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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, April 20, 1818
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' XZW - YOhK L rjVfcvo t - MONDAY, AfaiL SO. Cwwvtticut. Democracy has al last cam plelaly triumphed u the stale of Connecticut At tb hue election they have carried Jheir Gov .. mor, LU Governor, Treasurer, Council Mil Houm of Representatives. . ' ' The foltowmg beautiful specimen of Connecticut jacobinism it copied from tbe Columbian Re - . gister, of April 18, priuted at New - Haven. M Lost srslf wf testament of Connecticut fed trmUsm. 'JKc lot a tost. The freemen hav .. oc mot e triveain their suffrages, andConnecti - . cut is FREES After the lapse c - f a hundred and eighty years of slavery and persecution, bow ' . wecl io breathe the pore air of liberty ! Tbe chain of aristocracy and priesthood, are sunorr. '". ed forever; and toe people nay m lk 'ortb iu their own native freedom. True bberty, says . Rosseau, it tbe privilege of doing just what a . . man hat an iociinatiuo for, and no mora : 1 he people of Connecticut may now think a they plea, aud tvg ulate their conduct by their la - 1 clinatiotu ! '1 be charter of King Charles, and tli b)orook platform, will no longer protect aristocrats aud prints, in ciril and religious per aecotioot Chuichiuao, or Methodist, or a Baptist, will no longer be compelled by lav to think like a Presbyterian : the people will enjuy libi - i tv of thought, and liberty of conscience, and liberty of sinecb. an liberty of conduct: the sabbath will no more be profaned by hypocrites, - for one day, or every day.ornoday will be kept but shurifL and collectors will not have the power to rifle a man's Locket, to pay for preaching : tbe people will no nor be gulled out of their money by hypocrites, woo go anout pretending to solicit charity for tbe education of poor youth, poor luatheo, the support of missionaries, and ,. the civilization pf savages i those lactious jum, ...under the name of moral societies, who "send their jug down to New - York to buy oil, which generally come back ruin," will be broken np : their attempts to keep arutocrais, and toe Clergy in power, have utterly (ailed and the people Can no longer be blind to their real saotives." Cot WUctCi rJessn A statement has appear d la some of the owjfr cJriid to pro - . duce erroneous iasi wsssions lewrtat Use awtb . - of an application tuobh&j .m6 y . WiUett, to tbe legislate.' fccaif wB sjoautdeJ with the natsre and jwtx rfrUcisuav l&csai) duty to correct the hum xjotyiim Yj a sWi explanation. By a law of this sua, fewwd or March 1781, two regiments were ordetwj to be raised on land bounties, lor the protection of tbe frontiers The same act provides, that the officers of soch corps should be entitled to locate a specific number of acres for their individual benefit Col. Willett was appointed to the command of the troops thus raised ; was distinguish - ed for the aeaU ability and success with which he acquitted himself, and thus became authorized to call upon tbe state, for the performance of its contract. This contract, however, has never been fulfilled Tbe lands, though ensured to him 1y the express terms of the statute, have never ' been received, notwithstanding repeated appli cations. Tbe 3000 acres, allcdged to ha v a been granted to him, were in lieu of the landi he re - ' ceived from congress for his general services as an officer la the regular army of tne U. Slates they were a gratuity to which he would have e. quail been entitled had he never accepted the command of the state regiments. The present ' claim, on the contrary, was not for a gratuity ; it was not an appeal to the munificence of the legislatore,but to its justice : It is predicated upon a service who1 distinct. At tbe period of ' the appointment in the state corps, his former command had terminate! Owing to the reduc. . tion of the regular regiments, he was no longor attached to the army of the U. Stater, but in common with other citizens was at liberty to engage in a new service, and avail hiuiitlf of the advantages connected with it. Such beiug tbe circumstances more than ordinary ingenuity must have been required to con found two claims,independent in their nature, varying in amount, and demanded uuder distinct character the first, a voluntary remuneration common to all the continental officers of the New - York line; the other, a contract debt founded on a special act of the legislature, due to a state officer and contingent only on the reo dering of certain public services. These servi - cos have been rendered, and the conditions of the grant more than fulfilled on the part of col. W. ; yet, strange as it may appear, the slipula - ted compensation still continues to be withheld by the legislature. A FRIEND TO JUSTICE. From the National Intelligencer, April 17. George Washington Campbell, a seoator in congress from Tennessee, has been appointed by the president, with the approbation of the senate, to be envoy extraordinary and minuter plenipo tentiary to the ceurt of Russia, in the room of Mr Piokoey, who is about to return to the Uni ted State. General James Wilkinson has been appointed by the governor of Louisiana, quarantine master for the port of New - Orleans. COAGRF.SS. IS SEN ATE April 16 The resolution submitted by Mr.Goldsborouih yesterday, was taken up and agreed to as tul low: Resolved, That the president of the United States be requeued Indirect the proer olficer to lay ociore tne senate, at an early period of their i session, a list ot such of the custom, Willi the uam of their officers, salaries, tmolu - Ben1s, and the places where held, as it may be proper to suppress and discharge, inconsequence of their unproductiveness, the incon.iderabfe services rendered, or of any other cause. Kxiicutive bti;ines theu oc.uiied Uie senate . a short time; afti rwliicli Tbey adjourned. April 17. .T!?', ,,n'C nvinST rroreednd to consider the ma irwo M oiner Uoue to eucreae the duties on in nvt and hol'f, ,nn, in j,; caniii, iu j mm am.m : mulina m ma.l. tbstull by linking oui one dollar" bein; the ra e oi a per I0U w - i - ht, c. iron in har. and bolu einuf4rtur,1 wilhi.ut n lllne, and JeciJe.1 ' asWl' w Yeast9 - Naj, i. - ,. Aad the won's "icreir'j - five renb" were in - 1 frt - J in lieu of 'one dollar" thn rtncltfii nut. Toe bill v amended was ordered to a third r?w?iNj; and Tfm senate adjourprd. ' fftjVSF. UF RF.r ft KSEXT.1 Tlf'F.S. '6, Dflii9tmt Pavw.r. rr, .V, T l vl rrr.v - lrd a bill ts ;,ut or' - the recoierv ofLi'ih. Be irm't fl'.ond - mil na, h r ,m menced to coerce a settlement of opea accouub ' - f - t 1. - ...I ..niwt fti Uull'iC mouies J , . 'I'hi ImII rsi tmwm rad.' . Mr. T. M. NeluM moved, that it be read a third tins. Relerrin" to a statement, yesterday laid on the tables of the house, of the names of those " paymasters of the late army ol tne uui - ted State" who bare (ailed duly to account for the monies confided to their charge. Mr. N said, there was, it appeared, an unliquidated d:bt, apparenuy flue, irom persoos w umi uo - scription alone, to the amount of three millions of dollars. Upon con vi nation with the accounting officers of tbe trr aury, be louod that they did not consider themselves authorised to briog it Btaiiut acv delmquriit until hi, accounts wrrm iinuidaied. and the balance ascertained. This settlement, cf course, was delayed by the defaulter : and tbe object of the bill was to cna Me tbe accounting olficert to coerce tbe persons so situated to come to settlement. A tier some conversation, in which Mr. Lowndes expressed his surprise at the construction which it appeared bad been' given to the existius; law : Mr. burwcll congratulated the ho jse on the introduction of this bill, so necessary to the security of public money, to the pro tection of honest claimants, and the detection of fraudulent transactions; and Mr. l . M. Nelson reaffirmed what he had already said, adding, that as tbe government preserved a coercive power over the pay masters while in office, ins'ances nad frequently occurred in which, under the present laws, ii was found necessary to keep paymasters in office, without any duty to perform merely to obtain a settlement of their accounts. The bill was ordered to be engrossed lor a third reading. CuiulittUumul amendment Mr. Lewis olfer - ed for conideratiou tbe following resolution : Resolved, by the senate and bouse of representatives of the United States of America, iu congress assembled, two thirds of the same coo - ciftring, That the following sectious be iccom - meuded to the several states of the union, for their adoption, as amendments to the constitution of the United Slates : I. The president of the Uuited States shrill not, in future, have the power ol approving or disapproving any bill, or bills, or joint resolutions passtd by the senate and bouse i f represeuta live. II. The senate and bouse of representatives of the United Slates shall, by joiut ballot, appoint o faces, and u.l all vacancies, in the judiciary of tbe United Slates. III. The seoate and house of representative: of the United states shall appoint by joint ballot, tJe follow in beads of departments, whose term of service shall continue years ; but may be removed from office at any time, during the term for which they were elected, for inability to dtschargt the duties of office, or for hih crimes and misdemeanors 1st. A secretary of the treasury, who shall appoint all officers belonging to the department ol the treasury. Sd. A secretary of war, who shall have tho power ol appointing all officers, both civil and military, belonging to the department of war. Jd. A secretary of the navy, who shall have the power to appoint all officers, both civil and military, belonging to tbe department of the navy. 4th. A post - master general, who shall have the power to appoint all olficers belonging to the post - olline department. IV. Vacancies occasioned by death, resigna tion, or removal from office in the Judiciary, or the heads of departments, during the recess ot congress, snail lie tilled by ttie V resident, tuiijcct to Uie approval or rejection of Con - greka at their next session. V. The heads iifdepnrtmeiits,shaU bo amenable to congress for all appointments mado by them ; and to prevent improper recommendations to office, whruever any person, in nlfi"e, shall be con victed of any crime, misdemeanor, or be dismissed from office for neglect of duty, tho name of the person so enmicted, or dismissed, with the name or names of those who recommended him to ollioe, shall be advertised for sis months in some newspaper, in every state and territory of, the United slates in whit b there shall be a print ing - office. The resolution having been read, was, on mo tion of Mr. Lewis, ordered to lie ou the table, and be printed. On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Louisiana, it was Hesolved, that the president of the United . - tales be requested to obtain bom the Spanish authorities, all the records and official documents appertaining to the government of Louisiana, particularly such as concern grants and titles to land, which may have been taken out of that country at the period of its cestion to the United states. And a committee was appointed to wait no the president of the United States with the said resolution. , tank rf the United SMtiMr. IT. Nelson, from the committee on the judiciary, having reported, without amendment, the bill from the se nate to authorise the Bauk of the United States to appoint a vice - pretident, ic. A motion was made by Mr. Moore to strike out tho first sectiori of the bill. Whereu)on, Mr. Poindextcr moved to post pone the bill indefinitely. This motion gave rise to an animated debate f two or three hours, a sketch of which we shall lay before our readers iu a day or two. Che question bcin taken on the indefinite postponement of the bill, was decided as follows : yeas 85, unys Ml. co the Inli was rejected The bill from the senate in addition to the act to prohibit the introduction of slaves into the United Stales, was read a third time and pvsrd. The eii;rosed bill, to continue in force from June 1 81 'J to June IU26, theilanse of the act of 18)6, laying duties on imported cottons, wool len, Vc. was read the third time, passed, and scut to the senate lor concurrence. The bouse then resolved itself into a commit tee of the whole, Mr. II. ftrlsoo in the chair, on the general invalid pensioner's lull. This bill, as usual, occupied the committee some hours, ami produced considerable disCus - iqn, arising on motions by different gentlemen, to insert in the bill the names of various invalid soldiers, either not previously sent to the com mitlee on pensions, or reported on unfavorably ky that committee. 1'hese cases ran ly involve any new principle, and are too confined io their interest to require particular notice. j he only motion which varied materially from the general character, on this subject, was one made by Mr. Clay, to iusert the name of Charle; Lamest, an orphan boy, in the bill as a pensioner The facts in this case, as stated by Mr. ("lay were, that tbe father of tins boy, Charles Earnest, received a wound at Bladens burg which caused his death, leaving his infant ita. destitute and unpiotetted, and tbe more for lorn, as he is both deaf and dumb. To defray the expences of educating this unfortunate child at the asylum of the deaf and dumb, in Connecti cut, Mr. Clay move to authorise the sum of fiiO a year, to be expended under the curec - lion of the secretary of war ; and followed his motion by a short, but toucluog, appeal to the ;tierou4 and patriotic feelings of the bouse. I he motion was carried without opposi'ioa, aad alnrnst without a dissenting voice. Tho ciiminittte theu proceeded with the bill, on which it - busily engaged till between 6 and 7 o'clock, hen, having fone through with it, the committee rose and reported it with some amendments ti the house, and 1 be bou.c adjourned. iril 17. Mr. Trimble submitted the following resolu - I tion: I R',''l,i That the e - retarrof war be, and i h" " hereby int - uc!r.l to report to this houw. l an 'arl riai 01 ll" '"00 of corgrwt, ' wh'tficr ny cd if any, what redaction may be ' - , - r made m the military peace eslaUiihment of the United Stales, with safety to the rullic service, 1 be engrossed bill to compel delinquent pay masters to settle ineir accounts, was rru u third time, and then, on motion, laid on the la - hi. The house then took tip the amendment! of the senate to tbe bill to enforce neutrality. The bouse, on motion of Mr. forsylh, dis agreed to that amendment of tbe senate which proposed to continue in force so mutn ol tne act of 1797 as makes it punishable by tbe courts of' the United States, for a citixen to 'take, cut of the tmitt of the United Statu, a commission to serve again - t any foreign power in amity with the United Mates. Tbe remainder of the jimendmeotj of tbe senate were agreed to by the house, and were little more than verbal, with the exception of two : one of which proposed to punish Uie delivery of commissiooe from a foreign government to vessels, frc. within the United States ; the other was the rejection by the senate of the section incor porated in the bdl in this bouse, on the motion ol Mr. Clay. The section was stated by Mr. For syth, to be wholly unnecessary, since the decision of the supreme court io the case of Palmer and others, (published some time ago in the Natioual Intelligencer) parts of which Mr. r . read to the house. The bill from the senate concerning tonnage and discriminating duties, was reported by Mr. Seybert, from the committee of commerce and manufactures, without amendment, and the bill ordered to a third reading. 1 be bill from the senate fixing the compensa tion of Indian agents and factors, was reported by Mr. Southard, without amendment, and the hill ordered to a third reading. arious other business was done, which we have not an opportunity of recording, as the house had a recess for an hour and a half at tun set, and sat late in the night, on the post road and elhtr bills. from the Albany Daily Advertiser, April 18. aanke. In the house ot Assembly yester day, the Norwich bank bill was rejected by a majority or two. .Vuosefiuently a motion was made to recommit the bill to a committee of the whole which prevailed. The bill from the Senate, for establishing a bank at Cherry - Valley passed by - a majority of twenty i and the bill confirming Banking Privileges to the (,'atskill Acqueduct Association passed by a majority of 10. Gen Root made a strong effort in opposition to the banks. The first section of Doctor Sargent's bill for levying a distinct tax upon bank stock, passed yesterday in blank, by a large majority. Mr S. announced his intention of moving to fill the blank with two mills on the dollar. The Senate were yesterday occupied exclusively upon the Militia Bill. The bill postponing the Congressional Election till 1819, has passed the Senate. The militia bill yesterday passed the Senate with sundry amendments. The Senate were afterwards some time employed upon the Finance Bill, from the House of Assembly but rose and reported before any question was taken. In the House of Assembly the first section of the Norwich bank bill, (rejected Uie day before,) was passed by a majority of five, after a warm debate. LEGISLATURE OF NEW - YORK. HOUSE OK ASSEMBLY. April 13. A mesiage was received from the hon. the senate, informing that they had amended aud passed the bill entitled " an act to amend an act en titled an act to incorporate medical societies for Uie purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state ;" the bill and amendments were referred to Messrs. Barstow, Sar gent and Greenly. The usual number of copies ordered to be printed. The committee of the whole were discharged from the further consideration of the bill con cerning the courts of common pleas ia the seve nil counties of this state. Petition of Isaac G. Otrden, relative to a cer tain lottery authorised by law, was read, and by unauimous consent Air. Meigs brought la a bill anting the prayer of the petitioo, entitled "an act to amend an act to facilitate the intercourse between the western part of the state and the city of New - York;" read twice and commit ted. Petition of Thomas Place and others, butchers or the city of New - York, praying the repeal of a certain section of the act therein mentioned. referred to the members from New - York. PROVIDENCE, (R.l.i April 17. Rhode - Island eltction. On Wednesday, the Ireemcn of this state assemble I in their respec live towns, to elect general officers for the year ensuiug, and representatives in the next general assembly. I rom the returns which have been received, it is feared the Howell prox has suc ceeded, and that Mr. Knight and his partisans will, for one year at least, " wield the democra cy" of Rhode - Island. .Vr. Loris, March 20. On the 18thinst. the Mississippi commenced rising, and continued so rapidly to mount tbe ti st bank, that on Saturday morn in ir avast quantity of property, consisting of flour, pork, lumber, hi eworxl anil boats in a stitte of repair, were carried oft. It appears that the present rise is occasioned by the late breaking up of the .Missouri ice. 1 lie Mississippi above salt river continues closed. SwivsAii, April 11. Military moremmls Col. Marshall, com mantling the 1st regiment in this city, received orders last evening from the Mai. ticn. of the first division, requiring him to hold Ins regi ment in readiness to march at a moment's warning, each man to be provided with 60 rounds of cartridges. The order has been com plied with through the Colonel. A similar or der, it is said, has been made on the whole state. A letter from Amelia, of the 4th inst. gives a report from St. Augustine, that 600 Kurope an veterans were expected there to defend the place. CHARLESTON. April 9. ..We understand that A,000 specie, were Ian led from II. M. brig Beaver, which touched off the harbor on .Monday last, from ISaisau. Ssviiftin, April T. Daring Robbety On .Sunday evening last, some villuin or villi ins entered the store of Messrs. hie hards & llarroway, by taking the tile Irom ott tbe root of Urn house, entered tlieir counting room, tor ecu open the iron chest, and took therefrom the sum of eight hundred dollars in American gold Fire.' On Friday evening, about 10 o'clock, the Urge new bouse of Mr. Morrison, on Mrooklvn Heights, was discovered to be cn fire. We understand that this building was nearly finished, and was intended as a public house, the grounds of which having been laid out in handsome gardens tor the accrmmrxl tion of the citizens of New - York who might visit that dellghi fill and commanding em nence during the Summer months. Great exertions were made to save the building, but it Was nearly destroyed. Jf. Y. Gaz. A Fewndling. On Friday evening, Mr. Kel - l - jy, one of tne persons employed in this office, was disturbed by the cries of some person in distress s and going into the street, be disco v. ered that the noise proceeded from a basket, hich, on taking into the h oe, he found con tained a fine boy of about five mon'.h old Te clothing of the infant i u deposited at Uie bottom of the bwAet, wsthout any note or mark to' discover to whom it belonged. It was slightly covered, and drenched to the skin, during a violent shower of ram and high wind. There was sk person in Uie street at the time but that Mr. Kelly represents. that after taking up the basket, a person came up to him, and, in a careless manner, inquired i..t it rnntuined i and. on being answei ed, k uvnt off. without exnressinsr any further iiinuir. The clothinz of the child, though much worn, is saia xo oe oi ruuu iiwii, and fashionably made. The infant appears to have heen harahlv treated, as it goes to any person who will take it and appear to be contented witn us new projectors. lev has a child, which she is now nursing, and the little foundlintr partakes, with much cheer - fulness, of the nourishment onereu Dy us new fi - inil. It is very strange and unnatural, that after keeping a handsome and interesting baby for five months, that tne parent or guai oiancoum thus have exposed it to perish in the streets, .liirincr an inclement night, or to be found by any person whom chance may have directed to the spot It could not have been want, f r, on application to the guardians of Uie poor, measures would have been xaxen io pruwuc for it. The child is well taken care ot, by Mrs. Strontr. who resides in the same house ; and those who have a curiosity to see it, or who may possibly identify its parents, can call at No. 00 llarman - streeu Jai. star. i THIRD WARD. ftV The Federal Republican electors of the third Ward, arj requested to imet ut Reynold's No. 5 Coiirtlandt street, on Monday evening next, at half past seven o'clock, to sc - lect a committee of nomination for charter officers for the said ward. P I ' FOURTH WARD. Irr The Federal Republican Electors of the Fourth Ward, are requested to attend a general meetincr. at Jiarmoov - Hall. on Wednesday Evening next, at half past 7 o'clock, to hear Ihe report of tlieir committee oi ivominauon. ap 2U MARRIED, fin Saturday eveninsr. bv the Reverend Mr. irins. Mr. Nathaniel J. fioyd, to Miss Esther Timpson, daughter of Mr. Cornelius l impson, all of this city. Al Alcxacdna, on the 14th instant, Mr. Jotin fophain to Mi.s Mary Ann I hompson. tYfCXLYa POSTMAKWK LIST CLEARED. Brier Factor, Noyes, Matanzas and Havana uooelliue k uo. Four Sisters, Holland, Newburyport Sloop Vischer, Ingraham, Boston Venus. Comstock, providence AHfUVEl) ItllS fVRF.VOuA Brig Mechanic, Ray, 20 days from Trinidad de Cuba, with sugar, to E Malibi an. Left, brigs Remittance, Bradford, of Bristol, for Boston 10th April ; Prize, tor llristol 15th ; sloop Fly, of do for Carthagena 15th Toad - Fish, Fosburg, for Bristol in May or June. Spoke, going in, sell Nymph, Bingham, 14 days from Philadelphia, had lost her stern boat. April 4, off the Moi o, was spoken by the Uue - nos Ayrean brig Independence, and permitted to pass next day, lat 24, long 80, was board ed by a Buenos Ayrean armed brig, haiing a prize brig in co. taken on tne iste ol fines, with 120,000 dollars on boar.l Alie was then in chase of the sell Sally, from Trinidad, with a full cargo, to Smith il Bailey, of New York. The boarding officer apologised tor bringing us to, stating that he was fitted out with or ders not to molest American vessels. The brig Mary, of Kennebunk, was loading at Trin idad, to sail for Philadelphia in 25 days. Uriir Venus, 20 days fiom Matanzas, with sugar and molasses, to J Goodhue & Co. Left, March Jo, brig Pomona, uettge, loading; Washington, do , ship Fox, of New iork, dis charging ; Gen Jackson, Taylor, for Havana in 10 days, to complete her loading ; Cleopatra, Barber, loading sen Comet, tirover, do ; Mi In, Tallman, do. for N York ; Charity, Atkins, waiting cargo t Mentor, C.irr, loading i Mary, Muizv, for Boston ; sloop ICetrieve, , trom Charleston for Boston ; sell Nancy - Ann, Claik, loading for Boston : Aueona, l.rillin, discharging. Schr Pacific, Newman, 5 days from Wilming ton, N C with rice, cotton aud naval stores, to Bunce il WoodhulL a Shuter, ond others, S'poke nothing. Passengers, Messrs, Shuter and Nitkcrson. Schr packet Oscar, Allen, 5 days from Wilmington, N C with flour, cotton, wheat, naval stores, ic. to S Robertson, r itch, Goodwin 4 Co. Brooks it Hoyt, Shipman tl Ixird, J Lippet, and J Bowen, jun. opoke, going in, brig America, Kennard, 12 days from Portsmouth, N II for Wilmington. Sailed io co. with sloop Osiris, Jones, for Providence, R. I. .1RRIVEI) LAST FJ'F.JWffl, Shin Telegraph, Fanning, 4 days from Charles ton, with rice, hemp, &ic. to A. G. Phelps, Jones k Meeraih, J. W. Schmidt Hi Co Poll it M'hiiine, A. E. Walsnn, Tricon Missilirr, G. Z. Lebuzr, italtus, Sou te Co A. (. I racer, J. Cooper 6i Co l). Bethuiie &i Co. ami W. Bailie. Passengers Messrs P. Adams, W. Appleloii, J. Amory, D. Hewitt, R. Flconrr,G. B. Phillippe, S. Stanton, W. E. Sins, J. W. Conklin, and If. Laisnr who request ns to return their thanks to (apt. fanning, for his alteulion to them during their short passage. Ship MorningStnr, Bishop, Odays from Charleston, with moln' - ses, dry goods, cotton, &iC to II. Cowing, Fitch, Goodwin ti Co. W. R. Oyckman, Van Wyrk, Melish a; Lester, P. flemsen Ic Cn. CoMen, M'Lra &: Co. P. II. Shnick b Co. Bo - gerl X, Shipinan Lord, Anderson &. Muarcr, and II Bicvoorf,jr. Passengers, Mrs Wagner and 2 daughters, Mr. II. Siiilh and i children, Miss (iillou, Miss Sinhh, Miss Martin, Miss Cowan, Messrs. Colden, Snow, Witliger, and Lrsu. Brig Amelia, Mntl, 5 days from Savannah, with cotton and dry goods, to 'T. Phelps &. Co. A. G. rneins, ii. ucsuiirv, rolt t ftl Kmne, J. Miipec, and Kelly L M Bride. Passengers, Messrs. Skinner, Luther, I'liinkei, Hurry, Smith, Cleveland, Strong, Jackson, Bielianls and Sansay. The ship Rising States, and hrig Telegraph, sailed b days hel'orr ft ibis port. Left brig Speedy Peace, for New York, in 5 days; sloop William k Hem y, for do. in 2 ; sloop Columbia, just ar. from Mobile, lor do in 5 days. The passengers return their sincere thanks to rapl. Moll, lor his attentiou to them during the passage. Brig Leopard, Lake, from Alexandria, 4 days from the Capes, with Uour, to W. Neilson Son, G. King &i Co. and 1). B. Ogden. Sailed iu co. with i M - hrs. for Boston. Schr Charles Hays, Thompson, 13 days from Washington, N. G." with nasal stores, to Hjer, Rit'innrr Co. 12th inM. oii"Chinc"league, spoke ship Lucies, CO days from Liverpool, for City - Pontt. Schr Eliza - Jane, Gains, Milays from New hern, with naval store, to Hyer, tti einner Si Co. and Randolph Si Savage, tin the 2lith March, within I mile of Cape llnlteras Shonl. fell in w ith Schr. Essex, of Charleston, with both masts gone by I he board, her deck ripped up forward blowing a tremendous gale at the time, took ofTthecrcw, (4 ! persons at great hazard. Schr. Jar - vis Brown u Co. Harding, 21 days from St. Croix, with mm and sugar, to Hyer, Bremner 4i Co. R. F. Midler, Iwrtnce ii Botts, ti. W. Lain?, and Cannon Craft. Left, March 23, brigs Martha, Smith, for Wihningtou, in 8 days; Comet, Hunt, for Boston; Raven, William, for Middlnown, oncer. ; Jane, M'Lrllan, f r Boston, do. ; William Smith, M Illan, lor do; James Monroe, Crocker, of B ub, for Baltimore, in 3 or 10; Independence, Barnard, for N. London, da ; Merchant, Fairfield, lor Boston, unc' Nabliv, Riih, do. in 10; Condor, Goodrich, for Middh tow j, unrer. ; Jamet Scott, Ellis, for N York, do. senrs. William. York, Portland ; Milo, Allen, for N. York, in 10; Washington, Gioid, K .tinebunk, for St. Johns, to load ; Mary, Driver, Norfolk, uiscct. ; Olive, Dnnkwoier, of Boston, from W ilimorton. Spoke AprU 1, lat. 23, long. 71, brigs Onaimuo, ard Marv, both from Phila delphia, for St. Jago de Cuba. . Apl. f . lat. 30, long. 72, trig Caroline, Soble, 18 days from Bol ton, sor riavana. , . Sloop Factor, Aikin, oays irom with Hour, tea and lemons, to duwb and Smith fc Bailey. Schr. Louisa, lliorp, oays itoir .v...... - ., with flour and tobacco, to Boorman ft Johnston, T. Irvin, Walsh fc Gallagher, ana otners. P"e, in Hampton lloads, sclir. piary rniuvna. . ..u.... from New - York, for Petersburg. Schr. Hero, Holmes, sailed day before lor i.iserpuoi. , Sch Gold Hunter, Bunker, 12 days from St. Mary's, with cellar, logwood, L pine plank, to Smith U Nicoll.. April !o off Currituck, spoke brig Leo - paid, Hubbell, Ifi days fr. Martinique for Bridgeport. The U.S. brig Prometheus, and a schr. sailed from St. Marys the days before. Sch Emebiie, Johnsou, 3 days from Little 1 ork, with ovsters. . , Schr Diana, Bird, 5 days from Bnllnnore, with iron, quicksilver, gin, tea, silks u iiiinkii.s, to W . W.&; J. H. Todd, and others. Sailed in co. with an herni. hrig for New York. ' Sloop Aueona. Knapp, 3 days from Petersburg, with lotwcco, to Robertson A - Kelso, and P. Mana - han. 7 passengers Sloop Herald, Thorp, 18 days from Murfrees - boro', with ohvbI stores and lumber, to Waring 4i Kimberly. Sailed from the bar, 7th inst. in co with schr True American, Barlow, fur Boston. On ridnv. off 1 - .it llarbor.sooke ship Conestoga, 28 in from LamUmderry, for Philadelphia. Sloop r ranees, isiinoeny, oinuiiuui ueoifjc - town, S. C.with cotton, to Saul Alley: Six passengers. Sloop Lottery, Talmer, 8 daysfrom Charleston, in ballast, bound to New Haven. Sloop Ann Maria, Sledinnn, 8 days from Charleston, in ballast, bound lolsew Has cn. Sloop Young Romp, Racket!, 6 days fr. Georgetown, S. C. with rice, to Mnjor k Gillespie. Sloop Mechanic, Srr.ith, in 7 days from Richmond, with coal, to A. Eraser SloopTraveller,Bciiston,iii7 days from Alexandria, with flour, to Bvrnes, Trimble it Co. Sloop Rambler, Hilcliiugs, 6 dnys from Norfolk, with shingles, to J ft C. Seguinc. Sloop Neptune, Chittenden, in 4 days fr. Richmond, wilh Hour, to W.J. Formaii tl Co. On Friday night, spoke sloop Atlantic, Goodrich, 12 days from Savannah, going into Norlolk. Sloop Canton Crape, Lee, in 7 dnys from Eden - ton, with wheat, shad, hie. to Blount k Jackson. Schr. 1'ollv, Easton, 10 days from Wilmington, with tar nnd'staves, to Griswolds fti Coates. Charleston April 13. Ar. brig Hiram, Brown, of Providence, Surinam, 27, via. St. I ustaua and St Croix. 17 dim IVoiii the latter port. Sailed fi - imi Siirinnm in rn w iih brics New Orleans, for Providence, and John Lnngdun, for Portsmouth from St. Croix, wilh schr. Volant, lor Boston. Left at Surinam, brigs Fox, Foster, lor Boston, nncer.; Trident, Corv, and schr. Sea - Serpent, both for New - York, ui 10 davs. AUo, ar. sloop Prince Morris, Bushy, Philadelphia,?; Br. ship Ruikes, Brnnell, 3 davs from Wilmington, N C. bound to Liverpool, put in to refit, having gol adiore on Cape Fear bar, and sprung a leak. Cleared, Dutch ship illielinina, i.uveBreen Saileil ships Friends, Jeffery, for Liverpool ; Br. sloop Alphonzo, fcve, Bermuua. jiprtl 14. Ar. or. brig vvenuipiwiii ".oc'i Vlmitrirn Knv. 2fi. mm. Ou the Sth, spoke and hriir'Ha,Bli. Stow. 18 davs from New dav. sooke B. A. brig of war Perudion, with a Spanish armed brig of 18 guns in co. captured off the Isle of Pines, rind inai e n tender ot. fith. on penning hock, diui ma Bank, saw a shin ashore, w ith her masts cut awav several wreckers about her. 'Jlh, 90 miles frem Charleston bar, sioke Mexican brig Ameri ca l.ihre. on a cruize. Alss, ar. brig James Monroe, Hull, Providence, schr. Kpw Orlfiig. Smith. N VniW, (3. h rornlinn. Easlerbv. Bor deaux; Hanoverian ship Active, Bremen ; Fr. brig Venus, Deslands, Havre. Sailed, Br barque Agnes, Spain, Jamaica ;scns rscptnne, blackmail, Port - au - rrince ; oigni, on - va, Havana; Cornel, Anthony, do. &iraiinui, April 10 Below, several square rigged vessels. Cleared, schr Rosc - in - Bloom, Providence. R. I. W;iri 1 1 Ar. sloops Columbia, Baker, Mobile, IS; lieorge V aslungton, M liiiyre, isew lors, o. Spoke a brig bound in. Clenred. sbins Hidlas. Wilcox, Liverpool ; Bet sey, Cox, do : Little Cherub, M Keevei, do ; brigs Liberty, Wilson, Mailiniiiiie ; Cnlynso, Neill, Baltiniore; schrs Eliza ii Nancy, Soul, N. Yolk ; lwo Brothers, poster, Philadelpliia ; tioopnisiug sun, Hates, .New toik FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. 5team - boat Hotel, Beading & News Room, Norfolk. Anril 159 P. M. S Gentlemen After ten or twelve days of cold northerly winds it veered round last night to the southward, snce which time the weather has been more mild. The sch Young Sachem, St ith, hence for N Orleans, wilh 101 slaves on board, was cast a - wnv on the moniiniruf the 13tli March, (proha - bly on one of the Bahamas, as a letter from a passenger on board, dated at iNass..u 2d April, mentioned the circumstance) every person on board was saved vessel prctibly lost. Sch Snowbird. Parker, Udavs from Charles ton, bound to Philadelphia, put in here in dis tress, having: been run foul of by a lumber loa ded sch. while laying too on the night of the 6th inst. in lat 36 27, long 74 15, which carried away the bowsprit, main - bonm, fore - rigging, Sec. and came very near sinking her. Sch Union, Mersereau, 40 hours from New - York, and SO to the capes. In Hampton Roads ?hip Lucius, Ruther ford, of Yovk, 63 days from Liverpool, bound to City Point. April 16 - 10 A. M. Wind S W. Arrived, sch Sai ah h Louisa, Murphv, from Bali imore hound to Lisbon, with a cargo of corn On Monday last, on the edge of the Gulf Stream, in lat 36 40, experienced a gale which sprung her funn.tst and caused her to spring a - teak in her upper works and wooden ends put in to repair. IJi itish brig Margaret, Carleton, 22 days from llarbadocs. Sch Ranger, Lake, from New York and 46 limn s Irom the Hook. NEWBURYPORT, April 17. Arrived at Cnpfc - Ann, on Tuesday Inst, hrig St. Clair, capt. Nichols, ol this iort, 30 days from Cudiz. Left at Cadiz, Dolphin, , of Plymouth, for Havana; Boston, Knowls, for Boston ; Ruth Ai Mary, Brown, lb: Philadelphia ; Mohawk, Whita - kcr, of N York for Russia; Fair - American, Brown, Baltimore, lor do. The two latter la - ken up to carry hpme the seamen which were in Ihe Russian fleet sold to the Spanishgovernmenl. Capt. N. says they were impressing men at Cadiz to roan the Russian ships of w. - r, probably destined to S. America. This fleet consisted o five ships of the line and four frcalns. J14000 were given, by the run, to American ships to take home the sailors Capt. N. heard nothing ol the English ports being outn for the admission ol flour from America. Markets were dull for biead stuffs at Cadiz Indian corn was 90 cts. Lat 42 30. long 47. fell in with vast fields of ice which rendered (he danger too great to run in the uiht. Capt. N. made Cape Cod in 19 days bad the wind generally to the eastward, but ex perienced no gales. Wiixisgton, sr. c. Arrived sch Enterprize, Pease, from St Lucia. Left at A'f Lucia, March 24, brigs Jane, for Portland, next dy ; Maria Antoinette. Whitaker, for N York t schs Mechanic, Knight, for Boston, 30 days ; Susan, Cbace. for Rhode Island, 15 days. Cleared, brigs Dragon, Bacon, for London ; Tryail, Huntington, for est Indies , Pene lope, Tobey, for Boston Telegraph, Lithgow, tor st. Martins. Holmes's Hulk, April 14. Sch. Hope - Re turn, Harding, sailed from Boston the ll'Ji, bound to Baltimore, and on the 11th, at 5 M. ran aground on Lumado M.oal, about 10 mi'es from this place, wind to the time E N E blowing heavy. She immediately sprung a - leak all hands staid by her, till 1 o'clock this morning the vessel then being half full of water, and no probability of gett'nir ott, o - re ceiving any assistance from tbe shore, thought it beat to try to save themselves in the Longboat , accordingly they all trot into tbe boat. 14 in number, leaving every tiling but just what they had on, and arrived at Hi is place at 1 o'clock, P. M. safe, but very much fatigued the wind blowing a fresh gale from the X. E. anu at Did a sea a we genemuv tare in uui ' sound. She had "a cargo of grindstones, rh ter, beef, gin, potatoes and other articles. Arrived el ip Salus, Harrod, from .Calcutta, for Boston, 173 days from Sand Heads. - THEATRE. Op Monday evening. April 50, will bepresented Peregrine, Mr. Pritrhn Job Thornhury, milon Ui nnts Brulgruddery, Robertson Lady Caroline: Braymore, Mrs. Grothon Mary 1 bornberry, Untley Between the 3d and 4th nets of the d'hv M. Keeoe will sing the halbd of the Sailor Boy in character. To which will he added, the farce of the POOR SOLDIER. Pa'rkk, Mr Keen. In which character he will sing the favorite son.. of Cush la ma three, and the Exile of Erio. Performance to Commence al a onarlrr seven o'clock. oooouttoooo ttfjm On Wednesday, the comic opera or THE DUENNA. V Don Carlos, Mr. Keeoe Alter wnicn, HUSBANi.Sk WIVES. - For the benefit of Mr Kceue. FRENCH ACADEMY, No. 198 broadwatT ft"7 - Mr. SUCH ARD avails liimwlf of h.I medium to offer his best thanks to Riose parents and guardians who have intrusted him withihi care of their children, assuring then and Uie nub. i... ...... .t... ..KM.:iiiH.. r in. lliuv tor aituie viiJiuiiiung niieiiuotl 10 their studies and comlort, and lenient and gentle mode of treatment shall he observed, that his Dipt lht general approbation and patronage. ui.e oi ine. ptincipai auvaiiiagcs oi tins establishment, which has already met with treat tn. courage ment, is the entire exclusion of all but the Flench language ij the general conversation of the school. I Itereturt it is to - be. undmluod tlutt none uill be udmitled but such as inltndlo become French scholar. Penmanship taught by an English master. The number of scholars is limited tn 25. In addition to the many lerpect - nble references .Mr. 6,' give in this city, be thinks that the most laUfjactoty are the parents of his present scholars - - " An evening schoolfor the accommodation of gentlemin whose eugagcueuts preclude an earlier attendance. For terms apply as above, from 12 to 3 o'clock. try - The Spanish Language taught in a sepa rate apartment, by a Spanish gentleman. apsu eousw NOTICE. 07 The Annual election for Direc tors of the Bank of America, will be - beld at the Baa k, on MvMidav the 4th day of May next. The poll will open al 10 and at 2 o'clock. By older of Ihe board ol directors. GEO. NEW BOLD, Cashr. ap 20 The annual Meeting of the Marine Bible Society will be held this evening, at " o'clock, in the Methodist Church in John - st. Merchants, masters of vessels, seamen and all other persons friendly to the objects of the 6'ociety, are respectfully invited to attend. ap20 It FUHA'tTTHK, CUT GLASS ic L'ULYA, AT AUCTION. GAMAGE k COOPER will sell on Wednesday the 22nd instant, at 10 o'clock, at Kirk Si Merceuvs long room 20 w all - street, a large and valuable assortment of mahogany furniture i also 5 cases of best Paris made china, consisting of tea and coffee sets, dessert plates. &c. 2 cases of rich London cut glass, looking glasses, paintings, 4x. &c. Goods intended for the sale will be ree'd until Tuesday noon, the goods may be examined the day previous to the sale. ap 20 It I COiNCERT. V I RS. FRENCH'S third and last Concert ol Vocal and Instrumental Music, will take place on Tuesday, the 21st instant, at Citv - JloteA, when will be performed the following Pieces. leader of the urcbestra, mr. UeulU riano f orte, Mr. Etieune I. PART 1. Overture Weigle Song, Believe w, if all those endearing yotwg charms Moore March, (Governor Clinton's) Meline - r. : r i 3nng, ieuse jour iiiiining, s - rrciitrsim nccuuiuaui - tui nls Madame Cntalitii's Variations Variations. Flute and Piano Forte Messrs. Taylor and Etienne Berhrguier Song, Be mine lender passion Storan. Fin. dc, by desire Winter. PART II. SACRED MUSIC. Overture, by desire Boieldieu Oh Zion, Oh Jerusalem, composed expressly for Mis. French B. Carr Minuetto Witt Oh had I Jubul's Lyre Handel Variations on the Clarionet, by Mr. Melioe Langhert Angels ever bright and fair, Orchestra accompaniments Handel Finale Witt Performances to commence at balf past 7 ' clock, precisely. Tickets to he had at Mr. Geib's, Maiden - Lane Mr. Dubois's, and Messrs. Goodrich t Co.'i Broadway ; and at the Bar of the City - Hotel, ap 20 . For CI 1.1 rlL&S YJA", The fast sailing packet ship ltl - i GRAPH. J. Faning. master i to sail on 1 hireday S3d inst. with what freight may oner. For freight or passage, having superior accoas - modatio!i9, apply on board, west side Fly market wharf, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, ap20 183Front - st. For Freight or Charter, The ship SILEN US, recently repaired, and a fast sailer, will siow 1800 barrels, and is ready to receive a cargo. Apply to CAMBRELENG K PEARC - ON. ap 20 07 aoutn - sirecv. fvr Freight or Charter, - ' TV, fin. hriw TRIDENT. Thompsoa JkLiil master, 212 loos; has made but on voyage, sails well, and is in good order. Apj7 on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to ap20 JOS. UgbUttJit aouin - GERMAN LINENS. VTOW landing, a few bales biowo hzapea j Ticklenbures, 'a. .m Ditto Osnaburgs, Brown Rolls andBwfMS) Linen. ALSO ON HAND, White and brown Platillas - Bretagnes, Dowias, Creas, Lislados Book Checks, Checks No. 2 Hessians, Rays, Flaxen Osnahnrgs Superior Dutch Black and Blue Cloths Colored and Black Galloons, assorted in soluble numbers. Tapes, Coffee Mills Brown frame, Toilet and Pocket Glasses) liking Glass Plates, assorted sizes . Valers, Lead Pencils, Sugar Cane Knives Card - Wire, Holland Deck, and F.O boxes Pategrass Cheese. For sale on reasonable terms by O. tc 7 . MEYLRs ap20 1w 118 Washington street. 40 RU.V, SUGAR, lie. Hhdi. first proof new rum inn k,, Uliii'i rhncolate ' 40 do mould and dip'd candles 200 half and or. boxes Spanish cigars, an constaut supply of loaf and lump sugar, m on Uerces, boxes and barrels Forle b r ' JACKSON & W Wl.lXJ. aP20 95V1M j OHM AbR.M. WILLINK a CO. od 358cases superior Bengal In tf scral casks smalts, i urlicuiarly desirau" for bleachers and paper makers 4 casks hardware , i . - k, A few bahs cas.imerfianj s.alloon's, ahaw ap20

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