The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 20, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1818
Page 3
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Uithmond and """ufaehirrf rif now Uncling Jrem sundry res - 1 U " t) icb, of the following qualities and brands: ok.i. ft - i..V Miller; Co . II 1.2.3 U ft a 3 8 3doJ. P. Cgr, 45 Jo George Fletcher, J0:l lo John KuJpk, 144 Uo U. R - K.os, 1,2 $3 do r. "0 v,o. 8 1 l.S 61 do Anderson, Blair & M'Keage, I, v . ll t - f' I! j I uw do Jesse "ar i0 do K. liunei & vo. 63 do K. Cantor, 45 do F. G. Cien. - liaw, ' do R. Dmlon, ll do J.: I'. Labbr, li lady's twist , i half Ib.rolls "... . .1 CI ao M. dibit, ' : JMrtst or the above irami9 are wen " approved of in this market, on account of the quality, and uniformity ofnhe diacreut number bv which tho qualities are designated. For tale by CORNELIUS DU B013, ap jo 36 Front - street. ?1EA 20 chests hyson tkin tea, lute iin JL portaUon, for sale by V JACKSON & WOOLLEY, ,p20 75 Wall - street. - OOFFLE Jt RUM. - 54 hhds. line green c I - ICV, diu ' ' . Favorite, and tor tale bv ' MICH. KEARNEY, or geo. lacy, i I.... nnH .'11 lilMl. n lllll. IttUUtll I U1U UHk D20 4 r ultoii - treet 4 AHOlsANY, TOUACCU aud .LAS - JlLsKS. - 100 rog choice mahogany, crotch and myrtle 47 reroons inuacci, "iu I.I..4. W. .tin Mui.t.leB. The cargo of chr Lycurgut, from the city of tl. JJOUlltlgO, lorsuic I'y b CORNELIUS R . DUFFIE, 86 C. H. blip. M Tn,iB Leaf and manufact'd '1 o - acoo and Richmond Flour. . ap" I ti C. MCHOjo, lot l'tr: - in i.mne.iusl I received iu ailiJitiou lo their loruier astort - .nier.t 4 cases colored Canton crapes 2 do black no. 2 !o black si.ichews 1 .l i saui tr, 2 do buck si k . 2d fi ie India boi;k Mndius 1 do NiuM d'i - J do f aml.ouied and Seeded 2 do Imitii'.ion Merino shawls, assorted 1 do l..iid..ini bkii. 1 do lir.e Rouidls 2 do Maiiilapolhiu and steam Loom Shirt - 2 dj M'iImm Hlkf. D"gs y dj 4 - 4 Irish Linen , 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton t'la'illas 2 do fancy Ci avals, aborted 1 ii sluie Jeans, 2 do cotton Caisiineres 1 d ) fine while mid huff Quiltinys 2 halts Rhodes' liouibnistu 1 case Uiouoiid, absorted 2 Cdtt'i bl'i k, uliito H purple Kid Glove 4 trunks Furniture I'lates. uod 4 do superfine Culicors, which they offer for Jieat a s mull uuvauce lor cash, ap SO 14: F..V6and women's cotton stocking! A few bales superfiuc white flanucl, very wide do do red and yellow do Berlin aud military cords Green table covers, different sizes Ceil Loudon pin. - , 3 1 2, 4, 4 1 - 2,5 mixt pin, 1 - 4, 1 - 2 aud lib , Mourning pins and short whites White chapel nrrdies, forted Brats wire No. 21 aud 25 Card wire No. 27 ai;d 32 Hooks and eyes, Thimbles .ilia on hand, Eaglikh looking Rlass plates, nnsilvered For sal br A'J'Kl.XSONS & FLEMING, lip SI) 3w ' 167 fearl - st. W 10 tons Dry Vhit t tons White L':'ad in oil, in tit and 56 lb keg fi do Supenur Red Lend Sheet l,fud, 4 and 51b ; yellow Black Paints i'aris White and fpanihb Hrowu Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red. ALSO OH HAND, 9 case bett Loudon Aqua Fortii, ground topper 1 cae Oil of Vitriol ; 1 case S pi (its of Salt For ale oy ATKINSONS I FLEMING, ap 20 2 No. 167 Fcarl slreet. ii t .ir.ikri iikauI iAv - Ia Snuii'ivw wtinicio win, i" i kll'lL - DL'TUIIML1 i. rri I fir Ul v 1 1 . it 1 4 t iiunij is w. ap20 9i Coffee house slip. rVTANKINS. 300 ps. Blue Nankins, all 6rst i.1 chop, tor sale by i ill RD fc SEWALL, apSO 65 oulh - street. CPLAD COTTON. 25 bales prime Upland Cotton, landing from brig Amelia, from Savannah, for sale bv I'OTTScM'KLWE, ap20 56 Pouth - strect. JOHN ABRM WILLINK 4i CO. offer lor ale, at their (tore No 73 Washuifeton st. 202 ton ol the best nrrel coal, and 101 crates assorted earthenware, just receiv'd by tne British bri Thomas Naylor, Uiil, master, frnm Livrrpmif. ap 20 3t EAbT l. I )IA COT TON. 91) bale of superior q'iri'ity, Inrsulebv CAMBRLLLNG & PEARSON, ap 20 67 South street. riKOY CANULK.S. 400 lioxes VlouldCan - JL dies, just received frnm Converse's lactory, and for sale by 11EMFNT h GALE, ap 20 Iw No 60 Water streat. TVTLW KICK. 107 tierces ol very prime new Rire will be landed torn rrow morning, from on board the sloop Young Romp, at Stevens' wharf, for sale hy MAJORS GILLESPIE, ' - p 20 3t 79Pioetret. COitN .V1KAL. 100 hogshead and bo barrel bright yellow corn meal, fresh irom the mill. For sale bv TUCKER &LAURIES, ap20 - 2D outh street. CI - OVEK bKLU 10 tierces ftwylv; Clover - Seed, just ree'd and for tale nv HURD Ai SEVVALL, ftp to 6 South - street. jVTA.KEK.S, cVc 2000 piece louj; yellow Ll N.inkeens 1500 do hlne nankeen entitled to debenture 5 bales Bafta, landing, and for sale by J. OS BORN, P 58 Sonth - 'tiw t. COFFLr - Superior Java Colf' - e. lnraie by ' J.OSBORN, 28 9 ntb - treet. S9 vic, ito. iu Lnamrwr - street, compl - llv Bo - . Wisd by the 1st of May. Enquire No. 223 Oo ( ml. ap2fll MONT - ALT A. For sals AT tn 11. fk hasilCrnl n1 - W Mont - Alta, seven miles from the "U, ooUie North River, adjoining lord Cour ,tltt s. It contaius 20 acr ol land under im - P""emot, with a large garden io good condi - 'variety of fruit trees, and every couve - "Me a family maT r(HjUire. yor tenn.t which i'?'on,,W'' wdtfsold along credit given if N. & D. TALCOTT, 64 South - st. Pt ""Si. Paul's and Si. JeAn't CKipL for T ,,p snu at St iirften. li'Pl' in SL ran1'1 nJ SL John's Char b.n n.; J " s - essd prices of wbich have tv: bleecktri. r?" ! Motion bv hose bs t 1 1"1 " Fri,,3,r the tt1" " t o'clo" s gn S1"3 25;h in.L at T' A M - ap 20 41 - VALUABLE PROPETITT Far iaU WiV, The following valuable property is of - freU for aide, situated in that pleasant village - of Kinestou. to Ulfler couulv, to wit : that elegant. substantial, modem built Hi - use and Lot of Ground, about 3 - 4 ol an acre, opposite Tuck er Hotel ii nr - iie uinsiieu coajpi - iein luuo, hvthe molt arinoved workmen. The walls ure ofhluu lime - stone, Uidinlime mortar, over tiro leet thick ; fifty feet front ; two dories ol twelve fret in height each ; 4 to mis on each floor, and 2 entries of 12 feet vriJe ; spacious kitchen &: cellar under the whole, with a stone vault beneath ; the wall inside the brtthurd finish; outside a durable reinei.t, an entire preventative against damp walls, to w hich they nthrruise are hahle j a well of eicellent water ; lure bain, with con - renient out houics ; a stone wnsh and smoke houae, and two ovens, with i0';d picket fmcci, lie. ' The (j.ird:n is neat, i.nd m.t,und6 with a sieatvarieU nf choice lull heari: i. ui' tree?. shrubberies, 'lowering ehru!, gr, i., three asparagus 1 - eds. i - 'c. mnkui'j it a desirable situation lor any entetl family wihin; to raiire Iron: the noise ofa city. There are a convenient church, acuncniv. court - bouse and hank, aud common choolt in abundance The steam boat pass re gular Turnpike roads westward are iinprowng. with great exertions, into an extensive back rounlry, and property last gnwing in value. 1 his property wa unproved with no inienti - n of sale, thereiiire no tkjieuce has been spared to make it complete. Alsolnur acre villngn lots, near the above, at the junction of nil the l adins (treets to and from the river, and :t w - 1 ork and Albany stage roid. On this lot wns built last sunnier a neat and con - vinifnt stoii; and cellar, 35 by 28 f. - et, a lune - liou.'e and horse t veil, and in S'i,d lenfR. 'I'he iitn.ition is delightful, and n a tt'.od stund lor buities is exweded by nnno in tlii quarter. l.i the reiT i every convenience a.ul suihcieni water for Cdrryinx a tannery, luewery, pct - rieh works and aocp ai.'d cnmlle ( jctory ; all of which is un object lo men u: capital and enterprise. Also, sin acres village lots near tlic lat, fror.t - ii on the slroct leading lo the diRercnt laiHin:;s irnl terry, with new hoard . in es, and is unde genii cu'livation ; tOKi ther Wilhsoine v.iluiihle wood lots war Kingflon, necttstry for cold wi.i - ters. i'ho5e lots may he;u;e - uslv divided tosuitpurcharers, or the whole will be t - old to - either the title will dp mane complete, ror further oescriptinn. if iwpeary, applv to !?al' nurr ii. r.rjhain, New York : relet fiilmd. LI inmdorr, Fso. Albanv. And for terms aud a .ie, npplf un the prenii. King ton, (N. Y.) April, 1818. EDWARD KLTING. N. B. The store, if not sold, will te to let from Ut Vlay next. The slock on hand oiav ne had with it ap20 dit elm WANTI'H, in small fimily, a white woman who uuderitaudi cooking, w:tliing aud ironing. AUo, trirl about 14 years old to tnke care of two children None uetd make application but thofn who can produce tolimoiiials of good characlcr. Apply at Ii7 W a cr - stttet ap 20 4t KIRK & nlKK.CF.IN, 22 Wall - trcct, havu just received and for r.iir, OlTifiril I.iocu - ments of the I'resbvtrry of Albany, cxhihi'iu; Ilie tnils nf the Kf vd. Jolili t hester and V'r. Mark Tucker, together Willi the w hole ca?e of tho Rcvd. Hooper Cumming. a,i?0 Fan Zatidrt Illinois Military ISr.tmlu Lands. J UST rr - ived and fir sal by by A. T. GOODRICH i CO. No. 12 1 Urnadwar, corner of Cfd - .ir - strce t : A full description of thr soil, water, timber, aud prairie, of euch lot or quarter fpr.iioo of the ML ITARY LANIH, he'ween the Mi iiiii and IllinnU llivers Rv Nicholas Biddle Van Zandl, late a clerk in the general land office, of the United Mates, Washinifton Citv, with a larrre and part cular map, or a scale of six miles to an inch, price $B. ap 20 AULtVRD it OH F.UO t.OTTVUY V7TLL commence drawing on the 5th day of t i way, when the pricu of tickets will ad vance to 31. Prestnt prtce of ttcketi and shares. 'Me,$C2 I Qunrtern, $B Halves, 16 j Eighths, 4 gClJKMF. 1 prite of $70 00ft 10 prizes of ilOflO 1 do. a.i,otMi 2 do. 10.000 2 do. 5,000 30 do. 500 140 do. 100 3200 do. 30 Tickets and shares, in a varie'v of numbes, for sale at the book - store and lottery - omce of No 19 Peck - slip, corucrof Water siruoi. TT. Eastern, southern and northern bank notes, taken in payment for tickets. A correct check book will be kept lor the ex amination of all tickets gratis. ap 20 GRAND MlLFORI) a: OVMKUO ROAD LOTTERY, AUTHORIZED by thr State of New - York . and New - Jersey, wU positively commence drawing on the 5th cfnext month. &( l!r.;lf.. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35.IHI0 DOLLARS 2 10,(100 DOLLARS 2 5,010 DOLLARS 10 1,0110 DOLLARS 30 . m DO.. LARS 140 tdfl DOLLARS 3200 3D DOLLARS Unequalled by sny olher Lottery, previously drawn in this Mate, in magnitude and bnlii.incy of Scheme, and itsoleei, viz. Internal Improve ment, must be a still greater inducement totl.e citizens oi New - York, and the state of New - Jersey, to adventure in this Ri h Lottery. There are only 10,000 tickets, $7imi0 the capital piiie and to be completed in 20 drawings. Lverv drawing produces a capital stationary prize, and an average of 10 capital fl atitig prises All prizes pa able at the Uiiiii Bank of New - York GO da after the completion of drawing, aud cash i.dvunced for all prise h too as soon as presented. Whole tickets $31 1 Quarters $3 Halve 16 1 Eighth 4 Sixteenths, 2 dollars. In a variety nf number. A liberal discount made to those who take a nurrber of tickets. The prire will be advanced tof J4 on the commencement of the drawiug. ap20 SJ t iUNn GOODs, landing Irom ship Fanny, from Greenock 4 - 4 plain, sewed and tamboured India mull mucins 4 - 4 rich tamboured India book muslin 4 - 4 drawing muslins lor dresses 4 - 4 p:ain fine jaconells 4 - 4 Madras hdkfs 3 4 pnd 6 - 4 striiied ginghams 3 - 4, 4 4 and 7 - 4 crttton imitation shawls CuMri black and biueClo'.h Mfn and women's cotton Stocking Line - i 'l'hr - .i(U. usorteil, Sl black sewing Silt Ursriiles Q iil:s 11 - 16 and 4 - 4 Linen Bed - Ticking and Dowlas White and how n nsutatii.n Russia Sheeting Ravens Duck A LEO. 100 fi:kins pick M Scotch Herrings in lots to ait purr - iaers, at No. 2 SI jat - Ian'. - . by an 16 Iw WM TODD fc t VTOLA3SE5. Landing at Old - slip, th al if L ro of Urif Agenora, 207 lihdv 11j?c ill ro of briz Asenora. 207 lihdv Havana M lasses ; 5 Is. aitd 1 bhl. Ho ,ev, for by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. ap 13 57 Froil - lrett. rpOBACCO. 5 hlids. Richmond Tobacco, A superior qualttr, f r sale y p 7 . J ' HURD ii SF.WALL. I i Lirnnpooi, V Tlie Miptrior fast sailing ship BELLE Ji.S AVAGE, Heury Rassell, master, bnr - Iheu ton ; will sail with all possible dispatchFor freight or passage, apply on board, at wharf, or to JOIIN W. RUSSELL, ap 18 1st 98 Pino - st. rv. for VHAHLKsTOX, S. C. 'r,ie ft1 sadinp packet schooner III A. 1'elee Latham, master: hav iii(, iwo ihirdu of her cargo ready to ro on board, will suit on the 21st iitst. For frei iht of the reinainder or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, west side t - iy - market wbai - t, or to JUNKS 4: MEG RATH, ap 18 83 - outh street. . , . fur CH.. liLt. vi. The elegant and fast a;hii packet iischiwncr'I'i'NTINF., 8. Hoyt, master; willronet with immediate dbpatch, havicg liall ner freight ready to go on board - for remaiuder, orpassngp, having commodious accommodation;. apply ou board, cu? t tide Biirhn; dip, or tj SAUL ALLEY, ap 18 98 l'iue - st. for MUi lLKand BLAKH.I.Y, tp?V) 1 "e line la. - t sailing schr iAN DVb Wifritii K v i l(ton, capt. Weeks, (a regu lac trader) ; hivin? 3 - 4'hi of her caro eiignired union hoard, wil! meet with immediate difcatch ror Hie reiiMinder ol her Inirht. or pasraie. havin'r hand'ome accommodation, ai'nlv on boaid, east side Old - flip, or to l'KTLRSfc MERRICK, np!8 V!) Coeinies - slip - ling I tjM - 'l.i HI), Hold, rfi,e, wSSl' ) i'fer, for l.ll EHPOOL, to sad i jltjj.silivcly (weather permitting) on Sunday lit! insl:.nt - - cati take 50 biiles cotton on ii i.ight, and a few passengers. Apply on board, cal tiuo I ly - .vlarkel slip, or to I10GERT h. KXF.ELND, No. 7k) South - street. Consignee are informed that the good - remaining ou board on .Vornlny, will necc - farilv nave to go into thepuhlic store. ap 13 P. - iSS.Wb. far ILriVKK. The line coppered Ncw - Yoik built ifc - .fbip M A HI A - I II t.K.KSA, Ski.ldy, nias - tor, will sail on Sunday next tor Havre, andean mndsomely atrommodate 3 or 4 passengers pply on board, at Albany l!a:in, or to G. G. ii S. HOVVLANI), ap 17 77 Washingtnti - st. r'ur frtiglU or t.'harttr. Tho i.lotaiitini good bug THOMAS HL&L'fc KDW.J1U), John Hull, ma - ler, bur then uUout l't'O bbl. and is in complete order 'ursta. Apply to tiie master, on board, at pier uo. 1 1, ea?t river, or to RLADE k DE PEY3TER, ap 15 Iw 31 Old - slip. tor 11.1 rHK. The packrt ship RUBICON, IIol - J.'.drede. nia - ler. has 2 - 3d j of her cargo nail) lo go ou board, and will sail alrtiut the S!J ' oi - uml. For freight or passage, apply on board, Joues' wharf, or to I'OTT & M'KINNE, 5i South - st. WIm offer for sale, 29 bales prime New - Orleans cotton 8 Lli da St. Croix sugar f5 pipes Catalonia wine 120 Ions Swedes iron 2000 di mijnhns ap 14 ting PAXIllEU. On Wednesday, 22dinst. will be sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, as sue arrived from Canton. .Said brig was built in Mcdlord, in 1815, by the first rate workmen, iu the best manner, and of the best seasoned ma terials ; is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 21) and 26 oz. copper, and rigged and titled with a large armament in the most complete and ample style Said vessel has delivered in pond order near 600 ton of China nods, and it is presumed sads as fast as any ves sel in the Lulled States. Her length on deck is I20fuct; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches; 1 1 fcrt 9 inches hold, and 5 feet 6 inches between decks ; and measure 430 tons. For further particulars, apply to uurKS a: wAiii', 44 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1818. ap7 2w For l.irrMPOUh, (To sail pnsiiirrly on thr. iih insl.) The fast sailing brig HOI 'I'., Arnold master; can accommoilate several passengers, having handsome accommoilations. if appiica - ' ion is made immediately, on board at Pinc - st. wharf, or to GRISWOLDS 8c COATE?, ap 10 G3 .South street II aT it ceivedfrom Bordeasx, 50 boxe fruit in hr..ndy 9 box1 Klix. de Garni 9 iln Eau ile Meltemherg 2 do Cologne Water 1 barrel Cauthuridei, Glauber Salt and Manna, in sort 2 boxes Red Bark, pulv'd 1 do Simp I'ect ral de Lainoureaux 4 do W riling Ink, of a very aupeiior quality, in small . jug 10 do Medicines, mme of which are valuable Mastic Bandages, Tincture and Powder for tho Teeth, ic. ice. For sale on reasonable terms, by PETKK LUDLOW, np 16 Iw 111 IVarl street. Aii - M ALAGA WINK, tie. I J V - r Quarter cask weet Malaga wine 150 boxe Muscatel raisins, and 19 ceroons almonds, now landing at Dover - street wharf, from si hooner Dash, for sale by STEVENS &MACTIER, ap 15 7t 157 South - st. UGAK. 172 hnd New Orleans Pugar, k5 landing this day at Pine - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by GRISWOLDS k COATEf, or RIPLEY, CENTER CO. ap 7 ' 6H South it. KK - VJiEHKO I'jiLLQW U HlUt.S. r'EW tlioii.iud pound New York Tallow, . and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply lo T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh 1 1 tf IKON HOLLOW WARE. A constant sup - I ply of Hollow Ware, assorted, f. r sole by CLBRA CUMING, Ap 18 76 Pearl slreet. 41) ST. CROIX RUM k SUU.1R. Hhds first quality sugar 72 puncheons Rnm Received per brig Thomas k Edward, from St. Croix Landing this day at pier No. 11, East River, and for sale by READE & DE PF.YSTER, ap16 Iw 31 Old - slip. WHITE L'r'.A D. NICARAGUA WOOD riKN ton white Lead ground in oil, in keg of JL 1 1Z. 56 and '."JIDl. 8 tons dry white Lead 2') do Nicaragua Wood 40 enks I'p.ris white 38 boxes Tin Plate 10 tons Lignnmvitse 30 boxe London Mustard 28 keg do d j. For lale by TUCKER 4i LAURIE?, ap 17 59 Soulh - t" - tt. A YOUNG lad from the country, aged 14 years, of steady habits and good cidc - t.a - tor, wishes a situation in a dry go d store. Apply t 86 SoutJi - st. p ir . f LEGHORN HAT'S. 1R3. KINNTER No. tOO William reet, h l.i. H.iv mwned a rase of errant Leehorn Hat, No. 30 to 56 And offers ,ttem for s de oa the mt reasonable teraw. p 17 3t 11 THE MERCANTILE INSURANCE COM PANY OF NEW - YORK," INCORPORATED by an act of the Lrgisla - M. lure ol Un state, with a capital of t iOO,0 K), for the purpose of insuring agninst MARINE riapics aud on LIFE or LIVES and to grant ANNUITIES will open tho books to receive subscriptions, at their office. No. 4J Wall - street, this day at 12 o'clock, and will cmitiuue them open at the same place from 12 until 3 o'clock daily, until 23d inst, inrluiv. JOIIN V. .MUM FORD. President. BENJAMIN G. MINI URN, Assistant. niaecToiis. Garrit R. Al.eol Jo - hua Ifnderhill Roliert H. Iluwne W illiam 'cnion Jjmes !ager J. G. Pearson, jr. James M'liride Rufus Daxenpprt Benjamin Mar - hall James B. Murray Jacob Barker Fr.un is Saltu Henry Erkford Hiul Allry Ferdinand Suydam Richard Hopkins Jame D'Wolle, jr. Moses Field Charles Hall. ap 16 6t O t'.MAC. - V'lHJ bag fresh Malaga Siimai , ut imported and lor sale in parcels tn suit pur chasers, by G. G. S. HOWLAND, np 17 77 Wn.tung'oii - .tieet. LLA'i'll Kit. I UST received per Erin, from London, and , lor sale in lots lo suit purchasers, a lew ca e containing Blue, green and red Skivers Itnrk Skivers Red Roans ; apd Prime Blue Morocco JOS. S. HARRISON i CO. ap 17 Iw' 67 Pine street. I Vv. KOUKKS CO. No. 235 learl - sl J. have iut received U cask Fib s 7 cate Mill, Pitt and Cross Cut Saw G casks Hand. Panueland Tenon Saw W hich they will sell on very reasonable terms iy the package. ap in iw I INSELD OIL and T. CROIX RUM, now l.J liiniling from on hoard the sloop Superior, Capt. Stoier, at Old sliii r or sale ny - np 18 CORNS. DU BOIS. J 1 1 HO LSI A 'I O HA CCO ii FJ.UUH O I hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbl. line flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUK.v, MF.URON k CLF.EMAN, hei)7 tl io. 72 Washington - it. LIVERPOOL (DAL. NO'.V landing from English brig Thomas Naj lor, a c;irgo of Liverpool Nciv - Pit Coal mine net quuuiy ror sale in lotsio sun pur chasers, by LAlNG ti RANDOLPH, 98 Vesey - street, or JNO. VAN Ul SSUM, ap 18 Ct 206 Fulton - street. Sfr YaLLARLK PROPERTY. iijujj! F or sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing K.i. Iili l inenl, in fhe county ol .Morris, and state ol Neu - JerM - y ; consisting of a rolling a. id slitting Mill, in good repair, which work two pair ol rollers and cutteis, shears, &c. all at the lame time; a valuable frue with Iwo fue - tund one hammer in good repair ; n stock ol' oal and ore on hand, u!!irient In make Mlv ton of iron ; a good saw mill ; a cut nail factory in good lepair, sumr.icnl to utiploy lioily nien, and may ne ex tended toeiuploy one hululred more ; n brad nit ling machine and a steel furnace in good repair coiiienient to the work is a store and a number of houses fur the accommodation of families, and excellent alahlitis for tenm that may be neces sary io Keep lor ine use oi tne esiaousnmem ; bi so, orchard, pasture and nicadow lota, imme diately adjoining the works, with timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two Ihour.and live hundred acre, within three mile of said work. I he great vein of iron ore, commencing at the noted Suckasanny mine, run more than 2 miles through this tract, and three mines are now open, irom which the forge are supplied with ore, ana more may be opened and ore raised to sm ply u orits to any extent ; the mine are within two mile of said works, and good roads, so that the ore can be raised aud delivered at the forge at i wo anil a nan dollar per ion. " I he a hove described works are situated on Rock a way River, about eight miles frura Mor - rislnwn, twenty live mile Irom Klizabe'h Town, audahou' the lamedislnnce from Newark, with good turnpike roads lending from said works I.) earn place, in a plea ml healthy situation, and in a good neighborhood, there, being two I'reshv - teriun Churches within lour miles, and a frii!iift' meeting house within two miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar iron for the slitting miil i very commanding, there being nea - ly ope hundred forge fire in the county ; iuot ol them are on tne it ream aoove IJovrr, unit the iron, in going to New - York market, can conveniently pass those works. At this mill frequently four ton of bar iron have been slit and bundled into nail and spike rods in a day, and upwards of ope hundred tons of nail have been made in a year. A large amount of goods may be sold at tin place in exchange for bar iron, procuring sup nlies, &c. &c. There are valuable scites both a hove Ik below on this (ract,on which more works may be erected. ALSO, That valuable well known farm, lying in thr township of Randolph, about two mile Irom Dover, and six mile from Morristown, and within one quaiterpf a mileo! the Union turnpike road, near I'leasanl valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one lourlh pari ol wliu n is excellent meadow, one lourth part plough and pasture land, and the reminder timber. A considerable part of the limner it ol the original growth, and is suitable for sawing, the other part is thrifty young timber, from fifteen to twenty years growth. There are oo said farm upward of six hundred apple trees, inline order, eight lo sixteen year old, the moil ol them of grafted fruit, and more than half ol them Hanson apples, so famous 'or cider. The meadow are flat and free from (tone, through n tilth runs two lively streams of wate', and nearly the whole may he watered. One of these streams is tumrient for a anst - mill or oilier work ; there are law mills, a grist - mill, a fulling onil und oil mill, on the same stream. On said farm are two vc'unhle scite for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short lam, ud raise a considerable pond, with twelve ornllren feet head. Below this the water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm ground, is more than twenty (alt. In this way Hie water can be worked twice over with the expense of only one dam Tln - re is on said farm an extensive cider mill t'.'ith four presses and cisterns, housed nnd well tvioped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrel of rider. Connected to the tider work is Ihc still - house, to conveniently situated that the whole operation is romplcLd without pumping. The water for condensing the spirits is supplied from a never failing soring, within sit rods of Uic tiil house, and bus aulTicient hi'ndto run into the eirterns. The budding consist of two small frame dwelling, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by '.C feet wide, under a part ol which it a eod cellar ; there are alto bay bouse, cow ahedt, &c. ALSO, Valuable property at Longwood, in U.e town ship r fjeflerton, aix miles irom Dover, on the mam branch of Knck - iway Hiver, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two fires and one l - am - mer ; abundance ol water the whole year, a I urge pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen years past has made as much iron as any two tirrs in the county. The ore is within lour miles, nc' a part ol the roan furnpilied. 1 1 several tracis onnectcd with this establishment amount alto - rether to about foarteen hundred' acres, the great r part limner, to mnxe a curanie supply oi . . . . '. 7 I lor the lorgs. irumediaieiy adjoining me mine is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient "oi tnroe farms r. one hundred acrvs each, with iu a s, orchard and narns, dcmot kihm k J'velhng for tlie families that may oa emplojed in working the forge. . Ttw Wwle or acy part of this very valuable property wi!l beso'd at such p.Ket ard cr?d will hmkc it wo. - thr 'he atieoi'n of any person wishing to puid.ase. or lun ier inioniiBuon :9u'.r;?. . ' JACOB L03t.I.SILMTr. ISilAEL CAN FIELD, at Morrntown. BLACK WELL k ll'FARLAN, al X York. fel it D&Ctf TEER SKJNS. - fl bates, prima Deer SlusJ, landmjt.arjd for sate bv ap 18 BAUL ALt F.Y, 98 Pine - st. npOBACCO At LOUn 70 bbls. Lieu - L mood flour, of tire best brands 100 iio Frederickibnrgh do 18 hhds. prime Richmond tobacco, received per schr. Dauntless, uid lor "a" by ar 18 WAlHfc GALLAGHER. I Us'T ii'eeitcd .n no lv.ird the Erin. Iroln tl London, and the T. ra Haxard, from Liver - IKiot, a Irish sup!y ol FnK'ih Ingrained and Venetian Carpeting and Hearth Rugs, lor sale at lw prices, at No. 16. Fulton (late Partition) treet PRIEST ROOT. Tire' Patent Floor Cloth, of different width and patterns. ICT SAID STORE TO LET. ap 18 3t Lift: i.VAt w ac;, kc. LrTlie UN ION IN SURA NCE COM PA N Y. mcrw;.tcd by the Lffcuhturt of the Malt of . ..cir un - , wnn a cnarter ol uuhmiteil duration, for m iking LIFE INSURANCES and granting ANNUITIES, will commence business on the fir.lday of Mty next, at no. 56 Wall - street. 'I he more pcomincut objects embraced by this company, (although they are prepared to enter on lnvoral le terms into all contracts in any shape connected wUh the views of their institu tiuu,) are as follows : 'Jo the tailoring class uf Ihr muimtnity, lo Mt - ehaiurs, lo Clrrks mvuliiicuuiliirirattcflirts. to Clergymen, to Prifesiars m I'ollrges, lo Mitilaiy mm, and all others possessed of fixed incomes. which wilt terminate with their own lives, they oner a secure means ol proi idmg lor their lami lies, by setting apart a uiall oruon of their an iiual saving to that puriioe. To rnintalitts, they ofier the safe investment and certain imi ioemei:t ol their surplu in come to the benefit of their descendants. 'To marritd mm, they oflcr a provision to their icirfuin, by au appropriation lo lhat purpose ol small annual sums, during the coulmuain col the marriage, and on the same principle they ofli r to the CTsii - ncria bankrupt estates, and the purchasers of property, subject In the right ol H.iirtr, a mode of extinguishing that claim, I y giiingan equivalent lor the surrender ol the rights ol Ihc wife. 'To tiarrnts, they present a mode of endowing their miaul children, ntlording to theui, if they rrnrh a certain age, a mm h larger sum compar ed with the original premium, than t an be ac quired by any mode of accumulation al interest. lo sni"lt persons, who may have no lieu. they offer the means of greatly increasing their annual iurcmc through the purchase of life an nuities. 'To young ptonlr, of active employment, wlioe exertions and earnings must dimiui. - h with their ncrrasmg years, they offer a support for the de - rline of life, by paymeutj of comparatively small amount, while their season of industry thall continue. The Company has provided Tables calcu lated upon true principles from the most correct data, which at the tame lime combine the safety of the office, and the interest of the customer Of the results of these 'Table some specimens are lubjoined, from which the advantages to the holders of Contract with them may be estimated. A healthy person, of the age nf twenty '.even years, by an annual payment ol duo 97 - 100 dollar during his life, may secure to his heirs the sum of One Hundred Dollars, or a larger amount by a proportionate premium. A Husband, aged thirty, whose wife's age i twenty - five, may, by the annual payment ol 7'mo 30 - 100 Dollars, while both live, secure to Ins widow the sum of One Hundred Dollars, which the company will exchange for an equi valent annuity, il required. At the age offiflu an annuity lor the remain dcr of the life may be bought for about ten and a ovarter yiars purthast, or at the rata of inr end J - 4 per rent on the sum inve led. A father may, by the payment of our Aim dred dollars at the birth of a child, secure lo that chilil, when it shall reacb (he age n( twenty one years, the sum ol six hundred and furly - one dol lars. from iht age of ttrenk - mie, an annual pay ment of Lleren 18 - 100 Dollars till the age of i fly, will secure lo i' e party an annuity ol Ui.e lluiulnd Dollars lor tho residue of hit or hir life. If a person tuldinr m Poliru of Life Iniuramt tor any period beyond one year should feel desi roua lo relinquish it, the Company will be ready at all times to treat for a re - pun ha - e. A nadeijuatt portion of the t apilalof this Com pany is set apart by charter, and mil ft bt increased, if occasion require, for the purjmse of Lye Insurance and Annuities, and secured upon real t.slatcmlhin the stale, nf JYtic - lork, of the tnlue of at least fifty per cent abort the amount loanid. J he Capital thus set apart and secured, U'tellier with the accumulation uf premium, ran be made liable for no other losses of the Institution than those amine from its Life Policies and annuities, thus affording to the Cusiomer Hit most substantial security. Written applications for insurance and annu ities, stating the name, age aud place nf birth and residence of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to opening policies on the day above named. SA.vil - r.l, a. 1,A wilr.lNCL, ''resident. JAMES REN WICK,. Actuary, ap It D&Clm j WANTED A NURSE and COOK, who can produce good recomuiendatioos. Apply at this office. ap 18 3t IVlVr. or SIX gentlemen wish to obtain ho.ird 1? in a respectahle faiuny. 'They are willing tn pay seven dollar. A line addressed tn B. R will be attended to. ap 1H 31 ONE DOLLAR REWARD RUNAW AY irom the iirmcriber on the 16th LL intt. a black woman named Maria or Dor ::i Jones; thin stature, a weakness in her riyht eye, about 35 year of age. liar on when she went away, a green bonnet, dove coloured cat - imere shawl, homespun I rock. All person har boring or trusting ber will te prosecuted accord ing to Ihw JOHN PLUME, nl3t No. 27 James street. U he I , aiSiil A part ofthe store, .o. Bl rme - sireci. Apply on the pre - netes P " A?l I L'.V I'luN in aeounUug house, bmkei's, lottery ollice or auction store, i. w .nled b a middle - aged marr.ed gentleman, who it well calculated to give talisfaetioo in say ol the above lines - writing a food hand, being a good c - countant, and (mwiog the Fr.tich, Gunnan, ,od Italian language. 1 he best refcreuces and can be given. rrj - A line addressed to F. S. and left at (lis office will be promptly attended lo. ap 17 6t ' ' ' ".ii I.. fan l.m ., - f..n.n.. rentlcman uno i" "ji - v ' dated with bourd in a resoctthle private lamily, with or without a parlour, ftjrni.tied or ....r..rin',r,.rf. in Orecnwich - slrert, near Rector - street, on or about the ltt of May ensuing. Enquire at Uut unice. ap to iw GIG and II A. IN ESS. A HANDSOME Gig, ofthe best workman shin, bat little worm also, a harness to matrh, for sa'e at A. QUICK'S, Coach - Ware lloae, 62 Rrcd street. ap 13 Iw BOARD WANTED. TWO yonrig genliemea, rre cVsiroa of pro - conrg tv - rmanent board in a genteel pri vate farr .iy, wher - t there are no headers, er s exceeding t .to or three. A line addressrt to J. F - C, I. aad left at ttn offur, v ill meet with at. trn'ioa. J13 . PUBLIC SALES; II I BY FRANKLIN a MINTUR5. Some choice Furni'.ore, Wednesday, At 10 o'clock, at No. 46 White - ttreet, varf ety orhonsrhnid furniture in fine order, the property of a" family breaking up house keeping, confuting oi I elegant sideboard, dining, breakfast and card tables, chairs bed, bedsteads, dimi'y curtains, marseiil counter panes, ro blankets, damask table cloths and napkins, carpet and rugs, an elegant desert sett of cut glass, cut quart and pint decanters, celery bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, goblets, ami rhampaigne gla el, liquor stand with rich cut glat bottle, cat - tors, U a sett of gold and whilh china, 1 dining; sett of china, waiters, lamps, 1 sett 'of silver (4 Iiiecet), silver table spot n and ladles, iory inives and forks, best London made, tc. fee wiUia variety of kitchen furniture. x , BY DLEECKEIl & R1BHY, Thursday - 3d. At 68 Chambrr - st. at 10 o'clock, a quantity of very fashionable household furniture, consisting of patent dining tables, rose wood, card tables, 2 sidehoaids marble tops and crlloreta to mutch, fashionable mahogany ami fancy chairs, elegant sophas, pier tables marble top ami triast. brussels and other ca pets, hearth rugs, plate and plated ware, elegant dining and tea china, cut glass, bedstead, matrasses, table cloths, towels und sheets, with a very large quantity of kitchen furniture. Also, a pipes very old superior Madeira wine. On Friday afternoon, 3 o'clock ut the Albany Basin. 100 logs very choice St. Domingo mahogany. the cargo of schr. Lvcurgua, selected on the leeward coast from a la' ge quantity by a very competent judge. I Ins parcel consists or crotch and myrtle venier and table wood, and is worthy the particular attention of cabinet makers. MA RULE FOR HUILDJAU, It. rilllE proprietor of the southern marble qoa - JL rics, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have nn hand, and are receiving, at tho h'mx's - Bridge Marble and Lxnte - iard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stork of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vit : A'ldar Coping Foundation Stone Chimury - PieceiJ Facing Columns Watcrtabla S'rp Platform Sills, Lintel A re he Also Lime ofthe best quality. Xj - A constant supply of the above materials nm be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will r.pply to EZRA LUDLOW, Fell 1 1 At the Yard. KLVOV.AL. TJ" N. SMITH DAVIFS has removed his eheniical perfume manufactory Hnd warehouses from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Libert) - slrect, on tho west side of Broadway. mi Ii 27 HE MOV AL. V JOHN F. HL'RGWl.N, has removed hi oilier , frnm No. 77, to 73 Simth - sti ret, where he offers fur sub, 400 bbls. of Wilmington I urpent me. up lb 7t NO I ICE. ft Tlioo irty for instructing the Deaf and Dumb meet thisatlcrnoon, at the Mayor's office, at 4 o'clock. np 13 JNO. B. SCOTT, Eecr'y. I Mr. FRENCH, again tenders her s - rattV ful acknowledgements, to her friends and tho public, for the very liberal patronage she has received, und informs them that she will give a third and lust Concert, on Tuesday the 21st. inst. in the City - Hotel. Particulars will ap. pear shortly. ap 17 St CAoA - i.V.'sL'fWALi.' CU.VP.I.VY. The suhsi rihi rs to the I ppiial Stock of this company arereqaes'cd to pay the amount of their riiMvlive suhx riptiimr on Monday next, the illlh instant, nttbeomce, No. 56 Wail - street, where attendance will be git en from 10 to 3 o'clock, mi that and the following day. np i:i .(t NOIICK. fir1 The subscriber having taken into part' nership Mr. 'I honias I . Calleudtr, their business will be con dieted under the firm of Judah & Callindir, ap III 3t MOPES J UP A II. MA CARD. R. WHALE rtspeetlullv mnkes known to tlii ludir and gentlemen of Ni w - York, that in consequence of Mrs Freni h taking her Concert on Tuesday, hi next public will be on Wednet - 1 day the ?2d. ap 17 6t blfcAM - BOAl FIKKFL. t 1 rn'iice ruiminir between New sVoik and Newhurxh, on ell'i jr. I uniduy, the 14lh April. She will leuve iew - Yrk everv Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday, at 9 A M. and NeH burgh on , i ... i f .r - .i . .... . nionoay, vvcuursu.iy nuu r nuay, si u t. m. ap 1 1 ctS The dwelling part of the house No. 90 Bruadwav. It is an eUeaht. airv house, well calculated for a hoarding house or piitate lami - lv. Apply nt tlw store in lro,it ap 17 3t VALUABLE PROPERTY. Tne subscriber offers for sale a valuable farm, 73 miles tiom New - York, lj irg 7 miles routh of Poughkeepsie, on the pott - road, within I 4 of a mile ol the mills on ll - e lallt ol wappuv ger's - Cre - ek, and in (tie neighlxirhood of several landings Irom which slooj. tail weekly, ll contain 110 acres of level, fertile land, with a yonug orchard of grafted fruit, wood tufficient for fuel, and all in good fence. 'Tho bouse contaiut several rooms, has a good barn, and all in t sc'llent repair. It situation being on un tlevatsd plain, render thejilace not only hoalthy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40acre - ,tonliguiustotlis) above, and bounded southerly ky the fulls of Wappingf r' Cree k. 7 lie land s lertile, in e - celliut fem e, and of eay cultivation. What reudcr ibis properly valuable, is, thai it may bo made a place ..f . elebrdv. There if already t - rertcd tn lb fl' saw rod! el great rapacity, a carding mill, whi.h enjoy - the custom or the) neighborhood, besides several other scite for faeTorirs, iiw rnp:l. 'I he whole force of the creek ran be diteried with a little ex pence to as t drive a range ol mills on a level plot ol ground iuft below ttie falls nd accessible by an easy navigation; where factories of eveiy description, h every ueiiity oi power ana trans ponauoa can be construeted. Abo, a flour - milL of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated Vit 0, with new mat hiiiery for manufacturing wheat, tic. with an elevator for raising gram from vessels into the i:pper Jolt ol the mill. Connected with tho mill is a forgo store house for ttonng whet and flour. With the mill will be told 53 acres ui excel en t land, oo whi b i: rtuate 1 fivo dwelling houses, a large barx, hay nonse, carriage r.oitse, corn crib, hovel - , & c. conpr't stiop nlcnial! for 20 Innds. Tvr ,o of Ills' hout - are prw and well calcuialed for ' - i.:el fomit.. s t lliey cotrunand, aiewof 'ht rivei, with I'santii'ul InUrrtl I tnd - rapt! foro - .ed b the meandering ofthe creek iumeiuatcl uiftorL Tlioi f irx fo W '.lace bicli utso. taie 'o nu; fcT - miood:'a x q'oaiincftliou for the mtrchant, mechanic or firmer. .u If not sold at private t?te before Tuesday the CM Apnl, il w.U on that day be offered at aac - rterm,te.pply to TETtR KESIER,. No. ii Bearer - trtet. 'iFtbM , ABRAHAM MESH3U a

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