Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 12
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«Ho: I Thursday, Feb. 1*. IMf N CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE GOVERNOR ASKS HOME FRONT AID Says Freedom Rests Upon Civlians' Help : Iowa Falls--Great responsibilities rest upon the civilian pbpu- 'lation of our country .during the .war; said Bourke B. Hickenlooper, governor -of Iowa, in addressing the annual dinner .meeting of the chamber of Commerce here. · ' . Upon'those on the home front rests the responsibility for maintaining the freedom of the world, he- said.- It is the responsibility of those on the home front to ·preserve for those in uriiform.the freedom they are .fighting for, he continued.. .We must k e e p ' t h e freedom won-by our ancestors. . .The. greatness/of. America rests upon 3 things,'he declared: First, . the .basic morality of .attitude ot the- peoples;-their willingness .to 'protect and 'defend the rights.of others; 2nd, the right of the individual to work and earn in proportion to what the puts into his work; 3rd, the right of the individual to be responsible for his own destiny. \ ."." If any one of these principles is destroyed, he,said, one of the basic principles 'of democracy is destroyed. " Because. of the great number of our citizens now in uniform, and the great; number who are .engaged . i n ; defense work, the post-war problems will be great, he asserted. "If we approach the post-war problems with the same ' courage the pioneers had," he said, "we can preserve and enhance this great land of ours." We on the home front are "custodians of the system our fighting men expect to preserve," he said in conclusion. PAT TOTALS $268 Camp Croft, S. Car., (U.PJ-^-W. G. Holland, 37, of Gastonia, N. Car., is one private Uncle Sam had to pay the price of a major for service. When sworn in at Camp Croft, Holland checked off 9 children as dependents. His pay--$268 monthly. . . ' - U. S. domestic airlines had only 23 passenger fatalities in 1943 as against 55 the previous year. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights · Doctor* ny TOUT kSdaeyi contain 15 tnHn el tiay tubes * filter* which help to p urifcr tb» tloodtad keep you healthy, when they get tixtd aad'^onH work rifltt in tta daytime, xunr peopfe fc*va to cetvp night*. Frequent or BcsiypMMCttivTuiBinv'tixic uxlbuniinc' . iometcnM Jboro then is aonethtnc wrooc ; ·with your iddnesv or bUdder. Ion*t * " *Wben disorder of kidney function p«nnita joiapaoa§ ir*Hpr to remain IQ TOUT blood, ii may sl»o eanae nagging badtacoe, rheuma.tio pain*. ]·« puns, Mora of pep And energy, -__., ^^j^. the e y es ^ headjkches Don't mutl Aak your dru«gjst for Doah'a fiSs f ued mecessJtully by millions for orer 40 ye»n. They givw h^ppy «li*f mad niU h«lp the IS miles of kidney tubes flttEb outpoison- oua waste from ycntf blood. Get Doazx · fill*. Meetings Of North Iowa Organizations ; POPEJOY--Mrs. F. P. Neely, Mrs. Fay,Walton, and Mrs. Maurice-Kreamer were to be hostesses to the Vf. S..C. S. at the church dining room Thursday afternoon. ROCKWELL -- ,The Harmony club was to meet at the home of Mrs. Clarke Pedelty Thursday afternoon. NORA SPRINGS--The Lucky Dozen clubs will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. E. Sherman. ' NORA SPRINGS -- The Royal Neighbor 'Thimbles will meet at the: home of Mrs. Miller Wednesday afternoon with a picnic lunch. GARNER--The garden department of the Garner Woman's club will meet Monday afternoon with Mrs. William Millard as hostess and Mrs. John Strate assisting. GARNER--Officers of St. Paul's Lutheran Ladies Aid were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Anna Jante; vice president, 'Mrs. Martin Meyer and secretary-treasurer Mrs. Otttf Kloock. KANAWHA -- The Kanawha Woman's Country club will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ernest Michelson ST. ANSGAR -- The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its family night gathering Friday evening at the Legion rooms. Army Carrier Pigeons Wear *Dog Tags' on Leg San Antonio, Texas, ("Dog tags" are regulation for army carrier pigeons as well as Uncle Sam's .human soldiers, according to 1st Lt. ·Kenneth P. Fenical, officer in charge of the army service forces pigeon loft at Fort Sam Houston. In addition, the pigeons undergo a rigid .period of pre-flight and flight training under the guidance of the ASF. The birds' "dog tags" are in the form of a seamless band wrapped around each leg. On the left band are the letters "U. S.," the bird's serial number, the last 2 figures of the year it was hatched and its home station. The letters "U. S. A." appear on the right band of the G. I. pigeon signifying that it Is the property of the U. S. army. Claims 3,000 Chickens Killed or Disabled by Nearby Airplanes IMS Ac*eles, (U.R)--Lockheed P-38 fighter planes warming up at the company airfield have such a blast that 3,000 chickens on an adjacent ranch have been killed or disabled by barrages of clods and boulders, Poultryman "W. C. West said Thursday·.in a.superior court suit asking $4,000. Lockheed attorneys disclaimed responsibility on grounds terminal facilities are leased to the army. Clarion--Mr. and Mrs. R. E Morris entertained at a family dinner in honor of the 51st -wedding aniversary of Mrs. Morris' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sales of Council Bluffs. POLKA DOT RAYON JERSEY Choose wi»h pleasure thi$ smart-forever clos'sic. Figure-slimming.many occasion, versatile flatterer. Becoming spring shades. Misses', women's sizes.. Charles City News COUNTY SELLS 48 ACRES LAND Earl Pyle Purchaser; Used to Raise Turkeys Charles Cily--At the regular meeting of the Floyd county board of supervisors held this week, 48 acres of land was sold to Earl Pyle, at 575 an acre. It is under- stod Pyle will use the land in raising turkeys. The county had advertised for bids on the land in question and Pyle's was the best offer. Also meeting with the board was Hugh Davey Son of Mason City, who made a proposal for the construction of a cold storage or locker building at the 'county home, near Floyd. No action was taken by the board. Lt. D. Gray Gets Medal for Bravery Charles City--Among the 14 lowans in the army air forces in the South Pacific who were awarded oak leaf clusters for "meritorious achievement a n d while participating in sustained combat operational missions," was Lt. Darrell M. Gray, of Charles City, pilot, husband of the former Margaret Gueffroy, of Charles City. The awards, in addition to the air medal, previously given, were made by-the commanding general of the South Pacific; Millard F. Harmon, who said that "the missions were of hazardous nature during which opposition was met and during which there was traversed an area where enemy antiaircraft fire was effective' or where enemy fighter patrols were habitually encountered." "Each\of the individuals," he said, "exhibited great courage and untiring energy, their service reflecting the highest credit on the military forces of the United States. Charles City Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Leo Crahan, accompanied by their daughter, Anna Mae and Adelaide Hea- mann went to Rochester, Minn., Sunday to attend the capping ceremonies at St. Mary's School of Nursing. Their daughter, Mary Joe, was one in the class of 71 student nurses. Pvt. Clarence Thome of Camp Callan, Cal., arrived Tuesday evening to spend an 8-day furlough with the wife, the former Vanetta Ayers and other rela- tives.v · ' · Mr. and Mrs. Walter Finn have received word from their son, Cpl. Walter Finn, that he is now Mr. and Mis. Arthur. Neir of Greene are the parents o£ a daughter born Saturday at the Cedar Valley hospital. Flora: Williams, who has been ill in the hospital for several weeks, is now at her brother, Jess Williams' home in the country, where she is convalesing. Mrs. A; M. Meggitt of Cedar Falls came Tuesday to spend the remainder of the week with Miss Emma Stoecker. 5 Degree o£ Honor was to meet at the I. O. O. F. hall Thursday pight at 8 o'clock. Charles City Chamber of Commerce Secretary I. W. Lachore ·spoke Tuesday evening before the Floyd P. T. A. on "What of the Future." He also delivered a short war bond talk. Pyt. Edward C. Clarke who is stationed at Camp Campbell, Ky., with the field artillery has been ir (Jharles City visiting his wife. He has a 7-day furlough. ,Pfc. Allen G. Steffler left for Camp Phillips, Kans,, Saturday 3J31J pattea Supq a3}jc guiuaAa by the death of his aunt. Mrs. Mae Carle. o£ Bradford. She is the sister of his mother, Mrs. Holt Bean, ot Charles City. Shooting in Dark N'amur, Kwaialein Atoll, Marshall Islands, Feb. 4. (Delayed) (IP)--Ah officer thought Edward Dupeck, Pfc., Philadelphia, Pa.. was trigger happy. All the first night after the marines landed on Namur, Dupeck kept up a rat-tat-tat on his machine gun. Lt. J. R. Donovan, Peoria, 111., messaged: "There aren't any Japs down there.'and that night shooting is liable to get you-killed by someone mistaking you for a Jap." Dupeck replied he was shooting at -the enemy. The next morning Lt. Donovan strolled over to see what Dupeck had been shooting at. He found 35 or 40 Japanese piled up on the beach before Dupeck's machine gun. The enemy had attempted 1 to :omo around from another side ot the island and. infiltrate the marines' foxholes* during the darkness. Plan Commencement at Coe College March 19 Cedar Rapids--The 63rd annual commencement at Coe college will be held in March this year, with the activities beginning Thursday, March 9, and concluding with the commencement exercises on Sunday, March 19. Unlike a year ago when 2 commencements--in March and in June--were observed at Coe, the entire senior class will go through the ceremony together. 2 English Church Leaders Hit Bombings of German Cities London, (IP)--The Archbishop ol Canterbury and the Bishop of Chichester criticized allied bombings' of Ge^rnan cities Wednesday in the house of lords. "Recent attacks upon cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin seem to me to go a long way beyond what hitherto has been declared the policy of the government and the bomber command," the archbishop of Canterbury said. "The policy of obliteration is openly acknowledged," the bishop of Chiehester asserted. "That Is not a justifiable act of war." The archbishop, head of the church of England, also. criticized a tendency "io exult and gloat" over the destruction of German cities and towns "among some of our people." . . · · ; Replying as leader of the upper house, Lord Cranborne said the RAF never had Indulged in pure terror raids. FOR.MEK PASTOR DIES / Chapin -- Word was' received Wednesday of the death of the Rev. Edward L. barley in Des Moines .Wednesday. Mr. Darley was a former pastor of the Congregational church ot Chapin. Funeral services will be held in Mitchellville Saturday afternoon. Blind Man, 21/, and Boy, 16, Put in Jail on Burglary Charges Waseea, Minn., (#)--A 21 year old blind '.man and ·» 16 year old companion were held in jail here Wednesday as confessed burglars and auto thieves. Sheriff R. G. Lowe, gave the name of the eldest of the pair as Wallace Hagen, 21, and said both had confessed robbing a cafe and a filling station here and stealing an automobile in Little Falls. The loot in the burglaries totaled about $50, the sheriff said. The sheriff said he became suspicious of them when they did a lot o£ driving and no work. At the .time they were arrested; he said, they were driving a stolen car with a stolen license plate Sheriff Low said that Hagen, who has abnormally acute hearing, acted as "lookout" man in 1 burglary, but entered a 2nd place with his companion and helped carry out the loot. GIVE CKEAMEEY DINNER Crystal Lake -- The annual Crystal Creamery dinner will be i 1 . ?. Saturday at noon in the Methodist church basement, served by the women o£ the church. The patrons and wives of the creamery will be guests at the dinner. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. STEHSON'S SISTEK DIES New York, (iP) -- Miss Cahda timson, 74, sister of Secretary War Henry L. Stimson, died Wei nesday at her Park avenue hoH after an illness of 2 weeks. Seer tary Stimsbri; was at her bedsii, when she succumbed to the effec of a stroke. . LOVELY-ALtUMINC · LOW waves now youre, easily, cool-ly, at borne. Do it toaaell. The amwof MUMAWBMT WAVE KIT contains ererylhiaj: you need, per maneac »a solution, curlers, shampoo arid wave-set. Cor every type ol hair. Praised by Hol]ywo movie stars. Over 5 million mold. Get ^am-Kurl Kit today. At W a l « r « « OSCO, and all drug store.. To/ft$top LCTTtN"£M HAVE IT I BUY EXTRA WAR BONDS War Bonds and Stamp awHabfe at all WALGREEN DRUG STORES i %; ON SALS THUSSDAY FRIDAY W SATURDAY LIFEBUOY SOAP 101 SOUTH FEDERAL 6" RIGHT RESERVED . TO LIMIT QUANTITIES Wit] This Couoon Regular lOc Size _ Keller Cinnamon | Flavored · MOUTH WASH ".' No Purchase : Required · £ IRONI1ED YEAST TABLETS --FORBI IROM (Limit 1) . . . H°APORftTED MILK ·- NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE; SOFTER, SAFER '' (Limit 2 Rolls) . o Ration on H Uncle Sam has no in ten- lion of rationing health. It's up to YOU to keep fa to keep tcorting ' or fighting. Anil there's no ration on the care and quality lliat go into a WalTccn- lilled prescription. Your expertly trained . \VaTgrcen Pharmacist -coinpounds v o u r proscription wi(li die same care and cati- lion as always, following your doctor's instructions to ihe letter. .00 Prep Shaving Cream 59c (Limit 1) 25c Size cuncima OINTMENT Skin-soo thing 21' (limit I) ts V-MMS VITAMINS · 5 Vitamins · 3 Minerals Large Tub. Pepsedent Toothpaste Contains "Irium'* ATTRACTIVE I 10 YDS. SILK SHERBET DISH I DENTAL FLOSS ss $\i The Extra Glassware Every Home Needs. . H«rf-proof Glost FIRE-KING 3-PC. SET 3 Sizes g^- o/fio(v/s..'99v Bake, serve in them I Valuable Aid to Dental Hygiene HINDS OFFER! ,50c H6r»y-Afmond Cream .25c."CompJefe FecW Reg. 75c Value BOTH FOR. Perfect for winter sVin care. Value.' 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