The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 3, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 3 · 1937 CATTLE MARKET TOP REACHES $15 HIGHEST SINGE JANUARY, 1936 Hog Market Settles Back : After Opening at 10 · Cents Higher. CHfCAGO, (/P)--The cattle'mar- ket lop rose to .$15 Wednesday, highe/t level lor March since 1930 and the highest any time since January,. 1936. Wednesday's top matched the peak reached by cattle 14 months ago but was $1.25 below the May 1935 high ot $16.25. The $15 per hundredweight paid for 1,250 pound average bullocks, was i.ot representative of the market, however, because choice cattle were very scarce. In fact; Inch- scarcity was one reason for the advance in price although the general market was strong to 25 cents Higher with all interests bidding. Scarcity of Beeves. Because of. the scarcity of toppy beeves, however, buyers were forced to fill requirements with weighty steers that sold at $13.50 to S14.50 and common kinds which bulked at S7.50 to $8.25. The quality of cattle offerings has been declining steadily recently, feeders hav'.ng cleared pens in many instances. Supplies in all branches of the livestock trade were below advance estimates Wednesday but hogs were stimulated only mildly because of this. After a 10 cents higher opening, the market settled to a shade higher level at which the bulk of the run cleared. Top was up 5 cents to $10.45. New Lamb Teak. Best lambs were quoted at a new peak for the winter or around the highest level since last July. The market- was unevenly highcy. with early quotations pp a dime to ?11.25 for choice stock. This compared with $10.15 a year ago. Reports reached the trade of improved demand for meat iri some sections. Wholesale beef carcass and pork loin quotations showed little change here, however. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday HOGS ' Hogs 10 cents higher. Good light lights ... HO-150 S 7.40- 7.70 Good light lights ... 150-1GO $ 1.30- 8.20 Good light! ......'.. 160-170 S 8.50- 8.80 : Good lights 170-1BO S 9.05- 9.35 --Good light butchers 1SO-200 S 3.35- 9.65 - Good light butchers 200-220 ,s 9.55- 0.85 JGobd me. wt. butch, 220-250 - S 9.55- 9.85 ·JGood'-' J mc.-iWt;\butch. 250-210' S 8.55- 9.85 : Goo'd-.riie. wt. .bulch, 270-2SO i S 9.55- 9.85 'Good heavy butchers 290-325 5 9.45- 9.75 'Good heavy butchers .125-350 S 3.35- 3.6s - Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 0.20- 9.50 Good packing sows . 275-350 S 9.10- 9.40 Good heavy sows .. .150-425 S 8.90- 0.20 Good biK heavy 'sows 425-500 S 8.70- 9.1(1 Good biR heavy soivs 500-550 S 8.50- 8.60 (The above Is n 10:30 truck.hoc market for good and chnlce hops. The dirfernncc in price-is for short and long haul hogs.) 1 ·· · ' · ' ' . ' · CATTLE , Choice lo prime steers S10.00-ll.50 Good to choice steers ..... S 8.00-10.00 'Fair to good steers ........ S, li.OO-8.00 Low grade steers 5 4.00- B.OO Choice to prime yearlings .. S a.00-10.00 Good to choice yearlines ··'.. S 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good yearlings .... S.5,00- 7.00 Common to (air yearlings .'. S 4.00- 5.00 Good lo choice heifers S 1.00- 9.00 Fair to good heitcrs S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... S 3.GO- 5.00 Choice to prims cows S 5.00- G.OO Good to choice coxvs S 4.50- 5.00 Fair lo good cows S 3.50- 4.25 Fair to cood cutters ....... S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.50 I'air to good canncrs s 2.75-3.00 Common to fair canncrs ,.,. S 2.50- 2.15 Good to choice bulls ... S 4.50- 5,50 Light bulls S 4.00 Calves, ed. to choice 130-190 5 6.00- 7.00 Calves, med. to gd. 1M-190 S 3.50- 0.00 Calves, Infer, to gd. 130-190 ? 3.50 d'wn " LAMBS Lambs, fid. to choice 70-90 S 8.75-IO.Of Lambs, mcci. to good 70-90 S 7-15- 8.15 Lambs, fr., to medium 70-90 S 4.75-7.75 I,ambs, common S 4.75 d'wri Yearlings, .Sd. to ch. 70-90 S 5.00- 6.00 Yearlings, medium to godd S 4.00- 5.0C · Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice $ 2.00- 4.0C Culls, ewes S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks ....' S 1.00- 2.00 Wethers. 2 year olds S 5.00- B.OD Wethers, old S 3.00- 5.00 Buck lambs SI lows. No dock on lambR. Quotations subject to market fluctua lions. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Thursday M a r k e t ) . CHICAGO, I/I 1 )--(U; SJ department of sericulture)-- HOGS--16.000; I n c l u d i n g 5,500 direct; market steady to shade higher than Tuesday's average after opening around 10 cents higher; top, $10.45:' bulk good adti choice, 180-320 Ins., S 10.20if 10.40; choice 140-110 Ibs.. S9.65ffllO.25; most packing sows, JS.50^9,75; CATTLE--8.000; calves, 1.500; nnolher active market; strong to 25 cents ' h i g h e r ; all interests in. trade; longfcd steers and yearlings very scarce; J15 paid for 125C Hi.- bullocks; 1S83 Ibs., S14.15; bulk weighty steers on shipper account, S13.50 ·frM.50; common kinds getting- good action; killers taking (he "crop at ST.rJOfft 8.25; prime weighty steers up lo $12.75; helfery cows to 53.15; market on general run cows and heifers shows advance; culler cows. 35.25 down to S3.75; small killers very active on' common heifers around S6ii6.5Q: bulls steady at Sfi.nO down on sausage offerings bul ve.ilcrs weak lo 25 cents lower; mostly down on dairy hred offerings; w e i g h t y shipper kinds, sofis.50. SHEEP--(5,000; none direct; around 2S per cent fat lamb supply from Colorado; opening slow, early indications strong tn unevenly higher, or around $llri?!f.2"i for best kinds; odd lots and loads good 75 Ib. averages, $10.75: fat sheep fully steady; handywelght ewes, 56.50; other small lotsh good to choice, CE PO IE 19 14 13 12 10 9 8 7 s 5 4 3 2 1 0 COCOA PRICES C E N T S P m n . FROM OA1A COUPlUO Bf SCWtBURGrt CO. REPRESENTS THE JWERMC MlUf D n t i uriu SPOT PACES Of 4CWA COCO* M MEW YoaK. _ ruu n r-| ' VE SIA ARLY TISTICS- - ' p. ^-"----^""^ ~ - ^ ~ X 1 !-- 1 r l- ' j 4 i. ~ - ' S i h "!' ^ MONTHLY · , " 1, ^ " 4-i i STATISTICS y J / J i " / i*' A A , . -- - ^ - / * i s - rr j. e. ILICM tj eMe*aa - nu**u. o* rianitn :R m 6 IS 14 13 12 II 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 ^ i 0 Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Wednesday: CEDAH RAPIDS--Good hogs HO-150 Ibs. S7.GOS7.9D: 130-J60 Ibs. 58.1068.40; 160-170 Ibs. 58.55S8.SO; 170-180 Ibs. 59.15 es.50; 1EO-200 Ibs. SD.50I9.80: ZOO-325 Ibs. .$3.6569.95; 325-350 Ibs. S9.50a3.eo; good packers 275-350 Ibs. S9.106/.9.40; 350425 Ibs, . S8.05SS.25; 425-500 Ibs. SB.80® S.10: 500-550 Ibs. Sfl.65ffiO.5a. WATERLOO--HORS 5 cents higher. Jood to choice HO-150 Ibs. S7.55s;i7.e5: 150-160 Ibs. 5B.05ffi8.35: 160-170 Ibs. S8.65® 8.05; 170.1160 Ibs. SD.20K9.50: 1BO-200 Ibs. B.93; 170-1BO Ibs. S9.20SS9.50; 180-200 Ibs. 325 Ibs. S9.50eiJ.tO; 325-350 Ibs. S9.40a 9.70; packing sows 215-350' Ibs. M.15@ 9.10; 350-425 Ibs. 58.9569,25; 425S550 Ibs. sB.80fi3.lD. OTTUMWA--Hogs steady to 10 cents higher. 140-151) Ibs., S7.BOg7.90; 150-1HO Ibs.. I8.10H/8.40; 1CO-170 Ibs., SB.eOBa.'jO; 17(1-180 Ibs.. S9.20(S.50: 180-200 Ibs.. 53.40 Si9.70; 200-290 Ibs.. S.9.701HO; 290-325 Ibs., S9,50(ii3.80; 325-350 Ibs.. 59.40lri9.70; 350400 Ibs.. S9.30!i9.60; packers. 275-350 Ibs.. S£MOS?9.40; 350-425 Ibs., 59(^9.30; 425-550 Ibs.. S8.H5iH9.15. AUSTIN--Hogs. 1(1 cents higher; good lo choice 180-200 Ibs.. S9.50Q9.BO: 200-220 Ibs.. S3.65ffl3.9o: 290-325 Ibs.. 59.5565.65; 325-350 Ibs.. S9.45Si9.75; packing sows, cood, 275-550 Ibs., S8.95S9.55. C O M B I N E D HOG ItECEIl'TS ES MOINES, M'l--IU. S. department of agriculture!--Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Wednesday were 20,500. compared with 23,100 a week ago and 14.200 a year ago. Unevenly 5 to 15 cents higher; mostly 10 cents up; undertone fairly active; loading moderate lo light. Quotations follow: Light lights, 140-160 Ibs,. good and choice. S84?9; light weights 160-100 ibs.. sa.9osa.iss: iso-2ot ibs., SD.GS O; medium weights. 200-220 Ibs., $980 B10.20: 220-2511 Ibs., S9.805I10.20: heavy weights, 250-200 Ibs.. S9.80S10.20; 220-250 Ibs., S9.80'I?10.20; heavy weights. 250-290 Ibs.. S9.80rrZ10.20: 200-350 Ibs.. 59.65JilO.05: packing sows, 275-350 Ibs.. good, $9.30(r? 9.60:' 350^425 Ibs.,. 50.20f39.45; 425-550 Ibs,, SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK ' (Werlnesrlay Market) SIOUX CITY, (/P)--(U. S. dcparlmcnt of agriculture) -- CATTLE--2.000; calves, 100;yslaughter steers and yearlings strong to shade higher; some sales fully 5 cents tip; fat she slock' strong to 25 cents up; stockcrs and feeders firm; scattered lots steers and yearlings up to $11; strictly choice quoted up to $13.25; load lots short feds, S7ST9.25; load lots medium heifers up to SB; strictly choice quoted up tn $11; beef cows mostly S5rS6.50: [ew around $7,25: cutter grades. $3,50SM.50; scattered .sales good stockcrs, S7a7.75; choice quotable to S8.75; current stocKcr and feeder cattle quotations: Steers, 550800 Ibs., good and choice. ^S.SO^Jfi. common and medium. S4.75fZG.50: heifers, good and choice. S5.25EI6.75; common and medium. S4.75fiJ6.50; heifers. Rood and choice, 5^.25r(J().7o; common and medium, S4r35.25; cows, good. S-tr54.50; common, and medium, ?4fg5.25: cows, good, 54^4.50; common and medium. $3.50rrr;4; calves (steer), good and choice, 56.5G@ B.50; medium, $5(^5.50. ' HOGS--3,000; slow; butchers, 190 Ibs, up, mostly iotfj'15 cents higher lo shippers and traders; lighter weights and sows little changed: cood and choice butchers. S9.75SMO; top, $10 05; packers bEddinc fullv S9.8.1 down: 160-lfit Ib. lights. $!).25»f3.15; 140-100 Ib. Hunt iichts, 58.50^9.2.^; slauclllcr pics. Sfi.Wii! 8.50; feeders. 5^55 down; sows, SD.35; stacs.up to S9.50. SIIEEr--.TOO: supply very limited: m rarly action: u n d e r t o n e strong to higher best offerings held above 510.B5, OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Wednrsilay M a r k r t ) OMAHA. tiFi--m S. department of ag- r i c u l t u r e ! -- HOGS--,T.5flO: steady: 5 cents Mclicr: ton. SIO: 1911-325 Ibs.. R «!).90: 160-lrm IhF.. S9.3nrr7!).nii: 140-1IM 111*.. Sir,7:vnn,4{l; sows, steady to 5 cents hMirr: SO.25fr9.40. CATTLK--3.000; calves, 400: strong to 2r. ccnls hichcr: sicers. S3.75S? 14.60; heifers. S7W3.00: cows. S4.50r.T7.50; cutleis S3.25fl4.50; bulls, S5.50E6; vealcr top, S8.50. . , SHEET*--5.000; lambs, 25 cenls or more higher; $'i and above. LIVESTOCK. FORECAST CHICAGO, OT--Official estimated receipts for Thursday: Catlle, 5,000; hogs, 16,000; sheep. 11.000. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK nVednejday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W)--U. s. depart, rrtent of agriculture-CATTLE 3.000; fairly aclive. slaughter steers strong; medium and good grades 53.25rtfI0.25: plain and medium lipht- v/sights S6f£6; she stock steady to strong; common and medium heifers §5.5007.75; Rood beef cows $65ie.50; bulk butcher cows 54.75^5.75: low cutters and cutlers S.1.SJS4.50; bulls steady: medium and Bond heavyweights 55.75as.25; lighter ·weights $5f?5.50; slockers and feeders Ktrnng, supply light. Calves 3,800; weak; bulk 3798; choice selections sa.50. HOGS 6.500: slronc to lOc higher: good flnd choice 170 to 325 Ibs. early sn.Blf} JO: lop tilt; 110 In 155 Ibs. bid SB.Sjffi 0.50; 120 tn HO Ibs. S8.25ri{9; t a l k i n g n r n u n d $9.30ft!).as on good sows; average cost Tuesday S9.72: weight 212 Ibs. s n r n p 1,500; early u n d e r t o n e about nteady on all classes: asking higher on fat Iambs: good lo choice lambs Tuesday tlrjfrlO.M; top tio.50; choice, ewes Tuesday 46.25 down. Reoresenfrative Sales ItEPRESENTATlVE SALES (WcdncsrUy M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, W-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--Representative sates: : ' HOGS Arf. Avjr.l Avff. A f f . No. Wtt. rricelNo. Wsl. Trice Hcavy-~ i Lights-SB 348 £10.25! 83 1SB $10.40 4! 332 10.30! 76 IBS 10.30 59 30H 10.35] Rft 174 10 20 .66 254 10.40; fid 161 10.10 Mediums-- | fn 247 io.4(ii Lfaht Lights-83 236 10.45] !)ft 156 O.S 5H .224 10.43] 88 143 9,25 74 201 1D.45I CATTLE Steers-- [Heifers-25 1218 $15.00| 24 1037 $12.75 18 1533 14.75 26 983 11.25 20 1320 I4.30| 21 021 10.25 17 1260 1.1.75! 24 890 H.75 18 1445 12.501 18 814 7.50 22 1075 11.75] Cows-21 1104 ' 1(1,251 5 1204 7.75 24 S81 9.50| 3 1180 6.50 I 7 1085 S.50 1 4 900 475 ) 6 865 4.0C SHEEP Colorado Lambs-- IFcd Westerns-- 43S 1)2 S1I.35 60 87 J11.4! S6n S4 11.25|23(J BO 1I..1J 231 105 11.151441 93 11.2. 452 96 II.OO|22.1 f!4 II.1 Ewes-- |231 89 11.01 48 122 B.50I297 72 10.7! 30 138 8.00 17 151 5.SOJ How Ironic it would be now i somebodj' else should go ahead am. make America over while Dr Tugwcll is making molasses.-Gazelle. WHEATSUFFERS LATE SETBACKS All Around Declines More Than Wipe Out Earlier Established Gains. CHICAGO, W)--All around setbacks of prices distinguished Wednesday's late trading in wheat, more than wiping out ear- ier gains. Reports of rains from Nebraska southward to Texas, a develop- nent favorable for crop prospects, !ormed a dominating influence as .he day drew to an end. Selling of wheat here was also induced by notable downturns of prices at Minneapolis. At the close, wheat was %-% under Tuesday's finish, May 1.33- 1.33Vs, July 1.14%-%, corn vary- ng from % decline to Vz advance, May l.OG^-.-li',, July 1.01%-%, oats %-\Vs off, and provisions showing 5 to 15 cents bulge. CHICAGO CASH G R A I N (Wednesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, I/TI-- Cash wheat: No. ! hard SLOT. Corn: No. 5 mixed SI.08: No. 3 yellow 1.13: No. 4 yellow Sl.Ooai.llV4; No. 5 mellow Sl.07',4; sample grade OB!i® bats: No. 2 white cereal 49'Ac; No. 2 vhile · SOVie; No. 3 white 4D 1 ,iriI49V«c; ample grade 4B?i49c. No rye. Barley feed 13fflS7c nom.; malting Sl@ .38 nom. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow 51.55'.'.. Timothy seed $5.75iil6 cwt.; new S5.53 (85.75 cwt. Clover seed S2Sg35 cwt. Lard--Tierces, $12.45; loose, $11.87; boHICJ, SI6.12. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday o. 3 yellow shelled corn. .. .$1 05 Mo. 4 yellow shelled corn... .$1.03 Sar corn 95c While oats, No. 3 44c Barley 60-SOi Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.43 W E D N E S D A Y GK High WHEAT-May 1.35 July 1.16% Sept 1.I2V. CORN-- ; May new .... 1.07% May old ... July new ., July old ... Sept. ...... OATS-May July Sept. SOYBEANS May July RYE-May July Sept. ... BARLEY-May LARD-Mar. M.iy July Sept, BELLIES-May '.. July AIN CLOSE CHICAGO, Wl-Low Close .95% 1 .07!. l.tlOTn .52','. . J2.RO 12.92 .13.15 . 13.37 1.33 1.14V4 J.ll=!i 1.0614 1.04'/a 1.01?i .94',4 .45% !39'A 1.52r, 1.50 12.5(1 12.R2 13.05 13.25 1.33 1.14^1 1.11 s }! l.OS'.i 1. 00 .05 V. .R2 12.5(1 · 12.82 13.0.5 13..10 115.42 16.70 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Wednesday M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS, (»P] -- Wheat--2.1 cars; '.^'ffaii cents lower; No. I heavy dark northern. 60 Ibs.. $1.46A®1.55',4; No. 1 dark northern. 53 Ibs., Sl-45 I .4S1.54 I /4; 58 Ibs., *I.44'A«1.53!4; fancy No. 1 hard Montana, 14 per cent protein, $1.40ill-42: grade of No. 1 dark hard or No, 1 hard Montana winter, $1.33fi?L35; bard amber durum. No. 1. S1.4T/,fT1.65; No. 1 red durum, S1.33O1.34. Corn--No. 3 yellow, fI.lSQJ.18; ,4 cent lower. Oats--No. .1 while, Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (By The Associated Press) (Wednesday Final Quotations) A! Cll Sc Dye 240 McKess R 13% Am Can loo}* Mid Cont Pet 33V? Am Sm Ref 50A Montgom War 66 Am Tel T 179Vi Nash Kelv 23}j Am Tob S 95'A Nat Biscuit 32% Ani Wat Wks Wt Nat Cash R A 37V 4 Anaconda 67 Nat Dairy Pr 23}. Atch T S F 82 Nat Distill ' 30 Auburn Auto 32 Nat Pow Lt 12',( Aviat Corp 8T. N Y Cent 48 Ball Ohio 32Tii North Pac 34'A Barnsdall 30 Oliver Farm 58*4 Bendix Aviat 27% Packard Mot 11'A Beth Steel 10;:',i Param Pict 25V, 3ordcn 26!i Penney 102 Borg Warner 80 Pcnn R R 44Vi Can D G Ale 29'.'i Phillips Pet 54'/4 Canada Pac 17 Radio ll 3 /4 C N \V S'/, Jtcy Tob B 5i C Gt W 3^i Scars Roeb 91 C M St P ,t P 2',4 Shell Union n:i% C R T S: P 3V« Socony Vac 101, Chrysler mv« Sou Pacific 5D1i Colum G E 17V'« Sid Brands 15',' Cmwlth Sou 3'.'* Std O i l ' C a l 4E Coil Edison 4l'.i Sid OH Ind 481 Con Oil IGVi Std Oil N J 15 Con Can 62V« Stewart Warn ID Cont Oil Del 41 li Sludebakcr 19- Corn Prod 67 Su'Ul and Co 27' 4 "urtiss Wright BVi Texas Corp 53Vn Deere Co 12I» Tex Gulf Sul 30V a Deree Co pf 30j Timk Roll B 72v» rtu Pont de N ITSVn Union Carb 110'A Sen Elec fin 3 ,* Union Pacif 135i,*i Gen Foods 43'^ Unit Airc Cor 33^;, Gen Motors fiS^s U n i t e d Cprp fi a ,4 Gillette 111'A United Drug Hli Goodye T t R 41',i U S Ind Al MY, Hudson Mot ' 21 s ,ii U S Rubber S^ii Illinois Cent 3IT. U S Steel 123U nt Harvest 10G Warner Pict 15'/ 4 Int Nick- Can 72 3 ,li West Un Tel 7fl !nt Tel S: Tel 13T West El M 1571,', Johns Manv 145',} Woolworth 57 Kresgc 27',4 Wrigley Jr "rO'A ,ibb O F GI 73 CHICAGO STOCK LIST (fly The Associated Tress) (KcrtntsiUy Final Quolalions.) Cities Serv 4V. Nail Sland Hellcman Br 10'A Northwest Ba Kali Drug 15% Quaker Oats KelloBB Sw 12V. Swift t Co . Libby McNeil 14Ti Swift Intl Midwest Corp 13-li Ullllly Ind National Lcalh IVi Zenith 27V. 31 Hi Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS ANT) CO., Mason City Office in Bagley-Beck Bide. Telephone No. 7. KANSAS CITY G R A I N (\Verlnesrljy M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. M)_ wheal--63 cars; '.i cent lower lo 1 cent higher; No. 2 dark hard. SI.3651.38; No. 3 nom.. SI.27 ?1.36: No. 2 hard nom., Sl.315tl.30; No. 3. SI.32H; No, 2 red nom., S1.33'.i1J-1.36; No. 3 nnm.. SI.32^1.36^. Corn--14 cars: u n c h a n g e d lo in cents lower; No. Zwhftc nom.. SI.20fiI.2Hi; No. 3 nom.. Sl.IOff 1.20'A: No. 2 yellow nom.. Sl.20ftl.2i:;: No. .1. S!.2!)'.b; NO. 2 m i x e d nom.. f I . l a p 1.10!',; No. 3 nom., SI.16Vilil.I8".',. OaU--B cars: V* cent higher lo =11 rent lower; No. 2 while nom.. 50S4O54; No. 3 nom.. 48Vitf?52. H O W JONES AVERAGES Ind s. Rails Utlls Total Sales 3.570.1100 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 18 Marshall Fiel 2BT. Cord Corp 5 Walgreen Co 47Vi NEW YORK CUIIB Am C t El 35 ii Hud B M : S 30VS Am Cyana B 32 3 ,i Hum Oil Co 83^1 Am S Pow Co 2','* NinR H Pow 14^ Ark N Gas A 10TV Pcnnroad Cp 5 Can Ind Alk 1 s O Ky Co 10 V Can Marconi 2V4 Un Gas Co 13 El Bd Sh 24^ Un Li i P Co S F MO of Eng 27 Ulil P Li Co I'/, F Mo of Can 7V. NEW YORK STOCKS Alas Juncau 15 1 ,. Hupp Molars 2 3 , Allied Stores 20 1 ,'. Inll Carriers 8',i Am For P 12 l /n Indxist Rayon 38V. Am C Sug Co ."H',ii Nash Kclv Co 2:Hi Am C F Co 63 3 .'* I.ambcrt Co 2K Am Pow Li WA LehiRh P Co 48 Am Roil Mills 3!) Lin Carb Cp 53',: Am R : S Co 27'/4 Lnrjllarri 2fil: Amer Tob Co flri'/j Mack Truck 6^: Armour Crt ]2!a Malhlcson Alk 37V Ar Co Tifd OR McLellan Sirs 17-1 As Dry Goods 23'/4 Min. Mol Im 14", All Ref IB-t, M K T B', Baldwin Loco R 7 « Mo Pac 5 BnsES Mf Co 5«4 Mntor Prod SSI Bcntlix 17 No Amcr 29^: Blldcl Mf Co W* No Am Avl If! 1 / Byers A M Co 29 7 n Olifi Steel Co 22/ Caterpillar Tr 9fi^4 Owen III - G l 1"0! Ccrro de Pas 8'P,i Packard Mot 11 Chcs i: Ohio G8V Park Ul Cop 7 C G W pfd 17V'« Plymouth 25 Coca Cola Co 141 Proc i Gam 62V Com Solvents IB',4 P S of N J 45'A Cont Motor W, Pullman 63', Cudahy Pack 42 Pure Oil Co 2I 3 , Curt-W Co A'22.» Purity Bak 22'/ Dlst C Scag 25'i R K O 9 Douglas Alrc 68% Rcm Rand 28 Eastman 1G9^ Reo Motors a? Eaton Mf Co ."J-l^i Simmons Co 5-1 Elec Auto LI 44^1 So Cal Edison 28'; Elec P Li 22% Spcrry Corp 23 1 , Erie R R Co I7Vj St G E 12 3 , F'ne Ti A: Ru 33V. Ti Wn As Oil 211 Foslcr-Whecl 50'.', u S Ind Alch .191 Frccport Tex 23',4 U S Smeller 93 Gen Am Tra fll Util P t Li A 3^ Gllddcn Co 48',2 Vanadium .13" Gohcl fi'A Un G t Imp 11", Gold Dust 14 Warren Bros B Graham Paige 4 l /« Wcst'n Union 78 Gt Nor pfd 52 Wor'n Pump 45} Houston Oil 15'/4 Yellow Truck 35 Hudson Motor 2114 Y'unga S i T 94V KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Wennesday Market) KANSAS crry. W-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--1,000; uneven; 5 (K15 cents higher; mostly 10 cents hish- cr than Tuesday's average; top, $10.15; good to choice, 100-300 Ib., SS.900iO.10; 140-180 Ib.. 504*0.30; sows, S9.10®9.=0; stock pigs, scarce. CATTLE--2.800; calves. 600; fed steers and yearlings, fairly active, strong to 23 cents higher; common to medium heifers and cows, Klrong to 25 cents higher; better grade heifers, steady; bulls, vcalers and calves, unchanged; slockcrs and feeders, firm; two loads choice 1107 Ib. steers. $; good sized nuola medium to good short feds $8.25^10.60; good fed heifers up to S3; common to medium butcher heifers S5ift7; butcher cows low cutters and cutters $3.50»? 1.50; few selected vealcrs jn.nO; bulk $8.50 down; choice 1120 Ib. feeders SB.7!; best stnrk- ers $8. SHEEP 5.000; lambs uneven, moally 23 «?40e higher; sheep, about steady: early top fed lambs $11; moat sales $10.35© Hides u U t i n n i F a r n l i b e d bj Wo I! Bto Inc.. 3UH Fifth Street Soulhwe*U Korschldcsv , j4 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 15 Ibs. 10 25 Ibs. up , a Bull hides 6Vi ·Cured hides ha!/ cent more a pound (On above prices a cent higher So wholesale dealers tn wholesala lots.) WOOL MARKET BOSTON, VP -- Woolen manufacture showed more interest Wednesday and few buyers made purchases of f; weights suitable for their purposes. Greasy combing domestic wools wer mostly quiet. Some activity was repone In middle west combing fleeces of 3 blood grades at prices ranging mostl 92 lo 87 cents, scoured basis. This wa about on a parity wllh 49 to 50 cents i the grease for combine *i blood Oh fleeces and was the ffrcase ranjie at whic some spot Ohio, wools were available. GOVERNMENT BONDS ( ^ ^ r l ^ C R ^ l l J · Qurlnllrn0 NEW VORK, or--U. S. bonds closed Treasury 4',iR 47-52 110.14, Treasury 4.1 44-R4 114,R. Treasury Utts 4fi-4t) 107.28. Treasury ?·* 51-55 106,23. STOCKS KEEP ON UPWARD TREND elected Issues Gain ! to Around 7 Points With Steels Leading. NEW YOHK, (fP)--Stocks swept nto another onward drive \Ved- esday that carried selected is- ues up 1 to around 7 points to ew recovery peaks.' Steels pointed the way from the utset following announcement he U. S. Steel comporation had oined other producers in signing n agreement for higher wages nd shorter hours, thus apparent' obviating for the time being ireats of a strike in this indus- ·y. Heavy buying orders swamped ic ticker tape at the opening, but IB pace slowed later as profit elling reduced extreme gains, "olume expanded again at noon 'hen prices touched top levels, leaders were not far under their est near the final period, al- lough trading activity lessened. ransfers were in the neighbor- ood of 3,000,000 shares. U. S. Sleel led with a starting lock of 10,000 shares, up nearly points. It later dropped back, hen picked up fresh momentum or a gain of nearly 4. Brokers re- orted heavy losses were taken by nor Is in this issue. urors Excused Until March 9 After judge Takes Case in Hand Judge T. A, · Beardmore, after irecting a verdict for the defend- nts in the 310,000 guest' case rought in behalf of the estate'of /Irs. Carrie Johnson by her ather, Clarence Kittleson, against Jr. and Mrs. Ciay E v a n s , xcused all jurors until Tuesday morning, March 9, at 10 o'clock. Miscellaneous matters occupied o t h Judges Beardmore a n d ienry Graven Wednesday. A divorce was granted to harles E. Harris on his testimony lleging charges of cruel and in- uman treatment against his wife, Oy, whom he married last July 0 in Garner, The couple lived ogether three months. Curb Market NEW YORK, (/TVSubst.-miially higher evels were sought by many shares in the u r b market Wednesday, particularly by locks of heavy goods manufacturers. Gains went from fractions lo nearly our points as t r a d i n g entered the noon- our stretch. Thew Shovel added more inn 3li points, Raymond Concrete Pile umpcd more than 2 and Rains of over a ·Joint were scored by Alabama Great outhern, American Hard Rubber. Jones nd LaughHn Slccl. Hudson Bay Mining, nd Ohio Brass "B." A few issues lowered a lillle, including Atlantic and Pacific, Electric Bond and hare, and Montgomery Ward "A." Bond Market NEW YORK, OT--Holding lo the pat- ern of recent sessions the bond market made its best showing Wednesday in the orporatc division, while U. S. governments continued to sag. Early dealings were highlighted by onic- unusually wide advances in the m- 'ustrial convertible division. Carried long by a sharp rise in common stock, YounRstown Sheet Tube 3V= pushed p nearly 10 points in the first hour. Pure oil 4'/45 rose a point or so under ctivc bidding. Demand for rail liens vas selective, improving the position of Vickel Plate 414s, New York Central 5s, Santa Fc 4s, Baltimore : Ohio 4Vas, Rock sland general 4s and Great Northern 4s. Loans of Goodyear, Anaconda, International Telephone, Pacific Gas ana lemlngton Rand added small gains; while hose.of Southern Railway, Southern Pacific, Pacific Telephone and National Dairy fell back a little. Low coupon treasuries and some of lie guaranteed issues had the host sup- lort in ttie federal group, with n f cw lains runninp from l-32d lo 3-32ds of a loint. Most of the treasuries were down !-32ds to S-32ds. The foreign list showed divergent movements, mostly w i t h i n fractional anpe. Loans of Peru and Poland moved orward. Italian. Cuban and Brazilian londs were down. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quotations by K. G. iMorst Eggs, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..Vic Jnder 5 Ibs 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Mnrchants Quotations ' Eggs, in trade 17-18C* Eggs, cash 16-17c« Butter, iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country 38c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Brook-field Site Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatces, cobblers, peck 57c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative rfuotntions were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO rnonucE CHICAGO, (in--Poultry, "vc, t car, 2 Lrucks, about steady; hens over 5 Ibs 18c. 5 Ihs. and less IQc: Leghorn hen; 15Vbc: colored fryers 22'Ac; While Rock 22',c: Plymouth Rock 25c; colored broil ers 23c; White Rock 23c; Plymouth Rock 24c; barebacks IBc; roosters I3c; Leg Horn roosters 12c: turkeys: Hens 2lc young loins 19c. old 16c: No. 2 turkey I5c; ducks 4',j Ibs. up white and colorci 20c, small while and colored 17c: gees, 14c; capons 7 Ibs. up 2-lc, less than Ibs: 2.1 c. Butter fi,4G2, firm: creamery special '9 score) 34'/4if34^4c; extras (921 33 a ,4C; ex tra firsts I f l O - D I ) 33V4f733Mic; firsts (BR 891 3l ;5 4'f?32 : !4c; standards (PO centralczci ca riots) 33-Mc. Eygs IO.R44. firmer; e x t r a firsts loca 22c. cars 22V4C; fresh graded firsts loca 2I a ,4C. cars 22c: current rnceipts "'" , , storage packed extras packed firsts 2.1Vac. storag NEW vonic r n o n u c K (\Vrilnesrtay M a r k e t ) NKW YORK, Iff! -- ERRS -- .12,105. f i r m ixed cotnr.t: Special packs. 25^Z standards. 2-Ui1?:!4?i: dirties. No. I, 22li: nvcrnKC chocks, 2(l',i«i2l; r c f r l R c r alors. firsts. 21fr2Hi: seconds, Ifl'.iT^O^j Butter--R.574. steady to firm. Creamcr higher than extra, n4 3 ,ir(?3:»',S; extra W score), 34'^;; firsts I8R-31 scores), 32V,@ 34 1 /*; other prices unchanged. Cheese--1(55,150. steady and unchanged Live poultry--By freight weak; chick ens: Rocks. 20; Lcqhoms. 14: fo\yls: Col c-rtri, 3021; LoRhorn, 3GSM7; roosters 13 turkeys, 17ffi24; ducks, 15. rnorniCK FUTURES (Wednesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, ftT^--Butter futures closer StorarfQ standards, March, 32'A; No 1 30(1. EEC futures: Storagn packed Jirsls March. 23^; April, 23}i; rcfrigcrnto standards, Oct., 23V.. Potato futtires: Idaho Husscls, March No. 1, S3.5S: March, grade A, $3.34; Aprl grade A, A. I. B. WINNER DEXTER, (/P)--The America I n s t i t u t e ol Business Girls basket ball team of Des Moines over whelmed Dexter high school, 4 to ID here Monday night. The vis itors held a 20 t o , 9 lead at th half. DRIVE FOP, $500 TO START HERE Jnion Memorial Church to Seek Funds to Wipe Out Old Debt. Seeking to free the Union Memorial Methodist church from ebt by the close of its conference 'ear on April 4, the official board f the church here Wednesday En- iounr:ed the authorization of Virgil Varren, Percy Parker, Dr. E. C. tfartin, P. L. Scott, Emma Straton and M. M. Brewton to solicit unds toward this purpose. Principal among the items in the lebts outstanding, are the salary f the pastor, the Rev. S. H. Johnon, End bills for various repairs n and about the church building, ocated on Fourth street northeast t Carolina avenue. A goal of $500 has been set by he church board. The drive to extinguish the debt has the indorsement o£ the Masnn City Ministerial association. Solicitation will begin Thurs:ay. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City BEil and Askca W e d n e s d a y , . c n t SI El G pet pfd IS25 par) 11 Cenl St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par; 12 Cent St P L 7 pet ptrt 16',b Hhamplin Ref In 7 pet pfd .. 100 -"reamery Package com 24'A [carst Cons A 23','» 3co A Hormcl- A pfd 104 3eo A Hormcl com 22 nlerslalo Power B pet pfd .. 15 nlcrstntc Power 1 pet pfd .. 17 owa Electric Co G'A pet pfd 53 owa Eleclric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 a El Lt power 6 pet pfd . . 70 a El Lt : Power 614 pet pfd 71 a El Lt Power 7 pet pfd .. 75 a Power Light 6 pet pfd 102 a Power Light 7. pet pfd 103 Public Serv 6 pet pfd .... 97 Public Serv B'/ 3 pet p/d .. 98 Public Serv 7 pet pfd .... 99 a South U l i l 6 pet pfd IS South Ulil (Hi pet pfd .... 74 Soulh U l i l 7 pet pfd RO tinncsola P : l. n pet pfd .. 94 linncsol.i P L 7 pet n'd . »! Jorthcrn St Power 6 pet pfd 8fi Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 02 N W Bell Tel B',i Pel pfd .. 103 J W St Portland Cem com .. 2fl Intll Packing com 3,1 Sioux City G El 7 pet pfd Itll Up i led Lt t Bys B pet pfd . . R4 JllitCrt Lt Rys 6.36 pet tM flS Jnilcil Lt «: rtys 7 pet pfd .. 02 Western Grocer p f d . . . . % Western Grocer com 1C 25',i 23V, 107 23 17 19 55 3S 72 73 17 101 105 91 100 101 75 76 B2 OB Iflll'.i 103 SB 87 94 100 IB Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (^Vc^^nesllaJ- alarkel) CHICAGO, «F--(U. S. deportment of lenculture)--Potatoes, 68; on track -80' ioi!1 iy-, s - sh 'Pmenls, 727; old stock good! quality large Russets steady, demand fair fair quality Russels weak, demand slow' oilier stock about steady, demand lignt ! supplies moderate; sacked, a cwt Idaho Russet Bur-banks. U. s. No. I. $3(5:3.35 according to quality and size; U. S r\ T o' -'. $2.60; Colorado Red McClurcs, U s S'o. 1. S3S7.3.20; Maine Green Mountains, ,.\ · °' '· ? 2 75 ; Wisconsin Round Whites. U. S. No. 1. few sales. S2 3592 40 U. S. commercial. S2.1!\@ 2.30; Russet Bur lanks, unclassified $2.05; Norlli Dakot; tarty Ohios, parlly graded. S2.HO' nev. slnck firm, slishlly Wronger undertone Mipplics demand fair; track sales htrshnl cratM. Florida Bliss Triumphs U « '^"-i cr. *~ Mfi --*~''i'' '!-« 'han cnrlnlsl MINN'EAVOT.IS FI.OUB (Wednesday Mark*!) MINNEAPOLIS. (,r, - Flour: Carloa lots, a barrel, in OB Ib. cotton sacks; K.irr ily patents unchanged, $7.35fi 7 55- stai dard patents unchanged, S7.30S7 50 Shipments. 10.023. I Pure bran. £IOfi30.5D. Standard middlings, $32032.50. With a rare sensitivity he felt hat Janet's not having children as a point he could not touch pon. He had seen her with the .Hie children in the wading pool, ad recognized the deep maternal uality in her. "That's true," she said ruefully. But their careers are- in pictures hich is an entirely d i f f e r e n t ling. I'm not beautiful and I'm ot clever. I cton't act, write or do nylhing that would qualify me or a studio job." "What do you girls do with your jne?" he asked interestedly. Janet made a gesture of not mowing the answer. "Oh, we play ridge, golf, tennis. We go to a masseuse, a hair dresser, a gym lass. We keep house and do a ;reat deal of playing." "And you don't really care bout it, do you?" 'Yes and- no," she answered ruthfully. "I care about it be- ause it is part of my husband's fe and my husband is my whole fe." (She thought she was rather Lamson Brothers Market Letter Whtai--The wheat market opened quite strong Wednesday morning aa for cign cables showed good u p t u r n s and later prices continued lo advance some ivhal higher, mostly however on buying by bullish traders. On Ihe extreme ad Vance commission houses sold and late a good decline in prices look place unti quotations were about 2 cents a nushe under early hich figures, There was a weak tone in Kansls City and Minnc apohs and the weakness of these out side centers encouraged genera! selling late in the session. A f l e r Tuesday' large export business but little whea was reported sold Wednesday, sales o Canadian wheat being around 300 t 400 thousand bushels. Buenos Aires wa strong on the attitude of sellers in tba market who were reluctant to offe wheat owing to the fact that the tine surplus of wheat is much reduced The sizeable reaction which occurred (r Hie wheat market Wednesday on bti moderate selling suggest small upturn should not be followed as profit takin sales during these periods are Immediat price detcrmlninc, factors. Corn--Corn prices showed but Intl strength Wednesday in spite of the carl upturn in wheat and near the close sol' off rather readily, except the Septcmbe future which reflected firmness. Commls sion house trade was only of modcrat proportions and most of the selling cam fram traders. Reports from Kansas Cit that the com products refining compan there had purchased some lots of Argen line corn for processing In Its Kansa Cily plant was viewed tn a bearish lien by Ihe trade tn general. Industries wcr about the only buyers. Selling in onl was more pronounced Wednesday and n the buying was only of small proportion sood price reactions ensued. Llqiildatio by local traders was al^o a factor In th market. On the decline, however, ccrca Interests were small buyers of the Mo. f u t u r e . FORGET CHAPTER 35 Janet and Hussell Bede were aving their coffee on the terrace n the late twilight when Russel! eturned to the subject they had rapped before dinner. "I'm surprised that Mr. Payner objects to his wife having a ca- eer," he. said. "Most of the women n Hollywood have careers or . . ." stepped speaking and stirred sugar in his cup. He was going o say, . or children." vas too late to take words.) back her "I do get pretty bored with the ound of parties that are always he same. And there's little work o do here. My servants take care f details that would ordinarily ngage a housewife and I have a ot of leisure lime on my hands. But then, think of the women who vant leisure! When I feel discon- entcri, I get so ashamed o f . m y my discontent passes elf that juickly." "I told you that you didn't be- ong here," he said alter a little vhile. "You aren't temperamental- y suiled to this atmosphere." "I suppose I'm not," she said miling. "But it has never been a voman's privilege to consider vhere she was temperamentally itted. I had a Scotch great-grandmother who loved Scotland with very breath of her body but she ame to America with her little runk and no other thing to face n unknown future with only love or the Irishman she followed, lo marry here." "Yas," he said looking at her ong'and earnestly, "I can see that grandmother in you. But I'm sur- rised that your 'Odyssey' would jring you to a movie colony." "It's really not so bad," .she said aughing. "Are you trying to make me feel sorry for myself?" n. of course not," he answered mmediately. "I was merely think- ng that work is the most inter- sting thing in the world and I don't like to see people deprived if the thing they like to do." "My husband had strange ideas about those things. Way down underneath, Joel is an old-fashioned person. He thinks a wife should e supported, she should sit on the proverbial silken cushion and sew fine seam. And I love him for t." She couldn't see the expression on Russell's face because darkness had fallen swiftly and the lights of their cigarets and the dancing fireflies over the lawn and in the Bade. He had been with her for more than five hours and they had tnlked of nothing personal, yet- she felt wrapped in the niceness of his understanding. She felt as though he had always been her friend. He was talking now of an experiment that had been worked successfully in one ol his stores in Toledo. Janet was not paying strict attention. The lights of a car swung into her drive and she followed their progress thinking it. was joel. Joel always came up to the drive adjacent to the terrace and left his car there for the chauffeur to put in the garage. This car took the lower drive. It was probably one of the servants who had taken a car to do an errand. She returned her attention to her guest. "Now, you see, it we had 'used your p l n n in that shop, it wouldn't have been wise. But I am thinking now of a spot where we're having some difficulty moving some stuff. I really need your help." "Then you shall have it. I'll dig up some of my old notebooks. I've got them about somewhere and I'll show you how I would have done it. But please don't consider it a job." "It will be a secret between us." "I've never had a secret before," Janet said at the exact moment that Joel appeared in the French doors leading from the terrace to the unlightcd living room at their backs. "Oh, darling!" She exclaimed, jumping up hurriedly and was annoyed at her feeling of guilt because she was sitting in the dark with Russell Bede. "You met Mr. Bede yesterday, didn't you? He stayod to dinner to keep me company." She felt that she was bleating and was relieved that Joel's greet- ·ing to Russell was jovial enough. It was jovial but it had an undercurrent that she knew well. Joel was angry. "How about a highball?" he shrubbery were the about them. only lights asked and went back to get a tray from the dining room. Bede remained for only a half hour after that. He had liltle lo say to Joel's amusing tale of an incident that had happened that day. "It's getting on," he said rising. "Thar.k you, Mrs. Paynler, for your charming hospitality and yours. Mr. Paynter." His car was brought around and they bade him good night. Janet followed Joel back to the living room. He walked to the tray and poured himself another highball. "Sorry to break up your little tete dc tete," he said coldly. · "You didn't," she answered lightly. She was angry with Joel' for acting churlishly with her. "When's your next date with your beau?" K he hadn't asked it sarcastically, Janet wouldn't have said, "Tomorrow, I expect." (To Be Continued) "you said something that interested me this afternoon about a judget plan tying up our average priced furniture to a merchandising campaign." , That was something that was lart of Janet's hope in her department store days to further her own position. She had wanted to offer decorating service along with a ludget plan for people with small incomes and good taste. She had worked on it for weeks, di'awing plans of rooms, collecting income data and prices. She had thought of young married people, business couples and young career women who hadn't time or knowledge with which to complete their home [urnishing necessities. She had lalked about a little to Russell Bede in the afternoon, pointing out why selling a piece individually instead of part ol a group was unwise, "I thought it was a good idea then," she said. "It s t i l l is, Mrs. Paynter, and it you'd like to do something with it, I'd like to talk it over with you." Janet felt the call she had not iieard in these three years. She Ihought of the stimulation of having a job to be done, the satisfaction of seeing it done. She thought, the way only business women would undedstand, of how much she had liked stearting her days at 9 o'clock witii a pencil in her hand and a desk piled high with things to do. She missed it now as she had never missed il before. "I . . . it's been such a long time! If I can help you, I'd like to but you see . . . I really can't consider it as a job for me. I just know Joel wouldn't like it. So that's that." "But it isn't really," he said. "You can still help me if you like. II wouldn't really be a job. But some day if ever you do want a merchandising job, I'll have one waiting for you." Janet thought that if that day came, it would be the day after her world came to an end. If Janet ever needed a job, it would be because she no longer had Joel. The thought of it sent a cold little shiver down her back even though the night was warm. It was warm, pleasant and fragrant there on the terrace. It was plensant lo be* talking to Russell Hancock T. B. Group Elects Mrs. Barnes as County President GARNER--The Hancock County Tuberculosis association met Saturday afternoon in the home of Mrs. C. E. Barnes, president, for its annual election of officers, a program and tea. Miss Christyna Callison, general chairman for the Christmas seal sales, opened the meeting with roll call to which the chairman in the towns and townships gave their r e p o r t s which together tolal approximately SHOO. Mrs. C. E. Barnes presented Miss Marguerite Pfeffer of Des Moines, state field · director, who talked. Others on the speaking program included Mrs. " L. Weaver, rural purpose o£ F. the work; Mrs. W. G. Williams, the value of publicity; Mrs. R. R. Roberts of Britt, the origin of Christmas seals. Miss Knthryn Robinson, music teacher in the schools, presented a mixed quartet with two selections by Hazel McMahon, R u t h Duesenberg Francis Walsh and Edward Huenemann Patty SenneEf of Britt gave several xylophone solos Officers elected include Mrs. C. E. Barnes, county president; Mrs. Fannie Hammill, Britt, vice president; Mrs. R. R. Roberts, secretary; Miss Christyna Callisotv general chairman and director! William Baggs, treasurer; Mrs W. G. Williams, publicity chairman, and Mrs. 'E. P. Healy, Britt, and Mrs. Blomgren, Kanawhs* publicity. Miss Christyna Callison, delegate to the slate convention a* Des Moines March 11 and 12, Mrs. Fannie Hammill and Mrs. L. F, Weaver presided at the tea table. Fitly attended. FOR SALE! Very Desirable FIVE ROOM BUNGALOW College Addition Facing Roosevelt Park Excellent Condition Hot Water Heal, Water Softener Breakfast Nook, Etc. A. M. SCHANKE CO. 208 Foresters Building Telephone 1300

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