Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1944 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1944
Page 6
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E D I T O R I A L S -- Hickenfooper Seeks U. S. Senate Seat 'THE fact that by a well nigh 1 unanimous consent Bourke B. Hickenlooper has made Iowa one of its most able and effective governors of all times strikes us as being a rather good guarantee that he would do well by his stale in the Unitedj States senate. Gov. Hickenlooper this week announced his candidacy for the republican nomination. The announcement came as no surprise. It has been assumed for several months that this step -was in his mind. Most assuredly it has been in the minds of others. Mr. Hickenlooper's place in the affections of his fellow lowans is certainly unequaled at present and we recall no man "in public life within the past 30 years who enjoyed a wider popularity. Nobody seriously believes that any other republican would have even the proverbial Chinaman's chance against the governor for nomination. OENATOR Guy M. Gillette, whose ". strength admittedly is not confined to his own parly, has stated numerous times that he will not be a candidate lor re-election. He is under pressure to change 1 his mind. Whether-he will or not remains to be seen. While Senator Gillette doubtless could make a better r a c e than anybody else of his party in Iowa, the odds would greatly favor the governor in the run-off,,in our opinion, and for 2 reasons: 1. Mr. Hickenlooper has had the closer personal touch with Iowa voters these past few years. 2. In the past 1 elections, Iowa has revealed that it is strongly if not overwhelmingly republican. These are the. factors which would be weighed by the disinterested appraiser of the situation in determining betting odds if the Hickenlooper-Gillette contest were to develop. GOV. HICKENIjOOPER'S announcement, he stressed the LAND'OrTHE SETTING I point that America must "take a leading part in bringing out strong, enforceable international agreements among, the nations of the world to outlaw and prevent aggression and preparation therefore." We're ready "to take his statement at face value. Even when isolationism was more or less accepted as a republican policy, Mr. Hickenlooper had misgivings about its validity. We have occasion to remember this because we once argued the point with him. That was before we had seen the light. ·In fact, he had something to do ·with bur seeing the light. In a hundred ways Bourte H i ck- enlooper has proved that he is sound on domestic issues and effective as an administrator. That he sees the world in its proper perspective and visions our role in future international affairs is fully as important as a qualification for membership in the senate. How Washington--and particularly how the senate--meets America's world responsibilities will determine whether it's war or peace for the generations ahead. By any test Bourke Hickenlooper measures up. Did You Know? By Frederic J, Haskin EDITOR'S NOTE -- Keidtr» *»l»Bf Ihenuclvti or this *r»!ce for questions ·I fact--net counsel--uhguld ilfn lbeir Cull uamc tati addre» an* InclD!,r s ctu\t for riluru poslice. Address Globr.Gazelte Information B u r e a u , FredtrJe J. Huliln. Direrlir. IVisblm- lon. D. c. Look Out Below Now that Senator Wheeler has announced that he will not sit in on the democratic national convention, some of his isolationist friends may try to get a seat reserved for him at the republican gathering. * * * A democracy has been defined as the place where you can stand with a subsidy check in one fist and shake the other at the government. * recent The report that teen_..,, t wijui v U J t t L IKtZll -age boys and girls are doing too much kissing in theaters leads to the question of how much is just enough. * * * It becomes increasingly clear that no farm organization is goin" to build itself up by tearing another farm organization down. * * . * In case of more than one correct solution, to the new income tax form, it has been suggested that neatness may count * * * Many of the nazi looters-who a few short months ago were in the gravy in the Ukraine are now in ihe grave. Censorship Persists TJNTIL Argentina lets up on her ^ newspaper censorship restrictions, and so long as there is a curb on movie films which reflect on the axis,'most observers will doubt that the recently announced break of relations with Hitler and Hirohito was anything more than an act of temporary expediency. The newspaper gag in Buenos Aires--a city of truly great newspapers--is just about as severe as any to be found in the totalitarian nations. Even now the censorship Your Health By Logan Ciendening, M. D. DISEASES OF MUSICIANS THE MEDICAL mind s o m e times lights on peculiar subjecLs to study. I have been glancing at a treatise on "The Diseases of Musicians,"'by Dr. Kurt Singer which is full of lore. (It is not-a recent publication, so you ivili probably ask. your bookseller for it m vain.) Dr. Singer starts out with the nervous arid almost mental disorders of musicians, and here he outlines some principles which apply to all those queer gentry who work in the arts whether pamtinj, music or writing He says that they are inevitably un- Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Prison Alumni Group Needed!' Indianola Record: As the Record has remarked before, the state hospitals and prisons suffer, in comparison with the educational institutions, in not having loyal and aggressive alumni associations to press their claims on the legislature. Perhaps an adequate expose of conditions at Anamosa may wake up the people of Iowa to form honorary alumni associations lor the penal and psychiatric institutions to do the legislative lobbying and leg-pulling which the actual graduates do not seem to be able to do for themselves. Grossly Exaggerated Ideas Traer Star-Clipper: There are millions o£ adults in this country who are getting grossly exaggerated ideas ot the value of their services, and they can hardly be blamed for that. It is the result of the administration's policy of paying too lavishly for nearly everything in connection with the war, ever since the gigantic defense program was started in 1939, Dependent Upon Tribune Charles City Press: At the present time the republicans of Iowa have to depend upon the Chicago Tribune for their party leadership among metropolitan dailies, which of course is ostracized by a bunch of half-baked pretended republican papers, but with party victory we will find What were.the dates of ihe 2 ereat hurricanes experienced by Providence, R. I.? Sept. 23, 1815 and Sept. 21, 1938. What Is the requirement to become a Golden Uragon? · A member of the navy must cross the 180th meridian. What was the interest on the federal debt last year? 53,808,000,000. What types of literature were represented 'm the earliest printed books? Religion, classical literature, geography, law, astronomy, medicine and mathematics. Is it permissible to sisn a will on a Sunday? Yes. What are baby bonds? The term is used o£ bonds having a face or par value of $100 or less. (s there any evidence that toads have been released alive from solid rock? No toad can long endure deprivation of air, water and food, though in porous stone or mofst soil they might remain alive for long periods. What are the duties of a patch- up man in the army air corps? To put small amounts of fabric on the ailerons and apply dope to the plane as a protection against weather. Does the kinr of England ever attend the recular meetings of the house of commons? The king may' not attend the sittings of the commons. Which has the lareer floor area, the Pentagon or the Merchandise Mart? The Pentagon. What was the name of Pilate's OBSERVING Tax Questions Answered h a v e thumbed through at least a half dozen different books and booklets having to do with the federal income tax problem. And this is to say t h a t the Associated Press booklet which will be a part of the Globe-Gazette's Saturday editions for all subscribers is by far the most helpful of any I've seen. This supplement will, consist of 16 pages. Concise explanations in words are made the more clear by informative drawings and charts. The booklet has been worked out with a view to helping the'aver- age reader with his or her specific problem. Too many of these works seem to be designed for tax experts. 1 am calling your attention to the feature here because I think you'll want to be on the lookout for this AP TAX PRIMER. Do what you want to with the remainder of Saturday's paper but save out the supplement. It's a service for Globe-Gazette readers that I -think wilt be appreciated. "-- V-For Boby's Safety ,dip into a recent booklet · put out by the National Safety Council for 'these suggestions for the sleeping care of an infant: In cold weather air the room thoroughly for a half hour before putting the baby to bed, then shut the windows. Keep the bed out o' drafts. Sleep him in 'his own bed _ don't take him into bed with you Many babies are smothered that way. Make sure blankets don't covei his face. This is especially important for babies under 3 months old and for premature or weak babies. Use only such sleeping baes or patented crib blankets as are recommended by your physician. If the baby fights against the patented blanket, abandon it and use warm pajamas and blankets. When the baby is old enough to pull himself up, keep the side of the bed up. Use a 2-year or 6-year size crib', after the baby is a month or two old. Keep pillows oUt of his bed. -- V-S B Tough Life shed a tear with Henry Africa of the R o c k w e 1 1 Tribune in passing alons the following lament of a journalist: C.tlinr «ol Ibe Tribune Is n. picnic. ! »° V ., J !t" """* " y » e »« sll| r: I we don't, Ihey w we art loo scr/ouj. U we clip Ihln,, t ,, m ,i htr plsers ", 1, " e j '". '" y '· "'"'« """= "urscll-M. "tun" "'* * re '"* *'"* '* ° ur * va If we d.o'l prUt contributions, we ioa'l .appreciate true icaluj; " ' ' 1 ' thH " ' he It we mike a, change In the olh'er person's write-up, we »re !·· critical: i we don't, we arc aileep. , . N.w like a a.l ».c»n. will ,,,, wc vcr n.y * 1m *""' * th " »»P«r. A_Suspicious Nature , suppose it may be the result of a suspicious nature but very often I think I can detect an amazing similarity in style between the editorials and the anonymous letters printed by the Chicago Tribune. It might be that the same person who writes the editorials is writing the letters which apnear over mere initials or some -pen name that doesn't .identify. It would be just one more device for disseminating propaganda -_ And this is why I have always insisted that persons with critical views to express on this p a »e must stand up and be counted I v°i fi' 3 ? 1 the SLs Picion to de- ve 10 ? that we are faking our contributed communications y Information, Please! 1- Of °f the three men who were the pen, the tongue and the sword' of the American revolution .the "tongue" was George Washington, Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson, Patrkk Henry! 2. The "father of history" was* Socrates, Solomon, Herodotus Diogenes. 3. The morris chair got its name from: Its inventor The town in which it is manufactured ^ . The sweetheart of the inventor The son of the inventor ANSWERS--1. Patrick Henry I 2. Herodotus. 3. Its inventor. Bouquet To DR. H. C. KRUEGER OF CLEAR LAKE-- for his elevation to the presidency of the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake, since Capt. E. H. Wagner's departure into the service, he has served as acting president. It is generally conceded that Dr. Krueger has contributed more in time and means to this cause than any other individual. February ie, 1944 f. rooms - , - . LI.,,TM £-dftvr A -*;. r tEf Ilt 'S" SUBSCRIPTION BATES Wason City and Clear Lake by year lit Mason City and Clear Lake by wS? O.tsli, 1M Mil. Zootlp£ y ££*· 6 months S5.50: 3 months « f l SSu, w'i'it? *?£°J;!' T «* Cl " **S· « Wilhip 100 Mile, at HaMa Cltr aid Outrid. ., th» Carrier Si.tricU ·« »u« City »a« Clw ··!**«! ' er yur by carrier ... ,mo« Per w«k by carrier " "1 » 'er year by mail " By mall G mnnths By mall 3 month* '.'.[ B y m«ii 1 r a o B U i " ; » over the democratic press mains unrelaxed. Likewise radio. the Nobody who is even halfway realistic expects Argentina to enjoy anything even faintly resembling democracy under the present phony regime. The first act · of a democracy would be to get rid of the crowd now in control? Report for Dreamers MOTE to be put in the pipe an d *' smoked by all firm believers in the various and sundry societies of "Germany Is S t a r v i n g to Beath," "Germany, Is Crumbling From Within," "Germany Will Crack Up by Revolution," "Germany Can't Take It" and the "War Will Be Over by Valentine's Day:" Germany boasts, in report reaching the British ministry of economic warfare, that in 1943 it increased its withdrawals of bread, grain and flour from annexed Polish "wartheland" by 163 per cent over 1940. Butter imports to Germany rose 1,655 per cent over 1941, eggs by 217 per cent. Additional note for same socieies: Cerro Gordo county at latest report had purchased only $1 971 375 of its $2,497,000 4th war loan bond quota. ties: Does If- Go This Far? XITOULD defenders of man's right ** lo strike go so far as to say that lighting men have a right to lay down their arms in the face of the enemy? , , - --··wj **ii_ nicynauiy un~ nappy, or at least dissatisfied and tend to become neurotic. And the reason is not far to seek. However much you may admire a piece ot creative composition, the-artist is always dissatisfied because he knows the chasm that separates his own first conception of it, the inspiration, with the reality. His ideals are never realized .His reach, as Browning put it exceeds his grasp. This makes for the queer,' nervous, impractical, morose individual the ploddin" world of "practical" men sees and almost invariably makes fun of and despises. Another thing that excites the derision of the world which is nevertheless an inevitable fact is thnt among the high- Jy talented (and even among geniuses) the "men seem-to have feminine trails and the women masculine." Dr. Singer thinks musicians are unhappy people to be with. But my experience is that musicians and painters are comparatively happy and normal. Partly I think, because they do their work or see their work appreciated in public, surrounded by other people. The writer in the throes o£ creation :s alone. He is appreciated by solitary and temporarily silent readers. If you really want to contact some jirst rate dyed in the wool concentrated neurotics cultivate the literary set. And, for heaven's sake, never let any of your loved ones marry a writer or. m fact, make a friendship with one, or if you can help it don't try to meet one. Oh! if you yearn to be insulted! Or made fun of! Or ir you want to lend money! D f- Sin ge r . however, leaves the lieid of temperament and gels down to material things about his musicians. The cause of their difficulties seems to be basically the amount of practice they have to oo. The repeated demands of the same movements on the same muscles and tendons and bones inevitably affects them to the point of exhaustion so we have pianists cramps and violinist's cramps. Robert Schumann ruined ^f,K C TM± r l, c ^! c j: bv Practicing them falfing ... loaves and fishes. line for the A Political Chameleon St. Ansgar Enterprise: ."Politics make strange bedfellows" is an old adage that is as true today as it ever was, but when it comes to being a political chameleon, Phil La Follette o£ Wisconsin is of the first water. To date he has run the gamut of all the strange and diverse political creeds that may be found in Badger state. United G. O. P. Front Claudia Frocula or Procla. How many times has the bank of Monte Carlo been broken? The term never has meant more than the breaking of the bank at one particular table. What city bad the first public Ubrary? Peterboro, N. H. How long has nitrogiycerin been used for blowing in oil wells? The first well is believed to have been shot in 1866. Docs the Mississippi river discharge more water than the Columbia? Yes. his s bound r « oun s ° the others could have free play These professional cramps differ m no way from writer's cramp. Dr. Smger treats them by psycho- herapy, electrotherapy, binding a tourniquet around the arm for a short interval, etc. Violinists also have finger warts and pain in the neck and chin from contact with the violin rests Ames MUepost: To lick tlie democrats is going to take united action, for "the champ" is going to run again, and he has been known to pull some rabbits out of the hat in campaigns not so long gone by. , New Deal Ihe Chief Issue Le Mars Sentinel; In spite of the president's desire to talk about something else in this campaign year the record of the new deal will probably be the principal issue in the. election next November." . A Demo Admonition 'to G O P Acfcley World-Journal: Fighting like a lot of Kiikennev cats hung across a clothes line ''Twill never do, boys. You're old enough in the school of political experience to know better. Editorial of Day EMPTY VICTORY? ]l*AURICE B. JONES in Allison *« Tribune: Winning this war will be a costly and somewhat empty victory unless our national and international postwar plans are .found enough to eliminate a recurrence ot warfare within another quarter century. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO · Port A r t h u r--The Japanese torpedo boats attacked the Russian fleet in harbor last night, sinking Jane and disabling two more. Port Arthur is said to be burning. Russia is staggered by the blo«'. The Japanese minister in London says Russia is now willing to concede' to the Japanese demands, but it is too late. New lot of Waistings in white and colors for cross stitch embroidery just received.! Stamping done. Free lessons given. Mrs. C. L. Haworth with Glanville company. THIRTY YEARS AGO Announcement is made today of the candidacy of M. C. Cough- Ion for the office of county attorney of Ccrro Gordo county. A number of Mason City people attcnded-thc dance given last evening by the City Improvement club at Charles City. A large crowd was present and the association realized about $400. Those who attended from here were:, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, Miss 'Stella Adams, Miss Clara Bond, Dr. O'Brien, D. D. Gilbert, Howard O'Leary, Sidney Bowen and Hanford MacNider, "New, York Society Life and Underworld" at the Star tonight. TWENTY YEARS AGO · Ames--"Hogs will be S8 in Chicago toward March and April, with the top S9 before summer-a conservative estimate is S8.30," John B. Evvard of animal husbandry department oC Iowa State college predicted in a recent statement. Miss Pearl Lakore, a student from the Hamilton business college, is filling in temporarily as stenographer in the office of the Northwestern division superintendent. Virgil -Hicks will have charge of the Christian Endeavor meeting at the Church of Christ Sunday evening. TEN YEARS AGO Dr. G. W. Cady, Mason City sanitary inspector, has been ap- ' «..^m^i ^utiLici cemury. a r t m L u i j mspuciur, nas oecri ap- Suceessful postwar programs will pointed assistant state vctcrin- OI T l f i P f i K R t t V n f ff*rfr t s a - i i - T i . . , _ . - ,, -»Y-i-»n fnr- /"*«»-*-.·. /~*^..J-. -._ A _ i of necessity affect nearly every phase of life, but one of the greatest changes must be in our educational systems. Nearly every sincere and capable school administrator a n d teacher will indorse heartily a revised school policy wherein an education will again become the primary purpose of a school and extra-curricular activities are put back where they bclons. These activities, properly handled have a value,,but this is lost and they rapidly become a menace as soon as they are placed foremost in a school program. The transition will not be too easy but it must be made if our schools are to develop a student body capable of assuming the duties of citizens in a manner intelligent enough to keep us from another war. The school administrators alone cannot bring about this change without the co-operation of parents and voters. In other words, it arian for Ccrro Gordo county by Ray Murray, secretary- of agriculture, on the recommendation of A. M. Schanke, chairman of the Ccrro · Gordo county democratic central committee. Mr. Schanke was apprised of Dr. Cady's ap- pointmerit Thursday. L o n d o n -- Virginia Chcrrill, American movie player, and Gary Grant, also of the films, were married today at the Caston hall registry office. Hardin P. T. A. met at the school Thursday afternoon for a program which included talks by Miss Lydia M. Barrette and Mrs. W. A. Carter. is up to , everyone of us through additional study and discussion to prepare for the change which will be one of the surest safeguards for continued peace. Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center PAYABLE ON DEMAND nd wh» cn k n o w what a jrpar will hold? Or gut** Tvhal joy* it will lend. Nor teagc the «orr»vr that it may (ive Or ien*p what trie season* send? Thf month) will come and the day, will (o For lime is hut aun to borrow Wilh Interest p a i d «n Ihe part we spent Xvt n» reserve »r the m«rrow. JUST SHAKEN UP/THE VE9, DOCTOR WnSUANCE (WftTUuMED ...ANP THIS a«MA...S7RANGE,ISN'T IT.. TO ^ THIKK THAT SOME H.OOP CONOR BACK HOME, A HOUSEWIFE. A WAR-WORKER, EVEN THIS BOY'S MOTHER. f HELPING SAVE HIS LIFE ' , I'M CAPT. JAMES NOffTH. AAEPICAU CORPS.'HMM... WE'YEGOTAJOeOMOJK HANPS HEK£. BUT. 6UT TOU'KE HURT; AFTER THE STRAFING AWAIPE WASKIUER.. VOULLHAVETO...rM SORRY, I SEE .WVE STASHED/ SOY NEEPSA U30N BADLY I KNOW "BEEPV" NEVER UES~ HE lAAS TH1RTV-ONE SOLO SdNPAV SCHOOL STARS ....BUT REMEMBER. LAST BEEF/ .TONES SEX IT'S THICK AM NEVER. LIES! fCE- SKATING THIS AFTER NOON !' NOTHINS INTVtE BJTMfJS. WEU..NC3W "YOU KNOW ·to* Ar4S^6R TWlS WOMAN'S HUSBAND M4O I PRlS UVtTD TER A FASHCN. 8JT WAS BACK OP WE THIRTE6MW ,-_STONE? /T WERE CELLMATES (NPRlSOJ HE KNew HTO NEVER . ItXTVE SOT IT ALLOWED our VWBJE I COVt SM. V SEC, ACT -- VO'ALL GOT [MOIEf-- WE U.K1S GOT COWS- if VO'ALL WEED 8UTTER-WE UW5 MEED MOWEY-LET'5 DOUBLE TH' PRICE/ DO MQRc'Kl KNEEL/ I'LL STRETCH OUT HERE A MITE AH' WHITTLE WHILST WE- TALK GSEfTTlNGS, DUKtr' OP BOV1WA/ I HAVE ( SUMMONED YOU TO OUT WHY VOU'VE f STOPPED 5HIPPIHG- 6UTTEK/ VOU SENT HIM MV PlCTUEE- HETHlMkS I'M YOU?SO IU. ANDPKETEND I AM \NE1L FI6URe OUT SOMETHING.' "fit WILL YOU KEEPNOUe SWEATSHIBTOM? ITOLD'fOUWEU- TH1N1COF AVW OUT" HSRE COMES THE HE'DBSSOGE AT ME P0(i TT2ICKINIG HM DOES BERTHING SUPPOSE rE FALLS ' SEITCRMEET H!M.!"WS£LF~ AND TELL HIM THETEU7H.* NOT FAR FROM HERE A STONE ARCH SPAMS THE VALLEY OF FIRE BUT, ALAS i THE WAY IS BARRED -' _ KRAKKA. WHOM' NO MAN KRAKKA IS THE EATER OF SOULS .' A DEMON IN IHE SHAPE OF A GREAT, GRAY GORILLA,.' IS TH15 KRAKKA? MfZ so MV MKH.E UFE! GO NIGHT, MAN CHILe! '(OiV DON'T IVOffffV, POOCH! YOU'ffE OKAY! YOU'RE GOMfJA Si£EP RIGHT wm ME

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