The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1931 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1931
Page 12
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12 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 16 1931 -'I 1 HOG PRICES DROP 25 CENTS AT OPENING LARGE SUPPLY LOWERS PRICES Delayed Action in Cattle Alleys Warns of Cut . i n Values. CHICAGO, March 16. prices broke 25 cents by way of salute to the first big countrywide supply since the passing of storm conditions which hindered shipping facilities last week. Local supplies of 60,000 including 18,000 forwarded straight to pacWng plants on thru billing, were 22,000 larger than the previous Monday. Shippers wanted 170-210 Ib. hogs but, sensing. the extent of the oversupply, filled their early orders at ?8.10 to $8.20, 8, (Juarter below Friday's prices. Delayed 'action in cattle alleys warned holders that offerings must be priced lower. The fresh run of 20,000 was 9,000 larger than a week ago and carried a liberal sprinkling of choice steers. No directs were billed 1 to packers. Call! receipts of 13,300 to 11 leading markets were about the same as a week ago, the local portion of 2,000 meeting with a satisfactory potential demand. Packers reported 4,160 lambs billed -direct to slaughter plants 1 from outside sources, and the balance of the run of 23,000 was more than enough to supply trade needs. Slow action marked the first half of the forenoon. Hogs closed active and strong at early decline. CatUe finished 25@SOc lower and -steep mostly steady. lower on best fed offerings, asking steady or up to .$8.60 on- fed western lambs. KANSAS CITS LIVESTOCK. · KANSAS CITY, March 16. (JT)--O. 8. department of agriculture^HOGS B.OOO: including 2,100 direct; uneven, 10-25C lower than Friday's average; top $7.65 or. 170-210 Ibs. good and cholcs 140-180 Ibs. $7®7.60; 160-180 Ibs. S7.15® 7.65; 180-200. Ibs. S7.3007.65: 200-220 Ibs. S7.35@7.!5; 220-250 Ibs. S7.30®7.65; 250280 Ibs. J7.15O7.55: 280-350 IDs. $7@7.3b; packing BOWS 275-500 Ibs. $6.108)6.75; stock plg», good" and choice 70-130 Ibs. 38.76® 7.50. CATTLE 15,500; calves 2,000; fed steers and yearlings alow, tending lower; vealers and'calves,, weak to lower; Btockers and feeders steady. Steers, good and choice. 6W- SOO Ibs. 57.753)10.50; 900-1100 lbs. n Jfjp 10.50; 1100-1300 Ibs. S8@10.SO; 1300-1500 Ibs. SSS'10.50; common and medium 600 Ibs. up $5@8; heifers, good and choice 550850 Iba. 58.75S9; common and medium 550850 Ibs. $4.258)6.75; cows, good and choice S4.75@6.25; common and medium $404.75; low cutter and cutter $2.75®4: vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $5B'8; cull and common $3.50@5; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $6.75@8.75j common and medium (all weights) SHEEP 13,000; slow, very little $4® done early; most-bids around 25c lower; 'best fed lambs held around $8.50. Lambs, goou and choice 80 Ibs. down $7.75®8.50: medium 80 Ibs. down $6.7515)7.75; common, all weights J5.25SJ8.75; medium to choice 81100 Ibi. *8.75@8.35; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs. down $3@4.60. ·LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. March 16.--Estimated receipts ot hogs, 20,000; cattle, 7,000; eheev, 18,000. f LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 16. UK--Official estimated receipts tomorrow; CatUe, 7,000; bogs, 23,000; sheep, 15,000. WHEAT RALLIES IN LATE TRADE Buyers for Houses Usually on Bear Side Send Prices Up. CHICAGO, March 16. UP)--Buyers for houses that' have been conspicuous on the hear side Tallied wheat late-today, despite 1,836,000 bushels' increase of the visible supply. Price upturns were in the face of unofficial estimates that United States government-sponsored" agencies had disposed of but 460,000 bushels of wheat abroad since Feb. 21, when an export campaign was begun. The United States wheat visible supply is 46,163,000 bushels in excess of the total a year ago. Wheat .closed firm, unchanged to %c high er; com 74®H4c advance; oats unchanged to Vic up and provisions unchanged to a rise of 20c. At times, corn developed relative firmness aa a result of further buying of corn against sales of wheat. Primary receipts of corn were 880,000 bushels, compared with 890,000 a week ago and 735,00*0 on the corresponding day of 1830. The best buying of corn camo Irom commission bouses. Notes By TICKER TAPE Representative Sales Local Hogs MASON CITY, March 16.--Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibg., $7.20; best medium weight butchers, 240 - to 260 Ibs., |6.90; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., 56.60; best prime heavy butchers, 310. to 350 Ibs., $6.40; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., $5.80; best heavy sows, 360 to .400 Ibs., 55.60. CHICAGO, March 16. kTV-Representative sales as selected by the U. S,. department of agrlcultun Steers-- 1000 1307 1410 1037 1322 1232 807 1250 1050 1010" 979 801 CATTLE. Heifers-10.25 50 610 10.00 27 663 30 741 22 830 Cow 9.00 8.73 8.0U 7.CU 343 321 -297 284 270 258 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ; CHICAGO, March 18. UP)--United States department of agriculture-; HOOS 60,000, 18,000 direct; 35325c lower than Friday;' light weights off most; top $8.25; 140-210 Ibs. S8.00®8.20: 220-320 Ibs. $7.05@8.00; pigs *7.25®8.00; packing aows S8.10©6.45: light light*, 140-160 Ibs. (8.00 ©8.25; light weights 160-200 Ibs. tB.OO® 8.25; medium weights 200-230 Ibs. S7.SO® 8.20; heavy weight* 250-350 Ibs. S7.00©7.60; packing cows 275-500 Ibs. Sa.OO®6.GO: (laughter pigs 100-130 Ibs. J7.5008.00. CATTLB 20,000; calves 2,000; excessive eteer and yearling run here; not enough, to xnaka market; talking 25©50c lower; most early Bales con lined to lower grade steers and yearlings; these mostly 25c off; fat cows Btedy;to 25c'lower; bulls and low priced · cows steady; vealers 25®50C'Off; hulk steer ' 'TUB comprises ·better'grades; relatively long fed offerings; slaughter cattle and vealers, steers, good and'choice . 600-900 Ibs. $8.75® 11.25; 900-1100 lttt.S8.90@ll.25; 3.100-1300 Ibs. f8.50@11.00; 1300-1500 Ibs. S8.50S 10.75: common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. $6.25@8.SO; heifers, good' and choice 550- S50 Ibs. · $7.75@9.75: common and medium S4.25@5.25: low cutter and cutter 13.25® 4.25; bulls (yearlings excluded) good' and choice (beef) $4.2505.75; cutter to medium J3.7504.70; vealers. (milk fed) good and choice $7.0008.50; medium (S.00@7.00; cull xnd common S4.50$?6.00. .StocKer. and feeder cattle: Steers, good and choice GOQ.1050 Ibs. 37i25@8.GO; com- morf and medium S5.25@7,Z3. SHEEP 23,000; mostly steady; good and choica wooled Iambs $8.GO®8.85 to packers; several loads 30@0,10; some held higher; fat native ewes J*a4.75. Slaughter sheep ana lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice SB.5043:8.35; medium (7.5008.50; 01100 Iba., medium to choice J7.25®9.10; all ·weights, common S6@7.50; ewes, 90-150 Ibs , medium to choice $3.QO®5; all weights, cull and common 523P4.; feeding lamb?, 60-75 Ibs., 57.85S8.25. Heavyweight-52 64 41 65 27 OS Medium--39 247 61 231 51 226 73 218 5S 213 84 206 Native Lambs-- 9.75 8.25 8.70 10 1297 6.50 8.50 13 1140 6.00 8.10 18 1020 4.25 7 r0 S 880 3.25 7.50 7.00 6.50 BOOS. Light Weights-7.00 6S 195 8.20 7.15 56 188 8.25 7,25 7B 1B3 8.20 7 ao 71 175 8.15 7 45 69 16B 8.10 7.55 24 162 8.00 Light Lights-- CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, March 18. (/n--Wheat No. 1 red 78Mc: hard 79@79ttc; No. 2 hard 79c: No. -1 northern spring 79 Uc; No. 1 mixed. 78c. Corn No. 2 mixed 62® 62 He; No. 3 mixed 59«©60%c; No. 4 mixed 57 : 51®5914c; No. 2 yellow 01M®62Hc: No. 3 yellow 60W 61C; No. 4 yellow E8,1 ft'5Blic; No. 5 yellow 58H@5Sc; No. Q yellow (choice) -59c; No. 3 white O0',4@625ic; No. 4 white 5915C. OaUl No. 2. white 31Vl®Wc. Timothy seed S8.55S»8.75. Clover seed S12@19.50. · Lard 59.20; ritis tll.50; tellies $11.60. 7.60 7.75 157 148 141 133 53 125 210 155' 127 160 as 105 231 140 70 126 45 20 33 · 80 88 91 82 SO 70 75 72 70 107 99 73 CS 111 7.80 16 8. r,0 8.15 SHEEP. Fed Western-225 8i 650 87 380 93 400 88 245 ' 100 Fat Ewes-- 8.10 8.00 8.80 8.85 8.758.75 S.fiO 8.50 8.40 8.25 8.25 8.IJO 7.50 7.00 8.50 26 11 59 32 10 130 126 140 8.15 8.10 a.oo 7.85 9.10 6.00 8.85 8.01 8.60 5.00 4.75 4.511 4.35 4.00 MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 16.-Barley ' 30c Oats 22c Shelled corn, No. 4 42c Ear corn 39c GrainFutures May May OMAHA LIVESTOCK. 16. Hog Markets S. depart- OMAHA, March ment , of agriculture -- J HOGS 21,000, 261 direct; slow, 15-35C lower; 170-215 Ib. weights $7.4007.60; top J7.60: 215-240 Ib. butchers J7.2507.50; 240200 Ib. averages $707.25; 290-370 Ibs. $6.80 ®7; jacking sows mostly J86.10; average cost Saturday $7.37. weight 260, For the week $7.22, weight 263. CATTLE 15,500; 600 calves; fed steers £nd yearlings slow, few early sales; undertone weak to around 25c or more lower; some bids 50c lower; stockers and feeders slow* weak; fed steers and yearlings $70. 8.80; light steers 946 Ibs. $9; weighty steers higher: belters $607.60; choice light offer- Ings 58; bulk beef cows $4.2505.25: cutter grades $3@3.75; few medium bulls $3.75$? 4;. practical top vealera $8; stocker and feeder steers S7O8.1B. SHEEP 18,000; lambs opening around 2flc lower; sheep and feeders steady; early sales slaughter wooled lambs 90-100 Ib. averages $8.25@8.CO; early top $8.60; some held htgh- . er; best ewes $4.75; mixed fat and feeding lambs up to $8.35 to dealers. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hoe prlceu at Iowa markets Monday: CEDAR BAWDS--Prime hogs: Mediums JO 853'7.05; heavies $6.5568.85; lights 56.85 ©7.05; packers $5.50(56.00. DES MOINES--5,600: lOc to 15c lower; prime 'lights JB.BOcS7.30; prime mediums $B.75@7.20; prime heavies $6.35®7.10; good packers S5.504P0.10. . OTTTJMWA--IOC lower; 120-150 Ibs. $5.20; 150-170 Ibs. $6.80; 170-220 Ibs. 57.15; 220260 Ibs. $6.95; 260-300 Ibs. J6.65; 300-350 Ibs. S8.35; over-350 Ibs. $6.05; gnod packers $5.70: fair packers $4.70. WATERLOO--Prime hogs, 180-220 Ibs. $6.75®7.05: 230-230 Ibs. S6.55S6.95; 250300 Ibs. $6.25@6.55; 300-350 Ibs. $6.05® 6.35; good packers $5.55®.90. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS · DES MOINE3, March 16. (,T}--Combined big receipts at 23 concentration yards and seven packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 48 hour period ended at 10 a, ra. Monday were 46,800 compared with 35,000 a week ago. HosUy 10@20c lower; trading slow and marketing light at the decline; bulk of 170230 Ibs weight. $7.0007.35; selected 180210 Ib. averages up to $7.45 and In spots higher: 240-280 Ib. averages $6.65®7.10; big weight butchers downward to $6.35. Light light (140-160 Ibs.) good and choice $a.50©7.30; light weights (160-180 Iba.) good and choice. S7.00W7.40: light weights (180-220 Ibs.) good and choice $7.05@7.45; medium weights (220-250 Ibs.) good and choice J6.80Q7.35; heavy weights (250-290 Iba.) good and choice $6.60@7.20; (290-350 Ibs.) good and choice $0.35{Q)6.05; packing sows (275-330 Iba.) good $5.7006.15; (350425 Ibs.)" good 55.500'5.85; (425-550 Iba.) 55.2535.CO. CORN-Mar, old new old new July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old new.... old new.... July Sept OATS-Mar. old May old new..., July Sept. -RYE---;v' .... Mar. old..... May old new July Sept. ·- LARD-Mar. May July BELLIES-May July MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 18. High .62% .6554 .06% , ,67H .83 .63 (4 .63% .30 .32% .32% .63'i .32% ' ',3714 .4014 .4114 i4214 8.20 9.20 8.30 Low .01% .6214 .63 li .64% .66 .6575 -79% .821k .6214 .29 - .31% .32 Vi .3DH .39% .40H J.02 9.02 9.17 !'Tho March continues tne favorable upward tread In steel production, construction, and 'freight shipments, the rise In the Business Week Index of business activity from 77.4 per 'cent or normal to 78 per cent may exaggerate .the Improvement," say* the Business Week. The unusually sharp increase In tbe volume of check payments during the first weeK of Manm Is probably due to circumstances attending the'large government operations In connection wltil the floating of the $1.4 billions loan, tho .the precise nature and extent of such operations are not subject to measurement. This Increase In bank debits, major component of our Index, move our composite index upward a little -more sharply than the total situation warrants. However, seasonal improvement continues in 'many lines. INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITV IS GROWING . "Increase In Industrial activity during February is nh.own by the Electrical World Index of electrical energy consumption. In manufacturing establishments in tho United States which rose 13 per cent over January after adjustment for- tbe shorter month. Factory employment in New York stato 'during February, which usually forecasts employment conditions In the country as a. whole, showed a favorable upward tendency, the second since October, 1929, while department store sales also reflect a gala over January. "Steel Ingot operations for the first week of March are estimated by Bow, Jones at 54 per cent of capacity against 3 per cent the preceding week. When adjusted to take account of the usual seasonal Increase, our Index of steel production shows no change for the third consecutive week, remaining at 66 per cent normal." * COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SURVEY GIVEN For the week ending March 7 weekly figures available to the department of commerce thru tbe survey of current business showed an Increase of bank debits outside, of New Tork City of 38.8 per cent from the preceding holiday week, but which were still under tbe corresponding period in 1930. Total loans and discounts of federal reserve member banks .decreased slightly from tho week previous and were under the figures for the same week last year. Interest rates for tlma money increased from the week previous while call money rates showed no change. Both rates were materially lower than a year ago. Prices of representative stocks dropped after a continuous weekly rise since the second week In January, but prices were still under the same week in 1930. Bond prices showed a slight rise from the previous week, and were above the average price for the corresponding week last ear. The ratio of total federal reserves to deposit and federal reserve note liabilities combined remained tne same as for the week previous but was considerably above tb same week in 1830. .The number of business failures, as reported by .R. G. Dun and company, continued to decrease In respect to the previous week, but were, still above tae same week last year. WHOESALE PRICEa ARE INCREASING Wholesale prices, as measured by tho composite Index; showed the first increase this year In respect to the previous week. The prices of agricultural and non-agricultural products increased from the week previous. Both were under last year. Tho price of cotton middling decreased fractionally during the week, while the Iron anil steel composite price remained the same as for the'week previous, but was under the figure reported for the same week In 1930. For the week ending Feb. 28, a holiday week, Increases occurred In the dally average value-of building contracts awarded in 37 states, lumber production, and steel ingot production," while bituminous' coal production, cattle receipts, cotton receipts, hog receipts, petroleum production, and wheat re- .30 celpts showed ^declines In respect to the .32 li week previous. .321, For the week ending March 7, Increases .63.( occurred over the corresponding period In ,32% 1929, two ears ago, in bond prices, number ot .business failures, federal. reserve ratio, net demand deposits. and time ^deposits. MONEY MARKETS TONE CHEERFUL Shares Maintain Uptrend of Saturday in Apathetic Trading. NEW YORK, March 16. U-- The financial markets began the new week with a moderately cheerful tone hut apparently reconciled to the theory that the pace of business recovery demands patience. Share prices maintained the up- trend started Saturday. Trading was apathetic, nevertheless, and advances, were moderate. : A broad list of stocks sold up a point or more. Some of the leading eastern utilities were again con-- spicuously strong. Consolidated gas sold up 2 points to "the year's best price, and United Gas Improvement, Public Service of N. J., and Brook- STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March 16. (/T)-Final Quotations. Air Reduc 102 Kennecott Allegheny 951 Al Ch i Dye 15314 AHIs Chal Mfg'3814 Am. Can . 125ft Am Car Fdy 36 Am Coml Al 12 VS Am For Pow 47 y, Am Inll 20% Am Loco 27 Am Pow L 5814'^ Am Rad St San 20 Am Roll Mill 30T4 Am Sme Ref 52 Am Steel Fdrs 27% Am Sug Ref 5314 A T T · 184% Am Tob B liaii Am Wat Wks 73 li 27% 33V, 8U 57 ?t 84-H 1SV* 39*, 26 \ 37 17 W 13H 18 'A 31 Close .62=i .6314 .65% .66% .57% .67 li .7914 .78^4 .81H .83 .62 'A .63'A lyn Union Gas reached new highs with smaller advances. Shares gaining a point or so included U. S. and Bethlehem Steels, American Can, Union Carbide, Woolworth, Sears, American and Foreign Power, American Telenhone, Standard of N. J., and Nash." A few shares, including Eastman, Loews, Byers, Allied Chemical and Case gained 2 to. 3, and Auburn advanced mora than 6. A few issues eased, including New York Central and National Cash Register. Despite the ?3,000,000,000 turnover of funds today, resulting from the income tax payments and the treasury's new bond financing, call money was in abundant supply. Call money today renewed at US per cent, and was freely offered outside at 1. The lowest rate in March of last year was 2 per cent. Anaconda Arm ol 111 B Atchlson All Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B i o Bamdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Brlges 377, 8H1 IT, 100 10% 103 5 7514 23 li S3 74 H · 28% 20 MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BURTON 37 Burr Add Cat Hecla. Can Dry Can Fac Case Cerro de Pasco 27V4 Chcs t o 41 CWc Gt W fi Chic Gt W pfd 23 C N W 38 C R I «r P 60 Chrysler Col Fuel Ir Col G E Col Grapbo Coml So Iv ComwHh So Congoleum Consol Gas Con II Can Conll. Ins 2414 25 43 1514 Curb Market . NEW YOKK, March IS. l,Tl--Curb stocks marked time In desultory trading today. The best movement was In. the oils. Gulc rose more than 3 points In comparatively small transactions and Vacuum opened 2 points higher, altho It lost part of the rally. Cities Service also finned. Elsewhere, the only changes of consequence were In the specialty section. Douglas Aircraft was strong, making a new high above 20. Zonlte Products, Noranda Mines and Trans-Lux also moved ahead. Glen Alden Coal was heavy. , Utilities were fairly active. International Superpower-and American Gas and Electric got out of the fractional rut that held most of the power stocks, establishing galas of around a point. Bond and Share was qulut and firm. " , Money waa plentiful. The renewal rate for call money waa 2 per cent. .37 W .4014 .4114 9.20 9.20 0.30 11.35 11.50 DRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 16. (/P-- May SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 18. UF--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 4,000, calves 200: slow, very little done; yearlings weak to 25c lower; bidding 2fi-50c off on other steers and yearlings; she stock largely around 25c off; some bids 25-SOc down; bulls and. vealers little changed; stackers and feeders around steady; few mixed yearlings'' and yearling heifers $808.25; bulk'steers and yearlings salable around $7.25@8.25; few held around $0; most beef cows $405.25; majority medium bulls $3.7504; choice vealers $7.50: choice heavy feeders held above $8.50. HOGS 12,000, Including 425 billed thru; slow, light butchers 15c to mostly 25c lower: bidding unevenly 25-35C lower for other ·weights; sows 15-25C off; 160-190 Ibs. to shippers $7.40@7.50; top $7.60 sparingly bidding $7.1507.40 for 200-230 Ibs.; 240280 Iba. $6.9007.25; 290-350 Ibs, $6.753*7; packing sows largely $6.1506.35. SHEEP 5.000. very little done, asking about steady prices for^fat lambs or around $8.75 for choice wooled lmbs BO Ibs. and down; .buyers talking 25c or more lower; other classes quoted steady: fat ewes salable ${,85 down; doubles mixed and feeding lambs $8.25. , HOG FUTURES. CHICAGO, March 16. (jpi -- Hog futures: Bidding $8 for light hogs, $7.50 for mediums and $7.25 for heavies -to arrive tomorrow; Grade Offered Bid LIGHTS -Sept .............. . ....... 9.50 MEDIUMS-March ......... ... ...... .*.7.00 April .. .................... May ' ......... .. .......... 8.60 HEAVIES-May ...................... CORN-Mar. ,old new... old new... July Sept. WHEAT-Mar. old.... new. .. May old:... new... July Sept OATS-Mar. old.... n e w . . . May pld.... new... July Sept RYE-Mar. old new... old.... new... uly iept /ARD-Mar. May ....... "uly ...... BELLIES-May Tuly Close Yr. Ago. .S2« .831,4 ·83ft . I.03« 7.75 7.CO 8.00 MISCELLANEOUS FIOUK, MINNEAPOLIS, March 16. (^1--Flour unchanged to 5c higher; In carload lots, family patents quoted $5.10*35.;o a bairel In 08 Ib. cotton tacks. Shipments 31.081. Bran $17017.50; standard middlings $16..^0 SOUTH ST, PAUL -LIVESTOCK. S. SOUTH ST. PATJL, March IB. la 1 }-- U. department of agriculture -CATTLE 4,100; steers and yearlings predominated, sagging* 25-50C lower; several can weighty «teer» $8.25; bulk all weights short feda, salable ?8 downward; the stock, early trade weak to 25c lower; ecveral part loads yearling heifers J707.3I1; bulk butcher heifers J5.2508.50; betf cows J5.30 down; cutters and bulls showing little change, Indication* 2Sc lower on feeders and stockerj; calves 1,700; steady to SOc lower;good grades 55.503-6: choice kinds 17.6038. HOOS 7,500; steady to ISc or more lower than Saturday, fully 15-25o lower than Friday. Desirable 1BO-230 Ib. weights »7.25i3 7.80: top »7.60; 230-260 Ib. averages *7{0 7.23; 200-350 Ib. weights *8.75S7: «ows *B.75®6; plK« and light lights »7.riO®7.«0; averagn cost Saturday 17.63; weight 255: ·for the week: *7.ea, weight 210. SHEEP 5,000; market very slow: part Mies native fit Iambi steady at 58; talking POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO, March 16. W)--U. S. department o( agriculture-Potatoes, SOS; on track 208; total U. S. shipments Saturday 1,022, Sunday 18; steady; trading slow; sacKed per cwt., Wisconsin round whites SI.3531.30; moitly J1.40SC 1.50; Minnesota round whites $1.25^)1.35; Idaho runsets No. 1, mostly 51..10@l. few $1.60: commercial $1.3591.40; No. J1.2331.30; Colorado .brown beauties S1.75-, red McCluru 51.7531.80. NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW TORK, March la. MV-Raw sugar unchanged at 3.25C spots duty paid. Futures at midday net unchanged .to 2 points lower Refined unchanged at 4.40C. HAV JIARKET. CHICAGO, March 18. liFl--Hay--Ttu celpur, 12 cars. Timothy mixed $X3®10 clover. $13318; mixed hay, $121217; alfalfa $15324. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March . 16. (JP)--Clover seed cash, domestic old 514.25; cash domesti new $14.79; March J14.73; October $13.2!i December SI3.SO; choice 'cash old $14.55 cash new $15; alilke prime cash $14; March ,tay l.OS'.i , 1.0754 .12 ft . . .60% !* .63Ti .. .67% ..10.10 ..10.22 . .10.47 ..12.87 ..12.75 Close Tes'd'y. .Sl'.i .02 · .65 .66% .821k .81 S .82% .62% .32 .32i .32VI .32V, .37 .39% .40M .G1M, 9.00 9.02 0.17 11.35 11.60 LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER Open Today. .62 'f, .8414 .65Vi '.66 K -791S !si« .82% .6214, . .6214 .32 .3214 .32 H .321!, .3611 .39% !4oii .41-% 9.02 0.02 9.17 Bond Market MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS, March 16. UFt--Wheat-- 320 cara compared to 172 a year ago. changed. Cash, No. 1 northern 7314®7714c; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 7414@7714c; No. 1 da: hard Montana 14 per cent protein 7314c; to ar- ·ive 7014(3)71 lie; No. 1 amber durum 701k ; No. 2 amber durum 681k@7114c; No. i red durum 83ttc; May 76Hc; July C84c; September 62!4c. Com--No. 3 yellow 54®5614c. Oats--No. 3 white 28®2854c. Bar! cy--31 @ 52c. Rye--No. 1, -" Flax--No. 1, KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, March 16. tm--Wheat-179 cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 70@73c; No. 3 nominally 6U$p7116c; No. 2 hard 705S72c; No. 3, 6D@70c; No. 2 red nominally 72@73o; No. 3 nominally 70tS 72c. Close: May 731ic; July 56%c; Sep. tember 56Tkc. Com--132 cars; unchanged to 14c higher; No. 2 white 56!4®5714c: No. 3. 54« 5Gc; No. 2 yellow 50%c: No. 3. 64®56c No. 2 mixed nominally B4.055C;, No. 3, 5214* 53'4c. Close: May 60c; July 62c; Seplenl- Oats--18 cars; unchanged; No. Z white 33«,c; No. 3. 32«,c. OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, March 16. !PI--Wheat--DarK GRAIN MARKET REVIEW. CHICAGO, March 18.-WHEAT--Our market reflected several factors of a , bearish nature during the morning, but recovered all losses and moved fractionally above Saturday's final levels in the last few moments of trading. An oversold condition appeared to develop rather suddenly and the covering. caused the rally which amounted to about a cent from the low. Weather conditions continue favorable for winter wheat. The Santa Fe weekly report said the snows In Kansas had mostly melted and that moisture appeared ample. Winnipeg was lower, but rallied with our market. Export demand was Blow, altho the seaboard reported around 200.000 token. The Increase of 1,835,000 In the visible was Hrgely expected, but It brings the total up to nearly 200.000,000. Market characteristics do not change much from day to day. There Is no Incentive to buy under the present statistical situation, nor Is there dts- nosIUon to sell tha deferred deliveries at these levels, with a supposedly large short Interest uncovered. We see no change In prevailing conditions. CORN--Corn was rather erratic within narrow limits, until late In the session, when short covering on the strength In wheat rallied prices a cent or more from their lows. The buying of corn agllnat »a!es of wheat, no..ted last week, continued today but In less volume. · The bull element was some' what disappointed at the Increase of 807,000, bushels In the visible, OS a smaller amount, or a small decrease had been expected In some Quarters. Only 12.000 bushels was booked to arrive, but sales were only 37,000 bushels. While we are friendly to com on breaks, the .market peema to be governed more) by action of wheat than fundamentals. Liverpool due %c higher. NEW TORK, March 16. (ill-- Creeplns galna predominated in' the bond market today but the trading continued quiet. ' The Influence ·'of--easy -money : on bonds has been more apparent recently in the generally, higher prices. During the last week strength has appeared In many second grade Issues. Foreign Issues played an' Important part with bonds'such as Austrian 7, Brazilian 6l5s of 1SZ6-57, Chilean 6s ot I960, and Italian 7s selling ot fractionally higher levels. Polish 7s weakened on a few sales. United States government Issues were quiet and steady. Higher levels, ruled also among the more Important Industrial obligations. American Smelting 5s, Goodrich 6 Its, International Match 5a, Standard Oil of New York 4%* and Youngatown Sheet and Tube 5s gained fractionally. Railroad Issues were" active but the trend among them and public utilities was uncertain. New York, Chicago and St. Louis 41ts were firm and Chicago and Northwestern 4^s gained. Baltimore and Ohio 5s of 1895 and Groat Northern series E 4!is were' easy to lower. Western Union 5a, International Telephone debenture 5s and American and Foreign Power 5s were fractionally lower. , Loews 5s and General Thealeta Equipment 6s moved ahead. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 16. LPI--United States government bonds closed: Liberty 3%s 101.23. First 4Us 102.25. Fourth 414s 103.28. Treasury 414s 112.0. Kresge Kroger Llgg My B Loew's Loose Wiles Lori Hard Mack Math Alkali May D S McK Rob Mex Sea Oil Mid Cont Oil M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat Ch Reg A 33Sji Nat Dairy 48 Nat Pow L 41 1 /, Not Tea 2116 N Y Central 113% N Y N H H S9'4 Nor w. 20ay, No Am 86S No Pac 53 Oliver F iVi Otis St · 14 Pac O E 63% Packard 1015 Pan Am Pel B 35li Para Pub " 43?. Pathe 2 Penlcfc t Ford 44 Penn 5814 Phil Pet 1211 Pills Flo 35U Proc Gam 70 Pub Serv N J . BSiSi Pullman 53Vj Radio 255, Rad K O 22 Reading 761i Rem Rand 15 Rco 8 Rep Stl 21% Rey Tob B 51 Roy Dutch 36 St L San F 3714 Sears R 60 Shell U 811 Simmons 19 Sinclair 13^4 Skelly S VI So Pac 89% So Pr Sug 11 Vi So Rail 52% Stand Brds 19 s i St G i E Sl)=i St Oil Cal 4UK St Oil N J 4GVj St Oil N Y 23 if, Stew Warn 20*.! Slone Web 48 ~t Studc 23T.1 Superior Oil Hi Tex Con 1 301*. Tex Gulf Eul 53 Tim Roll B 55 Union Carb 67 Un Pac 190 Vj Unit Alro 35V Unit clg 5^1 Unit Corp 30% Unit G i B 37 U S Ind Ale 71% U S Rub IS 11 U S Smelt 25 U S Steel 140 li m P t Let A 29% Vanadium 6914 Wabash 1714 Ward Bak A 2414 Warn Pix 137, W Mary 16 West Air 34'd West E Mfg 81 IS Willys Ov Oii Woolworth 64 ··» Wrlglcy 79 VI Yell Tr M}: Young S W 25ij CHICAGO STOCKS By The Associated Vrcsn. Sen Pub Ser'A. 18 Midland Un pfd 20% Cities Service '1814 Nat Leather , % Cont-ChIo--otfs-37« -Nat-Stand.-.^ :-31% at' Lakes Al re 2514 Rath .Pack 2 OH 6K Stelnltc Ti 4(1 li Swltt Co MAT SUMMARIES Contl Mot Corn Prod Cutlahy Curtlss Wr Deere pfd Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman El' Pow L Eng Pub Ser Erie FIsk Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El G«n Foods Gen Motors CiCn Pub Scr Gillette Gobel Gold Euat Goodrich Goodyear Grah Palgo Granby G N R pfd 0 N I O ctf Gt W Sugar Grig. Grun Hohn Ilartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Ind Ref Iru Comb Eng Intl Harv lat Nick Can 1 T T Johns Many Kelvinator 10 y, 103 58 Vj 4SK 5% 21»1 70 . 100, 170^ 58'A 47% 31 T4 33 37 K 5214 53 Vi 44 VI 21 47-% 8 ·IS 5o 22 VI 11% 75 314 37% 75 «\mtlnued From Vimle 1'ace). plied Sir Edric. "We've got the number of the lorry all right, LC 7280. We rang^up the county council, and found "that the owners of those nuintiers were the All-England Haulage company, ot 57 Ely street. That .is the address of the tobacconist. The driver of the lorry had made arrangements with him to call for any letters addressed there to the company. I need hardly say that no such company exists." Sir Edric paused. "There's just one clew," he continued after a short interval. "A month or two ago, a water-main happened to burst at the corner of Hatton Garden and Ely street. It caused a bit of a flood before the water could be turned off, and one of the news agencies sent a man t,o take a photograph of it. The tobacconist, who was standing at the door of his shop, saw ths photographer, and subsequently bought a copy of the photograph from the news agency. It shows him standing there, and he's proud of it that he has hung it in his shop." "Very enterprising of him," commented Dick. "But I don't see that it's much of a clew." "Wait a bit," replied Sir Edric. "At the very moment that the photograph, was taken, the lorry was coming but of the yard. The driver apparently did not notice the photographer; he was looking over the side of the lorry to see that-it cleared the gateway. The result is, that we have an excellent picture of the front of the lorry, and of the profile of the driver." "Heavens showers its mercies, even on the police, It seems," remarked Dick. "I don't know that it will help .you'much with the lorry. One lorry is very much like another, you know, especially if they are of well-known makes. And as for the driver, well, I expect he'll make himself scarce for a bit." "Yes, I know all that," replied Sir Edric impatiently. "I've learned at least the elements of common sens,e since I've been sitting in this chair. But I'm pretty sure that the Funny Toff arranged this show, and that therefore the driver is one of his regular agents. I don't want to make AT CHICAGO BIB Ten Meet). I'lNAl BOUND US pound class--Aldridge 1 (Indiana) von from Slgwartz (Michigan) by decision. 126 pound class--Dooley (Illinois) threw Scott (Wisconsin). Time 2:15. 135 pound class--Emmons (Illinois) won from E. Belahaw (Indiana) h'y default. 145 pound class--Dyer (Chicago) won from Hall (Ohio Stale) by decision. 1S5 pound class--Miller (Northwestern) won from Ross (Indiana) on technical fall. Time 4:47. 165 pound class--Dougovlto (Michigan) threw Bagnall (Wisconsin). Time 1:35. 175 pound class--Brown (Northwestern) defeated Couglan (Iowa). Heavyweight class--Rlley (Northwestern) threw Erlckson (Chicauo). Time :50. AT CHEROKEE (Midwest A. A. U. Meet). FINAL 112 pound class--Stevens (Cherokee) won from Stoeckler (Ames) by decision. 118 pound class--Strever (Clarion) won from' Johnson ' (Fort. Dodge) by decision. 120 pound class--Arends (State Teachers) threw Campers (Fort Dodge). Time 3:03. 135 pound class--Erlckson (State Teachers) won from Brlndley (State Teachers) by decision. 147 pound class--Harmon (State Teacii ers) won from Johnson (Slate Teachers) by decision. 160 pound class--Ellison (Cornell) won from Orr (State Teachers) bv decision. 175 pound cfass--Luke'r State Teachers) won from Chambers {State 'Teachers) by decision. Heavyweight class--bsborn (Cornell) threw Ralston (State Teachers). Time 1:16. HOW THEY FINISHED AT KANSAS CITY lown Slate ,..,..,,,45 . Nebraska ,.29 Oklahoma .'........... ^ , . .IGVi Kansas Aggies · 4 AIls!*auri i 0 AT ANN ARB'OR Michigan .........57 Iowa ,.2n Korllm-eslern ..20 Minnesota 16 Chicago 3 Illinois l Purdue 0 AT ST. LOOTS Washington U 47 Drake 3ft Grlnnell .'."..,..,..... ^ .15 Oklahoma -Ags -.....-.;...,,...... ....15 Crelghton g TRACK SUMMARIES 3rigsby-Grunow Insull Ut Inv Katz Drug Kelt Switch Llhby McNeil Males Household 5% Mld-W Utll 2411 M-W Ut 6 pfd 100 . 2414 11 it Swift Intl Unit Gas U S Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 2914 3S ·10 K 44 flk inquiries in Wapping, for the Funny Toff will almost certainly get to bear of it if I do. If he thot that the driver had been recognized, he would either hide him where we shouldn't find him, or knock him on the head, whichever he found more convenient. In either case, we shouldn't be' any forrader. But' there's just a chance that you may have run across him during your visits to that salubrious neighborhood. Here's the photograph. Have a look at him." Dick took the photograph and studied it intently. "Yes, I know him," he said quietly. "As a matter of fact I owe him a drink. He stood me a double gin in the Margate Jetty that evening.'.'. ,,- . . - . ' ' . . . - ' (TO BE CONTINUED) SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagly- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 Start Diamond Flay. BRISTOW, March 16.--The Bristow high school boys and a. pickup .team of businessmen played i baseball game Friday afternoon on the school diamond in which the businessmen were the winners. Freshman, Juniors Win. the NEW YOBK STOCKS Ah P P Co ll?i Herahcy Ch Co 80 3 A Am Beet Sugar ,3% Hous Oil (new) 12 Am Brake Shoe 35 Am C'ar Fdy 36 Am Metal Am Sum Tob Am Tob hard No. 1. 72c; hard No. 1. No. 2 70ig7H4:: durum No, 1 2, 06@67c: mixed No.. 3, 6814c. Corn--White No. 3, .53W5314C: yellow No. 2, 6414c; No. 3, 52«®53c; mixed No. 3, 51c. Oats--White No. 3. 28 Sc. ITAGEN AND CIUCI WIN OPEN lOtJKNEY CORAL GABLES, Fla., March 16. UP)--Baiter Hagen and Henri Cluci were ?350 richer Monday by their victory in the /Gables-Miami- Biltmore open championship. The Half* and Ciuci tied for first honors in the event with 36 hole scores of 143. topping a field of 120 over the difficult Itlami Blltmore course. STOCK LETTER There was more bullish news today which proved rather disconcerting to the shorts before the session was over. Bearish pressure was held In check by the apparent Haul- leading shares. The market "was- dull the greater part of the session, but activity was heightened In the last hour, thru demand for the leading public utilities, motors and. the chain stores. Sentiment in the latter group was encouraged by talk of a/dividend Increase, or stock dividend next month by Woolworth, This naturally brot In buying of the mall.oraer Issues and they were around 2 points'higher. The oils and rails partook of the firmness In a moderate degree. The dullness on recessions of the general list was optimistically construed. HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 808 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides -$1.50-$2.00 Cured beef hides -Mic Green beef hides PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 16.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Hone. EGOS Eggs (current receipts) 17c POULTRY Stags 13c Heavy hens. 4% Ibs 14c Light bens lie Old cocks, heavy 9c Ducks 12c Geese ..' 7c Merchant* Quotations. Eggs, in trade 20c Eggs, cash 18c Butter, Plymouth .............S5c Butter, Clear Lake 32e Butter, State Brand 36c Butter, dairy 29r Potatoes SSc.and 40c a peck FROnBCE FETCHES. CHICAGO, March 16. I.T!--Egg futures closed: Storage packed flraU, March 224c; do. April 2316c; refrigerator standards, Nov. KANSAS CITV PRODUCE. KANSAS CITY, .March 10. .T--Eggs. 55.10. ' ' Butter., creamery 31c; In large quantities 33c; butterfat 22®27c: packing butter 12e. Poultry, hens lB@18c; broilers 3dc; roosters 8u12c; springs 33c. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, March 16. (/T)--Eggs 20,575; easier; mixed colors regular pock«rt, closely selected heavy 24!4iJ25c; extra 2314@2-ll4c: extra first 2214®23c; firsts 2.114@22c; seconds 20!4«21c; medium firsts 2014c; storage packed, closely eeleclcd ' heavy 24!4c; extra first 2314@21c; first-2214(ie23c; nearby hennery brown extra 2IS'24!4e; extra first 23®2314c. Nearby and nearby western hennery white, closely selected extra SSM'S'ZSc; average extra 24!4®25c; nearby white mediums 23$jp2314c. Butter 4,672; unsettled; creamery higher than extra 3uVi'?}30%e; extra S2 scorel 29-V.c; first (88-91 score) 2714«B29'Ac: packing stock, current mnkc No. 1, 20® 20«c; No. 2, 10c. NEW YORK POULTRY. NEW YORK. March 18. tjn--Poultry-- Dressed aleady. Chickens, frozen 25if'33c; fowls, fresh or frozen, 20W26c; old roosters. fresh HWSUc; turkeys, fresh 31{i36c; frozen 33^43c; ducks, frozen 23^24c. Poultry--Live, firm; chickens, hy freight 104?21c, by express 214?30c; broilers, by freight *32c: express, not quoted; fowls, freight 22S?25c; express, 22fi27c; rooslcrs, freight 14c; express 13©10c; turkeys, [freight 2Sc; express 30«?42c; ducks, freight 21Q?23c; express not quoted. 21 a* 117 Ar Co B (111) 1% Assoc Dry Gds 27^* Baldwin Lo 26% Brlggs Mfg Co 20 B-B-Collcn Co 11U Best Co 43^ Burr Add Mach 20 Butte Cop Zc 2 Calif Packing -1454 Com Credit 221 Coml Solvents Cont Motors Cont Oil Cudahy Pack Ciirllja Wr pfd Davl Chemical 1814 Emll Johnson 37T! First Nail Sirs 53% FIsk Rubber i; ·I'i 8% 47-Ji Indian Ref Kelvinator Corp 141^ Lambert Co S7H Liquid Curb Cp 52% Mathleson A Ik 26 It McK Robb 13% Nev Cons Cop 13V. Otis Steel 14 Pathe Exchange 2 Pillsbury Flour 35 Vi Pure Oil Co U Purity Bak Cp 53^1 Rco Grande Oil 7'A -.Rco Motors 81'x Schulte Re Strs 71v So Calif Edison 52?i Standard Brds Superior Oil Tobacco Prod U S Real 1m 32?i Vanadium G014 Wabash Hy 17 H Western Myld IB Wrigley Jr Co 79!', '. BBLMOND, Marcn 16.-- Jn interclass basketball tournament for boys held this week the freshman won from the sophomores; the juniors were victors over the seniors, 1'A DAVIS CUP TEAM TO START CAMPAIGN NEW YORK, March 16. (/P--The United States Davis cup team is to start its 1931 campaign for the recovery of the coveted tennis trophy in Mexico City May 1. The dates for the various American zone ties, announced Monday, call for the first round matches to be played in Mexico May 1, 2 and 3. The winner is slated to meet Canada at Montreal May 21, 22 and 23 for the right to play the South American winner in the American Inter-zone final at Washington, D. C.,\May 28, 29 and 30. - NEW 7DRK CURU dUOTATIONS Am For P Co 23"i Humble Oil 57 1811 Am Gas El S2 Am Sup Pow 18 U Ark Nat Gas' A 5-11 Asaoc G El A 2214 Can Marconi 3% Deforest Radio 6 Durant Motor 2% Elsie r El 4% El Bd $ Sh 58 Vi Ford Mo of Can ^7-£ Ford Mo ot Ens 17'i. Fox Theaters A 4' : i Hecla Mining 7 CHICAGO STOCKS Ind Pipe Line Nlag Hud 151(. No Amer Avlat 9 Pcnnroad Corp 7 S O Ind 3211 S O Ky 22% Transcont Air T 5^i United Gas 10'A Un L I' A Utll P I. Vacuum Oil Walgreen Drug 32 1214 57 Allied Mo Indus 3 Aub Auto Co 1D3 Bcndlx Av Cp 23'4 Borg-Worn Cp 26 n i Butler Bros fi% Cont Chicago Cp s^ Chicago Invest ii'.t; Cord Company in'.4 Gt Lakes Airc 4',* MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk 9k Cp 22 MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN .MARKET CASH SALES Flax 152M to 153 Orlgsby-Grunow G!a Hart-Cart Co 101^ Hor G A Co 26 ft Morgan LItho 7?i Nail Lealher ' ! \ Nail Standard sir, UU1 Ind Corp 87. U S Ra i Tele 32 Butter futures closed: Fresh ntandards, May 28lie; do, June 29%c; storage standards, March 28%c; do, Nor. 32Uc. . CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAdO, March 18. OT)--Bnttcl. 14,352; steady; creamery--Extras (02 ocnre) 3tlc: standards (80 score carlots) 30c;. extra firsts (00-81 score) 28«I2814c: firsts 8S- 80 score) 27'ff2ac; seconds (86-8? score) 25Sr20c. Eggs, 28,462; steady; extra firsts 2114c. fresh graded finis 19ffl20^c; ordinary firsts 18c; Blorage packed firsts 21 'AC; stor. age packed extras 22^c. CHICAGO PRODUCE CH1CAOO, March 1C. I,T--Poultry--Alive. 3 cars, 5 trucks: steady; fowls 2214 ^23'^c; broilers 114-2 pounds 3fiW38c; leghorn broilers 30ff32c: roosters 15l4c; turkeyn 25c; ducks 20@23c;, eecse 15c. "Pop" Thurtle Named as Outstanding Player Phillip "Pop" Thurtle, Mason City, was named by Coach Rollic Williams as one of the outstanding freshman hasketball candidates for next season's team aa the cagers of the University of Iowa closed the season recently. Coach Williams characterized the yearlings as "the best freshman team at the university since I have been associated with Iowa." Julius H. Barrfes Is Honored as Member of Duluth Hall of Fame DTJLUTH, March 16. (7F)--Julius H. Barnes, a Culuth man who has become internationally known thru his leadership in business and his part in the operation of the United States Grain corporation during thi World war, was announced as the seventh member of the Duluth hall of fame. At present he la chairman of the national business commission appointed by President Hoover. Announcement of his selection to membership in the "immortal" body of Duluthians for his voluntary assessment of ?76,000 that rnade possible the completion of the Aerial- Lift bridge across the United States ship canal last year, as well aa bin permission to the city to use tfce boat club last summer, waa made at the seventh hall of fame dinner More than 800 men and women from Duluth and towns of Northern Minnesota were in attendance at the gathering and joined with Duluth citizens in honoring their "first citizen" for 1830. including among the visitors were 250 delegates here for the annual mid-winter convention of the eighth district board of the American Legion and auxiliary AT CHAMPAIGN ' ' '(Illinois' Relays). THE SUMMARIES Two mile college relay--Won by Kansas State Teachers college (Sandusky, Towner, Bell, Brown). · Carletoh'second. Loyola third. De Pauw fourth. - Time-8:00.3. (New carnival record: former record. 8:09.9 by Kansas Slate Teachers college, 1929). · College medley relay--Won by University of Wichita (Hennlck, Forward, WIdnoy, Mannine;). Michigan Normal college of Ypsl- lantl, Mich., second. Kansas State Teachers College of PHtshurc, Kans.. third. Loyola (Chicago) · fourth. Time 10:35!2. (New carnival record; former record 10:41 by Michigan Normal college, 1930). One mile college relay--Won by College ot City of Detroit. (Lanes, Spathelf. Lewis, Russell). Kansas State Teachers, PitlsburE, Kans., second. Kansas* State Teachers col- IBEO,- Bmporia, Kans., third.' Wichita A., fourth.- Time. 3:26.7. 75 yard dash--Won by Tolan (Michigan); second, Sickle (Kansas): third. Hass (Minnesota); fourth, Campbell- (Michigan. Time, :07.6. Two mile, university relay--Won by Ohio State (Strother, Bloor. Brown, Beetham); second, Michigan; third, Notre . Dame: fourth, Drake. Time, 7:53.5. (New carnival record. Former record, 7:34.8 by Illinois', 1029). 300 yard dash--Won by Gordon (Miami); Gccond, Jcnes (Kansas): third. Fazekas (Ohio Slate); fourth, Heyne (Northwestern). Time, :31.». ' . * 1,500 meter run--Won by Swartz (West- cm State Teachers college); second, Cham- berlalD (Michigan State college); third, .HI-' brow (Grlnnell).; fourth, ' Mcllrath. (Grin-- .nelll--Time, V 4:OQ.1;^ CNevi^ar^tval-IsirwwJ--'- Former record r ot"4:00.4 by ·Putnam, lowap'' Stale, M30.··.-.·· · -,-.' t '75 yard high hurdles--Won by Bcntman (Illinois); second. Keller (Ohio State); third, O'Brien (Notre Dame); fourth, Hager (Iowa. Stale). Time, :00. (New world's record. Former record, :09.2 by -Bentman, Illinois. 1D30). Four mile university relay--Won by Iowa Stale (Narjcl, Blchelkraut. Labcrtew, Putnam); Indiana, second; Illinois, third; Wisconsin, fourth. Time, 17:54.2. High jump--Won by Shaw (Wisconsin) 6 feet 3-}i Inches; · Hackle (Minnesota) and Russell (Bradley). tied f o r . second, G feet 2 inchea; Schricre (Western state Teachers) fourth, fi feet 1 Inclu ' 320 yard shuttle hurdles--W6n by Nebraska (Petz, VVhite. Smutny, Lamson). Iowa second. Illinois third. Wisconsin fourth. Time, :'10.5. (New carnival record; former record :41 by Iowa,, 1930). One mile university relay--Won by- Ohio State (Wise. Bloor,' Tellclbaum, Beetham). Indiana second. Notre Dame third, ^forth- western fourth. Time, 3:23..9.- Shot put--Won by Rhe.i (Nebraska) 40 feet ll'i Inches; · second,· Behr (Wisconsin) 47 f e e t . 8 Inches; third. Munn (Minnesota) 46 feet 9 Inches; fourth, Blanck (Drake) -15 feet 4-Vi Inches. . Broad jump--Won by Gray (Nebraska) 23 feet 8-11 Inches! second, Tomson (Ne- brasUa) 23 tcet 6-K Inches; third, Holstan (Ohio State) 23 feet 5% Inches; fourth, Gordon Io\va) 25 feet 414 Inches. 1,000 yard run--Won by VanLaningham (Drake): second, Gordon (Drake): third. OstcrgaCP (Nebraska); fourth, Llndall (Illinois). Time. 2:18.8. 75 yard low hurdles--Won by Sentman (Illinois); second. Beatty (Michigan Normal collcRe); third. Keller (Ohio State); fourth, Flick (Kansas). - Time :08. (Tics world record by Johnson (Michigan) In 1920). - - - ' University medley relay--Won by Chicago (Herrick, Cameron, Bralnarrt. Letts); second, Maniuette;-· t h i r d ; - - G r i n n c l l . Time. 10:27.7. (New American Indoor and cnrnl- vnl rccnrd. former record 10:31.2 by Chicago. 1029). Pole vault--Won by ircDermott (Illinois), height, 13 feet 811 Inchea; Warno (Northwestern). 13 feet -1- Inches,-second; l.exlnE- ton (Illinois) and- Beecher -(Indiana) tied for third and fourth. 13 feet. (New earn!-. vnJ record; former record 13 feet, 7 Inches by Warne, Northwestern. 1929), ALL-ROUND EVENTS High Jump--Berllnger (Pennsylvania) and Coffman (Kansas) tied for first, Lovshln (Wisconsin) third. Height, 5 feet 10H Inches. . 75 yard hlRh hurdles--Won by Grain (De Pauw); Parker (Lake Forest) second; Ber" iger (Pennsylvania) · third. Time, :10.3. Shotput--Won -by Bcrlinger (Pennsylvania): Gnabah (Wisconsin) second; Parker (Lake Forest) third. Distance, IS feet Inch. 8SO yard run--Won by Coffman (Kansas), Ixivshln (Wisconsin) second. Hinders (North Central) third, Grain (Depauw) fourth. Time. 2:19.4. Pole vault--Won hy Bcrlinger (Pennsylvania), Co(fman · (Kansas) second, Craln (Depauw) third, Lovshln (Wisconsin) and Parker (Lnke Forest) tied for fourth. Height. 12 feet 3014 Inches. Broadjump--Won by Coffman (Kansas), Bcrllnger (Pennsylvania) second. Ixjvshln (Wisconsin) third. Hinder* (North central) fourth. Distance, 22 feet 714 Inches. 75 yard dash (first heat)--Won r»y'Ber- Unger (Pennsylvania): second, Gnabah, Wisconsin; third, Parker (Lake Forest). Time, :08. 75 yard dash (second heat)--Won by CofC- tnnn (Kansas): second. Lovshln (Wisconsin); thirl. Kllgore (Depaiiw). Time, :08. f ·'£ 1:. V Small Daughter Is Dead. PLYMOUTH, March 1C.--Delorea, 5 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Naveratril, died at the home of her parents ·».'-ee miles southeast of here Friday night. DESTROYED BY FIRE. Ah automobile belonging to W. B. Lynn, 109 Fifteenth street southeast, was. destroyed by fire near Grafton Saturday night when it left the road. Mr. Lynn is an employe of the Champlin Refining company. The car was driven by his son who was bruised and injured. Prosperity is just around the corner, but you have to be In the right lane to make the turn.--Kansas City Star. 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