The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 21, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1818
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THE NEW - TOKK EVENING POST. ' NUMBER 1946 TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1818. NO 12 PINE - STREKT. IRO.Y, STEEL; AftLi HARDWARE. r (? gf Ton, Eofliab iron, assorted, in flat &tJ and iquare bars, a part of which is entitled to debcutu re. .no .... miiAiI iron. assorted, frem 1 - 2 to t 1UU WW " J 1 li inch , 100 do Swedes flat Iron, from 1 to 5 inchei 0 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 4 to 3 inches . so do tach flat and square Russia iron 50 do country iron aasorUd SO do plon,h hare mould 10' - ' usKin - - aiul rrwbar tMiildi 10 i!j horf - ' ii' - ofi' ls JO Jo lnwr mi, .uorUJ, from 3 - 10 to 3 - 8 inch, 30 do tpike and nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet and boiler plat if n 50 do English and American ! iop " 10 do Englisk (L) blistered sttl 10 do SwUeiteei. 10 Jo Crawley do 5 do German Jo 5 Jo shear and cast iteel 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stone, assorted 500 aucbon, a - sorted, from 50 to 20001b,. 1 do about SOOOlbs. 00 lolls sheet lead, asa'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks s( ikes, ais'd. from 4 to 9 inches 500 to cat nails, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought uails, assorted SO do slate and hone uaiU 10 ton, iron pot, and bake pain, s'd from 1 to M gallons, eutitled to debenture. 5 ton English teller . . , 20 do American ln.ilow - warc,coninUrigof Pot,, kettles, bake - pant, Skillets, ipider, le kettlei, Andiron, Sc. 10 cask, trace, ox and boat rbaini Anvil, vices, ami btnk iron, Forge, sledge and band linimners Mill, cross - cut and pit saw, Cart. Waggon and Chair Boxei Window Class of different sizes Shovels, Spades, does. He. Together wich a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on reasonable terms, by ABEEIi ft DUNSCOMB, No. 3G3 Water it corner of Janiea - ttip. Ki WIjVE, OIL, PAPER, kc. JLtJvF Qr. casus Lolmeaar wine 130 qr casks and 200 hall do dry Malaga do 6 do and U hall' do sweet Malaga. 150 botes Florence oil, 12 bottles each. 40 bale, Italian writing pajier, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds English gtatr ware, consisting of wines and tumblers assorted J 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olive, 1 box French kid loves I do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do eograving 9 i - ve felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Hal. an rags, 500 marble mortar, 23 case marble dabs, veined and statuary, assorted size 5 boxe Naples shaving soap 1 do watch glasses 3 : matins in Aiders 100 1 ;' " i ' ' '' nods, "oii.ling of B da, r i.!'. - tcali "j crwtaha Chadpor. , ''ly,jrv - n, luckipore and sootf, Sannahs, juitKt'.i.c ;m mow Checks, white, icl an.! blue gulalu Madras patttra .b 1 Sootee and - iiiii, for sale by UrlAs. J.. U. i r . - V, aua ABRM. IWi'ltA, rh 6 y i :. tigtou f. JAMAICA rUGAR ti RU T. TTt - 7d;T gar aud 6 puncheon Runt, . iv - ii prrt - r.; Woodman, from Port Mari:, J:,n. .i .i - ! iidir. this day at pier no. 10 East River - ir by READE k OE PEL ! ap 15 Iw S v - HOLLAND DUCK, lor sale by CHS. I.. OUOE.N, i, ! ABIl OGDEN, ap 2 Washington street BEAVER H sTb. i .1 OHN FORD has lust nceived and is U 'W p nine a laree nmortrntnt of Load n aim American Beavers, Castors, Rorams, and Cbil - dren'l Hut, ; all ol which be ii now offering I t sale at bis wholeaale and retail Hat Store, Nn. 17 rfaidfn - lane. ap 14 Im MUSKETS, F J WMNG PIECES, Fnv, IIOU6AND Mi . oidtwo boxes fowling; pisces, entitled to deben ture. 4 bexes well assorted glassware 3 reroon flotant Indigo, and A few piece, superfine l lolh, for isle by J.C. ZIMMERMAN, ap71m 7? Wainwton - strect. DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Calicoes Superfine calicoe and cbiotxe 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric muslins Cambric jaconet. Plain tambor'd k sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslin, 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric gingham. Black and col'd cambric. Velvet, and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravat,, twilled and plain Mndrass hdkfs, pin, Hair cord cambrics, cotton ball, White k col'd thread. Silk, kid, and cotton glove, Silk hose, ilk floren - tiie, Black bom hazeen Horence silk, ribbon, liooos Florence, plain and 6 - vlure.d Virginia satins, plaid lustrinea "ring'd black silk hlcfs Velvet bindings, tapes, r bobbins Firniture calicoe,, and chintzes H 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric hawl J - 48 - 4imitaUondo. i "imere do. "Wdiano, loneee and utersoy hdkf,. pket fcdkf,. while ,,lB) priute d n crd and cambric , OuaiUes Marseillea Quiltings, royal nhbs White and printed sateen, Cotton brown holtands Swarwdown, toilanetts, silk stripe, Cotton and woitted ho tiery Irish linens k sheetings Buttons, bed tick, Fine and supertine caa - simerea Yorkshire fine and superfine cloth London do do Superfine ladie, cloth Bombaietta, ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassimeres Stock inetti, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baize, Ferrctts, worsted binding! SM - buttons, cotton lac 'MJ" P. netts and Muffle gauze Black and white thulle lace Leno tnawl, Ettopil - la, Sewing silk, asiorted color, Linen camhric, Table cloUis, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 A: 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, k figured Muslin, Cambric Trimmings, lc Flounce, Serrsm ker Ginghams Roinsttl Hdkfs. Siik Check Gingham 2 At 3 col'd Cambric garment, Oil Clot In Brown Linen Merino Shawl, Cotton haudannnes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd iaco - netta t. 10 FlorpnlinM - .KU 1 f lorentioe, fwk n and steam b7 Indit mutlins, i - c tc ' the late arrival and forle hv Bki,. .HAGGERTY AfJSTEN, - ""kclqi ,fiJ p,kH - .lreC J? "dred ton firrt qaahtv Nor Seo - erv - Applyt ' m 10 mXl ruPCa - WAITER NEXSOV, 174 Froat - et lAtt corner of B'trling - tlip, or to JOH.f BIERS, foot IJarriwo - rt. A'ortk RiTer. TEERMtlNS, Ac 20 bale, sheared Deer XJ Skins 6 bale. Deer fkios, in the hair 39 Bear skin, 17 Oiler do , 100 Beaver Fur, jost received Iper brig Orleans, from New - Orleans, for sale ai 87 Coffee House - slip, by LAIULAW, UIKAULT k CO' Ifhohavtin Start, 33 hbds. wry prime Kentucky Tobacco 30 bass green St. Domingo toffee 5 bale, Dombazet, 1 case French cambric 1 bale black cloth 1 case Frew h hoot top, ap 10 lOt SSAKETIUA. 3casesvery superior A( - JTL satauioa, mailing ana mr sale liy up 7 JOSEPH OdBOKN, 28Sooth - t ( os ot trx HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The Rey. timothx ci.owis, a. m. Principal - ovoOoath - HAVING purchased that large and commodious building in the village of Hempstead, Queen, County, lately occupied by Mr. George ll - jwcl, the subsLrihei propuse to opto an Academy therein, on Monday, the 27 ih instant, for bardiog young geutlemcu and instructing them in any of those brum ties of science and literature usuully couipreueuded in an academical course. That every scholar may be under the constant and imniHjiale ,uerinteudance ol trie Principal, uoue will be admitted into this academy as students hut those who are also boarders. A very few studtuts Iroin the village, or its immediate vicinity, will be the only exception to this rule. Ii. however, the number of students should ex cecd the means ol accommodation in the acade my, board may be procured in' private families in the neighbourhood. Should the public patronage be extended to this initiation stifhcit - ntly to warrant the measure, additional teachers will be procured. The year will be divided into two terms of tuiuou. I he summer term will commence ine last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three weeks. The wiuter term will commence the bit Monday in October, and will likewise continue tueuty three weeks. Thia arrange ment win leave a vacation oi aDoui mree weeus after each term. 1 he price of boarding, tuition, candle, and fuel, both in tcbool and room, will be 100 dollar each term. Book, wntbinc. mending, and ai.T oecettarv articleof clothing, will be furnish ed by It subscriber at the most reduced prices. A cot, mutlraas or bed, and Dtddins, to De lur - nisbed by each student. The patron of thi institution may be assured that its syitem of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rule of the academy muit be strictly complied with, by every schdlur. itrr r OrlElaiMKKs. desirous or acquiring a graiumatical knowledge of the English language. will be admitted a Hoarder into the iieniptiean Academy. Private apartment and separate ta hies willbe furnished on the most reasonable terras, ond every facility willbe afforded to a speedy una tiiorougn acquaintance wiui ue ma - gu(e , For th information of stranger it may besta - it Heniptteadi a pk - aiaiit village and pott town, reiimrkable for it healihine, only twenty one mile nat of the city ol New - York ; that it enjoy (be advantage of .public worship in the i'itsi)teriin, Episcopal, and Methodist forms ; an. I ihut attagerun fr.'Oi the city three time a wees, in gne ui i(ie iieii maus id Auienea. r urent deiiron of tilacinir their children at i'lio I. or foreigner wishin lo be instructed in 'he flnglinh language, are respectfully requested to viiii tlio tulmcriher, at Hempstead, where Inry will receive fuller informuti n respecting the proposed iiililulioii. liviuini Liiunca, Hempntend, Anril 3, 1818. ftj" Tliesunsi ribe bertbT det lares hi un - ti.ilirid approbation ol the ettahlishmen propo - r.t hv the llcvd Mr. Cl'iwes Convinced as be i ol Mr. Clowf ' ample n.inhlirationi, oth of the In ! ai il th" heart. br superintending such - .n ineliiution, he des nut hesitate to recommend linn to pui'lir coiitidence, and hi' academy tp publii patroiuige. .""ETII HART, llertor .. - it. Ceo. Church. Hempstead. II H.piteAd, :U April, 18.8. 07 I he above prunpectu meet with my nearij oncurreme. Utl A Kl.fc.9 tVLbaiLH, P tor of the Presbyterian t - huich, Hemixtead. A hae lettered ' Hempstead Acaderuv" will he ie'l r.t G. C. Lnngdou' Loiig bland Steam Boat Ii .tel. for niMiinnii itions with any nerton at - tHCli: Mo the institution. a 7 P3uwC2awti G.i AI I HA .11. KiiR READKHh rT'Ilh. Minrril)rr having determined to give up 1 the letailinr Book - se.linic Bunines on llie first of V. j, offers lor sale, at reduced prices, hi took ol Book and Stationary on hand, this stock com prise a very valuable soitment of standard work, in most tiramhes ot science sort literature, amongst which are. Bibles, Testa - roents, Prayer Books, Pralnis and Hymns, in ve ry elegant binding, ; alio, a lew copies of acott's t amily Bible, in noarda and binding ; and ia wor thy the attention of dealers or consumers. Also, an elegant assortment of Stationary, such a pa per, quills, wafer,, wax, seal, sand rioxes hod lolders. A great variety of pen and pocket knives, pocket books and wallet, port folio, roler. lead pencils, crayons, brushe. Reeve,' and other colour, in every variety of form, drawing paier, ink - ttnnd, viaiting and other card, India ink, do. rubber, portable desk, ateel ntns, late, Guoter', Kale, mathematical instru ments, pocket ledgers and memorandum noons, blnuk account book. Vc Ac. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Broadway, opposite City Uoiet, aptd&c2.iw3w " b ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. THERE are at present five varanrie iu the Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, io Philipsburgh, Yonken, West - Chester County. His system of education is cur.b a to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable time. His Kbool i select, the diiujIht ol 'Pupil limited, and the treatment of the runt liberal kind. The following tranche of useful and polite li terature are taught, viz : Greek, History, Latin, French, English Grammar, Con.P'fition, Writing, Arithmetic, Ueography, MntVmHtics, SC. It is presumed that few InitilutioiKof the kind can offer greater advantnge, whether tliey regard instruction in general literature, in roorhl and religious principles, or in correct and gentleman ly deportment. 1 he In r sou age in liiin me runiiS n accommodateil. comnnvlious. nii - red and pleasantly situated. It distance irnm New York i about seventeen miles ; to which there i i always a direct ail eay communication. For further particular, application may ne rnaoe to I'.ishnn Hobart Dr. Wilson, Columbia College T. 8. Clarkson, Esq. C M'Evers Esq. Wm. bayard, jun. F.q. A. Sphermeriiora, Esq. DC2m5w C. D. CoWen, F.q. T. A. Eminet, Esq, Ol6 A SI 1 U A TIOM in a counting - house, broker's, totterr - olHce or a action store, is wanted by a midJle - aged married (eatlemao, who i well calculated to give satiifaction in any of the above lines writing a good hand, being ngooaac - CtMintant, and ponettinr the French, German, and Italian languages The beat reference and racommendatioos can be given. rrrJ A line adJreed to F. S. and left at this office will be promptly attended to. apl7 t GIG and HARNESS. A HANDSOME Gig, of the best workmanship, bet liMIe eirsi also, a harness to natch, for tale at A. QUICK'S, Coach - vV are. UosMe, iS Broad - itmL ap 18 lw Sn VALUABLE PROPERTY. liztfi For tale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing riuiJiitriment, u the county orMorns, and date of New - Jersey j consisting of a rolling and slitting Mill, in good repair, which work two pair of roller and cutter, shears, &c. all at the same time ; a valuable forge wifJi two fire and one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal and ore on hand, sufficient to make fifty too of iron I It good saw mill ; a cut nail factory in good repair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may be extended to employ one hundred more ; a brad cutting machine and a steel furnace in good repair; convenient to the work i a store and number of houses for the accommodation of families, and excellent (tabling for team that may be necessary to keep lor the use of the establishment j also, orchards, pasture aud meadow lots, immediately adjoining the works, witn timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two thousand five hundred acre, within three mile of aid work. The great vein of iron ore, commencing at the noted ruckaiunny mine, run more than t mjle through this tract, aud three mines are now open, from which the forge, are supplied with ore, and more may be opened and ore raised to supply work, to any extent ; the mine, are within two mile, of said works, and good road. o that the ore can be raised and delivered. at the forge at iwoaiia a nan aoiiar per tun. The above described work axe aituated on Roc aa way River, about eight mile from Mor - riatown, twenty five miles from Elisabeth Town, aud abou' the same distance from Newark, With good turnpike roads leading from said works, to each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Presbyterian Churche within lour mile, and a friend' meeting house within two miles ol said place. Thi tand for collecting bar iron for the (lit ting miil i, very commanding, there being nearly one hundred Ibrge fire in the county ; most, of them are on the stream anove Dover, and me iron, in going to New - Kork market, can curve nirutly pas those work. At thi mill frequently four ton ol bariron have been lit and bundled intu nail and (pike rod in a day. and upward, of one Hundred ton oi nan nave ueen muae in year. A large amount ol good, maybe (old at wis pince in exennnge tor oar iron,procuring sup plies. Sic. Uc. There are valuable scites both a bove at below on thi tract,on which moru work may be erected. ALSO. That valuable well known farm, lying in the towiiibip of Randolph, about two miles from Dover, and six iniiet Horn Morriklown, and within one qun.ter of a oiilrol the I'mo - i turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery r arm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part ot which is excellent meadow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, and the re mainder timber. A considerable part of the tim ber il of the original growth, and i suitable foi awing, the other part is thrilty young timber. from n I teen to tweuty year growth. I here are on said farm upwards of ix hundred apple trees. in bne order, eight to ni teen year rid, the most oi them ol grafted fruit, and niore than nail ol them Hariron appltt, sofHmou lor cider. The meadows are flat und free Irom (tone, through which run two lively dreams ol water, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of tbeie treams is suflii ient for a grist - mill or other work j there are saw mill, "a grist - mill, a fulling mill and oil mill, on the same stream. On tuid farm are two valuable scites for water - work, a convenient cheap place to erect a hort dam, And rais?a considerable pond, with twelve or fiitecn feet head Below thi the water can be takcu into a race, and in lea than twenty chains, on good firm ground, i more than twenty feet tall, lii this way the water can be worked twice over with the expense of only one dam There is on said farm an extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrel of cider. Connected to the cider work i the (till - house, so conveniently aituated that the whole operation i completed without pumping, I he water lor condensing the spirit is supplied from a never tailing spring, within six rod ol I lie atill house, and ha sufficient head to run into the cistern. The building coniiit of two small frame dwelling, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part ol' which is a good cellar : there are also hay house, cow died, &.C. ALSO, ' . Valuable property at Longwood. in the town - hip of Jeflecon, six mile from Dover, on tht mans branch of Rockuwny River, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two fire and one hammer ; abundance of water the whole year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen year past ha made a much iron as any two fire in the county. The ore i within four mile, and a part of the road turnpiked. The several tract connected with thi establishment amount altogether to about fourteen hundredTacre, the greater part tiiuiier, to make a durable upply of coal for the forge. Immediately adjoining the forge i very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient o three farms ( one hundred acre, each, with imutes, orchard and barns, betide several good dwelling for the families tbat may be employed in working the forge. The wboie or any part of thi, very valuabli property will be sold at inch pi ires and credit ai will make il worthy the attention of ad) person wishing to pu'chate. For further information enquire of JACOB l.OSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CANFIELD, at Morrjilown. BLACK WELL m M'f ARLAN, atN. York eb 2h I 4l It COLUMBIA IK I I RK GALLERY, 146 FCLTON ITRKBT, (Ross's Buildiug, near Broadway.) To cnunoiMeur and aroati ur, ol the Fine Art,, and to the enlightened public of New - York. riHE pmpri - tor of an extensive collection of L picture, the work of the most - eminent pointers, having just arrived from Europe, where l.e has purchased them from the cabinets ot Rome, Naples, Florence, Pant, Amsterdam and Loudon, at a very considerable expnce, proposes to exhibit them to she ladies and gentlemen of this city and its vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, I6tb of April. It will be far superior to any at yet offt red in the U. State, the picture being undoubtedly original consisting of upward ol 200 picture, by the best matter Admission 50 cent, each, or one dollar per unntn. Hour, from 10 in the morning to seven ii. the eveuing. Catalogue may be had at the Gallery. rt TO LET, . vjJS The store 6 1 Fultrn - strcet. Enquire on t: premise ap 4 6w t)H, A amall fan,., ifliftferf in nn nf fhprpn. tre counties ol tins state. This larm lie on the banks of a lake, and within a mile of a fl uriih - ing and heautilul village. On it are a good farm bouse, b;un, ice. alo a large and well built dwel ling house, entirely new. The situation of the A .aliin.r l.mij. far fi. nnfr nf nmam - L JLe. iflliir. pnsed by lew it an) olntr scites for building is ine unci,", v .uc " , im j , .it .,i..(iuiiif removing to New - , ork, will soil this property F. m tw.a lT a n trrxiif . ntvin A Innc - rfriit sTWi vrru cunty, or will exchange it for lanHs, joodt, tc. r Or lUmirr imiinijiai niuviiiv - i 11. I) c R - SEDGWICK, F.ior. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New York, ap IS Plm Ctl BOLTING CLOTHS A fresh supply rs just received, of the most approved quality and all the dinVreut number of 5 - 4 and 6 - 4 clollis, which will be disposed of aa low at any ol equal quality are (old in thi, city. Th, ubcriber will warrant their answering the purpose (or which he recommends them, being determined to tell none but the best kind. ROBERT BOWNF, aol5 DEtfcC2m 2j6 Pesrl sL AgenUemaa and lu lady, cau oe accotnmts - j K u. . - . ' 1 i faaiilr. with or vriihout a parloor, iunul.e1 or J . . . - . - - - - DmIm. uiu.ui.'. . atrtet, on or about tba lit of May ensuing. Eaoirt at tbia Offica, ? 18 Iw Q TO LET AT BLOOM1JVO UAL ft The house and ground, belonging to tl.t estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ate - line. On the premises are an excellent doubk house, (table, coach and ice hooee, with every thing else requisite for tuch an ettabliihmeat. ft is presumed any other description i unnecem - ' thoe inclined to rent will view the plaif. Also, the large fire proof store in the rear ol boos, 11 and 13 Pearl - itreet ; where there it for sale (erne old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. For further particular, apply to . ANN M. SHAW, Jan 59 u IWI - itreef. OH SsiLt: OH WLKAHE, Lot in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: ninny ol which are ou regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under tea years, if wild, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. . LANDING AT RED HOOK. Aa excellent atand for baainess, with ten acres of land, pleasantly aituated, with a wharf, (tore bouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of land, and a never failing etream. upon which SO mill may be erected, with a tudkiency of water for each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich etreet. jan 13 tf CTi VR SaLE, lipiil The property at Brooklyn, belonging to the estate of Cary Ludlow, deceased, consist ing of a aew three ,tory brick house aud iotof ground, a atore bouse, formerly occupied a a distillery , a mali fume building and lot of ground, aod two vacant lot, adjoining the above premise - Thi property is iitutited within a few rod of the (team - boat lerrv. on the road to Pierpont'i Distillery, and extend, from the hill to toe river. Alio lo let, from the first of fflay next, the house ana lands on the lull, in the rear oi the a bove described premises. The house it w ell daptedfor a private family or lor a public house. The siUalii n, it eh vuted position, com mands a very extensive mid benutilul view of the city, thi bast River and Bay or .New - York. The ground, surrounding the house - (about five acres ol land) are in a nigh state ol cultivation. For terms, ap;ly to GEO. W. MORTON, mhJltf No. 59 William t. MOUNT VERNON HOTEL. THE subscriber takes this method to in form the public that he ha taken for the ensu ing season that well known stand formerly occupied by Dydc, about five miles from the City Hall, on the Koston road, acd intends to open it as a public bouse fir the reception of company, on the first of May next, when getlemen and la dies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be expected at such, a houte, on the most reasonable terms. 1 The best of liquor of every tort will be al ways kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woniau cook, ap 2 Im r Oil SALE OR TO LEAbE, On accommodating terms, a number ef water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, enquire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. JOLtT. Tba small 3 story brick house No. 8 Pearl - street, suitable for a person carrying on a trade in the. house, having a light garret and a ruiaming tizea (tore, rossesuoa given immediately. Enquire of DAVID STILL WAGGON, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near Broad - street. st'" 1 7V Lei fir one t more veart. jJnill The following houses house No. 204 liroudway, two doors above Washington Hall, with a coa b bouse in the rear if requited Also, a three story brick bouse No. 415, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house. corner of Lispeaard and Church - slreets, the terms moderate. or lurlher particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. nihistf YALVHHLE ROOKS. JU6T received and for sale by E. VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street : Cuvier't theory of the earth ; Wilkinson's Memoir ; Doddridge' work, 5 vols 8vo ; Hunter Sacred Biography, 5 vol Bvo : Dele - tanvillc's French and English Dictionary, to which is prefixed a French Grammar. TO LET, the lower part of a genteel house in Spruce - st. Enquire as above. ap 16 rOHSJiLEOK JO LET, At a low rent, and possession given iiome - haUly, the large and elegant 3 story brick house No. 104 Greenwich - street, replete with every convenience for a large family, tituate in one oi the most healthy and pleasant parts of the city t and being open to Washington - street, command, a fine view of the Hudsoo River and Jersey shore. If told, the terms will be very easy, as most of the money may remain on mortgage (br 10 or 12 years Apply at No. 133 or 143 Pearl - ttect. ap!6 Q TO LUT, 4ua Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, No. 1 4 and 76 Mott street, about len minutes walk from the Coffee House. They will be put in complete repair, and well calculated for gen teel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street, mhlltf Home, Stable, Garden, tie. at Ureeiwich, eTO LET. The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of year, hi house at Greenwich. It i pleasantly situated on the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family, t or terms, apply to D1VIE KETnUNE, Jan' 92 Wall dreet. Tw LET, At a low rent, a three story brick dwelling in Norfolk - sL Enquire of EU : N. COX, mh 26 96 Wall - street. 'fit 1.11 110 .A'aIS - i.nsl From the 1st May next. 00 reasonable terms, a large convenient dwelling bouse, oppo site Love Lane, near the two mile stone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain: well calculated fortwo families, having two kitchens, with 8 rooms, pantries and vault, a liable and coarh house, a well of good water and two cis terns. It ha a very large garden, well docked with shrub and fruit tree : possession of which can be had on the lit April next. Also to rent, a genteel 3 dory brick home No. 49i Greenwich - street, with or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No. 496 Greenwich - d. or to HALSEY H GOSMAN, mh 21 tf 34 Old - slip. li) LEI, From the first of May next, a front count ini; ruuin 00 the second floor, together with the upr r mi,, zunqnire no. 107 reaii - dretb jan xi 11 fffTL AOt SALE. iiV.T. Eight lot of ground pleanntl v situated 00 the north aide of Stanlon - dreet, and extending from Essex to Norfolk - street Also, lour 101. adjoining thereto, and ln,ting on Essex - street, each lo being 25 feet front and rear, by lOOleet in depth. These twelve lots may be purchased . ...... for raili. and it not dis posed of at private isle before the 7lh day of May, ibey will 00 that i!iy be sutdat pihiic Aec - Ik - sV. at ! Tontiee C - tT. - e l - use, at l2o'clock. by BLKLCKLK K blUCV, ,th whom a map ol tl:e Ktuuno i Ut, for 'be inspection of llioae who n 'isposed to purchase, ap 15 tuay7 STORE TO LEI, The fire proof ,tore in Coverneur - Une, between Water and Front - treet, from lot May next. Apply to TUCKER k LAL'BIKS, fflh 31 29 South - atreet. TO LIT, li The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa fer - street. Th, situation of this house, and its sccoaiBKxlstioos, Justly render it au olject well worth the attention of any person desirous ef keeping a lucrative public house. It will be let, fur - nuliedor unfurnished, and immediate possession S'ven. Apply at So 137 Water street, mh 17 tf FOR SALE, meat, fRnrxa - rv i the city ov hew - york. QA BRICK. HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowery ST ABLE in the rear togeOi - er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and Izj teet on each tide. ' HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vetey - street l and Hooe and Lot No 39 Vcsey - street. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1300 dollar, do and do for 750 do do and do for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The interest ha always been punctually paid. For particular, tnoulie at the ollire of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. t7 WBll - treet. HKiJi)t.CK at UltEKMICH. To be let, the bouse and grounds fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the etate of uie mis nauiuei nuiiigan, ana at present occu pied by Mr. David Ely. For particular enquire of JOHN M'KEE. lumber merchant, foot of N. Moore - street, er of T. PRIM.LE, iu (lie Bank of New - York. lehailtf TO LET, siinsi The ipacKiu, 4 story fire proof store, at tne loot ot Liberty street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray Son,. Possession to be given on the first May next For terms, apply to AIA.IUK It tilLLEt - PIK, ap 9 ' 79 (up tuiro), Pme - sti eet. to LET, The house in Hudson - square, lately occupied oy John li. Murray, Eq. It u t.p i iou ami elegant, and possessed of every re. quuite convenience. Possession may be had immediately r or term,, apply to MAJOR & GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) I'ine - sirect. N. B. The above property will be aold to any one desirous V purchase, and the payment made convenietit. an 9 LAH UUlLUI. - ua. Twoodicesin Law Buildings No. 3. to be rented. Apply on the premises, lo JAMES A. HAMILTON, Etq.or at No. 59 Broadway i. h 2jdtf A PUR S.tLE, OH TO LEl, Uiiiil A lurire two ttorv. House ai d about 10 arret of land, between the 6 D id 7 mile ttone. Blooumgdale Road, ror particular enuuiie of NICKS. DePEYSTER, ap 1 1 Im Near the Premise. TO LET, From the 1st of May next, the lower ; room of No 64 Houth dreet. counting The upper counting room, No. 71 8outh - t. Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. len is or r roni - ttreei HOUSE TO BE LET, Situated about 23 - 4 miles from the City Hall, on the old post - road, and adjoining the houses of G. k R. Waite. The house is a neat ly finished one, and fit for a small family ; haa kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bed - rooms, and 2 good ceiled garrela. 1 her, is a small garden, and a stable fit for a borse aud gig. Inquire next door to the premises, or at 54 Maiden - lane, ap 13 Orur Sate or to Let, The bouse and groundt of the subs nber at Ulonniingdrtle, near the 5 mile slone, situated on the banks of the North River. The House is modern built, 50 feet front with terraced piiirias and convenient nut bouses, all recently painted, and in complete order. '1 be ground, are highly cultivated, Die garden extensive and good - rand there are on the place a great variety or sliruiis. fruit and lorest tret, and a pump of excellent water, tor term, which will lie reasonable, apply to 8. A.LAWRENCE, ap I IB , Ii7 rine - slreel. tf TO LET, lZS The House No. 78 Broad - street, with the office, store - house, and stable, contiguous, and appertaining thereto. IU L.g.ASt., For a form of vests, in lots or parcels, that part of Rose Hilf situate on the ?d, 3d, anil 4lh avenues, oo the S3d, 24th, 25th, 201 h, 27th, 211th, and 2&tb dreet,, which belongs to Mr,. Ann Roger,. For particular, apply lo jAiyir - n a. MAOTii.iurs, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Buil inr. TO LET, The following Houses, vii: The house No. 95 John - street The house No. 97 do The bouse and store No. 395 Pesrl - itreet Tbebouteand (tore No. 131 Cherry - dreet JAMES W. SHAW, febtl No. Sllowery. O'O Lt.T, The store No. 20 Wall - street. Posses - non may be bad immediately Apply at No. 18. . . . 1 up S SI 'J O LEA SIC, fur m trrm of vtart. UuS Tbe house and lot No. 20 Cedar street. containing six rooms with fire places, beside tbe kitchen, pantriet, vault, ate. and a well or good water. For ale. tbe unexpired term, eleven yean, of tbe lot No. 6 Murray - meet, in the occupation of William Pattertm, 00 lease from the Episco pal Church du&t. Lsprn. inquire 01 J. W. A W. C. MULLIGAN, feh 25 dtf No. 44 Pine - dreet ilnre and Cellar to Lei. Tbe Store and Cellar No. 67 Pine street to Let low, apply on tlie premises. ap 1 3w TO LET. very low, A genteel 2 - story brick house, with a snug garden, having a stable in the rear, situated in the alott pleasant part of Broadway, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent fo ocr annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar - street. P 4 m (SJ The handsome 3 story brirk bouse and stable No. 310 Broadwuy. For terms enquire at A. HUTSOV3 Intelligence c(5ce, 59 Chamber drtet. ap 11 e l) L.t.1, A convenieat two story hooie, pleatant - ly tiiuated ia Cbarlet - sl reel, Greenwich a deti - rabte resirknee for a cartuian or mechanic leut low. For particulars enquire at No 69 Murray - street. ap 14 U tV JO LKT, L.!lli The dore, and cellar room of those three story bouse No. 10 and 12 Broad - atreel. Also, a good house at breeowich, and one at Harlsrm, with two and a ball acres of ground. near Manhattanville. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to ititts. v Mr.i, ap2tf 141 Frorit - str.. t vx rum rRvof &tjhl. I.J To let and poeion first of May rest, tlie loontory fireproof dore. No. 34 South - st. between Coeotie and Oid - dip. Enifuire t.l I l.e subscriber, no. I OTurrT,rr c ciianioer - sueei. Engineer Depurimen., I Wathintton, 8th Ac sprii, in u.v tffT' Propossls will l received at this De - paitoient, until first August next, to furnish br, coniiact From ooo to six million, of brick . From one to two million t of cubic feet cf bull - . ding stone 1 roiu ten thousand to fiity thousand burbtUof tone lime. To le delivered in good order at Mobile. Lake Ponti iiartruin, River Miss - sMpri, and Lnka Ba - ratariu the time when the first delnerv rhn ho made, aud the iju,ntity whir h ran be delivend. in each month succeed iig Use first delivery, mast be dated with the terra. Proiosals will also be received tor frog, fifty tows hundred carpenters; or from one hood red to one hundred and fi'ly masons; and froni two. huniln d tolhrrc liuint.ed !" borer,, to proceed to Mobile ami L - uiriaiia, t. i" nttruct buildings or varicus les u. tmiis at C i 1 . tore mentioned pla ces It would rv in Yritbie lo pave me rnsnot,. carpenters, and laborers furr.isl ednnd acr.mpen - ied by mnster workmen. Arraiifc.'bi'nt old. be made tormploy th' persons tngagi d to execute the work, Irom July to N vt other, at those positions emtirai td in tlie t elore oitnticned pia - re,, w hu h border uinm the Gull ol Mexico EnsRgemeiits would not be made for a shoiter pt nod than eight months. Satisfactory n runty would oe reauiren lor the laithtui penorn am i u( any contrarl tbat may be made. 'I be teiu.s upon which workmanship and labor would beteif. lurruea, must oe stieo in mo proposals. J.G.SWIFT, Brigadier General and Chief Engii.t er. The printer, of the Pnrtlnnd Caiette, D. M.; the Centuiel ni d Patriot, Bust' n; the Evening Post and the Columbian, New Yi rk ; the Commonwealth, Pitlstiurgh, Prnn. ; the Kr rier, Lexiugton, Ken, ; find the Gazette, .New Orleans, will please to insert the foregoing li.r n mouth and Iprward their accounts in tin - nrer Deparlmenl. np 13 lin DO - MlbS SEAliCrtY hating n.U.n the pleasantly situated brute No. 13 North Moore - street, inlorn.s her friends that she intt nris re - inovinr thereon the first of May next, and on the fourth will be ready to receive young 'ix'ies, either as boarder or day arholari. The vnrinua hranche of useful and ornnnimtal EducKlmn, will Itetaughl upon her usual terms, which may be known by applying at No. 56 John street. np 14 101 BANK OK NEW VtiliK. fty Ti president and directors pve aotir.e, that a dividend of four mid half tier cent ou the capital dock of the bank, will L fjii.iie in the Id day of May next, for the periiKl ol six months, from the 1st November 1817, to the Itl ol May 1818, payable to the stockholder, at the Bank on demand By order of the hoard ol dii ctora. ap IC iq.2 CHAP W ll.KES, ( ashler. NO 1 ICE. T' All person havicg any claim igninit th. astigDeaof the late fiim of Whiting Watson,, upon exchange arcmitUs, are hereby notified that unless such claims be presented belore the 16th. day of May next, the subscriber will consider them at teltlid, and will not retain any funds iu, hit hands for th, purpose of meeting them. ap fi 3W II. W. VVARNLH. I IV All.u.nnn. k.n. ,l.n..r.l. IK. NIl'l II I. L, of o.iu, Archibald Bruce, dece,ed, are .requested to send their accounts lo the office of tlie ubcriber. No. 5 Naariiu diett. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh27 Im Administrator.' Ly I wo shares iu the New - York Library society, FUR SALE, price $25 each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. Dili iitt NOTICE. 05 - The subscribers have formed a connection for the purpose of transacting t omniistion. Business, under the firm of H. and J WHITTE MOKE, nnd w ill for the present do business at No. fill South and 129 Pearl street ; and will constantly kreii lor tale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of fhe manufacture of - the late New - York Manufacturing Company . Just received, per tchr. Sandusky, irom Wo - . bile, aod for sate, rj nuies Lerr rains 1 22 sacks Suake Root of prime qua). 2 do Beeswax. S SAML. VVHITTEMORE, ap21rn TI.MO. Wlil TTEMORE. Qi Mrs. (1ALLOP having; taken the huimo No. 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oilers from the Ut of May next. a residence to gentlemen and ladies. 1 ho pleasantness of tlie aitualionnceds no comment. mh 24 tt MRb. IELUCE, millmer, from Paris, No. 66 Reed street, iuforms the ladies of New - i 01 k and her t ustnmen, that besides her spring hats, she has Just rereivrd a haodioma assort - nirut of Paris shoes, fashionable merino shawls, Leghorn hats, chip Cuts, flowers, Ac. ap 10 Iw t'UH S.iLt:, A farm In the village of West Bloomfield. m le jex county, state of Siew - Jersey, within 13 mill sol tlie cilr of New - York, containing about thirty acre ol land, about six acre of which ii woodland, of a young and thrifty growth, and well timbered ; the residue consist of good meadow, withyoung nirhard, in a profitable bearing condition, from whl h rider ol the first quality caa be made, the fruit being ol a choice collection. There i, on the premise a new Irame modern built bouse, of tlie best material and well finished, two atone, high, 46 feet in length and 32 feet in depth, containing five large room, with fire - places in each, besides a kitchen and apartment, in the garret. Also, a garden, an excellent barn, cow house, lie. Tlie above described property will be aold below ita value, the auhtcriber being dcsiroui ol aettling with hit family in some oths of the western aide. The aituaiion of if ia very healthy and deairable, being on the turnpike road, which will ahortly be io continuation of the great Wedern Turnpike leading from tn city 01 Jer - ey to Lake Erie, and i a good dand either lor a dore or tavern. The urrotinding country ia delightful, and is exteedtd by boo in point of prospect, aa il mmmanrfs a full view of the city . 01 New - York, bajs, river, and the Atlantic Ocean. There it a variety of fruit in the aeason ,. ,.. nrofuaioa: and large never failing ...m. ntmtmtrt run contiiwout lo the village. whereon are eracUd large cotton aod woolea fac - torwsin full operation. i'U whole or a part 01 me laaa win oe toiti . with the bonne, a may tuit Use punnater, aucl military bounty loodi will be takea ia part pay - ment. For terms, apply to Jonah Hed len, Fji the city of New York, or to the subscriber oo, th premises, who will give an indisputable title. apIO 2w" r.rllRAI.M r. STILES. 3 TO LET, A very convenient houso, with about had an acre of ground, about a rude from the city, adjoining the house occupied by Mr. Mora - wood, betwixt Greenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to. JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf HucUon - sqimre. FOR SALE, SSi n swrj aivuc Biiuanu n street, Brooklyn. Possession may be had or the first or May nest Tor particular,, appiy to the Mibscriber, on the premise. mh 25 tf iAMKSWu. fOH SALK, 1ViMtrr brick front House and Lot No. S3 t;hrrry - sti est Fix lernw, c. api ly at 76 Pcarl - dreel. mar 3 JOLhT, From tlie first of May Best, the liasna. ess, No l52Gres - lrect,iKarfcroaWBj. i r.i qvsr atth,pni.tcr. api

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