50 Envelopes. Sex. . jTf ~ Di Calcium j Phosphate 60 Wafers With Synth. D Vitamin, 1Of* Box . .. 7w linden's Cough Drops 5c Box. 2 for DC Trusses $7.50. Leather. Single Ice Bags 5 Ovol. (Limit 1) $1.25 Ovol. m*- Large Jar . TOILETRIES CLOVER 50c YANKEE Hudnut Talcum, Box. CHEN YV NAIL LACQUER, Set LTJXOR COLOGNE. Exquisite Fragrances BLENDED CREAM, ~5c Armand, Jar . . . . 75c $1.00 69c TRUE AMERICAN HAND LOTION, f Bottle . ' . . : ............................... . .............. OC DR. WESTS TOOTH BRUSH, DuPont Brittle CUE LIQUID DENTREFICE, nn 50c Bottle . ................ . ........ ................... j"C .... ............ . . . . . . . . . . ... 98c MINIPOO QUICK, Dry Shampoo S O L I T A I R Cake COSMETICS Photo Finish Make-up . . . $1*50 By Elmo REVLON IIP STICK, Enhancing Shades MARVELOUS COLD CREAM, Large Jar i . . . . ' . VELURE HAND LOTION, 50c Bottle OLD SPICE SOAP, 3 Cake Box SACHET American Beauty '. BOND STREET Yardley Perfume $1,00 55c 21c $1.00 98c $2.50 WOODBURY FACIAL CREAM Vanishing Type, 50c Size Woodbury SHAMPOO 29C 50c Bottle WAVE OIL PERMANENT 50c, Kronk's. ... 29C WAVE SET LADY HILDE We 50c Bottle. TYPEWRITER PADS BABY PANTS -- · 39 Clecmcr Woter Softener, Can -. 1 A£ 5c 39c 3c I\U VI-IN U SHOPPING BAGS MOTH PROOF BAGS -- · PICTURE HOOKS «··· CARNATION MILK afti ^ 3 CUTICURA SOAP - c ............... I9c FOLGER'S COFFEE (Limit 2) Pound Can 29ic Pint Vacuum Bottles $1.09 $1.50 V a l u e . . . SULFATHIAZOLE ADHESIVE 36 Bandages, *%·,« Box ZjC Rinso Large Pkg. (Limit I) . 19c SWAN SOAP Spencer Group Hits Bah on Penalty for Non-Bond Buyers , Wahoo, Nebr., (^J--A Spencer, Iowa, group has charged that the action of the U. S. treasury department in compelling Emil E. Placek, Wahoo banker, to drop his plans for punitive action against those who JMN CVENIN do not purchase war bonds "has* created a field day for slackers in the buying of bonds." This was disclosed Thursday by Placek, who received notice of a resolution adopted by the Clay county war activities committee, the selective service, the AAA and the county rationing boards at Spencer. Flacek had announced be would turn over names of tbose who do not buy bonds, or those who fall behind In their quotas, to the selective service and ration boards. Those persons would face possible reclassificatkm' by the draft board*, or denial of extra rations U applied for, Flacek said. His plan drew immediate · fire from the treasury department, which said that unless it were withdrawn Placek's resignation vouhi be demanded. Placek con- ented finally to "go along" as far s the 4th war loan drive is con- erned. He is county war savings ommittee chairman. A resolution adopted by the owa group declared "it is the udgment of this body that the reasury. department at Washing- on, D. C., by its action in the Ne- jraska case, has created a field day for slackers in the buying o£ icnds." Copies of the resolution were ent to the treasury department, o V. L. CTark, Des Moines, state var bond chairman, and to the Nebraska war finance committee, 'he letter to Placek was signed y J. H. Peterson, acting secre- ary of the war activities commit- ee. Peterson said that it was pointed ut at the Spencer meeting that 'no one is advocating paintinr any louses yellow, but the co-opera- ion of all war boards to unify nd stimulate the war effort on he home front was unanimously iledced. · j "We think it is time that every man, woman and child should get nto this war effort, and we propose to see that they do to the 'ery best of their ability. I am inclosing a list of persons who at- endcd our meeting Wednesday night, all of whom with no ex- eptions Indorsed the resolution quoted above." There was no indication that lacek's plans would be placed nto effect at Spencer. Names isted as those attending the meet- ng included: E. L. C. White, chairman of the ounty war activities committee; A. E. Anderson, banker; A, H. Avery, county representative in he Iowa general assembly; Gil- iert S. James, president of the Ipencer Chamber of Commerce; lobert Keir, state senator; John Sieh, chairman of the county civilian defense council. J. -A. Wahlstrom, county Bed Cross .chairman; Chester A. Tripp, igion post commander; H.. J. Vladsen, chairman of the AAA board; John' Smith, chairman of he county rationing board; Mayor Dell S. Blake of Spencer; Earl Sassett, chairman of the Spencer selective service board; and W. F. J o h n s o n , superintendent of schools. Brother of Hirohitq VIoves Nearer to Base San Francisco (U.R)--Tokyo radio nnounced that Prince Taken! to likasa, brother of the emperor of apan, has ben appointed army ·taff officer attached to Imperial eadquarters. He holds .the rank if major. The Japanese war ministry said he prince had been serving in China as army staff officer at- ached to Japanese expeditionary "Don't Talk," Navy Phone Book Warns Washington, (U.R)--The navy department is using its telephone directory to remind its personnel that "a secret is a secret." Nearly every page of the directory carries an admonition against careless violations of security Slogans are printed in large type at the bottom o£ the pages. The navy obviously doesn't subscribe to that old man-conceivec idea that it's only the. women who can't keep secrets- To show that it is playing no favorites, the directory puts forward these warnings: "To the ladies--don'! tell him." "To men- only--don': tell her!" The reminders were directed especially against circulating-gossip and rumors. "Cjossip is faster [ban, radio," the book points c" 1 "Don't circulate rumors." "Spies are habitually inquisitive," the directory continues, anc cautions its readers about those ever-present s t r a n g e r s . "Don 1 give information to strangers.' "Why does he want to know that?" "Beware o£ inquisitive friends." The slogans not only warn the reader about his words but ask him to take action if necessary: "Report suspicious actions." - " D e m a n d identification from strangers." For the benefit of those new to their jobs who may be overly impressed by the vital informatkm they think they possess, the "silent watchdog" suggests: "Don' show off your confidential knowledge." "You don't have to tel everything." A general summation of the attitude o£ the book might be: "Keep your own counsel!" "Do you know who is listening?" Milkweed contributed a b o u . 200,000 pounds o£ floss for military purposes in 1943. Buy War Savings Bonds an_ Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Rectal Soreness G«t MM N*w buy Way --Sit In Comfort , rdtcvcr or itauiw, painful rectal aorencsa -- annptoms which may also accompany piles and hemorrhoids. Brings soothing ·cnic ol comfort upon couinct. form* pro- tcctiTiR film over ROTC area, helps destroy infectious ffctms, aid Nature heal up rmrr. onVcn tissues- No oil -- no nrtwc lo itslr clothinjr. Eolrf en money back guarantee Get this modem relief todty . . t»k for PROLARMON RECTAL AT OSCO SI LF -SIR VICE D«t!G Employe's Suggestion to Save Over 5 Million Chicago. (U.R)-- An idea submitted through the employe's suggestion system of the Chicago ordnance district for the salvaging and reuse of fiberboard partitions and pads used in shipping metal munitions parts brought Richard Norian, the man who thought it up, $250. He was awarded the money by Brig. Gen. Thomas B. Hammond, district chief. The plan applied to shipments of 8 ammunition . plants .already is resulting .in savings to the government of more than $500,000 a year, Hammond said. When the plan is extended in the n*ar future to some 150 addi- - tional companies in the district, 14 i'ttursaay, Feb. 10, 19*4 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE he estimated that yearly savings will top $5.000,000. Norian's suggestion was one of 900 submitted to the district's suggestion committee since it was termed 9 months ago. The system, was designed to encourage em- ployes to turn in ideas to improve the district's procurement operations or to eliminate waste, conserve manpower and speed up production. Since its inception early in 1943, Hammond said, the suggestion system hag worked successfully and has brought about numerous improvements and economies. · Coulter -- j a m e s Oenning of Camp Farragut, Idaho, is here for a visit with his father-in-law, William Hodemeyer. He was accompanied by Mrs. Denning and son, Larry. Goofa MATCH OR CONTRAST THEM! Wear a Topper, Chesterfield or C a s u a l Coat over Y o u r S o f t l y .Tailored S p r i n g Suit. 29 95 EACH BLACK . . NAVY. WHITE LINGERIE TRIMS -GAY NEW PRINTS . . P A S T E L T W I L L ' S SMUNt FASHIONS FOR IMMEDIATE WEAR HUGHES

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