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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, April 21, 1818
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' i from tiu Gcvrgetam .Vestengcr, W extract th following exUaordinary cm of an elopement ltnM an E"S,um paps which hu bom poKtety favored o by a srsrad. It x Iiil'it a rr iusiance oi perfidy on Uut on hand, nod im - guided aitachasent oo th other, .uch aaii saldm met with any where. Hxtraordtnary tlojitatail The here of this tor h t person Cilliug himself Dr. WUke at other Uaw Vr. Stephen Geary WUke j also, captain Bayfield, and Mr. Seymour, and se veral oiher title. Thi. gentleman ' dlcUr dictoe, and D'acluod with success in n market town id the of t ngland, put ni " v.i... li;r.l K'nn in tnava tltc place. He j 1. 1 1.:. ;r .iih whom he lad a large tor - , tuw, which he had expended) and two children, to the carnal care of ionuer Incnus ana ac4u - sioc.. H soon got an appoiutmcut at surgeon ia the army, nod went abroad; on tie gained the affection! of a highly retpctabj .... . ft S .a auiftB hV WIUMB young lady, and tnwigu rut " '"' - i L lJd a fVmUv. ww living, he actually married her, and hai two children by her, living Itli , a few auhtsfrom Loo - their mother at don. 8l.e eupponed uiin for a. period, belnj an cc omj - lUh. d woman, by bi inland niduttry in coodoctinf a young ladies' school. Mr. W. at lugth de - rted tier also, and only vitited her when he wauled a aupply ol cash. Since the desertion of hi aecood wile, be ....i..wl . famil miserable, by seducing oue ol a. u, . u. . rnmnelled to detert thii younz lady, becaiwe hi finauce were reduced toalewiudliugs with whi h he cam to Loo - .l .t. MHod when a celebrated tenUemnn ..oiiinv ihn alUntion ofiorietv to hi theoriee and plant for re - uiodelluig the lower claaiet of ociety. Hiiiluationwathendittreu)f in the itreme be applied to a pertoo wb had been 1.1. f.n.i tnr ,vr and aetittance. He wat recommended to the practiee in London, and waipromiedthiupport of teral pewom, U. . a v . let mm nm - whom lie wa iniroauceu. ne w r - :,h k.. mMtinv held hi the cny of ladno, at which piece he we. nto to the above celebrated ptuiantnropiH u" nrMwl Inh'im hit edmiratioa ofku eyeteui for hetterin? Uie condition of the lower order, of eocic'y. He wa. invited by the gentleman, whoe condoct be had to much praieed, to dm with him; and from that tim he to ingratiated bimeolf iuto the good opinion of thit friend of the itoor. that he recommended him to many of hi. ncuuaintance and friend, in town, and peing a manioweMngconiiderableekUl, he would kk have hd ackaUiMivf practice By the recom - mpn.lsii.ji nfhif new palrou. he wa. introduced In a hi'hlv reiDectable femilv, the bead of . which hold a utuation of cooiiderable importance and profit uader government. Upon hii natron1, .tatlnr the confined circumitance. ol inviUtion to the table, and he ued all the ekill mhirh he poeeeotd (which i no mean portioo) to obtain the good opinion of it. inmate. and by hi. opennea. and apparently amiable qualitie. hi. preeftice wa contidered a. neceenry almoet to the haDDiaen of the family. It happened about thi. time that the ladr of the home, the wife of hi. friend, wa. taken ill. The doctor wa. deu - red to attend iter, aad that he might pay morr attention to the lady, the huabaud fitted up aa apartment in hi. bouie (or the doctor to deep in. The doctor wm pow quite at home ; hi attention to hi. patient wa. unremitting ; and hi. viut. to her, which were frequently alone, were of cotuidcrable length ; and wheu the lady became ronvaleecent, the doctor wa. praiied for hi. kil - fulnen. The ladv ie under thirtv year, of age, and poi - aeue. a handeome penon. 1 he doctor, who i about forty year, of age, U a very good looking man t he pawed for a widower, and after the complete rettoration of the health of hi. patient, lie wa. requetied to continue in hi. friend, houta until he had prepared a .uilable place whnre he could pursue hi. prolb.ion. During the time that thi. Doctor W wa. attending the wife of hi. friend in a profeiuonal capacity I.. nnftaiiiif In Uilnn tun In hwlilv beulth, he completely alienated tier auccuon. Alter the lady1, recovery, her miud appeared to every one (but that of an affectionate husband, who wa blinded by esconive love tor her) to have undergone a change moat extraordinary He? conduct to her butband became cold, aad at time, very ditre.pertful, and toward. vry other member of the family the acted quite un becoming a mother of Mveral chddren. Her brother - in - law, Mr. B. who wattue only one of her friend, that dared to .peak in direct term, to thi. once haughty but uow m'uerable woman, upon the criminality of her conduct, gave her to understand that he had waited to mo a change in her behaviour toward. the doctor; that be hnd expected thttt the indirect warning, of her f fit - mlii would have bceu tufficicnt to have brought her back to the honourable path the had formerly purnued ; but he fouud that the treated her hutbaud with contempt, and her cluidren with not merely neglect, but cruelty. He wa. atiiGed in hi. mind bow .uch a changa had been effected. II told her that he should f;eak hit mind freely to her butband, and uuleu h would calmly tnffer binuelf to be dithonored in hi. own house by the doctor, be would, without ceremony, break hi. neck out of it She laughed at the good advice of a valuable friend and relatiou, and appeared to be perfectly tufatuated by pawion for the wretch who had worked her ruin Iter brother in - law informed ber husband of his . suspicions, and advised him to tend her to the country bouse at Tnnhridge - wellt. The hatband still could not believe that hi. wife, the mother of his beautiful children, was criminal Tie, however, ordered the doctor to leave hit home. His wife opposed such a measure most atrenuounly : the said that .uch a ttp wa. preci - - ritate. unuecessarv, ungenlleman - like, and in - hotpilable. On the following day the husband took her to TunbnJje - wells, and there ine cellared that die could uot live ; .he detested the place; and prevailed upon her husband, after residing there two day. to return to London. During the tim that thi. doctor, th'n assassin of Oociettic Happiness, wa. ircaiea to no?ji'my tlit mansion of Mr. F. he, as it were, held the Iurte of his friend, and had sums from him to a very considerable amount, which he used as a mean, to effect his purpose, in carrying off bis wife. The very day after the lady returned with her husba - id frcm Tonbridge - well. to Lon - don, she p.cked up all her valuable (during the absence of her husband from home; thai were portable, in two trunks and two parcel, and had tiiem eouv eyrd to the doctor, who wa. watchin; tor ber in the neighborhood of her hut bend's liuu - e with a hacknty coach : the) both got into ine coi - n, auu drove otf, abandoning a truly al - lirtioaHte hu - u:m.l and her two nua mteretliug cniLirrn ; leaving wealth and happine", for poverty, h:sery, and the precarious protection of hor seducer. 'I'ho lollowiug circular was tent to the tradesmen of Mr. V. and alio to the dif - ieretit pot masters in Vj - 'land, for the purpose of discovering the retreat of the fugitive. . A pwoa ralbn? himself Dr.Wilkes, and Stephen Geary Wilkei., but who alio ytly the l.ame of bnaiour, and caotaiii liavC - l L was, about six weeV - j since, tnkeo out of a situation of (rieM pcuuiary distress, placed in an employment of Us own clicice, securit" to him nfCci nt in,orary provision, the meant of fu' ure advantage, from the apnli.ation of his iu - dutry ; and above all, received into the bouse of his bfu factor a. an inmate. Here he availed limiee'f jf his profononal tf - ndance on the wifv ol his f iend, duriug a f ver, to corrupt ber mii'i! aad alienate her affi - lisns. Hi vilhinous intentions weio no sooner discovered, than be w promptly ditmisteJ th" house, and every precaution takfn to per veot a cat a'rophc, which however, the oaluroancy ot tho ono pr'y ;.! the weakaeat of the othu - Lave conspired to pro - iUoce, rvbbeJ'Aide. Jbr Senator. . - Inurnudi ""Pf"" U t wKud hJ . chUdr - S .aether. It - h - P V.1 ? "JwLl.c. Stttecluef object of Ihi. 1 Tammany - Hall a fair mritarf double 'W . the pillage of the purs of on irwou forded ban the means era to carry bis eeconda - re nirflMi ifiln fleet. Thi Ut. WilKet nu Ukoa a lodgiiig in foley etreet, and from theace weot into a hackney coacn wiui um t tweea 7 and 8 o'clock oo Thursday vomg; eaid, M he should be too lata for the ight o'clock coach, but was set down at th top of Dean - street, Oxford - rtreet, with a trunk and two parcel., and may have proceeded to th CoJtinonL No intelligence whatever ha einc been beard of the lady, and all inquiry atter WUke or Sevmourj bat provea iraiueee. II rapposeu that be ha. debarred her of all communication with her frieads, who are in the greatest anxiety ou ber account. ' The above instance, of Um baa practice, ol thi. Wilkes, are only a few or th aumtrous villages which he ha. committed. The laat wife he married was the daughter of B. Eq. of Holborn hill, and niece to Dr. H. an eminent accoucheur. Thi. lady ha treated with the greatest brutality prior to hi deeerting ber. r, ver since air. I . eloped with the ooctor. every efibrt had been used by her friend, to dis cover her retreat. Two day ago, Mr. B. her bre'Jtcr - in - law, was walking near 8t. James' Park, and saw th doctor and Mr. T. w&lking together. He gave a pound not to a eoldier in th guard, to watch them, mod follow tbem until he got a constable. He and the soldier fol lowed them until they arrived at their lodgings, a miserable apartment at a chandler', shop, in a little street in Soulhwark. Mr. B. procured a coustable, and accosted the doctor, in whose bo som he eaw a Valuable brooch, (a cameo,) 0oo wbun wa. a profile of the injured husband, and underneath a crystal .tone, on the came brooch, wa. lb latter V. the Initial of the butband. tar - name. Mr. B. immediately charred the doctor with stealing the brooch, and the olficrr convey ed bin to Union Hall, wher h wa. examined in th evening before the magistrate. The doc tor was dressed fashionably, in a military great coat i and wun charged with felony, be laugh ed at hie a censers he declared that the lady gave him th brooch. Th uu fortune I woman was in th out. - " office, during the examination, calling upon her "dear doctor." She raid the would go with him i they thould not take her from him to would go to priaon with him The officer and on of her friend, prevented her Irom intruding herteir into the magistrate's room, becaate ber butband did not with to be iu her company, and was desimu. of avoiding her, as UHXtgtt atie nea injured bin and bit cbildreu, vet he could not entirely forget her whom be Lad one to dearly loved. Th magistrate asked Mr. F. if ha wished his wile to D called in and examined on oath, whether die gave the doctor the brooch or not.' Mr. F. said, that if the magistrate would order ine oroocn to be restored to bim. he would with draw the charge. The magistrate immediately caused the brooch to be delivered to him, and the doctor wa. discharged, and appeared ver - eager to get out of the office. On his war out, he was arretted by Mr. Jarvie, the sheriff', offi cer, aad taken to the lick - up bouae. The doctor declared that it was a fait arrest, and that a conspiracy was formed between Mr. Jarvi. and Mr. o. to deprive him of hi. liberty, and would not be satisfied to the contrary until proved to him by documents that he had bad the writ in hia possession for many months, bnt had been tin - ariie to meet with him. The doctor and the lady hail not a shilling I'ft, and they had pledged an ine property which the took away Iron her hutbaud - Whe u Mrs. F. was informed that the doctor wa. arretted for debt, .he went into an ny it eric bl, I he doctor it now coofmod in Hortemoneer - lain gaol ; and although thi. most unfortunate woman ha. been offered by a friend a respecta ble asylum, .he is so infated that she declined the offer, and actually visit, the author of her rum in prison, one has no money, nor can have any until her dividend (of property she possesses in ner own right by settlement) w due ffEfV - YORK EVENING POST. TUESDAY, APRIL SI. A lam f regulate foundations of buildings Aa act has patted the legislature of thi. .tate, requiring that the foundation of every building which .hall be erected in this city, after the ltt of May next, .hall not be let than tix feet be low the tlreet or tide walk in front of nid foun dation, provided it can be laid without injury to any building which may have been erected oo the adjoining ground before the lit day of May next. Iu low and wet situations the foundations are not required to be made any deeper than the staudiog waters iuiuch utuation.. Now for the peoalty.which it no penalty at all at all ! M A ndbt it furfur enacted. That the owner or owner, of each and every building which hall be erected in the city of New - York, after the tint day ef May next,tbe foundations of which hall not be in conformity with thi. act. .hall be debarred from the recovery of any damage, tuch building or building, may hereafter tustain, by the erecting of anv buildinz or foundation ad joining thereto, in pursuance of the provisions of uu. act : rroviUej, l hat ordinary care be taken in ordering .uch buildings, or in laying luch ounuatioo." Oppugmlion.Tht teem, the order of th day between republican brethren of (A eatne principle. A. for the federalists, no longer known as a party, they do every man what aeeio cth right in hi own eye. The state at the en suing election, presents tho ruriotit tpectacle of Joubl tetts of candidates, but both nominated and .upported by opposite section! of the tame party. In thi. senatorial district the people have presented to their choice Darius Crosby, of West Chester county, lately nominated at Tammany Hall, and re - nomiuated by a meeting got up there ) and Jacob De La Montajnie, of West Chester, also, but Dominated at Jericho, in the county of Suffolk. These gentlemen are both entered, and it remain, to be cen which will win th plate. Tb Clinton strength will now be put to the test in the southern district, and if he can only make the " merry men all" of old ."uffolk turn out with their bugle, on thi. occa siou, witn all their numerous ciaoi, he will car ry all before him. W hav nothing to do in Uie i, flair but to look on. The following from the Columbian of last eveuiu; is a formal account of the proceedings of the meeting that m.iJe the last nomination. fiepuiiliean A'ominalion of Senator and Membert of Longrw. At a Meeting of Kepiiblican Elector, from the counties, ol huff - Ik, Queens, rings, and the r imt and Second Ward, of the city of , iscw - ioric.noidcn at the house of Wm. Bo - pert, in Jrricbo, in the countv of Quern., on S - tturday the loth of Apr.l, 1818 M - jor It - lael Carll, of Suffolk, was chosen Chairman, and 1'itrre C. Van V. v. k, esq. becretary. Kcolvrd, Tluttliism cling approve of the re. dution, passed in the counties of Suffolk, Hun h - . ami discon - nue the prc - nee l.icli ha : . - etnfure prevailed of District Convention fur ihe purpose of nominating can - FP - CKro tained t and also, that thoe Convention have from time to time been rendered eubiervient to th particular view and intrigues of a cer tain party in tl York, who nave arrayea iiwu - (elve againat. and profe to act in opposition to the admin titration of the govemmeui nui tai. And this sneetino' cannot but exprei their .ineere regret, that in cotwequence of having yielded so repeaiexiiy u uie oiciini of this party, the Southern District has in a great degree lost it weight in the Legislature and Councils of the State and that the politi cal course pursued by those who have been se - tertMt t tline Hanventions. has tended to des troy that good understanding and cordiality of j reeling which ougnt to prevail dciwcch Republican of other parts of the Bute and those of the Southern District. Resolved, that we respect aod will .upport reg alar nomination, fairly made ; but we do not consider this principle obligatory upon the Republican Party, o far a. to make it necessary for them to make an J support nomination, obtained by intrigue or coercion, where they have good reason for believing that the candidates tho. presented are attached to a particular political party, whose conduct and avowed princi pie of action are hostile to the administration created and .upported by the Republican party throughout this state. Resolved, that in the opinion of thi. meeting, a fair exprei.ion of Uie wi.he. and aentiment. ol the Republican, of thi. Dittrict wa. not made in the nomination of Dariu. Crotby, which lately took place at a convention held at Tammany Hall. Resol ed, that a. independent Elector., thit meeting have the right to nominate and recommend to the .upport of their Republicau brethren in thi. Dittrict, a suitable person as candidate for Senator at the ensuing election ; and alio suitable persons as candidate, for members ofCon - greaa In this District : and therefore Resolved, that Jacob De La Montagnia, eaq. of Westchester County, be recommended a. candidate for Senator ; and that Silas Wood.eiq. oi Suffolk, and John of Richmond, he rerommeoded as Candidate for member, of Concresa at the en.uing election. Resolved, that the proceeding, of thi. meeting re published in the Republican paper, in tin. Dittrict. 13 K. A FX CARLL, Chairman I'iERRE C. VAN WYCK, Sec'ry An extraordinary article in the Advocate of thi. morning, in which lie .ay Mr. Coleman mar date the origin of hi late misfortune to his imprudent and unjust seal in having repre. sented the proceedings of the court mar tial of the U. S. in an odious and tyrannical light, demands, and shall receive suitable at tention, as soon as he is able to resume his official duties Extract of a letter from Dr. John Sidley to Dr. John II. itobinson, ot Natchez, Hated "NiTcm - rociES, March 16, 1817'. " Some persons have just arrived here from Ralvextown, and report an extraordinary assemblage of French gentlemen being there with a large quantity of warlike stores, as well as farming tools Near three thousand more were expected there by the present period They came principally from Philadelphia; all their packages were marked Mobile, dens. Lallemund and Rigaud are amongst them. They cautiously avoid offending our govern ment. Ihe views of these people are not un Jet - stood, but it is conjectured that they are going to some place bevoml the river lirand lucnwps i ainnii ill to possess ami nccupv a country to become an assylum for discontent ed Europeans. Ihe armed v essels our govern ment ordered to that place, had not ppeared the middle of last month. Before the arrival of these Frenchmen, the place was occupied by Lafite the younger, and his party who had brought in some prize's of great value, parti cularly the Spamdi ship Camprche, of 450 tons, with a cargo worth X360,OOO. I expect to hear again from Galveztown, and will communicate to you the intelligence I may receive Some valuable silver ore ha. lately been sent in by some Indian traders, who found it beyond the Colorado." Nkw - 0hi.ea.js, April 1 Rumour has been for some time busy in thi. city, with the designs now on foot against the npanush provinces beyond the babine. It is currently reported that the French Exiles in the tinted Elates formed a plan some time since for taking possession of the province of 1 exas, witlbpcrhaps the adjoining country call ed Provinces Internes. A subscription was raited amongst the most wealthy, to defray the incidental expenses. Mr. Giraud is sai.l to have subscribed 50,000 dollars, and Joseph Bonaparte, Marshal Grouchy, &c. arc also be lieved to have contributed largely. Some have gone so far as to that the leaders notified the Spanish minister at Washington ot lueir intention to colonize the above pro vince, where they are willing to acknowledge tne supremacy or old Spain in case she allowed them to remain undisturbed. We should have treated sll this as idle ru mour had not the above letter from Natchito ches set the matter beyond all question. From the Philadelphia Gazelle, April 50. Bank or the Ubitkd Statks. A situa lion for erecting a building for transacting the nusiiirs. oi inn institution, lias at lenet h. Iiceo fixed upon, anil actually purchased. It consists of thosn handsome lot. commencing with Mr. Jo eph P. Norn.'i property, on the south side of Chesnut street, extending easterly and inrludinr, Mr. E. Innnipsim's house, and southerly to Li brary street. This beautiful aod spacious plat. we understand has been purchased at about an average of 1000 dollars per foot. Two men. supposed to be the Dcrsons who late ly rohlied the Pittsburg Bank, were ve.terdav brought to thit city, in irons, aod under a strong escort, sad committed to prison to meet their trial. One would suppose that if any tiling could check the growing spirit of depredation, the cer tainty of punishment ought to have that effect. in almost every lo.tance even Uie most ably contrived robberies bave shortly been discovered, and their perpetrator overtaken by the hand oi me law. NEWARK. April SI, Ihunder gu'l. On Thursday afternoon last, w experienced a .mart shower of rain, attend, cd with thunder and lightning. During its con tinuance, a flash of li'htning descended a poplar tree in irom ol capt. iXebemian Sahlwm's house, shivering it into many pieces, and breaking a bout 30 panes of glass in front of hit house. Mrs. Bald wio, and two other females, were sil ting in a front room ; the former of whom was seriously affected by the shock, being knocked down and remaining for tome time in a .tat of insensibility ; but liv the application of cold wa ter and other prescriptions, she recovered, and is likely to do well. The others wei not in Xured. Th air since has been unusually raw and unpleasant mor lik March weather thau April. BALTIMORE, April 18, ria. About noon, a fire broke out in the Duster oi old wooden buildings, on the cause wav. which was not arnsted m.iil it kaH - .,.. med five of them, together with their contents. Too mucli credit cannot be given to the firemen for their unrsuM exertions on this occasion, which, had they in the trait relaxed, mutt have consumed the whele block; the wind blowing a gal at the time. Confrrmonal BenivoUnee. During the Pre - sident' late tour, as he wa pass ing through the town of Pawtuxet. in Rhode - LUnd, an in - duatroos fisherman, named Smith Slocum, was selected to manage the cannon from which the salute WM fired, in honor of Mr. Monroe. While in the act of ramming down the cartridge, a discharge took place, which took off both hit arms During Uie present session, c k.. Mned all the wav to Washington, and petitioned Congress to place him on the pen. sion Iiat. lui uis pravcr wa mcu - m - . . humane gent'eman who compose mat august i ..,it tmt mumArr the nronle's money in that wsy tliey had onlj taken eight 4oUan day of it, for themseive ; and bail given eight ai'.. a month to the men who erected the temple in which they officiate as the priests of Liberty. Poor siocum was uoomcu io uc6 m wsv back strain. O Tempore ! O Mora fHe - publiean Chronicle. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Herald, Norfolk. April 17. S Vmm mir attentive corresmndent at Gibral tar, we have received tne toiiowing no oi i intelligence, under date of February 28th. The iiiis.iansquauson, coiiiuiicui ucc nd three 44's. under Die command of Admi - ral Moller, in the Dresden, arrived at Cadiz, on the 21st mat. (February,) viz : El Dresden. 74 Capt. Turnepsky, El Morte Adier, 74 Hamilton, 74 Mosiat, 74 Torderem, 74 Stepanof, 44 JVovikkox, 44 1 Tolonbrief, El Neptuno, El Tronchswastitil, BILubeck, El Merctirio,' El Patricio, El Assrogele, U Rudy, This fleet is said to be the same the English seized at Lisbon, in 1811, and gave up after wards unon the rupture between ranee ana Russia and it is said that England pays for it out of the 400,000 she is to give Spain, for abolishing the slave trade. There were no troops, and transports are ready to take the seamen back by way of the Bluck Sea. A gentleman who is here from Cadix. since the arrivals of the Russians, states a fact some what flattering to our national character s On their arrival in the bay of Cadiz, the Ad niral's ship saluted the town, and on the following dav. fwbich was Washington's birth - day) eve ry ship hred a tull ruunu. it was avowcu to have been fired in honor of that occasion, and was not answered by the Spaniards. What special service the Spaniards mean to send tins Sect upon, or how they are to lit it out in the beggerly state of their exchequer, time only can determine ; noboity here Knows, Uur squadron is still alott I believe at Sy racuse ; but Commodore Channcey is looted for every day, on his way home, and it is said the Franklin will accompany him thus far. The writer in another letter observes I he King of Spain ha made Cadiz a port of deposit, similar to Marseilles, upon paying, it is said, 2 per cent.. I tlon t know yet when it is going into operation, and am ignorant of se veral important particulars that are necessary to enable me to lay the subject clearly before you. I have seen that part ot tne order proclaims Cadiz, to be one of the intended ports, but it is contingent upon a tariff pre scribed by a commercial tribunal, which we have not seen. LATE FROM FRANCE. By th arrival at New - London, last Sat urday, of the very fast tailing ship Comet, aptain Center, in th remarkable short pas sage of 19 days from Havre, we have received :i file of Paris papers to the 50 th of March, con - taining London dates to the 14lh of the same month. Although these dates are 12 day. from Loudon and 23 from Paris later than before re ceived, yet we do not discover, on a busty pern sal, that they contain any very important politi cal information. The weather on the coast oi Europe has been uncommonly tempestuous and disastrous to .hipping. The letter bag of the Comet and tome of her passenger, arrived here this morning in the steam boat from New - Haven. The Comet has a valuable cargo of dry goods, lie. consigned to T. Phelps & Co., Jones & Megrath, and Ripley, Center & Co. owners, hailed March 20th. in co. with ihip Golconda, and Maria, both for this port ; ship James Monroe, for Philadelphia 5 brig Ty bee, Cobb, for Savannah, and ship Gen. Knox, for N. Orleans. Left ship Adonis, aod schr. Spartan, both for N. York, rext day ; ship .Manchester Packet, for do, in IS days ; and many others not recollected, most of which had been wind bound for about 6 weeks. Passengers, Mr. Jones, capt. M'Kinzie, of Philadelphia, and 14 French passenger.. Spoke nothing oo the passage. A letter from Havre, of the 24lh Mnrch, .ay., " rice is high, anj cotton brisk." Another, of the S7th, say., " No material variation in the market of lat ; Upland cotton 55 to 57 cent. ; rice45to46f.' A letter from Bordeaux, of the 12th, says, the ship Moses Brown, from this pert, and a schooner from Richmond, are lost. Another letter says tb brig Holland, of N York, from Charleston to Amsterdam, is totally lost, near Bolojne. A passenger informs, that he understood, the Gen. Hamilton, would proceed from Plymouth, (where she put in,) for this port, about the 25 ih of March, The Belfast had arrived at Havre from this port. Ship Illinois, Funk, has arrived at Bordeaux, from this port. Ship Favorite, Hilliard, arrived at Havre, a - bout 19th March, from this port. The ship Canada, from this port has arrived at Havre. Such translations from the papers as our time will permit, follow : PARIS, Feb. S!5. , Mr. James Swan, an American, who has been a lung tim detained at Aiaiute - Pelogie, has just gameu in me i nnunai ol commerce an import - ant aw suit against Messrs. Lubhert and Dn - mas, who ar sentenced to pay him the sum of 650,000 francs, LONDON, March 5. The marriige of th princess Elizabeth with the prinre of 1 1 esse Homhourg is definitively fixed for Easter week. The august couple will spend three week, at C ran bourne l.odge, and then set out for Hombourg, by way of France. London hat thit night experienced a terrible tempest, more violent than any that has occurred in a number of years, Tb wind blew from 3. W. and the hurricane has caused he greatest damage. Several houses bave been completely unroofed, and there was not a street which wt not strewed with wrecks of chimneys, tiles, slates and lead. The roof of the house wher the Courier is printed wat entirely carried away by the violence of th wind. Many persons were wounded, as was to b expected, because the atoms commenced at eight o'clock in the, evening, a Ume when the streets ar still full of passengers. Happily no live were lost. We thi moming receive the most disastrous accounts from the coast. The following is so extract of a lettc, , dated t 13 put deveo Ust night, written by the agmU of Uoyd'f at Bamsgate, ana .exit ot. "p; The Utorv or Aoeroecn, wu " - for Moots efrst, is cast stray" upon the north - i . a a niMit storm IS raKinri scrc - t ...(. .r in mat danrer, and one of them has been dismasted it i impco - ible to go on board of any From what we aee. we must incline that many vessel will be driven on shore, and many totally lost. . juarco o. By account received dirct from Algiers this morning, it appears mat w j"Bu" f - " ther and at Oran. Tb Dy hated by tho mrntiln. and nreserves his rower only by oppres sion. The European, are not at all molested, if we txcent the seizure, under a invoious pretext, of three Epanith cargoes nnd one Genoese. niarrn . A letter Plymouth, dated ca th 5th, a dreadful account of th hurricane At noon, tb tim of writing th letter, th wind were blowing in a fngbtlul manner, a:ia a vessel was lost in ieht of the port. The losses occa sioned by th storm ar incalculable. Far from moderating, th wind seems to increase : it it S. W. and S. W. every moment, ana tne squall, ar o violent as to blow people into the water. Within in memory ot man, Doiauig Uk it was ever seen. March 9. Ther continues to be a great fluctuation in the funds. Consols in accouul rose on Saturday o 78 1 0 : they were thi. morning at 78 3 - 8, and at one o'clock they fell to 78 1 - 8. On Saturday hi. majesty1, physicians issued the following bulletin " Hit majesty haa passed the mootb tranquilly enough, and continues to enjoy good bodily health ; but the mental disorder baa not abated." . Letters from Liverpool state that the under writers of that port, bay refused to insure, at my premium, against sea - ruk, any ol the ves sels that departed thit week. March 10. Contrary winds and the storm hav delayed for several day. the arrival of the French news paper. W may form an idea ol the badness ol th weather from the circumstance of the packets being afraid to put to tea. . Letter, from Margate, iiamsgate, ueai, J Jo ve r, rortfjiouin, raimomn, i op - mam, uar - ick, Liverpool, North Shields, Greenock and Gravesend, all agree in announcing the greatest disaster. Every moment dismasted ves. - clj i. pear in the ofiing, and nothing is heard during the night but tignal. of distress, without bring abl to render assistance to vessels iu danger, so heavy and furious it the sea. lu.i uu.i, i itn iwarcn. Letters from our principal tiorts of the latest date, continue to give the most afflicting details of the immense disasters occasioned by th late tempest. L,ijuu., marcn 13. Funds 3 percent con'ol. 77 7 - 8; 78 1 - 4, 1 - 8 Ditto, in account, 78 1 - 8, 1 - 2, 1 - 4, 3 - 8 Three per cent reduced, closed. Four per cent, closed. Five percent 105 3 - 8, 1 - 2, 3 - 8. To relate every day the .caudalous scenes that occur at the elections would be wearisome to the reader, were it not that tliey manifest the proceedings of the opposition, for the purpose of en - Icavounng to obtain a majority in the new par liament. Fist; and club, aro made use of, aod those who think that they can obtain vote, by giv ing dinners, resort to that method. 1 be Amnesty bill has passed uie iinuso or com mons by the immense majority of 233 votes to (S3. It will be long before the opposition will recover from so terrible a shock. Courier. We bave this morning received New - York papers to the 10th of t ebruary inclusive. Jlfrs. French's farewell concert, the public will observe, is to take place thii evening, of which the particulars aipcar in the bills of the day. We were prevented by illnen from attending the last concert, nnd with much regret must add, that we cannot bo present this evening; but from the concurrent report of the best judges, who were present at the last occasion, as well as from what we witnessed ourselves at the former, we cannot bc.ilate to say, that her performances are of the first order. We did not speak critically of th first roncert, because, other papers, wh - jse superior taste and judgment wa are willing to acknowledge, were so ready to render Mrs. French full nnd ample justice, that they left nothing, or, but little, for us to say. Had we ventured to have given our opinion, although we probably should not have declared that she was superior in compass to a Catulini, or in, sweetness, pnwer aud expression, fo the reigning English favorite, Miss Stephens, (and for this simple i - eason, that we never had the good fortune to hear either ;) and still less should we have instituted invidious comparisons between her and those we have heard, and to whom we have never listened but with pleasure, (we allude to female singers only,) still we thould hav borne unequivocal and very tincoro testimony to Mrs. French', uncommon qualifications. In the lower half octave of her voice, she is not .0 full and firm in ber tones as the late Mrs. Hodgkinaou, hut her upper note, are silver, resembling both in clearness and swell the harmonica ; take her voice all together, from the lowest note to the lop of her compass, it is unrivalled, by any thing we hav hoard. Her shake, which is a distinguishing mark of a finished singer, is, at once, even, open and brilliant, and introduced just where it ought to be. Some of our sagacious critic, have said Mrs. French is deficient in science. As we dont exactly comprehend what is meant, we, therefore, cannot speak on that poiut ; w can only say, she certainly knows enough to be always in exact tune and time, and she is able to compose an accompaniment, oran air, or a va nation, with great taste, and when she has delicto sit down to her piano, and sing it with the moat captivating sweetness. We conclude by wishing her all the success she merits ; more the need not desire. An overflowing room, and warm applauses, this evening, will testify Uie place the hold, in Uie esteem of the public. We understand that Mrs. French, at the u: - gnt solicitation of a number i,f her friends' has consented to sing in addition to the songs mentioned in her advertisement in the morning papers, the celebrated Echo Sung. 0" Henry Chan, Esq acting Swedish, Con - sul General, is requested to rail at the Office ol the Evening Post, in the course of this afternoon. MARK1MJ, At Flushing, L. I. on Monday, 6lh inst. by the Rev. Mr. t! inkle), Mr. John Spring, to Miss filita Robherton, all - f that place. DIED, At Belville, the 17Ui inst after a lingering illness, i.i the 49th year of Lis age, Mr. Wm. Hamilton, late a merchant of this city. In Albemarle, the Sii M trcb, Mr. William Goolsby, a man who had reached the age of 1 01' years, m the possession of ahnoU every faculty. His tight was so good that b never wore tpectacle ; his form was by no means emaciated ; aotl what is mor reuuukable, b had at his death vry tooth perfccUy sound ; his beard, from a snow whlw, bad for torn years been gradual!, tnrning blick, and be appeared, aadcertainJ. believed, that be was reverting to youth. H habits through (its bad been very irregaiar, jj. " ing for th greater part ofit been very intemnll rate, yet he never had recourse to an spoihJT" ry'ashop, always starving himself into a curt - L Even at this advanced age, to powerful was th. struggle ornator, and so obstinate it wssstswcT that b died almost in convulsions. His wif ' who wa his first and early companion, being bit a lew years younger than himself; Is shU Idi.? possessing great activity both of mind and bod. They have lived upward of eighty years te - i ther. tf - AWAW POST MAHI.YK LIST CLEARED, 4' Ship Morning Star, Bishop Providenr. Bng Thomas Edward, Hall, Waldororon - h Reads & D p.. 8 Pc - hr Maria, Leiham, ChaV,to, Sloop Henry , rancis, HartfnM Astrea, fryer, Richmond Experiment, Bradley, Falmouth m.. Steam - boat Connecticut, Bunker, Haven .IKIliri.ll VJiA tVHKAOo., Shin Anisati i o, Mot, from Ncw.Ori,. - . , 29 day. from the Balize, with pork, cotton anH tobacco b fiiplev, Center It Co. Hoekin. 1. M'Tier, P Remse Si Co. Walsh ft Gall'Ih G Astor, jr. W Noyes. Passengers, Mulanplv, Miss M. Mulnnply, Mr. k"7 Messrs. W B oyes, E Levontl, D EscaudTw' SurgaM, I. MapiKw, J CaUeli. April lo iB J8, long 67 40, .poke brig Elua, froia NBnC wick for Jauiuiea. Brig Hope, Williams, 9 day. from W.l: ton N. C. naval .torei, flaxseed .wheat, turn j to R. 4C W Davenport & Co. Stewart Oh ley, mmi i ?hi. Sch Young William, Simpson, 9 day, from Elisabeth City, N.C. with staves and shinHes to Jackson k HluiU. ' liritish schr Elizabeth, Walker, 11 dars fmm Halifax, with fish, to Rowland St Brainc. Four passengers. bchr Morning Star, l'llsfiury, 8 Jays from V. denton, NX' with staves, corn and hams, to War - ing At himbrrly. Un Saturday, off the capescf the Delaware, saw a small ship standing in for the land ; aud the ling I Itro, of Savannah - blowing fresh, did not speak either of them. Schr Fjiterprire, Arey, 7 days from Newbern. NC with naval stores, to Dyer, Bremncr & Co. On Thursday last, off Cape Hatterati, sjioke nip uorsmr, auay. irom loric lor Charleston. P loop Charles, Mason, 21 days fmm Rich. inoni, with coal, to E Cntt. Sloop .Sail v Cock, Cook, 8d - ys from Wash.' iogton NC with naval ttoies, to It & (J W Da venport, billed in co. with brig Hope, . . for NYork, and several echooucrs, unmes unknown. Sloop Regulator, Hawes, 15 flays from New born, N'C with uaval stores and staves, to War - ng and Kimberly. On the I jth inst. John Ro - gers, seaman, of Norfolk, fell overlward, and was drowned, notwithstanding every exertion to tare him. BELOW, one schooner. Nxw - OatKiis, Anril 1. Arrived, brig Emi ly, fodfi ey, St. Thomas ; sch Jenny, Robassa, Mobile". Cleared, ship Maria Theresa, Bason", Havre: brig Humble, Ci - ofts, St Thomas and a market. Jfavrrlatd ?cn. constitution, I'ecKiiam, lor Havana ship Mary,. Snow, N York 1 Ottowa, Andeison, Liverpool ; Lucille, Boulanger, Havre ; Cntharine, Daws, Lisbon t Satum, Hsivaaa ; Olive, Lunt, Boston ; Syren Bracket, NYork; Sally Ann, l!rth, do; Erin, Devoe, Liverpool ; Ma - ga - et, Keily, Havre ; Volante, Havana ; Two Brothers, Itappall, Boston ; Abigail, Titcomb, Havre ; Mais, Been, Liverpool; Alexander, Morton, '.o ; Freetown, Pitts. Lis. bon; Vary, Miaw, NYork Charles, Wibray, Rsi - racoa AHo, ihe cargoes of the sch Fcn'e. ion, from N York, utd the ship Thomas Nelson, from Charleston. fiLTiliiiE, April 13. Wind blowing a gale from N. W No arrivals Uiis day tignal at the observatory tor a brig. 1 . - . THEATRE. For Ihe benefit of Mr. Keene. And the last niilit of hi. engagement. oooouOooco On WedresdK evening, April 22, will be pre - senti - d, the comic opera of THE DUE.WA. Don Carlos, Mr. Keen In which rbanrter he will sins ' Had I a heart for falsehood frani'd,' 4 Gentle ninid, ah why suspect m?,' ' Ah ! sure a pair,' and introduce 1 Love's Young Dream.' Isaac Menduza, Mr. Barns. Louisa, Mis. Johnson Betwi en the play and farce Mr. Keene will ting Eveleen's Bower,' accompunikd 00 the fraud piano by Mr, Moran. After which lr. Moran will play Duttek't celebrated concerto, and introduce the Irish air of Gary Owen. To which will be added, HUSBAiNuS AND WIVES. Capt. Tickal!, Mr. Prilcbard Capt Windham, Robertson Humphrey Grub, Hilton Rose, Mr.. Baroe. Performance to commence at a quarter past seven o'clock. iSOl'U.'E. 05 - The Annual exhibition of the Columbl - an rvitlio Logian Society, will be celebrated m the t Allege Hall, on Friday evening next, tbe 24th intt. at seven o'clock preeitely. The clef - ty of the lity, nnd tbe member, of tlie Pliilo - .exian society are retpectfully rtquetted to at - lonil llmnr , il mnmlun matf nrnHM Tiflff.ffl at the College mil, ou Wednesday afternoon it 4 o'clock. N. B. A ticket will admit a gentleman, an as runny ladies as mav please to accompany bits. ap2i 4t FUHJYITTKK, CUT GLASS U Cii.VJ, ATA DCTOA", V GAMAGE & COOPER will sell on Wedneaday the 22nd instant, at 10 o'clock, it Kirk Si Mercein's long room 20 Wall - street, large and valuable assortment of maliogany furniture ; also 5 cases of best Paris made china, consisting of tea and coffee sets, dessert plates, tzc: 2 cases of rich London cut glsMs looking glasses, paintings, ic. &c. Goods intended for the sale will be rec'j ""j til Tuesday noon, the goods my be exsmiacd the day pre ious to the side. up 21 It " THE MERCANTILE INSUKANCE COM PANY OF NEW - YORK," ' INCORPORATED by an act of the ture of Uiis slate, with a capital of 1 500,0 h lor Uie purpose of insuring against MARIN' risques and on LIFE or LIVES and to grant ANNUITIES will open tbe books to receive subscriptions, at their office, No. 43 Wall - alreet, this day at IS o'clock, and will continue the open At the same place from 12 until 3 0 ckx daily, until 23d inst, inclusive. JOHN P. MUMFORD, President. BENJAMIN . MINTURN, Awialant. niBECTOBS. Carrit B. Abeel Johua Underbill William Vernon J. G. Pearson, jr. Rufu. Davenport James B. Murray Francis flaltu. , Saul AlUy Richard Hopkins Motet Field Itohcrt H. Bowne James Magee James M'Bride Benjamin Marshall Jacob Barker Htury Eckford Ferdinand Suydam James D' Wolfe, jr. Charles Hall. ap 21 2t Fur H.1FHE. ' The packet ship RL'BICON, Hoi -, ma'ter, will positively sad Uie 2 jlh inst. For freight of l'JO bales or jiassege, apply Iv oil board, at Jone' wiim., or to p3l POTT &. M KlNti 56 South - etreet

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