The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 18, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1818
Page 3
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tfTwa. .Pen by aPatriot brigol 20 guns, w:th flour, in Strong 4c Hanco and W TO fringe. Off Cingoteague, spoke a "u irom llicbinonil lor A V ui It. SSi Houor - and - Amy. logall. 36 day. Iron; Port - au - Prince, with coffee, and logwood, to L Fsiher, G 8 Mumrord, J J Astor. Sti.rees i ; She, - , J H Terry, A P F - y, Curtis & Lamb, B & S H'uiht. Wm. Cairnr - sTHick. 4 Lord, J Beach, Wetmore Ai Hurtman, 9 Penny U Son. Conger k Dillon, nd the captain. Left chr l etion; bria Honr, Thomas, lor Haiti inoie in 10 days, several other, not recollected April 12, ff tipe Heulopen; spoke chr Rebecca, from fat Domingo, for ' York. . . . 8chr violly, Somen, 8 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to Berry k Se t on, J Brown Ac Son, Bocnnan & Johnston, ' l""' Trokes, Davidson it Co. C R Duffie, Beers Woodhull, Walih At Gallagher, and other. - Passrngers, Messrs. Rogers, brown, Vandewa - tcr, Mrs. Vauglmu and 3 childrrn. Schr Dauntless, Travers, 15 days from Rich - moud, with flour and tobacco, to Walsh Oaf - ngh. r, Tlrvin, I) Betl.une St Co. Stuart fc Ort - fcy, J Ferris, and B M Myers. fcioop Ploujbboy, Watkins, 9 days (romRicB - mond, wito coal, t.. J Van Bufum. Sloop Betsey. Sorters, 6 day. from F reder - icksburg, with wheat and Aou - , to Byrnef, Troubled Co. and Walsh h Gallagher. Tht - schr Mary. Cold, had just - rived from NYnrk. Sloop Exj - rimeut, Bradley 4 days Iron J hil - adelpUa. wiUi flour, to W Gallagher. , Schr Rover, for N York, sailed in co. . .. i i g'loop S.., - .ri,r, Storer, 3 day. from PhiladJ. ria, wilh merchandize to P Grim, Wr van Amringe, Hyer, Bremner k Co. Jackson Is Woolley, P Care, jr. Cambreleng & Pearsoo, G Davis, Shipman At Lord, and others FROM OUR CORRESPON DENT. Patriot Office. Baltimore. April 16. S Arrived, fch Reaper, Blanchard, from Port - Und. Ship Francis, from New Redford. Ship Mandarin. Dashiell, 57 days from Amsterdam. Sailed 14th Feb. in co. w.tli ship Dumfries, of Baltimore, for ?t Ubes. Expert - enced severe pales during all the passage - took a pilot 10 day ago spoke nothing on the pasage. Brigs Fly, from Castine j Renown, from Boston. ' Sch Prospe. ine, Massicot fi cm Porto Bello, (St Andrews) and 16 from Jeremie. Left no am..;.,,n vMatanerieneid severe wea - ilUII.1 1 biu .jaw.. - - - - ther on the passage was 8 days in the Gulf witn a succession oi gaics iruiu i . ...... into the bay on Mondsy evening, saw two top. sail sclirs standing in, and passed a ship bound into Hampton Roads. Brig A'upleton, - Griffith, 57 days from Am - sterdun. April 3, lat 34 38, long 67, ipoke IVmI Indies. iNoaroiK, April 14. Put in on account of bead winds, schr. Juliet, La tour cue, Irom re - tersburg, bound to N Yoik. A large brig, apparently armed, went up the Lay on Sunday last. , Hmi, Anp.l In Th fiat.ia at Tftmaiiliti Cove, fiom Calcutta, touchad at Cape of (ood IIaiis OCth Tan an1 1 a( in TaKl lluu Kwi. . U j J V. V I HUM MMIU .! . aWU.W . Fmdorf.Cuthell, from Calcutta, for Baltimore, put in in distress, huving lost fore - top mast, and received much damage in the bull she would probably be repaired and ready for sea the 10th or 15th of Feb. Spoke and was fcoarded 30th of March, in right of Bermuda, the Buenos Ayrean privateer Gen. .Van Martin, treated politely and received some supplies. THEATRE The public is respectiully informed, that Mr. KEEN is engaged for three nights, and will ap - pear this evening, ia the character of Henry Ber - tnua, in tha drama of Gay Maoneriog. . . On Satardai evrnias, April 18, will be presented GUY MANNERING, ok, tub uimei'i raorsacf . Henry Bertram, Mr. Keene, Being his Sd appearance on any stage. Jo which character he will sins the favorite tongs of ' Cease Sweet Girl,' Home, Love and Liberty,' Her Souling Eyes,' and Brace's Address to his Soldiers, or, Scots wba' ha'e wi' Wallace bled. Dandle Dinmont, Mr. Pritcbard Julia Manneriog. Mrs. Darley To which will be added, the farce of tb ' PRISONER AT LARGE. . Pprformaoce to commence at a quarter past seven o'. look UflOJT LfiURAJtLH COMfjIJtr. fcr The subscribers to the Capital Stock of w company are requesiea u pay ine amoant oi their rrtpective aubscriptiont oa Monday aeit, the 10th instant, at the office, So. 69 Wall - street, where attendance will be given from 10 to 3 o'clock, - on that and the following day. ap 18 3t is .NOTICE. (E7 The subscriber having taken into part - Mrthip Mr. Thomas L. Callander, their business will be conlucted under the firm of Jvdah k Cullender. jap 18 3t MOSES JUDAII. r LIVRRPOOL, yHi The superior fast sailinr ship BELLE X tVatvtr.r Henry Russell, muter, bur - men sin tons t will sail with all possible dispatch For freight or passage, apply on board, at wharf, or to JOHN W. RUSSELL, ap 18 1w 9a Pine - st. . for K UAHL KH TOA s. C. HV) T1' fat sa ling packet schotmer iHi"'"" feieg Latnam, master; having two thirds of her cargo ready ton on boa - il, will sail on the 2 1st inst For freight of the remainder or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JONES tt MEG RATH, ap 18 83 South street for CH.4HLL.TiJs The elerant and fast ilin ipVi - Schooner TO XTIVT H . . fill meet with immavlintA a;,iMk l.iV HKIHIX U - llt mwijui raauy v goon Doara lor remainder, Paffe, having commodious arcommodations, Pl'ly on board, east side Burling slip, or U SAUL ALLEY, JP 1ft . 03Pine - st. 'or MUhlLEttnd BLANKLY, The fins iKit uilin vKp is vniia. I W - "ft - wiit.wv w Inuler - k : ka,In n.Jik. .ri. 1 Jndoo hoard, will meat with immediate dispatch. ' tlw remainder of her freight, or patmge, handsome accommodations, apply on wd, east side Old slip, or to PETERS & HERRICK, P'8 19 Coenti - slip. tor t'rttghl or Charter, The hri Af:iMOft a . . . whii, wen .tiunu, sniis OIL .Bllffkdn 1 r. 7 . 1f i 1 1 r W J.D'WOLF,Jr.57Front - sL P 18 h ma,ter 00 board, at Old - slip. llfr. (nr I ll'l unn I :i thea - JiL (,mUwt permifinr) on sooday i r - - . 'TUat can t. - ,k. s. .i ,vji, . "HP', and .t. . r - - - - - earl sidt V. v ,'"en'?B, PPT 00 ooaro, " 'I - Markei ,!it or to BOGERT & KNEEL VXD, CorfiTe - Ao - 70 Suh - street iwui,,.',. Wormed that the good re - into tht public store. - ap 13 HOPS. A few Cases first qux'ity Hops, growth of 1817, for sale by . CAMliRLLbfiU & fli ARSON, . . n urn D...IL . . . BVV. a & CO. io. i'tarl - t. . have nist received It asks r ila 7 cases Mill, Pitt aod Cross Cut Saws A .La Ifwnff. I'l.nnf.t ahfl 'I'mhiia Kmc, W inch thev will sell on very reasonable terms by the package. ap i lw LLNSEEU OIL and isT. CROIX RUM, now landing from on board the sloop Superior, Capt. Slorer, at Old - slip For sale nv Hp 0 V.vivns. UU DUI3. MOIjAhSEo. Landing at OUl - slij), the car - eo of hnz Axenora. 207 liliek. Havana Molasses ; 5 U. and 1 bbl. Honev. fiw ale by JANU U'WOLI, Jr. p 18 57 Front - stretrt. LTvLiTFIJliL coal. VTOW landing from Fjiglisb brig Thomas UN Navlor, a cargo of Liverpool New - Pit Coal ef the best uuality For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by LALNG U RANDOLPH, va Vesey - street, or JNO.VAN BUSSUMi ap 18 6 SJOd Fulton - street. Q liKKCITRON BARK. 17 bhds Quercit ron Bark, or prime quality, Tor sale by GUIS WOLDS & COATES, aplS 68 South - street. TOBACCO FLOUR. SJ70 bbls. Richmond flour, of the best brand 100 do Fredericksbureh do 18 bhds. prime Richmond tobacco, received per schr. uaunuess, ana lor sale ny a18 WALSH & GALLAGHER, 'f'OBAU O it WINDOW ULAS6. - 32 ce - J rof - iu Spaiiiih Tobacco, S(t hnxtn (Vimlo'.v (il.iti. difli rent sizes. land - ing from schr. Margaret, for site by ap 18 PO I T ti M'KI.ifc. 56 South - st. IRON HOLLOW WAKE. A constant supply of Hollow Ware, assorted, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMING, Ap 18 76 Pearl - street. T1NOLISH MUSTARD. 23 kegs first quali - u ty Groaml Mustard, (English) lor sale by WALiStl K UACL - AUtlBK, ap 18 No. 66 South slreet. INDIA GOODS A few balei Gurralis, Baf - tas, Mamoodies and Checks, for sale by G. G. & S. I IOW LAND, ap 19 77 Waxliington - street. Tons Swedes iron, assoi ted 6 do English do do For sale by G. G. k 8. ROWLAND, ap 18 77 Washiugton - st. TAtER SKINS. 8 bales prime Deer Skins, Mj lanainc ana ir no ny i - nlfi SAUL ALLEY. (13 Pine - st Jt oT ieciva iioiu on U acci (He Erio, from London, and the Tom Hazard, from Liver pool, a fresh supply of Enelisb loeraincd and Ve netian Carpetiog aod Hearth Rugs, for sale at low prices, at No. 16J Fulton (late Partition) street PRIEST k ROOT. Tice's Patent Floor Cloths, of different widths and patterns. SAID STORE TO LET. np 18 3t WANTED, a situation in a hardware store, by a person who has formerly acted in the situations of clerk, book keeper aod traveller for a wholesale hoase, at SbeflMd, in England Please apply f by letter only, post paid) to A. T. t the office of this paper ap 18 lt BOARD WANTED. TWO young gentlemen, are desirous of pro - curing ueriuaoent board in a ten tee I pri vate family, where there' are no bonders, or not exceeding two or tnree. A line add raised to J. E. C. 1. aod left at this office, will meet with at tentioo. ap 18 ONr. DOLLAR REWARD RUNAWAY from the subscriber on the 10tb inst. a black woman named Maria or Dor cas Jones; thin stature, a weakness in her right eye, about 35 years of age. Had on when she went away, a green bonnet, dove coloured cas - ime re shawl, homespun frock. All persons bar - boring or trusting her will be prosecuted according to law JOHN PLUME, apl8 3t No. t7 James street. A WOMAN WANTED. A MIDDLE aged woman, who can give respectable references as to sobriety and honesty, may bear of a situation as CHILDREN'S NURSE, bv apoJyint - at No. 36 Beaver - street. Noee need apply that cannot produce the best racnuneaaauons iromiocir lasi employer, ap 18 It IN CHANCERY. Hate of New - York, . IN pursuance of an erderol'this honorable court, bearing date tbe 19th day ot January, 1818, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in tbe city of New York, under we direction of tne subscriber, as one oi the matters of this court, in teparatt lolt or parceh, on Thursday, tbe twenty third day pf July next, at twelve o'clock at ooon, " All those certain pieces or parcels and tracts of land, known as the north east section ot the tenth township, in the twelve towns in Tioga county, being lots IVos 16, t7, tS, 29. 30, 32, and 38. Lot No. 26 con. tains about eighty acres ; lot No. 27, about one hundred and five acaes j lot No. 28, 29, 30, ind thirty two. each containing one hundred and lour acres, tnree fourths and 36 rods ol land ; lot No. 33 contains 00 34 and nineteen rods. Also, west half of lot No. 24, which half contains 51 acres. And also lots rtos. I, 3, 4, 6 aod 7. on the gore lying westerly and adjoining on said northeast section, and was surveyed and ad ded to said section to make up a dt - nciency in said section, br a mistake in a former survey. Said lots Nos. I, 2, 3, 4 and 6, containing about fifty acrs each ; and lot No. 7 about twenty five acres. 1 ogetber with all and singular, the premises and appurtenances. Dted April 18, 1818 JAMES A. HAMILTON, ap 18 lawtds Master in Chancery. BANK NOTEs fT the following banks discounted on reason' 7 able terms, or received at par for Tickets nj n.. vau t, junr. Newburgh,Catskill, Hudson, Middle District, Orange, Auburn, Utica, Ontario, Jefferson, Niagara, Geneva and Plattsburg. GRA.D ROAD LOTTERY. Cosjimences drawing 5th of next month, and will be completed in twenty drawings. SCHEME. 1 prise of ?o,ooo Dollars 1 of 35,ooo Dollars 2 of Dollars 2 of 5,ooo Dollars 10 of 1,000 Dollars 3o of 600 Dollars 14o of loo lo!lari 32oo of 3o Dollars Only 10,000 Ticket Present price of Tickets and Shares Whole Tickets $22 1 Quarters 3 Halves 16 Eighths 4 Sixteenths Two Dollars. But will advanr eon the day of drawing. For sale hy Who recently sold flie I - blowing i - riaus tx in more than hits been s - dd bv any oVt riSt't in this city, ia the short period or ix months, vis : No. 1544(1 510,000 No. 4647 I.O'i l.ttttn l.OTO 1,C)00 Xfloo 15558 16312 4464 5701 0,000 1,000 1,000 l.ono 17r6i, 7.80 7,i5 19.062 20. - :63 1.000 And several of 500, 100, ftc. fce. pl8 3t WANTED. A NU8.SE and COOK, wbocan produce good X - a. ri couiuicoauiioiu. Arpiy at liusomce. aplU3t ' FiVe. or tlX ehlkineu wish (o obtain board in a resrjtclabk! fami.'v. Thev are willine to pay ScVtu rtollurs. A uuc addressed to B - k. will be attended lo. ap 18 lit GE.STEEL HOARDING. A gentleman and his lady, can be accommodated with board in a respectable private family, with or without n parlour, furnished or uuiuriutbed, in Greenwich - street, near Rector - street, on or about the 1st of May ensuing. uiquire ai uiis uince. ap 10 iw GIG and HARNESS. A HANDSOME Gig, of the best workman, ship, but little worn t also, a harness to mutch, for sale at A. QUICK'S, Coach - Ware - Hooe, 52 Broad street. apl8lw The Cart sailing brig BELLE SA - l2VAGE. has three - fourth's of her cargo imaged, and is intended to nil on the 20tb iuL r or ireight ol small bulk, or passage, apply to J. C. ZI.MMk.RMAN, ap 15 4t 72 Washington - street. Jji.iO for HAVRE. The fine coppered New - York built ship MARIA - THERESA, Skiddy, mas ter, will sail on Sunday next for Havre, audcan handsomely accommodate 3 or 4 passengers Apply n board, at Albany uasin, or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 17 77 Wahington - st. for VUA RLLSTuJsf, The fast sailing packet schr TONTINE, will meet immediate dispatch f'or f reight or passage, apply on board, east side Burling - tlip, or to SAUL ALLEY, ap 17 " 98 Hine - it. for freteU or Charier. The subitautial good brig 1'HOMAS Si EIJW.9KD, John Hall, matter, bur theu about 1 100 bbls. aod is in complete order for sta. Apply to the master, on board, at pier no. II, east liver, or to REAUE k DE PEYSTER, ap 15 lw 31 Old - slip. for AMSTERDAM, fcjVyThe fine la,t sailing brig KENTUCKY affg RF.f.l.K. Dethon, master, will sail on t nday next. For passage ouly, having excel lent accommodations, apply ou board at pier Ho. 6, Norlb - Kiver, or to G. G. 8. HOWLAND, ap 14 77 Washington - street, for HAVRE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hoi dredge, master, has 2 - 3ds of ber cargo ready to go on board, and will sail about the 23d instant. For freight or passage, apply on hoard, at Jones' wharf, or to POTT k M'KINNE, 56 Soulh - st. Who offer for sale, 29 bales prime New - Orleans cotton U lihds St. Croix sugar 65 pipes Catalonia wiue 120 tons Swedes irou 2000 demijohns ap 14 hrip r.iMHEH. On Wednesday, 22 J iiist. will be sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, as she arrived from Canton. aid brig was built in Miedford, in 1815, by the first rate workmen, in the best manner, and of the best seasoned ma terials ; 11 copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 28 and 26 01. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large armament in the most compute and ample style Said vessel uas delivered in good order near 600 tons of China goods, and it is presumed sails as last as any vessel in the United States. Her length on deck is 120 feett breadth, 29 feet 9 inchest 11 feet 9 inches hold, and 6 (set 6 inches between decks t and measures 430 ton. For further particulars, apply to ROPES k WARD, 44 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1818. ap7 w for LirfRPOUIs, (To tail potilively ontfuMlh init.) The fast sailing brig HOPE, Arnold master can accommodate several passengers, having handsome accommodations, if application ia made immediately, on board at Pine - st. wharf, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, ap 10 68 South street for bale, f, - eight or Charter, Sti The brig HAZARD, Litllefield, TvX - Vmaatw 150 tons burthen, single deck, and well calculated for carrying stock or lum ber. For terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip, or to JOSEPH UiBUKX, ap 7 23 Soiitli - itreet for frethl or Charter, The schr PALA TINE, Boyenton, will take a freight or charter for an eastern or southern port, if application is made immedi ately to W.4LMI k GALLAGHER, ap 3 66 Sooth - street. for the EAST IJVDIES, A good SHIP bound to the East Indies, will take 2500 bairels flour, or an equal bulk of era in. to Madeira ov Tene rifle, if application is made immediately, at 67 aoutn - street, to ap 3 CAMBRELENG & PEARSON Wanted to CHARTER, A staunch VESSEL, of about 250 .tons burthen. Apply to TROKES, DAVIDSON k Co, ap 15 lw 106 Front - street ,T LEGHORN HAT'S. VJLRS. KINNIER No. 150 Willism street. has this day opened a case of elegant Leghorn Hats, no. 30 to 58 And otters tUem lor sale on the roost reasonable terms. ap 17 3. L. At C. bUYDAM OFFER for sale II. e following goods, which have been received by the latest arrivals, 6 cases steam aod power loom cotton shirtings 6 do cambric muslins, part undressed 1 do super furniture atid balloon dimities 3 do counterpanes, part very large and fine 3 boxes 5 - 4 Irish sheeting 1 do 3 - 4 bird eye diaper 2 do 7 - 8 black linen 1 bale linen bed tick Alo, opened for piece and retail salei, an as sortment oi ine anove unicie. ALSO, Irish linens, lawns, table diapers Damask cloths and napkins Fine cambric ditmtie Elegant 5 - 4 cravat muslin Iirge Marseilles quilt Crib and cradle ditto and counterpanes Large merino and nankin crape shawls, of va rious colors Men's and women's silk and cotton hosiery Cani in and real Nankin crapes (of Si yards.) .' i'h a general assortment of goods, on the most favorable terms, at Ho. 61 Jlaiden - lane. np 15 41 I 7 ROLGHT k CUT NAILS, assorted si - V V xe, fur sale by CEBRA CUMING, ap 15 76 Peart street. PRIME GREEN COK FEE. 140 bags prime green Coffee. jut r - ceived, and for snle by 6.G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 17 77 W asliingtop - steeet. TEA 131 cheu Hyson Ski.i Tea, of the Pacific's cargo, just received and for sale bv O W. TALBOT, ap 16 55 Pine - sireet RKSH SUMAC anj WINE. 200 bags r fresb Me'aga numitc 101) ratks, 20 g ills - each, Co'iqenar Wine, 3 year old, just received and for sale by p!4 47 Washisgjn - sL CASH GROCERY STORE, 288 iiroadwxih corner of Ht. Uriel. . 1 HE subscriber oUisrs for sale a general assortment of first rate GROCERIES; a - moogst which are. leu of first quality lxf, lump, Havana white and brown sugars Java and W. I. coffee ; ehocokda OU cogoiac brandy, (warranted pure as im - ported) Hollaudgin; Jamaica spirit Old Irish whiekey ' Wine of the various kinds fiweet oil in betlies and bottles Loudon brown stout ; mustai d Spermaceti and tallow candles Martinique and oilier cordials, &c. Which will be duposeJofat a moderate ad - ranee, by ap!5 8t JAMES P. AN DOE. U A PER. 6 l.i.lrs Writing l'apcr 1. 100 reams wrapping do. Forsrde by f'L - iiDi r. rlmivr jRA ft CUMING. ap 17 .6 fe.rl street. ' I AR. SOU bbls i'nr, for snle l,y 1 R. At C. W. DAVEN PORT k CO. ap 17 LOAF At LUMP SUGAR. ASUri'LY of Loaf and Lump Sugar, in hhds. tierces, boxes and barrel. ALSO. . 50 bhds and 20 bbls molasses Ram 100 hoses Soap 50 do candles 60 do chocolate 100 kegs ginger nf superior ounllty, for sale by JACKSON VVllUL,L.r.K, ap!7 75 Wall - street. BROADCLOTHS Ai KERSEYMERES. 4 bales aMurtt - d Broadcloth 1 do do Kerseymeres, for sale tow by J. M 'CRACK AN, ap 17 3t 82 l - 1i Pearl - ttreet. T - KARKORN'S BALANCES, for weighing, XJ assorted, from 300 to 2000 Ib for sale at 76 fearl - Mreet, by ap 17 CEBRA c CUMING, OH EFr iKLD and KlKMlNUHAAl COO06. O 6 casks neatly aborted table knives and 1 do do do small cutlery fork 4 ao uo do table Knives it forks, .... - 1, wiin sinan cuiicry 1 do do do saw 1 do do do tiles 1 do do do ede toots I do do Britannia Fee Pots A few caiks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood screws, cniumoue annus, and 1 case buttons. For sale very low by JNO. M'CRACKAN, npl73t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. Jr.lVK.3. A tonitiint supply of extra line, fine and common Iiairnnd Vire Selves, for saie uy chBUA ti t UMirvu, p 15 70 Pearl - street. QU.WAC. TOO bugs Ireili Malt - ga tuuiac.jint kj imponrd and lor sale in parcels lo suit pur chasers, by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 17 77 Washinglnn - stieet. JUST received from iiuideuux, 50 boxes fruit in brandy 9 boxes Garrus 9 do Eau cle Mettemberg 2 do Cologne Water J barrels Canthandes, Glauber Salts and Manna, in nrlt 2 boxes Red Bark, pulv'd 1 do Sirop Pect rul de Lainourcaux 4 do Writing Ink, of a very supeiior quality, in small jugs 10 do Medicints, tome of which are valuable Elastic Bandages, Tincture and Powder for the Teeth, Ax. &e. For sale on reasonable terms, by PETKR LUDLOW, ap!6 1w 111 Pearl - street. Tj0 TATOE8 200 bushel Enslish Foxit JL potatoes, raised by tha ubscriber, well known to be superior to any produced in this country for the table. Persons wanting will please apply to Robert h. bowbte, ii soutn - street. HUGH HARTSHORNE, ap 153t Rahway, (New - Jersey.) A Q Sr. CROIX ROM A - SUG.1 R. HtiJ Hhds first quality sugar 72 puncheons Rum Received per brig Thomas tc Edward, from St. Croix Landing this day at liicr No. 1 1, East ruver, and lor sale by RKADK & DE FEYSTER, ap 16 lw 31 Old - slip, O VIRQ WIA lOBA CCO k FLOUR 19 f hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, MEURON k CLEEMAN, resr u no. z wasbiogion - sU SPRING GOODS, landing from ship Fanny, from Greenock , 4 - 4 plain, tewed and tambeured India mull muslins 4 - 4 rich tamboured India book muslin 4 - 4 drawing muslin for dresses 4 - 4 plain fine jaconetts 4 - 4 Madran hdkl 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 striped gingham 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 7 - 4 cotton imitation shawls Super black and blue Cloth Men and women's cotton Stocking Linen Thrend, assorted, k black sewing Silt Marseilles Quilt 13 - 16 and 4 - 4 Linen Bed - Ticking and Dowlas . l r L ' . i l n ... nunc ana uruwa usuiauon itussia oneeung Raven Duck ALSO. 100 firkins pickled Scotch Herrings, in lot to sun puixnasers, ui is a. z oioai - mne, ny . - fcT - A f i 1 V " aplSlW WM. TOOIJ k CO, ' 'J11E MERCANTILE INSURANCE CO W - PAN Y OF NEW - YORK," INCORPORATED by an act of the Legitla JL tar of this sUte, with a capital of 500,0 X) for the purpose of insuring against MARINE nsqoes and on LlrLor Llvr.3 and to grant ANNUITIES will open the books to receive subscriptions, at their office, No. 43 Wall - street, this day at 12 o'clock, and will continue them open at the same place from 12 until 3 o'clock dady, until 23d inst, inclusive. JOHN r. MU.vir OKI), President. BENJAMIN G. M1NTURN, Assadant DIBCCTOaS. Garrit B. Abeel Robert H. Bowne James Magee James M'Bride Benjamin Marshall Jacob Barker Henry Eckford Ferdinand Suydam Joshua Underbill ' William Vernon J. G. Pearsoo, Jr. Rufus Davenport James B. Murray Francis Sallo Haul Alley Richard Hopkins James D' Wolfe, jr. Moses f leld Charles Hall. ap 16 6t 400 MALAGA WINE, tc. Quarter casks sweet Malaga wine 150 boxes Muscatel rauios, aud 19 ceroons almonds, now landing at Dover street wharf, from hooner Lnth, for sale by art.Vt.lStt MACTIER, ap 15 7t 157 ft th - st. CAA1VA SfLA'.. Iy - packages, being 3 entire invoices, com, 4 A pruing an aonment of Canlou crape Black, pl.iin aud changeable sarsnets Sewin; silks; crape shawls: swehews Black f: inged hdxf ; florentinc Ladies colored aud fiurJ shawls receiv ed and for sale on accomomdatmg terras by SAM". EL WILLIASi!, p 1 3 No. I2J Pearl - street. el Orltans SB?ar, landing this day at Fine - street wkarf, from brig Hope, for rde by Sjivisv'i'ui.'J " RIPLEY, CENTER CO. ap 7 68 Soath - rl. WHITE LEAD, MCARAOUA WOOD fee. riM.N ton white Lrud .ouj in oil, in kegs of! j. j is, &o ano xoios. 6 tons dry white Lead Si) do Nicaragua Wood ' , 40 casks Paris uliite S8 boxes l is Plate 10 tons Liguumvitne . 30 boxes London Alusf ant iio kegs do ' do. For sale by TUCKER A: LAURIE?, ap 17 29 South - strtet. 4 VOL'Mj Lad from the country, aged 14 - Tu years, of steady habits and good calcuia lor, u'ikhes a situation in a dry good store. Apply at 86 South - st. ap 17 ffW..NCIt Ac tit" U.MAN GOODi.Uhck Jc crapes. No. 36 Satiins fur hat lining, Virginle, silk cords. Fancy ribbons, black lustcred talTeties Green bordered do. kid Si silk glove Mens & wumens silk hose, black galloon Drap de soie, common and sunn tine Tape and bobbins, cologn waier. For de by DAVID SCI1ENK, P 77 1 - 2 Pine treet. QUMAC )i00 bugs l.i.n Mniaga Sumac, just J imported, and for sale iu parcels lo suit pur - chasers by U. U. ti S. HOWLAND, 77 Washington - street. ap i f MADRAS HUKFS. 6 cas. s Madras hdkfs. hnndmme patterns, and eniilieH in Hhjm ture, just ree'd, and lor sale by I' i' 1. Ufc I ilUNE At CO. ChATHER. JUST received per F.riu, from London, and for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, a few case containing Blue, green nd red Skiver llnrk Skivers Red Ronns I and Prime Blue Morocco JOS. S. HARRISON & CO. ap 17 lw 67 Pine street. CHINA cILKS. 2 cases double Florences, from French patterns I case coPd Satins, Nankin Silk, 1st. chop, jui rccctveu, anu lor suie by I1UHD & EE'VALL, ap 16 65 Pouth - Ktreet OLD COfftR. , QUANTITY lading from the brig Wood Ti. man, nt pier No. 10 Kast River, and for sale ny TUCKER A; LAUKIES, ap 16 9 South street 4 ?l I UA I ION iu ;i cuuiiliug - houre, broker's, 1. lottery - office cr am lion store, is wanted by a middle - aged married genllcmnu, who is well calculated to give saticfactinn in any of tha above lines writing a good hand, being a good ac countant, and possessing the French, German, and Italian language. The best references and recommendations can be given. rrr" A line addressed to F. S. and thir office will be promptly attended to. ap 17 til TO LET, The dwelling part of the house No. 96 Broadway. It is an elegant, nirv house, well cmtuiaieu lura Dosruiug nouse or private mini I l..J i , i ' - . r ir ipir mi me store in iroiir. ap 131 t OR HALE. Or exchange (or property in this city neat country HOUSF. in Hie vicinity of Flu - abeuitown, (ft J.l beautilullv situated on the Pout road, at present in the occupation oi Lociur v.raui. ii contains eifliu rooms, wan a piazza in front aud rear, a good kitthto, wash house, milk - room and cc ller: there is also a coach bouse, stable lor two horse, and other con venient out buildings, nil in good repair, about ao acre of land laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choke fruit, asparagus, tic. ana well of excellent water, witb a good pump. Term will be made uber ai. Appiy to i JACKSON ti WOOLLEY, ap!7 75 Wall - street. r VOR HALE, I4j A very valuable FARM, near Eliza - bethtown, in New - Jttiey, containing 109 acres, with every improvement neceasarvlfor a farm Will be old very reasonable, and the terms made accommodating, or will be exchanged for porperty in New - York. Possession may be bad at any time J II. LAWRENCE, ap ir 3taw1m No. 55 Pine - street. TO LET. A part of the tore, No. 81 Pine - street y on the premise. ap 17 TO LET OR LEAHk. From the IstMav next, on reasonable terun. a large convenient dwelling house, ouno - tite Love Lane, near the two milestone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain; will calculated lor two families, having two kitchens with 8 rooms, pantries and vault, a stable and coach house, a well of good water and two tii tern. It has a very large garden, well stocked wilh shrubs and fruit tree : possession of which can be had on tbe 1st April next. aiso to rent, a genteel 3 story brick house No 492 Greenwich'Street, wilh or without a (table in tlie rear. Apply at No. 496 Greenwicu - st or to HALSEY At COS MAN. ah 21 tf 34 Old - slip, CROSS - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment appointed bv the supreme court of judicature of tlie state of New - York, to per form cerium duties relative to the enlarging and improving Cross - street, in the sixth ward of tlie city of New - York, have completed ineir estimate ann assessment, a well ot lite loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners of the laods and premise required for said improve ment, asalo of tbe benefit and advantagrs re ceived by the owners and parties interested ol and in certain lands and premises not required tor tne said improvement. aim tnat we the said cominissiootrs have deposited a tiue copy of such estimate and assessment, in the clerk' of fice of the city of New York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice is hereby further given, that the report of the said commissioners of estimate and assessment will be resented to the supreme court of luduature of the state of New York, at the City Hall of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of iay next, at tbe opening of tlie court on that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon, uated this I7tiiday of Apnl. 1B1U JOHN FORBES. ) WILLIAM TOKREY, Commissioners. JOHN L. LAWRENCE.) ap 17 4t HE.NRY - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, nunointed bv the supreme court ol iuilirkturn nflh slnta nf New York, toner - 1 lortn certain duties relative to the rnlarring, ex - tendin? and immvvuuF Heorv - itreet. fort we en Clinton and Crand - freets. in Hie eighth ward of i ine cut oi i - ew lor, trnvc t - wmier. - - i . - - - j .'. .ii ik. In., auf damage sustained over and above urn neneui anu . - - . advantage received oy tne owners oi i nr.miM nnnireH ft.r (t.e said imi rcvernciit, as also of the rwoefii and advai lage ret eivtd by the owners and parties interested of and io certain lands and premises not required for the said im - nrn..n,.nfAnH that we. the saidcommisxioo - ers, bsve d posileH a Inte copy of such estimate and assessment in thec'nrk's othes., r.flhe city of New - York, for tlie ii specti'o of whtiBsoever if may concern ; aod notic j is hereby further gi v that the report oflfie i aid commisioers of es timate and assessment will be presented to the supreme court of judicature of the ttate of N. York, at tne City Hall of 'he city of N. York, m Moti - dry. Uie fourth day of May mxL at Mm pening ol tbe court oo lbt day. or as non thereailer as txiosel ran lie heurd loereon. Dated tbit 17th day of April, IRIX. am r - i n rinn & iun.i runnui, j WILLIAM lORREYjComminiooer HESRY MUGS, S np 17 14t rilOBACCO. - J bhrU. Richmond Tobacco, A - superior nualitr, for sale by ap 7 IIURD k EEWALL. ri PUBLIC RAL!;S: BY P. L. MIU.S It CO. Monday, ' At 1 - 2 pjt 9 o'clock, at their auction room, ' 14d I'lai - Ukt a general aivrtfaei.i K t - .itli . :n E;gU:, ury gtiotU, amonf wliicii are 4 bales superfine c olli and caimci - s. t do best florentire vrs'rng, 1 do me!,m i'lta - N, I do linen cambric, 2 do .camhric andiommon dimities, 2 do can.Iirie muslin, a il tcttmi sliertings, 2 do worn tt white cotton note, a do fins, 1 do '.'6 inch cotton uinbrell. , 1 do fine drawing muslins, 1 do Mad - :i.tulkfs. 4 do cambiics, striped gingb .nu, uixj:t calicoes, lie. 2 dofanry n.uln., 1 dul.urt. untk. towelling, black galloon riblns, (Juicutu check, li'it gingiiams, and a nnmbet tt'eher articles. Also, 5 bales domestic broad cloth, exssi - meres and sattineit. At It o'clcck 2 cases Leghorn Bonnet, 5 do superior French paier hansiogs, t bules elegant hearth tug. MARBLE fOK RUiLUlAU, kc. THE proprietors of the southern marble qua - rios, uear King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KtngU'Bridgt Marble and Lime - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extemive stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, viz : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Piece j Facings Column Watertabls Steps Platform m, LintaU Arches Also Lime of the best quality. rE - A constant supply of the abov material may be calculated upon; and those doiious of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At the Yard. REMOVAL. 37 N - SMITH DAVIES ha removed hi chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway,' on door north of Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. mch 27 KEMOVAU V JOHN F. BC KG WIN, hat removed hi office , from No. 77, to 73 South - it'eet, where he offers fur sale, 400 bbl. of Wilmington Tin pent ine. sp 16 7t 0'11CE. 1 The society for instructing the Deaf and Dumb meet this afternoon, at the Mayor's office, at4oM.H.k. . apl3 J NO. B. SCOTT, Secr'y. fjr THOSE subscribers to The Orphan AsyT'ira bocii - t)',1' who were unable to stltnd it Annual rueeliiift, are respectiully entreattd to send the amount of their sulrt ripti, to the sec - retnry at 104 (irttnwich - stieet. When lbs, friends ol the institution n collect the inconvenience of paying 7 1 ?itr rent for collecting, it is In lieved tliry will imnply with this request, ap 17 8t I. W. OODr.N, ;ec'ry, Mrs. FUKNCII, again tenders her grate ful acknowledgement, to her friends and tho public, for the very liberal patronage hbe lit received, and informs tlicm thai ske will give a third and last Concert, on Tuesday the 3 1st , inst. in the City - Hotel. .Particular will ap pear shortly. ap 17 St A .A CARD. IVlR. WHALE respectfully makes known to L - I .1 ! . , I r tj J L 1 im inuir ami K - niiciucn ui iew - inrK, nisi in coosr.quence of Mr French takiug hei Concert on l ueidsy, his next public will beoa Wednet - day tlie iM. - ap 17 St . STEAM - BOA I FIRE FLY CO This bost will rom - nicoce running bet wecu New lork. ann ewuurgn, on Tuesday, (he 14th April. the rvui it avc Atw - YrTX every Tuesday. Thurs day und Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Ne burgh on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, t 8 A. M. ap II MJ Ko. DF.LUCE, niillmer, from Paris, No. 00 Reed street, infurms the laJn of New - Yoik und hor cuitomors, that betiides lisr spring hats, sho has just received a handiem assortment of Paris shoe, fashionable merino shawls, Lrghorn hats, chip flats, flowers, Ate. ap 16 lw A PRIVATE family of the first rv'pectability, wish to obtain two or three gentlemen as permanent boarders. The situation is airy and central. Price sight dollars. Evsry attention will be used to make them comfortable aod happy. There is a handsome front room furoi hed. A line addressed, to L mentioning nam and wber to be found, aod at what hour to be called on, lull at this othce, will be attended to. ap 16 3f ' ' i i I L FORD At OWEGO ROAD LOT TE - York and New - Jersey, will com m tne drawing the 6th of May. . BCMLMf.. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35,000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 6,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DO . LA KS 140 100 DOLLARS 32U0 30 DOLLARS Only 10,000 tickets; all to be drawn ia 20 day; . - xiit z iiiangs to a price. STATIONARY PRIZES. First drawn No. 1st day, will be ea tilled to 15,000 do 2d rid 600 do 3d do 1000 do 41 b do tOO do 51b do 6000 do 6th do 500 do 7th do 10000 do 8th do 5011 uo 9th an - 1000 do 10th do 500 do llth do 35000 do 12th do 500 do 13th do 1000 do 14th do 50U no 15lh do 700OU no inn o 500 do I7ih do 1000 do lli'h do MXI do l'h do 1000 do 20th dn , 6C0 rrrwot prke of f iche's anf lare( : Whole ticket fJJIQnsiu r $9 Halves 10 I r. - ehthB 4 But will advance hefcr; day of drawing. V'lR SALE AT A3LZ.I3Kr,,0 . . . , UB.Bfh - kl LurHv Diarahhd LurHv l.ttery OtCcs, Jte. 122 wroadway, .Tte. - ii'k: No. t ninth Third. sireet, fhi aJel( : .lo. 151 Market strf - r.t, Baltimore. W tiere the tollowing magnificeDt prises, and the lurtcM ever drawn in Ametica, No. :.o. loo,ooo No. 14279, lo,nOO 19oc. . Irv53, 121.9, 19545, 20611, W0, 9133, 1791,, ap 16 tt 3O.0 - I0 3n,'iOO 25,ooo 25,ono 2o,ooo 15,ooo 1 o,ooo lo,ooo o,nuo 'Ail7, 15671, 210H, 5747, 23471, 2v943, 40611, 10691, 21474, lo,000 6,aoo 6.000 6,000 5,000 6.000 5,ooo 5,ooo 5,ooo URKo laLA.sD S M. I - o,Mi bright coarse l ark Hand SaII, for snle by lltXtrli an 13 29 dnuth - slreet. PEKFlt: BOLi; CLOTH". A ge - 3 Brnl assortsifiil oi Holland, wrrai.ted, Boltim. Cloths. 0 U first quUiy, at m udb - monly low prices by J.tO. M'CRACKAN, 82 12 Furi - trt' ap 15 3t

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