The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 21, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1818
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h - At t meeting of the Federal RepnblicM the following elector of the '".'"r!.....,... ffirn at the emiiing election. W Antony L - Underbill, for Alderman, LeouardKip, Aiii - dent. 4tlMMl C. G.lfflUl, AMCSWrt Hermanui Talunun, Francii V.Man), Collector, Kliiah Foun"1' Constable! Oliver A. White, J ep21 (V I RS. FRENCH'S third and tost Concert ol Vocal and Instrumental Mu.ic, will take Pje L Teeitlny, the 2lit instant, at City - Hotel, wba will be performed tie following , Tuader of the Orchtitra, Mr. Geutil - P.ano Krte,Mr.EUeUne.ARTL KUBe"iiemle, if all IboM endearing young Mrrh. fGovernor Clinton's) Melwe ivernor Glinton - i; mw , your funning, Urcliei'.ia accompani - ladnnie Caisliui'i Variation! gong, Ciease your lunnw menti Madnnie Cai - j i. Variation!. Mute and Piano roilejJueMn. Taylor und Etienne b - erl.eguier Soo, Be mine tender paisionStoran. . Alt: r which by particular ! Mr.. French will ling the celeLraiea r.tnu sun l inule, by deiire - Winter. SACRED MUSIC. OI Zion, Oh Jennalem, compwed ciprcHij lor AMI. r rcm.ii o. xui. Minoetto Witt i. I I. ..!' f.vr Hsnrtfl Variations on the Clurionet, by Mr.Meline Li:thert . , . Ancls ever bright and fair, Orchestra . pinimcnts tlanoei Wif Pi! to commence at half pait 7 o' lTWt 'loIe haJ at Mr. Geib'!, Maiden - Lane Mr. DuMi's, and Mean. Goodrich K Co.'i L'roadway and at the bar oi uic - w) - u ap 31 frtvPA.MY will La rt:tlv to receivf. epinu - H nl loirutfire. 43 Wdll - StlCt t. CU the lit day 01 Muy next. Tbo luljiciiption books will continue opnii un'ii ITiunUay neit, me 2Ji irn, atSoVlock r. M. ap' For rORT:li.' - rHIXCF., The schr. HONOR & A MEY, Ing - oll XJLniaster. il. sad on Uie Srth inst. lor freight of 200 bbls. or pissfje, apply to J. Lfc MUX I AUWVI.HI, 96 Wall - street, or E. FISllElt, 54 South - street, ap 21 far WJMHiJMJU, J. V. Tlie schr. CARPENTER'S SON, LHubbelL mater: will sail on Aktur day next. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Peck - slip wharf, or at ."5 .fecuip R. k C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. ap2l " A ANNA'S, Arc 9 cajeii, ci - ntaining ti'ie XJ and common Handauoas and buugee Ko mull ft il - i niwfino Phnnnm and Bandanna! '20 half! Baftas. differed defrriplions, rec'J and for in!e by I'tTtR REMSEN CO. ap ii CA.ViXMi blLKo. 3 caiei black ftewm, J Silk! 4 caei bPk fringed Hdkfa. I raia crow barred do 1 case changeable binchews, just landed and p $1 28 faouth - street. U. OOUSTOCK GL.OVE6. S cases rouno and drawn seam men's sad women's Gloves, for sale by GEO. M. WILSON, 130 Water - itreet apSf PATENT RAT 1RAPS. rPAAPS for catcbine rats or mice, upon as en JL tirely new and highlv improved principle, iui iar ur vxi ui. wtu.7yj.., aptl 130 Water - street. Ol'GARfc MOLASSES. 77 hbds. and 31 bltlt. Muscovado Suicar 43 luipi brown & 5 do white Sosar 140 hlida. gool quality Molasnas, landing from Irig Venui, at Pier 13, E. K for ale by GOODHUE & CO. aptl 44 South street RAISINS, TLN PLATE Ac 05 kegs fresh Malaga Kaisin! 270 boiei Tin plate l - 3d IX 40 doi. American Seythes, approved brands 84 bundle! ivgar loaf paper 44 reami blue wrapping Paper 1 box Tin foil aiiortcd 49 hhls. gro'iud Camwood S bales liquorice root 4 boxts screw Augur! 200 bag! Juniper berries, for sale by ROGERS ft POST, ap II 6t KENTUCKY TOBACCO - 28 hhds. of superior quality, received per brig White Oak, for sale at No - 108 r'rnnt - street, by ip21 TKOKEB DAVIDSON 4 CO. CAMTON SILKs. 8 cases black and X bared sarsenctt and ribbons, landing and for sale by C A MB HELEN G il PEARSON, P21 67 .South - atreet. CILAKfcT, A few caaes Latour Claiei, vi.:. J tge I8H, a Mtnple parcel, said to be superior to aiiy ever offered in th s city, lor ante hy P1 PK!ERKE18K&CO TAMAICA HUM. - ii) J pr'f) jurt l diivct peocii.'oos, (nigh " u i air: users, oy TUCKER t LA LRUS, "P' - l 19 Sou h .ireet. MADEIRA V ISL. - 4 pipes, 27 hhf s. and 60 quarter casks high flavored London particular juaaeira wme, Ot for immediate use, and warranted pure as imported, for sale in quan - TUCKER k LAURIES, 'Pgl " 29 South itreet. TO LKT r Fuh SAIK That convenient three star hnrk i oreaaway ana uroome street. ALSO, A two tor frame h.xuw.. with mi n Pound, in Broadway, between Bleecker and ucre, who vault and cellar, corner of auiam - sueets, Enquire of . ANDERSON. ap il IlitMsy K0. 4 Bowtiog G reen. FfLV.NfU Eunni iVI p VL.UE' Morning School, for the toiVsJ!?6.? 'f ".fft W'U commeoco on the er.i, at ouv,naim - street, where tw c - ??'i'ti"Mtm? tokt "om tu ,1te Wl" or interruption in the nxevenu)g establ.sned in un kmoI. to Mr v ' " ' U ce wetx, with bn lamily. V. instmcu in pnvaU families and acade 0aeo,, R0M9 TO LET. fd J!.V'S'.,5e",,',"e" horT U,ef PrtKulam, piesse to apply as a - . apl lw lt'STrp,NEVV UBLiCA IIOi. J mulnaJM DE - VAI.EN - tfett, H Broadway, 3.1 dor below Pine - 'iuiecoii'Ll'' wit" refeferences to mari - d l! " """"g peace cad war, 8vo. price kuIiSt?,,S,w G,,a o'wSfccompltte '""yoo prvurIp,:,,,f'00)'', ' reiing ,So,pilmelO bvPeitr Skiio? ''it!aatan. 'lirebu'Pe"'0'r 3 8vo. .rice f 10, wl'ou, wot, "'iogical ad Mi M1 dupatch. np tl No. w "e.c"u,ri 'L";A;Hta th cax iv it ly of 4to 4to See, from in, n r taae Iar.dt the at No. dar I V more this ap from I BOARD WANTED, for An elderly Lady, (on moderate terms) ia a small private family, residing in the upper part of the city t a situation west or uroadway, between Barclay and Walker - itreeta. would be nref erred. A line addressed to B X. J and left at this office, stating1 .terms, number in family, residence Sic. will be attended to. ap 21 3i NEW WORK OX ARCHITECTURE. riijir. carpenter1! ;new uuide, heme a com - X plete book on carpentry and loinerv i treat iog rally on Practical Geometry, soffits, bricki and plaster grains, niches of every description, sky hghti, lines lor roofs and domes, with a treat variety ol designs tor rooii and douro , trusted girders, floors,, bridges, ice. ttaircasrs and hand rails of various constructions, ancle ban for shop - fronts, tic. raking moulding!, with many other thing entirely new. 'J be whole founded on true geometrical principle, the theory and practice well explained and fully exemplified, on eighty - four copperplates, including some obiervatibns and calculation! on the strength of timber by Peter Nicholson, price J7, rft ..... - I r - ...ti - gu, jiMt icvcivcu mhi wr :tie ay U. VV GIL.LEY, aptl 92 Broadway. ?fc. FOR SJiLL. VjtUl That valualitc landing sod stores, late the property of Richard Davis. Ftq. on the east hanks of Hudson's River, and in Uie ftWiihiog village o( Pou'hkeeptie, Dutchcts county, and state of New - York, with or without about 14 acres ol excellent land, valuable for buildiug !ti or tillage ; about three acres of which is an or chard of fruit ot all kind). The builriinss ht tacl.ed to tlui property aie a good dwel'ins home, haras, ined! and other out - houies. neresciry l"r any laaiiiv, wiin an excellent tvell ol wtter ai fl ice - lioui. adjuinioc ; a atore - honie 2t0 fret ir. length, witti coiivtmeutef for lecciviiig anU delivering all kind! of produce with ease and iafu - U ii iequalled by any io tl.ii state, having every ikior level wiOj the road I'.ureeitorioihijin, and ce'brs uiidemeiith. Also, a arotrrv store und dwelling tinase 66 fret hy 14, (or a public house, tii a barn and horse shtd 100 fee.l long, ujd a wnarf about 500 feet irott, in r 'd order ; a plat - r nnuse anu norteinea, on the snuih side, ol tout 80 feet, with everv conveniemn f.jr receiv - irni and delivering of sll kinds lumber indniat' ter. AUatbed to thia rropcrtv pre two tied It r.t - iiiiiii !ioop! oi auoui vo ion! eucli, that rail eiery week tosnd from Ntw - York, wtll freight - icd. The present potw - 'ttor is viiliuK to dnlii.e business, being advar.cil in li e nnd not ablo to attend to it t h will therelire dprse of the a - oore property a Daigain, btid uuke the same easy to the putchatcrs, si a part of tt.e purchase money may remain on oirigHge e vera! yeurs, if required, of HF.VRY DAVIS. Pooghkeepie, 10th April, li18. ap21 I'2i6w VALUABLE BOOKS. r WILEY ii CO. No. & WdII .trect. hive J receiv d by the Krin, a valuable rollectivn Rooks .imotii; which are the followins : ' Jitniieson's Mmeraiosrr.3 vols. Bvonlutcr. last edition. Do. Cfmracters of Mineral!, 1 vol. 8vo plate! Allan's Mineralneicnl Nomem lature, firo. Kidd's Oiithm - i oi Minenlogy Brown'i Elemenln ol Concholory Sprenilt'i Introrin tiun to thebludv of Crvn - to'runous Plants, plates Wildenow't rnociplei oi Ilotany, and of Vegetable I'hy'ioljgy Lterb's Zooloev. 3 vols. 8vo. 150 colored plates Dj' aiiuollo's IWni Vicotahilij Svitcina Nu turale I vol. 8vo. id. 1UI8. Wihji. - now'i Linnaeus Snecies Plantarum. 10 vols 8vo. l.nrheils Lanponica bv Linnieur. now irtt puoiiinea, voii. bvo. Achariua Lichenozraphia Univenalii. 1 vol Mate! r linder'! Vovkm to Terra Auitralis. i vols plates and elephant atlai loung's XMaturai rhilouophy, I vols. 4to plates With a rreat variety of othe.r works, acuta. logue oi wtucn wui oe putilished in a lew days apii POST COA;H LINE son. PHILADELPHIA v wat or rowLKS - nooK r?Z?S IMFORTAIIT TO PASSENGER!. No connection with tl rmt c hmiw line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO BllIU KL.VIVKU. ANEW Line ol Post Coaches with every convenience for rm'senzers and ba - traer. on The Post Coach will start from the Cnnrhnf. old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. Yo.k, every morning, (Sunday! excepted) at half past fire o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, rnnceion, 1 renton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 5 o'clock. The new Steam Boat Line Induitrv will start New - York everv mnminir. SnnHv . ccpiea, bi iu o'clock in ine steam boat Atalun - lodge at I renton. and arrive at Phi la.h nhia. a oieumuoai, next morning at 10 o'clock. are a at liars. P. 8. Passenrers are reaueitcd to call and ineir seals at the ocice Old Mo. 1 Court. - treet. New - York. UniU. - d States Mail Coarb, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Citv. with everv convenience for paisenirers and bnrg&fre, cn spring. The U. 9. mail coach will start from coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - etreet, New rors, every day at 1 o'clock, r. M. and arrive rhiutdeiphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only paMensers aomittea. For leatsinthb above named Linea. annlv to inuo, nni ir irL,u, at uie 01a estaoiunen Coach, Stage and Steam Beat office, at the old I Courtlandt - itreet, the lerond ottice from Broadway, New - York j or to A. T. GOOD RICH & CO. No. 114 Broadway, corner of Ce itreet. New - York. KrAII gooii and baggage At the risk of the owner. J US Km 1. 1 ON, SONS & GO, N. B Lxpreises sent to any part of the Con - tinent, by TilUiYlAS VVilTHtL.U, ap si GRAND ROAD LOTTERY. lommences dnwinr 5th of next month, and win be completed in twenty drawings. SCHEME. 1 prize of 7 0,000 Dollars 1 of 35,ooo Dollars t of 1 0,000 Dollars t of 5,oio Dollar! 10 of 1,000 Dollari 3o of 5oo Dollars 14o of loo Uollan 32oo of 3o Dollars Only 10,000 Tickets. Present price of Ticket! and Share Whole Ticket! $3? I Quarter! $n Halvei 16 1 K - sl.Mn 4 Sixteenths Two Dollars. Bnt will advance on the day of drawing. For sMa I t ISGJBroadtway; Who recently sold the .Mnwi than has teen v. Ill hi ant - t!r office i. - i city, in h ehort period of fit inootlis. viz : 15440 $lo,ioo No. 4.647 $l,ooo 15358 16:1.2 4464 6701 ;,ooo l,ooo l,ooo l.oo i) 7, no 7.: - 5 lfl.Ofii 2U.263 I.OOl' I.000 1,0 - K 1,000 17,265, 1,000 And several ot 500, 200, 100, &c. etc tl UPLAND C'TTON 25 haiei prime L'plaa CoiTm, IitIioi fr..m hri Ameln. Sava:inah, fr iaie hy POTT& M'KITNF, a 20 5 Pntli - stnet. OFFEE. Superior Javfff - . forsa'e by apJO 23 Soutii - itiect. MALAG - a WlNfc. be. Quarter casks sweat Malaga wine 150 boxes Muscatel raisins, and 19 ceroons almonds, now landing at Dover - street wn - ari, from schooner Dash, lor sale cy STEVENS tl MACTIER, ap IS 7t 157 Sooth - st. GERMAN LINENS. NOW landiujf, a few bales btown hempen Tickleuburgs, Ditto Osuaburgi, Brown Rolls and Bhirting L.inen. ALSO ON HAND, White and brown rintilins Bretapnes, Dowlas, CreasLiitados Book Checks, Checks No. 2 Hessians, Bayi, flaxen Omahnrgs Superior Dutch Black and Blue Cloths ' Colored and Black Galloons, assorted in suiU' ble numberi. Tapes, Coffee Mill firowu frame, Toilet and Pocket Glaasel Locking Glim Plates, atnorted sizes Waters. Lead Pencils, bugarCane Knives Card - Wire, Holland Duck, and CO bo lei Putegrans Clx e For sale on reasonable terms by G. & T. MEYER, ap 20 1 w 116 Washington street. 40 RUM, XUOJI , ke. Hhds. first proof new rum 100 boxes Wait's chocolate 40 do mould and dip'd candles 300 half an.l qr. boxes Spanish cigars, and a constant supply of loaf and lump eugar, in hhds tiercct, boxes and barrel? Kor tale hy JACKSON &WOOLLEY, up 20 95 Wall it. OHN ABKM. UILL1.NK it CO. oiler for 1 mle 35 caiei sunerinr Beneal Indieo Several raiki imalti, paiticularly desirable lor hleacheri and paper makers 4 caakt hardware A few balei casiiuierei and shalloon's, shawls. ap 80 3 u dndius thin day at Pine - itreet wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by GRISVVOLi)S tc COATES, or RIPLEY, CENTER 4 CO. ap7 68 Sooth - t. HF.JYl)KliY.U TALLOW At MObX. 4 KEW ihoimaud poundi New - York fallow, i"jL and aOOOSiaiightered Hidei. lor iaie. Apply to T. GIBBONS?, Fly - Market, ml, 1 1 tr RON HOLi.OW WAKE. A cow - tanl iup - J ply ol Hollow Ware, aborted, for ii - i'e hy CEBKA & CUMING, Ap 13 "6 Pearl - itreet, 4 i ST. UWIXliUM lkliUQAR7 1 IlhJufint quality iug:tr 72 Dimr.hcoui Rum Received per brig Thfmai & Edward, from St. Croix Landing this day at pier INo. 1 1, bas River, and for sale by KEADE & DE PF.YSTER, ap 16 1w 31 Old - slip. WHITE LEAD, NICARAGUA WOOD Jcc. r" 1EN torn white Lead grouud in oil, in ktgi 01 JL I itj, oh ami'. U tons dry white Lead 20 do Nicaragua Wood 40 c.ntk I'nrn white :i8 boxes Tin Plates 10 tons LignuinvitftC :0 boxes London Muttard 28 kces do do. For sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, ap 17 20 South - street. A YOUNG Lad from the country, aged 14 yean, of steady habits and good calculator, wishes a situation in a dry good store. Apply at 86 Soiith - st. ap 17 LEGHORN HAT'S. AlRS. KIN.MER No. 100 William street, hai thii day opened a case of elegant Leghorn Hats, No. 36 to 56 And offen them for saloon the most reasonable termi. ap!7 3l Ruhnuntd and Lynchburg manufactured , TOBACCO. tT40frtcSsi now landing from sundry ves - JL Vf 0 sels, of the following qualities and brands : 63 kegs, Shelton & Williamson, 8 bands, 1, 2, 3 45 do P. Miller & Co. ii 1,2,3 33 do J. P. Ege, 8 45 do George Fictcher, 8 1.2 1 1 1,2 1 103 do John Kuders, 8 144 do D. K. Ron, 8 63 do P. Holtz A Co. 8 6 1 do Anderson, Blair 4 M'Keage, t, 2 do Jei Hare Si Co, U 120 do R. Hughes Si Co. 8 8 8 12 1,2 l. Is t 63 do R. Cantor, 45 do F. G. Cren'haw, 21 do R. Dutton, 87 do J. & P. Labby, 81 do H.Starr, 8,hdy'ttwiit 8, tc half Ib.rolli Most of the above brands are well known and approved of in thii market, on account of the quality, and uniformity of the different number by which the qualities are designated. For sale by (JOKNLLIU3 DU B013, ap 20 ii r ront - itrect. f1KA. 20 chests hyson skin tea, late im JL portation, for sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, ap20 t 75 Wall - street "lOr r EE Si RU.M. - 54 hlidi. line ereen cof - fee, and 20 hhds Rum, landing from brig r aronte, ana lor iaie ny jviiuit. Rr.AliiNti, or GEO. LACY, ap20 4 Fulton - itreet. MAHOGANY, TOUACCO and MOLA3 SES. 100 log! choice mahogany, crotch and myrtle 4 rerooni tooacco, and 49 hhdi syrup Molauei. The cargo of ichr Lvcurxui. from the citv of 01. vomiDgo, loriaie ny CUKLLIUS K. UUJ HK, 86 C. H. Slip. ix stoke. Leaf and manufact'd 'Tobacco and Richmond Flour. ap 20 5t il C. NICHOLS, 132 Pearl - street, have just . received in addition to their former assort orient 4 cases colored Canton crapes 2 do black do. 2 do block tinrhews 1 do larmets, 2 do black lilk l.dkfi 2 d fine India hook Mulius 1 do Mull do. 3 do Tamboured and Seeded 2 do Imitation Merino ihawlr, assorted 1 do hanriitnna hk's. 1 do fire Romals 2 do Maddaiiotl'im and steam Loom Sf.irt - 2 do Madrass Hdkfi. ing! z uu i - 4 irnu , I 00 orown UO 2 do Cotton Platillai 2 do fancy Cravaii, assorted 1 do white Jean, 2 do cotton Canimerci 1 do fine white and buff Quilting! 2 halts H nodes' liomhait tti 1 cas - - llihbuOi, assorted 2 cases black, white b purple Kid Glove! 4 trunk! r'uriut - ire Plates, and 4 do taperfine Ciih:oe, svhich they offer for inieai a sium advance lorcasn. ap 20 I4t Hil.slF.UY. I'l imrf. PA'V 71 T EN'oi and womco'i cotton itockings 1TJ. A few bale! superfine white flannel, very wide do do red nnd yellow . do Iterliu ai 1 mililvy cords Green table covers, different sizes Beit LooJoa pio:, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 mixt pins, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 J)1 lib .Mou; - ning puis sad short whites White chapr I needles, orted Kress wire No. 24 lad 25 Canl ire No. 27 a;d 32 II00L1 and cjes, T.iinblcj .i'.u nn hand, Engliih looking glas yWu ', nnsilvercl For sale bv A TK1N iONS ii FLEMING, ap 20 3w 167 fearl - st. 400 "Iw cn.i RLKstpK vT me last sauuig pacaei snip iui - iiiGRAPH. J. Fan in?, marter; to sail on I hurjday 23d insL with what freight may offer. For freight or pastaee. bavinr superior accom - modatioru, apply on board, west side Fly market wnan, or 10 ANSON C. PHELPS, ap 20 183 Front - st. For FrtigHt or Clmrtrr, The ship SILE.NUS, recently repaired, and a fast sailer, will now 1800 barrels, and is ready 10 receive a carjfo. Apply to CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, ap20 67 .Ibiithtreet.' tor Freight or Charter, The fine brig TRIDENT, Thompson martar, til tons; has made but one voyage, sails well, and is iu good order. Apply on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to ap 20 JUS. OS BORN, 28 South - it. For LlYRRfOOL, The superior fast sailing ship BELLE SAVAGE, Henry Ruwell, master, bur then 326 tons ; will sail with all ikmmMo dis patch For fi eight or patage, apply on board, at wharl, or to JOHN W. RUSSF.LL, ap 18 Iw 98 l'ioe - st. For CHARLETOX, i The elegant and fast tailing packet schooner 1 1'NTINE, S. Hoyt, master; will meet with immediate, dispatch, having half her freight ready to goon board lor remainder, or passage, having commodious accommodations, apply on board, eait side Burling slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 98 Pine - it. Far MOlilLEand BLAKF.I.Y, The fine last sailing schr SANDUS KY, 120 torn, cant. Weeks, fa re;u iar trader) ; having 3 - 4!hi of he.r cargo engaged and on hoard, will meet with immediate disratcn For the remainder of her freight, or panage, having handrome arcommmhtiiont, apply on board, east lids Old - slip, or to PETERS & HERRICK, ap 18 29 Corntiea - olip. ling tOrf - U.nZARU, Huldridgt, tjyj mailer, for L.IV KHrvOL, to sail - jSnjb,sitively (weather permitting) on Sunday the 2.ith instant can lake 50 balos cotton on freight, and a few passenger. Apply oil board, east side r iy - ftlarkel slip, or to UOGEKT & KNEK.LND, No. 70 South - street. Consignees are informed that the anoA, re maininr on bouid on jUond iy, will necessarily nave to go into the puMic store. ap 18 For Freight or Lhnrler, The substantial good hug THOMAS K r.U ww It U, J on 11 flail, master, Dur Uit ii utiout 1 100 bids, und ii in complete order lor st a. Apply to the muster, on board, at pier no. 1 1, east rivor, or to READE U DE PEY3TF.R, ap 15 Iw 31 Old - slip. tirifi FASf JHLR. On Wednesday, 2 - J willbeiold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, ai h! arrived from Canton. iMl brig wai built in Medlord, in 1815, hy the firet rate wirkmcn, in the beat manner, and of the best seasoned ma terials ; ia copper laste.ued, and was coppnrcd in Liverpool with 30, 23 and 26 oz. copiivr, and rigged and fitted with a large armhtntut in the most complete aud ample style Said vessel has delivered in good order near COO torn of China goods, and it is pre - umed laib ai fast as any vet - iel in the United States, tier length on deck is 120 feel; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches! 11 feet 9 inches hold, and 5 feet 6 inchei between decks hi BinuuiciSiW wwt vr aurtiivr miiH'Uinik apply to ROPES a WARP, 44 Central. - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1 CI 8. p7 2w For J.IFFHPDOL. (To iitit poiiUrely on the Vilh imL ThefostsailingbriirllOPK, Arnold master; can accommodate several nassene - e 1. naving - Handsome accommodations, it spplici - (ion is made immediately, 011 board at I'me - st. unari, or to GRISWOLDS & COXTES, ap 10 68 Ninth street. LTIMilMr:: goods. ir.n,i, fr.n .hi.. k.n r....m r:,... i, 4 - 4 plain, sewed ar.d tamboured India mull muslins 4 - 4 rich tamboured India book mutlini 4 - 4 drawing muslins for dresiei 4 - 4 plain fine jaconetts 4 - 4 Madras! hdkb 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 itriped ginghami 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 7 - 4 cotton imitation ihawls Suer black and blueCloih Men and women'i cotton Stockinsi Linen Threads, anorted, Si black lewing Silb Marseilles Quitta 13 - 16 und 4 - 4 Linen Bed - Ticking and Dowlas tar..:. - . . ,, T ... .. nue mm nrown imiiauon ivuisia oneeting Raven! Duck ALSO. 100 firkini pickled Scntch Herrirurs. in lots to tut purchased, at .10. 2 Mont - lane, hy ap Id IW Vv AI. TlilJll Ir f "O, I UsT received from Bordeaux, 60 uoxei fruit tt in brandy 9 boxei Garmi 9 do Eau rie Metteuibcrg Z no cologne water 3 barrels Chiitharides, Glnuber Salts and Manna, in sorls 2 boxes Red Bitrk, pulv'd 1 do birop Pect rai de Lamoureaux 4 do Writing luk, of a very lupciior quality, in small juei iu o .viraicinti, somem wnicn are vnuame . 1 1 I m . I U I I Elastic Ihtridagei. Tincture and Powdc - r lor tt.e Teeth, ic tic. For sale on reasonable terms, by PETi.R LUDLOW, ap 16 Iw 111 Pearl - street. T UIIAtXO. S lihcli. Kichmond Tobacco. superior nualny, for dale hy y. - . ap 7 HURU il "F.WAU Ar hK sKlNS. - a bales prime Detr kioiy 1 iHnduf( nna lor t'titt rj ap 18 SAUL ALLEY. 9P Pine - st. rpOBACCO K KL(H,K. ;70 boil. Rich - J. ui"pd llnur, ol the t est hruudl 100 do rredenck - hnrch do 18 hhdi. iimue Ricluuond tnhicco. received pern nr. uauniieis nd ii"a ?y ap 18 A Ml A liAL,lt.lir tl. L.'T re:ie'i 1. 11: ..ii ard tht Erin, from Lofutoi , naJ the T - lu fini iid. from L ver - ihm I, a freif. sti ply o; F.iig .sM li.graim d and Ve - Ltian .uiwAii. anu i" - ni'il ivus,. vr i:iir - si . - I II 1 L. u I . I iw prices, at .so. loJru'ion (lat jrti'nm) Itreet rrflrM A UUU I Tier's Patent t loor CI th, of ditTtreot vtidthi :md patterns. ITT - ;Ai: eiURI. 1 1 Lbl. ap 18 lOHN AI'RM. UII.LINK A. CO. offer for I kale, at 'heir ih.r? No. 73 Waliii;ton - it. 202 tool oi the hell or re I roil, and 101 crate au. - rUd carV.t iv are. just receiv'; by the Bfi'Mh trig Thou as N'aylor, tnii, ma - er, T.m l.svrr;mni. up w j. r E 7 AST INDIA CO T TON. - 90 halin of iupe - lifi ri'qnali'y, foes: l: bv CAMHRKI.H.Vti rF..RSO, ap?0 67 South itreet. sjtoY CAND' E 40 hxe - - Mould Can - I .ilf. just received fr mConvene'i factory, jd :or iaie ny urir.. i ap U tWf nv. u xav - riuni. a (I , In Mr ii iug to had II 1 T two it :ai eye, inS X vate Sl. h'. i SUMAC 200 bags fresh Mid.i Sumac.juit imported aiid Its isle in 1 . 1 1 to suit pur chasers, by G. G. It S. lluW LAND, .mT mm ilf . 37 F1RUIAL1 TOBACCO it FLOUR hhds old Virgini a tobacco 65 do new crop do do 66 bbls fuii flour IS rin miil.lKnr tn. fur tale b VASQUEi, MEURON &. CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tt No. 72 Washinglou - sl. LIVERPOOL COAL. NOW landing from English brig Thomsi Navlor. a cargo of Liverpool New - Pit Coal 1 me beit quality r or iaie 111 101110 suit pur chasers, by LAING K RANDOLPH, va vesey - streei, or JNO.VAN BUSSUM, ap 18 6t 208 Fulton - strret. LEATHER. JUST received per F.iiu, from London, atd lor i.ile in lots to suit purchasers, a few easel containing blue, green and red Skivers Biirk Skivers Red Roans : and Prime Blue Morocco JOS. S. HARRISON V CO. ap 17 Iw 67 Piiit - itreet. HW. ROGER3 U CO. No. 235 Pearl it . have iust recaived 8 casks Files 7 cases Mill, Pitt and Cmi Cut Saws 6 raiksllard, Panncland (enouSawi Which they will tell on veiy reavinable termi hy the package. ap 18 Iw LINSEED OIL and ST. CROIX HUM, now landing from n bourd the ilop Superior, Capt. Storer, at Old - i!ip - - Fnr iaie by ap 18 V ORNS DU ROIS. A I GLASSES - - Landine at Old - slip, lin ear IV I go of Wr.g Axenora. 2t)7 hhili. Havana Molaiiei ; 5 ts. aud I but. Honev, lor sale hy JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. ap 13 57 Front - itreet. FORA.1LE. A handsome modern built two story House, No. I4J lhaiulier - Ptreet, cninple'lv tin hod hv the lit of May. Enquire No. 223 Du - ane - itreet. an 2tl Iw MONT - ALT 4. For sale or to let, the heililiful place called niont - Alta, lerrn miles from the City Hull, on the North lliver, edjnining lord I our lenay'i. It contain. 20 acres ol Und under im provement. with a large garden iu god condi lion, a variety of fruit trees, and every conve. nience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, aud il sold a long credit given if wished, apply to N. & D. TAIJtOTT, up 20 64 Houth - it, I ALUADI.F. PROHf.RTr Fur Kile, 'The following valuable property is ol fi red for sale, situated iu that pUiamnt village of Kinmton. in Uliter county, to wit : that elegant. substantial, modem built lluuse and Lot ol Ground, about 3 - 4 ol an acre, opposite Tuck er's Hotel Uie hnus nmihed complete in 1809, hv the most ni moved workmen. Tlie walls are ofhlne lime -, I.Jduiliiiie morlar, over two feet thick nity feet front ; two Horici ol twelve feet in height enrh : 4 rooms on each floor, and 2 entriei of 12 feet wide ; ipadoui kitchen Ac cellar under the whlo. ivitli a itnne vault beurath ; the walli inside the belt hard finish ; outside a du rable ceuiei.t. an entire preventative nganut damp walls, to which they otherwise aro liable 1 well ol excellent water ; large nam, wiin convenient out hnuiei 1 a stone waih and imoke house, and two ovens, with gond picket lni'ei, Uc. The garden it neat, und alionndi with a reat variety of choice full bearing fruit trcci, iruhheriei. flowenns shrubs, grapes, three aspa rncui beds. tc. nmking it a deiirnhle nluation for any genteel family wishing to retire Irom the academy, court - house and nank, and common none ol a city, mere ire a convenieni cnurcii, svuuuis in nuuuuiuii.o s iiw iw.ui' iuib nnir gular Turnpike roads westward are improving, witn (real exenioni, into an extrusive one a country, and property fait growing in v iluc This iroperty was improved with 00 iuteution of sale, therefore no expenct has been spared to maae 11 complete. Alio four ncrei villnge lots, near the above, at the junction ol all the leading itreels to nnd from the river, and Ii w - rorx aiid Alhony Mage roirl uo this lot wni built last smnmer a neat arid cn vonient itftre nnd cellar. 35 hv 28 fret, a hine house and hone iked, and in good fence. 'I'll situation ii delightful, and ai a good stand M hiuiuesi is exceeded hv nne in this niiartui'. the rear is every convenience sufficient wa lor carrying on a tannery, nrewtry, pot - mh worki and loan and candle lactory j ull of which an oliiect to men of capital and enterprise Also, six acres village lots near tlie last, front on the street lending to the different l&ndii.g and lerrv. Willi new Hoard Icnrei. and u under good cultivation j togdher with lome valuaMe wood loti near Kingston, necessary for cold wtu ten. Those lots may he advunt.igeouilv divided mit purchasers, or the whole will I sold to gether the tine win ne maoe complete, r 01 lurther descriptions, il necessary, apply to Sal 11 bury tl Graham, New York ; l'eter Edmd. El mendorf, Esq. Albaoy. And for terms and a view, ppl on the premini. Kingston, fv. 1.1 April, inia. EDWARD EITING N. B. The store, if not sold, will be to let from lit May next. The itock on hand mav ne witn it npzu nil el in" Ptiri iu St. PauTi and HI. John'i Chnptl, for late at Jlwclwn. THE pswi in St. Paul's and PL John's Chap, els, the afcersed prices of which hare not been paid, or secured, will be sold at auction by Bleecker il Hibby, in the reflect. v chapels. those in it. Pnul'a on Friday the f.ith iu - L nod thoie in St. John's, on Saturday the 2Hih inst. at o'cloru, A. M. ap20 4t r C 'OA 1 "rf,it. ANTED, ion small family, white woman J whw uaderatandi cooking, wubing and ironinr, o Abo, a girl about 14 years old to take care of children None need mrke application but those who can produce testimonials of good character. Apply at 17 Wa cr - ilrseL ap 20 4t ONE DOLLAR REWARD UNAWAY tromthe iii scriler on the IGth init. a hlnck wiinnn named Maria or Dor. Jonei ; thin stature, a weakoeii in her rirht about 3j yean of ago. Had "P sthec the went awav, a eruen bonnet, dove coloured cos imere ihawl, lireipun frock. All persons bar boring r trusting her will pr.secuted accord to law JOh PLUWE, si, 13 :it t7 sifver. HOARD A A 1 i I.I'. ffWO yourg g M n en, a'e desirous of prn - curing jwrniniif id board in a genteel pri iHiuilv, where there arc no hnuden, c, .i"t cxriedinir tno vt three. A lire idi!re,e l o J. I..C. I. and left at this omce, win meet wn.i ai - rn tent!" - .,. ''V ,u ? TEAM - BOAT F.KE - LV. (gj - This hoe I Mill com - nv tice rtDDicg between New .Vnik and 'e uurgti, on kj iii't'SrHr. : r.d.i. ir.s 1 Ph A I - rfi ili - tave. - ew - Y - rk vry Tui dsy, ' - nd .Saturday, at 9 A M. and Newhurjh or, .Xno.MV, Uedneidjy ana r rmj, - - .s. P H A part of .he itn.e, No. 81 Pine - itreet. ipiy on the rirei.ii'l. ap 17 WA.Ni'LD. NI'RSE and COOK, whoeii produce good rcrommrndatiosi. Apply at IhiiuuV. : 18 3t flV.. rr f - IX j(f - ii'.lcine.n with 1 1 ohtsin board in respei.ianis fami.y. TWej aw y r ita dollars. A In dl'eisM t t. K. .in I' :.f lie "eTderJ to. NANKELNS, toe 2000 piece Vim; yellow Monk cent 1S00 tin blue nnnkreui entit'ed to debenture 5 bale! BnfUi, laiviiiig, and for i'c hy i SUOitN, epW 28 Soeih - itreet. I f N 'VT a. i ve - mill - PUBLIC SALES, BY FRANKLIN k tMIXTVRN. . Some choice Furniture, Wedneidiy, At 10 o'clock, at V. 48 White - street, a vari ty O' hnuseholrt furnilu - fl it, Int order, tin - 1 ro per'y 01 a laruity breaking up koue keeping, conMititig of I elesunt lidebnard, dinin?, break - fad and card tab'ei, elm in, Ih('., bedsteads, dimiiy curtains. rnuiseiUs ccor.'i.ij nntt, rosa blankets, namaik lali!e vlo'lis siiti capkin, car - pets and rngi, an ilgitt C - r4 settofcat slsi't cut qaart and pint de. hnler. celerr howls. tum biers, wineg!iiiis, goblets, and .chamr'riiegli ! s, liquor it.ind with lirhcut glasr titles, castors, Ui sett of fuld and whith china. 1 g rett of china, waiters, tan: s, I sett '( iiver (4 piecn), ilver tahlt iiours end ladles, lory Knives and lurks, hest Lui don mnde, 4vC sc. with variety of kitchen fun iture. BY BLF.ECKEIt fc BlHBY, Ihurs.dayi.3il , At 68 Chsmber - st. at 10 o'clock, a quantity of very fashionable household loroittire, consisting of patent dining tables, rose titbles, 2 sideboards marble tops and crllet eta to match, fashionable maliuynny and fancy chairs, elegant sophu, pier tables marble top and glass, bnissels and other ca.petn, hmrtu rugs, plate and plated ware, eirgant dining and teacluna, CUtgL'iss, bedstead, mutrissei, table cloths, towels and sheets, with a very Urge quantity of kitchen funiture. Alio, ta pip 0 very old supe - ior Madeira wine. . uu rriday afternoon, 3 o'clock at Uie Albany Basin. 100 logs ver choice St. Domingo mlioiranvi Uie cargo of schr. Lvctirgus, selected on the leeward coast from a la ge quantity by a very competent judge, tins parcel consists of crotch ar.d myrtle venier and table wood, and is worthy the particular attention of cabinet makers. MA UK LIC FOR UL ILIJIAO, Ac. f III J E proprietor! of the southern marble qua - JL riei, near Kiug'i - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at tlie King1 1 - Bridge Marble and Lime - iard, Coot of Btaih - streut, on the HuiImh river, an extensive stock of marble lor buildiug, of Uie following de scriptions, VII 1 Ashlar Coping Foundation Eton Cbimney - Piecesj Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platform! Sills, l.iutels Arches Also I.ims of the best quality. (Ey - A constant supply, of the above material! may be calculated upon; aud those desiroui of purchasing, or making engagement!, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 1 At the Yard. REMOVAL, rr N. SMITH DA VIEW has removed his chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Li - berty - Mi eet, on the west lido oi Broadway. null 27 ItSMOYAL. ' - JOHN P. HURGWIN. has removed his office , from No. 77, to 73 Snuth - ilrret, where he offers for aide, 400 Ibis, of Wilmington I urpeiitine. pp J6 7t NOTICE. FTr' Thssoritlr for inilructirir the Deaf and Duml meet thii afternoon, at the Mayof'i olfiee, at 4 o'clock. ap 13 JNO. B. SCOTT, ?rcr'y. UliJ LHsUHAffCE COMFAJil'. OCT Tlie subscribers to tockof this company are requested to pay tlie amount of llieir reruer.tive luhsi.rintioii n .VTnml ,vnetv the 20th hiitutit, nt Uic nflice, No. 66 Wall street, where attendance will he given from 10 to 3 o'clock, on that and the following day. 1 in i , 1 ' 11 NO I IGF. CO' The subscriber havin; taken into part nership Mr. Thomas L. Callendir, Ihrir husi - nasi will he conducted under the firm of Jiidali Si Calltndtr. ap IU 3t MOTS JUDAIL NOTICE. OT 'Flie Annual e'ortiun fir Directors nf the Bunk of Ann ri. a, will l.e held at (he Hunk, on M'.nda, the 4lhdaynf M:ty next. The noil will open at 10 and t - lr in at 2 o'clock. By cider of the bourd of dirrclon. , GEO. NEW sp 20 Mr A CARD. WHALE resperlfu'lv make! known in tlie Indiei and gentlemen of .Ntw - York. that in conieqiieiire of Mri. Krtm h taking her Concert on Tueuh.y, bit next public will he on Wednes - day the22d. ap 17 fat KIRK k MERC EI N, 22 Will - street, have fit t received and for 'sale, OCui'd Oocu - menu of the Presbytery of Albany, Ik - iriali f the K vd. Johh Chester and Mr. VI ark Tuck ur, together with the wliole case of the Rrr'L Hooper Cummiog ap20 3t "MILFORn St OWEOO iOTft RY WILL commence drawing on the 5th day of May, when the prlc - , of tickets will ad vance to 34. Fretrnt nrve rf ticktti and Mere. Whole, $22 I Quarters, $8 Halvei, 16 Eighths, 4 ot.Hr.a MF.. 1 prill of $70,000 10 prices of $ 1000 U & 600 140 do. 100 do. 35.000 do. 10.000 do. 5,000 3V0O do. 30 Tickiti and iha'es, m a variety of numlicrr, tut sale at the hook - store and lottery cilEre o No 19 Pork - ilip, comci ol Wi . - - - .liv . t. Jy Eaiiem, southern ard njithen, bnuk - notes, taken in payment lor tit I '. A ronvct ehe k - lvuk will lie kept I r the ex aminaliou '.fall uc ko's grafu. p 20 (il i fc ia.AD, AQf t H)i'.il, Vc V Ii I'Nii Uu While I t i ! 2 t"ci White Lead in il, i - 3 anI 66 !b keg 6 do : u,i'i)r Hed Lrid M,, - liirf, 4 an'i iih ; yellow Black Paints P.Hii iVhiteand tipanMf. tsicwn Yellow Ochre, Vemrea Hwt. ' l,SO on RA.IID, 9 r. s' - i beit l.oidon Au - ia Fortii, ground - rprr, I case Oil of Vitriol 1 exit tpiritiof Salts ir la's hy ATKINSONS I s - T.KMtt.G, ap 20 2w Nu. 107 Penrl itreeir ALT. 4000 by tis bt. Lte cult, loriaie oy 1IV1E ItETHUNE CO. 211 92tXVehou'c slip. np ANKINS. - 30H pi, chop, lor sale by Clue Nankins, tut IIURDM SEWALT 65 South Ureet. pSO FW RICE. IU7 iierceief lery pr.mencW will !e lauded t - ,ion'iw morniiig, m on Lioard the iln Youi Kotup, al Ste ni whorl, for la'e by MAJOR tl GILLI.FPIE, ap'."0 3t 79 Pirw trref. COKN .MEAL. 100 h.,ueadi la.doO har - J reS bright yellow torn meal, fmh Irom the - rr,l!etTTUCKRftLAUr.TV. CI.UVI. BEfcO t. - rscts lv.l.'JIUU p 20 3 Coutb - itresL

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