Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1939 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
Page 9
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MASON CITY Out of the Pressbox At. BY MITCHELL Spring Job Lies Ahead ciub are not club members can lend their l e l d r t n Galento-Louis Bout Due ;to Be Given to New York JOETTESPLAY IN CAGE MEET Local Team to Enter Dubuque Tourney in Wednesday Pairing Another Mason City basketball team will turn towards tournament play this week as St. Joseph's high school's girls enter diocesan competition at Dubuque. The local team will play St Mary's of. Waterloo in a first- round game scheduled at 2 p. m Wednesday. Sixteen teams will compete in the tournament, with Immaculate Conception of Dubuque defending its title. The pairings and schedule: 10 a. m.--Dubuque, St. Joseph's, Elkader. St. Joseph's. 11 a. m.--Eellevue. St Joseph's, vs dependence. St. John's. Cedar Ranicis. St. xv»nr.o«iT,*r ' . vs. VB . r-i "' TM--at ° n «ic!ll, Sacred Heart, vs. l-edar Rapids. Immaculate Conception . 4 p. m.-- P«osta, St. John's, vs. Du- bunue, St. Columbklllc's. ·kfTM,iE'-S"T? i 2- !a . t " 1 ' St - CI «n=nt'5 ^yascaae, St. Martin s. ~-i*i JS '' p ' m -~ Parley, · : St. Joseph's, Eubuquc, Immaculate Conception. New Hampton Squad Counts 3 1 4 Points , NEW HAMPTON-- New Hampton high school's basketball team scored a total of 314 points during the past season with Paul "Red" Miller, forward setting the pace With a total of 94 points. The Chickasaws scored 50 per cent of their free throws, sinking 94 out of 188 opportunities Order Your SUIT or TOPCOAT Now ... For Easter New Sprine Patterns Now on Display Jersey, Phil Boxing Promoters Seeking Chance at Contest NEW YORK, (ff)~With Philadelphia and New Jersey hollering loudly for the fight, the burning question of where the Tony Galento-Joe L o u i s heavyweight championship bout will be held is due to be settled when the New York State Athletic commission convenes. Although one commissioner, Bill Brown, haS condemned the affair because of Galento's physical shape, it is quite likely the fight will be held in New York on the commission's approval and thati .Promoter Mike Jacobs will set the site as Yankee stadium and the date as sometime late in June Herman Taylor, the Philadelphia promoter, wired Jacobs Monday pleading the fight be held there and Abe Greene, the New Jersey state boxing commissioner, put m a boost for his state as the site. MAD6 TO MEASURE Suits-TOPCOATS-0 COATS CHUCKFElKE AFTER RECORD Wisconsin Runner to Assault Special Mile Race Time Saturday CHICAGO, (JF)--Charles Fenske, conqueror of Glenn Cunningham last week, will make an ambitious assault on the latter's indoor record Saturday in a special matched mile race at the Armour tech re- ays. Fenske's best mile mark so far is four minutes, 8.9 seconds, recorded in the relays last season Cunningham's record is 4:04.4 established on the Dartmouth university indoor track. Fenske will be paced by Tommy Deckard and Jimmy Smith, former middle distance stars at Indiana university. " The former Wisconsin star's attack on the veteran Kansan's mark will feature the eleventh annual running of the relays at the University of Chicago fieldhouse More than 400 athletes from nine states have entered the meet. HOW TO MAKE A CHAIR MORE COMFORTABLE MILDNfSS PLUS CHARACTER CLUB OKAY, JUST NOT IN .GLASS OF REST OF LEAGUE Cuban Ballplayers to Fill Washington List as Season Begins By GAYLE TALBOT Associated Press Sports Writer ORLANDO, Fla., (IF)--For a man who is hip deep in Cuban ball players and short on big league pitchers, Bucky Harris manages to remain surprisingly calm and somehow hopeful that his Washington Senators won't be as bad as they look. In faef, ]j c lias about convinced himself that it isn't such a bail team at all, but only slightly outclassed by the terrific opposition it has to contend with in the American league these days. His attitude simply is: "How are you going to break into the first division over outfits like the Yankees, Boston, Cleveland and Detroit?" Happy Plun All Around. Thai, it seems to me, is a most sensible attitude, and one calculated to keep the old "boy manager" looking young. Bucky knew when he went back to Washington after spells at Detroit and Boston that Clark Griffith still lived in the impression that championship clubs could be founded on faith, hope and a reputation foe sagacity. So he would have only himself to blame if he began complaining: about being handed 3 lap-full of Cuban stars and under-done rookies from the tall and uncut to work with each spring. He plays the same, and lets (he club president give out four interviews lo his one, an arrangement that has proved a happy one all around. "Let's put it this way," Buclcy smiled. "If I can develop three or four great young, pitchers from this gang of youngsters, we might get up in the fight. I've got three nice pitchers to begin with in Joe Krakauskas, Dutch Leonard and Ken Chase." Rookie--No Pitch Two of the rookie mound hopes are Cubans, Roberto Ortiz and Rene Monteagudo. Ortiz is under the slight handicap of never having attempted to pitch before but President Griffith is confident they can straighten that out. Still 'another product ot the sunny isle is Roberto EsCalclIo who is modeled something along the lines of Tony Galento, and appears destined to open the season in left field. He rattled the fences for a .386 average with Charlotte last season. One of the main curses of the Senators, outside those already listed is that most of ihem bat left-handed, including the entire infield now that Zeke Bonura has gone to the Giants. Jimmy Wasdell is slated to replace Zeke on first, and Harris is certain he will be an improvement even if he doesn't hit a lick. "Won't Go Nuts" "At least I won't go nuts every time somebody slaps a grounder down at him," he said. "Maybe Bill Terry can make a first baseman out of Zeke. If he does I'll be the first man to admit he's a better man than I am." The club has three valuable hard-hitiimj players in the other infield spots: John Lewis at third, Buddy Meyer at second and Cecil Travis on short. There is some talk or Travis being shifted over to first base and .Charley Gelbert replacing him at short, but that is likely to happen only in the event AVas- dell fails completely at bat. Sam West and George Case round out a good, substantial outfield, with Taft Wright a slugging alternate. The club has plenty of hitting right down the line to its veteran catcher, Rick Fen-ell but it still takes pitching to make the mare go. Won't Be Too Bad Barrel Hoops, Barn Floor Built Newkirk Cage Team Mason City Fpes^Sac^City Strong State Tournament Bidders * * * By CLIFF HARRIS (Special Correspondent) SIOUX CITY-- Look out for those District 8 champions! Such is the chant over the state %sw»-as? TM«SKM tournament at Orange City Saturday night soon realized the Indians were not a one-man team In Bob Lauterbach Coach Brandes has one of the smoothest forwards e- ing prepared for the state tournament in Des Moines this week. A club that can leave Sibley and Sioux City Central floundering like Sac City aid and a team that can breeze through a string O f strong Class B outfits like Newkirk difl must be reckoned with in state competition. Coach Martin Brandes' Indians are a colorful lot-- particularly because of the attention showered upon Slim Jim Thynne, the center who pitches baskets like a veteran. But, actually, he's just one important cog in a well balanced machine. Fans attending the finals of the . , forward, is an indispensable member of the championship combination as are Ivan Mason and Sherill Williams, the guards. Sac City, in its 15th year under Coach Brandes, has won 23 of 24 games, losing only to Davenport on the letter's court. Earlier in the season Sac City beat the Blue Devils at Sac City. Four of the men on the first team are seniors. Sherill Williams is the junior. The trip to the state meet will be the first in the history of Sac- City high school basketball, Coach Brandes said. But when you get right down to Skes^l ^r?L NeWkirk ^T^AW " f» *»« ·* «* further If you were to look in the postal bi" S£, VMS^fHil,*! 1 Slf. n I 1 ? 6 *«* e ame ' lhe y ««« guide or on a map you wouldn't find Newkirk. It is a consolidated school four .miles from Hospers. their gyms: ThaVhelpedTomeTbut SHOES WIN IN THREE GAMES Davey Beats Cement Squad in High-Score City League' Bowling A three-straight victory fo and B Shoe, plus high totals 910, rolled by Northwester Mates Portland Cement, and 2 89'' ticketed by Davey and Son, wer top items in Mason City's curren bowling league schedule Monda night. Davey and Son, Grain Belt ant Boyd Alleys each won two games Northwestern, in spite of its higl - I » U6"l- UUWIl IU .^real, honest-to-goodnejss human Sweepstake Set A ney,- item in the bowling eal dar the Boyd's Sweepstake will be bowled Friday night a the local alleys, it was announced Tuesday by Manager Hans G Pusch. The event, which will give loca bowlers a chance to try their ski! against new pins as a warmup fo the Lyons Cleaners classic wil be bowled at 9 p. m., following Standard Oil league games. Four games will be bowleo. across the eight alleys. En trie, must be made by Thursday night score lost two games to Grain Belt, to slip into fourth place in th£ league standings as Davey and Son climbed to third. F. S. Wall rolled a 63ff series while Joe Ferrias had a 234 high single to lead the individual list HECKEK BROTHEHS Player Hill Becker Schroeder .... Arfams .... Ratllfl Actual Pins Handicap Tolal Pin 5 Players-- Gclz Poll-ell Birenbaum .. Jones Larson Actual Pins Handicap Total Pjns . 1st .. 175 .. 159 .. 134 .. 117 .. 167 id 3rd Total Av 121 182 478 163 176 500 133 140 407 132 us no 201 693 83 809 83 2380 249 83 895 782 952 2G29 871 AN1 B SHOE 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av 231 13.1 214 f.50 183 .... IG3 22-1 137 530 17' .... 158 178 118 514 17 .... ISO 151 ITS 520 17;. 132 159 135 450 lao . WO 847 87 8G7 67 934 334 042 Players-- Cordlc Gates '... Clausen .. Marsh .... Weber Actual Pins Total Pins CHAIN BELT BEER · 1st 2nd 3rd Tola! Av 104 124 . 159 174 146 47D . 220 188 153 5G1 170 191 847 8G ·422 141 760 EG 508 IfiO 2495 832 · · "'^ Jti yjj mt 27 NORTHWESTERN CEMENT 933 8J6 2753 D18 Players-Bull .' Abbott ... Schulz '' M. Pirltl F. Pirkl Actual Pius Handicap .. Tola! Pins . 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av . .. 176 .. 137 .. tsr, .. 1DO .. 902 .. 5!) 189 198 153 172 154 107 178 224 ,18!! 201 530 507 473 586 580 869 9G2 59 911 WE SELL the famous S C H I C K S H A V E R Let us demonstrate ft to you. 5U.50 and ?15.00 HOTEL HANFORD MASON CITY Players-Walt Moc Kolu Lee Collins Actual Pins Handicap .. .. SSI S2S 1021 2910 370 J A V Ji Y'.S * 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av. 213 202 I7D . 208 . 1«0 . 157 . 185 . 1 3 2 212 219 190 216 . 883 1039 . 10 10 940 10 038 60(5 537 559 522 2862 30 334 10 Total Pins Players- Bey Gamble ., DeSomcry Ferrias .. Hadclilfc . - - - - 8 3 3 10W 950 2892 964 GOLDEN" GLOW 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av. "9 195 207 541 180 IBS 176 204 546 182 1ST. -167 174 SOS 1CD '81 2.T4 203 618 206 209 177 181 5G7 189 Actoal Pins Handicap .. . 860 , 23 949 29 969 29 923 29 Its enrollment is but « and of that number only 27 are boys. Nineteen of the 27 reported for basketball practice, but--and here is the most amazing step in the team's incredible rise to fame--there wasn't a gym. The boys rigged up a pair of hoops in a barn, wheeled the /arm machinery off to the side and started the almost impossible task of building a basketball team. U was not so hard, however, for the boys had played together /rom the time they were old enough to lift a basketball and they did have teamwork. In the midst of the winter, when the temperature was near zero, the , workouts were limited because farm duties and school work made it impossible to drive to another town more than once or twice a week. When the actual season rolled around, Newkirk began to shape up as a strong team. It knocktrl off every opponent in regularly scheduled games. A couple of the practice games didn't turn out so well, bul not all the regulars were there. Now that they have won the Class B divisions of the sectional and district tournaments, the Newkirk cagers are eagerly looking forward to their first trip to a state meet. Early Arrivals Work Out at Drake University Floor Bobcats, Lynx Get * Mohawks to Drill Jump on Rest of Wednesday, Play Entrants at Meet Thursday Contest ders of the year. The first team, averaging well over 6 feet, is composed, of all seniors. Rodney Vande Berg, 6-foot 4- Inch center, is the offensive star; Earl Vaas, fi-foot 4-inch forward, and Gerald DeGraaf, 5- foot 11-inch forward, are seasoned performers, and Robert Vande Berg, standing an even 6 feet, and Virgil Mennine, another 6-footcr. are the able guards. The Vande Bergs are twins. Last year the same five compiled an impressive string of victories, winning 16 of 18 during the season, but lost to Alvord in the finals of the sectional tournament. So over a period of two years the team has lost but three games. DBS MOIKES, 0) _ Marshalltown and Webster City, two of the 16 teams involved in the battle for the state high school basketball championship, were down for practice sessions on the Drake lieldhouse court Tuesday. The Bobcats and the Lynx will return home following their drills and will not return until Thursday when the actual firing starts Marshulltown -will play McGregor Thursday night and Webster City will meet Sac City's powerful team in ati afternoon contest, i Fou , ! ; rte S n team s are 'expected here Wednesday to get the "feel" of the Drake court. Diagonal's champions are listed for an 11 a m. drill. The Maroons will play Clinton in the first game of the tournament at 10 a. in. Thursday Meanwhile, ticket sales boomed" All reserved seats allotted were reported sold. Local Boys to Try Luck in Wrestling Meet on "Y" Mats Local youngsters will battle for championships in seven weight divisions this week, as All-Y wrestling titles are'settled at the Y. M ^ A. Preliminary matches will be run off Wednesday, starting at 7:30 p m., with final contest's scheduled for Friday. The pairings: TB-pouna' class -- Wilcox- vs. Mueller Evelantl vs. Whalcn. lucner, BB-Pouml class--Wood vf. Stoivart, Coc vs. Whipplc. 00-pound class--McGinly i-s. bye Lindsay vs. Grancy. Radciitf vs. Alsbury Verti Peterson vs bye 08-pound class--Kavaya ' Evcland vs. Vernon r-ppimd clius-Whltc vs. bye. Amos vs. Pclnakis, Green vs. bye. Miller i-s. Dyo, 30-poum!I clais-- Barland vs. Miller. Cary » 5. A11. TO-pound class--Lesley vs. Halvcrson. Peterson vs. Ncttifce. Mason City high school wil take its first practice shot on th Drake university basketball cour in Des Moines on Wednesday afternoon, it was announced here Tuesday. The Mohawks, winners of th Class A title for District No 6 will oppose Newkirk of Hospers in a first-round state tournamen contest, listed for 2 p. m. Thursday. The local squad will leave here at 9 a. m. Wednesday and worj out at 2 p. m. the same day at the ficldhouse. MIDWESTHAS TOURNEY EDGE Far-Traveled Fives Drop Contests With College Meet Tipoff Bakers Win Tussle With Crystal Lake Diamond Bread oE Mason City, North Iowa Class A independent hampion, defeated Crystal Lake 8 to 43 in a Monday night bas- :etball game at Monroe school. The boxscoret lAM'D BREAD--!B;caYSTAL LAKE--» Iff (t pf| anspm t i i rScanlon I Ictcllur £ 3 n o-Rosc t fl'W ! 2 5 3 Jilcfc c Uoway c 4 1 2 : Jensen e Tirnphrey K 4 3 2 Shrincr g FacDonalrl g 5 o 1'Hanson K IVolding u Totals 13 10 9, Tolals all: Diamond Bread Frce tlirows misfcd: Ransom. Olloway urnphrr-y. MacDonald 2. Usher 6 Scan- n 2, Hose. Jilck. Voldinc KANSAS CITY, {/P--Midwestern basketball prevailed in thi opening day of the fourth annua national intercollegiate tournament and seven more teams from that area seek to move into the second round. Already Southwestern of Winfield, Kans., Westminster of Fulton Mo., Augustana of Rock Island, III., Peru, Nebr., Teachers Culver-Stockton of Canton, Mo and Maryville, Mo., Teachers hav cleared the first barrier. They listed among their vic- Er, B ]ernan. tims quintets f r o m Mississippi, Louisiana and North Carolina The only teams from outside the midland! area to make the grade at the^opening session were Glenville, W V a ., State and the East Texas Teachers. Peru upset a highly regarded High Point, N. Car., college five winner of both the tri-state conference flag and the Carolinas A A. U. championship, 55 to 46 Delta State Teachers of Cleveland, Miss., lost to an underdog Westminster, 33 to 32, and Louisiana State Normal bowed to Au- gustana, 49 to 43. The only "foreign" teams to triumph did it with ease. East Texas Teachers d e m o l i s h e d Springfield, Mo., Teachers 63 to ·5;», and Glenville State trimmed Simpson college of Indianola Iowa, 49 to 34. In other games Culver-Stockton defeated Winona (Minn.) State 53 to 40; Maryville, Mo., Teachers trimmed Wayne, Nebr., Teachers 35 to 20 and Southwestern elimi IK Jt pt 7 2 3 4 1 2 2 2 2 1 0 0 4 0 4 1 0 3 0 0 .1 13 5 17 Tola) Pins 859 9T8 933 286S 338 BOVO ALLEYS fe^er .... £ S? 3 ,g W$ Moddard 146 m 173 4r , .._ stc " 1CS 168 j; 9 5,3 I7 , iSSScr-.:::::::::: If, ^ « »·- Algona Club to Hold "riday Night Session ALGONA--The Algona unit of he Kossuth conservation league vill hold a meeting Friday eve- ing at the Legion hall. J. D owe will give a talk on a con- ervation short course held re- ently at Ames and plans will be completed for a spring predator hunt. An oyster steiv will be served. A c t n n l Pi, Handicap I ... KE) 103 133 436 ISj T33 7SD 103 2378 324 2702 901 Pins 941 (kvt Sn Q U A L I T Y FRUIT -- 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av. ' I.i4 176 163 49S 160 158 141 156 433 r,2 -. 2H 165 IK6 545 18' US HO 200 433 1B3 l n n l j i 133 138 4CT 156 Actual Pins Handicap ToUl Pins . 157 848 818 63 . 913 822 913 2543 853 HAYES JUMPING PASADENA, Cal, W--Jack Hayes, the Chicago White Sox second baseman, still is limping trom a knee operation but the ciub trainer says he'll be okay. Meanwhile OHic Bejma is giving Eric McNair a real fight for the job as Hayes' substitute. SALESMEN If you arc a high class salesman, you will be interested in !£ C ,J! Cter3l:n R oo'ing ad on the Want Ad page Maroons to National Holy Family High School Enters Loyola Invitational Meet With Catholic Stars Holy Family Catholic high school of Mason City, semifinalist and £fv£i ? eham f°i m ^ate tournament competition thTsseason received and accepted an invitation late Tuesday to compete in national tournament play at Loyola university, Chicago COmpete Jn natl °nal Hi a m P 1o^s a o°r 0 with la Jrnn BagainS H the ^ eam ° f CathoUc teams ' a11 state in thlTom-na Jent. g C ° rdS ' W '" aPP6ar Wedn ^ay, March 22, The meet is strictly an invitational affair. GAGE FAN HAS MONEY WORTH National A. A. U. Meet Sees Dawn-to-Dusk Basketball Battles DENVER, (IP)--One advantage this national A. A. U. basketball circus has over the kind with elephants and bareback riders--it has only one ring to watch instead of three. For two days now the citizen who ]ust can't get enough basketball has been in the bleachers at the City auditorium from one morning until early the next, watching teams from near and far- pound up and down the shiny maple. He was assured another full day of it Tuesday, for by some lime after midnight, 2G teams from 18 states were fo have shown the accuracy of their shots in battling through a 13-game slate to get into the much more select round Three teams, including the Den- |r Nuggets and the Bartlcsville Ha., Phillips, two of the tournaments "big three," earned berths in the third round with easy victories Monday night. NATIONAL A. A, U. Basketball Tournament FIRST ItOU.VIl Doanc 41; Phillips University ao. IWah'omi Tea"h CC " CGe 46 ' Soulhwcs --TM Sam"?" C °" csc 45 :'-Arkansas Stale 29. YVKr- PhHlips 78: Su(ic - SECOND B O U N D "8gcts 5D; Salim,, Kans. Mo- Kansas Cily Union Wire 44; St. Adcl- crl A. C.. Schcncctatiy. N. Y.. 35. Don Budge Wins in Third Tour Contest PHILADELPHIA, (U.B _ Don Budge, former world amateur ti- tlist and newly-crowned professional champion, held his third successive match victory Tuesday over Fred Perry of England in their current tour. Budge defeated the Briton in straight sets, 6-0, 6-4, 6-2, before a meager crowd oE 1,500 at the arena Monday night. FIGHT RESULTS NEWARK. N. J._Ma.vie Fishcr ,.,, ·feu-ark, appointed Young Chappie 137 Sports Calendar ucsday--Bowling. Cily tcacue Vcdncsday-- Bowline. Women's Icaoue Badminton, Drmblc-Y cl,,b. y. We A Basketball. Dubuque orchdiocBan Kir V DOM'T TRY IT! If you. look at a wild animal in a certain may, ii will slink away. It a also wrong to assume that tin's is a cash-only store. Il isn't! Convenient terms can be arranged. Open nn account here, and when 3-011 buy your new spring clothes iustsay "Charge, it!" K U P P E N H E I M E R CLOTHES $35 and »,, In investment in good appearance THElHUB ON' FEDERAL^JUST OFF STATE Dr.R.W.Shultz,D.O. 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